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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, places, universe, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the characters etc referenced in this story. I am making no money as the result of writing this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Featuring: Maya, Lilith (Borderlands series)

Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Part 15

A Borderlands video game erotic story

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, MFF, FF, anal, Oral.

* * *

“’Sup, Killer! You’ve got two super horny Sirens out here craving a good time. You down or what?”

Hearing that kind of announcement would make anyone leap out of their bunk bed and race across their standard issue Sanctuary III room. Samuel however, had to kick the suspicious looking tech he’d been tinkering with into a lower storage cupboard before sealing it up. “Just uh, give me a second!” He claimed, racing to equip Pandora’s Heart in preparation for what was to come.

Unlocking the door gave him quite the sight to behold. Two gorgeous former full time Vault Hunters and two Sirens (granted, one currently without her powers). The Firehawk herself and leader of the Crimson Raiders, the stunning redhead Lilith in her classic, rugged attire of jacket, tank top and pants. Her arms plain, lacking the signature tattoos as a result of her powers being robbed from her. Beside her, the blue-haired beauty Maya in a black, one sleeved and hooded version of her top and pants attire. Her hair now long and hanging down for a contrast to the short hair she’d had during her time as a Vault Hunter years before. The uncovered arm showing off the blue Sire tattoos of the Phaselock mistress.

“...’Sup?” Lilith coolly greeted as she invited herself in with a sexy smirk. “And before you say it, yeah I know. Technically I’m a former Siren right now. Two Sirens just sounds better than one and a former.”
“Hey, I wasn’t going to say anything!” Maya said, following in but turning to close and then lock the door once she was in. Turning back to give Samuel a wide, saucy grin as she looked him over. “Long time no see, Stud of Sanctuary...” She teased as she pulled her hood back to fully show off her hair.
“Are people seriously calling me that?” Samuel questioned, before shaking his head. “I mean, uh, nice to see you again Maya! Digging the new hair.”
“Yeah, I’ve been getting that…” Maya stated. “Five years… Or has been six? Seven? Anyway, all these years I’ve spent back home? Gave me a chance to change things up… And, you know...”

Maya stepped forward, grinning again as she rather boldly clamped her hand onto his crotch. A firm squeeze making him moan as her eyes narrowed slightly with approval. “Leaves a girl craving a damn good fuck.”
“Geez, no foreplay?” Lilith smirked, before shrugging her shoulders. “Eh, works for me.” She said, slipping off her jacket to toss it onto the table of his room, sending tool scattering. “Maya might be needing to scratch off a five to seven year itch, but me? I just need to take my mind off of, you know… Everything.”
“Mmmmm!” Samuel groaned, his eyes widening as he watched both women move down to their knees in front of him. “Not that I’m complaining… But didn’t you say that’s why you needed to screw me the other day? And the day before? And...” He was about to say more, when both beauties yanked down his pants. His rock hard, deliciously fat and long cock pointing out at the grinning faces in front of him. “Never mind.” He wisely said.

“I was just going to walk in and ask ‘Wanna Fuck?’ like back in the day...” Maya said, her hand gripping the base of his rod while Lilith held the top path. “But I figured some good old Siren sister bonding was in order...” She claimed but with the kind of smile that showed she was more interested in a good time than remembering good memories. The two women starting to work over him with testing stroked. Pumping at his cock to make hands pump together as Maya moved to his base and brush against his balls. Lilith’s hand moving up so she could grip and rub over his bell-end as she stroked the top part. The work easily leaving the man they’d both fucked in the past groaning as he stood.

“Meh. I’m just here to fuck.” Lilith bluntly admitted without shame as she moved her hand off. Allowing her to bring her full, red lips around his rod and taking him inside for a loud moan from the lucky hunk. The redhead groaning herself as she started to push up and down on the upper part. Not holding back either. Her tongue sliding out along the underside as she got into a steady motion, gripping his thigh for support as she sucked him off. Groaning already around his more than generous cock.

It left Maya to keep stroking the lower part, but she helped herself to a taste as she shifted position to lean down. Targetting his heavy balls as she ran her tongue across the sack closest to her. Staring up with lusty eyes as she showed no issue teaming up with another woman to service a man. Planting the odd kiss onto his nuts as she licked and worked over him, and still pumped at his rod at the same time. Eager too, making up for lost time as she parted her lips in order to take a ball inside to treat to some sucking action.

“MMMMMM!! Fuck!!” He moaned out, staring down and watching the two beautiful Sirens double-teaming his cock as Lilith sucked away on his dick while Maya took care of his balls. Thankful for the sex-boosting powers of the Relic he had equipped to be able to handle something like this knowing full well that trying to last between the lips of one Siren alone would be difficult to say the least. It allowed him to enjoy both sets of lips applied to his manhood along with the hungry, wet tongues flicking at his skin. Saliva already starting to drip down from Lilith’s steady work and likewise Maya more than stimulating his balls with her slurps and licks for good measure.

Giving one another a glance, the two women lifted away as Maya now took her turn as she brought that length between her bright blue lips. Groaning around his man-meat as she began to push up and down. Not showing like she’d been a woman without action for at least five years as she smoothly and steadily slurped away on his shaft. Staring up with obvious lust as she kept her lips tightly pressed around his thickness. Her long hair swaying as she put plenty of effort behind the motion her head was doing.

Lilith meanwhile didn’t go for the stroking route. Instead using her hand to cup his balls to give the odd squeeze. She applied her mouth onto the side of his length at the base, angled perfectly so the other Siren could keep sucking him off. The woman known as the Firehawk moaning too as she peppered his shaft with quick kisses, before attacking with her tongue. Sliding up, down and around as far as she could reach to work more saliva onto him. The odd slurp onto that side of his cock before going back to lapping at him.

Two former full-time Vault Hunters, major members of the Crimson Raiders and even with one of them being without her powers, still two Sirens acting in a very sinful fashion as they worked over the same cock at the same time. Not a bit of shame from either of them as hard nipples poked through their tops and they groaned around the dick they were sucking and licking at. Maya bobbing away as she picked up the pace. Her cheek brushing against Lilith’s hair when she pushed down. Leaving the redhead smirking while she still kept her tongue flicking away at the side of this meaty pole. Both women taking full advantage of knowing that this man can give them pleasure but having no clue the true secret behind his apparent sexual mastery.

Lilith lifted away first, smirking as she tapped the other woman on the shoulder to make her pull off with a sexy groan. “What, did I… MMMMMPHHH??” Maya was cut off when her fellow Siren grabbed that long hair in order to pull her into an intense kiss. Making them both moan as their eyes closed and lips started rubbing together. Blue battling against red and with plenty of tongue action so they could swap spit as well as moans. Maya reaching down, pulling the redhead’s top up to expose her gorgeous tits while Lilith reached behind her smooching partner. Unclipping the bodysuit at the neck so it could be peeled off to expose Maya’s equally desirable breasts.

“You two, uh, done this before??” Samuel questioned, staring at the sight of two Sirens making out, just breaking for a moment so Lilith’s top could be properly removed before their mouths met again. “Not that I’m complaining...” He said, his smile lazy like he was high from just the sight of two of the galaxy's sexiest females lip locking like there was no tomorrow.
“Mmmmmm...” The two eventually broke the kiss, looking up at Samuel with almost matching, filthy smiles. “Maybe? Maybe not…” Lilith teased as she stood up, starting to slide her pants down. “Maya did say something about Siren sister bonding after all these years...”
“What she means is yeah, we totally did it a couple times...” Maya shamelessly admitted, also taking off her lower clothing. “Just uh, don’t mention it to a certain ‘Meat Bicycle’ obsessed Psycho back on Pandora… Wouldn’t want to break the big guy’s heart...” She said with a wink.
“I uh, yeah, sure!” Samuel agreed. As usual not understanding exactly what was going on but going with it anyway. “So… Which one of...”

“Oh, you’re fucking Maya first.” Lilith decided for them. Pulling the other nude woman onto her as the two fell back onto the bottom bunk of his room with the blue haired of the two on top. The two laying lengthways but with Maya’s legs off the bed, leaving her ass sticking invitingly out. Lilith wasting no time as she gripped onto Maya’s bust with her hands. “Gonna show my Siren sister here what tricks I’ve picked up over the years...” She added with a big grin. Shifting down so her face was in line with those mounds as she started to suck on Maya’s tits. Getting the beauty from Athenas moaning as her nipple got licked and sucked on. Returning the touch in a way as one of her hands went onto Lilith’s tit to give a grope.

“Yes, Ma’am!” Samuel grinned, moving behind Maya as he happily followed the orders. Pushing his cock into the already wet pussy of the returning former Vault Hunter, making her moans loud and clear just from the first push in. He gripped her hips, starting the motion that got him groaning out from the tight, hot feeling all around his cock. Knowing how top notch the love tunnel of a Siren was to begin with, but the feeling here just as good as ever. Perhaps even more so, considering he was working in and out of a snatch that seemingly hasn’t gotten the kind of action that Maya and her stunning body deserve for many years.

“OH FUCK!! MMMMMM… Oh shit Samuel! MMMMM LILITH!!” Maya groaned out in delight. Looking back at the man fucking her from behind but running her hand through Lilith’s hair so both knew she greatly appreciated their sinful efforts onto her. Pushing her ass back against the thrusts into her snatch, looking to get that big dick deep into her needy slot as she took the firm round of nicely paced thrusts. “Ahhhhhhh… MMMMM!! FUCK!! Fuck!! I’ve fucking missed this!!” She moaned out. Not giving a clear hint as to if she meant his fat and long cock stretching her tightness out, or the talented tongue work being done to her nipples by the woman she was on top of. Just as likely she was talking about sex in general, but she was moving like the art of red hot action was second nature to her. Smoothly shifting back and forth to take the pumps from the man in this threesome while making her tit bounce against the pretty face of the female sucking away on her boobs.

“Mmmmmphhh! Mmmmmm!” Lilith wasn’t getting off easy however in this. Moaning around the nipple she was sucking on when she felt Maya’s free hand moving between her legs. Finding the crotch of the Firehawk and slipping digits in side to start to firmly finger-bang the other beauty. Going in to the knuckle already, and a motion made easily smooth thanks to how wet Lilith was already just from having sucked a guy off and now playing with a fellow Siren’s tits. The redhead certainly appreciated the touch. Hips grinding against the hand to help with the motion while her own fingers stayed gripping Maya’s just as gorgeous set of breasts for further squeezing and licking.

“MMMMMM… Fuck! I’ve fucking missed this… AHHHHH!! Amazing pussy of yours, Maya!” Samuel grinned as he pumped. His muscular waist smacking off Maya’s rounded backside as she rocked back to meet him. Filling her up with every thick inch of his cock when he buried himself into her moist twat. “AHHHHHH… How the Hell I end up in… MMMMM!! Things like this, I have no fucking clue! MMMMM!!” He claimed between groans, even though he knew full well that without the power of Pandora’s Heart he wouldn’t last a minute with either of this stunners on their own. Instead, he’s wisely taking advantage of the enhanced sexual ability needed to satisfy such powerful women of the Borderlands. Getting to enjoy a choice of visual treats as part of this three-way fun. Either right down at his crotch, watching his length vanish inside of some snug, wet pussy. Or across to watch some lesbian action as the redhead slurps away on the tits of the blue-haired beauty on top of her.

“MMMMM!! Ooooooooh yeah! MMMMMM FUCK!! This… UHHHHH!! Was well worth the fucking wait!” Maya groaned out as she closed her eyes. Her long blue hair swinging back and forth. Letting herself just be bounced against Lilith from the stiff force of the pumps entering her snatch from behind she was taking. Still making sure to keep the currently powerless Siren under her pleasured as she briskly worked her fingers in and out a pussy only a fraction less damp than her own twat. “MMMMMM… SHIT!! Almost makes me wish… MMMMM!! I didn’t have a disciple… So I could just do this all fucking day!” She shamelessly admitted with a wide grin. Getting back to pushing herself against that pumping rod so that sinful smack of her body meeting the lucky hunk’s rang out around his room here on Sanctuary III.  Still finger-fucking the other former Vault Hunter so she was encouraged in turn to keep sucking on her now saliva-coated tits like she was starving for a meal.

“MMMMMM...” Samuel moaned, pulling out of that wet pussy. “Disciple? You mean that weird kid?” He questioned, watching the two Sirens go at it a little more as he smiled widely, as likely any man would getting to witness such a sight.
“H-Hey! Ava’s not weird!” Maya stated, leaning up as she looked back at him. “She’s a damn good kid, and she’s going to be a Siren one day.”
Lilith, with reluctance, pulled off from Maya’s tits. “What’s the matter, Killer? Don’t like the rookie?”
“Something about here… Gives me the creeps...” Samuel mused. As if he sensed a feeling of impending doom relating to Maya’s young apprentice.
“You won’t be saying that when she’s a Siren and you’re taking orders from her!” Maya said with confidence. “Now less talk about her. You’ve got another Siren here to take care off...”

He wisely agreed to the plan. Watching as the two women changed into a new position. Now the redhead on her back with legs spread apart as he quickly got between them. Slightly kneeling to get in line with her from the angle she was at on his lower bunk. Wasting no time in being back inside the Commander of the Crimson Raiders to fill up her tight, wet pussy with a single thrust. Pumping back and forth as he moaned out and held her legs apart by the ankles to allow both a smooth entry and letting him stare down at the sight of fucking a woman who he should be taking orders from instead of fucking.

At the same time, Maya had mounted the gorgeous face of her fellow Siren. Lowing her dripping wet pussy down to those red lips as Lilith eagerly reached up to hold the thighs of the woman now on top of her. The height of the bunks making Maya lean over, reaching up and around to hold the metal between the bunks for support as she started moaning out. Lilith making her vow from earlier on true as she showed the other woman what kind of tricks she’s learned. Sliding her tongue nicely deep into that twat as she started to roam and explore. Instantly tasting the sweet juices of a member of the same sex and from the groans Lilith gave, it was clearly a familiar taste sensation. One that easily kept her going to lick away more as Maya moaned her approval.

“MMMMMM… Fuck her good, Samuel!” Maya encouraged as she moaned and smiled. Staring down to watch the cock that had just been balls deep inside of her now pumping away at another woman’s snatch to fill Lilith up sinfully. Getting to reap rewards from that banging herself as every pump the redhead took made her tongue lap away at the blue-haired beauty’s slot for a truly steamy three-way. “MMMMM… For the Commander of the Crimson Raiders… AHHHHHH! Lilith’s acting more like Moxxi than she is Roland...” She groaned out, shifting back and forth herself against Lilith’s mouth to keep the pleasure strong from the girl-on-girl element of this threesome. Her long hair swaying as she shifted her body back and forth in time with the work of the tongue pushing up into her folds.

“MMMMM… SHIT! She’s still… UHHHHH!! As tight as fucking ever!” Samuel groaned his approval without shame. Sweat starting to form over his hunky body as he pumped swiftly and deeply into a familiar piece of pussy, but one that still feels as tight and good as ever as he bangs the woman he takes direct orders from in the Crimson Raiders. Making it look right now like he’s the man in charge, as she stuffs Lilith full with his cock while she dines away on Maya’s twat like it’s second nature to her. “Not that… MMMMM! You weren’t as good either of course! AHHHHHH FUCK!!” He quickly stated, knowing better than to dare get on the bad side of a powerful Siren, even though only one of them women in front of him currently has her abilities currently. It’s not stopping him from driving swiftly in and out of Lilith’s snatch to give her the kind of fucking she can easily handle. One that he would have never been able to deliver without the aid of that sex-enhancing Relic he has equipped.

“MMMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM...” Lilith was too busy munching away on a tasty snatch to care about Siren hotness or tightness rankings. The juices from the woman on top of her coating her bright red lips and dripping slowly down her chin and off the sides of her mouth. Not full up yet as she kept darting her tongue in and out of those folds to drink down all the tasty fluids she could. Her own body shifting on the bunk bed as she jolted each time she took another thrust to the hilt from the man involved in this bisexual threesome. Lilith couldn’t of course see that cock going to work, but the feeling of her love tunnel getting filled up to the limit by him, and far from the first time either, kept her moaning away into the pussy being rubbed over her still hungry mouth and talented tongue.

“MMMMM… FUCK!! I’ve so… UHHHH!! Fucking missed this...” Maya purred, using her free hand to reach down and grope her own chest while she took the eating out from a fellow sexy Siren. That hand soon moving downward onto the other woman’s snatch that Maya was staring at almost like she was in a trance. Loving watching that fat and long prick pounding away into a woman famed for her power and battle ability. The blue-haired stunner letting her fingers dance around the sides of Lilith’s folds to enhance the pleasure. Soon centring on the clit, using a finger to circle around and then brush across the nub. Making the redhead let out a muffled moan louder than she already had been into her fellow female’s pussy. An unapologetic smile on Maya’s face as she repeated the motion again. Moaning herself from the skilled tonguing she was getting at the same time.

Eventually, Lilith pushed Maya by the ass from her face. “Fucking dirty trick there, Maya!” Lilith smirked, giving the other Siren’s rear a smack for good measure.
“Oh? You ain’t seen nothing yet yourself, Firehawk!” Maya replied with a grin, before turning to move on top of her. Making Samuel step back as he watched the playing fun that was going on.

“...Fuck!!” Samuel exclaimed with a grin. Witnessing perhaps the hottest sixty-nine in Borderlands history as Maya got on top of Lilith. The positioning of the women allowing one of the trails of Maya’s long blue hair to hang completely off the bunk to rest on the floor as she pushed her face right between her fellow Siren’s thighs. Lilith returning the favour with a matching hunger as the two beauties went at it like this was the first time either had gotten any action in years – and according to the beauty on top, that statement appeared to be true. Muffled moans were heard as they pressed coloured lips onto the lower ones of their lesbian fuck-buddy. Tongues sliding in for savouring taste, even though Lilith has already been showing off her clear skill in eating another woman out for what already seemed like an eternity.

