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Celebs Meets Porn Stars: Kat Dennings, Beth Behrs, & Dustin Daring
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Bangbros presents:

2 Broke Hoes

Starring Kat Dennings, Beth Behrs, and Dustin Daring

Codes (FFM)

Disclaimer: All characters are over the age of 18. 2 Broke Hoes is a Bangbros production based on the recently canceled CBS comedy sitcom 2 Broke Girls. The porn parody will star the two original female leads, the busty and brooding Kat Dennings and the blond leggy Beth Behrs as their 2 Broke Girls counterparts, Max and Caroline. The actresses agreed to film the porn parody for a quick payday in between looking for their next TV/movie project. A brand new character will be introduced by the name of Brian and will be portrayed by porn stud Dustin Daring.

“What’s for dinner tonight? Caroline asked. "And remember, we're on a very low and district budget."

“I’m in the mood for some Thai food,” Max replied. "It's the only thing our broke asses can afford right now."

“Thai food or the good looking delivery guy name, Brian?” Caroline teased.

“Every time Brian delivers, he can’t take his eyes off me,” Max stated proudly.

“What choice does the man have when you’re constantly shoving your ginormous fucking boobs in his face,” Caroline pointed out.

“It’s not my fault my stupid fat titties get all the attention,” Max agreed. "Just the other day I walked by a kid's birthday party and the kid's dad thought two of his balloons floated away and landed my chest," she added.

Then an idea entered inside Caroline's head. “I know how we can eat for free, save our money and have some dessert. We give Brian a special 2 for one deal, if you know what I mean,” Caroline suggested naughty fashion.

“You read my mind. Finally a scheme that might actually work. I’m so proud of you,” Max complimented and hugged Caroline.

“God, your huge boobs are literally crushing the life out of me! I can’t breathe!” gasped Caroline.

An hour later, the girls heard a knock on the door. Max walked up to the door and answered it for the handsome Thai food delivery guy Brian. She was wearing an “I Wish These Were Brains” purple tee shirt with her enormous round boobs stretching the fabric. The shirt and those gigantic mouthwatering tits caught Brian’s undivided attention.

“Welcome Brian,” Max agreed with a seductive stance at the door.

“I brought the food you guys ordered,” Brian replied. "That'll be $15, plus tax and delivery fee."

“Of course, of course, please come in,” Max invited. "The food smells delicious."

Brian enters the apartment as Caroline emerges from the next room wearing a white see-thru babydoll nightgown.

“We have a counter offer for you Brian,” Caroline alluded too. "We get the food for free and all you have to do is have sex with me and my roommate. Do we have a deal?"

"Jeez, I don't know. My boss might not like that very much," Brian responded.

"The opportunity to have a threesome with two hot babes? I'm sure he'll understand," said Caroline.

"He's a middle age old Asian woman," Brian followed up.

"I'm sure she was young once and had a cock in every hole," Max replied as she took the Thai food bag from Brian’s hands and Caroline led him over to her queen-sized bed. She pushed him down and quickly started unfastening his jeans. Brian helped Caroline remove his jeans as Max joined him on the bed for a passionate kiss. Her large soft tits were pressing up against his chest as they kissed and he felt no evidence of a bra. That only made the bulge in his white boxer briefs larger and widen Caroline’s eyes.

“I see he brought us a large dessert in these boxers,” Caroline naughty joked, as she reached inside his boxer briefs and pulled out his fat long cock that was still growing. “WOW! The most beautiful and biggest cock I’ve ever seen,” she praised in uttered lust. After a few strokes with her hand, she kneeled down between Brian’s open legs and took the tip of his big cock between her lips. Her tongue swirled around his hard dick in her mouth before she started bobbing her head. Carolina swatted her long blond hair out of her face so the camera filming the blowjob had a better view.

Max had stopped kissing Brian and removed her roomy tee shirt showing that she was completely naked beneath. Her large naked pale breasts with their big pink areolas and big fat cherry nipples were in Brian’s direct line of sight and he wasted no time in groping and kneading her soft flesh. She started moaning as he captured one of her fat nipples in his mouth, sucking long and lovingly on it until it became bullet hard. He repeated the oral treatment to her other nipple and then with both large fat nipples rock-hard, he pushed both of her giant breasts together and attacked both nipples simultaneously causing Max to moan to the heavens. The camera had a close-up shot of her flushed face and eyes rolling into the back of her head from having her huge double D tits fondled and sucked.

