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My Blind Date With Alyssa Milano
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Disclaimer: This story should not be viewed by anyone under the age of 18 and is not a representation of any celebs or persons named and was concocted from the figment of my imagination. This story was originally published on January 1st 2010.

“It’s been so long since I got laid!” Alyssa whined, as she poked her fork into a piece of cucumber and bringing it up and into her mouth.

“You could get laid any time you want!” Julia said. “You can go up to any guy and say I’m Alyssa Milano, would you suck my pussy for me please? And he’ll do it. You’re a total babe!” She carried on, taking a bite of her burger.

“Yeah! But they’ll go to the press and say ‘Alyssa Milano asked me to give her head’ and totally sell me out.”

“I wish I could go up to any guy I want and say to him ‘Take me now!’ I just don’t have a smoking hot body like yours.”

“That’s because I wok out.” Alyssa said with a mouthful of lettuce. “And eat healthily.” She said pointing at her salad with her fork. “Unlike you. Shovelling burgers into your face whenever you get the chance.”

“I do not!” Julia protested and both the girls laughed. “I don’t see a shovel any where.” Julia wasn’t a bad looking girl, she wasn’t great looking either, she was in the middle. Everything about her was average. Which made her quite jealous of Alyssa, but they had been good friends for a long time.

“That looks so good!” Alyssa said staring at Julia while she ate.

“You want some?” Julia offered, knowing Alyssa is a vegetarian.

“No! I don’t believe in eating flesh. I have to stick to the healthy eating.” Alyssa said picking up a tomato with her fork.

“Maybe you wouldn’t be sexually frustrated if you ate properly.” Julia commented.

“What’s eating and sex got to do with each other?”

“Nothing!” Julia said. “But what do you prefer? Sex or chocolate?” She asked trying to prove some kind of point.

“Ohh! That’s a hard one!” Alyssa said squinting.

“When’s the last time you had chocolate?” Julia asked. Alyssa laughed.

“It’s been a while. But even longer since I’ve gotten laid.”

“Well if you want, I could set you up with a friend of mine.” Julia suggested.

“Sure! I’m desperate, so I’ll try anything. But if he’s ugly I think it’s fair that you pick up the check.”

“You’re the famous one who gets a lot of money for being in movies and on TV!” Julia protested.

“You’re the one setting me up with an ugly friend of yours.”

“He’s not ugly!” Julia protested.

“Have you slept with him?” Alyssa asked.

“No.” Julia replied.

“Why not? It’s cause he’s ugly isn’t it?” She asked looking at her suspiciously, squinting.

“He’s not ugly!”

“You keep saying that.” Alyssa said picking up another piece of tomato with her fork. “What does he look like then?”

“He’s cute. He’s tanned, he looks a little Latin. He’s got a ponytail, goatee…”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait! A goatee? What kind of goatee?”

“Just on his chin. Not around everywhere that he gives you a rash when you kiss.”

“Oh! That’s good. What else?”

“He’s about 5’8″ a medium build.”

“Medium build? What does that mean? He’s fat but not quite fat?” Alyssa asked.

“No. He’s not fat, he’s not skinny. A bit bigger than skinny, well toned.”

“Tone is good.” Alyssa cut her off. “I’ll go out with your friend. Just set it up. Just don’t tell him I’m looking to get laid.” Alyssa said as the two carried on eating and talking.

I reached home after a long day at work. I just wanted to relax and chill out. I went over to the fridge and got a bottle of beer and took the cap off with a bottle opener. I walked past the phone on my way towards the couch and noticed that I had a message. I decided to check who it was.

“Hi Kash. It’s Julia. Listen, I know we haven’t been able to hang out for a while, but I got a friend who’s looking to be set up if you’re interested. She’s really pretty.” Yeah right! Girls always say that about other ugly girls. “She hasn’t been out with a guy for a while and I was wondering if you’re interested. Even if you’re not call me. We can catch up.”

I sat down and took a sip of beer. I guess I should call her. At least we’d be able to catch up. I picked up the phone and the address book next to it. I looked in the ‘J’ section for Julia and dialled her number.

“Hey Jules! It’s Kash. You called earlier.”

“Yeah!” She replied. “I got a friend who’s looking to get laid. But she doesn’t want to seem desperate so she wants to do the whole dating thing, you know…”

“Make me work for it.” I cut her off, taking a sip of beer.

“Exactly! But she doesn’t want me to tell you that she wants to get laid.”

“I gotcha. She wants to fuck, but she doesn’t want me to know.” I said drinking some more. “So what she look like?” I asked “Is she fit or is she some ugly fat chick?”

“She is very hot!” Julia replied. “She has a body I wish I had.”

“There’s nothing wrong with your body! You got quite a good rack on you.”

“Thanks!” Julia giggled, if she was here in person, I know she’d be blushing.

“What about the face?” I asked.

“Very beautiful, long dark hair…”

“What does she do?” I cut her off feeling like I heard enough about what she looked like, taking a long sip of beer this time.

“She’s in between jobs right now.”

“So she’s a bum.” I said. “At least that shows I’m better off.” Julia laughed. “What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Nothing!” She said. “She’s not a ‘bum’ she’s quite well off.”

“Ok.” I said. “I’ll do it. So what? You call her or…?”

“Well… I don’t know when she’s free, so you call her tell her you’re my friend Kash and arrange a date.”

“OK. What’s her name?”