The two women forgot about the third player in this sexual encounter as they enjoyed eating one another out. Not purely out of lust however, but because he’d taken a moment to retrieve a bottle of lubricant that had been left over from a previous encounter he’d had with Mad Moxxi not too long ago. Applying some onto his cock before he moved around towards where Lilith had her face stuck between Maya’s thighs. Spreading the returning Siren’s butt cheeks apart before squeezing some lube out onto her tight asshole. A groan escaping the blue-haired stunner soon followed by a moan as Samuel skilfully used a finger to work the fluid into her back passage. Leaving Maya with both her lower holes getting worked over much to her groaning approval. But not quite enough to make her stop munching away on Lilith’s just as wet and tasty pussy compared to her own.

That was until Maya felt that big, thick cock sliding between her cheeks. “OH FUCK!! AHHHHHH!! MMMMMM...” She jolted back, taking his shaft into her tight passage as he began to slowly thrust. Letting her adjust to the invasion that left her groaning as her hands gripped onto the sheets of the bunk bed she was getting fucked on. Still moaning thanks to the lashing tongue work being delivered to her snatch while she got her backside filled with cock. “FUCKING SHIT!! AHHHHHH!! YES!! FUCK… MMMMM!! FUCK THAT ASS!! FUCK!!” She yelled out without any shame at all. Now actually shifting her body back and forth, working her ass along the cock being sent into her asshole. Forcing her face back down into the other woman’s crotch to resume the task of eating her out, but now struggling to have the same technique and pace that she’s getting in return. The feeling of having her ass pumped and stretched one she’s clearly not used to, but her moans showing she’s loving this sudden anal experience.

Underneath, Lilith wasn’t complaining about the mistimed licking being done now to her pussy. A wide smile as she kept her tongue stuck up into the returning Siren’s slit to keep those tasty juices flowing and coating her mouth. Her vision masked my the beauty on to of her, but knowing full well some ass tapping was going on up above. Which is she Lilith clamped her hands onto Maya’s ass, taking over the job of spreading those gorgeous cheeks apart to make the anal action that little extra sinful. Leaving her to do some thrusting of her own with her tongue to send it quickly in and out of the folds of the still powered Siren she’s clearly very familiar with when it comes to some lesbian fun.

“MMMMM!! Oh shit!! MMMMM!! So… UHHHH!! So fucking good!” Samuel stated the obvious, as he’s prone to do, between his deep moans. Staring down, watching his dick vanish into the shapely rump of Maya as Lilith gripped and spread that backside for him. Allowing not just the clear view of the action, but a nice smooth entry as he worked his inches deeper into that tight, pleasurable tunnel. His balls occasionally brushing against Lilith’s forehead as she kept eating Maya out like she’d been starved for days. His focus on driving in deep as he started to pick up the pace now that the blue-haired of the women was used to having his fat, long sock stuffed up her butt.

“AHHHHHH FUCK! FUCK YESSSSSSS!! MMMMMM!! FUCK THAT ASS!!” Again Maya pulled off from her pussy eating to unleash some dirty talk. Tossing her hair back so that the long trails of blue flung back, and rather impressively Samuel was able to grab onto both strands with his hands. Grinning, he started tugging. Making her jolt into his cock roughly so the slap of her ass hitting his crotch rang out while he fucked that booty nice and deep. Leaving her groaning in delight as she allowed herself to be rag-dolled against his cock and the face of Lilith underneath her. “FUCK!! FUCK YES!! CUMMING! G-GONNA… OH FUCK!! CUM!! YESSSSSS!!” She squealed out. Eyes rolling upward and a wide smile on her sweat-coated face as she suddenly came. Leaving Lilith almost almost gargling as a fresh wave of juices was sent flooding into her hungry mouth. The redhead gulping down as much as she could, but plenty of it cascaded down the sides of her mouth to drip along her chin, neck and onto the sheets of the bottom bunk they were fucking on.

“UHHHHH!! SHIT!!” Samuel grunted, continuing to tap that ass as he made sure, along with Lilith, that Maya had an orgasm to remember as he kept pulling on her long blue hair like he was revving up a Cyclone. Making sure she jolted back into his rod until her moans started to finally subside. Letting go of her hair to leave her slumping on top of her fellow Siren for a moment. Getting rolled off as Lilith shifted off from the bunk as even in her own sweaty state, she wasn’t quite finished yet.

“...’Sup?” Lilith grinned, grabbing the lube bottle off the floor before with a sense of urgency applying some to her fingers. Turning around and bending over standing as she pushed the digits into her own backside. Finger fucking her ass and getting herself lubed up, making it clear what she wanted as she tossed the packet carelessly aside, and spread her cheeks with a wide grin case over her shoulder.

“I think I know...” He grinned, thankful again that Pandora’s Heart allows him to survive the tightness of one stunning ass before getting a piece of another equally sexy, if not even more so, backside. Pushing his cock into her asshole, they both moaned out when greedily she shoved herself back with a grunt to force his length deep into her. Rocking back on her heels to meet the thrusts as she got her ass fucked. Her tits bouncing underneath her as she moaned out. Feeling her back passage being wonderfully stretched by that familiar cock. The currently powerless Siren looking more suited for a XXX-Rated ECHOnet video than being the leader of a resistance movement as she took a big, fat cock between her rounded ass cheeks.

“FUCK!! MMMMMM!! FUCK YES, SAMUEL! FUCK THAT ASS!! AHHHHH!! YOU FUCKING STUD!! MMMMMM!!” She begged even as she got exactly that. Keeping her ass spread apart so that cock could slide in nice and deep with a quick, smooth and firm motion. Like her back passage was all too familiar with the size of this invading member. Showing no care about the fact this cock had just been balls deep inside of another woman. “UHHHH!! D-DEEPER! COME ON, MOTHERFUCKER!! FUCK THAT ASS!! MMMMMM!! FUCK… FUCK ME!!” She groaned out as the sweat dripped off her gorgeous body. Strands of red hair sticking to that pretty face as she stayed staring over her shoulder at the man she should be giving orders to as the Commander of the Crimson Raiders. Instead of being banged up the ass by a man who should be at the bottom of the command chain.

If Lilith thought that her ass being filled up felt good, then she got it turned up to another level when Maya returned to the fun. Inviting herself to kneel beside the other two as she clamped her hand between the redhead’s thighs. Stuffing fingers deep into Lilith’s soaking crotch to make her arch and toss her head back with a moan of delight. Maya grinning as she gave Samuel a wink before starting to briskly finger bang the other Siren’s pussy. The sloppy sound of squelching juices being heard along with the moans and the clap of Lilith’s ass meeting the crotch of the man standing behind her. Lilith left gritting her teeth, trying to keep focus and staying bent over in position as she now took a double teaming.

Samuel himself was sweating hard, having used plenty of energy and then some to try and satisfy two horny Sirens at the same time. A task that would have been impossible for him if not for the boosts granted by Pandora’s Heart. His chest heaving as he steadily worked his dick in and out of that tight, shapely ass of one of the most feared Vault Hunters of all time. Keeping her ass jiggling each time he delivered a balls deep thrust to fill her up and keep her moaning. Her cries of delight of course amplified by the finger fucking that Maya was delivering to her at the same time that made this threesome all the more hotter to be a part of. A grin plastered on his own handsome face knowing how lucky he was to be the one to make both of these beauties behave in such a wild, sex-drunk fashion.

“FUCK! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUUUUCKK!!” Not exactly poetic, but fitting for the moment from Lilith as she came hard all over Maya’s fingers. Her ass clamping around Samuel’s cock to leave him groaning in delight at the intense feeling. Similar to her fellow Siren, the redhead’s eyes were staring upward as a lazy but satisfied smile rested on her still juices-coated lips.  Her own snatch leaving Maya’s digits soaked as the fluids dripped down her wrist and all the way onto the blue tattoos on the arm. “UHHHHH… FUCK… MMMMM!!” Lilith purred in pleasure, jolting as she took another couple of thrusts between her cheeks before the man behind her pulled out to leave her asshole gaping sinfully. Maya soon following suit, pulling her soaked fingers out with a squelch to make Lilith groan. But before Lilith could stumble, Maya actually reached up and pulled the other woman down so both of them could kneel.

Just as well, as Samuel began furiously stroking his shaft. Aiming it as the sexy sight of two grinning, already sweat-soaked Sirens staring up at him. Their grins and licks of coloured lips more than enough to set him off as he pulsed. Groaning with a tilt of the head as he started to unload. The first shots of hot spunk landing onto Lilith’s facial features, some catching into her flaming red hair as her cheeks and nose got a covering. Then moving to let Maya take a few blasts to make her groan
as her lips and cheek took the splattering. Pumping himself dry as he switched between the two so both got a sampling of his seed to leave their faces more than generously coated. Making it look like they’d been finished off on by a group of men rather than the one (secretly powered) hunk as both beauties got a glazing from his dick.

“Mmmmmm… Fuck… Yeah, I’ve fucking missed this...” Maya said with a low moan. Reaching up to wipe spunk away from her eyes before greedily popping the collected jizz into her mouth to swallow it down.
“Yeah, he’s a good moral booster to have around, right?” Lilith said with a smirk. “Nice job, Killer. I really needed that.” She added, looking up before she moved to stand.
“Heh… My pleasure as always.” Samuel said as he grinned. “So totally beats getting shot at!”
“You still say that? Guess some things never change...” Maya commented as she stood up as well. “Guess we’d better get cleaned up.”
“Of course...” Lilith turned her gaze to the other woman. Grabbing her by the waist to pull her in, before she ran her tongue up Maya’s cheek to steal the spunk off of her.
“...Oh yeah, we’ll clean up!” Maya grinned, before returning the favour with a lick of her own and a groan to match.

Samuel just stood and grinned. Using the distraction to unequip Pandora’s Heart to be on the safe side as the two Sirens finished up. Thinking that even with all the trouble and war going on with the Children of the Vault that getting the chance to screw two stunning women at the same time meant that things couldn’t be all that bad. With Maya back in the Raiders and allies in Atlas, the tide of the war was starting to turn.

...Then why did he have a sense of impending doom about Maya and her disciple?

* * *

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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, places, universe, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the characters etc referenced in this story. I am making no money as the result of writing this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Featuring: Moze (Borderlands 3)

Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Part 16

A Borderlands video game erotic story

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

* * *

“Wouldn’t want to be in charge of redecorating this place...” Samuel remarked, poking at the tear left in a lavish painting hanging on the wall at Jacobs Manor of one of Wainwright’s ancestors. The bullet holes left in the artwork, wall and the rest of the room the remains of the war between the Children of the Vault and Jacobs’ supporters alongside the Crimson Raiders. Countless amounts of damage done to this building and the planet of Eden-6 as a whole. While the battle here against Aurelia Hammerlock had been won, the war across the galaxies was far from over.

“Hey! Someone out there to pass me a damn wrench here, or what??” A female voice down a corridor yelled out. Spooking Samuel to dust off his constantly it seemed dirty attire before he headed down the way. Following the sounds of grunting and metal clanging.

Entering a room usually reserved for ballroom dancing, it seemed more like a mech lab with oil splattered everywhere, stray nuts and bolts across the floor, and tables on the verge of collapse from heavy metal parts resting on it. The main centrepiece being the feared Iron Bear mech in mid-service and seeing an arm stretching out trying to grab a wrench, it was no surprise who would be under the machine.

“Here you go, Moze.” Samuel said, kneeling down to scoop up the wrench and pop it into her hand. “Not sure what made more of a mess around here. You fixing up your mech here, or those COV creeps with all their awful spray paint.”
“Ha! Funny, Samuel!” Moze yelled from under the machine, before the sound of bolts being twisted back into place were heard. “If you saw how much ass me and Iron Bear were kicking out there today you’d know the answer.”
“Oh, I heard it even from the ‘Guest House’...” He replied, moving back as after a few more twists she pushed herself out from under her mech. Frowning for a moment as he looked over at the parts table to distract himself

Moze, the Gunner class Vault Hunter got up to her feet. Clad in the familiar military-style attire expected of a former Vladof army Gunner First Class. A black, zipped jacket with a heavy, metallic shoulder pad. Olive green pants with a thick utility belt with spare bullets and equipment holsters. All of it fitting perfectly to her toned, athletic frame and topped off with a bullet-strapped helmet on her short, brown haired head to go with the black ‘war paint’ stripes under her eyes.

“Hey! Chin up, rookie.” Moze said, smacking his arm to snap him out of his thoughts. “We ain’t dead yet, and there’s plenty of those COV bastards to use as target practice.” She added confidently as she grabbed a cloth to wipe the oil off her fingerless gloved hands.
“Yeah, true...” Samuel agreed, but not completely cheered up. “It just… Sucks, you know? First we lose Maya, then we ended up having to take out Hammerlock’s sister. Not that I guess she was really close to us in the first place, but still...”
“Yeah, I get it kid. War fucking sucks.” Moze said with a grunt of annoyance, showing she knows it all too well. “I went through a bullshit contract, having to fight ever battle from each side of the six galaxies. Only to be sent on a fucking suicide mission that killed my entire squad.”
Samuel blinked, stunned into silence by both her brutal honesty and what she’s had to go through. “Uhhhh… Y-Yeah, you’ve had it worse then me then. Way worse.” He offered.
“Nah, it ain’t like that.” Moze stated, coming back over, giving Samuel a punch in the shoulder than while light, still made her buck backwards. “What I’m getting at is that you’ve been through bullshit losing Maya. I’ve been through bullshit, and everyone does. With this crazy cult stuff? We’ve got at least a shot of ending some bullshit for while before the next comes along. That? That sounds like a war damn worth fighting for.”

“Huh. Yeah, you’re right.” Samuel said, nodding his head. “Thanks, Moze. I needed that.”
“No problem, soldier.” Moze replied, putting her hands on her waist. “So, we gonna fuck now or what?”
“I, uh…” Samuel blinked, processing the sudden, blunt request. “Fuck yes! I mean, yeah, sure, if you want...” He said.
“Good! A day of making freaks super dead gets a woman all worked up!” She smirked, turning to head towards the side doors of the room. “Been hearing about this ‘Stud of Sanctuary’ nickname of yours. Kinda offended you’ve been making me wait...” She added over her shoulder. “And don’t give me no ‘saving the best until last’ crap either! Lucky for you, there’s at least one solid looking bed around here the COV didn’t manage to shoot up or… Well, you don’t wanna know.”
“O-On my way!” Samuel said. Quickly equipping the Pandora’s Heart Relic that he knew he’d need in order to fuck with such a stunning, tough as nails beauty, before he hurried to catch up with her.

* * *

Taking command of a spacious guest room and its King Size with posts bed, clothes were scattered across the floor while the Crimson Raiders members went at it with a steamy sixty-nine to kick of their fun. Moze, with just her signature helmet still on her head, was naturally on top, bobbing away on the long, fat cock of the fully naked Samuel underneath her. Not even using hands to grip his length as she just let her surprisingly soft lips run back and forth along his thickness. Making herself lustfully groan as his inches slipped past her mouth to explore her throat, making her sinfully gag but showing her tough nature she didn’t ease up for a moment as she sucked away.

“Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmmm!!” Samuel moaned into her twat as his hands roamed over her toned and nicely rounded backside. His mouth clamped onto her folds as his tongue ran across and around her entrance to already taste forming juices. Feeling the pleasure from the Gunner’s mouth working briskly up and down his pole, and returning the favour with tongue work of his own. Already getting his lips coated from her sweetness as he made her groan around his man-meat. Smiling into her as she pushed her crotch back into his handsome face for a demand without words to get his tongue into her. A command he was all too happy to comply with.

“Mmmmmmm! Gahhhhh… Mmmmmm...” The gorgeous Vault Hunter moaned, feeling his tongue sliding into her slot to probe and explore, giving a glance back with a sexy smirk around his shaft before she went back to slurping away onto him. Making the saliva drip down to his balls as she worked back and forth with the skill more expected of a porn star than an army corps veteran. Her eyes closing to both focus on this oral task as well as enjoy some likely long overdue pleasure from the hunk she’s on top of. Working her gorgeous frame against his desirable body as her perky tits glided over him for a bonus sensation as she rubbed her snatch into his hungry mouth. That husky gagging sound escaping from her once again as she plunged her face down onto his impressive weapon to show it’s not just mechs or guns that she can handle well.

“MMMMM!! Mmmmmpphhh!! MMMMM...” His tongue was deep into her, tasting the juices and drinking them eagerly down as his face was buried into her. Hands groping her butt cheeks while his tongue lashed around inside her tunnel to make the beauty on top of him keep letting out those muffled moans in between her gagging from the repeated deep throating. His skilled technique partly from him living up the somewhat reluctant nickname of the Stud of Sanctuary that’s been award to him. But mostly thanks to the sex-enhancing Relic that he secretly had equipped. Allowing him to work over her wet folds quickly and repeatedly as that pussy gets rubbed over his mouth in a firm, needy fashion.

“GAAHHHHHH!! HHHHHLLLLKKK!! GAHHHHHHRRRKKKK!!” Saliva was cascading down his fuck-stick now from the harsh gagging. Moze putting herself through a battle as she plunges her face right down to make her nose press into his balls. Filling up her throat with his delicious cock while her moans vibrated around his size. “MMMMMMPHHHH!! HRRRRRLLLL… GAHHHHHH!!” Even as her eyes watered up she didn’t stop, going back to the hard rhythm of face fucking herself on this man’s cock. The tears making her warpaint smear and run for an added visual treat. As if the feeling of her warm, wet mouth sliding up and down over his length wasn’t enough. Her short hair swaying as she worked her oral hole deeply along that fat cock in a motion that would easily finish off even an experienced war general in under a minute.

