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Sarah Michelle Gellar's Ass
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DISCLAIMER: You need to be over 18 or whatever the legal age in you country is. Technically you shouldn’t even be in this site unless you’re over 18. Also this story is a work of fiction & nothing in this story is true or has actually ever happened. I have not met any celebs mentioned in this story especially Sarah Michelle Gellar. There is no truth behind this story & if you believe otherwise than you need to close this window, switch off your PC & go out & try & seek some professional help. Having gotten all that out the way, hope you enjoy the story.

Codes: Anal, Oral, Feet, Fetish

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s ass

This story was originally published May 21st 2006

When you have something to look forward to the day never seems to go by quick, instead it feels like time is standing still. I had managed to finish all of my visits for the day very quickly. Probably because the day felt like forever to finish. I was on from 8 in the morning and I was finished by lunchtime. I headed to the diner right next to where I worked, I was meeting Trey there, who was probably the closest friend I had. He was a 6’2″ black guy, big built. The kind of guy girl’s would go for if they were looking for a stereo-type of who’d have a big dick.
“Hey! How’s it going Kash? You nervous about today?” Trey greeted me with a hand shake. He was the only guy I told about yesterday.

“No. Not really. More like a kid on Christmas morning, man.” We ordered a couple of burgers and sat down.

“Hey, what if her surprise is that she pulls out one of them strap on things and she tries to make you her bitch!”

“She isn’t gonna do that! That’s sick man!”

“Yeah, but if she ain’t gonna let you stick her dick in her or suck you off… shit! If she isn’t even gonna let you kiss her…” He said putting fear into me.

“She isn’t a freak.” I said cutting him off and finishing off my burger as quick as I could. “I’ll see you later man.” I said grabbing my drink, making a quick exit before he could open his mouth again and headed towards Sarah’s Michelle Gellar’s place. That had to be the fastest I ever ate, I didn’t know if it was so I could get to Sarah’s place or if it was to avoid Trey’s sick questions.

I pulled into her drive way and parked the car. I walked up to her front porch and took a deep breath. I put my finger on the door bell and took another deep breath and just as I was about to press it the door opened.

“Hi!” Sarah greeted me with a friendly smile. “Can I help you?” She asked in that cute, half pouting look.

“I… er…” I was trying to think of what to say. “…left my blazer behind?” I didn’t know what to say and felt like I was asking her a question instead of giving her an answer.

“Oh! It’s right this way!” She said turning around very upbeat. I closed the door behind me. “Shoes!” She said facing me and pointing at my feet. I closed the door behind me and I took my shoes off and left them on the shoe rack that was on the right. I followed her, she was very energetic, much like how her character Buffy was on Season 1, episode 3, entitled ‘Witch.’ Where she was going for cheerleading tryouts and was all hyper active singing ‘Macho man.’ She was just like that right now. She was humming a song, which I couldn’t put my finger on what the song was and skipping around. I guess there’s aspects of herself that she’s obviously put into her character.

Sarah had her hair up in a ponytail, a tight, white tank top, tight grey shorts, with rolled down white socks. She probably had sneakers on but probably took them off to answer the door. It was obvious from what she was wearing that she was working out.

She lead me all the way to the study room, where the PC was and on the three seater brown leather couch was my blazer. “Here’s your blazer.” She said picking it up and handing it to me. “I’ve got the feet right now. You wanna see?”

“Sure.” I said and we made our way to her PC.

“Sit” Sarah pointed at the seat directly in front of the PC. I sat down and Sarah took a seat on my lap and leaned forward, opening a couple of folders. She was opening a folder named ‘Sarah gang banged.’ The picture she opened was a picture of her and three other black guys, one in every hole. It was a flawless picture and gave me an instant hard-on. Sarah looked back at me and gave me that toothy canine smile of her as she felt my cock push up against her crotch.

“I guess I don’t need to ask what you think.” She laughed moving her hips up and down, rubbing her ass up and down my shaft a couple of times and then laughed. “I’ve got more fakes if you want to see them.” I wasn’t too sure now if she had been working out, because there was no sign of perspiration, not even a drop of sweat, no body heat being given off to indicate a work out either.