“Alyssa.” She replied. She left me Alyssa’s number, I hung up and dialled Alyssa‘s number. The phone rang a couple of time’s before Alyssa picked up.

“Hello?” She greeted.

“Hi.” I said. “I just…er… got a call from Julia…” I was a little unsure as to how to do this.

“Oh! The blind date.” Alyssa said instantly knowing why I had called.

“Yeah.” I said, feeling a little uneasy, but knowing that a hot dark haired woman was looking to get laid, I was more than happy to deal with the uneasiness.

“So should we set up a place to meet?” She asked.

“We could meet up at a restaurant?” I suggested.

“You know where McDonald’s is near the beach?” She asked. McDonald’s? I knew she was a bum but at least it’ll be cheap I suppose.

“You wanna… go… to McDonald’s?” I asked. “You know I’m paying right?”

“No!” She laughed. Her laughter sounded sweet and a little familiar.

“I was gonna say that new restaurant that opened a couple of doors down.”

“Oh! I know which place you’re talking about! I’ve been meaning to check it out.”

“Same here.” Alyssa replied. “So I was thinking we could kill two birds with one stone.”

“Cool. So when should we meet?” I asked.

“Dinner? Tomorrow night?” She asked.

“Sounds good.” I replied. “Should we meet there or should I…”

“We’ll meet there. How does sven sound?” Alyssa asked.

“Sounds good.” I replied.

“OK. You call them up and book a seat for two. They’re new so they shouldn’t be busy. OK?” She asked sounding very cheery.

“Great!” See you then.” I said and hung up. That went a lot better than I had expected. It seemed quite pleasant and I think we might actually get along during dinner before we come back here and fuck.

“Hi.“ I said as I approached the host. “I booked a table for two under the name Kash.

“OK.“ The host said looking at his book. “Ah yes. Table for two.” He said looking at me. “But there’s only one of you?”

“I’m meeting someone here and I guess I’m a little early and she’s a little late…”

“Ah! Say no more. Right this way sir.” He said understanding the situation and led me to the table.

“Would you like a menu or would you like to wait till your lady friend arrives?”

“I’ll wait.”

“As you wish sir.” He said and was off.

I sat there waiting for Alyssa to come, essentially, I could actually be sitting here for hours and not even know that she turned up at all. In fact she could’ve already come in, decided I was too ugly even for a one night stand and left and I wouldn’t even have a clue cause I have no clue what she looks like.

“Kash?” I heard a voice call behind.

“Alyssa?” I said standing up, turning around, extending my hand to greet her and I froze in my tracks. Alyssa chuckled. I checked her out quickly. She was in a low cut black dress that showed off her cleavage and the bottom fell a couple of inches short of her knees , open toed shoes, her dark hair left out going just past her shoulders.

“I take it Julia didn’t tell you who I was, did she?” Alyssa chuckled some more, shaking my hand and taking a seat opposite me.

“No wonder Jules laughed when I referred to you as a bum.”

“You called me a bum?” Alyssa asked, looking surprised

“She said you were in between jobs, which usually means you don’t have a job and that you can’t get one.”

“I don’t know why she wouldn’t tell you who I was.” Alyssa said.

The waiter came over with menus and as we looked them over. I stared at Alyssa as she looked at the menu. She looked so beautiful. She didn’t look like she was wearing make-up, apart from light red lip stick. She looked like she was going for the natural look, but let’s face it. Now a days, the natural look isn’t natural, women spend hours on their make up to make it look ‘natural.’

All of a sudden I remembered something. Julia said that she had a friend who was looking to get laid but not seem desperate. And that’s when it hit me. I’m going to sleep with Alyssa Milano! I guess I should start up some chit chat.

“So… what have you been doing since Charmed?” I asked.

“I just finished filming a movie called My girlfriends boyfriend’ and I’ll be starting the next movie in a couple of weeks.”

“What’s the next movie called?”

“It’s called ‘Romantically challenged.’ A TV movie.” She continued looking at the menu.

“I’m just destined to be on TV forever.” She added laughing.

I looked down and noticed that she had tattoos on her wrists. There was one of a snake on her right wrist. It went all the way around her wrist like a watch and the snake had it’s own tail in its mouth. On her left wrist she had that Hindu symbol, an ‘Ohm’ I think. I wasn’t going to ask her about it, mainly cause people have big difference in opinion when it comes to religion and if we got into that topic, my chance of sleeping with her could go out the window.

“That’s not true!” I lied. “What about that movie you did called ‘Fear?’ That was good.”

“I was barely in it. It was big because of Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon.” She answered.

“Hey! Both of those were nobodies at the time, you were Samantha from ‘Who’s the boss’ that carried that movie on your shoulders.” Alyssa laughed at that one.

“I can see there’s no changing your views on my career.” She laughed some more.

“Are you ready to order?“ The waiter asked as he approached us.

“Yeah. I’ll have the lobster.“ I replied. Alyssa ordered some kind of salad, I wasn’t really paying attention. I was mentally moving the top of her dress to one side and revealing her large, plump breasts.

“Lobster huh?“ Alyssa said. “So what do you do?” She then asked.

“I work in an office.” I said nodding my head. “I think it has something to do with something.” I said, staring at her cleavage, not really concentrating on what I was saying.

“Something to do with something?” She laughed.

“Yeah.” I replied, realising how stupid I sounded and laughed. “It’s a law firm.”

“So you’re a lawyer?”

