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Martial Arts With Maria Bello
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Disclaimer: This is not to be read by anyone under 18 and is a work of fiction and is not a representation of the behaviour of any celebs mentioned and is just created from the figment of my imagination. This story was originally published on September 24th, 2008.

I had started to go to self defence classes. It was an idea of Adam, a mate of mine. He said that the only people that go to these kinds of places are young hot looking chicks that wanna fight of potential rapists, cause seeing how hot they are, they’re definitely gonna get raped.

It wasn’t a positive thing for him to say, but let’s face it. A hot looking girl with a smoking hot body is more likely to get a random stranger trying to rape her then a fat, ugly chick, even if statistics say that a woman is more likely to get raped by someone they know then by a stranger.

So he enrolled us into these classes that we had to pay for and thus far, I had been to two, he was yet to show up to even one. He kept coming up with reasons on the night on why he couldn’t make it, leaving me as the only male in the class apart from Evan, the teacher, making me look like a bit of a sissy, coming to self defence classes with a bunch of women.

It was a certain style of martial arts, I couldn’t remember what, mainly cause I thought me and Adam would be here trying to pick up chicks. I had no problem being here with someone, but going solo? That was a little uncomfortable, you were all by yourself.

Everyone put their stuff on the bench against the wall as they took their shoes and sock off and went up to the line in front of Evan.

I was here in black sweat pants and a white t-shirt, standing in the far end, hoping no one noticed me, throwing punches into the air as we mimicked Evan. Even though the sole purpose of me being here was to pick up chicks, I was too embarrassed to look to the right at any of the many women here, let alone talk to them and attempt to lure them into bed.

After about 40 minutes of practising punches and kicks and people going to the front to practice one on one in front of the class with Evan, he decided to set up a new task.

“OK!” Evan started. “Listen up ladies… and gentleman.” He said looking at me, the only male student, pointing me out with his hand. “We’re gonna pair up and do some take downs, so grab a partner.”

Fucking brilliant! Adam had once again stood me up, leaving me here by myself and I didn’t know any of these women to pair up with. But then again, every cloud has a silver lining or whatever that fuck that phrase is. I was gonna get paired off with a woman, doing take downs with her. If she was hot, Adam’s plan may be coming into effect. I started to feel less embarrassed and a little more comfortable, hoping that I got a hottie.

The women started to pair off and were standing in groups of two. Knowing my shitty luck, this was probably a group with an uneven number and I’d get paired off with the teacher like some fat kid at high school. Great! Just when things start to look up the silver lining of the cloud evaporates into thin air and a shit storm pours down on me.

“OK! Any one not got a partner?” Evan asked and I looked around. I clearly didn’t have one and Evan’s eyes went to my direction instantly when he asked that question, there was no one within ten feet of me. I was standing there like a loner.

I looked around and noticed a hand go up. I let out a big breath, and a sigh of relief. I didn’t care who I was stuck with, I just didn’t want to end up like the kid who got picked last in basketball or the kid that had to pair off with the teacher and had to stand at the front of the class with the teacher, that would’ve been so embarrassing.

“OK! You go with him.” Evan pointed to her and then me. I couldn’t see who she was but she walked around to me. She had on tight, black sweat pants and a tight sleeveless, low cut grey top, that showed off her large breasts. Frankly, I had no clue why she was wearing a tight low cut top, but I didn’t care, she looked hot from a distance. Let’s just hope she looked good up close.

I looked down, not making eye contact as I saw her bare feet as she approached me. I looked up to see her blonde hair platted in a ponytail, going a couple of inches past her shoulders. I stared at her as I felt like I’d seen her somewhere before.

“I’m Maria.” She introduced herself extending her hand to me.

“I’m Kash.” I said shaking her hand. “You know? You look very familiar.” I said to her.

“You’ve seen me before.” She said standing beside me. I leaned back slightly, checking out her butt, liking what I saw.

“Cute butt.” I complimented her, seeing as though it seemed like she knew me cause we‘d met before, although I was having trouble where we had met.

“Being a little brash aren’t we?” Maria smiled. She didn’t seem offended by the remark at all, she seemed like she liked the compliment, but her words suggested other wise, even if her tone was of a sort of flirty nature.

“I go straight for what I like.“ I replied.

“Confidence!” She smiled. “I like that in a man.” She was making this too easy, almost as if she came here to be picked up.

“So… where have I seen you before?” I asked, going back to what started the conversation off.

“You figure it out.” She whispered as Evan started to give us instructions. I would say Evans instructions went in one ear and out the other, but they didn’t make it all the way to my ears. Just hit me on the face and fell to the floor. My eyes were fixated on Maria as I tried to figure out where I’d seen her before. Maria turned around to face me, I guess Evan finished giving instructions.

“You wanna go first or should I?” Maria asked.