“Sure” I replied. Who cares if she was working out or not?

“They’re not perfect, but I think they’re good.” She opened a folder that said ‘Sarah’s fakes’ and put it onto slideshow. All her fakes started to play one by one and Sarah started moving her hips up and down, working her ass up and down my shaft again as the slideshow played. She had made quite a lot of fakes, a couple were nudes but most of them were hardcore pictures. A running theme amongst them were anal and interracial sex.

“Looks like you have a thing for anal sex and black guys.”

“One of my regrets.” Sarah said still grinding my crotch. “Never fucking a black guy.” She was teasing me like the scene in ‘Cruel Intentions’ with Ryan Philipee. By my breathing she could tell I was coming close. She jumped up. “Let’s go to the bedroom!” She said excited skipping towards the door. I would’ve been pissed off that she skipped away, but she was going to her bedroom and wanted me to follow, so I got up and followed her. I found myself almost jogging to keep up with her.

We went into her bedroom. Her bedroom was very big. She had a huge bed against the middle of the wall on the left of the room, a three seater sofa at the foot of the bed with a huge flat screen TV opposite it, probably plasma screen but I wasn’t paying too much attention to it, a walk in closet on the wall on the right, a bathroom opposite the door that led to the room, a counter with a big mirror on it next to the bed, against the wall next to the door that led into the room and she had some stand between the counter and bed with a black sheet over it. She also had a little counter at the side of her bed with a lamp and a couple of bottles of water on it. I noticed a tub of Vaseline out on the bed. Sarah turned around and faced me.

“So… What’s this ‘surprise’ that you were talking about yesterday?” I asked and Sarah went over to her dressing table very excitedly and skipped over to me.
“Here.” She said handing me a pack of condoms. I looked at it confused. “Is it not the right size?” She asked looking concerned and pouting at the same time. “I got the biggest ones I could find.” She sounded like she was protesting, but I don’t exactly know what she was protesting.

“No.” I finally said. “They’re the right size, it’s just…”


“Why? Why are you giving me condoms?”

“Because.” Sarah smiled. “My husband has never had unprotected sex with me, why should you?” She said slowly turning around but still keeping her eyes locked on mine.

“I thought you weren’t the ‘type of gal to cheat on her husband.'” I quoted her.

“I’m not! You said you were a fan of mine. Have you seen ‘Harvard Man?'”

“Yes.” For those who haven’t, ‘Harvard Man’ has two love scenes. One scene shows her riding Adrian Grenier in the woods, you don’t see anything ’cause she just lifts her dress to ride him, but the scene is still quite sexy. The other scene, is the opening scene where she shows quite a lot of flesh but no tits, ass or bush, but that’s the scene where she gets fucked by Adrian Grenier and is one of the best sex scenes ever that doesn’t show anything, but is still so hot and every Sarah Michelle Gellar fan has probably jerk off to it.

“Have you jerked off to it?”

“Yes.” Sarah laughed.

“What’s your point?”

“The point is, that I let that guy fuck me because it was for…” She stopped and thought for a second. “…The artistic direction of the movie.” It was obvious she was quoting someone. “Plus I wanted to know if you’ve jerked off to it.” She giggled.

“I’m not too sure I understand your point fully.” To be honest with you I didn’t really understand it at all. She said nothing instead she walked pass me and up to the stand with the cloth on it, next to the bed and pulled the cloth off to reveal a digital camcorder on a stand, which was at an angle, 7 feet in the air and captured the bed from almost a birds eye view angle. I got exactly what she was saying now.

“It’s going to be directorial blue movie debut.” She said turning around to me. “Gellar Productions presents: in her directorial debut, also written, produced and starring the gorgeous Sarah Michelle Gellar in…” It was like she was an agent pitching an idea to Sarah Michelle Gellar to do this project. “…Sarah’s anal adventure!” She finally came up with a title after a couple of seconds of thought. “You can do anything you want when the camera rolls, except for put it in my pussy.”

