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Holly Makes My Day Better Pt. 02
« on: October 04, 2019, 01:06:56 PM »
*WARNING!! This story is in no way based on anything real and is completely fiction. Do not take this story seriously as it is only for your enjoyment. Anyone below the age of 18 is not allowed to read as it is rather explicit, leave reviews please. Any requests can be sent to me and they'll go through to my email and I hope you enjoy*


After what had seemed a rather pleasant and eventful evening, I woke up only to realise that I was not in my bedroom. Despite drinking so much, I thankfully didn't have a hangover neither. I felt something warm and wet on my cock, and it was only just then I realised I'd slept with Holly Willoughby last night. I lifted the duvet only to see her sucking my growing cock.

"Morning, handsome? Did I wake you up?"

I told her that she didn't and everything was fine so I threw off the duvet and rested my hands in her golden blonde locks and let her do the rest of the work. When I was finally at full mast, she got herself up and stopped right behind my cock. "God have I got a day planned for you." She kissed me and then straddled my cock.

Holly slowly moved up and down with her hands on my chest. "I'm so wet." She moaned. God her voice was sexy. I loved the sounds she made last night. Only more was to come. "Holly... that feels good." She looked at me and chuckled.

"I know it does."

She sped up and started to ride me faster and then I finally decided to pump into her hot entrance, only for her to stop. She pointed at me and told me off.

"No. You do nothing. Move again and you won't be cumming inside my pussy." I just frowned because I liked helping her cum. The fact she didn't want me to fuck her was rather agitating. I hope that didn't go for fucking her throat as well. I decided to just lay back. I assumed I wasn't allowed to touch her neither so that is what I did. I thrust inside of her pussy only once to see how she'd react and as expected... she was annoyed.

She got off of my cock and I tried to stop her "No don't it was only once to see how you'd react." But she was having none of it. All I could see was her lovely peachy ass cheeks as she bent over going through her drawer looking for something. I didn't want to get off of the bed and end up angering her more. She closed the drawer and came back with a pair of handcuffs.

"Please tell me you're joking." I asked. "Nope." She responded and cuffed me to her bedpost, placing the key down on the desk next to the bed. She slapped my cock only for me to widen my eyes and groan in pain. "I'll be back in an hour." She walked out of the room naked. She left teasing me with that lovely ass of her's. Hold on. I just realised she was no longer wearing the heels. She must have taken them off before I'd woken up. She looked so sexy in them... I'll have to ask her to wear them again later. For now I decided to get some sleep, with my erect pole not going down.


"GET UP!!" I heard Holly shout, causing me to wake up. She was standing there in a white robe. My cock was still hard. "I bet you want to see what's under here don't you?" I just nodded and she grinned. She undid the knot and let the robe fall to the floor. She wore nothing at all under it. I thought there'd be something on her but apparently not. I was still grateful, I'd kill to see her body. She blew me a kiss and then sat down on the other side of the bed.

"Now... I'm going to finger myself while you watch. As soon as I cum, I'll unlock the handcuffs and you can go home on your merry way." She told me. I was annoyed. I wasn't going to get the chance to have sex with her again.

Holly started off by pinching her nipples to get them sticking up. She started moaning erotically which made my cock twitch. Was I that horny? I was that horny and desperate to fuck her that even my cock reacted to her just making noise. She moved her fingers slowly down her body, inbetween her tits and down her stomach, until she reached her clitoris. She lightly rubbed it and started to tweak her nipples with her other hand.

"Like what you see?"

I nodded. I liked what I saw, but I wanted to fuck her even more. She moved her hand from her tits to the hole in her pussy and stuck her finger in it. "OH FUCK!!" She screamed. I started wriggling my hands trying to get out of the handcuffs but it was no use. She stuck in another finger which caused her to moan even louder. She stood over my cock and rubbed her clit as fast as she could and finger fucked her pussy as hard as she could with 3 fingers.

"YES YES YES YES YESSSSSS!!" she hissed as she removed her fingers and squirted all over my cock and balls. "God... what a mess." She stuck her fingers in her mouth and sucked and licked them clean while moaning softly.

"I taste so good."

Unfortunately, despite remembering licking her pussy, I don't remember how her's tasted.

Holly moved her face down to my cock and looked at me. "Such a pretty cock..." She mumbled. "Shame something like this has to go to waste." She said, grabbing the key and unlocking the cuffs. I got up off of the bed and she pushed me against the bedroom door. She got onto her knees.

"One last blowjob before you leave."

As expected I was excited. Holly deep throated my cock all in one go. She started suckling and licking the underside. She was performing swallowing motions on my cock as if she was swallowing my cum. That was bound to happen soon with how long I had waited. I risked it and started to fuck her throat, my balls slapping against her chin. This seemed to be okay with her so I continued doing it while caressing her hair.

"Holly... I'm going to cum." I gasped. She took my cock out of her mouth instantly before I came. She licked my balls clean of her juices and then all that was left on my cock. I didn't even get to cum. She couldn't help but laugh as she looked at my rather agitated face.

