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New series to coincide with the release of Toy Story 4, if that wasn't clear enough from the title :P.  This series was inspired by Slyguy's fantastic story Sex-Ed For Dummies.  Go read it if you haven't already!

Christina Hendricks' Toy Stories

Episode 1: Vibrators

With Christina Hendricks

Special Guest: Margot Robbie

The editor faded in on the curvaceous body of Miss Christina Hendricks as she sat on her giant king size bed, a number of different sex toys laid out before her as she adressed the HD camera. 

“Hey, guys,” she began, smiling sweetly at the lens, “I’m Christina Hendricks and welcome to the first in a new series of videos entitled Christina Hendricks’ Toy Stories.  In this series I will teach you all you need to know about a host of different sex toys and accessories, and provide expert reviews to ensure that you guys watching at home are picking up the very best marital aids on the market.  From condoms to dildos, lubricants to bondage gear, I’ll be covering it all and more, so make sure you stick around.

“Now, I was planning on hosting this series on YouTube, but they declined,” she continued.  “Apparently the material would be inappropriate for their platform, but surely it’s gotta be more entertaining than makeup tutorials and some kid in Iowa playing XBox, right?  Oh well, their loss is PornHub’s gain, and you can catch every episode of this series on my brand new, exclusive channel ChristinaHendricksFF. You know, like my titties,” she helpfully explained, giving with her large, heaving jugs a shake for the camera.  “The PornHub guys have informed me that there are a number of fake profiles on the site pretending to be yours truly, so just make sure you’re on the right one. Look for the blue tick.

“OK, for my first video I’ll be looking at vibrators, so if you’re looking for the perfect bullet to take with you in the car, or searching for the best Rampant Rabbit to replace that asshole that you’ve just given the ol’ heave-ho, or if you just want to watch me frig myself stupid with a bunch of buzzing fucktoys, then you’ve come to the right place.  As you can see, I have today’s products laid out before me,” Christina went on, gesturing down to the line of marital aids spread across her pristine white sheets. “We have the Tango bullet vibrator by We-Vibe,” she declared, picking up each item individually and holding it up to the camera lens, “the Iconic Rabbit by Jimmyjane and of course the timeless classic that is the Hitachi Magic Wand.

“Now, vibrators and rabbits can be great to use with your partner but, let’s face it, these items are generally used by single women looking for a bit of me time and ladies seeking the pleasure their husband is incapable of giving them, while he’s out with his buddies.  So with that in mind, I’ve dressed accordingly in my finest night in getup of Adidas sweats.”

She stood up and did a little twirl for the camera; the casual, loose fitting garments doing little to obscure the juicy curves of her thick, round ass and enormous FF tits.  Her hair and cosmetics had been done accordingly; the buxom actress wearing minimal makeup (thankfully for her, she didn’t need it), while her fiery red hair was tied up in a line loose bun at the back of her head. 

“So we’re going to start with the Tango,” Christina declared, picking up the bullet vibrator as the cameraman moved in for a close up.

It was a small pink toy about the size of a tube of lipstick, with a twistable bottom to adjust the settings.

“As you can see, this item is very small and will easily fit in any clutchbag, no matter how tiny,” she explained.  “I love a good bullet and mine is a permanent fixture in my handbag. You never know when you’re gonna get caught in traffic, right?” she added, winking naughtily at the camera.  “This one has eight settings and, if it’s anything like mine, will become increasingly less discrete the more powerful you make it.”

Christina switched the vibrator to the lowest setting to test it out.  A low hum emanated from the buzzing toy; so soft it was barely picked up by the camera mic. 

“Now, at this setting you could use this baby pretty much anywhere,” she declared.  “Problem is, that,” she said, gesturing down to the lightly buzzing toy, “ain’t gonna do shit.  So you gotta turn that sucker up.”

Christina turned the dial on the bottom of the vibrator to about midway; the toy buzzing louder than before, about the volume of a single fruit fly. 

“This is the fourth setting.  As you can tell it’s a little louder but hardly deafening.  You could probably get away with that on a crowded subway train or maybe at a basketball game if you find sports as boring as I do.  Except for looking at the players of course,” she added with a cheeky grin. “So why don’t we test it out.”

Christina stood up and tugged down her sweatpants, revealing her freshly shaven pussy; unimpeded by the burden of underwear.  She lay back on the bed and spread her legs, the cameraman moving in for a close up as she held the pocket vibrator to her clit. 

“Mmm, yeah that’s pretty good,” she cooed softly as the toy buzzed against her stiff red bud.  “This could definitely get you off eventually, but nothing that’s gonna make your toes curl. If you want them mind blowing orgams- and, let’s face it, who doesn’t- you’re gonna have to go the whole hog.”

She turned the dial as far as it would go; the vibrator buzzing in response like a swarm of angry wasps.

“Oh yeah, now we’re talking!” she said, having to raise her voice slightly over the loud din of the toy.  “As you can tell it’s pretty freakin’ loud, so really you’re gonna be limited to your car in a traffic jam or a public restroom, maybe a rock show if you’re that way inclined.  Be careful though, ‘cause the way this thing’s buzzing against my clit, it’s liable to give you one heck of an orgasm.”

The camera guy moved in for a close up of Christina’s upper half; capturing her pretty face as it lit up like the Fourth of July, the bullet vibrator working wonders on her pulsing bud. 

“Fuck, that feels good!” she exclaimed.  “Also be weary of what you’re wearing if you’re planning on using this baby to frig one out in the car.  You’re probably gonna want to opt for something dark ‘cause this thing’s making me seriously fucking wet!”

The cameraman moved back between her thighs to reveal that, indeed, her tight snatch was gushing like Niagra Falls; her shell-pink lips glistening with the effeminate fluids seeping from her sodden gash. 

“Shit, yeah!  Oh, fuck!” she mewled, the camera guy capturing close ups of her spare hand as she gripped desperately at her silken sheets, then her dainty feet as her neatly pedicured toes curled in response to the buzzing toy.

“God damn, this thing’s gonna make me cum already!” Christina shrieked.  “Fuck! Fuuuuck!” she groaned, her usually gorgeous facial features screwed in all manner of unsightly ways as a thunderous climax tore through her curvy frame. 

“Holy fuck!  Goddammitt!” she panted, switching off the vibrator and placing it at her side, her ample bosom heaving rapidly as she came down from her orgasm.

“Wow!” she exclaimed, still panting slightly as she returned to her seated position.  “So, as you could probably tell, this thing got me off in no time at all. As a home use toy, I’ve experienced few better and I’ve tried a lot of ‘em,” she grinned.  “But, as it’s marketed as a portable vibrator, I’m going to have to mark it down for the volume of the buzzing. If they could find some way to soften it a touch then We-Vibe are on to a real winner here.  But, really, I’m nitpicking. This is still a great toy and you could do a lot worse than picking up one of these bad boys on your next shopping trip. I’m going to give it a Toy Stories rating of 4.5 out of 5.”

A graphic appeared on screen depicting five digitally sketched dildos (or possibly real cocks), the first four and the bottom half of the fifth embossed to indicate Christina’s rating. 

“OK, now we move onto the Iconic Rabbit.”

She picked it up.  It was bright white; the double pronged toy boasting a smooth, rounded off head and a clawed plastic arm that sprouted out around midshaft. 

“I’ve got to be honest, I’m not crazy about rabbit toys.  I mean, they’re OK, I just don’t think you get anything from them that can’t get with an ordinary vibrator.  But I’m going to remain impartial and go into this with an open mind.”

Christina fed the head between her pussy lips and set the claws against her clit.

“This toy has an edge over other rabbits I’ve tried in that it has a rotating head.” 

She pushed a button; a light whirr emanating from her crotch as the toy’s rounded crown turned slowly inside her twat. 

“I gotta say, though, this doesn’t do a whole lot for me.  Let’s see what this stimulator is like.”

She pushed a second button and the stimulator sprung to life; the thin plastic fangs clawing at her clit as she held the toy in place.

“Yeah, that’s OK,” she said with a soft whine.  “I could probably get off to this in time but in all honesty it’s gonna take a lot longer than with the bullet just now.”

Christina retrieved the toy from between her vaginal lips and shut it off.

“It’s probably one of the better rabbits I’ve used but it really isn’t anything to get excited about,” she declared.  “If you’ve got a particular penchant for this kind of toy then by all means try it out, otherwise I think you could definitely give this one a swirve.  Three out of five.”

The same graphic as before appeared on screen, this time with three of the sketched dildos highlighted.

“OK, guys, now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for,” Christina went on, “the Hitachi Magic Wand.  And as this particular toy is such an all-time classic, I thought it only right that I share its excellence with one of my celebrity girlfriends.  So, without further ado, all of y’all watching at home, please give a warm Toy Stories welcome to Miss Margot Robbie!”

Christina clapped enthusiastically as her guest appeared from out of shot; the blonde beauty dressed in similarly casual attire to the redheaded host.  She wore a tight, form-fitting Australia national team soccer jersey and a pair of cotton short shorts, while a set of black Vans Eras adorned her dainty feet, her shiny golden locks hanging gracefully over her shoulder blades.

“Afternoon, Margot!” Christina gushed as they met for an embrace.  “Or should I say ‘g’day’?”

