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Rose Unleashed (Rose McGowan)
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Rose Unleashed

“Unleashing the barbarian within!”

Authors: DarklordZ and Kash the Priest

Codes: MMF, oral, anal, feet fetish

Disclaimer: This is only a fictional story, so events like these have never ever happened to the celebrities or will never ever happen to them. Remember, the keyword is fictional! If you are under the age of 18, leave now and rethink why you got here in the first place. Me nor the stoner are not responsible for any actions if you’re caught and if anyone is offended by the story, we are sorry and how the hell could you be?

Alternatively, if you need something clearer, here is Kash:
This should not be read by anyone under 18 and is a work of fiction and not a representation of any celebs mentioned, just something concocted from the figment of my imagination.

Now please, enjoy… and don’t fucking plagiarize! Seriously… DO NOT! This story was originally published on October 12th 2008.


“Hey dude! You ready to trick or treat?” Kash asked as he let himself into Daniel’s apartment, with a plastic bag in his hand. He had on fake fangs and was in a black cloak, with the inside red. He mimicked a vampire as he looked at Daniel who opened his apartment door.

“What the fuck dude?” Kash said looking at Daniel.

“What?” Daniel said looking back at him, standing there.

“Are you… dressed as a Jedi?” Kash said as Daniel shrugged his shoulders. “Would you rather be trick or treating with me while I’m in a Darth Vader costume?” Daniel asked as Kash could care less, as Daniel had a cool looking realistic lightsaber.

“I’m Anakin Skywalker from Episode III..” Daniel replied. “And this is not Jedi clothing, Anakin turned to the dark side in Episode III.” Daniel added.

“Oh! It makes perfect sense now… geek.” Kash said laughing as he opened the bag in his hands.

“I got eggs, flour, and toilet paper. Anyone gives us liquorices and that mother fucker is getting it.” Kash said to him.

“Or dark chocolate” Daniel added.

“Yeah, if I wanna taste some shit that taste’s like coffee, I’ll go get some coffee!” Kash added as they both grabbed a plastic bag and headed out of Daniel’s apartment.

As the two walked down the street, they saw kids running around, knocking on people’s doors and parents walking around, supervising the kids that were too young to be out by themselves.

“Where should we start?” Kash asked.

“That place looks as good as any.” Daniel said using his lightsaber to point at the big house on the left side of them.

“Yeah. A place looks big. They must be loaded with candy.” Kash added as they walked over and rang on the door.

“Oooh! Trick or treaters!” They heard a voice from the other side of the door before it opened. A middle-aged woman opened the door and looked at the two 20 something year olds.

“Trick or treat!” Daniel said.

“Yeah… You know the drill, lady.” Kash added enthusiastically.

“Oh my goodness” She said putting a bunch of candy into their bags. “Aren’t you too old to be…?”

“We’re only as old as we feel and we feel like 10 year olds looking to score some free candy.” Kash quickly said, cutting her off.

“If those little kids can do it, why can’t we?” Daniel added. The woman was left both stunned and speechless.

“You’re old.” Kash started. “You must know what we mean… I bet you feel like a 50 year old instead of a 60. Am I right?” he added.

“I’m still in my 40’s!” The woman said sounding shocked.

“Whatever!” Daniel said turning around as Kash followed snickering away.

Daniel and Kash headed down the street; digging into the bags of candy, they had already. Stopping on a street corner, Kash dug into his pocket and pulled out a pre-rolled spiff. Grabbing his lighter, he flicked it to life and took a long drag. Daniel shook his head.
“You know that’s bad for you?” Daniel said to Kash who looked up at him.

“You know what would be bad for you?” He said before turning his hand into a fist. Just as Kash was about to say something else, Daniel looked over at the house in the opposite of them, Daniel and Kash each saw a sign that said ‘Sold’ on the front lawn.

Making their way over, Daniel and Kash peeked in through the window. The two peeked into the house as they saw that moving boxes were inside as the lamps were set up, but no one was around. Daniel looked over and saw that door was open as the two made their way into the house. Kash saw more boxes on the sides as Daniel walked to the hallway as he saw nothing but darkness in the hallways.

