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Author Topic: Indie Darling starring Priscilla Kelly  (Read 562 times)

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Indie Darling starring Priscilla Kelly
« on: June 24, 2019, 09:50:43 PM »
 All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a single word of it occurred, nor would it.

Indie Darling
by MaxwellLord
(MF,Oral, Anal, Cons, Exhibition)
Starring Priscilla Kelly

When you tell all of your friends and family you intend on becoming a professional wrestler for a living, most of the time the reaction you will get are, well, not exactly positive to be the least. From your friends calling you a dumbass and saying "You know it's fake, right" and family trying to talk you into literally anything including Hamburger university.

That was the situation I was in. My name is Will Hudson. The name I want people to know me as, however, is William Abraham Sturgiss-Preston,  III. My wrestling name of course. A total WASPy, rich kid kind of prick. The kind of person who people love seeing their ass get kicked.

I was in my second year of wrestling and victories were few and far between. However, in the world of wrestling, that didn't matter that much. People loved seeing me get my ass kicked, so I was in demand. I could make any babyface look like a million bucks with the way I could bump. Everyone wanted me, but I was also still pretty damn green. I had a lot a to learn and dues to pay.

That being said, I was making a living and having an amazing time doing stuff I could only have dreamed of as a kid and then other thing I couldn't have possibly fathomed back then.

One of those things had been a series of intergender matches I'd been having recently. It was unique set of matches for me, as I was used to wrestling other men solo. I was opposed to intergender wrestling at all, and in all honesty it really helped my chickenshit, underhanded character. I had been going head to head with Priscilla Kelly in a couple different indie feds, and we had it down pat. It was one of the few times she worked babyface. People loved watching the sexy Goth girl utterly kick my ass without mercy. She was used to being the one people booed but against me, she didn't need to change up anything. As long as she beat my ass, the people cheered.

She was great to work with as well. Funny and had a better understanding of the job than most people would give her credit for, both from her in ring controversies and age. None of that mattered though. We clicked in the ring and got people to pay to see us go at it. And of course the merch sales were nice to. A significant bump from when we weren't going head to head.

Of course, the fact that she was a smoking hot and sexy Goth girl did not escape my notice. And with her character being very overtly sexual, the match itself was a bit more fun for everyone involved, me included. Don't get me wrong, I was totally professional, but I'd also lie if I said it wasn't a little fun for her to lick my face in an act of "dominance" of my character.

I had no illusions about things though. She was married and we were essentially just great work friends at the end of the day. Still, there were times, especially when we were riding to the next town, where I could swear she was flirting with me. Just the two of us alone in my car, going to the next town. And something about how she would say what she was saying, how her hand would touch me in the most innocent of places...it was just a bit more sensual than it should have been.

But Hell I couldn't put that on her. It was probably all in my head, wishing this sex goddess would have a little fling with me. We had two more matches to go for the month before we split off to separate coasts and my mind was just getting the better of me...but still...

Didn't matter. I couldn't focus on that. And I wouldn't have too much time to. We were in a really large house. Way bigger than a high school gym. There had to be at least five hundred people in the venue and Priscilla and I were determined to steal the show.

And we were well on our way. Halfway through the match and everyone was on their feet, chanting her name while she beats the shit out of me and booing any semblance of offence I could get on her.

We were about seven minutes into our allotted fifteen minutes. I had gotten some massive heat by actually "hitting" Priscilla with a pair of brass knucks, hoping it would take her out. Of course, I made sure to take the extra time to ditch the knucks then went for the pin...and right cue and two and three quarters Priscilla kicked out, making me shake me head in disbelief.

Priscilla got to her feet and we locked up, her raven hair covering our heads. "Low blow, missile to the back, Bronco buster, submit," she whispered to me, telling me the next chain of events. I knew it like the back of my hand, this was just a timing cue.

We broke the lock-up when I hit her with a a couple of elbows. She went to her knees and I preened, giving Priscilla an opening for the low blow, right to the grapefruits.

My hands went to my crotch, playing up the blow and turning my back tot he turnbuckle she was now climbing. In moments Priscilla had climbed up and launched herself off hitting me with a missile dropkick putting me in the opposite turnbuckle, hitting the top once face first then falling down, turning myself around, now facing Priscilla, in the corner and ready to charge me.

