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Celebs Meet Porn Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Lex Steele & Ricky Johnson
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the actresses, movies, people, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the movies, trademarks, actresses etc referenced in this story. I am making no money as the result of writing this story.

Starring: Scarlett Johansson, Ricky Johnson, Lex Steele

Celebs Meet Porn Stars: This Ain’t Rough Night XXX

An erotic celebrity fan-fiction story.
Based on an idea/series by Cadeauxxx

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, MMF, Oral, anal, inter.

* * *

The ‘special feature’ behind the scenes footage starts off with showing a door with a fittingly large golden star on it. The name ‘SCARLETT JOHANSSON’ printed on it to show who was going to be the featured star of this production. The arm of the cameraman coming forward to knock on the door before stepping back.

A few moments later, the door opened and the Hollywood beauty herself Scarlett Johansson opened the door. Wearing only a long white towel around her body, the short haired blonde already had her make-up applied including thick red lipstick on. “Is the timing wrong?” She asked, seeing the camera filming her. “I thought it was a few minutes before we started filming?”

“Oh it is...” The voice of the man holding the camera said. “I just wanted to get some words with you before the shoot today if that’s OK?”
“Oh yeah, sure!” Scarlet smiled, leaning against the door frame. “Besides, I just need to throw the dress on and slip the heels on then I’m good to go… Or down to fuck, in this case!” She joked with a sexy laugh.
“Straight to the point then! Why porn? Why go from Hollywood to skin flicks?” The man asked.

“Well first of all? Everyone’s seen all of this.” She motioned to herself with a teasing smirk. “Doing a movie about being an alien and having your body on full display? It’s all over the Internet anyway, so isn’t doing a porno on my terms the next best thing? Besides… After spending years being Black Widow, it’s nice to do something that’s… Well, not likely going to be thrown up on a certain streaming service any time soon.” She reasoned with a shrug that was surprisingly carefree for a mother about to film a porn film.

“Hey, those are as good as reasons as any!” The cameraman replied. “But the other big question… Considering those big movies you’ve been in and can parody for this kind of shoot… Why the fuck did you pick Rough Night?” He asked.
“Why did I pick one of my career lows to use instead of being Black Widow like everyone would have expected?” Scarlet smiled again. “Well, let’s just say that if I use a movie no one really went to see? People aren’t going to complain if I go way away from the original source material with this one… Especially since yeah, I don’t recall getting fucked by two big black cocks at the same time being what Jess did in the real film… Another reason why I’m so gonna enjoy filming this than I did filming the real deal.”

And with that, Scarlett gave the camera a sly wink before she slipped back into the room and closed the door. Putting the last touches to her character before the big event.

* * *

This Ain’t Rough Night XXX

The video starts up with what looks to be the aftermath of a wild party inside of a spacious, master bedroom with a king sized bed. Various streamers, party hats and empty bottles of wine and champagne on the floor. In the background, large ‘hen night’ sashes with slogans like ‘Better Off Wed’ and ‘Dressed to Kill’ written on them hanging off of pieces of furniture.

Walking into shot, clad in an expensive looking suit with sunglasses is the handsome veteran black pornstar Lex Steele, who shakes is head as he looks at the carnage in the room. “I rent out my best damn property some group of chicks, and they turn my shit into some student fucking rave!” Lex rants out loud, taking off his sunglasses so the audience can see the disgust as he picks up what seems like a bright blue, male thong from off the bed before he tosses it aside.

Some noise is heard from the side. A fellow dark skinned, male pornstar in the form of Ricky Johnson entering the scene as he’s clad in jeans and white tanktop, giving the impression he’s one of Lex’s cronies. Marching a gorgeous blonde woman along with him. “Found one of them, Boss!” Ricky states, pushing the beauty forward. “Calls herself Jess… And I bet she damn well knows what’s going on with those missing diamonds too!”

Not just any woman either. Playing the part of Jess is the stunning Hollywood starlet Scarlett Johansson. The beautiful MILF actress clad in an attire similar to the role she played in the source material she’s now parodying. Her blonde hair short, with thick red lipstick on her pouty lips. Her curvaceous body in a tight and sexy red dress, topped off with high heels.