"Go home and freshen up. I'll be there to pick you up later, just text me your address, I put my number in your phone as you slept. Don't wank. I want as much spunk from your balls as I can get." She commanded me. "Yes mistress." I cheekily responded.

"Oh!" She seemed to enjoy that. A shot of pleasure went to her pussy when I called her "mistress". She grabbed my clothes and threw them at me pushing me out of her room with no clothes on. "Leave before I end up fucking you senseless." So I got dressed in her hallway and walked down the stairs. I heard the door open and I heard her shout to me.

"There's some clean knickers of mine in the tumble dryer in the kitchen, feel free to take some as a souvenir!"

I responded to this with a rather perverted comment. "No, I want a dirty pair!" I heard her moan again. She seemed to be horny as well. But she had already came. "What had she done to get so horny?", I wondered as I left the house.


I finally made it back home. Not as luxurious as Holly's house but still comfortable to live in. I text her my address, cleaned my teeth and then recieved a text. I opened it up and it read "I told you earlier and I'm telling you again. No wanking." Attached to the text was an image of Holly naked covering her tits and pussy with her hands. How this picture was taken I have no idea but it looked amazing. Her sending me this made it even more difficult for me to avoid touching my cock.


Now that I'm all cleaned up, I'm ready to meet Holly again. I sent her a text message to let her know I'm waiting for her. Within a matter of seconds she let me know that she was on her way, and again was something else attached to the message. It was a close up video of her fingers moving in and out of her pussy and at the end of the video the camera moved up her body and to her face and she said "You better be ready, big boy."

Holly was deliberately teasing me, winding me up by making me horny but not allowed to do anything about it.

Soon, I heard a car beep outside my house. I decided to check it out to see if it was her. A car parked itself up to the side of the pavement and I saw the window roll itself down. Holly was there and I could have sworn she was just in matching dark red underwear and matching sneaker trainers. I don't know how or why but the shoes suited her well and she looked sexy in them. The windows may have been tinted but was it really worth the risk?

"Get inside, now before someone sees me like this!"

"Inside the car or in your pussy?" I teased. She just gave me a pissed off look. "Be funny all you want, it just delays the sex."

Holly was right. She rolled up the car window as I got inside of her car and closed the door behind me. She started kissing me all over my face while caressing it. She started speaking but in between each word she kissed my face.

"I... couldn't... wait... any... longer... for... your... cock." I took one of her hands off of my face and placed it on my covered cock. She just moved it back up to my face.

"Get your cock out, I'm not doing it."

I just sighed and did as I was told. It was clear she liked to be in control, I'm surprised I hadn't figured it out when she handcuffed me to her own bed. She moved away from me and sat in her own seat, turned the car on and started driving.

"Holly... where exactly are we going?" I asked her. "We're going to fuck in a car park," she replied.

"I hope you are joking."

She didn't respond, instead she smiled and carried on driving. She put her hand on my exposed cock and started rubbing it slowly. I moaned out loud and she just started laughing. When she laughed I couldn't help but look at her tits bounce in her bra.

"Perv." She teased. I went to put my hand down her underwear and she didn't let me at all, she just moved my hand away and placed it on my own lap. I was enjoying the teasing but at the same time I was getting impatient. She gave me a black cloth and told me to close my eyes.


Within a matter of minutes, the car had came to a halt. "We're here!" Holly exclaimed as she took off the blindfold. We were in an actual car park. I thought she was joking but apparently not.

"Holly, you're insane." I told her. She took the piece of cloth she used as a blindfold, placed my hands behind me and tied them behind the chair's head cushion.

"Good, got you right where I want you. Now, listen. I do know my limits," Holly explained. "I'm not going to get myself arrested, we are in public after all. So I'm going to suck your dick in the car."

Holly had me worried for so long. She does know her limits, thank God for that. Instead of doing what most women do by starting off slowly, she instead took the whole of my cock in one go! It felt so good I ended up nearly releasing my seed in her throat. She started moving up my cock slowly, inch by inch until she only had the tip in her mouth. Holly started suckling on it while wanking off my cock as hard and as fast as she can.

"Please, please, Holly let me cum." I moaned as I was close. I felt her laugh on my cock. This had me worried. She continued to play with my cock for a few more seconds and then she stopped. Pre-cum leaked out of the tip of my cock so she grabbed my cock rubbed the pre-cum around the tip.

Holly started to undress me by starting with my trousers and everything below the waist. She then ripped off my shirt because my hands were placed awkwardly. She turned the car on and drove us away, hopefully back to her house.

I'd never been more horny in my entire life.


For some reason I was unsure of, Holly had driven us back to my house. I grabbed my trousers and took the key out of them.

"You're not allowed to get dressed. You're getting that arse inside the house naked." She commanded. "Same should apply for you then." I replied as I tore her bra off. She gasped loudly and slapped me for it. My cock twitched when I saw her tits jiggle as the bra came off.