Brian’s moans could be heard even with his mouth full of Max’s enormous fat breasts as Caroline swiftly bobbed her head up and down his elongated throbbing shaft. Both of her hands were planted on his thighs for support as she attempted to suck his entire cock into the back of her mouth. Her mascara ran down her redden cheeks from her watery eyes as his big fat cock invaded the back of her throat. Her nose lightly touching his nose as she briefly deep-throated his huge dick before pulling up and drenching his deep pink tool in huge wads of her saliva.

“Why don’t you join her,” Brian mouthed to Max, as he released his firm grasp on her giant tits.

Max stayed on the bed, kneeled down crushing her big saliva-coated boobs onto his thigh and took half of his dick between her bee-stung lips. He ran one hand through her dark hair as she steadily bobbed up and down his thick wet tool. Caroline moved her mouth further south and latched her lips onto his hairless balls. She suckled one after another, bathing them in her saliva. Brian feverishly moaned as his toes curled in his socks from the double oral treatment from the two best friends.

Max started gagging as she moved her mouth further down to the root of the biggest cock she ever sucked. She felt the massive mushroom head invade the back of her throat each time she bobbed down. She seized the part of his fat pulsing member that wasn’t lodged in her mouth and stroked it up and down to double the immense pleasure on Brian’s cock. Caroline was still alternating between his juicy fat balls and even licked the area behind his hanging ballsack.

“Let me lift up my legs so you can go lower,” Brian moaned.

Max was forced to release his cock from her mouth to allow him to lift his legs up. He rested one of his legs over Max’s back while he held the other up in the air. His pink asshole was exposed to Caroline and the camera. She tenderly caresses his ass while lightly licking the area around his asshole. She boldly drags her tongue up and down his anus before slithering her tongue inside the filthy hole. The camera picked up Brian’s face drenched in pure lust as Caroline's tongue licked inside his asshole.

Meanwhile, Max seized what she could of his large throbbing wet dong and jerked it up and down while ascending her hungry mouth onto his jiggling balls. Her tongue lashed repeatedly over the skin of his hanging scrotum before sucking each walnut-sized testicle between her large lips. She released them one by one with a loud wet and sloppy pop sound. 

After receiving a blowjob from both girls and a special Rimjob from Caroline, Max traded places with Caroline between Brian’s legs and wrapped her gigantic knockers around his huge phallus. His entire lubed up angry-pink shaft was buried in the sea of snow-white flesh with the enlarged tip of his spear peeking out from the top of her cleavage.

“Oh god, Max! Your big tits feel so good on my dick!” Brian moaned. She gives him a devious smile and bounced her big fat titties up and down his painfully erected shaft. She cranked her neck a little and sucked on his dickhead not caring that her own bouncing tits were hitting her on the chin.

Caroline had gotten completely naked and straddled her dripping wet pussy over Brian’s mouth. Her horny juices immediately flooded his mouth. She sat facing Max and enjoyed seeing her best friend using her oversized plump jugs the way they were meant to be used.

“That’s it, Max. Fuck that huge cock with those big fucking titties!” Caroline encouraged, grinding her sopping cunt over their lover’s mouth. She felt his tongue sliding deep between her outer drenched labia and licking every nook and cranny inside saving her juicy clitoris for last. His moans and muffles along with the power of his tongue set Caroline’s soaking wet pussy to a raging inferno. “UGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!” The spoiled rich girl let out a deep grunt from within the pit of her stomach.

Max briefly stopped her titty-fucking and kept his steel-hard shaft trapped between the soft gorges of her giant funbags and sucked on the big fat tip of his member. Her tongue cleaned up all the pre-cum that oozed from the peehole of his cock and then resumed bouncing and shaking her mountainous double Ds all over his raging tool. An overhead camera captured Max pounding Brian’s cock with her massive titties and she stared up and into the camera with her big sultry eyes.

“I’m ready to be FUUCCKKKK!!!” Caroline cried, as Brian nibbled and feverishly sucked on her clit causing her to orgasm and cum in his mouth. Brian lapped up and drank what he could while the rest of her womanly liquids spilled out from the sides of his mouth. The camera captured Caroline’s face lost in a sea of rapture from having her neatly-trimmed pussy thoroughly licked and sucked. He continued mouthing her cunt after her orgasm, keeping her hot and horny for the fucking she was about to receive.

