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Re: The Big Book of Wrestling Babes [Various wrestling women]
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own NWA or any other wrestling promotion, or any current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Kamille (NWA)

The Big Book of Wrestling Babes – Chapter 10

An erotic NWA/pro wrestling fan-fiction story.   

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral.

* * *

I had decided to take my journey of investigating the lovely women of pro wrestling to the emerging, or I guess you could say reinventing from its past eras, National Wrestling Alliance. It wasn’t too hard to get in with a couple of press passes but then again with the issues the ‘promotion’ has had with talents and backstage staff perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised. But I wasn’t here to judge or focus on drama. I was only interested in seeing if these women could match up with those from other places in pro wrestling and sports entertainment.

I waited in a backstage corridor, and soon found my target. The amazon-like beauty and bodyguard for the reigning World Champion of the NWA – Kamille. The long blonde haired woman nicknamed the Brickhouse was certainly showing off her impressive, muscular physique. She was clad in green with black ring attire of short, sleeveless top which hugged to her enhanced chest. Along with matching bottoms that had gladiator-like straps coming from it and tights underneath.

“Ah, Miss Kamille! Can I have a moment of your time please?” I called out as she walked in my direction.
The intimidating woman locking onto me, but her expression cold as she easily saw me as being no kind of threat.
“Oh, don’t worry. I’m not wanting an interview with the man you protect.” I tapped my press passes. “It’s actually you I’d like a… Well, I’d say like a word with, but you’re not known for speaking, right?” I joked with a smile.
Indeed, Kamille didn’t verbally say anything. A slightly raised eyebrow as she came to a stop and placed both hands on her incredibly toned waist.

“Well, I was a little curious… You’ve rarely been in action but every fan can see that you can dish out the punishment, as well as taking it even it’s at the expense of taking a shot or two to save your client.” I stated the obvious.
Kamille remained silent. Sizing me up slightly as she seemed to indicate for me to carry on and make my point.
“Taking that into account, and noting that you’ve posted more and a few excellent shots and shoots of yourself on social media… Someone as clearly talented and gorgeous as yourself surely can’t be all just icy and stone-like all the time, right?” I said as I took the risk to give her a look over with obvious approval.

That made her raise an eyebrow again, perhaps a little curious that someone would be that blunt considering how powerful she is.
“Well, they say that looks can be deceiving, right? Don’t judge a book by its cover and all...” I said with a little chuckle as I had my own Big Book tucked under my arm. “I happen to consider myself to be exactly that myself. So since you’re more of an actions do the talking for you type, how about I get to the point? I think that I could handle you, one on one. And I’m certainly not talking about a wrestling match here, either.” I challenged, and my tone not exactly being subtle about it either.
What sounded like a brief exhale of air in mocking fashion came out of her as she glanced me over again. Clearly, not believing me but with the slightest hint to her look that she may have been a little impressed that someone would dare say that to her face.

“Well, if you have no objections Miss Kamille? I have a hotel room waiting not too far from here and a car outside. Since we know your client is married and you can’t secure any ‘payment’ from him in that sense… How about we...”
Before I could finish my challenge I was suddenly scooped up with ease. Put over her broad shoulder as the powerhouse beauty easily carried me over her. Looking back I saw her give me a brief glance with a smirk of confidence but a little bit of approval too.
“I’ll take that as a yes, then!” I smiled as I was carried away. Actions were certainly doing all the talking needed!

* * *

After being carried to a locker room to grab her luggage then a short enough drive later, up in my hotel room I had to back up my words. Kneeling between Kamille’s thick, sturdy legs as I lapped my tongue out at her snatch. Not making her talk, but getting low groans and slight moans of approval escaping her as the naked woman started down with an intense glare at me. Her clothing, similar to mine, just laying across the floor as we got to business. Especially in my case, since her hand was firmly gripping my hair in a way that said this was my one shot to impress and I could not mess it up. So I planned on doing just that. Sliding my experienced tongue up and down her slit before I circled around the entrance. Giving her folds a work over before I properly began to eat her out.

“Mmmmmm… Mmmmm...” The blonde stared down, her body slightly leaning back so her enhanced, rounded chest stuck out but otherwise and even as she moaned, her expression was still cold and focused. Pushing my tongue into her pussy her moans got that extra bit louder which showed I was on the right track. Getting my first real taste of the NWA wrestler and manager’s snatch to my own moaning approval. Pleasantly sweet to contrast with that silent but deadly nature of hers. So I was more than happy to carry on licking at her as the wetness started to form. Keeping my hands to myself for the moment however as I knew I couldn’t push my luck too much even in such a sinful situation.

The next thing I knew, those thick, strong thighs of hers were pressed around my head for a squeeze enough that made me groan as her legs locked around me. Another raised eyebrow that challenged me to really go to work on her, and I certainly wasn’t foolish enough to refuse. Or talk with my mouth full either. So I kept on lapping away at her folds to keep her groaning. Her juices starting to coat my lips as I drank down the nectar. Pushing my tongue as deep into her as I could reach and exploring around. My actions rewarded with more of her juices to slurp down as I didn’t try to hide my own enjoyment of this. Even with those well-built limbs pressing around me.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmmm… Ahhhhhh...” She groaned out, tossing her long hair back as she used both arms to lean back on the bed to arch her body. Her gaze locked constantly onto me as my face was pressed up into her slot and she kept me securely there with this headscissors grip. It allowed me to feel her crotch grinding against my mouth in a steady, slow manner as she ensured that juices would drip down my chin. The motion adding a new element of stimulation for her to take as well which all worked to my advantage. Even if in this position I clearly didn’t look like I was the one in control of things.

I finally let my hands move up, holding onto those bodybuilder-like thighs as they remained around my head. A slight, sly smile coming across her lips as I stroked over her legs as I dined on her pussy. Eagerly and quickly lapping away as I sucked down her juices and kept her pleasured. Matching timing with her shifting motion so that when her twat was pushed into my face I slid my tongue forward into her to get nice and deep. Reading the language from that tanned, strong body of hers as she worked her snatch against my exploring tongue. I was getting quite the tasty meal from her and as long as those moans kept escaping from her then I knew I was doing the first part of my job here.

However I was a little thankful when those legs finally unwrapped from around me and the pressure was released. I gave her snatch one more lick for good measure before I pulled off and took in a much needed intake of oxygen. “With a grip like that? I’d hate to be a real opponent of yours!” 
A smirk came across Kamille’s lips at that remark, but still no words as she shifted position. Laying on her side on the bed as she gripped one leg to raise it up high and spread with the other just hanging off the edge of the bed.
“Well, if you insist? I would be a rude host if I didn’t do what my guest asked.” I said, standing up. “Ah, but first? I hope you don’t mind...”
Far from the first time, she raised and eyebrow as she watched me move to my clothing. Picking up the camera and putting the strap around my neck. Well, I had to make sure I had some ‘evidence’ to look back through to study after all!

Returning over I got into position between her now familiar legs. My cock rock hard and more than ready for action as I lined myself up with that wet snatch of hers. We both moaned as I pushed in. Letting her feel my thick, long cock moving into her wetness, while I enjoyed that snug feeling of the muscular beauty’s inner walls. Getting a quick snap in with the camera but not holding off on getting going. I soon brought my hips back until just the crown was inside her before I pushed back in. Establishing the rhythm without an issue as I looked to get myself all the way into the beauty nicknamed The Brickhouse. Gradually working my inches into that box as I smoothly pumped back and forth. I gripped her raised ankle for a little support

“MMMMM… Mmmmmm!” The expression of the Durham, North Carolina-born stunner stayed somewhat poker faced even as my pumps made her groan with pretty obvious approval. Just a slight curl of the lips now and then and the glint of her eye that showed without words that she was enjoying this. Finding out I could back up my boasting as I worked my stiff dick in and out of her hot, tight and wet snatch. Her tunnel spreading to accept my size as I pumped away. “Ahhhhhh… MMMM… Mmmmm!” Beginning to buck slightly across the bed as she looked to, just as I was, get all that cock into her needy pussy even is she didn’t have the words to ask for it. Her eyes were staring down between her thick, powerful thighs to watch my pole moving into her snatch with that silent approval.

I was looking down at the same sight myself of course, but doing so naughtily through the viewfinder of the camera the snap of me taking pictures of this sex were clearly heard along with our moans. Smiling broadly as I pumped away and my crotch started to meet her tanned, muscular frame as our moans increased. Getting balls deep inside the stunning manager of the NWA World Champion as she was putting on a showing more than worthy of some adult awards and titles of her own. But just because I was filling her tightness up, and from how vice-like she was I could tell she wasn’t used to this kind of vast size inside of her before, it didn’t mean my job was over. Picking up the pace to get in and out of her damp slot quicker and stiffer to keep those moans escaping her.

“MMMMM… Ahhhhhhh… MMMM!!” She gazed at me with approval but still with that intimating gaze as she showed off her own ability to remain composed even with a big cock going balls deep into her. Her rounded chest bouncing as her body shifted along the bedsheets as I fucked her on her side. Keeping her leg raised and against me as I worked my hips sharply back and forth. The smack of skin hitting skin ringing out with her moans that were certainly far louder than they were when I’d only just been eating her out. “MMMMM… MMMMM!” She’d occasionally glance up at me with that mix of desire and coldness. Not in the slightest bit concerned that I was taking several pictures of the action we were involved in as she took my dick again and again into her damp box. Then again, she was fucking a total stranger she’d only met earlier in the night so why would something like a record of her sin even bother her in the slightest?

“AHHHHH… I hope you don’t mind me saying this Kamille… MMMMM! But for a woman so ice cold and confident? MMMMM… You’ve got a wonderful, red hot pussy! MMMMM...” I stated the obvious, but wanted to push my luck again and see what other reactions I could get from the infamously near-mute beauty. Just a confident smile appearing for a moment on her lips as she moaned and continued to push back against my pumps. Making sure I was in to the hilt into her womanhood with my lengthy shaft. Showing she was no novice when it came to this kind of action. “MMMMM… Perhaps you’ve heard that before? I doubt it came from the man you manage… AHHHHH! Maybe from a boyfriend, perhaps?” I teased with a grin as I continued to deeply drill that lovely, wet and snug love tunnel of hers. Making sure to scan up her body for shots of those jiggling tits and her expression, as cold as it was, as she groaned with approval from my pumps.

Kamille’s eyes narrowed at me at that remark about a public relationship she’s in, but once again she smirked a little like she was impressed I’d dare make such a comment. Still grinding her pussy into me before she lifted her leg off from me and pushed back. Taking the hint as I pulled out of that wet snatch with a groan.
“Ah, something else in mind?” I asked probably a stupid question. But since I was the only one actually talking someone had to break the silence.
My question was answered, as expected, by actions. I was easily grabbed by the arms and flung down onto the bed as let out a gasp of surprise. But soon I was smiling again when I watched her make sure I was down on my back as she swung a leg over to mount me.
“Ah, of course! A woman as powerful as you? Only makes sense you’d enjoy being on top.” I stated as I watched, and took pictures of, her reaching down. Making sure my cock was straight in place as she lowered herself down to take my cock all the way up inside of herself once again. Having us both moan in the process.

Another brief smile appeared before she placed both hands on my chest in commanding fashion. Taking the lead in more ways that one as she began to ride my cock and really set us off moaning all over again. Dropping down right to the base before shifting up to what felt like the midway point of my cock before she rushed back down again. The stiffness of the motion easily making a slap of skin sound out around the hotel room as she fucked that big cock. Tossing her long blonde hair back as she groaned out and continued to glare down at me. Managing impressively to stay in the zone and mostly expressionless as she fucked more like a porn star than a pro wrestler.

“MMMMM! Fuck!! MMMMM… That guy you manage… MMMMM… Is missing a trick, not cashing on benefits like this every night! MMMMM...” I gave the filthy compliment as moaned. Loving how that wet, tight snatch was clutching my shaft when she moved up and down on me. Taking me in to the hilt each time she rocked back. Giving me fantastic view of her amazon-like body working away on me. From down to her crotch as I got glimpses of my dick when she rose up before it vanished up into her. Up to her chest as those enhanced tits bounced in time with the motion she was delivering.

“MMMMMM… Ahhhhhhh! MMMM...” The muscular beauty showed off her ability with a steady, more than firm pace as she bounced on my cock. The sweat forming all over her just making that bodybuilder physique even hotter than before as she handled my shaft perfectly. My inches coated in juices from the repeated motion as she rode me with obvious experience. My dirty talk making her narrow her eyes for a glare but she still moaned out which told me everything I needed to hear. While I could only snap away at this sex with the Point of View shot at her front, I could feel her tight, rounded ass smacking against my thighs each time she dropped down. Ensuring the clap kept sounding out to mix with out moans.

I couldn’t help myself as my own hips bucked up against hers, loving the snugness of her box all around my thickness. Thankfully, she approved with another fleeting smirk cast down at me as she kept riding away on my pole. I took the offer and began to properly pump up, matching her rhythm with a ploughing action of my own. Driving upward whenever she dropped down onto my crotch and then pulling out of her snatch when she lifted up, but not even coming close to actually pulling out of her love tunnel. The increased sensations from a deeper, filthier fuck making both of our cries get louder as her hands gripped my shoulders as she leaned over me. Granting me a great view, and chance to take pics, of her fake, rounded tits.

“AHHHHHH! MMMMM!! Mmmmmm… MMMM!!” The former Diamonds Division Starlight Champion of Platinum Pro Wrestling groaned out loudly and not with any apparent shame. Fucking a man she’s only met just over an hour ago but is now taking him balls deep into her wet snatch again and again. Her tunnel still lovely and tight even after all this action and she wasn’t showing any signs of stopping even as the sweat coated that chiselled body of hers. Tossing her long blonde hair back again out of the way so she could continue glaring down at me with intensity as well as lust. “MMMMM… MMMMM!!” Showing she could take as good as she can give as he rode my shaft that was working like a piston in and out of her slot from underneath. Rocking back to ensure I was in her balls deep each and every time our frames connected. Moans aplenty coming from us both, even if that was the only sound that was coming from the famously silent but stunning woman.

“MMMMM… Ahhhhhhh...” The position eventually came to a stop when she decided to bring herself to a halt on top of me. Hissing as she lifted herself all the way up and off from my cock.
“A new position perhaps, Miss Brickhouse?” I asked with a smile as I sat up.
She just gave a look over me before she moved. Surprising me a bit as she got up onto her hands and knees on the bed, sticking out that firm, rounded backside of hers towards me. A smouldering look cast over her shoulder as she tossed her hair back.
“Well, you did seem to enjoy pushing into me just then...” I noted as I got behind her and knelt. Once more lining my shaft up with her box and pushing in but this time going all in with just the first pump.

As I thought my happen, I didn’t even get a chance to move before the blonde powerhouse was working her body against me as we moaned all over again. I soon enough got with the programme as I started thrusting into that dripping wet snatch as it slid back along my size. Her ass cheeks soon clapping loudly into my sweating frame as the force of her made me tilt back a little. Having to grip onto her toned to put it mildly midsection for support as I fucked the horny valet. My other hand of course busy with the task of making sure I captured as much of this red hot action as I could with the camera. The clicks of it masked by that slap of skin and our lusty cries.

“MMMMM!! MMMMM!! MMMMM… AHHHHHH!!” The stunning pro wrestler moaned out as she continued staring back over her shoulder at me. Obvious desire in her intensely gazing eyes, and while her expression might still be cold and calm her face was dripping with sweat to make her look more desirable than ever. She didn’t even care about loose strands of her long hair sticking to the side of her face as she was so focused on getting as much pleasure from this hook-up as she could get. “AHHHHHH… MMMMM!! MMMMMM...” Still even after all this fucking she didn’t say an actual word. Just moans that sounded like a soundtrack from a porno escaping her mouth as she kept on pushing herself back to meet my thrusts. That snatch of hers still clinging to my man-meat with need as I could tell without her needing to admit it that she’d never had action as good, nor a cock as huge as mine, before in her life.

