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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Dynasty Warriors or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Xingcai, Dong Zhou (both Dynasty Warriors series).

Dynasty Warriors: Shangri-La – Chapter 16

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, bondage.

* * *

The Three Kingdoms were already no more. Obsessed with the Northern Campaign, the Dynasty of Shu didn’t see it coming until it was too late. Flooding in from the East, Dong Zhou’s forces of the Central Plains overran the forces. Sleeper agents and traitors from within the ranks of leading officers leads to an overwhelming victory. The Shu leader Liu Shan surrendered to prevent the slaughter of his people, and was arrested as an ‘enemy’ of the Emperor. The same Emperor who was merely a puppet of the wicked Prime Minister’s rule. Now those Three Kingdoms were of Jin, Wu… And Dong Zhou’s Shangri-La. But before Zhou had the last generals and leaders of Shu executed, he had one last prize from the ranks of Shu he wished to claim to further fill his harem…

* * *

Xingcai walked with her arms bound behind her back as a prisoner of war. The daughter of the legendary Zhang Fei clad in her green with white armour of Shu with long boots and gauntlet sleeves up her arms. Her top with almost see-through black material at the front showing off the cleavage of her very impressive, large and rounded bust. The short, dark haired beauty still having a signature headpiece clipped in her locks. Her expression a mix of acceptance of her Kingdom’s defeat and the anger of what she knew was about to happen.

Knowing that fat clearly as she was marched by two women already well ‘trained’ and broken by Dong Zhou in Lu Lingqi and Wang Yi as they escorted her into the lavish, expensive throne room of the Prime Minister. Xingcai staring with disgust as she saw the obese, massive bearded man lounging on that golden throne. Other broken whores gazing with awe and lust as they clutched his arms and legs and giggled mindlessly. In particular Xingcai stared with fury at Bao Shanning, Yueying and Guan Yinping who had each betrayed their so-called Kingdom during that last offensive. No doubt their presence here was to further make it clear to her how helpless she was in this situation.

Zhou dismissed his whores with a wave of the hand as they moved away from the throne and moved down the steps. Giggling and smirking at Xingcai as her glares didn’t faze any of them, even her former Shu allies. Xingcai was surprised when those departing included the women who had just escorted her in, leaving her alone but defenceless in front of the warlord of the Central Plains and now even more of the lands of the Three Kingdoms.

“Well well… Xingcai! You’re even more beautiful in person than the reports said!” Dong says with a leering grin as he scanned her over.
“Don’t play your games with me!” Xingcai snapped with a glare as she stood at the bottom of the steps. “I know what this is all about… And I know what you’re about to tell me!”
“Oh? Enlighten me then, brave warrior girl...” Zhou chuckled, not shaken in the slightest by the expected defiance she’s showing.
“You have Liu Shan held captive somewhere and you’re… You’re planning to execute him.” She bitterly guessed, knowing what kind of man she’s dealing with here. “But the fact you haven’t yet done so means you’re holding him for some reason… A bargaining chip with me.”

“Straight to the point! I like that in my women!” Zhou mocked her with a laugh. “Go on then… What am I about to ask of you?”
“It’s no ask, you monster! You’re going to kill him if I don’t agree to… To be one of your whores!” She bluntly said, and her tone showed she hatred having to say it. “My life as serving you in your court in this disgusting harem of yours… In exchange for sparing Liu Shan’s life.” She correctly guessed as she looked at Zhou with narrowed eyes of hatred.
“I see my reputation proceeds me...” He let out a snigger, already moving his hands down to loosen the wraps around his attire. “So? Do you consent, Lady Xingcai? Will you become my latest, lovely woman of my Shangri-La and ensure the man you care so much for lives? Or will you let him be executed and spend your days rotting in a dungeon?” He said, giving her not much of a choice but still a decision none the less.
“...I consent.” She agreed with a voice dripping in sadness and anger. “I agree to be your whore. Now give me my word! You will not harm the man I love!” She snapped, still being defiant even in such a position she’s decided to be in.

“You have my word, Lady Xingcai. I personally will not even lay a finger on that worthless man you care for.” He said even as he mocked that prisoner. “Now, since you’re one for getting straight to matters at hand… Get up here, kneel, and service your new Lord.” He ordered as he untied his robe to expose his unsightly body along with his already rock hard, fat and length shaft.

“W-What is that?? How can...” Xingcai cut herself off, staring at the biggest dick she’s ever seen before she tried to compose herself. “Y-Yes, Lord Dong Zhou...” She said with a flat tone, playing her part as she walked up the steps and moved to kneel down in front of the man she’s agreed to serve. With her arms still bound, she began her duties by bringing her gorgeous face close to that rod. Letting out a hiss as the strong musk of his junk hit her nostrils as she glared up. Bringing her tongue up and getting the first taste of his rod that left her groaning in shame but him moaning in pleasure already. Running her tongue up the side of his shaft before she focused on the head. Swirling around the fat crown with slow, repeated motions to get a coating of saliva over the tip and let him feel her surprisingly soft, wet tongue compared to the cold glare she’s giving him.

“Mmmmmm… A decent start, Lady Xingcai… I suppose this sort of lowly technique was enough to satisfy that pathetic man of yours, I assume?” He dared to mock the man whose life she was trying to save by lapping at his cock. Getting a fresh stare of hatred but she still carried on licking at his prick to warm him up. “But I said for you to suck, not to lick! So open that rude mouth of yours and put it to a much better use!” He ordered as he smiled down in ugly, perverted fashion at his newest prize. With a frustrated grunt, she agreed again as her lips parted and she pushed her oral hole down onto his fuck-stick. Making them both moan as he felt her nicely warm and wet mouth around his inches, and she had to quickly adjust to a vast size that she was not used to handling before. Her eyes tellingly wide that she was shocked herself that she could even handle this amount of dick inside her, but there was still a lot more of him to work over and with only that mouth, her tongue and her set of lips to pleasure him with.

“HHHHHMMMMPHHH!! HHHHHHLLLKKK!! MMMMPHHH!!” She was already starting to gag from handling the size of him as the warrior Officer of Shu started to bob her short haired head up and down on the dick of her new master. Saliva starting to drip as she worked her pleasantly soft, soothing lips along his thickness. She wasn’t even used a man lasting this long between her lips, let alone this sort of massive size as she moved her mouth over these fat inches that she knows have ploughed into many a woman before she’d come along. “HHHHHRRRKK!! MMMMMM… GAHHHHH HHHHHLLLKK!!” Her lips fought to stay wrapped around his prick as she choked whenever the fat head of his length connected with the back of her mouth. Unable to keep glaring up at the man she now has to serve as she closed her eyes. Trying to focus on delivering a blowjob in the faint hope she’d make this end early. No such luck as this dick could handle her back and forth slurps even with this smooth, steady pace she was using.

“MMMMM… And here I thought your friend Guan Yinping was the best cock sucker from Shu! MMMMM… I can see what kind of training you whores from that lowly Kingdom get up to!” Zhou continued to show no respect to the beauty sucking him off. Her spit escaping from her lips to splatter down his inches towards his heavy balls. Leaving her armoured upper body shining as the saliva showed off her big tits even more now much to his smirking approval. Just leaning back and letting this new addition to his still growing harem get used to what will be a familiar position of being on her knees dishing out a blowjob. Even if she won’t need to have her arms tied behind her back like she currently is. “Ahhhhhhh… Hey! Answer me, whore! MMMMM… Is that worthless trash of the man you love even a quarter of the size I am? MMMM… I bet he can’t even last a minute! While I can pleasure a woman all night and day!” He bragged as he went further than his usual mocking. Wanting her to insult the love of her life in a well placed plan to further break her resistance without her even knowing. Getting blown like this was good enough for most. He wanted to shatter her morals and get her addicted to sin and sex like the rest of his sluts.