“I guess.” I replied.

“A lawyer at a office that may or may not be a law firm that deals with something to do with something.” Alyssa repeated and laughed.

“Well it sounds stupid when you say it like that.” I laughed.

Alyssa continued to ask me questions about myself as we made conversation.

“Wow! That’s some quick service.” Alyssa said as she saw the waiter approach us with our food.

We continued to converse whilst we ate, mainly about our careers, not really wanting to reveal too much about ourselves to the other. Once we finished, despite how much more she made than me, I still picked up the tab. I planned to pick up the tab when I arrived and nothing was going to change that.

We headed out to the parking lot. Things started to move a little fast now

“Which one’s your car?” I asked.

“I got a lift here. So could you give me a ride?” She asked. This was a good thing because if she drove here, there’d be two cars, she’d probably end up taking her own car back home and I’d go off to my own place and end up not having sex with her.

“Sure!” I replied. “Just give me directions.” I added as we got into the car.

“What kind of music do you have?” Alyssa asked.

“Mixture of everything. ” I replied. “I have about ten CD’s stored in the CD player. Just flick through until you find something you like.” Alyssa started to check through the CD’s as I pulled out of the parking lot.

“Just keep going straight.” She said as she quickly dismissed any CD’s that were hip hop or R’n’B. She decided to settle on to the Red hot Chilli Peppers. We carried on talking on the way. She seemed to be a fan of the Chilli’s and was singing along to them, so that avoided any questions that she might’ve asked if there wasn’t any music.

“You can’t miss my place. You can see it a mile away, it’s quite a big ranch.” Alyssa said when a guitar solo hit.

“You live on a ranch?” I asked, sounding very surprised.

“Yeah.” Alyssa replied. “It’s about 40 acres.”

“You got animals?”

“I have eight horses!” Alyssa said sounding quite proud. “But there’s suppose to be a mountain lion on the loose so I’m quite scared it might try and eat one of them.”

“What….? There’s a mountain lion out here?” I asked sounding shocked and a little scared. I started to look around to see if I could see it.

“But don’t worry, apparently bear urine repels them.” Alyssa said.

“Where’d you find bear urine?” I asked.

“I didn’t.” She laughed.

“There! Over there!” Alyssa said pointing. I pulled up and drove up the dirt road, stopping in front of her house. I wasn’t sure if I should make the next move or if I should wait for her to make the move.

“So… this is me.” Alyssa said. By the sound of things, she sounded like she wasn’t sure either. “You wanna come in for coffee?” Yes! The universal language for you wanna stay the night and fuck?

“Yeah. Sure. Should I leave the car here or…”

“Park it over there.” Alyssa pointed to a empty spot next to her car. I quickly moved the car forward and parked perfectly next to her car in one attempt. Alyssa than led me into her house, I walked with her, looking around feeling a little nervous. Not just cause I was going into Alyssa’s home for sex but now mainly more due to the fact that I know there’s a mountain lion prowling about.

Alyssa opened the front door and keyed in her alarm code, to turn the alarm off. She had her back turned to me as she bent over whilst reaching down to unhook the back of her shoes off her heels. I stood there staring at her perfectly round rump. Seeing as though she was taking her shoes off, I guess I should too.

“Make yourself at home.” She said motioning towards the couch. Her whole house was a white, creamy colour. It was very soothing. Alyssa walked off leaving me alone in the living room.

After about a minute of waiting, I decided to go to her in the kitchen. I assumed she was going to put the coffee on to boil and come back, but it looks like she was in the kitchen waiting for it to boil.

I walked into the kitchen and Alyssa had her back turned to the door so she didn’t see me come in. It turned out that she was standing there watching the coffee pot boil, leaning against the kitchen counter.

I slowly approached her, expecting her to hear me and turn around, but she was oblivious to my presence. As I approached her, my eyes once again fixated on her thick round rump and the way she was leaning over the counter, sticking her butt out, it looked so tempting.

I walked up behind her, pressing my crotch against her ass and wrapped my arms around her waist. She was startled at first, and stopped leaning forward against the counter, standing up straight. But when she turned her face to see it was me, she was back to normal.

It was almost as if she forgot that I was here and thought that she was alone in her house and thought maybe a stranger came in and started to molest her.

Alyssa seemed a little nervous and slightly twitchy when I touched her. It was obvious why I was here so I decided to stop procrastinating and make the first move. I started to kiss her neck, which caused Alyssa to moan.

“Julia told me exactly why you wanted this date.” I whispered into her ear, hoping that this would help advance things along.

“What?!” Alyssa said sounding a little annoyed, moving her head away from my face.

“That slut!” She said looking at me.

“I can’t help but think of the word ironic.” I joked and it caused her to laugh, placing her hands on mine.

“You shut up!” She said once she stopped laughing, squinting with one eye.

“I would think that would make things easier.” I said.

“It sort of does.” Alyssa said, nuzzling the back of her head against my neck. “I’ve been so nervous leading up to the date and even during the date. I was like; How am I gonna get him to have sex with me?”

“Pretty easy really.” I replied. “If any female shows a guy a little boob, he’d be like; Oh man! I’m in!”

“You mean like this?” Alyssa asked as she lowered one side of her cleavage to expose one of her tits.

“Yeah, just like that.” I said, my voice going low as I reached up with one hand, cupping her boob and gently squeezing it, feeling her nipple get erect and poke out against my palm.