Lifting her head away from his crotch, Moze let out a long moan as she gazed back with approval. “Fuck yeah… You ain’t no fucking rookie at this, that’s for sure!” She stated the obvious as she shifted forward to take her pussy away from his tongue.
“Not to brag or anything, but I haven’t heard any complaints yet.” Samuel replied with a grin, watching her move into the next position.
“Oh? Get a girl to slobber over you and suddenly you’re a cocky bastard, huh?” She smiled back, moving to straddle his cock as she faced him, placing hands on his chest. “Let’s see if you can handle this… It’s not just Iron Bear that I enjoy riding!” She warned, reaching down to line his cock up with her more than just warmed up snatch.

“MMMMM!” He moaned out in time with her as she sunk down, bringing his cock deeply into her slot with just the first motion, and not stopping there either. Getting right to work as she started to bounce on his pole with this cowgirl position. Their moans now echoing around this room in the Jacobs Mansion that they’ve taken over to become their personal sex den. “I can… MMMMM!! See that you know how to ride!” Samuel stated the obvious, watching her body go to work as his cock vanished up into her before a few inches reappeared as she lifted upward, before dropping straight down to already make the smack of their bodies connecting ring out. The tough as nails beauty showing she was more than capable of getting wild outside of a battlefield as she already broke into the steady, smooth motion on his long, fat cock.

“MMMMMM FUCK!! Damn… AHHHHH!! Damn right I fucking can!” She moaned with a wide smile. Her nails teasingly running over his chest before she took a moment to readjust her helmet still sitting on her head as she bounced away onto him. Taking his length nice and deep into her wetness and despite how tight she was, she was showing a Size Queen nature to her with how easily she was taking all that thick dick up into herself. “MMMMM!! I’ve never quit a battle yet… War or otherwise!!” She bragged between her moans. Groaning out when she drove down and connected with his crotch to fill herself up with his member. Staring down with a sinful lick of her lips, shamelessly enjoying this no-strings-attached encounter with a fellow Crimson Raider as her moans and how wet her twat is all around him further proved.

He didn’t even need to lift a finger. Letting the stunning Gunner class Vault Hunter ride away onto his pole as she was likely scratching an itch rarely taken care of for a woman more used to the battlefield than the bedroom. And yet, she was showing off the sort of sexual ability more expected from a Brothel worker than a war veteran. He wasn’t going to complain of course. His moans showing how much he was loving how her snug, moist love tunnel was shifting up and then swiftly back down onto his cock. If it wasn’t for Pandora’s Heart boosting his sex drive and stamina, he wouldn’t have lasted a minute much like other men in this position. He could thank the Relic, once again, for allowing him to not just enjoy this red hot encounter but help give her the kind of fuck she and her smoking hot body truly deserve.

“MMMMMM!! Oh yeah! You fucking like that, huh rookie??” Moze grinned again, looking down as she brought her bounces to a stop. Teasing him as she leaned forward, pressing her perky, rounded tits against his toned chest. Allowing her to grind her snatch down onto his crotch to easily keep them both moaning. “I bet a dirty soldier like you loves taking orders… MMMMM! From a horny bitch like me...” She added to keep the dirty talk coming before she leaned back up to fully mount him once again. “Then you’d better earn your keep if you want to really screw me! Come on! Give me that fucking dick!!” She demanded, resuming her bounces to make that smack of her body connecting with his sound out once again.

“Yes, Ma’am!!” He smiled, giving a quick salute before he did as ordered. Thrusting up, meeting her downward motion so he could stuff her nice and deep much to her moaning delight as her eyes closed and head tilted back. Almost threatening to make her helmet fall off as she took the extra level of pleasure from not being fucked by the cock she’d already been bouncing away wildly on. Her tits jiggling nicely in time with the jolting she was now doing. Her fingers almost threatening to scratch over his skin as her hands roamed. Her pace still brisk and firm, but the pleasure enhanced as each time she dropped down his rock pumped straight up to send his balls slapping into the bottom of her pussy.

“MMMMM YEAH!! OH FUCK!! MMMMMM!!” Her eyes were half-closed and lustful for another stare down at her sudden lover. Licking the top of her teeth as her toned, athletic body shifted up and down like a lift powered into overdrive. Sweat starting to form over her and further make the dark stripes of war paint smear under her eyes. The least of her worries right now as she kept her wet snatch raising and lowering on that pistoning rod underneath her. “AHHHHHH… FUCK!! If only… MMMMM!! Every fucking debrief I had ended up like this!! MMMMM!!” She said between groans as she perfectly matched his pace and timing. Ensuring the slap of her meeting those stiff pumps echoed around the Guest Room they’d taken over. Strands of her short brown hair poking out at the front of her helmet falling out of place from the wild pace she’s been keeping up since the start of this cowgirl position. Just showing how much she’s clearly been needing a good time over and above the ongoing battles she’s been a part of.

“MMMMMM… Oh yeah… You’ve been living up to that codename of yours, Stud...” Moze said with an approving tone. Groaning as she lifted herself up and off from his shaft in order to dismount.
“I’m still, ah, getting used to that nickname to be quite honest...” Samuel admitted.
“You should take it, kid. Use what works.” She gave him a smirk as she went onto her hands and knees on the bed. “Take me for example. Would you rather keep introducing yourself each time as Moserah Hayussinian Yan-Lun al-Amir Andreyevna? Or just go with Moze?”
“I… Y-yeah, let’s stick with Moze.” He wisely agreed for time’s sake as he moved up behind her.

“Yep, I knew you were a smart one...” She teased, looking back over her shoulder. Soon moaning again when that big cock slotted right in past her slick folds with a single motion so his crotch was once again pressed into her nicely rounded backside. Now from behind in this classic doggy style position as he took a hold of her hips and started to thrust. “MMMMM… And fucking good… AHHHHH FUCK!! Good fuck too! MMMMM!!” She moaned out, eyes once again going half-closed with desire and approval. Already her body working to meet his motion. Shifting sharply back to get that smack of skin hitting skin ringing out as she pushed her snatch back onto his incoming cock. Even in a position that the one behind her should be in charge of, she was still making sure she was in sinful command of this sexual ‘mission’ as she rocked back and forth to make her hair sway and her helmet shift slightly on her head.

As anyone would be in his position, he was more than happy to let the stunning Gunner keep a hold of the reigns. After all, all he had to do was just do as ordered and he’d get plenty of pleasure. Just like right now, as he got to experience her tight, wet snatch gliding swiftly and smoothly along his manhood as she pushed back with power and desire onto his rod. Hell, with how rough she was going at him to make them both moan out he probably afford to ease off the gas himself a little. Instead, and quite wisely considering how obviously worked up and into this she is, he kept stiffly thrusting into her snatch to fill her up deep. Making her rounded butt cheeks jiggle with every contact as they met his crotch again and again.

“AHHHHHH FUCK!! FUCK!! MMMMM… OH FUCK!! MMMMM!!” Hardly poetic, but more than fitting for the occasion as Moze groaned out lustfully over and over. Still looking back over her shoulder at the man she was ramming herself back onto, while he plunged into her twat balls deep into her tightness. The woman famed for piloting her Iron Bear mech acting rather machine-like with how perfectly timed, paced and stiff her shifting motion was to meet his equally hard pumps. “OH SHIT!! MMMMMM… That’s… UHHHH!! That’s the fucking shit, right there! FUUUUUCKK!!” She gasped out. Her hands gripping the bed sheets tightly as she continued to rock back and forth like a woman possessed. Sweat starting to drip off her nose as the pace took its toll on her. Yet refusing to ease off the wild tempo of this sexual encounter. Gritting her teeth as she refused to give up just yet. Wanting to drag out and enjoy as much of this banging as she possibly could, and getting no complaints from the hunk behind her either.

“MMMMMM… Glad… AHHHHH… I’ve lived up to the mission brief! MMMMMM FUCK!!” He joked, playing off her military background as he continued to groan and thrust into that snatch being pushed back into his length. The sweat easily forming over his desirably body as well from the effort needed to try and give this hardened stunner the kind of action she can clearly take but has rarely, if ever from the current state of her, ever gotten. However, with his experience in having gotten to pound many Vault Hunters before in the past he could tell he’d need to change tactics to ensure she got hers in this encounter. “But I’m afraid… MMMMM!! I’m gonna have to change the mission objective here...” He said between his moans. Reaching forward and catching her by surprise. Grabbing one arm and then the other, pulling back so she was made to still kneel on the bed but now her upper body suspended above the sheets as he rammed his cock hard into her needy slot.

“AHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS MMMMMMM!!” Her eyes fluttered close and her mouth hung open, almost drooling with delight as the woman so used to giving orders got triggered sinfully by losing her control of this banging. Her pussy tightening in reflex while her body shuddered on his cock. Groaning as her arms were pulled back, keeping her in place to jolt forward each time his rod slammed home into her love tunnel. “FUCK! FUCK!! FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUCK AHHHHHHH!!” Now she couldn’t even push back and command the pace like she was used to, and a part of her loved that so much she lost herself in the erotic moment. Her head hanging down, but helmet barely managing to say on her as she groaned out and the sweat dripped to further stain the sheets of the grand bed they’d been fucking on.

Without ceremony, Moze came hard on that pistoning cock. Her teeth clenched and eyes half-opened to show they were staring upward in delight. A flood of juices flowing over that long, fat cock driving her wild and soon dripping down to make even more of a mess on the bedsheets. All she could do was rock forward and take it, held in place by the grip on her wrists as she took the pounding she’d likely been hoping for since the start of it. A fact proven by when he pulled out of her well fucked hole she groaned out, soon collapsing onto the sheets once he released her and she squirmed for a moment in the blissful afterglow of an intense orgasm to remember.

“You… You OK there, Moze?” Samuel questioned, moving over the bed and placing a hand on her shoulder to check he hadn’t over fucked her.
The question was answered when she gripped his wrist. Sitting up for a moment as she glared at him with a flaming desire. “Fuck. My. Face.” She demanded, before already deciding the position for him as she rolled towards the edge of the bed. Her arms going back and down, pressing onto the top of her helmet so in this upside down position with her head hanging off it, she kept her helmet in place.

“Yes, Ma’am!” He grinned, happily accepting the order as he moved into position in front of that gorgeous, already covered in sweat face of hers. Her mouth already open to accept his weapon so he stepped in and groaned as her lips sealed around his tool as she sneaked in a couple of slurps before he got to work. Thrusting stiffly and quickly, feeling his own limit not too far away, so he didn’t plan on holding back. Figuring that was likely what she was wanting anyway as she held herself in place to take the face fucking. Allowing him to enjoy staring down and seeing that pretty face as his crotch moved back and forth towards her to leave him moaning out.

“HHHHRRRRKKK!! MMMMMMPHH!! GAHHHHHH!!” Her gagging started off again between muffled groans. Her eyes closing not just from the feeling of her throat being filled up again, but as her saliva began seeping out from over her lips once again like at the start of this encounter. Her war paint soon becoming further ruined to the point of almost entirely being rubbed off from the saliva dripping down her face. Seeping over her closed eyes and trickling under the rim of her helmet to become matted into her short, brown hair. “MMMMMM… HHHHHLLLKK!! GAHHHHHH HHHHRRRKK!!” She groaned and choked, but never once made a move to stop. Seemingly wanting to keep the sinful sight of her helmet still being on there as an element of this face-fuck. Certainly making her look far removed from the tough and hard military veteran she is as she took that pistoning cock between her lips. As if the sight of her sweat-covered, naked body and the juices trickling down her inner thighs weren’t enough already.

“MMMM!! FUCK!! Oh shit… MMMMM!!” Samuel grunted as he felt his cock start to pulse inside of her snug, wet throat as he pumped in and out of her still welcoming oral hole even after this second round of oral punishment that she’s very willingly taking part of. His own frame shining from the sweat to show how much effort he’d put into giving her the high level of sex the former Vladof First Class Gunner needed. “UHHHH!!! MMMMM… Not gonna… MMMM!! Last long, Moze!” He warned as he moaned but kept on pumping. He knew she’d feel his rod throbbing as it passed in and out of her oral tunnel, but he didn’t plan on easing up. Sending his balls smacking into her face and brushing occasionally against the edge of her helmet as he groaned out. Staring down to watch his rod vanish into her mouth and make her throat bulge. If not for that headgear she’d resemble a veteran deep throat pornstar instead of the army heroine she used to be.

Of course, she didn’t want him to stop and he didn’t plan on it either. Resulting in the inevitable conclusion as he let out a deep grunt. Unloading into her throat and making her choke again as she had to quickly gulp down his seed, without getting even a taste of the first shots. So much of a load however that it soon splattered up and her mouth soon became filled up. Now not just saliva seeping out past her lips, but thick cum too to ooze down her gorgeous face as she tried but failed to greedily swallow his jizz down. In fact, he couldn’t help but pull completely out as he stroked off. Sending shots of his oversized load (another benefit of having Pandora’s Heart equipped) not just to splash over her face to go with the spit and tears already there, but shooting onto her helmet as well to drip down for a fitting branding to complete the sexual mission she’d commanded. Even if in such a cum-covered finished she more resembled a woman who’d been dominated rather than calling the sinful shots of this all.

“O-Objective, fucking completed...” Moze almost purred with a wide smile. Licking her lips for another taste of his seed before she rolled over in order to sit up on the bed. Letting go of her helmet so it stayed naturally on her head. Or at least as naturally as headgear dripping with cum much like the rest of her face can be.
“Heh… I’ll say!” Samuel said, giving her a big salute and a smile to match. “Glad to be of service, commander...” He said, playing along with her dirty talk and military references.

“Ah, you two are done fornicating in there, are you?” The prim, proper and posh voice of Sir Hammerlock called out from behind the door.
The two in the room quickly jumped back. “H-Hammerlock??” Samuel questioned, instantly covering his crotch up even though the door hadn’t opened.
“I didn’t want to disturb you, that’s all. And the fact that heterosexual intercourse doesn’t exactly interest me as I’m sure you understand… But Wainwright says a pack of those vile creatures called the COV are on the prowl outside the grounds. If it’s not too much trouble, perhaps you’d like to join in the hunt?”
“ETA – Two minutes!” Moze called out, suddenly rushing to grab her clothes. Not looking too worried about the spunk still on her.
“Splendid! And, uh, Samuel?” Hammerlock added through the door. “If you ever decide to, play for the other side as they say? Do give myself or Wainwright an ECHO message...” He said, and sounding as serious as ever with it.
“...That’s… I’m taking that as a compliment.” Samuel said, scratching his head before he decided to similarly get his clothing back on. Making especially sure to not leave Pandora’s Heart equipped around the Mansion. With no offence intended, of course. “Yeah… Let’s go with compliment...”

* * *

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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, places, universe, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the characters etc referenced in this story. I am making no money as the result of writing this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Featuring: Tina (Borderlands 3)

Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Part 17

A Borderlands video game erotic story

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

* * *

The Technical drove though the dusty tunnel, pulling in to the side road and heading through the seemingly undefended gate into a small settlement of sorts, fenced off with some buildings. The big sign at the side of the gate reading ‘BOOMTOWN’ in scrawled paint and contrasting drawings of bombs and bunny rabbit heads. Although there was one driver of the Technical, there were no other passengers and the back of the truck the flatbed was packed with unknown items. All covered up by heavily secured cloth and several straps to keep it all in place.

The truck parked up into some open space at the side of one of the buildings before Samuel, the long suffering Crimson Raider and able enough hand for the Vault Hunters and Commander Lilith stepped out. Wiping sweat off his forehead as he walked along the truck. Briefly lifting up the sheeting, and peering in. Seeing that an old Underdome sticker he’d used had slipped off, revealing the Hyperion logo underneath so he quickly reattached it in place to disguise likely stolen technology. Clipping the sheets back in place before he stepped back to stretch.

“Gonna take a couple trips to get this stuff back up to Sanctuary III...” Samuel said out loud to himself before he moved back to the door. Pulling out a Rakk Ale he’d stashed in the pocket. “But if this all works out, then it will be so, so worth it.” He noted, before pulling out a pistol from his holster and using the little view-sight at the end of the barrel as a bottle opener to pop open the lid.

At least, he planned to take a sip of a well deserved drink. Until he head the clinking of something else, and saw a grenade slowly bouncing towards him with dangerous intent. And paint job of bunnies on it. Thinking fast, he threw his bottle at it and against all probability the smashed bottle managed to make the grenade bounce the other direction as it soon exploded.

“SHIT!!” Samuel exclaimed as he rushed away from the vehicle and its cargo, soon attracting more bouncing weapons of death in his direction as he outran them. Explosions going off behind him as he dodged around in almost a circle, looking up to see them coming out of a window from one of the Boomtown buildings. Taking a new risk as he dashed into that ramshackle building and slammed the door behind him. Taking deep, worried breaths as he pulled out his gun, ready for a showdown.

“YOU JERKBUTT!!” Tina, the now all grown up and far from Tiny (but still extremely insane and dangerous), explosives expert of the Crimson Raiders dropped down from the upper floor to the ground in front of Samuel. The leader of the ‘B-Team’ of Raiders was clad in pants with a thick belt with a bomb pouch at the back and side, and a bunny ‘toy’ at her other hip. Metal body armour up top with a chunky yellow ‘spiked’ shoulder pad, and a bunny ears headpiece with a bunny-style Psycho mask at the side of her blonde with pink tips at the back hair. Her footwear and socks mismatched and pants legs deliberately tied to different legs to fit each type of footwear.

“Jerkhead! Jerkface! Mega Jerk! Double Jerk! MEGA JERK!!” Tina yelled in her angry voice as she stormed forward. The smaller woman looking up at the confused and worried man with clear rage as she put hands on her slim hips. “You… I thought you were one of the good ones… A real chocolate chip! But you?? You… You’re a RAISIN!!” She snapped with a glare and a pout.