Margot chuckled. “G’day to you too, Miss Hendricks.”

“So, Margot, you’ve come along today to help me review the Hitachi Magic Wand.  Is this a piece of equipment you’re familiar with?”

“Oh yeah, babe, for sure!  I’ve got one at home.”

“And does it see a lot of action?”

“Mmhmm.  I use it almost every day!”

“Wow!  Looks like we’ve got an expert here today, guys,” Christina declared, now addressing the camera.  “So, Margot, I think we’ll start with you using this on me,” she went on, brandishing the vibrating toy in her left hand, “then I’ll return the favour.  Then, once we’ve both cum a few times we’ll give our verdict to the guys watching at home. Sound good?”

“Absolutely!” said Margot, grinning naughtily.

“Great,” Christina replied, finally bearing her spectacular breasts for the camera as she pulled her sweater over her head.  “Then let’s get to it!”

Christina handed the toy to Margot and laid back on the bed; the buxom host spreading her legs lewdly in wait of her fair-haired guest.  Margot perched beside her, Magic Wand in hand as she addressed the nearby camera.

“OK, guys, as you may already know, the Magic Wand was originally manufactured as a massage implement,” she explained, “but it didn’t take long for women to realise that if you hold it against your clit it can make you cum like a motherfucker!  As such, and unlike traditional vibrators which generally have many more, the Magic Wand only has two settings. We’re gonna go ahead and skip the lower setting and go straight to full power!”

Margot switched it on, the large white toy buzzing to life in her manicured hands.

“Now this thing’s pretty fucking powerful so it’s not for the faint of heart,” she went on.  “But if you’re gonna use it, don’t pussyfoot around. Hold it right on your clit as hard as you can.  Like so.”

Margot held the big vibrating head against Christina’s bud; a sharp, breathy gasp escaping her plump pink lips as it buzzed violently at her nether regions.

“See, Christina’s enjoying it already,” she grinned.  “How does that feel, babe?”

“Fuck, it feels amazing!” Christina cooed, the cameraman getting a close up of her face as it lit up in ecstatic pleasure.  “I often find that the use of the Magic Wand is enhanced even further by a spot of ass play. Wouldn’t you agree, Margot?”

“Oh, totally,” Margot agreed as she rubbed the toy gently back and forth over Christina’s clit.  “You don’t happen to have a buttplug lying around, do you?”

“I’ve got hundreds!” Christina replied.  “But we’re saving them for another video.”

“I see.  Well maybe you should stick a finger up your arse then, babe,” Margot suggested.  “Show those folks at home just how well this thing can make you cum.”

“Good idea.”

Christina slid her middle finger between her soft, pouty lips; the chesty MILF gazing down the camera lens as she gave it a seductive suck.  Then, she reached below her thigh, rubbing the painted tip against her puckered, round asshole before plunging the spit-slicked digit inside. 

“Oh, fuck!” she groaned as she worked it back and forth; the busty starlet guiding the manicured digit right down to the knuckle as she fingerbanged her tight pink ass.

“Feels good, huh?” grinned Margot as she looked back at the buxom host.

“God damn, it’s gonna make me squirt!”

“Ooh, fuck yeah!” Margot purred excitedly, holding the big buzzing toy even more firmly against Christina’s pulsing clit; the randy redhead fingerfucking her rear like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh shit, here it comes,” Christina warned, her red button throbbing like an athlete’s ticker as she prepared to shoot her juice.  “FUUUUCK!!!” she screamed, Margot pulling the Wand away at the very last second as a torrent of clear, wet girlspunk blasted from her urethra, the effeminate fluids raining down over the white sheets and carpeted floor like a jungle monsoon.

“Oh, wow!” Margot gushed, her pretty pink lips forming a perfect O of amazement as she watched the chesty host squirt across the room like a human water cannon.  “Damn, girl!”

She returned the toy to Christina’s clit, the redhead still fingering away at her snug little asshole as she readied herself for another orgasm.  A couple of minutes was all it took; the Magic Wand buzzing against her clit with such force that a second climax coursed through her voluptuous frame in no time at all.

“FUUUCCCKKK!!!” she screamed again, even louder than before, as a second copious ladyload jetted from her cooch; her girlcum spraying across the bed, the floor and even the expensive camera lens in equal measure as she squirted like a water feature.

“Wowee!” Margot exclaimed, the horny blonde lapping up the liquid residue from the head of the toy.  “This thing is amazing!”

“Uh huh,” Christina panted in agreement.  “OK, your turn, girl.”

Christina sat up and Margot took her position on the bed; passing the Wand onto her redheaded counterpart like a humming baton.  Margot pulled off her soccer jersey and inched down her shorts; the Aussie starlet nude as the day she was born as she laid back atop the sodden bedsheets.  Christina knelt at the foot of the bed between her splayed thighs; the randy host holding the buzzing toy against her guest’s stiff pink clit. Margot began to mewl and groan; the Magic Wand buzzing wildly against her swollen bud, her tight warm pussy seeping its sticky fluids in a matter of seconds. 

“Here, girl, why don’t you take hold of this so I can finger that wet pussy?” said Christina, handing the toy back to her special guest.

“Good idea, babe,” Margot replied, holding the Wand to her person like a precious heirloom.

Christina fed two fingers into Margot’s slit; the blonde’s tight pink twat enveloping her digits like a Chinese finger trap.  She worked them back and forth; the coloured tips bothering Margot’s g-spot with each pass. She could feel Margot’s pelvic muscles clenching as she held the buzzing toy to her clit; the Aussie cooing and groaning as it worked its magic on her cooch.  Margot’s free hand clawed at the bedsheets for dear life; her hot, athletic body quivering from golden blonde head to pedicured toe as the big white wand brought her to the verge of climax within minutes.

“Shit, I’m gonna...I’m gonna...FUUUCCCKKK!!!” she screamed, pulling the toy away as a spout of fluid, every bit as copious and powerful as that of her opposite number, gushed from her urethra, spraying over Christina’s unsuspecting face as she knelt between her thighs.

“Oh my God!” Christina exclaimed, the redhead recoiling instinctively as the effeminate blast hit her full in her pretty face.

Squirt fluids ran over her lips and dripped from her nose and chin, while more of the sticky juices plastered thick strands of auburn hair to her cheeks and forehead.  Her lips gaped in shock as girlcum trickled down her face, just in time for a second torrent to jet from Margot’s gash; this time the sizzling lady liquid arcing straight into her open mouth, while more still splashed over her already drenched face. 

“Oh, fuck!” Margot panted.  “Sorry about that, babe.”

Christina closed her eyes and wiped what seemed like half a litre of squirt juices from her face; the buxom redhead shaking her hand dry as she turned to face the camera lens.

“So, as you can see, guys…” 

A buzzing behind her interrupted Christina’s piece of camera, as Margot picked up the Tango bullet and held it against her clit.  Christina turned back to the camera, playfully rolling her shimmering blue eyes as she continued.

“So, as you can see, the Hitachi Magic Wand is one heck of a tool and, if you’re anything like Margot and I, will have you squirting like crazy if used in the right way.” 

The buzz behind her grew louder as Margot turned the vibrator up to full power; Christina raising her voice so she could be heard over the loud, droaning hum.

“With the amount of orgasms these things have given me over the years, not to mention the amount of fun we’ve today, I really can’t give the Magic Wand any less than five out of five.  How about you, Margot?”

There was no response; a series of mewls and groans the only sound that passed between her pretty pink lips as she held the buzzing toy to her clit.



“The Magic Wand, marks out of five?”

“Five!  Fuck it, six!  Ten!  A hundred!”

Christina laughed.  “I guess she liked it too.  So there you have it, folks.  Hope you enjoyed this episode of Christina Hendricks’ Toy Stories.  Join me next time where I’ll be looking at a selection of different erotic massage oils with my special guest Scarlett Johansson.  I’ll see you then.” Christina waved to the camera then added, as the video faded slowly to black, “Margot, hand me that Hitachi again.”

End of Episode 1
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Re: Christina Hendricks' Toy Stories
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Wonderful start!  Female solo/masturbation stuff is incredibly difficult to write and you've done a fantastic job here.  Can't wait to see more! 

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Re: Christina Hendricks' Toy Stories
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Can't wait to see the next episode!
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Re: Christina Hendricks' Toy Stories
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That was amazing!! Might be a little bias because of Christina  ;D ;D ;D And Scarlett is next! Can't wait to see them bumping breasts!
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Re: Christina Hendricks' Toy Stories
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Episode 2: Massage Oils

With Christina Hendricks

Special Guest: Scarlett Johansson

Christina Hendricks was stood in the centre of her large, lavishly decorated lounge, smiling warmly at the camera as the editor faded in on the opening shot of episode two of her brand new online series.  Her cream leather five piece suite, collection of glass coffee tables and 72 inch plasma TV screen had been carefully rearranged to make space for a long massage table that stretched across the middle of the room.  Christina was framed in a long shot as she stood before the padded table; the redheaded actress wearing nothing but a pristine white bathrobe as she addressed the nearby camera.

