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"Mistaken" with McKayla Maroney
« on: October 04, 2018, 05:09:07 PM »
Celebrity: McKayla Maroney

Story Codes: MF, MMMF, DP, cons, anal, oral, some rough play

Disclaimer: This is purely fiction, not real. These events didn't happen, nor do this celebrity act like this, and thus this should be treated as fantasy.



The reproach-filled exclamation was probably unheard amidst the loud club music, as was the called-for girl’s laugh as her friend dragged her from the dance floor.

“What?!” She shouted, despite how close she was to her friend. A big smile on her face, laughing like a loon; it was obvious McKayla was drunken.

“C’mon.” Pulling McKayla away from the crowd and music so they could hear each other, the girl turned to face her friend with a frown. “What do you think you are doing there, McKayla?!”

“Me? I’m just having fun!” Her smile never leaving her face, McKayla gave a big laugh right after her answer. “What is the problem?”

“Just look at yourself!”

McKayla Rose Maroney: Olympic medalist, celebrity, and internet meme. Currently: just another pretty girl in the club. One dressed in a rather skimpy clothing, with a purple tank-top that left her midriff exposed and very small, very tight shorts that left her beautiful and athletic legs showing; she looked hot, but in a slutty way, which was only accentuated by how drunk she looked.

Unlike most, McKayla’s drunken state didn’t consist of tipsy walking, slurry talking, or vomiting all around the place. Rather, she seemed to stay on the ‘no inhibitions’ phase of drunkenness: becoming overly ‘happy’, even more teasing and playful than usual, even horny. In conclusion, drinking made her even more flirty than usual.

Which explains the fact she was rubbing herself on some guys at the dance floor—pretty much sandwiched between two of the strangers when her friend ‘rescued’ her.

“Hey girls. Quite a show you put up there, Kay.”

Taking a break from filming a guest appearance in a TV series, McKayla had gone to the club to party with some of the cast. In the end the group had pretty much split up, but she was kept company by her bestfriend and her bestfriend’s boyfriend, both having been in the city and agreeing to meet her up.

As soon as her friend was distracted with her boyfriend, he starting to sweet-talk her, McKayla tried to sneak away from the soon-to-be busy couple.

“Where do you think you are going?”

McKayla groaned a bit as she turned back to her friends, her escape failing.

“Look at McKayla!” Her friend said to her boyfriend. “She is drunk, we can’t leave with her like that. Did you have a good look at those guys?”

“Oh, okay mom.” McKayla said teasingly, butting in the conversation. “Can’t I stay up late a little more? Do I really have to go to bed?”

Her friend gave a half-hearted glare, while the boyfriend chuckled.

“I’m just kidding.” McKayla said, giving a more sincere smile. “Don’t need to worry about me, I’m going back to the hotel as well. I’m tired.”

“We can take you there.” Her friend suggested, but McKayla shot her down quickly.

“Oh, c’mon. I’m not so drunk to be unable to take a taxi. I will be fine, you two still have a night to enjoy.” McKayla gave a knowing smirk that made her friend blush. Taking her purse back from her friend as they went towards the club’s exit. “Take good care of her.”

“I will!” The guy said, winking back. Once outside the couple gave their final goodbyes, McKayla once again reassuring them she was fine and would go straight back to her hotel; they walked away to where he had parked the car, leaving McKayla’s sight after turning a corner.

Giving a final wave to her friend as she looked over her shoulder before disappearing, McKayla sighed contently. She didn’t lie, she was going back to her hotel anyway; the night had been fun enough, but she was tired. She wanted nothing more now than to get on a hot shower and then take a good night’s sleep.

As she waited for a taxi to pass by, her purse draped over her shoulder, McKayla had her attention grabbed by a low whistle. Turning around she saw two men, teenagers it seemed, leaning against the building’s wall and looking—or more like leering—at her. As soon as she turned to look at them they whistled again.

“Hey there, hottie. What you doing by yourself in here?” One of the men asked.

