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The Road Trip (with Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell)
Chapter 1
by Noopster



DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of absolute fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all. Fantasy is legal and this shit is ridiculous anyway. Thanks for reading.



Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell had a lot in common. Both of them were children of British Fathers and American mothers, and had had to grow up with the dichotomy of the rigid and gloomy, British tradition, and the colorful licentiousness of American culture of excesses. Brought up in luxury, but always in the shadow of their famous Fathers.
In the beginning, it had been those similarities that made Lily feel immediately close to him. He just seemed to get her, in a way that none of her past ex-boyfriends had even come close to. Lily's last serious relationship had ended badly, with so much drama and viciousness that it made her rethink her whole approach to men and relationships. She'd made the decision of staying single for a while and get to know herself better, figure out what she wanted and didn't want, what she liked and didn't like, what type of man she was looking for and what kind of girlfriend she wanted to be.
Over that span of time, many guys tried and failed to win her affection, and who could blame them, Lily was a dream of a woman, a smart, talented and sincere beauty queen with the tight body of a gymnast, the glamorous face of the most beautiful of angels, and nothing but kindness and tenderness in her heart. But none of them had what she was looking for, until Charlie.
Charlie had arrived and put an end to all of that waiting. In just a couple of months he had somehow managed to make Lily lower all of her defenses and open herself up again. The chemistry had been so strong that she had chosen to ignore one of her own dating rules by sleeping with him after only the second date. That night, after he had taken her to the peak of pleasure and filled her with his seed, Charlie had fallen asleep with his head on her stomach, and Lily had lovingly stroked his short hair until she too fell into dreaming. They had said goodbye the next morning with another steamy session in the shower and from that moment on, Love had kept hitting Lily like a bus to the face every time they were together. Everyone witnessed the change in her. Her close friends noticed her smiling to herself all the time, her coworkers complimented her on how cheerful and energetic she seemed and even her fans had to acknowledge the new man in her life when practically all of her Instagram posts became longing captions and suggestive photos, , all dedicated to him.

The yellow light of the rising sun woke her up. She groaned softly and lifted her head from the pink pillow that rested against the car window. When she saw the road before her disappearing under the hood, she remembered that she was with Charlie, and she turned to him and took his hand from the gear shift and held it in her own.
"Hey there, sleepyhead," he said with a warm smile, turning to admire that angelic face of hers.
"Mnnngg!" Lily groaned, stretching her back before resting her head on his shoulder.
The road trip had started very early that day, before there was even a hint of light on the horizon, and she'd fallen asleep soon after they had left L.A. behind.
"So... are you ready to tell me where we're going?"   
"It's a surprise."
"That was what you said last night, when you showed up with suitcases and camping gear out of nowhere," she said, looking up at him. The week-long road trip had come to her more as an announcement than an invitation. Charlie had not asked her if she wanted to go, he had told her she was. "Now, I love the idea of spending a whole week with you, baby, but I would like to know what your plan is."

His eyes left the road and focused on her. The soft light from the East was making her squint and her fresh and natural face was devoid of any makeup but still breathtakingly gorgeous. "It'll be a fun week," he said, and kissed her sweet lips.

"Okay, Mr. Mysterious," she said, smiling.
Charlie held the steering wheel with his left hand and wrapped his right arm over her, his hand resting on her hip as she leaned on him. There was a moment of pure, silent bliss between the couple; nothing but the faint rumble of the motor and the low hum of the road passing below them. It was just Charlie and her, close together, enjoying each other as much as they could before she'd had to leave for Paris and be painfully away from him for several agonizing months. Lily took a deep breath and savored the moment, so she could remember it forever.

"Oop!" she suddenly exclaimed when his hand slipped down and squeezed her butt. "Someone's a little frisky..."
"You remember what you said last night?" he asked, eyes fixed on the road while his hand traveled up her side and under her loose t-shirt.
"Pretty sure I was drunk last night," she replied, feeling his warm fingers slipping under the cup of her bra.
"You said that you were tired of being so boring and that you were desperate to try new things."
"I really said desperate?"
"Oh yes, several times. Now I don't think you're boring, obviously, but I do think it might be good to you to be more open..." he paused, found her nipple between his fingertips and gave it a slight pinch, "...more adventurous."
Lily stifled a moan. "And by adventurous you mean..."
"Question number 3. What’s the weirdest thing that turns you on?"
"What? Oh wow, it's way too early for that kinda of question," she said, pulling at his hand.
"Stop deflecting. Answer the question."
He knew her too well already, and the way he would call her out on her bullshit was one of the things she loved most about him. When his hand slipped back in to cupp her breast, she bit her lip and moved her hands out the way.
"Well, I mean, I don't know... actually... I don't know, I just like regular stuff I suppose." She thought about it for a second and then pulled a strand of brown hair behind her ear. "Wait, is this from the quiz last night?"
A slight shade of red took over Lily's pale cheeks as she thought of the stupid quiz she had found in a magazine the night before. It was supposed to be just a serious of provocative questions designed to get couples to get to know each other sexually better. But what it had revealed was that Charlie had experienced a lot more than her.
To question number 6, "What is the weirdest place you've had sex in?", Charlie had a hilarious story about him and a girl from craft services fucking inside a prop volcano on a movie set. Lily's answer had been: ""I don't know, my parents house? I don't have sex in weird places, baby." To question number 13, "Do you prefer professional or amateur porn?" Charlie had answered the latter. She said she didn't watch any kind of porn. Every single question on the quiz went the same way, with Charlie confessing something kinky and interesting and every one of her tame answers paling greatly in comparison until she began to feel too self-conscious about the whole thing and closed the magazine.
That was the one thing they didn't have in common. Lily had always steered clear of the wild side of celebrity life for fear it would consume and almost ruin her like it had done to her Dad, and to so many young men and women in the entertainment industry. The drugs, the sex, the wild and promiscuous parties, she'd avoided almost all of it. And Charlie had done it all. He'd taken everything that his privileged life had offered him and come out the other side unscathed. That was a part of his life that fascinated and intimidated her. She would never say so, at least not when sober, but Lily envied that, and he knew.
"So what? Are we going to have sex at Disneyland or something?" She laughed after posing the question. It was a nervous laugh and they both knew it. When he kept quiet, her face turned completely serious with a shade of fear across it. "We're not gonna have sex at Disneyland, are we?!"
"Heh, no," Charlie chuckled, switching to fondle the other small breast. "But we're gonna get you some better answers, starting right now."
"Right now? What do you mean?"
"How about you take off your bra."
"I have a proposition for you."
"...okay, let's hear it."
"For the next 8 days I want you to forget you're Lily Collins."
"Hmm, and who will I be then?"
"You're just Lily. You're not famous or rich, you're just a regular person."
"And this regular person doesn't wear a bra? How convenient..." She laughed, but then she saw how serious he was.
"Question number 3. You know what really is the thing that turns me on?"
"Pushing boundaries, taking risks," he said, and the word was accompanied by his hand closing harshly around her tit.
"Risks, huh?" she repeated, "So what kind of risks are you planning on taking?"
"Oh I wasn't talking about me..."
"Huh? Oh you mean me?"
"I'd like you to use this trip to let go, Lily. Put yourself in my hands and let me show you all the fun things you've been missing."
"Wow, okay... so getting me to take risks... whatever that means, that's something that turns you on?"
"It is. And if you trust me and let me guide you, I think it'll turn you on too."
"I don't know, baby, I--"
"Don't you want to stop being boring?"
"You said it, not me."
"Yeah, yeah, I know. I mean, what are we talking about here?"
"It's a yes or no question, Lily. You either trust me on this or you don't."
"Of course I trust you, baby, but this is like..."
"Just say yes and let me take care of everything and by the end of this trip you'll have great answers for every single one of those questions, I promise. Or you can say no and keep on wondering, calling yourself boring when you get drunk. It's up to you."
Lily considered his offer. The thought of taking that leap scared and excited her in equal measure. But this was Charlie, the man she loved, telling her it would be okay. She wanted to make him happy, make him proud, to get on his level and be his equal, instead of feeling like a dumb little girl every time the subject of sex came up between them.
"Okay what?"
"Okay. I'm in your hands, let's have some fun," she said, leaving a small kiss on his cheek.
"So you promise to keep an open mind and do what I tell you?"
"And you trust that I will keep you safe no matter what?"
"Okay, now you're freaking me out a little bit, but yes, I trust you."
"Okay then, take off your bra."
Lily left his side and sat up right in the passenger seat. She looked right and left and reached back. Her fingers fought the small metal clip holding her 32A bra together and then she pulled it off, a cute grin on her face as she tossed it on the back seat. The sun was higher up now and it's warm rays shone on Lily's chest where the shape of her two small mounds and hardened little nipples was clear and well-delineated against the thin white fabric of her old t-shirt.
"Now what?" she asked daringly, eager to get the game going.
"Now you're gonna flash that old guy, he said, nodding in the direction of the white cargo van they were slowly catching up to.
"What?! I can't do that!" she protested, blushing again just from the mere suggestion.
"Why not? He doesn't know you. You'll never see him again. Just flash him a little bit, make his day." He paused, then added, "...unless you wanna be boring."
That last sentence really got to her, just as he expected it to. Lily knew what he was doing by calling her boring. She felt like Marty McFly, being goaded into doing something stupid out of pure, dumb pride, but instead of calling her a chicken he was calling her boring, and instead of getting into a fight with Biff, she was going to expose herself to a complete stranger.
After a few agonizing seconds she finally decided. "Fine," she said while unbuckling her seat-belt and rolling her eyes, but there was an excited smile on her lips she couldn't completely hide. Charlie stepped on the gas and the car slowly caught up with the white van as Lily gathered her courage, inhaling and exhaling rapidly, as if she was about to jump into freezing water.
"Now," Charlie said, and Lily turned to the window, holding her shirt up to her neck. Charlie honked, catching the driver's attention, a heavy man in his fifties with a long brown beard peppered with white. He finally noticed the vehicle squaring up with his and turned and looked at Lily's small tits, the pink nipples slightly pressed against the glass. Her pale face turned red as a beat and she pulled the shirt down almost immediately. The van's horn sounded loudly as Charlie sped up, leaving it behind while Lily laughed nervously and maniacally.
"How'd that feel?"
"And... exciting..." she confessed, biting one of her nails.
"I told you. Now do it again with this green car over here, but this time pinch your nipple while you do it."
"Are you serious? I'm not gonna do that!"
"Why not?
"Because... I don't-- pinch my nipples for strangers."
"You don't? Hmm, how boring."
"Ugh! Okay..." she said, and the green car was already next to them. Lily took a deep breath and waited for the driver, a bald man with glasses and a collared shirt to look her way. The few seconds it took felt like an eternity, but once Charlie honked and she had the strange's attention, the white t-shirt went up to her neck. The man's jaw dropped when she exposed herself and that reaction gave her the last bit of encouragement she needed to start tweaking her nipples while she held the shirt up with her chin. The bald man's lips twisted into a grin and she could tell he was doing all he could to stay on the road without taking his eyes off of her. Lily pinched her right nipple one more time and tugged it hard. A shiver of pleasure took her by surprise and made her squirm in her seat before she let the shirt fall back down and turned to face the road again, her cheeks burning bright red as she pretended not to see the man in the green car anymore.
"Oh my God I can't believe I just did that!" she laughed, turning to Charlie like a little girl turns to her Father after she's done something to make him proud. Her boyfriend smiled, knowingly.
"Wanna do it again?"
The question startled her. "I... yes?"
"Here we go. That brown Jeep over there, give them a good show."
The motor roared loudly as he sped up and Lily grabbed the edge of her t-shirt and rolled it up to her navel, readying it for the next flash. This time Charlie didn't have to honk, it was her waving her arm and jumping in her seat until the young man behind the wheel looked over and saw her cute little breasts pressed against the window, mushed onto the glass before the cute exhibitionist pulled back and held her mounds in her hands, pushing the soft flesh together while she licked her lips seductively. Lily had pulled the shirt over her head so she could play with herself freely, and the longer the stranger stared at her the more she wanted to do for him. She leaned forward and her breath fogged the glass as she started to tweak her nipples again, getting more and more aroused with each tweak and slight tug. Then suddenly, the Jeep jumped when it hit a bump on the road and drifted quickly to the right, almost getting out of the road before the stranger got control back and centered it on the lane. Startled, an Asian woman with long black hair raised her head from the lowered passenger seat. "Oh, whoops!" Lily laughed, a wave of hot shame coursing quickly through her, but what was done was done and she blew a kiss for the couple as Charlie began to speed away. Her cute tits jiggled as she waved goodbye and disappeared into the distance.
"I think I just got him in trouble," the flushed actress chuckled as she pulled her shirt down.
"Eh, she'll get over it. Me on the other hand..." He looked down quickly and Lily saw that the strangers on the road weren't the only ones that had gotten excited by her body. "Oh you poor baby," she said, reaching to massage the tent growing in his pants. "Is this my fault?"
"I'm pretty sure it is."
"Well let me take care of it then."
The gorgeous brunette leaned in until her knees were on the seat and her head was on his lap. She kissed the big bulge in his jeans and giggled adorably when her lips cause it to twitch. "You should stop somewhere so I can remedy this... situation."

"I think it's better if we don't stop," Charlie said confidently. With his right hand he popped the button and unzipped himself. "Oh, um, okay..." Lily said wide-eyed as he pulled his cock out through the front hole in his boxers. She hesitated for a moment, as if Charlie's cock hadn't been in her mouth countless times already, and he grabbed it and pressed it on her lips. "Have you ever given road head, Lily?
"Well, no, but... I guess that's about to change, huh?"
"Good girl..." Charlie sighed when Lily began to kiss and lick the underside of his shaft. She always treated his member with love and tenderness, but there was a different energy to her kisses in that moment, an impatience in her lips and her tongue as they traveled up and down his manhood that he had not experienced since their first few nights together.

"Oh, that feels good," he said when she wrapped her lips around the head, encouraging her not only with words but with the right hand that patted and stroked her brown hair. "I bet it does," she replied, taking a small break to admire the wet prick, its 8 inches made to look even bigger by her tiny, delicate hand. She stroked it a few times and when she put it back in her mouth she felt his hand traveling from her head to her back and all the way down to her ass. He tapped her pussy a couple of times through her sweatpants and when she moaned discreetly around his cock he tugged on the fabric and took it down with one swift pull. Lily felt the coolness of the A.C. on the back of her bare thighs and his finger sliding between her cunt lips. She was wet, so wet that his digit found no resistance as it entered her and soon she was pushing her butt out to meet his hand and the moans around his cock were not so discreet anymore.
The thick cock filling her mouth, the loving fingers exploring her insides, it all felt so good that Lily forgot where she was for a moment. But when she felt the car slowing down she had the strange feeling of being watched.
"What's going on?" she said, and when she looked up there was a kid, couldn't have been older than 19, watching her blow her boyfriend from the passenger window of an 18-wheeler.
"Oh my God!" she exclaimed, trying to hide her face from him.
"Just say hi, baby." Charlie's right hand returned to her face and smeared her skin with pussy juice as he lifted her chin to make her meet her spectator's gaze.
"Come on, don't be so shy," he said calmly, and Lily raised her tiny hand and waved awkwardly a couple of times while her boyfriend rubbed tapped her left cheek with his wet cock.
Uncertain but still willing, Lily gave a shy smile to the onlooker and grabbed her boyfriend's manhood again. She felt extremely embarrassed, knowing she was being watched, but the image of his prick dripping with her saliva pushed her over the edge. She shoved the meat into her mouth and kept her lips tightly wrapped around it while she boobed her head up and down, one hand on the seat to keep her balance and the other hastily stroking the lower part of his shaft. She heard his breathing getting labored and her tongue began to swirl around the head just as his hand returned to her dripping little cunt. Two fingers penetrated her this time and the wet music they made going in and out of her harmonized with the loud slurping of her pretty mouth that seemed to beg for his seed with every zealous lap and stroke.
She was too focused on her boyfriend's pleasure, as well as her own, to notice that they had left the big truck behind. In its stead there was an old minivan, full of what seemed to be college kids going back to their hometown for the summer. The five of them had their phones out and zoomed in on the petite brunette's pink and glossy lips, and the manly fingers that kept prodding and invading it. Charlie had given them the thumbs up and, pushing her head down to make her swallow more cock and keep her from realizing what was going on behind her, he had made it a point to match their speed so that they could get a great look at his girlfriend's ass and pussy.
With her cheeks hollowed around manmeat, Lily kept sucking with joy, unaware that it was five guys watching her instead of just one. Charlie's finger were wreaking havoc inside of her and she found herself remembering the faces of the men she had flashed as heat and friction and pleasure built up between her thighs and exploded into one powerful spasm of ecstasy. Lily's petite body was still shaking when she heard Charlie warn, "Oh fuck, I'm coming, I'm coming!" right before a hot spurt of cum hit the roof of her mouth and splashed back down on her tongue. She tightened her lips around him and stroked and stroked until every last creamy drop was swimming in her mouth. It was a big load, and a few drops of cum and spit spilled when Charlie's cock popped out of her mouth. For some reason, the first thing she thought of was to look up at the kid in the truck, and she felt a little bit disappointed when there was no one there.
"Ahg ngh t ghpit!" Lily struggled to say, holding a hand under the mouthful of jizz she was trying not to spill while warm pussy juice cooled off on the back of her trembling, pale thighs.
"No, don't spit yet. Show them first."
'Show them?' Lily thought, before turning around to face the horny students that had been staring at her pussy for the last 5 minutes.
"Show them, baby," Charlie insisted, his softening cock now resting lazily on his thigh. Lily's mind was blank, it was all happening so fast. The students were laughing and cheering, blowing her kisses and licking the window. For a fraction of a second she was really angry at her boyfriend for tricking her like that, but then she opened her mouth and she showed them Charlie's cum swimming on her tongue. She wasn't really sure why, but when her lips parted and cum and drool ran down her chin and the guys in the minivan went still and quiet, staring at her with awe like one does at a beautiful painting, Lily felt happy, proud, intoxicated.
The beautiful actress closed her mouth and then opened it again, empty of her lover's seed that had now found the way into her stomach. Five young jaws dropped to the floor in stupor, and then one of them said, "Hey, is that--"
"Go! Go! Go!" Lily shouted. She had seen the student's lips form the dreaded words, an even if she hadn't, that familiar look on his face had been enough to let her know that he had recognized her, that he knew exactly who she was.
Luckily, Charlie was done playing with them and in a few seconds his fancy car had left their crappy minivan behind. Lily returned to her seat and sat up straight and stiff, her pretty face glowing red, chin glossy with saliva and wet stains on her t-shirt.
"Are you okay?" her boyfriend asked, genuinely concerned by her catatonic reaction.
Lily turned to look at him, her cute, fuzzy eyebrows pulled into a tense frown.
"That. Was. So. AMAZING!" she blurted out and her whole face turned into one big and heart-warming smile. She burst into laughter. "I can't believe we did that!"
Charlie smiled. "You swallowed. You never swallow."
"I know! I mean, I don't know! I don't know what came over me, I--"
Charlie pulled her in and kissed her. "And you came."
"Yes, I... Oh my God that was so good! I never imagined--" She stopped, because what she had just experienced was still too raw to even put it into words. "I've never felt so alive."
"We're just getting started."
"What? What's next?"
"You'll see."