“Hey, everyone,” she said, “and welcome back to Christina Hendricks’ Toy Stories.  I hope you enjoyed the last episode on vibrators with Margot Robbie ‘cause today I have another beautiful special guest assisting me in the bedroom or, in this case, my lounge.  Yes, that’s right, folks, in just a moment the lovely Scarlett Johansson will be joining me to review a selection of erotic massage oils. But first why don’t we take a look at exactly which products we’ll be concentrating on today.”

The editor cut to a close up of three bottles of massage oil lined up on the padded table, then returned to Christina as she introduced the erotic items one by one.

“We have this extra stimulating oil from Durex, this delicious looking edible oil from Cosmosutra and, last but not least, this extra slick massage oil from NaturOil- great for happy endings,” she said with a wink.  “So those are the items we’ll be looking at in today’s episode. Now, I know you guys are eager for me to bring out my special guest and I am too, so, without further ado, allow me to introduce Scarlett Johansson.”

The living room door opened in the edge of the frame and in stepped Miss Johansson; the fair-haired starlet kitted out in the same white robe as Christina, her expensively styled blonde locks tied up in a loose bun. 

“Hey, girl!” Christina shrieked excitedly as the buxom pair met for an embrace.  “Looking gorgeous as always,” she added as their matching sets of pouty pink lips planted soft pecks on one another’s cheeks.

“Thank you!” Scarlett replied.  “Not looking too bad yourself there, hun,” she added, sneaking  a peak at the outline of Christina’s deliciously round rump as it curved out behind her like a lilywhite parcel shelf.

Christina grinned.  “Mmm, we’ve got a naughty one today, guys,” she declared as she gazed into the expensive camera lens.  “I can tell.”

Scarlett giggled coquettishly, placing a finger between her twin rows of sparkling white teeth in a thoroughly unconvincing display of innocence.

“OK, Scarlett, so today on the show we’re talking about massage oils,” said Christina.  “Is a good erotic rubdown something you like to indulge in in the bedroom?”

“Oh, absolutely!” Scarlett replied.  “My fiance and I will often start things off with a massage when we both have the time.  It’s a very sensual activity and a great way to get in the mood.”

“And what about professionals? Do you like to pay them a visit after a long week on set?”

“Mmhmm, and I’ve had some pretty enjoyable experiences in massage parlours in my time, I can tell you.”

“Oooh!  Please do.”

“Getting a massage just really turns me on.  Even if I’m not feeling horny when I arrive, by the time a hot guy or girl’s got their hands on my naked body I’m absolutely gagging for it.  When someone’s got me that turned on I can’t help but make a move and, as you can imagine, they don’t tend to resist!”

“I’m sure they don’t!” Christina smirked.  “OK, well I think it’s about time we got down to business.  I think we’ll start with this extra stimulating oil,” she declared, gathering the bottle from the table as the editor cut to a close up.  “Would you like to do the honours, Scarlett?”

“Certainly,” Scarlett replied as Christina handed her the bottle.  “Lose the robe and hop up on that table.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Christina grinned naughtily.

She untied the clasp on her robe and slid it down her arms, the redhead revealing her nude body in all its thick, curvaceous glory.  She climbed up onto the table and laid flat on her back across the padded surface.

“OK, the key to a good massage is to take your time,” said Scarlett as she addressed the camera.  “I know you guys are eager to get your hands on those boobs but, trust me, leave the erogenous zones ‘til the end.  Taking it slow and seeing to each of her body parts in turn will drive her crazy with desire. By the time you get to her tits she’ll barely be able to contain herself.  So, with that in mind, I’m going to start with the feet.”

Scarlett squeezed a hearty dose of the clear, slick oil onto her palm, setting the bottle down on the table as she rubbed it into her hands. 

“Now, this oil is gonna be pretty freakin’ cold.  We heated it beforehand and you’re gonna want to do the same.”

The cameraman moved in for a close up as Scarlett took Christina’s left foot in her hands and caressed it gently.

“Oooh, it’s tingling!” Christina declared.

“Yes, this oil is designed to really stimulate your delicate areas,” Scarlett explained as she looked into the camera lens.  “Just imagine how it’s gonna feel between those thighs,” she added with a naughty grin.

“What do you think of the smell?” asked Christina.

“Hmm, it’s a nice incense-y kind of smell,” Scarlett replied, “but it’s a little overpowering for my tastes.  They could do with toning it down a little.”

“I don’t think this is one you’d want to get in your mouth.”

“No, probably not.”

Scarlett moved to the other foot then continued up Christina’s calf.

“This oil is nice and slick,” she declared.  “Look how smoothly my hands are able to roam over Christina’s skin.”

She switched to the other leg, her hands roving across the soft, milky white flesh of Christina’s thigh until her fingers were mere inches from her crotch. 

“Oooh, wow!”  Christina exclaimed.  “It’s making my pussy tingle from there!”

Scarlett grinned.  “Hear that, folks? This oil is some powerful stuff!”

Christina began to coo softly as Scarlett continued up past her crotch; devilishly avoiding her nether regions as she moved up to her midriff.  She worked her way up the redhead’s torso; her skilled hands stroking and caressing every square inch of silky, lotioned skin along the way. Then, Scarlett walked around to the head of the table, squeezing more oil onto her hands as she moved onto the shoulder blades.  She massaged Christina’s shoulders like a seasoned pro; the blonde actress allowing her oil-slicked hands to roam down to the redhead’s chest, stopping tantalisingly short of her whopping great breasts.

“God, you have no idea how difficult it is not to play with...I mean massage these titties!” Scarlett declared.  “What do you think, guys? Have I made her wait long enough?”  She paused. “Yeah, I think so too. Actually, I’m starting to feel a little overdressed here.”

Scarlett undid the clasp on her robe.  She shed the pristine white garment in the blink of an eye, showcasing her own voluptuous frame which, while not quite up to that of her opposite number in terms of curvature, certainly wasn’t far short.  Scarlett squeezed another helping of oil onto her hands and rubbed it in. She lent over the supine host and got to work on her jugs. Scarlett wasn’t exactly lacking in the chest department herself and as she reached over to get at Christina’s chest, her own bulging set of perky D cup tits hung down mere inches from her face. 

Christina could scarcely resist the erect nipples dangling invitingly above her lips and she shot out her tongue to lap at one of the puffy pink buds as Scarlett groped her mammoth chest.  Scarlett worked over Christina’s breasts like an expert. She groped them, caressed them, kneaded them like dough; every pass of her hands greased with the stimulating oil making her nipples stiffen and tingle.

“As you can see, Christina’s nipples are really responding to this oil,” said Scarlett.  “Isn’t that right, girl?”

“Uh huh,” Christina moaned in response.

“Look how hard they’re getting!”

The cameraman moved in for a close up; the tighter angle confirming that, indeed, the redhead’s teets were swollen up like bullets, her giant cans shining like polished brassware with the sheer volume of oil now glazing the epic pair.

“Let’s see what it does to that pussy!”

Scarlett moved down to Christina’s waist and slid her oily hand between her legs.

“Well she certainly doesn’t need greasing up down here, that’s for sure,” she grinned.  “She’s wet enough already!”

The camera guy pointed his lens between Christina’s thighs, capturing the effeminate fluids that coated her slick gash.  Scarlett ran her hand over Christina’s snatch, spreading the lips open to show off her pink insides. Christina cooed softly; her pussy positively burning between her legs.  Then, Scarlett concentrated on her clit, the busty blonde kneading the stiff red bud with two greased up fingers.

“Oh, fuck!” Christina groaned, her clit throbbing like mad in response to the super stimulating oil.

“That feel good, honey?” Scarlett asked, her hand little more than a blur as she rubbed Christina’s bud.

“It feels incredible!  It’s gonna make me cum.”

And then, it did just that.  Another few seconds of Scarlett’s expert strumming was all it took.  Christina trembled all over; the randy redhead crying out in ecstasy, clinging to the sides of the table as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body.

“Fuck!” she panted, her heaving chest rising and falling rhythmically as she came down from her explosive climax.  “That stuff is incredible! Marks out of five?”

“Hmm,” Scarlett pondered.  “Well it’s very slick. Really allowed my hands to roam over your body with ease, and obviously it got you off pretty fucking quick!  But they’ve got to do something about that smell. Like I said it’s nice but just too damn strong. Four out of five.”

The same graphic from the previous episode appeared on the screen; four of the digitally sketched dildos highlighted to indicate the score.

“There you are, folks,” said Christina, “that was the Sensations extra stimulating oil from Durex; a fine grease that would certainly enhance any bout of foreplay.  OK, let’s move on, shall we? The next item we’ll be looking at is this edible oil from Cosmosutra. So, Scarlett, if you’d like to assume the position, then we’ll get started.”

Scarlett climbed up onto the table, laying flat on her back.

“OK, so this oil comes in a number of different flavours,” Christina went on.  “Raspberry, strawberry, passionfruit, chocolate and caramel to name but a few. I’ve gone with cherry today.”  She popped open the lid and gave it a sniff. “Mmm, lovely!”

She squeezed a pool of the red-tinted oil onto her hands and rubbed it in.  She started at Scarlett’s midriff; her hands roving over her smooth, beach-bronzed skin as she massaged her flat, toned tummy.  She continued up to her breasts; the horny redhead mauling the colossal chest mounds like an excited teenager. She massaged and caressed, groped and fondled; the buxom host smearing the sweet-smelling oil evenly across her guest’s heavenly bust.