“Why not?” I said protesting, wanting to fuck her in every hole. “We have condoms.”

“I know!” Sarah said coming up to me, pressing her body against mine, running her fingers through my hair. “But your dick is way too thick and if you put it in me, it will stretch tiny, winy, widdle pussy and my husband will know I’ve slept with another man.” She answered me, pouting and adding baby talk in as well.
“So why do we need condoms for?”

“Because I can’t guarantee it coming out the same way it went in.” That was the major problem with anal sex. “So you just whack one of those bad boys on and if it comes out the same way it went in, you can forget about them. OK?”

“Sure!” What else could I say? She went to her drawer. “You said it was written by you. So where’s the script?” I asked.

“It’s a gonzo.” For people who don’t know what a gonzo is, in porn gonzo is a film with no plot what so ever and gets into the sex straight away. “We fuck the shit out of each other and you follow my lead. I wanna do this whole thing in one take.” She said. “Now lie on the bed.” I went over to the bed. I sat on the bed, legs stretched out, back against the head board. Sarah pressed record and came and sat down beside me. She leaned over, her face next to my crotch, undid my belt buckle and zipper and yanked my pants and boxers at the same time, just enough to reveal my cock, which was at it’s full length but not hard.

“Mmm…” She moaned, “Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me!” She said sticking her tongue out, licking the underside of my cock head, swirling her tongue around the head and pulling it into her mouth with her tongue. Her mouth was warm and her wet tongue felt incredible around the head. “Mmm…” Sarah moaned holding my cock, taking it out of her mouth. “You have no idea how much I’ve been wanting to do this since I met you yesterday.” She started sucking my dick hard and fast. Slurping noisily up and down my shaft, only going half way down and jerking the other half off with her hand. My dick ached with every stroke as it struggled to get back to full hardness.

“Tastes like you’ve had sex today.” Sarah claimed. “A girl suck you off?” She asked pressing my cock head against her pouting lips.

“Just a blow job.” I replied. I had gotten a girl at work who was my fuck buddy to suck me off when I got into work earlier today. That was only so I would last longer with Sarah, which was a good idea as she would’ve already had a mouthful of cum if I hadn’t.

“I can taste her on your cock!” She licked up my shaft. “Aaahhhh…” Sarah stuck her tongue out and pressed my cock head against her tongue and stroked my cock up and down as fast as she could, making my cock head rub against her wet tongue. “That’s hard enough.” Sarah said, getting up on to her knees. “Take your clothes off.” I quickly took my clothes off in a couple of seconds, quicker than I’ve ever undressed before and sat down the same way I was sitting before, with my legs bent at the knees.

Sarah took off her tight gym clothes, grabbed a condom out of the pack and sat on my lap, her butt on my lower abs. I could feel her warm butt hole just a couple of inches below my belly button, her pussy was already wet and I could feel her wet cunt against my crotch. The soles of her feet rested on my thighs, her feet still in socks, with her legs bent at the knees as well. She ripped the condom out of it’s packet, pushed it onto my cock head and rolled it down my shaft. She reached at the side of me where the tub of Vaseline was. She took the lid off the tub and scooped out a generous amount and started to rub it on to her ass hole, pushing her finger in past her tight ring.

“Uuuuhhhh…” Sarah moaned, as she started to work her finger in and out of her ass hole, with a loud audible squelching sound. She used her other hand to scoop out more Vaseline and started to rub it onto my cock. Once she was satisfied with how well she had lubed my condom covered cock and her ass hole, she pressed my cock head against her puckered ass hole and pushed my cock head in to her well lubed sphincter. My penis squelched into her greasy hole and as soon as Sarah had my member half way into her rectum she arched her feet and used them to push herself up and down my cock, pushing herself further down my cock each time she went down.