After a pleasant long tit-fuck from Max’s famous knockers, Brian instructed both girls to get on their knees in doggy-style position on the bed. Dustin couldn’t believe his luck that he was chosen for this once in a lifetime opportunity to fuck two hot actresses that have ever done porn. He knew nothing about their canceled TV show or who they were in general until Bangbros contracted him about the job. He said yes with no questions about fucking two Hollywood actresses in a parody of their show. Once Dustin saw photos of Kat and Beth, he thought he had died and gone to heaven. He was very fond of large breasts and Kat had some of the largest tits he ever had the pleasure of handling and Beth was one of the prettiest blonds he ever saw. He wasn’t allowed to perform for another porn studio and masturbate for an entire week leading up to his rare opportunity. He had a massive build up in his balls that he was eager to unleash on both actresses after giving them the best and hardest pounding they’ve ever received in their lives.

Brian kneeled down in front of the girls while they were in doggy-style position and they took the opportunity to double suck his long hard cock before he fucks them with it. The camera guy behind both actresses had a clear shot of their dripping wet pussies and pink assholes. Max’s massive fleshy mounds were in the camera shot, hanging and swaying around beneath her as she and Caroline tag teamed Brian’s fat delicious cock. After a few minutes, Brian begrudgingly pulled his big dick away from their mouths and took his position behind them.

“Such beautiful pussies,” Brian moaned at the enticing view, briefly burying his face into Max’s hot steamy puss and gave it a few licks. He stuck a couple of fingers inside Caroline’s hot snatch and finger-fucked her at the same time he was licking Max’s fat creamy cunt. Their womanly juices streamed down their thighs and onto the bedding.

Brian stood up and aligned his massive tool against the entrance of Max’s pussy. He rubbed the tip of his big cock up and down her drippy outer labia a few times teasing her.

“Stick me with that big fucking hung dick, already!” an impatient Max cried out.

Brian smiled deviously and leisurely pushed the thick girth of his rock-hard manhood between the juicy wet folds of her snatch. Max started deeply grunting at the feel of his enormous cock prying its way inside her pussy. He grabbed onto her fleshy white ass firmly with both hands and wasted no time in pounding his large hard raw cock inside her, grunting with lust as he did so. He pounded Max’s fat creamy pussy with gusto sending her huge milky-white tits flopping wildly beneath her in all directions.

“Ooooooooooh FUCKKK!!! Uuuuggghhhhh, fucking hell, it feels so FUCKING HUGE and hard inside me!!” Max cried. Her bare feet dangled and thrashed off the edge of the bed between his legs as he hammered her hard and fast. His enormous cock was becoming more swollen inside her fat sodden cunt with each thrust. “FUCK, you big cock fucker!”

After a solid five minutes of fucking Max, Brian pulled out of her hot wet snatch and turned his attention to Caroline. He teased the opening of her womb the same way before plunging his massive raging hard-on inside her drenched cunt. It was a lot tighter then Max’s, but thanks to the lubrication Max’s pussy juices provided, he was able to glide into Caroline’s pussy with little resistance. Brian held onto Caroline by her hips and started vehemently pounding her.

“Aaaaaaaaaah!! Aaaaaaaaaaah, GOD!!” Caroline cried, as the biggest and hardest cock she ever felt was pushing its way deep inside her. Brian spanked Caroline on her firm ass cheeks as they jiggled from his pounding. A camera picked up Caroline’s expressionless face and open mouth as she was being fucked hard.

After five minutes of doggy-style action, Brian pulled out and flipped Caroline over. He reinserted his giant tool inside her and took hold of her long legs.

“Hold them,” he mentioned to Max.

Max positioned herself above Caroline and took hold of her legs and held them far apart as Brian resumed his thrusting. He and the camera from above looked down as his entire meaty phallus entered Caroline’s piss soaked pussy.

“Oooooh, my pussy! Ooooohhhh!” Caroline cried as Brian’s big cock was balls-deep penetrating her insides. His free hands reached down and fondled her little bouncing tits and rolled her big gumdrop nipples between his fingers. “Not my nipples!” she pleded.

Kat couldn’t believe she was watching someone else up close having sex. This was her first threesome and she couldn’t wait to feel Dustin’s big hard cock back inside her.

“Look at you, Caroline. You look like a spoiled rich slut! Look at you taking that big huge hard cock inside your spoiled rich pussy. You like having a big hard dick fuck your spoiled rich pussy, huh?” Max taunted her best friend, watching Brian bring Caroline to an earth-shattering orgasm.

“I’m cumming!! OOOOOHHH, GOD, I’m cumming!!”

Brian increased his thrusting speed, pounding Caroline harder into the mattress as she came harder than she ever has in her entire life. He pulled out suddenly and climbed onto the bed and lied down on his back. His huge cock looked like a glistening pillar of raw dark pink meat as it jutted towards the ceiling. Max took her cue, releasing Caroline’s wobbly legs and impaled her creamy cunt down upon the biggest cock she ever fucked.

