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Rose McGowan Gets Inspected
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Author's note: I've been watching Charmed once again and just saw Grind house and I had to write a story on her. I took some real facts like her business that she owns and built a fictional story around it. I hope you guys enjoy. This story was originally published on November 25th 2007.

* * * * *

I had been sent into a company called 'Pinken Mint' to make sure that they were following all health and safety procedures and that they were providing a safe working place for their employees.

As I approached the building, it didn't look too big. It was two floors. I walked in and saw a woman pacing back and fourth near the reception desk. I walked past her to the receptions desk.

"Hi." I said approaching the woman at the counter. "I'm here from the department of health and safety."

"Hi." I heard the woman behind me. "I'm Natasha Andres, one of the owners of the company." She extended her hand and I shook it.

"I'm sorry for the delay." I said. "I know I was due here about two hours ago, but the last place was in a very bad shape. It took a while to look the place over. I think it took me longer to write down all their faults than it did to look the place over." I laughed. Natasha gave a nervous laugh.

"You seem nervous." I said to her as I opened my brief case and looked over some papers. The place was owned by two women. Ms R. McGowan and Ms N. Andres.

"Yeah." Natasha replied. "This is the first time that we've had someone from health and safety over."

"Let me put your mind at ease. We aren't the ass holes you see on TV that come in look the place over, give you the cold shoulder and be plain out rude to you and then shut the place down. That's health inspector's at food places. We're more laid back. Of course, if there's a legit fault we'll tell you about it and then send someone over in a week to see you've fixed the problem."

"Oh. Thank God!" She let out a sigh of relief. "Me and Rose were so worried." So the R in the co-owner R. McGowan stood for Rose. Could it actually be Rose McGowan of the show Charmed? Anything is possible, but I've never heard of her owning her own business, so I highly doubted it. Probably someone who had the same name, more of a coincidence really.

"Let's see. Where should I start? I guess the reception room is a good a place as any." I said. "I'm Kash by the way."

"I don't mean to sound impatient, but how long is this gonna take?" Natasha asked.

"About one to two hours." I replied. "Why?"

"I finish up here in about an hour. We were expecting you two hours ago..."

"Sorry about that." I apologised again.

"I've got somewhere I have to be, so I won't be able to stay here longer than an hour. But, my business partner will be coming in. But she can't get here till half five. She usually comes in at closing to make sure everything is OK. So you'll be here for about half an hour by yourself."

"No problems. I think I'll be OK by myself." Natasha showed me a tour of the place before I started the long boring procedure. The place designed and made custom purse caddies, there's pretty much a company for any crap out there. As I looked the place over, Natasha followed me. One time I heard her on her cell phone. I assumed that it was her business partner. She was telling the person about what was happening.

When it came to 5:00, I was close to finishing. I needed another 10-15 minutes, but Natasha had left and I was gonna have to wait around an extra 20 minutes for her business partner to get here. I looked around the place, checking out some of the custom made purse caddies they had made. When It started to approach 5:30, I made my way to the receptions desk.

It was 5:30 now, I was waiting at the reception area. They had no seats there other than the one the receptionist was sitting on, so I had to stand. The place closed at 5:30, and in about 5 minutes, the place had already cleared out. As the people left they signed out at the reception desk. It was their way of keeping track of who's in the building and who wasn't. The receptionist closed the book.

"That's everyone gone." She smiled at me. I smiled back at her, starting to get a little irritated at how late the business partner was running. "Don't worry sir. Rose should be in any minute now." After another minute or so, the receptionist spoke again.

"That's Rose's car pulling in." She smiled. I had no clue how she could be smiling now. The place closed at 5:30 and she's only still her because Rose was taking so long to get here.

"Hey Liz! Sorry about being late." Rose said as she entered the building, taking off her sunglasses. "I ran into a little traffic, but you can head out now. I'll close the place up." It didn't take a genius to see that she was indeed Rose McGowan of the show Charmed.

"Sorry about being late Kash. But I ran..." Rose started.

"Into traffic. I know I heard when you told Liz." I cut her off. Natasha must've told her my name.