“Right, time for a taste test.”

Christina licked slowly from the underside of Scarlett’s soft, perky boob; her tongue trailing across the greased up flesh and lapping up the flavoured oil as she went.  She stopped at the nipple and flicked her tongue back and forth across the sensitive tip. Then, she fed it between her lips; the chesty host suckling upon on the puffy pink nipple like an infant at feeding time. 

“Mmm, delicious,” said Christina, licking her full, pouty lips as she moved across to the other breast. 

She sucked hearity at the second tit; massaging the supple flesh mounds with her skilled hands as she did so.

“This is a great alternative to food in the bedroom.  Everyone loves to incorporate some whipped cream or chocolate sauce into their foreplay, especially when the dish looks as good as this,” Christina grinned, giving one of Scarlett’s tits a gentle squeeze.  “But the fact of the matter is, that can get very messy. This way you get all the fun without staining your sheets.”

Christina squeezed more of the oil onto her hands and moved down to Scarlett’s lower half.  She ran her hands up and down her legs one by one, from ankle to thigh; the redhead delighting in the layers of effeminate muscle tone that made up her smoothly waxed pins.  Then, she clambered up onto the table, kneeling between Scarlett’s splayed legs as she got to work on her crotch. She rubbed diligently between her thighs, smearing the sweet-smelling oil over the blonde’s already slick cooch. 

“OK,” said Christina, “let’s so how it tastes down here.”

She dove right in; the auburn starlet burying her head between Scarlett’s legs like an ostrich in the sand.  She placed her hands on her thighs, holding them open as she got to work on her crotch. Christina licked up and down the sticky, wet lips; tasting both the cherry-flavoured oil and Scarlett’s sweet girl juices in equal measure as she lapped at her sodden twat.   

“Mmm, fuck!” she groaned, the busty actress smacking her pouty lips together as she savoured her guests’ box.  “That’s just heavenly.”

Christina dug in; sliding her tongue between Scarlett’s slick pink lips, bobbing her pretty red head as she tonguefucked her hot, wet hole.  Scarlett cooed and groaned; placing a hand atop Christina’s head, the hosts shiny auburn locks flowing through the gaps in her fingers as she ate her dripping pussy.  She moved up to the clit; wrapping her arms around Scarlett’s thighs as she tongued at the swollen bud. By now juices were literally gushing from Scarlett’s twat; the sticky, sweet fluids smearing over Christina’s mouth and dripping from her chin as she busied herself between her legs.

“Yes, baby, eat that pussy!” Scarlett groaned.  “Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum!”

Christina slipped two fingers into her snatch; guiding the lengthy nailed digits back and forth as she lapped at her swollen clit.  The tips of her fingers probed Scarlett’s g-spot with each pass she took and, in no time at all, the busty blonde found herself in the throes of an intense, mind-blowing orgasm. 

“Yes! Yes! Oh, Jesus! Fuuuuck!” she squealed, the fair-haired starlet clutching a handful of Christina’s vibrant red hair as she tongued to her to a tumultuous climax. 

“Fuck, you’re good at that, girl,” Scarlett panted as Christina finally came up for air.

“Oh, I know,” Christina grinned, straddling her guest’s supine frame and giving her a long, lingering kiss on the lips.

“Well as you can see, this Luscious Lix edible oil from Cosmosutra is a lot of fun,” said Christina, turning to face the camera.  “I really can’t recommend this enough and is more than worthy of my illustrious five star rating. It smells amazing, tastes delicious, feels great on your skin and is easy to wash off in the shower.  Speaking of which, me and my guest better get ourselves cleaned up.” The busty duo hopped down from the table and headed, hand in hand, for the living room door. “Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Scarlett Johansson.”


A quick cut later and Christina was back in her lounge; still nude having given her voluptuous body a thorough cleanse in her large walk in shower. 

“Well I hope you enjoyed that, folks,” said the buxom host as she addressed the HD camera.  “I know I did. But don’t go anywhere ‘cause we have one last oil to try.”

Just then, a handsome, muscular young stud strolled into the frame.  He too was naked as the day he was born; rock hard pecs and chiseled abs lining his smoothly waxed torso, thick biceps bulging in his arms and thighs.  He had the rugged good looks of a male model; a sharp jawline and twinkling brown eyes, his thick, lustrous hair parted neatly to the right and held in place with more hair product than the cast of Jersey Shore combined. 

“This is Tyler,” Christina went on.  “He’s going to help me demonstrate our third and final item; this ultra-slick oil from NaturOil.  As I said before, this oil is great for happy endings, so you can see why I picked Tyler here to assist me.”

The editor cut a close up of Tyler’s crotch; the young man appearing to have the genitalia of a Kentucky Derby winner dangling between his thighs; his large round cockhead hanging down nearly to his knees as he posed like a life model for the nearby camera.

“God damn!” Christina exclaimed, as the editor returned to the previous shot.  “I think the Haitian earthquake would have had a happy ending had that thing been involved!  OK, let’s get started.” She looked across at Tyler and patted the tabletop. “Up you pop.”

Tyler did as instructed.  He climbed up onto the table and laid out across the surface; his long cock trailing over his big, plum-sized balls and down onto the padding below.  Christina squeezed a dose of oil onto her hands and got down to business. She began at his legs; the chesty starlet guiding her soft, silky hands up his left shin and over his knee.  She started to notice his dick twitch and stiffen slightly as her hands roamed slowly up his thigh; her manicured fingers mere centimetres from his shaft.

Christina switched to the other leg then moved to the head of table to work on his upper half.  She started at his hulk-like shoulder blades and continued down his chest; the redhead’s skilled hands roving over his firm pecs, her enormous titties hanging in his face as she caressed his chiseled torso.  By the time she’d reached his abs, Christina was smothering the young hunk half to death with her epic chest mounds; his cock growing and stiffening in response. When she finally finished his upper half, Tyler’s dick was stood at half mast; the oversized wang sticking out between his thighs like a half-lowered drawbridge. 

“OK, I think it’s ready,” Christina grinned. 

She positioned herself at the centre of the table stroking Tyler’s cock until it reached full tilt.  Then she took the bottle of oil and squeezed a generous helping of the slick grease over the head of his dick.  It dribbled slowly down his shaft until it reached the hilt; thin streaks of oil trailing down his schlong from tip to base.  Christina gripped his cock at the root and began to stroke; her slick mit journeying up and down the giant dong like a glass elevator.

“See what I mean about happy endings?” Christina smirked.  “Look how smoothly my hand travels up and down the shaft.”

She wasn’t wrong.  In fact, the slickness of the oil was allowing her hand to roam from top to bottom with consummate ease; Tyler not feeling even an ounce of friction as she pulled his lengthy prick.  By this stage, Tyler’s dick was leaking like a sieve; droplets of sticky, clear precum oozing from his tip and trickling over his head, his dick pulsing and pounding in Christina’s skilled mit as she stroked him six ways from Sunday. 

*SCHLICK* *SCHLOCK* *SCHLICK* came the sounds from Tyler’s crotch; Christina’s hand but a colourful, manicured blur as she tugged his throbbing dong.  She stroked his cock in expertly times passes; her soft, greased up paw caressing every nerve and fibre along the way. His dick was twitching and pulsing, his balls swelling with a thick wad of creamy hot spunk. 

Christina was beating his meat like there was no tomorrow; the busty actress pulling his prong at such a rate of knots that Tyler feared she may yank it cean from his person if she wasn’t careful.  He clung to the table so tightly his knuckles turned white; the normally handsome young stud looking as though he was chewing through a batch of stinging nettles as he was tugged almost senseless by the large-chested MILF. 

Tyler was clinging onto his load by but a thread; every pass of Christina’s skilled, wet hand bringing him closer and closer to the point of no return.  By this stage, he could hold off no longer. His cock pumped and throbbed, his sticky tip winking lewdly with each stroke, his balls bulging, brewing, churning until…

“UUUUHHHH!!!” he bellowed, a powerful jet of gloopy, off white seed blasting from his slit as his long, thick cock erupted like Mount Vesuvius. 

It shot up into the air; the torrent of piping hot man mess showering over his crotch like a semen Tsunami.  It went everywhere; his pelvis, his thighs, his midriff, Christina’s hand. Some of the spunk even doused her big tits as it rained down over them like a tropical storm. 

“Wowee!” Christina exclaimed.  “That was quite a load, huh guys?”  She brought her hand to her mouth and licked up the splatterings of semen.  “Well this Happy Endings ultra slick massage oil from NutarOil is simply incredible.  Just look at how this dick went off. Like a frickin’ rocket! All thanks to this amazing oil.  And my expert handjob technique, of course,” she added with a grin. “So if you’re looking to give your partner a massage he’ll never forget, then this,” she declared, holding the bottle aloft one final time, “is the oil for you.  Five out of five.

“Well, that’s it for this instalment of Christina Hendricks’ Toy Stories.  Tune in next time when I’ll be focusing on sex toys for men and, who knows, maybe even using a few of them on more lucky young studs like Tyler here.  Don’t miss it.” She blew a kiss to the camera. “Hmm, still hard,” she added, glancing down at Tyler’s cock. “What do you think, big boy? Got another load in you?”