“You seem like you’ve been to a couple of these classes before. I’ll watch and learn.” I said.

“Cool!” She smiled as she grabbed my head into a head lock, pressing my face against the side of her boob, but I didn’t even get to enjoy that, cause she swept the front of my legs with her feet, dropping me to the ground in less than a second, flat on my front.

“Nice!” I smiled, trying my best not to look or sound embarrassed at being taken down by a girl that I was a lot bigger than.

“Now you try! “She chirped, jumping on the spot a couple of times. I got up onto my feet. This is what she’s supposed to do, so I shouldn’t be embarrassed. I quickly grabbed her head and held her face close to my chest as I dropped to my knees and pulled her down with me, onto her back going on top of her.

It was nothing like what she did, but she was on her back on the floor with me on top of her, my face inches in front of hers. I could feel my dick start to grow and get hard from having my body pressing against the body of a woman this hot. I started to get a little nervous that my member was gonna start to press against her crotch and lower abs.

“You did it all wrong!” She laughed, not bothered by me doing it wrong and clearly not noticing my hard-on pressing against her. She looked really cute when she laughed. I slowly rolled off her and onto my feet, extending my hand to her as I helped her up.

“You got the first part right.” She said using my hand to pull herself up. “Let me break it down for you.” She said gesturing with her hand for me to go closer to her.

“You got the headlock part right.” She said as she got my head under her arm and pressed my face against the side of her boob again and held my head in place. This time, she kept my head in place instead of just for a split second like before. Finally! The reason why I was coming to these classes was starting to pay off. I had my face buried in a hot blondes side boob.

“Then you just move your leg to the side and just push their leg back and make them drop onto the floor.” She said sweeping my feet and making me fall flat on my face once again.

“I think I got it.” I said quickly jumping up onto my feet. I got her in a head lock and I was toying with fucking up again, but my male pride got in the way, she dropped me face first onto the floor twice, so I pulled it off with no mistakes this time.

“That’s it!” She laughed as she turned around and sat on the floor. I extended my hand to help her up.

“Have I seen you around in the mall or something?” I asked.

“Is that why you aren’t paying attention?” She giggled. “Trying to figure out where you’ve seen me?”

“Pretty much.” I replied.

“Think of me lying on my back on the stairs while a guy rips my underwear off and fucks me hard and once he’s done, I just walk off.”

“Oh shit!” I said recognising what she was describing instantly. “That’s a scene from that movie ‘A history of violence’ isn’t it?” I said recognising who she was.

“Got it in one.” She said, replying in a lusty tone, giving me a seductive look. “I bet that makes you even harder, knowing that you were in between Maria Bello’s legs huh?”

I was lost for words, I guess she did feel my hard-on, I didn’t know how to respond. I took a deep breath and tried to regain my composure, not letting the fact that she was Maria Bello throw me off. Just think of her as just another hot chick that I want to have wrapped around cock.

“You felt it huh?” I asked.

“I may be poor widdle defenceless woman, but I’m not senseless.” She said putting on a cute little kid voice and then switching back to adult.

“So, you like what you felt?” I asked, trying to flirt with her.

“I’m hoping that that wasn’t all there is.” She said with a flirty look and turned her back to me as Evan called out to the group again.

“Now we’re gonna practice a take down, when they get you from behind.” He started. I blocked him out again as I stepped back and stared at Maria Bello’s ass once again. I tried to imagine what her bare legs would look like in the flesh. I still remember that scene from ‘The cooler’ where she lying on the bed, with her perfect legs and feet going up the wall.

“You follow what he said this time?” She asked. “Or were you busy staring at my butt, again?” She gave a sly smile.

“The latter?” I replied more as a question than an answer, realising that she knew I was constantly staring at her.

“Hmpf!“ She exhaled, rolling her eyes. “At least you’re honest. I’ll give you that.” She said turning around to fully face me. “You’re gonna love this one.” She smiled. “You have to grab me from behind.”

“Sweet!” I said walking up behind her which caused her to laugh. I quickly grabbed her, wrapping my arms around her from under her arms and, placing my hands on her breasts copping a quick feel as I squeezed them hard.

“Uhh!” Maria grunted in shock as I felt up her large breasts. I’m not sure what she was trying to do, probably flip me over, but I was putting up resistance. She kept trying to pull me forward, but I kept pulling back, which created a sort of hip grinding motion from me on her and I could feel that my cock was now fully erect from rubbing against her ass.

“Is that big enough?” I asked.

“Much bigger than I would’ve given you credit for.” She said gripping the top of one of my hands, bending over forward and pulling my hand up as she flipped me over her side and flat on the floor. She stood over me with a smug, victorious smile, her feet on either side of my face, nearly touching me.

“I wish you were wearing a skirt right now, I would so be able to see your panties right now.