To Be Continued...
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Nice work Noopster, glad to see a new story from you!
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Re: The Road Trip (with Lily Collins andCharlie McDowell)
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Great to see lovely Lily getting attention!
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Re: The Road Trip (with Lily Collins andCharlie McDowell)
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The Road Trip
Chapter 2
by Noopster


DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of absolute fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all. Fantasy is legal and this shit is ridiculous anyway. Thanks for reading.



"So how long 'till we get to the lake?"

"We're almost there, I think."

"So you're not sure? I thought you said you'd been there before."

"I did say that, but that was a few years ago."

"Okay then..." Lily said. She only had to open her phone and let the GPS tell her where he was taking her, but that would ruin the surprise, and for the most part she didn't really care as long as they were together. The couple continued down the road in silence for a good ten minutes after that. The morning sun was bright, clear and beautiful, but there was tension in the air. Lily kept expecting her boyfriend to say something about the argument they had had the night before, yet he kept acting like nothing was on his mind. When he turned on the radio to some guy talking about sports she finally snapped.

"Are we gonna talk about last night or what?" she asked, turning the volume knob all the way down.

"Talk about what?" he replied with a coy smile.

"You not wanting to have sex with me."

"Oh, that."

"Yes, that."

"I just didn't want to have sex at a motel, that's all."


"Because I want you to save that energy for the road, and all the fun stuff I have planned for us."

Lily raised an eyebrow, the mention of Charlie's plans had caught her attention. Still, she remained aggrieved. "So that's it, we're gonna spend the whole week together and we're not gonna have sex at night?"

"Of course we are, baby, just not in a motel room."

"You're crazy, you know that? Do you understand how horny I was last night after..."

"After flashing strangers and blowing me in front of them?"

Lily rolled her eyes and her face became slightly flushed, the shadow of a smile on her lips as the memories ran through her head, raising her heartbeat slightly.

"Are you still horny, my dear?" Charlie inquired as his hand landed on Lily's denim-clad thigh.

"No..." she said, pushing his hand away, but her tone was unconvincing. When the hand returned, she allowed it to stay.

"We're getting close now." Charlie stroked the inside of her thigh with his fingers and Lily's breathing became slower, heavier. It was a chilly day and she'd chosen to wear tight jeans and a plain blue sweatshirt with the words "CUTE BUT PSYCHO" printed in white on the back. She took his hand and held her breath as she guided his hand under the front button of her pants, and her pink cotton panties were already damp when his fingers came in contact with them. He teased her little clit through the soft fabric, encouraged by her delicate sighing, and Lily felt her nipples hardening beneath her sweater. Soon she couldn't stop herself from unzipping and taking his hand under her underwear. Charlie's middle finger slipped easily between her wet lips and she started breathing faster, playing with her small breasts under her hoodie and twisting her nipples as she stared straight ahead at the highway. The finger began to push in and out of her and she spread her legs a little bit more, one hand gripping the leather seat tightly while the other roamed around under her clothes. A huge truck roared past them and she jumped in her seat, then a second digit slipped into her hot, wet pussy, and she began to moan faintly, squirming and panting, closing her eyes to concentrate on the sweet sensation of her lover's fingers exploring her from within. She wanted to reach for him and stroke his big cock too, but she was still a little bit mad at him and held back.

"So you're still horny then," Charlie quipped, pulling his fingers out to tease up and down her slit.

"Please... don't stop," Lily moaned, pulling down on his wrist. Her eyes were still closed as her hand slipped under her panties to join his. There was a hitch in her breath when he pushed inside again, and she licked her lips, cupping the hand invading her heated groin, guiding it in and out, encouraging it to go faster, deeper; her eyes fluttering while her juices trickled out between his digits, wetting hers too. Her moans grew louder, and her lower body squirmed more vigorously. "Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop, don't stop..." she kept saying, still thinking of the men she had exposed herself to and humping up against his hand, until the words lost meaning and turned into a low, sustained hum. She felt her pussy clench on Charlie's fingers and a rush of fluids gushing out between them as her slight body shook and every muscle on it spasmed with pleasure. Her thighs closed around his arm on their own, and Lily's climax was so intense that she pulled on Charlie's arm hard and they almost veered off the road. He adjusted the wheel right on time and got the car back on track. She went limp as a rag doll for a moment, with the biggest of smiles splashed across her face.

When Charlie showed her his hand, it was all wet and shiny with her juices. He didn't have to say anything for Lily to start cleaning it with her tongue. Still feeling the aftershocks of her climax, the gorgeous actress hungrily lapped off her fluids, making sure to get her tongue in between each finger until she couldn't taste herself anymore.

"Still mad at me?"

"A little bit," she smiled.


It was around 10 am when they reached their destination, a beautiful, green grassed hill overlooking the bluest lake she'd ever seen. Charlie parked right on top of the knoll, next to a huge tree with large, sprawling branches that spread out horizontally. When Lily stepped out of the car, she could see for miles around. There wasn't another soul in sight, nothing but the beautiful scenery and the man she loved.

"This is so perfect. I love it!"

Charlie began setting up a red & white checkered picnic blanket under the tree, while Lily easily climbed and walked around its low branches. She was so fascinated by the gorgeous view before her that she was surprised to see just how much stuff her boyfriend had brought for the picnic. There was a round bowl filled with fruit in the center and next to it a tray with little sandwiches, another with a variety of cold cuts and even a third one with sushi; there was also a small plastic container with dates powdered with sugar and stuffed with almonds, and next to all of that, he had put down a whole apple pie.

"Oh my God, where did you get all of this?" Lily smiled before taking a sip from the glass of wine Charlie had just poured for her.

"Still mad at me?" he said, lying down to rest his head on her lap.

She sighed, a bit overwhelmed, and brushed the hair off her cute, smirking face. "This is honestly so romantic, I can't even... I love you so much."

"I love you too."

The couple kissed and then ate and drank in a pleasant, joyful silence, the kind of silence you learn to cherish when you're perfectly comfortable with someone. A few things were said here and there, but only to compliment Charlie's sandwich-making skills or ask for more wine, before the gentle sounds of the birds chirping above them, jumping from crooked branch to crooked branch, took over the ambience again.

About an hour later the sun was high up in the cloudless sky, heating up the coast with yellow light. Charlie and Lily were still lying there in each others arms, feeding each other grapes under the protecting shade of the old tree. Nuzzling her head against Charlie's chest, Lily finally said what she'd been thinking about all day. "So... what do you have planned for today?"

"Heh, someone's eager to have fun," Charlie chuckled before taking a bite of his pear.

"Well... yesterday was pretty exciting."

"It was, right? I had a feeling you'd get into it."

She smiled, there was a hint of red on her pale cheeks. "I might not be as daring as you, but I like trying new things. Challenging myself."

"Let's put that to the test, shall we?" he said, still chewing.

"I'm ready."

"Question number 7, 'Have you ever masturbated in a public place?'"

Lily had already answered that with a No the first time they'd read the quiz, so instead she reached for the bowl of fruit, looking around and pondering his intentions. "Oh, I see..." she said with a subtle smile, "Is that why you brought me here?"


"So what, you want me to do it here on this hill?" She was smiling more now, the thought of touching herself for him had obviously got her going.

"Yeah, but let's make it a little bit more interesting."

Puzzled, she looked at him, and her right eyebrow raised with curiosity, while Charlie stared at the huge banana at the top of the fruit bowl.

"Question number 9. What’s the strangest prop you’ve used to get yourself off?"

A cool breeze made her long brown hair dance as she kept quiet.


"...are you serious?"

"Deadly so."

"Nuh-uh, not happening."

"Why not?"


Charlie sat up and looked at her, but said nothing.

"It's a banana."


"It's not a toy, it's food."


"So I... I don't wanna put that... in me, I'm--"


"What? No, I'm just--"

"Boring?" he grinned.

Lily's bushy eyebrows frowned and she sighed. She didn't want to fall for the same tactic again. "Listen, I'm all for trying out new things and yesterday was really fun but, like, fruit? I don't know, it doesn't really appeal to me."

"Oh well, that's alright I suppose. If you can't handle a banana then there's no way you could handle the rest of what I had planned."

"Whoa, whoa, it's not about that. Of course I can handle it, or whatever it is you have planned. I just don't wanna do it, that's all."

"It's okay, babe," Charlie said, pulling away the silky hair with his thumb to plant a patronizing kiss on her forehead, "Not everyone likes to take risks, that doesn't make me love you any less."

"You really think this reverse-psychology bullshit is going to work on me?" she argued, pulling away from his arms.

"What I think-- no, what I know, is that you're probably really horny after I held out on you last night."

Lily made a cute frown with her lovely eyebrows and Charlie crawled to her, until he was almost on top, his lips barely touching hers as he wrapped his arm around her tiny waist and pulled her close. He started speaking in a lower, more deliberate tone. "I also know that you're still thinking about yesterday, you and me in the car, and those strangers watching you..." There was a slight tremble on the pretty brunette's lower lip, and her eyes kept traveling from her boyfriend's mouth to his eyes and back down again. "I know you're already nice and wet and ready for it."

Propped up on her elbows, Lily bit her lower lip and the words that came out of her were soft and docile. "Maybe, if we go back to our room, I--"

"Nope, we're not going back yet," Charlie said, holding her slim body nice and tight against his. "Here." He brought the banana to her face and she stayed still while he rubbed it softly on her lips. Even through the fabric of her jeans she could feel how hard he was already. "I want you to use this while I record it, and if you do a good job I might consider putting it on tonight in our room and maybe, just maybe, it'll get me in the right mood."

"I can't believe you're giving me conditions to have sex," she complained, offering her neck as the fruit traveled down the smooth skin on the way to her almost flat chest. "Usually it's the other way around, you know."

"You should know by now, babe, that I'm not like any of your ex-boyfriends."

There was a fire in his eyes she'd never seen before, and she felt herself trembling with arousal as he raised the elongated fruit to her lips again. He pressed the tip on the lower one and Lily stared blankly for a moment, stunned by the pure, unrestrained lust in his scorching eyes, and felt her own desire overtaking her. Her gaze stayed on his as she planted a kiss on the tip of the banana, and the subtle smile on his lips took away any reservations left. They both knew she had just surrendered to his whim.

"That's my girl," Charlie said with a very soft, calming tone, slowly rotating the fruit on her lips while she kissed it again and again with the same tenderness with which she always kissed his cock. She felt him trying to push in, so she parted her lips and the yellow phallus slipped into her mouth. Charlie kept pushing carefully, until the thing reached the back of her mouth and began to curve inside her throat as it continued to travel down. It felt weird and awkward lodged in there, and Lily started to gag a little bit. After a short moment, the phallic fruit retreated from her mouth, dripping with spit. When Charlie was about to put it back in she tried to grab it , but he gently slapped away her hand. "No, no. Put them behind your back," he said, pulling away to get on his feet. She got off her elbows and sat on her heels, obediently leaning forward with her hands behind her back. Then she opened her pretty mouth wide and said "Ahhh," as he slipped the banana in and down her throat again.

Under her sweater her skin was warm and she felt her fever build. "Wait," she said, and in a flash she had pulled the sweater over her head and assumed the position again with only a tiny white bra, lacy and see-through, covering her little pale breasts. When the fruit entered her mouth again, a deep silence and stillness set upon them, the intensity of it only interrupted by the wet, gagging sounds coming out of her throat. "GAWK, GAWK, GAWK, GAAAWWWK," spit began flowing out of her busy mouth and dripping down her chin and long neck. She planted sweet, wet kisses on the smooth peel every time he pulled the banana out, and smiled with wicked satisfaction seeing how hard Charlie had gotten.

"Is there another banana in your pants?" she joked, freeing her tiny hand from the imaginary shackles to grope at the huge boner in her boyfriend's jeans. Charlie pushed her hand off and rudely shoved the banana back into her mouth. She was startled and little vexed, but the game was on and she wasn't about to ruin the moment just like that. So she sucked and licked, and gave the fruit the same effort and care she would've if it was a real cock. Charlie surprised her again when he grabbed the back of her hair and pushed the banana down her throat, holding her face in place and preventing her from pulling back. The cute actress had never experienced anything like it, she felt uneasy and a bit scared, but she trusted Charlie like no one else, and she did her best to hold on and breathe through her nose, and when the need for air and the gagging became too strong she kept trusting and holding on, even as her face turned bright red from the strain and tears streamed down her cheeks.

Finally, just as she was starting to feel faint, the man she loved pulled his hand back and she gasped loudly, almost falling to the ground as she bent down to fill her anguished lungs. The thick drool on her chin caused some of her shiny brown hair to stay on her skin as Charlie lifted her face. There were more strands of hair glued to her lips as she looked up at him, panting with her mouth open and her tongue sticking out like a thirsty dog. He pressed the wet tip of the banana on her lower lip and traced down, leaving a glossy trail of saliva on her neck and chest until he got to her bra and stopped. Lily understood without a word, and reached back to unclasp it. The small garment fell on the grass, and her small and perky breasts were added to spectacular scenery. The fresh breeze felt so good on her fair skin as Charlie teased her pink and pointy nipples with the spit-covered produce, and when Lily rubbed her thighs together she realized just how soaked her underwear had become. "I'll do it," she said all of a sudden, taking the curved fruit from him.

Charlie smiled and sat down with his legs crossed. Looking at him to gauge his reaction, Lily leaned back again, resting on the weird tree's trunk as she brushed her long brown hair to the side. She spat on the yellow tip and rubbed it on her left nipple again, teasing and wetting the little nub for a moment, before switching to the other one. She had started to moan softly as Charlie pulled out his camera and pointed it at her.

"You're really gonna record this?" she asked, but the question was more of a dare than a complaint.

"We're both gonna want to remember this," he replied, zooming in on the way the banana was slowly trailing down her chiseled abs and tracing circles around her perfectly round navel, "I am a filmmaker after all."

She smiled and set the fruit aside for a moment. Her dainty hands undid the front button of her jeans. then she raised her hips, letting out a cute little grunt as she struggled to pull the tight denim and her panties down her plump bottom and slim thighs. She lowered herself with a sigh, and covered the area between her legs with a hand that teased Charlie's camera with slow, circular motions. It wasn't the first time she was touching herself for his viewing pleasure, but the outdoor setting and the phone pointed at her made it so that it all felt new and bold and impossibly tantalizing. A thin layer of perspiration covered her deliciously pale thighs, and in the close-up shot of his lens, Charlie could see Lily's fingers becoming wet with her juices. Suddenly her middle and ring fingers slipped between the glistening lips and she gasped, before moving them in and out of herself a couple of times. She pulled them out to spread her labia nice and wide, revealing a hole of exquisite pink to the camera.

Lily thought about what she was doing and felt herself blushing. Charlie had wanted to record her more than a few times and she'd always refused, but the liberty of being out on the road had inspired her to keep pushing herself past her insecurities. Her free hand slowly moved towards the curved fruit on her left and then joined the other one, still spreading and stretching out her opening. A long, deep sigh came out of her as she began to push it in. The smooth texture of the peel felt a lot better than she was expecting. 'It almost feels like a penis' she thought as she pushed it in deeper. Inch after inch of banana made its way in, while the lovely actress let out a delicate whimper from the strangely delightful sensation. The yellow phallus slowly disappeared, sinking into pink until only the bottom tip poked out of her. Her thighs closed around it by themselves, her mouth opened and a tiny moan came out of it. "Do you... like it?" she struggled to ask, pulling it out halfway before pushing it back all the way in. Charlie nodded and she bit her lip, eyes closed as the speed of her hand movement's increased slightly. "The question is, DO YOU like it?" he said, zooming out to get all of her in frame. She looked amazing, as was to be expected from one of the most beautiful women on Earth, but such a petite and pretty girl shoving that big yellow tube into her hungry little cunt was truly a marvelous sight. Her boyfriend was loving every second of it, and he loved it even more after she said Yes and pulled it out completely, only to push it all the way in again.

Lily continued to pleasure herself in front of the camera when a series of voices startled her. "Someone's here," she announced with a loud whisper, covering her flat chest with one arm while half of the banana stuck out of her cunt. Charlie looked at the group approaching from the East, on the lower side of the hill. They wouldn't be able to see them up there unless they got very close. "They're very far away," he reassured her.

"But what if someone comes over here?" she asked, bringing the fruit back down between her thighs to massage her swollen, reddened lips with it. Even as she talked about stopping it was obvious she just could not.

"I thought you enjoyed having an audience."

She smiled again, Charlie knew exactly how to push her buttons. The curved fruit slid up and down her slit, teasing, getting so wet, showing off for the camera. Then it traveled up her cunt again and a sudden shock of pleasure rattled Lily. Her slender body bent forward and her shiny hair fell down over her perky little breasts and delicate shoulders. Her breath became detached as she got closer to orgasm, thick with lust, and the shape of her well-defined abdominal muscles became clear from the strain she was putting on herself. Soon she was crying out "Oh fuck, fuuck, it feels so good... FUCK!"

The denim pants kept getting in the way of the shot, and finally Charlie just reached for them and pulled them all the way down to her ankles. The grass was cool on her skin as she leaned back and propped herself on her elbows, spreading her thighs further, as much as the denim shackles bundled around her ankles would allow. Whimpering with pleasure, Lily kept fucking herself for Charlie's camera, running her free hand through the soft patch of pubic hair and down to the little folds of her labia, where her fingers found the swollen clit and began to zealously rub away at it. "Ahh, Ahhh, Ahhhhhh!!!" There was a dry, thumping noise as she threw her head back and hit the tree, and the banana was lodged deep in her sweet cunt as she finally came with a long and strained wail that echoed across the grassy plains around her.

"...Oh my God, that was... that was..." She sighed, and a powerful shiver took over her as she pulled the fruit out, her thighs still trembling and slick with her juices. "How... how was that, Mr. Director?" She asked, giggling as she licked the dirty banana, knowing he was loving the way she was taking her sweet time dragging her tongue up and down the sides.

