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Supergirl: Super-Harem Series
« on: November 03, 2019, 07:13:43 AM »
A new series I've been writing for the past month as I get caught up on Supergirl before their big crossover event. This series will have crossover with  some Flash characters but not until chapter 4. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Super-Harem Part 1
Pairing: Lena Luthor/Kara Danvers/James Olsen
Codes: MF, MFF, FF, Cons, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. I don't own or have anything to do with Supergirl, especially the characters Kara Danvers, Lena Luthor, or James Olsen

Summary: Season 3 when Lena and James Olsen are dating. After a night out at a bar, Lena convinces her best friend Kara to come in for a night cap.

"So...are you excited for tonight?" Lena Luthor asked her best friend as they sat at the billionaire’s desk.

"Oh? And what's tonight," Kara Danvers asked as Lena sat across from her, both enjoying a noodle bowl.

"We are going out," Lena answered with a smile, using her chopsticks.

"And where, pray tell, is our destination," Kara pressed, already knowing she'd gladly go wherever her beautiful best friend suggested.

"Well since you’ve been spending so much time with Mike, and you promised tonight was our night together, I’d love to take you to the Lighthouse. A little drinking, a little dancing. Some harmless flirting." Lena explained.

"And am I invited to this fun night?" James Olsen asked as he strode into Lena’s office.

Kara watched as the extremely handsome man scooped the palm of his hand around the back of Lena's jet black hair and pulled her in for a kiss. The long-legged journalist could hear her friend moan in response to the kiss from the bald-headed CEO of CatCo, and Kara couldn't help but feel a pang of envy...and maybe, just maybe, a dampness in her panties.

Though Kara was seeing Mon-El, or Mike as Lena knew him as since they hadn’t trusted the billionaire with knowing their secret identities, she still enjoyed lusting after her boss. They had almost gotten together a few years ago but timings were wrong and they were better as friends. However, that didn’t stop Kara from being able to appreciate his 6’3 frame of muscles on muscle, flawless ebony skin and a smile that could melt ice faster than global warming.

"Alright you two, keep it PG...we're at a place of business, remember?" Kara said.

"Mmm...fine. We'll let common sense prevail...this time," Lena countered as their tongue-filled lip lock was finally broken.

"Alright, you two work out the details for tonight. I’ve only come for a kiss...and to use your gym before I head back to my office," James stated, raising from the desk.

* * *

With plans settled, the two women had to each head home in order to get ready for the night’s events. Kara tried in vain once more to convince her sister that she and her girlfriend Maggie should come out with her, but was rebuffed again. Therefore, given the proximity of their houses (or rather Kara’s apartment and Lena’s mansion) to the club, it was decided that James would pick up Kara first before grabbing Lena. While true they could have taken a limo or driven themselves, James loved any chance he got to take his Porsche for a spin.

"Wow," James said, as Kara walked from her apartment building towards his car.

James was used to seeing Kara daily, but the sight that greeted him in the well-lit street made his breath catch in his throat. The tall Kryptonian had decided to accentuate her best features, namely her amazingly long legs and slim, athletic feature. Thus, she chose a tight-fitting dress that Lena had bought her on their last shopping trip together, which ended north of her mid thigh. To help draw the eye down to her impossibly lengthy pegs, Kara wore black leather boots that rode up just beneath her knee.

"Hi James," she replied, tucking a loose strand of her long golden hair behind her ear as she blushed from his comment.

"Sorry, I mean, get in," he tried to recover, a mask of super cool confidence sliding back into place.

Kara slid into the passenger seat and barely had her seatbelt in hand before James pulled out of the driveway in a tear. The pair chatted easily in the car as the CatCo boss navigated the suburban streets as they headed towards Lena's mansion. James hid his gazing at Kara’s fit alien body well, not wanting to creep the Kryptonian out, especially since they were friends, though he desperately wanted to reveal his true self to her, that being of a hormone-fueled, sex-crazed guy.

"How are things going with Mon-El?" James asked conversationally as they neared Lena's.

"Well enough, I suppose. I’m still not totally believing he’s shed the entitled prince of Daxam persona that he was groomed to be," Kara replied.

"Well, that’s something, at least." James replied as he approached the gated entrance and waited for it to open. “Here we are.”

* * *

With Lena in the car, Kara wielded the front seat of her boyfriend's vehicle to her, sliding into the back. It was a short drive to the club anyway, and before long they were parked, inside and dancing. Though she didn't have a date, mainly because Mon-El wasn’t invited to the Super Friends hangout this evening, she still had a dance partner, as James shared himself between both gorgeous women.

"Why don't I get us more drinks," James commented between songs.

"You’re sexiness is matched only by your intelligence," a tipsy Lena replied, her body beginning to sway to the newest song, grinding her curvier body against Kara.

"Well..." Kara pondered, noticing both their eyes on her. "The night's still young so why not."

Normally Earth’s alcohol had no effect on Kara due to her Kryptonian abilities, but the Lighthouse catered to humans and aliens alike. Therefore, whenever James or Kara ordered drinks they made sure to get the leggy blonde a strong drink from her native planet, making Kara as buzzed as the two humans.

"I'll catch up shortly then," the bald CEO commented before disappearing into the mass of bodies.

* * *

"I hope you guys don't mind me hitching a ride home with you," Kara said as she sat in the back seat once more.

The trio had a great time dancing and drinking away the night, though James said he had stopped consuming alcohol early enough to be still good to drive. Which was a good thing, because both Kara and Lena, who was sitting in the front seat, were still buzzing. Not drunk, just feeling good.

"Not at all," James said.

"So drop Kara off first then you and I head back to my place for a nightcap," Lena stated to James, placing her hand on his thigh as he sped down the street.

"Alex and Maggie are gone until tomorrow and I have a fully stocked liquor cabinet," Kara offered.

Kara was having a great time with her two best friends and wasn’t ready for the night to be over. It seemed that ever since Lena and James started getting together, and likewise with herself with Mon-El, that Kara saw less of them so she wanted to make her time count. However, the Kryptonian reporter had clearly missed the fact Lena meant to fuck her boyfriend's brains out as soon as she got rid of Kara.

"Kara, no," Lena answered, shaking her head.

"Come on Lena, where is your sense of friendship," James spoke up quickly, silencing his more assertive girlfriend. "We gave Kara a good time tonight, not to mention two rides, and now you don't want to let her reward us for that."

Lena looked at him with her hypnotic green eyes wide on him, wondering what the Metropolis-born man was playing at. However, when he put his hand over top of hers, which was still resting on his upper thigh, Lena knew he had a plan. He couldn't offered to give her a look because of the speed he was travelling at, but Lena was made to understand that he had a plan in mind as he moved her hand up until it was resting on the lump in his pants.

While Lena leaned further towards her boyfriend so she could use her body to shield Kara's view, she unzipped James's pants deftly and began stroking his cock. She couldn't help but give a little moan as he hardened in her hand, always getting a perverse thrill of rubbing his dick with her best friend 3 feet away.

"Hate to break it to you two but we are almost at my house," Kara commented, having used her x-ray vision to see their activities in the front seat.

"Sorry Kara," Lyda grunted her disapproval as she shifted back into her seat. "I get all horny with some drinks in me and a night of dancing with beautiful creatures," she added, placing her hand over Kara's, which was resting on the back of the billionaire’s chair.

Kara was confused by her friend's touch on her hand when the car was suddenly stopped. Looking up, she saw her building, and a quick scan on the parking lot revealed her sister’s car nowhere in sight, just like they promised. Kara had no idea that currently Maggie was taking her sister’s favorite dildo in her snatch as Alex pounded her with a strap-on.

"Come on, let's go upstairs," James stated, shutting off the car and opening his door.

"You heard the big strong alpha male," Lena mused, jumping out of her side, pulling the seat up and helping Kara out of the Porsche.

Lena wasn't 100% sure what James's game was, though she certainly wasn't going to argue with him. She knew that with James life was a bit of a roller coaster, but when it came to sex it was guaranteed to be highly pleasurable and very wild. That may have surprised people, it certainly did with Lena when he started to reveal that side of him. Whatever the stud CatCo boss was angling for, Lena figured she'd find out soon enough and just hoped the payoff would be worth it.

"I guess Maggie is occupying sister dearest tonight," James commented as Kara unlocked the door and let them inside.

"God, I love this sofa," Lena gushed, entering the living room. “That’s it. I’m buying one for the office."

"So you’re trying to get me to spend even more of my time at L-Corp then," Kara joked, though both women wouldn’t have minded spending even more time in the presence of the other. "Can I get either of you something to drink?"

"Do you have any wine?" Lena asked as she settled herself on her favorite couch.

"I don't know, I'll check," Kara said, opening cupboards. "Ahh, here we are. James?"

"Whiskey if you have some," James answered, tossing his vest over one of the chair's backs.

By the time Kara had retrieved two wine glasses and a tumbler for her guests, they had made themselves comfortable, Lena on the sofa and James in the wingback chair he always used during game nights. Her superstrength made uncorking wine a breeze so within a minute she had the drinks poured and went from the kitchen to hang out with them.

"Red wine. You know me so well," Lena mused as she accepted her glass.

"She's just trying to get me drunk so I can be taken advantage of," James quipped, taking the first sip of his amber liquid.

"Something tells me you don't need to be drunk for that," Kara joked, tasting her red wine.

"Actually, I'm trying to get both of you drunk so you'll make out," James said, making Lena nearly spit out her wine as Kara took a seat on the sofa beside the L-Corp CEO.

"I knew the gentleman thing was just an act," Kara said, grinning as she took a sip of her wine. "I think I'm going to make a quick trip to the bathroom."

While Kara rose from the sofa and exited the sitting room, Lena also got to her feet but with a much different purpose in mind. A naughty little smile crossed her face as the billionaire moved to straddle James. With a knee on either side of him, wedged between his thighs and the arms of the chair, she pressed her large tits against his chest as she leaned in and kissed him.

Putting his hands on her lower back, James gently nibbled on her lower lip as he returned the kiss with equal fiery intensity. Moving strong hands down her back, the former photographer grabbed hold of a large butt cheek in each hand, groaning at how great her ass felt. It was large, just like he preferred his woman having phat asses, with Lena’s being the perfect blend of thick and firm but soft enough to have a good amount of bounce with each step she took.

