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Author Topic: Max Spends the day with Pokimane  (Read 131469 times)


Max Spends the day with Pokimane
« on: October 27, 2019, 05:19:23 PM »
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen.

It has been a week since Max experienced the best day of his life when he got the chance to have sex with Pokimane and he has not been able to get it out of his head. Max has been thinking about that day since the moment he left the offlinetv house. All he wanted to do is go back and do everything all over again and more.

He hasn’t been the only one thinking that day. Pokimane has been continuing her daily routine of streaming but she hasn’t gotten that day out of her mind and she'd been masturbating day after day wanting it to happen again.

Lucky for her she got her wish.

She looked over at her phone to see a text from Max. She opens the text and she has a big smile on her face as the text reads

“Hey Poki it’s Max I was wondering if I could come over and we could have another day like last week”.

She immediately responds.

“Yes of course you can, you can come over today no one is home right now ”

She sends it and gets a response right away.

“Awesome and I was wondering if you could dress up in that schoolgirl outfit you wore in a video?”

Poki’s smile gets bigger and she responds.

“Of course. Anything you want.”

With that response, Max was both relieved and excited but he thinks everything is going to be the same as their last encounter but he has another thing coming. Poki smiled as she got ready for Max to arrive, getting dressed in the outfit that Max requested as she was all ready she realized she wanted to tease him a bit so she decided to remove her underwear and right as she did that she got another text from Max.

“I’m outside”.

Poki then leaves her room and checks to see that no one else is home. She then goes to open the door and see’s Max then lets him in. She gives him a big hug and tells him to follow her. Max does as instructed and follows her up the stairs when he notices that Poki has no underwear on and sees her perfect ass sway from side to side and begins to feel nervous. They make their way to Poki’s room and Max sits on her bed as he waits for her to say something.
“I had a great time the last time you were here Max”

“Me too”, Max responded

She then responded by saying.

“I’ve been needing another day like that so let’s get started!”

With Max still sitting on the bed, Poki began teasing him,  lifting her skirt and grinding her ass on Max’s crotch. Swaying her ass side to side on Max’s crotch, he could feel the warmth of her pussy through his jeans. Max didn’t know how much more of this he could take as she continued grinding on his crotch. Poki could feel his cock harden through his jeans and she started moaning at the feeling of his cock. That’s when she moved onto the next part of her plan.

 As Max was still moaning from Poki grinding on him he didn’t notice her get up until he looked down and saw her at eye level with his cock. Poki, now squatting, began to remove Max’s jeans, licking her lips in anticipation of his cock. After unbuckling his belt and his jeans she got her reward, Max’s girthy 10 inch cock.

Even though it’s her second time seeing Max’s cock, Poki is still in awe of the size, just like the last time she didn’t waste any time when she began by spitting on his cock and stroking it with both hands, stroking slowly while maintaining eye contact with Max as this continued she began speeding up her stroking.  Max continued moaning loudly until Poki stopped.

This caused Max to look down just in time to see Poki kiss the tip of his cock before moving to the rest of his cock kissing it all over until she locked her lips around the head of his cock slowly bobbing her head as she was slowly sucking on his cock she continued stroking it with one hand while her other hand moved down to her exposed pussy where she began rubbing it.

As time went on, Poki continued her simultaneous stroking and sucking as well as her own masturbating, eventually picking up the pace she stopped stroking his cock and moved both hands down to her pussy, one rubbing her clit the other she began fingering her pussy moaning with Max’s cock still in her mouth. She continued bobbing her head with no hands at such a fast pace. Max’s moaning and groaning got louder and louder and he placed a hand on Poki’s head grunting as he began cumming shooting thick ropes of cum into her mouth whilst Poki came herself squirting her juices on the floor while choking on Max’s cum.

Once Max was done cumming, he began apologizing for not warning her. Poki finished coughing and without saying a word pushed Max onto the bed and climbed on top of him. Poki immediately straddled him and aimed his cock at her pussy and slowly lowered herself finally speaking.
“Oh my god!”

With Max’s cock fully inside her, Poki began grinding her pussy slowly teasing Max more, he took this opportunity to grab both of her ass cheeks and squeeze them. Poki still grinding herself continued her moaning until she felt ready and started bouncing on Max’s cock. With her hands in her hair Poki was bouncing on Max’s cock with such speed she couldn’t contain her moans and was screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Oh my God! I love your cock so much, Max!”

Max did nothing but grab hold of her ass and did not let go, he continued squeezing and eventually started smacking them as hard as he could, until he decided to take charge. He started thrusting his hips upwards to match Poki’s bouncing which took her by surprise but she didn’t mind it at all as the only sound that could be heard was her ass slapping against his cock, this continued for a few minutes until Poki told max to stop.