“MMMMM… If you’re anywhere as good at wrestling as you are at taking dick, Kamille? MMMM FUCK!! You’re gonna be NWA Women’s Champion in no time! MMMMM...” I teased as I dared to give another nasty compliment to her to fit the occasion. Getting just the briefest of smirks from her as she kept driving that wonderful, muscular body back into my pumping motion. Her rounded backside jiggling nicely each time she took a fresh, stiff pump from me. Her breasts swaying underneath her as she easily stayed in the classic doggy style position. “MMMMM… Then again? Some say you’re far more entertaining… AHHHHH… Than the man you manage is...” I added to try and provoke more from the infamously almost-mute stunner. Of course, I would be just as happy to merely keep getting this action from her. Moaning as I went balls deep into her again and again as I built up more than just a healthy sweat of my own.

“AHHHHHH… MMMMMM!!” She didn’t take the bait at least verbally but the slightest curl of her lips showed she might agree with that remark. Still staring back with lust clearly burning in her eyes but her mouth hanging ever so slightly open so her shameless moans could pour out. The sweat leaving the sheets stained of the hotel bed we were fucking on not to mention the juices dripping from her twat as I rammed my dick into her over and over. “MMMMM… MMMMM!! AHHHHHH!!” The beauty who has endured hard shots from male wrestlers during her bodyguard duties has more than shown she can take it in a far more pleasurable way. Groaning out as she got fucked from behind. Having her tight, wet snatch filled up with dick as my balls smacked off her skin each time she pushed sharply back into me with such force that I almost bucked back. Having to keep a hold of her so I could keep giving her the fucking she can clearly handle but hasn’t gotten yet in her life.

I hadn’t considered it since I was so focused on both capturing all this sex with my camera and making sure she got that pounding from the back as she rocked back and forth over my piston-like motion into her snatch. But she wouldn’t be able to warm me if she wanted to if she was about to hit her peak. So I found out when she came when I felt that snatch clamping onto my fat prick. Her blonde haired head tilting back in approval and eyes lowering slightly as juices then flowed over my rod. Naturally, I just kept on pumping even as her pushes back got mistimed to show how intense this sexual high was for her. Fucking her all the way through that orgasm so she would have no doubts about making the right choice in accepting the challenge to fuck a total stranger she’d only just met. Leading to wild hotel room sex as she came all over my long, thick dick.

“MMMMMM… Felt like someone really needed that...” I said with a chuckle as I gave one last pump before I pulled out of her snatch.
Not responding with words, Kamille gave one simple, brief nod of the head accompanied by the flash of a smile before she took in a deep breath.
“I’ll take that as a yes, and as a thank you.” I added with a more open smile. “Now, any preference to where I should finish off on you? I’m quite partial to money shots myself if I might be so bold?”
She looked me over, before she moved off from being on all fours. Answering me by returning to the position this all started in as she sat on the edge of my bed. Locking onto me and giving that raised eyebrow as if to say ‘What are you waiting for?’.

“Great minds, right?” I grinned as I moved off the bed and stood in front of the woman nicknamed The Brickhouse. Gripping my dick with the free hand and watching myself through the camera I was still holding in the other as I began to stroke off. Getting my palm coated in her juices from off of my inches. The beauty that I’d been fucking watching on with that signature intimidating, cold stare at the dick that’s been balls deep into her over the course of this erotic encounter. I even snapped away at the sight of her just looking at me, knowing what was about to happen and I swore for just a second she’d even licked her upper lip in anticipation.

“MMMMM… Here it cums!” I could at least warn her so she closed her eyes. Letting out a groan when the first thick blast of seeds splattered onto her forehead and over across an eye. My hand rapidly working over my prick as I coated her stunning face with a hot load. Landing my jizz onto her cheeks, her nose, over the lips and onto her chin. So much cum that it was already dripping off of her facial features before I’d started going soft. Drops landing down on her enhanced chest as it raised and lowered taking in air from the previous fucking. The sight of the built, muscular stunner with a cum-covered face looking fantastic to me as I eased out the last drips onto her. So I made sure to capture plenty of snaps of it from a POV angle.

“Mmmmmm… Guess we both judged each other right after all, huh?” I said with a smile, stepping back from her for a couple final shots of her.
Reaching a hand up, she wiped away the spunk from her eye so she could lock onto me with an intense gaze. Standing up as she wiped that jizz across herself above her chest.
“So, uh… Feel free to use the bathroom to wash up, I guess?” I offered as she stared at me with that piercing look. “I can call you a cab to take you back to where you are staying?”
She sized me up, and gave a simple nod of the head with another just a brief smile to show her approval before she turned and scooped up her ring attire and luggage case before she walked towards the bathroom. Not even looking back at me as she closed the door behind her.
“Another satisfied customer, I guess?” I shrugged my shoulder as I put the camera down. Picking up my Big Book of Wrestling Babes and a pen from off the table. “Might as well get this entry done while she’s busy...” I said with a chuckle.

* * *

As Kamille had been freshening up in the bathroom, I’d set up the double page spread that would have her ‘review’ showcased. Spaces already prepared for photographs of the sex we’d just had to be set in, and a space for her to autograph alongside an 8x10 NWA promo photo of her. Usually I’d complete my thoughts after securing the autograph from my star target, but I figured I’d change things up to fit the moment as I brought my pen to the page.

‘I’ve often been guilty of repetition – saying the same words or phrases over and over and over again. But when it comes to this built, beautiful Brickhouse of a woman? Actions truly speak far louder than words ever could. Although her moans were such sweet music to hear. A stunning snatch and a gorgeous body just made to fuck and be fucked if you can keep up with her. It’s no wonder she ensures her client keeps a World title on him – she’s a Championship level prize all on her own! 10 out of 10!’

Just as I finished, the door opened and out stepped Kamille in a stunning, low cut black dress that nicely showed off her enhanced bust. Looking refreshed and all the sweat and cum cleaned from her frame. She went right over to me as she carried her face, and put into my hand one of the gladiator-like tassels from her ring attire as a souvenir of the moment. Before she glanced over my book with a raised eyebrow of interest.
“Ah, good timing! The cab is downstairs waiting for you. But before you go, I was actually wondering...” I said, holding up the pen and offering it to her.
She snatched the pen from me then the book itself. I watched with a smile as she almost read my mind to give not just an autograph onto the 8x10 and the page, but a couple extra contact details too to ensure the entry was complete. Shoving the book into my hands as she held her case and marched to the door.

She opened it, but stopped as she looked back over her shoulder at me with a sexy smirk. “Just so you know? I can actually talk when I want to.” Kamille firmly stated. “And you? You’re a good fuck… But you talk way too much.” She added before she walked out and slammed the door behind her.
“Well, not everyone can pull off a seen but never heard look like you...” I thought out loud, shaking my head with a smile. Putting my book aside as I stood up for a stretch. It was time for a nice hot shower… Then seeing if the hotel staff have any spare bedsheets I could borrow to replace the sweat and juices stained ones that were on the bed. But I suppose sleeping in sin for one night was a small price to pay for ensuring that the Big Book was as complete as it could possibly be…

* * *

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Re: The Big Book of Wrestling Babes [Various wrestling women]
« Reply #16 on: October 13, 2020, 01:20:39 PM »
WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own WWE, NXT or any other wrestling promotion, or any current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Shotzi Blackheart (NXT)

The Big Book of Wrestling Babes – Chapter 11

An erotic NXT/pro wrestling fan-fiction story.   

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal, inter.

* * *

“OK! Press pass, check...” I thought out loud, showing off to the camera in my hand one of the passes around my neck as I walked towards Full Sail University for the evening’s NXT taping. “The Big Book in my inside pocket… I’ve got everything I need except for a lucky lady to ‘evaluate’...” I commented as I headed towards the entrance for Superstars and other talents.

Or that was the plan, until I heard a loud and not exactly manly scream coming from the parking lot area. Changing direction to head towards the sound, and stepping back to the side of a semi-trailer as I watched a clearly in pain Robert Stone having to be carried off by a concerned Aliyah. He appeared to be almost on the verge of tears and favouring his ankle as he hobbled away. Putting two and two together I continued on, having a good idea who might have been the culprit behind such an injury.

My hunch was right when I came upon the Ballsy Superstar known as Shotzi Blackheart, driving her trademark mini tank around in a circle. Letting out her famous howling cry from those thickly coated in red lips, with a small piercing in the lower lip to compliment the nose ring she had on. Clad in a black one piece sleeveless ring attire that showed off the tattoos on her arms. Open at the front with a black top with a silver lighting bolt at the front underneath and showing off some of the tattoo across her impressively large and rounded chest. Fishnet tights down below with large ripped holes in them and black knee high boots. The green haired stunner having a black choker on too and her prized horned helmet on her head.

“Looks like you did a number on Robert Stone!” I called out as Blackheart made a turn and saw me. “Well, again I should say.”
Shotzi just smiled as she brought her tank to a stop. “Ha! His fault for getting in the way of Pocket here!” She said with a clearly proud tone, giving her tank a pat. “Hey! Did you get that on camera? Bet it looked pretty fucking sick, right?”
“Sadly, I just missed it… Heard it from a mile in the other direction which is why I headed over this way… And found myself one Hell of a better, ballsy looking sight instead.” I said with a smile.
“That so, huh?” She raised a questioning eyebrow as she gave me a glance over. No doubt thinking my more professional attire of basic suit and pants contrasted with her rebel look greatly.

“But since I’ve got your attention? A quick question if I may? This whole thing about you being ‘ballsy’… Is that legit? Or is it just an act?” I said, making it sound like a challenge.
“Hey, you clearly know who I am.” Blackheart replied, brushing that long dyed green hair back over her shoulder. “I think you already know the answer.”
“Perhaps… So, if I might be blunt? You’ve clearly got balls, and from how Stone is crying you can kick a guy in them. And that’s not an offer.” I said with a chuckle. “But the question is… Can you handle some balls, too?” I boldly asked, and with a tone that made it pretty clear what I was meaning.
“Sounds like you’ve got some fucking balls yourself!” Shotzi put her hands on her thighs as she looked up, still sitting on her tank. “But you look like just another boring suit to me… I don’t think you’ve got balls yourself. So yeah, I know I could handle some… And that includes you.”
“In that case? How about you show me rather than just telling me?” I smirked, seizing on her response as I reached down with my free hand to my pants.

“Woah, hold on… Woah!!” She went from laughing at my boldness to gasping with wide eyes as I let my thick, lengthy cock flop out for her to see. “Fucking Hell! Talk about packing a bazooka!” She said, glancing down as she made her tank drive forward a bit to ‘park’ right in front of me. Sitting just right so her face was pointing right at my hardening shaft. “OK, I take that last part back… You’ve got some fucking balls! Whipping out this thing out here in a parking lot!” She stated the obvious but I loved to hear it.
“Have you got the balls to give it a good sucking? Out here in the open?” I challenged again, and kept my camera aimed down right at her.
“Fuck yeah I do!” Shotzi grinned, eagerly reaching up to grip and stroke my pole. “But I’m gonna be taking that footage you’re recording… It’s no running over Stone’s ankle again, but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.”

“Mmmmm… I’ll make sure you get a copy.” I dodged her question as I groaned. My cock easily getting hard in her hand as she gave me a round of strokes. Soon leaning in as the Filipino beauty gave me a taste of those big lips of hers. The piercing grinding softly against my crown as she slapped my cock against her lips. Soon bringing her tongue to it for a smooth slide over the slit then fully around the bell-end. All as she pumped away and groaned herself. Enjoying the taste of my white cock as she licked and pumped at me while sitting on her signature tank that she uses for her entrances in NXT.

“Oh, I get it… Yeah, sure. I’ll suck you off for the footage.” She assumed she smirked up at me and gave my dick another pump. “But you’d better not be a quick fire with a cannon like this!” She playfully warned before she guided my cock inside of her oral hole. Making me moan as I got to feel those crimson covered lips wrapping around my shaft as she started to suck me off. Bobbing smoothly up and down as she groaned from my meat filling her mouth up. Her hand moving onto my leg as she just used her mouth to pleasure me with a round of slurps. Feeling her tongue flicking up against my underside which was already more than stimulated thanks to how her piercing was rubbing along my shaft as it passed in and out of her mouth.

“I can assure you… Mmmmm! You won’t be disappointed...” I said as I kept the camera aimed down as that gorgeous face moved back and forth along my prick. Her bright green hair swaying back and forth a bit as she used a free hand to brush it away from her. Feeling the saliva starting to coat me as she showed off some great cock sucking skills. Gazing up with more than a hint of lust as she shamelessly dished out this oral sex act not just on camera, but in the open area of this backlot. Keeping up my end of the deal as I handled what her red hot, rebellious mouth could do. Saliva coating my inches as she took me deeper between those bright red lips.

“Mmmmmmphhh! Mmmmmm...” The former Phoenix of RISE Champion groaned around my pole as she took me in and out at a smooth pace that more than proved she can handle balls along with the rest of a piece of manhood. Sure, as she was bobbing away back and forth she wasn’t even cupping my nuts but with how good that mouth felt I was more than happy to forgive her. Recording away as she pushed down further towards my crotch. Her helmet staying perfectly placed on the top of her head as she sucked. Going from just handling me in her mouth to slipping my fat pole into her throat. Like she was more used to sucking dick than performing in a wrestling ring.

“MMMMMM!! GAHHHHHH!! MMMMMM… HHHHHRRRKKK!!” She let out a sexy rasp as she gagged around my dick. Taking me too deep but not caring as she kept slurping away. That thick red lipstick leaving rings on my shaft as she slurped up and down on me. Allowing me to keep enjoying the sensation of her lower lip piercing sliding against the underside of my shaft. Her neck slightly bulging to make me wonder if she was trying to play the ‘Break My Choker’ game that I thought only existed for hentai. “HHHHLLLKKK!! MMMMMPHHH!! GAHHHHHH!!” She still stared up with desire as she blew me swiftly and steadily. The saliva dripping down her chin to leave the tattoo across her chest shining while she bobbed away. Thinking noting of blowing a total stranger while she sat on her famed mini tank. Clearly she was loving getting to have some fun with a fat, lengthy dick and the feeling was more than mutual as I continued to moan out from her oral skills.

Eventually, she pulled off with a lusty groan as she took in some air. “Fuck! And you can fucking take it, too!” Shotzi grinned as she shifted back on her tank as she slipped her ring attire off from her shoulders to pull it down.
“Guess I’m more than a suit, right?” I joked, watching as she pulled her ring attire downward and off her hips. “So I’m guessing I’m getting more than a blowjob, right?”
“No shit, motherfucker!” She smirked as she dropped the attire down behind her. Spreading her still boot-clad legs to show off her already wet, shaved pussy. Those fishnet tights having already a hole torn at the crotch like she’s no stranger to some wild action. She sat in her tank but leaned back with her boots up high in the air. “Better fucking believe we’re going all the way, Mister… Shit! I don’t even know your fucking name!” She admitted with a laugh as she brushed her dyed hair back.
“Oh, that little fact doesn’t matter.” I said as I moved down in front of her. Lining my cock up with her entrance as I knelt onto her prized tank to be able to fuck her.

“MMMMMM… Oh shit! MMMMM...” The green haired beauty moaned out, staring down with wide eyes again as she watched my shaft slip into her bareback. The sexy contrast clear to see of my fat white dick and her tight, wet Filipino snatch. We were both easily moaning and I hadn’t even gotten started yet. I didn’t slack off of course, wanting to really test out the Ballsy Superstar as I started to thrust smoothly into her box. “AHHHHHH… Oh fuck yeah! MMMMM… Been a while since… MMMMM!! Someone’s had the fucking balls to… MMMMM! Make a move on me! MMMMM...” She said between moans of approval as she grinned up at me. Not even fazed by the fact I was keeping my camera aimed at the almost naked stunner as I recorded myself pumping briskly into that hot, tight pussy of the NXT starlet. Feeling her walls stretching to handle my size as I worked in and out of her.