She pulled off from his meaty length with a gasp. Forcing her eyes open to look up as she gritted her teeth. The pause working against her as she was hit with the scent of his musk once again that left her body shivering from new sensations. “N-No, Lord Zhou… Not even close to you. Y-You have the biggest cock I’ve ever taken, my Lord...” She admitted before she returned to sucking him off. Plunging her face down further and making her eyes widen again from fresh discomfort as his length invaded her snug throat for a fresh feeling she’s never experienced before as she groaned around that pole. “GAHHHHHH!! HHHHHRRRKK!! GAHHHHHH!!” The gags returned as she bobbed away and the saliva continued to drip down. Her mouth brushing into the mass of pubic hair he had when she moved down, and she didn’t even see the loose strand of hair hanging from her lip as a result of the deep slurping. Looking already a shameful mess with the drool hanging off her chin, coating her top and leaving his prick shining. All as her new Lord grinned at the submission he was witnessing as she could have chosen her pride and a life of misery and turned her down. Not beginning an existence of being a personal whore to a wicked man who already has nearly all the stunning women of the Three Kingdoms at his beck and call.

“MMMMM… Lady Xingcai! You impress me! MMMMM...” Dong said as he watched her lift off so she could cough before sucking in air. “With some work? You’ll be as good as my other wives at throating my mighty, woman pleasing manhood!” He said like it was a promise, not just a threat.
“I’m not one of your wives! I’m just doing this to protect Liu Shan!” Xingcai claimed with defiance, even if that claim was harmed by how much of her own spit was dripping off her chin.
“Is that so? Well, we’ll see how well you handle this then…” Zhou chuckled as he snapped his fingers. “Stand up, and step up to me.” He instructed as he scanned her over.
“Are you not going to undo my binds? How can I service you without… Ahhhhh?!” Her words were cut off when her Master reached across and used his hands to tear open the mesh-like front of her attire. Ripping a hole so he could pull the clothing to the side and expose her large, rounded breasts to his grinning approval.

The wicked warlord ignored her words as he wanted to sample the final prize of Shu. Using his hands to lift her up with a display of dominance, bringing her onto his lap. Continuing to make her gasp as he reached under the bottom skirt-like part of her armour as he pulled her underwear clean off and cast it aside. As she watched that garment being disposed off like garbage the next thing she knew that huge, thick length was pressed against her folds and a smile on his face seeing how she was already a little wet down there from her body starting to be overwhelmed by sensations. Then, in commanding fashion, he plunged his shaft upward into her hole. Making her moan out as her head tossed back as he invaded her snatch with a powerful thrust to make her inner walls stretch to accept a size of dick she obviously is not used to like so many beauties, including from her own Kingdom, have had to endure before.

“MMMMM!! So wonderfully tight, Lady Xingcai! MMMMMM… You were well worth the wait!” Zhou said, as if saying such a filthy compliment was acceptable especially with this sort of sinful agreement circumstances they are in. His hands staying on her midsection to hold her in place, impaled on his mighty shaft. Allowing him to start to thrust up into her tight, dampening box to make them both moan out. Not giving her much time to get used to that fat dick stretching her out which was just part of his wicked plan. “MMMMM… Did you and that little worm not ever get to doing the good stuff? MMMMM… Perhaps this is your first time, my Lady? I’d be truly honoured if it was!” He continued to pull the strings. Teasing her and playing with her open for rewiring mind as he bombarded her with pleasure from his pumps. Smoothly and steadily working his member up and down to fill up her twat. Working in deeper so that at this rate there’d be little chance of any other normal man, the love of her life included, ever satisfying her after this.

“AHHHHHH!! S-Shut up! MMMMM!! D-Don’t say such awful, rude things!! MMMMM!!” She blushed at this remarks and moaned as she took his cock deeply into her snatch. The look of a mix of shame with building pleasure answering the questions perhaps even if he didn’t feel any wall of resistance when he’d entered her. He cared more anyway about making her squeal in growing delight like this as well as his own sinful enjoyment. Getting all of that as he had the best view here as he watches her large chest bounce away as his stiff pumps made this warrior beauty jolt upward whenever he delivered a thrust into her. “MMMMMM… AHHHHH! Damn it!! MMMMM… I’m n-not doing this for you! MMMMM… I’m doing this for my love!!” She tried to focus on her reasons for agreeing to be fucked like this. Being used like a living sex aid with her arms tied behind her back so she couldn’t properly ride his cock if she wanted to. Just being gripped and held so he could keep sliding his member in and out of her tight and now clearly wet snatch.

“MMMMM… Are you so sure of that? You sound like you’re enjoying yourself rather a lot, my dear… MMMMM...” Zhou kept on taunting as he pumped like a battering ram being swung rapidly. So deep now into his new property that his crotch was smacking against her skin underneath the skirt she still wore as he went in to the hilt. Filling her up in a way she never thought anyone could do to her, and far more than the man she’s supposed to love could ever manage to do. “AHHHHH… Let’s see if you can enjoy my other tricks… MMMMM… And things that the man you’ve wasting your heart with couldn’t do to you!” He made sure to insult before he proved his point to be true. Using a hand to capture her large breast as he leaned in. Wrapping his ugly lips around her nipple to loudly, shamelessly slurp onto the nub and make her moan out in delight as her head tossed back. His tongue lashing around the nipple that quickly got hard from his expert technique and she had to deal with the brushing of that bushy, haggard beard against her jiggling flesh as well. All as he impressed further by managing to still smoothly fuck her pussy while engaging in some titplay.

“AHHHHH FUCK!! MMMMMM!! AHHHHHH MMMMMMM...” She couldn’t help but moan as any red-blooded woman would when faced with such skill and sinful motions. Even if it’s at the hands (and mouth and cock) of a hideous, oversized man who she should be trying to defeat in battle inside of whoring herself out to. Attacked at her clearly sensitive, ample chest while being drilled in her wet snatch that’s not gotten the kind of pleasuring that she and her gorgeous body deserve. “FUCK!! MMMMM!! W-What is this?!? MMMMM… H-How can this feel so good?? AHHHHHH MMMMM!!” She gasped out between louder moans as he switched to worship her other breast with more sucking and groping. He didn’t even need to provoke her now to stroke his already massive ego as she admitted this was already the best sex of her life, and the longest lasting. Beads of sweat starting to form on her stunning face as she bounced on his lap and took a pussy pounding from a huge dick going balls deep into her love tunnel. Her walls now perfectly snug around the shaft of that shaft as her body further betrayed her breaking mind by leaving those fat inches coated in her juices.

“MMMMM…” Zhou groaned around her nipple before he pulled off. Laughing at the moaning state of the beauty mounted on top of him before he made her groan. Pulling out of that wet pussy as he shifted his grip to hold her by the waist once again. “How about it, Lady Xingcai? Do you feel like leaving life of being a wasted warrior to join my land of paradise yet?”
“N-Never! I won’t betray the man I l-love...” Xingcai’s voice hesitated as she tried to put on a brave, defiant face. But her body further betrayed her by her hips gently rocking back to grind her twat against his rock hard dick.
“Ha! Still some fight left in you! We’ll soon deal with that!” He announced as he lifted her up as he stood up. Leaving her gasping when he dumped her down so she had to kneel on the edge of the throne she’d just been fucking on. Her cheek pressing into the back of it so she had no choice in the position but to gaze back as the bulking beast of a man stood behind her.
“W-Wait! I need some time to rest before...” She tried to plead, but was soon left moaning again when that big, fat cock plunged back into her folds as her body tensed up in delight once more.