An awkward silence following as Samuel didn’t know how to react to the unpredictable beauty. “Uhhhhhh… I’m sorry?” Samuel offered.
“Oh, I see. Sorry, is it?” Tina used a sing song voice as she backed away. “The loyal footsoldier of the Crimson Raiders believes that just showing up and saying sorry will be enough to get back into the good graces of the Queen of Boomtown, does it?” She now spoke in an over the top, regal voice before turning to glare again as she stomped her foot. “NOT GOOD ENOUGH BUSTER!! Sorry ain’t gonna cut it for what you did to me!! Y-You… You were always one of the nice ones… AND LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO ME!!!” The unhinged woman switched between sounding like she was going to cry and then to that intimidating yelling.
“What did I do?!?” Samuel threw his hands up, completely confused by this all.

“...W-Wedding?” Samuel tilted his head a little, staring now in disbelief. “You mean the fake wedding you pulled to round up your exes to kill them and rake in the money from their gifts for yourself?” He recounted, having heard about that incident but not being a part of it.
“It. Still. Counts.” Tina claimed, hands on her hips again like she couldn’t believe Samuel didn’t understand why she was so upset about him not attending her fake wedding. “And. You. Did. Not. Show. Up. At. My! WEDDING!!” She yelled. Her left eye briefly looking out to side due to her intermittent exotropia as she talked.
“But it wasn’t even a real wedding!” Samuel pointed out as he stepped forward.
“THAT’S NOT THE POINT!!” Tina yelled back in her crazed fashion.
“You held it on another planet!” He continued to poke holes through her argument.
“Irrelevant!” She claimed.
“You sent me an invite a month after it happened.” Samuel sighed, growing a little tired of this conversation that was clearly one sided.
“Not my fault that Mordy-Mom was slacking of sending my mail out.” Tina brushed off the claim, once again standing right in front of him.

“OK! OK… So I, uh, missed the wedding. What do you want from me? A late, make-up Wedding present?” He questioned, looking back at her pretty and certainly now very legal face compared to when he’d first joined the Raiders many years ago.
“Hmmmmph!” Tina refused to answer verbally, but gave him a little lingering look that seemed to indicate that he was on the right track with this.
“OK… So what can I give a young, single woman who loves explosions and random hip-hop slang...” Samuel mused out loud, rubbing his cheek for a moment thoughtfully. With her back turned to him, Samuel found his often lusty mind looking down at her modest, cutely rounded butt. “Hmmmm...” He stepped back, quickly but silently bringing up his equipment menu. Equipping that mysterious Pandora’s Heart relic to boost his sexual ability and desirability, before closing the menu up. “Well, Tina...” He stepped forward, placing a hand confidently (even as a risk with how unpredictable this woman is) on her clear shoulder. “Maybe I can give you a gift that’s more of the ‘banging’ kind than the ‘boom’ you’re used to?” He said with a cheesy line and a far from subtle tone to match.
“...Playa?” She slowly looked back over her shoulder with a little sly smile. “You ain’t bein’ a chocolate chip yet, sucka… But yo’ fine ass just upgraded from bein’ a stink’ raisin.” Tina said with a slight lick of the upper lip.

Before he knew what was happening, she’d suddenly turned around and shoved him into the nearest wall. Dropping down to a squat in front of him and reaching up to quickly undo his equipment belt. “I mean, seriously girl? How many hints does a girl gotta drop before you start askin’ for a fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine ride with dis fine momma?” Tina asked in her unusual inner-city, hip-hop speech pattern.
“I, uh… Guess I misread the signs?” He offered with confusion. Not seeing how her threatening his life with live grenades equalled trying to get a hook up.
“Damn straight you did, sucka! Now shut dem flaps of yours. Let old suga’ momma Tina take care of dis big old pimp cane I heard yo’ sexy ass be packin’.” She said, as she pulled down his pants along with his boxers.

Her eyes widening, even with the brief left eye looking to the size lazily for a moment, with approval and pleasant surprise as his hardening, long and thick cock. “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn girl!!” She grinned as her gloved hands took a hold of him. “You got a licence for this lethal weapon of yours?” She commented as she stroked back and forth along his size, getting him full hard as she looked up. “I dare say a weapon of this vast size belongs more on a tank good Sir than cruelly contained within thy trousers.” She added in her odd British royalty tone.
“Uhhhhh… I’ve had no complaints yet!” Samuel said with a little smile. Proof of that being all the previous conquests he’s had across the Borderlands including a couple of Sirens.
“Yeah, I heard. It’s like the worst kept secret of the Raiders that you’re the village bike. Every girl’s taken a good hard ride.” She noted with a smirk. “Now shut that pretty mouth of yours up. Lemmie show you what a competitor of the Sex Olympics of Eroticon 6 can do...”

Before he could question if that even was a thing, Tina opened her mouth and took his shaft inside with a hungry groan. Wrapping her surprisingly full and soft lips around his meaty pole as she pushed downward. Groaning as one hand stayed at the base of his cock to hold him in place. The other gripping the bottom of his shift as she lifted her blonde haired head back up. Staring up as she started to slurp with a smooth, steady motion to at least prove already she was no novice when it came to sucking dick. Even managing a wild flick of the tongue against his underside as she took his fuck-stick in and out of her oral hole.

“Mmmmmm… Damn! Tina… Fuck that’s good...” He stated the obvious as he stared down at that gorgeous face sliding up and down along the top half of his pole with ease. Her bunny ears flopping slightly from the already energetic motion the unpredictable demolitions expert was using on his thick cock. “Guess I should have… Mmmmmm! Picked up those hints of yours sooner...” He played along with her insane mindset. Especially if it meant enjoying how wet and warm her mouth was surrounding his inches. The woman squatting in front of him working over his tool with experience and technique of a woman twice her age as she briskly bobbed away. Easily coating his size with her surprisingly for such a wild, crazed woman, soothing saliva as it slightly dripped.

“Mmmmmmphh!! MMMMM!! Mmmmmphh mmmmmmm...” Already Tina had lifted a hand off from his base. Sliding it down under her pants as she slowly rubbed herself under her panties. Already turned on just from dishing out a blowjob as her eyes locked up with clear desire for the stud that she knows had fucked plenty of her fellow Crimson Raiders before her. “MMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM!! HHHHHHLLLKKK!!” As her fingers danced unseen over her lower lips, she pushed her full and pouty ones down further onto his prick. Starting to lustfully gag around him as she wasn’t satisfied with just having him in her talented mouth. Forcing him further into her throat even as she gagged and sent more saliva over him. Perhaps a sign that her former male boyfriends weren’t packing anything close to this size of dick.

The lucky guy getting this head from the leader of the self-proclaimed B-Team of the Raiders wasn’t complaining. Groaning out as he watched that face slide up and down along his rod. Making his shaft vanish into the tightness of her wet throat as she slurped away. Spit down dripping down onto the armoured top she wore as her bobbing briskly continued. Those bunny ears of her headpiece swaying back and forth in time with the movement of her head with her blonde hair shaking a little. His arousal unfazed even when her left eye looked to the side as her intermittent exotropia kicked in briefly.

“GAHHHHHH!! MMMMMPHHHH!! HHHHHRRRLLLLL!!” Tina continued to gag away loudly and without shame as the saliva oozed over her lips to trickle down like a sticky waterfall. Her self-pleasuring only getting quicker as her oral motion got more sinful. Her nose soon touching his crotch and her chin leaving more spit onto his already coated balls. Deep throating as she stared up. Eyes not even watering for a second like she was more suited as a porn star than a violent, explosives loving freedom fighter. “HHHHHLLLKK!! MMMMM!! GAHHHHH!! HHHHHRRRKK!!” She gagged away, twisting her head from side to side as those cute bunny ears flopped about. Grinding her full lips around the base before she resumed the slow, savouring sucking motion. Lifting up to the halfway point before pushing back down to his nuts with a loud slurping sound. Moaning around his pole as she rubbed away at her wet snatch and easily making him groan out his shameless approval with every suck she administered.

Lifting away, Tine groaned before smiled. “Mmmmmm… Most splendid! Delicious, even!” She complimented in her regal voice. Trying to act post as she held his cock with a pinkie sticking out, but the look more than a little ruined by her saliva coating her chin and chest plate. “But methinks it is time for the main course, don’t you think my well endowed friend?”
“Hell yeah!” Samuel wisely agreed. “Uh, I mean… Of course, your highness?” He less than wisely tried to with her random changes in speech patterns.
“Girl. Shorty. Lover-lover boy. I loves ya, but on the down really for sheezy? Leave the talkin’ to the experts, K’?” She scolded as he tapped the end of his cock with a finger as she stood up. Reaching down as she unclipped her belt, lowering it, her pants and her panties to the floor. Kicking off her footwear too so she was half naked with her already wet pussy exposed. “Now come give T-Swag some of that good old bazooka lovin’ like you been doin’ to all my girls.”
“Yeah, that’s… That sounds like a plan.” He said with a nod, watching as Tina assumed the position as she went up against the wall, bending over to stick her ass out with spread apart legs.

While Tina was nowhere near as curvy as the likes of Moxxi or Lilith, she was still damn gorgeous and he had no problem stepping up behind her. Breaking the golden rule of ‘Never Stick Your Dick in Crazy’, he pushed his thick, saliva-coated cock into her already wet pussy. Moaning at the snug feeling all around his tool as he took a hold of her slim waist. Easing himself in and out as he felt from that snugness that she wasn’t used to taking a huge rod of this size. So doing the sensible thing and letting them both adjust to these new sensations. Him being in such a piece of young, tight pussy and her handling a dick with such length and girth to it.

“MMMMMMM!! Oh yeah, girl! That’s the shizzle for rizzle, Sam-izzle! MMMMM...” She moaned her approval between her odd speech choices as she held herself against the wall. Looking back with a smile and clear pleasure as she watched his cock slide back and forth into her box. Her dampness only increasing in her love tunnel as she’d more than warmed herself up with the previous self-rubbing as she blew him. Now that same cock that had been deep in her mouth now stuffing into another of her equally pleasurable and clearly far from inexperienced holes. “AHHHHHH… Oh yeah! You want the boom? MMMMM… Well, I gots the boom! MMMMM!” She purred the last part with a sinful tone as she showed what she meant. Pushing back against his pump, helping him work all those inches deeper into her snug twat.

“MMMMM FUCK… Yeah, I want that, uh, boom, Tina… AHHHHH...” He said, staring down. Seeing his cock vanishing forward into her tightness before reappearing as she picked up the pace a bit now that she was handling being stretched by his size. Watching that cutely rounded butt push towards his crotch as she bucked back to further show her experience in getting some action. “MMMMM… SHIT! Yeah, that’s some… MMMMM… Some good damn pussy right there...” She shamelessly said. Hands sliding up her sides for a moment over the top armour she still had on, half dressed as he was, before he went back to securely hold her by her midsection. Groaning with approval as he pumped in and out to fuck a fellow member of the Crimson Raiders. Even if she was potentially the most unpredictable, unhinged member which still covers a lot of ground just on Pandora.

“AHHHHHH FUCK!! Yeah, give to your girl something good, biiiiiiiiiiiiitch!! MMMMM!!” She offered her own unique brand of ‘encouragement’ as she continued to rock back and forth to take his fat length nice and deep into her wetness. Moaning with a wide smile as her modest but rounded ass started smacking off his toned body as she took him to the hilt. “Ooooooooooh YEAH MMMMM!! Y'all blowin’ my dumbass exes right out of the water, sucka!! MMMMM!! And trust me, I know about blowin’ a couple them out the water… MMMM!! Ya feel me, playa??” She moaned out sounds of pleasure amongst classic rambling nonsense. The ears on her rabbit headpiece flopping still as her body shifted backward to meet the next stiff pump into her folds. Soon jolting forward towards the wall she was bent over in front of. The force of his pump along with how taller and heavier his frame was making her petite frame roughly move forward. Perhaps not surprisingly, her constant moaning was showing the crazed stunner wasn’t put off one big by a bit of roughness.

“I, uh… MMMMM… I think I’m doing that already? MMMMM...” Samuel knew better than to dwell too much on the ranting of the long time Crimson Raider since the dark days of fighting as the resistance to Handsome Jack. Now she’s all grown up, but still insane, but importantly for a known skirt chaser like him very down to fuck. All good for him as he pumped briskly in and out of her snatch. Making her ass cheeks ripple when his body connected with hers. The sharp smack ringing out around this run-down building that forms part of Boomtown. His thrusting motion easily keeping the no longer Tiny beauty moaning out as he plunged over and over into her slot with his lengthy shaft.

“MMMMMM...” Tina groaned as after another quick round of pumps that big dick was pulled out of her snatch. “Shorty? You a full stack of wafflecakes...” She purred as she turned around. “But you gonna pour some syrup on dat ass! Mmmmm!” She added with a nod. Thinking she was making perfect sense with what she wanted next instead of the strange, American inner-city talk nonsense she just spouted.
“...No, you lost me there, Tina.” He admitted as he stepped back.
“I. Said. Pour. Some. Syrupondatass!!” She just repeated her nonsense before she thankfully let actions do the talking. Jumping onto her newfound fuck buddy and wrapping her legs around his toned frame.
“...Ah, of course. How, uh, stupid of me.” Samuel lied as he just went along with it. Lining his cock up with her snatch to push back in before gripping her by the rump. Having no clue if that’s what the insane beauty meant or not.

“AHHHHH… Let’s get this bazooka firing, girl!! MMMMM!!” The blonde announced as she wrapped arms around his neck. Using the clutching hold on her body to start lifting herself up and down on his pole before he even got a chance to start thrusting. Sending them both moaning out loudly as she effortlessly took his shaft balls deep into her wet and willing twat over and over. Getting that slap ringing out around the abandoned building once again as she now impressively controlled the pace even in a position usually seen as dominate for the male. “MMMMM!! Gonna plant this big old thick tree… MMMMM… Real fucking DEEP in my lady garden, bitch!!” She groaned out, starting to sweat as she put plenty of effort into riding the biggest dick she’s ever taken in her eventful to say the least life.

“MMMMMM… Holy fuck! MMMMM… Yeah, that’s real good, Tina...” He moaned out the approval. Loving how her tight, wet walls were hugging his cock perfectly as she took him in and out of her box. Staring at the gorgeous face of the young beauty who had her limbs wrapped around him. Seeing the pleasure etched on her while occasionally her left eye went ‘lazy’ and darted to the side briefly. Of course, too caught up in the pleasure of her snatch working back and forth over his tool to worry about something as trivial as that. All he had to do was hold her in place as the insane stunner did all the work to fuck herself on his meaty prick much to both their groaning delight.

“OOOOOOOOOH FUCK!! MMMMM!! Yeaaaaaaaaah girl!! Workin’ that ding-a-ling right into my vajayjay! MMMMM!! Gettin’ that discostick deep in my poontang! MMMMM!! FUCK!!” She rambled and grunted as she bounced away. Those bunny ears on the headpiece still on her blonde haired head flopping about while she briskly rode his shaft with a burning lust. Her armour-covered chest sliding against the still clothed body of the man she was bouncing away on. “MMMMM!! Big old love truncheon! Right in my muff!! AHHHHHH!!” Acting like they’ve been lovers since the day she became legal, instead of the half hour that this no strings attached action has been going on for. Her snatch soaking wet but still nice and tight so the motion of taking him in and out with her series of quick bounce ensured they both moaned away no matter if she was lifting up or dropping sharply down with a groan.

Perhaps in an effort to distract himself from her questionable language choices that the crazed woman is known for, Samuel gripped her butt firmly as he stopped letting her just use up all her energy that seemed endless to begin with. Starting to thrust upward with perfect timing and stiffness. Meeting her downward pushes by sending his shaft straight up with a sharp smack into her slick snatch. Their groans getting louder as he made especially sure she was stuffed full with his member. Quite unlike any experience before with any of her previous exes, male and female. Sweat forming now too over his desirable, half-dressed body as he pumped in and out of that snatch sliding along his pole.

“MMMMM!! We goin’ HARD AND DEEP IN THIS MOTHER!! MMMMMM!!” The beautiful but deadly explosives expert moaned out. Leaning in to lick the side of handsome face of her fuck buddy before pulling back with a wide smile. Groaning again as she impressively for a woman of her slim and small size and younger age managed to keep this intense, pornstar pace going to bounce away on that big cock plunging up into her again and again. “AHHHHH FUCK!! Don’t lie to me, shorty! MMMMM! Yo’ fine ass knows… MMMMM!! Ain’t nobody but your girl T-swag… UHHHHH!! Can’t handle a one-eyed, purple-headed, blue-veined, trouser snake like I can!! MMMMMM FUCK!!” She rambled again. Licking her lips in approval as she finally brought herself to stop, catching her breath. Not completely taking a break however as she began grinding her pussy down against that still thrusting rod. Ensuring they both kept moaning out as her snug pussy still hugged his rod with need and desire, coating him with her juices with every pump.

“MMMMMM… I don’t understand half of what you’re fucking saying, Tina...” Samuel admitted, pulling out again of her pussy with a groan. “But damn, you’re one Hell of a fuck.”
“How wonderfully romantic of you to say, my dear Samuel… You have such a way with words, and use thy sword most magnificently!” Tina spoke in her over the top royal accent this time as she dismounted his body to stand on the ground.
“Uh… Nothing but the best for you, my lady?” He offered with a fresh confusion at her constantly changing speech patterns.
“Damn skippy, girl! Y'all gonna give me that sweet, sweet, sweeeeeeeeeeet good stuff like you been givin’ to all mah other girls.” She said back in that ‘normal’ (as it gets with her) slang-based talk. Turning around as she moved down to get onto the ground onto her hands and knees. “I mean I know I ain’t got those big old gazongas like Moxxi be packing. Or the fine badonkadonk like Lilith be rockin’. Or even the…”

As Tina rambled on, Samuel just moved down behind the still naked from the waist down beauty. Sliding his cock back into her now familiar, tight and wet snatch to cut her words off with a loud moan. Going in balls deep with just the first thrust as he held that slim midsection again. Pumping briskly in and out and already doing so stiffly. No need to hold back now that they both know she can take his massive fuck-stick into her tightness. Once again the smack of his nicely muscular, taller body connecting with her petite but gorgeous body ringing out to mix with their moans in the air and echo around this old, run-down building that’s a part of her ‘base’ known as Boomtown.