Just then, the two heard someone moaning from within the hallways.. Hearing it come from one of the bedrooms, Daniel and Kash walked into the hallway to see what the noise was.

“Wish we had a flashlight?” Kash said,

“Oh wait, how could I forget this?” Daniel said as he turned his lightsaber on, as the red glow was enough for the two to see in the dark hallway.

The two walked into another part of the house as they saw a light shining from a room that the door was open. They peeked in and saw something that excited the both of them right away.

Daniel and Kash saw a red-haired goddess on the bed, wearing nothing but a chainmail bikini. She had a sword, as she swung away as she was facing a mirror, practicing to master the sword. She swung once again for good measure as she noticed through the mirror that Daniel and Kash were sticking their heads from the door.

“What the hell!” She yelled as she turned around with the sword, pointing the sword to the door.

“Holy shit, strike him… he’s high! He won’t feel the pain!” Daniel said to the redhead as he pointed to Kash.

“Come on in, I won’t attack… yet” She said as the two walked into the room as she was giggling at their costume.

“So, why are you here in my new home?” She said, pointing the sword to Daniel.

“We… uhhh… found some lights on in the living room and we came in to see if anyone was in or not.” Daniel said to the redhead as she was licking her lips for some odd reason.

“What are thou names?” She asked..

“I’m Daniel Skywalker and this is Kash the Stoner.” Daniel said.

“Really, Skywalker?” Kash asked.

“I’m in costume… so there!” He said.

“Dumbass” Kash said under his breath.

“Anywho, I’m Rose McGowan but you can call me Rose.” Rose said to the two.

“I’m Kash.” He extended his hand and she shook his hand.

“Daniel” He said as Rose shook his hand as well.

“We are big fans of you, Miss McGowan.” Kash said after the handshakes as Rose laughed.

“Please, it’s Rose… stoner!” Rose said before breaking out laughing as Kash was standing there, taking that little joke.

“Anyways, why were the lights left on?” Kash asked.

“Hold on, I’m trying to catch my breath here… okay, because my fiancé might have left it on. You know Robert Rodriguez, right?” Rose said to the both of them.

“Yes, we do but still, why’d he leave?” Kash asked afterwards.

“Oh, some last minute production on his movie that doesn’t feature me but umm… How long have you two been watching me?” She asked smiling, whilst looking at them suspiciously.

“Hmm and yet, he left the lights on, leaving such a beauty like you all alone.” Daniel said as Rose and Kash laughed at him.

“Eh, so what? Sue me! You get nothing!” Daniel added afterwards.

The two had their eyes glued to Rose, looking up and down on her body as she stood there in her bedroom in her chainmail bikini while at the same time; Rose had her eyes on the bulges in their pants.

“Do you guys want a drink?” Rose asked.

“Sure!” The two said in unison.

Rose walked out of the room as the two followed behind as they caught a good look at her ass through her chainmail bikini. The three walked into the empty living room as Rose walked into the kitchen as the two sat on the couch.

“Oh dude, looking at Rose is getting me… well, you know?” Kash said grabbing his crotch, laughing quietly as Daniel chuckled a bit as Rose overheard.

“I’m sorry but what did you two want?” Rose asked.

“Water” The two said as Rose went back into the kitchen and got the glass of water and walked back into the living room. Rose gave the glasses to the two as they drank right up the entire glass of water.

“Those look pretty big.” She said as her eyes were on their crotch. The two looked at each other as they realized what was going to happen.

“You should see them when they are properly hard.” Kash said.

“You wanna get them properly hard for us?” Daniel asked.

Without saying a word, Rose got onto her knees on the floor, pulled down Daniel’s Jedi pants and leant over to his dick, opened her mouth and slowly took in Daniel’s dick, easily swallowing half of it. Moving her hand up his rod, Rose slowly jerked his cock before letting her hands rest on his balls happily fondling them.

Both Daniel and Kash sat there in shock looking at each other. They both made a couple of dirty jokes but never in a million years expected her to do it.

Rose moaned lightly around his cock as her lips bobbed up and down his rod, making them become slick with her saliva.

“Hey!” Kash whined. “What about me?” he added. Rose looked at him as she took her mouth off Daniel’s cock, much to his displease.