“MMMMM… FUCK!! So… So big!! MMMMM… AHHHHH FUCK!!” The beauty of Shu moaned out as she stared back. Seeing that bulging stomach moving back and forth as his gut brushed over the top of her rounded backside. The smack of bodies connecting sounding out as he easily was driving into her balls deep already thanks to the previous pounding she’d taken. Feeling increasing pleasure now as she was taken from behind and felt every inch of his manhood slotted into her twat. “MMMMM… B-But I won’t give in! MMMMM… I d-don’t love this! N-Not at all! MMMMM FUCK!!” She tried to claim but was only fooling herself at this point as her pretty face stayed pressed against the back of the golden throne she was now on. Her eyes half-closed, and pleasure washed over her face as her mouth hung open with an O-shape so her moans poured out. A sight made even more sinful as her arms remained bound behind her back as her fingers wiggled in reflex as the sensations carried on flowing through her.

“Hahahahaha!! Of course you don’t! MMMMM… What sort of slutty, sinful woman would love… MMMMM!! A nice, big, fat, pussy pleasuring cock… MMMMM!! Driving them wild with desire as they fuck another man that isn’t… AHHHHH… The one they claim to love?” The cruel warlord revelled in this moment as he taunted her over the reality of her situation. Not able to see it because of his massive gut but feeling her ass start to push back against him to meet his thrusts, and not just from the rebound of making her buck from the stiffness of his motion. Even without the use of her hands she was working her snatch to take his pumps as she moaned out. Showing her need as the addiction to sex and his shaft grew within her. “MMMMM… It’s not like your naughty, tight little pussy… MMMMM! FUCK… Is soaking wet like a river around me right now!” He added, as he moaned himself. Loving hoe snug and damp her love tunnel was all around his thick inches. More than encouraging him to piston away into her box as he stared down with a proud smile as he saw that look of denial and lust across her face.

“MMMMM FUCK!! S-Shut up! It’s not true!! AHHHHHH FUCK!! I’m n-not! MMMMMM!! I’m not enjoying this!! N-Not at all!” She blatantly lied between her groans as the rubbing of her cheek against the back of the throne started to leave a clear damp batch from her forming sweat being left onto the seating. Her large busty swaying underneath her as she actively and clearly rocked back and forth against his pumps to keep that slap of her ass cheeks against his crotch sounding out. “MMMMM… T-This is just your fault, that’s all! MMMMM SHIT!! You and that… Big… Fat… Long! MMMMM!! Massive! Cock of yours!! MMMMM!!” Her voice was slowly developing a sinful purr as her juices continued to coat that rod ploughing into her from behind as the fluids began to drip down onto the expensive cushion of the Imperial throne they’re fucking on. Try as she might to vocally deny it, it was clear she was deeply losing an unwinnable battle as her body craved more of the huge dick ramming in and out of her needy, tight pussy.

“Ah! So you need my cock then, Lady Xingcai? MMMMM… Then feel free to take it!!” He announced as he leaned over and grabbed the rope that bound her arms. Using it to grip her and pull her roughly back onto him as he unleashed a stiffer pump to fully impale her on the dick she’s now addicted to. The reaction instant as her short haired head tilted back and a long moan escaped from her lips. Her fingers curled up to fists as she panted in delight from this rougher position as she was being yanked back sharply to take his thrusts. Driving deep into her already wet and pleasurably snug pussy. Sending her tits wildly swinging under her from the hole he’d torn in her attire earlier on. While strands of her dark hair fell out of place. Sticking to her pretty facial features thanks to all the sweat coating the exposed skin of the woman still clad in her battle armour as she’s fucked nice and hard by the man she’s consented to not just take her like this, but have as her new Lord and Master.

“FUCK!! AHHHHH! FUCK! YESSSSSS… FUCK! M-MORE! PLEASE! AHHHHH MMMMM!!” She broke as expected as she moaned out. Begging for more of the hard fucking she was already getting as her face returned to rub against the back of the throne. Her eyes rolling upward in delight and tongue flicking shamefully to further stain the seating with fluids as she was pulled back again and again. Her ass slapping into his unsightly frame as her snatch was filled up. Feeling his heavy balls smacking into the bottom of her dripping twat as she looked far more like a dressed up Brothel worker than the once proud warrior Officer of the Three Kingdoms she once was. “FUCK! FUCK!! I… I’M GONNA… GOING TO! AHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUCK!! MMMMMMM...” She squealed out again as her body shivered in joy. Brought to likely the first non masturbation orgasm of her life as juices further flowed out from her folds. Dripping down to the floor and the throne she’s kneeling on as she got hammered all the way through this intense peak. If not for his grip on her still bound arms she’d likely collapse down onto the seating. Instead, getting to feel every last moment of the first of no doubt many orgasms in her new life as a sex slave that she’s agreed to. That fucked silly look on her face showing her mind doesn’t think that’s such a bad thing now, even at the expense of betraying the man whose live she’s trying to save by getting fucked in the first place.

“MMMMM… That’s more like it, Lady Xingcai! MMMMM… That look on your face is far more befitting for a lady of your talents...” Zhou back handedly said as he pulled out of her snatch. Seeing that drooling expression as she still enjoyed the bliss of sin from a man she’s supposed to hate.
“Ahhhhhh… Ahhhhhh...” Xingcai gasped for air as she stayed in place against the back of the throne. “Ahhhhh… M-More… P-Please, my Lord… I n-need more...” She begged, looking back with a clear fire of lust in her eyes to show how he’s already broken her as she locks onto that still hard shaft of is.
“It would be my please, my Lady...” Dong growled as he pulled her off. Changing position as he sat back down onto his throne and showed no care about the mess of her juices, sweat and saliva on the cushions as he made it more stained from his own moisture across his frame. Keeping those arms still bound as he had her back in his lap but now with her clothed back resting against his flabby, naked body as she had to arch around the curve of his heaving gut.
“More! More! I need Lord Dong Zhou’s cock! P-Please!!” She pleaded as she licked her lips, seeing her pussy being lowered down at he held her waist.

Memories of the love of her life were already long forgotten as once more her short dark haired head tilted back with her headpiece accessory still clinging on to those sweat-soaked locks. Driven down onto his cock to slam into her balls deep to send her moaning all anew as he started off a hard, swift pace of ramming into her soaking wet hole. Her tits jiggling wildly and the slap ringing out like bolts from a crossbow as he pistoned away into that needy snatch. Taking it further as he continued with the tactic of driving her along that prick as he fed it into that already familiar, snug pussy. Lifting her upward as he pulled out a few inches, before driving back up as he hauled her downward to meet his crotch and balls. Making them both groan out in delight as he ravaged his latest harem wife like she was just a set of holes for him to use and near abuse.

