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Tuning In Kara Tointon
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Disclaimer: This story should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18 and is not a representation of any celebs or persons named and was just created from the figment of my imagination. This story was originally published on June 29th 2009.

Author’s note: I’m sure those of you who are checking this story out know who Kara Tointon is but if you don’t, she from the British soap ‘Eastenders’ and she plays the character ‘Dawn’. As usual, send feedback to kash_the_pr1est@yahoo.com or leave feedback on the message boards. Enjoy!

Tuning In Kara

After I got buzzed in past the front door, I climbed up what seemed like a million flight of stairs. I had bumped into an old friend from Vanda’s Stage School. We both attended there several years ago where we both had dreams of making it big. She invited me to her place for lunch.

“Hey!” Hannah greeted me as I saw her standing in front of her front door, waiting for me to go up the last couple of steps.

“Hey!” I replied back as I checked her out. She was in white sweat pants and a white top.

“Dressed all in white?” I asked as she spread her arms to give me a hug when I approached her.

“You look good too!” She laughed as she hugged me. I always had a thing for her. As soon as I saw her at Vanda’s, I was instantly attracted to her and approached her. We became partners and always teamed up together for joint pieces, but nothing ever developed between us.

“How long has it been since we last saw each other?” I asked.

“Too long.” She replied as she held my hand and led me into her apartment. “Why’d we stop hanging out?” She asked.

“Can’t remember.” I lied. “Maybe we drifted apart once we finished up at Vanda’s?” I suggested.

“Yeah! Probably.” She replied. We had actually drifted apart when I tried to make a move on her and kissed her. She didn’t kiss me back, she pulled away politely and we never talked about again, not that it was hard. I didn’t call her expecting her to call me and she never did.

She led me into the kitchen area and her mother was there. I was expecting for her to be alone, so her mom being there was a surprise. I was hoping to get her all by her lonesome and maybe achieve something I failed to do many years ago.

The kitchen was an average size for an apartment and it had a table for four people there for eating meals on.

“Mum, This is Kash, Kash, this is my mum.” Hannah introduced us, although ‘Mum’ wasn’t really an introduction, cause she wasn’t my mom.

“She’s making us lunch.” Hannah said sitting down at the table and motioned for me to sit down beside her. Her mom made sandwiches and conversation was limited due to the presence of her mom. I guess I wasn’t going to get any further than I did the last time I was with Hannah.

“Hey guys!” I heard a woman’s voice as the front door opened. “Do you know how to install channels on a TV?” She asked, with a remote in her hand.

I looked her up and down and by her face, it was quite clear she was Hannah’s sister. She looked a couple of years older, but in comparison to Hannah, she actually looked better.

She was wearing the tiniest white shorts I had ever seen with a tight red top that had red and white stripes going across horizontally, her breasts looked very big, in the tight top and her navel was showing. I felt like I was drooling as she was talking and didn’t even take in anything she said.

“What about him?” Hannah’s sister pointed at me without looking at me. I’m assuming that Hannah and their mom had no clue how to install channels. All three of them looked at me.

“It’s usually in the manual.” I said. “It’s pretty straight forward stuff.” I added.

“I read the manual.” She said. “It made no sense.” She walked up to me and squatted down at the side of me. I looked down at her and my eye locked on to her legs, her calves looked nice and fleshy and toned as I stared at them. That’s when I noticed that her toe nails were painted white. Hold on! She was barefoot, didn’t she just come into the apartment? Did she walk over here barefoot?

“Please!” She pleaded with me. “Can you come and do it?”

“Err…” I looked at Hannah, I didn’t want to just bail on her. She was writing something and she looked up at me.

“I have filming on about an hour.” Hannah replied. “I have leave in like fifteen minutes.”

“OK then.” I said to Hannah’s sister’s delight. She let out a excited, pleased squeal as she hugged my hips. I had to admit, I felt a little uncomfortable as to where her face was considering her mom was here, but at the same time, I didn’t want her to let go.

Everyone stood up and walked to the front of the apartment.

“I’ll catch you later.” I said to Hannah.

“Here’s my number.” She said handing me a piece of paper. “Call me okay?” She asked seriously.

“OK.” I replied taking the piece of paper from her. Hannah gave me a hug then me and her sister walked away. I looked back as I saw Hannah close the door behind us. I felt a little poignant that the door on me and Hannah had closed, but took solace in the fact that another had opened between me and her hot older sister.

