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Author Topic: What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Scarlett Johansson  (Read 5987 times)

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What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Scarlett Johansson
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This story was originally published at CSSA on May 10th 2009. What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? was a running series on CSSA.

Codes: MMF, MF, Oral, Feet Fetish, Anal, Fantasy
Disclaimer: This story should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18 and is not a representation of any celebs or persons named and was concocted from the figment of my imagination.

Author’s note: OK, now this story is set in a fictional world where actress’ do porno’s as if they were normal movies, so seriously, don’t take this story seriously. Also, any of you who are easily offended by anything to do with religion, please don’t read this. As usual, send feedback to kash_the_pr1est@yahoo.com or leave feedback on the message boards. Enjoy!

This is a story highly endorsed by Darklordz, the Darkness in Dark Stone Collaborations

And now Dark Stone Collaborations presents...

What If Celebs Were Porn Stars? Starring Scarlett Johansson

I sped into the parking lot and into a parking space. I was pretty sure that I wasn’t in the box and that I was taking up two parking spaces but fuck it! This was the Dark Stone productions studio and seeing as though I was the Stone in Dark Stone Productions, who was I gonna answer to? Myself?

We had a casting session for our latest movie and seeing as though I was the one who came up with the movie idea, ideally, I should be the first one there for casting, but shit happens.

I walked into the casting room expecting an irate Daniel and Lacey hanging off his neck like a chimp hanging off a branch and as I stepped in, my guess was close. Lacey was on his lap looking for something in his mouth with her tongue.

“Ahem!” I said doing a fake cough.

“About time Stoner!” Daniel said breaking their kiss.

“I ran into some traffic.” I replied.

“Roads were clear when I was driving in about an hour ago.” Daniel replied.

“Well… You see there was these kids crossing the road, I think they were orphans. They had nuns helping them cross the street and this big truck, one of those ones that delivers gas to gas stations, it jumped a red light and tried to put the brakes on when he saw the kids, but it was too late! He hit those little fuckers and the gas… it caused an explosion.”

“Really!” Daniel asked in a sarcastic tone.

“Those poor kids!” Lacey said, sounding like she bought it.

“Those little bastards deserved it.” I said. “I mean you wait for traffic to stop moving before you step onto the road.”

“So if I turn the TV on, I’ll see this on the news?” Daniel asked with a smirk on his face.

“I don’t think it was big enough news to get on TV.” I replied.

“Kids and nuns crossing the street get hit by a truck and get blown up, that isn’t big enough to make the news?” Daniel asked with sarcasm in his voice.

“What can I say?” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Where’s Angel? Isn’t she hired to make sure you come to shit on time?”

“That is a valid point.” I said. “So who are we casting?” I quickly changed the subject.

“What did you do? Lock her in your closet?” Daniel asked.

“Lock who in my closet?” I asked. “I don’t even know who we’re interviewing!” Daniel shook his head.

“I was talking about Angel Dark.” Daniel answered. “She’s your assistant for a reason.”

“Yeah and she was pretty hairy so I sent her to get her bikini wax done.” I replied.

“Like I said.” Daniel started getting a little irritated. “She’s your assistant, not your sex slave.”

“So what’s Lacey?” I asked.

“Touché! You finally bring up a valid point.” Daniel chuckled. “We’re interviewing Scarlett Johansson.” He finally answered my question.

“If she seems right for the part and wants it, we don’t need to see anyone else. But if she seems wrong for the…” I scoffed.

“Okay, if she doesn’t want the part, we’ll continue interviews. That sound better?” Daniel asked sarcastically.

“Much. So when is she in?” I asked.

“Surprisingly, despite how late you are, she’s still not due…” Daniel looked at his watch. “…For at least another 14 minutes.”

“You know, most people round it up and say 15 minutes.”

“So?” Daniel said, not even attempting to deny or cover up how anal he was about every little detail.

“Hey guys.” Lacey said, getting off her phone, which neither me or Daniel noticed her even take out.

“Scarlett’s here. I’m gonna go and bring her up.” With that, Lacey exited.

“Wow!” I said.

“What?” Daniel asked.

“Until Scarlett gets here, you and me… we have to sit in this awkward silence.”

“What awkward silence?” Daniel asked. I reached into the inside of my jacket pocket.

“You better not be getting what I think you are.” Daniel said.

“That’s the awkwardness I’m talking about.” I said. “Mom!” I added.

“Did you just call me mom?”

“Yeah.” I laughed. “Why? You got a problem?”

“I’m not your mother!” He argued.

“Then why act like you are?”

“By not letting you smoke weed before we have an important meeting with a high profile client?” He had a point.

“Whatever!” I replied. Then there was a knock at the door.

“Kash? Daniel?” A female voice called out. We both knew it was Scarlett.

“Yeah? Who is it?” I asked.

“What?” Daniel whispered. “You know who it is!”

“Shh!” I shushed him.

“It’s… er… Scarlett. I’m here for the interview.” She said sounding a little nervous.

“Come in!” I said.

“Why do you have to drag everything out?” Daniel asked shaking his head. I shrugged my shoulders.

Scarlett walked in, she was in a black dress with dark blue floral patterns on it, dark blue heels to match the dress. She had her hair tied back and had her bangs going to one side, with large ear rings that touched her shoulders. In a word, she was stunning!

“Take a seat.” I said motioning towards the chair, which she sat on.

“Where’s Lacey?” Daniel asked.

“I… I don’t know. She pointed me into the direction of this room and went off somewhere.” Scarlett replied and a sly smile formed on Daniel’s face.

“You sound a little anxious.” I started.

“Yeah.” She replied, trying to avoid eye contact. “Ryan has been telling me that this movie could be career suicide.”