End of Episode 2
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Another incredibly hot chapter, with an incredibly hot special guest!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Love how sensual these are.
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Episode 3: Male Sex Toys

With Christina Hendricks

Episode three of Christina Hendricks’ Toy Stories faded in on the buxom redhead herself, sat on the edge of her king size bed in a set of expensive looking French lingerie and matching stiletto heels; the frilly underwear so thin and scanty that it struggled to contain her gloriously thick ass, not to mention the gigantic pair of FF titties ballooning from her chest. 

Her make up was nothing short of flawless and her pretty mature face had been dabbed, powdered and otherwise adorned with a selection of the finest beauty products on the market.  Her full, pouty lips were coated a deep shade of red.  Dark mascara brought out the glistening sky blues of her eyes.  Dabs of rouge gave her creamy white, alabaster skin a rosy glow, while her fiery red hair hung about her shoulder blades in thick lustrous curls.

“Hey, guys!” she began, addressing the nearby camera, a number of exotic looking marital aids lined up beside her.  “Thank you for joining me.  Today on Christina Hendricks’ Toy Stories we’re going to be looking at male sex toys.  Now, I know what you’re thinking; ‘but, Christina, aren’t sex toys only made for girls?’.  Well, the answer is ‘no’.  In fact, there are a whole host of toys out there designed just for men and we’re going to be taking a look at some of them today.  So, whether you’re looking for ways to better please your partner, a device to keep you hard for longer, or if you just want to blow your load in a tight prosthetic pussy, we’ve got you covered.  Let’s take a look at the products we’ll be focusing on in today’s video.”

The editor cut to a close up as Christina introduced the items one by one.

“We have this rather large cock pump from Doc Johnson and these two snug-looking fleshlights by Hard Drive.  So we’re going to start with the cock pump and, as luck would have it, I have a very handsome young man to assist me.”

As the editor returned to the previous shot, the bedroom door opened and a tall, muscular man in his early 20’s and of Hispanic origin strolled on through.  His dark oily hair had been carefully slicked back, the back and sides freshly buzzed down almost to the scalp.  Layers upon layers of muscle lined every square inch of his body; his bronzed olive skin marked with a number of colourful, stylized tattoos.  He wore nothing but a pair of tight white boxer briefs; the crotch sagging with the weight of his oversized genitals.

“This is Luis,” said Christina.  “Ready, honey?”

Luis nodded. 

“OK, well the purpose of the cock pump is to give you a little, shall we say, boost down below,” Christina added.

She slid two fingers under the waistband of Luis’ underwear and whipped them down in one swift motion; the young man’s dick hanging down like a clock pendulum between this bulky thighs.

“Now, as you can see, Luis doesn’t need a lot of assistance in that department but for the purposes of demonstration, let’s see what this pump can do to a cock as big as his.  But first, I need to get it hard.”

Christina wrapped both her dainty mits around Luis’ cock; a good three inches poking out past her knuckles and drooping down over her thumb.  She fed the crown between her lips and sucked; the long bronzed dong starting to grow and stiffen in her hands.  Luis groaned; the ripped Latin hunk reaching down and grabbing a handful of Christina’s heaving bosom.  He squeezed and groped the big, doughy breast; the chiseled young stud cooing like a wounded animal as Christina sucked and stroked his swelling wang.

Before long, Luis’ cock was at half mast and Christina took one hand from around his shaft; the busty actress spitting a jet of saliva over the long, thick wang and jerking it violently.  She sucked at the head once more; fondling his balls with one hand and stroking the shaft with the other, the girthy pole swelling to full rigidity in no time at all. 

Christina bobbed her pretty red head; tonguing wildly at the underside as she swallowed down inch after inch of his dong, slathering the oversized member in volumes upon volumes of sticky, wet spittle as she went.  By the time she came up for air, Luis’ dick was positively throbbing and as she stroked the long Latin schlong with her soft, silken paw, Christina grinned naughtily at the expensive camera lens.

“There,” she said, “nice and hard.  OK, time to give it a measure.” 

Christina gathered a measuring tape from the bed and held the end at the neatly sheared base of Luis’ cock.  She unrolled the tape along the top of his schlong for what felt like an eternity, finally stopping when she reached the tip. 

“10 inches,” she declared.  “Well, 10.2 to be exact.”  She popped the tape back on the bed.  “Let’s see what this pump can do then, shall we?”

The pump had a long clear barrel, with an old-style pressure gauge at the top.  A ribbed plastic tube sprouted from the top and continued down to where a round suction bulb sat at the bottom.  Christina fed Luis’ cock into the barrel; the oversized wang filling the large device almost to capacity.

“Hmm, not sure it’s really intended for dicks of this size, but oh well,” she quipped, giving the bulb a squeeze and watching as the long, girthy dong grew even larger inside the cylinder.  “Oh, wow!  It really works!”

It really did.  In fact, Luis’ dick seemed to be getting longer and thicker with each pump; the already lengthy Latin schlong growing an additional centimetre each time Christina squeezed the plastic bulb.

“OK, that’s looking pretty full to me.”

That was putting it lightly.  In just a few pumps Luis’ dick filled the barrel to the brim; the tip of his oversized wang pressing against the top of the device with no room left for maneuver.  Christina tugged at the pump in an effort to release the cock from its clutches but it didn't budge.

“Uh oh!” she exclaimed.  “Houston, we have a problem.  This dick appears to be stuck!” 

The cameraman moved in for a close up to reveal that, sure enough, Luis’ dong was wedged inside the pump; his phenomenal girth filling the barrel to such an extent that it didn’t look like it was coming back out.  Thankfully, Christina had prepared for this eventuality and had a bottle of lube waiting on top of her bed. 

“This oughta do the trick,” she said, picking up the bottle and squeezing a trail of grease around the rim of the barrel.

The lube trickled into the cylinder, loosening its vice like grip on Luis’ mammoth wang.  Christina inched the pump down the length of the schlong; the rim finally releasing the head with a loud *POP*.

“There,” she grinned, “free at last.  Don’t worry,” she added, gazing up at Luis with her glistening blue eyes, “mama will kiss it better in a minute or two.  OK, well clearly this cock grew an inch or two.  Let’s give it another measure.”

She held the tape against Luis’ shaft once more.

“Wow! 11.9!” she declared.  “The pump increased this young man’s dick size by nearly two inches!  Impressive, huh?  I wouldn’t get too excited though, girls.  I’m not sure you’ll see such an enhancement in your man’s length unless he happens to be as big as Luis here.  But, still, every little helps, right? 

“So, overall, I’m very impressed with this Doc Johnson cock pump.  Obviously we had a little trouble with the capacity, but unless your guy’s got a dick like this,” she said, gripping Luis’ shaft, “then you won’t have the same problem.  4.5 out of 5.”

As always, the Toy Stories graphic appeared on the screen to indicate Chrsitina’s rating.

“OK, well now I’ve gotten this dick to swell it would be rude of me not to finish it off, right?” 

Christina wrapped her lips around Luis’ dong.  She quickly picked up from where she left off as she guided the pouty pink prickpillows up and down his rod; the randy redhead accommodating an additional inch of his enhanced length with each pass she took.  She placed her hands on Luis’ thighs; the buxom MILF working him over like a seasoned pornstar as she bobbed and dipped at his crotch.  She sucked and slurped, drooled and slobbered; slathering every passing inch in her sticky, warm saliva as she went. 

Before long, Christina had taken all 12 inches; the stacked starlet reaching up to fondle Luis’ swollen balls as she swallowed him right down to the hilt.  She held his cock within the confines of her throat for some time; sucking at the girthy shaft and tonguing at the veiny underside, before finally coming up for air.  But she wasn’t done yet, not by a long shot, and no sooner had she caught her breath, had the busty host fed the dick between her lips once more.  She took him right down to the balls a second time; Luis’ wang disappearing between those thick, pouty lips like an X-rated magic trick. 

From here on out, Christina showed her chiseled guest little in the way of mercy.  Her lips journeyed up and down his fat, long shaft at a frankly alarming rate of knots; the plump pink dickpleasers pulling right back to the boundary of his crown, before plunging back down to the hilt with each pass she took.  She sucked and slurped, lapped and tongued; all manner of lewd, slutty blowjob noises escaping her pretty mouth as she chowed down on his dong.   

Luis was on cloud nine; the Latin stud cooing and groaning as the big titty A-list MILF ate his thick cock for dinner.  By now the Hispanic youth was trembling from head to foot; his cock twitching and pulsing between her bee-stung lips, his balls churning with a hot load of creamy, thick spunk.  He’d held strong for the better part of 15 minutes amid a ruthless oral onslaught from his opposite number; his dick throbbing, pounding and threatening to shoot its goo all the while.  But by now he was fit to burst; every pass of her soft pink lips, every lap from her skilled wet tongue, every bird’s eye view of her epic canyon-esque cleavage when her head pulled back on his wang bringing him closer and closer to the point of eruption.

“Mierda!” he exclaimed.  “I’m gonna blow!”

He prized his dick from Christina’s mouth and jerked it wildly; the chesty starlet gaping her pouty lips in wait of his load.

“Uhhh! Dios mio!” he bellowed as a thick torrent of piping hot spunk jetted from the hole in his dick and straight into Christina’s waiting maw.