“MMMMM… Lucky me then!” I stated the obvious as I kept watching my dick vanish forward into the California-born beauty’s wonderfully snug pussy. My free hand resting carefully on her tank as I fucked on that famed part of her entrance and overall act. Seeing her hips rocking towards my motion as she moved to meet my thrusts as much as she could while staying seated with those fishnet covered legs up and high. “AHHHHH… And for great shame for the guys around NXT… MMMMMM… Who didn’t have the guts to try it on with you.” I added between groans. Feeling her boots resting on my shoulders for a fresh sign of approval as I pumped away into her twat. Her top covered tits starting to bounce as I put some more force into my motion. Looking to get all the way into the stunning female wrestler and the sinful look on her face showed she wanted the same thing.

“MMMMM… Balls, motherfucker! MMMMMM… The didn’t have the fucking balls to try and tap me...” She smirked with those bright red lips as she let out another shameless moan. Keeping her gorgeous body perfectly leaned back as she sat in her tank with her snatch just raised up enough for me to thrust in and out of. Her horned helmet on her head staying firmly in place as she stared across at me with her gaze for the most part fixed on watching my shaft moving into her box. “MMMMM! Oh yeah! Nice and deep! MMMMM!! Fill me the fuck up, motherfucker! MMMMM...” She demanded with a groan as she jolted towards my incoming pumps. Letting out a hiss of desire the first time my crotch slapped into hers and she got the feeling my nutsack against her. The former Nova Champion of Shine Wrestling showing off some Size Queen porn skills already with how she’s able to so easily take a cock as lengthy and thick as mine with such ease.

“AHHHHHH… Don’t think I’ve got the balls to refuse such… MMMMM… Such a polite request...” I joked with a smile of my own. I had no plans of course to stop now that I was getting, as she no doubt loved, balls deep in the Ballsy Superstar. Making a smack of skin hitting darker toned skin as my fat white dick pushed deep into that wet snatch of the curvy Filipino beauty. Making the tank we were fucking on top of slightly roll back and forth in time with the motion we were doing. Her green hair hanging down behind her and swinging a bit as she kept jolting both to push back against my motion and from the force of the next thrust that I gave her. An extra firm pump making her let out a signature wolf howl of delight with her head tilting back but that helmet never leaving her head as she brought her head back with another sinful grin.

“You’d better fucking not! MMMMMM!! OH FUCK!!” She gasped again as her eyes couldn’t tear away from watching my rod plunging in to the hilt into her wet twat as I pumped away into her like a well oiled machine. Her boots sliding a little on my shoulders from the pleasure she was getting as I took her not just on that famed mini tank but out here in the wide open of a NXT parking lot. “MMMMM! Or else it’ll be your ankle my tank targets next instead of Suit Man Stone!” She added with another sexy laugh. Neither of us cared one bit if someone found or even heard us as we both kept moaning loudly out into the night. Her snatch clutching my shaft as it moved in deep until my balls connected with her body, and then only pulling a few inches out of her before I repeated the process. Getting in one Hell of a workout with the stunning, uniquely styled and tattoo covered beauty.

“MMMMM… No way I want that...” I said as I pulled my cock out from that wet pussy.
“What? Pussy not good enough for you, suit?” Shotzi teased me with a smirk mas she shifted position to properly sit.
“Oh, it sure is.” I said, stepping back just so I could set my camera down on the floor of the backlot.  “I was just wondering if you wanted to go for a ride… And no, I doubt mean around on your tank.”
“Oh, I’d fucking love to...” She ran her tongue over the piercing on her lower lip as Blackheart stood up from the tank. “But I think you need to take a seat! And if you break it, you fucking buy it.”

“I’m honoured! I’ll treat her right...” I said as I carefully sat down onto that famed ring entrance tank of hers. Watching as she moved down to mount onto my lap but faced away from me. Reaching to line my shaft up with her twat once again before sinking down to get us both moaning again. I’d only just taken a hold of her waist to keep her in position when she started off going to work on me. Making not our moans sound out once again but that slap as her thick, rounded ass smacked down firmly into my crotch as she rode me. Taking my prick in deep to the hilt as she rode me reverse cowgirl position with her still boot clad legs over mine as my feet were planted on the ground either side of the tank I was now sitting in.

“MMMMM FUCK!! MMMM… AHHHHH!!” The beautiful Filipino groaned out as she raised and lowered herself swiftly on my big white dick as she reached to her top. Pulling it up and over her head to free her large, rounded tits that she instantly started groping away at to enhance her pleasure. Eyes closed and her red lips open in an O-shape as she rode my cock with clear skill and experience. “AHHHHH… You’re gonna treat this ballsy pussy right! MMMMM FUCK!!” She said between her moans as she bounced away on my dick so I didn’t even need to pump into her once. Shifting herself to drop down into my lap and take all my inches up inside of her box before lifting up so the camera just a short distance away could capture the sight of my dick briefly until she repeated the motion to make me vanish inside her wetness.

I was looking forward to reviewing the footage of her pornstar-like riding after this encounter. Not to say I wasn’t enjoying a fantastic view either on my side of things, let alone the superb feeling of her tight pussy gliding up and down on my member. I got to watch her bright green hair flowing from under that horned helmet she still had on along with seeing her thick ass jiggling whenever it slapped down hard into my body. Once again, the tank of hers that we were using to fuck on was rocking a bit under us as she used that more than just a little energetic motion to give my cock one Hell of a wild ride. As can only be expected from the rebellious, tattoo wearing sports entertainer of NXT.

“MMMMM FUCK!! SHIT!! AHHHHH MMMMMM!!” Blackheart continued to moan out as the sweat started to form across that gorgeous Filipino body of hers. Almost on full display with just boots, ripped fishnet tights and a choker on. Her rounded breasts bouncing away in time with the motion as a couple of strands of that long dyed hair were already sticking to her face. “OOOOOOOOH! MMMMMM!! A-WOOOOOOOOO!!” She even let out a fitting wolf howl into the night as she bounced away on my cock. More than showing it’s not just handling balls, but taking dick that she excels at as she worked over my shaft over and over. Knowing full well that she’s being filmed having shameless, open air sex with a total stranger and loving every moment of it.

“MMMMM… Sounds like someone’s having fun...” I said, smirking at I looked across to catch glimpses of my prick appearing from out of her dripping wet box whenever she shifted upward on me. Only to let gravity aid her as she sharply dropped down to let that filthy slap of her rounded ass connecting with my body ring out. Getting a glance over the shoulder from her and a sinful smirk that answered my question before she turned back to focus on the bouncing motion. Readjusting that signature horned helmet just a little bit before she went back to moving up and down like an elevator on overdrive on my pole. Easily ensuring we both moaned out as she rode away on my dick while I was sat comfortably in her own famed mini tank. Almost making it feel like I was desecrating some sacred ground by taking an X-rated ride while riding on top of the vehicle she uses for her entrance.

“MMMMM… Been a long fucking while since I’ve gotten to get this fucking wild!” Shotzi said with a smile, bringing herself to a stop on my cock so she could grind that wet pussy down into me.
“AHHHHH… Want to get extra dirty, Shotzi?” I offered with a lewd grin of my own.
“If you’ve got the balls to do it? Then you can fucking try, suit...” Blackheart replied as she eased herself off from my cock.
“In that case? Get onto your tank, and get that ass of yours raised up.” I instructed as I got up and out from her tank.
“Fuck yeah!!” She grinned as she eagerly moved back down, not getting on top of her tank with hands grasping the cannon and her ass sticking out towards me in almost a doggy style position.

Reaching into my suit jacket, which was sticking to me a bit from my own sweat, I pulled out a handy bottle of lubricant and moved behind of the green haired stunner. Seeing her looking back over her shoulder as her tongue once again ran over the piercing in her lower lip. Watching as I poured a little lube out to let it drip down the crack of her shapely ass to make her groan with approval. More sounds like that escaping from her when I then used a finger of the free hand to scoop some liquid up before I pushed into her asshole slowly and smoothly. Working it into her back passage with a bit of finger fucking from some short, sharp pushes in and out of her asshole.

I could tell instantly she wasn’t a stranger to some backdoor action. Her rump pushing back against my hand just to get my digit inside of her. So I let her take another finger as I pulled out, applied a little lubricant, then plunged back in. Unsurprisingly her groan out louder as she rocked against the motion like she was more a pornstar than a pro wrestler. After a round of that, I pulled out and stepped back. Taking a moment to first apply lube to my own dick for good measure before I put the bottle away. Picking up the camera from the ground as I moved to stand behind the NXT Superstar. Pressing the fat crown of my dick against that prepared entrance before I pushed in to set us off both moaning loudly all over again.

“MMMMMM FUCK!! SHIT!! A-WOOOOOOOOO!! MMMMMM!!” Already the wild beauty was letting out those fittingly primal-like wolf howls in delight and my dick wasn’t even halfway into her thick backside. Her anal walls spreading to accept my invasion that was quite clearly far thicker and longer than what she’s used to. Still, she was pushing back against my pumps, urging me to get deep into her as I completed my tour of her pleasurable holes. “MMMMM!! COME ON, MOTHERFUCKER!! MMMMM!! FUCK MY BALLSY ASS!! MMMMM!!” She demanded with a lusty yell, still looking back at me with a fire in her eyes. Loving having her ass fucked as she shifted against the signature tank she rides out to the ring in. I couldn’t possibly turn down such a request so I went at it. Stiffly moving my dick in and out of her snug asshole as we both groaned out and drops of sweat fell from her nearly naked frame down onto her vehicle as she stayed perched on top of.

Those thick, Filipino ass cheeks jiggled away sinfully whenever I drove forward into her as I gradually worked more of my inches into her tight backside. Capturing the sight of my fat white cock plunging into her booty from behind as I held my camera steady to get plenty of visual evidence from this ‘review’ of fucking her ass. Along with recording the sounds of our groans as we still went at it without any hit of remorse despite this action being out in the open of this NXT parking lot while a TV Taping is going on in the building we’re behind. A big smile on my face, matching the one of her bright crimson, pierced ones as I kept sending my dick in and out of her booty nice and deep.

“FUCK! MMMMM!! AHHHHH SHIT!! MOTHERFUCKER!! YEAH, FUCK ME!! MMMMMM!!” She groaned out as she kept clutching the cannon of her mini-tank to keep herself in that doggy style-like position. Having to keep her green haired head raised up so her horned helmet didn’t slip off as she began to roughly jolt back and forth as I picked up the pace. Her huge tits swinging underneath her as sweat continued to pour off of her onto the backlot ground and that tank. “MMMMMM SHIT!! FUCK! AHHHHHH FUCK!! YESSSSSSS MMMMMM!!” Her moans of approval kept on coming as shifted position a bit just to prop herself up on the cannon with one arm. The other clamping between her legs to start furiously rubbing away at her already dripping wet snatch. A clear sign an orgasm was approaching as she took my dick nice and deep into her vice-like back passage.

“MMMMMM!! Let’s make you cum, then Shotzi! MMMM! FUCK!!” I smiled, seeing those telling signs so I just kept going at her. Making sure my crotch was slapping firmly into those ripe, rounded cheeks of hers as I filled up her ass with my meaty dick. Sweat dripping from my face as I took her from behind. The force of my pumps making that tank she was kneeling on rock a bit back and forth to just add to how sinful this all ways. “Don’t make… MMMMM SHIT!! Too much of a mess over your own tank when you do! MMMMMM...” I teased as I kept my camera focused on that backside to capture the interracial fun of my white dick pounding away into that tight, Filipino booty. Knowing she was loving it as her moans sounded out again and again each time I went either in deep or just pulled a few inches from her asshole as I tapped that ass from behind.

“MMMMMM!! I’LL DO WHATEVER… UHHHHHH!! THE FUCK I WANT!! MMMMMM SHIT!!” She panted as her eyes were starting to gaze upward at the rim of her horned helmet she still impressively wore on her head. Already fingers soaked with her juices as she briskly worked her hand over her slit. Tits jiggling with a swinging motion as her body bucked forward whenever I sent a hard pump between her cheeks. “FUCK!! FUCK!! MMMMMM AHHHHHH YESSS!! FUCK MY ASS MOTHERFUCKER!! MMMMMM!!” She demanded with a deeply sinful tone in her moaning voice, even as I was already doing that and then some. Making her that clap of her butt hitting my body rang out whenever our bodies connected. More than just a few strands of her dyed green hair sticking across her gorgeous face from all the sweat as she fought to keep herself up on her tank in order to take this ass fucking.

“AHHHH!! AHHHHH!! A-WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” Finally, she let out another wild and loud wolf cry as she made herself orgasm with more than just a bit of assistance from my cock ramming into her asshole. Doing just as she vowed to as she sent juices squirting out from her snatch with rapid rubs from her fingers. Still showing off her skills by shifting against my thrusts to make sure my dick was stuffing deep between her already well fucked cheeks even as she came. Panting for air by the time she came back down to Earth and groaned as she finally removed her hand from that soaking snatch of hers. Giving me an extra naughty sight to film with my camera as, like a true rebel, she brought those coated with fingers juices up to those thickly coated lips. Moaning as she sucked them clean and drank down herself with a fresh, lewd smile of a very satisfied beauty.

I pulled out of her cheeks with a groan but still smiling. “I think I’ve got the balls to finish this in a way you’ll like.” I said, grasping my already throbbing cock with my free hand.
“You got the balls to make a big fucking mess?” Shotzi grinned as she turned around, going back to kneeling on her tank as she looked up at me with a slight tilt of the head.
“I think I’d be rude if I didn’t give you what you deserved after that performance.” I joked as I moved in nice and close.

It didn’t take too long of stroking my dick before I started to let loose with my spunk. Making her groan as I splattered that stunning Filipino face of hers. The jizz coating her cheeks, nose and over her coated in thick red mouth to even leave the piercing on her lower lip dripping with seed. Some shots hitting high, landing onto that famous horned helmet of hers. While others caught into strands of her dyed green hair either already stuck to her face from the sweat or hanging at the sides of her head. Making an even filthier mess for me to record as I captured every moment of this money shot from my Point of View. Grinning as the cum fell from her face down onto her large tits as they sexily raised and lowered as she caught her breath from such an intense orgasm.

“Mmmmmm… Motherfucker! You got some on my helmet!” Shotzi said with a dirty laugh as she smiled up at me once I’d let go of my spent cock.
“Nothing major, I hope?” I asked as I kept smiling, showing that I wasn’t ashamed one bit of the load I’ve dropped onto her face.
“Fuck no!” She grinned, carefully removing her helmet from her head. “Been there, done that so many fucking times over I’ve lost count!” Blackheart said with a proud tone. Showing it too as she brought the helmet to her mouth and used her tongue to lick up the cum I’d sprayed onto her headgear.
“Well, I’m glad that’s settled…” I said, filming her finish the cleaning before I turned off the camera. “Ah, by the way? Might sound weird, since we just fucked on your tank and all… But I don’t suppose I could trouble you for an autograph, could I?” I said, tucking the camera away and producing my Big Book out of the other inside pocket of my jacket.
“You got a weird fucking way of asking for a signature…” Shotzi smirked at me, a sight made hotter with the cum dripping from her cheeks and chin onto her tits. “But I fucking dig it… You’ve fucking got balls and them some! But not as much as me...” She added with another laugh.

* * *

A half hour later and I didn’t even end up entering Full Sail at all for the show. I’d gotten my review for the evening done and dusted as I sat in my car and looked over the double page spread. Spaces left ready to fill in with sinful screenshots from the sex tape I’d just filmed. On one side, I’d gotten that autograph, and a couple personal contact details, from Blackheart along with a big red lipstick kiss. ‘Next time you’re in NXT? Come fuck me! If you’ve got the BALLS for it!’ She added as well. On the page as well was the black, rebellious choker she’d worn on her neck as we fucked along with a ripped section of fishnet tights for good measure.

All that was left was to complete my ‘review’ of her, as I brought my pen to the page: ‘Some posers just look like they don’t give a fuck… So it takes balls and then some not just look like a wild fuck, but actually be one as well! From throating dick to taking an ass fuck, this Ballsy beauty walks the walk and not just talks it… Or at least, rides the tank and talks it! So if you’ve got the, you guessed it, balls to try and get a piece of her? Be prepared to back it up because she won’t stop howling with delight until she drains your balls! 10 out of 10!’