“Why does he think that?” I laughed. “Is it cause of the religion aspect?” Scarlett nodded her head. “Well, ‘Passion of the Christ’ got a lot of stick prior to it’s release and it ended up becoming the biggest foreign language movie at the time.“

“This movie, it holds no truth or claim to hold any truth.” Daniel added. “We’re aiming for this to be one of those movies like ‘Brown Bunny’ where it rubs the film industry the wrong way.”

“But unlike ‘Brown Bunny’ this movie will not be a long movie with a crappy blow job scene at the end.” I added.

“With those lips, there’s gonna be way more sucking than that shitty movie, but in a good way.” Daniel said, causing Scarlett to let out a nervous laugh.

“If Megan Fox can pass off as Mother Teresa in ‘How to lose friends and alienate people’ I think I can pass off as a nymphomaniac nun.” Scarlett laughed, feeling a little more at ease with us.

“And there’s no way it’d be career suicide.” I said. “Cause we’ll keep hiring you and thus far, we’re yet to make a flop.” I added.

“Exactly!” Daniel agreed. “So you got nothing to worry about.”

“But what if I wanna do a classy movie to try and get a Oscar?”

“You’re trying to say our movies aren’t classy?” I said turning to Daniel. “I think our feelings should be hurt.”

“I think I’m gonna have to agree with Stoner over here on this one.”

“I’m not saying you guys make bad movies.” Scarlett attempted to defend herself. “Do you ever see horror movies get nominations?”

“That is a very valid point.” Daniel said.

“Horror films are quite fun to do, just like porn movies.” She smiled.

“I think we’ll still let you mate with Kash on screen.” Daniel joked.

“Wait! What horror movies have you done?” I asked.

“Errr… I have done….” Scarlett couldn’t think of any. “Well… yeah… I thought I’d start with a porn movie before I do a horror.” She said making a decent save and then she stuck her tongue out, showing that she was satisfied with her answer.

“Well….” I said looking at Daniel and he nodded. “We’ve had glimpses of how hot your body is in movies like ‘Lost in Translation,’ which by the way, should be the outfit that you wear in every movie.”

“I was only in a t-shirt and pant…” A smile formed on her face. “You!” She laughed.

“But that movie was nearly five years ago, you were in your late teens weren’t you?” Daniel asked.

“And now you are a fully grown woman, and we want to see your fully developed body.” I continued.

“Boy!” Scarlett laughed. “You don’t beat around the bush do you?”

“Why beat off when you can go into work and get paid to have sex?” I replied.

“Good one!” Daniel said raising his hand as we hi fived.

“Come over here.” I said. “Let’s get a good look at those gorgeous leg of yours.”

Scarlett walked over to us and lifted her leg, placing her foot in between my legs on the chair. She lifted the bottom of her dress a little to reveal her toned, meaty thighs.

“Wow!” I muttered under my breath. Scarlett arched her feet, her heel sticking out the back of her shoes as her toes still remained hidden.

“Don’t be shy.” I said. “I wanna see those toes.”

“You have a feet fetish too?” Scarlett asked.

“Have you ever seen one of my movies?” I asked. Scarlett gave a coy smile.

“How could I forget?” She replied.

“Too?” Daniel repeated, sounding a little confused.

“In an interview early in her career, Scarlett over here said her best physical feature is her feet.” I answered his question as Scarlett had already taken her foot out of her shoe and was now rubbing up and down my shaft through my pants with the balls of her foot.

“Really? I thought you’d say your breast or your lips. But…” Daniel said looking down at her foot working on my cock through my pants. “…They are pretty looking feet.” He added. I reached down and pulled my dick out.

“You want a early taste before the shoot?” Scarlett laughed as she rubbed the side of my shaft with the soft balls of her feet, curling her toes every now and then, making the tips press the top of my shaft. I had to hold my dick in place at the base as she was only using one foot.

“This turning you on?” Scarlett asked Daniel looking at his crotch.

“Huh?” Daniel said, sounding like he was caught off guard.

“Does it turn you on watching me caress a big hard cock with my pretty feet?” She elaborated.

“Seeing you do anything to a cock will turn me on.” He replied.

“Take it out.” She said as she took her foot off my dick.

Whilst Daniel quickly unzipped and freed his erection, Scarlett went over to the chair she was sitting on and dragged it along the floor as she came back to us. She placed the chair in between me and Daniel. She got onto the chair on her knees, her back turned to me, placing her feet on my lap whilst leaning on Daniel’s lap.

“Guess you both get what you like the best about me.” Scarlett giggled. I looked down to see one foot with her shoe still on and the other foot was bare.

Scarlett lowered her head onto Daniel’s cock, opening her mouth and taking the tip in.

“Unnnnggggghhhh!” Daniel let out a moan as Scarlett began working her lips up and down his dick, stroking at the base of his shaft.

I pulled her shoe off her foot and just admired the beautiful soles of her feet for a few moments, before Scarlett herself lift up one of her foot. I lowered my mouth and placed a kiss on her heel and she curled her toes.

I licked down her sole, pushing my tongue in between her curled toes and she instantly stretched them out, letting me get my tongue in between them.

“Mmm!” Scarlett moaned with Daniel’s cock in her mouth. She took her lips off his shaft, continuing to pleasure him with her hand, now working her dainty hand all the way up his shaft as she looked back, watching me lick her toes.

“Suck my toes baby!” She said, her mouth open in anticipation and as I placed my mouth over her big toe, she moved her head forward, closing her mouth as if she was miming sucking her toes.

She quickly turned back to Daniel, sucking his dick furiously, keeping her hand close to her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down at a very fast rate.

I started to quicken my pace, sucking her toe fast, alternating between all of her toes on both feet, using my tongue to make her long slender toes as wet as fast as I could.