Alyssa pushed her chest out forward, allowing me to caress her large mounds, moving the straps off her shoulders, letting her dress slip down just enough to reveal her large breasts.

I slowly exhaled as I started to rub her large breasts, I couldn’t believe that I was actually touching Alyssa Milano’s bare breasts. Alyssa turned around and placed her lips on mine, kissing me quite passionately as she used her hands to quickly undo the buttons of my shirt.

As I quickly pulled my shirt off, Alyssa went for my pants, undoing my belt, button and pants, her lips still locked on mine, letting my pants and boxers fall down. She lifted one leg up, wrapping it around my waist, her heel pressed against the back of my thighs.

Alyssa had her body pressed against mine, her erect nipples poking against my chest as we still sucked each others tongues. Her crotch was pressed against my already erect cock and I could feel the softy silkiness of her panties on the tip of my cock.

They felt like they were quite small and when I reached down, I could feel that they were indeed a thong. Which was very practical, I just moved them to the side, using the same hand to hold my cock and push the tip into her waiting cunt.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Alyssa let out a long moan into my mouth as she released my tongue. I slowly worked my hips forward, getting more of my thick shaft into her woman hood, causing her to wrap her arms around my shoulders tight and pull me close to her.

She quickly lifted her other leg, wrapping that one around my waist too, holding me tight with her legs. I almost lost balance when she did this due to it catching me by surprise.

I started to walk towards the kitchen counter, stepping out of my boxers and pants as she started to kiss around my mouth area. I tried to set her on the kitchen counter, but it was too high for me to set her ass on it and still thrust my cock deep in to her.

So I walked past the counter and into the living room, getting on the couch on my knees and setting her down on to her back, not letting go of her and her not letting go off me as I now lay on top of her, thrusting my hips back and fourth gently.

I pulled my lips away from hers and watched her face groan in pleasure as I worked my fuck stick in and out of her.

She exhaled lightly every time I thrust forward, her pussy feeling unbelievably tight around my dick. I think she was just adjusting to the girth, so I continued at this slow pace until I felt like she could take more.

“Ugnnnhhhhh!” Alyssa gently moaned. “That feels good. So big!” She moaned closing her eyes, enjoying my cock penetrating her slowly. It helped me too, cause as soon as I realised who I was gonna be fucking tonight, I didn’t think I’d even last a minute with her.

“I think I’m gonna cum from just having it inside me!“ She let out what sounded like a slightly nervous giggle.

“Oh! Fuck me faster!” She moaned opening her eyes. I slowly started to thrust back and forth a little faster, feeling her pussy still wrapped tightly around my shaft.

“Come on!” Alyssa urged me, almost yelling. “Fuck me HARDER!” She started to use her heels to pull me close to her every time I thrust forward so she could get my dick deeper in her and when I pulled back, I felt her legs loosen around my waist.

I started to thrust into her faster and faster with each thrust, feeling my dick start to throb already, due to the fact that I hadn’t had sex or jerked off in a long time and also cause of who my dick was in.

“That’s it! Fuck my pussy deep!” Alyssa said, biting her bottom lip. “Get it deep inside that pussy! Oh God! That feels so good!” She moaned throwing her head back. Her reactions were a good sign, cause I don’t believe she’d cum from just having me inside her like how she said before, but if the size of my dick was a factor for her, it was something that gave me a head start.

I started to grunt with every thrust, slamming my hips forward hard, still feeling her heels on my lower back every time I did so, this just made me fuck her faster .

“Oh fuck!” I moaned as I looked at her beautiful face lost in pure ecstasy.

“Don’t slow down! Don’t you fucking dare slow down on me!” Alyssa repeated herself, cursing the second time to get her point across thoroughly.

“If I don’t slow down, I’m gonna end up cumming too quickly.” I protested in between grunts as I continued going as fast as she wanted me to go.

“If you do then I won’t cum!” Alyssa moaned back, her voice rising with every word to the point where she was almost yelling, moving her body to one side.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh shhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt!” She cooed. “That’s the fucking spot!” She moaned as I felt her rapidly get wetter as my dick started to go in and out of her cunt with a splashing sound. I could feel my orgasm building with every thrust.

Her pussy began twitching around my shaft and this just added to my pleasure, making my imminent orgasm rushing closer to a finish.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned as I started thrusting into her at a feverishly fast pace, feeling my orgasm approaching very quickly and by Alyssa’s response, the fast fucking was bringing her orgasm closer.

I looked at her beautiful face as I fucked her, bringing my lips onto hers, not really kissing her, just pressing them against hers and as my balls tightened, I thrust into her as hard as I could, getting my member deep into her cunt as my semen shot up my shaft in deep into her.

Alyssa wrapped her legs around my waist tight, pulling me closer to her and her pussy clamped around my shaft tight and her juices flowed out onto my balls and I was hoping that meant that she came as well.

I was moaning, grinding my hips against her as I was trying to get as deep into her cunt as I possibly could. Alyssa held my face with her hands and she started to kiss me, breathing out into my mouth before releasing my face.

I pushed myself up, looking her up and down, unable to believe that I had just fucked a woman that would be best described as a Goddess. She still had the dress on. The bottom had ridden up and the top down, so it was now only around her waist.

“That felt so good!” Alyssa said, leaning back on her elbows as she pushed herself up and gave me a quick kiss.

“You know what we need right now?” Alyssa asked.

“What?” I replied with a question.