Rose undid his belt, button, and zipper as she pulled his cock out, wrapped her dainty hands around Kash’s thick shaft, and sucked the tip before opening her mouth wide and taking his whole cock head into her mouth.

She slowly worked her lips further down his shaft every time she moved her head forward till she was taking half his member into her mouth, his cock head hitting the back of her mouth.

“My turn now!” Daniel said tugging at her hair gently to get her off Kash’s manhood.

“I got an idea.” Kash said, picking Rose up off the floor, cradling her in his arm. He stepped out of his pants and shoes at the same time, carrying her to the couch and putting her down, rolling her over on to her front.

Her head was right at the edge of the couch so Daniel walked up to her face after taking his Jedi pants and boxers off as well as his shoes and socks. Rose took his cock into her mouth, sucking the head tenderly, taking it all the way to the back of her mouth, whilst Daniel stripped out of the rest of his clothes.

Kash quickly undid his shirt buttons and stripped of the rest of his costume and then lifted Rose’s feet up, holding them side by side as he admired the soles of her pretty little feet. He pulled the fake fangs out of his mouth, tossed them on the floor, and then lowered his head as he opened his mouth and took both of her big toes into his mouth.

Rose let out a little giggle as she took Daniel’s dick out of her mouth and looked back at Kash, whilst she continued to stroke Daniel with her hand. She spread her toes apart allowing Kash to lick her toes one by one. Working his mouth down the balls under her toes and sucking hard, using his tongue now to lick up and down her soles, he was getting them wet and causing her to curl her toes.

She turned her attention back to Daniel quickly, sucking his cock, taking it all the way back to her throat at a very fast pace.

Kash sat up, going on to his knees as he still held Rose’s feet together and pushed his cock in between them, pushing his shaft through the arches on the side of her feet, the under side of his cock rubbing her soft heel, his saliva working as a good lubricant for him to fuck her feet with more ease.

“Ohhh!” Rose cooed looking back at Kash again as she once again started to jerk Daniel off with her hand.

“I’ve never had my feet fucked before!” She giggled as she went back to sucking Daniel’s dick. Kash thrust in between her feet a couple of times before turning her feet so that the soles of her feet were touching with his thick member sandwiched in between them.

“Oh shit!” Kash moaned as he felt the soft balls under her toes clamp down on his cock.

“That feels so good!” He moaned as he held her feet in place and thrust back and fourth.

Rose sucked Daniel at the pace Kash went and when Kash sped up, she worked her lips up and down Daniel’s manhood faster and when he slowed down, she slowed down to the point that Daniel felt like she was teasing him with slow strokes with her mouth.

After picking up the pace and going slower a couple of time’s, Daniel felt like he just needed to fuck her hard and pulled his dick out of her mouth.

Looking at Kash fucking Rose’s feet, Daniel sighed. Daniel moved to the lower part of the couch where Rose and Kash were. Pushing him out of the way, Daniel let Kash get her oral treatment. Daniel flipped Rose onto her front, so he could get her bikini off.
He licked his lips and hooked his fingers around her chainmail bikini. Taking hold of her legs, Daniel placed them on his shoulders and lifted her ass up as Rose took Kash’s dick into her mouth.

Successfully getting her thong off, Daniel brought them up to his nose and took a deep whiff. Looking at Rose’s pink pussy lips, Daniel grinned and took a few test pumps of his dick. Getting an idea, Daniel grabbed Rose by her hips and flipped her over, managing to keep Kash’s dick in her mouth, causing a twisting sensation on Kash‘s cock.

Rose was now in a doggy style position and was moaning lightly. Grabbing his dick, Daniel gently pushed against her pussy, surprised to see it welcome him almost immediately. Taking in three fourths of his length almost instantly, this caused Rose to let lout a low sexy moan around Kash’s dick, in turn, making him moan at the sensations.

Daniel grinned and took hold of her hips aiming to make her take all of his cock at once. Not taking no for an answer, Daniel forced his way in. Successfully having his entire length slide into her waiting lips, Daniel felt an enormous sense of self-satisfaction as he playfully slapped her ass as a thank you to her.