"OK then." Rose smiled. "Let's go to my office and we can talk over whatever needs talking over." She walked past me and headed to the stairs. Her hair was dyed brown and she had her trademark of red lip stick on. It was quite hot out and she had a summer dress on that was low cut around her neck showing off her rather large breasts. The dress was a couple of inches short of her knees. I had to admit, the dress did look a little ugly. It was a weird shade of green with flowers on it, but she had a great figure that you didn't even notice the ugly dress. She had a hand bag that matched the ugly dress as well.

I followed her up the stairs, staring at her butt, hoping that I might get a peek up her dress. But unfortunately, her dress wasn't short enough. I would almost get a peek, but not quite.

"Me and Natasha have been so worried. She said that you seemed like a nice guy and that she doesn't think the place will get closed down." Rose said. Didn't Natasha tell her that a place couldn't get closed down by a health and safety inspector? "And... whoo!" Rose couldn't even start on her next sentence as she tripped on one of the stairs. I quickly lunged forward and grabbed her waist with both hands, even though she fell forward. She used her hands to try and break her fall.

"You OK?" I asked.

"Yeah! I'm always tripping over. I'm just so clumsy. She said, as she turned around and sat on one of the steps.

"You hurt your knee or anything?" I asked while I looked and rubbed her knees with my hands.

"No. I'm use to it." She said. I noticed that one of her foot was bare and that her shoe had come of her foot and fell down a couple of steps. I went down the couple of steps and picked up her shoe.

"I think you'll be wanting this." I said looking up at her. Rose smiled.

"Thanks!" She said still sitting. Her knees where slightly apart and from the position she was sitting, I got a clear view of her panties. I felt like a perverted kid back at elementary school, back when you use to try and peek up a girls skirt. I went up to her and went down to my knees. I held her foot with one hand and held her shoe with the other. She had pale feet and red nail polish on her toe nails.

"You know? You have very nice feet." I said as I put her shoe on.

"Thanks." Rose said again as she twirled her foot, looking at her shoe. She looked up at me as I stood up and extended my hand for me to help her up. I helped her up and we went up the stairs.

"You were saying something before you tripped." I said.

"I can't even remember what I was going to say." Rose thought for a second looking up into space.

"Whoa! Watch it!" I said as I stopped her from tripping over a box. She did seem very clumsy and a little ditzy.

"Is that taking a point off for being in the way?" Rose asked.

"Well, you did trip nearly trip over it. That's two things that happened to you on the way to your office." I said. "I mean if one of the owners isn't safe in their own building, how safe is it for the employees?" I joked.

"No this place is totally safe!" Rose protested, not realising that I was just kidding.

"You'll probably get points taken away." I said, well for the box it was lying around, but even I hadn't noticed it until she nearly tripped over it.

"There's no way we can lose points. All the people working here rely on this job for a living." Rose said. "If this place gets closed down, even for a week or two, that's at least one pay check they miss out on and there's no way I'll let that happen!"

She seemed like a very caring person, concerned more about her staff than the business. And she still thought the place could get closed down by a health and safety inspector. Maybe if it was a store with customers, but this was more of a warehouse than a store. I couldn't help but think about what she just said. There's no way she'd let that happen. Was she gonna offer me a bribe? I'd definitely take the money. Maybe I won't tell her that they passed and even if they failed, I wouldn't shut the place down.

"Well..." I started. "...It's not looking too good, you know?"

"Shit!" I heard her mutter under her breath. We went into her office. It seemed quite big. A desk with drawers and a chair on one side and two chairs around the other side. Rose sat on the 'managers' side of the desk while I sat around on the side with two chairs.

"What's wrong with the place?" Rose asked looking concerned.

"Well..." I tried to think of stuff that could be wrong and then just decided to make some stuff up. "There was a couple of fire exits blocked."

"Blocked? How?" Rose asked.

"With..." I thought for a second, remembering back to a few moments ago. "...Boxes?" I felt like I was asking her a question rather than answering her question.

"Shit!" Rose said looking away from me. "I told Natasha to move that shit." She said to herself. Obviously, Natasha had moved it, because there wasn't any boxes, but Rose didn't know that. A smile came on my face when I realised that they must've had a few violations and Natasha was suppose to fix them and Rose McGowan hadn't checked to see if she did.

"One of the fire extinguishers was empty." I lied, knowing fully well that out of all the people employees here, there must be two idiots who think it's funny to play with them.

"I told those two idiots not to play with the fire extinguishers." Rose said to herself again.