"I really want to have him," Lena said, reaching down to rub his cock through my pants.

"He really wants you to get him too," James replied, reluctantly letting go of her wonderful ass as she slid back off his lap.

Lena grinned as she reached out and unbuttoned his pants. James looked down at Lena the whole time, completely in awe of her jet-black hair, flawless complexion and those green eyes, all incredibly intense. Meanwhile the kneeling billionaire kept shifting between making eye contact with him and waiting patiently for his dick to emerge. Eager to make that happen, the super horny billionaire fished her hand through the opening in the front of his boxers and grabbed hold of his manhood.

"Wow," Lena said, her eyes wide as she pulled his cock out in the middle of her best friend's living room. "I've been thinking about this all night."

"That's because you're my cock-crazed nymph," James grunted while his eyes rolled up into the back of his head as Lena leaned in and licked the underside of his manhood

The billionaire didn't respond to his comment because his statement was extremely true. Still resting on her knees before him, continuing her lick of his dick until she reached the top. Leaning down a little further and parting her luscious lips wide, she took the head of his cock into her mouth, tasting trace amounts of his pre-cum as she did so.

"God, that feels good," he said, always enjoying the feel of her pillowy lips and skilled tongue on his dick.

"Oh whoa, don't mind me," a shocked Kara said, emerging from the washroom.

The couple knew that Kara was back shortly, yet this was all part of James' plan. Aware of her entrance, the leggy blonde had actually stood in the entryway to the living room for a good few seconds before announcing her arrival, watching as her best friend blew her tall, dark and handsome boss. In fact, even as she stood there looking a little embarrassed, James hid a smile as he realized she was staring at his cock that was still in Lena's mouth.

"Hey Kara, you want some of this," the kneeling L-Corp CEO offered, pulling off her boyfriend's cock.

"No I'm fine. I think I'll just leave you two alone," Kara answered even though her eyes didn't stray from the exposed penis, nor did she even move a muscle.

"Come on, I'm very willing to share and I'm sure James wouldn't mind," Lena offered, leaning lower to lick his balls, letting James know that she didn't forget about him.

"I...well...he's not my boyfriend or anything but, he kinda is," Kara replied, seemingly coming out of her stupor as she remembered Mon-El.

"Technically you aren't an item...plus I'm not offering for you to fuck him. I'm nice and letting you have a little taste," the billionaire explained in her confident voice, idly stroking his cock the entire time.

"Unless you want to do more," James added, not ruling out a proper threesome. "And sharing is nice, after all.”

"And he tastes so good," Lena continued, leaning down and taking him back into her mouth for a quick suck.

"You seem to be doing a good enough job by yourself," Kara said, fidgeting as her eyes drifted back to Lena's mouth on his cock.

"I've never given a double blowjob before," Lena said, popping her mouth off the cock. "I bet it'd be really fun, our tongues bumping into each other and mingling around James's dick. He'd probably love it too, watching us trade off turns stuffing this thing in our mouths."

"I'm sure he would," Kara said, James catching that she was edging slightly forward.

"You'd love to have both of us suck your beautiful cock, wouldn't you?" Lena asked him between licks around the head with her tongue.

"Totally," James agreed, unable to hide his excitement.

"See, everyone here wants you to join," Lena said, stroking his cock as she turned her head to look at the best friend she’d secretly wanted to fuck since the first time they met.

"Except me," Kara said, though she didn't sound totally convincing, not even to herself.

"You sure about that?" Lena asked, letting go of his dick and standing up.

"Pretty sure, yeah," Kara responded.

"Have you ever kissed a girl?" Lena asked out of the blue.

A look of shock and confusion crossed Kara's face for a moment as she was caught off guard by Lena's question. But then just as she was opening her mouth to answer, Lena reached out and grabbed Kara's cheeks in her hands and kissed her.

James donned a wider smile and his cock gave a lurch as the two gorgeous friends kissed in front of him. Sure, it only lasted a moment before Kara managed to push Lena away, but it was instantly filed away into his personal spank bank. He really did appreciate Lena's determination in making the threesome happen, though he suspected it was more so she could bed Kara rather than out of her willingness to share him with another girl.

"Mmm, you're almost as good a kisser as James," Lena said, trying to get through Kara's defenses for another kiss.

"Stop, I'm not into that," Kara said, trying to fight off Lena. Of course, Kara could have tapped into her Kryptonian powers and easily subdued her horny friend, but she didn’t.

"As hot as seeing you two extremely beautiful and sexy women kiss was, maybe it's time we call it a night," James suggested.

The comment from the horny man caught both women by surprise, given that he was equally as enthused for the threesome as Lena was. However, man who was Superman’s best friend decided a new tactic was needed since Kara was proving resistant to the straightforward approach where they tried overwhelming her buzzed brain with sex. Instead, he would play the nice guy card, not pressuring her to join with the hope that she'd come to that conclusion on her own.

"I'm not leaving until you take me into a bedroom and fuck me," Lena said, turning her head to look at James. "If Kara doesn't want to join, it's her loss, but I can see it in her eyes that she wants to come too."

"I don't," Kara said, letting her defenses down for a moment as Lena talked to her boyfriend.

As if realizing that Kara had stopped fighting Lena grabbed the back of her head and pulled her back in for another kiss. James could see Kara's eyes go wide and her hands went to Lena's shoulders to push against them. Lena obviously wasn't as willing to give up a second time though because she kept a firm hold on Kara despite her very weak attempts to push off.

James sported a wolfish grin because after a few seconds Kara's resolve seemed to falter. Her arms went limp and her hands dropped to Lena's sides. Finally signaling her ultimate defeat, Supergirl’s eyes closed and she moaned into Lena's kiss. While James knew that his girlfriend harbored sexual feelings for Kara, apparently the dark-haired Luthor just needed a good amount of alcohol in her system to finally act on those feelings.

"Bedroom?" Lena purred after continuing the seductive kiss for another handful of seconds, though still pressing herself against Kara. When Kara merely nodded, Lena grabbed her hand before turning to grab James's. "Lead the way."

Getting out of the chair, James held his pants as he was led by the two gorgeous women to the leggy blonde's bedroom. As she pushed open the door, Lena breezed by him with Kara in tow. By the time he'd closed the door behind the three of them Lena had pounced on Kara again and was kissing her.

"Mmm, why don't you show James what you've got?" Lena asked, panting a bit as she broke the kiss.

"Not him, just you," Kara said softly, giving the boy a small smile as if to tell him it wasn't strictly about him, but rather her sense of loyalty to her not-official boyfriend.

"Not cheating if it's a girl?" Lena asked, picking up on the smile as she reached around behind Kara to unzip her dress.

"Something like that," Kara said, arms instinctively raising above her, her brain on auto-pilot as Lena started to pull her dress off.

"Then I guess James will just have to make do with fucking me while I fuck you," Lena said, though her tone made it clear enough that this was her preferred arrangement as well. This way she got to have both of them while James stayed only hers.

The handsome man was a little disappointed that he wouldn't get to do anything to Kara, but that disappointment was eased by the knowledge that he'd be fucking the hottest woman in National City, Lena Luthor. Not to mention that James was probably at least going to see Kara naked and possibly even get to watch two hot girls go at it. Needless to say, though it wasn't exactly the best situation, it was still an unenviable arrangement.

Seeing that Kara's dress was down to her waist while Lena's was still covering everything, James decided to rectify that little bit of oversight. So while Lena was tugging Kara's dress down over her slender hips and to the ground, he reached out and pulled down the zipper on the back of Lena's dress.

"Naughty boy," Lena purred, taking a moment from her undressing of Kara to let her boyfriend take off her dress. "Now sit down and watch for a minute while I get Kara warmed up."

Without taking his eyes off them for fear of missing a single instance of the lesbian action, James started to walk backwards. He spied a chair earlier, which was only a few steps behind him. When his fingers found the arm of the chair he sat down while still watching everything happening.

With the best friends down to their bra and panties, Lena had Kara turn around so her back was to us. Leaning in Lena started kissing Kara on her neck and shoulders and her fingers found the clasp of her bra. When the hooks came free, the tall blonde gasped and instinctively clasped the cups to her chest.

"No need to be shy," the more confident and experienced Lena said as she removed Kara's hands from in front of her.

As the bra fell to the ground Lena had Kara turn around and heard James groaned a little at the sight of her bare breasts. Ever since he laid eyes on her almost 4 years ago, he had wanted to see them and the desire to see them hadn't decreased one iota in the years since. In fact, it was this lengthy time of just having lusty feelings for Supergirl that made seeing her naked and exposed so much hotter.

"Don't those look yummy," Lena mused, licking her lips as she also openly leered at Kara's chest.

Kara blushed a little at the attention, but a smile crept across her face that said she kinda liked it. The smile turned to a moan when Lena decided to see if Kara's tits tasted as good as they looked by leaning in and taking one of her nipples into her mouth. James instantly felt pangs of envy, wanting to jump up and take the other small but perfectly shaped breast in his mouth, but he knew that would only ruin things.

His eyes darted between Kara's face, eyes half closed and her lower lip caught between her teeth as she savored the feel of Lena's mouth, and Kara's chest where his horny girlfriend was busy suckling. And being a butt man, James's eyes couldn't help but wander down to where Lena's ass was practically staring him in the face with only the thin line of fabric running between the cheeks, keeping him from seeing everything.

But as Lena pushed Kara down onto the bed, James started getting antsy about being benched, even if momentarily. After all, having to sit and watch while one hot girl slowly strips another one without being allowed to do anything was almost cruel and unusual punishment. He decided to at least try to endure for a bit longer as Lena started kissing her way down Kara's body.

"I've never done this before," Kara moaned, laying down flat on the bed.

"Me neither. Well, not since college. But that was only a phase," Lena admitted. "But ever since I met you, I've just wanted to rip off your clothes and take you."

Maybe it was the fact that Lena confessed she was not very experienced in this realm of sex, putting them on equal footing, but it seemed to melt more of Kara's nerves. Or it could have been Lena ramping up the pleasure, flooding her mind and distracting her from more in-depth thoughts. Either way, Kara hoisted her hips off her bed after Lena gave her bellybutton a little lick before hooking her fingers in the waistband of Kara's panties and pulling them down her long legs.