“Ugh! You disgusting pervert!” She said putting on a fake disgusted look on her face.

“If I’m a pervert, you would not be surprised if I do this.” I said turning my head to one side, sticking my tongue out and licking her the side of her foot, flicking my tongue up and down rapidly.

“Gross!” She laughed bending over and grabbing my hands. “If you weren’t flat on you’re back, you could’ve been getting a good view of my ass right about now.” She gave me a sultry look before helping me up to my feet.

She seemed to be flirting with me which allowed me to do things like grind my cock against her without getting the palm of her hand across my face.

“My turn now.” She said.

“What?” Before I could turn around or even say anything, she jumped me, wrapping her legs around my waist from behind, whilst trying to choke me out by wrapping her arms around my neck. I tried to grab her hand and flip her over my head, but Maria crossed her feet at the heels to try and get a tight grip around my waist and she started to grind her hips, as if she was trying to pull me down to the floor.

“How do you like it when I grind my hips against yours?” Maria whispered into my ear.

“Very much actually.” I replied. “I can feel your fat pussy lips against my lower back and… I think my back is getting wet.”

“Ahh!” She said in shock. “I do not have fat pussy lips and you are not getting me wet!” She said in a shocked tone like that would never happen.

“So, I have no chance of getting you into bed?”

“Highly unlikely.” She replied.

“Then why do you insist on rubbing your pussy against me and let me dry hump you?” I looked to the side to see her pouting cause she had no answer and that was enough to catch her off guard and gave me the opening to flip her over.

I stood over her with the same smug, victorious smile she had, with my feet at the side of her head as I looked down at her. I started to rub the side of her cheek with my big toe, expecting her to get grossed out or something, but to my surprise she turned her head to the side, opened her mouth and took my big toe into her mouth and sucked it. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she bit it, but she was sucking it.

I quickly looked around to see if anyone was looking but luckily, they weren’t. They were too busy tossing each other around to notice Maria sucking my toe.

“You kinky little bitch!” I said as I pulled my toe out of her mouth and she lay there on her back laughing. “Now who wants who?” I asked and she laughed some more.

“OK, that about wraps things up for today, you can hang back and practice some more or head out, class is over. I’ll see you all next week.” Everyone turned around to their stuff and put their shoes and socks on. I went over to my bag.

“You drive here?” I heard Maria ask me from behind as she stood there drinking from a bottle of water.

“Yeah.” I replied.

“That’s a shame.” She said. “Water?” She offered me the bottle.

“Sure!” I said, not really feeling thirsty, but more so I could have something on my lips that was just on hers just mere seconds ago. “Why’s it a shame?” I asked once I took a big sip and handed it back to her.

“Cause I drove here too.” She replied.

“And…” I asked waiting for her to elaborate.

“I was gonna offer you a lift home, in hopes that you invite me back to your place and fuck the shit out of me.” She added. “But seeing as though you have your own car….” She shrugged her shoulders, leaving me to fill in the blanks myself.

“Wait! I thought you meant do I drive. Sure I drive, but I walked here.” I lied to her.

“Cool!” She smiled, that cute smile of hers where you can see her teeth as she went over to her stuff and put her shoes and socks on. “Let’s go!” She said and I followed her to her car in silence like an obedient lap dog. She pulled the car out and got onto the road.

“My crib’s back that way.” I said as she started to head off in the opposite direction.

“Yeah, but it’s obvious that we have sexual chemistry and your car is clearly parked back there in the car park, but you’re coming along with me so you can fuck me like there‘s no tomorrow.” I tried to say something in my defence, but she wouldn’t let me get a word in.

“Which is cool, cause I was hoping some pervert like you would join up to that class thinking he can get some ass, cause that’s why I joined that class as well, cause I’m quite advanced, I’m no beginner.”

“So you were there looking to score as well?” I said sounding surprised.

“D’uh!” Maria said like it was that obvious. “Luckily for us, there’s no traffic so we can get to my place quickly and get that big cock of yours in me.” She said it so casually like we were going around to hers to play a little NBA on the 360.

“I’m sure you have got a nice place, but I just find it easier to sleep in my own bed, you know what I mean?” She asked.

“Yeah.” I replied as she pulled into the drive way of a huge looking house, which it was clear that it was hers.

“Come on!” She urged me as she quickly got out of her car. I quickly got out and saw that she was already next to her front door. As soon as she heard me slam the car door shut, she turned around and pressed the button on her car keys to look the car.

I made my way to her as fast as I could, she already had the door open and her shoes off. She was waiting their barefoot, so she already had taken her socks off. As soon as I closed the door behind me, she slammed me against the door and kissed me, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth as she started to pulled my sweat pants and boxers down.

She pulled her top over her head as she dropped to her knees in front of me. I pulled my shirt over my head as she started to frantically suck my cock, moaning out loud as she did so, thrusting her face forward repeatedly, my dick hit the back of her throat every time. I quickly pulled her up by the arm.