Rose’s moans echoed around the room as Rose was getting double-teamed by the two trick-or-treaters. Looking at her ass as Daniel pounded her pussy. Daniel could help but smile. Leaning forward and grabbing all of his courage, Daniel shoved a finger in Rose’s cock-filled mouth to scoop up some of her saliva. Pulling out as quickly as he put it in, Daniel’s finger was literally coated with her saliva.

He then pressed his finger up against her butt-crack, eager to test out how her ass handled intruders. Surprisingly, her asshole took his finger in with minimal resistance. Slipping another finger in, Rose moaned and looked over her shoulder. Taking her mouth off of Kash’s dick, Rose spoke up, in between moans.

“Fuck…Daniel…God! Why don’t you…just…fuck…that…ass…?” Rose asked as she went back to gorging herself on Kash’s dick.

Not being one to pass up an opportunity, Daniel slowly pulled out of her pussy and pressed his dick’s head against her asshole, teasing her mercilessly.

“Stop teasing me!” Rose moaned desperately, surprising both Daniel and Kash at how badly she wanted a cock in her ass. Daniel pulled away and lowered his face down to her ass.

“Gotta get it wet first,” He said, deciding to give her a trick or treat situation.

Daniel parted her butt cheeks and gently licked her hole, teasing her with his tongue, as Rose shivered at the sensation making Daniel smile. Daniel decided to continue his exploration and started to flick his tongue up against her asshole.

Rose let out a low moan at the sensation, her voice bouncing around Kash’s dick as she smoothly bobbed up and down. Deciding to get on with it, Daniel parted Rose’s ass cheeks and slid his member into her asshole. Surprising Rose, she let out a moan around Kash’s dick in turn making him moan.

Kash put a hand on Rose’s red hair keeping her on his dick. Daniel slid his dicks head into her asshole and slowly started to slide more and more of his dick in. Inch by inch, letting Rose get used to the intrusion, as her sphincter relaxed, Daniel put his hands on her hips and slid more of his pole in.

Rose tried to let out screams but her head was being held in place with Kash’s cock at the back of her mouth and the further Daniel thrust his cock into Rose’s ass, the further Kash forced his cock down Rose’s mouth and down her throat. Kash reached down her back and moved part of her chainmail bikini, letting it fall forward, freeing her tits.

“FUCK!” Rose screamed breathlessly as Kash pulled out of her mouth, her saliva going down her mouth.

Rose used her hands to push herself up as if she was doing a press up, but she was flat on her front with Daniel pounding her ass. Kash just stared at the pale beauty as her huge globes were hanging down, her saliva going down her neck and onto them.

Kash stepped forward and his cock head started to press against Rose’s tits, pre-cum spurting out. He decided he had to feel those beautiful breasts around his dick so he got on to the couch, positioning himself underneath her, his dick now pushing against her chest in between her tits.

“You wanna fuck my tits now?” Rose asked him in between her moans.

“Let her get on her knees..” Kash said to Daniel.

Daniel didn’t give a verbal response, he moved his legs in between hers, and grabbed her hips, pulling them up as he slowly got to his knees, moving into the doggy style position.

“Thanks bro” Kash gave a thumb up as Rose leaned forward, her large tits pressed against his crotch with his member in between them. Rose used her hands to push them together as she started to rub them up and down his shaft.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..” Kash moaned, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he felt her large soft mounds of flesh squeeze his shaft tight and pleasure his full length.

Rose gave him a cocky smirk and Kash knew instantly that unlike when he was fucking her feet, this was not her first time, definitely not with those large tits.

Daniel started to thrust into Rose faster, feeling like she wasn’t giving him enough of a response and was too busy occupied pleasuring Kash with her tits, so he increased the pace, his balls slapping against her hard.

His thrusts sent her body forward, making her tits rub up Kash’s shaft and when Daniel pulled back, Rose pushed her ass back against him. She started to get louder and placed her mouth over Kash’s cock head to both pleasure him and to stop herself from screaming, which Kash did not mind. He was getting his dick pleasured with both her lips and tits.

Soon Daniel was going too fast and Rose started to lose her balance and let go off her tits in order to use them for support.