"There was a wet floor with out a sign up saying, 'Caution wet floor.' Someone could've slipped and sued the company."

"We have insurance." Rose said.

"A pay out would send your insurance through the roof the next time you have to re-new it."

"Fuck!" She muttered.

"And..." I tried to think of something else.

"OK! I think I've heard enough. We did bad. I get it. How much will it take to clear this up?"

"About a week and we'd send someone in. You just need to run a tighter ship." What the fuck was I saying? They passed! They weren't gonna get another visit. That would be wasting time and money. I needed to come clean.

"No. That's not what I meant." Rose said. Finally! The bribe!

"Are you offering me a bribe? Cos you do know that's illegal?" I joked, remembering back to that scene in a Jim Carey movie called 'The Cable Guy' where he winds him up about free illegal cable but still does it any way.

"Well..." Rose said, leaning forward, showing off her large breasts. "Maybe there's something I could do for you?" She asked, her voice getting a little sultry. Was she trying to use her sex appeal?

"What did you have in mind?" I asked, my eyes glued to her tits, as she leaned forward.

"Maybe you need to see something to convince you?" Rose said placing her hands on her breasts, knowing that my eyes were fixed on them.

"OK" I said, not taking my eyes of her tits. Rose started to rub her tits, working her hand under her dress, touching her breasts with her bare hands.

"Do you need to see more?" Rose asked. I wasn't sure how far she was willing to go, but if she was offering more, I wasn't going to turn her down.

"Yeah!" I said. Rose gave a little giggle as she held her left breast with her right hand and her right breast with her left hand, so that her arms were crossed. She moved her hands further along, moving her hands under her arms so that her arms were folded. As she did this, she managed to get the straps of her dress to slide down her arms. Rose slowly mover her hands back across, unfolding them, revealing that she had no bra and her pale bare breasts were on display right in front of me.

I swallowed hard, my mouth a little dry. "Can I touch them?" I asked.

"Whatever you feel is necessary." Rose replied with a smile. I got up and walked around to her. She stood up as well. I placed one hand on each breast as I squeezed them. They were quite big and I could feel a hard-on starting to grow.

"Do you like them?" Rose asked in a sultry tone.

"Yeah!" I replied, my voice very low.

"They're 36C." She said pushing her tits out forward. I leaned my head forward and took one of her large pink nipples into my mouth. Rose didn't move.

"Does that taste good?" She asked, stroking the back of my head.

"Mm-hmm." I mumbled. As I sucked her nipple, I reached down and held on to her dress and I pulled it down and it fell onto the floor.

"Wait!" Rose said backing away from me. I stood up straight and her eye widened as they locked on to my groin. I now had a full erection at the though of fucking Rose McGowan. I stood over her dress as she backed away from me in nothing but white Panties.

"God you look so beautiful!" I complimented her and she smiled, even though she must be a little scared right now. I undid my belt buckle and button and let my pants and boxers fall to the floor. Rose had a slightly shocked and scared look on her face, but that look changed once she saw my cock, she had a more curious look on her face.

"You're wondering what it'd be like to have this inside you?" I asked, holding my cock, feeling proud of the fact that Rose McGowan looked impressed by my size.

"That is a quite a big cock you have." Rose agreed.

"Come over here and suck it!" I said to her feeling very bold and brave now. Rose bit her lower lip, she looked like she didn't want to do it. "How many people work here?" I asked. Rose didn't even give me an answer, she gave me a defeated look.

"Couldn't I just... give you sexual gratification?" Rose asked, tilting her head to one side, biting her bottom lip again.

"Sure!" I answered. "Come over here and suck me off." I said, knowing that she didn't want to do it.

"How about if I just jerk you off?" She asked.

"Jerk me off? That's like me jerking myself off to you. What's the point in that?"

"OK." Rose gave in looking down at the floor. She got a look on her face like she just got an idea. "You said I had nice feet."


"What if I jerked you off with them. Would that be OK?"

"A foot job?" I said, thinking whether I should take it or not.

"Yeah!" Rose said sitting on the desk. She used the top of her foot to take one shoe off and used her, now bare foot to take the other shoe off. "Sit." She pointed at the chair in front of the desk. I sat down on it in front of her. She placed her feet on my bare thighs. I had my pants and boxers around my ankles, my shoes got in the way of taking them off so I left them around my ankles.

