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Nikki's White Dress
« on: September 13, 2019, 01:00:28 PM »
NOTE: This is a story based on my imagination. No real even has occured or will ever. This is for entertainment purposes only

I had friday morning all for myself, I was doing one of my favorite hobbies; playing an intrument, to be more exact, it was my guitar. I was about to play the G note on my Fender Guitar when I Heard a knock on my door. I wasn't expecting anybody today but I had to learn a couple of songs by the end of the day, so having company would probably prevent that from happening.

I placed my guitar in its stool and walked towards the door to open it and to my surprise, Nicole showed up.

¨Oh my God I´m so glad you´re here, babe. I have a meeting in an hour and Brie wanted me to bring this CD to you. Lazy brat, she always wants me to do the things she´s suppose to do.¨

Brie is a good friend to the band I play with and since a friend of hers will be getting married in a few weeks, she wanted us to play at the wedding. At least I will get some extra cash, so that's always good and besides I love music. I play most instruments so I get asked to play different instruments from time to time.

I saw the instrumental CD for a brief moment and just stared at it.

¨She wants you to play songs number 2 and 4 on the piano. Do you think you can learn them by next Friday? ¨ Nikki asked.

I been playing piano since the age of 10 and since we were on friday and had an easy weekly schedule next week just learning songs, I figured I would.

¨Yep, no problem.¨ I quickly responded.

Nikki stepped into my apartment without asking and walked toward a used refrigerator I bought a month ago and poured cold water on a glass. She was craving water because of the heat outside but I was even hotter down there between my legs. I started noticing my hardon and the arousal spread like a burning flame.

I couldn´t stop staring at her body, the white dress she was wearing was so tight, that I could see her pelvic muscles through it. She loved being slutty and loved wearing clothes so tight that made heads turn from every direction. The tight white fabric on her dress was really turning me on… you fucking slut, how dare you show up to my apartment wearing something like that without expecting a magor hard on from me?

I got near her and gave her a quick slap in the ass. I started caressing her. My hands all over her back, my package grinding on her ass, the fabric on her body felt real soft and really nice. Nicole placed her hands on the table as she leaned toward it, sticking her ass out for me to grind.

¨Baby, please not now. I really have to go. The meeting will…¨

I didn't let her finish her sentence. I could tell she was tense. She had a busy week.  She had a busy life with even greater responsibilities. Poor Nikki, but I know exactly what to do to ease the tension. Nicole and I were leaning on the table, briefly kissing seconds later. I lifted the lower part of her dress that verily covered her ass by a couple of inches and inserted my long slim fingers into her pussy. I loved how it licked and sucked on my fingers.

I could tell Nicole was really into it. She needed this, she truly needed this. She began moaning softly as my fingers played with her pussy a little more.

¨Fuck me… with your fingers a little faster.¨ she moaned.

My soft slow strokes in her pussy weren't enough for her, so I speed up my rhythm. My strokes were getting faster and Nicole´s moans louder and louder. She groaned in pleasure as my fingers worked her wet pussy. I could feel her juices deep inside. She loved my fingers because it reached places she couldn't reach during solo play. I jerked my fingers as fast as I could…

¨Ahh... Yes! Fuck!¨

Nicole´s orgasm echoed through the room as I paced down my strokes making sure her dress remained cleaned.
Seconds later, Nicole rested her arms on my shoulders after an intense orgasm.

¨See? Your dress is still nice and clean.¨ I said staring into her eyes with a bright smile.

¨Your fingers fuck me so good evey fucking time during a quicky. I really needed that and now... I really need to get going. The meeting will start in 40 minutes.¨

Nicole fixed her dress, gave me one final quick kiss on the lips and then place her hand between my legs as she winked at me before walking towards the door. I couldn't help but watch her as she left, her hips swinging side to side. She opened the door and waved me a kiss. I put on the CD Brie wanted me to listen to, skip to track 2, set my piano ready and waited for the song to play…

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Re: Nikki's White Dress
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2019, 09:58:27 PM »
Cool story, I love your other White Dress stories with Khloe Kardashian, this was a good addition.

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