Once I was happy with how wet her toes were, I dragged my tongue down her sole, sucking the balls of her feet, getting them wet as well, before I lowered her feet onto my dick.

“Mmm!” She moaned with Daniels cock in her mouth as I used the balls under her biggest toes to pleasure either side of my cock, using my hand to work them up and down my man hood.

It was a matter of strokes before she started to work her feet up and down by herself, not needing my help. Just staring at the soles of her beautiful feet whilst they masturbated my dick turned me on even more.

I looked over to see the oral action, Scarlett was going to town on Daniel, slurping his member really noisily and looking like she was using a lot of saliva.

I was impressed with her talents on orally pleasuring a penis whilst using her feet to pleasure another. Maybe I should turn the scene into a mmf? Than again, the script was already done, and being the lazy guy that I was, I wasn‘t going to do a re-write.

“Oh fuck! Yeah! Faster! Faster!” Daniel urged, closing his eyes. Seemed like he was getting close to cumming.

“That’s it!” He moaned. “Just keep going!” He uttered.

“You ready to cum?” Scarlett asked taking her mouth off his cock, her lips pouting and touching the tip of his member.

“YES! Don’t stop!” He said, almost yelling and Scarlett let out a triumphant giggle.

“What about you?“ She asked looking back as she continued stroking Daniel.

“You’re going way too slow.“ I replied, which caused her to scowl at me, not pleased by my answer, but it was the truth.

Scarlett turned back to Daniel and started stroking him as fast as she could, pressing the tip of his shaft into her mouth so that when he came she could catch it all in her mouth. Her feet strokes was drastically getting faster.

Guess she wanted me to cum quickly.

“Yes! Fuck! Oooohhhhhh…. YEAH!” Daniel moaned out loud.

“Yeah!” Scarlett moaned excitedly. “You gonna gimme that cum?” She moaned her question. “Mmm!” She moaned making smacking sounds.

“That pre-cum tastes so good! I want the full load now! Give it to me! NOW!” She was more demanding now, sucking at his pee hole hungrily, moaning.

“HERE IT COMES!” Daniel yelled, his hips starting to lift up into the air, his cum spewing out into Scarlett’s mouth, some dripping out the side of her mouth.

Seeing her making a cock cum with her hands and mouth and now semen in her pretty mouth was starting to send me close towards my own orgasm, but she was too wrapped up in Daniel’s orgasm that her feet was barely stroking my shaft.

I reached down with my hands and moved her feet so that her soles were touching with my dick in between them and I began thrusting my hips up and down whilst I held her gorgeous feet in place, feeling her fleshy soles and plumped balls squeezing my shaft hard.

Scarlett noticed this straight away and she curled her toes, squeezing my shaft even harder, randomly relaxing her toes to relieve pressure on my shaft before squeezing again.

Once she had finished swallowing Daniel’s jizz and was finished licking his man hood clean, she turned her head and looked at her feet being used as fuck toys that I was using to get myself off.

“God that looks so beautiful!” Scarlett said as she watched me thrust in between her soles.

“Let me stroke that big fat dick while you fuck my sexy feet.” She said in a low, lusty tone.

I let go of her feet and she instantly started off at the same pace I was thrusting. Her feet felt so incredible that I knew it was a matter of seconds before I exploded.

“Shit! That cum is gonna feel so good on my fucking feet. You gonna cum! You gonna give my feet that hot, creamy, piss?” Scarlett moaned, arching her back and pushing her ass out. Her dress was lifted high enough to show off her panties, which seemed to be wedged in between her large rump.

“Oh shit!” I moaned, a mixture of her round, toned ass and beautiful feet pleasuring my shaft drove me over the edge.

“I’m CUMMING!” I yelled thrusting my hips up, but Scarlett didn’t let up. She continued stroking my shaft as my dick throbbed hard and my balls tightened.

“YEAH! Cover my feet in that sticky cum!” Scarlett urged me, lifting her feet off my shaft. I quickly grabbed my cock, stroking myself as fast as I could, aiming my cock at the soles of her feet.

“Shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt!” I moaned as my cum shot up my shaft and onto Scarlett’s sole, hitting the balls under her toes and oozing down.

“That’s it!” Scarlett moaned as my cum shot out fast, covering her soles.

“That feels so good.” Scarlett giggled, wriggling her toes. “So thick!” She added. She curled her toes so that my cum wouldn’t go off her foot, lowering it onto the floor, into her shoe. She reached for her other shoe and positioned it on the floor and put her other foot into it.

“Now I can feel you on my feet all day long!” She smiled, looking down at my half erect cock.

“Looks like I got another cock to clean.” She laughed going down onto her knees, placing her soft lips over my shaft, sucking at my pee hole gently, making sure she got every last drop of cum out of my dick before licking the sides and head clean.

“Well…” Daniel started. “We didn’t really see much of that hot body, but I think it’s safe to say we’re in for a treat when shooting starts.”

“So when do we start filming then?” Scarlett asked.

“As soon as you’re ready to go.” I replied, putting my dick away and zipping up.

“You mean we could start today if I said today?” She asked.

“Well yes, but seeing as though you already made me cum, my second orgasm would be smaller and we like to finish our scenes with as big a load as possible, so tomorrow, if you want.” I replied.

“Really? That quickly?” Scarlett said.

“Yeah, we don’t hang about.” Daniel replied. “The sooner we start, the sooner we finish and that means the film can hit theatres more quickly.” He added.

“Wow, I wasn’t expecting things to start so quickly, I haven’t even booked a hotel room yet. Actually, would I even be able to find one at this late notice?” She asked.