“L-Listen! I can explain!” ‘Jess’ pleaded, looking between the two hunks as they stood either side of her. “This was all just a… A big mistake!” She claimed, glancing back and forth and looking concerned at the glares she was getting. “The thing with the stripper… And this stuff about diamonds? I swear, this is all just a big misunderstanding! All myself and my friends were doing were having a good time together, that’s all!”

“Well your ass trying to have a good time has made my life into a real bad time!” Lex stated, looking over her. “And the way I see it? For the trouble you and your friends have cause me? Your ass is gonna have to pay for it.”
“O-OK! S-Sure!” Scarlett agreed, quickly nodding her head. “I’m sure if we can, ummmm… Find my purse, we can put a charge onto my card or something...”
“Girl? You don’t know who you’re messing with here...” Ricky stated, similarly eyeing her up. “We don’t want your damn cash...”
“Heh… My boy is right...” Steele added, starting to smirk as he rather openly tilted his head to the side, checking out her more than ample backside. “We make any guys who cross us pay in cash… But the chicks? Well… We make sure they have a real ‘Rough Night’, if you catch my drift...”

‘Jess’ looked between the two, seeing their lusty glares. “...Oh...” She said, figuring out their meaning. “...Well then… I mean, if that’s all it’s going to take to settle things…” Her hands seductively moved upward onto their chests. Sliding up and down, and getting approving looks from the two men. “I think we can have way more of an enjoyable Rough Night than I’ve had...” She stated with a sexy tone. Her words perhaps having a double meaning to take a shot at the movie she starred in and is now performing in a sexual parody of.

Getting to work, Scarlett slipped down to her knees with the two studs either side of her as they too wasted no time in undoing their pants to drop them down to the floor. The blonde’s eyes going wide with a gasp as she saw the long, thick and delicious looking dark-toned cocks the two pornstars were packing for her. Her hands grabbing both shafts and starting to pump as she looked between the two as they stepped out of their lower clothing and kicked footwear away to clatter into the bottles lying about.

“Now I’m really happy the other girls aren’t here to ‘help’ me with this...” Scarlett said with a gorgeous laugh before she turned her head. Pumping both men but giving Lex’s cock a smooch on the tip with her full, red lips before she slid her tongue over the crown to make him moan. A slow lick given before she turned and gave Ricky’s shaft the same treatment. Swirling around the fat crown before kissing over the head. Her hands pumping over the rods, easily getting them rock hard to their massive sizes. One of the men alone would be a task for any woman to tackle on their own, but she’s showing off skill be being able to stroke them both off at the same time.

Staying in character, she knows that it’ll take more than handjobs to satisfy these two ‘villains’. Her head moving again to Lex as she parted those full lips. Taking his shaft inside and starting to bob up and down onto his chocolate fuck-stick. Making him properly moan around as she gave a sample of how warm and wet her oral hole is. The Avengers actress sucking on his prick at a smooth, steady pace to already show she’s got no issue with engaging in some interracial sexual action. Staring up at the hunk she’s blowing as she slides her mouth up and down the upper portion of his tool. Her hand still working over the both part as she sucks. Making sure the other man isn’t forgotten about as her soft palm moved up and down over his pole from base to crown in a slow and stimulating fashion.

After a round of sucks that left a light layer of saliva onto Steele’s shaft, she lifted away and took in a quick gasp of air before she moved to pleasure the multi-ethnic pornstar. A lick around the tip with her frisky tongue before she planted her mouth onto his dick with a loud slurp. Groaning around his length as she pushed up and down on his lengthy man-meat. The two men making sure strands of her hair were brushed away from her pretty face as she energetically sucked and stroked. Even helping themselves to a squeeze of her rounded breasts through her dress as she blew the cock currently in her mouth. Her eyes seductively narrowed as she stared up, glancing between the two. Working her juicy, coated with thick red lips up and down Ricky’s cock to make him moan out.

The gorgeous white blonde took turns working over both the big black cocks being offered to her. Spending a minute or two slurping away on one, before she turned to switch on the other. Occasionally sliding her wet tongue over the tip before she pushed down. Making sure those pouty lips were tightly wrapped around whichever thick pole she decided to bob along. Her hands still stroking away either at a full size or the bottom part if that particular member was the one she was sucking off. Showing no concern at getting her fingers sticky from her own saliva as it dripped down those inches. Or the fact her spit was not only trickling down her chin, but landing to stain over her chest and her dress. Making the sight of hard, poking nipples even hotter for the camera to record.