Holly had spent hours upon hours teasing me and it was starting to take it's toll on me. I wanted so desperately to cum but I knew I still wouldn't be allowed to. We got out of the car and I wasn't even allowed to use my clothes to cover up my cock, nor my hands. I was pretty much forced to leave the clothes in her car. I had to walk to the door with just the key, exposed to the world. Holly didn't even bother covering up her tits. She brazenly walked onto the doorstep with me.

"Open the fucking door." She whispered in my ear from behind as she reached around my waist and started squeezing my cock. I groaned yet again as I twisted the key and the door opened. We both walked inside and she closed the door behind us, putting the chain on.

"By the way... these knickers... they're strawberry flavoured." Holly said pointing at them. I instantly picked her up by her legs placing her on my shoulders, causing her to laugh out loud and I started licking vigorously at her panties. Eventually, I made a big enough hole for me to eat at her pussy and she started moaning very loudly. I knew she wanted to fuck but nowhere near as much as I did, that's a fact.

Holly grabbed onto the back of my head and started thrusting her hips against my mouth as I licked at her pussy and clit.

"GOD YES!! DON'T STOP, LICK ME DEEPER PLEASE!! I'M SO FUCKINNNGG CLOSSSSEE!!" Holly screamed. I was tempted to do what she did to me but I loved the taste of her pussy juice way too much. I decided to lick her deeper like she wanted while moving my tongue faster and faster. I think I was becoming Holly Willoughby's submissive.


She squirted all over my face, covering it completely. She was one hell of a squirter which I loved about her. Everything else that came out, landed inside my mouth which I swallowed, obviously. She saw that my face was soaking wet so when I put her down, she kissed and licked it clean. "Don't worry, you'll get a dirty pair soon." She said as she ripped off the remains of her knickers.

"Now... you can fuck me wherever you like in this house." She told me. I picked her up and took her into the sitting room. I noticed the curtains were open. I wanted to fuck her on the sofa but I wasn't expecting her to bend over on it and face the windows where anyone could see her!

Holly started bouncing her rear up and down, signalling for me to go and fuck her pussy. She then reached behind her and slapped her own ass. I couldn't take it any longer. I got behind her and slowly inserted my cock. It was so hard. Once it was all in, I held onto her hips and started slowly thrusting, Holly's pussy felt so good.

"That feels good baby, go a bit faster."

She'd only just came less than five minutes ago and she was already telling me to speed up fucking her! I did as I was told and my balls started to slap against her pussy lips. I then noticed her start doing what she'd done after she'd came when she was drunk last night. She was rubbing her swollen clitoris. It'd hurt a little bit at least wouldn't it? Unless she liked pleasure and pain.

"FUCK ME HARDER!!" She screamed as she started bouncing back against me. I moved one of my hands to her ass to squeeze knead it in my hands. It was so soft, I loved it. I then decided to spank it.

"If you're gonna slap my ass, do it harder. Be a real man!"

I increased the power of my slaps and hit her ass harder 3 times. She seemed to enjoy it as she moaned. "Again." She commanded so I slapped her ass 3 more times. "Again." She repeated. I slapped her ass as commanded. "Just one last slap... please. Harder than before." I slapped her ass twice as hard as before while still fucking her and she loved it. What Holly didn't expect was for me to slap her ass again even harder.

"OHHHHHHHH!!" Holly whined as her pussy tightened around my cock. She started to cum and I carried on fucking her through her orgasm, getting as much juices on my cock and balls as I could. Her tight, wet pussy was starting to push me over the edge. I warned her I was about to near my release.

"Where do you want to cum after all this time then huh?" The sexy lady asked. She repeated the word "Here?" While pointing at various parts of her body and face. "Your ass." I said as I slowed down my thrusts.

"You'd be the first person to wander there so be careful."

I pulled out of her pussy and put my whole cock in her ass in one go, defying what she'd told me. It wasn't easy even with her pussy juices being used as lube on my cock. "OH JESUS!!" she yelled as she AGAIN squirted, this time onto the sofa. How much liquid was in that pussy of her's? I thrust into her ass as hard and as fast as I could.

"All these whiny bitches are moaning it hurts, I fucking love it!"

So there we have it... Holly loves anal. I couldn't last long in her ass though. It was so tight I thought I was going to lose it. I pulled out of her pussy, and started wanking.

"Wait two seconds." Holly stayed there bent over fingering her pussy as I watched. She came again, this time she didn't squirt which was a shame because I enjoyed it when she did. "Okay go."

I proceeded to wank until I was at the edge. I aimed at her ass and splurted load after load all over her ass cheeks. Her ass looked amazing. Holly rubbed it into her cheeks and hole to make her ass shine very nicely. She licked her hand clean and then pushed me back against the sofa so I could lie down. She laid down with her front against me so I could look down at her shiny cum covered ass. Her head rested on my chest.

"I'm gonna... get some rest." She gasped... struggling to get her breath back from the intense sex we just had. I decided to sleep as well. We'd just had sex and anyone could have seen us. It was worth the risk (and the wait) it seems. Just like last time, Holly left her hand on my cock as we both passed out of consciousness.

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