In her happy-drunk state, not noticing they were more than likely mistaking her for a hooker—which wasn’t difficult with her attire—she smiled back at them and struck a pose; a bit on her side, looking at them over her shoulder while her hair framed her face perfectly, a hand on her hip as she arched her body to emphasize her ass and breasts.

“Are you guys talking to me?”

“Of course.” One said, smirking. “The night been good so far?”

“Oh, I have the feeling it will become even better in a while.” The other said as well.

“It has been just fine, thanks.” McKayla said, smiling seductively. She slowly moved her hand upwards from her hip, moving along her sides seductively before reaching her head, whipping her hair seductively. “And yes, it certainly will.”

As the two men’s smirks intensified, and one of them pushed away from the wall, McKayla was—unknowingly—saved by the timely arrival of the yellow, single-streaked car. As soon as she saw it coming she waved it down.

When the car stopped in front of her, she turned back to the two men and blew them a kiss. “Well, see you later maybe.”

The men made a brief motion to go after her, but when she opened the door to the cab they stopped, their smirks disappearing. McKayla paid no attention to it as she got in the taxi and closed the door, giving a sigh and yawn as she got confortable in the seat.

“To the Fenix, please.”

“The Fenix?!”

McKayla startled with the voice, as it did not come from the driver. Opening her eyes, she saw there was another man along with her on the car’s backseat.

“Oh, didn’t notice there was someone else here.” McKayla said, moving to leave the car. She was stopped by yet another voice—yet again, not from the driver.

“Hey, no problem there, girl. We are all together.” This one was from the passenger’s seat on the front. With the driver, it made three men in the car with her—yet she didn’t mind it.

“Oh, okay. You guys going to the Fenix as well?”

“Well…” Said the guy at her side. “I don’t know if you are a regular there, but the Fenix is a bit too costly for us.”

McKayla nodded. The Fenix Hotel was a big, four/five-star hotel the studio had managed to set her on; it wasn’t accessible by many.

“I know, it is very high-profile and all. I myself only spent a single night there.” She laughed a bit. “I can’t say I don’t like the luxury. But I’ve got nothing against a smaller thing either.”

The men hummed an agreement, and the man at her side moved closer to her. “Cool then. My name is James, these are Tom and Andrew.” He pointed at the other passenger and the driver, respectively. “And your name is…?”

“McKayla”. The gymnast answered, snickering and smiling cutely at him. The thought that she was being too careless, sharing the ‘cab’ with those guys and being so open to them, briefly crossed her mind before being suppressed by the alcohol talking.

James moved closer, and she took a better look at him. He was young, about her age if she had to guess; clean shaved but with a short messy hair, a plain button-up shirt with the top buttons undone that showed her he was at least fit. Overall, he was enough to interest the gymnast.

“McKayla, eh? That is not a very common name.”

“I’m not a very common girl, either.” She answered back, bringing a hand to push her hair back as she smiled flirtingly at him.

“I can see you aren’t.”

The two of them kept talking for a while, flirting with each other as the men in the front kept quiet. McKayla could barely tell if the car was moving or not, and certainly did not pay attention where they were going; she was far too occupied. He had certainly grabbed her interest, and was beating her in her own flirting game.

McKayla shivered a bit and closed her eyes as his hand moved to and started caressing her thigh. She felt—or rather, knew—there was something wrong with this whole situation, that she should feel ashamed or indignant at his action and push him away, but she didn’t. She liked it, liked his fingers moving rather softly against her thigh and down her leg, almost wishing he would move higher…


The soft moan that escaped her lips made her eyes open wide again and to look at James. He looked up as well, smirking cockily as his hand started squeezing her thigh.

“The night been good so far, McKayla?”

The way he pronounced her name made the hair on the back of the gymnast’s neck stand in excitement. By now she was completely putty in his hands, not caring a bit for how she didn’t know these guys at all.

“Y-Yes…” She said, trying to smirk back at him. He chuckled before placing his other hand on her other thigh, now caressing and groping both thighs; unconsciously, McKayla started to turn on her seat towards him to give better access.