“Oh that feels soo good to have a dick in my ass again.” Sarah said looking back, smiling at me and giving me a quick kiss, darting her tongue into my mouth in for a split second. She leaned back on her arms, resting her palms on my chest, all her weight on her hands and feet, with nothing else touching me other than her butt cheeks slapping onto my crotch every time her weight came down.

“Oo-ungh!” Sarah would moan in frustration. She couldn’t get a proper grip as she was still wearing socks. Every time she picked up too much speed her feet slipped and her weight would crash down on my crotch, her pussy mound crushed my balls, which helped me calm my erection down every time, as she was going way too fast. I decided I had to take control and go at a pace that would make this last as long as possible.

“Hold on a sec.” I said as Sarah lost her footing once again. I held her around her waist, turned around, put my feet on the floor and stood up, still holding her not leaving the warmth of her anus. “Doggy style.” I whispered in her ear. She turned her head to face me, smiling.

“I love being fucked doggy style!” Sarah went into the position as I set her down, the main reason why I told her, so she knew what I was doing and we could go into the position more easily with out my dick having to leave her ass.

“Yeah!” Sarah looked back at me smiling and then started moaning again as I started to thrust into her ass. I was only thrusting half way in to her ass, trying to ease in to her slowly, I wasn’t sure what pace she wanted to go at so I started off slow. “Fuck me hard!” Sarah yelled looking back at me. That was my sign that her ass didn’t need any warming up and I started to thrust into her ass faster and harder forcing more of my man meat into her every time.

“Oh GOD! That’s it! Fuck my ASS!” Sarah was starting to get very vocal and loud. “Yeah! Stick it all the way in!” She said looking back with a possessed look on her face. I did as she said and slammed into her as hard as I could forcing my entire length into her rear.

“Aaaaahhhhhhh!” Sarah let out a long cry as her body froze from having me so deep inside her bowels. At the head of my cock I could feel moistness, a kind of greasy feeling. That’s when I realised that the condom must’ve ripped when I thrust into her hard. I don’t think Sarah knew or had any idea, but I wasn’t going to stop. I didn’t care about the reason why she made me wear it, all I cared about was getting maximum sexual pleasure from her ass and all I needed now was her go ahead to start drilling her ass again.

I hunched over her. “You O.K?” I asked. I looked at her face and her eyes were teary I guess that last thrust may have been a little too hard. “I can stop if you want?” I offered her and kissed her on the cheek.

“No!” Sarah replied. “Just.. give me a second, that last one just hurt like hell.” She sniffed. I turned her head to face me and kissed her, opening my mouth, sticking my tongue into hers. She sucked my tongue instantly, putting a hand to the side of my face trying to push my face closer to hers. My hips made an instant reaction and started to slowly pull back, only half way and then push forward again. Sarah moaned into my mouth as I started to thrust into her again. As I increased the pace slightly, she let go off my face but still held onto my tongue with her lips, but soon let go and started moaning once again.

“Mmm-mmm-mmm…” Sarah moaned and I got back up to a vertical position. I grabbed her ass, a cheek in each hand and spread them apart getting a clearer view of my dick sliding in and out of rectum. “Yes! Yes! That’s it! All the way in and out!” Sarah moaned looking back at me with the most gorgeous fuck face that I have ever seen.

I slowly pushed my full length into her ass, which caused her to moan out loud and arch her back. I slowly pulled out, only leaving the head in her ass. “Unngh… yes!” Sarah moaned, her back arched, her face now resting on a pillow. “Yeah! That’s it! Keep doing that that feels soo good!” So I did as she asked and thrust my full length in and out of her slowly. I could feel her heels against my butt. I looked back to see that she had lifted her legs and was now pressing the soles of her sexy feet against my butt cheeks. It was kind of a weird thing for her to do but her feet felt nice against my ass.