“Guuuuulllkkk! Ghhhhhrrrrkkk!! Mmmmmmphhhh!!” Nosily slurping away, Scarlett pushed herself down deeper onto Lex’s massive, dark cock to take him beyond just her mouth. Getting a deep groan of approval out of him as she made herself gag nastily. Saliva pouring down as her throat resisted the invasion – showing she wasn’t quite used to servicing this kind of massive size from any of her previous relationships. Lifting away with a gasp and a saucy smile, she licked her lips before turning and doing the same to Ricky. Pushing her pretty face down deeply to take as much of his inches as she could into her oral hole. “Hhhhhhrrrrkkkk!! Ghhhhhhhhkkkk!! Guuuuuuulllkkk!” After an attempted deep throat, she similarly settled for just resuming with a bobbing motion. Gagging each time she went down onto his rod so the filthy sloppy sound as her saliva splashed and dripped was clearly heard. All the while her hands still pumping away on both men so even without being between those ripe lips they were still getting pleasure. As if seeing an A-List Hollywood stunner sucking and stroking two black dicks at once wouldn’t be good enough alone.

After repeating that sinful motion, she lifted her head off. Quickly giving a spit onto both men’s dicks as she pumped the saliva over their soaked shafts. Bringing the heads close to her lips so she could swat her tongue between the two for a moment as she pumped the lengths. Turning to give a short round of rapid bobs onto the upper inches of Johnson’s cock that sent her short blonde hair swaying. Before moving to deliver that motion to Lex as well to make him moan from the quick action. Again lifting away as she let out a truly dirty moan of pleasure, perfect for a porno. Even holding their dicks so she could smack Ricky’s against her cheek and Lex’s onto her lips as she gave a pout. Smearing saliva onto herself to put on a show as only a talented actress like her could.

“So boys…” ‘Jess’ said as Scarlett let go of their cocks so she could stand up. “I think I’ll need to pay with something else other than mouth to make up for all of this, right?” She smirked, giving both a glance before she reached back behind herself. Undoing the dress and peeling it down. Showing off her gorgeously sized and rounded tits first, before turning around. Letting the camera see that stunning, thick ass of hers that got a whistle of approval from the hunks she’s been blowing. “So, which of you hung bastards is going to nail me first then?” She asked with a wide, shameless grin. Not appearing like she’s the many times engaged and married mother she is outside of the silver screen. Down to fuck and ready to take on two black studs at the same time.

That answer soon came when the men led her over to that spacious bed as Ricky climbed on top of it to kneel. A brief camera cut as Scarlett came back into shot as the benefit of editing cut out the preparation her stunning backside received for this upcoming position. The blonde going to her hands and knees on the bed, but with a leg just off the side to keep a heeled foot on the ground. Allowing that ass to stick right out as a now fully naked Lex approached her from behind. Grinning as he spread her butt cheeks apart. Another visual treat for the audience as he spat down onto her asshole, allowing the saliva to trickle down that already glistening (and lubed up) hole before he tapped the head of his big black cock against her tightness. Letting out a long, savouring groan as he pushed into the tightness of one of the most lusted after backsides in Hollywood.

“Oooooooooh FUCK!! MMMMM...” Scarlett moaned, looking back over her shoulder as the feeling of that shaft entering her ass took up her attention even with another just as lengthy and tasty dick in front of her. “Oh fuck!! How is… Mmmmmm! My ass taking that??” She appeared to be surprising herself as she moaned out. Already shifting her hips back against that prick as Steele started to push himself into her snug back passage before pulling out. Showing his clear sexual talents in knowing how to let her adjust to the feeling of such a massive invasion into her booty. “MMMMM!! FUCK!! Oh yeah… Fuck that ass!! Mmmmmm… Fuck me with that fucking big, black dick of yours...” She purred lustfully as she stared back to watch it herself as his pole moved in and out of her tight asshole. Lex groaning out his approval as he pumped, but still doing his job as he used an angled hand to keep her cheek spread to the side so the camera could record the sight of her ass taking some massive dick.