“I’m Kara by the way.” She looked back at me as we went down the stairs, finally introducing herself. Kara. Kara Tointon, I added Hannah’s surname to her first to figure out her full name and it sounded very familiar.

“I’m Kash.” I introduced myself, realizing that I had said nothing once she introduced herself.

“So where is your apartment?” I asked. Kara laughed.

“How long have you been living in the UK?” She asked.

“Nearly five years.” I replied.

“And you‘re still using the word apartment?” She laughed, turning around to look at me. “And it’s right here.” She said taking a key out of her shorts, I didn’t think that those tiny shorts could actually fit anything in them, apparently I was wrong.

She opened the door, let me in and closed the door behind herself.

“So you live on the floor just below your sister and mom?” I asked.

“Yeah!” She laughed. “I can just pop upstairs whenever it’s lunchtime.”

“That’s pretty handy.” I said as she led me into the living room.

The living room was a fairly decent size. It had two three seater couch’s and a one seat couch. There was a coffee table in front of one of the couch’s, which is the one she sat on, lifting her legs up into the air, curling her pretty toes as she pulled the coffee table close to the couch and then rested her legs on the coffee table, crossing one of her heels over the other.

I walked up to her, looking at the soles of her bare feet.

“Considering that you were roaming around barefoot out side, I’m surprised at how clean they still look.” I commented as I noticed that the soles of her feet didn’t have any kind of dirt or anything on them.

“Really?” She asked wriggling her toes, not making any attempt to see if I was telling the truth or not.

“I was expecting them to be black with dirt from the concrete floor outside.” She added.

I sat down on the coffee table beside her feet and she handed me the remote. I leaned back a little to get it from her hand, placing it beside me as I picked up the manual for the TV that was on the floor. I placed my hand closest to her on her feet, hopping that she wouldn’t notice as I opened the manual and took a quick glance.

“Oh. This is easy.” I said. “It’s similar to mine. But it will take some time to install and get the channels right. How comes the guys that fitted the TV didn’t do it for you?”

“They were in a rush and said it was ‘easy’ to install. My bloody arse it is!” She said.

I held down the menu button until the install option came up.

“So how do you know my sister?” Kara asked.

“We went to Vanda’s Stage School together.” I replied as I started to tune the channel, aiming to get the digital channel first.

“Ohh! So you’re an actor too?” She asked.

“Not really. I went to auditions and after about two years getting rejected and working as a waiter part time, I became friends with the chef there and we opened up our own restaurant a couple of months back.” I replied.

“That’s great about the restaurant, but it totally sucks about the acting.” She added.

“I don’t know how Hannah scored ‘Hollyoaks.’ She hit the mother load there.”

“Hollyoaks isn’t that big. Eastenders is much bigger.” She said, with a hint of envy in her voice.

“Are you jea…” I started to say, looking back at her when I realised who she was. “You’re in ‘Eastenders!’” I stated. Kara gave out a laugh.

“Took you log enough to work that one out.” She laughed, nudging me with her foot.

“Sorry. But I don’t watch the show frequently, every now and then.” I said.

“Don’t worry about it.” She said reassuringly. “I’m not a ‘Eastenders’ fan either. I prefer ‘Corrie’ myself.” She chuckled.

“Bet they’d love to hear that.” I said.

“Yeah!” She said looking like she was thinking. “So are you fucking my baby sister?”

“What?!” I was just shocked at the randomness of the question as well as how upfront she was.

“She is the prettier one.” Kara added.

“No!” I said. “We’re just friends!”

“So you think she’s ugly?” She asked.

“No!” I replied.

“It’s just what people say when they find the other person ugly.” She stated.

“For your information, I find Hannah very attractive.”

“So why haven’t you done anything?”

“I did!” I replied, my voice sounding a little higher than I intended. “But she stopped talking to me for a couple of years after I did.” I said that last bit quietly.

“Really?” Kara asked leaning forward. “That’s my sister for you! Doesn’t know a hot bloke when he’s in front of her face.”

“You think I’m hot?” I asked. “I don’t think anyone has ever said that about me before.”

“Really?” Kara asked sounding surprised. “I’d do you.”

“Seriously?” I asked.

“Yeah! If I was to see you at a club and I was up for it.” She added, while crushing my hopes at the same time of maybe something happening between us, at least something happening today. She thought I was attractive, which is a bigger compliment than what her sister had thrown my way.