“It is about to get even better.”

In a quick movement James grabbed at her legs and pulled them towards him, making McKayla squeal as she slid down the backseat and ended up lying down on her back on it. Before she could react he laid down over her, his head going to the crook of her neck as he started attacking the milky white skin with his mouth; one of his hand kept on her thigh, pulling it up to make her drape a leg around him, while his other hand went up her toned belly.

“Oh my God…”

McKayla knew she should be screaming rape, trying to push him off and get out of the car as quickly as possible, but she couldn’t. She was loving it! She could try and blame the alcohol on it, but at the time she didn’t feel like blaming anything; she felt wet, horny, and she loved the loving ministrations the good-looking man was giving her. She knew she would let him fuck her brains out, and she couldn’t care less—she wanted it.

McKayla’s hands moved to the back of his head, pulling him against her as he continued to suck and nip at her neck, one hand groping her thigh while the other teased the underside of her small but sensitive boob. She pulled at his hair, making him raise his head a bit as she looked down; their eyes meeting in matching lust, she didn’t hesitate to lean in and kiss him.

The kiss was surprisingly gentle considering how passion/lust/alcohol-filled they were. Their lips stood pressed together only briefly before opening up, his tongue invading her mouth as she welcomed and sucked him in, wrestling him with her own tongue as their kiss turned more passionate and hot. McKayla ended moaning in his mouth as he pressed his body against her, his tent pressing firmly against her mound and almost dry-humping her right there.

“Damn, you are kissing her? Do you even know where her mouth was a while ago?” The other passenger—Tom—commented, chuckling as he looked back and saw the scene.

James seemed to pay no attention as he continued making out with the girl who now submissively let him control the kiss as he also rubbed her breast under her shirt. His hand on her thigh moved higher to her ass and he hastily tried to pull her shorts. McKayla gasped in his mouth as his other hand also left her chest and went down to where their crotches met, helping tug at it.

“AAAHH!!” McKayla squealed, almost laughed, as James got up; he sat back, grabbed her shorts and tugged them hard, managing to lower then a bit but also pulling McKayla’s body along with it. She giggled as she stopped him: winking teasingly at him, she eased the shorts down her legs, making sure to draw his eyes down her tight, athletic body.

James’s eyes shone at the sight of the girl’s semi-naked body: her already small top bunched up and showing her breasts, her outstanding legs free, only her purple panties truly covering her properly.

Seeing the boy was too entranced, McKayla sat up as well and snaked her hands towards his belt. He almost jumped as he finally felt her hand caress his covered cock once finished with the belt, teasingly pulling down the zipper and going inside. He groaned before moving to help her, pulling down his garments so his cock sprung to action, already hard.

McKayla licked her lips as her hands moved to it, starting to softly jerk him.

“Seriously, man? I cleaned the car a couple days ago, if you motherfucker stain it again…” Andrew—the driver—warned, speaking for the first time since McKayla got in the car.

“Don’t worry.” McKayla said, her voice sultry. “I will make sure not to spill it on the car.”

The reminder that there was an audience to her and James’s show seemed to spur the slut in her rather than make her shy away; still jerking him she pushed him back so he was sitting against the door and moved to her fours. Looking up to give him a teasing smile and wink, she dipped her head down and gave a small kiss on the tip before letting her tongue out, caressing and circling the sensitive head while her fingers continued to stimulate the shaft.

James groaned as he leaned back and relaxed, letting the girl do her work. Now laying on her belly, McKayla keenly licked along his cock while simultaneously teasing her fingers along it; licking her way down, she caught one of his balls on her mouth and hungrily sucked on it, her face hollowing slightly and letting a wet plop when letting it go.

As her tongue climbed its way back up the rod, McKayla moved her hair back before closing her lips around the crown. James had enough control not to jerk forward as he felt her start to suck him, looking on to see her head move lower and lower, taking more of his cock inside as he could feel her lips and tongue pleasure him.