“A nice hot bath.” Alyssa replied, pulling herself off my cock and getting off the couch, standing on the floor, pulling the top of her dress up and getting it back on herself properly.

I wasn’t sure what this meant. If she wanted me to go or not, but as she walked out of the room, she poked her head back in.

“Are you coming or not?” She asked.

“I thought you wanted to take a bath?.” I asked, causing Alyssa to giggle.

“I said what WE need is a nice hot bath. There’s no we if I’m by myself now is there?”

“No there isn’t.” I answered, quickly getting off the couch to follow her up the stairs. The trip up the stairs felt like it was done in slow motion as my eyes darted from her round ass to her perfectly formed feet, slowly arching as they went up another step.

She led me into her bath room which had a big sized tub with loads of candles set around the room, a lot of them already half used. First thing Alyssa did was started to run the bath and then she looked around.

“Oh shoot! You got a light?” Alyssa asked. “I left mine downstairs.” I just stared at her and she stared back, not seeing what was wrong with the picture, so I decided to help her along.

“OK. Let me check my pockets.” I said and then slowly went to check them and that’s when she realised how stupid her question was, cause I was standing there naked with my clothes downstairs. Alyssa started to laugh as it finally sunk in.

“Maybe I have one in the cabinet.” She suggested as she opened the little cabinet that was placed just over the sink.

“Bingo!” She said as she pulled a lighter out and lit all the candles one by one, which took a lot longer than you’d think. By know, the bath tub was already half way.

“I think that’s enough water.” Alyssa said turning the taps off. I would’ve let more water fill the tub before turning the taps on, but if we were both going in, I guess the water level would rise too high.

“You get in first.” Alyssa gestured me towards the filled tub, turning away.

“Sure.” I said getting in with no questions asked and as soon as I sat down, I felt the hot water nearly burning my skin, it was very hot. She had turned some music on, some piano instrumental. It was quite relaxing and soothing.

“Is it hot enough?” Alyssa asked.

“I think you might need to add some cold water.” I replied.

“Really?” Alyssa asked lifting her leg and putting her foot into the water. “Feels perfectly fine.” She added, twirling her foot around, the tips of her toes touching my cock before pulling her foot out.

“Do that again.” I asked.

“What?” Alyssa gave a coy smile. “This?” She twirled her foot around, touching my cock. Alyssa did the same as before, realising that I wanted her toes to touch my dick again.

“You want me to touch your dick with my foot?” She asked smiling.

“Ideally I’d like you to get your fine ass in here with me but you seem to be taking your sweet time.” I replied. Alyssa let out the cutest laugh as she let her dress fall to the floor and quickly pulled her panties down.

She put one leg into the tub, then the other, her feet on either side of my hips as she squatted down, sitting on my lower abs as she lay on top of me, her back turned to me. I was expecting her to get in the tub and sit opposite me, but this was much better.

I wrapped my arms around her waist as the water level had already rise, covering both of us with our heads just sticking out. The scent of the candles wafted through the air.

My hands quickly travelled up her body and onto her large breasts, cupping them and caressing them gently. Alyssa placed her hands on top of mine.

“Vanilla?” I asked just to make sure I was smelling what I thought I was.

“Yeah!” she replied, her hands drifting down my hands, her stomach and in between her legs. Her hands going onto my dick.

“It’s still so big.” She commented as she started to stroke my shaft.

“I think you’d be able to give me another orgasm right now with this huge thing” She said turning her head.

“But I’m not even fully hard again.” I said.

“I think you will be if I started to….” She trailed off as she pushed the tip of my shaft into her wet, warm cunt. She pushed her body down a little to get herself on my man hood properly as she slowly began to rock back and forth, working her tight pussy up and down my shaft.

I could already feel myself getting harder with every slow thrust Alyssa made, which also caused the water in the tub to slowly splash up and down. I started to kiss the side of her mouth, placing my mouth over her chin and sucking gently, She was so beautiful, I wanted to kiss and lick her face all over.

Alyssa couldn’t get much pace added to her thrusts, mainly cause the water would splash too high and I got the feeling that she didn’t want the water to spill out onto the floor. So I decided to give her a hand, I reached down and started to rub her clit, which made her groans get louder and turn into loud moans.

This seem to be enough to satisfy her. Slow grinding with me gently and slowly rubbing her clit. I had already gotten back to being fully erect and Alyssa started to work her pussy down more, getting me deep into her cunt, so deep that I could feel the load that I had blown into her downstairs.

“Mmm!” Alyssa moaned slowly grinding her hips, the music, the scent of the candles all adding to making this being slow and sensual. I just lay there, enjoying the feeling of having Alyssa Milano’s pussy slowly pleasuring my penis.

“Your dick feels so good in me baby.” Alyssa cooed. “I could just ride it all night long!” She added.

“Not that I won’t enjoy that, but the water feels cold.” I said.

“Hmm.” Alyssa said feeling around in the water. “So it does. I didn’t even notice.” She laughed as she sat up. She put her hands on the side of the tub to push herself up.

“The candles are all almost gone.” She said looking around.

“How long were we in the tub?” I asked getting up, standing close behind her, my body pressed against hers.

“Not long enough.” She replied. I only came once and you didn’t even cum at all.” Alyssa said turning around, pressing her large tits against my chest, kissing me again.

“Let’s head to your bedroom.” I suggested.