“Oh shit! Fuuuuckkkk… Ummm…..” Rose started to moan with Kash’s cock now just in front of her face.

Kash shoved his cock into her mouth and held the back of her head as he started to force her mouth down his cock, forcing his dick to the back of her throat but not stopping as he continued to pushed her head down, forcing his thick shaft down her throat.

Rose looked up at him with a surprised look, more because she was unable to believe she was able to deep throat the huge thing. Kash let go of her head and she started to bob her head up and down until she ran out of air and quickly pulled her mouth of his man hood. She instantly started to gasp for air and coughed a little..

“Ok. Let’s switch.” Kash said.

“Ok!” Daniel said, giving Rose a final thrust before he pulled out of her asshole..

“I want some of that deep throat action.” He added as he got up, the two got up, and Rose lay on the couch, moving on to her side..

“God! You boys are a handful!” Rose chuckled lifting her head up to make space for Daniel to sit down and once he did, she instantly wrapped her lips around his shaft.

“That is so fucking hot!” Kash said as he stood there watching Rose’s gorgeous lips working up and down his friend’s shaft, as she tasted her ass on his cock.

“That ass taste good?” Daniel asked her as he moved her hair behind her ears.

“Mmm-hmm!” Rose mumbled with her mouth stuffed with cock. Kash watched her use excessive saliva as she slobbered away at Daniel’s cock. Rose looked in his direction, taking her mouth off Daniel’s member.

“Don’t you want me to suck your cock after it’s been up my ass as well?” Rose pouted her blood red lips.

Kash moved her legs so that her feet were on the floor whilst she was on her side sucking Daniel off and he took position behind her, his feet on the floor as well. Lifting her butt cheek up with one hand and using the other to guide his cock in between her thick, pale ass cheeks.

“Fuck!” Kash moaned as he struggled to fit his thick cock head past her tight sphincter, using more force as he tried to get past her unbelievably tight ring.

“ARRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH! Shit!” Rose screamed taking her mouth of Daniel’s pole. She looked back at Kash and reached back with her hands and spread her ass cheeks apart as much as she could and tried her best to gape her asshole.

“Hnnnngggg! She moaned as Kash got his large cock head past her asshole. It probably would’ve been much easier to get in to her ass if he had used some form of lubrication, but he wanted to be deep in her bowels as soon as possible.

Rose went straight back to performing fellatio on Daniel. As she left Kash to work his fuck stick up her rectum, but now that he had the hard part of working his freakishly big cock head past her sphincter, he didn’t bother to work it in gently. Instead, he took a deep breath before he thrust his hips forward as fast and as hard as he could.

This time, Rose did not scream when she took her mouth off Daniel’s cock, instead her mouth was just wide open like she wanted to scream but no sound was coming out.

In one brutal, hard un-lubricated thrust, Kash had managed to get his full length deep into her bowels.

Daniel was getting a bit impatient, he wanted Rose’s lips back on his dick, but she was clearly in pain, so he accepted that and waited for her to get use to the anal intrusion. He thought that the ass fucking that he had given her would be enough for her to be able to take a cock up there easily, but she did have what felt like the tightest asshole ever.

Rose tried to take her mind of having an un-lubricated cock up her tight asshole but she couldn’t. Kash was having trouble trying to work it in and out of her asshole, he was finding that there was too much friction, which he didn’t mind, but he knew that it must be hurting Rose.

A single tear started to flow out the side of Rose’s eye as she tried to bare the pain, but it was too much for her.

“STOP!” She said out much louder than she intended.

“Take it out…” She said, thinking for a second. “…Let me taste that ass!” She said turning her head to face Kash, wiping the tear off her face.

“Can’t get enough of that ass huh?” Daniel laughed, knowing why she wanted to suck.

Kash pulled out and Rose immediately got off the couch and on to her knees, sucking his cock furiously, letting it bang the back of her mouth, and not even gagging. She took her mouth off his dick and spat on it, using her hand to rub it into his shaft as fast as she could.

Rose felt like that was enough and that his dick was wet enough to get into her asshole with more ease so she let go off his cock. Kash knew instantly that she was done with sucking his cock and was ready for attempt number two on getting her ass fucked.