"That was fantastic," he replied, setting the phone down as he tugged at the huge tent in his pants.

The phone was off, the banana was out, but her other hand was still busy, fingers rubbing the outer sides of her reddened cunt lips, pushing them together and drawing circles on them as Charlie approached. He got on top of her. Those fiery eyes, possessed by lust, burning right through her. With a swift pull and a couple of kicks her bundled pants were gone, and her legs were free to part and welcome him in. Lily's fingers opened slightly, the wet fruit slipped from her grip and landed in his hand. She looked at him, her sexy eyebrows puzzled as he twisted the black tip away and pulled the yellow peel off, tossing it aside. He then brought the soft, white tip down to her reddened little pussy and she shivered as it graced her entrance.

"What are you-- ahh..." Lily softly moaned. Her clit was still very sensitive and shivers went through her as Charlie rubbed the soft fruit across her wet slit. As it slipped between her sopping walls, she soon learned that the banana felt even better without the peel . "It's gonna break," she meekly protested, even as she pulled Charlie's cock out and began to stroke it with her right hand. He pushed the soft tube further in, until it broke down the middle. "I told you it was gonna-- wait, don't..." He ignored her, and then began to slowly push with his fingers, smashing the fruit and smearing it around her insides. The feeling was weirdly enjoyable for Lily, and Charlie's cock felt so thick and powerful in her hand that she quickly stopped thinking and acted on pure instinct. She pulled him down to her and fervorously kissed him as he entered her. Her tongue danced around his while her hips met his cock with impatience and a mess of wet, squashed banana oozed out of her stretched out pussy after every powerful thrust. The way Charlie huffed and puffed while driving his meat into her messy cunt over and over drove her mad with lust, and her mind became a blur. She wrapped her ankles around his back and her fingers dug into the flesh of his butt to help him fuck her harder and deeper, over and over and over again until with one final push he bottomed out and started to spurt hot cum deep into her womb. Lily moaned in his ear as she came for the second time, her beautiful hazel eyes opened wide to the blue sky as she felt him throbbing and spasming right along with her, filling her insides with a thick load of warmness that made her feel so incredibly satisfied.

Charlie stayed on top of her for a minute, breathing hard as if he had just sprinted all the way from L.A., and Lily held him tightly, relishing that perfect moment that she would remember for the rest of her life. Finally, he started to roll over and there was an unfamiliar sound when his flaccid dick slipped out, covered in gooey white. Lily listened for the voices and figured they were still far away. She turned on her side and cuddled up against her boyfriend. The she dipped her index finger in herself and proceeded to inspect the creamy mix of banana and cum she'd collected on it.

"Go on," Charlie said, lying on his side.

"Huh? ...Oh. You want me to...?"

"Oh yes."

Lily looked at him and grinned, "You're such a pervert, you know that?" she said, before putting the finger in her mouth. She sucked the digit clean, and swirled the cream in her mouth before swallowing it. "Not bad," she said, still savoring the sweetness of fruit and cum on her tongue, "It's like pudding". Charlie pulled her towards him and guided her head to his crotch. Lily took his floppy cock in her hand and happily lapped at it. "Your cock has never tasted so good, maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all," she added, seeing it grow in her hand yet again. Charlie pushed her gently on her back and spread her thighs apart. Lily's pussy was a bright pink mess with mashed banana smeared all over, and thick globs of cum still leaking out of it. He pushed inside, all the way in, hearing her moan softly in his ear, and when his cock came out it was hard again and covered in white cream. He scooped a big chunk of banana that was falling out of Lily and threw it on there too, then he climbed on top of her, his knees positioned on both sides of her neck and let his banana-and-cum-covered dick land on her forehead. Lily giggled as he smeared her face with the creamy mixture and gave the head a little kiss every time it brushed on her lips. Charlie made sure to get his girlfriend's face nice and covered with creamy pulp, and she laughed when he took a close-up picture of her messy face. The she finally opened her mouth wide and his cockhead fell in there. The gorgeous brunette loved the taste and texture of her boyfriend's cum as she chewed on the bigger chunks of banana, and when she finally swallowed the dirty pudding, she asked for more. Charlie entered her again and then fed her another batch of banana and cum cream, but on that second taste he jerked off into her mouth and Lily got a thick mouthful of semen to go along with everything else. "Mmm, yummy," she giggled after swallowing all of it in one big gulp, looking up at the clouds with her stomach full of cum. Charlie leaned close and kissed her on the lips, and Lily knew she'd never loved anyone as much as she loved him.

Exhausted but completely satisfied, she turned away and let him spoon her naked body from behind. He whispered in her ear, "I love you so much." She sighed and held on tightly to his arm. "I love you too. And I love what we just did, but now I'm a terrible mess of fruit and semen."

"I'm sorry, babe, but you know... the lake is right there."

"I didn't bring my bikini."

"Me neither. Let's go skinny dipping."

"Are you kidding? I can hear people over there."

"They're like a mile away, babe, and I doubt they have binoculars."

Lily stayed quiet, and Charlie waited patiently for the debate going on in her mind to be over. When she left his arms to peek over the hill at the group below, he knew she was game.

"Okay, let's go in quickly."

Charlie was more than happy to take the rest of his clothes off, and then the couple stood bare on top of the hill, looking down at the steep footpath that lead to the water.

"Ready?", he asked, holding her hand tightly. Her breathing was still flustered, causing her tiny breasts to rise and fall along with her toned stomach, and her face was radiant and incredibly gorgeous in the light of the midday sun.

"Ready," she grinned excitedly.

The first step was a risky one, and Lily almost fell when her tiny feet faltered in the sand. Luckily for her, Charlie had no problem holding on to her dainty figure and getting her back on track. They walked into the water and Lily complained about it being cold, but she was smiling and wetting her hair and the cold water made her peach colored nipples so pointy and hard that her boyfriend couldn't help himself and dove into her chest to suck on them. Lily sunk under his weight, and when they came back up to the surface they were both laughing. Then they sat in the water for a long time, holding themselves with heels dug into the sand, and only their heads sticking out of the lake.

"It's so beautiful here," she said in wonder, looking across at the sharp peaks and the white rock mountains.

"I knew you'd like it. It's one of my favorite spots in the whole world."

"Yeah, I can see why." There was a pause, and then she just had to ask, "So... how many girls have you brought here to skinny deep?"

"You're actually the first."

"Oh shut up!" she laughed, splashing water at him, "You're such a liar."

"Is that really so hard to believe?"

"Uh, yeah."


"Well, you do have a somewhat problematic reputation, you know?"

Charlie looked at her like he had no idea what she was talking about.

"Oh don't play dumb with me. All I heard about you before we actually met was how much of a player you were and how many girls you had been with."

"That's a bit of an exaggeration."

"Oh is it?"

He cupped his hands full of water and rubbed his face, snorting and bubbling. "I mean, I've been with a lot of women, that's true, but not because I'm a player or whatever, I think I was just... I don't know, looking for someone I could really connect with. I guess I was just looking for you."

Lily choked up and moved closer to him, wondering how he could always come up with the perfect response as he hugged her from behind. After that, they sat in the water and felt the tug of the gentle current. Lily noticed the group from before had left, and the lake was just for the two of them again. She felt a lot more comfortable and pulled away from Charlie's arms, floating on her back with her eyes closed, letting the placid water pull her delicate figure in the opposite direction.

"I wish we could just stay here," she said, letting her arms and hands lazily float on the surface. "I'd love to stay here and just lay in the water with you forever, instead of having to spend three months in France without you."

"No need to think about that right now," he said, admiring how incredibly beautiful her face was, and how the sun shone down on her two perky mounds of soft flesh, peeking out of the water. He swam up to her and kept her from floating away, his eyes now focused on the wet strip of dark hair crowning the pink little slit he enjoyed so, so much.

"I can't help it. These last few months have been so special, so incredible. What if something goes wrong while we're apart? What if it doesn't work out?"

"Why wouldn't it?

"I don't know, three months is a long time."

"You could come and visit me."

"Me? How about you visit me? I'm gonna be super busy with the show."

"So will I with my movie."

She sighed and turned to hug him. "I know, and twelve hours on a plane is a lot of time if one of us has to go back the next day." The couple stayed quiet for a while in the calm waters, looking into each others eyes, caught in the sweetest of embraces, until the sounds of loud strangers brought them back to reality.

"Oh no..." Lily said anxiously as she looked over to the group of kids settling down their umbrellas and camping gear right under their picnic spot. "Shit, our clothes are all the way over there, how are we gonna get out?"

"Same way we came in," Charlie grinned in that particular way she knew so well.

"Huh? ...Oh. Oh no, I couldn't possibly--"

"Why not?"

"Because..." she looked away, her cheeks flushing at the very idea. "I... I don't know."

"Listen, babe, I know how much you have struggled with liking yourself, and the body issues you've had to deal with, but didn't you say that you're finally in a place where you love yourself and the way you look?"

"I... yes, but--"

"And I'm so proud of you for that. And I think your body is beautiful. Everything about you is. So what is there to be ashamed about?"

Lily sighed as she considered what her boyfriend was saying, her eyes nervously traveling back and forth between Charlie and the group of young men.

"This could be a great way to challenge yourself, you know? Think of how exciting it will be. Remember yesterday, how nervous you were at first?"


"But then..."

"...I started liking it."

"Liking it? You were putting on a show!"

Lily's entire face blushed as she thought about the events of the day before, and what an amazing rush she had experienced during and after. She felt her body getting warmer, and a strong need to feel like that again.

"But they're like... in high school," she argued, holding on to the last vestiges of her inhibition.

"More like college," Charlie replied as he kissed down her neck, "Either way I guarantee they'll be jerking off to you for months, maybe even years." Underwater, a couple fingers traced up and down her slit, and there was a hitch in her breath. "Come on, we both know you want to." He dipped a finger in her opening and suckled on her right earlobe while he whispered in her ear, "Just imagine it for a second, all of their eyes fixed on you as we come out of the water, their pricks getting hard as they stare at your breasts and your pussy, and then all of them turning in awe to check out your butt as you walk away..."

Lily giggled when she felt him growing hard again and wiped the water from her face. "I can't believe you want me to do this. My last boyfriend... he hated other men looking at me."

"As I said before--"

"You're not like my old boyfriends. Trust me, I've noticed. I just didn't know about this naughty side of yours."

"Neither did I, to be honest, but after seeing how horny you got yesterday... I feel like I want the whole world to see how gorgeous my girlfriend is."

"The whole world, huh?"

"Yeah, but we can start with those guys over there."

Lily sunk until only her eyes were above water for a moment, and when she came back up a high-pitched squeal of excitement came out of her. "Okay... let's do it, but you have to come out with me," she finally said, and her cute features lit up with the thrill of what she was about to do.

"That's my girl! And don't worry, I'll be right there next to you, babe."

"Oh my God, I'm so nervous!"

"There's no need to be. It's just another part of our adventure. Now listen, babe, when we walk out, we're not gonna run, and we're not gonna cover ourselves, alright? We're gonna take our time and enjoy it, otherwise what's the point, right?"

"Right, right. Okay, I think I'm ready."

Lily's hand was shaking when she grabbed his. She made a false start, and then another, turning back each time to the safety and comfort of her boyfriend's arms before trying again. Charlie was patient and didn't push, letting her do it at her own time and pace. "Oh my God, oh my God," she kept saying under her breath as she took the first step. She took one more and then another, and suddenly the water level was down to her ribs. Her perky breasts were exposed, but no one on the shore had noticed yet. She stopped and looked back at Charlie, and the way he looked at her made her want to continue. So she did, and after three more uneasy steps the water level was down to her hips.

The first one of the group finally noticed. He stared at her, like he wasn't sure of what he was looking at, before tapping the guy next to him on the shoulder. He looked at Lily too and she felt that sudden but familiar rush course through her. They had seen her already, so all she could do now was keep going. She took one more step, and then one more, and she felt the cool breeze blow on her wet pubic hair and bare thighs. Jaws dropped ahead of her when the young guys realized there was a pale muse coming out of the water without anything on. She heard them murmuring as she continued to walk out, and then all six members of the group were staring at her as she stood quietly, with the water just above the calves of her shapely legs.

'This is really happening, this is really happening!' her mind kept shouting to itself, and her legs trembled as she stepped on dry sand. Charlie's hand had slipped from hers at some point and she was standing there on her own, naked as the day she was born, with water dripping down every succulent curve and crevice, and every last bit of her petite anatomy utterly exposed. The young men could hardly believe what they were seeing, a nude goddess had suddenly come out of the water and was walking towards them, making no effort to cover herself.

"Damn, dude!"
"What the--!"

Lily kept forcing her arms to stay on her sides instead of using them to keep her decency. She wanted to run for the footpath and hide inside the car, but somehow she kept walking at a steady pace, appearing to be cool and collected as if she had been naked in front of strangers many times, even though her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

Another couple of steps further, they were really close now and their eyes felt so heavy on her skin. Lily felt all of her blushing as she passed them. The way those young guys were ogling her, shamelessly staring at her body, all of it turned Charlie into a distant memory. She was only aware of the group's lustful gaze and the profound silence her presence had inspired. She could still feel them even as she passed them by, those lustful, intense eyes leering at her bottom, sinking into her flesh like daggers.

"Bruh, her ass is so fine!" she heard on of them whisper, and then another said, "Oh man I'd like to get me a piece of that..."

The lewd comments brought a smile to her lips and she stopped walking.

"She's so fucking hot."
"What is she doing?"
"I don't know, bruh, this shit is crazy."
"Are you recording this? Tell me you're recording this."
"Fuck yeah I am."

The path up the hill was right there and all she had to do was take it, but instead she turned and faced them directly, getting a good look at them for the first time. Two of them seemed young, about 18 or 19 was her guess, but the rest of them, they were men, not fully grown yet, but men nonetheless; and they couldn't take their eyes off of her. A bomb could've gone off right next to them and not one of them would've cared. It was absolutely intoxicating and she was as enthralled as them but for slightly different reasons.

Acting on pure instinct, she started to walk towards them, having no idea what she was going to do next. She stopped in front of the boy who had seen her first and saw him put his phone down. She ran a hand through her wet hair, smiling as her small tits jiggled deliciously. "Hey guys, I kinda forgot to bring a towel, as you can see," she laughed, "Can I borrow one from you?" Her request was met with a stunned silence. The young man closest to her was sitting on a beach chair and the rest were right on the sand. She could tell that they were all looking at her vagina, despite their feeble efforts to pretend otherwise, and she couldn't resist the need to be even bolder. The nude starlet grabbed a navy blue towel from a nearby bag and set her right foot up on a red cooler. She was delighted to see their surprised expressions as she gifted them a shockingly thorough look at her pink opening. Lily bent over and took her sweet time drying off every centimeter of her right foot and calf, then she continued with her delicious thigh, making sure that the towel never obstructed the group's view of her most intimate area.

"Who-- what is... where did you come from?" a tanned young man in the back struggled to ask, his voice as shaky and uncertain as his poorly chosen words.

"Oh we're just tourists passing through", she explained as she dabbed the very top of her slit with a corner of the towel, drawing attention to it while she looked up at Charlie, who was already waiting for her on top of the hill. She felt so incredibly proud of herself when he smiled down at her. 'And now, for the grand finale,' she thought, and turned her back on them, bending over at the waist and letting her wet hair fall so that she could dry it and let the boys get a closer look at her juicy ass cheeks at the same time. She heard stifled groans behind her, and one of them whispered, "Oh my fucking God..."

"Thank you so much for this, really," she then said, acting like she wasn't aware of the phone camera pointed straight at her glossy cunt lips.

"Uh, yeah, sure, no problem," the one in the chair replied, moving around to try and hide his boner.

The nude brunette continued going through the motions of drying her hair, taking full advantage of her flexibility to completely expose herself. Suddenly, she started thinking about what would happen if one of them, any one of them, just reached out and touched her. She felt her pussy reacting to those dirty thoughts, becoming wet as she debated if she would stop them or not, if she would welcome their touch and allow them to feel her up under the gaze of her soulmate. That last thought was alarming, something she would've never believed herself capable of, and she feared she had gone too far.

She turned back around to face them and smiled to herself when he saw them trying to hide the phone again. "Oh gosh, I feel so much better now," the nude brunette said, brushing the blue fabric against her pale chest. She handed them the towel. "Thank you so much again, guys, and I hope you have an awesome day." Then she turned and headed for the footpath, and every cell in her being was feverish, knowing they were all still drooling at her ass while she made her way up the hill.

Charlie had quickly packed everything back into the car, and the motor was already running when his girlfriend finally joined him inside. "Oh my God, oh my God, I can't believe I just did that! Holy shit!" she squealed as she got in the passenger seat. The petite girl was in a state of exhilaration as Charlie started to drive away, jumping and kicking in her seat, and still completely nude.

"You did great, babe."

"Really? You don't think I took it too far?"

"Not at all, that was so hot."

"Oh I'm so glad to hear you say that! I was afraid you might think that I was overdoing it or... But it really was hot, right? I mean I felt so sexy and free and oh my God their faces were just priceless!"

"No, yeah, you really surprised me there."

"I surprised myself! I don’t know what came over me but... the way they were looking at me... I felt so... powerful, so sure of myself!"

Charlie held her trembling hand and felt her uncontainable enthusiasm. "I am so proud of you, babe."

Lily had goosebumps all over her skin, and her nipples were hard as diamonds as she continued rambling on. "That was incredible! It all felt like a dream, like I could do anything!" She noticed her clothes folded over the top of the dashboard. "I don't even feel the need to put my clothes on!"

"Then don't," Charlie said, and with one swift movement Lily's pants and sweatshirt had gone out the window.

"What are you--?" Lily started to laugh and then she settled down, proudly pushing her small boobs out to show him she wasn't bluffing. "Okay then, whatever. If you want the whole world to look at me like this, then so be it."


Lily's spirit and frantic energy slowly returned to a more normal state over the next 20 minutes. Her head rested on Charlie's shoulder as the sun began to set over the rocky mountains, and its pink and purple glow seemed like the perfect way to end such a magical day with the man she loved. Before getting back to the motel, they stopped at a gas station. Lily had calmed down and she wasn't feeling as bold as she was before. She covered her breasts with her arm and placed her hand on top of her pussy as the attendant walked over to her side. He was a tall and skinny old man with narrow eyes and a long white beard to go along with his long mane of white hair. Charlie lowered the passenger's window and asked him to pump 50 dollars worth of gas into the vehicle. The old man noticed Lily's lack of garments and tried to get a peek in, but when she turned slightly away from him he walked away and turned for the gas tank.

