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Bouncing Bayley's Big Booty
« on: July 18, 2019, 07:47:11 PM »
Bouncing Bayley's Big Booty

Starring Bayley and her big booty

Disclaimer: This story is completely fictional and everyone is over the age of 18

Codes: (MF,cons,oral,anal)

WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley arrived at the arena a couple of hours early for a full body massage appointment by one of WWE’s finest female masseuse. She entered the massage room wearing only a white towel and black flip flops.

“Hello Bayley,” spoke a man’s voice walking in behind Bayley, catching the WWE superstar off caught. He was a tall, hunky Brazilian man dressed in a nice white shirt and tan pants. His large arms were covered in stylish tattoos and his slick back black hair had a bit of a widow’s peak.

“Hi. Where’s Helga?” Bayley asked.

“She is feeling a bit under the weather. I am Andre, an understudy of hers and I will be your masseuse today.” Andre explained. “If I make you uncomfortable, you can always reschedule?” he added.

“No, I’m good. WWE has a huge roster and the waiting list to get a massage is a bitch. Excuse my language,” Bayley explained.

“No need to apologize. I’ve heard further worse,” he smiled and laughed. “Where would you like to start the massage?” he asked.

“We can start with my back,” she said as she untied her robe. “Oh, and I hope you don’t mind me being naked. When I want a full body massage, I want a FULL body massage,” she emphasized, stepping out of her flip flops and letting the white robe drop to the ground.

“That’s no problem at all,” Andre generously agreed, getting an eyeful of Bayley’s enormous brown booty. A semi tent was instantly pitched in his pants.

Bayley laid down flat on her stomach with her huge ass up in the air looking like enormous cupcakes; soft and moist and ready to be eaten. The tent in Andre’s pants grew bigger as he oiled up his hands staring at her juicy bubble butt.

He started at the soles of her feet. Andrade had a foot fetish so rubbing his oily hands over the wrinkled bottoms of her feet swelled the bulge in his pants even larger. After spending a good deal on her feet, he moved his hands up her ankles and calves until he reached her thick thighs. While he massaged over her strong thighs, his eyes starred lustfully at her amazing round fat booty that was just inches and moments away from his hands.

“Hmmm. You have terrific hands, Andre,” praised Bayley, softly moaning to her masseuse’s touch.

“It’s nice to have a fantastic body to work with,” he responded back.

“You really think so? I’ve always been teased that my ass was too big,” she professed. “Social media seems to have an obsession with my butt. I’ve seen forums dedicated to my ass,” she added.

“There’s nothing wrong with a big ass. More cushion for the pushin,” Andre teased, finally moving his oil-slicked hands up to her meaty butt cheeks. He massaged large handfuls of her big squishy ass, loving how his fingers sunk into the soft flesh of her butt cheeks. His erection in his pants was fully hard.

Bayley closed her eyes and her breathing became heavier. Her hairless cunt was moist and dripping from the massage. She felt Andre’s hands divide her ample ass cheeks apart giving him a personal view of her brown asshole. “Oooh Andre,” she moaned.

Andre knew he was turning Bayley on with the massage and took it a step further by penetrating her asshole with one of his fingers. She yelped loudly as soon as she felt his finger enter her anal. He held her beefy ass cheeks apart with one hand while his finger from the other thrust in and out of her tight dirty brown hole.

“So juicy and tight,” Andre complimented, rapidly thrusting his finger deep inside Bayley’s anal cavity. He released the hold on her meaty ass cheek and gave it a hard slap. It watched it jiggled around like Jell-O for a few seconds before settling down.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!” loudly cried Bayley, feeling her asshole being violated by a guy she just met a few minutes ago.

Andre pulled his finger from her asshole and walked in front of her. His enormous bulge was right in her homely face. “Ready for some big Brazilian cock?”

“Ah yes. Let me have some of that big cock,” she imprecisely responded, using her forearms to life her upper body off the massage table, giving Andre a view of her big fat boobs that were usually masked in tape and a sports bra under her wrestling top so she wouldn’t appear too top-heavy on television.

Andre lowered his pants and underwear freeing his enormous Brazilian cock. It bobbed between his legs with a slight curve. “Bon appetit.”

Bayley reached out with one hand and seized his thick shaft. She could barely close her fingers around the wide girth of his phallus. “So thick,” she moaned as she began stroking it up and down and worked her tongue around the swollen tip of his penis. After a few minutes of licking his fat knob, she sucked it into her mouth along with a few inches of his throbbing shaft. Bayley steadily bobbed her mouth up and down half of his dark brown meat pole causing Andre to softly whimper.