“AHHHHHH FUCK! YES!! M-MASTER!! MMMMM!! L-LORD DONG ZHOU’S COCK IS THE B-BEST!! MMMMMM!! F-FUCK ME MASTER!!” She screamed out in joy as her still sensitive from the recent sexual high pussy was made to take another wild pounding. Now in even more willing fashion from a beauty who has gone from fucking to save a life to wanting to be taken like her life depended on it. Sweat dripping down her face and her legs draped over his flabby thighs as he sits under her. Her huge tits bouncing away in time with her body being pumped along that huge, fat and long thrusting cock. “UHHHHHH!! FUCK! MORE!! MMMMMM!! FUCK ME, MY LORD! FUCK ME FUCK FUCK FUCK MEEEEEE MMMMM!!” Her eyes were already rolling back in shameless pleasure as she began to drool from the corner of her sex-drunk smiling lips. Her arms remaining bound so she couldn’t even ride his cock under her own power, but he was taking care of his newest slut’s needs by raising and lowering her along his inches to match the stiff timing of his pumps.

“MMMMM!! Such a filthy mouth, Lady Xingcai! Allow me… MMMM FUCK!! Allow me a taste of those naughty lips of yours...” The sex-crazed Prime Minister of the lands demanded rather than merely requested. Getting that as she willingly turned her pretty face towards his hideous features as she leaned in. Engaging in a steamy, sloppy lip-lock as he wrapped his slimy tongue around hers to make out without even invading her mouth. Keeping one hand on her waist to keep moving her while the other reached around. Helping himself to a squeeze of her big, rounded tit as it jiggled in his grasp. “MMMMMM!! MMMMMMPH...” He moaned into the kiss as they swapped saliva and groans with tellingly her eyes closed in delight and his wide open to show he cares not about her but only his own twisted needs. Having broken the daughter of one of the Sworn Brothers and the last beauty of Shu into being his latest whore. Driving his shaft in and out of her soaking tightness to keep her bucking back up as he still pulls her back down when he sends that next stiff thrust up into his sexual property.

“MMMMM!! MMMMMM!! MMMMMMM...” She whined and moaned as she had her tongue sucked on by the perverted and power-hungry warlord who had taken full advantage of her now long distant honour and attempt to save the life of someone she cared about. Her eyes flicking open briefly showing her rolling back again and it wasn’t long before that hard pounding motion sent her over the edge again. “MMMMPHHH!! MMMMM!! MMMMM!!” Cumming hard to further shower his cock with juices as her defeat continued but any thoughts of a land of virtue long gone with her mind no rewritten to crave sex, pleasure and most of all the dick of the man she’s mounted on top off. Smiling lazily into the kiss as he flicked away at her tongue as the sweat poured off both of them. Using what’s supposed to be a throne room as an open sex den as his thrusts ensured she got to enjoy this second intense orgasm in less than ten minutes thanks to his superior fucking skills.

Of course, he was grinning too as he finally broke the kiss. Having claimed and tamed another stunning beauty for his paradise of wine, women and song. All it took was luring her in with the promise to spare the life of a man she’s already forgotten all about. Her past pointless now compared to be willing to do whatever it took to get a taste of his shaft one more time. And he’d enjoy her plenty more times to come but for now he had to focus on his own peak. Feeling his cock starting to pulse inside that very familiar love tunnel that he’s resized from all his hard, repeated pumps. Slowly pulling out of her snatch with a groan as she whimpered from the empty feeling now that wonderful prick wasn’t deep inside of her. Only furthering her newfound addiction, but he’d take advantage of that soon enough.

For now, he lifted her off as he stood up. Making her kneel in front of him as he stroked his cock rapidly and aimed down. Getting a burning look of need and lusty from the woman he’s fucked silly and into submission that only spurred him on. A loud grunt escaping him before he began to unload. Painting Xingcai’s stunning face with thick streaks of cum that left her groaning from the warm sensation raining over her. The high blasts catching not just into her dark hair to stick through, but over the stylish headpiece she still had on to stain and ruin it. The vast majority of his load of course covering her features from her cheeks to chin, lips and nose. More than enough to already start dripping down onto her heaving chest was was exposed from the hole torn in the clothing she still had on.

“Mmmmm… As I said! A more fitting look for you, Lady Xingcai!” He mocked with a sick smile as he sat back down. Admiring the cum-covered face of his new prize. “How does it feel, my Lady? Do you feel like the true little whore you were always destined to be?”
“Ahhhhh… It f-feels wonderful, my Lord...” Xingcai purred as she looked up with desire so it wasn’t just her voice, but her whole expression that was a world removed from the hatred she had for this man before he broke her mind with sex and pleasure. “I’d be honoured… Mmmmmm… To be your faithful whore, Lord Dong Zhou.”
“And so you shall be… In fact? You can get started right away… Lick my cock clean of your filthy juices like a good slut.” He demanded with a snigger, knowing she was so addicted to him now she couldn’t possibly resist.
“Of course, my Lord...” She said, sliding up close to him and leaning in. Moaning just from the first taste of his cock as she worked her tongue around that limp prick to collect her pussy juices off of him. All to the grinning approval of her new Lord and Master as he laughed loudly and heartily at the act of submission from a freshly broken beauty.

* * *

Meanwhile, in the Palace dungeons…

Dong Bai, the wicked granddaughter of Dong Zhou sighed as she examined her spiked bracelets as she stood outside a cell door. Juices running down her inner thighs from arousal but seemingly she’d been left unsatisfied from the annoyed expression on her pretty face. Suddenly, a loud scream was heard before some sickening gargling and the clattering of metal from inside the room before silence was heard. Bai allowing herself a brief moment to smile sinisterly before the door opened up.

Stepping out, her faithful ‘pet’ of the demon Lu Bu, the monstrous warrior she’d tamed at the start of her grandfather’s sinful campaign, left the cell. His signature weapon tellingly dripping in fresh red. 
“Well?” Bai asked as she had on a stern look of expectancy from her prized warrior and servant.
“The scum who dared to fail to satisfy my Mistress has been slaughtered.” Lu Bu stated coldly, looking down at the tinier woman who has managed to control him. “No one disrespects my Lady and lives!”
“Well said, my faithful plaything!” Dong said as she smiled. “I mean, who did Liu Shan think he was anyway? I expected more from the son of Liu Bei, considering I married that virtue obsessed loser! At least he could satisfy me! Him? Ha! What a joke… He couldn’t last a minute with actual sex! Unlike you, my strong, handsome, loyal dog...” She said, stepping forward to slide a hand over the broad armour-covered chest of Bu.
“Y-You honour me, my Lady!” Lu said with a blush that he would never have before being tamed by her.

“Oh, I’ll do more than honour you! Follow me, you big horny dog you!” She snapped her fingers, turning to walk off as he indeed followed close behind. “I need at least two good orgasms after this! Besides… I need my right hand man motivated for the next battle! Grandfather says we’re going to deal with that Jin lot next… Then we can really celebrate my father having his lovely little paradise… And me with all my little playthings...” She said with a lick of her lips. Already looking forward to enjoying the fruits of her grandfather’s success. Not even knowing she’d just done Dong Zhou a favour already by taking care of a problem for him. Well, Zhou did promise he wouldn’t lay a finger on Xingcai’s now former love… He never said anything about anyone else doing more than just harm to him…

* * *

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Re: Shangri-La [Dynasty Warriors]
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, video games, franchises, historical events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Dynasty Warriors or any of its characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Wang Yuanji, Dong Zhou (both Dynasty Warriors series).

Dynasty Warriors: Shangri-La – Chapter 17

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal.

* * *

The Three Kingdoms crumbled. With Wei long gone and Shu recently stamped out, it was only a matter of time before Dong Zhou sought a higher position than just long serving Prime Minister of the land. With the assistance of sleeper agents in Jin already, forces swarmed from the Central Plains to the North. Despite resistance, Zhou soon seized control. Wu stood little chance either against the might of the power mad warlord. Three Kingdoms now became one. The land of wine, women and song that Dong Zhou had craved was fully complete. His own paradise, ruled by cruelty. His own Shangri-La.