“You’re Scarlett Johansson. They’ll make you a room if you go in.” Daniel joked causing her to laugh.

“You know what? There’s no point you going to a hotel. You can stay at my place. I got a guest room with no one staying in it, you can crash there while we film.“ I offered. “And seeing as though you didn’t book a room, I’m gonna assume you didn’t pack anything did you?”

“No!” She laughed. “I must seem so unorganised, but I honestly didn’t think I’d be here that long. I thought I was going to come in, do an interview, maybe blow one of you guys then fly back home and start filming in a month or two.”

“Well, I can show you to your chambers now, if you want.” I said.

“Sure!” Scarlett replied extending her arm and we linked arm and started to walk out of the room.

“OK. Before you two go….” Daniel began saying, a look of shock and maybe a hint of envy on his face.

“Now I don’t know if it’s a possibility or not, but no sex. OK? You got that?” He added. “We need you to be 100% ready for action tomorrow.”

“Sure.” Scarlett replied. “I think I can go a full 24 hours without jumping him.” She said looking at me.

“You don’t need to.” Daniel said. “You can fuck a hundred guys if you want, it won’t effect your performance tomorrow, but him. Make sure he keeps it in his pants.”

“What?!” I said. “That’s not fair!”

“What’s not fair about that? You just fucked her feet and now you just have to wait a day till you can fuck her again. I think that’s more than fair.” He answered.

If Scarlett wasn’t here, he probably would’ve said that I get to fuck her tomorrow and he doesn’t, that’s unfair on him, but cause she was here, he just gave the foot notes.

“What about Angel?” Daniel asked.

“She’s just my PA remember?” I replied. “Not my sex slave.” I added with a smug look on my face, reminding him of what he said to me earlier and then I walked off with Scarlett.

“You took a taxi here, right?” I asked as we made our way out of the studio.

“I don’t bring any luggage, but I bring a car? What do you think?” She laughed.

“I don’t know! Maybe you got a rental car so you wouldn’t need to take taxi.” I replied.

“That is a good point, but no. You got it on the first guess, a taxi.” She replied.

“So I guess I’m driving.” I replied. I led her to my car and we got in.

“What music do you have?” She asked.

“Why don’t you check.” I replied giving her a huge grin.

“What?” Scarlett asked, trying to contain her laughter. “What’s with the look?” She asked.

“You’ll see.” I replied reversing out of my spot.

“Oh my God!” She squealed. “It’s my CD!”

“Yup.” I said pulling out of the car park and onto the road.

“You actually listened to my music?”

“Yeah.” I replied.

“And what did you think?”

“It’s not bad.” I lied. “But I’m glad you didn’t do a Joaquin Phoenix and quit movies to pursue music.”

“Is that your subtle way of saying my music is bad?” She asked with a sly smile.

“No. More of a subtle way of saying I like seeing that beautiful face of yours on the big screen.”

“Oh! That’s so sweet!”

“And that huge gorgeous ass of yours too.” I added.

“Pervert!” Scarlett said, pretending to have a pissed off look on her face as she playfully slapped me on my arm.

“You know, ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ would’ve been even more awesome if you and Natalie Portman had an incestuous oral sex scene where she uses a banana on your ass and your like ’Oh no! It’s to big sister.’ And she’s like ’You do want to please your king don’t you?’ That would’ve been one awesome scene. If only Dark Stone productions got a hold of that script.” I said out a random thought I had. Scarlett just looked at me and laughed.

“Do you do nothing but think about sex?” She asked.

“I’m only talking about sex cause you’re here. If there was a guy sitting there instead of you, we’d probably being talking about basketball.” I replied.

“If you think it’s hard to keep your mind off sex, wait till we get to your place.” Scarlett replied with a crafty smile.

“Why?” I asked. “What’s gonna happen when we get to my place?”

“You’ll see!” She replied, not giving anything away.

I slammed my foot on the gas and sped to my place as fast as I could. I was only a few minutes away from the studio, but when you have something to look forward to, time seems to go by ever so slowly.

I screeched into my driveway, stopping the car.

“So here we are.” I said. “The shit hole that Is my crib.”

“This place doesn’t look like a shit hole!” Scarlett said looking out of the front window. “It actually looks very nice.”

“It is.” I said getting out of the car.

“Then why did you say it was?” Scarlett asked getting out of the car as well.

“I use self deprecating humour, it’s sort of a reflex thing.” I answered.

“That’s surprising.”

“Why’s that?” I asked as I led her towards my front door.

“You seem like a guy with a big ego who wouldn’t take to being insulted.” She answered as I opened the door.

“Looks can be deceiving.” I replied as we both entered the house and I closed the door behind her.

“That’s true, But sometimes they can be pretty accurate.” Scarlett said as I opened the door.

“How so?” I asked.

“Like a girl could look like a total slut and actually be a total slut.” Scarlett laughed. She went to step out of her shoes.

“Stop right there.” I said. “I know what’s on your feet and I don’t want dried patches of cum on my carpet.”

“But it’s already dry.” She said taking one foot out and showing me. She touched it to prove her point, but instead, she ended up proving my point.

“Fine!” Where’s your bath room?” She asked.

“I’ll show you.” I said, walking down the hall and up the stairs. I led her into the bathroom.

“You can use those towels.” I said pointing at the guest towels.

“Thanks.” She said carefully walking to the bath tub, stepping out of her shoes and into the tub. She turned the water on was she had both feet and rinsed them, getting them clean of any cum.

“There’s some shower gel if you want.” I pointed at it.

“Thanks.” She smiled and grabbed it. She lifted one leg up, placing the sole of her foot on the side of the tub in front of me, poured a generous amount on the top of her foot and lathering it into her skin, arching her foot and getting it on her heel and sole.