“You know when you came into your sisters… flat?” I paused for a second before I used the word ‘flat.’ “I saw you and I instantly knew you were Hannah’s sister.”

“Why? You think we look a like?” Kara laughed.

“A little.” I replied. “I disagree with what you said before about her being the prettier one. She’s attractive, that’s for sure. Like a nine whereas you’re a ten.” Kara started to blush a little at the compliment. I’m pretty sure those would be my exact words if Hannah was sat here with me instead of Kara.

“So how long have you been single for?” She changed the subject pretty quickly.

“Too long.” I replied, not sure when the last time I got laid.

“I know what you mean.” Kara said as I turned my attention back to the TV, watching as it searched for a channel. “Right now I don’t need a guy in my life. I’ve had a couple of boyfriends and I need to be more stable with my career before I get another.” She added.

“I can understand that.” I said looking at her. She looked so hot right now and her legs looked so gorgeous that I just wanted to lick them up and down.

“That’s why I just sometimes pick a guy up, you know? I mean I can wank as much as I want. Stick a dildo up my arse while I finger myself or even stick a dildo in my cunt and ass at the same time, but it still doesn’t beat having the real thing.”

I was just shocked at her openness at masturbation, and at the same time I got a mental image of her moaning while she dildo’d both holes.

“I could…” I started, deciding that if she’s that desperate for a cock, why not me?

“You want to give me the real thing?” She said with a sly smile on her face.

“Yeah. I mean… if you want me… if you want….” I was stuttering, just shocked at how she was asking for sex, as if it was something casual like; ‘Can you pick up my dry cleaning?’

“Nah!” She said. “What kind of girl do you think I am? I‘m not the type of bird to shag some random bloke she just met.” She added. I was so speechless from the initial shock that I didn’t get pissed off at how she was now teasing me.

“Can you get the digital remote?” Kara asked. “It’s just over there.” She pointed at the floor. I walked over and picked it up, handing it to her.

“My!” She said as her eyes was locked on my crotch. I looked down to see that my hard on was clearly visible. I had totally forgotten that I was hard from getting the mental image of both her holes filled, but seeing as though she could see it clear as day, I saw no reason to hide it.

“You like?” I asked. Kara nodded.

“It looks huge!” She said, raising her hand close to her face, biting the tip of her index finger.

“You want me to take it out and show you just how big it is?” I asked, grinning at her. She didn’t say anything, instead, she raised her foot and rubbed the balls under her toes up and down my shaft through my pants.

I undid the zipper on my pants and pulled my cock out from my boxers. Kara bit her bottom lip as she stared at my huge erect cock.

“Seeing as though I just met you and you are helping me fix the TV…” She started. “I’ll let you fuck my feet.” She said with a dirty look in her eyes.

“Your feet?” I repeated the words in the form of a question.

“You seem to be paying them a lot of attention.” She smiled. “Staring at them and touching them, caressing them while we chatted. Don’t think I didn’t notice.” She added.

I looked at her feet and they looked beautiful. I wasn’t gonna argue with her cause she was right, so I held my cock and rubbed it up the sole of her feet.

“Mmm!” Kara moaned. “That feels nice! Suck my toes first.” She said, more like an order than anything else. I squatted down and she spread her toes as I sucked her big toe. She stroked the side of my face with her free foot as I licked her big toe, circling it with my tongue.

I licked up and down her sole as she bought her feet together, having them side by side, her soles on display for me. I licked across the balls of her feet, going across to her other foot, taking her smallest toe into my mouth.

I reached down with one hand and stroked my cock, which felt painfully hard, pre-cum already oozing out onto my fingers.

I quickly stood up quickly, feeling the need to relieve myself. Kara arched one foot, allowing me to place my member along the top of her foot. She lifted her other foot, placing the sole of her foot on top of my cock, so that it was in between her feet. The underside of my cock resting on the top of one of her foot while the sole of the other pressed down on the top of my dick.

“Uuuuhhhhhh!” I let out a long moan as I felt the fleshy balls of her feet gently press down on my shaft.

“You like having my feet on your cock?” She asked, her English accent turning me on even more.

“Yeah!” I moaned as she started to slowly stroke my cock with her feet, getting faster with every stroke as she got more comfortable with stroking my cock with her feet.

I watched as her sexy feet pleasured my cock, forcing pre-cum to dribble out all over her long slender toes and covering her white painted toe nails in my clear pre-cum.