* * *

Wang Yuanji walked slowly and calmly into the throne room of the new self appointed Emperor of the land. The warrior officer of Jin and the wife of Sima Zhao locked eyes on the grin of the wicked warlord on the throne on the grand platform at the top of the steps. The stunning blonde clad in her battle attire with the royal light blue of fin with solver and gold designs. The front of her mandarin-like dress open up, covered by blue as her large, rounded chest was pushed up and out with a slit at the side at the bottom showing off smooth leg. Blue, high heeled boots going up to the knees with metal gauntlets on her arms and armour on the shoulders. A purple floral headpiece securing the long ponytail in place.

“Lady Wang Yuanji...” Dong Zhou gazed over her body with a hunger. An ugly, toothy grin on his face as he waved his hand to dismiss guards and handmaidens from the room. “I’ve been looking forward to this for quite some time… I suppose you’re wondering why I’ve kept you alive from the court of Jin, are you?”
“I already can guess your intent.” Yuanji coldly replied, keeping her face expressionless as she kept eye contact with him. “The same deal you’ve offered other women in the past. The life of one I care for in exchange for a life of servitude.” She correctly guessed. “Except like all the rest, likely my husband is already dead or will soon be. Regardless of what you might say.”
“Oh! Your reputation of seeing through plans precedes you, my Lady...” Zhou let out a snigger, unfazed by her deduction. “So what does that mean for you then? Don’t tell me you’re foolish enough to want to join your soon to be departed husband now, does it.”
Her eyes narrowed slightly at that insult, but she remained standing on the spot. “...No. With Jin fallen and my family gone… Then I see no point to pointlessly resist.” She admitted rather bluntly. “If I am to live a life? Then I shall do so on my terms, and my decision.”
“And what, pray tell, is that decision?” Zhou continued to smile as he stared over her body.

“...I agree to serve in your court.” She perhaps shockingly said, admitting defeat and surrender knowing she couldn’t possibly survive if she defied his demands. Walking forward, she calmly moved up the stairs to in front of him. Surprising again as she slipped down to her knees in front of the infamously perverted warlord. “And I know full well what that means for me… And what’s expected of me.” She again was blunt with her cold words. Reaching up as she undid the sash around his massive waist. Pulling down the lavish trousers and locking onto his large, thick cock that was, unsurprisingly thanks to her admissions, already hardening. As much as she kept a clear look on her face the jolt back and widening of her eyes when she saw that shaft spoke volumes. Her beloved husband wasn’t anywhere near this size.

“Then proceed as you like, my Lady!” Zhou’s smile somehow was wider than it had ever been with the beauty he’d wanted perhaps more than any other now willingly giving herself and her body to him. Watching as she grasped his cock and leaned down towards him. Pumping away as her face tensed from her nostrils being hit by the stench of his musk. Proceeding anyway as she worked her tongue around the fat crown of his cock to make him moan. Slowly and smoothly licking around the head with clockwise motions as she stared up. Keeping one hand pumping away as worked over the tip to coat him with saliva. “Mmmmmm… I think you might become my favourite wife already at this rate!” He groaned his approval. Watching the married beauty licking at his shaft and getting him nice and hard with a double team of mouth and hand that would easily make any rank and file soldier cum in a minute.

The blonde beauty knew it would take more than just this, as she was well aware of his reputation and never ending lust for women. Opening her mouth and sinking down to make herself groan as she took that thickness inside. Making him moan from the feeling of how nicely soothing and wet the famously cold beauty was as she began to work back and forth on him. Her soft lips gliding with impressive smoothness along his member as her hand gripped the base. Still staring up at the warlord grinning down at her as she sucked him off. The strands of her hair at the side of her face swaying back and forth while her ponytail swayed behind her as she already put effort behind the movement of her head.

“Mmmmmmphhh!! Mmmmmmm… Hmmmmmphhh!” She groaned around that fat pole as she worked him in and out between her stretched out lips as the saliva started to fully coat him. Pushing her gorgeous face down further and further as her fingers unwrapped from around him and her hands moved to rest on his obese thighs. Finding her facial features venturing against and then into the thick jungle of pubic hair at his crotch as she closed her eyes. “HHHHHLLLKKK… MMMMMPHHHHH… GHHHHHLLLKKK!!” Showing again that any lover before, including her husband, wasn’t anywhere near as hung as this pervert was as she started to gag when his cock ventured beyond just her mouth. Saliva drooling downward to his balls as she continued to slurp away. Showing determination as she pressed on and fought through the pain of her first time deep throating a cock. Knowing that is this was the life she had agreed to, she could not risk punishment for not giving it her all. Even if it was so shameful and dishonourable to her now former status as an officer of Jin.

“MMMMM!! Incredible, Lady Yuanji! MMMMM!! This must be… Ahhhhhhh! The finest mouth in all the Three Kingdoms! MMMMMM… Or should I say, the one kingdom now!” Zhou gave the back-handed compliment as he watched with that lusty smile. Loving the sight of her face pressing down into his crotch over and over as she used a swift pace to bob along his thickness. Showing off the oral skill that even some of his longest serving wives and whores didn’t possess yet. Her groans of discomfort adding to the pleasure he was getting as the sound vibrated off his pole. “MMMMM… It’s so refreshing to have a woman not just admit to what she wants… MMMMM! But for you to do this act of servicing my cock so well? AHHHHH… FUCK!! You’ll have to teach the other wives… MMMMMM… How to perform to this high standard as well!” He decided for her between his moans. Again unleashing sinful words of praise while she slurped up and down on his dick. Revelling in getting the previously untouchable beauty to gag and suck on his manhood as he lounged back on his Imperial throne.

“MMMMPHHH!! HHHHHLLLKKK!! HHHHHRRRRKKK!!” A light blush was on her cheeks from his dirty words but more out of shame than arousal for now. Focusing on the task of giving a top-notch blowjob as her lips pressed down to the base when she moved in. Before quickly sliding back up to the midway point so she could race back down with a fresh, loud gag around his prick. “HHHHLLLKKK!! GAHHHHHHH!! HHHHHRRRKKK!!” The saliva wasn’t just covering his shaft and his balls by this point. Drooling off her chin, landing onto her large chest as it started soaking through the material of her battle attire. So focused on servicing her new Lord that she didn’t seem concerned with the loose strands of his pubic hair that was sticking to her chin and hanging from the corner of her lower lip. Not that likely she’d been allowed to brush that off even if she wanted to, knowing how twisted the man she was blowing was.

Eventually, she lifted her head up and own. Taking in a deep breath of air as she finally opened her eyes. “I hope that was to your liking, my Lord...” Wang said with that cold tone, but her voice having a slight breathless edge that most wouldn’t have recognised. She didn’t fully hate having a dick down her throat it seemed, and she didn’t even have watered eyes from doing it.
“Extremely so, Lady Yuanji...” Zhou said with a chuckle as he used a rude wave of the hand to motion for her to move back as he stood up. Peeling off his robe to cast it aside, making her see his unsightly frame. “Let us proceed! Move up and bend over onto my throne.” He instructed as he moved to the side for a moment, plucking up a jar from a nearby table.
“As you wish...” Yuanji said with a nod. Moving into position as she took a hold of the arms of the golden furniture before bending over forwards with her legs spread apart. The position hiking up the bottom of the dress part of her attire to show off more of her smooth legs.
Returning over, Dong helped himself to a full on grope of her ass to make her gasp when he reached right under her clothing to do so. “Oh ho ho! What’s this, my Lady? No underwear? Whatever would your poor husband think!” He mocked as he pushed her dress up and over her rump to fully show off that gorgeous, smooth and sexily thick backside of hers.