I had to admit watching her pay so much attention to her feet was actually starting to turn me on and I decided I’d better get out of there before she turned me on too much and I ended up doing something that’d ruin tomorrow’s shoot.

“So what do you want for lunch?” I asked. “I got all sorts of meats for sandwiches.” I added.

“Chicken sounds good to me.” She answered.

“Mayo?” I asked.

“Just a touch.” She said motioning with her fingers as if to say a small amount.

I quickly got out of the bathroom, went to my room and put on sweat pants, cause I knew she was gonna get me hard repeatedly whether she aims to or not and pants are just too constricting. I took my jacket off and put on a shirt, leaving it unbuttoned.

I headed downstairs and into the kitchen, preparing the sandwiches. I heard footsteps and I knew Scarlett was finished washing her feet and had come down.

“What drink do you want?” I called out.

“What do you have?” Scarlett asked, entering the room wearing nothing at all. My jaw just dropped and felt like it hit the floor.

“We… er…. I have….” I couldn’t string words together.

“Is this what you would’ve been like when you saw me in my birthday suit for the first time tomorrow?” Scarlett teased. “Good thing we’re getting it out the way now.” She laughed walking up to the fridge.

“I’ll just see for myself.” She said looking back at me, opening the fridge door. Her nipples going erect and sticking out as soon as the cold air from the fridge hit her chest.

I looked down and got a great angle on her curvy hips as she stood side ways, her butt looking so shapely. My eyes travelled down to what’s been turning me on all this time, her feet. She was standing flat on one foot and the other foot was arched, the skin on her feet looking very dry.

“Apple juice will do nicely.” She said pulling the carton out.

“Nice choice.” I finally managed to say. Why the fuck was I so dumbfounded from seeing her naked? I had seen many women with amazing bodies nude, but never been in awe like this before. Maybe it’s because most of them were at work and this is the first time I had one of my colleagues naked in my house before I had a scene with them.

Whatever the reason, I was gonna have to get past it.

“The glass’ are up there.” I pointed out, staying behind the counter.

“Are you asking me to get them so I won’t see your hard-on when you go to get it or cause you want to see me reach up, and my body stretch to get it?” Scarlett asked with a devious look on her face.

“I never even thought about the second reason, that’s just an added bonus.” I replied. Scarlett laughed and got two glass’ out. I had to actually look away when she did to try and calm my erection down.

She bought the glass’ over to the counter and filled both of them with apple juice.

“For some strange reason, apple juice always reminds me of urine.” Scarlett made a random statement.

“That’s cause of the colour.” I said, stating the obvious.

“Yeah!” She laughed as she sat up on the counter. “Which one’s mine?” She asked looking at both the sandwiches.

“This…” I said cutting her sandwich diagonally. “…One.”

“Thanks!” She said grabbing one half. “This is good chicken.” She said once she took a bite.

I started to eat my own sandwich, standing beside her as she sat on the counter, her bare ass touching my counter top.

“So what’s the movie we’re shooting tomorrow about?” Scarlett asked with a mouth full.

“You haven’t read the script?” I asked, feeling stunned.

“I went over it, something about horny nun’s.” She said summing up the movie in a few words.

“Well, you’re the main character, who’s horny as hell all the time and is doubting whether she has chosen the right path…”

“By choosing a life of celibacy as a nun. Right?” Scarlett asked cutting me off.

“Yeah. But then you see the other nuns having sex and you can’t get your head around why, then you see that they are using a loop hole. Staying a virgin by having anal sex.”

“Wait! What?!” Scarlett said wide eyed in shock.

“Oh!” I said, a huge smug smile forming on my face. “Don’t tell me you didn’t know that this was an all anal movie?”

“Of course I did!” Scarlett gave an unconvincing laugh. “What do you think I did? Got a script for a porno playing a nun and thought that would be some provoking stuff, I’ll give that a go?”

“Did you?” I asked.

“No!” She replied. There wasn’t much talking after that.

I finished my sandwich first, Scarlett finished somewhat later, whilst I tried to make my drink last, waiting for her to finish.

She started to swing her legs back and forth as she finished her sandwich off and I noticed the dry skin on her feet again.

“You need some moisturiser?” I asked changing the subject. Scarlett looked down at her feet.

“Yeah. Looks that way.” She replied.

“I’ll go get some.” I said, finding any excuse to get away from her hot body. I quickly came back from the bathroom upstairs with a bottle of moisturiser and Scarlett was not in the kitchen any more. There was just an empty glass there.

It didn’t take a genius to work out where she had gone. I walked into the living room and she was sitting on the three seater couch. She was lying on the couch, with her back pressed against the arm of the chair and her legs crossed at her ankles.

“Come! Sit!” Scarlett said as if we were at her place and she was inviting me to sit down.

“You get the joy of moisturising my feet!” She smiled, wriggling her toes. She knew that I liked her feet as much as she did and she was using this to her full advantage.

“Okay.” I sighed sitting down on the couch, Scarlett lifting her legs up and placing her feet on my lap once I had sat down.

I opened the top of the moisturiser bottle and poured some on her foot and rubbed it into her skin as quick as I could, moving onto the next foot and doing that one even quicker than the one before.

“That wasn’t very sensual.” Scarlett chuckled.

“What are you trying to do?” I asked. “Are you trying to make me mess up tomorrow’s shoot before tomorrow has even come?” I asked.

“No!” She said with a coy look. “I thought that we could… you know have a little fun.”

“You mean you tease me to the point where I want to just fuck the living day lights out of you?”

“Wouldn’t that make for a better sex scene for the movie tomorrow?” Scarlett asked.

“Do you think that I’m gonna have any problems in that department?”

“I hope not.”