As Lena peeled Kara's panties down, James was shocked to view a near hairless pussy, barring a single, half-inch strip of golden fuzz. It wasn't the perfectly shaved pussy that his girlfriend Lena Luthor possessed, but it suited the slim blonde well and kicked his saliva glands into overdrive.

"Look's good enough to eat," Lena commented as she licked her lips in anticipation.

Kara barely had time to interrupt her friend's words as Lena pushed her legs apart. Leaning in she stuck out her tongue and ran it along the length of Kara's slit. Only problem was that as Lena moved between Kara's legs, it severely blocked James's view and instead his eyes were left to wander over Lena's almost naked body.

As Lena's ass wiggled while she started to work over Kara's pussy, the handsome black man couldn't take it anymore. Sliding out of the chair and onto his knees, he made the short journey towards the bed, losing his shirt along the way to expose chiseled abs and hard pecs..

"Silly boy. Aren't you supposed to be in the chair?" Lena asked, looking behind her when she felt hands grab hold of hips.

"I was getting lonely," he said, tugging on her thong until it pulled down over her ass.

When the thong was down to her knees, James grabbed one of Lena's butt cheeks in each hand and without warning pulled them apart so he could lean in and lick her pussy from behind. She groaned and pushed back against the shirtless man, her body going rigid at the unexpected maneuver. It wasn't like it was the first time James ate her out, far from in fact as JAmes was a rather generous lover. However, it was the first time in their relationship that the best friend of Superman was licking her pussy while Lena was doing likewise..

"Fuck, that feels good," Lena moaned as his tongue lapped away at her labia. "But I want you to fuck me. I need to feel you inside me."

Grinning because of how well he had trained the billionaire, although to be fair, she was quite the nympho before he had hooked his perverted talons into her, James straightened up behind her. Unbuttoning his pants, he wasted no time in pushing them and his boxers down around his knees.

Horny and wanting his cock, Lena thrust her thick, wide ass back in his direction as he got into the right position, holding his cock in one hand. Not bothering with a condom, they had moved past that pesky practice long ago, he used his other hand to rest on the small of her back while pressing the head of my cock against her opening. Instead of instantly pushing forward though, James dragged it along the length of her slit, teasing her. He had long ago realized that by drawing out her pleasure, it made Lena that much more wilder of a fuck.

"Please?" Lena begged, pushing backwards in effort to get his cock inside her.

"Don't forget about Kara," James demanded while slyly smirking at Lena's begging. When she grunted and turned her attention back to the pussy in front of her, he finally thrust forward, burying half his cock inside her without warning.

"Oh shit," Lena gasped, her head drooping until her forehead rested against Kara's crotch, getting a fresh smear of the tangy juice on her porcelain skin.

Easing back a little, James grabbed Lena's hourglass hips with both hands and pulled her back onto his dick. She moaned loudly into Kara's pussy, to which she had just lowered her mouth to devour once more. Lena shuddered as her own cunt gripped the entire length of James's cock, much to both of their absolute pleasure.

James was kind and gave Lena a moment to get used to having his wide, 7-inch cock inside her as he pulled about half of it out before pushing back in, though a little slower and gentler than the initial penetration. Moaning, Lena pushed back against him in response as she collected herself and went back to work on Kara.

"Oooh," Kara moaned, biting her lower lip.

The blonde's eyes seemed to dart between the thrusting James and Lena as the billionaire CEO ate her pussy. James surmised that Kara's moans seemed to get louder whenever her eyes were focused on him, though that may have been his ego talking, or maybe because Lena was out of practice at being a pussy eater and maybe not great at it yet. Regardless, James couldn't hide his smirk, giving his jet black-haired girlfriend harder thrusts in response, her ass rippling with each blow from his pelvis.

"Fuck me, James, fuck me," Lena demanded, shoving herself back onto his cock with as much power as she could muster without losing track of Kara's pussy.

Taking her at her word, James started to fuck Lena the way her preferred - hard. However, he didn't want her to get too comfortable so he altered his pattern, both in terms of speed and in number of strokes before he changed again. A series of hard and fast thrusts were followed by a handful of slower ones, followed by a few intermediate ones. With each change James also shifted the angle of penetration just enough to keep her on her toes, technique borne from hours of practice.

"Oh God," Lena gasped, a tremor coursing through her body.

He was extremely familiar with Lena's body, but even he didn't, he would still be able to recognize the tell-tale signs. She was starting to get close to cumming but there was no way he was ready for that, fearing that her steam would be dissipated before this threesome really got going.

"Noooo," Lena groaned as he all but stopped fucking her.

Gripping Lena's hips, the CatCo boss grinned as he leaned forward. Running his hands up Lena Luthor’s sides until reaching the strap of her bra, at which point he deftly unhooked it while leaning down over over her so he could whisper into her ear.

"Get Kara off and I'll make you cum like only I can," he hissed to Lena, moving his hips just enough to move his cock fractionally inside her.

Lena must have really liked the promise because before James could even straighten up behind her she was already tossing her bra aside and grabbing hold of Kara's thighs. James could only smirk in satisfaction and wish Kara luck for the sexual torrent that was about to be released upon her by the green-eyed nympho.

From behind James couldn't really see what Lena was doing beyond the general movement of her head but he could see Kara's reaction. And when the movement of Lena's head increased, Kara's eyes opened wide and she sucked in air as her lips parted in a silent O. After a few seconds her head lolled back and her moans got more vocal.

"Oh god," Kara moaned, arching her back as ran her hands through flowing golden hair.

Since Lena appeared to be holding up her end of the bargain, James decided to at least start to hold up his. Taking hold of her hips, the former photographer slowly pulled back until little more than the head of his cock was still inside her snatch. After holding there just long enough to make Lena feel antsy, he suddenly slammed forward, burying the whole thing in her once more.

"Uhhh," Lena moaned into Kara's pussy as she was filled up.

While Lena continued to lash away at Kara's Kryptonian pussy with her tongue, James continued to drive in and out of her cunt with his cock. He wasn't going full bore, mainly to keep himself from blowing too early, but it was still a pace that was fast enough to keep Lena happy without actually pushing her too close to the brink. His goal was simple; keep her within reach so that when she finally got Kara off then James could finish her off without too much trouble. However, it was a fine line because he didn't want to get her so close that she might cum before Kara did.

"Right there, ohhhhh," Kara moaned, hunching her hips against Lena's face.

Kara didn't know what to expect when Lena first started kissing her downstairs. She hadn't ever kissed a girl before and though she struggled at first, she was happy she allowed the billionaire to persevere. After all, if she didn't then she wouldn't have Lena currently between her thighs, munching her pussy and so thoroughly enjoying every lick, suck and lap of her gushing twat. Kara had received oral, many times in fact, however having it done by a woman, especially one that she had sexual feelings for in Lena, made it feel like a whole new experience.

Sensing correctly that Kara was getting close, James started to pick up the speed on his thrusts into the insanely curvy billionaire. All while fucking his beautiful girlfriend, he watched Kara closely as her face contorted in pleasure with each lick Lena gave her. And each lick Lena gave Kara, he matched with a thrust of his cock into Lena's gripping cunt. That, in turn, spurred the jet balck-haired beauty to lick Supergirl’s pussy faster and created a positive feedback loop that pushed the three of them to greater heights.

"Oh god, I'm gonna, ohhhhh," Kara panted as her body started to shake.

As Kara's blue eyes rolled up in the back of her head in orgasmic bliss, Lena's head popped up. No longer needing to worry about pleasuring her best friend, Lena was free to push back to meet James's thrusts and focus on her own needs instead.

"Awwhh...fuck! Oh yes," Lena grunted, turning her head to look back at her boyfriend as he opened the throttle and really started to drill into her. "Fuck me with that beautiful black cock."

Even a casual observer could see the two were perfect for each other as they matched the others sexual intensity to a tee. Feeding off her dirty talk, James leaned forward so he could grab hold of Lena's hair. Wrapping his hand in the long, dark locks, he gave it a slight tug, just hard enough for her to test her reaction but not hard enough to do much damage.

"Yes, pull my fucking hair harder," Lena growled, leaning her head forward to put more tension on her hair.

James couldn't help but soak in the view before him, starting at the point where his cock was disappearing into her tight pussy. One of Lena's two best features, her thick ass, rippled with the force of their fucking, while her other prime asset, her wonderfully shapely tits, looked downright mouth watering the way they were bouncing wildly back and forth beneath her.

"So close," Lena gasped, rolling her head back and forth to tug against the handful of hair James still held. "Make me cum, James. Make me cum all over your fucking cock."

"Earth to Kara! Want to help her out?" James asked, though it wasn't really a question. He had almost forgotten about her as he and Lena fucked with more intensity, until noticing that she was just laying there watching the action intently.

"How?" Kara asked, her eyes jerking up to look at him as if being shaken from a trance.

"Suck on her nipples," James stated firmly. He had been hooking up with the L-Corp CEO for long enough to know she had sensitive tits, and right now he needed the help as he was aware he was in a race to climax that he really didn't want to lose.

"Yeah, suck on my tits," Lena said, bowing her back and thrusting her tits out for effect.

With a look of apprehension on her face, Kara slid off the bed and knelt on the floor next to Lena. Acting tentatively, the leggy blonde reached out and cupped one of the pale beauty’s larger breasts than her own in her hand. When Lena moaned and lifted a hand to put it on Kara's shoulder to help steady her, Kara responded by leaning in so she could the tit to her mouth.

"Almost," Lena moaned, her hand sliding up Kara's shoulder until she had her hand on the back of Kara's head, holding it in place.

Having her head locked in place by the needy sex nympho was actually a vote of confidence for Kara, or at least that's how the first-time titty-sucker interrupted as. Growing in confidence, Supergirl suckled at the billionaire's nipple harder, feeling it grow erect in her mouth, which she knew from experience was another excellent sign.

Wanting to make sure Lena got off before he did, James decided to play one last trump card. Normally he made it a point to make Lena or any woman he bedded cum, but with Kara present he wanted to show the leggy Supergirl that he was a compassionate and super-competent lover. With his hand on the small of her back, it didn't take much to slide it backwards until his thumb started to dip into the crack of her ass.

Finding the puckered opening of her asshole, James lightly rubbed around the outside with the tip of his thumb. He had discovered within the last few months of regular hook-ups with the curvy billionaire that she liked some light anal play, and once again tonight he was hoping it would pay handsomely. His assertion was a correct one as Lena gasped loudly at the contact before turning into a loud moan.