"What's wrong, babe?" Charlie asked after noticing how red her face was, "You don't feel so powerful and free anymore?"

Lily picked up on the hint of mockery in his tone, "Oh, I just felt a little bit cold, that's all," she replied, lowering her arm to let her tiny tits be free again. She could see the attendant looking at her in the mirror, but Charlie's question had been another dare she wasn't willing to shy away from.

"Excuse me, sir, may I use the restroom?" she asked, sticking her head out the window.

"Uh, of course, it's right there to the left of the vending machines."

She stuck her tongue out at Charlie and said, "I'll be right back, honey," before stepping out of the car in nothing but her pink cotton panties. The evening air was very cold on her skin, especially on her exposed nipples, but Lily did not flinch, and she slowly made her way to the restroom as if being topless in a gas station was a completely natural thing to do.The gorgeous actress washed her face and combed her hair in the dirty mirror, and she took a deep breath before stepping back out there, praying to the heavens that Charlie's car was still the only one there. It was, and as a last act of defiance she decided to thank the old attendant for his service the old fashioned way. There was a spill on the floor and everything smelled like gasoline as she got back to the car. "Thank you so much," she said in the girliest tone she could muster. She saw Charlie's shocked face in the mirror as she pressed herself on the old guy, and his hard-on pressed against her stomach when she kissed his dirt-stained cheek.

"Uh, no problem, miss, you're welcome." In his hand, the nozzle was still spilling gas onto the ground as he watched them drive away.


To Be Continued...
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The Road Trip
Chapter 3, "Luscious Lily"
by Noopster

DISCLAIMER: This story is a work of absolute fiction based on nothing real or plausible at all. Fantasy is legal and this shit is ridiculous anyway. Thanks for reading and thanks to Marauder for all the help with this one.


"Uh, where are we?" Lily asked from the passenger's seat. Having just finished a long nap, she had found herself being driven down a narrow street with small businesses on each side. "Carson City" her boyfriend replied, fiddling with the map app on his phone.

It was just starting to get dark, and Lily was still drowsy. Confused, she rubbed her eyes.

"Carson--? How long was I asleep?"

They had gotten up really early and driven for most of the day because Charlie wanted to get the most out of their special week traveling together before she had to go back to film in Paris. She had been expecting to wake up to the flashy, noisy, saturated extravagance of the Las Vegas Strip, with its myriad of crowded bars, casinos, hotels, and nightclubs; what she had woken up to instead was nothing but the generic emptiness of a quiet, small town street.

"I thought we were going to Vegas." she said, looking around at the overwhelming blandness of it all.

"We were. But this is more important."

"Important. Here?"


"What could be so important here?"

"You'll see."

She looked at him, trying to decipher his smirk.

"...Have you been here before?"


"In another one of those mysterious adventures you had while traveling with your college buddies?"

"Basically, yeah."

"I don't get it. What is there to do here?"

"Don't let the peaceful setting fool you, babe. Everything you can do in Vegas, you can do here."

"Reeeeally? So we're going gambling then."

"Heh, no, we're not gambling. ...At least not in the literal sense."

Curious, Lily raised one of her famous eyebrows. "Oh wow, so cryptic!", she joked, but the little butterflies in her stomach were already fluttering. Charlie kept driving in silence, and Lily did not try to get anything else out of him. By that point, she had learned that it was pointless to ask him about it, because he wasn't going to spoil the surprise anyway. If the past two days were any indication, her boyfriend had definitely planned something raunchy for that night. It wasn't that she had stopped getting anxious about it, but rather she was starting to learn that not knowing made it all so much more exciting. Besides, she was still feeling super confident after what she'd done the day before at the beach and the gas station, and so proud of herself for pushing past her long-held inhibitions. And Charlie had kept his "no sex in our room" rule and gone to bed early last night, so she was super horny, and ready for more.

They arrived at the hotel Charlie had picked. It wasn't pretty, but it wasn't as bad as some of the roadside motels they had stayed at the night before. A part of her still could not believe they were there, but another part liked that everything about their trip was so different. She had grown up with all of the commodities that money could buy, but Charlie wanted her to stop thinking like a rich, spoiled celebrity; the shitty places they were hitting were certainly helping with that.

"So... what should I wear?" she asked, standing over her open suitcase.

"Oh, I don't know, something casual."

"Casual?" She sounded disappointed.

"Yeah. Something comfortable," he said before going back out to get the rest of the stuff from the car.

Lily set aside a pink miniskirt and a pair of tight leather pants, taking her boyfriend's advice and picking a simple pair of tight black jeans instead. Whatever he was planning, he was keeping it extremely close to the vest, but something told her she should be prepared, just in case, and following her hunch she slipped into a tight leopard print leotard with a plunging neckline that left most of her back uncovered. The lower half, meant to be worn as underwear and covered by another piece of clothing, amounted to little more than a thin strip of fabric that did little to cover her pubic area and her plump ass cheeks even less. So she covered it up with the unassuming black trousers and a loose-fitting blue jacket.

About an hour later, as Charlie drove them to their mysterious destination. Lily kept wiggling uncomfortably from side to side on the passenger's seat 'Great idea, Lily' she said to herself. She was not a huge fan of thongs, having been a boy-shorts kind of girl for most of her life, and the bodysuit she had picked seemed bent on riding up her crotch and ass-crack to a very unpleasant degree.

"So... how long 'till we get there?" she asked, trying to focus on something else.

"We're basically there, just three more blocks."

"Great. So you can finally tell me what you have planned then."

"Well, you've proved you're not boring, and that you're not afraid to try new things."

"I sure have," Lily smiled proudly. She was excited already, feeling ready for another challenge.

"And you had so much fun yesterday showing off to those boys at the beach, I figured, you should check out how the pros do it."

"Uh... what?"

Charlie turned around the corner and the bright purple of a neon sign illuminated Lily's surprised face.

"A strip club?"

Charlie pulled up to the parking lot and stopped at one of the many empty spaces.

"Hold on, what are you--"

"Come on, let's get a drink," he said with a smirk as he got out of the car.

A cartoonishly voluptuous mermaid waved at Lily when she stepped out to join him. The bright purple sign read: "The Milky Mermaid", and immediately it was clear just how classy the establishment they had arrived at was. Their steps crunched on the gravel, and she felt nervous as they approached the door, without really understanding why.

A huge black guy at the front door checked their IDs as well as her tight little butt as she walked past him. Lily did not mind, she was way more concerned with the purpose of their visit. Surely, her boyfriend did not expect her to actually-- No, he was probably going to get her a lap dance or something of the sort. 'Might be kinda fun,' she thought, checking out the waitresses in different styles of clothing, or lack thereof.

They made their way through rows of mostly empty tables and sat right next to the main stage, where a curvy black woman was twirling around the metal pole for a bunch of middle-aged white guys who seemed more interested in their drinks than anything else.

The setting was more than a little depressing. It all smelled like old beer and piss, the music was loud, but no one seemed to be listening to it, even the girl dancing on stage seemed to be moving to a completely different rhythm.

"So this is... just like Vegas, huh?" Lily said to her boyfriend, who had just finished ordering them drinks.

"Pretty much," he replied very smugly, "There's one very important difference though."

"Just one, huh? And what would that be?"

"No one knows you here. No one will recognize you here because no one would ever expect to see a celebrity in a shitty strip club in fucking Carson City."

"...Huh." Lily said, after giving some thought to it. "And why would we have to worry about someone recognizing me?"

" Because we don't want the whole world knowing you were pole-dancing at a strip club, obviously."

"Oh... is that what I'm doing?"

"Yeah. And let me tell you, if the world found out, they would freak the fuck out."

"I gotta say... I'm freaking the fuck out a little myself."

"Really? And why is that?"

"Because! You know me, I'm... shy."

"Where was this shy girl yesterday?" he chuckled, "Because whomever I was with yesterday had no issue showing off to those kids, ...or that old guy at the gas station."

Lily started to blush. They had not discussed any of it since she had kissed that old man on the cheek, and hearing him describe it like that was more than a little shocking.

"T--That... that was different. There's too many people here!"

"Pfff, please, the place is half empty. There can't be more than 20 people here."

"That's still a lot more than five!"

"That's the whole point. Think of how excited you were yesterday when we left the lake, now multiply that by four."

"So that's what you want, huh, to watch me strip for everyone here?"

Charlie sipped from his beer without breaking eye contact.

"I'm starting to see a pattern here. Why do you like strangers looking at me so much?"

"I don't know, babe, why do you?"

"I don--"

Charlie gave her a stern look, the one he always used when he knew she was lying, and Lily had no choice but to concede with an adorable smile.

"Okay, I will admit that it was fun. Yesterday was fun."

"And this will be even better."

Lily thought about it for a moment. Could she really do it? Did she have it in her to strip for those bored strangers?

"So let's say that — hypothetically— I do this, what would I get in return?"

"In return? Oh no, babe, you got it all wrong. You're not doing this for me. Not to say that I won't enjoy seeing you up there, but ultimately... this is all for you."

"Is it now? You sure you're not just saying all of this so you can see me take my clothes off in public?"

Charlie grabbed her hand and leaned in closer. "Babe, I heard you last night."

"You heard what exactly?"

"I heard you touching yourself under the covers, trying not to make any noise so you wouldn't wake me up."

"You heard--"

"Yeah, you were thinking of those boys watching you, right? You were thinking of them jerking off to you after we left."

Lily's face had turned bright red now. He knew her too well, there was no point in trying to keep it a secret. "...yeah," she finally admitted with the hint of a mischievous smile on her lips. Charlie took her tiny hand and held it between both of his, looking solemnly into her eyes. "I know you want this. It's okay, babe, you don't have to be ashamed of the things that turn you on. It's okay to be sexy, to show off and be proud of your body, to tease other guys and be horny, to challenge yourself. It's all okay."

"I love you so much," she said, genuinely moved by the support and confidence he always gave her.

"I love you too, babe. Now what do you say? You wanna go up there and give these poor saps something to remember? I mean, they live in Carson City for God's sake, they could use it."

Lily looked anxiously at the now empty stage. "But how would I even.. I mean, it's not like I can go up there just like that."

"Sure you can. Look at the banner over there."

"Amateur night? Is that really a thing?"

"Sure it is. That's why we're here."

"But-- wait, how did you know?"

"I happen to know the owner," Charlie smiled as one of the waitresses came by to serve a pair of whisky glasses. "And I called in advance to sign you up."

"Hmm, how sneaky of you," the pretty actress said, still glancing at the stage as she took the first sip of her beverage. She immediately winced at the heavy, bitter flavor. "Whoa! This is so strong."

"Think of it as liquid courage."

Lily's finger circled the edge of the glass. "If I do this..."


"Then your stupid no-sex in-the-room rule is over. Done," She said, stabbing the center of the table with her fingernail to show how serious she was. "Once we leave this place, you're gonna take me to that shitty hotel you picked for tonight and we're gonna fuck each other's brains out, you got that?"

"It'll be tough, but I'm willing to make that sacrifice," Charlie grinned.

Lily stuck her tongue out at him and then took another sip of her drink. The taste felt a little less aggressive this time.

 So? Are you ready?"

"I... I'm a little bit nervous. Can I just watch first?"

"Of course, babe. Just let me know when you're ready."

Just then, the lights began to dim, and an unseen voice announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Amateur Night at the Milky Mermaid! Our first amateur dancer tonight is a lovely girl from Columbus, Ohio. Please welcome to the stage... Juicy Jessica!"

The lights came up on the stage to reveal a brunette with a short, asymmetrical bob, wearing a black Metallica t-shirt and short jean shorts. Rihanna's "Pour it up" began to blare but the customers at the sparsely populated club barely seemed to notice. Lily felt bad for the girl strutting on stage, but she didn't seem discouraged and kept on doing her thing regardless. 'At least no one will be paying attention when I make a fool of myself up there,' she thought, paying close attention to the moves Jessica was doing up on the stage, like how she played with the buttons of her shorts before pulling them down, or how she wrapped one leg around the metal pole and leaned back, twisting to the side to let her breasts jiggle and dangle. A couple of older guys approached the platform and tipped her a few bucks, but for the most part, the crowd seemed disinterested, and that bothered Lily a little bit. Jessica was just a regular-looking girl, but she did have big round tits and a fat ass, if the men there were not paying attention to her, then what hope could she have with her petite frame and tiny B-cup breasts.

'What hope? Hope of what?'
she suddenly asked herself. This wasn't a competition, there was no prize to be won. And yet, she wanted them to like her. She wanted-- no, she needed to be the object of lust of everyone in there, to have those old, bored men, look at her with the same awe and unbridled lust as those kids at the beach.

Lily felt herself getting wet and flushed as she imagined them leering at her body while Charlie watched, and she took another sip of her drink, trying to calm herself. She noticed her hand was shaking slightly before finishing the glass with one last swig.

"Please give a big round of applause for Juicy Jessica!". The curvy girl picked up her clothes and walked off the stage to sparse applause. The couple clapped hard for her, but it was still sad to see how unresponsive the rest of the patrons were.

Charlie chuckled when he saw her gesturing to the waitress to get another drink.

"What?" she asked, trying not to laugh.

"Feeling more confident now?"

"I'm getting there."

"Now let's get ready for our next participant. This little hottie is visiting the States from south of the border, and despite her innocent appearance, yes, she is legal! Now please give a warm welcome to the sexy stylings of... Marvelous Mandy!"

Lily rolled her eyes. 'Jeez, that DJ sure loves alliteration.'  Raising a bushy eyebrow, she saw a tiny little brunette walk out from behind the black curtains. Even with the black high heels she had on, she couldn't have been taller than 5'4, with a small little frame and the cute face of a high school girl. Brown hair down to her shoulders, big brown eyes and white skin. She wore a tiny little gray mini skirt that showed off her short but very shapely legs, and tight black tank top, generously filled by a pair of nice, firm round tits. She came out to Mötley Crüe's "Girls, Girls, Girls," and it was immediately obvious that she had a bit more experience than Jessica. Her movements were more confident and loose, she even smiled a lot more, and genuinely so. She might have been lying about being amateur, Lily thought, or maybe she just liked to strip in her private life. Either way, it was making her a little self-conscious. 'I don't know how to move like that. I don't even know how to twerk. Oh God, they're all gonna laugh at me!' Luckily, a fresh new drink had just been brought to her, and she drank that one too in a hurry.

"Whoa, take it easy there, babe.You don't wanna fall off the stage."

'Falling off the stage?!' she thought. She hadn't even considered that possibility. "Heh, yeah, I guess not," she laughed nervously.

A small number of new customers had arrived by the time Mandy was down to a very sexy black bra and sheer panties. The growing number of patrons made Lily feel more nervous, but also more excited at the same time. She saw the very cute, mexican girl squatting with her back to the audience as a balding Asian guy stuck green bills in the waistline of her panties. She stood back up, undid her bra and threw it at the guy, blowing him a kiss afterwards. 'That was so sexy...' Lily thought, feeling warmer all over. Mandy's nipples were super hard, and something about that had captivated her. It wasn't really her what was turning her on so much, girls had never been her thing, but seeing her flaunt around for those strangers... that was definitely having an effect between her legs.

The song was finally done, and so was Lily's drink. She sipped the last few drops of whisky without taking her eyes off the stage, where Mandy was picking up her money, grinning excitedly at a young man that she assumed to be her boyfriend; he had obviously enjoyed the show, and she hoped that Charlie would be looking that happy after she had been up there too. That was when she finally got it, the reason that girl looked so happy and confident up there despite the place being half-empty and the customers being so cheap. She wasn't doing it for the money or the patrons, it was all for her boyfriend and herself.

"I think I'm ready," she suddenly announced, turning to Charlie with a look of utter excitement on her sweet, precious face.

Her boyfriend smiled. He offered his hand and led her backstage. "Alright, this is as far as I can go, unless you want me dancing on that pole with you."

"Oh no, the stage is all mine. Now go sit down and get ready."

She pulled Charlie close and kissed him on the lips.

"I can't wait," he said, pleasantly surprised by her eagerness.

"Oh and baby, one more thing."


"You don't tip me, okay? No matter how lonely I look up there, you just sit and watch. I don't want any pity."

"If you say so."

When her boyfriend left her and went back to his seat, the DJ approached her. She picked the song and how she wanted to be introduced, but there was another girl ready to go out there already, so she had to wait her turn. The butterflies in her stomach were going crazy as she paced back and forth backstage. She tried to think of a time before an audition or a play where she had felt more nervous, but she couldn't. Acting was something she had studied and prepared for, but stripping... that was completely uncharted territory. It was so surreal to be standing there waiting, not to say her lines or answer questions in front of a regular audience, but to take off her clothes and dance for a bunch of horny strangers. She peeked behind the curtain and saw that a lot more people had come in. 'The place is almost full now, what the fuck?'

For a moment, she thought about bailing on the whole thing, but then she saw Charlie sitting there with the look on his face he only got when he was genuinely thrilled about something; the same expression that little kids got on their first visit to Disneyland. ‘No, I've come this far, I'm doing this.' Suddenly the lights changed from a deep red color to white and silver, flashing rapidly as the DJ announced, "And now, gentlemen, a special treat. Coming to you straight from the U.K., please give a warm welcome to this gorgeous newcomer on her first exotic dance. Here she is... LUSCIOUS LILY!"

The dumb name made her cringe, but the stage curtains were opening, Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" had started playing, and the spotlights were blazing above her; the show had began. Surprised and extremely nervous, Lily strolled onto the stage in her normal looking clothes. Perhaps it was that unusual look that caught the attention of the crowd, because suddenly it felt like every single pair of eyes was on her.

It was surreal to be standing up there. Her heart was pounding as she strolled round the stage to the beat of the song. Not really sure of what to do, she went straight for the pole in the middle and held on to it. She looked down and around at the men sitting near the little stage. There was a group of twenty-somethings on the right side, but most of the other patrons were middle-aged or older; they looked nothing like the kids at the beach. 'At least I can be sure none of them will know who I am,' she thought as she wrapped one leg round the pole and twirled. When she stopped, she noticed one of them had an old, worn-out "Genesis" t-shirt on, and she laughed to herself, thinking of how scandalized her dear old father would be if he only knew what she was doing.

Still holding on, she leaned back and stretched, letting her denim jack hang loose and showing off the smooth, pale skin of her sides.

She was well aware that her outfit was less than ideal for stripping, but all she could do at that point was to work with what she had, so the pretty brunette teased the crowd by pulling the jacket off of one shoulder and then the other, until the thing fell off completely.