Andre moaned with delight as he grabbed the sides of Bayley’s head and began thrusting his long slab of fat man meat deep down her wet gullet vigorously. His big dick invaded every inch of the inside of her mouth with each thrust. Bayley took the face fucking like the champion she was, showing no signs of having gag relax. Excessive saliva escaped from the corners of the wrestler’s mouth as it was stretched wider than she could ever imagine.

“Oooooh fuck!” Andre moaned pushing his long fat dick as far as it could go to the back of Bayley’s throat. He face-fucked Bayley for a few minutes before pulling out and making his way down to the opposite end of the massage table. “I’m going to fuck this pussy and then that big fat ass of yours,” he stated.

Bayley was more than happy to oblige by turning over on her back and moving her drenched pussy to the end of the table. Andre took his huge dick in his hand and rubbed the fat knob of his cock up and down the wet folds of her outer labia. He rubbed the tip of his member against her ultra-sensitive clitoris, sending Bayley into a moaning frenzy and earsplitting orgasm. “OOOOOOOOOHHH FUCCCCCCCCCCCKK!”

Her cum gushed out of her pussy as Andre thrust his large cock inside her. The extra lubrication from Bayley’s cum made it easier for Andre to push a good chunk of his long brown dick between the soggy folds of her cunt. He held her legs up and spread apart by her ankles and started fucking her. With each thrust, the Brazilian masseuse shoved more of his mighty hard manhood inside Bayley’s overflowing pool of wetness that was her snatch.

“Ooooooooh, GOD!! OOOOOOOOOOH GOD!!”

Bayley’s moans and screams filled the massage room. Luckily for the lovers, the massage room was on the other side of the arena that was empty for a couple of hours.

“Fuck! Your pussy is so juicy and tight,” Andre moaned. He brought Bayley’s bare feet to his face and started licking, sucking, and biting on her toes as he continually slammed his throbbing raw cock inside her. He licked her soles up and down for a few seconds before spreading her legs apart and collapsing his brawny upper torso against her big wobbling tits. Her extremely hard nipples were poking into his chest through his shirt.

After fucking the female wrestling star missionary style for a few minutes, Andre pulled out and flipped Bayley over onto her stomach and pulled her off the massage table so her bare feet touched the ground. He took a few minutes and licked her drippy cunt and between the crack of her enormous ass. He spits on her asshole and finger-banged it for a few seconds to get it nice and ready for his huge cock. He also doused his massive hard member in oil to make it easier to slide inside her tiny asshole smoothly.

“Time to fuck this juicy booty,” Andre announced, lining the oversized head of his slippery dick against her anus and slowly pushed it inside her.

“OOOOH! So BIG!!” Bayley cried as her little brown asshole was being stretched tremendously wide to accommodate the massively engorged cock that was about to fuck her huge juicy butt. She has only had anal sex a couple of times with a previous boyfriend and his cock wasn’t nearly as thick and long as Andre’s.

He clutched onto handfuls of Bayley’s massive bubble butt and started gently plowing, gradually pushing more of his thick throbbing man meat between her plump cheeks. With a powerful push, Andre managed to get balls-deep between in her asshole and started banging his pelvic off her ample butt cheeks with each thrust making them bounce out of control.

“Hmmm. They call you the hugger? These fantastic big pillowy ass cheeks are hugging around my cock nicely,” Andre groaned, increasing his thrusting speed.

“OH! OH! OH! OOOOOH!! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” Bayley yelled out in agonizing pain. Her big round heavy boobs were bouncing ballistic below her chest from the severe big dick pounding her ass was receiving.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “You like that?” Andre teased, slapping her bouncing plump ass while watching his raging cock disappear between the soft cracks. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Cum started running down Bayley’s legs as she reached her orgasm. She threw her head back and Andre grabbed her ponytail and held onto it as he vehemently plowed her ass.

“Oh shit! I’m about to cum. I’m going to cum inside your gorgeous big ass,” Andre confessed, releasing her ponytail and clutching onto the round brown cheeks of her wobbling ass as he came. He slowed down his thrusting into long, hard drives as he flooded the inside of her bouncing ass with enormous torrents of cum that started leaking out from between her ass crack. Andre kept his massive shaft buried balls-deep inside her open asshole until every last drop of cum was drained from his big ballsack.

After he was finished cumming and his orgasm died down, Andre pulled his cock from her big succulent ass and watched his cum dribble and leak out of her puckered asshole.

“I hope Helga gets sick more often,” said a heavily panting Bayley trying to stand on weak legs.

“We have a few minutes to clean up. My next scheduled appointment is arriving soon,” Andre announced.

After cleaning up and sending Bayley on her way, his next scheduled appointment arrived.

“Mandy Rose, I presume?” asked Andre the beautiful busty blond bombshell that stood in the door entrance.

“Yes I am and I’ll have whatever massage Bayley just receive please.”

Andre smiled as he let Mandy Rose in and closed the door.
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