“Well….” I pretended to yawn. “I think I’m gonna take an early night. Need to be well rested for tomorrow.” I said stretching my arms. The best way to resist temptation is by removing it, or moving far away from it as you can.

Scarlett looked at the clock to see that it was just two in the afternoon, but instead of calling me on it, she decided to roll with it.

“Yeah, you’re right.” She pretended to yawn as well. “I think I’ll turn in too.

“Er… Okay.” I said getting up and Scarlett got up too. She followed me all the way upstairs.

“Your room is in the room just on the left that way.” I pointed her in the direction.

“Cool.” She said and I went into my room and let out a deep breath.

“Nice room.” Scarlett said making me jump.

“What are you doing in here?” I asked, turning around.

“You seem like the type of guy that likes to do as little as possible, so I thought why mess up two beds when this bed looks big enough to hold the both of us?”

“Errr… Yeah.” I said.

“You aren’t trying to avoid me are you?” Scarlett asked, already knowing the answer to that.

“Pfft!“ I scoffed. “Of course not! What gave you that idea?” I asked.

“Then you have no problem with this.” She said pulling the covers on the bed down and going into the bed.

“So you’re gonna sleep… of course you’re gonna sleep in the nude. You have no other clothes.”

“That’s not gonna be a problem is it?” She asked.

“Not at all.” I said. Just let me find my PJ’s.” I replied, looking for something I hadn’t worn for years, hoping that they still fit.

“It’s really hot, you sure you want PJ’s? You could sleep in your boxers or in the nude. It’s not like I haven’t already seen your penis.” She had a point. It was way too hot for PJ’s.

“Okay.” I said taking my sweat pants and t-shirt off, going into the bed in only my boxers. Scarlett was on her side with her back turned to me and she stuck her but out, pressing it against my hip.

“How many anal scenes have you done before?” Scarlett asked.

“Too many to keep track of.” I replied.

“Is it easy to do?” She asked.

“Pretty much. I press my dick against your ass hole and then I push in and just keep thrusting till we change position.” I replied.

“That’s not what I meant.” Scarlett said, giving what sounded like a nervous laugh. “I mean for the woman performer. For me.”

“I don’t know.” I replied. “I’ve never taken it up the ass so I couldn’t tell you.”

“Have other women… you know? Said anything about it being too big?”

“Are you just trying to inflate my already over inflated ego?” I joked.

“I’m serious!” She said looking back at me. “Your dick has to be the thickest I’ve seen, I mean if it was overly long I’d be fine, but it’s really thick.”

“Okay. Thanks?” I said not really sure how to respond. “We’ll find out tomorrow.”

“But what if it takes to much time for me to adjust to having something that big in my ass? Won’t that waste time?”

“Never really though about that. Usually the women I work with are use to having large objects in their ass and take it no problems.”

“Do you think we could practice now?” Scarlett asked


“Yeah. No actual thrusting or anything. Just put it in and leave it there, let me get use to having something that big in my ass.”

“Okay… sure…” I said, not sure how else to respond to this weird request.

“Let’s start with lubricant and then work to using nothing for entry.”

“Sure.” I said reaching over to my bed side counter and pulling a tube of KY jelly out, pouring some on my hand and rubbed it onto my dick. I turned on to my side, Scarlett still had her back turned to me. It only took a few strokes to get me hard, I looked at Scarlett’s thick, pale, round ass cheeks as I pushed the tip in between them. Scarlett let out a low moan and winced as I pushed my hips forward, my cock head going past her sphincter.

“OW!” Scarlett moaned.

“Don’t worry.” I whispered into her ear. “We got the hard part out of the way.” I said referring to getting my cock head past her tight ring. I put my arms around her and hugged her as we lay like this for the next minute or two. My cock feeling like it was getting harder by the second if that was possible.

“This isn’t so bad.” Scarlett said. “I think I’m ready to try it without any lube.”

“Sure.” I said pulling out of her ass hole and then grabbing a tissue of the top of the bed side counter, rubbing the lubricant off my man hood and then taking position behind her.

“Are you ready?” I asked her. Scarlett turned her head to look at me.

“Yeah.” She replied in a low voice. Her face looked so beautiful that I couldn’t help but place my lips on hers.

“Mmm!” Scarlett moaned, parting her lips, inviting my tongue into her mouth. Whilst I roamed my tongue around the inside of her mouth, I held my cock in my hand and guided it in between her thick ass cheeks and just followed the warmth of her sphincter up her rectum.

“Mmmnnnghhh!” Scarlett moaned as my dick penetrated her ass hole without the aid of any lubricant.

I continued to kiss her to take away any focus of the dry anal intrusion. But I was getting really into it that I started to slowly pull back and thrust back in.

“You can’t.” Scarlett moaned out the side of her mouth. I stopped instantly, knowing that If I built up any kind of pace to my thrusts, I wasn’t gonna be able to stop myself until I came.

“You’re right.” I said taking my lips off of hers. I pulled her close to me, hugging her with my dick up her ass. We lay there in this position for God knows how long and I don’t even recall falling asleep, but I somehow managed to.


“So how was it like spending the day with one of the women of your dreams?” Daniel asked.

“It was probably the hardest day of my life. Do you know how hard it is to have your dick up that gorgeous ass and not be able to fuck it?”

“You had your dick up her ass? What were you doing having your dick up her ass?” Daniel asked sounding surprised.

“She wanted to get having me up her up her ass for the first time out of her system.” I replied.

“You didn’t…?” Daniel asked.

“No. I have some self restraint you know.” I said getting into my side of the confession box. “Why does this damn collar have to be so tight?” I said fiddling about with it.

“It was your neck size when we measured your neck a week ago.” Daniel said. “Your neck must’ve gotten fatter over the last week.”