A hand stroking through her short blonde hair reminded the actress of the other length she should be servicing as she looked forward. Giving a sexy wink as she parted her lips wide and took Ricky’s cock inside. She didn’t get time however to start bobbing as he took the lead but not just to make up for the brief lost time of not getting some of her. Thrusting in and out of her damp and soothing oral hole to get himself moaning as he fed her that cock nice and deep. Already making her groan and gag as the saliva started dripping once again off his dark-toned rod. Johnson making sure her hair was away from the place not just so that the sight of her sucking on some dick could be seen. So that the obvious pleasure she was feeling from the double teaming was recorded on film too.

It might not strictly be in keeping with the source material this porno is parodying, but no one is likely going to complain when they are seeing Scarlett Johansson being spit roasted by two big black cocks at the same time. Her juicy ass and hungry mouth being filled up as she takes stiff and smooth thrusts in and out at both ends. Making her gorgeous white body shift back and forth on the bed she’s kneeling on as her tits sway underneath her. Her moans muffled by the dick in her mouth, but the cameras behind seeing how moist her pussy is already without even being touched. Stimulated by dishing out oral sex and taking anal at the same time. The groans and grunts from the two very lucky hunks showing they’re loving getting to give this MILF a threesome to remember as she handles them both with impressive ease. Especially since individually each male pornstar here has easily handled many a wannabe starlet who couldn’t even handle half of their size alone.

“MMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM!! GHHHHHLLLKKK...” The infamous Black Widow in the Avengers films is putting on a far different kind of physical performance here as she rocks her stunning body back and forth between the two thrusting dicks she’s taking. Bobbing her head along the dick being fed between her full lips as her tongue peeks out along Ricky’s underside once in a while. At the same time pushing her thick rump back against the thrusts into her asshole she’s taking from behind to take Lex’s cock deeper into her tightest of holes. “MMMMMM… HHHHHRRRLLLKK… GGGUUUKKKLLLKKK… MMMM!!” Her eyes are still filled with lust as she glances back over her shoulder at the hunk stuffing her ass full with dick. The turning of her head causing the other man’s bell-end to poke into the side of her mouth. Her cheek sinfully bulging for a couple of pumps before she moved back into proper position to take that dick into her throat to gag away.

The pace increases now that both men can see and feel that’s she’s used to their vast sizes in her holes. Steele moaning out as he gives her backside a firm spank, leaving her cheek rippling as he pushes his manhood deeper into her tight back passage. At her other end, a quickly motion of face fucking to work Ricky’s cock swiftly in and out of those full, bright red lips. Making her gag louder as her spit continued to drip down her chin and from off his inches. Yet from either motion the acting beauty never showed any pain from the rougher way she’s getting this threesome action now. Taking as good as she’s getting back. Still shifting her body between the two studs as she slurps and gags away on the man in front, while taking the other deep between her butt cheeks from behind. Like she’s far more used to skin flicks than any of the Hollywood movies she’s actually starred in.

“Mmmmmm...” ‘Jess’ groaned when Lex pulled out of her backside. The camera seeing her asshole gaping for a moment before Ricky also shifted away from her mouth. “Fuck!! That was… Mmmmm...” She had to take a moment to compose herself, shifting to sit on the edge of the bed, looking between the two men again. “That was a good start for a real fucking Rough Night…” Scarlett said, grinning broadly up at both. “Now… How about both you dirty bastards stuff this big, black cocks into my holes and really give me a fucking...” She said, and it wasn’t just a simple request either as she stood up. Watching as the men moved onto the bed before she followed.

This position had Steele laying on the bed as Scarlett moved on top of him, facing the hunk who had just been deep in her ass. Now moaning out as her head tilted back as he guided his meaty fuck-stick into her wet snatch. Filling up that hole for the first time in this three-way as she slowly sank down onto him. Having to bounce a couple of times to adjust to that size before she settled onto his crotch and placed her hands onto his desirable chest. Not riding just yet. Looking back as she watched Ricky move up to spread her butt cheeks. Licking her lips as another thick, dark piece of man-meat was slowly pushed into her already nicely fucked asshole. That previous action allowing a sinful, smooth entry so he could get nice a deep already into her much to both their moaning approval.