"Shit!, I'm gonna cum," Lena hissed, pushing harder against his cock as James felt the spasms start in her snatch.

As if on cue, her pussy clamped down on his cock and her body went rigid, pushing James right up to the brink of orgasm along with her. He thought about creaming inside her wet pussy but he knew she loved tasting him so, through gritted teeth, James slipped out of her cunt. With his fist still coiled in her hair, he used it to turn her head to face him as he moved around her.

Through the fog of her orgasm, Lena opened her eyes seemed to realize what James wanted and opened her mouth without having to say it. When he'd stuffed his cock into her mouth, the L-Corp CEO closed her pillowy lips around the shaft and let the horny man handle fucking her mouth while she concentrated mainly on not biting while the occasional tremor still coursed through body.

After a few thrusts into her mouth, each one going to the very back of her mouth, James started to feel the cum rise inside his balls. He had no intention of pulling out and neither did Lena, as she had grabbed his ass with her hand and held him to her as his cock started to pulse in her mouth. Kara watched on as James's shoulders shrugged as he let Lena take over as the first spurt of cum erupted into her mouth.

"Fuck," he grunted through gritted teeth as Lena practically sucked the jizz out of his balls.

When James was done and Lena had finally let me go, he stumbled backwards, using the desk behind him to steady himself while he recovered. As James took a deep breath to calm himself, movement caught his eye. Lena was in the midst of leaning down to kiss Kara. What got his interest peaked, aside from two gorgeous girls kissing again, was when Kara's eyes suddenly opened wide and she tried to pull away from the kiss. It took him a moment before it dawned on me that Lena was likely trying to give Kara more than just a simple kiss.

"There, now you got a taste," Lena told Kara, turning to look at James with a smile on her face that could only be described as naughty.

"You two stay, I'm going to have a shower," Kara said, sliding off the bed and heading to the bedroom door. “Alex is gone for the night and won’t mind if you two want to stay the night."

As Kara closed the door behind her, James confirmed with Lena. "What a naughty girl. Sharing my cum with Kara."

"Mmhmm...you know my dirty mind so well," Lena replied with an amused grin. “Notice that she swallowed instead of spit it out?”

"I did. I just hope that didn’t scare her off," he said, sitting on the edge of Kara's bed.

"She wanted it," Lena answered with a shrug of her shoulders. "If she didn't, then she would have spat it out. This way, she got to taste you without actually doing anything wrong. It’s a win for everyone."

"Except for Mon...Mike," James muttered with a self-satisfied grin. "Now let's go see if Alex’s bedroom has a shower."

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Re: Supergirl: Super-Harem Series
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Chapter 2: Super-Harem Part 2
Pairing: Lena Luthor/James Olsen; Eve Teschmacher/Sam Arias/James Olsen
Codes: MF, MFF, FF, Anal, Cons, Oral
Disclaimer: James make no money from this. James don't own or have anything to do with Supergirl, especially the characters Kara Danvers, Lena Luthor, Eve Teschmacher, Samantha Arias or James Olsen

Summary: Season 3 when Lena and James Olsen are dating. James and Lena successfully recruited Kara for a threesome, but they decide to give her a little space and not put pressure on her to join them full time. Instead, Lena has to leave on a business trip; James uses Lena’s horniness to use her to get to Eve Teschmacher and Sam Arias.

"I certainly wasn’t expecting you so early,” James said, having emerged from his bedroom to find none other than Lena Luthor smiling at him from the middle of his living room.

“Well I had a very urgent reason to see you,” his billionaire girlfriend replied.

“Coffee?” James asked, receiving a shake of the head from Lena. “So what’s so important that you’re here this early?”

“I’m really horny,” Lena said, leaning forward just far enough to give James a nice glimpse of braless cleavage in her tight tank top.

“Don’t you have a flight, in like, really soon,” James retorted, looking at the time on his coffeemaker.

"I need a cock, like really bad,” Lena whined.

“So any cock will do?” James asked, deciding to really make her beg for it.

“I’m not a slut that sleeps with just anyone,” Lena pouted. “Well, not when it comes to guys anyway. Besides, I’m committed to you. Only your dick makes me scream now.”

“Well let's not slut shame anyone. After all, being sex positive is a very healthy thing...especially when it comes to bedding your friends together,” James countered, pouring coffee into his large mug.

"Fair point,” Lena said, a twinkle in her eye as she remembered the addictive way Kara Danvers tasted less than a week ago. “But why are your pants still on?”

“My sister is staying with me this week. I’m surprised you haven’t woken her with your attempts to seduce her big brother,” James replied.

"Shit.” Lena swore, tipping off James to how horny she was. However, the handsome man knew her brilliant mind wasn’t done sorting out the problem based on the grin spreading on her face that could only be considered evil. “I’m sure you’ve taken notice of my assistant a time or two, haven’t you?”

“You know that I have,” James said, wondering where she was headed.

“What if I could arrange a meet up for you to have sex with Eve Teschmacher?” Lena asked, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

“I’m more of a Samantha Arias fan,” James said casually, pressing his luck.

“Then fuck them both,” Lena snapped. “Point is, they find you highly fuckable. Most women do. Your gorgeous and kind with an insane body. And you can fuck Eve, Sam or whoever the hell you want when you get there. But it won’t happen until you fuck the shit out of me.”

“I’ll have to think about it,” James said, smirking as she shot daggers at him with a glance of her piercing green eyes.

“Come on, please?” Lena whined, looking far more beautiful than she had any right to. “I need to be in Gotham City in 2 hours to meet with the Wayne Foundation. I can’t go into that meeting with all these pent-up hormones.”

“When can you get Eve, Sam and I together?” James asked.

“Yay!” Lena screeched, dropping her usual elegance before grabbing the CatCo CEO’s hand and yanking James off his stool.

“Whoa, I have to get ready for work,” James said as Lena pulled him towards the bedroom.

“Tell your boss you were working on lining up a story,” Lena replied with a wink, given the fact she was his boss. She knew the orientation of his house well after they’d been hooking up consistently for the past several months so she was pulling James through the bedroom door in no time. “I’ll call Eve when we’re done. She’ll call Sam and manufacture some reason why my CFO and assistant have to meet with CatCo’s CEO.”

“Seriously, you have to get to Gotham,” James said as Lena closed and locked the door behind them.

“If you shut up and fuck me right now, I’ll let you do anything you want to me,” Lena said, grabbing his broad shoulders and jumping up to hook her legs around his strong waist.

“Anything covers a lot of stuff,” James said, sliding his hands under her skirt to grip her thick ass that he adored so much.

“Whatever you want to do, do it,” Lena said, squealing as James suddenly grabbed hold of the strap of her thong and ripped it. James felt a small shudder pass through her body as if she was getting off on the idea of James being so forceful.

“That is an incredibly tempting offer,” James replied, sliding his hands up to her sides as he walked to the end of the bed. Without warning James lifted her up and pushed her at the same time, literally throwing her onto the bed.

“Whoa!” Lena screamed from the explosive display of raw power.

During her sudden flight, the L-Corp CEO’s skirt lifted up and her now useless panties fell away as her ass bounced off the mattress. Without waiting for her settle, James grabbed Lena’s ankles and pulled her toward the edge of the bed. Letting go of her ankles, the taller man reached down and pushed his boxers down over his ass until gravity took control and pulled them down the rest of the way.

“Is this what you wanted?” James asked her, grabbing her knees and spreading them apart as her stunning green eyes locked onto his rock hard cock.

“Oh, most definitely,” Lena moaned as James moved forward and lined himself up with the entrance to her pussy.

“Then no point keeping you waiting,” James said before pushing forward and burying half of his cock inside her in one thrust.

“God, yes” Lena hissed, lifting her hips to try to get even more inside her.

Putting his hands behind the backs of her knees James pulled back, watching the journey his cock made the entire time. He had hooked up with all ethnicities of women, but there was nothing more arousing than seeing his thick ebony cock pierce inside a bright pink pussy that had the porcelain skin background. When just the head was still inside, James immediately pushed forward and slammed the rest of his cock into her, drawing a grunt of elation from Lena.

James nor Lena really didn’t have the time for anything more than a quickie, but luckily Lena didn’t seem to be in the mood for anything more than that either. With both of them having important jobs, they knew the score of what their morning fuck was all about. So rather than draw it out and make it last like James normally would, he just went right after it.

“Oh holy fucking shit,” the normally more articulate Lena groaned as James slammed into her.

“Let me see your tits,” James said, using his hands to spread her legs even further.

With little more than a moan in response, Lena grabbed the hem of her tank top and arched her back so she could pull it up her body. James licked his lips as her taut tummy came into view and gave her an extra hard thrust when she paused just as the underside of her pale, mountainous boobs came into view.

“Again. Do that again,” Lena demanded.

“Tits first,” James hissed, slowing down just enough to show her he meant it.

Giving up, Lena pulled the tank top up over her chest to show James her glorious mounds. The bald man’s first instinct was to lean down and worship them with his mouth but James resisted because it would’ve required him to slow down, if not stop altogether, and James was already running short of time as it was.

Instead, he had to do with worshipping them from vision alone, which was still a pretty damn good deal. At 32 years old, Lena’s body had matured as well as her beauty, which was to saw very well. It helped that she hadn’t had childbirth potentially ruin her body, though the size of her tits could have fouled him. Her tits were perfect for her medium frame, which was to say they were either large B cups or small Cs, the latter being his guess. And aside from being perfectly round with an adorable light pink nipple capping each pillowy mound, they had a great amount of bounce, which was on full display due to his hard thrusting.

“Hey bro, you’re still on for dinner tonight, right?” James’ sister asked through the door.

Out of reflex, James through a hand over Lena’s mouth to keep her moaning silent without breaking stride. “Yeah, I’ll, um, be there.”

“Okay, well I’m going there after a coffee date with my old roommate so I’ll see you there,” Kelly Olsen replied.

“See you then,” James said, feeling a spasm in Lena’s pussy as she tried to keep quiet while Kelly was just on the other side of the door.

“Oh! God, that was hot,” Lena grunted, lifting her hips to meet his thrust.

“You like almost getting caught being fucked like a horny little slut?” James asked her, already knowing the answer by the tremors that had been radiating out from pussy.