“Let’s go to your bedroom.” I suggested. The hallway seemed a bit dark, seeing as though it was dark out. She grabbed my hand and led me up the stairs and into her room, I felt like we ran all the way.

As soon as we got into her room, she pulled her sweat pants and panties down, revealing her gorgeous naked body to me and lay on the bed.

“Come and fuck me!” Maria said with the horniest look I had ever seen on her face.

I got on the bed and spread her legs apart, kneeling in between them. I pressed the tip of my cock against her already moist pussy and pushed my cock head in, thrusting my hips forward.

“Huuuuhhh!” Maria let out a long gasp as I thrust my full length into her. She wrapped her legs around me and I could feel her fleshy heels dig into my lower back as she pulled me closer to her.

I went forward, going on top of her, moving my arms under hers and my hand going under her back, pulling her closer to me. Maria wrapped her arms around me as well as I started to thrust into her at a steady pace, but I could already feel my orgasm approaching and I had just entered her.

“Fuck!” I moaned as I slowed down, trying my best to hold back, but it was no use.

“It’s too fucking tight!” I said causing Maria to give a triumphant laugh.

“Fuck me hard!” Maria moaned, moving her hand to my back, pushing my body closer to hers. She started to thrust her hips back and fourth underneath me, using her legs and feet as support. Her heels digging more into my ass cheeks.

“Shit!” I moaned as I felt my cock start to throb hard, so I just stopped holding back and thrust into her as fast as I could, knowing that I couldn‘t stop the inevitable.

“I’m gonna cum!” I moaned, going as fast as I could, feeling that my cum was gonna burst out any second now, so I pulled out of her cunt, quickly moved up, and straddled her chest as I shoved my cock into her mouth.

Maria had a look of surprise on her face, especially on her eyes as the touch of her lips around my shaft and her tongue on the underside of my cock head sent me over the edge and a huge load of cum burst into her mouth.

I pulled back slightly and thrust into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat as the next load went directly to the back of her throat and down. I was surprised at how good her gag reflexes was. I let my cock rest in her mouth as I shot out load after load of cum in to her pretty mouth.

“Fuck!” I moaned pulling out of her mouth and going back to kneeling in between her legs.

“I don’t know if that was cause if you haven’t had sex in a while or cause your with a celebrity…” Maria started to say

“I’m sorry!” I apologised, cutting her off knowing exactly what she was gonna say, feeling quite embarrassed at the fact that I didn’t even last a minute with her.

“Don’t be!” Maria laughed. “I can’t help it if I’m a tight hottie!” She laughed some more. I know that she was joking, but she was right.

“Good thing you pulled out of my pussy.” She added, placing a foot on my chest, gently caressing my chest, shoulder area with the tip of her big toe.

“Why?” I asked as she moved her foot up to my shoulder, placing her foot flat on my shoulder, her toes touching the back of my neck.

“Cause now you can use your tongue to make me cum.” She said moving her foot around the back of my neck, her calf pressed against the back of my neck as she pulled my head towards her pussy.

She caught me by surprise, but I was glad she was taking my pre-mature ejaculation so well. I felt the tips of her toes and the balls of her feet on the back of my neck, as she now had the soles of her feet pressed against the back of my head, pushing my face harder against her cunt as I started to lick her clitoris, sucking it while positioning my hands and then pushing a finger into her moist hole.

“OH GOD!” She moaned out loud. As I worked my finger in and out faster, I could feel her toes curl tightly and grip the back of my head tighter, my hair going in between her toes.

I started to tease her as I licked her clit slowly, but continuing the fingering at a rapid rate. Maria started to push her hips up and gyrated her hips, rubbing her clit all over my tongue.

Maria started to move her feet down my sides and with one foot pushed me onto my side. I continued to finger and lick her pussy as I lay on my side. She rested one foot on my side, her heel gently digging into my flesh.

Maria moved her other foot down and started to touch my shaft with the tips of toes, her toes nails gently scraping against my sensitive cock, sending chills up and down my spine before she grabbed my dick with her two biggest toes, her long toes squeezing my cock as she stroked up and down my shaft.

I moaned at the touch of her toes on my dick while I had her clit in my mouth. I could feel my cock getting harder by the second and I started to finger her faster, and she kept up with my pace, stroking my shaft at the rate I was fingering her

Maria was getting wetter and wetter and my finger started to go in and out of her making a squishing sound. I could tell that it wasn’t going to be long before she climaxed. I felt like my dick was hard enough to put inside her. If my finger was bringing her this close to having an orgasm, my thick cock would definitely get her to climax even quicker.