“Mmm… wait! Wait! Stop!” I froze immediately, thinking I had done something wrong. Sarah pulled herself off my cock. “I haven’t tasted my ass yet!” She said with that toothy canine smile of her. She turned around. “Damn! Looks like my ass was too tight for you!” I was slightly confused but looked down to confirm my earlier suspicion of the condom tearing, only my cock head was sticking out. But luckily she was clean as a whistle, the Vaseline on my cock head must’ve been used up as lubrication as there was nothing on it but the condom looked very greasy. Sarah pulled off the torn condom from my cock and tossed it aside.
“Aaahhhhh..” Sarah had her mouth open wide and her tongue spread out as she moved her head forward. My member rubbed along her tongue as it entered her mouth. “Mmmm…” Sarah moaned wrapping her lips around my cock, her eyes closed as if she was tasting something really nice. She opened her eyes and looked up at me, sucking hard on my cock head, savouring the taste of her ass. She started to pull away but was still sucking the cock head hard and when she pulled away too much my cock head left her mouth with a loud ‘popping’ sound. My dick went hard, jumped up hitting Sarah on the nose and she laughed, sticking her tongue and a huge drop of pre-cum oozed out onto her tongue. She pulled her tongue in swallowing my juice, licking her lips to get any cum that may have missed her tongue.

“I want more!” Sarah said getting excited again. She opened her mouth and thrust her body forward forcing my cock to the back of her throat and past the tight opening, deep throating me. She looked up at me as she started to throat fuck herself with my cock and I could see a smile on her face.

“Gug-gug-gug…” Sarah moaned as saliva filled her mouth started to drip down the sides of my shaft and out her mouth. I started to feel the cum building up my balls and tense up.

“Stop! I’m going to cum!” I didn’t want to cum yet, I wanted to fuck her some more before I did. I could see, even though she had my thick cock in her mouth, signs of her laughing. The veins along my shaft started to throb and Sarah could sense that I was going to cum and pulled my cock out of her throat and mouth. My cock was covered in her saliva, which looked very thick like cum and was probably mixed in with my pre-cum to look like that. Sarah spread her tongue out and had my cock head resting on it while she jerked me off with both her hands. It was literally a couple of seconds and I felt my cum shoot up my shaft, but Sarah had such a tight grip that it struggled to come out and Sarah gave a evil smile and loosened her grip finally allowing me to cum and it was the most powerful orgasm I had ever had. The first shot blasted right to the back of her throat hard, but she didn’t even flinch. She milked my cock as I filled her mouth with my hot love piss. The way she had positioned my cock on her tongue gave me a clear view of everything.

Sarah took my cock off her tongue and swallowed my huge loud with a loud gulp, whilst she still stroked my cock slowly. My cock started to go soft but didn’t shrink, Sarah had put on such a good show I knew I was going to be able to go another round. She looked at the camera and opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out saying “Aaahhhhh” to show that she had swallowed it and then laughed looking at me. I was spent and fell over backwards, lying on the bed on my back. Sarah was gonna have to do all the work while I got my breath back.

“That was so exhausting!” Sarah claimed wiping beads of sweat off her forehead. She wasn’t kidding. I didn’t notice it till she just said it, but there was a light layer off sweat on both of us and I wiped my forehead too. She reached over to a bottle of mineral water on her night stand and started drinking like she hadn’t had any water for days.

“Thirsty?” I asked.

“Mmm…” She moaned not moving the bottle away from her mouth. Once she finally stopped she had drank nearly three quarters of the bottle in one go. “Fucking always gets me so thirsty. You want any?” She asked holding the bottle out shaking it. I hadn’t even thought about it but my throat was kind of dry.

“Sure!” She put the cap on and tossed the bottle to me. I sat up and I tilt my head back drinking the remaining water left in the bottle. I felt Sarah sweaty legs on mine. She starts to circle my pelvic bone with her big toe. I look down to see her lying on the bed with her head resting against the head board. I lie back down and I feel Sarah’s warm toes slowly running up my shaft. My cock was still not erect and going half way up my belly but was still drenched in her saliva from that sloppy, deep throat, blow job she gave me. Sarah carried on stroking my cock with her toes and I could feel my cock twitch, starting to get hard and come to life again. She must’ve taken her socks off while I was drinking and I didn’t even notice it.