“MMMMM FUCK!! OH YEAH!! MMMMMM!! NICE AND DEEEEEEEEEEEEP MMMMM!!” The crazed blonde moaned out as her bunny ears of her headpiece flopped back and forth in time with the jolting movement of her body. Rocking forward each time a stiff pump was sent stiffly into her box from behind. Looking back over her shoulder with a wide, lewd smile to show she was loving getting finally nailed by a man she’s known for years as part of the Crimson Raiders. And now she’s well of age to get some the action she knows most all the other women he’s come into contact with have gotten. “MMMMM!! Nice and deep, fuck me up! Or I’mma feed you to my Skag pup!! MMMMMM!! Just a rap song I’ve been workin’ on.” She rambled again, with words that might kill the mood for anyone else. Thankfully she’s got a well known skirt chaser who is more focused on pumping away with his fat cock than listening to her insane babbling.

“MMMMMM… Wait, what was that last part? AHHHHHH FUCK!! Never mind! MMMMM FUCK...” He grunted as the sweat started dripping off his face. Keeping his grip firm on her toned waist as he started to pull her sharply back against his thrusts. Easily using his superior strength to bring her back against each and every harsh pump he sent into her box. Filling her up to the limit and being rewarded both by her loud moans of approval and the sensations of her tight, wet walls of her love tunnel still snugly gripping his pole. The superior sexual technique that the Pandora’s Heart relic gives him being used perfectly here so he can give the out of her mind but drop dead gorgeous blonde the kind of fucking she deserves.

“MMMMMM FUCK!! AWWWWWW YEAH GIRL!! MMMMM!! GETTIN’ CLOSE, BITCH!! GONNA BRING THE BOOM ALL OVER THAT BIG FUCKING BAZOOKA!! MMMMM!!” She gasped out. Mouth hanging open and moans pouring out so that when her left eye looked to the side due to her intermittent exotropia, it actually looked like she was just getting fucked silly. Such was the intense pleasure stuck across her sweat-coated facial features. Loving every moment of being fucked by the older, very sexually experienced man taking her from behind. “UHHHH! MMMMM!! Nothing like… MMMMM SHIT!! Getting fucked by a dude I’ve known since I was Tiny… And now my fine ass is all grown up! MMMMM!! CHARACTER GROWTH, BITCH!!” She rambled again between her loud, shameless moans. Sweat dripping off her nose down to the dusty floor before as she took this hard doggy style pounding like a pro. Her blonde with pink tints hair all over the place and messy from the repeated rocking back and forth and her under shirt clinging to her upper body beneath the armour she still had on.

On Samuel’s part, he just had to block out the mad ramblings of his latest gorgeous fuck buddy as he pumped away. Staring down to see her cutely rounded ass squish up against his crotch each time he hauled her sharply back into the latest balls deep pump he was delivering into her. Focusing on the pleasure her still tight and soaking wet pussy was giving him each time he either slid firmly in between her lips or pulled a few thick inches out of her. Groaning out as his chest heaved and likewise his clothing on his upper body sticking to his frame. Thanking the mysterious, sex-enhancing Relic he had equipped for giving him the ability to last with this unhinged stunner. Breaking the golder rule of ‘Don’t Stick Your Dick in Crazy’ with every thrust he sends into the moaning blonde on her hands and knees in front of him.

“OH YEAH! OH YEAH!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAH SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAA MMMMMM!!” Tina screamed out loudly, tongue flicking out as her eyes rolled upward in delight. Pussy clamping around that thick pistoning cock as she came nice and hard over Samuel’s cock. Her limbs shaking from the intensity of the orgasm rippling through her petite frame, but thankfully his grip on her waist ensured she was staying up in place. Taking more hard pumps as he helped her experience all of this intense sexual high. Banging her through it for a ‘boom’ unlike the explosives she’s more used to. “MMMMMMMM FUUUUUUUCK… Shorty… MMMMMM! You da best… You, you da best… MMMMMM...” She purred her approval as she gasped for air, coming back down to Pandora when he eased his cock out from that well fucked, dripping with fluids snatch. Her juices dripping off his inches as she moved back to stand up after completing his job with satisfying her.

Or so he thought. When she shifted quickly around, grabbing his legs and grinning up at him. “Good job, girl! But I ain’t finished with yo fine ass yet.” Tina stated, taking a hold of his cock and starting to rapidly stroke him off. “What you thought I was gonna be a hater and leave you hangin’? You know T-Swag better than that...” She added. Not caring her gloved hand was getting sticky with juices as she rapidly jerking him off as she knelt in front of him. “Come on! Make it rain, sucka! Make it rain!” She demanded as his cock pulsed in her grasp from the stroking. “Makeitrainmakeitrainmakeitrain!!”

“MAKE. IT. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN!!!” Tina yelled out with a grin as she got just that with a rainfall of hot, sticky cum splashing down across her pretty facial features. Catching across her cheeks, nose, lips and chin. Seed landing a little into her blonde hair and across her bunny ears headpiece as well for an extra sinful sight. So much warm, thick jizz that it started dripping down onto her chest plate even before she’s finished stroking out his load. Licking her lips to steal a taste of his seed as she pumped. Expertly using a finger to wipe spunk away from her eyes once his was drained, letting go as she sat on her knees with a big smile. “Yeah… That’s the shizzle for rizzle, girl.” She said. Scooping up some cum from her chest and popping it into her mouth with an approving taste. “Huh. Not bad. Nothin’ like a plate of cookies, but it’ll do!”

“Thanks, I think?” Samuel said, looking over the mess he’d made on the crazed beauty.
“No worries my girl! Yo’ fine butt passed the test.” Tina said as she casually stood up, even with a thick load dripping off her face. “You is a fine chocolate chip, and don’t you forget about it either.”
“Glad that’s, uh, cleared up.” Samuel said. Still a little confused about this all. But happy to have fucked another stunning hottie of Pandora and the Borderlands. “Any time, Tina. Any time.”
“Damn straight! But uh, speakin’ of cleanin’ up? We gotta make our way to splitsville and keep this on the down low. Like the down, down underground low, you feel me? If Brick-a-brack and Mordy find out about this? It’s uh, gonna hurt my street cred. And they probably gonna beat your butt up. And by probably I mean they gonna try and kill yo ass. For reals.” She warned, and even with her odd speech choices it was clear she was serious about her fellow B-Team members. “They been talkin’ about if you tried somethin’ on me since, you know, ya tend to fuck anything with a cha cha, and I ain’t talkin’ dancin’ here.”

“...Uh, I’m just gonna, like, go now Tina in that case.” Samuel wisely said, moving to quickly grab his pants and get dressed again.
“Catch you on the flip side, sucka!” Tina gave a wave and a big smile as his load coated those lips. “Oh, and next time you come for a booty call with ya girl? Bring Skag Treats! My baby boy Enrique needs his foods!! I won’t throw grenades at you next time! ...Maybe.”

* * *

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Re: Borderlands: Pandora's Heart
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, places, universe, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own Borderlands or any of the characters etc referenced in this story. I am making no money as the result of writing this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Featuring: Tyreen Calypso (Borderlands 3)

Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Part 18

A Borderlands video game erotic story

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, inter.

* * *

“Well, that went smoothly enough… Apart from the infestation of angry, flesh-craving animals living in a nest there...” Samuel commented to himself as he grunted, pulling the door shut as he left the hidden, abandoned Hyperion hideout. Brushing off the dirt from his already stained and well worn pants and shirt as the Crimson Raiders soldier and frequent job runner for Vault Hunters and the like seemed to be doing another mission of his own. Especially as he smiled, patting what seemed to be a keycard-like shape in his back pocket.

“Now, I have to do is head back due North to get back to Roland’s Rest, and I can act like I’d never teleported down from Sanctuary III in the first place...” He said to himself again as he walked towards the Technical vehicle he’d left parked outside.

Or at least, that was the plan. Until a massive death bolt of flaming energy rained down from the sky and shattered the car into flaming pieces as Samuel hit the deck to avoid the flying debris. “HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!” Was his loud but fairly reasonable reaction as he scrambled up to his feet, pulling out a pistol from his hip holster.

A fresh blast but blue this time of a Phaselock as appearing out of thin air was the menacing form of the co-leader of the Children of the Vault, Troy Calypso. Smirking with sinister intent as his robotic hand flexed before curling into a fist. “Well, well… Look at this… A Crimson Traitor out in the wild.” The arrogant man and ‘half Siren’ said, unfazed by the raised gun pointed at him. “This should make for some decent B-roll footage for the next ECHOCast...” He said as his flying orb camera circled around his intended victim.

“I, uh...” Samuel stepped back, knowing he was out-powered here even just one on one. “Uhhhh.../ THINK FAST!” He yelled, tossing his gun at Troy.
“Seriously?” Troy’s robotic arm easily grabbed the pistol. “Did you think...” He was about to brag, suddenly seeing a sudden, large cloud of dust in his face, blinding him as he staggered back. A less than honourable, but effective, well placed punch below the belt doubling over the COV leader among that unnatural size of dust.
“Yeah, Action Skills… Pretty handy...” Samuel was standing with the gun back in his hand, aiming at Troy’s head. “Only reason I escaped that Raid Boss’ cave years back… But I think I’m gonna make Lilith real happy by...” He started to say, before another blast of red landed down behind him. “...Uh oh.”

Turning around, he was clutched by the neck and hauled off the ground as he gasped. Staring down to see the other Twin and the self-proclaimed God Queen of the Children of the Vault. The charismatic, beautiful but ruthlessly dangerous Tyreen Calypso clad in her over the top long coat, jacket and pants. The arm holding Samuel up to choke showing her feared Siren Tattoos of blue running down her dark toned skin.
“Almost impressed there, kid. Almost.” Tyreen smirked with a dark stare up at the struggling man as his gun fell to the ground. “But my little Bro is, you know, between meals. A little weak shot like that wouldn’t faze him usually. But damn! Creating, like, a cover of dust as a skill? I’m gonna enjoy messing with the Vault Thieves with that!” She bragged with a laugh.
“Not if I kill that little bastard first!” Troy snarled as he got up, clutching himself a little.
“Oh relax, not like this is going out live…” Tyreen rolled her eyes, not caring that her victim was gagging in pain from the lack of oxygen. “So, just for kicks’ sake, what’s your name, loser? Having a name for the clips helps with the ECHONet views.”
“S-Samuel!!” He choked out as his gritted his teeth, his flailing legs starting to lose energy.

Hearing that, Tyreen suddenly dropped him as she took a step back. Her eyes a little wide as she looked over him. “Woah woah woah!! Samuel?? As in… Like, the STUD of Sanctuary Samuel??” She demanded, placing a hand on her hip.
“Y-Yeah… That’s me...” Samuel said. That nickname his frequent sexual escapades had earned him now actually saving his life. For the moment anyway.
“No freaking way!! Little Bro, we’ve got a Grade-A, bona fide celebrity on our hands here!” Tyreen almost insanely squealed in delight as she clapped her hands. “The likes are gonna be off the charts on this one!”
“Who cares! I’m gonna boom, headshot this piece of trash...” Troy said, reaching behind him to pull out a massive, perhaps compensating, huge sword to use as a weapon.
“Oh no you’re not! Do you know who this guy is?? The Stud of Sanctuary? He’s like, boned half the women across the Borderlands! Crimson Traitor or otherwise!” Tyreen stated, turning to face her brother.
“So? Just means he’s got bad taste to bang Vault Thieves… Wait, actually…” Troy lowered the sword for a second. “I think that Hammerlock chick mentioned something about a Samuel...”
“See? Now you’re getting it! Think of the views! The followers!” The God Queen grinned, nodding her white topped haired head.

With the two Calypso Twins distracted with a discussion, anyone else would have tried to fruitlessly fight back, make a desperate run for freedom, or risked bringing up a map for a quick Fast Travel away to safety. Samuel, however, at these kind of moments did not think with his head. He thought with his dick. Bringing up his menus so he could equip the lustfully charged, sex enhancing Relic known as Pandora’s Heart.

“Forget it! Let’s just slaughter him and post the footage...” Troy grunted, raising his sword again.
“Wait! Hey! You guys are the big ECHOCast streaming stars, right?” Samuel had his hands up in a surrender position to buy some time as he pitched his plan. “Video after video of death and destruction is all good and all that… But if you really want to know what will ‘Break the ECHONet?’...Nothing like a good old fashioned staged, ‘leaked’ sex-tap to go from famous to infamous!” He said, putting on his best smile.
“...You are double dead now, you...” Troy went to move, but was stopped when a hand from his sister stopped him. “...Sis?”
“...Sex tape, huh?” Tyreen locked onto Samuel with a new, lusty gaze as the effects of enhancing arousal from Pandora’s Heart even worked on overpowered Sirens like her. “...Sounds scandalous, Superfan...” She said, licking her teeth.

* * *

Back up on Sanctuary III…

“So that’s the plan.” Lilith said in the bridge of the spaceship as she addressed the Vault Hunters and other key players of the Crimson Raiders. “We go in, hit them hard, and make those COV bastards pay for everything they’ve done to us. For everyone, including Maya.”

She was about to say more, then red warning lights began flashing with an accompanying buzzing sound blared out. This causing the ever useless and polarising Claptrap to rush about on the upper deck. “Mayday! Mayday! A new COV broadcast from the Calypso Twins is starting!! We’re all gonna die!! AIIIIIIIIIEEEE!!” The robot yelled before fleeing from the deck altogether.
Lilith sighed, turning to look up at the big screen on the bridge. “On screen. Let’s see what those self-obsessed freaks are doing now...”

* * *

“What’s up all my blood-thirsty, insane freaks out there?” Tyreen grinned as she stood looking at the camera. “God Queen Tyreen, coming at you live again with another view-smashing broadcast live from the dusty Hell-land that is Pandora. But I’ve got an extra, super, special treat for all my fans out there! But before that, I’ve just got remind all my worshippers out there – smash those like buttons, share with all your fellow brainless psychos, and subscribe to get more yours truly into your system. You know you can’t get enough of me, don’t lie to yourselves.” She bragged, brushing  the white hanging hair on her hair with a smirk. “But today? We’ve got a special guest helping me to well and truly ‘Break the ECHONet’ today. Usually, I don’t deal with lesser gangs like the Crimson Traitors… But this stud is an exception to the rule. And when I say stud? I mean the stud… The Stud of Sanctuary. My new Superfan, Samuel!”

Tyreen stepped aside, showing Samuel was indeed there. Naked with his clothes in a pile to the side and his meaty, long cock already rock hard and ready for this ‘show’. “Uh, hey!” Samuel offered with the best smile he could manage. “Great to, uh, be here.”
“Shut the Hell up!” Troy Calypso yelled from behind the filming camera orb he was controlling. “Nobody wants to hear from you, Crimson Traitor...”
“Oh relax, Bro...” Tyreen scolded as she walked back in, looking to the camera. “Sorry about my Brother. He’s just mad the last action he got has been put on ‘ice’ since his girlfriend got… ‘Iced’.” She shrugged, before surprisingly for how dangerous she’s known to be she drops down to squat in from of Samuel. “Anyway, all my murder-loving freaks out there! You know I’m like, super amazing at everything… So let me show you how a Goddess fucks better than any Siren or anyone else out there! Not that, like, any of you will ever get a piece of this...” She mocks, motioning to herself. “But hey, keep watching! And don’t forget to donate your cash and guns to get onto the Diamond Rakk tier of my subscription service to get the VOD of this COV show after broadcast!”

“If you cum in like a minute? You are getting fucking disintegrated...” Tyreen warned Samuel with a glare as she looked up at him. Grabbing his dick with the gloved hand of her Siren tattoo arm as she pumped his already hard member to test him. Leaning in as she stuck out her wicked tongue to slide along the tip, making him moan. A smooth, slow motion around the head to clearly test that she wasn’t wasting time with him. A minute and change passing to confirm at least that part as she swirled around the fat tip. “Huh. Someone actually lasted. Oh wait, you’re not just a weirdo psycho who slaughtered a settlement for me. You might actually have something, Superfan...” She smirked, before leaning in further. Now her dark lips parting as she slipped his fat white cock up into her mouth, sealing the lips around his meaty with a groan as she easily made him moan. Giving him a feeling of her surprisingly soothing, warm and wet mouth for perhaps the cruellest woman in all the Borderlands to date.

“Mmmmmm! I’d like to think so...” Samuel modestly say, as if he could ever match the bragging from the woman starting to blow him as she worked her head back and forth onto his cock. Starting to get him coated with saliva as she took advantage of finally getting a lover who could last as she bobbed over his prick. Building quickly into a steady, smooth pace as she groaned herself. Filling up her mouth with dick.  “Ahhhhhh… This isn’t… Mmmmmm! My first time with a Siren, you know...” He commented before groaning. Staring down to watch the wickedly beautiful face of the cult leader sliding along his pole as she stared sinfully up at him. Her gloved hand twisting at the base as she focused on the upper part on his dick as well. Showing her own building arousal as her tongue flicked up against his underside once in a while as she passed between her full lips.