I placed my hand on the bed on either side of her stomach, rolling onto my front on her, pushing myself up as I quickly got on top of her. Maria instantly forced her tongue into my mouth, pressing her lips against mine hard, tasting herself on my breath as I reached down with my hand, pushing my cock into her wet cunt.

Maria moaned into my mouth as I penetrated her pussy. I started o thrust back and forth as quick as I could knowing that I had no worries of cumming quickly this time, feeling her pussy quiver around my shaft, making me get harder.

“FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!“ Maria scream out, wrapping her legs around my waist, digging her heels on my butt cheeks and pressing her fleshy calves on my sides tight, as I pounded her as fast as I could, feeling her pussy get wetter with every thrust, my cock squishing noisily in and out of her cunt.

“IIII’MMMMM……. GONNNNNAAAA………“ She moaned, as she grinded her hips underneath me, pushing her hips up to get me deeper into her, her pussy started to contract around my cock and gripped my shaft tightly as her body collapsed underneath me and she lay there breathing hard as she came.

I continued to thrust into her long after she had climaxed, her moaning not stopping even for a second. Letting out loud moans every time I worked my manhood into her.

“God!” She moaned as I started kissing around her mouth area. “Stop!” She said pushing me with her hands.

“Why?” I asked, not stopping or slowing down.

“I wanna ride it!” She said with a big smile on her face.

“Wanna finally do some of the work? I’m OK with that.” I said getting off her and lying on my back beside her. Maria stood up on the bed, one foot on either side of my hips, her pussy a couple of feet over my cock.

“What do you wanna see when I’m riding you?” Maria asked. “You want to see my tits?” She asked leaning forward, cupping her own breasts. “Or do you want to…” She stood up straight, turned around. “…See my ass?” She asked bending over, jiggling her butt cheeks with her hands, spreading them apart.

“I wanna see your ass.” I replied. “But that means I won’t be able to see your beautiful face.” I added. Maria smiled.

“I’ll look back at you.” She said looking lowering her head so that she could see me from in between her legs as she was still standing up.

“So…“ She said as she got down onto her knees, straddling my lower abs. “…You’re an ass man, huh?”

“Yeah.” I replied. “Why? You offering me your ass?” I asked bringing in talk of anal sex in hopes of maybe butt fucking her.

“Maybe.” She said with a coy smile. “If you can hold back and not cum before me.” She said lowering her head towards my cock and out of my view.

“It’s so hard to believe that you came a couple of minutes ago and yet, you’re still so hard.” She said holding my cock firmly with both hands and she started to stroke my cock.

“Gotta make sure you don’t get soft on me!” She giggled, placing her lips on my cock head. Knowing what she was doing with her hands and mouth, but not being able to see turned me on even more.

Maria took her mouth off my cock and lifted her hips, shuffling down my body, pressing my cock head against her wet pussy lips, pushing the tip into her moist hole.

“Fuck, that feels good!” Maria said lowering her hips down as she worked her cunt down my member. She started to ride my cock fast instantly, no starting off slow and slowly getting faster. She wanted another orgasm and she wanted it fast.

“Shit!” She moaned. “I want you to come inside me so bad!” She said as she rode me even faster. “But I wanna feel that fat cock in my ass!”

I watched her butt cheeks jiggle as she rode me, her ass bouncing up and down. She started to curl her toes, her feet pressed against the sides of my stomach. I reached down and held her feet, one in each hand. Just feeling the warmth of her soles and toes in my hand turned me on even more than I already was.

The more I watched Maria Bello fuck my cock, the more turned on I got. I wasn’t close to cumming, but if I continued to watch her ride me like a possessed woman, I knew I’d get close in no time, so I closed my eyes, trying to think of something else to calm my erection down.

I could already feel Maria’s pussy start to twitch around my cock, was she really cumming this quickly? I decided to help her climax quicker by thrusting my hips up when she thrust down to get my cock deeper into her cunt.

“OH FUCK!” Maria yelled as I went deeper into her than I had gone before. “Work it in deeper!” She moaned as she went even faster. I had to thrust into her quicker to keep up with her, I could feel her pussy start to tighten. “FUCK ME DEEPER!” She yelled, and I thrust my hips up even higher.

“That‘s it!” Maria moaned breathlessly. “FUCK! You’re making me cum! UUUUHHHHHH!” Maria started to scream, getting louder with each moan until she slammed her hips down hard and I felt her cum flow out onto my balls.

“Fuck!” She moaned, her voice low, leaning back until her back was pressed against my chest and stomach as she lay flat on top of me, while her legs were still in the kneeling position and I was still holding her feet in my hand.

“That was great!” Maria said turning her face and kissing me.

“I didn’t cum.” I said to her. Maria gave a huge smile.

“I guess you’ve earned yourself a treat then!” She said. “Were you close to cumming?”