Kara slowly worked her feet up and down my shaft. I felt myself thrusting my hips forward, trying to get her feet to pleasure my shaft faster.

“You wanna fuck my feet fast?” Kara pouted.

“Yes!” I moaned as I held her feet in my hands and I started to thrust my hips back and forth.

“That feel good?” Kara asked, her voice sounding like she was moaning.

“Yeah!” I moaned as I was now thrusting as fast as I could, feeling my cock throb harder and harder with each thrust.

“Fuck!” I moaned as I was now fucking her feet as fast as I could.

“That cock feels so good. Sliding in between my feet.” She moaned. “Mmm! I can’t wait for you to cum all over them!”

“You want me to cum?” I moaned my question as I felt a sudden rush in my balls.

“Yes! Cover my toes with that fucking cum!” She urged me, her accent making my orgasm come quicker.

“Fuck!” I grunted. “I’m…” I couldn’t even finish as I thrust forward whilst my first load shot out, my jizz going all over the sole of one foot and the top of the other. I let my cock rest in between her feet as my dick pumped out load after load of cum in between her feet.

“Fuck!” Kara laughed. “That’s so much fucking cum!” She added as my cum started to ooze out from in between her toes.

“Shit!” I said as I pulled my cock out from in between her feet. She lifted her feet to show me my own cum on them and as she started to rub the top of her feet with the sole of the other, alternating between her feet, getting my cum all over the tops and soles of her feet, I felt my cock throb and get hard and another small load of cum oozed out and my cock went back to being soft again.

“That looks so hot!” I said looking at her feet as I grabbed one by her ankle and rubbed the tip of my cock on her heel, getting the cum off my dick.

“Here!” She patted the seat beside her. “You must be knackered after that orgasm. Come sit next to me.” She said. I climbed over the coffee table and sat down next to her.

“That is a huge cock.” She said her eyes on my dick. I looked up at the screen and saw that a channel had tuned in. It was ITV, so I stored it to channel #3 and continued to scan for the next channel.

“If you get the digital channel, there’s no point of doing the other channels.” Kara said. “I can get terrestrial TV through digital as well.” She had a point, guess she wasn’t just a pretty face with sexy feet.

Kara’s eyes was still fixated on my cock.

“What?” I asked looking at her.

“It still looks so big.” She said.

“You’ve said that a couple of times now.” I laughed at her.

“No. I mean… you just came and it’s still so huge!” She laughed. “Is it still hard?” She asked. “Cause if it was….” Kara said pushing her chest forward, as she leaned back and then moved her head forward.

“I’d let you shag me!” She added with her lips so close to mine. I moved my mouth forward and kissed her. Kara placed her hand on my cock as we engaged in a kiss.

“Mmm!” Kara moaned as she started to stroke my cock. I started to suck on her tongue hungrily and she pulled away with a devilish look.

“It feels so hard in my hand!” She whispered into my ear. “I want it in me now!” She said as she let go off my cock.

“I thought you weren’t the type of bird to shag some random bloke?”

“With you… I’ll make an exception.” She smiled, kissing my lips. “Plus, I’ve never had one this big before!” She added as she got onto all fours.

“Keep it hard for me baby!” She moaned as she turned her back to me, her feet going on my lap, my dick in between her feet, but her feet not touching my man hood and they looked a little white, a little like dry skin from all my semen drying on her feet. I was a little surprised at how quickly my cum had dried, but glad at the same time, cause if they weren’t dry. My cum would be going all over my pants.

I instantly started to stroke my cock, making sure I didn’t go soft. Kara undid her shorts and pulled them down her hips and lifted her butt into the air as she pulled them down her thighs.

“Yeah! Keep wanking that cock for me!” Kara said as she lowered her knees and took her shorts down her calves and off her ankles. That’s when I noticed that her thong was in her shorts.

My eyes quickly darted to her ass as I saw her bare butt, she pushed her butt out and I could see her tight cunt and her puckered ass hole.

“You like my bum?” Kara asked.

“Yes. Very much!” I replied as I reached out and placed my hand on her butt cheek, squeezing her firm cheek.

“You wanna fuck me up the arse?” She asked.

“What?!” I was shocked at her proposal and the thought made my cock hard.

“You don’t have a condom do you?” She smiled shaking her hand.

“What makes you say that?”