“Good idea, but first we need some lotion.” She said getting out of the bath, grabbing a towel and tossing one in my direction as she proceeded to dry herself off. I towelled my upper body before getting out of the tub and drying my legs off.

Alyssa finished before me and was looking in her little counter on the top of the sink.

“What cha looking for?” I asked.

“Lotion.” She replied. “So you can rub it onto every inch of my body.” She said looking back at me with a very sultry look. I felt my dick flex and get harder as she said those words.

“Shit!” Alyssa said.

“What’s wrong? Out of moisturiser?” I asked walking up behind her.

“No. I forgot to take my pills.” She said showing me them.

“What are they for?” I asked. “You don’t turn crazy if you don’t take them, do you?”

“No!” She gave a frustrated laugh. “I thought I had taken them today so that we won’t need to worry about contraceptives…”

“Oh!” I said as soon as I realised what pills they were. “You could take one of those morning after pills.” I suggested.

“It looks like I’m gonna have to. Luckily I have you to go and get me some in the morning.” Alyssa said turning around, wrapping her arms around my neck, going on her tip toes as she kissed me.

I was going to point out that she might have to go and see a doctor to get the pills, I wasn’t sure how it worked, but that thought was pushed out of my mind as soon as she placed her lips on mine.

”Come on, let’s go.” She said breaking the kiss, handing me the lotion and walking off. I followed her into her bed room, my eye scanning her naked body up and down.

Alyssa got on the bed and lay on her back, one leg bent at the knee as she lay there waiting for me.

“Where should I start?” I asked her.

“Wherever you want to place your hand s on first.” Alyssa smiled. I looked her flawless body up and down, my eyes already fixated on exactly where I wanted to start with. I opened flicked the lid of the lotion open and poured a generous amount onto her breast.

“How did I know that was gonna be the first place you were gonna go for?” She laughed.

I think the answer was pretty self explanatory. I placed my hands on her large globes, the moisturiser feeling thick and creamy as I started to gently massage it into her boobs, moving my hands around onto her chest as well.

My hands went down on to her toned, firm stomach, rubbing the excess amount of lotion on to her stomach before pouring some on to the tops of her thighs.

“Turn over onto you front so I can get the back as well.” I said to her and she rolled onto her front. Her perfectly, big round ass was staring at me and I forgot all about her thighs and squeezed the bottle over her butt cheeks.

She wasn’t expecting me to do that and the cool lotion hitting her bare bottom caused her ass to flinch. She had a tattoo of some kind of a heart on her behind, which was now getting covered in the thick moisturiser.

“I thought you were getting my thighs?” Alyssa asked looking back, with a sort of squinting look like she was looking at me suspiciously.

“I was but your big, tight looking ass was looking at me, looking all beautiful and round….” I started to trail off as I pretended to be groping her ass just inches above it when I realised I didn’t need to mimic grabbing her ass, when I could actually be groping her ass.

“Got a thing for my ass?” Alyssa chuckled.

“I know you know you have one fine ass. I mean you went onto Jimmy Kimmel’s show and showed your ass off.” I teased her as I rubbed the moisturiser onto her ass.

“I wasn’t showing my ass off! I was merely modeling the Dodgers jeans.” She defended herself as I spread her ass cheeks apart getting her butt crack moisturised.

“Don’t go too close to the hole. It could sting a little.” She said. So I moved down to the back of her thighs seeing as though her ass was all nice and moisturised.

I could feel my dick get painfully hard as I rubbed her gorgeous thighs and moved down to her shapely calves and onto her feet. I moisturised the tops of her feet as I stared at her soles, seeing the soft wrinkles made me lower my head and lick along the wrinkles of her left foot.

Alyssa giggled, looking back. “Finally getting some alone time with my feet.” She laughed. I licked up her sole and kissed her heel, noticing her tattoo on her ankle.

“What’s this a tattoo of?” I asked as I turned her foot slightly.

“That’s an angel.” Alyssa replied. “I got flowers on my right ankle.” She added lifting her other foot to show me the other tattoo.

“I’ve never licked an angel before.” I commented which caused Alyssa to let out an excited giggle and curl her toes as I licked the tattoo on her ankle.

“Your toes look so cute when they’re curled.” I said as I licked down her soles, sucking the tip of her big toe. My dick was now painfully hard and I needed some relief, so I moved her feet down onto my dick, using the fleshy balls off her feet to squeeze the sides of my shaft.

I felt pre-cum spurt out and go on her toes. Her feet looked so sexy that I couldn’t contain myself anymore and I pushed her feet together, with my shaft in between them and I started to rub the soles off her feet up and down my shaft, getting immense gratification from her soft soles pleasuring my man hood.

“Unnnnnnnnnhhhhhhh!” I let out a long moan as Alyssa continued stroking my shaft without the help of my hands guiding her incredible feet up and down my member.

“You want me to squeeze tighter?” Alyssa asked looking back at me.

“Yeah!” I moaned feeling her press her feet together more, the fleshy balls of her feet feeling amazing against my sensitive skin.

Alyssa looked back at my face, smiling at the reaction that I was giving her from having her elegant feet fucking my cock.

“Stop.” I moaned out loud.

“You don’t want me to fuck that fat cock with my pretty little feet?” Alyssa asked, pouting as she curled her toes, pulling at my sensitive skin.

“Yes, but I wanna….” I paused for a second as her toe nail gently scraped my cock head causing a wave of pleasure to shoot up my spine.