If James or the others had any doubts she was a slut, it was gone in that moment.

She continued to tease his cock with small sucks and bobs, her eyes alternating between close and wide openly looking at him. As James had his eyes fixed on the dirty act, he buckled forward, almost jumping as he felt her tongue make a quick move against his cockhead’s slit.

“Easy.” She said, laughing a bit as she let the hard cock plop out of her mouth. “Don’t need to worry, I won’t bite. Unless you want me to.” She finished with a smirk.

“Oh fuck.” He groaned as she went down again to lick his balls. With a hand on her hair, he pulled her face closer and held her there for a while, the upright and wet shaft pressing against it.

“Let me get this more comfortable.” She said, licking up his shaft again before taking the crown in her mouth. One of her hands guided his back to her hair, giving him permission to control the pace; as soon as her mouth was going down and taking his cock in, he began to guide her head further down and stopped her from pulling back.

Her face would dip lower and lower before coming back up, soon going faster and setting a bobbing pace. His moaning and groaning gave her incentive and showed he was liking it, not that she needed it to tell: just from the way his hands tightened on her hair, pushing and pulling with more strength, it was obvious he was going crazy with it.

“Hhmmm!!” McKayla gave a small moan and almost jumped, stopped only by his hand on her head, as she felt something against her butt. She didn’t need to turn around—nor could she—to know one of the men in front—hopefully not the driver—was now fondling her small, tight ass. It only spurred her on, as she took in James’ cock more and more deeply in her mouth, reaching all the way to her throat; the added tightness of the passage made James groan and start bucking up.

Soon, the position had changed: McKayla stood on her knees on the car’s floor, her head bobbing weakly against the thrusting cock as she pleasured the man to his breaking point, his hand continuing to grip her hair to keep her in place while one someone from the front groped her ass. As James thrusts became erratic, his hands let go of her hair; as such, she doubled her ministrations as she set a fast and strong brutal pace against his rod, almost slamming her face down on him and feeling the uncommon taste become stronger as she eventually achieved her goal.

“I’m cumming!”

McKayla was overwhelmed as the cock started to twitch and empty its content in her mouth; holding it with a hand, she kept the crown past her lips as she drank from it, making sure to keep her promise and not let a drop fall off on the car.

“Fuck yeah.” James said, trying to calm his breathing. “You are such a good slut…”

McKayla smiled up at him, opening her mouth to show him his cum in her mouth. She made a show to play the cum around with her tongue, almost gargling on it, before swallowing. She then sexily crawled over James body, sitting on his lap as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “So, what now big guy?”

“Now we are here.”

McKayla looked around in surprise, only now noticing the car had stopped. The door opened and the man who had been driving—Andrew, she remembered—pulled her out. She then noticed the car was in a motel’s parking slot; she didn’t have time to ask anything as James came from behind her, urging her forward.

Laughing drunkenly, she followed the men towards one of the rooms; not even minding the fact she was walking around almost naked.


James, Tom and Andrew never felt themselves very lucky. As such, as they set off to get wasted that night, they didn’t even expect to score a girl.

Yet here they were, all three naked on a motel room with one of the hottest and sluttiest girls they had ever met. They had picked her off at the street, thinking her just a common hooker at first; as they—James—talked her up, they had ‘realized’ she was more. A common hooker wouldn’t meet clients on the Fenix.

This girl was a high-class escort, at the very least.

And yet here she was, with the three ‘common’ guys on a ‘common’ motel; naked as sin in the middle of the big bed, a hand between her legs as she masturbated unashamedly while the equally naked trio feasted on the sight, slightly jerking themselves.

“So, you guys brought me here just to Andrew off?” She said, her voice an innocently sexy tone to it. “Seriously? James, I thought you would at least repay the favor…” She said with a tone of mock disappointment.

That did it for the younger of the group. Looking at his friends, he climbed on the bed and crawled over to McKayla; the gymnast opened her legs wide, showcasing her beautifully shaved cunt as her fingers moved in and out, in and out…

“Oh, fuck it!”