“A little.” I replied honestly. “If you didn’t cum when you did, I probably would’ve hit the point of no return.” I added. Maria gave a soft laugh as she pulled her feet away from my hands and re-positioned her legs.

She placed the soles of her feet on my thighs, arching her feet so that the balls of her feet and toes were pressed on my thighs.

“I haven’t been asked for anal in quite some time now.” Maria said as she pushed her hips up, pushing her weight down on to the balls of her feet and her upper back, pushing her weight down on to me.

My dick was still erect and pushing up against Maria’s womanhood, her juices going all over my cock. Maria reached down and grabbed my cock.

“Oh. That’s a good thing that your cock is soaked in my cum.” Maria said pushing my cock down past her pussy and in between the warmth of her butt cheeks.

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“Cause now it’s lubricated, which will make this much easier.” She said biting her bottom lip as she pushed the tip of my cock past her tight sphincter. “Stopping for lubrication is just a long thing.” She added, forcing more of my cock past her tight ring.

“Fuck! That huge thing feels even bigger in there!” Maria said taking her hand of my cock as she lay on top off me with half my shaft up her rectum. I pushed my hips up, slowly easing more of my dick into her rear.

“Eager to fuck my ass?” She asked pressing the side of her lips against mine, pushing her hips down.

“Yeah!” I replied, causing her to give a little giggle. I started to thrust my hips up and down, working more of my cock up her ass until I had over three quarters of my cock stuffed up her anus.

“Now that you got the hardest part out of the way, it’s my turn to take over again.” Maria said using her feet to push her hips up and then she just let her weight drop down, forcing my cock back up her ass.

“Hhhhhhoooooooo shit!” Maria let out a long moan as she impaled herself on my cock, getting my entire length all the way up her ass.

“That’s fucking deep!” She said, her voice just above a whisper. Her sphincter loosened ever so slightly around my shaft, but it was still tight as hell. The warmth of her tight orifice around my shaft felt great and the tightness made it even better.

“Nnngghhh!” Maria moaned as she struggled to get her hips up, slowly dragging her tight sphincter up my shaft.

This time, when she got it all the way up, leaving only my cock head in, she slowly eased her hips down. Maria continued working her tight ring up and down my pole and she started to get a little faster, working her hips up and down with a little more speed every time until she was going at a decent, steady pace.

I lay there with her back pressed against my front, her feet pressing against my thighs as she rode me for God knows how long, moaning with each thrust. I wrapped my arms around her, my hands going onto her tits, squeezing and caressing them. Playing with her erect nipples.

I soon started to feel like I needed to fuck her and go a lot more faster than she was going, so I started to thrust my hips up and down, causing her to increase the rate she was going at in order to keep in sync with my thrusts.

“Oh fuck! That feels so fucking good! I love the way you fuck my ass when I’m riding your cock!” Maria moaned as I rapidly got faster. The balls of Maria’s foot dug into my thighs harder as we both went a lot faster. I started to feel my cock start to throb and I knew that I was just minutes away from cumming again.

“FUCK!” Maria yelled. “OH GOD! KEEP FUCKING THAT TIGHT ASS!” Maria gave up trying to keep up with me and just held herself in position, her hips slightly raised as I thrust my cock in and out of her ass hole as fast as I could.

I was going pretty fast, but I wanted a better grip, so I stopped, holding her tightly around her waist as I rolled her onto her front, not taking my cock out of her warm ass hole as I rolled over with her so that she was flat on her front with me on top of her.

“You wanna fuck my ass even harder?” Maria asked letting out a laugh.

“Yeah!” I replied, feeling like that was the only word in my vocabulary as I held her tight and thrust into her as fast as I could instantly, making her scream with pleasure with each thrust. Maria’s legs were in between mine, which made her ass hole feel even more tight then it already was.

I hugged her tight, my groin slapping against her butt cheeks hard and my balls slapping against the back of her thighs hard, I spread my legs apart further as I pounded her ass hole as fast, hard and as deep as I could.

“OH GOD!” Maria screamed. “That feels so fucking good! The way your fucking huge cock is ripping my tiny little ass hole apart!” Maria said as I kissed the side of her mouth.

“I wanna feel that hot cum in my ass so bad!” She moaned through gritted teeth. “You gonna cum for me baby? You gonna make me feel that hot spunk deep in my ass?” She asked as I pressed my lips against hers.

“I’m gonna cum soon!” I moaned into her mouth as I felt my cock twitch uncontrollably and we both knew that I was about to explode any second and we pressed our lips against the others hard as I pounded her ass at a feverishly fast pace.

“Shit!” I moaned into her mouth as I thrust deep into her as my cum exploded in her bowels. Maria breathed hard into my mouth, with a pleased moaned as I slowly gave a couple of thrust into her ass as my cum sprayed out filling her shit hole.

“Fuck!” I moaned collapsing on top of her.