Always the supportive boyfriend, Charlie whooped and hollered, but the rest of the patrons barely made a sound. Lily enjoyed her boyfriend cheering her on, and she was still trying to remember everything that the other two girls had done with the pole so that she could copy it, when suddenly she saw another leg wrapping around the metal to join hers. She looked up and realized one of the young guys from the corner table had joined her for some reason.

"Hey, can I dance with you?" the blonde stranger yelled over the music.

He was just a regular-looking guy, not really that menacing in his frat-guy appearance, but the smell of booze on him was strong and he was grinning like an idiot. Lily's first instinct was to turn to Charlie for help, but to her surprise, he did not seem alarmed, instead he gestured for her to keep going. "Just roll with it," she saw him mouthing.

"Uh... okay," Lily finally said to the guy. He got closer to the pole as Lily's hand slid up the smooth metal with her leg still wrapped around it. In one fluid motion she leaned back again and arched her back. Her long, brown hair swept back, and cascaded down as she held the pose to show off her toned arms and firm breasts.

"Hey you! Get down from there right now!" she heard the security guy from the entrance shouting.

"Oh shit!" the young man said, visibly scared and trying to get off the stage without landing on his face, "It's cool, I'm cool, it's cool!"

Lily was surprised to see him going back to his seat instead of getting kicked out. But she was alone up there again, and there were more pressing issues to attend. Half the song had gone by and she was still fully clothed and getting almost no tips. She looked over at Charlie. Things were not going as she had imagined them, but he was still smiling sweetly at her.

'I can do this,' she told herself, and she took in a long, nervous breath. Needles of anxiety were pricking at the base of her skull as she moved her body closer to the metal pole and bent her knees, straddling it. She could tell the patrons were getting antsy, so instead she let go of the metal and stepped in front. Resting her back on the pole, she looked at the crowd and brought her hands to her stomach, swaying her hips suggestively to the beat as her hands traveled up very slowly. Upon reaching the small cups on her chest, she caressed herself, and teased the inside of her modest cleavage with her index and middle fingers. Her breathing was quick, she was still nervous and a little stiff, but was quickly getting more into the showmanship of it all.

"Muah! I fucking love you!" the blonde guy who had just climbed off the stage shouted at her excitedly. Lily smiled. At least someone other than her boyfriend was enjoying her performance. Her hands slipped inside her leotard and she played with her nipples a little bit, biting her lip to make a show of how much she was enjoying it.

"COME ON, SHOW 'EM!" the rowdy blonde guy shouted.

Lily and her boyfriend exchanged a knowing look and then the petite actress finally pulled the stretchy fabric aside, flashing her perky little breasts and hardened pink nipples to everyone.

She heard the blonde guy shout, "OH FUCK, THAT'S SO HOT!" and felt the gazes from a couple of the men who were sitting around the stage around her. That was enough to send a rush of adrenaline through her entire being.

She let go of the leotard and it sprung back into place, covering her chest again just as she turned her back to the audience and posed with her butt sticking out, shaking it from side to side as she began to unbutton her jeans. She wasn't sure at that point which was louder, the music, or the pulse pounding in her head. When the last button was free, she pulled the pants down just a little bit and stopped to look at the men at her right, then at the men to her left. Grinning mischievously and wiggling her hips, the pretty actress pushed her tight black jeans down with each swivel of her lovely ass. She pushed them all the way down to her ankles, keeping her legs straight and bending over at the waist to let the audience get a good look at the small piece of leopard fabric that barely covered her pussy and disappeared inside her ass crack.

Her ass was firm, round and soft, and the older men seemed to finally notice. Lily touched her toes and kept wiggling, flaunting her delicious little booty. She could feel the men gawking at her, and she was getting excited at the thought of all of them lusting after her. The world and the room around her faded away, and she was absorbed in the warmth of the surreal experience; ready for more. And just when she was about to make her next move, the song ended, the lights flickered, and the DJ asked people to clap.

Lily pulled up her pants and stood there with her back to the crowd wondering what had just happened. It was all over so quickly. 'I didn't even get a chance to-- No, this can't be it.' Her heart was still beating in her throat as she walked to the DJ booth at the back of the stage. "Hey, I didn’t finish, I wanna do another song!" she said, immediately embarrassed by how loud her request had sounded without any music on.

"What? I'm sorry but each participant gets--"

"I was interrupted! That guy interrupted me, that's not fair."

The DJ was silent for a moment. Lily felt embarrassed knowing that everyone there was watching her beg for another chance to strip.

"LET 'ER DO IT!" the rowdy blonde guy cried out.

"YEAH," the guy sitting next to him shouted, "ONE MORE DANCE, ONE MORE DANCE!"

The blonde guy joined in, and so did his other two friends. "ONE! MORE! DANCE! ONE! MORE! DANCE!" Pretty soon Charlie had joined the chant too and a few of the older guys were banging their fists on the tables.

"Alright, alright," the DJ finally conceded, "Pick your song."

"Umm... I, uh..." suddenly she could not think of a single song. She knew everyone was waiting for her and the place was dead silent, making every fraction of a second seem long and painful. And then suddenly, from the blankness of her mind, a title popped up. "Easy Lover!" she blurted out. Charlie and her had been listening to a Phil Collins' greatest hits playlist on the way to Nevada, and it was only until after she said it that it dawned on her she was about to strip to one of her father's songs.

"Okay...due to a technicality, put your hands together once more for Luscious Lily," The DJ called through the sound system.

Realizing that  it was too late to ask for a different song, Lily turned back to face the audience. When the first guitar chord hit, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to get ready, treating the performance she was about to do as seriously as any dramatic scene she'd ever done.

'It's now or never, Lily, get your head in the game.'

Her hands moved slowly up and down her thighs as the song's intro played, before traveling up, caressing her sides and going over her tits. Her fingers reached for the straps of her leotard, a familiar cocktail of fear and arousal welling up from between her legs as she waited for the main riff to begin. This time there was no warming up, and no hesitation, as soon as she heard that F minor seventh chord, she pulled the straps down until the top clung just below her bare breasts, letting the little mounds of pale flesh bounce deliciously as she strutted fiercely to the center of the stage. She stood there for a moment with her little tits out, swaying her hips to the beat and grinning seductively at the men who now seemed fully invested in her. Lily knew she didn't have the most impressive breasts ever, but they were firm and perky, just the way guys liked them, and her heart fluttered with excitement when the empty seats around the stage began to quickly fill up with horny guys wanting to get a closer look.

 She's the kind of girl you dream of
Dream of keeping hold of
You'd better forget it
You'll never get it

She twisted around a couple of times, feeling more confident and aroused with every passing second. The impertinent blonde guy was shouting all kinds of things that she could not make out over the loud music. Something came over her just then, because for as much as he had startled her with his drunken antics, she was genuinely moved by the show of support, and suddenly she was pointing at him with a come hither look in her amazing hazel eyes. It took a moment for the surprised guy to figure it out. "Me?" he mouthed, pointing at his chest. Lily nodded and beckoned him with her finger. The young man almost tripped in his haste to get back up on stage, and Lily used those few seconds to find Charlie and wink at him. Her boyfriend had a huge smile on his face, and when he winked back, Lily knew she had the green light to do whatever she wanted up there.

"Uh... hi," the blonde man awkwardly shouted over the music.

"Dance with me, handsome," the brunette commanded, reaching for his hand. She held it up and twirled under his arm a couple of times before turning back to him and leaning on his chest.  Then, the gorgeous actress began to parade topless around her guest while in that print leotard that clung tightly to her body, emphasizing the outline of her modest curves.

The guy was stunned, and his buddies started whistling and cheering him on. Lily took his hands and led them down her sides and over her narrow hips, making sure his fingers held on to the waistband of her still unbuttoned pants. She looked at the crowd, and bit her lip, teasing them with a playful look. "Do it!" Charlie shouted from the back. That was all the blonde man needed to hear. He pulled the jeans down and rolled them down to her ankles, exposing her juicy thighs to everyone. Lily playfully covered her wide open mouth with her hand, and stepped away from her jeans, pretending to be shocked with the situation while looking at her boyfriend's pleased expression.

Suddenly the guy’s hands rose to cup her tiny breasts. When his fingers graced her nipples she let out a gasp, and the stripper character she was playing disappeared for a moment. It was not more than a second before Lily took them back down to her waist, where the straps of her leopard-print bodysuit hung loose, and her eyes turned to Charlie immediately, worrying that she had just crossed a line. But her boyfriend could not have looked any happier, he had that fire in his eyes again, and there was no doubt that he was enjoying seeing the blonde stranger start to pull down the straps, slowly bringing the leotard all the way down to her midriff. There were finally cheers from the other men as she pulled the blonde man back to his feet and stepped in front of him, leaning against his chest and swaying to the rhythm of the song, her arms dancing gracefully above her head as the fabric was rolled down past her rock hard abs and cute belly button.

She felt the blonde man breathing on her neck as his hands reached her hips and let go. Lily closed her eyes, feeling a delicious shiver as his hands caressed her thighs on the way down. That scared her momentarily and she took a step forward, moving away from his touch. It was so thrilling to know she had everyone's full attention now, that every eye in the room was focused on her.  She turned her back to the audience, presenting her delicious little booty, barely covered by the rolled down leotard that now looked like a bikini bottom with a slightly more bulky waistline and a very thin strip of leopard print fabric disappearing between her butt cheeks. Then she turned her head to look back at them, striking a pose she had used countless times on red carpets, and reached back, pulling the thong further up between her ass cheeks. It was only then, once the fabric dug deep into her ass crack and buried itself between her labia, that she realized how wet she was.

Some of the patrons started to throw money on stage. Lily wiggled her ass from side to side before returning her attention to the drunk guy accompanying her on stage. She walked over to him, looking for Charlie's reaction out of the corner of her eye as she got closer and pressed her body against his. The guy's hard-on poked her right under the navel, and she wondered if every other guy there was hard for her at that moment. Then, she turned, and took his hands again, leading them to the rolled up edge of her makeshift leopard-print thong. She pushed her ass out and heard the men whistling while she swayed her hips, feeling the guy's bulge rubbing on her, even poking between her ass cheeks from time to time.

"WHOOOOO!" Charlie hollered from the back as the stranger's fingers got a hold of his girlfriend's thong again. Lily smiled and pressed herself harder against his body. She lifted her arms and danced in her spot as he began to pull the leotard down. Slowly, the little, trimmed landing strip above her pussy started to become visible. Charlie's jaw had dropped to the floor. He could not believe she was above to take everything off, and neither could she. But there was a need of being completely exposed up there that she had to satisfy now.

 She's an easy lover
She'll get a hold on you believe it...

Her father kept singing while the little leotard rolled down her thighs and finally fell to the floor. The room exploded with whistles and cheers as her pink little slit came into view. Lily made that surprised gesture again, making a show of trying to cover her breasts and pussy with her arms. She waited one beat like that, looking left at right with an enticing smirk on her lips, and then she straightened herself, putting her hands on her hips and widening her stance, proudly showing off her completely naked form for everyone to admire.

The guys went really wild and, though the lights were in her eyes and she couldn't see him, she imagined the proud smile Charlie must have had on his face. 'I'm really doing this!' she screamed excitedly in her head. It was incredible to be up there wearing absolutely nothing and feeling no shame.

Some of the men laughed when the blonde guy started smelling the crumpled leotard in his hands. Lily turned to him and thanked him with a kiss on the cheek before taking the outfit from him and gesturing for him to get back down. That was her stage now, and it was time to really shine.

The petite stripper walked slowly towards the pole, her smooth and firm legs looking amazing under the bright white lights, and only the hint of a jiggle on her firm, bubble-shaped butt. She got a hand and a leg on the metal and began to swing around it, smiling seductively at the men with raised arms and dollar bills in their hands.

After a few more rotations around the metal pole, she stopped suddenly with one leg raised, allowing the viewers to get a glimpse of her pale pussy lips while she licked the tip of her finger and rubbed her left nipple with it. "FUCK YEAH!" she heard Charlie shouting from his table. It almost made her break character for a second, but she was able to keep from laughing. Instead, she strode to the center of the stage, right across from where Charlie sat, and turned her attention to a sweaty man dressed in a light gray business suit that was holding a 20 dollar bill in the air. Lily stood right above him, on the very edge of the stage, and looked down at him. The man's eyes were inevitably drawn to her labia, just a couple of feet from his face. The money was shaking in his hand as the tiny stripper began to slowly squat down. There was a collective and audible awe as her thighs opened wide and she lowered her hips. The wet, glistening little pink hole was suddenly there, completely exposed for everyone to see. The man sighed deeply and he was so close that Lily felt his warm breath on her opening as she took the money from him.

"Thank you," she said very sweetly, before getting back up again. Everyone watching was going crazy and there were too many hands to count holding up bills all around her. She could barely hear the music over all of the noise the horny men were making.

 You're not the only one, ooh seeing is believing
It's the only way
You'll ever know, oh

As the thumping erotic beat stimulated her pulse, Lily danced and danced, free of any clothes and any reservations. She shook her shapely booty and flaunted her tight little body, bathing in the lewd gazes of the men sitting around the stage, until there was sweat dripping down her back and every inch of her pale, flawless skin was glittering with perspiration.

The last minute of the song reached the peak of sexually-charged energy when Lily started going from one side of the stage to the other to take money from the horny patrons. She knelt and crawled for some of them, she bent and spanked herself for the others. Having no place to put the money she just kept tossing it around the stage floor. Not that it mattered, that performance was all about letting go of fear and embracing Charlie's fantasy. She could see him sitting at the edge of his seat, looking around in disbelief at the crowd of horny men his dear girlfriend had riled up with her naked flesh. He had this shocked look on his face, like he still could not believe she was really exposing herself so freely to all those guys.

The song's guitar solo hit her like a jolt of electricity and Lily's hips began to spin wildly, almost as if they were no longer attached to the rest of her body, twisting and gyrating on their own will. She shook her head and her hair thrashed around in a whirlwind to the beat. At that point nothing existed but the music and her body. Lily's mind melted into a whirlwind of sound and movement, she danced like she had never danced before, letting go of all reservations, believing herself to be the most important thing in the universe and convincing every person there of the same. Every inch of her gorgeous body was dripping with sweat and passion, every movement, every gesture was loose and naturally sensual, transforming her body  into an irresistible white flame.

 Now don't try to change her, just leave it, leave it

She felt so free and comfortable, like she was dancing alone in her room, while simultaneously bathing in the thrill of knowing that everyone there was hopelessly hypnotized by her nude body and her wild, overt sensuality.

"YOU'RE SO FUCKING HOT!" she heard the frat guy yell from his table. Lily smiled to herself. In trying to please her boyfriend, she was discovering desires and fantasies of her own she had never even suspected were there. She had gotten on that stage expecting to have a bit of fun by dancing and teasing the guys by showing a little bit of skin. Instead, she had wound up taking everything off, putting her tits, cunt and asshole on full display, and turning every grown man in the club into one of those kids at the beach, and Charlie into the horniest of strip club cheerleaders. She had never felt so sexy and powerful, but she still wanted to go even further.

She knew the song was almost over so she headed back to the center of the stage and presented her lovely ass once more to the people in the middle. She stood above the men shouting dirty things at her while she got down on all fours, hovering her lovely ass right in front of them.

 Before you know it you'll be on your knees



She opened her legs for them, and spread them wide. She was so wet and everyone could see it. The men cheered her on loudly as she looked back over her shoulder at them, lust in their eyes, transfixed on her cunt and her asshole, and she blew them a kiss.

Lily chuckled at how fitting her Dad's lyrics had turned out to be while she wiggled her wet, pink cunt for their amusement. But she knew the song well enough to know it was time for the grand finale, so the cute little brunette turned around and sat on the cold stage floor with her legs spread wide open. Charlie looked like he was about to lose his mind, and the horny actress bit her lip, imagining how good he was going to fuck her that night. Resting her back on the pole, she used two fingers to spread her cunt lips for all to see, and her eyes found Charlie's in the background before she began to tease her little clit with her middle digit. The men watching were loving the show, they could not take their eyes off of the cute stripper's wet little pussy and, as the last chorus began to fade out from the speakers, Lily finally dipped a finger inside herself.

The song ended, and for a brief moment, everyone watched in awe and silence as the petite brunette fingered herself on stage. No one moved or uttered a word. The sensuality of the moment was incredible. A deep, imposing silence had taken over the whole club, and all that could be heard was Lily's hard breathing and the wet sounds of her fingers going in and out of her pussy. Lily pulled her fingers out, licked them clean for everyone to see and suddenly, from the back of the bar, the sound of glass shattering seemed to announce the end of her performance.

The spell was broken. Lily closed her legs and looked at everyone around her. She had triumphed. If that had been a stage play she would've gotten a standing ovation. But the men were already standing, wooing, whistling and cheering as she bashfully picked up her jacket, the only piece of clothing that still remained on stage, and scurried away behind the curtains.


She heard the DJ introduce another girl and then a Beyonce song begin playing as she started to put her jacket back on. The thing was wet, soaked in beer. "Fuck!" she cursed out loud, realizing that it had been a terrible idea to be so careless with her clothes on stage. Luckily for her, the dressing room was just a few feet away.

"Uh, hi, sorry to bother you," she said after peeking her head into the small room where the black stripper she had seen dancing at the beginning of the night was sitting. She was taking off her makeup in front of a mirror with two big light bulbs screwed on each side and did not seem pleased with the interruption.

"I just did a dance and some of my clothes went missing and my jacket is soaked with beer."

"Rookie mistake," the black woman scoffed.

"Heh, yeah, I know."

"You know this isn't a full-nude club, right? I'd be worried 'bout you getting us shut down if this place wasn't such a shit-hole anyway."

"Oh... I'm sorry, I had no idea," Lily apologized and she felt her face start to blush as she thought about how far she had taken things on stage. It already felt like that had been a completely different person. "So... uh, I was wondering if there's any way that you could like, let me borrow something to wear? I'll wash it and bring it back tomorrow, I promise."

"Bitch, I don't know you. I ain't giving you my clothes."

"Alright, I'll buy them from you, okay? Anything you can give me, just name your price."

"Yeah? What you gon' pay me with? You gon' pull a wallet out yo' pussy?"

"Oh... right," the cute brunette said, looking down at herself. "Well, my boyfriend has money, he could--"

The stripper stood up and grabbed her bag. "Bitch, stop wasting my time." Then she walked out of the room.