“Looks like my sexy feet are getting you excited again!” I heard Sarah say as my cock started to go up to a vertical basis, which allowed Sarah to sandwich it in between her feet and rub my member up and down with her long sexy toes and the balls just under them.

“You like it when Sarah rubs you hot… thick… cock with her sexy feet?” She asked in an unbelievably sexy tone. I decided to sit up, leaning back on my elbows to watch her jerk me off with her feet. I looked up at her and she gave me a playful laugh. “You want to feel Sarah’s hot… wet tongue on your cock again?” She still had that sexy tone but pouted this time as well. I just nodded my head ‘yes.’ Sarah pushed her self up, sitting while she carried on stroking my member with her feet.

She gave a little laugh and the leaned forward, opening her mouth taking the cock head in. She stopped stroking my cock but held it in position with her feet as she enveloped her lips around my shaft. I wasn’t surprised at her flexibility because I knew she was, but the sight was amazing. Her mouth going down my cock, as far down as her feet and then back up again.

She stopped sucking my cock and started working the soles of her feet up and down my shaft again. She looked at my cock, pouting and than spat on my cock just like yesterday and then giggled. Her spit treacled down and she rubbed it onto my shaft with her feet. Sarah got up and got onto all fours in between my legs, her knees together and her feet rested on my lower abs. The soles of her feet glistened with my saliva.

“You like Sarah’s ass?” She asked.

“Yeah.” I replied and she pushed her ass out showing me her glistening hole, a shine coming off the Vaseline and sweat on it. She looked back at me smiling as she shaked her ass and arched her back pushing her ass back. She positioned her knees, so she could hold my dick with her feet. My dick was in between her feet, along the arch while her heels, big toe and the ball under it was side by side.
Sarah slowly stroked her feet up my shaft, pointing my cock towards her ass and pushed her butt back. She moved my cock with her feet until she had my cock head at her anal opening and slowly pushed her ass back taking my length back into her rectum, still holding my cock with her feet. She gasped as she started to push her ass back and fourth repeatedly taking more and more of my cock into her butt with each thrust. Once she had enough of me in her she pushed right back, forcing my full length into her butt letting out a loud cry of pain. My dick was still in between the arches of her feet and her soles were firmly pressed against her butt cheeks. She kept her soles pressed against her ass as she started to ride me, with any signs of pain already gone.

“Ooof-ooof-ooof…” Sarah let out the cutest little moans as she rode me with her ass and feet, getting faster and faster with every stroke. The only thing keeping me from shooting my load in her ass was the fact that I had already orgasmed twice today. Sarah had her knees together making her already tight ass even tighter and every time she pushed down I could feel her pussy slap against my balls and she was getting wetter every time she came down. Soon she was so wet and riding me so fast and hard that the wet slapping of her pussy against my balls could be heard over her moans. I knew she was on the verge of cumming and I was about to give Sarah her first anal orgasm today. Her sphincter started to loosen and tighten it’s grip around my shaft rapidly, getting faster and faster, with her moans which were now loud screams, getting louder matching her thrusts. She started to bounce up higher with each thrust until she bounced up too high and right of my cock and that last thrust went as high as it did because her orgasm finally hit. She was definitely a squirter, two spurts of her love juice rained down on my cock and her feet.

“Huh huh huh…” Sarah panted, with her ass up in the air, her pussy lip quivering and glistening with her juices. I sat up a bit, leaning back on my elbows. “I’ve never cum before from being fucked in the ass!” Sarah said smiling, with signs of her orgasm still in her voice and on her face. It took her a couple of seconds to catch her breath back, the girl had stamina from her healthy life style. “You wanna taste me?” Sarah asked, pouting that cute pout of hers.

“Yes!” I replied.

“Then suck it of my sexy feet!” She said with her pouty look gone and replaced with a devilish smile. She raised her feet up into the air, positioning herself so the soles of her feet were facing me and I fully sat up, holding her feet by the ankles. Just like yesterday, she had cupped her feet to try and catch as much of her cum on the soles of her feet as she could and her feet were still cupped. She wasn’t a squirter who squirted out huge loads, but she had squirted enough to cover her toes and soles with a layer of her juice.