Rose started to touch my thighs with her feet, slowly running her toes up and down my thighs, gently running her toe nails along my skin. She touched my cock head with the big toe of one foot. She pushed my cock up, letting it rest on the top of her foot.

"Doesn't that feel good?" She asked smiling.

"Yeah. That does." I replied.

"So do you want me to jerk you off with my feet?" Rose gave a sweet smile.

"OK!" I said. "But the panties have to come off." Rose worked the panties down her thighs and down to her knees. I pulled them off around her feet and held them in my hands. Rose gave me a seductive look as I felt the soles of her feet on either side of my cock. I looked down to see her stroking my cock up and down with her pale feet. Gently applying pressure with the tips of her toe.

She had some how used the fact that I wanted her to her advantage and was controlling the situation. I held her feet together.

"I want to fuck you." I said to her letting her know exactly what I want.

"Not gonna happen." Rose said. "You're lucky to even get me to do this."

"How many of the employees here are your friends?" I asked.

"This must be illegal or something." Rose protested. "I thought we came to a good compromise."

"OK. Once you give me sexual gratification," I said quoting her. "You have to let me give you sexual gratification." I said, deciding to give her a break.

"You want to give me an orgasm?" Rose asked.

"Yeah." I replied.

"Cool!" Rose said. It wasn't quite the answer I was looking for. "I love having orgasms." She started to stroke my cock with her feet. She leaned forward, her mouth over my cock and she spat on my cock head.

"Lubrication." Rose said smiling. She sandwiched my cock in between her feet again and started to stroke my shaft up and down. My cock in the gap in between the balls under her toes and her heels. She worked her feet up and down getting faster with every stroke. I pushed her feet down, so that the balls under her toes were pressed against my shaft.

Rose started to go faster and faster until she was going as fast as she could. I could feel my orgasm start to build very quickly. Rose started to wriggle her toes as she worked her feet up and down my shaft, adding the extra sensation of her fleshy toe heads randomly pressing against my shaft.

"Your dick feels so good! Touching my toes." Rose said. "Throbbing so hard against my feet. It feels like you're gonna cum. Are you gonna cum? Are you gonna cum for Rose?" She asked in a very sultry tone.

"Yeah!" I moaned as she continued to stroke me as fast as she could.

"All that cum is gonna feel so warm!" She said as she used her feet to push my cock up, so that my cock head was positioned to cum on my stomach, but I still had my shirt on.

"Not on my shirt." I said. Rose took her feet off my lap and leaned forward, stroking my cock as fast as she could with one hand while she grabbed her panties with the other. She managed to bring her panties up as I shot my first load, my cum shooting out on to her panties.

Rose squeezed my cock hard as she continued to stroke my cock, my cock positioned so all my cum shot out into her panties. She gently squeezed my cock until my orgasm subsided and tossed her wet panties aside on the floor.

"It's my turn now!" She smiled sitting back up on the table.

"Can you just... suck my cock clean?" I asked. Rose gave me a look squinting with one eye.

"I don't normally suck a guys dick when I just met him, but... I'll make an exception." She said getting on to her knees in front of me. She held my cock with one hand while she placed her mouth over my cock head and worked her red lips up and down my shaft. After a couple of strokes she took her mouth off and laughed.

"Looks like I need to apply more lip stick." She said. Her lip stick had faded from her lips and was now on the top half of my cock, which was now a bright red. Rose sat back up on the desk and pulled lip stick out of her hand bag and applied it to her lips. I stood up and bent over as my face drew level with her pussy.

Her skin tone all around was very pale, her pussy lips was bright pink in comparison to the rest of her skin tone. She had a neatly trimmed, auburn bush. I guess that was her natural hair color. I started to lick up and down her slit, licking at her opening.

"Yeah! Get that wet tongue in nice and deep!" Rose said smacking the top of her crotch. She move her hand down and started to rub her clit, keeping in rhythm to my licks. She started to rub her clit faster, at the pace she wanted and I started working my tongue in and out of her tight hole faster, trying to keep up with her hands. She was already really wet and I could taste her.

"Oh! That feels so good! Work that tongue in faster!" Rose urged me, looking down at me as I continued to try and keep up with her hand. Soon I was going as fast as I could and she just kept rubbing her clitoris faster and faster. I could feel my cock starting to get hard again.