“OH FUCK! MMMMMM… Oh yeah! Fucking fuck me you bastards!! MMMMM!!” Her moans were loud, shameless and instant when the two men started pumping away into her. Her already wet pussy finally getting long overdue treatment with Lex’s infamously pussy-owning black cock now pumping briskly in and out of the horny blonde MILF on top of him. At the same time her thick and sexy ass was taking a stuffing as Ricky worked his big dark-toned dick in and out of that wide, white booty. The thrusts easily making her ass jiggle and clap against his muscular body as he pumped in deep. Perhaps showing he’d waited long enough to be able to tap that stunning rump and planned on making the most of it. “MMMMM!! OH SHIT… FUCK!! MMMMM...” Scarlett moaned out, closing her eyes for a moment as the pleasure of having both her lower holes stuffed full at the same time made her act far removed from the character she was supposed to be sticking to for this parody. But seeing the starlet in such a lusty state? No one would be complaining about that minor ‘plot point’ in this porno.

Johansson rocked her curvy frame between the two thrusting dicks she was taking deep into her snatch and ass. Grinding more onto Lex’s cock as it pumped briskly up into her dripping twat that was still very pleasurably snug even for a woman of her MILF status. Her ass firmly pushing back to meet the pumps she was taking into her asshole from behind. Even with the prior fucking that hole has taken so far, her back passage remained tight around this second cock so the hunk banging her had plenty reason to moan out himself as he fucked her. Ricky making sure to keep her ass spread for the cameras to get the clear view of his mixed-raced dick ploughing in and out of that stunning, juicy white ass that’s certainly a far better fit in the porno business than the comedy movie that’s being parodied right now.

“OH FUCK! MMMMM!! YESSSSSS… AHHHHHH FUCK!! F-FUCK ME! MMMMM YEAH!! GIVE IT TO ME...” She yelled out in pure desire as she stared over her shoulder. Strands of blonde hair sticking across her beautiful facial features as she continued to drive herself between the two fat cocks ploughing into her lower holes. Her pussy soaking wet around one, while her asshole stayed pleasurably tight around the other. Like she’s been a secret interracial threesome loving Size Queen her entire life with the ease of how she’s handling the kind of rough action that even seasoned MILF porno starlets would struggle to last this long in. “Ooooooooooh FUCK! MMMMM… FUCK!! MMMMM YES!! FUCK MY ASS… AHHHHH! FUCK… FUCK MY PUSSY! OOOOOOOH SHIT!!” She groaned out. Sweat now covering that stunning body as she gave out the energy needed to take two of the biggest black cocks in porn deep in her pussy and ass.  The slap of her ass hitting off of Johnson’s waist ringing out to mix in the air with not just their moans. The sharp smack when Steele underneath her drives his cock in balls deep to fill up that needy twat as well.

Losing herself for a moment, as many a red blooded MILF like herself would when faced with two big cocks ready to give her the pounding of a lifetime that she and her stunning body deserve. Her mouth open in a sexy O-shape as her cries of delight poured out while her eyes looked upward from the pleasure. Her tits jiggling away as her frame is now being more jolted back and forth from the force of the thrusts driving into her lower holes than any rocking against them she’s able to do. She’s still more than able to handle it. Staying firmly in place to take both cocks as they swiftly pump away into her booty and her snatch. The deep and low groans from the two men showing how much they’re similarly loving being buried deep in one of the most famous actresses from the acting world that’s far removed from the XXX-productions they showcase their talents in. Not even needing to speak as they wisely let ‘Jess’ take up all the filthy attention as she moans and sweats away.

“AHHHHHH… MMMMM FUCK!! C-CUMMING!! G-GONNA… GONNA FUCKING CUM!!” Scarlett gasped out a warning that might not have been part of the planned script, but hearing that just made the two studs keep on thrusting away into her. If not give them extra ammo to keep hammering away into her. Leaving her to just be impaled and take it as those fat and long dark cocks pumped away into her thick backside and dripping pussy. “OOOOOOOOOOH FUUUUUUUUUCKK...” Her head tilted back, and if she was faking it then it was a performance of a lifetime as she shuddered between the two hunks. The deep groans both men let out perhaps showing her orgasm was indeed legit as they ploughed her through an intense sexual peak. Leaving her gasping but still groaning in delight. Even letting out a sexy gasp when Ricky pulled out of her certainly more than just nicely fucked rump.