Max quickly stopped his thrusting as poki got up off of his cock and took off her schoolgirl shirt and left her skirt on, she then sat on Max’s face without warning and leaned forward as she went back to sucking his cock. Poki immediately began stroking and sucking his cock simultaneously as fast as she could, she had a look of lust in her eyes as she sucked his cock. Meanwhile, Max decided to help himself and began eating Poki out, he was new to it but he knew he was doing good when he heard poki moaning on his cock which was getting Max close to cumming again.

This time he warned Poki which got her attention quickly as she stopped sucking and lifted her ass off of his face and quickly moved herself forward to where her ass was hovering over Max’s cock. Like last time, Poki gave no warning as she grabbed hold of his cock and slowly lowered herself this time squatting on his cock as it entered her again, doing the same as last time she grinded her pussy on his cock to start. When she felt ready she placed her hands on his legs for support and began bouncing, she started by rotating her ass with this cock inside her to tease him then she got serious and started bouncing fast and hard screaming as Max’s cock finally hit her sweet spot and she gave into the lust. Max could tell she was acting different and so he lifted her skirt and grabbed hold of both of her ass cheeks and started slapping them as hard as he could, he was close to cumming again but he wanted Poki to cum too so he continued slapping her ass as it turned bright red. Max was on the verge and warned Poki

“I’m about to cum”!

This woke Poki from her trance as she heard that she lifted her hands from his legs and lifted her skirt to give max a perfect view of her ass as she turned her head to look at max and began twerking on his cock while at the same time rubbing her pussy, Max was in disbelief seeing her ass twerk on his cock he started cumming and told Poki

“I’m cumming”

Poki responded

“I’m cumming too. Cum inside of me, Max”

He did just that shooting long thick ropes of cum into her starving pussy whilst at the same time Poki began squirting covering most of her bed and Max’s lower body in her juices.

Both Max and Poki continued moaning until Poki fell over giving Max a great view of his cum leaking out of her pussy. They both stayed silent until Poki spoke.

“That was amazing, I want some more of your cum, Max.”

Poki then got up and removed her skirt, she then told Max to sit in her computer chair. He did as she said and once he was seated, Poki pushed him back and bent over her desk swaying her ass from side to side as Max began stroking his cock back to full size. Poki then placed her hands on her ass and spread her ass cheeks teasing max, when he felt ready Max got up and moved towards Poki  and he whispered into her ear.

“I’m gonna fuck the shit out of your little ass.”

With those words, he grabbed hold of his cock and started teasing the entrance to Poki’s ass with his other hand on her waist he kept prodding his tip to her ass until finally he got in. Max slowly inserted the rest of his cock as Poki began moaning loudly,  feeling his cock inside her ass. Max made a few slow thrusts until he felt ready and asked Poki if she was and once he got the ok he grabbed a hold of her hair and placed his hand on her throat and he began thrusting faster. Max’s ten inch cock was making Poki scream in ecstasy, she couldn’t muster up a word as he was thrusting with all he had, Max pounded away on her with no remorse.

The speed at which they were fucking was causing Ppki to knock over her streaming equipment from her desk while she tried holding onto something. Max saw that and got a better idea as removed his hand from her throat and told Poki to move to her window by her balcony. Now she was following his orders as she moved to the window, Max pushed her up against it as he inserted his cock into her ass again. He picked up where he left off and continued thrusting hard into her ass. He moved his hand to her clit and started playing with it as he fucked her ass. Poki’s entire body was pressed against the glass her tits squished up against them as Max was fucking her with such force he could’ve fucked her through the glass. They both continued moaning getting close to cumming they were unaware that the rest offlinetv were coming in, as they were entering the house Max started cumming into her ass at the same time Poki came squirting over the floor.

Both Poki and Max continued moaning until they heard a knock at the door.

“Hey Poki. Are you alright?”

It was lilypichu, one of Poki’s roommates.  Poki and Max quickly stopped and Poki made her way to the door. She cracked it open slightly.

“Yes. Everything is alright. I just spilled some food on the floor and was cleaning it up”

As she was speaking, Max, feeling brave, walked up behind her and inserted his cock into her and began thrusting again. Poki moaned for a second getting another question from lily.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yea I’m fine.”

Poki tried speaking clearly as Max pounded away at her pussy.

“Okay” lily said and she shut the door.