ANd she did, running then jumping on me, her crotch bouncing on my chest and face as she performed the Bronco Buster as she had already done many times this month. This time however, there was a little difference. It was less of a bouncing motion and more of a grinding her crotch in my face. She gave me a quick smirk as she was doing this, adding fuel to my suspicions.

As she got up, she then back her ass against my face, giving me a surprise stinkface. And while I had to play up being disgusted, it might have been the best acting job I'd ever done in ring. I was halfway to a hard on from all of that and thankful it was almost over so no one would see me go from six to midnight.

I groggily got to my feet, stumbling around the ring like a drunkard which is when Priscilla leaped on me next. She brought me back down to the canvas and wrapped her firm, sexy legs around my arms and neck, locking in her submission and making me tap out. She had won again, as planned.

Once she had finished strutting and prancing about the ring, she went back to me. I was still supposed to be out, recuperating before leaving the ring when she crawled on me, licking from my chest to my face before grabbing my “unconscious” head and rubbed it into her crotch once more. Her true victory. The crowd LOVED it.

As we were leaving the building, we were loving it even more with the pay out and merch sales we'd both made. We left that place with more money than we had gotten the entire series of matches.

“One more to go,” she said with a grin. “Tomorrow, we make even more bank and steal the show once again.”

“Who knew being beaten up and emasculated could be so profitable?” I asked in jest.

“Thanks for taking the Stinkface,” said Priscilla. “Spur of the moment, felt like the right thing to do, you know? And the audience loved it, which means more money in our pockets which is what really counts.”

“Well, if you're feeling really apologetic you could always drive first and let me sleep halfway to the next town.” We had reached my car, and I had stopped, taking my keys out to dangle in front of her.

“Yeah right. Like having my ass rubbed in your face was torture. I saw the sundial you were sporting in your trunks.” She gave me a sexy knowing smile as she walked around me to the passengers side. She was even giggling a bit from making me blush.

“Ah Pris, I'm sorry about that.”

“Please, don't be. You had a woman you clearly find attractive rub her pussy and ass in your face and you popped a boner. It's a physical reaction and it's not like you tried to rub it on me or any shit like that. We're adults, boners happen. Honestly...a little bit flattered. And curious.”

“Curious?” I asked. I got no answer to my one word question except a wink. I accepted that was as much as I would get from her and unlocked the doors to the car. With the car loaded up, we were ready to ride through the night to the next town. A four hour drive to the motel, where we'd get at least a few hours of sleep before the next match.

“You know you're not the only one, right?” Priscilla asked about forty-five minutes into our ride.

“Only one of what?”

“To get a hard on in a match with me.” she replied. “Most intergender matches it happens. I don't want to sound too self-centered, but just the way I move, how sexual I tend to be in ring, it happens, so don't be too embarrassed.”

“Sure thing Pris,” I said. “No embarrassment from almost getting a full on raging hard-on in front of a big crowd like that.”

“Almost?” she asked, grinning. “Not full mast? Well, now I'm just curious...what would it take for that?” My eyes peeked over to her quick, watching her move towards me, ready to pounce like a cat. I felt her hand on my thigh, dancing towards the zipper of my jeans. But before grabbing on to that, her entire hand grasped my cock through my clothes. “Very, very nice.”

“Whoa...Pris hold on,” I said, shocking myself by not immediately saying fuck yes to what she was doing. “As much as I really...really wouldn't mind you going further...I could have sworn you said you were married.”

“Oh, I am,” she said, pinching her fingers on my zipper and beginning to pull it down. “We're polyamorous. Swingers essentially. We fuck who we want on the road...but we come home to each other and do the relationship stuff. I love him...but I'm allowed to have fun with who I choose. And I've just been waiting for the perfect moment to let you know that I chose you.”

I breathed deep when i felt her hand reach in to my now open fly and begin to play with my cock.

“Mmm...why now?” I asked, giving in to what she wanted. Hell, it wasn't like I wasn't thinking about it night one of even knowing her.

“Well, it's our last shor really,” she said, giving me a playful handjob as she spoke. “Tomorrow's the last show and we're not even riding together then. I don't know when I'd bump into you again after that. As for why not earlier...well that's just preference. I like getting things like this build up. It makes the actual moment so much...yummier.”