“You haven’t had sex for a while. Why would you be buying condoms?” She bought up a valid point.

“Plus…” She said sticking her ass out. “I love having a big fat cock up my bum. Squeezing past my tight little ring.” I didn’t even need to stroke my cock to stay hard anymore, all I had to do was listen to her.

I quickly stood up and undressed as fast as I could whilst Kara took her tight little top off and joined me in nudity.

“I don’t think I have anything to use as lube so just spit into my ass hole.” She said shaking her thick rump in the air. I placed my hands on her round cheeks and spread them apart, seeing her dark hole, my dick getting really hard now at the thought of being in there in mere seconds.

Kara’s ass hole gaped ever so slightly, enough to easily fit a finger in. I spat into her open hole and my saliva landed on it and started to sink into her dark hole. Once the saliva was in, she clenched her ass hole.

“You want me to open it up for you again?” Kara asked looking back.

“Yeah!” I replied in amazement from how well she controlled her sphincter. Her ass hole gaped again effortlessly and I moved my head down, placing my mouth over her ass hole and pushed my tongue in.

“Oh yeah!” Kara moaned. “Tongue my tight little shit hole!”

I started to twist my wet tongue around inside her ass hole, feeling my saliva in there as I spread it around on her anal walls, at the same time getting her hole even wetter with my wet tongue.

“Stop teasing my ass!” Kara said reaching back with one hand and pushing my head away. “You know what I want up there so fucking giving it to me!” She said with a hint of desperation in her voice.

I quickly got onto my knees behind her, getting in between her calves, my hand swiftly going onto my shaft guiding my member towards her ass hole. Kara quickly reached back and spread her butt cheeks apart as I pressed my engorged cock head against her puckered hole and applied very little pressure as her ass hole swallowed my cock with ease.

“Oh FUCK!” She yelled out loud. As I started to slowly work my fuck stick in and out of her rectum.

“You like having a fat cock up that big ass of yours?” I asked as I started to build up some pace.

“YES!” She screamed. “I love having a big cock in that dirty little ass hole!” She gasped as I started to go pretty fast.

“Yeah! Keep going! Harder! Fuck my bum as hard as you can!” She yelled. So I pulled back, only leaving the tip in.

“Yeah! Come on! Give it to me baby!” She moaned and I thrust forward as hard as I could, causing her to go forward.

“Yeah! Just like that! Again! Harder!” She gasped as I slowly pulled back, causing her to moan as my cock dragged slowly past her sphincter, making her feel every inch.

“Give it to me!” She moaned, closing her eyes and gritting her teeth hard as she waited in anticipation and then I slammed my hips forward hard, feeling my dick go deep into her bowels.

“OH FUCK!” Kara gasped. These slow thrusts was too slow for me and I started to thrust in and out of her a little faster with each thrust until I was going too fast.

“Oh shit!” She moaned out in what sounded like pain, but she was thrusting her hips back, trying to stuff more of my shaft into her ass until she thrust back hard.

“STOP!” She screamed. “Please!” She begged as I came to a halt.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“It’s been so long since I had a dick in my bottom and even longer since I tasted one that had been up my rear.” She said with a horny look in her eyes as she slowly pulled her ass off my shaft, shaking her ass a little as she did that which made me even harder.

She let out a triumphant laugh as she turned around and put her lips over my thick cock head.

“Mmmm…” She moaned, closing her eyes and twisting her lips around my cock head causing pre-cum to spurt out into her mouth. She slowly started to work her lips up and down my shaft a couple of times before taking her mouth off.

“Mmm….” She moaned followed by a loud audible gulp. “That was a huge pre-cum load!” She smiled pushing me so that I was sat on the couch.

“My turn to do the fucking now.” Kara said as she knelt down onto my lap facing me. She reached back and pressed my cock head against her ass hole, getting the head in before working her hips down, working her tight sphincter down my shaft.

“Oh yeah! That’s the stuff!” She moaned as she started to ride my shaft at a steady decent pace. I sat there, just enjoying the pleasure she was giving my fuck stick as she rode me for as long as she could.

“Yeah! You like the way my tight little bum hole squeezes that fat fucking cock?” Kara moaned her questions, her tits right in front of my face, just bouncing up and down.

“Yeah!” I replied as I leaned my head forward, opening my mouth and putting it over one of her nipples.