“My neck did not get fatter. If anything, it got slimmer from all the head I’ve been giving Angel.” I replied.

“Okay, Scarlett’s here. We can get started.” Daniel said, as we both looked in her direction, to see her in her nun outfit, a traditional black and white habit.

“Dude?” I whispered.

“Yeah?” Daniel whispered back.

“Is it wrong that it turns me on to see her in a nun’s habit?”

“You’re just wrong period.” Daniel whispered back and laughed.

“I just hope this movie doesn’t get us in trouble or a law suit slapped on us.” Daniel said as we looked Scarlett up and down in her nun outfit.

“If it does, it comes out of your pocket.” I added.

“What?! This was your idea!” Daniel said.

“Let’s get started everybody!” I said ignoring him. The crew started to scramble and got into position. He let out a sigh as he went over to the directors chair. We were starting off with the final scene of the movie, when Scarlett’s character finally has sex.

“OK. ‘The Secret Lives Of Nun’s’ take one. Action!” Daniel said.

*****************************FEATURE PRESENTATION*******************************

Scarlett walked past the church doors and looked around. The place was empty aside from the presence of me, the priest. I was in the confession box, reading a few passages from the holy book.

Scarlett walked up to the confession box and debated with herself whether to go in or not and then gave in, opening the door and entering.

“Forgive me father for I have sinned.” She started.

“Go on my child.” I encouraged her to continue.

“I have been having impure thoughts.”

“What kind of impure thoughts.”

“The… The sexual kind.” Scarlett replied looking down in shame.

“Go on.”

“I’ve seen some of the other sisters fornicating with monks and that got me fantasizing.”

“About what?” I asked.

“I… I’ve been fantasizing about what it’d be like to have… to have a….” She paused.

“To have what?” I asked.

“A penis inside me.” She said sounding very ashamed.

“This is nothing to be ashamed of.” I said. “No matter how pure one tries to be, these kinds of thought cross our mind whether we want them to or not, especially in one as young as yourself. As long as they stay in your mind and you come to confession for forgiveness, you should be fine.” I smiled at her.

“I’ve touched myself!” She blurted out.

“Oh my.” I said. “I can’t say that this is condoned, you are a nun, you should be pure, such actions as touching yourself take away that… purity that you require.” I said.

“I’m sorry father Kash. I just… I can’t help myself. When I’m alone with my thoughts and I think about your…” She trailed off.

“My child.” I started. “Am I the reason for these impure thoughts of yours?”

“Yes.” Scarlett answered, looking more ashamed then she’d ever been.

“I think a prayer needs to be said.” I suggested, getting out of the confession box.

“Right away.” Scarlett said coming out of the confession box, looking down and avoiding eye contact. She quickly scurried over to one of the pews and got down on to her knees, her elbows on the pew as she bought her palms together.

“You have been a very , very bad girl and your thoughts cannot go unnoticed.” I said. “Lift the bottom of your habit up and reveal your behind so you can get what you deserve.”

“Right away father.” She said lifting it up.

“Lose the underwear.” I said and she pulled it down.

“Please! Punish me in whatever way you see fit.” Scarlett said not looking back. Her thick, pale ass was one of the most beautiful I had seen and maybe ever created. I undid my zip and pulled my dick out, without her noticing.

“One way to get lust out of one’s mind is to do something to satisfy that urge.” I said kneeling behind her.

“How can we get rid of these sinful thoughts?” Scarlett asked.

“Like this!” I said poking my dick in between her butt cheeks, feeling the warmth of her tight ass hole go up my shaft until I had my man hood buried deep in her poop shoot.

“UUUURRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!” Scarlett let out a pained scream, a tear running out of the side of her eye.

“But I must stay pure!” She said, looking back fearfully.

“And you are.” I replied, slowly pulling back. “You are still a virgin, your hymen is in tact.” I said slowly grinding my hips forward, getting my dick buried deep in her bowels again.

The initial shock of having her ass penetrated disappeared almost instantly from her face. A small smile formed on her face but disappeared of instantly as my cock throbbed and stretched her ass hole out some more.

“OH God! It’s so big…” Scarlett started to say.

“Please don’t call me father.” I cut her off. “That would just make this so wrong.” I added. Scarlett smiled as I added more pace to my thrusts.

“Are you sure this is the first time you’re having something up in this hole? You seem to be taking my dick like you’ve done this before.”

“Yes. You’re my first.” She said moaning as I thrust forward hard, my balls slapping hard against her pussy. I couldn’t get as deep as I wanted to into her ass as the bottom of her habit was bunched up at her hips.

I pulled out of her ass hole as much as I didn’t want to and pulled the bottom of her habit down, now leaving her bottomless. I spread her pale ass cheeks and licked her ass hole, pushing my tongue in and licking around her anal walls.

“Lift that ass up into the air.” I ordered her and as she did as she was told, I pulled my pants and underwear down and off around my ankles, pulling my shoes off at the same time as well.

I spread her ass cheeks again, spitting on her ass hole, pressing my cock down against her anal opening, pushing my saliva down with the tip, lubricating my way as I went up her ass hole.

“Ah fuck!” Scarlett moaned. “That hurts.”

“Don’t worry, that will soon pass.” I said as my cock started to squelch in and out of her tiny little ass hole. Her head was still covered, only her face was visible, so I pulled the part that covered her hair back so I could see her more clearly.

She instantly looked back at me, her face looking even more beautiful than usual with that hint of pain on her face. I leaned forward and I started to kiss her. She kissed me back instantly, pushing her tongue out, into my mouth.

I sucked her tongue hungrily as I worked my dick in and out of her tight orifice at a pretty fast pace, with random burst of thrusting really fast and then slowing right back down.