While her attention was on her ‘lover’, she didn’t notice as the oldest of the group moved around the bed. Tom, a more burly man with shaved head, pulled her back so she was with her back on the bed before dragging her by her arms till she had her head dangling over the bed’s edge.

The drunken girl laughed all the way as her body was dragged across the bed, and squealed happily as his cock appeared upside-down once she was on the edge.

“That’s right. Everybody loves it a bit rough, uh?” She said, licking her lips. “You gonna face-fuck me? You want to do that?”

“Not as much as you want it.” Tom said, raising his leg to place a foot on the bed and letting his cock hang right above her face. “C’mon, be a good whore and suck it!”

McKayla didn’t need more incentive. Moving her face she placed her lips around his crown, licking her tongue around it. Seeing she was compliant, Tom didn’t even hesitate as he brought his hips down on her face, shoving his meat deep into her mouth; though she got used to it, the surprise at first made McKayla immediately gag.

“Shhh, you can take it. You are a big girl.” Tom said, though he moved back a bit. As McKayla managed to breathe again, a bit of spit running past the corner of her lips, she braced herself as the man thrust into her mouth again.

And he repeated. Again, and again, and again. Thrusting his medium-sized—but thick—cock down her throat, sawing in and out as he fucked her face like a pussy and she took it like the pro she was, Tom reached down to grab her hair and pull it, keeping her face in place. For her part, McKayla took the abuse with gusto, letting his cock go deep in her throat and attempting to move her tongue on it whenever it was in her mouth, making moaning and gurgling sounds to further incite the sex.

While she got a severe—and more than welcome—fuck from one side, she forgot about the other two men. But they certainly did not.

Not content with just watching the undeniably hot sight of the hot little girl being having her face fucked, Andrew crawled to the bed and joined James in looking over her body. Curious to confirm something he had seen, he grabbed her thighs and pulled them apart; and kept spreading them until her legs were on perfectly horizontal, a full split.

And he had the feeling they could go farther.

“Holy shit, look how flexible that girl is.” James exclaimed laughingly, moving going down so his face was close to her snatch. “Want a taste?”

“Are you freaking serious man?” Andrew asked, incredulous. Was his friend really wanting to go down on a hooker?

“I will take that as a no.” James said, leaning down. However, when it seemed like he was going to eat her out he turned his head and gave a bite to her inner thigh; the girl reacted immediately, giving a muffled/gargled moan and reflexively snapping her legs—thankfully Andrew was holding them still.

“Don’t know what you guys did, but that was amazing!” Tom called out, moaning at the increased pleasure and stopping for a moment as he didn’t trust himself not to spill inside her mouth if he went on. He didn’t want it… yet.

“Oh, it will get even better.” James said, teasing his mouth and teeth at her thigh before trailing his lips up to her hip and continuing, his tongue licking his way up as his lips briefly closed in against her navel making her jerk again with a sound akin to a laugh.  Then, he reached his goal.

“Oh fuuucck, suck them!” McKayla said as Tom took his cock out of her mouth, the mix of cum and saliva spilling in her upside-down face thanks to gravity. Down—up?—her body James had finally gotten to her breasts.

McKayla’s breasts, as expected from a gymnast, weren’t big; they were A-cups, small B-cups if one wanted to be generous. Nonetheless, they were perky and soft, the rosy nipples contrasting wonderfully with the milky skin around them. James didn’t think twice before catching one in his mouth, easily sucking in the boob and earning an approving moan from the girl.

“Hhhmmm… This is so good!” McKayla moaned, her tongue lashing out to lick at Tom’s straining hard cock that dangled in front of her face. “Yeah, cum for me, Tom. Cum on my face!”

The combined stress of his abusing of her face, her dirty and slutty act, her licking and the sight of her messy, spit-and-cum covered face, were more than enough.