"Yeah! That's it! I'm gonna cum!" Rose moaned. "Open your mouth!" She yelled at me. I opened my mouth like she told me as she rubbed her clit and then her hips thrust forward as she spread her pussy lips apart with her two fingers and her cum sprayed out into my mouth. She was a squirter. A major one at that. Most squirter's shoot out a big load and maybe a small second one, but Rose squirted two big loads and a small third one.

I placed my mouth over her pussy, making sure that all of her cum sprayed out into my mouth as she moaned out loud, grinding her hips against my mouth. Her orgasm started to subside, but I wanted more of her woman juice and I started to push my tongue into her wet hole, licking off any cum from around her pussy walls.

"Fuck!" Rose moaned holding the back of my head. "Going for round two?" She asked giving a little giggle mixed in with her moaning. I decided to lick her out again and started to work my tongue in and out. I slipped a finger in, giving my mouth and tongue a rest as I started to work my finger in and out of her.

I worked in a second finger into her as I continued to finger her as fast as I could, now using my tongue to lick and stimulate her clitoris. The combination of licking and fingering was working just like before, but this time it was taking way longer than before.

Rose threw her head back, now screaming in ecstasy. I carried on fingering her and I started to kiss her toned stomach, kissing my way up to her big tits. Taking as much as I could of one of her boobs into my mouth, sucking at it hard while I worked two fingers into her tight cunt. I looked up at her while I had her nipple in between my teeth, gently scraping my teeth against her large, sensitive, pink nipple. She looked really beautiful, her face twisted in pleasure.

I reached up and kissed Rose on the lips, tilting my head to the side, pushing my tongue into her mouth. To my surprise, Rose actually kissed me back, sucking on my tongue. She placed one hand on the back of my head, pushing my head closer to hers. I stood up straight, still fingering her with one hand and stroking my cock with the other, getting it to full hardness.

As me and Rose continued to kiss, Rose was really getting into it, kissing me passionately. I was still fingering her, feeling her pussy start to quiver, Rose was getting close to cumming again. I know that she didn't want to do anything more than just jerk me off, but having my cock just inches away from her pussy was too tempting and I couldn't resist.

I pushed my hips forward, pressing my cock against her thighs. I quickly pulled my fingers out of her pussy and with my other hand, quickly pushed my cock head into her wet pussy. I thrust my hips forward instantly, thrusting my manhood deep into her wet cunt. Rose slid her mouth to the side of my mouth.

"Stop!" Rose protested while I sucked her bottom lip pulling her closer to me as I thrust in and out of her at a fast pace, continuing at the pace that my fingers were going at. I felt Rose place her hands on my chest and try and push my away.

"You're so close to coming Rose." I moaned into her ear, holding her body tightly, close to mine. "Don't you wanna cum?"

"Yes. But..." Rose started.

"Then let me make you cum." I said as I thrust in and out of her as fast as I could. She was already close to a second orgasm when I was fingering her and right now she was trying to hold back. She was stopping herself from cumming, but she let go and just let me fuck her.

"But you have to stop when I cum." Rose said, wrapping her arms around my shoulder. I didn't say anything as I continued to thrust my dick deeper and deeper into her womanhood

"Fuck! I'm cumming!" Rose moaned as she started to squirm against me. "Oh God! Quick! Take it out!" She moaned, stretching out the word 'Out.' I quickly pulled out of her and she squirted out a load of cum, her juices flowing up on to my cock, giving my groin a shower with her cum. Her second load was small, probably it being due to this being her second orgasm.

I quickly pushed my cock into her pussy, thrusting in and out of her while her hips bucked wildly from her pussy being so sensitive after her orgasm and the touch of my cock made her hips jerk back and fourth.

"Stop!" Rose moaned. "You said you'd stop once I came."

"You asked me stop once you came, I didn't say I would." I said, working my cock in and out of her.

"But I already made you cum!" Rose protested.

"Yes. But you said you'd give me sexual gratification." I pulled my cock out of her pussy and my member was now at it's full length and rock hard once again. "Does this look like a cock that's been sexually gratified?" I asked.

"N-N-No." Rose stuttered. "How about I give you another foot job?" She asked with a ray of hope in her eyes.