“I simply knew what was expected of me as a woman in your court...” She stated, looking back over her shoulder as she witnessed him dipping fingers into the jar. A lubricant of oils now coating them as he brought a finger to her ass. Making her groan and jolt forward a bit when he pushed a digit into her asshole without any ceremony. Her teeth pressed together as she let out a hiss from a sensation she was clearly not used to. Having to groan then when he started to work his finger in and out of her backside to prepare her. “I did not… Ahhhhhh! Expect this however… At least so soon...” She admitted with another groan as she took the firm but slow finger fucking as the lube was spread around her back passage. Finding her hips ever so slightly rocking back even just against the hand, before she let out a fresh cry of stimulation when he went further to pour out some liquid down her ass crack for good measure.

“I like to keep my wives prepared for anything!” Zhou claimed as he lubed up his own cock for good measure, even with his length already covered in her spit. Putting the far down out of the way before he stepped up behind his newest piece of willing sexual property as his clammy hands clamped onto her butt cheeks with a firm smack. Making her gasp as she stared back to watch that huge cock move closer towards her rump. Bracing herself with grinding together teeth once again as that crown pressed against her previously untouched entrance. “And don’t be too cold with me Lady Yuanji! Tell me how it feels...” He demanded before he pushed in. Already tilting his head back in delight at the tightest, most pleasurable back passage that he’s ever been inside of and that’s just from the first thrust into her. Squeezing her cheeks as he began to work his length in and out of her. His loud, shameless moans already echoing around his royal chamber as he more than used and abused his self-obtained power as the new Emperor of the land.

“AHHHHH FUCK!! M-My Lord!! N-Not so rough!! You’re going… AHHHHH!! So deep!! MMMMMM!” The beauty from Jin squealed out as she groaned and began to rock back and forth, staying bent over the throne of her new Master as she stuck out her plump, rounded backside for him to fuck. Her eyes wide as she continued to gaze back a the hideous slob of a man fucking her ass from behind. Obviously, this was the first time she’d ever taken a cock between her rear cheeks and she wasn’t getting much time to adjust to the sensations either. “MMMMM… To think! A woman could pleasure a man with her b-body like this! AHHHHHH!! SHIT!! It’s unthinkable!! MMMMMM...” She groaned out as she found herself starting to moan once in a while as the feeling of a thick cock ploughing into her anal passage stimulated her curvy body in ways she’d never thought possible before. Her huge tits still covered up but jiggling as her frame shifted in response to his pumps. Already working back to meet the next thrust into her ass without even being commanded to.

“MMMMMM… Your pathetic worm of a husband never took you like this? The shame! MMMMM… A backside like yours was made to take a real man’s cock like mine!” The wicked warlord claimed with an ugly, toothy smile as he stared down. The sheer bulge of his stomach hiding him seeing his cock piston into that fleshy booty of the blonde stunner but more than feeling her tightness all around his shaft. “AHHHHH… I’ll be sure to rectify that from now on! MMMMMM… I’ll give this wonderful rear of yours all the dick it can handle from this day forward!” He again decided for her between his groans. Working himself deeper and deeper still into that vice-like booty as he shameless moaned out loudly and with a sense of sick pride. He never got tired of fucking another man’s woman, although she’s already agreed to really become his woman now and be the new addition to his already oversized harem of beautiful warrior officers.

“O-Of course, my Lord! MMMMMM!! If that’s what you d-desire? MMMMM!! FUCK!! Then you can do whatever you w-want with me! AHHHHHH!!” She groaned as a bead of sweat began rolling down her cheek. Her fingers flexing to keep a grip of the arms of his throne she’s bent over against so that he can claim her ass from behind. Her blonde haired head tilted down for a moment as she found herself moaning out as her ponytail dragged against the cushion she was staring down at. Getting overwhelmed by her first experience of anal sex as it felt like her back passage was going to be permanently resized from this constant, almost relentless pounding from the back she was getting. Feeling like she was having to use up more energy than she’d done during any battle before in the past. “AHHHHHH… FUCK!! You’re so big!! S-Surely that’s enough?? There’s no way… MMMMM!! I could take any more of you!” She seemed to be either trying to fool herself or attempting to get her new Lord to relent. Gasping out whenever a fresh thrust when between her shapely cheeks. All the while her pussy was slowly but surely getting damp as her body betrayed her mind as she fruitless attempted to resist an inevitable that she herself likely knew was coming all along.

“MMMMM! What do you mean? I’m barely halfway into you, Lady Yuanji!” He grinned as he reached forward. Taking a hold of her long blond ponytail to tug on it sharply, causing her to groan as her body tensed up and her head tilted back so her moans could be fully heard. Not giving her any break as he continued to work his dick like a piston in a Juggernaut machine in and out of her butt. “AHHHHH… I can see I’ve been going too easy on you then! MMMMM… Let’s see if you can handle a full dose of what it’s like being a wife of mine!” He announced before he rammed himself straight forward into her back passage. A loud slap ringing out when his flabby body connected with her far more attractive, desirable frame as they both groaned out in delight. Driving his shaft balls deep into her tight, juicy ass as he made her shift sharply forward now form both the force of his motion and the sheer weight of his bulk hitting her from behind.

“UHHHHHH!! AHHHHH FUCK!! FUCK!! MMMMMM!!” All Wang could go was take it as she clutched on the throne and allowed her body to be rag-dolled back and forth. Staring back as her hair was tugged, making her groan as he kept the tough hold on her to yank her towards the next pump in between her butt cheeks. Her breasts bouncing away in her straining clothing and juices tellingly starting to drip down her inner thighs as she was fucked hard in her ass for the first time in her life. The clap of her cheeks hitting off his body each time he drove in not even masking her cries of increasing delight. A little trail of drool escaping from the corner of her mouth as she kept on gasping and groaning. Looking far from a respected leader of the Jin Dynasty and more like a dressed up Brothel whore at this point.

Just as she was getting used to the feeling of her anal passage being used for a man’s pleasure, he abruptly pulled completely out of her ass to leave her groaning. Her asshole left gaping for a long moment as he used the grip of her hair to pull her fully off the throne to stand up. “M-My Lord?” She asked, but with a slight, sexy purr to her voice as the corruption of the cold beauty was starting to have an effect.
“I think it’s time we really saw what you are capable of...” Zhou claimed with a wicked smile. Using his hands to grab the blue centre of her top. Ripping it open and making her massive, rounded breasts bounce free to leave her gasping and not in anger either.
“A-As you wish, my Lord!” Yuanji submissively agreed as she glanced at her exposed tits and saw the telling way her nipples were already erect.
“I’m very glad you agree, my lovely new wife...” Dong chuckled as he moved her into the new position. Sitting down himself back on his golden seat of rule before he brought Wang down onto his lap as he reached down to fit his shaft back up into her ass this time from underneath.

“UHHHHHH!! MMMMM...” She was just getting used to the feeling of being filled up once again before he took over control of things once again. Reaching down to grip her legs and bring them not just upward, but back towards her as they slid against her tits. The next thing she knew, her arms were being used against her to trap her legs in place while his hands were up and clamping behind the back of her blonde haired head. Stuck in place in the Full Nelson position mounted on his shaft with that cock buried deep into her juicy ass. The only thing she could do was take it, which is exactly what followed as her new Lord began ravaging her booty with a series of stiff and swift thrusts upward into her back passage.