The cum pooled between her lips like a murky lagoon; the thick warm seed filling her mouth nearly to the brim as she closed her lips and swallowed it down. 

“Mmm, yummy!” she grinned, licking her lips as she savoured the taste of the spunk.  “Well that was fun wasn’t it, guys?  Luis here certainly enjoyed himself.  OK, honey,” she said, looking up at the panting youth as she patted him on the thigh, “off you pop.”

Luis picked up his stray boxers and headed for the bedroom door.

“Right,” Christina went on, “shall we take a look at the next items?”  She gathered the pair of fleshlights from the bed; the busty actress holding the two toys in her hands like she was dual wielding pistols.  “First,” she said, raising the item in her left hand, “we have the Chocolate Cocksocket.  Great for you guys with jungle fever.”

The editor cut to a close up; the tighter angle showing that the toy was perfectly modelled on an ebony vagina, compete with dark brown lips and a bright pink interior.  Christina fed two fingers between her lips; moistening them with her saliva before slipping them into the rubber slit.

“Mmm, very tight.  Now, this,” she added, holding out the second item, “is the Double-Ended Dickslicker.  Perfect for all you anal lovers out there.”

This toy had a hard plastic shaft, with rubber orifices at each pole; a pussy at one end and an asshole at the other.

“OK, so those are our items, so, without further ado, let’s bring out my handsome assistants.”

The bedroom door opened and in stepped two young naked men.  One was white; bronze skinned and blue eyed, his long blonde hair tied up in a bun at the back of his head.  The other was black; his eyes a deep, soulful brown, his nappy afro hair freshly barbed into a stylish high-top fade.  Both were tall and well-muscled; their equally long, equally thick cocks primed and ready to go.

“Have a seat, boys,” Christina purred; the chesty MILF patting the mattress on either side, flashing the men a come hither look that no hot-blooded male could possibly resist. 

The guys sat down next to her; the buxom host soon finding herself flanked from both sides by a pair chiseled young studs.

“OK, guys, this is Troy and this is Evan,” she said, gesturing to the white and black man respectively. 

“Actually, I’m Troy and he’s Evan,” the black dude corrected.

“Right, well, whatever,” Christina shrugged.  “The important thing is they both have huge cocks.  Perfect for demonstrating these bad boys.”  She gave the two fleshlights a waggle in her hands.  “And what better way to pit this pair against each other than an old-fashioned head to head?  So to speak,” she added with a grin.  “So let’s get to it.  Now, these fleshlights are pretty freakin’ tight, so you’re gonna want to lube up.”

She gathered her bottle of lube and squirted a hearty dose into each of the rubber twats and slipped them on one by one.  She started with Evan; the busty starlet fetching the Chocolate Cocksocket and slipping the greasy brown lips over the head of his dong, thin trails of the slick, clear lube trickling down his shaft as she did so. 

“Feels good, huh?” she smirked, as she stroked him slowly with the greased up toy.

“Uh huh,” Evan groaned.

“As good as a real pussy?”

“Uh huh.”

“Even mine?”

“Nuh uh.”

“That was the right answer,” Christina grinned.  She turned towards Troy.  “Now I know you’re an assman, Ev...I mean, Troy, but we’re gonna start with the pussy first.”

She slid the vaginal end of the Double-Ended Dickslicker over Troy’s head; the rubber lips wrapping around his swollen crown like it was made to measure.  She began to work the toy up and down his shaft; drops of lube oozing down his pole, right the way to the balls.  Then, Christina gripped the Cocksocket with her left hand; the randy redhead now handling both of the greased up toys at once, working the slick rubber slits up and down both of the rock hard wangs.  The guys began to coo in unison as she jerked them off; the stacked starlet running both of the prosthetic pussies up and down each of the long, thick dongs in perfect synchronicity.

“So as you can see, both guys seem to be enjoying the feel of these rubber twats,” Christina declared.  “How are they, fellas?  Nice and tight?”

“Uh huh,” the guys moaned simultaneously.

“Bet you wish that was my pussy sliding up and down your cock, don’t you, boys?”

“Uh huh.”

“Well, maybe later,” Christina grinned naughtily.  “Right now we’ve got work to do.”

She beat off both men with equal vigour, guiding both of the greased up gashes from their swollen heads right down to their plum-sized balls, gathering pace and momentum with each stroke.  She stroked and jerked, tugged and pulled; the chesty MILF handling the pair of prosthetic poons like rubber ski poles as they slid them up and down the fat, girthy cocks. 

“You want to try this asshole now, honey?” Christina purred, nibbling on Troy’s ear as she awaited his response. 

He nodded.  Christina slid the Dickslicker from Troy’s cock and turned it over; squeezing a spurt of lube into the rubber anus.  She aligned the toy with the tip of his dick; gripping the schlong around the base as he pushed it on.  Troy winced slightly as his swollen dickhead split the orifice open; the snug fit squeezing his dick like a ligature.

“Wow!” Christina exclaimed; the busty host having to use every ounce of her strength to slide the rubber toy down his shaft.  “That’s an even tighter fit than the pussy, huh?”

“Uh huh,” Troy groaned.

Christina began to wonder if that was the only response he was capable of, but it didn’t strike her as terribly important.  After all, he’d been cast for the cum in his balls not the words in his lexicon.  She worked the fleshlight up and down Troy’s wang; gathering pace and venturing further down his shaft as she went, the actress furiously beating Evan off with her other hand all the while.  Evan was cooing like a ringdove; the moist interior of the Cocksocket roaming up and down his dong, the oversized member throbbing and pulsing in response, his balls brewing with a thick wad of creamy, hot spunk. 

“Fuck!” he groaned, tilting his head back as he was stroked into a coma by the buxom starlet. 

“Ooo!” Christina cooed.  “I think someone’s ready to cum.”

She worked the fleshlight with renewed vigour; every pass of the prosthetic snatch making his dick twitch and throb in its greased up interior.  Evan was clinging onto his load for dear life; his face contorting in all kinds of unflattering ways as Christina and the Cocksocket stroked him into next July. 

“Ughh! Fuuuck!” he cried as his dick went off; the shredded young stud splashing the inside of the tight rubber twat with an ungodly volume of semen as he exploded inside of it. 

“Oh, wow!” Christina exclaimed.  “Don’t know about you guys, but I think he filled this thing up,” she quipped as she addressed the nearby camera.

She slid the toy up his twitching wang; trails of thick sperm trickling out as she eased it up the shaft.  She tugged it over his crown; more of the creamy, off-white spunk dribbling from the slit as she did so.  Christina brought the toy up to her mouth and tipped it downwards; a steady flow of gloopy hot cum oozing from the gash and into her waiting mouth.  She closed her lips and swallowed it down.

“Yep,” she grinned, “filled to the brim.”  She turned to Troy.  “What about you, big boy?  You got a load for me too?”

Christina gripped the Dickslicker with both hands worked it to and fro; the snug rubber sphincter roaming up and down his cock from tip to base.  Troy cooed and groaned; his barrel chest heaving with each breath as the busty host tugged him off with the lubed up toy.  His cock throbbed and pulsed; the rubber asshole squeezing even tighter around his dick as it bulged and swelled in the greasy passage. 

His balls brewed and churned; the huge black gonads threatening to release his load with every pass of the slick rubber toy.  Troy held off until he could no longer and, in spite of his best efforts, Christina’s expert strokejob skills and the tight fit of the artificial ass brought him to the verge of climax in no time at all.

“Shit, I’m gonna...I’m gonna...FUUUUCK!!!” he bellowed, the dark-skinned stud unable to even give prior warning before his dick erupted in the lubed up tunnel. 

Christina showed him little sympathy and she continued to work the fleshlight up and down his cock as he pumped it full of cum; the chesty MILF milking the oversized prong like a seasoned farmhand.  Once Troy’s dick had finally ceased its spewing, Christina prized the toy from his shaft and brought it to her mouth, tongue hanging out in wait of the spunky filling.  However, this time no more than a single drop of the rich, potent seed dripped from the tight orifice; the aperture so small that the artificial anus trapped the jism inside like rubber floodgates.

 “Hmm, well that doesn’t want to come out now, does it?” she said, peering into the rubber sphincter like some kind of spunk-filled kaleidoscope.

Christina stuck two fingers into the orifice and prized it apart; thick dollops of cum finally oozing out from the stretched out hole.  She caught it in her mouth and swallowed it whole. 

“So those were the two fleshlights,” she said, holding each of the toys in her hands as she addressed the expensive camera, “but which was best, I hear you ask.  Well, the Dickslicker gives you the option to blow your load in a pussy or an ass, which is great, but the Cocksocket will probably make you cum quicker, and it doesn’t require you to fish your cum out with your fingers when you’re done.  Both very good toys, but I’m going to give the Double Ended Dickslicker a Toy Stories rating of 4 out of 5, and the Chocolate Cockocket I’m going to give 4.5.

“OK, guys, I hope you enjoyed this installment of Christina Hendricks’ Toy Stories.  Next time I’ll be reviewing a number of different dildos with double barrelled beauties Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Evan Rachel Wood, so make sure you tune in.”  Christina blew a kiss to the camera then gripped Troy and Evan by their cocks, turning to face them one by one as the episode faded slowly to black.  “OK, boys, ready for more?”