I smiled, setting the book down on the passenger seat as I buckled up, started the engine and headed off into the night. I wasn’t even mad about having not even used the passes I’d paid for to get into the building as all that mattered was scoring another beautiful female wrestler and testing out her holes. Although fucking someone on a tank (even as miniature as it was)? That was something to tick off the bucket list I never even knew I had! One part of me thought that it would take some beating to surpass that encounter… But I knew whatever the next ‘review’ I did? I’d love it just as much as all the rest!

* * *

While I'm not currently accepting suggestions or requests for chapters/stories to write in the future, feel free to leave any feedback as a reply to this thread. Or send me a message over on the CSS Discord. Thanks for reading!
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New here, but not new to writing. Writes celeb and fan-fiction smut.
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Re: The Big Book of Wrestling Babes [Various wrestling women]
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Shotzi is really hot! Nice to see her getting some love..... and some good ol fucking  :D
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Re: The Big Book of Wrestling Babes [Various wrestling women]
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Stardom or any other wrestling promotion, or any current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Mina Shirakawa (Stardom, formerly TJPW)

The Big Book of Wrestling Babes – Chapter 12

An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story.   

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, inter.

* * *

It would be wrong of me to simply focus on the Western companies of the professional wrestling world if I was going to properly fill out my Big Book. So that’s why I took the long journey across to the land of the Rising Sun to seek out some Asian delights from the Joshi promotions. To my pleasant surprise, but perhaps not so much considering that money talks no matter the country, I was able to acquire press passes and access to backstage at a live event of Stardom. Sure, being American I stood out but no one was really asking any serious questions about me. Or why I was carrying around a thick book either in my inside jacket pocket.

I had one specific target in mind however as I waited backstage just off from where the talent would return after a contest. Smiling as I saw a gorgeous, busty beauty coming along clad in tight fitting pink coloured ring attire that showed off generous, deep cleavage. Mina Shirakawa, the current Stardom wrestler and former Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling competitor. Her shoulder length hair looking in fine condition despite the match she’d taken part in, and a light shine of sweat over her as well.

“Ah, Shirakawa-Chan! Can I have a moment of your time?” I asked, stepping away from the wall. Of course, I didn’t say that English to her. Speaking in Japanese to make things easier, and if you think that’s awfully convenient that I’m fluent in a language and don’t have to transcribe Japanese then you might be right!
“Oh? A journalist? Speaking Japanese?” Mina locked onto me, coming to a stop. “That’s pretty unusual for an American.” She said, and yes she did reply in her native tongue. No no, there’s no need to thank me for the translation.
“Yes, indeed. In fact, I’ve come all the way over here to interview you in fact!” I said with a handsome smile as I gave an approving look over her.
“Ah! Thank you very much!” She smiled back, giving a little bow of the head. “That’s very nice of you to say… I’ve gotten a lot more Western fans since I’ve joined Stardom, so it’s nice to meet one in person.” Shirakawa politely said.

“In that case, perhaps you’d like to follow me? I’ve got a room set up where we won’t be disturbed too much for an interview.” I suggested. “Although I will say, some of my questions will be quite blunt… I mean, not to be rude, but you have a history of modelling, right?”
“That’s true, and I don’t hide that! I’m very proud of my modelling work!” She smiled.
“Ah, but that’s the question. When you pose and act so sexy in all those photo shoots and videos? Is that all just an act? Or can you, as we say back home, walk the walk as well as talk the talk?”
“You’re an interesting man, asking such a thing.” Mina put her hands on her ample hips as she looked me over. “Do you ask women such questions back in your country?”
“Indeed I do!” I said shamelessly with a confident smirk. “And I do a lot more than that… But if you doubt me? Give me a few minutes of your time and I’ll prove that I’m a lot more than just an interesting man.”
“So bold… You seem to be up to something.” The H-cup beauty noted as she smiled. “Very well. But if you try anything weird? I’ll show you why I’m a wrestler – I don’t just look good! I can fight too!” She said, agreeing to follow me.

“Oh, I can assure you Shirakawa-Chan… Neither of us are going to regret this.” I smiled again as I turned to lead the way.  The old calling a model out for acting sexy but not knowing how to do sex line never fails. I escorted her along the way to a room at the building a bit away from the locker rooms so we wouldn’t be disturbed. I’d set things up nicely with a couple comfy chairs, a small table and most importantly a video camera set up on a tripod across the way to be able to film the action. “Please, take a seat.” I offered as I already took off my jacket to set it aside.

“Hmmmm… This still looks suspicious… Like one of those dirty films or magazines...” She looked over the scene as I turned the camera on to start filming her. “What sort of interview is this anyway?”
“Oh, you know… A very physical one...” I said with a snigger. Continuing to be shameless as I loosened my belt. So when she turned around she saw me dropping my pants and boxers. Exposing my thick and long American dick to the Japanese beauty.
She gasped, taking a step back with her hands up in surprise. “A-Amazing!!” Her eyes were wide, staring at my hardening cock. “That’s a Western man’s cock?? I’ve never seen one so big!!” She admitted as he bit down on her bottom lip.
“I suppose if you’re talking about dirty films around here, dicks are usually pixelated, right?” I joked as I stepped out of my lower clothing. “But hey! No one’s stopping you from checking this dick out… In fact, I’d be honoured if you would Shirakawa-Chan.” I said as I enjoyed a long look over her fabulous, large rack.

“So this is one of those dirty film interviews!” Shirakawa figured out, but she was still smiling as she took up my offer. Slipping down to her knees, giving me a good view of those tits once again, as her hand grabbed my cock. “We could get in a lot of trouble for this!” She scolded me as she started to pump my rod. Her eyes again looking to my inches as she sexily licked her upper teeth, clearly warming to this sinful idea of mine. Confirming that when she leaned in a bit and used her tongue to run along the tip of my cock. Sliding across the slit then around the crown while her stroking hand ensured I was rock hard at my pornstar size and thickness for her. “But I suppose a little fun wouldn’t hurt, just between a wrestler and a fan, yes?” She claimed with another gorgeous smile.

Before I could reply to that excuse, she had me moaning when she took my prick into her mouth. Staring up as I got to enjoy the warm of the Japanese wrestler’s oral hole as she pushed down smoothly. Easily taking half of my length inside with the first movement as her full lips wrapped around my size. Her hand on the base just twisting a bit now, keeping my dick straight for her to start working over as her dark hair started to sway a bit back and forth. Feeling her groaning around my cock as the busty woman started slurping on my pole. She clearly enjoyed the taste of her first American dick as I felt her tongue flicking up at my underside once in and while as she made my length pass in and out of her experienced feeling mouth. Always keeping the crown and a few inches inside her mouth when she shifted back before pushing down and taking a little bit more inside.

“Mmmmm! Oh, this can just be our little secret, Shirakawa-Chan...” I said, which was true in a way. But I still gave the recording camera a wink as the side-on way me and her were facing it allowed the recording of this steamy blowjob. The sight of my fat shaft sliding in and out of her mouth captured along with the muffled groans from her and the moans I was letting out. Saliva starting to drip off her chin along with off from my shaft as she picked up the pace with her sucking motion. Those already gorgeous looking tits getting an added sexy shine as her own spit fell onto them and down into that deep cleavage. She wasn’t fazed one bit as she focused on blowing me and unintentionally helped my filming too as she removed her hand from my dick in order to brush her hair back and away from her face for a clear view.

“Mmmmmmphhh! Mmmmmm! Hmmmmmphhh!” The proud former model turned pro wrestler moaned around my dick as she kept staring up with a clear look of desire as she slurped away on my meaty dick. Enjoying herself and managing to smile around my inches briefly she pushed down impressively deep onto me. A nice surprise as she made her nose press into my crotch as her eyes widened. Letting me feel how snug her throat was as she took full advantage of a rod far longer than she’s clearly used to. “GAHHHHHH… MMMMMMPHHH!! MMMMMPPHHH!!” She gagged a bit but kept her pretty face right down on my inches for a long moment. Eventually pulling up but sneaking in another round of steady, smooth bobs along my rod to ensure I was soaked in her spit. Clearly she knew what she was doing when it came to the art of dick sucking, which made me wonder if she’s been practising on queen size sex toys if the stereotype of men in this country of hers not being particularly blessed was true.

I wasn’t going to complain of course as I watched her lift out as she caught her breath. “I’m surprised! Not many men I’ve been with can even handle that!” Mina said with a smile as she stood up.
 “Not many women in the world look as great as you do...” I pointed out as I soon had further reason to smile as she pulled her wrestling top up and over her head. Freeing those massive, H-Cup breasts as they bounced free and already topped with hard nipples for a sign of her arousal.
“I bet you say that to all the women you trick with this kind of dirty interview...” Shirakawa teased me but she was still smiling. Now pushing the bottoms of her ring attire down to show off her thick, rounded ass and, as I expected, a wet looking pussy.
“Who? Me? Never...” I lied, and badly at that, as I waited for her to step out of the clothing. Moving one of the chairs of my interview ‘set’ into position in front of the camera before I took Mina over towards it. Sitting down myself first onto it and then bringing her down onto my lap. Ensuring she was facing outwards as I lined my cock up with her awaiting snatch.

“MMMMMM! Oh fuck!! That’s so big!! MMMMM!!” The Japanese stunner moaned out as I slipped my dick up into her folds. Further proof that she wasn’t kidding about not being experienced with well endowed men as she was vice-like even with her wetness and the spit coating  my shaft. Allowing us both a moment to adjust to the sensation before I started to pump. Smoothly working upward and then back down as similar to how she’d blown me before, I never fully pulled out from her snatch when I lowered my hips down. “AHHHHHH!! MMMMMM… W-What did you say your name was again, Mister Journalist?” She groaned, looking over her shoulder at me as I established the pace to fill her twat up with my thick American dick. Making myself moan as I worked back and forth into her tightness. My hands on her toned waist to ensure she was stuck in place in order to take my dick right up into her from underneath.

“MMMMM… Oh, don’t worry about that little detail…” I dodged the question as I focused on pumping away into the stunning Joshi. Smiling not just from how good that tight, wet pussy felt all around my tool but that she knew herself she was being fucked by a man she’d not only just met, but didn’t even know the name of. Just craving my fat, long dick as already proven by her going from deep throating me to approaching taking me balls deep in another of her very pleasurable holes. “AHHHHH… You just worry about… MMMMM!! If your sexy modelling body here can handle all of my cock...” I said between my moans like I was giving her a challenge. Not just distracting her with a good time as I pumped steadily but firmly into that box, but so that she wouldn’t be bothered by the fact she was fucking on camera. The sight of her big, ripe tits bouncing away being captured as my thrusts made her body jolt a bit on my shaft along with a slap ringing out when her fleshy, desirable ass connected with my crotch as gravity sent her back down onto me.

“MMMMMM FUCK… MMMMMM!! Dirty man! AHHHHHH… You’ve tricked me into fucking you!” She showed she’s a lot more than stunning looks and curves, easily figuring out the obvious as I worked my dick like a piston in and out of her wet, tight slot. However, the wide smile on that gorgeous face of hers showed she didn’t mind at this point my sneaky tactics to get a piece of her. No doubt how I was making her moan out as she bounced on my thrusting dick helping out in that regard as I filled up the Stardom wrestling from underneath. “MMMMM… You’d better not screw this up! Or else… AHHHHHH!! SHIT!! I’ll set all the rest of Stars onto you!” She groaned as her own hands came up to squeeze her big boobs as they jiggled about. The smack of skin hitting skin getting louder as I made my motion a little firmer. Feeling no pain at all from that rounded butt of hers striking me stiffly as she was riding my dick as I fed those thick American inches deep into her clearly needy Japanese snatch.

“MMMM! That sounds like a challenge right there, Shirakawa-Chan!” I smirked at her words as I kept this seated fuck going strong. Knowing a red hot sight was being captured by my video camera of not just those much lusted after H-Cup tits of hers, but my meaty shaft sliding in and out of her pussy as my heavy balls began to connect with her folds as I went in to the hilt into her. “AHHHHH… And one I very gladly accept...” I added with a groan. I could only really see from my position her hair and her back, seeing a fresh sweat forming on her skin as she took the expertly done banging of her snatch. But the feeling of snugness around my inches more than made up from my view at that moment as I continued to smile. Pumping away with my hands roaming up the sides of the beauty perhaps more known for her figure and good looks than any sort of in-ring career or accomplishments.

“MMMMMM! Yes!! AHHHHH!! You’re so big!! It’s amazing! MMMMM...” She groaned out, tossing her head back both in pleasure and a way to clear out the hair from her eyes. Her hands still groping at her big mounds for a while before they moved back behind to the arms of the chair as she matched my increased pace with a movement of her own. Actively bouncing on my pistoning dick now rather than just being sent jolting up from the force of my motion. That just set us both off moaning louder around this ‘interview’ room as the sound echoed around. If anyone did pass by this part of the building no doubt we’d be caught in this very sinful act but from the cries of delight she was letting out that worry was far from being on her mind right now. “MMMMM!! More! Oooooooooh! MMMMM!! Yes! More, please! MMMM!!” She groaned out as she licked her lips as she experienced the joys of sex with a nice fat dick for the first time in her life.

“MMMMM… Well, if you insist Shirakawa-Chan? I can make this interview very in depth...” I said with a chuckle as I brought my motion to a stop. Making her groan with clear disappointment when I pulled out from her snatch.
“E-Eh?? You’re not finished already, are you?” Shirakawa said to me, but bit her lip as I made her stand up from me so I could do the same.
“Not at all, far from it...” I explained as I set her into position. Having her bend over forwards so her hands were on the table of the set and her ass was sticking out at me. Of course, the position leaving her facing the still filming camera that got a great view of her mounds hanging down. “I just want to really make sure I make the most of this…” I said, and I didn’t need to exaggerate that either. “One position would be quite boring, don’t you think?”
“Ah! Amazing… You even last more than one position?” Her eyes widened a little but in awe. Clearly a stunning woman like her is to much more most men, from any country, to last against. Watching as I moved up behind her and pushed my cock back into that wonderfully tight and wet snatch as we started moaning all over again.

“Sounds like your previous lovers… MMMMM! FUCK… Have disappointed you, Shirakawa-Chan.” I teased her, as I enjoyed a bit too much calling her by such a friendly term of Chan considering we’re deep in the midst of shameless, no strings attached sex after she’d not long had a wrestling match. She was still clad in her wrestling boots and pads and coverings along her lower arms as she took my dick now from behind. Her thick ass smacking into me as I pumped her from the back and, to my grinning approval, she was eagerly rocking back and forth to meet the incoming thrusts. “I’ll be sure… MMMMM! To make up for their failures with this session!” I said, although from how she was moaning and sweating already I’d already made this the best sex she’s ever had. Pistoning into her twat as my balls connected with the bottom of her pussy. My hands holding her hips but more for just something to hold onto as she was impressing herself by keeping up in this bent over position nice and steady. Allowing me a smooth passage in and out of her as I went balls deep into this Japanese hottie.

“MMMMM!! YES!! AHHHHH FUCK! MORE! MMMMMM...” She moaned her demands as the former Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling roster member and current Stardom performer acted more like a seasoned pornstar than a grappler. Smoothly shifting her curvy body back against me whenever I pumped forward into her slot as she easily made sure I went in to the hilt with every thrust. Strands of her hair now sticking to her pretty facial features as her locks flowed in time with the motion her body was doing. To be fair when it came to the footage of this sex tape there wouldn’t be too many focusing on anything but those huge tits of hers as they sexily swung back and forth with a shine of sweat. “MMMMM!! So goooooooooood! AHHHHH FUCK!! American dick is amazing!! So big!! MMMMM!!” She gave me even more reasons to grin without me even needing to provoke her as she moaned out her dirty talk. Love this interracial action of my fat white dick ploughing into that tight Asian snatch of hers from behind. My eyes locked down onto her rump as I watched my dick reappear from out of her hole for a moment before I drove it straight in sharply with a groan of delight.