I licked from the balls under her toes all the way down the sole, savouring her cum, sucking her heel hard, biting it gently. Every lick made her moan and she loved the attention her feet had been getting from me. I swapped heels and her cum started to drip down. I licked up the sole following the trail, making sure that none of it went to waste. I sucked the ball under her big toe, biting it gently, licking across to her smallest toe, taking it into my mouth, sucking her juices of it. I went on to the next couple of toes one by one, circling them with my tongue, licking her cum of them. I finally took her big toe into my mouth, sucking it hard, moving onto the next toe, which was the big toe on her other foot, going across her toes one by one. Sarah giggled slightly.

“Now it’s my turn to taste myself!” She said, looking back at me with a slight crazy look in her beautiful hazel eyes. She turned around, facing me, she grabbed my cock and started licking my shaft up and down, licking her own cum off. She took my cock head into her mouth, bobbing her head up and down and started rubbing her hands up and down my shaft as fast as she could. She stopped sucking and laughed, her mouth open with a trail of her saliva and cum from my cock head to her lips.

Sarah breathed hard, she had worked up quite a sweat. She crawled over to the counter at the side of the bed with her back turned to me and grabbed another bottle of water. She started to drink the water and I went up behind her on my knees. I wrapped my arms around her, grabbing her tits, one in each hand. They were not big, but they were a handful. I squeezed them, realising that I had not paid any attention to them yet. I gently squeezed her nipples which caused her to stop drinking and let out a little moan. My erection started to push against her ass.
“Feels like someone eager to be in Sarah’s ass again.” Sarah said turning her head, kissing me, putting the bottle of water on the counter and reaching back with her hand and stroking my hair. I could still taste her cum on her tongue and I sucked even harder. Sarah broke the kiss and reached over for the tub of Vaseline. “Here!” She said handing it to me. I opened the tub and scooped some out with my index finger. She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart exposing her little shit hole, which was now a shade of red from the onslaught that her ass had taken over the past hour. I pushed my finger in, twisting it, getting the Vaseline all around her anal walls. She moaned at the anal intrusion. I leaned forward to see her gorgeous face, which was the most beautiful sight whenever she moaned. I sucked her bottom lip. She had her eyes closed but she kissed my upper lip as I sucked on her bottom lip.

I reached down with my hand, holding my dick, rubbing it down her butt crack until I could feel her anal opening at the tip of my cock and pushed the head in. Sarah’s tight sphincter automatically loosened allowing my huge bell shaped head in and then tightened around my shaft as I pushed half my member into her bowels. I pulled back only leaving the head in and pushed forward thrusting three quarters in. Sarah let out a little scream, falling over sideways across the bed. I had my arms still around her and I followed her down, not wanting to leave her ass. We both lay on our sides and I started thrusting instantly. My dick got three quarters in each time and I felt resistance. At that exact point Sarah’s hips would thrust forward to stop me from going in any further.

As I continued drilling into her, she twisted her upper body trying to lie on her front. I leaned forward kissing her shoulder, she had a layer of sweat and for some reason I licked her shoulder, tasting her sweaty perspiration. I saw her beautiful neck and I started to kiss it. I felt the urge to bite her neck, a bit of irony really because of the role she had played on TV for seven years. Sarah moaned as I pressed my teeth down gently. She pushed my head back to stop me and kissed me again.

I was starting to lose pace in my thrusts because of the way Sarah had twisted her body so I decided to roll on to her, pushing her flat onto her front. I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to carry my weight because she was so petite, so I put a hand on either side of her head and put my weight on them. She had her legs together which caused an unbelievable tight sensation around my cock. I was on my knees but lying flat on top of her. All my weight was on my hands and knees. I started to thrust in and out of her tight rectum, now in the perfect position so I could drill in to her as hard and fast as I wanted to.