“Mmmmm… Holy… Holy shit...” Scarlett gasped, staring back at her own ass. Watching as the other still rock hard cock was pulled out of her twat so she could rest against it. “Still hard, huh boys?” She licked her lips as she started smiling again. “Guess I’ve got to pay off that debt a little more, huh?” She said, remembering the character she’s playing even after being fucked so hard. Not objecting at all as the men move her towards the edge of the bed.

Once again, she found Lex’s huge black cock inside of her ass. This time on his lap as her back was against his body as she leaned back. Her legs out and dangling with her pussy on display as he sat on the edge of the bed before leaning back himself. Ricky stepping in between her legs at a side angle so the camera can still clearly see the action. However, it wasn’t a simple double penetration as before for her. Instead, lining his cock up with her already filled up asshole. Grunting as he forced himself alongside with other thick, dark cock to make Scarlett be double stuffed, but this time in the same hole!

“HOLY FUCK!! FUCK!! AHHHHHH!! HOLY FUCK!!” She gasped and groaned louder than before. Her own eyes wide, like she couldn’t believe she was taking all this cock up her ass even as she felt it. Her asshole stretched to the limit as she was held in place with Steele holding her thick thighs and Ricky with a hand on her waist for support to keep her there. Both men showing off not just their skill in being able to handle the increased pressure, but porno professionalism in not being fazed one bit by the sensation of another man’s cock against their own as they worked in and out of her backside. Smoothly and stiffly fucking her magnificent ass with a whole different kind of double team.

“OH SHIT… MMMMMM!! FUCK!! YESSSSSS… FUCK MY ASS!! AHHHHH YOU FUCKERS!! MMMMM!! FUCK ME!!” The Avengers actress demanded even as she got just that. Sweat dripping off her body as she jolted back in response to the combined thrusts into her asshole. Staring in a lust-drunk trance down at her own crotch as she saw two big black cocks sliding in and out of her thick white backside. Her tits bouncing as he was made to shift on top of one stud while the other in front of her worked his dick alongside the other porno veteran. “AHHHHH!! YESSSSS… FUCKING… TWO BIG FUCKING BLACK DICKS… UHHHHH!! STUFFED UP MY FUCKING ASS!! AHHHHHH FUCK!!” She groaned out in delight. Looking nothing like the award-winning actress she truly is, and more like a seasoned MILF scene porn starlet with how she’s handling the kind of rough, butt fucking that would render most women unable to walk for days afterwards.

The two men getting to double stuff that much lusted after behind were showing off the effects of delivering the proper seeing to that Johansson and that fantastic body of hers deserves. Nice shines of sweat over their muscular frames as Lex stiffly pumps up into her ass from underneath, while Ricky worked his cock smoothly and stiffly from the side into her rear tunnel. Deep groans coming from both men, but letting her screams of delight be the clearest heard as they double pump her juicy rear. Filling up that thick, white ass with their fat dark cocks. Working perfectly alongside one another for a steady motion that allowed them both to further enjoy the backside they’ve each gotten to tap on their own. Giving the watching audience an incredible sight of now both their cocks fitting into her ass at the same time.

Just staying in place but happily taking it, Scarlett clenched her teeth together as her eyes looked upward again in shameless delight. Her make-up now noticeably ruined from both the sweat and the watering of her eyes showing that even as lusty as she is, having to handle two huge cocks in her ass at the same time was a test even for the woman who portrayed Black Widow in the Avengers films. Her pussy glistening from arousal even without being even rubbed as her MILF frame took this rough action. Her short blonde hair sticking to her face while her tits bounced away from the jolting her frame was doing. It even appeared that a trail of drool was escaping from the corner of her mouth, such was the state of desire she was in from taking a double penetration into her tightest of holes.