“You liked that huh?” Maria laughed kissing the side of my face.

“That was incredible!” I replied, lifting my hips, slowly pulling my cock out of her ass hole, my cock squelching out of her tight ass hole. As I pulled the tip of my cock out, I saw a few cum bubbles on her ass hole as I lay beside her, my head near her feet and my feet near her head.

“You got such a tight little ass hole.” I added, feeling my cock against my lower stomach, my lower stomach feeling wet as well, probably from the cum on my cock.

“You must’ve shot out a lot of cum.” Maria said looking down at my dick. “Your dick’s covered in the stuff. I wonder how much of it is still in my ass?” She said as she shuffled around on her front, moving her face closer to my cock, lifting her feet up in the air so that they were dangling in front of my face whilst she was still lying on her front.

“Your dick looks so good covered in cum.” Maria said as she licked the underside of my cock and I felt some excess cum dribble out of my cock.

“You like that?” Maria asked, smiling as she flicked the tip repeatedly with her tongue. She let out a little giggle as she took my cock into her mouth, tasting her ass and my cum on my cock.

“Mmm!” Maria moaned, her eyes half closed. “God! It’s been so long since I had that taste in my mouth.”

“You mean your ass?” I asked.

“My ass, a cock and cum all rolled into one. It’s like an explosion of dirty flavours.” She giggled as she licked up and down my shaft, licking all my cum off and swallowing.

“That tastes so good!” Maria moaned as she worked her mouth up and down my shaft pretty fast, with a hint of desperation in her actions. My cock had gone flaccid but was at full length and Maria Bello was turning me on so much I was starting to get half hard and the thought that I might be able to get hard and go for a third round entered my mind.

“I need to taste some more of that.” She said getting up. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, but she stood up, one foot on either side of me, her back turned to me as she squatted down. She reached down in between her legs and pushed my cock up, so that it lay flat against my lower stomach, going up.

Maria then spread her butt cheeks apart, showing me her puckered ass hole as she pressed it against my cock. I felt my cock get a little tense from feeling her warm, wet ass hole against the underside of my shaft.

Maria felt it too and looked back with a cocky smile as she started to work her hips up and down, dry humping my cock with her ass cheeks. She let go of her butt cheeks and they squeezed the sides of my cock.

“Fuck!” I moaned.

“You like that baby?” Maria looked back at me with an innocent pouty look before she gave a cocky laugh. She lifted her hips up and held my cock, pressing it against her ass hole and pushing her hips down.

“OOOooooooohhhhh!” Maria cooed as she lowered her tight ring down my shaft. I felt my cock get harder as I felt my cock going deeper into her bowels. I could start to feel wetness on the tip of my cock and I knew it was my cum.

Maria worked her hips up and down a couple of times and as she lifted her hips up, I could still feel my cum on the tip of my cock and as she pulled her ass hole off my cock and a few inches above my cock, my cum poured out of her gaping ass hole and all over my cock, balls and groin area.

“Jesus! That is one huge fucking load! It looks even bigger than your first load!” Maria said her eyes locked on my cock. She looked very impressed at the high volume of cum that had just flowed out of her ass hole.

She quickly got onto all fours and lowered her mouth on to my balls, sucking them gently as she sucked my cum off my nut sack. I could feel my cock getting harder and going for a third time was looking like a definite possibility. She licked up the underside of my shaft, pausing as she swallowed my cum. And I felt my cock get tenser, to the point that if I had my dick in her, a couple of thrust would get me hard enough to go again.

“Fuck! That’s a lot of cum!” She said getting up, after only licking the underside of my cock clean, cum still on the top side of my dick and lying on her side beside me. She hugged me as she moved her knee up onto my stomach.

“You getting hard again?” Maria asked, nuzzling my neck. She started to rub her knee up and down on my belly, I could feel my cock get harder and pressed against the back of her knee, getting it wet. It felt so soft against my cock head.

I felt the top of her toes press against the underside of my cock, my member being pressed against the back of her calf. Maria started to rub the top of her toes up and down my shaft.

“That feel good?” Maria asked.

“Yes.” I replied.

“I know how much you enjoyed my feet before during class, so I thought I’d give you a treat.” She smiled. I gave her a closed mouth kiss on her lips and she pulled back, sitting beside me, her feet on my lap. One heel on my groin and the other heel on the top of my thighs as she pressed the sides of my shaft with her toes and the balls under her toes, working them up and down my member.

I was already hard from when I felt the softness of the back of her knees against the top side of my shaft and now that she was working her feet up and down my cock, I was at full hardness. I just hoped that I wouldn’t take long to cum, this was my third time in a row.

The topside of my shaft still had my cum on it, which started to go all over the soles of her feet and acted as lubrication as she masturbated me with her feet.