“Take it then, you little whore!” Tom called out before his voice degenerated into low groans, his cock spasming as it shot out his globs of cum like bullets on her face. With her mouth open, McKayla happily took the money shot, the whitey seed hitting all over her face, neck and hair—and her open mouth once in a while. “Fuck…”

“Already, Tom?” Andrew called out with a mocking tone. “She must be really good then.”

“Want to find out?” McKayla called back, raising her head and using her hands to try and pull herself so her head was back on the bed—giving a small whine as it made James stop nursing her tits. “Wanna choke me with your meat as well?”

“I think we have a better idea.” James said that, taking his eyes off her now thoroughly wet chest—though not before giving a final swipe of his tongue over each nipple, earning a giggle from the girl. Moving back down her body, he abruptly grabbed her legs and pulled them up till her knees were against her body; smirking, McKayla went even further and pulled them more, locking her feet behind her head in a show of contortionism that left her bottoms—both pussy and ass—in the air for all to see.

“Fucking God! Look at that!” Andrew said, almost salivating at the girl’s flexibility.

“I’m a gymnast. I can do even more than that.” McKayla said almost arrogantly, with a smirk on her face as she wiggled her butt a bit.

“Right now this is more than enough!” James said, kneeling on the bed and pushing her contorted body so her holes were pointing to the air. Spitting on his hand and then using it to jerk his cock for a second, he proceeded to stand over her before squatting down, giving a quick thrust of his hips to impale her oh-so-alluring pussy.

“FUUUUCCKK!!” McKayla cried out, closing her eyes tight as he used her bent legs for support, raising and falling as he slowly but strongly thrust his hips against her surprisingly tight insides; something he attributed to the position they were fucking in, as he couldn’t believe a hooker like her could be tight.

“C’mon man, let me get some too!” Andrew said in a whine-like voice as his younger friend had his rough way with the girl. He couldn’t complain about the sight, as the image of the sexy slut in such a degrading position and getting her cunt pounded like no tomorrow was something out of a porn video, and not a softcore one at that; but his hardened cock wanted some action too.

“What do you think, McKayla?” James asked the abused girl, her eyes straining to open as he didn’t relent on his animal-like fucking; she couldn’t help noticing his face was scrunched up in what she hoped was pleasure, his hips a blur as his also slightly contorted body looked like he was sitting against her snatch. She shivered as he used her name, moaning her approval. “Then get here, there’s something I always wanted to try.”

Using all his willpower James managed to take himself off the amazingly tight pussy, pretty much throwing his body backwards into the bed to do so. Reaching out for her hands, he ‘helped’ her out of her current position before pulling her on his lap, his face immediately feasting on her chest again.

“Hhmm… Thought you said you wanted to try something…?” She moaned out, her hands caressing his hair as he used his mouth to make love to her chest. “What do you want to do…?”

“You are a ‘gymnast’, right?” He asked, still smothering himself in what he could. “So… Can you do the splits?”

McKayla laughed above him. “That’s what you want?! Oh boy, you would be surprised… Hhhmmm… At how often I’m asked that… Ooohhh…”

Pushing him down, McKayla did as asked: with no effort she spread her legs till they were horizontal, her bare pussy just inches from his cock.

Finally tired of being left out, Andrew came from behind her and grabbed her legs. McKayla startled for a moment as he lifted her, his hands under her thighs to keep her legs spread and also to grope them a bit; as Andrew was kneeling on the bed, he lifted her till her asshole was level with his cock.

“Ever been double-penetrated while on the splits?” He whispered in her ear, but loud enough for James to hear as well. The younger man smirked, kneeling in front of McKayla and placing his hands on her thighs as well to keep her in position.

“You guys are awesome!” She smiled drunkenly, feeling her pussy strain as the cocks pressed against each of her tight holes. “Do it! Tear me apart with your cocks!”

“Since you are asking for it.” Andrew said with a chuckle before savagely pushing forward, delighting himself on her scream of pleasure and pain as he went as deep as he could inside her asshole. Her ass really was as tight as it looked.