She quickly got back onto the couch in the same position as before, on her side with her feet on the floor. Kash quickly lay behind her on his side and once again guided his cock into her asshole, only this time he needed to put in less effort to get inside her warm orifice as her saliva made a huge difference.

“That’s much better!” Rose smiled, which didn’t stay on her face for long as Kash started to slam his dick in and out of her asshole relentlessly from the very first thrust.

“Come on Rose. Let’s see you take this big dick down your throat.” Daniel said holding his cock as Rose lowered her mouth on to his shaft much to his delight.

“Oh God!” Daniel moaned as she worked his cock past the back of her mouth and was already taking his shaft down her throat. There seemed to be a sense of urgency in what she was doing, but it might have just been her trying to keep going at the pace that Kash was fucking her ass.

“Jesus!” Kash moaned.

Pulling her butt cheek up as he watched his cock go in and out of her, now red looking asshole. It looked like his dick was stretching out her asshole. This just inspired Kash to thrust faster, his balls slapping against the top of the back of her thighs whilst his crotch slammed against her thick butt cheeks, causing a really loud slapping sound every time he thrust forward.

As Rose continued to work her throat up and down Daniel’s shaft, she started to get more relaxed and her sphincter loosened ever so slightly around Kash’s thick shaft.. This helped to cause less discomfort for the pale beauty and she started to get more into it and even started to thrust her ass back against him to meet his thrusts.

Daniel felt like he had spurted out enough pre-cum to make up a whole load of cum and was feeling like he was coming close to orgasming soon and wanted to fuck her some more before he did, so he pulled Rose’s mouth off his cock.

“What are you doing?” Rose moaned. “I wanna suck it some more!”

“You can suck Kash’s cock now; I want some more of that ass.” Daniel said.

“No way!” Kash said wrapping his arm around Rose’s waist like he wasn’t giving her up that easy.

Rose laughed as Kash held her close to him as the two argued over who was gonna fuck her.

“Hell-lo!” Rose said intervening. “You guys do realize that I have another hole down there right?” She asked them in a somewhat of a sarcastic tone.

“Or you can both fuck me at the same time.” She added.

“Ok.” Daniel said. “Who gets which hole?”

“Dibs on her ass” Kash said instantly.

“Motherfucker!” Daniel said feeling pissed off and yet feeling like laughing at the same time.

“You and your constant dibs callings! No! No dibs!” Daniel said. “You’ve been in her ass all this time, it’s my turn now.” He added.

“I think that Kash should get the ass.” Rose said.

“What?! Why?” Daniel said shocked and a defeated tone in his voice.

“He’s already in there and I’m actually comfortable with it in there. If we take it out then we need to go through the whole process of squeezing another cock in there.” Rose said to him.

“Fine!” Daniel said. “At least I’ll be able to say I fucked Rose McGowan’s pussy and blew my load in there. Can you?” He asked Kash.

Kash realised instantly that Daniel had a point, but he had always been an ass man and did not really care.

“No way!” Rose said. As Daniel was laughed this time. It seemed like Rose was throwing a monkey wrench at his plans.

“No one cums in my pussy. I’m not on the pill.” She added.

“Fair enough.” Kash said as he slowly started to work his dick in and out of her pussy.

“So you’re just gonna have to give me an all natural facial.” Rose gave a sly smile.

Daniel and Kash both looked at each other after hearing her comment.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Daniel asked Kash with a smile creeping on his face.

“I wanna see her face covered in jizz.” Kash said.

“Yeah!” Daniel said.

“Come over here” He said. Kash already had his arms wrapped around Rose’s waist, so he turned so that he was sitting with her on his lap and then he stood up with his dick still up Rose’s ass.

Rose lifted her legs up into the air and as Kash walked over to Daniel, she opened her legs as an invitation to him and as Daniel held his dick and stepped forward, getting his man hood into her pussy at the same time.

She wrapped her legs around his weight, automatically shifting her weight from Kash to Daniel, wrapping her arms around his neck, hanging off of him, which made it harder for him to fuck her, but Kash was more than happy because he was able to pound her ass as fast as he could.

“FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” Rose screamed as she had both of her holes filled with cock.