“You wanna……?” Alyssa teased as she gave long slow strokes, using only the tips of her toes, pressing hard against my shaft.

“Be inside of you!” I moaned. Alyssa instantly released my cock from in between her feet and grinned at me.

I quickly got on top of her, using my knees to spread her legs and reaching down, pressing my cock head against her pussy.

“No. Stop!” Alyssa said. “I’m not on the pill.” She remembered.

“I thought you were gonna take a morning after pill?” I said, more in the form of a question.

“Yeah, but I don’t wanna risk anything by taking several loads up my pussy.” Alyssa said.

“So… What do we….” I started, thinking of the only other possible alternative which was to stop. Maybe she could finish me off with her feet or mouth. But essentially, I really wanted to fuck her some more.

Alyssa reached forward into her bed side dressing table, which I hadn’t even noticed until now. One would be forgiven for that kind of mistakes when you take into consideration that their eyes were glued on a woman that can only be described as being a Goddess.

“You’re gonna need this.” Alyssa said handing me a tub of Vaseline.

“Wait? Are you….? Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” I asked sounding less shocked than I actually was. Alyssa gave me a huge smile, that beautiful smile where her canines dig into her bottom lip slightly.

“Go on!” Alyssa said motioning with her hand. “I know you want to!”

“Just when I thought this night couldn’t get any better…” I said pushing my self up.

“You go and make this night even more amazing than it’s already been.” I added as I pulled the lid off the tub. I quickly scooped some Vaseline out and moved my finger closer to her ass.

“You did give me this to use as lubrication for anal sex right?” I asked, just making sure.

“Of course!” Alyssa laughed.

I tried to use my free hand to spread her ass cheeks apart, but I could only move one of her butt cheeks to aside.

“Need some help?” Alyssa asked, placing her hands on her thick, round cheeks and pulling them apart, exposing her dark hole to me.

I just sat there on the back of her thighs as I stared at her ass hole in awe, realising that in probably less than a minute, I was gonna have my dick up Alyssa Milano’s ass. I shook my head and snapped out of it, it was the first time that I had properly felt star struck in her presence.

I quickly pushed my finger against her ass hole and felt it gape just enough to allow my finger access and the Vaseline helped to get my finger in as well.

“Mmmmmm!” Alyssa moaned as she felt my finger gently push past her sphincter as I began to slowly work my finger in and out, twisting my finger a little bit more each time as I got her anal walls covered in the thick jelly.

I worked my finger in as far as I could get it to go into her ass hole before pulling out and scooping some more Vaseline, this time using it to lubricate my member by rubbing my shaft, staring at her ass hole and getting even more horny as I masturbated.

Once I felt that I had rubbed my cock enough, I held my cock, feeling my hand tremble ever so slightly as I pressed the tip in between her butt cheeks, feeling the opening to Alyssa’s tightest orifice against the tip of my cock before pushing my cock head in.

The Vaseline causing a loud squelching sound as she relaxed her ass hole and got it to gape ever so slightly, just enough for me to work my man hood into her tight hole.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh ffuuuuccccccccckkkkk!” I moaned as I slowly rocked my hips back and forth working more of my dick past her tight sphincter.

“Mmmmm! Just like that baby! Work that huge fuck stick all the way up my ass!” Alyssa said in a stern, commanding voice. I wasn’t sure if she needed me to go slow, but she seemed eager for me to get to fucking her ass so I slammed my hips forward.

“AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!” Alyssa screamed out loud. “SHIT! FUCK THAT ASS!” She yelled still pulling her butt cheeks apart allowing me to see my dick slide in and out of her tight little shit hole.

“Oh fuck! That looks so fucking hot!” I moaned as I watched her ass hole get stretched out in order to make space for my thick shaft.

Alyssa pushed her face down, moaning and groaning, gripping the sheets and biting them as I continued to drill into her rectum faster and faster with every thrust until I had a pretty fast pace going.

I went flat on top of her, kissing the back of her neck and shoulder as I fucked her hard, getting my dick as deep as I could into her bowels with every thrust.

“OH GOD! FUCK ME HARDER!” Alyssa yelled as I slammed my hips down, my groin slapping against her butt cheeks hard, my dick thrusting up her ass hole so hard it caused her whole body to jump forward.

“YEAH! Just like that!” Alyssa moaned, sounding more pleased with my thrusts. I continued drilling her hard, the thrusts a little slower.

“OK! OK! Stop!” Alyssa said after a few minutes of me pounding her ass.

“Why? What’s wrong?” I asked, slowing down to a stop.

“I don’t want you to get the image of me as being a lazy lay, where you had to do all the work.”

“So you wanna ride it?” I asked.

“We only met tonight and yet, you know me so well.” Alyssa laughed.

I pulled out of her ass hole and lay on the bed on my back.

“Do we need more Vaseline?” I asked.

“Let me see.” Alyssa said as she got onto her knees. She held my dick with one hand, giving it a couple of strokes.

“Would make it a bit easier if it was a little more wet.” Alyssa said and then followed it up by spitting on my dick, her saliva flowing down my cock head. She lowered her mouth, taking the tip into her mouth for the first time.

“Oh shit!” I moaned, moving her hair behind her ears so I could see those pretty lips on my dick. Alyssa straight away started working her lips up and down my shaft, applying just the right amount of suction.