“You like my tits?” Kara smiled as she rode me faster. “Yeah! Suck those big fucking nipples!” She gasped as she pushed her other boob up towards her mouth and started to flick her nipple with her tongue.

I quickly moved my head up and my mouth onto her other nipple as she still held her breast up, sucking her tongue and nipple at the same time.

Kara was really starting to turn me on, bringing me closer to my second orgasm quicker than I expected. My dick felt so hard that it ached and I started to thrust my hips up and down.

“Am I not going fast enough for you?” Kara pouted and then laughed as she started to ride me a lot faster, making it harder for me to keep up as her ass slammed down hard onto my balls.

“Uhhh! Fuck!” I moaned as we both built up a really fast rhythm as we met each others thrusts. Pushing my hips up and working my dick deep into her bowels every time she thrust her hips down.

“Fuck!” I moaned wrapping my arms around her and then rolling her over onto her back without pulling out of her tight ass.

“You wanna go on top?” Kara asked as I started thrusting in and out of her ass hole fast in the missionary position.

“Yeah, I know you wanna fuck that fat arse hard and fast! Don’t you , you big mother fucker?” Kara asked me, cursing while hugging my head and bringing my head closer to her chest.

I wasn’t one who liked being cursed but hearing Kara swear just turned me on even more even if she was swearing at me and this just added fuel to the fire and made me fuck her ass even faster, I was trying so hard to try and cum as soon as I could now.

“Yes! Fuck me deeper baby! Get it all the way deep into my arse!” Kara moaned, hugging my head even harder as I thrust hard, getting my dick deep into her just like how she wanted.

It was making me loose pace in my thrusts, but it was making her tight little ring clench my shaft and pleasure every single square millimetre of my man hood and this was bringing me closer to my second orgasm quicker than fast thrusts would’ve.

“God! You’re ass is so fucking tight!” I moaned into her ear and this caused Kara to let out a pleased sigh in between her moans as she wrapped her legs around my waist, pushing her heels into my butt cheeks as she wrapped them tighter every time I thrust forward to get me deeper into her rectum.

“Oh shit!” I yelled as I felt my dick start to throb and Kara knew I was ready to explode and she clenched her butt hole, her sphincter gripping my thick shaft so hard that she made it almost impossible to thrust my man hood back in.

“My bum hole too tight for that fucking fat willy?” Kara asked as I managed to force my dick deep into her bowels.

“ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHH!” Kara screamed. “Oh fuck! That’s a good boy!” She moaned as I continued to give her fast little strokes.

“Just fuck me hard!” She urged me as she leaned forward and kissed me hard. “I know you wanna cum, so gimme that fucking cream!”

“You want that cum?” I teased her knowing that I was a couple of thrusts away from blowing my wad.

“You know I do!” Kara said.

“OK.” I said. “You asked for it.” With that I thrust into her ass hole as fast as I could until I felt my dick throbbing furiously in her tight orifice and just as I felt my cum explode out of my balls, I pulled out.

“YEAH!” Kara yelled. “Cum on my fucking face!” She didn’t need to tell me twice as I held my cock as my cum shot out of my dick, going onto her large tits as I tried to go up her stomach.

“Oh God!” She moaned. “That feels so good on my tits!” She started to rub my cum into her tits as the next couple of loads hit her on the face. She quickly opened her mouth, catching a load in her mouth and then she started to swirl my cum around in her mouth and swallowed as I finished spraying her pretty face in my thick semen.

“Mmm! You have really tasty cum!” She said leaning forward and sucking my dick. I reached down with my hands and scooped some cum off her face with my finger and she quickly took my finger into her mouth and sucked my finger clean.

“Hey!” She smiled looking at the TV. “The channels tuned!”

“It’s been tuned in for a while now.” I replied getting off her as we both re-positioned ourselves and sat on the couch. I picked up the remote and stored the channel under channel number 6.

“This should keep me entertained for a while.” Kara said flicking through the channels. I stood up.

“Where are you going?” Kara asked.

“Home. We’re done here. Aren’t we?” I asked.

“What do you think that the TV is gonna keep entertained until?” She asked, pouting with her luscious lips.

“Your friends come over? Maybe you’re waiting for your sister?” I replied, not sure what she was waiting for.

“I’m waiting for you to get hard again you fucking knob!” She laughed. I sat down beside her, knowing that she wasn’t gonna have to wait that long, but she might wanna watch an episode of ‘The Simpsons’ before I was good to go again.
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