“You aren’t fucking any normal Siren, idiot...” Troy snarled as he had to watch his sister sucking off a man working for the ‘rebel’ group that’s defying their Children of the Vault. His tone showing he wasn’t happy about this, but did as the woman keeping him alive demanded as he had his camera move in close. Capturing not just the sight of Samuel’s cock sliding in and out of Tyreen’s oral hole but the nasty slurping sounds as the motion carried on at a gradually increasing pace. Saliva starting to drip from his length as she pushed further down onto him and moved her hand away. Tory allowing himself to smirk a little when he saw Samuel jolt a bit when Tyreen placed both hands onto Samuel’s legs, but the ‘half-Siren’ frowning again when it appeared his sister was using those palms to stroke a bit with approval instead of punishing as he wanted to do.

“MMMMMMPHH!! MMMMM… MMMMMPHH!!” Tyreen’s white topped hair swayed a bit as she deeply bobbed her head up and down on this long, fat cock of a man she’s only met today yet is sucking off for a sinful XXX-rated livestream. Plenty of Terms and Conditions being violated here as she blew this cock and left her own chin starting to be coated with her spit as it seeped past her juicy lips. A sexy contrast going on for her dark-toned face moving along a thick pale cock as she slurped loudly and without shame. Especially knowing that this oral sex act was being filmed and broadcast across the Borderlands. Her eyes narrowed sinfully as she stared up. Starting to see that the stories about his sexual conquests in the past, including Sirens like her, weren’t just rumours.

Just as well, giving the hunk being blown a lifeline as he groaned out, loving how her mouth felt all around his shaft as she pushed deeper down. Surprising herself as her eyes widened when she slipped his pole beyond her mouth and into her throat. “GAHHHHHH?!? HHHHHLLLKK!!” Her eyes closed as she experienced deep throating for the first time but moaned around that rod to show she was already a fan of it. Ignoring the pain as she forced that cock into her throat and continued to suck steadily on him. Getting saliva dripping down onto her clothes she still had on as she sucked off this fully naked man that she’s only just met. “HRRRRKKK!! MMMMMMPHHH!! GAAAAAHHHH!!” Her gags continued as her hands slid up and down his legs, lost in her own world of lust that was only enhanced by the Relic he had equipped so she had no idea that those stories about him were all thanks to Pandora’s Heart.

“MMMMMM… Hope this, uh, catches my good side? MMMMM...” Samuel offered as he glanced at the camera recording this all as he got deeply blown by the stunning, dangerous power-draining Siren squatting in front of him. His attention back on just in time as she gave another stare of already intense desire up at him while choking around his dick. Her eyes not even watering as she slobbered away onto him. Leaving spit trickling down to his balls and dripping onto her jacket and the dusty Pandora ground below. “MMMMMM… Guess, uh… MMMMM! Guess it’s been a while, huh?” He offered, seeing how aggressive her blowjob was being as her chin bounced off his heavy balls when she pushed down onto him before raising smoothly up to quickly repeat the action. Still nervous on his part on being able to last, he was sure he could do that, but because of the burning, enraged gaze he was getting from the twin brother of the babe he was getting blown by. Watching from a few feet away as he moaned from his sister’s wickedly hot mouth.

Lifting her head away, she let out a sexy groan fitting for a sex tape before she took in some air. “You think?? You actually took a fucking BJ, Superfan!” Tyreen grinned with a sinister hint to it. “Nobody fucking does that! No one! Oh, you are SO gonna be a keeper! I’m opening up my DMs for you after this!” She said, before she stood up, just to push him down firmly with two hands to make him lay on the ground.
“You’re not actually going to fuck this loser, are you Sis?” Troy sounded flabbergasted as he watched his sister unclip her long coat and toss it back, forcing him to catch it as he gritted his teeth.
“Well, duh!” Tyreen smirked, glancing back before she pulled her jacket open. Showing off more of her Siren tattoos along with her rounded chest with tellingly already rock hard nipples topping them. “You know how long it’s been since I actually came? Like, properly came??”
“Are we counting the times you tried to use a Vault Key as a sex toy?” Troy said flatly, having to watch as his sister continued to undress. Not thinking since he was so pissed off with this that revealing such a thing could be damaging for his sister’s reputation.

“S-Shut up! I only did that like, twice? Five times!” Tyreen snapped, stepping out of her pants. Moving over then down to mount her new fuck buddy for this live sex tape as she lowered her already wet pussy onto that well blown dick that’s coated with her saliva. Soon both of them moaning out as she squatted again over him and placed both hands onto Samuel’s toned chest as she licked her teeth with wicked intent once again. “Oh yeah! MMMMM… Fuck that’s fucking big already! Mmmmmm… Ready for a ride, Stud of Sanctuary?” She ‘asked’ but before he could respond she started going to work on him. Her dark toned body raising and lowering sharply onto his fuck-stick to have them both groaning in delight as she started riding him. Letting the filming camera orb get a clear shot of her tight snatch taking that fat dick that’s been deep in other Sirens, Vault Hunters and many more over the course of his many adventures both here on Pandora and on planets beyond.

“MMMMM… Oh shit that’s tight! MMMMM… Crazy fucking tight...” Samuel moaned out, revealing that her claims about having a lack of action and men who can last was true. His dick being clamped by her snug, wet walls of her tunnel all around as she groaned out with desire. Feeling her passage having to stretch wonderfully to accept an invasion the size of she wasn’t used to. Let alone having someone who didn’t blow a load in a couple of minutes. “AHHHHH… Guess it’s been… MMMMMM… The first in forever that you’ve… AHHHHH… Actually gotten laid??” He rather boldly asks, considering this very dangerous beauty has the ability to absorb life force and powers as a Siren. Once again thinking more with his dick than his brain as he watches her perky, rounded tits bouncing in time with the rising motion of her stunning body. Just laying back to let her do the work since she was in control in more ways than one, riding briskly on his dick in an open, dusty setting like this.

“MMMMMM!! No fucking shit!! AHHHHH!! Fuck!! This is good! MMMMM!! Twenty kill streak, Battle Royale, Tactical Nuke good! MMMMM!!” Tyreen rambled some streamer lingo between her loud, shameless moans as she started to sweat a little from her wild, almost aggressive bouncing motion. Making her rounded backside smack off his legs each time she lowered down to fill herself up with his shaft. “AHHHHH! I can’t get properly laid… MMMMM!! FUCK!! Because… AHHHHH! Because I keep leeching my partners! MMMMM...” She admitted with a groan, tilting her white topped haired head back with lust. Making the man she’s riding hiss out as she dragged the nails of the fingerless glove-wearing hand down his chest. Another lick of her teeth as she let out a couple mumbled words in Spanish under her breath but continued to bounce away.

“And I can’t get laid because assholes like this Crimson Traitor killed the slut I was banging...” Troy bitterly said as he had to keep an eye on proceedings as despite holding Samuel hostage he was extremely willing in getting fucked by the God Queen riding his cock silly to make them both moan. The Twin formerly attached to his sister took no pleasure in watching this shameless sexual action as he moved the camera orb around to behind his sister. Broadcasting the sinful footage across the galaxy of Tyreen’s rounded, dark-skinned booty jiggling with each firm smack down onto her pale lover she delivered. Capturing that and the sight of Samuel’s thick, long cock being worked quickly in and out of Tyreen’s tight twat from her impressive riding motion.

“MMMMM!! Oh quit complaining, Troy! MMMMM!! You’re totally killing my mood here! MMMMM… Epic fail, dude!!” Tyreen snapped, briefly glancing back at her brother even as she fucked someone while doing soon. Her gaze soon going back to her new ‘Superfan’ as she grinned sinisterly again. Moaning from the supreme pleasure as her tight pussy was more than nicely stuffed by his fat dick even without him doing, or being allowed to at this point, any thrusting as she did the work with steady riding. “MMMMM SHIT!! AHHHHH… Oh yeah!! I’m the fucking best, aren’t I? MMMMMM… I’m the best fucking pussy you’ve ever had! AHHHHH!! The best… FUCK!! Fucking pussy that any Siren has!! MMMMM...” She managed to arrogantly boast as she revelled in finally getting some satisfaction from a man she knows full well has fucked the Sirens that she and her brother had drained the powers of. Sweat leaving her body shining sexily and her eyes still burning with lust despite the man she’s currently riding being a part of the ‘rebel’ Crimson Raiders to the COV she is the God Queen leader of.

“MMMMM… You’re the best… AHHHHH! Siren I’ve fucked today, for sure!” Samuel carefully chose his words as he moaned.
“Wait, what the fuck did you just say?” Troy narrowed his eyes, easily noticing that remark since he wasn’t drunk on desire like his sister is.
“MMMMM!! That’s fucking right, Superfan! MMMMM… God Queen right here as a killer fucking pussy...” Tyreen didn’t notice the back handed remark as she dismounted him. Grabbing her coat to lay it on the ground, before moving to lay in the lavish feathery inside lining of it as she locked eyes with him. “Now come here, Stud of Sanctuary… Let’s see if you can live up to the hype… And trust me, no one does hype like this bitch right here...” She stated with a grin.
“I mean, sure! If you insist...” Samuel wisely went along with it as he got up just to move across. A slight glance seeing Troy staring daggers at him making him snap his gaze away as he got down beside Tyreen at her legs to lift one up and hold it as he pushed his dick back into her warm and wet hole.

Her wetness down there allowed him to plunge in already balls deep, and soon enough a firm smack ringing out as his pale crotch connected with her gorgeous dark skinned body as their moans soon filled the air again. The side on position as he knelt allowing the filming camera to capture clearly his rod vanishing forward into the Children of the Vault leader’s snatch before he pulled out a few inches, showing off the juices coating him. Then it was right back to filling her up, making her body jolt on her coat as she took this open air pumping that kept her gazing across with a lust even stronger than her usual craving for social media followers and worshipping fans.

“MMMMMM FUCK!! FUCK YEAH, SUPERFAN! MMMMM… Fucking give it to me!! MMMMM!!” Tyreen gritted her teeth but in lust rather than the burning fury of a look her twin brother was giving a few feet away. Her eyes locked on the Crimson Raider ploughing away into her box with stiff pumps to keep her snatch dripping wet but nicely snug around his massive inches. Stroking through her white hair with one hand as the other rather sensually ran over her side. Like the usually cruel beauty was trying to seduce the hunk filling her slot up, knowing that this isn’t just already the best sex she’s ever had in her life. It might be the only time she finds someone who can actually satisfy her without her ending up draining their powers of life. “MMMMM!! More! Come on! UHHHHH!! Fucking fuck me, you… AHHHHH!! C-Crimson Traitor bastard! MMMM!! FUCK ME!!” She yelled sinfully, not caring that demanding sex from a member of the rival group to the one she leads might be a terrible public relations move to say the least.

“I bet she’s fucking faking it...” Troy claimed as he folded his arms, real and mechanical, over his chest with annoyance as he kept the camera orb floating and recording this broadcasting sex tape involving his twin sister. Despite the clear proof of the sweat coating Tyreen’s body, her look of intense desire, and those loud, shameless moans of pleasure all proving that while this is a sex tape there’s no porno fake moans going on. “I know real fucking moans… Just ask Aureila Hammerlock… Oh wait. Fuck.” He frowned again as he ended up mocking himself. Snarling again as he had to watch his sister getting fucked by a big, fat dick that was driving her wild with desire as she jolted from his impressive, stiff thrusts. Showing the entire ECHONet that the stories about the Stud of Sanctuary are more than just speculation. But neither him, his sister currently getting stuffed balls deep, nor any viewer could possibly know that his skill was down to a sex-enhancing Relic that he secretly had equipped.

“MMMMM… Did you Aureila? I had her as well! AHHHHH…” He glanced over to Troy, and that remark just got another death glare from the already deeply pissed off twin brother of the woman he’s currently pounding. His big white balls smacking off Tyreen’s dark skin again and again when he drives in balls deep into that pleasurable, dripping wet snatch of hers. “MMMMM… She was nowhere good like… MMMMM!! You are of course, Tyreen! MMMMM...” He wisely adds as he continues the brisk pace as he starts to sweat now. Having already impressed by handing a wild ride and some deep throating but now showing his own sexual skills (or at least those provided by Pandora’s Heart) as he stuffed this fame obsessed, insane beauty’s pussy will with his fat, meaty dick to her loud, moaning approval.

“MMMMM!! DAMN RIGHT… AHHHH!! THE GOD QUEEN IS… MMMMM!! THE BEST FUCK IN THE B-BORDERLANDS! AHHHHH!!” She groaned out, her eyes rolling up for a moment as she was finding herself getting overwhelmed by the pleasure from clearly the first lover in her life who could handle her Siren body so expertly. Her body still rocking back and forth as the inside lining of the coat she was laying on because stained and likely ruined from all the sweat dripping off both their bodies. “MMMMM!! NOT SIRENS! NOT VAULT TRAITORS! N-NOT EVEN MOXXI! AHHHHH!! N-NO ONE… OOOOOOOOOOOOH!! C-CAN FUCK LIKE THE… UHHHHH!! FUCKING GOD QUEEN!!” She claimed but it was looking more like she was the one getting fucked silly rather than controlling the pace as she moaned out such filthy words. Even more so because of how this was all being recorded so every slap of crotch meeting crotch, each sinful groan, and the bouncing of her tits as her body rocked back and forth was being not just filmed. It was broadcasting live across several planets for an ECHOCast stream to remember.

“Damn it!! Can’t this Crimson Traitor just fucking cum and be done already?” Troy snapped as he was forced to keep on moving the camera to film this red hot action of his sister getting banged hard and fast. Having already lost his patience with this all even before it all got started. Hearing his twin sibling moaning out in such a high state of lust even worse as she took thrust after balls deep thrust from a man acting like he was more suited starring in R-Rated ECHONet videos than fighting across the Borderlands. But being unable to refuse as Troy knows better than to defy the woman who is the only reason he’s still alive. “How can he last this long, and with a Siren? It’s not possible! He’s using cheats! Wall hacks or something! I can’t even last this long!” He yelled a little too loudly in his rage as he ended up humiliating himself.

Hearing that confession made the action stop as Samuel and Tyreen stopped to stare across at him. “Uhhhhh… Bro?” Tyreen raised an eyebrow. “Too much information there. Way, way too much.” She said, before groaning as Samuel pulled out of her snatch.
“Too much? You’re being fucked on a livestream broadcast across the whole fucking ECHONet!” Troy snapped back.
“Yes… Yes I fucking am!” Tyreen just started grinning, moving to get onto her hands and knees as she turned her once again lusty gaze back at her newfound lover. “Now hurry the fuck up, Superfan! Give all my murderous worshippers watching a real good show… And fuck the ever loving shit out of me like TOS fucks over cosplayers and body-painters of even the normal streamers out there!”

“I didn’t understand what you just said… Apart from the fucking part!” Samuel grinned as he got down behind her and once more shoved that cock right into Tyreen’s already dripping twat with a single, firm thrust to yet again be balls deep in the cult leader’s box. The white haired beauty taking that dick already bucking back with a moan, tilting her head with approval and a sinful gaze back to match. Licking her teeth as he resumed pumping away as he gripped her dark skinned waist to send his fat white dick deep into her folds. Those moans resuming as already her hands were gripping the feathery lining of her coat under her from the pleasure as she looked like she wasn’t the one in control of things any more, especially with this choice of position.

“FUCK! YES! AHHHHHH FUCK! MORE! MMMMMM!! FUCK ME, SUPERFAN! UHHHHH!! YEAH!! AHHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMM!!” The God Queen moaned out her demand as the sweat dripped off her all over again from this intense stuffing from behind. The pace of the thrusts keeping her groaning out as she sounded more like a cam girl than a fame and power craving streamer. Her rounded backside rippling as his toned waist smacked off her each time he pumped forward to fill her up with that already very familiar shaft. “MMMMMM YESSSSSSS!! AHHHH!! FUCK!! MMMM!! STUD OF SANCTUARY! OOOOOOOOH MMMMM!! U-USE ME, STUD!! AHHHHHH FUCK!!” She gasped, staring ahead without focus as the pleasure grew. Her mouth handing open with a slight drool from the sensations. Not even seeing the camera right in front of her to capture such a shameful expression that left her looking like anything but the feared and powerful cult leader she’s supposed to be.

“Hey! Keep it together Sis! Sis?!?” Troy yelled, seeing that expression and moving the floating camera orb around this hot, sweaty sex but from almost every angle it made the God Queen look like a desperate whore. At the back her snatch was getting stuffed again and again with a pace of a piston working in and out on overdrive as Samuel groaned out with a smile. Forgetting how much his life is still in danger as he pounds away deep into a still snug but soaking wet piece of pussy. “D-Damn it! This better be worth the views...” The twin brother of the woman getting fucked increasingly near senseless grumbled as he knew better than to stop this wild action as he kept it being filmed. Both the slap of his sister and her new fuck buddy’s bodies meeting ringing out along with their loud, shameless moans to all be recorded easily by the camera.

“FUCK!! AHHHHH SHIT!! OOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSS!! SUPERFAN!! AHHHHH!! YOU’RE THE… UHHHHH!! FUCKING BEST, YOU STUD!! MMMMMM!!” With each stiff pump, Tyreen was loosing more and more control. Driving her body back sharply to keep her ass smacking against his frame and those incoming pumps to fill her up beyond any previous lover she’s had before. Her hands ending up ripping the material of the inside of her coat from the pleasure as she uses up the energy she had left to drive her snatch along that ramming dick. “AHHHHH!! N-NO WAY ANY… FUCK!! ANY PSYCHO FREAK… MMMMMM!! OR MY DISPENSABLE FOLLOWERS… C-COULD FUCK ME LIKE THIS!!! MMMMM YEAH!! YOU FUCKING GOD KING YOU!! MMMMMMM!!” She was so lost in her lust she didn’t even realise that while screaming out truths in her moans she was insulting her own Children of the Vault cult and fan base. Which countered the whole reason why she agreed to this live sex tape in the first place. Her moans and the look of pleasure stuck to her face showing she was long past the point of caring about that now as she kept moaning loudly out and rocking into the pumps filling up her snatch.