Perhaps fortunately, before the Hollywood stunner considered a full-time change of career from having her mind broken from the pleasure, Ricky finally pulled out of that more than just well fucked ass. Lex soon following with a groan, lifting her up and off from him. The empty feeling snapping her back into reality as she found herself now moved back to the floor onto her knees. Filthy instinct kicking in as she grabbed a hold of both men and started rapidly stroking them off to their groaning approval.

Johansson even in her sweat soaked state showed her dirty side as she didn’t hesitate to start sucking off those big beautiful and black cocks that had driven her so wild. Drawing Ricky’s between those still bright red lips of hers for a loud and long slurp as she quickly bobbed along his cock. Willingly going ass-to-mouth on him with a hunger, and showing no concern for the taste of her own back passage off those fat inches. The same went for Lex when she soon switched to start blowing him with some rapid slurps up and down while her hand pumped over the lower portion of both studs. Groaning around their shafts as she switched between the two cocks to suck on one then the other. All with a sinful look in her eyes as she stared up through strands of blonde hair.

She didn’t get to enjoy the taste for too long when the men pulled away from her grip in order to stroke off themselves. Leaving her to close her eyes and sit back, pressing her lips together expectantly. Ricky blowing his load first, leaving Scarlett groaning as the blasts of hot, thick spunk landed across her pretty face. Catching over her cheek, her nose, over that bright red lipstick, and onto her forehead. Catching through her hair in the process for an extra sticky and sinful mess.

Lex soon followed with loud, deep groans as he pumped rapidly. The first blasts hitting high into her hair at the top and to the side, before her closed eye got covered before her cheek and side of her face took the rest. The spunk from both studs easily dripping off her facial features, onto her heaving tits as she stayed kneeling. Unable to stop herself from licking her lips, sneaking a taste of their loads off her full lips. And seeing that, the hunks too advantage as Lex first pushed his cock to her mouth. Letting her lick across the tip as she opened her clear eye to gaze up still with lust as she got the final drops of his cum. Soon giving Ricky the same swirling and cleaning treatment when he moved in to get a last piece of her before she gave each cock a deep smooch on the tip one after the other before the spent shafts were finally taken away from her.

The camera focused in on the cum-covered face of ‘Jess’ as Scarlett stayed kneeling, catching her breath after her intense on-camera interracial threesome. “So… The debt’s settled?” She asked as she again licked her lips. “If not… I’d be down for another wild Rough Night like this… If it got me fucked by you horny bastards again...” She said in a filthy tone with a smirk to match. Fitting perfectly with how the cum was dripping off her coated face. Which is the sexy sight the porno parody ends on as with that close up the video fades to black.

* * *

While I'm not accepting requests or suggestions for stories at the moment, feel free to leave any feedback as a reply to this thread or via forum PM. Thanks for reading!
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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Lex Steele & Ricky Johnson
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I wish I could watch this!!!  And with how excellently written this story is, I feel like I have!  Great job!

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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Lex Steele & Ricky Johnson
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2019, 08:21:47 PM »
WOW, that was amazing! You knocked this out the ball park! I LOVED all the dirty talking too!

Thank you for sharing this with us! Might be my favorite story of the year!
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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Lex Steele & Ricky Johnson
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2019, 09:06:05 PM »
Scarlett at the end of this story be like  &|

Great work, you wrote an awesome story. I wish we could watch this too  ^-^
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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Lex Steele & Ricky Johnson
« Reply #4 on: October 31, 2019, 04:30:27 AM »
I really enjoyed this story. Scarlett getting a double dose of BBC, you are the man  ;)
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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Lex Steele & Ricky Johnson
« Reply #5 on: October 31, 2019, 10:23:41 AM »
Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Very glad people enjoyed it!  :Y:
New here, but not new to writing. Writes celeb and fan-fiction smut.

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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Lex Steele & Ricky Johnson
« Reply #6 on: November 01, 2019, 04:37:57 PM »
Wow that was an awesome story and a much better movie than Rough Night really was.

Scarlett and those 2 BBCs, mmmmmm, she's built for them!  ^-^
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Re: Celebs Meet Porn Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Lex Steele & Ricky Johnson
« Reply #7 on: November 05, 2019, 09:45:31 PM »
This story was smoking hot, I signed up just to leave you a comment and say great job
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