“I can't disagree with the logic.” I breathed deep, licking my lips while she pumped me. “You...nngg..want me to pull over so we can...”

“No.” she replied. “I want to play a game. A waiting game. I'm going to suck this lovely cock and you're not going to cum. If you can manage to not shoot that yummy load in my mouth before we hit the next rest stop...you win all access. Pussy, ass, it doesn't matter. All yours tonight. But if you can't...at least I sucked your cock.”

“The next rest stop is ten miles,” I said. She nodded with a smile.

“Good luck.” With that the feeling of her hand was replaced with the feeling of her mouth on my cock. My eyes fluttered for a moment, a not so good thing to happen when your driving down the highway at night.

Of course, Priscilla had no interest in making things easy in any way. Fun? Yes. Pleasurable? Of course. But easy? Of course not. If it was easy it wouldn't be a game. So she used it all. A skilled tongue, perfect pace, those soft lips complimented by her piercings, all with her deft hands playing with my balls as she sucked.

It was a war between the road and the view of her sucking me for supreme attention. Not even just for the sake of safe driving, I needed to be keenly aware of when that next rest stop was coming up and her suck job was making time more and more irrelevant to pleasure.

“Oh shit!” I said, her tongue slithering circles around my cock head, her pale cheeks billowing as she sucked hard. She wasn't playing around. This wasn't a foreplay blowjob. This wasn't meant to just tease or get me ready to fuck. This was a full blown “CUM NOW”  blowjob and I was fighting every urge to give in because of the prize at stake. If she was offering it all I had to try and get it all.

“Five..mmmfuck...five miles,” I said as the road sign passed us by. Half way.

“Mmmm hmmm,” she hummed, making me quiver just a bit...then quiver even more as he paced increased. No quarter given, none at all. It was the most delightful torture I could imagine.

The wait was exquisite and strenuous but mercifully, I made it just in time. “We're here!” I shouted, hoping it would get her to stop.

“Nope,” she said. “Not until we're parked.” Her mouth went right back to sucking me, faster and harder than before. It was a harsh few seconds as I put the car in park, a brief period of time were I could have easily shot off in her mouth. I held off, and was ready to get my reward in this dimly lit, lonely rest area.

Priscilla lifted her head up from my lap, a smile on her face. “Looks like you won,” she said. “Time to claim your prize.” I watched, now member of Priscilla's captive audience as he stripped her top off and tossed it in the back seat of the car.

I reached under my seat and pulled the seat back, giving the raven haired beauty ample room to mount me and she moved to do just that.

“Ohhh fuuck yeah,” she said, sinking down on my cock. “Well worth the wait, huh?”

“No panties?” I asked while savoring the feelings of her tight cunt engulfing me.

“Nope,” she smiled. “Thought they'd only get in the way...guess I was rooting for ya.” My hands gripped her denim-skirt covered ass while she leaned forward, kissing me as she began to ride me.

And this wasn't a slow build up, oh no. She was truly earning her in-ring nickname of Hell's Favorite Harlot, fucking herself on my cock with a fury that made the shocks on my car feel more strain than a road road full of speed bumps.

“Yeah...fucking yes!” Priscilla howled. “Gimme that cock...nice fucking cock...mmmm getting hard for me...so hard...loved it in my mouth...loved holding it...mmmm fuck....but it's SOOO good riding you Will...fuck ...fuck me...fuck me HARD! GIVE IT TO ME! FUCKING TAKE YOUR PRIZE YOU SON OF A BITCH!”

I pulled her chest to my face, biting her nipples and sucking her tits. I thrust up into her pussy hard and fast, holding her in place while I jack hammered her. And Priscilla moaned and begged for more with a salacious grin on her face. She braced her arms against the roof of my car, pushing back down against everything I was giving her.

“Oh...oh Pris...god fucking damn it your pussy is so fucking hot....been on my mind so long...god DAMN it FUCK!”

“Mmm yeah you fucking craved this cunt didn't you...you're gonna get so much more if you can last...mmm just a little longer...then you can have me...that last bit you haven't had yet...just...mmm just make me fucking cum right on your cock...MAKE ME CUM!”

I moved my lips from her tits to her mouth, kissing her while my hand slapped her ass hard before moving to her clit, frigging the aroused nub while we fucked. And for Priscilla that was like rockets going off.