“C-CUMMING! CUMMING!! YES!! FINALLY!! G-GONNA… FUCKING!! AHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOH MMMMMMMMMM!!” Tyreen rather shamefully squealed out. Eyes rolling upward and crossing while her mouth hung open to let not just moans but drool pour out as she was rendered into a powerful orgasm that left her shivering on that thrusting dick. Juices splashing out from her slot as he was fucked through the waves of pleasure. Resulting in the fluids further staining her already wrecked coat she was being fucked on to go with the sweat there already. “AHHHHHH!! MMMMMM… SUPERFAN… MMMMMMM… FUCK YEAH… FUCKING STUD...” She purred licking her lips as she tiredly pushed back for a couple motions but soon was just being bounced forward from off his stiff pumps as he smiled and moaned. Enjoying how her slot had clamped around his prick as she came, but he further showed how Pandora’s Heart enhances his sexual ability as he was still rock hard, if not pulsing just a little, when he pulled out from that well fucked to say the least snatch of the so-called God Queen.

“Damn! Never get tired of making a Siren cum… Kinda felt easy though...” Samuel rather boldly said, not thinking through his words. “Hey! Tyreen? Wanna take the, what do they call it? The ‘Money Shot’ now?” He suggested with a handsome smile.
While one twin’s jaw dropped at the offer, the twin who had been getting that big dick just smirked as she turned around. “Whatever the fuck you want, Superfan...” Tyreen purred seductively like she’s just been tamed from one round of epic sex with this true Stud. Moving up close to kneel in front of him.
“Hey, Troy! Make sure to get this as well!” Samuel dared to say as he stroked his cock, even as he stared down at the Siren he’d been banging.
“You are mega fucking super dead now...” Troy snarled under his breath, glaring at the scene as he with great reluctance moved the camera into position for a classic Point Of View shot like any good porno should have.

Samuel wasn’t even bothered by the floating camera orb being in front of him, blocking his view as he stroked his dick. So it was actually even more impressive when he started to shoot his load and blindly coated Tyreen Calypso’s gorgeous, wicked, dark skinned facial features with a hot, sticky, load. The streaks of white coating her cheeks, nose, chin and forehead looking even more sinful thanks to the contrast with her skin tone. Some shots even catching into her white hair to become matted through so the self proclaimed God Queen looked like an even dirtier whore than before. The money shot captured in full as he stroked out every last drop to pain her face. Leaving her groaning with a wide smile as she licked her lips clean and gave an approving groan at the taste.

“Mmmmmm… Remember to like… Subscribe… And fucking obey...” Tyreen moaned with her face coated in so much spunk that it started to drip onto her heaving chest as she took in long overdue air.
“Enough of this!” Troy grunted, having had to stand back and watch his twin sibling getting fucked all this time. “I’m ending this Crimson Traitor here and now!” He said, storming forward!
“No!” Tyreen snapped, standing up and raising the hand of her Siren tattoo arm towards her brother. “This Superfan is staying! After a fuck like that?? No way I’m letting this Stud go!”
“Bullshit, Sis! Were you even listening to what he was saying as he fucked you??” Troy stated. “This loser ain’t COV quality! He ain’t even good enough to be a random psycho!”
“No no no! This is not negotiable, Bro! This Stud stays, and he’s my number one, sex tape co-star, Superfan! We can call it Superfan Sex-tape Saturdays! A regular video! We know how series get good views constantly!!” Tyreen pitched with a grin as he face dripped still with that load.

As the siblings argued, the camera recording the bickering also showed Samuel clutching his clothing as he brought up his menus. For once, thinking with his actual mind instead of his now limp cock. Using the map to take advantage of the Fast Travel system and teleport not just away from the Calypsos but all the way to the safety of Sanctuary III.

“Fine! We’ll do a likes bait with the videos. If he doesn’t get enough thousands of likes then I’ll ice him!” Troy snapped with clear anger.
“Iced? Like how your ex girlfriend was iced by the Crimson Traitors?” Tyreen teased her brother. “Or iced like how my new Superfan banged her first before you got a piece of her?”
“S-Shut up! That Hammerlock chick said I was just as good as he was! She never faked it!” he claimed.
“Whatever… So, Superfan? How about we go...” Tyreen turned to look, and soon both she and her twin brother were looking around confused as to why they were the only ones here. “...MOTHERFUCKER!!” She screamed in rage, before in a fury himself Troy swung that oversized sword weapon of his which ended up breaking the camera to cause one sure fire way to end the livestream.

* * *

Back up on Sanctuary III…

“Oh boy!” Samuel, now fully dressed but still with sweat over his forehead, walked into the main bridge with a smile. Having taken the time to not only get his clothing back on but unequipped Pandora’s Heart for good measure. “Sorry guys, but you will not believe the bother I just went through taking care of some stuff down on...”

He stopped. Seeing that the crew from ship staff, to Vault Hunters, quest givers and especially Lilith were all staring at him as an extremely awkward silence filled the room.

“...That was all livestreamed, wasn’t it.” Samuel said, realising that he didn’t have to bother making up an excuse. “Son of a...”
“AH HA!! At last!!” Claptrap made an always unwelcome appearance onto the bridge. “Good news, everyone! We’ve just had a massive influx of applications of people wanting to join the Crimson Raiders! And best of all? They’re all from women!! Looks like old Captain Claptrap’s Love Ship is going to set sail after all!!” The robot said with pride as he spun around, clueless as to why suddenly so many women wanted to join with the Raiders now.
“...I’ll just, yeah. I’ll be in my room.” Samuel said. Slowly walking backwards off from the bridge. “...Alone in my room!” He made sure to add, seeing the glares from the rest of the team.

“...Like Hell he will.” Lilith announced, when suddenly she stood up. At the same time as every other woman on deck did. Narrow eyed glances shared from clearly a shared idea that would indicate that Samuel would be having a long night, and one without much sleep either.

* * *

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Re: Borderlands: Pandora's Heart
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, places, universe, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own Borderlands or any of the characters etc referenced in this story. I am making no money as the result of writing this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Featuring: Patricia Tannis (Borderlands 3)

Borderlands: Pandora's Heart Part 19

A Borderlands video game erotic story

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

* * *

Samuel stared out of the windows, looking at Elpis and the massive emblem of the Firehawk that’s been left imprinted on it thanks to Lillith’s sacrifice to save Pandora. “...Here’s to you, Commander.” He said with a sombre tone, raising up his bottle of Rakk Ale to the symbol before he took a long sip. “Things ain’t gonna be the same without you.” He stated the obvious as he kept gazing out. Thinking that while the Children Of the Vault might have been dealt with, the future of the Crimson Raiders was far from certain.

The silence to be lost in his thoughts was broken when in front of his eyes, taking advantage of her powers, the image of Patricia Tannis appeared in front of him. “Ah, there you are.” Tannis stated as she utilised her Siren powers to talk via the ECHONet through his device. “Please finish and be done with whatever pointless, slack-jawed task or hobby that’s currently taking up your life. I require your assistance in my lab at once. Failure to comply means I cannot guarantee that your bedsheets won’t be used to wring out samples for my experiments. Or should I say, again.”

Samuel shrugged, downing the rest of his beer and dropping the bottle in a box marked for empties as he headed through Sanctuary III. Arriving at Tannis’ lab as he entered through the sliding doors of the room with windows on three of the sides so two looked out onto the ship, and the other into outer space. “You needed me for something, Tannis?” He politely asked, even though she’d summoned her in her usual less than emotionally caring way.

“Ah, splendid!” Tannis turned to give him a nod, which amounted to as close to a smile from her as it gets. “At least someone around here is dependable. Do not take that as a compliment, that was just an observation.” She added. Tannis was clad in her usual archaeologist attire of long pants with boots and a necked top with shirt underneath of shades of brown. The sleeves short so that the Siren tattoos are showcased on her arm. The only noticeable change on her as she still hard her short, dark hair and a pair of red lens googles on the top of her head.

“After all the time we’ve known one another? I wouldn’t dare think you’d waste the time to compliment me.” Samuel dryly said, having become extremely used to dealing with the eccentric genius.
“Indeed. Now, I wish to take a moment to publicly vocalise my thoughts as to why I’ve summoned you here. Please do not mistake this for conversation.” Patricia said as she began to pace back and forth in her lab by the operating table. “Now, while the business with the COV has been dealt with there is no time to rest. Experiments must be done to continue our understanding of The Vaults, of Eridian technology and of Sirens and their mysteries. As you can clearly see I, and certainly not willingly, am now a Siren. And while there’s still a lot we do not yet know about the transfer of Siren powers and abilities one thing I’m sure of is that I’m sure of two things.”
“I, uh… OK?” Samuel’s face was scrunched up in deep confusion.

“Did I not just say that this wasn’t a conversation? If I wanted to lose braincells from talking I’d go spend a minute with Claptrap.” She scolded as she kept circling around the table as she spoke. “The first point I’m sure of is that I am, as I have already stated, I am a Siren. I took the time to remind you of that in case that ghastly brew you call alcohol you keep enjoying has rotten away some of your mental faculties never mind your taste buds.”
Samuel was about to speak, but decided perhaps wisely to remain silent as he just nodded.
“The second point is that if there is anyone else who is more familiar with Sirens, and more Sirens than anyone else alive across the entire Borderlands… Happens to be you, Samuel.” Tannis said as she came to a stop right in front of him.
“...I’m what now?” He blinked before he processed what she meant. “Oh. Right. So this is the point where you mock me for having sex with so many women, I guess?” He assumed.

“Ah! On the contrary my dear walking definition of a gigolo.” Tannis said as she placed her hands on her hips. “For once your frequency to fornicate will finally be worthwhile. You see, while, as much as it stays burning in my memory like the death of my beloved chair, you and I are not exactly strangers when it comes to taking up my offer to experience my bed… We have not yet experienced the… Well, some would call it joys. I might refer to it as the equivalent of single handedly defeating a Vault Monster with nothing more than a single round at a time sniper rifle. Not something I recommend doing again I might add.” She ‘explained’ her usual rambling fashion.
“...Wait, let me see if I uh, understand this right.” Samuel scratched his head, still looking confused. “You want to have sex with me, now that you’re a Siren, to see if it maybe feels any different?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Ah! A surprisingly better than average estimation of my experiment!” Tannis, although her expression was still cold and uncaring, at least sounded more upbeat at his understanding. “Almost as if you’re in my mind right now! Not something else that I recommend either mind you. Especially not on a Tuesday at six in the evening.”

“Huh. Well, as good an excuse as any I guess.” Samuel said, going along with it. “I’ll just, uh, make myself comfortable.” He said, moving to the small side area as she stepped behind a the moveable medical barriers to be out of sight. Not really to hide his modesty or anything. Using being unseen so he could quickly equip the one reason why he’s even been able to satisfy any Sire in his life – the Pandora’s Heart. Knowing the Relic will still enhance him even when he’s out of his clothing.

When he stepped back out, he blinked in surprise as he found that Tannis had already stripped off and in rushed fashion with her attire sprawled across machines and artefacts on the sides of the lab. Sitting on the edge of her experiment table with her legs dangling over the side. “Well? Science waits for no one. That’s not a metaphor. Believe me, I’ve tried.” She said, and making her point clear with a blunt spreading of her legs to show off her pussy.

“Then I’ll just get to it, then.” Samuel agreed as he stepped forward as, even with her odd way of communicating and lacking of social interaction, he wasn’t going to turn down getting another piece of the stunning woman. Kneeling down in front of her as he put her legs over his shoulders before he leaned his face down towards her crotch. Getting right to work as he slowly began to run his tongue up her slit, getting the first moan from her and a little rub of the legs on him to match. Allowing himself to smile as he continued on as he worked slowly up and down for a warm-up. His hands holding onto her outer thighs for a bonus bit of support as he worked his tongue against the outside of her folds.

“Mmmmmm… Well, it certainly feels like you haven’t… Ahhhhh… Lost any of that skill of yours since before I gained these Siren powers...” Patricia remarked as she stared down at the handsome face between her legs. Watching, and not completely for the purposes of ‘research’ either, as his tongue ran the course around the outer part of her pussy. Brushing against the clit briefly when he reached the top before moving back down and around. “Mmmmmm! I did have a concern you might have lost your touch as they say… Mmmmm… Being with so many countless, low intelligence creatures compared to myself.” She added for not exactly a glowing compliment. But her moans showing she was certainly enjoying the tongue work being delivered to her as his tongue went back to pressing directly onto her lower lips. Another round of working up and down as he groaned himself into that sweet pussy.

He couldn’t exactly directly respond to her with his mouth so busy, so he just carried on. Now pushing his talented tongue in to her snatch to make her moan a noticeable fraction louder as he properly started eating her out. His hands sliding along her nicely thick thighs as he munched away with approving groans. Certainly her snatch tasted just as delicious as it had done before she became a Siren, and just as good as the others he’s been lucky enough to get some off over his life. Now he just had to focus on pleasuring this still relatively new Siren as he got his face right deep into her crotch. His lips beginning to get moist from the forming juices off of her folds as he pushed that tongue as deep as he could into her twat.

“Ahhhhhh! Mmmmmm!! I suppose it shouldn’t be a surprise… Mmmmm! You can use that tongue with how much you… Mmmmm! Blabber on!” Another backhanded compliment from the long serving member of the Crimson Raiders as she groaned out. Slightly shifting her hips towards that darting tongue moving in and out of her box. Feeling him probing around to do some ‘research’ of his own to find the pleasurable spots of her all over again. “Mmmmm! Yes, that’s it! Nice and deep… That’s a compliment, right? MMMM… I’ve been trying to work on morale boosting.” She added before she moaned herself. Not knowing with her often insane mind that her cries of pleasure where all the encouragement he needed as he dined on her pussy. Drinking down the ample juices forming as she lapped away with a constant, swift motion.

He gazed up as he felt her legs shift closer towards his head. Making him smile into her snatch despite the still expressionless look on her pretty face as she gazed down to watch him. His lips grinding against her folds as he kept himself in deep. His tongue lashing about as he made full use of not just his frequent sexual experience with the women of Pandora and beyond, but the benefits that the sex-enhancing Relic he has equipped. Moaning into her snatch as he slurped down her tasty fluids and in turn made her moan out. Already seeing that the nipples topping her nicely sized and rounded chest were already erect for a further non-verbal display of her arousal. He was no scientific expert, but he could tell that whatever this experiment of hers was that he was heading in the right direction with it.

“MMMMM… I think that will be quite enough for… Mmmmm! The preliminary studies I do believe.” Tannis stated with a groan as she moved her legs off from his shoulders.
Nodding, Samuel stood up so that now the gaze of the scientist was locked onto that familiar, thick and long cock as he stepped in toward her pussy.
“And still so energetic! It’s a small wonder you haven’t knocked up half the galaxy yet with that weapon of almost certain seduction of yours.” Patricia commented as she continued staring down at that prick.
“Y-Yeah! Lucky me, I guess?” He avoided that statement. Thankful that Pandora’s Heart seemed to somehow not make his seed potent. Deciding not to dwell on that as he pushed his dick forward into that more than prepared hole.

“AHHHHHH… And just as stretching! MMMMM…” She tilted back her short, dark haired head with approval as those thick inches slid into her pussy to, as she stated, make her inner walls pleasurable stretch to accommodate such a vast invasion. Enjoying the sensation so much that she didn’t even object to the closer contact of him gripping her thighs again to ensure her legs were kept spread apart. “I suppose there’s… MMMMM! Something to be said for some forms of… AHHHHH… This social interaction nonsense after all...” She said to come as close to an admission of enjoyment of this as it got. Her eyes still locked down to watch his shaft move in and out of her box as he fucked her as she remained perched on the edge of her own medical table. Sitting up with her arms back behind her to keep the position as the man in front of her worked his dick back and forth already at a steady, smooth pace.

“MMMMM… Yeah, you get used to it...” He said between his groans. Able to openly enjoy this as he smiled, even as he wasn’t sure if this was really an experiment of some sort from the out of her mind archaeologist or just an excuse for a hook-up. All he knew was that her pussy felt as good as it did they first time they fucked way back on the first Sanctuary of that floating city. Snug and wet all around his inches as he plunged back and forth into her to keep them both moaning. Neither of them seeming to remember, or care, that because of the windows looking out on the rest of the ship that anyone passing by could peer in and see them engaged in what looked to be naughty, shameless sex in what’s supposed to be a scientific laboratory.

“MMMMM!! That hardly sounds like… MMMMM… Something someone like myself would be involved with...” She claimed, despite her moans as she finally glanced up to lock eyes with her ‘test subject’ as she showed a brief hint of lust in her usually emotionless eyes. Before once again her gaze was back down like she was hypnotised by the sight of his fat dick ploughing into her twat again and again. Her body slightly rocking back and forth in time with the pumps she was taking. Ensure that his length went in to the hilt into that moist hole of hers. “AHHHHH! Remember! This is a scientific endeavour for the benefit of us all! MMMMM! FUCK!! Not one of your disgusting, sinful, sweaty… MMMMM!! Mind blowing, orgasm creating one night stand that… MMMMM!! Perverted beasts like you get up to!” She claimed. Not exactly sounding convincing with her clear moans breaking up her rambling.

“I would never dream… MMMMM!! Of accusing you of enjoying this sex just as sex...” The man nicknamed the ‘Stud of Sanctuary’ smirked as he spoke as he wasn’t buying this story from her. Regardless, he was doing as asked. Firmly pumping his member into her slick twat as he made her jolt back so much that her breasts bounced when he gave a fresh pump into her tightness. Both of them still moaning out as he worked away onto her with his grip still firm onto her legs to keep her spread apart. Allowing them both to enjoy the sight of his cock briefly reappearing from her slot as he withdrew a couple inches out of her before he raced back in. Making a slap of skin meeting skin ring out as he enjoyed being balls deep into the beautiful but often deranged scientist.