“So horny, but only your slut,” Lena moaned, sounding like she was already right on the verge.

Deciding he no longer needed to hold back even a little, James put his hands on the bed to give himself better leverage. With a higher, more sturdy position, the former Daily Planet photographer could really pound down into the busty dark-haired woman. As his thrusts quickened, Lena locked her legs around his waist and arched her back in response.

“Gonna cum,” Lena hissed, her eyes narrowing to slits and biting her lower lip as a moan escaped her throat.

Keeping his gaze locked on her pale complexion face, James continued to give her everything he had in order to get the billionaire off. Normally he’d have diddled her clit or stimulated her responsive asshole with a rub or a finger inside, but the missionary position made that impossible. Finally a low guttural growl rumbled out of her as the release she so desperately needed washed over her.

“Oh God! Yes! Fuck me!” Lena gasped, her body shaking with pleasure as her climax rocked her.

Feeling the telltale signs of his own impending orgasm, James focused all his attention on holding out even a split second longer. He wanted to ride out the storm that was Lena Luthor’s orgasm, which gave him the time to decide where his own cum was going to go. As Lena started to come down from her high, James suddenly pulled out, his decision made. With her approval earlier about doing whatever he wanted, James assumed that meant cumming wherever her wanted. Though he desperately wanted to plaster Lena’s gorgeous face in his jizz, the logistics didn’t work, given that she’d have to shower and risk losing her flight. Pasting her womb with his seed was interesting too, since she’d be sitting on a plane with him still inside her, but he creamed in her pussy often enough.

“Ugh,” Lena groaned at the withdrawal.

Straddling her body, James walked on his knees up the bed until he was hovering over her chest. With his knees just under her arms, James dangled his cock in her face as her eyelids opened. Her normally stunning green eyes lit up even more at the sight of his glistening ebony dick and with very little prompting she lifted her head and opened her mouth.

Remembering how she’d liked it when he came in her mouth the last time, James grabbed the back of her head. Holding it steady but not roughly, James began to gently thrust his cock in and out of her mouth, making sure not to go too far and choke her. As Lena’s tongue caressed the underside of his dick, James felt the cum rush up the shaft before exploding out of him. Ropes of jizz shot out, splattering the inside of her mouth and James could feel the normally elegant billionaire trying to swallow as fast as she could so as not to be overwhelmed by it all.

“Mhmm, yum!” Lena purred, her tongue darting out to lick up a little that had dribbled out of the corner of her mouth. “Totally worth the bargain.”

“So, are you ready to get that thick booty of yours fucked?” James asked, rolling off of her.

“Pardon?” Lena asked, her eyes going as wide as a cartoon character.

“You said I could do anything I wanted,” James reminded her, grinning.

“I, um, well...” Lena stammered, suddenly looking extremely nervous as James stood up and towered over her.

“I’m just joking obviously. After all, we don’t have time for anal right now,” James replied, smirking as she heaved a sigh of relief. “But let's just say that next time you start feeling horny and want to drop by, your ass is the price.”

“What if I bring a friend instead?” Lena asked nervously as she sat up and pulled down her shirt.

“Depends on the friend, I guess,” James said, pretending to think it over. As Lena rose and smoothed out her skirt, James added. “You can bring friends, but you’re still getting butt fucked,” winking as he patted her thick ass. “So, when are you going to set things up with Eve?”

“Oh, that’s already taken care of,” Lena said. “I’ve been telling her about you for months and she wanted a romp with you for awhile now. But then I asked myself what was in it for me, so I decided to get something out of the deal. Knowing the schedule of my CFO, she typically has yoga scheduled every Tuesday afternoon, so I’ll have Eve make sure she’s at the meeting for you three.”

“I’ve had far worse times being used,” James said, laughing at her scheme as he crossed the room to his dresser to grab some clothes for after his shower.

“Since you tore my thong, looks like I’m going commando in a short skirt.” Lena commented, following James out of the bedroom. “I’ll have to act a perfect lady and keep my legs together.”

“What do the kids say, ‘a lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets’?” James rhymed, getting back to his cup of coffee that Lena had interrupted.

“As I’ve told you before, a freak but only in your sheets,” Lena said knowingly. “Anyway, mind if I grab a banana?”

“Help yourself,” James replied.

“You know, I could use a shower as well,” Lena said, eyeing James as he stepped into the shower.

“Then go grab the bottle of lube out of the table next to his bed,” James said, pulling the shower curtain closed behind him. “Because you’re not getting in here without getting fucked and you know the price for that sort of thing.”

“I’m going, I’m going,” Lena said, though there was more than a little regret and temptation in her voice.

*   *   *

“Afternoon, Jenni,” the tall black man said to the woman behind the front desk as James stopped at the main entrance to L-Corp.

“Hi James,” the receptionist greeted. “Isn’t Ms Luthor gone for the next 2 days?”

“I’m actually here for a meeting with your CFO Samantha Arias and...” James explained.

“And myself,” Eve Teschmacher said from behind.

“Wow, I must be really important to warrant a front door greeting from someone of such caliber,” James commented, instantly making the bubbly blonde smile widely and laugh.

“Well, Lena did say to treat you well,” Eve said, giggling and making James wonder what else Lena had told her to do.

“I’m not even going to pretend to not know that girls talk about anything and everything so I’m sure you know even more about me than I do,” James said, following the gorgeous woman through the atrium towards the private elevator that only went to the top floor.

“Well, we did have quite the conversation this morning, if that’s what you’re getting at,” Eve said, grinning as she turned to face him.

"I figured as much,” James replied, feeling flush

“If it makes you feel better, it was all very complimentary,” Eve said as they entered the elevator. “Ahh, here we are.”

As they exited the elevator, James allowed Eve to go first and lead their party of two, which gave the tall black man a chance to let his eyes wander towards Eve’s ass in her incredibly tight dress. The combination of the high heels, swaying motion from walking and how the dress clung to her body allowed James to appreciate her booty’s meaty, round shape. Though slightly smaller and less thick than Lena’s, Eve Teschmacher still possessed a grade A backside.

“Lena said we should use her office for our, um, meeting” Eve said as they walked the usual path James did when he came into L-Corp.

James nodded his head as he pulled even with the long-haired blonde, getting to scope out the front of her body now covertly out the side of his eyes. Though he had seen Eve literally hundreds of times given her role as Lena’s personal assistant, it still surprised him that the loyal blonde had as fine a rack as she did. Eve was much like her boss in many ways, both being highly intelligent and that they both had a medium-to-large set of tits.

"Water?” Eve asked after entering the room and going to the small fridge Lena kept behind her desk. “You don’t have any other business while at L-Corp, I’d imagine?”

“Nope. Just this...meeting,” James answered, wondering where she was headed. Lena had all but come out and said Eve would fuck him, but James was a little skeptical that it wasn’t just Lena saying something to get what she wanted.

“That’s good,” Eve said, sitting down in a chair. As they sat in chairs next to each other, they studied each other for a few moments. She tapped her fingers with one hand and idly wrapped her hair around the index finger of the other one. “Just so you know, I’ve never, well, done something like this. How do we do it?” Eve asked, finally broaching the subject.

“Do what?” James asked, playing dumb. Partly it was because she seemed so nervous about it that James wanted to see how she’d react. The other part was because her phrasing made it seem a little too much like James was a prostitute being pimped out by Lena.

“What? Well...I...well...didn’t Lena-?” Eve stammered, tripping over her words until James put her out of her misery by reaching out and grabbing the back of her neck to pull her towards him.

James was a little worried that maybe I’d misread the situation but the moment their lips touched those concerns disappeared. Not only did she return the kiss after the initial stunned moment, but she practically lunged at him, moving from her chair to straddle his lap so fast that for second James thought she might have superpowers.

"I can’t believe I’m about to do this,” Eve said, breaking the kiss as she ground her crotch against his.

"I really hope you mean have sex with a stranger because if you’re about to tell me you’re a virgin...” James said.

“I’m not a virgin,” Eve said, laughing as she reached for the top button of his shirt. “It’s just, well, ever since you’ve been coming around...plus the stories Lena shares about you...I’ve been hoping you and I would hook up. Even if only as a favor to Lena.”

"I guess I can stop worrying that Lena coerced you into this then,” James replied, grabbing her ass with both hands for emphasis.

“Definitely,” Eve said, grinding her crotch against his as she finished unbuttoning his shirt.

“You have a great chest,” Eve said, bringing her hands back and running her fingers along his chest.

When Eve was done unbuttoning his shirt James slid his hands up until they grabbed the hem of her top. Pushing the top up, it got to just below her bra strap before Eve raised her arms so James could pull it off over her head. Pulling her back into a kiss, his hands slid up her back looking for the clasp of her bra. Finding it James made quick work of it and separated the two segments. Grabbing the straps, James pulled them down her arms until she could slip out of the bra altogether.

“Funny, I could say the same thing to you,” James said, wrapping his arms around her.

With her bare tits now exposed, James could truly appreciate them in the flesh. The handsome black man was the first to admit that when it came to women, he had a lot to compare to, especially with his girlfriend being the nearly perfect and highly curvy Lena Luthor. However, it amazed James how well Eve stacked up. She had the whole cute-adorable vibe going on that he found so sexy on Kara, but combined with an hourglass figure like Lena. In fact, James couldn’t believe that he underrated Eve for all this time given the fact that though her ass was smaller than Lena’s, it was still bubbly and large enough. Plus, as his hands groped Eve’s chest, he realized that her tits were of a similar size to his girlfriend’s, but maybe once again just a little smaller.

“Lena wasn’t lying about you,” Eve groaned, as James lowered his head to take one of her nipples into his mouth. “Handsome, great body, nice guy, and judging by the flagpost pressing against my thigh, I’m guessing she might have even been underselling you there.”

“Can’t talk. Worshipping boobs,” James muttered through the mound of boob in and around his mouth.

“If you can use that thing in your pants half as well as she says, I will have to sell her my soul for letting me borrow you,” Eve moaned, clutching his head to her pillowy chest.

“Only one way to find out,” James said, coming up for air just long enough to switch one tit for the other.

“Yes there is,” Eve said.

The overqualified personal assistant pressed her boobs against his face for an extra handful of moments before pulling away so she could slide backwards, completely out of his lap. Dropping to her knees in front of James, Eve reached out and grabbed his belt. Biting her lower lip in excited expectation, the bubbly blonde undid his belt before moving on to unbuttoning his pants.