Lily sighed and stepped inside, hoping to find something, anything, to wear before someone else came in. The place was full of wigs, shoes and other accessories like furry boas and nipple clamps, but no clothes to cover herself with. She didn't have a phone to call Charlie, and the club was pretty much full by the time she had finished dancing. She couldn't just go out there wearing nothing, doing that on stage was one thing, but just walking around like that... no, not even the real strippers did that. She was trying to figure out what the hell she was gonna do when she discovered a small rack at the end of the room. On it, she found a naughty nurse outfit that was clearly meant for someone much, much bigger than her, and a white and silver sequin jumpsuit that had obviously seen better days. She started inspecting the latter. If not exactly her size, it did look like it might fit her, but upon further inspection Lily discovered a couple of yellowish stains on the inside of unknown origin. "Yuck!" she exclaimed, dropping it right away. Luckily, there was a third outfit hanging there that seemed to be about her size. The first thing she did was smell it and inspect it for any more disgusting stains. It was clean, and she let out a sigh of relief as she got it off the hanger and held it up to see what she was going to have to deal with. "Oh boy..." she said to herself upon realizing her last option had turned out to be a crotchless body stocking made out of black lace.

After slipping into the tiny outfit and looking at herself in the mirror, another sigh, this time of resignation, left her lips. The top was cut so low that her small breast popped out at the first sudden movement, but even when she pulled the top up to cover them, the fabric was so scandalously sheer that the two little pink nubs were obvious anyway.

'I guess I should be thankful it fits. Well, kinda...'

Next to the rack was a plastic shelf unit with several pairs of shoes. She debated what would be more disgusting, putting on a pair of used heels, or walking out there barefoot to step on the filth left on the floor by who knew how many patrons. The choice was clear, and after stepping into a pair of black heels she tied her hair into a little bun; there was still something missing. She started going through the little drawers until she found a little black bag with makeup inside. 'It's like getting dressed up for Halloween,' she thought, applying the whorish red shade of lipstick to her lips. She examined herself in the mirror, now she really looked the part. 'I just know he's going to love this.' She imagined the expression on Charlie's face once he saw her dressed like that and she got more than a little excited.

Despite all, the body stocking fit well. The soft, stretchy material clung nicely to her figure, leaving her arms and back exposed and showing off her modest curves, with thigh-high stockings that connected to bow-trimmed straps completing the look.

"Well, Lily, you make a very cute prostitute," she joked to her reflection. She had calmed down a bit now, her mind finally returning after having lost it on stage. The things she had done up there now seemed like they were another person's actions and going back out there again, even if it was just to get her boyfriend and leave, suddenly seemed like a daunting task. She had a moment of introspection while she tried to figure out what to do. This road trip had become something completely different than she was expecting it to be. A few days ago she had never even considered the tamest of public displays, but since then, more men had seen her naked in the span of three days than in the rest of her life.

That idea suddenly clung to her thoughts. So many men had seen her not only naked, but playing with herself too... The buzz she'd gotten from it far exceeded anything she had ever imagined. The petite actress had to admit that she'd loved flaunting herself to see the lust in their eyes. It made her feel a sort of wicked power as she began to imagine them becoming erect simply from looking at her. She closed her eyes and her hand went down between her legs as she thought of what it had felt like to know that an entire club full of people had imagined fucking her while she was on stage. She was so wet, and her fingers slipped into her pussy so easily...

Teasing her clit with little circles, she started to realize that the whole public exhibition thing, the flaunting of her body to groups of strangers was playing to some deeply buried need she had. She was getting such a kick from seeing the men staring at her, ogling her up and down and seemingly fucking with her eyes. There must have been something dormant in her that Charlie had started to release when he convinced her to give him that blowjob on the road. Those dark desires were exploding into full maturity now that she was pushing herself more and more. She moaned as she dug two fingers deep inside, burning with the desire to do more, to take that adventure further, but at the same time, she was beginning to worry that it was all a Pandora's box she wouldn't be able to close later. And still her fingers kept moving, curling inside herself as the thrill of pushing boundaries, of disregarding taboos, inundated her mind. She wanted to become the exact opposite of boring, the word that made her cringe every single time she had heard it used to describe herself. Adventurous and spontaneous, she wanted to be those things that were out of the ordinary. It still worried her a little to where it all might lead, and how she was going to gather the courage to discuss it with Charlie, but--

"Charlie..." she said very softly. Suddenly, the look on her boyfriend's face when he saw her on that stage shot back to her mind, and nothing else seemed to matter but the image seared into her brain and her fingers buried deep inside her dripping cunt. She could not wait to see that expression again once he saw her in that outfit. She was about to make herself cum just thinking about it.

Then she heard a noise outside the door, and it startled her enough to bring her back to her senses. "Lily, what the hell is happening to you?" she said to herself as she slipped into the extra small cheeky panties that came with the outfit. The front barely held high enough above her pussy to cover the little patch of trimmed pubic hair, and the fact that they were also see-through meant that they didn't do much in terms of hiding her slit either. When Lily turned to see her butt in the mirror, she realized the elastic stopped almost midway up her bottom. The top of her ass crack peaked out, and the eyes could easily follow it down to her pussy through the sheer fabric.

'Here goes nothing...'

And so, Lily began making her way back to Charlie dressed like a whore. The lacy material was comfortable and felt good on her skin as she made her way to the front of the club where Charlie had been sitting, and she started turning heads the moment she got back to the main area. The one problem she had not anticipated was how small the lace panties were. About halfway between the dressing room and the stage she started feeling the crotch shift, and one of her pussy lips suddenly slipped out from behind the lacey patch of cloth.

A pale man in a blue tracksuit stared as she pulled the tiny wedge of black lace back into place. "That's just too damn small, sweetie." Lily gave him an awkward smile and started walking again. She gasped and stopped for a fraction of a second when the man spanked her left butt cheek, and her first instinct was to turn and curse something at him, but she stopped herself, realizing that would only cause her more problems, and continued on her way.

The club was pretty full now, and she guessed that there must have been almost a hundred people there. It wasn't easy making her way through packed tables of leering horny guys. With every step she could feel how perilously close her pussy lips were to popping out again, and the constant, overwhelming sensation of all those eyes focused on her. The patrons kept trying to get her attention, and some of them even tried to grab her, but Lily kept slipping away, saying "sorry" and "excuse me" as she politely ignored them.

"Look at the fucking legs on her."

"She looks tight as fuck, bro."

"She has the pinkest little pussy!."

"I'd love to tap that."

"I would wreck her little holes."

"Mmm, that ass is fucking yummy!"

Her plan was to go straight back to Charlie and leave, but his table was empty and he was nowhere to be found. "Excuse me, you know where the guy that was sitting here went?" she asked the waitress who was wiping it down.

"Hmm, I think I saw him talking to the owner. They might be somewhere around here. But hey, if you're looking for good tips, that fat guy over there with the thick mustache is loaded."

"What? Oh! Oh no... I'm not--"

The waitress had already gone to clean another table, and Lily was left standing there alone, hands on her hips, asking herself where the hell her boyfriend could be. She knew that he wouldn't just leave her alone in a place like that. No, Charlie would never put her at risk, he wasn't that kind of guy. 'I did take a bit long back there. He must have gone looking for me.'

Lily tried to see if she could locate him in the crowd, but all she could see around her were strangers devouring her tight little body with their hungry eyes. Standing there alone and trying to keep her pussy from slipping out of those dangerously undersized panties, she felt completely exposed and vulnerable. It only got worse when two young guys took the chairs she and Charlie had been occupying before, startling her in the process.

"Hey, honey, wanna sit with us?"

"Uh... no, thank you. I'm... looking for someone."

"Really? Well that's a shame 'cus my friend and me, we'd love to have some fun with you tonight." He put his arm around her waist and pulled her close while his buddy playfully spanked each one of her ass cheeks.

"I--I'm sorry, I need to go," she said, quickly slipping from their grasp.

Then she made her way to the bar, getting her ass grabbed more times than she could count along the way. Every guy there seemed to think he had a right to spank, squeeze or even pinch her butt, and it kept happening again and again and again. It was so uncomfortable, and especially knowing there was nothing she could do about it. After all, they had all just seen her shaking her ass completely naked, and now she was walking around dressed like a whore, it wasn't their fault that they were confusing her for a real one.

She was all flustered and tense by the time she got to ask the bartender if he had seen Charlie. Never in her life had she heard so many vulgar comments about her tits and ass, let alone so many in such a short span of time; it was like the real life version of the comments under one of her Instagram posts and she couldn't wait to find her boyfriend and leave. But the bartender didn't know where Charlie was either, so Lily ordered a drink to calm her nerves. Trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, she waited next to one of the beer fridges at the far end of the bar, where the lights were not so bright and she was mostly out of the way from the staff and patrons alike. After a few sips from her glass she started feeling a bit less anxious once again. Charlie would turn out eventually, she was sure of it.

She walked out of her hiding spot to get another drink, and as she waited for the bartender to make her a cocktail, her stiff posture slowly gave way to a more relaxed stance, and soon enough, the petite actress was leaning on the counter, looking delicious with her back slightly arched and her pale little bubble butt pushed out for everyone to admire.

"Jesus, she's fucking stunning! What the fuck is she doing working here?" she heard someone saying behind her. She found the comment to be sweet, especially in comparison with all of the other dirty things she'd been hearing, and whether it was a conscious decision or not, she bent over the bar a little bit more, rewarding the man who had just praised her with a nice view of the black lace strip being swallowed by her soft and meaty ass cheeks.

Then, from the corner of her eye, she caught another person watching her. A barrel-chested man in his late 40’s with a fuzzy black beard, a red trucker hat and piercing black eyes. The beer bottle in his big, hairy hand looked tiny as he picked it up and drank from it while still staring at her, fascinated. There was something inexplicably captivating about the man and, without really understanding why, she started to get flustered again just by knowing he was staring. Unable to hold his powerful gaze, she looked away and took another sip from her glass, when she turned back he was still looking straight at her, and there was something so ferocious about him that she could not resist; she had to look away again. Then she caught herself wishing that corpulent man would come over and treat her like the other men had. She imagined herself sitting on his lap, feeling his bushy beard on her neck...

Suddenly she was all hot and bothered, pressing the cold, ice-filled glass against her bare chest to cool off. 'Where the hell is Charlie?' she started thinking again. Those wild thoughts had scared her, and she got impatient again. She needed him there to ground her, to keep her from doing something really, really stupid. The sharp sound of one of the bar chairs being dragged over a short distance surprised her, and a familiar slurring that said, "Hey... has anyone ever told you that you're way too pretty to be a stripper?" The actress looked behind her and immediately recognized the blonde drunk guy from the stage, sitting right behind her. He had positioned himself so close that upon turning to face him, she found herself trapped between him sitting on the high chair and the bar to her back.

"Oh, uh... hi again," she said nervously.

"You did a great job up there, everyone was going crazy for you."

"...Thanks," she replied uncomfortably.

"My name's Harper, by the way," he said, politely offering his hand. There was still a strong smell of alcohol all over him, but he seemed to be a lot less drunk than before. Despite the obvious risk, a whole lifetime of social conditioning prompted the famous actress to shake his hand. "I'm Lily," she said, now regretting having given the DJ her real name to announce.

"Hey, I'm sorry if I scared you up there, I got a little bit too excited."

"Oh it's fine, don't worry about it," she told him, her eyes still looking around the club for her boyfriend.

"But we made a pretty good team, don't you think?"

(continued in the next post)
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After letting that man undress her and even feel her up on stage, it was so awkward to be making small talk like that. She said nothing, just nodding politely as she kept trying to spot Charlie while Harper put his arm around her waist and pulled her close.

"How about we go back there so you can dance just for me?"

Startled, Lily tried to separate, but his hand on her lower back did not allow it. It took her a moment before she realized he was talking about the private rooms she had seen near the entrance.

"Oh! No, I don't-- I'm not a dancer," she said, feeling his hand coming down to rest on her butt.

"Really? 'Cause I think I just saw you dancing up there."

"No! ...I mean, y-yeah but... it was my first time." She moved his hand up, but he slowly brought it down again, and took it a little bit further by gently squeezing her cheek this time.

"So you're a rookie, that's cool with me." As he talked, his hand continued squeezing, massaging the soft, but firm flesh in circles, while the slight stripper squirmed and struggled, but not too much. Lily felt the crotch of her panties digging into her pussy and, making another futile attempt to get his hand off her ass and free herself, she said, "No, what I mean is that--"

"Listen, you're the hottest girl in here by far. I'm not taking no for an answer."

The odd compliment worked for some reason. It could've been the way he had taken control over her without asking for permission, or that he had chosen her even among all of those women with big tits and fat asses walking around, or how shamelessly he kept massaging her ass right in front of all the other patrons, or that while he did it, her underwear kept riding up her labia and rubbing up against her clit... It was probably a combination of all the above, but it made Lily feel a lot of things. Suddenly she had stopped struggling, and when Harper's fingertips slipped under her panties and touched the inside of her butt crack all she did was gasp a little bit and look in the direction of the big, burly trucker, who was looking right back at her.

"I-- thank you," she said, "but really, I don't do that."

"Come on, just a quick dance." Not only had his right hand returned to grip her butt, but the left one had joined it now, cupping the tender flesh at the bottom of her cheek, shamelessly grabbing her without any subtlety or shame. "You're so fucking beautiful, I have to insist."

Lily's face was flush, her eyes kept nervously looking around for Charlie, but they instead kept finding the corpulent trucker, making no attempt to hide the fact that he was carefully watching the two of them. Suddenly, Harper's hand came down, and the tips of his fingers softly and deliberately caressed the sensitive skin on the back of her thighs. Lily shivered, and locking eyes with the bearded man at the end of the bar, she stopped what little resistance was left in her and allowed herself to be pulled in completely, until Harper's body and hers were so close that she could feel his warm breath on her neck, and his hard-on pressing on her stomach.

"I... I don't know..." she said, not sure why she was even contemplating the idea, or why she was still letting him shamelessly play with her ass in front of dozens of strangers, some of whom had already started to notice. The only certainty she had was that the way he was touching her in front of everyone, but especially that big, burly man, had her very excited, and extremely wet.

"Okay, you're new, you're shy, I get it. How 'bout this. I'll give you a $20 right now just to sit on my lap."

"A $20 for what?" she said, confused.

He hit the bar with a nice, crisp 20 dollar bill, and without even waiting for an answer, both of his hands moved to the bottom of her ass cheeks and picked her up with ease, dropping her tiny body so that she sat across his legs.

"Hey!" Lily yelped with her legs dangling off his thighs, holding on to his neck to keep herself from falling. That was going too far. She was about to get up and leave when she finally located Charlie standing behind the bar, watching her attentively. 'What is he doing there?' A sudden wave of guilt and shame came over her as she realized that he had probably been back there watching the whole time. She froze for a second, but then she saw he was smiling, and did not seem upset at all. Then suddenly he started moving towards them, and he had that fire in his eyes, just like when he was watching her dance on stage.

"See? That wasn't so bad, was it?" Harper said, playfully bouncing her on his lap.

Seeing her boyfriend was coming, Lily tried to free herself, but she was caught in Harper's embrace. Suddenly, Charlie was there, putting two cold bottles of beer in front of them.

"I brought you two some drinks, on the house." her boyfriend said, giving her a look that sent shivers through her spine. His eyes moved down slowly, inspecting the whorish, see-through outfit that clung tightly to her tight little body.

"It was all they had..." she said, looking down bashfully, blushing as Harper's hands moved up and down her bare thighs.

Resting his elbows on the bar, Charlie leaned in closer and said, "When you're ready, we've got a private room saved just for the two of you."

Lily's eyes widened. Was he really suggesting that she go through with it?

"Oh, I wasn't--"

"Hey, listen," Charlie interrupted, and he was speaking directly to Harper now, "This girl is a little shy, but trust me, she's not boring. She's the furthest thing from boring." He had directed that last key word at Lily, leaving no doubt about his intention.

"You two have a lot of fun, alright? And let me know if there's anything else you need."

"Huh, okay..." Harper replied, a little weirded out by the creepy bartender getting so close and personal. "You know that guy?" he said to Lily as he pulled her in tighter.

"Uh, yeah, a little bit," Lily said without looking at him. She was too busy watching her boyfriend move back to the sink and pretending to wash glasses as if he really worked there. "I'm friends with the owner," she remembered him saying, and suddenly it all made sense. He was still watching her, and so was the burly man with the red hat.

"So about that private..." Harper said very close to her ear while at the same time pulling down on her outfit. The fabric stretched a little, and Lily's left nipple popped out over the top, the right one following soon after that. Immediately she grabbed the top and started pulling it back up to cover herself, with her face full of uncertainty, and her eyes still focused on Charlie.

"Hey, don't hide them, they're beautiful," Harper said, moving her hands away and pulling the garment down so that both of her perky little breasts were now showing. Mortified, Lily saw her man wink at her from behind the little sink, and when Harper pulled the straps of her outfit down her shoulders, her boyfriend had so much lust in his eyes and satisfaction in his grin that there was no doubt left in her mind.

Harper's erection was poking one of her butt cheeks and when he made her get on top of it she felt her underwear getting swallowed between her labia, and her juices flowing all around it. Why had she been resisting anyway? Her whole reason for being there was to be looked at, lusted after, and maybe touched too. She was supposed to be a stripper, an easy girl, a plaything for strangers. If Charlie wanted this to happen just as much as Harper did, and so did she, then she would embody the role of "Luscious Lily" and become that fantasy.

After coming to terms with that powerful realization, the "Love, Rosie" star finally allowed herself to relax and feel Harper's erection pressing on her, his heart beating frantically on her back and his warm breath on the back of her neck. Very quickly she went from being stiff and self-conscious, to feeling completely comfortable while sitting topless on another man's lap. She kept looking at Charlie as Harper slid one hand over her tit, and she let out a faint little moan when he pinched the nipple, and rolled it between his thumb and finger.

"You're so beautiful," the blonde man said, now using both hands to fondle the brunette's modest chest. Lily squirmed on his erection as he began kissing down her neck and, realizing there were a bunch of other people watching her be fondled now, she could only imagine how hard Charlie was behind that sink, knowing perfectly well how sensitive here tits were, and how much she adored having them massaged and teased just like the blonde stranger was doing.

"So... what do you say?" Harper insisted once more as his lips brought goosebumps to the girl's right shoulder, and his fingers clenched and pushed her two small breasts together.

Lily was breathing hard, and her panties had become soaked with her juices to the point where she could now feel the wetness on her running down her thighs. "Just-- wait a little longer," she said, reaching back and pulling his head in deeper, and fighting her own need to take him to the private room. She wanted, no, she needed Charlie, and everyone else there, to keep on watching just a little longer. "Fuck, your skin is... so soft, like porcelain," he continued, helplessly enthralled with everything about her. "Hmmm, yeah? You like it?" Lily moaned. Those sweet words added another level to her state of arousal, making her feel like there was something very intimate about what they were doing, even in front of so many people.