The two trying to thrust in and out of her as fast as they could, neither going in any sort of rhythm other than trying to fuck her as fast as they could, but Daniel had the responsibility of holding Rose up and was a slower.

Rose started to notice how Daniel couldn’t thrust as fast as he would like to. She decided to throw him a bone. She moved on leg down and on to the floor, her feet arched with the balls under her toes firmly pressed against the floor.

If she had both of her feet on the floor, the two would probably have trouble staying in her so Daniel held her other leg up by gripping the back of her thighs. Rose made it significantly easier for the two trick or treaters to fuck her faster. She started to lean back against Kash and he started to kiss her around her neck area.

The two fell into a pattern of one pulling back when the other thrust forward which created double the pleasure for Rose, causing her to scream and moan with pleasure.

“Ah fuck! You two are amazing!” Rose moaned moving her face forward and kissing Daniel. Daniel instantly started sucking on her tongue as he continued to thrust in and out of her tight pink hole.

Both Daniel and Kash could feel the effects of fucking her whilst standing, but didn’t really care, but the position wasn’t the best to get maximum pleasure, but the two continued not saying a word, just moaning in pleasure from having her tight holes squeezing their cocks.

“Ok” Kash was first to say something. “Let’s go back on the couch.”

“Yeah. I was just gonna say that.” Daniel added as the three started moving towards couch, Rose and Kash walking back wards with Daniel walking forward until Kash felt the back of the couch on the back of his calves.

“Stop!” He called out and the other two stopped moving, instantly why he told them to stop. Kash wrapped his arms around Rose’s waist and started slowly sitting down, pulling Rose off Daniel’s cock.

Kash started thrusting his hips up and down, his arms still around her waist pulling her close to him. Daniel watched the anal action for a few seconds before wanting back in on the action so he stepped forward, placing her legs on his shoulders, her heels resting on his shoulders as he pushed his dick back into her cunt.

“OH FUCK!” Rose yelled.

Daniel tried to push her legs together as much as he could to make it feel tighter around his shaft. Rose reached down with her hand and started to rub her clit and with the added sensation on having a dick in her ass and one in her pussy, all of the right spots were being hit for the red head and it wasn’t long before she could feel her orgasm approaching.

“FASTER!” She screamed.

“I’M SO FUCKING CLOSE!” Both Daniel and Kash wanted her to get as much pleasure as possible and an orgasm was the easiest way for them to tell, but they were going as fast as they could already, so they both started to pull back more so she would feel more of their meat when they thrust in.

“SHIT! I’M CUMMMMMM………..!” Rose let out a loud ear piercing scream as her body tightened and Daniel ended up pulling out too much as Rose’s cum started to gush out and flowed down.

Daniel rubbed his cock against her cunt, causing her hips to buck. Once he felt his dick was wet enough, he held his cock and pressed it against her asshole, forcing his dick into her already cock filled ass.

“ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!” Rose let out a vile scream that could be heard from outside.

“YOU FUCK!” She yelled at Daniel as he started thrust back and fourth. Kash didn’t slow down even for a second while she climaxed and now, the two wearing stretching her asshole out with their thick cocks.
“SHHHIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT! YOU’RE GONNA RIP MY ASSHOLE!” Rose yelled, feeling tears start to well up.

She didn’t want to show any signs of weakness and came to the realization that there was only one way to stop both of them fucking her ass at the same time and that was if one of them came, so she started to act like she was getting into it.

“Uuunnggghhhhh!” She moaned as she started to grind her hips up and down. She was still in a considerable amount of pain, but figured they’d be closer to climaxing if they thought she enjoyed having more than one dick up her ass at the same time.

As she started faking it, she started relax a bit more and her sphincter started to loosen around both their cocks and she was starting to enjoy it a little.

“Oh God! Yeah! Fuck my ass you two horny motherfuckers! Yeah! Stretch that tight fucking asshole out!” Rose threw her head back, starting to get more breathless. She was now starting to enjoy having both of them in the same hole as they both relentlessly ad brutally fucked her asshole as fast as they could.

“Fuck!” Daniel moaned.

“You gonna cum?” Rose moaned her question.