“MMMMM… Your pussy is very fantastic as well, Shirakawa-Chan… AHHHHHH...” I made sure to let her know that this wasn’t just a one way street. I was loving being balls deep in the former model turned pro wrestler’s hot, wet box that felt made for taking long, thick pricks like mine. Giving her rear a firm squeeze while I kept my smooth, steady and switch motion into her snatch going strong. A sweat now forming over my own toned body as I loosened my tie since I still had my shirt on in an almost fully naked state, but a little more clothing than the beauty in front of me had on. Smiling as I watched her voluptuous body push back to meet mine so that the sharp smack of our frames hitting one another rung out in this small room I’d turned into a sham interview set turned sex den.

The native of Tokyo, Japan continued to gasp out in pleasure as my cock filled up her tight love tunnel over and over again as her walls hugged the shape of my man-meat like she’s been waiting for a big cock like mine to come along and give her the fucking that she, and her stunning body, deserves. I of course was more than up to the task as I pumped stiffly in and out of her twat from behind as I stared down to watch her ass clapping sharply against me. Knowing that there was a just as hot view at the front as I fucked this gorgeous Joshi star on camera on the same night as having just met her. The skill of my pumping and how I was making her moan out shamelessly making her ignore the sin of fucking a stranger, especially one from another country, that she didn’t even know the name of.

“AHHHHH! FUCK! MMMMM!! MMMMMM...” Mina was staring ahead, looking right into the lens of the camera filming her getting fucked like she was more suited to be a pornstar than a professional wrestler. But because of the pleasure she was feeling she was more staring through the camcorder from the look of lust on that sweat-covered face. Those large H-Cup breasts swaying in time with the shifting she was doing as she worked her slot on my fat dick as I fed every inch deep into her over and over again. “MMMMMM!! FUCK!! YES!! AHHHHHH MMMMMM...” She purred in delight, and certainly despite my claims earlier to lure her into this encounter she was living up to the stereotypes both for Joshis and models – knowing how to fuck and do so extremely well. At this point I could have stopped my own motion as she would have carried on backing up into my shaft like she was the one in control of all this to bang herself silly on my lengthy member.

“MMMMM… This isn’t too much for you to handle, is it Shirakawa-Chan?” I teased with a smile as I pulled out of her already well fucked snatch.
She looked back over her shoulder at me, shaking her head with a grin. “No way! I want more!” Mina confirmed as this time she was the one making the first move. Laying on her back on the table she’d been propping herself up on as her big tits heaved sexily.
“That makes too of us… Ah, but first...” I moved around a little, unclipping the camera from the tripod so I could hold it, before I got back into position between her legs that were still clad in her wrestling boots and knee pads.
“You’re still filming? Are all Americans as shameless as this?” Shirakawa teased as she licked her lips, showing she wasn’t against it as long as she got more of my dick.

“Guess I’m not being a good ambassador for international relations, am I?” I dodged the question and got back to business. Sliding my dick into her and able to easily drive in balls deep just from the first motion much to both of our groaning delight. Using my free hand to keep one of her legs held and apart by the boot as I used the other to aim the camcorder down at her pussy. Filming the sinful, red hot sight of my shaft thrusting away as I went in with a stiff, quick pace that already had her jolting along the table she was laying on. Showing no regard for whether the furniture could handle being used as an aid for this action as I pumped. Grunting as even after the repeated positions and the size of my pole her love tunnel was still as snug as ever, but now extremely dripping wet.

“OH FUCK! AHHHHHH! FUCK!! FUCK!! MMMMMM!!” At this point she wasn’t caring about my weak excuses and plans. Loving my fat American dick filling up her soaking, needy Japanese pussy beyond limits she’d ever fantasied possible. Once again those wonderful huge mountains of hers were bouncing away as I really made her body rock up and down with the force of my pounding of her pussy. “UHHHHH!! YES! MORE! MMMMMM!! FUCK MEEEEEEE AHHHHHH!!” She begged as the sweat poured off of her and her shoulder length hair was a sprawled mess around her and sticking to her cheeks as I took her. Just about managing to keep her head raised up from hanging off the edge of the table so she could stare across at my crotch moving back and forth towards her entrance. With the odd glance of desire up at a man she’s only just met but has let fuck her deep and hard.

That was just more lovely sights for the eyes for me to record as I showed my obvious experience both at fucking hot female wrestlers and filming the act at the same time. Multi-tasking as I continued to pump hard and fast into that moist pussy as my balls slapped into her skin whenever I drove in like I was trying to resize her inner walls. Shifting the focus of what I was recording to switch from down between her legs to capture my cock briefly pulling a couple inches out from her hole before I ventured back in to the hilt. Then up to, of course, get plenty of those H-Cup breasts jiggling away which was a sight alone that would make men cum from witnessing. All the way up to her gorgeous, moaning face as she allowed a man from another land to bang her into such a state of pleasure without even knowing my name.

“FUCK! FUCK!! AHHHHHH MMMMMM!! SOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD MMMMM!!” Even if I wasn’t fluent in her native tongue, her loud moaning would still sound smoking hot as she called out in delight no matter if I was driving in balls deep into her or pulling out just a little bit. The sensations from my shaft sliding smoothly into her snatch driving her wild as her arms hung off from the table. Just letting me have my very wicked way with this willing Japanese beauty as she took my fat American dick deep and hard into her pussy. “AMAZING! AHHHHHHH!! YES! AMAZING!! OOOOOOOOOOH MMMMMMMM!!” She was sweating harder than any match she’s competed in for Stardom, TJPW and beyond as she jolted on the table I was fucking her on. That slap of my crotch hitting hers snapping out to mix in the air along with our moans as my camera easily picked up all of that to go along with the sex tape I was still expertly filming with this busty co-star. Thankfully, unlike in the porn her homeland has to endure, there wouldn’t be any pixelated censorship for this skin flick even if the trade off was it wouldn’t exactly be released for anyone else but myself to see.

Luckily, I just focused my viewpoint onto her expression as Mina’s eyes rolled back in pleasure and her tongue rather shamefully flicked out from the side of her mouth like she was a character in a hentai. Cumming hard with a wide smile all over my pistoning dick as I drove her through clearly the most intense sexual high of her life. Feeling her juices further coating me as they dripped down onto the table I was banging her on. I felt bad for any lover of hers in the future as she might be craving more white meat to satisfy her Asian pussy now from how well I’ve been screwing her. Giving another stiff round of thrusts before I pulled out of that soaking hole and seeing how I’d left her folds stretched out from the pounding. My grin showing I didn’t regret a thing, and her groans of approval showed she felt the same way.

There was however one small matter to deal with, aside from writing an entry into my Big Book about her. I moved from between her legs to straddling her chest. Well, there was no way that I wasn’t going to take a shot that those much lusted after H-Cup tits of hers now, was there? Just as I pondered how I was going to fuck her rack with only one free hand, my question was answered with, wearing a lewd smile on her face, Shirakawa put her hands on the sides of her mounds. Sandwiching my prick between them to make me groan as I instantly went to work. Sliding the cock that had just been balls deep in her twat now in and out of that deep, sexy cleavage of this gorgeous pro wrestler.

“Mmmmmm… Amazing!” Mina stared at the head of my prick as it popped out from between her tits as I fucked them with a stiff and steady pace, but nowhere near as rough as how I’d been driving into her snatch in the position before. Making her groan from the feeling of my length rubbing between her mounds as well as smearing her own pussy juices onto her skin. “Such a perverted cock can still perform after all of that? Amazing...” She purred as she kept her breasts wrapped around my member perfectly to tell me that this is far from the first time she’s pleasured a dick with those huge orbs of hers. A fresh slapping sound now ringing out as my crotch hit the underside of her breasts as the force of the strikes left her titties jiggling all around and against my manhood for bonus pleasure.

“MMMMMM… FUCK… I’m usually the one reviewing others! MMMMMM...” I joked as I groaned in delight.  Managing to keep my camera steady I pumped away into those massive tits. My dick just about seen at the bottom of her rack when I pulled out a few inches before ploughing back between them so my fat crown could briefly appear out from the tops. So much ample flesh provided by her mounds that if I’d even zoomed in a bit on her I wouldn’t be able to capture all of her assets. Perhaps being used to her tits being the centre of attention, even when covered up by her ring attire, the Joshi star didn’t seem to mind that I was just staring at the breasts I was fucking and making that fact even naughtier as I did so through the camera I was using to film this sex tape with.

Slap. Slap. Slap! The sound of my crotch meeting her mounds rang out over and over as my dick pulsed between her tits as she kept them pressed around me to rub all over my fat white inches as I gave those huge Asian boobs the pumping they, and she, deserved. However, even with my experience at sex I had my own limits so soon enough I had to pull out and use the free hand to rapidly stroke off. Shirakawa showing experience yet again as she kept her mounds pushed up and together for an unmissable target. So it was, as I let out a deep grunt and recorded the money shot but coating her chest rather than the face. Making her groan as my hot seed splashed down onto her mounds in thick shots. Splattering both breasts as jizz dripped down into her cleavage and trickled down the front and over the top. Leaving her with a sexy smile of approval when I wiped the last drops off onto her nipple and scanned over those well iced titties that looked like they’d been cummed on by a few men rather than one foreign man.

“Amazing… Such a huge amount!” Mina said with a gorgeous laugh, sitting up a bit as the spunk dripped off her tits. “You’ve made quite an impression on me… Western men are something else!”
“Well, I can’t speak for all of us across the sea...” I said with a smirk. “So don’t judge us all on just my performance… Not to brag? But I don’t think there’s many other men in any country who could handle a woman like you!” I stated the obvious as I turned the camera off.
“Of course! I’m not just a woman with H-Cups after all!” Shirakawa said, giving me a wink. Knowing how I’d been admiring to put it mildly her mounds over the course of this sexual encounter.
“No denying that! Ah, but hold on a moment please.” I said, putting the camera back on its tripod. Then moving behind the other chair as I pulled out a towel. “Here, you can clean yourself up Shirakawa-Chan.” I offered with a smile as she took it from me. “And after that? If you wouldn’t mind of course, I’d be honoured if you’d give me a little autograph...” I said, going for my jacket as I pulled out the Big Book from the inside pocket.

* * *

About a half hour later, and I was in a modest apartment that I’d rented through a website for the trip over here. Smiling as I looked over the double page spread in my book that I’d put aside from the Joshi beauty I’d fucked. Spaces let aside for putting the screen captures of the sex tape we’d made together. Along with an 8x10 promo picture of Shirakawa in her ring attire, signed of course, to go with the autograph on the page along with a couple of personal contact details complete with cute hearts she’d drawn. Perhaps the biggest score of all from her was, after I’d escorted her to the locker room, was her leaving me with that bright pink bra-like ring top of hers to really remember those famed H-Cup tits of hers.

All that was left for me to do was to complete my review as I brought my pen to the page: ‘As I’ve written before in my reviews you shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover. However, when it comes to a stunning Joshi from the Land of the Rising Sun with a glorious rack? You get exactly what you’d expect! A busty beauty who can give as good as she can take from the front and back, and any other position you can think of. So don’t underestimate her, because she’s expecting big things (and not just what’s in your pants) now, especially if you’re from the West! 10 out of 10!’

With that I closed the Book up with a smile. As much as I would have liked to stay sitting and remember the fun night with Shirakawa-Chan I had some food to get than a good night’s sleep before a long flight in the morning. Although with how high quality the women of Japan are this might be far from the last time I stop by to check out what an Asian beauty can bring to the table. Making the Big Book of Wrestling Babes an international affair wasn’t an easy task, but someone had to do it! Even if that someone was the only author behind it in the first place!

* * *

I'm not currently taking suggestions for stories to do in the future. However, feel free to leave any feedback as a reply to this thread, via e-mail or send me a message through the CSS Discord. Thanks for reading!
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Re: The Big Book of Wrestling Babes [Various wrestling women]
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own WWE or any other wrestling promotion, or any current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Paige (WWE)

The Big Book of Wrestling Babes – Chapter 13

An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story.   

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal.

* * *

Sometime as I ‘research’ my Big Book I have to be inventive with how I secure some footage and pictures of my encounters. Hidden cameras, sneaky camera snaps and so on. So it was rather refreshing for once to have things rather simple. Well, as basic as using the camera on a laptop to record gets. I was surprised that only a little bit of coloured tape managed to hide the usual red light to show it was on.

“There you go! All set up and installed.” I said, wiping my hands together like I’d done hard labour work. Truthfully, I was far from a computers expert but I knew the basics. Enough to pass off as one, clad in jeans and a shirt with a little tool belt of sorts to play the part. Having placed my laptop, which I’d claimed was diagnostics purposes, nicely on the PC desk so I’d get a good shot of the room. But clicking a few Yes buttons on a screen and plugging in cables to the right slots? That I could certainly handle.

“Cheers, love...” The thick, British accent of the retired WWE Superstar Paige thanked me as she stepped in with a smile on her full, enhanced lips. Her huge, fake tits on display in a very low cut, fit for attracting viewers on a live stream, black top. With snugly fitting dark pants as well. “I’m sure that I could have gotten my boyfriend to handle this, but it never hurts to get an expert in. Especially if he’s a right looker like you.” She added with a flirty smirk.

“Guess you were expecting someone in a shirt and tie, wearing glasses like in the TV shows?” I joked with a smile, looking at her as the two of us were side-on to the camera. “It’s not every day I get to help out a celebrity like you… I’m sure your viewers will appreciate the hardware upgrade.”
“Oh, so you’ve seen me have you?” Paige asked as she glanced over me.
“I might have gotten a gift sub to your channel a couple of times...” I teased, returning the look from the controversial beauty.
“Didn’t pay for one yourself, huh? Cheeky bugger...” She continued the banter as she stepped forward. “And I bet you’ve checked out some of those videos of me that are floating about online too, haven’t you?” She bluntly said, catching me a little off guard.
“No idea what you’re talking about, Paige.” I lied and for once, I wasn’t exactly going a good job of lying.

“Fucking thought so, prick...” She smirked, before she reached forward and helped herself to a feel of my crotch. Making herself gasp and eyes widen when she felt the size of me. “Fuck! Make that a big bloody prick!” She started smiling again, and didn’t take her hand off of me.
“OK, maybe I’ve seen a couple pics or two...” I admitted, groaning as her tattooed hand gripped me. “Do you always feel up a workman that comes to your place? Mmmmm… Or are you trying to score yourself a discount?” I joked as my own grin showed I wasn’t complaining about her wild child antics.
“Maybe. Maybe I just want a bloody good seeing too...” She said, licking her lips as she approved of the side of me. “Didn’t expect you to be such a big fan of me though...” She brushed her long dark hair back before she got even bolder as she dropped down to a squat right in front of me. Unknowingly staying in perfect position as the camera captured it all.
“In that case, be my guest then, Paige...” I easily, as many a man would, agreed to her demand as I watched her quickly move her hands up to unloop my tool belt to drop it to the floor.

“Oh fuck yeah...” She groaned like a pornstar when she hauled my pants and boxers down and saw my thick, lengthy cock starting to harden. All too easily, despite having a boyfriend, grabbing a hold of me and pumping with both hands. “A nice big fucking dick...” She said with approval as she stroked me off. Soon leaning down as she ran her tongue across my tip, swirling around the fat crown while she pumped. Showing off experience already as she teased with that slow licking over the top. Staring up with a sensual look as the pale beauty easily got me rock hard with the lapping and jerking. Seeing her huge tits on display from her position helping in that regard too.

It wasn’t long however before she gave me a taste of those huge, filled lips of hers as she slipped my dick between them and pressed them around me to get me moaning. Sliding her head down my length as she groaned around my thick length. Her chin meeting her hand before she lifted back up and made a sexy ‘pop’ sound when she pulled off to smirk at me like she approved of the taste of me. “Let’s see if you can handle some of me...” She made it sound like a challenge as she went back to work. Diving back down to take me into her warm, wet mouth and this time when she lifted up she kept the bell-end inside. Repeating the sucking as in no time at all she got into a steady motion to run those large lips smoothly up and down my rod. The hand still stroking over the lower part for a well practised double team.

