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Author Topic: Rehab From Hell: Kelly Clarkson  (Read 1324 times)

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Rehab From Hell: Kelly Clarkson
« on: September 29, 2019, 04:51:11 AM »
Rehab from hell: Kelly Clarkson

Story codes: MF, oral, anal, ATM

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Addiction : Weight training

Disclaimer: The story you are about to read is not true and never happened I’m sure the celeb doesn’t act like this in reality this is total fiction any questions or comments on the story send them to [email protected] anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please that being said I’d like to thank Kash the Priest for his help on this project now on with the story.

Now that I was finished with my much needed vacation it was time to punch back into the grind at the friendly confines. I grabbed the nearest clipboard and started looking for my name as I had a look around the reception area to see who was here when I found my next patient.

“Kelly Clarkson!” I said

As she came forward, I could see she was wearing slightly torn/faded blue jeans and a white sleeveless top that showed off her ample chest and curves the little brunette had.

“Ok, you’re here for some…weight training?” I said with a slightly puzzled look

“Yeah the studio thinks I can stand to lose a few pounds.” She said

“Well your in the right hands for that I’ll get you in shape.” I gave a little smile

I picked up Kelly’s packet and we went to her room.

“Alright since you seem to be a little heavy let’s see what the scale says strip so we can get an accurate reading.” I said

Kelly frowned but decided not to protest as she pulled her pants off to show her rather sizeable ass in a small, black thong. She then pulled off her top to show off that Texas sized chest practically bursting out of her black bra.

“Oh WOW!” I thought I remembered what she looked like back in the day but it looks like they really do grow them big in Texas.

I shook my head to get back to reality for a moment.

“Alright on you go.” Kelly stepped onto the scale when the numbers came up Kelly had an even bigger frown on her face.

“Hmmm…135 lbs.” I said

“The scale has to be off! I can’t weigh that much!” Kelly was so shocked she started crying.

I put my arms around her hugging the tops of her shoulders.

“Hey, hey, don’t cry.” I said “That’s why your here. For me to get you back in shape isn’t it?” I asked her in a soothing tone.

“So what are we going to do?” Kelly asked, wiping her own tears.

“We got a few options. Both would be for you to cut down on eating, no fatty foods, just cut down on the amount of energy taken in from foods and then work off what you already have in the tank.”

“If it was that easy, do you think I would be in here?” Kelly asked. “What’s the other option?”

“The other option…” I trailed off. I wasn’t sure if she’d go with it, most likely, she’d probably get offended. But here she was in her underwear just cause I had asked her to.

“Well, we could cut down the food you enjoy down instead of all together, light exercising instead of heavy greueling stuff and…” I stopped.

“And what?” Kelly asked sounding very intrigued. “This option seems much easier.”

“Well…They say that you burn off a lot of excess energy through sex…so…”

“So let me get this straight? Eat what I want, barely exercise and fuck a lot. That’s the other option to get back into shape?” I wasn’t sure where she was going with this. “Where do I sign up?” Kelly asked with a smile.

“Nowhere.” I said. Your already signed up.” I said as I got out of my uniform.

Kelly watched as my 12 inch dick made it’s appearance.

“Oh shit!” She said out loud, her eyes glued to my penis and it looked like she was salivating at the chance of getting my huge piece in her.

Kelly crawled onto the bed waiting as I made my way over to kiss her and cradled her in my arms our lips locked as I rolled Kelly onto her back, going on top of her in between her thick legs and I pushed the tip of my dick into her waiting pussy.

“UUUUHHHH…so big….can’t….handle it!!!!” She said in short choppy breaths as I worked my thick shaft into her tight little cunt, inching my way in. Once I managed to get most of my length deep into her womanhood, I pounded into her for the next 10 minutes solid with no stops or pauses.

I made a detour to her ample chest to get a taste of her when her hips started bucking wildly when she started screaming.

“FFFUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKK!!!!!” Kelly screamed as her pussy exploded as she writhed in orgasmic bliss while I picked up my pace as she continued moaning and grunting in an almost delusional state as her orgasm passed when I had an idea.

“How does this feel?” I asked as I grabbed her chest and buried my dick to the hilt slamming my cock head into her, my groin slapping against her clit hard. Kelly’s back arched for a moment then she screamed again.

“MOOOOOORRRRRRRRREEEEEE!!!!!!” Kelly cried. “GIVE ME EVERYTHING YOU GOT DON’T STOP JUST DON’T FUCKING STOP!!!” She screamed as she was shaking from another mind blowing orgasm.

Kelly was taking my cock like a champ the look on her face was great. I really wish I had my camera for this.

I proceeded to give Kelly’s pussy a solid pounding until I could cum myself which I figured wouldn’t be long at this rate.

“I SAID MORE I WANT IT ALL!!!” Kelly screamed like she was possesed and wanted nothing but to get laid and breath.

Kelly rolled me onto my back and straddled my waist.

“I WANT THIS ALL NOW!!” Kelly took my entire shaft in one motion as her pussy geared up for another orgasm.