“Damn, Lena knows how to pick ’em,” Eve cooed as reached into his pants and wrapped her hand around his cock.

Pulling his cock free of his boxers, Eve licked her lips before leaning her head down. James didn’t bother to stifle his moan at all as the underrated beauty proceeded to run her tongue along the underside of his shaft from base to tip. Reaching the top, she parted her lips and took the head into her mouth.

“Fuck, yes. Suck that dick,” James hissed.

He may have had sex only 5 hours ago, but having his cock sucked on was always going to get a satisfied moan from the vigilante known as Guardian. As her tongue swirled around the head of his cock, Eve started to push her head down, taking a little more into her mouth. Slowly lifting up she got until her lips hit the ridge of the head, at which point she smoothly reversed course and slowly swallowed about half of his meat.

The hand that was gripping his cock began sliding up and down the shaft, jerking James in time with the bobbing of her head. Eve was showing a lot of skills even in such a short period of time, plus much like her personality, her blowjob was energetic. Unfortunately before she could go much further, James’ head snapped towards the door to the office being opened as light streamed in.

“Hey Eve, sorry I’m running a touch late...” Samantha Arias got out before she saw what was happening and stopped in her tracks. “Whoa.”

“Oh hi, Sammy. You know James,” Eve greeted, popping her head off his cock. “And please close the door behind you, sweetie.”

James watched the leggy, dark-haired women with intent as she stayed rooted in her high heels to the floor space in the doorway. It took a few seconds, which gave James the impression that she was deciding if she really wanted to join in on a threesome, but ultimately with a small shake of her head to clear the cobwebs, Samantha took a step forward.

“There’s something different about you then the last time I saw you,” Samantha commented to James, tapping a finger on her jaw for effect.

“Well, that was 2 weeks ago at a games night, when I didn’t have my pants around my ankles and one of my girlfriend’s friends with her mouth around my dick,” James answered, drawing a chuckle from both his conquests.

“Yup, that’s what it is. Definitely is having my friend blowing my boss’ boyfriend’s long...dark...mouth-watering cock,” Sam agreed, saliva flooding her mouth in excitement.

“Okay, so it is what it looks like,” Eve said, still slowly stroking his cock to keep his erection from dying.

“Door,” James reminded, at which point Sam took another step inside the office and closed the door, latching it behind her. “I take it Lena talked to you this morning?”

“No,” Sam answered. “But I take she talked to Eve and knew exactly how to weave me into this little web.”

“Wait, are you two together?” James asked, his reporter skills kicking in.

“Started off as office fuck buddies.” Eve answered, before turning to address her girlfriend. “You know how lately I’ve been craving some cock lately?” Eve asked. When Samantha sighed and nodded, Eve continued. “Well I was talking to Lena and she told me that she knew the perfect guy. So we arranged a meeting with the three of us as a way to get him here.”

“Lena is letting us share her man?” Sam replied, eyes wide in shock.

“Lena trusts him,” Eve said determinedly.

“And us, apparently,” Sam added.

As it became apparent that Sam wasn’t going to be running away from the threesome, Eve started unzipping her skirt. Eve knew that her lesbian lover was a little less open-minded sexually than Eve was, however the blonde knew that Samantha had been craving some cock lately. Though both were happy and fulfilled in their lesbain relationship, both Eve and Sam identified as bisexual.

“God, I love seeing you get naked,” Samantha purred, stepping further into her boss’ office.

Eve had continued to undress, having now pushed her tight-fitting skirt down her legs to leave her in nothing more than a bright pink thong. “And there is a lot more of this to come. And we both know you’ve been thinking about guys a little bit lately too so you can join us if you want, or you can wait outside.”

Without waiting for a response from Samantha, Eve grabbed James by his hand and pulled the much larger man to his feet. James merely let Eve lead him towards what looked like a fancy filing cabinet, but James knew exactly what it was covering, as did Eve. Pulling out the second drawer then pushing in a large binder on the top rack before nudging the bottom left corner caused the cabinet to swing out slowly, revealing a secret bedroom that Lena used for either a quick cat nap, or something a little more vigorous.

Stepping inside but leaving the door open, Eve set about undressing the tall bald man. With his dress shirt already unbuttoned and his pants being held by a hand to stop them from falling as he walked, it wasn’t a hard task. While she was pushing his shirt down his arms, James let go of his pants and let gravity take over. After kicking off his shoes and socks, the muscular man stepped out of his pants leaving James in his boxers, though they weren’t doing much good considering his cock was still sticking out of the hole in the front.

Finally getting his wits about him again, James dropped to his knees in front of Eve. Hooking his fingers in the waistband of her thong, the muscular man gently tugged it down, slowly exposing inch after inch of smooth skin before the fold of her pussy came into view. Without taking his eyes from her cute-as-a-button pink slit, James used his strong hands, which were groping her surprisingly meaty booty, and turned her around until with a gentle push Eve sat down on the bed behind her.

“Mind if I have a lick?” James asked while flashing his million dollar smile.

Grabbing her knees, James pulled them apart and took a moment to settled down on his knees in front of her. Sticking out his tongue, the CatCo CEO leaned in and ran the tip along the length of her slit, but stopping just short of her clit. Eve grunted her frustration as James started over and then gripped a palmful of his smoothly shaven bald head when James skipped over her magic button a second time.

Normally James liked being the aggressor when it came to taking the lead in the bedroom, but he only smirked and went along lapping at Eve’s clit like she cleared wanted him to do after denying it to her. However, upon hearing a rustling behind him, James lifted his head just in time to see a naked Samantha slide onto the bed right next to her girlfriend. Eve loosened her grip on his bald head and instead focused on her leggy lover as Samantha kissed and cupped one of her weighty breasts in her hand.

“She loves being fingered,” Samantha said, breaking the kiss with Eve so she could move down to suck on her girlfriend’s nipple.

Taking Samantha’s tip, James brought his hand up. Extending his middle finger, James dragged it along her folds, wetting the tip with her juices. When he was sure it was well lubricated, James slowly pushed, easing it inside her tight snatch.

“Uhh,” Eve moaned, lifting her hips to meet his slowly pistoning finger.

While James took a more hands-on approach to pleasure the bubbly blonde, he took the time to look at both women, naked in all their glory. The handsome man couldn’t help but compare and contrast their stunning features. Though they were similar in that they had beautiful, almost model-esque faces and bare pussies (except for Samantha donning a thin dark strip) they had their differences as well.

When it came to their tits, ass and legs, the pair were opposites. They both had great bodies but Eve’s best asset was her sagless medium-sized boobs, made to look bigger given her short stature. This was followed by her petite but bubbly ass that was oh so biteable, and finally her legs which were slender and smooth but nothing special.

The inverse was true for Samantha Arias. The dark=-haired L-Corp CFO had boobs that fit her slim body well, probably a healthy B cup, with small pink nipples but they paled in size to Eve’s. However, Sam had a slender but rounded ass that was severely underrated until displayed properly in tight-fitting dresses, but her star attribute was her gorgeous legs that seemed to go on forever, being lean yet had toned muscles that made them look feminine but sexy.

“God, Lena spoiled me,” James thought to himself before giving Eve’s pussy the attention it deserved.

Not wanting to make her cum only minutes into a threesome with two gorgeous women, James took a different approach. Instead of attacking her clit like Eve clearly wanted, James licked his way around it while he worked his middle finger in and out of her. The CatCo boss did give her clit the occasional flick just to keep Eve from screaming in frustration, but it was nowhere near the attack that she wanted.

“Stop teasing me,” Eve grunted, reaching down and grabbing his shoulders. “Lay down so I can be on top.”

Deciding to let her take the lead, James did as she wanted. Laying down on the bed, James watched as Eve moved to straddle his waist. As if to pay James back for teasing her, she moved her hips with his cock trapped between them, slowly dragging her pussy along the length of the shaft as it laid trapped on his ripped abdominal muscles.

With a grin she finally lifted up. Reaching down between her legs, Eve grabbed hold of his manhood and lined it up with her pussy. Apparently she wasn’t done wanting to tease James because the bubbly blonde slowly lowered herself onto him, and then paused with just the head inside her wet inferno. Luckily for the CatCo boss, Samantha came to his rescue. Sidling up next to James, the leggy dark-haired woman leaned down to take on one of Eve’s nipples into her mouth and started to suck on the flesh sack again. The stimulation must have been enough because Eve moaned and let herself drop about halfway down his cock.

Turning his head James noticed that Samantha’s knees weren’t far from his shoulders. Contorting his upper body, he twisted until he was able to almost slide under her. When James touched her leg to lift it so that he could finish the job Samantha practically jumped out of her skin as she was so engrossed in what she was doing to Eve. However, the leggy CFO realized what James was proposing to do so she lifted her leg and let him move her into a more comfortable position. When she was in place, James grabbed a surprisingly plump ass cheek in each hand and pulled her down to his waiting tongue.

“Oh God,” Samantha moaned as his skilled tongue was turned loose on her wanting pussy.

“He’s got skills, right?” Eve commented as she rose and fell along the length of his ebony cock.

With Samantha’s pussy now in his face, James lost sight of Eve, but he could feel her bottom out on his cock. The blonde’s pussy gripped James like a vice as she rested a moment to savor the feeling of being fully penetrated before slowly lifting up about halfway. As Eve bounced on top of James, the handsome man put his focus on Samantha. Darting his tongue out, James flicked her clit with it, eliciting a moan and causing her hump her hips at his tongue. As Samantha’s hips grinded on his face, James tightened his grip on her ass in an effort to try and keep her as immobile as possible.

“Oh yeah,” Eve moaned, increasing the length of her bounces until she was sliding up and down almost the entire length of his cock.

Remembering Samantha’s comments about Eve liking being fingered, James decided to see if it went for the leggy CFO as well. It meant letting go of her ass with one hand, which meant that Samantha was able to hump his face a little more than before. James brought his recently freed down so he could suck on his middle finger before pressing the tip of his lubricated finger against Samantha’s pussy, easing it inside her.

“Fuck,” Samantha gasped, the combination of his tongue on her clit and his finger doing a pretty good job of getting her all worked up.