“Mmmmm… Not to brag? But I think I can handle you...” I said with confidence as I watch those pornstar lips gliding back and forth as she blew me with eagerness. Feeling the occasional flick of her tongue against my underside as I passed into her. Along with her own lusty groans bouncing off my inches as she in turn easily made me moan from the oral skill of the former WWE Divas Champion. Helping her out to keep focus as I brushed her dark hair back over her shoulder, but in truth I was just ensuring my secretly filming laptop has a clear view of that pale face working over my fat dick as she smoothly bobbed away onto me.

“Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmmm...” She continued to groan as she stared up at me. Putting on a show as she moved her hand off from my cock so she could grip her own chest with both palms to squeeze them and make them bounce, moaning herself from the motion. Getting my shaft nicely slick with her spit as she slurped away and pushed her head down further onto my shaft. Considering the neck injuries that contributed to her having to retire from in-ring action, it was a pleasant surprise to see that she could still work and dish out a much far from rated PG form of entertainment. No issue with moving her head smoothly and steadily along my fat prick as she gazed up with smoking desire for me, despite having only met me today.

The Norwich, England-born stunner continued to make her saliva cover my dick as it started to drip from her own chin down to her heaving chest for a bonus sight for me camera. Those large, ripe lips still perfectly pressing around my size as she worked along me and gripped my legs. Further impressing as she pushed that gorgeous, pale face all the way down onto my rod to make us both moan out. Deep throating as that oral passage snugly gripped my member and her tongue slapped around as much of me as she could. Groaning sinfully into my crotch with her chin smearing more saliva onto my balls for good measure. Keeping herself held down for a long time so we could both enjoy the sensations with her not even gagging for a second before she eventually lifted away. Sneaking in another quick round of slurps before she finally pulled properly off to catch some air. Spitting onto my shaft and using her hands to swiftly work it all over my inches.

“Fuck! Some blokes back in the locker room couldn’t last that long with me...” Paige grinned at me as she let go of my dick. Moving to stand up as she started lifting her top up to show off the grand tattoo above her stomach.
“Tough luck for them...” I said, my focus being on seeing her large, rounded fake tits being exposed as she tossed her clothing over her shoulder with it landing on an expensive, colourful professional gaming chair in the corner of the room.
“No fucking shit...” She gave a wink. Continuing the shameless strip show as she slid her pants down to show off her thick, pale ass to me.
“Hey, actually? Mind if we bring that chair over here?” I suggested as Paige raised an eyebrow, watching me roll it over and of course, I made sure it was side on to the camera to capture the show as I brought her back over. Having her bring a knee up to rest on it as I leaned the chair back, so she could grip the back and bend over onto it.

“Inventive bugger, aren’t you?” She teased, looking back over her shoulder at me with an approving smile. The look only increasing as I entered into her tight, already a little wet pussy from behind to get us both moaning. My hands holding her waist as I started to thrust into her with a nice amount of force as I let her get used to the size of me. “MMMMMM… Oh fuck yes! MMMMM… Nice and fucking big...” She groaned as it wasn’t long before she was actively pushing back against my motion. Helping to work my inches deeper into that needy twat of the former WWE Superstar. I was more than happy to oblige as I matched her timing with firm thrusts of my own, filling her up nicely as I watched her ass start to ripple from her motion. She didn’t even show any concern about the fact I’d gone into her bareback.

I stared down, seeing that wonderful, juicy backside of hers slide back and forth over my size as I fed myself into her twat. Her pussy walls gripping my cock pleasurably as she easily took my pole. The slight squeak of the suspension of her chair being heard as she used it to rock against my pumps. Only just heard above both of our moans as I tapped her from the back. Making her look like she’s more suited for streaming a cam-girl performance on a porn site than playing video games in terms of service testing clothing. My cock deeply plunging in and out of her box as I picked up the pace much to her groaning approval as I made her tits swing back and forth under her pale frame as she was bent over the chair.

“MMMMM FUCK!! Fuck yes! Come on, you hung bugger! MMMMM!! Bloody stuff me good!” The first ever NXT Women’s Champion demanded, tossing her long dark hair back as she gazed back with strong lust as I fucked her snatch. Not looking like a woman in a relationship as she let me fill her up from behind as my crotch started to smack off her plump, pale ass cheeks as I took her. “MMMMM… Bet you bloody wanked yourself off… AHHHHHH! Fucking dreaming of doing this...” She licked her lips as she kept the shameless dirty talk going. Groping one of her jiggling tits for a boost of pleasure while she kept shifting her hips back and forth towards me. Keeping her twat sliding along my cock as I used it like a piston into her wetness. Turning her live streaming room into a little sex den for us, and something told me from how easily she was pushing back against my pumps that this might not have been the first time she’s ever done this.

“AHHHHH… I might have had a nice dream, once in a while...” I said back with a smirk as I groaned. Loving how that hot, wet pussy felt wrapped around my thrusting dick as I went balls deep into that British snatch. Giving back as good as I was getting as her forceful pushes back to meet each fresh incoming pump was as stiff as my own swift motion. Making sure that slap of her pale skin meeting my frame rang out around her gaming room. Easily heard along with our moans as I kept her filled up to take full advantage of having a horny beauty who was down to fuck. Despite the fact that she was openly in a relationship and that I was most certainly not her boyfriend.

“OH FUCK… FUCK!! MMMMMM… Big fucking dick… MMMMM!! Deep in my fucking dirty pussy...” She licked those full lips of hers as sweat started to form over that already delicious and more than just a little surgically enhanced body of hers to make her look even hotter than ever. Pinching her nipple as she kept rocking back and forth, utilising the wheels of her gaming char for momentum, so that she could keep her ass smacking forcefully back into my waist to keep me stuffed deep into her snatch. “AHHHHH FUCK!! Bet a kinky fucker like you… MMMMM… Would fucking love to shag me on camera, huh? You… MMMMM!! Filthy bastard...” She teased with a devilish smile. Having no clue that was currently going on as my laptop was recoding her getting taken from behind by a man she’s only met earlier this day as I pumped away stiffly and steadily into that tight love tunnel of hers. With how horny this beauty is being I was starting to wonder if I should have just whipped my dick out when she’d opened the door and asked her to blow me rather than this elaborate plan.

“MMMM… Would you be mad at me… If I told you my laptop over there was filming all of this?” I decided to be bold and tell her the truth, thinking she’d just get more filthy knowing it.
“Ooooooooh… You filthy fucker...” She let out a saucy laugh as she shifted forward, making my dick fall from my cock. “I thought there was something up with you...” Paige smirked at me as she stood up from the chair.
“So, wanna keep going anyway?” I offered as I pulled the furniture back into place for the camera, and helped myself to sit down onto her own gaming chair to rest back.
“Only if you fucking promise to give me a copy…” Paige grinned as she all too easily accepted not just my verbal offer, but the one of my cock as she climbed onto my lap. “And make sure to not leave it on your cloud storage...”

“Sounds like a deal, Paige...” I smiled, before we were both soon moaning again when she eased that already wet pussy slowly down onto my prick. My hands clutching her body right at the sides of her tattoo below her bust as she ground her crotch against mind to enjoy being filled up once again. Giving me another lewd grin as she gripped my shoulders and started to bounce. Testing out the suspension of that high-end gamer chair as the squeaking of the joints was heard as she rode my dick. Giving me the fantastic view of those big, round, pale tits jiggling as she handled my cock with pornstar skill as my own loud, shameless moans easily proved.

“MMMMM!! OH FUCK YEAH! MMMMM!! FUCK!! Fucking fuck me, you dirty prick!! MMMMM!!” She demanded, gazing at me with desire that a beauty with a boyfriend shouldn’t have. Bouncing on my shaft clearly not enough for the former WWE Divas Champion. I was all too happy to follow orders as I began to thrust upward into that still snug but now soaking wet snatch of hers. Timing my motion just right so that whenever she dropped down onto me I was there to fire my cock up into her. Ensuring she was stuffed up to the hilt and moaning in delight as I banged her. “AHHHHH… SHIT!! Yeah, like fucking that! MMMMM!! OH FUCK! FUCK!! MMMMM...” Her filthy talk would even make a veteran pornstar blush but it was fitting for the moment as she rode my pumping dick. Making that slap of skin keep ringing out as she dropped into my lap over and over. Showing that despite her wresting career being doing, she’s still got the body and energy for a different kind of hot and heavy action.

The moment even filthier now that she knew she was being filmed fucking a stranger she’s only met a few hours ago. My camera recording the wonderful sight of her rounded, juicy ass rippling away with each bounce she delivered on my cock. Glimpses of my dick shown when she lifted up to just above the mid-way mark on my manhood before firmly sliding all the way to meet my crotch rising up to ensure I was lodged nice and deep into her. Beginning to sweat myself as the far from tame beauty handled my shaft with clear experience and skill. The both of us pushing the joints of her chair to the limit as it rolled slightly back and forth from how wildly she was riding my stiffly thrusting dick.

“FUCK! FUCK!! Come on… MMMMM!! Harder, you fucker! MMMMM!! Fucking wreck me! Fuck my shit up!! MMMMM!!” Even with me being already balls deep inside her, she was still demanding more red hot action as I kept my cock ploughing upward into that snatch as she was already more than doing that job herself with her quick, needy bounces on me. Not one to turn down a beauty in heat like she clearly was, I went to target those rippling titties of hers as I captured both. “MMMMMM FUUUUUCK!! OH FUCK YESSSSSSSSS MMMMM...” She groaned her approval, running fingers firmly through my hair in desire as I groped away at her fake mounds. Soon bring a nipple to my lips to seal around it. Loudly slurping as my moans were now being muffled by all that ample, pale and sweat-coated flesh. She kept bouncing away on me, making her mountains sliding against my face to almost motorboat me. Switching between her British boobs as I continued to drive my dick up into her twat while making out with that rounded chest.

“MMMM… MOTHERFUCKER!! FUCK!! OH FUCK… OH FUCK!!” She groaned out, clutching the back of her own chair as her climax approached. Gasping as she came to a stop on my cock and I took over the task of driving her over the edge with some rapid, stiff thrusts that kept her moaning. Still feasting on her tits as I pumped away to drive into her slot deeply. Making my balls smack up into her juicy as as I drove in to the hilt each and every time. Making her keep putting on a performance that would easily get her video game streaming channel banned if this went live online. “FUUUUUUUCK!! YES!! CUMMING! GONNA… FUCKING!! MMMMMM OOOOOOOOHH!!” I glanced up, seeing her eyes rolling back in delight as an intense orgasm flowed through her. Grunting myself as her snatch clamped around my member as I kept on thrusting away to ensure she enjoyed all of that peak. Her juices flowing down my prick as it dripped onto her chair that we’ve been using as a sex aid for this wild, shameless action. Her boyfriend was a damn lucky man to get to enjoy this freak in the sheets every night.

“Mmmmmm… Fuck, I needed that...” Paige said, licking her lips as I lifted her up to slide my cock out of her well-fucked snatch. “A girl’s got to have her needs with my man away on tour...” She claimed, giving me another sinful smirk. “Something tells me you already knew that, with you being sneaky with your filming and all.”
“What a coincidence… Your boyfriend being out of town when I decided to try some moves on you...” I said with a chuckle, being shameless to admitting to what she suspected.
“Sure… And this fat fucking cock of yours is still hard… Guess I’d better take care of that...” She said, dismounting my shaft. “Hey, have you got any fucking lube on you?” She bluntly asked to keep me smiling.
“Check the tool belt. You’ll find a bottle.” I replied, staying in her gaming chair as I watched her fish into the front pocket of that belt to find it.

“I’ve got plenty in my room, but let’s not waste time...” She purred in her thick English accent as she poured some lube onto my cock to make me moan. Despite me being already coated in her juices she still took the time to properly stroke the liquid over me, showing that she’s clearly no stranger to some backdoor action. Further proving that as she put on a show for me, bending over and reaching a hand back. Sliding a finger into her asshole to spread the lubricant down into herself with a groan. Biting her lower lip as she did a quick round of finger banging to ready that passage for me and my lengthy, fat shaft that’s already been balls deep in her other two pleasurable holes and about to complete the trip.

That soon arrived when the gorgeous retired WWE Diva moved back up onto my lap but this time facing away from me so the camera of my still filming laptop could capture her big tits and that dripping with juices snatch. Reaching down as she guided my prick up into her asshole, making us both groan when my fat cock-head penetrated that tightest of her holes. My hands gripping her thick thighs as I eased her down onto my dick. Letting us both adjust to the feeling as she handled my size and I got used to her vice-like grip on my inches. Not too long to wait however before I started to slide myself in and out of that fantastic pale backside of hers as I got her groaning out as I established the motion.

“MMMMM FUCK!! OH FUCK… FUCKING SHIT!! MMMMM...” As shameless as ever, the beauty more known now for cleavage showing outfits on gaming live streams was soon rubbing away at her own pussy as I began fucking her up the ass from underneath. Making her groan out as she was more jolting on my prick rather than just bouncing on me. Keeping her in almost a squat as her legs were draped over the arms of her gaming chair. Finding a fresh way to test how much the joints of this seating could take as we kicked off a new position of shameless banging with her juicy backside being the target now. “AHHHHH FUCK!! FILTHY FUCKER!! BASTARD!! MMMMM… MOTHERFUCKER!!” She gasped out as sweat was dripping down her stunning face as she all too easily got into this. Showing indeed that she wasn’t any stranger to taking dick in her ass as she groaned out without any sign of discomfort despite the thick size of my member pushing in and out of her asshole.

I smiled as I moaned out loudly. Sure, my position meant all I could see was her back and her sweat-soaked dark hair. But I knew that just a short distance away in front of us my faithful laptop was recording this sex tape of the beauty who infamously fell victim to having footage of herself getting dirty leaked online. Not quite as red hot as her ass being stuffed nice and deep by a fat dick, leaving her titties jiggling away as she rapidly rubbed away at her already soaking wet twat. Besides, I was more than enjoying the supreme pleasure of her back passage tightly gripping my member as I pumped firmly up into her from underneath. Despite the effort and energy that I’ve used to give her and her stunning, enhanced body the pounding she deserves I still had it in me to firmly hold her by the thighs. Keeping her nice and steady in place to take my rod as we both shamelessly moaned out.

“AHHHHHH!! FUCKING HELL!! MMMMM!! YES!! FUCK MY ARSE! FUCK IT!! MMMMM!!” She moaned her demands without any shame at all. Not looking like a woman happily in a relationship, let alone a retired pro wrester as she took my thick length with ease. Her thick, pale ass cheeks jiggling away as my crotch now stated to slap up into her as I plunged in deeply into that tight hole. Giving her what she’d begged for and them some even as I grunted deeply and the perspiration poured off my own body. “MMMMMM… SHAG THAT FUCKING ARSE… YOU FILTHY, DIRTY FUCKING BASTARD!! AHHHHHH!!” Moans poured from those full lips of hers as she continued to jolt stiffly up and down in response to my pumps. Strands of her long dark hair sticking to her pretty facial features but so lost in her lust that she didn’t want to lift a hand up and miss out on the pleasure. With one set of fingers still brushing away rapidly over her slick folds and the other groping away at her tit.

“MMMMM… Always happy to… AHHHHH… Pick up a good review for my work...” I managed to joke between my own deep and loud moans. Stuffing my shaft straight up into that plump backside of hers to keep those more than ample cheeks rippling away each time my crotch smacked into her from underneath. The sound of flesh meeting pale flesh ringing out to mix in the air with out cries of delight and that slight squeak of the chair we’re using to fuck on rocking from our intense motion. Every moment clearly captured by my laptop as it got the perfect view of between her spread legs at not just her self-pleasuring by my meaty dick pounding away up into her asshole like I was machine working away at the highest intensity.