“You like that?” Maria asked, licking her lips as she had her eyes glued on my cock head as she squeezed my shaft hard, working my fore skin all the way up and over my cock head.

“That’s what it’d look like if it wasn’t circumcised.” She laughed as she started to stroke my dick faster and faster as I lay there and watched her perfect feet pleasure my manhood.

“So…. which do you like?” Maria asked. “You like it when my feet fucks your dick fast or…” Maria slowed down drastically, squeezing hard and going really slow. “…When I go slowly, teasing your cock with my feet.”

“Both.” I replied looking down, watching her long toes stroking my thick shaft as she alternated between going slow and fast. The mixture pleasuring me even more. Her feet strokes were unpredictable, there was no set pattern to how fast or how slow she’d go before switching.

My cum got in between her toes and I could see my thick semen in between them and this drove me closer to my orgasm. The blend of fast and slow and her pretty feet already being marinated in my thick cock juice.

“Ooooh! Look who’s getting so close to finishing again!” Maria said pre-cum spurted out. She stopped stroking my cock and got my member in between her two biggest toes of one foot, holding my cock in place by the base as she used her other foot, to press her big toe against the tip of my cock, getting my pre-cum all over the fleshy head of her toe.

“Mmm!” She moaned moving her head forward as she sucked my pre-cum off the tip of her toe and continued to suck her big toe, while she stroked my cock up and down with her hand, still holding my cock at the base with her other foot.

“Now.” She said moving her mouth off her toe and sandwiching my cock in between her feet, wrapping her toes around my shaft. “It’s time to finish this.” She said as she pumped my cock fast and hard, squeezing tightly as the balls under her toes clamped my thick shaft hard.

I lay there watching her pump my cock as fast as she physically could feeling my orgasm coming closer with every stroke.

“Oh God! You dick feels so good throbbing so hard against my fucking feet!” Maria moaned as her feet turned into a blur that was pleasuring my cock.

“It feels like you’re gonna cum. Are you gonna cum?” Maria asked, gritting her teeth like she was doing some gruelling exercise and was forcing herself to go longer than she can.

“Yeah.” I moaned. “Keep going!” I urged her.

“FUCK!” She screamed. “GIVE ME THAT CUM!” She yelled at me. “PISS THAT WHITE GOO ALL OVER MY FUCKING FEET!” She yelled as I moaned.

“I’m cumming!” I let out really quietly as my cock throbbed painfully hard as my first load shot out on to the sole of her feet as she cupped my cock head with her toes, trying her best to use both feet to squeeze my cock head hard with her toes.

“That’s it!” She moaned in ecstasy as my thick jism covered the soles of her feet, her toes squeezing my cock head hard as my cum sprayed up.

“That cum feels so fucking good!” She moaned breathlessly as she held my cock head with the toes of one foot as she started to stroke my shaft with the toes of the other, rubbing my thick cum onto my cock.

Maria leaned forward placing her mouth on my shaft as she sucked my cock. She took her lips off my shaft and licked all the way up the sole of her foot starting from the heel.

“Fuck!” She moaned breathlessly. “I don’t want all this gorgeous cum to go to waste but I’m so exhausted that I can’t eat it all.” She said rubbing her palm on the sole of her foot, wiping my cum off and then wiping her hand on to her tits.

“That’s nasty.” I said and she let out a laugh.

“It’s like you’re using my cum as moisturiser.”

“How else do you think I keep my skin looking so young?” She laughed some more, lying beside me, hugging me. I kissed her on the top of her head, feeling drained out and thoroughly spent. Maria looked tired too.

“So…“ I said thinking. “Are you gonna be at next weeks class?”

“Well…“ She said thinking. “I was planning on just going there until I got laid, but after seeing what a stud you are, we definitely need to hook up again. But…”

“Aw! There had to be a but.” I said getting prepared to get disappointed.

“It’s not a bad but.” She laughed. “The problem today was that I used up too much energy earlier in that class and I couldn’t fuck that huge thing a third time, so I sort of wimped out and went with the foot job…”

“But that was an awesome foot job.” I said defending her.

“Thanks.” She said avoiding eye contact, blushing. Which I found to be a little funny, her blushing at a compliment thrown at her by a guy who had spent a good hour fucking her in every hole.

“Yeah, well if I hadn’t wasted my energy earlier, we would probably still be fucking, so I’m not gonna be at the class next week. In fact, neither are you.” I was liking where this was headed.

“So where are we gonna be?” I asked, smiling.

“Well…” Maria said thinking. “I’m gonna be here and I’m gonna have your big dick buried somewhere deep inside of me. Where? That’s totally up to you.”

I couldn’t believe my luck. Adam’s planned worked out more than perfectly, I had not only bedded a hottie, but a famous hottie. As I contemplated what awaited me next week, both me and Maria fell asleep in a sweaty heap, in each others arms.
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