“I love your huge cock! Just stuff me full of it! I can take it!!” Kelly started going at a pretty good pace bouncing up and down on my dick going even faster than Natalie Portman ever even tried for a scant few moments Kelly actually resembled Lindsay Lohan with her big breasts crashing against each other, riding me like a horse on her Texas ranch.

I started matching Kelly thrust for thrust as I started to thrust my hips up, working my cock deeper into her cunt. I started to pick up the pace and went faster and faster as my orgasm was nearly there.

“OH GOD THAT’S FANTASTIC!!” Kelly screamed

I was going at top speed now ramming Kelly for all I was worth keeping a grip on her tits for her added pleasure while she had my wrists in a near death grip not letting go while she continued to bounce up and down as we orgasmed at the same time.

“OH SHIT!!!” I yelled as I exploded into Kelly, my cock throbbing hard as my cum pumped out of my cock and deep into her pussy.

“OH FUCK THAT’S THE STUFF YEAH!!!” Kelly yelled as her orgasm hit again and went all over my dick and waist as she was breathing heavily as we both stayed still in this position as our orgasms subsided.

Once my orgasm had completely finished, I rolled Kelly over onto her back and pulled my dick out of her sore pussy.

“First thing tomorrow we start your weight training and no sex until you lose 20 lbs.Got it?” I said

“But I thought the sex was gonna be part of the training.” Kelly whined.

“Did you enjoy the fucking I just gave you?” I asked

“It was the best.” She smiled

“Then you’ll loose some weight if you want the best again.” I quoted her. “That should be incentive enough for you to shed a few pounds. Give you a taste of what you can have and then take it away as soon as it’s given.” Kelly lay there pouting.

“So you lied to me to have sex with you?”

“Are you gonna loose weight so you can have sex with me again?” I asked

“You are good!” Kelly said

“At fucking or the way I’ve lured you in?” I asked

“A bit of both.” She smiled kissing me. I said no sex, it didn’t include no making out. Which was good cause we engaged in a long kiss before we showered and changed the sheets and fell asleep exhausted.

I was already awake the next morning getting set for Kelly’s first day of training with me.

“Time to wake up sleepy head.” I said

“Mmmm….” Kelly moaned and rolled over on her front gripping her pillow.

I went over and unceremoniously slapped her ass inducing a rather loud yelp.

“Those 20 ibs. you owe me aren’t going to come off with you laying there.” I said

“Fine, what will we be doing today?” She asked rubbing her ass.

“A small run it’s only about a mile to build up your leg muscles.” I said

“Then what?” she asked

“Sit-ups to work off some of that belly.” I said

Kelly clearly didn’t like that statement but she didn’t argue with me, knowing that the pay off for her weight loss was not just being in better shape, but getting fucked senseless again by the best that she’s had.

“I can’t be doing sit-ups all day I’ll hurt myself.” Kelly said.

“Then just do twenty 5 seperate times I’m sure you can handle that.” I said

“I thought there was gonna be light exercise?” Kelly said sounding a litttle groggy and angry.

“You wanna do 100 in one sitting?” I asked

“Ok fine.” she said

“Starting now, I’ll hold your feet and you can knock them out.” Kelly groaned as she got off the bed and assumed the position.

“GO!” I said

Kelly did the twenty sit-ups then we went to the dog track to run but we started at a slow pace to build up her muscles and stamina for later when I was really going to crack the training whip on her. I found that telling someone they were gonna go into heavy training usually put them off, but saying light training and slowly increasing the amount worked much better.

As the weeks progressed I alternated between running and muscle fitness and Kelly was dropping the weight fast. We had just finished week 3 of her training when it was time for her weekly weigh in she had dropped ten lbs. the week before now it was a matter of this week.

“You know the drill.” I said

“Can I get some nookie if I dropped the weight this week?” She asked.

“A deal’s a deal.” I said

With all the weight she dropped last week I had my fingers crossed that she did it again this week as she got undressed. Kelly’s legs looked amazingly toned, and as close to perfect as I could get them.

After she took her pants off, she left her socks on since the floor was a bit cold then she took her top off, her abs were looking great but I knew they would get better with more exercise and losing more weight her chest was flawless my heart skipped a beat I just wanted to bury my face in her tits.

Once she was on the scale the numbers popped up on the screen.

“Hey 21 lbs. you did it!” I said

Kelly got a huge smile on here face.

“Now for my reward.” Kelly said with a gleam in her eye, whilst unhooking her bra from the back.

I got undressed since she earned her reward of getting laid as part of our deal I just wasn’t sure what she was going to do this trip.

“Are you gonna ride it?” I asked

“I’m still thinking.” She said as she pulled her panties down and pushed me on the bed laying me flat on my back when she looked like she had an idea.

Kelly started stroking my dick with both of her hands, getting me really hard quickly. Once I was ready Kelly took my dick into her mouth and my cock head hit the back of her throat as she kept going down her throat until my whole shaft was taken in her mouth.