It hadn’t been strictly my intention to send this gorgeous Englishwoman into a second orgasm, but I did pride myself on making sure the women I was ‘researching’ always had a good time. My ego therefore stroked when I groaned out, feeling her pack passage clamping somehow around my shaft despite how deeply and firmly I’d been drilling her. Her orgasm making juices once again drip out as she furiously played with those slick folds. Her head rolling back and eyes already rolling up and eyelids flickering as she gasped for air. Eventually slumping back against me as the pleasure took its toll on her as her sexual high from anal was even stronger than the first from regular sex. Further confirming what a lewd, wild woman the retired WWE Superstar was as I slowly eased my dick out of her well fucked rump with a groan. Letting the camera see the gape I’d left in her booty.

I couldn’t spend too much time however just savouring that victory. My pulsing cock demanding a release of my own as I switched my grip up on her, so I could move us both off that now drenched in sweat gaming chair of hers. Making her kneel down on the floor, side-on to the laptop of course as I stroked my cock off. Getting a wicked smile from her as she sat up straight and tilted her head back, ready to take a hot load from a man that isn’t the one she’s currently dating. But she’s had balls deep in each of her pleasurable holes over the course of one afternoon.

It was very fitting then that I gave her a money shot to cap this all off with. Groaning as I began to unload all across that gorgeous, pale face of hers to send thick spunk splashing over her cheeks, nose, forehead and those juicy, enhanced lips of hers. Making her groan as she took my load and even before I’d come close to finishing sneaking a taste of me with a flick of her tongue out. I grinned at the sight as I stroked away. Watching the seed drip down from her cheeks and chin, splatting down onto her heaving fake tits as I emptied my balls onto her. Some stray drops catching into her long dark hair along with the strands that were already stuck to her cheeks from all the sweat. Leaving her a well coated mess by the time I wiped the last drips onto those large lips of hers. Rewarded with her giving a naughty smile in response as she reached up to make sure spunk was wiped away from her eyes.

“Mmmmmm… You’re a messy bugger as well, aren’t you?” Paige said with a saucy laugh, showing as her smile already did that she didn’t object to the facial one bit.
“What can I say, you worked me up and then some.” I offered as I grinned myself, stepping back from her.
“If you make a joke about being used to seeing someone cumming over one of my titles, I’ll still kick your arse...” She teased, smirking at me as she began scooping up jizz from her cheeks. Sucking it off her fingers with an approving groan as even after two intense orgasms she was still as shameless as ever.

“Oh, no jokes Paige.” I said, pressing a button combination on my laptop to stop the recording. “Although if you want to give me something? I would appreciate a little autograph if you have the time...” I added, pulling my trusty Big Book out of the bag I’d brought in for the act of being a tech expert which had started this all off.

* * *

About a half hour later, I was sitting in the rented car I’d gotten for this trip up to Paige and her boyfriend’s home. Checking over the dual page section I’d set aside for Paige’s entry into the Big Book. She’d been all too happy to sign it, along with jotting down a couple bonus contact details too and a playful warning about not storing our sex tap on any hackable cloud storage. She’d even been so kind as to give me an autographed merchandise T-shirt, usually only given to those who’d gifted a large amount of subs to her streaming channel, and a set of studded wristbands once used as part of one of her old ring attires from her active in-ring career. They’d make for a fine addition to the pages along with the screenshots of our fun in her gaming room.

All that was left now was to jot down my thoughts on her and her ‘talents’ as I started to write on the page: ‘Although sadly her best in-ring days are behind her, this English beauty has still plenty of wild, red hot action left in her! Putting her personal investments to good use, you’re in for a fantastic time no matter if its between her lips or testing out her juicy, pale booty. Just be prepared for a challenge, because this babe will ‘Ram-Paige’ all over you if you can’t meet her standards and handle her! 10 out of 10!’.

With the ‘review’ written up I set the book down for the ink to dry. Starting up the engine and moving the car off as I headed away. Wouldn’t want to try and explain to Paige’s boyfriend why she was needing a late afternoon shower while I was caked in sweat if he showed up! The drive allowing me to consider perhaps other options for wrestling beauty legends or alumni in the future. After all there was no rules that stated I only had to collect entries on current, active females in the wrestling business. The joys of not just writing the entries myself, but actually just making up the rules as I went along!

* * *

I'm not currently accepting suggestions or requests for stories to write. However, feel free to leave any feedback as a reply to this thread or send me a message over on the CSS Discord. Thanks for reading!
New here, but not new to writing. Writes celeb and fan-fiction smut.

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Re: The Big Book of Wrestling Babes [Various wrestling women]
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Will you be doing a chapter with alexa getting her assfucked? Instead of watching

Amazing work on the paige story
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Re: The Big Book of Wrestling Babes [Various wrestling women]
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction. The events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the characters, promotions, wrestlers, events etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. All characters depicted in this fiction are over 18 years of age. I do not own Impact Wrestling or any other wrestling promotion, or any current or former wrestlers/characters. I am making no money as a result of the writing of this story.

Starring: Rosemary (Impact Wrestling)

The Big Book of Wrestling Babes – Chapter 14

An erotic pro wrestling fan-fiction story.   

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, oral, anal.

* * *

“Well, this seems to be the place...” I commented out loud as I held the camera. Filming the dark, creeping abandoned graveyard as the sounds of crumpling ground was heard under my feet. The light from the camera barely lighting the way, but the torch in my free hand not faring too much better in the pitch black of approaching midnight. “Last time I take advice from a legally blind clown… And that’s not an insult. The guy is legally bling.” I remarked as I continued on past some broken and half-ripped from the ground tombstones.

The sound of what seemed like sinister laughter made her jolt and turn around behind me, but seeing nothing but darkness. A shiver escaping me as I hissed and turned back, only to find now that there was a sinister looking, otherworldly mist now rolling along the ground around my feet. “Well, at least it’s not rain.” I grumbled as I went to move on. Only to hear a snapping of a branch from another direction as I whipped around again.

This time, I couldn’t reach in time as I was pounced on and taken down with a thud, grunting as I laid on my back on shallow grass. Staring up through the camera as I’d found exactly who I was looking for, or more accurately she’d found me. The Impact Wrestling Knockout, the Demon Assassin herself known as Rosemary. The thickly curved, sinister beauty clad in a tight ring attire of a sleeveless black with red top that was corset-like in design, showing off her impressively sized and rounded bust. With black shorts down below with fishnet tights and boots. Not forgetting the devilish warpaint on her lower face to resemble the jaw and mouth of a skull, with her short dark hair dyed red at the ends.

“Well well well… Not often a victim willingly walks into the spider’s web...” Rosemary commented with a sinister grin as she stayed mounted on top of me.
“Did I walk in, or did you set me up?” I replied, keeping my camera aimed up at her for a great view of that body of hers.
“A Demon keeps her secrets...” She vaguely replied as she reared back a bit. “But trespassing you still are!” Her eyes narrowed as she raised and hand. “And for that? We...” She began to say, but paused. Her eyes looking to the side as if she heard something. Or rather, a voice unheard to normal mortals was speaking to her. “...It seems that The Shadow has decided you shall be spared, human...” She said with a slight change of tone as she looked back at me.

“Well, lucky me then...” I stated the obvious, breathing a sigh of relief. “Might I ask the Demon why?”
“Watch your silver tongue, flesh bag!” She snapped, running her hands over my chest. “The Shadow has decreed that I must… Engage in satisfying one of my shards of my Demon Soul...” Rosemary mysteriously claimed.
“Shards… Oh right, the sins.” I said, remembering my research that led me to this location and its ‘shadow realm’ connections. “And from how you’re staying on top of me… Am I lucky enough to get given Lust to satisfy?” I said, smiling myself at my good fortune.
“Luck?” She let out a wicked laugh, tossing her hair back. “Your luck will be surviving this… Count yourself lucky I can sense you’re not a virgin, otherwise I’d be taking your blood...” She threatened as she began to ease herself back in a very demonic crawl like something from a horror film.

“Oh, I think I can handle this...” I sat up a little on my elbows on the ground. Keeping the camera aimed down at her to record and using the light of the torch to make sure there was a clear shot as she disposed of my belt before roughly pulling down my pants. Giving her a good look at my thick, hardening cock as it was freed.
“This… This reeks of sin, mortal...” Rosemary’s eyes narrowed, locking onto my prick with clear approval as she licked her lips. Grasping me and starting to stroke before she stared at me directly. “You will satisfy me, pervert… Or else you will not leave this place with this or any of your limbs in tact...” She threatened as she pumped me.
“Understood, loud and clear, Death Dealer...” I said, knowing that while she wasn’t bluffing with the claim, I could handle her like I’ve done plenty other female wrestlers in the past. Just never one into dimension hopping and demonic rituals.

“I will be dealing your death is you disappoint me, sinner...” She growled before she shifted position to give a nice show with her thick ass raised up and a glimpse of her tits from the down view of her top. Her mouth parting as she took my cock inside in commanding fashion. Making me moan already as her coated in black lips wrapped around my thickness but tellingly, she let out an approving groan herself at the taste of a sinful cock. “Mmmmmmphhh… Mmmmmm...” He held my prick at the base for twists back and forth as her tongue wickedly lashed around me inside her wet and warm oral hole. Her eyes giving me a piercing gaze which was sexy as I filmed her starting to work at me without even shifting her head yet. Almost like she was testing me as well with this first action.

It wasn’t long before she started moving that half-painted face of hers as she began to bob up and down on my length. Loudly slurping in the darkness as she rocked up and down, feeding my inches into her seemingly eager mouth. Already her hair swaying a bit back and forth as she worked her mouth along my thick size. Her free hand clutching my shirt, keeping me from moving – as if I had any plans on getting away from this red hot blowjob from the demonic beauty. Her tits starting to jiggle ever so slightly while her mouth did the work. Taking in plenty of my inches as her palm went from stroking to just holding me. Her look still intense but it felt like she was accepting that I wasn’t going to be any sort of early finisher with her as she steadily blew me.

“Mmmmmmphhh!! Mmmmm… Mmmmmmphhh!!” Her skull-painted face continued to gradually lower closer and closer towards my crotch as she sucked away. The saliva easing down my pole as her hand changed to just hold my with fingers as she got further down. Her tongue skilfully swatting around at my shaft as it passed in and out of her pleasurable lips as they stayed firmly pressed around me. “Mmmmmm… Mmmmmhhhh… Mmmmmmphhh...” Her repeated bobbing starting to leave naughty black rings around my cock from her thick lipstick of the warpaint around the points she focused her sucks at. Like a height measurement as she continued to work further down me. Letting me feel her groans vibrating off my size as she showed off lusty ability of her own.

“Mmmmmm… Chalk up getting blown in a graveyard as a bucket list item I never know I had...” I said as I moaned, easily enjoying this oral sex from the former Knockouts Champion as she smoothly and steadily worked me over with that vicious mouth of hers. Noting that she wasn’t fazed in the slightest by being filmed while sucking of a mortal she’d only just met. My camera aimed right down capturing that gorgeous face, barely hidden by all her paint and make-up, which I noticed was beginning to smudge a bit as the saliva oozed down from her lips from the repeated sucking off she was doing. That the least of her concerns as as the paint further was rubbed when her chin began to touch my balls as she got real deep onto me.

“MMMMMM! MMMMMPHHH!! Mmmmmm...” Her muffled moans around me got louder as she slipped my thickness into her tight throat and impressively, like a good sinful Demon should, she wasn’t even gagging for a moment as she took me in to the hilt. That sinister throat of hers suckling at my length like she was more a pornstar than a pro wrestler and her eyes not even watering for a moment. Keeping her black-painted nose pressed into my crotch while her similarly coloured lips were wrapped around my base. “MMMMMM… Hmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm! MMMMMPHH!!” She even managed to let out a wicked laugh around my prick as she deep throated me before she lifted up. Resuming blowing me with a stiff rhythm that sent her hair swinging back and forth again from the effort. I was spoiled for choice of whether to film her raised up butt, down to catch glimpses of her nicely deep cleavage, or of course the main event of my fat cock vanishing into her wet mouth as the saliva coated my inches. Matching the loud, sloppy slurps she was making with the motion that looked and felt far from inexperienced.

After a round of bobs, she lifted her head away to let me see how covered with multiple black rings from her lipstick my still rock hard dick was. “It seems I have underestimated you, flesh bag… Slightly...” Rosemary admitted as she licked those smudged lips again and sat up.
“That might be as close to a compliment as I get from you!” I dared to joke, smiling behind the camera as I watched her raise up as she lowered her shorts down her thick, tights-covered legs.
“Silence, mortal! I’m far from done testing how sinful you really are!” She snapped as I got a first look at her tight looking pussy as she took of the shorts, lifting one knee then another to remove them.
“You know, if you want evidence of my sin? I’ve got quite the entries into my Big Book in my pocket...” I said, but stayed on my back as she moved to mount my crotch.

“As you mortals say, actions speak louder than words...” She teased with a wicked smirk as she reached down. Making a sharp tearing sound ring out into the night as she tore a hole effortlessly in her fishnet tights before she lowered down onto my saliva-coated prick. Not even bothering to get me to put protection on first, as expected of a Demon like her as she made us both moan out. Her getting to feel my fat length stretching her, while I enjoyed her tunnel sinfully clamping around my size. A match perhaps not made in Heaven, but somewhere closer to Hell (or the Shadow Realm in this case). She didn’t even waste time to let herself adjust to me being inside of her as her hands grabbed my shirt again. Starting to raise her hips up and down and already letting out approving moans from the feel of me within her.

“MMMMMM… Oh yes, flesh bag! MMMMM… I can feel your sin already...” She hissed in delight as she bounced on my cock. Working her tight, already dampening snatch along my pole as she already took an impressive amount of me deep into her twat which felt far from saintly where I was laying. Able to aim my camera right down my body to capture a new smoking hot sight as another of her holes made my dick vanish inside of her as she smoothly and swiftly moved on me. “MMMMM… What a curious mortal you are… AHHHHHH… Chasing after the Death Dealer not for a fight, but out of desire...” The beauty who has competed for promotions like SHIMMER and RISE remarked as she stared down with another scary but sexy glare as she rocked up and down. Making it look all too easy as she slid her twat along my rod to keep us both groaning in desire as she further showed that despite being one of the most unique characters in wrestling she certainly knew how to fuck.

“MMMMM… And you’re telling me this isn’t a sort of fight right now?” I commented as I watched that thick, gorgeous clothed body move on me. Her tits still just contained her in top as they jiggled from her steady up and down motion on me. Adding to the sexy show I was getting, let alone how fantastic her pussy was clutching my dick as she bounced away. “AHHHHH… Kind of feels to me… MMMMM… You’re still testing me, Demon Assassin...” I noted as I kept my camera steady on my chest for another great right down the line shot of her taking my cock deeply in and out of her box. My free hand using the torch for bonus light as I switched from focusing on that twat to getting looks at her bouncing chest and up at that moaning, half-painted face of hers. All of those shots stunning in their own right and would give me plenty of evidence to complete my entry about her.

“MMMMM!! FUCK… And this battle is far from done, mortal...” She warned with a groan, licking her lips as her crotch began to slap down against mine as she took me up to the hilt into her wet, snug box. If I still didn’t have the fear of her making goof on her threats at me, I’d say she was warming up to me from how her hands went from gripping my clothing to roaming across me as she kept riding away. “AHHHHH… My shard of Lust will require… MMMMMM!! FUCK… Far more entertainment that just this… MMMMM!! Before it is satisfied...” She said with a sinister purr as she kept working away on me. Sweat starting to form on her exposed skin, including her legs clad in those fishnet tights that were further tearing a bit from the repeated, skilful bouncing she was performing.

“AHHHHH… Oh if you want more, Death Dealer? I can give you that...” I could smile myself, even as I only looked at her through the viewfinder of my camcorder as I recorded every moment of this midnight, graveyard fuck with the beauty who calls herself, amongst other things, the Heir Apparent to the Undead Realm. But if anyone saw her riding away, making her tits jiggle away as her short hair swung back and forth she might pick up a couple of new sinful nicknames as she expertly handled my fat dick completely into her snugness. Juices coating my length as she enjoyed me being deep within her as her constant moaning already proved.