"I've already had one. I'd like something different this time."

"How about I suck you off?" Rose suggested. "You wanted me to suck you off before." Rose was trying to negotiate. This time I had her on the back foot, in charge of the situation just like she was three orgasms ago.

"That ship has sailed. Now that I have had a taste of these lips." I said pushing my cock into her wet cunt. "I want to finish in here."

"Please don't!" Rose protested as I started to work my cock in and out of her, building pace with every thrust. Rose put her hand on my groin, trying to push me back.

"Do your employees own their own houses or do they pay rent? They probably have mortgages right?" I asked. Rose moved her hand of my groin.

"Could you, like use a condom? I'm not on the pill." Rose said.

"I don't have a condom." I said. I wasn't sure if I had one or not, but I didn't want to risk looking, in case she tried to run. Which would've been pointless as she was doing this so I'd pass the place for it's health and safety.

"OK." Rose had a defeated look on her face. "But pull out before you cum."

"But I want to cum deep inside you." I said. I know I was pushing it and that she had come to the best compromise possible, but I wanted to see if I could push her a little further.

"You want to cum inside me?" Rose asked. She had a look on her face as if she came up with an idea. Maybe she was thinking of me cumming in her mouth, but I already told her that it wasn't an option, so I was wondering what she had in mind.

"Yeah." I answered her question.

"Some guys think it's unnatural and some guys won't do it without a condom. But what do you think of anal sex?" Rose asked, looking at me, squinting. I wasn't too sure. I never really thought about her ass, I always thought about those blood red lips. But I did remember back to that time, when she was dating Marilyn Manson and she went to the MTV awards in a G-string and a dress that was made of chains of some sort and clearly see through.

"Turn around." I asked her.

"You want a better look at that ass?" Rose asked as she got off the desk, turned around and bent over the desk. Pressing her tits against the table. She reached back and started to squeeze her own ass cheeks, spreading them apart, showing me her wet butt hole.

"Look at that!" Rose said, pulling one cheek with one hand while she rubbed her ass hole with one finger from her other hand. "My cum has gone all the way down my butt crack and I think...." She pushed her finger into her ass hole. "Yep! It's gone into my ass hole and got it all nice and wet, just for your big hard cock." Rose said pulling her finger out, which glistened with her cum. I don't know how her cum got into her ass but watching her finger her own ass hole was turning me on.

"You want to taste my cum?" Rose asked, offering her finger. I bent down and took her finger into my mouth, sucking her juices off, savouring the taste of her womanhood once again. I took my mouth off her finger and kissed her pale butt cheek. I opened my mouth and sucked her fleshy ass cheeks, kissing her skin as I spread her ass cheeks apart and licked her ass hole.

"That feels so good! Lick my ass hole again!" Rose said looking back at me. I pushed my tongue into her wet ass hole and I could taste her cum instantly. I started to work my tongue in and out of her tight hole, taking in all of her cum and getting her ass hole wet with my own saliva.

I pulled my shoes off and stepped out of my pants and boxers. I stood up straight and held my cock. It was still soaked from when she came all over my crotch and worked as lubricant on my cock. I pushed the tip against her ass hole.

"Ease it in gently." Rose said smiling back at me. "You're quite the big boy. I might need a moment to get use to having this huge thing in my ass!" I gently pushed my cock head into her ass hole, applying gentle pressure as I pushed my big cock head past her tight sphincter. Her ring loosened around my cock and I took this as a sign that she was ready for me to slam it in. I thrust my hips forward, pushing in as much as I could. Rose tried to push her hips forward but the desk was in the way. She placed a hand on my lower stomach and tried to push me back.

"Too much!" She said uncomfortably. I pulled back a little and thrust forward gently. I felt her tight ring loosen around my shaft and I gently eased in as much of my shaft as I could before I felt her tighten around my shaft. I now had over half my length in and I decided that was enough to start fucking her. I waited a few moments, taking off my shirt.

I leaned over her, my chest touching her back. I noticed a tattoo on her shoulder and I moved her hair to one side to get a better view of it. It was a tattoo of a woman.

"Nice tattoo." I said and kissed her on her tattoo.

"Thanks." Rose said turning her head slightly to see me. I kissed her on her lips opening my mouth and pushing my tongue into her mouth. I know she can taste herself on my tongue and that was a turn on. My cock was so hard right now that it hurt, so I pulled back and thrust into her, instantly going into a steady pace and not building up to it.