Coming this far and not receiving any oral from her, just made me think that she wasn’t one to put something like a dick in her mouth. But to receive oral from her for the first time after I had my dick up her ass just turned me on even more, causing me to spray out a mass amount of pre-cum into her mouth that could pass off as a small load of cum.

“Ohhhhhh!” Alyssa cooed, rubbing my dick with her hand, her face almost touching my cock.

“I better get this huge thing up my ass before you cum again!” She giggled just before she spat on my shaft again.

“It should slide in more easily now!” She giggled some more as she straddled me, holding my member in place as she slowly eased her sphincter down my pole.

“OH GOD YES!” She yelled as she instantly started to work her ass hole up and down my man hood,

“OH YES! THAT DICK FEELS SO GOOD IN MY ASS!” Alyssa moaned as she began riding my cock at a very fast pace straight from the get go.

“You like that? You like the way my tight little ass hole chokes that huge fucking big dick?” Alyssa asked through gritted teeth, her huge tits bouncing around every where.

“Yes!” I moaned, reaching up, grabbing her tits, which allowed her to go much faster now that her tits weren’t smashing her on the chin.

My eyes darted from her feet, to her huge breasts, to her face, her bald cunt. She was just a feast for the eyes.

“That big dick is making so horny, the way it’s stretching out my tiny little ass hole. Makes me wanna cum for you again.” Alyssa said stopping for a few seconds as she adjusted herself, lifting her legs so that she was now squatting on my lap. She leaned back on one hand as she used her free hand to rub her clit furiously as she rode me fast and hard.

Watching her pussy bulge as my dick filled her ass hole made me want to fuck her faster, so I started to thrust my hips up, adding even more pace to her thrusts. This just spurred Alyssa on to masturbate even faster.

“OH SHIT! FASTER! I’m GONNA CUM SO HARD FOR YOU!” Alyssa moaned and just as I started to thrust my hips up higher, her hips lunged into the air and off my cock as her orgasm hit and her cum flowed out of her cunt.

“TASTE IT!” Alyssa said forcing her fingers into my mouth. I instantly started to suck her fingers, licking her cum off. Alyssa pulled her fingers out of my mouth and into her.

I quickly shuffled down so that my face was just under her pussy, licking up her juices. Alyssa quickly rolled over away from my face, getting on all fours beside my head.

“I want you to fuck me hard and then give me that cum!” She said, with a hint of desperation in her voice.

“And this time, I want you to cum in my mouth. I wanna taste that hot sticky cum.” She said in a really horny tone.

I quickly got onto my knees, stroking my cock at the same time, feeling that the point of release was nearing.

I got into position behind Alyssa as I entered her anal passage from behind and proceeded to fuck her in the doggy style position.

“Yeah! That’s it! Work in nice and deep baby!” Alyssa moaned. “Make me feel every fucking inch of that huge fucking cock!” She urged me as I thrust hard into her bowels.

“YEAH! Keep fucking me! Work that fucking dick up my ass faster!” She almost yelled the last few words.

I instantly started working my hips back and forth faster, feeling her tight ring squeezing my shaft hard as I thrust forward, having to use extra force to do so, making the tops of my thighs hit the back of her thighs with more force, causing her body to jerk forward.

“Yeah! I love it when you fuck my ass hole hard. Just like that!” Alyssa said. She was starting to jerk forward too much and I had to grab her by the waist to keep her from flying forward too much.

As my dick began to throb hard in her ass hole, I knew I was really close to finishing and Alyssa knew this as well and she started to work her sphincter on my man hood, her tight ring contracted around my sensitive prick, not following any pattern other than going tight than loose then tight then loose all the way until it started to be too much for me.

“AWWWWWW!” I let out a long groan as I proceeded to get a few last thrusts in.

“You gonna cum?” Alyssa moaned looking back at me. “Remember where I want it?” She asked and I quickly pulled out. Alyssa gave a cocky laugh as she quickly turned around, moving her face next to my cock.

“SHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT!” I yelled and Alyssa quickly placed her soft lips over my sensitive cock head as my cum burst out of my dick and pouring out into Alyssa’s willing mouth.

“Mmmm!” Alyssa moaned looking up into my eyes and letting out a giggle. She took her mouth off my penis and opened her mouth before swallowing, as if I needed convincing that she had a mouth full of cum.

I started to caress the back of her head as she started to suck my dick, feeling some more cum spurt out into her mouth.

“I think I got the last of that.” Alyssa said stroking my cock. I lay down on the bed and Alyssa followed me down, resting the side of her face on my chest.

“I can’t believe I did that.” Alyssa said thinking out loud.

“What? Let me cum in your mouth?” I asked.

“No. Well yes. But not just that. The whole thing.” Alyssa said.

“You seem to be a pro with that tight little ass hole of yours.” I said.

“I meant the whole situation!” Alyssa said pushing herself up, playfully slapping my bare chest.

“I’m not the type of girl to date a random stranger and then fuck him straight away.”

“But that’s why you asked Jules to hook us up.”

“She forced that on me cause I said I haven’t been laid in a while.”

“Well, if you’re looking to fuck again, you know how to reach me.”

“By reaching down and tugging on your cock?” Alyssa asked with a sly grin.

“Reaching down? My place isn’t that close to yours.” I said.

“Who said anything about going to your place to reach down?” Alyssa smiled tugging my cock.

Seeing as though this was a one night stand, I assumed once we were done I was going to be shown the door but that’s when it hit me she wanted me to stay here with her. I wasn’t gonna argue with that.
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