More and more patrons had noticed the stripper getting her tits fondled in the corner. Some of them had even turned their chairs away from the stage to focus their attention on Lily and her handsy john. Knowing she had all of their attention again sent her confidence levels through the roof. She had everything she needed now. The wardrobe, the setting, the co-star, and the audience; it was time to really put on a show

"Tell me how much you want me," she suddenly blurted out before throwing her head back on to his shoulder. "I want you, I fucking want you so bad," Harper panted while she lifted her hips a little and then brought them down again, making sure to get his bulging erection right on her sweet, warm spot. Lily put her feet on the foot rests of the stool and her hands on his knees before pressing herself down, and she started grinding her pussy on him, feeling his hard cock rub on her lips and pushing the fabric of her undersized panties further in. Out of the corner of her eye, she could still see the man with the red hat watching, not taking his eyes off her even for a second, and Charlie right next to him, bent over the sink, having abandoned all pretenses about working there and solely focused on watching her surrender herself to a horny stranger while surrounded by dozens more.

Harper had Lily's pink nipples twisting right and left like volume knobs on a stereo, and the petite stripper could not keep herself from moaning out loud as her ass cheeks and labia gobbled up her underwear, sending delicious shivers of pleasure all over her body with each stroke. Her eyes were shut tight, she was fully concentrated on the grind. "I'm so wet, oh my God you're making me so wet," she moaned in Harper's ear while her midsection kept working strenuously so that her pussy drew circles on the blonde man's hard-on.

Charlie could not believe what he was seeing, and neither could most of the patrons. It was one thing to have a girl sit on your lap, and maybe pinch her ass or grab a little bit of boob every now and then, but to have a full on dry-humping, tit-massaging session in full view was completely unheard of. There were loud cheers going on, and the voluptuous stripper on stage had stopped dancing due to the fact that most people there had turned away to watch the new girl going wild by the bar. Even some of the waitresses stopped to watch, exchanging puzzled glances with each other, wondering why the boss was letting this type of dodgy thing continue. This new girl had already broken the law by going full naked on stage, and now this? It was the type of thing that could get them fined or shut down.

But of course, Lily shared none of those concerns. She was completely caught in the moment, letting Harper's hands run all over her body as she twisted, wriggled and pushed herself on him. With a hand firmly grasping her left tit, and the other stubbornly trying to sneak in between the girl's tightly pressed thighs, the blonde man had lost all decorum, consumed by the thought of fucking Lily's tight, delicious body. "I need to have you," he kept desperately panting in her ear, "How much, just tell me how much, I'll pay anything."

'How... much...?' Floating in a cloud of lust, her mind barely registered what he was offering money for. "Just touch me... feel me..." she said, and finally, surrendering completely to her own burning desire, she opened her legs and welcomed his palm on her crotch.

"Fuuuuuck!" She heard him moan as soon as he made contact with her hot, sopping wet pussy. She gasped loudly when his fingers curled and pushed the crotch of her panties to the limit, trying to get inside of her no matter what.

"Hey, hey, you can't do that here!" one of the waitresses finally called out, taking it upon herself to save her job, and that of every other employee there. But Harper was already too far gone and before she had even finished yelling, his left arm had tensed around Lily's tight stomach, and the rest of him had turned stiff. Lily heard him groaning on her neck and felt a pulse on her butt. There was a warm sensation on her bare ass cheeks, and then he sighed with relief as his whole body relaxed under her.

Some of the onlookers began to laugh and the angry waitress covered her face with her hand and shook her head in disbelief, but Harper was enjoying the last remnants of his orgasm too much to care. Realizing what had just happened, Lily felt her face turning red as she slowly got off and pulled her top up again. Some of the patrons were clapping in jest, and the waitress kept looking at her disapprovingly while she pulled the little panties out of her ass crack and readjusted the front part, now completely soaked in pussy juice, to cover her labia.

She turned to look at Harper, who now had a giant wet spot on the front of his pants, and looked like he was melting over the chair. "I fucking... love you..." he said in a blissful daze. She thought that was sweet, and kissed him on the cheek before walking away.

Her immediate impulse had been to run away, but she was still so wet and so energized, she was just realizing that she had no idea where to go and was now walking aimlessly. Her heart was pounding and she was shaking so much she was afraid of falling with each unsure step. Then she stopped, and saw that a few men were whispering to each other as they looked towards her. Suddenly she could not resist smiling back, and that burning need to be the center of attention began to overwhelm her.

"Hey, over here!"

Her boyfriend was calling for her from behind the bar so she steadied herself and went to him. Charlie grabbed her hand and pulled her behind the door that led to the small kitchen. As soon as it closed behind them, Lily started rambling over the sound of plates and glasses being washed and stacked behind them, "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I don't what came over me, I wasn't trying to--"

"Hey, hey, calm down. I'm not angry," he reassured her as he lovingly stroked her bare arm.

"What--? You're not? You don't think I took it too far?"

"Are you kidding? That was so hot!"

"I... it was?" the surprised girl asked. She was still trembling, but her boyfriend's thrilled demeanor was slowly making her feel less scared.

"You really impressed me up there."

"I did?"

"Yeah, I did not expect you to be so... I don't know, into it."


He ended her rant abruptly by grabbing her by the shoulders and putting his mouth on hers. Lily responded immediately and in less than an instant her tongue was all over Charlie's and it was the hottest kiss they had ever shared.

"IT'S LIKE I'M POSSESSED OR SOMETHING," she continued saying as soon as the kiss broke, still overflowing with energy, "OH GOD AM I HAVING A PANIC ATTACK RIGHT NOW?!"

Charlie laughed a little. "Heh, I don't think so, babe. You're just really horny."

Lily looked at him with deep consternation in her eyes, "How do you know?!"

"Because you just stripped for a crowd of strangers and then dry-humped one of them to completion. Aaaaaand, you're playing with my balls right now and I don't think you've realized it yet."

Lily was looking down at her hand⁠—wrapped around her boyfriend's crotch⁠—like it belonged to someone else when the same waitress that had scolded her earlier came through the door with a tray full of empty bottles.

"Hey, I told you to stop that! You can't be fucking around with clients like this. Take that shit to the privates."

Lily’s hand jumped back like it was on a hot burner. "Sorry!" she replied frightenedly.

Highly amused by his girlfriend's exalted reactions to seemingly everything around her, Charlie smiled and looked deep into her amazing hazel eyes. "So how do you feel?"

"I feel..." Lily's mouth stayed open and her fuzzy eyebrows frowned as she paused for a moment, but then all of her face was swept over by an expression of pure joy, "I feel so alive! I never imagined I'd be capable of doing anything like that. But I did, and it felt so incredible!"

"So what do you wanna do now?"

"What do you mean? I thought we were leaving."

"If that's what you want. But that private booth is still there..."

Puzzled, she frowned again, "B-but... he already--", she saw the smirk on his lips and stopped, and then she smiled again, having figured it out.

"I don't know... should I?"

"The night is young, babe. And it looks to me like you want to."

"I... what is happening to me?" she laughed, and her tiny fist playfully hit him on the chest. "You're turning me into a floozy!" Charlie took her hand and kissed it like a gentleman.

"That waitress is pretty pissed at me though."

"Yeah, because you're not supposed to do all of that stuff out there. That's what the booths are for."

"But baby, I'm scared to do anything like that without you. This is supposed to be for both of us, if I'm in there by myself... it's going to feel...wrong."

"Hey, listen," Charlie said, tenderly holding her chin to keep her focused on him, "I can't go in there with you, but I'll be close the whole time. If anything happens, if at any moment you don't feel comfortable, all you have to do is call my name. 'Cause I will never let anything bad happen to you. You know that, right?"

"Yeah," she said with a little smile, her eyes full of excitement and determination.

"Good. Now go do your thing, Luscious Lily, and I wanna hear every single detail after you're done."

"I love you."

"I love you too. Now go break a leg."

Lily stood on her tiptoes to kiss him again. She turned to leave, but stopped at the door.

"Hey, baby..."


She was blushing again as she turned and said, "How-- how far do you think I should... you know, take it? ...Oh God, it feels so weird to be asking my boyfriend this!"

"Boyfriend?" Charlie said with a smug grin, "Luscious Lily doesn't have a boyfriend."

The actress smiled to herself as she turned for the door. She grabbed the door handle and paused to collect herself. "Aaaand action!" she whispered as she stepped back out there, where her audience awaited.


Luscious Lily walked out with a wicked grin on her face, swaying her hips sexily and flaunting her cute, half-covered bubble butt as she made her way through the rows of tables full of guys checking her out and calling for her to join them. Lily smiled at them, and making use of the years she'd spent on runways as a teenager, she added a little something extra to the arch of her back and the movement of her hips as she passed them by. It was nice to have them all looking at her, but she was going straight for the one guy whose attention she craved the most.

Owning her role as a slutty stripper, she confidently walked straight up to the guy with the red trucker hat, still hunched over in the same chair as before, and used her sultriest voice. "Hey, handsome. Want a private dance?" she said, one hand resting on her hip, the other running sensually down her thigh.

Very calmly, the imposing man ogled her tight body up and down, and something about his posture and presence immediately disarmed her. He then took a sip of beer, saying nothing. Lily felt put to the test by the man's unexpectedly cold reaction. She was giving him the chance that every other guy there wanted, and all he could do was stare in silence and drink? No, Luscious Lily would not stand for that! She took another step, and now standing almost on top of him, pulled her panties up, and her swollen cunt lips pressed against the tight fabric, presenting him a camel toe view of her sweet, juicy pussy, just inches away from his face. The man's eyes lit up in excitement and Lily smiled, knowing she had him.

"Follow me," she said, having regained her confidence. She led him by the hand, sashaying her hips and flaunting her ass for him, and everyone else, as he followed closely. When they had almost reached the entrance to the private booths, she looked back and noticed Charlie talking to a fat guy she'd never seen before, while still keeping a close eye on her. One of her eyebrows raised with curiosity, but she had more pressing matters to attend. She blew a quick kiss in their direction, and the bearded man's hand casually rested on her bottom as she took him inside.

As soon as they had gone through the red velvet drapes that separated the private section from the main area, they were addressed by another security guy. "Remember, only touch if given permission. No photos or recording of any kind, and everything stays here." Speaking for the first time, the bearded man simply replied, "Sure." His voice was even deeper and raspier than she had been expecting.

There were giggles and whispers coming from behind one of the closed curtains as the security guy showed them to their assigned booth. "Enjoy yourselves," he simply said, excusing himself immediately after. Lily looked around and, distracted by the tacky, diamond-shaped white patterns on the black walls and the musky smell of the black velvet carpet, she momentarily forgot about the role she was playing. There was nothing there but a small, golden leather couch and a big mirror on the east wall but, despite the ugly decoration, the tiny room was surprisingly intimate.The music wasn't as loud there, and that also helped matters. 'This isn't so bad', she thought. 'Luscious Lily can work with this.'

The furniture creaked dangerously under the big, burly man when he sat down. His massive frame took over most of the space that was meant for two regular bodies, and the first thing he did after getting comfortable was try to put her on his lap, but she managed to gracefully slip from his grasp. "Don't you wanna see me dance?" she asked, posing sexily with her hands on her hips to accentuate the modest curves on her tight little frame. She was trembling with excitement and she hoped he hadn't noticed; this was her first time doing something naughty without Charlie present and she wanted to do it right.

Expressionless, the man leaned back, and she began to dance very delicately, just gently swaying her hips from side to side while her hands traveled up and down her sides. She still felt incredibly nervous, but he seemed to be enjoying it, so she continued dancing and trying to put on a show for him, even though her fingertips were shaking as they slid across her tummy, and the same went for the hand she was running up her bare arm on the way to softly caress her breasts.

"Turn around," he said impatiently. His voice was grave and thunderous, and it rattled her to the core. Still going for the type of response that a seasoned stripper might say, she replied. "S--sure, handsome," and began to turn slowly on her six-inch heels so he could stare at her plump little ass.

Unbeknownst to her, her boyfriend watched attentively from behind the two-way mirror alongside "Big Jerry", the owner of the club, an obese man a few years older that Charlie had met during his partying days in college, as notorious for having made a fortune by pimping out his strippers as for his insatiable coke habit.

"So where did you find such a tight piece of ass?" Big Jerry asked, tugging at the collar of his sweat-stained satin shirt. You would never know it by the tacky clothes he wore, but Big Jerry had built a small empire of bars and strip clubs across Nevada, each one with a little secret room like this, specifically designed so that he, and any of his acquaintances, could watch and hear everything that went down in the special private booth.

"She's my girlfriend," Charlie replied proudly while Lily swung her hips from side to side for the bearded stranger's viewing pleasure.

"Is she now?" Big Jerry laughed, fascinated by the girl's pale skin, gleaming under the bright lights as she slowly opened her legs and bent over at the waist. She was giving the client a great view of her ass and pussy, but from the opposite side, Charlie and Jerry were getting a full view of her tiny little tits almost popping out of the lacy cups of her corset. "Does she know we're watching?"

"No," Charlie said, a smirk drawn on his lips as he watched how much Lily was enjoying herself. He saw her bend a little more and smile while she played with the waistband of her panties.

"You sly devil!" Jerry cackled, his double chin shaking repulsively. "How sweet is that pussy? ...If you don't mind me asking."

"You have no idea."

"Hmm, I'd love to find out sometime."

Charlie turned to look at Big Jerry, his face was all greasy and sweaty and he was tugging at his crotch, getting more and more aroused by watching his beautiful girlfriend.

"She's not there yet, but maybe some other time, when she's ready."

"How long you've been grooming her?"

"I wouldn't call it grooming, it's more like I'm... helping her try new things."

"Heh, then let me know when she's ready to try new dicks."

Charlie chuckled. "She's cute, right?"

"She's more than cute, it's hard to believe you convinced her to do this."

"She convinced herself, I just gave her a little nudge in the right direction."

"It's always the cute ones that end up being the biggest whores."


Meanwhile, Lily was completely absorbed in playing the stripper role to the best of her ability. Her customer's eyes, deep and opaque, yet fiery with lust, grew with hunger as she walked in small circles in front of him, pulling on the edges of her g-string, alternating from one side to the other with every step. Suddenly, she stopped to face him. Charlie's dick strained in his pants watching the slight jiggle of her ass cheeks as she tugged on her underwear and presented the bearded man with a delicious view of her crotch. She noticed him swallow with anticipation, his mouth watering as he watched her slowly sway from side to side, captivated by the pale allure of her firm and smooth thighs, and the small piece of fabric that cupped her pussy.

"Come here," he said, squeezing the big sausage growing between his legs. His voice was rough, gravelly, with a slight southern twang to it.

"Nuh-uh, no touching," she said playfully, letting one hand casually slide inside her panties to tease herself with a finger, and him with the view.

"I'll pay extra."

At any other point in her life, a stranger offering money for her body would've been extremely offensive, but this wasn't her real life and, in the booth, that kind of proposal was the ultimate compliment. She raised a finger to her temple, pretending to be thinking about his request. "Okay, you can touch..." she then said, raising her right leg and letting her foot land on the couch cushion, right in between his thick legs, "but only what I allow you to." Her heart was beating so fast as she took his big, meaty hand in hers and set it on her bare thigh. She had seen a stripper do that in a movie once, and it had aroused her at the time, but getting to live the experience in real life was a thousand times more thrilling.

The trucker began to carefully caress her thigh, like he was afraid of damaging such a delicate thing, but as Lily began to sigh loudly, unable to hold back her own arousal, his fingers became less cautious and soon he was squeezing the soft flesh, groping and testing every last inch of the precious, milky white leg he was being offered.

"So what's your name, handsome?" Lily asked, trying not to lose control, even as she felt her wetness growing.

"Call me Red," he simply said, moving his hand up, testing how close he could get to her pussy before she stopped him. But she didn't, and when his knuckle made contact with her crotch he felt her shiver.

"No, no, not yet," she told him, stopping his hand just as it was turning to cup her pussy. "I'm supposed to put on a show for you!" With that, the actress-turned-stripper moved her leg further to the side and pulled her underwear aside until her pink lips, slick with arousal, were completely exposed.

The heavy man groaned, leaning forward to examine her closer, and Lily shivered as she felt his hot breath on her sensitive skin, wondering why this man had fascinated her so much. Deep in her mind she knew the reason, it was because he looked nothing like Charlie, or any of the men she usually liked to date. He looked like a man who had seen the rougher side of the world and come out with a few scars, a man who worked with his hands and knew how to handle himself in a fight. A man who had probably done some illegal stuff and hung around with some shady characters. In short, a man who Luscious Lily would be attracted to. 'How silly,' she thought, realizing she had been inadvertently developing her character's backstory the whole time; it was the only way she knew how to really get into a role. Luscious Lily was a rich girl too, but she had rebelled against her overbearing parents and gone off on her own. 'Yes, Red would be the type that Luscious Lily would go for.'

"Like what you see?" she teased, her index and middle fingers moving on their own to slowly spread her pussy lips nice and wide, so that her wet pink hole was in full view of her amazed client. It was an incredible moment. 'Oh God, if Charlie could see me now!'

Charlie's cock could not have been any harder. When the hidden mics picked up Lily's client asking, "How much?" he almost started jerking off right then and there.

"This is about to get interesting," Big Jerry said with a grin, but he was quickly shushed by Charlie. He wasn't about to miss what his dear sweetheart had to say in return.


"To fuck you. How much?"  Red blurted out, his face so close to her opening that he would've been able to taste her if he stuck out his tongue. "Oh..." she said, covering her pussy with the tiny g-string again after taking her foot off the couch. There was a moment of silence. It had not been a casual offer, Red's voice was full of an earnest need that was not there before. It reminded her of Harper's pleads to fuck her back at the bar. There was need in hers too when she replied, "Sorry, I... I have a boyfriend."

"Aww, isn't that nice," Jerry chimed in again, patting Charlie on the shoulder while the cute brunette stepped over the trucker's leg and flaunted her slim body right above him. "Your slutty princess really loves you."

Charlie smiled proudly and he was about to say something back when they heard Lily yelp. Red had pulled her on top of him. "Hey! You can't do that!" they heard her say, but her tone was playful and she wasn't trying to get off either. Red's hands were so big and her waist so small that his fingertips almost touched when he held on to her.

"I don't care," he said, lowering one imposing hand to squeeze her butt, the thick middle finger landing right in between her ass cheeks as he brought her close to his chest. Lily thought of Charlie for a second, unsure if she was letting it go too far, but there was so little fight left in her after everything she'd been through that night. 'It's okay, Lily, this isn't any worse than what he saw you doing with Harper, and he was cool with that,' she said to herself while spreading her thighs to straddle him properly.