“AHHHHH! I do hope you don’t think for a moment that… MMMMM!! SHIT!! This constant flattery from you will get you anywhere!” Tannis claimed. Even as he was, quite literally, balls deep inside of her wet pussy as he fucked her stiffly and steadily. Of course, he was very well aware that it wasn’t sweet talk that was making him fuck the woman who has now gained Siren powers. But the enhanced sexual ability granted from the Relic he secretly had equipped. The only reason why he was making her moan out as he sent his fat man-meat deep into her love tunnel again and again. “MMMMM!! That kind of seduction might have worked for Maya or Lilith… MMMMM! Or Angel… Or… MMMMM!! Well, you get my meaning!” She groaned as he cock continued to drive nice and deep into her hot, tight snatch. Her signature goggles staying in place on the top of her head even as she rocked slightly back and forth in time with his piston-like motion. The briefest to flicks of her tongue against her upper lip as she kept staring down almost with an obsessive gaze at his cock sliding into her folds,

“MMMMMM… Well if it means anything? Your pussy feels as damn good as it always has done!” Samuel stated the obvious as he pulled out of her completely to leave them both groaning. “Siren or otherwise.
“I… Well, I thank you for that not exactly scientific feedback.” Patricia said as she kept that expressionless look on her face. Even if her eyes were still checking out his dick. “However in the future please keep such filthy, shameful, sinful compliments to your own dirty, disgusting, long and fat cocked mind. If you don’t mind.”
“Whatever you say, Tannis.” He chuckled as he stepped back. “It’s your experiment.” He said, playing along with the out of her mind stunner.
“I don’t need you to remind me of that clear fact. But yes, this is my experiment. So enough of this pond life-level chatter.” She decided as Tannis moved back. Turning so she could move up onto her hands and knees on the top of her laboratory table. “If you don’t mind? Back to work, Samuel.”

“Yes, ma’am!” He eagerly agreed as he moved up onto the table to kneel behind her. Lining his shaft up as he pushed forward to get them both moaning all over again. This time however, in further telling fashion the archaeologist was pushing herself back against his thrusts with a stiff motion. Ensuring that he quickly got balls deep into her snatch as her impressively rounded backside smacked against his toned body. That slap of their frames connecting ringing out around her lab to mix with their moans as the action got well underway once again. Shamelessly so considering that the risk of being caught in the act was extremely high with the elevated position of the action, combined with the open windows on two sides of the room looking in.

“MMMMM! Yes, that’s it! MMMMM… Nice and deep!” She demanded, even with her voice being as usually cold and uncaring as she’s known to act like. Her breasts swaying underneath her as she stayed up in the classic doggy style position. Getting fucked from behind as her head tilted back to let out her moans. Those goggles staying perfectly in place on her head as she took those firm thrusts into her snatch. Rocking forward from the jolt of taking a thrust from that lengthy, fat dick but still pushing sharply back so she could meet the next incoming pump. “We can’t have you… MMMM!! Slacking off and not giving this experiment your all, after all! MMMMM!!” She made sure to add, but it wasn’t clear at this point if she was just saying this to try and fool the man she was getting banged by (and not for the first time either) or perhaps even to lie to herself about the true reasons behind this all.

“MMMMM FUCK… AHHHHH… Of course not… MMMMM...” Samuel still had a smile on his face, as likely any red blooded male would have if they got to fuck one of the most beautiful, as well as insane, women in all of the Borderlands. Briskly sending his shaft in and out of her twat as he kept making her rounded ass clap back into his body whenever he pumped into her. “AHHHHH… Wouldn’t want a rep of being a terrible science partner now, do I?” He added with a teasing tone as he clearly didn’t believe her that this was all just to better her research. Regardless he was loving being balls deep in her moist, snug pussy as he pumped back and forth with loud groans. Keeping a hold of her with hands on her hips so he could keep her in place for a nice, smooth motion. Especially since she was still firmly rocking back to take each pump he had for her so that smack kept echoing around her lab.

“MMMMMM!! AHHHHH!! Test subject! MMMMM!! You’re just my test subject! Not a partner!” She scolded him even if her tone was still the same as ever, spoken alongside those loud moans that to anyone else would be those of someone shamelessly enjoying this action. Something being proven by how sweat was now forming across that gorgeous, nicely curved body of hers. Keeping herself in position on her hands and knees so that the siren tattoos on her arm and body were clear to see. “AHHHHH… I’m not one of your horny, lewd, panties dropping fuck buddies like you seem to have with… MMMM!! Every damn woman you come across!” She said with a groan. Gazing back over her shoulder at him as she switched her gaze from down at her own backside to watch him pound into her to briefly up at his handsome, smirking face. A contrast to that still expressionless (despite her moans) look over her pretty facial features.

“Hey! Not every woman! MMMMM...” He protested but still carried on his task here as he kept his dick plunging in and out of her dripping wet slot as he kept the back and forth motion going. Making her ass ripple whenever he drove in with perfect force to make his crotch connect with that nicely shapely rump. His balls smacking off her pussy from the motion of going fully into her still snug but now dripping wet tunnel. “Just… MMMMM! SHIT… Almost every woman, I guess!” He managed to say as he moaned away. Similarly starting to sweat himself as he pumped briskly in and out of that pussy that he was more than just a little familiar from her time before she gained the powers of a Siren. But still treating her the same with top notch treatment with his fat and long cock. Pumping away nice and deep so they both moaned out and caring little for how open and in the act they were not just with the noise they were making. But the clear view anyone passing by would have if they stared into the lab that’s been turned into a personal sex den for a so-called ‘experiment’.

“Don’t flatter yourself, Samuel! MMMMM...” Tannis moaned, before she shifted forward in order to make his cock leave her snatch. “I wouldn’t be conducting this data gathering into how sex feels as a Siren if I didn’t believe you could last with, well, a Siren.” She claimed as she took a moment to wipe sweat from her forehead. “Especially a Siren with my advanced intellect and hatred for bacon.”
“Can’t argue with… Wait, what was that last part?” Samuel raised an eyebrow as he watched her move into a new position, laying on her back now.
“Never mind all that primal yapping of yours! We still have science to do!” Patricia decided for him as she once again, and perhaps far too eagerly considering her claims about this all, spread her legs willingly for him.
“Yep. Definitely can’t argue with that.” He said, nodding as he moved down on top of her. Although he was caring more about enjoying the action than whatever excuses she had for this sex.

So he got back to work, sliding his shaft smoothly into her slot. Getting rewarded when her legs instantly wrapped around his toned frame to ensure he wasn’t going anywhere fast, along with being quickly balls deep inside of her. The position of them on the top of her laboratory table meaning he could grip the end of it with both hands. Her head off the edge but currently held up so she could stare up at the man that was stuffed deep into her dripping wet twat. So close to one another that her nipples were brushing against his chest every other breath as she took in air. Yet only having a faint look of desire in her eyes as her face was, fitting for her mental state, devoid of emotion.

That state continued when he delivered the first deep thrust into her and started of the machine-like sound of the repeated slap ringing out when their bodies connected as he drove into her. Her breasts jiggling and her body jolting under him as her hands came up to grip his shoulders. No doubt she’d just claim it was to support him and ensure he made as smooth a pumping rhythm as possible and nothing more. Anyone else who would see this would take that as a wordless demand to keep ramming her nice and hard. Her moans only further adding to that as she took his dick and the sweat coated her gorgeous face. Even is she wouldn’t admit it, the way her pussy was staying snug around this prick showed she was perhaps enjoying this more than just for any bizarre test as she claimed it merely was.

Deciding to test that theory, Samuel did a little bit of experimenting of his own on the mentally unhinged beauty. Reaching down with one hand as he gave her jiggling tit a squeeze. Getting a groan out of her from the touch as he gave her mound a firm little grope to stimulate her. That wasn’t quite enough as he got to have some fun with her. Leaning his face down towards hers as he kept on pumping away into her snatch. Making her eyes briefly widen but she didn’t object when he boldly pressed his lips to hers. The touch soon returned, perhaps surprisingly, as she engaged in some making out as her soft lips worked against his. Soon his tongue following to slip inside of her mouth as she groaned in approval and her hands slightly shifted on his shoulders in response to the more personal smooch than any sort of test would have called for.

“MMMMMMPHH! MMMMM...” The genius, but unstable, scientist moaned into the mouth of the handsome man on top of her. Keeping her legs wrapped around his body so he could keep rapidly sending his thick member in and out of her box as her juices dripped down onto her own laboratory table she was getting fucked on. There was a strange contrast to this situation as one one hand her chest was pushing up to clearly crave more of the touch to her breast from him. On the other, while she was making out with the man pumping away into her pussy her eyes were wide open as she did so. Swapping spit and exchanging moans almost without any emotion to her as she took this massive dick. Somehow her trademark goggles remaining on her head as she took this stiff pounding which just added to the odd to say the least feeling around this sinful encounter.

Samuel eventually lifted his head away as he groaned out, making his pace nice and rapid as his hands once again clutched the end of the experiment table in, ironic considering her insults about him, primal fashion. His heavy balls slapping against her body whenever he plunged into her as the both continued to moan out. Sweat pouring off them both as her legs stayed securely around her ‘test subject’ as his prick jack hammered into her dripping wet slot. As emotionless as that stunning face was, she was showing the signs of her approaching peak. Her eyes rolling upward in delight and her full lips parted in an O-shape. Whether she was actually getting the research data she claimed to be after or not was irrelevant at this point. She was going to get the first orgasm of her new life as a Siren.

“MMMMMMMM!!” When it hit, Tannis’ head tilted back off the edge of her table as she moaned out. Her arms falling off from gripping him as the sensations overwhelmed her to such a point that her tattoos glowed for a moment and the lights of her lab room flickered. Unintentionally short circuiting equipment in her lusty delight of an intense orgasm. Her snatch clamping onto that dick and she covered him with juices that he’d already gotten a taste of earlier on. “MMMMMM!! MMMMMM...” She just stayed laying in her own sweat as he pounded her through the waves of pleasure. For the most tiniest, fleeting moment she allowed a small curl of her lips of a smile before it vanished. Her hypothesis was well and truly confirmed, whatever it was. Enjoying the end result of her ‘research’ as she groaned out as her tired legs finally dropped from around the stud on top of her.

“Hope you don’t mind, Tannis...” Samuel grunted as he pulled his throbbing dick out of her well used snatch. Hopping off from the table completely and moving around to in front of her as she gazed at the rod that had been pounding her so expertly. “But I think I’ve deserved a reward for helping you with… MMMMM! Woah!!”

He was left pleasantly surprised when Tannis lifted her head up enough to capture his dick between her pouty, soft lips. Groaning around his meat as she tasted her own pussy from off those fat inches but didn’t seem repulsed in the slightest, and that wasn’t as much of a shocker considering her often mentally unstable state. She was further proving that by bobbing along his dick while being upside down, her short haired head still hanging off the edge of the table she’d been banged on. Now dishing out a quite clearly eager blowjob that easily made the man she claimed was just a ‘test subject’ and not a fuck buddy moan out with an approving smile. Neither of them still caring about the fact that if any of the crew passed by her lab they’d see the famed Eridian archaeologist sucking cock in such a filthy position.

“MMMMPHHH!! Mmmmmmm! HHHHHMMMMMHHHH!!” The beautiful scientist slurped away, replacing her pussy juices with her saliva and not being bothered by her own spit dripping onto her facial features from the repeated, smooth movement. Taking his length deep into her oral hole as she showed that she could take it as well as give it out. Her own arms reaching back as her hands gripped the table edge for support as she unleash an impressive oral attack onto that huge slab of man meat. “MMMMMPHHHH… MMMM!! Mmmmmmphhh...” Her eyes were still wide open and her expression cold, but her actions a total lusty contrast as she put on a cock sucking performance more suited for an ECHONet porno than any sort of scientific endeavour. Keeping her lips nicely wrapped around that prick as it pulsed inside of her mouth.

“MMMMM!! Fuck!! And you still fucking suck cock… MMMM!! Just as good as you did before you were a Siren...” He said for a sinful compliment as he groaned out. Staring down, watching drops of sweat fall from her face while her own saliva trickled down those gorgeous facial features. If he hoped for a reaction out of her, the only thing he got was a muffled response vibrating against his inches as she focused on pleasuring him. Perhaps a new sign that there was indeed more to this all than just a new crazed idea from her warped mind. Bobbing away while her goggles somehow stayed firmly in place on her head even with it hanging upside down, let alone shifting swiftly up and down on his pole. “FUCK!! MMMM!! Here it cums!!” He managed to warm as his dick throbbed again inside her oral hole.

Releasing him from her mouth, she left him to rapidly stroke off as he grunted. The spunk soon flying out from his shaft as it splattered all across Patricia Tannis’ stunning, already saliva and sweat-coated face. The jizz hitting her cheeks, nose, lips and bit onto her neck as he plastered her. Her eyes closed to avoid being blinded as the cum dripped down her face even before he’d finished unloading. Leaving the thick seed seeping downward to coat over her signature goggles and become sticky through her short dark hair. Staying in place with her head off her own scientific table until he flicked the last drops onto her and stood back. The jizz dripping from her face all the way to the floor of her lab for a fitting messy ending to her so-called ‘experiment’.

“Mmmmmm...” Tannis reached a hand up, wiping away the spunk from her eyes and then from her mouth. “Yes, that was… Most informative, if I do say so myself. And of course, I just did. Unless this has all just been me having another one of my episodes.” She remarked, tiredly rolling over onto her stomach which just sent more cum dripping from her face and hair.
“Uh, no. That all happened.” Samuel stated as he watched. Wincing when Tannis rolled all the way around again and ended up falling off the side of the table with a thud. “And that, that just happened too.”
“I’m OK! Nothing like a possible broken rib to encourage number crunching!” Patricia claimed as she started pulling herself up to sit with her back against the table. “You… You may leave now Samuel. I’d inform you of my preliminary findings but your brain would likely leak out your ears from the repeated use of syllables in my explanation.”
“I, uh… Yeah. Sure, Tannis. Sure.” He didn’t question her, seeing that even as a Siren she was still as mentally unstable out as ever. So he just walked across the lab. Heading towards his clothing behind the screen and ready to unequip Pandora’s Heart now that he’d done his job.

“...Samuel?” Hearing Tannis’ voice made him stop as he looked back. Seeing the cum-covered face of her looking up from her seated position as she gasped for much needed air. “I… Thank you, Samuel.” She simply said, locking eyes with him. “And I do not just mean for this.”
Understanding, he nodded and gave her a smile. “My pleasure, Tannis. And I don’t just mean for this, either.” He added before he moved behind the screen.
So he missed the brief smile that she had on her face before she finally started pulling herself up. Returning back to her usual self as she staggered across the room to scoop ‘samples’ of his load from her hair with her fingers, dumping it into a collection dish.

* * *

A half hour later, in Moxxi’s bar.

“So, sugar...” Mad Moxxi purred as she placed a Rakk Ale on the counter top right at Samuel. “Quite an ‘experiment’ you ran up there with old Tannis...” She said with a smirk. “Guess the crazy gal is still a woman after all.”
“I, uh… Y-You saw that?” Samuel said with wide eyes, almost spilling the drink out of surprise.
“Honey. Glass windows?” Moxxi reminded him. “Me and most the female crew watched it. I was lucky my daughter Elle was downstairs teaching our resident little Siren about fixing cars otherwise things might have gotten… Awkward.
“Shit, forgot about that… Sorry, Moxxi.” He said, although on the inside he wasn’t sorry one bit about getting some red hot action.

“No problem, sugar. Maybe next time you and Tannis can give a little private show in my room.” Moxxi said with another saucy smile.
“Heh… Something tells me Tannis might need a little convincing before that happens.” He remarked before he took a sip of the Ale. “Or… Actually? Maybe not. Who knows when it comes to her.”
“Very true, oh mighty ‘Stud of Sanctuary.” Moxxi teased as Samuel shook his head a bit. “So… Now that this whole COV war is settling down… What’s next, stud? Finally gonna put that roaming snake of yours away in its pen and settle down?”
“I… I don’t know, actually.” Samuel stated with a shrug. “All I’ve known these past seven or so, however long its been, years all I’ve known is being a part of the Crimson Raiders. I don’t know what I’m gonna do for a retirement.”
“Well don’t be hanging up your guns yet, Sugar.” Moxxi smirked as she reached forward. Tracing a finger around the rim of his Rakk Ale bottle. “Because your sweet sugar momma Moxxi has got something planned for all those Vault Hunters, and we’ll need you on our team. And trust me, Samuel. I’ll certainly make it worth your while...”

He was about to respond, when his ECHO communicator went off as he took the transmission. “Oh thank goodness I got a hold of you, Samuel!” The thick accent of Lorelei said through the line. “I need you to round up those badarses of the Vault Hunters. Those Maliwan dickheads are at it again! I reckon if we strike with a good old fashioned Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite? We can kick them out of Atlas’ hair once and for all!”
“I’ll round up the troop, Lorelei.” Samuel said, moving off from the barstool. “See you soon.” He said as the call ended. “Get back to me on that plan Moxxi. Looks like we’ve got to save Atlas. Again.” He said with a chuckle.
“Will do, Sugar.” Moxxi gave another smirk as she plucked the bottle from the bar. “Go blow up a dozen of them in my name.”

He gave a nod as he turned to head towards the Vault Hunters’ quarters knowing they wouldn’t say no to what sounded like a major challenge. “Guess there still ain’t no rest for the wicked...” Samuel remarked to himself with a smile. And he wasn’t just talking about dealing with the COV or Maliwan, either.

* * *

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