End of Episode 3
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Re: Christina Hendricks' Toy Stories (Episode 3 posted)
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(The editor cut a close up of Tyler’s crotch; the young man appearing to have the genitalia of a Kentucky Derby winner dangling between his thighs; his large round cockhead hanging down nearly to his knees as he posed like a life model for the nearby camera.

“God damn!” Christina exclaimed, as the editor returned to the previous shot.  “I think the Haitian earthquake would have had a happy ending had that thing been involved!)

LOL certainly have a way with words and descriptions, my friend. Really enjoyed the story! The interaction between Christina and Scarlett makes for a dream threesome and I bet Christina could give a damn good hand job that would make me erupt like a volcano! Moving onto episode 3  ;D
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Re: Christina Hendricks' Toy Stories (Episode 3 posted)
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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! That third episode was sizzling!! Wish Christina had a second job on the side actually selling these toys!  :D
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Re: Christina Hendricks' Toy Stories (Episode 3 posted)
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Have to agree with TL, you stole me with that third part and I'm not much of a toy guy, but hot damn, you are cranking out some amazing stuff here!
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Re: Christina Hendricks' Toy Stories (Episode 3 posted)
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Episode 4: Dildos, Part One

With: Christina Hendricks

Special Guest: Evan Rachel Wood

Christina Hendricks was perched on the end of her giant king size bed; her smoothly waxed legs crossed at the thigh as she sat in an indecently short designer dress, the garment so tight fitting and low hung that her enormous FF tits were practically spilling clean out of it as she addressed the nearby camera. 

“Good afternoon,” she said, smiling sweetly at the expensive lens, “and welcome to this two part edition of Christina Hendricks’ Toy Stories.  That’s right, guys, today we have not one, but two episodes for your delectation, coming at you one after the other right here on my official PornHub channel.  Now we’ve got a lot to cram in today, so to speak, so let’s get down to it. In this special twin episode we’re looking at dildos.  Oh, yes, from double enders to strapons, morally suspect to anatomically correct, we’ll be exploring the wide array of big plastic schlongs out there on the market today. 

“Now I’m fully aware that there are plenty of men who like to play with dildos too, but as our last episode was dedicated to the guys, this one is all about the ladies!  So whether you’re dating a man, a woman or all by yourself, we’ll find the right toy for you,” she declared, pointing a lengthy nailed finger right at the camera lens. “Let’s take a look at today’s items.”

The editor cut to close up as Christina lined up a range of dildos across her pristine white bedsheets. 

“We have this large, anatomically correct dildo from Fun Factory, this double ended dong from Rocks Off and, last but certainly not least, these two strap on dildos from Doc Johnson.  And as this is a special double episode, I thought it only right that I have two Hollywood beauties along to assist me. Yep, a little later Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Evan Rachel Wood will be joining me to demonstrate these plastic dicks just for you.  But to kick things off, let’s take a look at our first item.”

Christina gripped the first dildo and held it aloft.  It was 10 inches long, thicker than the average porn star and anatomically perfect; the plastic wang complete with a bulbous pink head, a complex network of veins running up and down the shaft and a large set of plastic balls at the base. 

“This is the Anatomizer,” said Christina, as she inspected the dildo in her hand.  “Fuck! Big, right? Now, if you’re not as accustomed to large dicks as I am, I would definitely recommend you use lube with a dildo of this size, or at least get yourself nice and wet beforehand.  You don’t want to be sending this thing in dry, believe me. My two guests may have prepped me a little before the show, so I’m good to go,” she added with a wink.

Christina laid flat on her back atop the comfy king size bed and hiked up her dress.  She spread her legs and aligned the head of the dildo with the opening of her pussy. She ran the thick crown up and down her slick gash then fed it inside; the plastic dong slipping between her folds with ease in spite of its phenomenal girth.

“See,” she groaned, shooting a cheeky grin at the lens as the cameraman moved up for a shot of her face.  “Make no mistake though, this is one thick plastic cock,” she went on. “I’ve barely got the head inside and already its stretching my pussy to its limits.”

The camera guy aimed the lens back between her thighs as Christina began to fuck herself with the dildo; pulling it back so only the tip remained before plunging it forward once more, the busty host feeding an additional inch of the protesthetic prick into her tight wet twat with each pass. 

“Damn, that’s good!” she purred.  “Now, fucking yourself with a dildo is just like taking a real cock.  Don’t try and cram too much in at once or it’ll hurt. Like I said, I’m used to having big things inside me, but you guys are probably gonna want to take it a little slower.”

She worked the plastic schlong back and forth; the actress now accommodating an additional inch of its veiny, prosthetic shaft into her snug snatch with every pass she took. 

“Shit, this thing is super thick!” she exclaimed.  “If you wanna fuck yourself nice and fast with this big plastic dick, you’re gonna have to make sure you’re nice and wet to receive it.  A good way to do this is to play with your clit with the other hand.”

Christina demonstrated; the buxom redhead kneading her erect bud wildly with her manicured fingers, the resulting lubrication of her tight pink pussy allowing her to slide the dildo in and out at a lightning quick pace. 

“Ooh, yeah!  That’s doing it!” she cooed.  “Now, it can be a little tricky at first to perform these two actions simultaneously.  It’s a bit like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time,” she grinned.  “But practice makes perfect and, as you can see, I’m kind of an expert.”

The cameraman moved back down between Christina’s legs to reveal that, sure enough, the chesty starlet was performing both motions with consummate ease.  She banged herself with the thick, long dildo like there was no tomorrow, violently strumming her stiff pink clit all the while; the busty MILF now feeding no fewer than eight of its girthy plastic inches into her sopping twat with each pass. 

“OK, this thing is pretty freakin’ long and soon enough that thick round head’s gonna start hitting my g-spot.  Ooh, there it goes!” she exclaimed, her voice becoming breathier and reaching a higher octave as the bublous dickcrown probed her special area. 

By this stage, Christina was taking the big plastic dong right down to the base with every motion; the thick crown bothering her g-spot anew each time she plunged it inside. 

“Mmm, that’s gonna make me cum,” she declared, her pretty mature face lit up like the Eiffel Tower as she fucked herself with the lengthy dildo.

Christina cooed and groaned, the stacked starlet kneading her clit at a furious pace as she drove all ten of the dildo’s thick, veiny inches into the depths of her hot, wet pussy; each rub of her throbbing bud and every g-spot hitting plunge of the girthy fucktoy bringing her closer and closer to the point of climax.  One more pass was all it took; her curvy MILF body writhing in ecstasy as she strummed and fucked herself to a powerful, thunderous orgasm.

“Uhh, fuck!” Christina purred, the busty actress prizing the dildo from the vice-like grip of her snatch; a coating of slick, creamy girlcum smeared across the plastic shaft from the tip right down to the base.  “Oops! I made a bit of a mess!”

She parted her lips and fed the dildo into her mouth; the chesty host swallowing the prosthetic dong right down to the large plastic balls with minimal fuss or bother and sucking it clean.  By the time it re-emerged, the dildo was completely spotless; the girthy shaft shining with her spittle like vintage silverware.

“So that was the Anatomizer dildo from Fun Factory; a very fine toy I must say.  The length and girth are absolutely spot on, with the perfectly proportioned head and veins of a real cock.  Honestly, if it wasn’t for the feel of the plastic you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. 4.5 out of 5.  OK, guys, shall we bring out my first guest? Everyone watching at home, put your hands together for Miss Evan Rachel Wood!”

The bedroom door opened and Miss Wood stepped on through; the gorgeous blonde kitted out in a designer dress every bit as scanty and expensive-looking as that of her opposite number, the skimpy garment clinging to her slender frame like a needy child.  Christina rose to greet her guest; the A-list duo meeting in a warm embrace and exchanging cheek kisses before taking a seat side by side on the edge of the king size bed.

“Hey, Evan,” said Christina.  “Thank you for coming.”

“Hi, Christina,” she replied.  “Thank you for inviting me.”

“OK, Evan, so today on the show we’re testing out this selection of dildos and I thought that you could help me review this Double Dong twin headed dick from Rocks Off,” said Christina, gripping the lengthy purple schlong somewhere around mid-shaft and holding it aloft.  “Have you ever used anything like this before?”

“Oh, yes, many times.”

“So it’s something you enjoy then?”

“Mmhmm, for sure.  For me, when having sex with a woman, there is no better way for both of you to stimulate each other than with a double ended dildo.  I mean, sure, tribbing and 69ing are both great, but with a double ender you get that penetration and if you both rub your clits, or better yet; each other’s, while you use it...mmm!” she exclaimed, purring slightly as she remembered similar passionate trysts from her past. 

“Well, there you have it, guys,” said Christina, turning to face the camera.  “High praise, indeed. OK, Evan, shall we get started?”

“Mmhmm,” Evan replied, smirking naughtily.

“Why don’t you start by showing the guys at home that beautiful body of yours?”


Evan stood up and turned around; the fair-haired starlet thrusting her cute little ass out for the camera as she inched up her tight-fitting dress.  She pulled the hem up and over her butt in a single tug; her twin set of shapely round ass cheeks revealed in all their smooth, creamy white glory.