“AHHHHHHHH FUCK!! AHHHHHH!! M-MY LORD!! THAT’S… IT FEELS!! AHHHHHH MMMMM!!” She gasped out as her body was jolted up and down his pistoning dick as his balls were already slapping up into her body from underneath. Her tits bouncing away and her ponytail swinging about as he hammered up into her tight anal tunnel to force rapid sensations right through her body. “FUCK!! UHHHHH!! S-SO DEEP!! AHHHHHH!! I-IT’S GOING TO B-BREAK ME!! MMMMMMM!!” Her on display snatch continuing to drool out juices from building arousal as the sweat already started to form across the exposed parts of her body. Still for the most part clad in the regal blue and silver uniform of the Jin Dynasty to make the sight even more disgraceful as her fall from lofty heights as a leading officer was almost complete. Really being used now like she’s only just a set of holes for him to use however, and in whatever position, he demanded from her.

“MMMM!! Giving up already? MMMMM!! I expected more from you, Lady Yuanji! AHHHHH!!” He just grinned as he held her in place, curled slightly with all her limbs trapped as he kept the Full Nelson tightly locked. His grip on her only slightly less than the snug feeling he got all around his fat and long cock as he pounded up into the beautiful wife of Sima Zhao that he had now claimed as his latest harem sex slave. “AHHHHH!! FUCK!! That just means… MMMM!! This backside of yours needs more training! MMMMM… And I’ll gladly give you all the… MMMMM FUCK!! Training required you to make you into my best wife!” He once again determined her future without giving her a say in the matter. More than taking advantage of the fact she consented to life in his court with all the consequences that went with it. Learning that the extremely hard and rough way from how her back passage is getting banged relentlessly with the kind of pace that would render any normal woman able to walk straight for well over a week.

“FUCK!! AHHHHHH!! YES! T-TRAIN ME, MY LORD!! MMMMM!! B-BEST WIFE!! MMMMMM!!” The usually cold and composed beauty was starting to sound delirious from the pleasure coursing through her as her ass was hammered into over and over again by those wickedly stiff and quick thrusts. Sweat dripping off her moaning face as her held was clutched in place while her arms and legs squirmed fruitless against the unbreakable grip of the man breaking her mind with sin. “UHHHHH!! MMMMMM!! I’LL BE… AHHHHH FUCK!! FUCK!! MMMMM… THE B-BEST WIFE F-FOR YOU!! MMMMMM!!” Drool was falling from her lips onto her wildly jiggling breasts. Her eyes glazed over and staring blankly ahead as she clenched her teeth together as the feeling of her back passage being filled up with thick, long cock chipped away at whatever will power there was left. The only things she could think about right now was taking that fat prick like a desperate whore and doing whatever it took to please her new Master. Knowing clearly that those two things were directly connected as well, which ensured she had no chance of resisting this perverted warlord who has just as easily claimed and tamed her as he’s done to the entire region once known as the Three Kingdoms.

With a wide, sick smile on his hideous, now sweat-coated face, the self-proclaimed new Emperor of the land carried on having his intensely wicked way with the latest, and perhaps in a way greatest, claim of his harem of stunning warrior officer wives he’s managed to collect. Driving his shaft hard and fast up into her rump while keeping her clutched in place with nowhere to go. Her screams of pleasure sweet music to his cruel ears as he shamelessly pounds upward in and out of her still snug but now well fucked and far from virgin asshole. Taking the wife of another man as his own, and enjoying the fruits of her submission as he makes her juicy cheeks clap loudly when his crotch rams upward to meet them as he brings her curled up body down onto that pumping cock.

“M-MY LORD! I’M GOING TO… O-ORGASM!! AHHHHH!! YES!! MY LORD!! L-LORD DONG ZHOU!! OOOOOOOOOHHHH MMMMMMM!!” Wang’s eyes rolled upward as her mouth hung open tin a truly sex drunk smile. Further shamefully drooling onto her own tits as her tongue flapped out from the side. Her pussy not just releasing juices as she came, but full on squirting to send fluid blasting down the stairs all the way down to the floor of this imperial throne room. Moaning in delight as she got to enjoy every moment of this massive sexual peak as he continued ramming up into her ass. “UHHHHHH!! FUCK!! L-LORD DONG ZHOU… MMMMMM...” She purred in sex-drunk fashion as her body was still held stuck in place from that stiff Full Nelson position as juices dribbled out from her lower lips downward to drip all the way down her ass and onto his balls as he unleashed one final hard round of pumps. So even if another man would ever get to fuck her stunning backside unless they were hung exactly like he was, there’s little chance she could be stimulated by any lesser cock thanks to the resizing that’s been done to her back passage.

Finally, but not out of any mercy, Zhou finally let go of the grip behind her head to release her arms and legs. Watching with a cruel laugh as the sweat-covered beauty slumped against his body as her chest heaved for air. “Mmmmmm… And did my lovely, horny wife enjoy herself?” He teased, helping himself to a grope of her breast.
“...M-More...” Wang gasped out, turning her face to stare at him with a newfound burning desire in her eyes. “My Lord, please… More...” She begged, before leaning over to shockingly for a supposed to be happily married woman to another man kissing him deeply on his lips.
“Mmmmmm!” He grinned into the smooch, pushing his tongue into her while still fondling her tit as he wrestled her tongue with his. Soon enough slurping on her mouth in lewd fashion as she closed her eyes in desire to give the kiss her all. Tellingly, his eyes were wide open to enjoy the sight of a new fallen beauty who is addicted to his cock.
Eventually, the lip lock was broken as, impressively for a woman who had been stiffly fucked moments before, eased herself up and off from his dick. Slipping down to her knees in front of him with a wide, perverted smile of her own that she’d never have before when she’d been faithful to the man she’s actually married to. “Please allow me to serve you, My Lord...” She purred as she brought her chest up in line with his member.

“Well, since you asked so nicely my dear? You may proceed...” The perverted warlord happily agreed as he wiped sweat from his forehead. Having more than put in the work to break her so he could reap the rewards. Watching as she shifted in and captured his lengthy shaft between her large, rounded breasts. Sandwiching it between her mounds and using her arms pressed up against the outer sides in order to squish her tits against and around his pole. Her upper arms curled back into herself and gripping her Jin battle attire she still had on to ensure the hold of his cock was secure. Grinning up with a lusty gaze of her own as she began to shift her titties up and down on that dick. Making them both moan but his cries obviously far more louder, but she still got the stimulation from feeling the hot, fat cock that had just been deep in her ass now resting between her breasts.

“MMMMM!! Amazing! AHHHHH… And I thought Lianshi had the best breasts of my whores! MMMMM… You continue to exceed all expectations, Lady Yuanji! MMMMM!!” Even after breaking her mind to reduce her to a living sex object he still doesn’t have any respect for her. Staring down with an ugly but cocky smirk as he watched his pick move in and out of her tits as she bounced on the spot. Making a slap be heard of the bottom of her breasts meeting his crotch as she worked over all his length. “AHHHHH SHIT! MMMMM… So soft and round! Plentiful! MMMMM… If only there was a way to make any woman in the land have these kind of large breasts for me to enjoy!” He said with another laugh at his own ‘joke’ before he groaned out. Loving how smooth the motion was as she fucked his cock withy her juicy rack. The fact that her tits were sticking out from the hole he’d torn in her clothing making the sight all the more sinful as the blonde stunner used her chest in a way she likely had never done before during her previous, legitimate marriage to a man she’d actually been in love with.