“Yeah!” Daniel replied. Rose didn’t really care if either of them blew their load in her ass as long as it wasn’t in her pussy and she started to urge him to cum.

“Come on Daniel! Give it to me! Give me that hot fucking cum!” She said with her eyes opening wide as she looked into his eyes.

“PULL OUT!” Kash yelled at Daniel.

Daniel quickly pulled back, jerking his cock fast as Kash pushed Rose on to her side on the couch. Daniel thrust his hips forward towards her face and let his cum shot out, his semen shooting out load after load covering her gorgeous face in his thick jizz.

“Ah fuck!” Kash moaned. He was feeling that his orgasm was taking excessively long.

Rose was more or less on her back with Kash ploughing her bowels from behind. He decided to get on his knees and re-positioned himself without pulling out of her rectum, causing a twisting effect around his dick that just made him feel like blowing his wad.

Kash was now kneeling in between her legs and he grabbed Rose’s legs by her ankles, staring at the soles of her feet. He would have loved to cover her sexy soles in cum, but he had already agreed to do a facial.

“You gonna cum for me!” Rose asked.

As Kash was ramming his dick as fast as he could into her ass, trying to cum as quickly as he could, and seeing Rose there with a load on her face and his dick in her ass. He was getting there and with a couple of fast, hard thrust he felt his cock starting to throb hard and he waited till the last second to pull out.

“Yeah! Give it to me! Let me have it! I need that jizz!” Rose yelled and before Kash could pull out, he felt his cum shoot out and into her bowels.

He quickly pulled out as his first load shot out and Rose quickly sat up, moving her head to his cock, catching the next couple of loads.

Her face was now covered in thick white cum, the semen oozing down her cheeks and chin. Rose chuckled as she stroked Kash’s cock, milking it for any excess cum, taking it into her mouth and sucking hard at the tip.

“Those were some huge fucking loads!” She chuckled some more.

“Turn around and get on all fours.” Kash said to her.

“Eh… okay.” Rose said unsurely, her ass facing Kash.

He spread her butt cheeks apart, giving both him and Daniel a view of her tight little asshole that looked a little red, and sore. Rose knew what Kash wanted. Daniel came and stood behind Kash so he could see what was going on.

“You want me to shit out that cum you shot up my ass?” She asked with a horny look on her face.

“You came in her ass too?” Daniel asked sounding shocked.

“Couldn’t help it.” He replied.

“Good point” Daniel said. “It is Rose McGowan’s ass after all,” he added afterwards.

“Now push that jizz out!” Kash said slapping her ass, causing her to squeal before she started to gape her asshole and they could see white semen rushing out, oozing out her puckered hole and down the inside of her thighs.

“You think that was hot?” Rose asked them turning around to face them whilst still on all fours so she wouldn’t get any cum on the couch of her thighs.

“Yeah!” The both replied in unison.

“Than you’re gonna love this!” She said with a huge grin as she licked her lips trying to take in as much cum as she could before she started to use her finger to scoop their cum off her face and into her mouth

“Damn, that hot!” Kash said. Daniel just stood there in stunned silence.

“You know? You took pretty long to cum..” Rose said looking at Kash, as she stood up.

“Did you jerk off earlier or something?” She asked laughing. Kash just shrugged his shoulders..

“If he did, he probably forgot!” Daniel laughed sitting down on the couch and Rose joined in, as she went over to the corner of the room and took some tissues out of a tissue box to wipe the cum off her ass and thighs.

“Hey!” Kash said acting like his feelings was hurt.

“Well, let me say I’m glad you did. Cause that was one hell of a fuck session” Rose said looking at the two.

“I got a question.” Kash asked.

“What now?” Daniel said.

“If you just bought this crib with Robert, how comes you’re fucking two random strangers?” Kash asked.

“Yeah, that is a good question” Daniel chimed in.

“I didn’t fuck you. Red Sonja did!” Rose said with a sly smile.

The End

DLZ’s note: I started the story off first till the middle part while Kash wrapped the rest up. I could really care less about feedbacks. However, if wanting to give feedback, then do so via forums or either one of our emails. In addition, in case if anything comes up about the title. No, not relating to anything… and eh… whatever. End! I’m going to bed!
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