“Give me some space as well.” James said, before pushing forward back into her pussy. The feel of the two cocks inside her, and while she did the splits no less, was strange; she felt as if the two large cocks were squeezed her insides. In fact, she hadn’t thought it anatomically possible. “I think we will need to alternate here, man.”

“No problem.” Andrew said, already pulling back as James drove himself to the hilt inside McKayla’s cunt, made even tighter by the position.

“Oooohhh…” McKayla moaned as he pulled back—“AAAAHHH!!” Only to have Andrew’s cock ravaging her asshole again.

As the two managed to set a rhythm to their alternating, McKayla couldn’t help noticing the different approaches they took: James was slower, savoring her tightness with each slide of his cock, while Andrew was rougher, like an animal as he took no care while trying to ram her asshole. One way or the other, though, they both were making her scream and moan like crazy as they sawed in and out from both sides, her insides burning as she felt like they would rip her body with this position.

“Though that certainly wouldn’t be a bad way to go!” She thought to herself, continuing to wreck her voice as she felt her first orgasm of the night hit her while the men kept sawing in and out of her.

This went on for a long time, no one truly taking notice of the time. At some point Tom was fully recovered and wanted in on the action, so the trio made a compromise to take turns on the girl.

After a while, Andrew was fucking her pussy and Tom was fucking her ass, her legs still in a split, while James looked on jerking himself.

“Hhhmhmmm… Oooooohhhh!” McKayla moaned as both her new lovers were of the ‘rough and ready’ kind; their pace together was much faster and rougher, as neither was willing to relent on pounding her insides.

“You love being manhandled, don’t you?” Andrew said in a grunting fashion behind her, one of his hands leaving her leg to grip her hair; McKayla shrieked as he pulled on it, making her throw her head back.

“Shit, she loves some rough play!” Tom said, doing like Andrew and bringing a hand to rough her up; at first his hand went to her breasts, groping and slapping them, before he moved to her neck and began to choke her a bit. “You liking it?!”

“YEEESS!!!” McKayla yelled out, her body shaking as she cummed. She didn’t know how many times she had done so that night, but it definitely set a record for her. In fact, the pleasure overwhelmed her so much she had turned completely putty in their hands, having her provocative attitude give place to a submissive one.

“Then let me give her something to choke on.” James said, carefully standing on the bed and moving closer to the fucking threesome. As Tom turned McKayla’s head to the side, the gymnast was faced with James’ very wet, hardening cock. She didn’t need to think twice; she looked up at James’ eyes, edging him on before opening her mouth wide and engulfing his cock in it.

“Now, that is a sight.” Tom declared, his hand loosening its hold but keeping at her neck as her head started to snap back and forward against his friend’s cock.

It was a difficult sight to describe, though certainly not a difficult one to… appreciate. McKayla Maroney, Olympic gymnast and Gold medalist—and high-class hooker, if the men were asked—was naked and partaking in a mind-bogging little gangbang. While doing the splits—and probably getting a cramp later on—she was being lifted and having both her holes plugged by hard, big cocks; all while having a third cock fucking her already messy face, her neck choked, and her hair pulled.

She was being given the complete whore treatment. And she was loving every moment.

“Hhhmhmmm!... Hhmm hhmmm hmmmm!!...” McKayla moaned out, her nose flaring as she felt herself starting to asphyxiate; Tom noticed it and let go of her neck, giving her some rest. Andrew also let go of her hair as James took over, placing both hands at the sides of her face to control her pace.

“Wish you could look at yourself now.” He said, pulling back and taking his cock off her. McKayla, her body being rocked by the never-ceasing double penetration, looked up at him: her sultry eyes were almost pleading as her mouth set itself in an orgasmic ‘O’, cum and saliva covering her face and making what little make-up she had run down her cheeks—thankfully she didn’t have much, so she was still a good enough sight to look at. “Want more of my cock, McKayla?”