“Now….” I said, slowly pulling my dick out of her ass hole. Scarlett seemed really reluctant to let my member go and clenched her ass hole tight, trying to hold onto my shaft.

“…It’s your turn to see what you can do with this dick.” I said sitting down beside her. She stood up to straddle me, but I shook my head.

“You are going to have to get it wet first.”

“We can’t possibly use holy water for something this unholy!” Scarlett said looking at me shocked.

“Funny how holy water is the first thing that came to your mind. I was thinking more along the lines of your saliva.” I set her straight.

“But it’s been up my ass! I couldn’t possibly…” Scarlett started, but I cut her off.

“You can and you will. Now get down on your knees and act out some of those sinful thoughts that run through that impure mind of yours!” I said, grabbing the back of her knees and pulling forward, which caused her legs to give way and drop to her knees.

Scarlett’s face jerked forward as she dropped to her knees, my dick rubbing her face. I held the back of her head and she knew there was no way she was going to be able to avoid tasting her ass on my cock.

I held my dick with my free hand and pressed it against her lips. Scarlett reluctantly opened her mouth and had a disgusted look on her face as she got her first taste of dick, but more importantly, her ass on my dick.

“That’s it!” I said in a low voice as I moved her head forward, towards me which in turn made her take more of my shaft into her mouth. Scarlett let out a muffled moan and shook her head, trying to get my hand off her head. I decided to let go, to see what she’d do and she slowly worked her lips up and down my shaft, getting into it the more she bobbed her head up and down.

“OK! That’s enough!” I said pulling her mouth off my cock. “Time for you to ride it.”

Scarlett got onto the pew, straddling me. She reached back and pulled her ass cheeks apart and waited for me to guide my thick member into her tiny little ass hole.

“Ungh! Fuck!” I moaned as I forced my cock head past her sphincter.

“It feels so big and so good in my ass!” Scarlett moaned as she started to thrust her hips up and down, working her tight ring down my shaft an inch at a time until her butt cheeks was touching my balls.

“Come on Scarlett! Ride that cock faster!” I said to her. It seemed like she was giving herself a few minutes to allow her sphincter to adjust to my girth, but my words caused her hips to bounce up and down, whether she wanted them to or not.

“Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhh!” Scarlett moaned, her face having the cutest expressions as she rapidly got faster with each thrust until she was riding me as fast as she could.

I reached down and pulled her shoes off one by one, letting her shoes fall to the floor with a loud thud. I grabbed the top of her socks and pulled them down her calves, her heels and then off around her ankles. Scarlett started to go so fast now, that I couldn’t get the socks off her feet and they stayed on her toes and the balls of her feet.

“UUUHHHHH! It’s so fucking big, it’s stretching my tight little ass hole!” She moaned. I started to thrust my hips up to meet her thrusts and to speed things up all at the same time.

“Oh shit! That feels so good! I love the way your dick’s tearing my ass apart!” Scarlett moaned, the both of us going way too fast and falling out of rhythm and my dick plopped out of her ass hole and slid up her butt crack, rubbing the smalls of her back.

“OH GOD!” Scarlett moaned, rubbing her pussy against me.

“You want me to suck that dick?” She moaned her question.

“Yeah!” I moaned my reply. “Suck it! Suck it good!” I said as she quickly slid down onto the floor, grabbing my cock and licking the tip hungrily, rubbing it around her mouth before taking it into her warm mouth, licking the underside of my shaft as she worked her lips up and down my cock.

She went so fast that I felt like I was gonna blow my load so I pulled her off, the cold air in the church hitting my cock and helping to sooth my erection. I grabbed her by her under arms and pulled her up, so that her back was pressed against my chest.

Scarlett positioned her legs, placing the soles of her feet on my thighs, reaching down and pulling her socks off completely, one foot at a time and then holding my pole as she impaled herself on it and started to ride me as fast as she could from the get go.

“Fuck! That ass feels so good!” I moaned pulling the front of her habit down to reveal her breasts for the first time, pinching her erect nipples and squeezing her round, plump breasts, causing her to moan even more.

“Fuck me! FUCK ME FASTER!” Scarlett moaned, not thrusting her hips any more and just relying on me to piston in and out of her tight ass.

“SHIIIIIITTT!” I moaned as I was now going as fast as I could, feeling my balls start to tighten.

“Oh God! I’m close!” I yelled.

“You’re going to cum?” Scarlett moaned turning her head to look at my face.

“Yeah!” I moaned.

“You wanna cum in my ass or my face?” She asked, but it was too late now, I felt my first load burst up her ass.

“Quick!” I yelled. “Suck my dick!” I added and she quickly got off, and as she bought her mouth to my dick another load burst out, hitting her on the face. Scarlett quickly wrapped her lips around my cock head and pumped my shaft hard with her hand as the remainder of my semen blasted out into her mouth.

“Fuck!” I moaned breathlessly.

“That was so good!” Scarlett chuckled.

“Do all of the sisters here do this to stay pure and relieve the sexual tension?” Scarlett asked as she stroked my shaft slowly.

“What is said in the confines of the confession box stays in the confession box.” I replied.

“So when should I come for confession next?” Scarlett asked with a devious smile on her face.


“And…. CUT!” Daniel yelled. “Good job guys.” He added. “Can someone get Scarlett a towel?”

One of the crew members ran up to Scarlett and started to wipe her face and went to wipe her ass.

“I can take care of that load myself!” Scarlett laughed taking the towel off him.

“So we have you making a few appearances in some of the other scenes. Do you wanna hang around for them or do you want us to call you whenever you have a scene?” Daniel asked.

“I think I’ll hang around.” Scarlett smiled.
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