Poki quickly leaned against the door as Max continued to pound away. Shei started moaning again and Max quickly placed his hand on her mouth to silence her. Max continued fucking Poki against the door until she told him to stop and to move to her bathroom. He listened and followed Poki into the bathroom, his eyes not leaving her ass seeing his cum drip from her pussy and ass.

Max stood there as Poki started turning on the shower, when she tested the water she grabbed Max’s hand and led him inside. Once inside poki started washing her hair as Max stood there quiet until Poki asked him.

“Can you help me wash my back?”

Max did not respond and simply did as asked, he started with her back and once he felt brave enough he moved his hand to her pussy and started rubbing her clit, he moved his mouth to her neck and began kissing it. Poki started moaning again as Max played with her. Poki’s lust returned as she pushed him off and got on her knees and started playing with his cock stroking it and fondling his balls. She then moved her mouth to his tip and began sucking his cock, starting slow she moved her other hand to her pussy and started fingering herself inserting two fingers and pumped them inside her.

Poki continued her blowjob eventually picking up the pace and removing her hand from his cock to rub her clit and she began deep throating his cock quickly causing Max to grab her wet hair and push her further down on his cock which caused him to groan more and more when Poki saw that she knew she and Max were ready.

Poki stopped playing with her pussy and Max’s cock as he told her to get up and leaned against the wall, she did what he asked. Max grabbed hold of his cock as inserted it into her and immediately continued his thrusting not giving her  a moment to relax as he grabbed a hold of her breasts while his mouth moved to her neck. Poki couldn’t even say a word as all that could be heard was the water running and Max’s balls slapping against her pussy. Max continued to pound away eventually removing his cock from her pussy only to stick it back into her but into her ass this time. He resumed his quick thrusting as started to play with her pussy again, he kept thrusting as he felt his cock throb but he didn’t let that stop him and he continued to pound away as his cock exploded inside her again. Poki didn’t say a word, only smiling as she felt his warm cum inside her again.

Once they were done fucking in the shower, they got out and dried themselves off and went back to her room. Poki still naked, continued drying herself off as Max stared at her ass. Max looked down at his cock and he knew he has one more chance to cum inside her. Max asked Poki

“Hey poki, can we do it one more time?”

Poki was shocked but interested in getting pounded one more time.

“ok” Poki responded.

Max then got close to Poki and picked her up. He gently put her back down onto the floor with her legs and pussy in the air. Max then slowly inserted his cock into her and started thrusting. Crouched on her bed, Max continued to pound away, piledriving her pussy as fast as could. He stopped for a moment and removed his cock from her pussy only to stick his cock into her ass and resume. Max continued piledriving Poki’s ass causing her to scream and her eyes began to roll into the back of her head. Max continued for a few minutes until he felt his cock throb and he didn’t want it to end like this so he stopped thrusting and removed his cock from her ass, he then laid back down on her bed and told poki to ride him one last time. Poki stood quiet as she did what Max asked and moved herself to him and squatted over Max’s cock and placed her hands on his legs and lowered herself.

Once she felt his cock hit her spot she began bouncing on his cock. Poki slammed her pussy on his cock bouncing fast and hard causing her pussy to cream on his cock.  Poki did not slow down and she could tell from max that he was almost done. So Poki wanted their last time to be special so as she was bouncing on him she stopped for a moment and did a perfect split with his cock inside her. Max was speechless as she resumed her bouncing while maintaining the splits. He started spanking her ass again knowing how much she loved it, as she continued bouncing Poki picked up speed and was fucking Max as fast as she could while Max grabbed hold of her waist and thrusted as much as he could.

Both Poki and Max began moaning loudly as they were both close. Max knew this and wanted to see Poki squirt again so he decided to move his hand to her pussy and started playing with it. Poki turned her head and smiled at Max as he did that. Poki then stopped bouncing only to start twerking on his cock knowing he loved watching her ass bounce. She placed her hands on her ass while looking back at Max encouraging him,

“Yea! Fuck that pussy. Cum deep inside it! It’s yours, Max!”

Max used those words as fuel as he continued thrusting as his cock began to throb.

“Poki I’m gonna cum!”

And she responded the same way

“I’m cumming too. Fucking cum deep inside me!”

Max thrusted one last time shooting ten thick ropes of cum deep into her already filled pussy as Poki squirted again. After a few minutes she slowly fell off of his cock. Breathing heavy and sweating, she then looked to see how much cum was inside her, while Max slowly stroked his cock tired and sweating as well.

While they were resting they didn’t realize someone had come into Poki’s room.

It was her friends Janet, Kimi, Jade and Emiru and they stood there watching the sweaty couple, in shock.
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