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Twisted Bliss with Alexa Bliss
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Twisted Bliss
With Alexa Bliss
Written by TheLW
Codes: MF, Blowjob, Oral
Disclaimer: This FICTIONAL story was written for entertainment purposes only.


For as long as I can remember, I've always been a fan of professional wrestling, from Hulkamania running wild to the rise of Austin 3:16, all the way to the modern-day WWE. It was actually something my grandfather got me into as a kid, and as I got older, sports entertainment, as they call it now, would be something I would eventually get my little nephew into as well.

It was one day, while on the drive home from work, that I heard a segment on the radio, where the radio jockey mentioned a contest, that the station would be running all week, for a chance to win a pair of tickets to an upcoming WWE event, as well as backstage passes to meet some of the wrestlers prior to the show. I missed out on the first couple of opportunities to phone in, but midway through the week, I was lucky enough to be the tenth caller in, all I had to do now was correctly answer a wrestling trivia question to enter the draw, which I naturally aced.

Admittedly, I never expected to win the contest, and in fact, I had actually forgotten all about it, by the time Friday evening came around, and the radio station announced the winner over the airwaves. At first, I thought maybe I had misheard them, but then my phone rang, and a few seconds later, I realized that I was indeed the winner to a pair of WWE tickets to an episode of Monday Night Raw.

The next day, I went to pick up the tickets, before driving over to my sisters' place, so I could surprise my nephew with the good news... unsurprisingly the little guy was excited about going to a wrestling show in person.

A few days later, on the actual night of the show, the two of us showed up at the arena, an hour before the event was scheduled to start, we were met by the building's head of security, who let us in through a side entrance, before leading us backstage. Once we arrived backstage we first met the real-life brother duo of Matt and Jeff Hardy, who shook my nephew's hand and had a brief conversation with him, before we made our way further into the arena, where we were greeted by the current Raw women's champion Alexa Bliss, who truth be told, was even more gorgeous in person.

As she signed an autograph for the kid, I remembered something that I read online, about how Alexa was an avid fan of Disney, so I decided to bring it up, as it turned out that was probably the best thing I could have done, as it led to us hitting it off. A moment later, the so-called "Goddess of the WWE" insisted that she give us the rest of the backstage tour herself, which of course I was all too happy to accept.

The two of us continued to converse with each other, as I couldn't help but notice just how flirtatious the 5'1 WWE superstar really was, meanwhile my nephew met some of his favourite wrestlers, including his hero John Cena, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins of The Shield, and Raw General Manager Kurt Angle. At the end of our tour, Alexa slipped me a piece of paper, with her number on it and told me to call her after the show, just as the security guard from earlier came up to us, ready to take my nephew and I, to our seats.

Over the course of the next three hours, we enjoyed the hard-hitting action, that the WWE had to offer it's fans, however by the time the main event was about to start, the little guy was already tired out, so I decided we would leave a bit early, that way I could drop him off back at home, and still have time to call up Alexa Bliss.

When I got back to my car, I pulled out my cell phone and quickly dialled the number, that was given to me earlier in the evening.

Ring! Ring!

Ring! Ring!

"Hey Alexa, it's uh Ryan... from earlier," I said as I heard her pick up the phone on her end.

"Oh hey, I wasn't sure if you were actually gonna call, or not," she answered back.

"Of course I was gonna call you... I mean, it's not every day, a woman as beautiful as you gives me her number."

"Aww thanks," Alexa replied, "...so any chance you're still at the arena?"

"No I just left not that long ago, to drop my nephew off," I state "...but I could be there within the next fifteen minutes."

"Yeah, I would like that," the Raw women's champion claims "...Alicia (Fox), is taking forever, and I could really use a ride back to the hotel we're staying at."

Pulling back up to the arena, I saw Alexa dressed in her signature black Twisted Bliss t-shirt, and what I assumed were black stretchy yoga pants, holding onto the handle of her luggage bag, getting out of the car, I helped place the bag into the back seat, before asking her what hotel she was staying at.