“Mmmmmm… Then feel free to use your wife’s breasts any time you see fit until then, my Lord!” She sexily played along with his perverted rambling as she remained smiling up at him. Pumping her mountains all the way up so the head of his cock vanish between her mounds before she slid them straight back down with a smack into his crotch. The bell-end briefly popping out to be just seen amongst all the mass of flesh her chest offered before she repeated the motion. “Ahhhhh… Lord Dong Zhou’s cock is the best! Mmmmmm… It feels so good between my breasts...” She purred as she couldn’t help but lick her lips. Her pussy getting moist all over again just from having that cock she’s now addicted to against a sensitive part of her stunning, curvaceous body. Her long ponytail even bouncing in the air behind her as she shifted quickly with little movements up and down to slide her boobs over that fat shaft.

“MMMMM!! Yes! More! You gorgeous, horny little slut you! MMMMM!!” He encouraged as he groaned out. Feeling his dick starting to throb inside of her cleavage as she worked him over with impressive skill and smoothness for an act she’s likely performing for the first time in her life. The slap of her breasts hitting his unsightly body ringing out each time she pushed her tits downward onto his prick. The sound mixing in the air to echo around the Imperial throne room that’s been used countless times as an extravagant sex den instead of the place of decision making and power its supposed to be. “MMMMM! Keep that up my Lady… AHHHH FUCK!! And I’ll have to make that pretty face of yours into even more… MMMM!! Of a whorish mess than you already are!” He said with a familiar wicked grin. As if at this point she had any say in the matter as to what she did now. Having willingly picked her poison and accepted a place as a wife in his harem, and has been left already mind broken and obsessed with pleasure and sex. Just like all the women she knew had come before her.

Of course, the ‘warning’ of him being raced towards his own peak just encouraged her to carry on fucking his cock with her massive, ripe tits as they jiggled away against and around his starting to pulse pole. Her arms still pressed into the sides to squish her flesh against his thickness as she moved rapidly up and down. Groaning out herself as her eyes rolled upward a bit. Managing in her mindset of caring only about his cock and her pleasure to actually cum a little just from dishing out a tittyfuck. A further sign of how far the beautiful offer of Jin has fallen from grace. The wide smile on her still sweat-dripping face showing she couldn’t care about her former life now as her focus was pleasing her new Lord. She was more than achieving that as she made his shaft throb between her mounds thanks to her brisk bouncing of them up and down his dick.

“MMMMMM!! FUCK!! Here… Here it comes, Lady Yuanji!!” He surprisingly actually bothered to warn her but only for a second before he began shooting his load. Making her moan when his spunk blasted out from his cock and landing down to splash across her stunning facial features as she instantly started licking her lips to steal a taste of his hot load. Not even fazed by the spunk catching into her long blonde hair at the sides of her face or across her forehead as the jizz shot high to coat there as well as her cheeks, nose, lips and chin. Not forgetting those big tits that got a more than generous covering over the tops and back down into her cleavage as well for good measure. All in all leaving her looking like she’d taken a bukkake from a group of men rather just the one man with how much cum was dripping off her face and breasts.

“Mmmmmmm… Thank you for such a wonderful… Mmmmm… Generous gift, my Lord...” Wang purred as she finally let go of her tits so they could heave as the spunk dripped off from the tops. Reaching up to scoop away jizz from over and near her eyes, and promptly popping it into her mouth to suck clean and swallow down with another approving moan.
“Ha! You’re more than welcome, my stunning new whore!” Dong couldn’t help but give a back-handed compliment even after seeing the state she’s been reduced to. “You’re going to be my favourite wife without question now! I can’t see any other woman in the land matching your level of skill!” He stated, looking over with with lust approval. “That worthless man you called a husband before surely wasted a woman of your abilities!”
“Who? Oh. Him...” She narrowed her eyes a bit, showing further her change of mindset to think so bitterly about the man she once was in love with and as recently as just earlier this same day. “Is he still alive? I care not to think of such a lowly man any more, my Lord… If it is to your liking? Perhaps I could be of service and dispose of such a worthless creature who dared waste my time?” She shockingly offered with a rather sinister smile. A grin that was almost the same as the one her new Master currently had.
“You continue to impress me, Lady Yuanji!” Zhou laughed loudly at her offer. “Very well! I was going to have him public executed anyway! You can do the honours then, and show the people how the last of Jin has fallen in line with me!”
“As you wish, my Lord...” Wang said, before he began using her hands to scoop up the cum from her tits as she greedily swallowed it down with loud, hungry moans.

* * *

“Oh Grandfather! I’m so happy for you!” Dong Bai gushed as she sat alongside her Grandfather Dong Zhou on the high palace balcony as he watch a military parade of his huge, Three Kingdoms-sized force of troops marching past as he enjoyed part of the celebrations of his rise as Emperor. “Getting rid of all those nasty Jin and Wu lot and becoming the true, supreme Emperor of the land! I bet all the people will be so happy to finally have one true, kind leader like you to tell them what to do!” She flattered him with a smile as she stroked his arm with a smile. Being a little too close to him for a woman directly related to him should be.
“Ha! They’d better be! After all the hard work I’ve put into suppressing all the rabble of those other Dynasties!” Zhou said with pride as he sat and grinned. “Isn’t that right, my whores?”
“YES! LORD DONG ZHOU!!” Was the unified cry from the harem of wives back inside the castle behind him. Including those of Wang Yuanji and Sun Shangxiang currently cuddling his legs as they knelt at his feet, and Guan Yinping and Diaochan doing the same to his shoulders. With Wang Yi even stroking over his free arm on the other side. Another grotesque display of his power and his harem so that the people and his troops saw some of this most faithful whores.

“You are the best, my wonderful Grandfather… There’s only one thing that’s missing!” Bai claimed, turning her gaze with a wicked smile at him.
“Oh, I know! And don’t worry my darling… I’m sure you will be a beloved, respected and feared Prime Minister of the land!” Zhou said with a smirk of his own at her.
“Oh, that’s lovely! But it’s not what I meant...” Bai said with a clear, sultry purr to her voice. “What I meant was that with all the women you’ve managed to claim and tame? There’s actually one that you haven’t yet managed to do that with...” She said with a shameless tone. Being as subtle as a Northern Campaign by Shu with what she was meaning.
“One more women? Where??” Zhou said, surprisingly clueless to what his Granddaughter was referring to.

Before Bai could state the obvious, suddenly a palace guard rushed onto the stage where Zhou was lounging at as he knelt down. “Lord Dong Zhou! Your excellency! I bring news from the West walls!” The soldier announced, wisely keeping his head bowed.
“News? Don’t interrupt my day with such nonsense! This is my day of celebration!” Zhou dismissed with a sour look.
“Lord Zhou! A suspicious looking, mysterious fog has started rolling in! It’s consuming everything in its path and even scouting patrols have failed to return from venturing into it!” The lookout stated with concern.
“Fog? This far inland? Grandfather, that’s impossible!” Bai stated accurately. “...Grandfather?”

Standing up, in a rare moment of both actually listening and showing worry, Zhou got up as he walked over to the West side of the balcony. Staring into the distance with a hand above his eyes as he looked to the West. Seeing indeed what the soldier was warning about. An unnatural, thick, dark fog slowly moving in and heading towards the castle. Stretching impossibly as wide and as high as the eye could see like it was something straight from another world.

“...PREPARE FOR BATTLE!!” Zhou realised, sensing that he was about to be in some serious trouble. What he couldn’t have imagined was that his Shangri-La was about to continue on. In a whole new, mythical landscape...

* * *

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