As his finger entered Samantha, James couldn’t believe how tight she was. He was well aware that the leggy woman had passed a child from her pussy, but that was over a decade ago, plus she’d been with mostly women since that time. Hell, Eve’s cunt was currently gripping his cock like a virgin’s pussy grip, plus had never been through childbirth, yet even she didn’t compare to the squeezing Samantha was putting on his finger.

“So good,” Eve moaned, her hands on his powerful chest as she shortened her bounces into short, quick thrusts.

Sensing that Eve might be getting close again, James started to lift his hips to meet her lunges with as much power as he could muster in his position. It would’ve been more if his hands hadn’t been occupied with Samantha, or if he could see what he was doing, but it seemed to serve its purpose. After all, having to split your attention between two gorgeous women was the sacrifices one must make in a threesome.

“Oh! God! Keep going...gonna...cum,” Eve moaned.

James could tell by the tone and urgency that the bubbly blonde was close. He knew that at this stage he had to keep everything the same, for fear that Eve would loose the tendril of pleasure that was driving her to the powerful orgasm. Continuing to thrust his hips upwards while Samntha leaned down to suck on one of her tits, Eve’s pussy starting to clench James even tighter as the first ripples of orgasm started to wash through her.

Pulling his finger out of Samantha, James moved his hands to Eve’s hips. Grabbing hold James held her steady as he drove his hips upwards. Even as her orgasm hit her full force and her snatch clamped down even tighter on James James continued to slam into her.

“Oh dear,” Samantha gasped, lifting up so both she and James could watch as he drove Eve to even higher peaks.

“Oh fuck, stop, stop,” Eve gasped, finally unable to take any more. As James slowed down Eve rolled off him, her heavy chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. “ Samantha’s turn.”

“Um, okay,” Samantha said meekly as she settled down onto her back.

Though the thumping pace of their fucking had been more than enough for Eve to get off, James still had a lot left in the tank. It probably helped a lot that Lena had snuck into his house and they fucked like teenagers only this morning. Needing to stop thinking about his curvy pale goddess of a girlfriend, James marveled at just how small Samantha was as she laid on the bed. He knew that she was slender, but as she lay there she looked downright tiny. However, as his eyes roamed over her perfectly tanned skin, his eyes couldn’t help but appreciate her mile-long legs that were truly spectacular.

“Ready?” James asked Samantha as he positioned himself between her legs.

For sure,” Samantha said, sounding less meek than only seconds ago.

The combination of the excitement and the foreplay had Samantha practically dripping, but remembering how tight she’d been around his finger, James still decided to go slowly as he entered her. This was definitely the right approach because as her pussy engulfed the head of his cock, it felt tighter than any pussy James could remember.

“So big,” Samantha moaned, lifting her hips to try to take more of James inside her.

With about a quarter of his cock inside the moist inferno of her pussy, James started to pull back. With just head still seated inside her James pushed forward sharply, burying himself about halfway and causing Samantha to arch her back and moan. She still clung to him tightly but James had bought himself a little wiggle room to operate, so for the next minute he only used the first 4 inches of his dick to fuck the leggy girl while adding more speed little by little.

“Wow, that’s hot,” Eve said, her eyes focused on where James’ dick was deep inside her girlfriend’s pink folds.

“She’s fucking tight,” James grunted, working more and more of his cock into Samantha.

“God! Give it to me,” Samantha moaned, digging her heels into his butt and pulling the last little bit of James into her.

As Samantha’s eyes rolled up in her head at being filled so full for the first time in several years, James gave her a moment to get used to the sensation before slowly withdrawing. When half of his cock was out of her James reversed course and thrust back into her. Though it was still only fucking the leggy CFO with half his length, it being the bottom half of his dick felt different, both in terms of sensation and the sensation of his powerful hips slamming into her petite sex.

“Ooooh!” Samantha moaned, her legs tightening their grip on his waist.

The morning fuckfest with Lena earlier had given James enough stamina to last through Eve. And even though he’d pushed himself pretty close to the brink driving Eve over the edge, the little rest between Eve and Samantha had helped restore some of staying power. That said, with the way Sam’s pussy had James in a vice grip, James wasn’t sure how much longer he’d be able to last.

“Eve looks lonely,” James commented, turning his head in the direction of where Eve was laying on her stomach right next to them, watching him fuck her girlfriend.

“I’m fine, this is hot,” Eve assured them, even though her hand was rubbing her wet slit.

“It’d be even hotter if you let Samantha eat your pussy,” James said with a grin as he continued to work Samantha over with his entire length and a solid pace.

“Fuck...ahh...me,” Samantha grunted, her hands reaching out for Eve as the blonde scooted around so she could straddle her girlfriend’s face with her ass pointed at James.

As Sam lifted her head so her tongue could get at Eve’s honey pot, James couldn’t stop himself from giving Samantha an extra hard thrust or two out of excitement. The skinny dark-haired beauty didn’t seem to mind though as a series of moans, muffled by Eve’s pussy, issued from Samantha’s throat.

“Do that again,” Eve moaned as Samantha’s tongue darted back to tag her tight little starfish. "I bet James would like to watch you lick my ass.”

"I really would,” James admitted, moaning lowly as Samantha’s tongue started to trace along the edges of her Eve’s asshole.

“Oh yeah, get my butthole nice and wet,” Eve grunted, reaching back to spread her cheeks, giving James a better view in the process.

Between the tightness of Samantha’s pussy and the overwhelming hotness of watching Sam toss Eve’s salad, James was beginning to feel the need for release. His ego didn’t want him to finish before Samantha though so James started to slow down to allow himself to extend it out a bit longer.

“No, fuck her harder,” Eve grunted, looking over her shoulder as she sensed James easing up.

"I won’t last much longer then,” James warned them.

“She’s getting there, aren’t you babe?” Eve asked Samantha, who answered with a grunt. “Just stick a finger in her ass and play with her clit. She’ll go off like a typhoon, believe me. Isn’t that right?”

“Mmhmm...so hard,” Samantha answered as best as she could while trying to stick her tongue up Eve’s butt.

Since Eve obviously knew Samantha better than James did, the agreeable CatCo man decided to go with her advice by bringing his left hand up to his mouth. After sucking on the tip to get it nice and wet, James moved his hand back down and slipped it under Samantha’s back. Finding the crack of her ass, James followed the groove all the way down until he found her asshole. James rubbed the tip of his finger around it to test the waters, making sure that Sam was fine with Eve’s suggestion before pushing in up to the first knuckle. As Samantha moaned and pushed her hips down against the invading digit, James used the thumb on his right hand to rub her clit.

Almost immediately James could tell the combination was working as Samantha’s body started to quiver. Hooking the finger in Samantha’s ass to keep it from falling out, James pulled his cock out almost fully before thrusting back in. Remembering to keep his thumb moving over Samantha’s clit, the handsome bald man soon had her on the brink.

“Awwhh! Cum...gonna...cumming,” Samantha stammered as her climax hit her head on.

“Almost there,” James warned. “Where do you want me to cum?”

“On her stomach,” Eve said, rolling off as Samantha got too involved in her orgasm to pay much more attention to her girlfriend.

Gritting his teeth, James fucked Samantha’s spasming snatch through a couple more thrusts before it became too much for him. Just before James was ready to pop he yanked his glistening ebony cock from Samantha’s squeezing snatch and pumped it a handful of times with his fist as jizz erupted from the tip.

The first spurt arced out and splattered Samantha’s skin almost to her ribcage. The second one went nearly as far but the next couple only made it to about her belly button, leaving a small pool in her navel. Before James could finish though, Eve pushed the cumming man out of the way so she could lick it up.

“Um, hey James? Remember that price you were telling Lena about?” Eve asked, looking at James sideways from her position hovering over Samantha’s stomach. “Well it’s not a problem for me.”

“Lena has lube in one of these drawers” James replied, feeling a twitch in his deflating cock at the thought of fucking Eve Teschmacher in the ass.

“What? Price? Lube?” Samantha asked, starting to come around from her own orgasm. With a few seconds of clarity her brain started to piece things together and she lifted her head to look at Eve. “You aren’t serious?”

"I am,” Eve said between licks of Samantha’s abdomen to clean up his mess. “Should be top drawer in that bedside table.”

“You want that massive...thing up your butt?” Samantha asked, her gaze flashing towards his cock as James retrieved the bottle of lube.

“Why not? I’ve let you put toys in there,” Eve said, lapping up the pool of salty jizz in Samantha’s belly button like a cat with a saucer of milk. “Bigger, actually.”

“Yeah but...” Samantha said, nevertheless looking at least a little intrigued about watching Eve try.

“I’m game if you are,” James interjected.

“Grease James up,” Eve said, twisting so she could present her ass to James once she’d finished licking up his DNA deposit from Samantha’s stomach.

Eve’s dutiful partner moved behind James, taking the bottle from him and squirted some of the slippery stuff onto his fingers. Putting one hand on Eve’s ass to steady himself, James waited to do anything else until Sam finished rubbing the more than generous amount of lube she squirted into her palm and transferred onto his growing cock. Not done there, Sam took another dollop onto her other hand, pulling her fist from James’ manhood so she could rub her hands together to warm the lube up a little before spreading the fluid around the outside of Eve’s anus.

With both his dick and the outside of her girlfriend’s backdoor greased up, Samantha pushed against the tight sphincter. Her long, dainty finger only had to wait a moment before she felt her asshole give way, at which point Sam twisted it around, smearing the lube around the inside while also trying to stretch her out a bit in advance.

“I’m ready,” Eve admitted. “Fuck me,” Eve said, waving her ass at both James and Sam.

With her ready to go, Sam wielded the position behind her girlfriend to James, who was waiting eagerly on hands and knees. The muscular man placed one hand on Eve’s back to help steady her. With his other, he took his re-inflated shaft in hand and leaned closer to Eve’s bubbly booty.

“Ready?” James asked as James moved up behind Eve.

"I gotta watch this,” Samantha said. She was still on her back so she wiggled her body until she slide underneath Eve into a sixty-nine position with her face right under where James was waiting in position. Reaching up to grab his cock, Sam aimed his tip at Eve’s asshole. “Here, let me help.”

When Samantha pressed the tip of his dick against Eve’s asshole, James gently pushed. At first the bubbly blonde’s anal ring resisted the pressure but as Eve made a concerted effort to relax, it started to yield. Finally her anus opened up and the head plunged in before Eve gasped and tightened up once more.