"Oh my, you're so hairy..." she told him as she playfully tugged at the collar of Red's navy blue t-shirt. The thick, black patch of chest hair was turning her on so much. Charlie was mostly hairless in that area, almost like a woman, and the contrast was exciting. Without even thinking about it, she began to rub her crotch on him, feeling his thick sausage squirm between her legs as she swayed back and forth, his huge cock twitching like a wild animal under her, and loving the way he guided her little body to pleasure him better.

"Take this off so I can fuck you," the trucker insisted, and his left hand went for the strap on her shoulder. Lily still resisted despite her own burning need, but she could feel her willpower slowly getting away from her. She took his hand and lowered it to her ass. "I can't, I'm sorry," she said, biting her lip to keep herself from moaning while continuing to bump and grind a slow dance right on his hard-on. It felt huge, even through his clothes, and every second that passed without her saying yes was like a tiny, delicious torture.

Red let out a quick grunt as he grabbed the back of her head and made her turn her head to the side so he could kiss her neck. His beard pricked her sensitive skin, sending waves of pleasure all over her anatomy. 'Oh God forgive me, I want him, I want him to fuck me right now!' she screamed in her mind while his lips travelled from her smooth neck and down to her collarbone.

"Just let me taste them," he said, pulling down her top until her little tits popped out, all pale and perky and irresistible, like two vanilla cupcakes. "Your boyfriend won't know."

His face was so close to her flat chest now, and when she failed to give an answer, he took it as a green light to continue. Her tiny breasts looked even smaller as his big, calloused hands began massaging them. "Oh... God..." she feebly whispered. After all the things she'd done that night, her body was desperate for a way to release all that pent up energy, and when he started suckling on her tits, she began to grind herself harder on him, getting more and more horny with every stroke. His mouth wrapped around her left nipple and there it was, that rough beard again, brushing up against the soft flesh of her breast, stimulating and provoking. 'Oh God, this is really happening!' she screamed in her head, her breath quickening and blood rushing to her loins as the nipple stiffened under his surprisingly expert tonguing, compelling her to push the shame and the guilt out of her mind and surrender completely. ‘It's not really cheating if he just kisses them a little bit, Charlie would understand.'

"I want you, I wanna fuck you so bad," Red stopped to say in between his tongue hungrily running along from one nipple to the other, and occasionally biting into it just a little bit.

"I can't..." Lily replied, relishing the way his beard tickled her chest, and it sounded more like she was trying to convince herself. The hairy man was making her so horny that she stopped biting her lip, openly moaning in his ear instead. At one point he glanced up at her, his mouth still wrapped around her nipple. When Lily's eyes met his, he was smiling, and when she saw him snake his tongue out and flick her nipple, a powerful shiver went through her and all of her skin became covered in goosebumps. "I really wanna fuck you," he said once more, and then he made her gasp by squeezing her ass cheek to an almost painful degree.

Lily smiled and said, "I know," grinding her pussy harder on him and finding the exact angle so that his hard on rubbed up exactly on her clit. Red saw her losing control and took the opportunity to reach into his back pocket and pull out his wallet. "Here, there's more than 500 there in cash, plus the credit cards, you can have it all, I don't give a fuck, just let me fuck you."

She froze, and nothing was said for a few seconds. Lily looked at the wallet in his hand and then back at its owner. He had dropped the stoic facade and in his pleading eyes she could see that he had lost control, that he was willing to give up everything he had just to own her, if only for a few fleeting moments. And to her surprise, his offer was strangely flattering. Just as it had been happening with every other wild fantasy she had said yes to during that road trip, she found it far more alluring than she would've ever expected. Of course she did not need his money, but maybe Luscious Lily did, maybe Luscious Lily was running out of cash after running away from her rich Daddy and whoring herself in a strip club was the easiest way to solve that. 'Yeah, Luscious Lily would go for it.'

Finally, she broke her silence. "Take it out," she said, and she almost couldn't believe those words had come out of her mouth. Charlie's jaw dropped to the floor. He also could not believe he had just heard her say that. "Hey, Frankie, come here, this shit is getting good!" he heard Big Jerry shout to one of his guys. "Good ol' Red is about to fuck Charlie's girl."

Red's huge penis now stood up turgidly before Lily. Shaking with anticipation, her soft hand descended slowly to wrap around the thick, hairy shaft. The man's cock throbbed under her touch, and she felt like she was watching someone else's hand stroking it. 'It's not really cheating if I just touch it,' she thought, trying to justify how much she was enjoying feeling that meaty sausage in her grasp. The amateur stripper's right hand moved slowly up and down Red's cock while her left reached between her legs and pulled her panties to the side. "Do you think I'm pretty, Red?" she asked sultrily, spreading her lips again to show off the glorious pink of her snatch.

Sitting between her spread legs, peering straight at her wet, opened pussy, he said, "Prettiest cunt I've ever seen," and then she felt his hand cradling her labia. His fingers felt warm, so did his hot breath on her neck. Now he was rubbing her clit, and she could feel herself melting in his hand. She looked down and saw that her wetness was all over his fingers. "Feel me..." she said very quietly, taking his middle finger and leading it straight inside. Her head rolled back and her hips twirled slowly to the deep thrum of the music as his fingertip began to disappear between her lips. "Oh... yeah..." she said softly as he pushed inside. His finger felt beefy inside her tight cunt and she felt her walls gripping it as the pleasure began to build; she could not stop thinking of how amazing it would be if she could only feel his cock inside too.

'No, no, just the fingers, it's not cheating if he just puts his fingers in me.' He quickened his pace and so did she, both of their gazes fixed on Lily's pale little pussy as they continued to pleasure each other. Her client's grunts kept her hand moving stronger, quicker, more firmly, while he in turn pushed his finger in deeper and deeper, and she couldn't stop staring at Red's hairy finger going in and out of her, because she still could not believe that she was letting another man do that to her.

The mutual masturbation session was getting too hot in more ways than one. Lily could feel the sweat running down her back and the smell of her sex was everywhere now; her body was burning with lust. She pulled the bodystocking further down until it was bundled up just under her navel, then her hand continued sliding down her thighs until her middle finger found the little nub atop her labia. Her clit was engorged, full of blood and ripe for picking, and upon applying the slightest pressure there, her entire world lit up. Her little hand kept moving up and down his shaft as she pulled it closer to press the head on the swollen, reddened nub. "Oh fuck! Oh my God!" she moaned, frantically rubbing herself with it, licking her lips at the sight of the pre-cum oozing from the tip while Red’s fingers got out of the way to let her work her magic. She put the tip on her clit again, making sure to smear the gooey droplet right on it, and as her will power continued to erode she found herself sliding the head up and down her slit, working her hips and grinding on it until it was nice and slick with her sex juices, then teasing Red and herself by putting it right up against her wet hole, fighting her own need to guide it into her cunt.

Suddenly, Red grabbed her tiny waist and lifted her with ease. It turned her on so much to see his dick glistening with her juices as he laid her down on the couch and slowly maneuvered to get on top of her without crushing her slim frame under him. The couch creaked and strained like it was whining. Red was like a big, powerful bear towering over her, and he was looking down on her delectable, sweat-covered body like a predator does before going in for the kill. Lily's head was spinning and she hadn't stopped playing with herself. She saw him grab his cock and line the tip up against her slit. 'Oh God, he's going to fuck me!' she realized, but she could not fight herself any longer. From the moment she had stepped on to the stage she had been taking it all in, the looks, the sounds, the smells, the expressions, the sensations, the lights, the shame, the excitement, the guilt, the surprise, without letting any of it out, to the point where she could not restrain herself any longer; now it was time to take Red in too.

It teased her skin, the head pushing against her lips. She felt her hips shifting, angling up towards his cock, inviting it in, almost involuntarily, ...almost. 'No! Don't let this happen!' an inner voice shouted from deep down, but it was faint and unconvincing. He was toying with her entrance, looking down at it, almost entranced by the sight. She watched with her mouth slightly open, her body betraying her and asking for it as the need within grew. Another, louder voice was screaming inside her head, ‘Yes! Give it to me! I want it now!’. Then the thick head began to part those reddened lips, and when he looked up at her she could not bring herself to deny him.

He slid it in, only a couple of inches before her little hand stopped him. His eyes went from her entrance to her face, and she could see his disappointment, expecting her to back out of the deal, to tell him to stop because she loved her boyfriend too much.

"Please... go slow," she whimpered, surrendering completely,  “You’re a lot bigger than my boyfriend.”

Big Jerry's fat face had the biggest grin on it. "What was her name again?" he said to Charlie, who could not believe his eyes and could not seem to form any words either.


"Congratulations, buddy, your sweet Lily just graduated from curious slut to full blown whore."

"Oh... oh... oh..." His petite girlfriend cried, spreading her legs wide to accommodate her client's bulky frame as that large, thick cock penetrated her. She bit into Red's shoulder as it began stretching her like nothing else ever had. It was much bigger than Charlie's, bigger than the banana Charlie had used on her too. 'It's in... oh God it's in!' But even the pain felt just right, and her whole body seemed to throb as he buried his massive cock all the way in, testing the limits of her cunt until it hit her cervix, causing her to scream out loud like a woman possessed. "OH MY FUCKING GOD!"

Red started to move inside and Lily whimpered "It's... so... big..." on his shoulder, completely frozen, afraid to move even an inch, lest that giant meat-spear inside of her split her in two. But she still had enough presence to face away as he tried to kiss her. In her mind, as long as they didn't kiss, there was no true intimacy, even if his cock was inside of her. 'It's not really cheating if Charlie said it was okay, it's not cheating, I'm just doing what he wants, I'm just--' With a sudden movement, Red pulled out, and Lily felt her muscles sharply contract against the thin air as her pussy ached to be filled again.

"You okay? I don't wanna hurt you or nothin' "

Drenched in sweat, both hers and his, Lily was panting, almost writhing on the couch, with a look of distress on her angelic face, yet her thighs were still spread wide open and her cunt was all sloppy and wet. The blood in her head seemed like it was boiling as she struggled to find the words. "Yes... D--don't stop," she panted.

Red smiled a little bit. "Sure you can take it?" he asked, sliding his cock up and down the dripping, swollen lips. Charlie's image flashed before Lily's eyes for a second, but then all she could see was Red standing there looking down at her, and his cock, glossy with moisture. It looked so vulgar, that big fat cock pointing at her entrance, ready to fill her and make her scream. She had to say the words.

"Fuck me, handsome. Get your money's worth." There it was. Luscious Lily had spoken and taken over. And if that wasn't crossing the line, then her taking his cock and shoving it back inside sure was.

“Whoa! Did I just hear that right?!” Big Jerry laughed, “You sure this girl wasn’t turning tricks before you met her?”

“Yeah, pretty sure” Charlie replied with a huge smile.

“How can you be sure?”

“Because… she’s Phil Collins’ daughter.”

Red began to push inside and Lily strained down so she could see it, visual confirmation of another man making her his for the price of a few hundred dollars. "OOHH, YES!" she cried out, stiffening as she felt him plunge inside. He slid in all the way, then pulled back out and rammed straight back inside. "AHHH!" Her pussy clamped down on his thick shaft as it probed her insides, and his body slumped across hers as he reached under her body and gripped one butt cheek with his left hand while resting his weight on the couch's arm right above her head with the other. He made a gravely noise and anchored himself with one foot on the floor as he began to hammer away. Lily screamed as that beefy pole pistoned her loins, pleasure and pain becoming unrecognizable from each other while her wet, craving pussy became more and more accustomed to the invader's width with each thrust.

"Yes! YES! YEEEEESSS!!!" Lily screamed as Charlie and company watched her small frame rattle and disappear under the trucker's tremendous size. He chuckled to himself when the last vestige of her shame kept her from reciprocating another of Red's attempts to kiss her. Instead, she grabbed his head, wrapping both arms around it and pulling it against her neck as he fucked her harder still.

The rough beard rubbing against the skin of her neck, the stale smell of beer and cigarettes on him, all of it somehow made her more turned on and willing. Red pulled all the way back and Lily gasped for air when his cock came out. A shrill yell coming from behind the curtain interrupted them just as he was about to shove himself back inside.



"Oh my God!" Lily squealed, trying to get out from under her client even as he tried to put it in again. "Someone's coming!"

Realizing the fun was over, the big man grabbed her hand and brought it to his cock. "I'm close, I'm so close!" he exclaimed while he made Lily stroke him, her little hand becoming a blur up and down Red's sausage, her eyes torn keeping one eye on his meat and the other on the booth's curtain.

The voices outside kept arguing.




Red gasped as the voices got closer and louder. His cock erupted suddenly and a thick shot of jizz hit Lily's nose and splashed across her lips. She winced and let go of it to cover her face before the second spurt hit right between her breasts with such pressure that little droplets flew everywhere around her.

Red groaned, his arms shaking so much that for a brief moment, Lily felt scared that he was going to fall and crush her, but he managed to keep himself above her while his twitching cock spat the last streams of semen all over her ripped abs.

"Goddamn!" Red said as he shook his dick and squeezed the last drops out with his thumb. The people outside had stopped screaming and Lily was still in shock, watching the cum pool inside her little navel when suddenly someone stormed inside the booth.


Lily recognized her the instant Red maneuvered to get off the couch. It was the same waitress who had been scolding her earlier. The entire room seemed different now that she was standing there, sternly judging her as she fixed her panties and pulled her top up to cover her shame. Lily opened her mouth to say sorry, but the waitress's fury was too loud and all-encompassing.


He looked like he was about to say something, but in the end he chose not to.


'Wife?!' the voice in Lily's head said, just now realizing that she hadn't even considered that possibility. Red grumbled under his breath and grabbed his wallet while Lily stood awkwardly in the corner like her mommy had just scolded her. Just as he was about to leave, the waitress stopped him. "Nuh-uh, you better pay the girl first".

"Oh!" Lily said when the trucker tried to give her a handful of green bills. "No, it's okay, I don't--"

"Just take the money, dumbass!"

Lily looked at the waitress giving the order, she was so furious that the veins in her forehead seemed ready to explode, and she scared her enough to take the money.

"Now get the fuck out of here, Red!"

The big, burly trucker left with his tail between his legs. When the waitress looked at Lily again, she felt like a deer caught in the headlights. That tiny woman had turned Red into a sulking schoolboy, and now all of that wrath was about to be unleashed on her.

"What the fuck did you think you were doing, girl? We don't have a license for this!"

"I'm sorry, I--"

"No, I don't want to hear it!" She said, looking down at Lily's chest and stomach, where Red's smeared cum was easily visible through the mesh-like fabric of her outfit. "Christ, you're a fucking mess. Wait here." Lily watched her walk out of the booth and come back a few seconds later with a bathrobe and a brown bag for her. "Here, put this on. And this is all the money you left on the stage." Her tone was not as aggressive now, although she was obviously still very angry. She waited with her arms crossed over her chest like an exasperated teacher while Lily awkwardly put the robe on, saying, "Listen, I know you're newbie and all but you can't be fucking clients willy-nilly. Prostitution is legal in Nevada, but only in licensed establishments. I suggest you get hired at one of those before you try anything like this again."

Lily stared at her blankly. Even after everything else, the woman's sermon about legal prostitution seemed like the most bizarre thing that had happened to Lily that night and she no longer had the energy to argue or explain her peculiar situation.

"Are you listening to me? I'm trying to help you here!"

"Uh, yeah," she said, shaking her head as she snapped out of her thoughts. "Yes, thank you."

"Now get the fuck out before you get us shut down.”

Lily nodded before looking at the bag of money. She threw the Red’s money in there too and gave it to the waitress. “You can take this, I don’t need it.”

“What the fuck you mean you don’t need it?”

“Just-- take it. I’m sorry about today,” she said before scuffing out of the booth. She heard the waitress shout “And wipe the cum off your face for fuck’s sake!” as she passed the security guard, averting her eyes from the drunken assholes shouting things at her on the way to the club entrance. It was only until she stepped on the sharp gravel outside that she realized she was barefoot.

Meanwhile, in Big Jerry’s secret room, he and Charlie were saying goodbye. “Shit, man, that nosy bitch Marissa had to ruin the fun for us. But listen here, Charlie, anything you need while you’re in Nevada, anything at all, you just let me know, okay? No questions. All I ask is that you bring her back sometime so we can have fun together. I haven’t seen a girl that cute in a long time, and I’ve got all kinds of toys I’d like to try on her.”

“Thanks, Jerry, I will.”

They shook hands, and on his way out, Charlie heard his friend cackling, “Phil Collins’ daughter! Un-fucking-believable!”


The parking lot was full of cars but devoid of people. Lily had no idea what time it was, but the night was chilly, and as she stood there, cold and alone under the buzzing neon sign, everything she had done in there seemed like a bizarre wet dream.

"Hey, I was hoping to catch you before you left!"

Startled, Lily recognized Harper's checkered t-shirt coming from around the right corner.

"Oh, hi..."


"Y-yeah, I remember."

"What are you doing out here alone? You need a ride or something?  'Cause me and my friends would be happy to--"

"No, no, it's okay, I'm just waiting for my, uh ...friend."

"Oh, well, I just wanted to say that I uh, I had a great time tonight and I hope I didn't get you in trouble or anything like that."

"Uh... no, that was-- It was actually sweet how you guys helped me out up there. Thank you."


"Alright, alright, just give me a second here!" Harper shouted back to the car full of drunk frat guys honking at him. "Anyway, I gotta go but I'd love it if we could see each other again."

"Oh, um... I don't really--"

"Not as a business thing, I didn't mean it like that! I'm just saying we could like, hang out or go get a drink or something, you know? Like, just as like regular people. I wouldn't pay, is what I'm saying-- I mean I would pay but for like, the drinks or anything like that, not for uh, well, you."

Lily was about to say no, but something about him made her change her mind. She thought about it for a second, then smiled at him. "Okay, give me your phone." The joyful look on his face as she saved her number on his phone made her feel all giddy inside, a sharp contrast with the extreme lewdness of that night. She welcomed the feeling, and when she gave the phone back the dried up stain on his crotch made her chuckle to herself.

"Awesome. So I'll text you tomorrow then."

"Yeah, okay."

Harper wished her a good night before he had to run to catch his friend's car as it exited the lot. She was still smiling when Charlie came up from behind and surprised her.

"Hey, I've been looking for you everywhere."

"Oh, sorry, I just... needed some fresh air."



"How did it go in there?" Charlie asked, fully committed to the bit.

"Oh, yeah, it was fun. I uh... I had fun."

"Mmm, I can't wait to hear all about it. Come on, I'll carry you to the car."

To Be Continued…
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