“Mmm,” Christina purred, digging her colourful nails into the peachy, toned spheres as she addressed the camera.  “Nice ass, huh, boys?”

Evan giggled; the stunning blonde looking back over her fitness model shoulder as Christina appraised her rear.

“Bet you guys wish you could fuck that ass, huh?” said the host, grinning devilishly at the camera lens as she gave one of the round, milky white globes a teasing lick.  “Well, too bad, ‘cause today this ass is all mine.”

“Mmhmm,” Evan murmured in agreement.  “It sure is.”

“Why don’t you turn around and show us those tits, too.”

Evan did as directed; the blonde beauty spinning around on her designer stiletto heels and hiking her dress up the rest of the way. She pulled it over her head and tossed it aside. 

“Ooo!” Christina cooed, sticking out her tongue and lapping at one of the stiff pink nipples.  “Very perky. OK, let’s get to it, shall we?” she added, patting the bedsheets beside her.

Evan sat back down and Christina picked up the double ended dildo; grasping it at mid-shaft as she addressed the camera.

“Right, so when using a double ender, always make sure it’s nice and wet.  Of course you can use lube for this, but where’s the fun in that?” she said with a devilish grin.  I find it’s a lot more enjoyable if you use your mouth, wouldn’t you agree, Evan?”

“Oh, yeah, totally!”

Without further ado, Christina brought the dildo up to her lips.  Still gripping it at the centre, she fed one of the thick round heads between her lips, Evan doing the same at the other end.  At perfectly matching speeds, they began to bob their heads; blonde and redhead alike guiding their pouty pink lips up and down the length of the dong, greasing up each end with their slick, wet saliva in equal measure as they shared the two headed toy.  Christina removed her hand from the middle of the shaft; both women resting their dainty, silken paws on their thighs as they knelt facing one another, their pretty heads bobbing and dipping like crazy as they chowed down on the double ended dick. 

Their lips roamed up and down the extra long shaft; the twin sets of glossed up cockpillows getting nearer and nearer to one another with each pass until they met in the middle.  It really was a sight to behold; the horny duo sucking down a combined 20 inches of girthy plastic prong as their soft, puckered lips pressed together. They kept the toy between their lips for some time; the randy pair making out wildly with the twin headed schlong lodged in their conjoined mouths.  Finally, they came up for air; the girls retrieving the prosthetic dong from between their lips as they met for another kiss.     

“There,” Christina grinned at the expensive camera.  “That was more fun, wasn’t it, guys? Be careful trying that at home though, ladies.  Especially if you’re not used to sucking big cocks like we are. OK,” she added, turning back to Evan, “where were we?”

Christina removed her dress and the girls laid back opposite one another; spreading their smoothly waxed legs as they prepared for phase two.  Christina held the spit-slicked dong between their moistened crotches; the busty host aligning the twin ends with their matching sets of glistening pink pussy lips.  At exactly the same time, they fed the heads inside; both tight wet vaginas swallowing down their respective ends with consummate ease. 

“Mmm, super thick, right?” Christina purred. 

“Ooh, yeah,” Evan cooed in agreement.

They ground their bodies in perfect synchronicity; gorgeous frames both toned and voluptuous writhing in unison as they worked their slink pink pussies down the shaft.  They quickly gathered pace; the ladies grinding and bucking on the double ended dick like their lives depended on it, their hot wet twats roaming up and down the plastic shaft like glass elevators.

“Mmm, fuck!” Christina groaned as she gazed into the camera lens.  “The shaft is so smooth we can bounce and buck on this thing like there’s no tomorrow!”

And that’s exactly what they did.  Evan turned onto her side; the ladies adopting the classic scissor stance as they shared the dildo with renewed gusto.  Before long, every inch of the long prosthetic wang was disappearing into their slick shaven snatches with each pass; their stiff pink clits colliding as they fucked the plastic schlong. 

“Oh, fuck! Yes!” Evan screamed; the randy duo clasping hands as they writhed their bodies together. 

“Mmm, shit!” Christina cooed.  “That head is hitting my g-spot with every stroke.  How about you, Evan?”

“Yes! Yes! Oh God, yes!” she cried; her impassioned shrieks so loud they could’ve burst an eardrum.

“That was a ‘yes’ in case you missed it, guys,” Christina quipped.

“Oh, fuck!  I’m gonna cum!” Evan purred, her pretty face lit up like the Fourth of July as she bucked and writhed on the twin headed toy. 

“Me too,” said Christina.  “Let’s see if we can get off at the same time.”

The ladies bucked and ground, thrashed and writhed on the long purple dildo; the A-list duo sharing the double ended dong with more zeal and ferocity than ever before.  Christina rode her pole like a bitch from Hell; her titanic titties bouncing and flopping around so violently that she nearly knocked herself unconscious with the heaving great pair.  The ladies clung to each other’s legs; their bodies interlocking as they bucked on the lengthy plastic prong with a feverish intensity, their pretty faces screwed with a raw, animalistic lust as they rode it to ecstasy. 

“FUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!” the girls screamed in chorus as they came, without as much as a split second passing between the ignitions of each mighty, quaking climax.   

Their grinding slowed and eventually came to a halt; chests both perky and ample heaving in unison as they came down from their respective orgasms.  The ladies retrieved both ends of the dildo from their quivering coochies; the double headed dick slick and glistening with a cocktail of girlcum. 

“Hmm,” said Christina, gripping the greasy pole in her hand, “we’d better clean this off.  Let’s see how much of it we can fit in that pretty mouth of yours.”

Evan parted her lips as Christina fed the dildo inside.  She sucked down inch after inch of the slippery wet schlong with considerable aplomb; her lips venturing to the midpoint and beyond, the glossy pink pair finally stalling somewhere around the 12 inch mark.

“Oh, wow!” Christina gushed as she retrieved the dildo from her guest’s greedy maw.  “Now that’s impressive! Your fiance is a lucky guy.”

Ex-fiance,” Evan replied with a suggestive grin.

“Ooo!  Hear that, boys?  She’s single. OK, Evan, I think it’s time we tried this thing in our asses.”

“Mmm, good idea.”

The ladies turned around and thrusted their shapely round rears into the air.  They both reached back and gripped the long purple dildo; the randy duo feeding the twin bulbous heads into their tight sphincters.  The girls rocked back and forth; slowly working their snug pink buttholes up and down the thick dong, accommodating an additional inch of its plastic girth with each pass. 

“Oh, God damn!” Christina cooed.  “That’s stretching my asshole good.  How does it feel for you, Evan?”

“Mmm, fuck!” She purred in response.  “It feels incredible!”

The girls reached back to knead their throbbing clits as they fucked the lengthy dildo; both of their tight pink pussies dripping with moisture as they shared the prosthetic wang.  By now the ladies were taking their entire share of the long plastic prong into their rectums. Their shapely asses smacked together with each motion; Christina’s thick, round rump rippling like a choppy sea each time it collided with Evan’s supple, toned rear. 

“Ugh! Ugh! Fuck! Yes!” Christina yelped; the chesty host using each loud clatter of their peachy butts as a pace setter for each impassioned cry.

The ladies bucked and writhed, wiggled and twerked; the twin ends of the fat plastic dong probing deep into their colons as they bounced their butts together.  *SLAP* *FWAP* *SMACK* *WHACK* came the sounds of their asses colliding as they shared the plastic dong; the bulbous heads reaching depths inside them that their current and former partners could only dream of.  Evan rubbed her pulsing clit, each pass of the long purple wang inside her rectum bringing her ever closer to the violent eruption that had been brewing in her nether regions since minute one.

“Fuck! I’m gonna squirt!” She warned, her voice strained and high-pitched as she strummed her stiff red bud.

“Ooh, yes!” Christina shrieked excitedly, kneading her clit at an equally furious pace in an effort to match her guest’s orgasm a second time.

And, moments later, she did just that.  Equally forceful bursts of sparkling clear girlcum blasted from their urethras; the horny A-list duo hosing each other’s lady parts with volumes upon volumes of sizzling squirt juice.  They eased the ends of the dildo from their respective holes, the ladies quivering from the jolts of orgasmic pleasure still pulsing through their bodies.

“Wow!” Christina exclaimed, panting like she’d just run a marathon.  “Well that was amazing. Did you have fun with this toy today, Evan?”

“Oh, yeah!” She replied.  “This dildo is incredible.  The perfect blend of length and girth and such a smooth shaft.  Makes working your pussy and asshole up and down it a piece of cake!”

“Marks out of five?”

“Oh, five, for sure!”

“So, there you have it folks,” said Christina as she addressed the camera.  “All you lesbians and bi girls out there could do a lot worse than picking up this fantastic double headed dong!  Well, that’s all we have time for in this instalment of Christina Hendricks’ Toy Stories, but don’t go too far because in just a couple of hours time Mary Elizabeth Winstead will be joining Evan and I to review these two big strap on dildos,” she added as she held the pair of toys aloft.  “We’ll see you then,” she signed off with a wink at the camera lens. Then, as the episode faded to black, she turned to face her guest. “Well, we’ve got a bit of time to kill, Evan,” she declared, grasping the double ended dick in her hand once more.  “You thinking what I’m thinking?”

End of Episode 4, Part One
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