Once Max had her bare feet planted on either side of his legs and her pussy had completely engulfed his heavy rod, Brian started thrusting his hips up, pounding away at her fat pussy. Her upper body was leaning towards him, bouncing her gigantic jugs in his delighted face. He brought his hands up and cupped luscious pale breasts, squeezing and kneading them, basking in their sheer size and softness before latching onto one of her fat rock-hard nipples that were still throbbing from his last oral attack. He devoured both of her infamous large breasts like a starving newborn baby wanting milk from its mother as his enormous angry cock was balls slapping plowing inside her wide cunt.

Caroline was slowly recovering at the foot of the bed while watching her best friend ride the handsome delivery guy’s massively long, thick dong.

“Take that fat fucking cock, you big titty slut! I want to see those huge boobies bounce!” a dirty, exhausted Caroline teased. She crawled between Brian’s open legs and seized his wildly bouncing balls. She played with them as Max straightened her body upwards and started bouncing up and down Brian’s hard sleek dick. Her massive funbags were bouncing and flopping for his enjoyment as she fucked herself into the biggest orgasm she ever had.

“Ugggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!! Max growled as she came hard.

Brian wasted no time in allowing Max to enjoy her orgasm. He flipped her over onto her back, pressing his sweat-soaked body up against her equally sweat-soaked body and started pounding her hard into the mattress. Her bare feet flailed in the air as he jack-hammered his big hard cock inside her cum gushing twat. It didn’t take long for Max to succumb to another orgasm from the hard pounding.

After Max had cum twice, Brian pulled out of her and stuck his cunt juice-dripping piece of raw meat inside Caroline’s mouth as she lied on the bed. He started pounding his nasty wet dick inside her mouth, hitting her cheeks and the roof of her mouth with each thrust. After a good minute long face-fucking, Brian pulled his big cock out, covered and dripping in Caroline's saliva and laid down on his back. Caroline then impaled herself onto his wet cock in reserve cowgirl style. She arched her back, placing her hands next to Brian's head and squeezed onto the bedding as he began furiously jack-hammering his giant meaty shaft in and up her extremely sleek cunt.

“Ooooooooh, Jesus! Ooooooohh!” Caroline cried, as Brian pounded her horny cunt and rubbed her exposed clitoris with one hand. Her small round boobs were jiggling uncontrollably from the savage hammering. “HOLY FUCCKKKK!”

Max sat on top of Brian’s face and fed him her insanely drenched pussy. He slithered his tongue deep inside her cunt and licked everywhere his tongue could reach. The two best friends were moaning in heat non-stop as the camera zoomed in on their bright red sweaty faces.

“I’M CUMMING!! MMMMmmmm GOD!!!!” cried Caroline, cumming long and hard, bathing Brian’s huge thrusting manhood.

He continued giving Caroline a pounding of a lifetime until his big balls expanded enormously. “Fuck! I’m about to cum!” he announced, as pounded Caroline’s cum-gushing twat a few more times before pulling out.

Max had climbed off his face and sat on her knees next to her best friend. The two were on their knees as Brian vehemently stroked his massive hard dick in their direction. “UUUHHHHHH!” he grunted, staring down at Max’s and Caroline’s faces side by side and eyes closed and let loose the biggest torrent of cum his fat balls ever produced, drenching both of their pretty faces with a generous wealth of hot gooey spunk.

Neither actress has ever had a guy cum on their face before. Kat was used to men cumming on her giant tits. Dustin ejaculated smaller ropes of jizz onto her world-class milk bags and their thick jutting nipples as he finished cumming. Dustin collapsed onto the bed as the camera zoomed in on both Kat’s and Beth’s completely drenched in cum faces.

“Now that dessert is out of the way, how about that Thai food?” Kat mentioned in character as the scene slowly faded to black with large wads of Dustin’s aka Brian's cum dripping down her slutty face.
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Re: Celebs Meets Porn Stars: Kat Dennings, Beth Behrs, & Dustin Daring
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Great job, this felt like reading a real porn parody. Loved it!
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Re: Celebs Meets Porn Stars: Kat Dennings, Beth Behrs, & Dustin Daring
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More superb work from you, nice one with the porn parody theme.
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Re: Celebs Meets Porn Stars: Kat Dennings, Beth Behrs, & Dustin Daring
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A fun, sexy story for sure! Great work.
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