A short time later, we reached our destination, as I grabbed her luggage, and followed her through the hotel lobby, to the elevator, all the way up to her room.

Once we made our way into Alexa's suite, I pushed her tiny frame up against the door, aggressively kissing her, as I slide a hand between the waistband of her pants, only to be taken by surprise as I find out she isn't wearing any panties. With a finger inside of her neatly trimmed clam, I probe her inner vaginal wall, as our tongues wrestle each other, we end up swapping spit back and forth into our mouths.

As both Alexa and I are making out, we start to help one another out of our clothes, breaking our kisses as we take our shirts off, dropping them to the floor, the sexy blonde reaches down towards my belt buckle as she unfastens it, pulling the belt through the loops of my jeans.

Stepping out of my jeans, I can't help but tell the wrestling champion, just how incredible she looks, as I take in the sight of Alexa Bliss's athletically toned naked body.

"Thanks," she says "... you're in pretty great shape yourself."

Making our way towards the bed, I end up scooping up the five foot tall WWE superstar and flipping her upside down in a tombstone like position, so Alexa's head was next to my crotch, and my face inches away from her trimmed pussy. With the both of us essentially in a standing sixty-nine position, Alexa Bliss wraps her talented lips around my cock, slowly taking as much of me as she possibly can into her waiting mouth, while at the same time, I lean over and start to lick away at her clam.

It's while eating her snatch out, that I hear a muffled moan escape from Alexa's mouth, as she continues to slide her oral hole over my shaft, giving me one of the best blowjob's of my life, which considering she was upside down, made it even more impressive.


With my arms still wrapped around Alexa holding her up, I continued to munch away at her cunt, attacking it like a man possessed, lapping my tongue over the blonde bombshells sex hole, as I took in the intoxicating smell of her aroma.

After a few more moment's of this sixty-nine action, I eventually drop Little Miss Bliss onto the mattress, as she rolls over and gets on her hands and knees, face down and ass up, while I move in from behind her, inserting my rock hard cock into Alexa's tight as fuck love mound. My hands on her hips, I pull out before driving back into her, repeating the process over and over, going deep within her, every time that I penetrate her snatch.

"Ugh fuck," I hiss, as I slammed into the self-professed Goddess of the WWE.

Knowing this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I continued to thrust into Alexa Bliss hard and fast, giving the pint-sized diva everything I had. As I worked over her pussy with my dick, my balls slapped against her skin and the smell of our sex filling up the room.

"So good," Alexa purred.

Getting caught up in all the wanton action taking place in the hotel room, it got to the point where I wasn't even fucking the gorgeous wrestler anymore, but Alexa herself was doing all the work, as she bucked her hips back and forth, riding my pole shaft. If heaven on Earth were really a thing, this would be it, as nothing I ever did from this point forward in my life would top banging one of, if not the sexiest woman on the planet, and those moans of hers, were like music to my ears.

As the intense fucking persisted between us, I relentlessly rammed my pecker into her, for another ten minutes or so, before grabbing a fist full of her long blonde and pink-tipped hair, pulling her head back towards me, so she has no choice but to look me in the eyes, as I hammer away at her sex hole.

"Gonna cum soon," I groaned "...where do you want it?"

"Don't cum inside of me," Alexa moans "... I want you to cover my tits with your spunk."

With that, I pulled out of the four-time women champions snatch, as she got off of the mattress and dropped to her knees between me and the bed, while I started stroking my candle wick in front of her, it didn't take long until I erupted, and her perfect tits were coated with my warm gooey sex juice.

"Umm delicious!" says Alexa, as she wiped off some of the cum from her chest, with her fingers, before bringing it up to her mouth, and sucking them clean of my man custard.

A moment later, the sexy blonde got off the floor, and insisted that I get dressed and leave, saying that she needed to clean up and get some sleep, as she had to be up early the next morning, so she could head out to the next city, that the WWE was performing at.

The End
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