I pushed my tongue under Rose's, pulling her tongue into my mouth. I started to thrust into her faster. Rose tried to moan, but I had her tongue in my mouth and I wasn't letting go of it. I thrust into her hard, working more and more of my cock deeper into her rectum.

I released her tongue from my mouth and stood up straight, placing my hands around her waist as I drilled into her as fast as I could. Rose kept trying to push back against me every time I thrust forward, trying to get me deeper in to her butt.

"Oh God! Your cock feels so good in my ass! So big... and... deep!" Rose moaned as I thrust into her as fast as I could. "Fuck me faster!" Rose yelled and I went as fast as I could. She started to flex her sphincter randomly tightening and loosening her tight ring. She tightened her ass hole when I thrust forward and it felt so tight that I let out a loud moan.

"You like that?" Rose laughed. "You like it when I tighten my tiny little ass hole when you're trying to push your fat dick in?" She moaned, changing her tone.

"That feels so fucking tight!" I moaned, now pushing my cock slowly into her, her sphincter was too tight for me to go any faster. Rose laughed.

"Sit on the chair. I want to ride it." I pulled out of her butt with a loud plop sound. "Look how wet and big it looks!" Rose said getting down on to her knees in front of me. She stuck her tongue out and licked my shaft.

"Taste's just like my fingers after I've fingered myself." Rose giggled as she took my cock head into her mouth and worked her dark red lips down. I moaned loud as I felt pre-cum spurt out into her mouth. "Does that turn you on? Seeing me suck your huge cock after it's been in my ass?" Rose asked, now jerking my cock with her hands as fast as she could.

"Yeah!" I moaned, grinding my hips up.

"Does it make you wanna cum?" Rose asked, as more pre-cum oozed out. She licked the tip of my cock, my pre-cum sticking to her tongue and stretching out in to a thin line as she pulled her tongue back. The pre-cum started to get thin the further she pulled her tongue back until it snapped in the middle and went down her knuckles. Rose licked my pre-cum off her knuckles as she continued to jerk me off.

"I thought you didn't want to taste cum?" I said, trying to turn my attention away from what she was doing.

"I wanted to do as little as possible, but you weren't having none of that." Rose said, looking up at me. Her lips stick was already starting to fade and was back on my cock again.

"Anal is pretty hardcore, considering you wanted to do as little as possible." I said.

"I can't get pregnant from you cumming in my ass." Rose said spitting on my cock. She spread her saliva around my shaft with her hand, which also took her red lip stick off at the same time. Rose stood up, turned her back to me as she held my cock in place and lowered herself, pushing the tip into her ass hole. She worked her tight ring all the way down my shaft until she was sitting on my lap. She pressed her back against my chest.

I kissed her shoulders and around her neck while she rode my pole up and down, getting faster and faster every time she came down my shaft. Rose spread her legs apart so that my legs were in between hers. I put one hand around her waist and started to finger her clit.

"Trying to make me cum again, huh?" Rose giggled as she got faster. I started to rub her clitoris as fast as I could and she tried to keep her thrusts in rhythm with my rubbing, but my fingers were going too fast for her.

"Keep going!" Rose moaned. "I'm so close!" She threw her head back. I started to kiss the side of her face. "Your cock feels so good in my ass!" Rose moaned as she started to go really fast, her hips started to buck wildly.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKK!" Rose screamed as she pushed her hips back against me. I felt her cum spray out on to my thighs. "Huh! Huh! Huh!" Rose gasped for air as she sat on my lap with my cock up her ass. Rose looked back at me, twisting her body slightly. She didn't say a word, she just looked at me as she breathed hard.

I hooked one arm under her legs and the other arm around her shoulders. I stood up, cradling her in my arms. As I stood up, my cock pulled out of her ass. I walked over to the desk and placed her on the desk on her side, with her back turned to me. I lifted one of her legs up as I licked around her inner thighs, slurping up any of her cum that was in between her legs.

I put her leg back down as I positioned myself behind her. I held my cock and pushed it in between her thick butt cheeks and pushed the tip into her warm shit hole. I thrust forward hard, causing her to scream out loud as I forced my full length into her bowels.