“Oh fuck! Shit! Shit! Shit! Nnnnghhhhh!” Sarah started screaming as I relentlessly fucked her ass. She grabbed a pillow and placed it in front of her face. She grabbed the sheets, burying her face in the pillow. “I’m gonna CUM!” She screamed throwing her head back. I grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head back a little further so I could see her face. I kissed her on the chin, whilst slowing my pace down, teasing her. Her sphincter was twitching like crazy just like the last time when she came so I knew she was very close.

“I wanna CUM!” Sarah said getting annoyed, pushing her ass up and down. I put one hand on her back pinning her down, getting onto my knees and then pulled out of her ass. With my other hand I held my dick and pushed the tip of my cock into her butt crack, straight away finding her ass hole. I gave a couple of quick thrusts and pulled out.

“Please!” Sarah begged, a sound of desperation in her voice. I pushed my dick in again, giving a couple of quick and deep thrusts pulling out. Sarah was squirming, trying to push back to get more thrusts. I did this again and I felt her ass hole twitching like crazy, she was about to cum and the couple of thrusts I gave was enough to put her over the edge. I pulled out and Sarah thrust her ass back, arching her back showing me her pussy as she came to a screaming orgasm and her cum poured out down her crotch, to her lower abs and onto the bed. I licked down her pussy lip getting another taste of her sweet juices, but I was more concerned with my own orgasm now.

I pushed the tip of my penis against her butt hole and pushed it in thrusting as fast as I could instantly, not allowing her to recover from her orgasm. My dick ached to cum and I could feel it building up but I had felt like this for the last half hour. I thrust faster than I had ever done before, grunting and moaning desperate to cum. Sarah still lay on her front with her ass in the air and she could feel it coming too and started to thrust back, meeting my thrusts, getting me in deeper into her ass.

“That’s IT! FUCK MY ASS! YEAH! I WANNA FEEL YOUR HOT CUM IN MY ASS! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” Sarah kept screaming those two words through gritted teeth to me. She pushed herself up into the doggy style position, but put the top of her head on the pillow and slightly rolled on to the back of her head. I could see her face and she had the most gorgeous fuck faces.

“NOW! CUM IN MY ASS! CUM IN MY ASS! CUM IN MY ASS!” She kept repeating through gritted teeth while she pouted. I felt the rush and my balls started to vibrate as they started to pump my cum up my shaft and out into Sarah’s tight butt hole.

“AHHHH! AHHHH! AHHHH!” Sarah screamed as she felt my hot ball brew splatter out into her bowels and for the first time I found myself getting vocal, screaming with her as I emptied out my final shot of cum for the day. We both froze in this position for a minute while I recovered from what felt like the most intense orgasm that I have ever had. I finally pulled out and lay flat on the bed, on my back beside her, exhausted, covered in sweat.

Sarah turned around and started to suck my cock, sucking it clean. My dick hadn’t shrunk and gone small, but I knew that there was no way it was going to be able to be hard again, not today. Sarah crawled over me to the counter, her tits hovering over my head, I was to exhausted to do anything to them. She drank some more water. She offered the bottle to me and I drank the rest of the bottle and tossed it aside. Sarah lay beside me, hugging my chest. After a couple of minutes Sarah finally broke the silence.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Sarah said getting up. “I can feel it coming out!” My cum was starting to make it’s way out of her ass and she reached over for the box of tissues and wiped it off and tossed the tissue to the floor. “You wanna come around tomorrow to do a sequel?”

“Sure!” I replied. “But this time I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“Really!” She said pushing herself up with her hands. “What is it?” She got very excited, like a kid who couldn’t wait till Christmas morning and wanted their gift early.

“You’ll have to wait till tomorrow, ’cause there’s no way I’m gonna tell you.”

“Oh!” She said lying back down disappointed. “Fine then. I got a surprise for you that’s gonna make today pale in comparison.” I couldn’t imagine what she had planned for tomorrow to make today’s sex feel inferior, but all I knew was that it was gonna take even longer for tomorrow to come than today did.
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This simply reminded me how underrated SMG's ass really is.


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