“MMMMM… Promises, promises, meat bag...” Rosemary let out another sinister, but also sexy laugh as she dismounted my cock. “Let’s see you deliver...” She said, before making me gasp as she hauled me up to my feet along with her.
“O-Of course! As you demand...” I said, composing myself as I knew better than to refuse the wish of a living Demon.
“Good mortal...” She teased as she bent over forward and her hands held onto the top of the nearest tombstone for support. However, when I lined my cock up that wet pussy she shifted forward, smirking as she gazed back. “No no no… My Lust shard requires sweet, sinful sodomy to be satisfied...” She said, licking her lips.

“Well, in that case...” I put my still recording camera onto another tombstone at the side, aiming it so I’d get plenty of footage of the action to come as I tucked my torch under my arm. Reaching into an inside pocket for an always handy bottle of lubricant. Pouring some out down onto that thickly rounded ass of the Impact Wrestling Knockout as she groaned approvingly, even with the liquid catching onto the ripped fishnet tights she still had on. Moving a hand down and I scooped up lube and then pushed a finger into her asshole. Feeling how tight she was as I pushed past the resistance and slipped my digit in, starting to work in and out of her backside as she moaned.

“MMMMM… You came prepared for this ritual...” She groaned, still looking back with an intense stare. Shifting her hips back a bit against my finger as I moved in and out. Soon applying a second with an added dose of lube for good measure as I fingered her again. Noting that despite how vice-like her backdoor felt she was taking me rather smoothly. Fitting for a sinful demon to be a fan of anal sex. I gave her another healthy round of my fingers before I pulled out. Taking a few moments to give my own fat, lengthy cock a quick lubing up before I popped the bottle back into the pocket and got back into position behind her. Now lining up with where she wanted filled up, which meant that already I was going to be completing the full tour of her pleasurable holes.

“MMMMMM!! AHHHHH” Yessssssssss mortal! MMMMMM...” Pushing into her asshole, I was already making the Death Dealer moan out and rock back against my dick just from the first few inches and the fat crown being inside of her thick rump. One of my hands aiming my torch down at her cheeks so I (and my camera) could see my cock pumping in and out of her backside from behind. My free hand holding her thick cheek but keeping her spread so once again there was a clear side-on shot of me fucking this stunning, dangerous beauty from the back. “MMMMM!! More, mortal! AHHHHHH!! Deeper! Your Demon demands it! MMMMM...” She sinfully begged as her head tilted back, feeling my shaft sliding in and out of her as I was all too happy to do just that. Easing my prick out of her back passage until just the head was inside her, before I firmly pushed in with a groan of my own to fuck her shapely ass.

“MMMMMM!! Yesssssssss… AHHHHH!! Filthy flesh bag! FUCK!! MMMMM!! Dirty, sinful mortal...” She moaned out her dirty talk and red hot insults, despite her own moans showing she was being far from innocent in this sex. Being the one taking it up the ass from behind out in such and open, late night setting with a man she’s only just met. My thrusts making her body jolt as she stayed bent over forwards. Her juicy tits threatening to spill out from her wrestling top at any moment as they jiggled in time with her body’s movement. The former Knockouts Champion groaning out as she still stared back with intense desire with more than a hint of darkness to the look as I fucked her booty. “AHHHHH!! Give me all… FUCK! All of that sinning cock! MMMMM!! Deep in the Demon’s ass! MMMMMM…” She equally ordered me as she was just begging as she pushed against my thrusts. Helping to ensure I’d be getting nice and deep between her fleshy cheeks as those fishnet tights continued to tear a little more once in a while from us going at it in such a shameless way.

“MMMMM… I’ve heard of Hail Satan, but I think serving the Death Dealer sounds way more fun… AHHHHH FUCK….” I grunted as I ploughed away stiffly and deeply into that jiggling backside. The slap of my crotch hitting off those more than ample butt cheeks ringing out into the night sky as I continued to take her from behind. Sweating myself as we were both half-dressed with my pants removed and her wrestling bottoms off as nailed her bent over against a tombstone. Smiling as I glanced at the camera, seeing how it was still filming this kinky action as I fucked her thick ass over and over. Able to grip her cheek and keep it spread so the footage, as well as myself as I stared down, could see the wonderful image of my fat dick pushing deep into her asshole before swiftly reappearing to repeat the action.

“MMMMMM… Don’t think you’ve escaped my clutches yet, flesh bag! AHHHHH SHIT!! Just because… MMMMM!! You’re getting to sodomise the Death Dealer!” She warned, but even with how intimidating she usual is her words weren’t quite as effective with my cock shoved straight up her ass as I kept pumping away. Her warpaint now clearly smeared and running as the sweat drips down her face, getting further messy with loose strands of her hair sticking to that pretty face. The main focus of course being that round, thick backside that was on fill display with the hole torn in her tights now so big her whole rump was sticking out. Sexily jiggling with each smack against my waist that happened as I drove in balls deep. Making her looking like a dressed up character from a Halloween porno than the feared, demonic pro wrestler she’s supposed to be.

“MMMMM… After going to all the trouble to find you? AHHHH FUCK… I wouldn’t dream of running away now...” I said as I groaned. Knowing better anyway than to cross the horny Demon Assassin that I was balls deep inside of. Loving how her back passage was tightly clutching my inches as I pumped in and out of her from behind. Keeping her moaning out as well, without her even touching her snatch as I fucked her ass stiffly and deeply. My reward not just how good my dick felt stuffed between those fat, stunning butt cheeks but that creepy look of desire she was giving me as she still kept staring back at me over her shoulder as I banged her. If her Lust was this intense then I’d hate to be on the wrong any of any of her other ‘shards’.

“MMMMM… Not until I’m satisfied, you aren’t leaving this realm...” Rosemary claimed as she shifted forward, making my cock leave her already nicely fucked asshole.
“Wait, realm? But we’re still...” I tried to question, but she once again forcefully grabbed me to send me down to the ground as that otherworldly mist flowed along the ground of what I thought was still the graveyard,
“But your Death Dealer is close, flesh bag… Do not falter now...” She added as she moved down to mount me. This time reaching down to line my cock up with her asshole once again.
“Not trying to complain or anything, but can I just grab my camera so I...” I tried to ask, when Rosemary smirked sinisterly and snapped her fingers. It felt like a flash of static in front of my eyes and before I knew it, my camera had teleported from off the gravestone perch I’d put it on into being held in my hand. “Y-Yeah, that’s it. Thanks??” I was freaked out for a moment, before I groaned as she pushed my dick back up inside of her ass.

“Thanking me? Such a good, sinful mortal… NOW FUCK ME, MEAT BAG!!” She roared with a wild glare as she began to shift up and down. While this was all consensual of course, her cry made me react out of fear as I thrust my dick up hard into her, getting us both moaning as I fucked that bouncing ass. Driving in deep, making my crotch slap against those juicy cheeks as she rode me in a squatting position. Allowing her to sinfully play with her dripping wet snatch with a hand as she worked her snug asshole along my pistoning dick. “MMMMMM! YES! HARDER!! DEEPER!! MMMMM!! GIVE MY YOUR LUST! FEED MY SHARD! MMMMM!!” She ranted like this was some sort of satanic ritual. Moaning away as she got her fingers quickly sticky with her juices as she bounced up and down. Still remaining in control of this all even in her sigh state of desire as she rode away on the dick she’s already taken balls deep into her mouth and snatch before letting her ass be filled up.

I was in no position to argue against the near insane demands of the far from mentally stable beauty, but laying on my back I could certainly not just pump away up into her backside but enjoy the sight of her thick, still clothed body moving on my prick. Finally her rounded tits spilling out from her ring attire from the aggressive riding she was doing as rock hard nipples poked over the top to rest. Her once fearsome warpaint on her lower face now in splintered, runny shambles with flakes having landed down onto her jiggling breasts while the rest was smeared or vanished from the sweat alone. Her appearing clearly far from her concern as she took my cock and shoved a couple of fingers into her twat to make herself moan out. Helping in the task to ‘satisfy her Lust shard’ by increasing the pleasure with that self play.

“MMMMM FUCK! YES!! THE SIN! I NEED IT! MMMMMM!! THE SHADOW COMMANDS IT!! OOOOOOOOOOH MMMMM!!” Her eyes started to roll up, and for once not in some demonic fashion as the pleasure built inside of her. Loving the brutal way she was driving herself quickly and sharply down onto my fat, lengthy cock as the loud slap of her cheeks hitting my body rang out into the pitch darkness of the night. Her free hand clutching her sweat-soaked short hair just for something to hold onto as she lost herself to the pleasure. “AHHHHH!! FUCK!! YES, MORTAL! SODOMISE YOUR DEMON!! MMMMMM!! MAKE ME CUM, FLESH BAG!! AHHHHH!!” She both demanded with wicked confidence and begged naughtily as she worked her body rapidly up and down on my thrusting dick as I kept giving her what she, and seemingly both her Lust shard and The Shadow she serves wanted. Feeding my rod nice and deep up into her juicy butt from underneath as that already more than just well fuck back passage stayed impressively tight all around my inches despite the wild pace of this action.

“MMMMM SHIT!! If it’s what your Shadow wants… AHHHHH FUCK…” I played along with her rambling both because of how damn good it felt to be balls deep in such a stunning, intimidating pro wrestler and from the pure fear of how insane and dangerous she clear was. Even with her being so caught up in pleasure, I knew better than to deny her requests as we both continued to deeply and shamelessly moan out loud into the night. “I’d be a rude guest in your Shadow Realm… UHHHHH!! To not do as The Shadow demands!” I said, grunting myself as I was still laying on my back still giving as good as I was getting. Matching her wicked movement as each time she slammed her thick butt down into me I was there to deliver a stiff pump up. Ensuring she was stuffed full beyond limits most normal (or as she’d put it, mortal) women couldn’t even handle half of.

“YES!! YES, MORTAL! YOU… YOU PLEASE THE SHADOW!! MMMMM YOU PLEASE MEEEEEEE MMMMMMM!!” Her head tilted back as fittingly for a dangerous demon like her, she didn’t just cum from me fucking her hard up the ass. She squirted loudly as her rapidly moving hand sent juices flying out to land across my shirt. Having to pull back the camera to avoid it getting coated as I recorded the sight of her hitting a supremely intense sexual peak. All the more impressive, and sinful, considering as she squirted she continued to bounce on my cock as I gave her that piston-like motion to keep filling her up. Ensuring she rode out all of the pleasure as her head rolled on her shoulders. A smile on my face as I couldn’t complain about my clothing soaked through with supernatural juices when I’d seen, and filmed, such a smoking hot sight.

“MMMMMM...” She finally brought herself to a halt on top of me, grinning down darkly at me. “You’ve done well, mortal… Perhaps you flesh bags aren’t all bad after all...” Rosemary mused with a twisted laugh.
“Glad I could...” I tried to say, but then she cut me off as she snapped her fingers again. The world around me flickering as she used those otherworldly powers to somehow manipulate time and space.

It seemed like only a second had passed, but now Rosemary had teleported herself to go from being mounted on my cock to now being on her hands and knees just like how this encounter had started off. Her mouth clamped around my cock as she started bobbing away to make me moan so I didn’t have time to be freaked out by her defying the laws of logic and motion. Feeling those full lips wrapped around my length as, like a true demon would, she had no issue with engaging in some ass-to-mouth action. Slurping the taste of her own back passage off from my cock to replace it with saliva.

I groaned out as she sucked away, easily deep throating me as I stared at it through the camera to record the sight that was just as red hot as any other position during this graveyard encounter. Watching her wild, effortless motion as her face pressed into my crotch over and over to feast on the cock that had helped her to cum so hard. Rubbing a bit more of her face paint onto my skin from the motion as she bobbed smoothly and deeply. Her hands clutching my legs, keeping me pinned down as she enjoyed some more fun with my sinful cock. Not even fazed by having strands of her dark hair stuck to her cheeks from all the sweat. Making me question whether she was blowing me because The Shadow was ordering it, or if she wanted to give a reward to a ‘mortal’ who had finally made her orgasm.

Whatever her insane reasoning, I wasn’t going to complain as my cock began to throb as she pulled back. Wickedly smirking as she jerked me off. Making me bust a nut as my spunk shot out and caught her high up the face, hitting the side of her hose and her forehead. Moaning as the seed splashed down into her hair before more shots coated onto her already messy face from the smudged warpaint. Milking me dry with rapid strokes as she made me give her a thick facial to leave my jizz dripping from her cheeks, forehead, nose and jaw as she grinned away. Even groaning as the final drops smeared onto her fingers as she stroked away until I started going limp in her grasp. Giving me one, and pun intended, Hell of a money shot to cap off this supernatural sex encounter.

“Mmmmmm… Sin feels quite marvellous...” Rosemary said, as my spunk easily stood out on her alongside and even across the flaked face paint she still had on. “You have done well, flesh bag… My shard of Lust shall not need satisfaction again for many blood moons to come...”
“Happy to help, Death Dealer...” I said, smiling as I closed up my camera. “But before we part, can I just have a quick autograph from you?” I said, about to sit up and reach into my inside pocket for the Big Book.
“Oh, silly mortal… The Shadow already told me what you desired from me...” She smirked, a look made sexier by my load over herself. She sat up on her knees, and simply snapped her fingers as she let out a wicked laugh.

Once again, my eyes seemed to play tricks on me like I was staring at flicking static on a TV. In the next blink of my eyes, Rosemary had vanished into thin air. Leaving me alone in the abandoned graveyard with just my camera and my torch. Even my pants, that she’d pulled off of me during the sex, were now somehow back on my legs with my belt looped and in place.  Needless to say, I was spooked as I stood up and quickly made my way out of this freaky place. I swore my ears were messing with me too as I heard what seemed to be cackling laughter in the air as I hurried away.

* * *

Mere minutes later, and I was back in the safety of my car that I’d parked up on the side road that had led to the dirt path to that graveyard. A sigh of relief escaping me as I wiped sweat off of my forehead from the previous action. “Well, at least I got some footage… I hope.” I thought out loud to myself as I put the camera down on the passenger’s seat. “Guess not every entry in this can be perfect.” I said, pulling my trusty Big Book out from my jacket’s inside pocket.

To my great surprise, and a bit of horror, I found that the page spread I’d set aside for Rosemary’s entry had already somehow been filled in. Seemingly more Demon powers had been used as not only were there already screenshots from the sex tape we’d made on the pages, but she’d left a piece of her fishnet tights, a thick black lipstick kiss, and smudged warpaint onto the pages. Along with an autograph and some sort of message, perhaps ways to contact her, that were in the form of some sort of demonic hieroglyphic style of writing. I’d need to brush up on my Satanic references before I figured that code out.

Taking in some air, I picked out a pen from my pocket and did my last task since Rosemary had seemingly done the rest for me. Reviewing her as I filled in my part for the entry: ‘They say never stick your dick in crazy, but no one said anything about not fucking a demon! Call her Death Dealer of servant of The Shadow, you’ll be easily calling out her name when she gets to wicked work on your cock. Be prepared for a wild ride whichever hole she allows you to sample. And you’ll feel somehow close to heaven with sodomy that has never been so good when it comes to this bad, bad Hell demon. 10 out of 10!’

I had just closed up my book and put it way when a knock on my far door got my attention. “Uh, can I help you?” I said, looking surprised as a gorgeous woman opened the door and invited herself in to sit.
“Oh, nearly sat on your camera!” The woman with interestingly dark hair with dyed red ends, just like how Rosemary had, said as he scooped up the camera before sitting down. “Hey, sorry to do this and hitch-hike? But could I get a ride into town?” She asked, but already buckling up as she had my camcorder in her lap.
“Yeah, sure… It is dark and late out I suppose. I’m just heading there myself.” I said, thinking this was odd but not turning down a pretty woman as I started the car up. “Say, do I know you?” I said, looking her over before I put my eyes to the road and started to drive.
“Maybe, if you followed SHIMMER back in the day.” She said, giving me a smile. “I’m more of, say, a tracker of demon activity these days. My name’s Courtney. Courtney Rush!”

* * *

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