"Oh shit! Yeah! Fuck my ass!" Rose moaned as I started to thrust in and out of her ass as fast as I could. After seeing Rose cum for a third time I was desperate to cum again. I grabbed hold of her hips as I thrust into her as fast and as hard as I could, my balls slapping onto her butt cheek hard, as my groin smacked onto her other butt cheek every time I thrust forward against her.

The faster I went the more Rose started to slide up the desk, she was starting to go up too much and was starting to get away from me a little. I pulled out of her tight butt hole and turned her onto her back.

"What you doing Kash?" Rose moaned as I used the chair to get up onto the desk. I knelt on top of Rose, straddling her stomach. My cock rested in between her large 36C tits.

"You wanna fuck my tits?" Rose asked as she pushed one of her boobs up towards her mouth and flicked her erect nipple with her tongue.

"Yeah." I said and spat in between Rose's tits and she giggled as I spread my saliva around with my cock head. I placed my cock in between her large mounds of soft flesh and she pushed her boobs together and held them in place with her hands. I started to thrust back and fourth as fast as I could straight away, I wanted to cum and cover her gorgeous face with my cum.

"That's it! Work that big fuck stick in between my big tits! Yeah! Mmm..." Rose moaned as she leaned her head forward and took my cock head into her mouth, working her lips up and down my cock head. Her lip stick was already faded and what ever remained on her lips was now on the tip of my cock.

I started to get faster and faster with every stroke. Rose was eagerly awaiting my big climax as she had her mouth open in anticipation every time I thrust my cock up her big tits and when I didn't greet her with a mouthful of jizz, she'd flick my cock head with her tongue as I pulled back.

"Stop teasing me Kash!" Rose moaned. "I came for you three times. Just cum for me. Cover my fucking face with that hot spunk!" Rose was starting to raise her voice with every word, while I started to moan louder and louder with every thrust, feeling my second orgasm finally starting to approach.

"FUUUUUUUCKKK!" I yelled, pulling my cock out from in between her tits and stroking it as I felt my cum rush up my shaft.

"YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!" Rose kept screaming as my cum shot up my shaft and all the way up her face. The first load went up the middle of her lips and up her nose onto her forehead. Rose opened her mouth, sticking her tongue out, trying to catch some of my cum as I came.

My second load didn't have the force of my first and just shot up into her open mouth, the next couple of loads came out thick but didn't shoot up high, so I pointed my cock at her tits, jerking my meat as I covered her pale globes in my hot spunk.

Rose lifted her head forward and took my cock head into her mouth while she stroked my cock slow and hard, getting any excess cum out into her mouth. She looked up at me, with a face full of cum and giggled with my cock in her mouth. She swallowed and took my cock out of her mouth.

I got off her and sat on the desk while I got my breath back. Rose got off the desk and picked up her panties. I could still see my cum inside them. Rose stepped into them and pulled them up. She giggled.

"That still feels warm against my ass!" She said. She picked up her green floral dress and put it on, wiping my cum that was on her tits on the inside of her dress. She picked up a box of tissue that was on her desk and wiped her face throwing it in the waste basket, that was on the side of the desk. I got up and quickly got dressed.

"You fucker!" Rose said as she noticed the papers that I had already filled out and picked it up. "You already passed us!"

"Er... I..." I had no clue what to say. Rose looked at me pissed off. But her pissed off look turned into a annoyed, pouting smile.

"Well played." She said.

"Well played?" I repeated. "Aren't you going to like... report me or something?"

"I would've, if you were a shit fuck. But you were awesome. Two times is good and you managed to sample everything." She said. I was a little shocked at her response.

"You serious?" I asked.

"Yeah!" Rose replied. Walking right up to me. "Why else do you think I'm gonna go out and walk around with your cum on my tits and ass?" She asked, bringing her lips close to mine. "It's good to see that we passed and we won't be shut down."

"This is what I've been trying to tell you. I can't shut you down. I can just give you a warning and be back in a week to see if you corrected everything." I finally told her the truth.

"How about you fail us then." Rose said as she went into her handbag and applied more lip stick.

"Huh?" I was confused.

"Same time next week. OK?" Rose said walking past me. "This time. Bring some condoms." I quickly followed her as we exited. Doing this again in a week, doesn't sound bad too me.
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