“FUCK!” she screamed. “Mmm yes yes yes YES! Oh will make me cum...oh fuck don't stop fucking me and make me cum cum cum CUM OH FUCK!!!” Her face froze in a look of passion, tiny moans and gasps coming out of it as she got closer and closer to cumming. And when her body started to quiver and shake, she was there, the look on her face telling more of a story than any words she could ever form could.

She pulled close to me like she was hanging on for dear life as her orgasm rocked her, making her pussy squeeze and milk my cock, begging for me to erupt inside her...but I staved off, remembering what she said.

When she had finally ridden through hers, she lifted her face to mine, that wicked smile returning once more. “You won,” she said. “Any way you want me...all yours.”

She began to rock her hips, still with that smile on her face, softly riding me as she awaited my request. With my hands back to her ass, we both knew what  was going to ask for...it was just how. And here, in the night time at this rest stop, no one else around, I felt it was the perfect time to live out a fantasy of mine.

“Bend over the car hood,” I said, slapping her ass again. “Out of the car and over the hood.”

“Oooh assertive,” she teased. “You got it.” She reached over to open my car door then slid off of me and out of the car. My eyes were on her as she walked to the front of my car, staring at my through the windshield as she bent over it. “What are you waiting for?” she asked.

I got out of the car and walked behind her, my pants around my ankles. I felt up her ass again before hiking that denim skirt all the way up, exposing that perfect pale booty to the flickering fluorescents of the rest stop. I pried Priscilla's ass cheeks apart, exposing that tight little butthole.

“Do it,” she said. “Fuck my ass. Don't wait. Don't tease. Just fuck. Take what you want give me what I fucking crave...”

I pushed my cockhead against her backdoor. I was still slick with her juices which provided ample lube. I pressed forward, popping through the tight hole. We both took a quick breath, breaths that turned into satisfied moans in a chorus of lust.

Slowly but surely I worked my way in and out of her asshole. Inch by glorious inch. My body was craving going faster and harder...but not just yet. I wanted to savor the moment. Feel it all. And beyond all that, Prscilla still needed to get used to the intrusion. Though from the sound of her moans, she wasn't having any issue at all, save for maybe craving a faster pace.

“More,” she growled. “Faster...take my ass hole...mmm fuck me until you cum...I wanna feel it so bad Will..fuck me...fill it up...oh baby yeah....”

With that green light given, I went harder and faster, my pace going up with every stroke in her ass. Every sexy moan of encouragement, every plead for more...my harlot of the night knew exactly what she was doing and we were both loving every moment of it.

Our moans and groans of passion filled the night air. We were taking full advantage of being alone on the desolate rest stop, cutting loose verbally as well and physically. There was no reason to hold back. Not now, not like this.

“Mmmm fucking my ass so god Willy...mmm only one...last...thing to do now...and you know what it is...what I need...what you need....mmmm cum in my ass...fill it all the way up...not a fucking...nnnggg fucking drop spilled....it's all mine...and I want it in my ass!”

“Yeah...gonna...fuck...gpnna cum right up your ass Pris....fuck...FUCK...”

“Yeah...yeah that's right...do it...do it because I made you fucking cum...DO IT!”

“FUCK!” I slammed into her ass one last time, freezing in place as I unleashed a torrent of up her asshole.

“Mmmm baby yesssssss,” she moaned, her voice soft, soothing, sexy and satisfied. “Mmm gimme every drop honey...that's it...”

As she gently urged me to give her every last drop, going from tigress to sex kitten, I nearly fell over. I was totally spent. I pulled out of her ass and sat down on the pavement behind me, watching as my cum trickled from her freshly fucked asshole.

“Holy shit,” I said. I was still trying to take it all in. “Damn.”

“Felt good here too,” she said, getting to her feet. She turned around then got face to face with me, kissing me softly. “You were great. And I know I was. So. How about you zip up and I'll go to the restroom and clean up, then we head back out on the road?”

“Excellent idea,” I said, still sounding a bit dazed.

“Good...but I think I'll drive for a bit now...you look a bit tuckered out.” She smiled and winked at me, the delightful harlot.

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Re: Indie Darling starring Priscilla Kelly
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2019, 01:31:56 AM »
Nice work, love all that dirty talk.
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