The sensation was great when she pulled my dick out of her mouth and started giving me a hand job that was way above average. I looked down, watching her beautiful face do this dirty act with my dick, watching her large tits swinging side to side as she sucked my cock.

Kelly followed my gaze, looking down at her own tits and it was as if she had read my mind. She leaned forward and slid mydick in between her breasts giving me a tit fuck, wrapping her large mounds of flesh around my thick shaft. I was going crazy I wasn’t sure how long I would last but the feeling was totally off the scale.

“Keeeeeellllllyyyy!!!!!!…….shit that’s gooooooooooodddddd!” I moaned trying to talk.


“Slow down.” I said. Kelly just turned up her efforts as she alternated between deep throating, jerking me off, and a tit fuck to die for.

I was nearing to exploding onto Kelly’s face and down her big tits and covering her with my load. I couldn’t take much more even Natalie Portman and Lindsay Lohan hell every girl I’d been with up till now didn’t have this kind of talent. Kelly was a born cock sucker and she loved it.

I couldn’t hold out anymore as my cock started twitching rapidly and my hips jerked up and I let my load fly with semen going right onto Kelly’s face. My loads shot out all over her massive tits and some went flying into her open mouth. I felt like I had shot out more cum than I had ever shot out at once. Kelly was shocked that I covered her face, chest, and hair with so much cum.

“Hey I haven’t been laid in two weeks remember?” I said

“I so need a shower.” Kelly said as she headed for the bathroom to wash up.

As the next two weeks rolled by Kelly had lost over half the required weight for her to go home, ten lbs. was the goal and Kelly at the last weigh-in was only up to nine she had become a workout fanatic but I kept her from doing too much and injuring herselfwhen the next weigh-in arrived.

At the weigh -in Kelly got out of her shorts and tossed them aside her legs looked toned and fabulous her ass was amazingly firm she then took off her top her abs were better defined than mine were. I would have killed to have abs like that back in the day, then I got a look at her chest they were documented at 34C and showed great curves.

Kelly was no longer shy about her body, now that she had a tight, toned, body to die for. In her weigh-ins, I always insisted on her going down to her bra and panties, this time, now that she had the perfect body, she just stripped down to her birthday suit, showing her body off at any chance that she got.

“Ok let’s see what we have here.” I said.

“Not yet, if I made it I’m getting laid no questions asked.” Kelly said.

“Deal.” I said

Once Kelly stepped up on the scale the numbers came up and she had lost eleven lbs.

“YES!!” Kelly yelped.

As Kelly stepped off the scale she started to kiss me rather aggressively rubbing against me until I got my clothes off, laying down on the bed, when she straddled me, grabbed my cock and guided it into her pussy again. I started to thrust my hips up, going at a really fast pace.

“AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!” Kelly moaned as her pussy was stretched a bit more than before causing a mini orgasm.

“SHOVE IT IN MY ASS!!” Kelly screamed as her back arched from the hard pounding I was giving her when she came on my dick and balls again as I pulled out and I used her cum as lubrication to ease it into Kelly’s tight anal ring which gave me an instant response from Kelly.

“OH SHIT YEAH!!!” Kelly screamed as my dick penetrated further into her bowels.

“GIVE IT TO ME, BREAK ME IN HALF WITH IT, I CAN TAKE IT!!!” Kelly was going crazy with more anal stimulation that I gave her, she was a possessed dynamo.

Kelly was losing control of herself she was going at such a fast rate with her ass that she was forced to lay on my stomach and chest while she fondled her big tits grunting like an animal and she was still looking for more.

As I kept pounding away Kelly was mumblng something I put my ear close to her mouth it sounded like she was saying get laid and breath in a chant like it was her sole purpose in life.

Kelly was sweating a lot with the pounding I was giving her to keep her from slipping off my cock I grabbed her chest and held on.

“POUND ME WITH THAT HUGE DICK MONEY REAM MY ASS WITH IT!!!” Kelly convulsed at the new stimulation on her chest she seemed to be in a near catatonic state of orgasm, She was working her hips down so hard and with so much authority that the bed was making so much noise as the middle of the bed went down ever so slightly as she worked her unbelieveably tight ass hole up and down my thick shaft.

“FUCK YOUR DICK IS SO THICK I CAN’T TAKE MUCH MORE I’M GONNA LOSE CONTROL FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!” Kelly was nearly hoarse at this point I was on the verge of exploding in orgasm or dying. Either way I was going to be happy in a few moments at that point my hips jerked up and I came in Kelly’s ass triggering a wolf howl from Kelly as she came all over my groin and waist before the bed broke in half underneath us from the frantic sex with a loud crash.

Kelly and I were so worn out we just laid there in each others arms Kelly passed out moments before I did.

With Kelly’s rehab stint over I was sad to see her go but she knew if she needed to shed a few pounds or some clothes, I would be waiting.

the end
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Re: Rehab From Hell: Kelly Clarkson
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Pretty fun reading about her again now that she has a show.


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