Feeling herself explode whenever he said her name, McKayla gave a wail-like moan before answering. “Yes, please!” She said, trying to catch his cock in her mouth. James smiled before moving forward, his cock teasing her lips; as soon as it was inside, he quickly pulled back before she could close her lips, earning a whine from her. As he kept playing her for a while, hearing his friend’s groans as they seemed close to finish off as well, he decided to go for the finale.

“Take a good breath.” He said, tightening his holds over her hair. As she did so and attempted to relax, James suddenly pulled her head forward and began to fuck her face in earnest, with quick and deep thrusts that made her gurgle each time he went to the back of her throat.

Everyone picked up their paces, Andrew’s and Tom’s thrusts becoming slower but stronger as their grunts turned more and more frequent.

After a while of the moaning and grunting echoing over the room, Andrew was the one closest to orgasm—being the only one not to have cummed earlier. Tom gave him space by taking himself out; Andrew took notice of it and drove himself harder and harder into her asshole until his orgasm came, and he did so deeply into McKayla’s ass, filling her bowels with his seed before removing himself from the orgy—and spilling some cum on the mattress on the way.

With his friend out of the game, Tom returned to fucking her tight body again. Without Andrew to help hold her, Tom’s thrust caused the girl to fall back on the mattress, letting go of the cock on her mouth; she could not even complain as, without someone to share, Tom went insane on his pounding her pussy, making her body rock before cumming deep into her.

“Ooooohhh…” McKayla, on her part, just moaned loudly feeling the warm seed fill her womb like it had her bowels. She felt so full, so warm from the two men’s cum, she almost forgot there was one more cock to go…

A grunt alerted her to the last one still unsatisfied, and she opened her eyes in time to see the ropes of cum land on her chest and face, James standing over her and jerking himself to the finishing line as he watched her. McKayla moaned and let him do as he pleased, closing her eyes as he finished off and got down off the bed.

“Hhhmmm… So tasty…” McKayla said as her tongue licked the cum near her mouth and she ate it. Though her eyes were still closed, she could almost see the trio’s faces as they looked on at her solo show; bringing a hand up, she began to massage and spread the cum spilled on her chest, making a damn good job at wetting her upper body with the men’s seed.

And, once she finished rubbing the cum on her body, she brought her hands to her face and began licking them.

“Any of you up for another?” She asked as she finally opened her eyes, smiling contently as she saw their salivating mouths and their eyes fixated on her.

“I don’t think I have the stamina for another.” Said Tom, looking down at his twitching but flaccid cock.

“I don’t think we have the money for another.” Said Andrew as he began to pull his pants up.

James merely looked at her, seeing her eyes fixate themselves on his. He didn’t dare answer but she could see he wouldn’t be going again either, though she could also see lack of desire wasn’t the issue.

As the trio began to dress themselves back, McKayla found herself too tired to do so as well. Still lying on her back on the bed, she raised a leg and pulled on it, placing it on the vertical and parallel to her body in a show of flexibility. The movement had its intended effect, as the men looked on.

“Show off.” Andrew said. “A fucking tease, more like.” James said, keeping his eyes on her as they finished clothing.

McKayla closed her eyes as the trio went to the door. Outside, they stopped and began to talk with themselves, McKayla unable to listen; she heard the door open and, as she looked on, Andrew and Tom left while James moved back towards her.

“I’m guessing you won’t come back with us.” Her eyes answered him, though she brought a hand up to tease her own breast as she looked at him. “Well… Here.” He said quickly, not daring speak much as he looked on her teasing and idly throwing something on the bedside table. McKayla raised an eyebrow, smiling invitingly at him. “Hope we can do this again, some other time.”

Her eyes kept against his as he reluctantly left, before turning to lie on her back with her eyes to the roof. After a while she turned and reached for the table, finding he left some money on it—probably to pay the room, she thought. But she raised her eyebrows. “Must be a really expensive motel!” She thought, surprised at the amount left.

Yet, amidst the cash was a small note. She smirked and gave a small squeal as she read it: it was a telephone number, which she didn’t have to guess whose.

“James, we are definitely doing this again!”

English is not my first language, so please don't mind my writing errors.


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