“Oh crap,” Eve hissed, clearly overwhelmed.

“You’re doing good, babe,” Samantha said, letting go of his cock so she could stroke Eve’s thighs. “Remember, you wanted a dick back in your ass.”

As Eve took a deep breath, comforted by her girlfriend, James could feel Eve start to loosen up. When she dug her hands against the mattress and gave a little push backwards, James took the sign and eased forward a little before pulling back. He didn’t pull all the way out, he needed the ring to stay open after all, so right as he felt his crown squeezed he reversed course and pushed back in.

Since anal sex was James’ main kink, he knew exactly how to handle the sodomized girl. It helped that Eve had taken dicks and dildos up her poop chute before so she knew what to expect. Therefore in a technique he had trained over many years and with hundreds of partners, James started to slowly fuck the bubbly blonde with the first 2 inches of his cock.

“That is so hot,” Samantha said as she watched James start to move in and out of Eve’s ass in small movements. “Does it hurt?”

“A little,” Eve gasped. “Not as much as I thought it would.”

“Play with her pussy and take her mind off the discomfort,” James told Samantha as he worked more and more of his cock into Eve’s ass.

“Ahh! Ohhh!,” Eve moaned as her girlfriend’s tongue took a swipe at her clit.

With her mind temporarily focused on something other than the large dick being shoved into the small hole, James was able to make a lot of progress. In the next handful of thrusts, James succeeded in getting enough dick in her ass so his balls were tapping against her wet slit. As Sam’s skilled tongue continued dancing along the blonde’s clit, James kept fucking Eve until he accomplished getting the last bit of cock into Eve’s ass. With his pelvis pressed against her butt cheeks James took a moment to let both he and the blonde get used to the feeling before slowly withdrawing.

After pulling out until about half of his cock was outside the warm confines of her bowels, James thrust back in only slightly faster than I’d pulled out. Eve’s backdoor was still tense but it was loosening by the thrust, aided in no small part to Samantha’s eager tongue. James decided to only go at an even speed rather than being hard, smoothly pulling his shaft in and out without pounding the bubbly assistant into the ground.

“Ahh! That...ohh...feels kinda...uhh...good,” Eve said, moaning as Samantha’s tongue worked its magic.

“Ready for me to go a little faster?” James asked, giving her a little quicker thrust before she could answer.

“Yes! Fuck me,” Eve moaned as she pushed back to meet his strokes.

Gripping Eve’s hips, James started to speed up his thrusts. The muscular bald man kept the length of the strokes to about half of his cock but when Eve didn’t seem to object James added a little more force to the in strokes and watched her ass cheeks ripple with the impact. Just as he was starting to build up his rhythm, James was startled to feel something through the walls of Eve’s rectum. Looking down, CatCo’s CEO saw Samantha grin up at him as she slid a finger into Eve’s pussy and rub his cock through the membrane separating her girlfriend’s holes.

“Oh god,” Eve moaned as both of her holes were penetrated.

"I think she likes it,” Samantha observed, reaching up with her other hand to cup the black man’s sack.

"I really do,” Eve grunted, lifting her hips to press back against his cock as James slammed into her and then lowering them to push against Samantha’s finger in her pussy as James pulled back.

After already having cum once, not to mention his morning quickie with Lena earlier, James would’ve thought he’d have been able to last longer, but the way Eve’s asshole was squeezing him was starting to take its toll. Not to mention Samantha’s finger rubbing against his sensitive shaft underbelly or her hand massaging his balls doing their damnedest to push James towards the edge faster than he would have liked.

“So fucking good,” Eve grunted, a small spasm running through her body.

“Lick her clit,” James told Samantha, sensing that Eve was getting close to her second orgasm as well.

“Oh god,” Eve moaned, a stronger tremor coursing through her.

Deciding it was time to hit the home stretch James stopped holding back. Putting as much force as he could into his thrusts, James started to pound into Eve’s ass as hard as he could without hurting her. James was at the point where Eve seemed to be well taken care of and so he figured it was best if he came as soon as possible as well.

“Shit! God! Awwhhh!” Eve screamed, her body acting like she was right there on the edge.

“Just a little more,” James grunted, feeling his cum start to rise in his balls.

“Not yet,” Eve gasped, desperately pushing back against us in an effort to get over that peak.

Finally with a loud scream Eve’s body went tight as a drum. Her anus clamped down on James so hard that he damn near lost his wad right then and there. Only by a miracle did James manage to pull out before hosing down her bowels in his second, hot sticky load of jizz.

“Gonna cum,” James hissed, as if that wasn’t already clearly apparent. “Where do you want it?”

“Uh, S-Samantha,” Eve stammered.

Looking down, James saw Samantha open her mouth wide and figured it meant she wanted it. He had no idea if Eve and Sam had talked this out already, or maybe it was only fair of the blonde to share with her leggy girlfriend after Eve got to slurp down his first load. So bending down James placed the tip of his cock at Sam’s mouth, at which point she lifted her head to take the head between her lips and instantly started to apply suction.

As Eve silently screamed and shook through her second orgasm of the afternoon, James started to plunge his cock deeper into Samantha’s mouth. It wasn’t nearly as tight as Eve’s ass given the amount of sucking Sam was performing, but it was wetter and the way Samantha’s tongue caressed his shaft more than made up for any loss of tautness.

“Here it comes,” James warned Samantha, pulling out until only the head was still in her mouth.

With a pulse of his cock the first spurt of semen erupted out of his cock. James couldn’t help but feel his lips curled up and bared his teeth from the intensity as his balls emptied into Samantha’s waiting mouth. The intensity of the orgasm and Sam’s eagerness to taste jizz after years of going without made both of them forget that his dick had come straight from Eve’s asshole and directly into Sam’s hungry mouth.

Samantha didn't have to wait long doing her mini-bobs on his dick before her oral talents proved to great for James. James let out what could only be described as a primitive grunt before the first spurt of jizz came shooting out of the end of his dick. She paused a bit out of surprise as the hot jet of semen plastered the roof of her mouth, unaware of the speed that his organ could propel the gooey substance.

“Fuckkk me!” James swore as he came.

She hadn't regained her composure quickly enough so a second, equally large spurt of cum filled her mouth almost to the point of capacity. At the verge of having to cough out the semen all over herself, and before James could add to the growing collection of spunk in her mouth, the leggy CFO closed her eyes hard and contracted her throat muscles, swallowing down the initial burst then had the presence of mind to return to sucking his member.

James was impressed by her oral skill, especially since it had been awhile since she had to deal with chugging some cum. He vanquished his thoughts of her for the moment and simply focused on how great her full lips felt as they continued to slowly bob on his tool while hungrily sucking down all of his sticky seed that his balls were pumping into her mouth. He wished he could have fed her his semen all night long but eventually his balls emptied completely and despite the amount of effort the gorgeous woman was putting in to milk him for more cum, there was simply nothing left for her to slurp up.

Same increased the suction after she had finished swallowing down her third mouthful of James’ salty offerings but it appeared that he was done. She held her mouth on him for another few seconds just in case, but all she ended up accomplishing was making the muscular man shudder, likely due to her wet lips and hungry tongue repeatedly stroking on his suddenly super-sensitive tip.

"Mmhmm Mmhmm mmmm," said the girl from her knees without thought.

“Your turn, Samantha,” Eve said as James fell backward onto his butt.

“No way,” Samantha said, knowing her girlfriend meant getting sodomized by the black man’s cock.

“You thought it was hot, didn’t you?” Eve asked her.

“Yeah, but a finger is as far as I go. I might let you use the vibrator on me back there later, but I’m not even close to ready to take a cock in his ass,” Samantha said.

“Good because I’m not sure I’ve got anything left,” James said, panting from the exertion.

*   *   *

“So baby, how were my friends?” Lena asked, waiting until the end of the night and all their business was concluded before calling her boyfriend.

“I...they...you,” James stammered, lost for words for the first time about how cool Lena was being. “They were great. You are amazing. And I am one lucky son of a bitch.”

“Damn straight,” Lena joked. “Don’t forget to shower. After fucking one of my best friends and my personal assistant you probably smell like a brothel.”
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Chapter 3: Super-Harem Part 3
Pairing: Kara Danvers/James Olsen
Codes: MF, Anal, Cons, Oral
Disclaimer: James make no money from this. James don't own or have anything to do with Supergirl, especially the characters Kara Danvers, Lena Luthor, or James Olsen

Summary: Season 3 when Lena and James Olsen are dating. James and Lena successfully recruited Kara for a threesome. Now James must find a way to permanently add her to the roster.

“Have you talked to Kara yet?”

It was a question James Olsen knew was coming from his girlfriend, but it didn’t mean it made him feel any less bad about the answer. Lena Luthor, being both best friend to Kara Danvers and the girlfriend to James, was in the middle of the two friends. The dark-haired billionaire and CEO of L-Corp knew full well that he hadn’t talked to Supergirl yet about what had transpired over 2 weeks ago.

“You know I haven’t,” James admitted as he and Lena talked over the phone.

“Well, I feel like now is the perfect time. Don’t you?” Lena suggested. “Besides, if everything goes well maybe you too will clear the air then strip each other naked and have sex right in your office.”

“My very visible office with extremely see-through glass walls?” James laughed. “I know how excited you are for me to get a chance to fuck Kara, but I feel like this has sexual harrassment lawsuit written all over it.”

“Seriously though James, her pussy tasted better than any vintage wine I’ve ever had,” the green-eyed beauty exclaimed. “And that means a lot since I’m a Luthor!”

“Meaning you’ve sample a lot of wineries or sample a lot of women,” James asked, knowing the answer.

“Both, obviously,” Lena replied. “But sincerely, if you get the chance, you bed that golden-haired goddess.”

“Okay Lena, I promise that if the oppurtunity presents itself, I’ll fuck your best friend.”

“Thank you, James,” Lena said in her satisfied tone of voice. “Now have that conversation with her and clear any air you perceive is there.”

*   *   *

Kara Danvers was working at her desk on the latest story, some new policy that the President had just made to help compensate citizens who have suffered property damage due to superhero intervention. It was a personal story to Kara since on more than one occasion the damage had been done by her in her hero form of Supergirl. It was collateral damage and the alternative of letting the villains run rampant was much worse, but Kara recognized that the victims deserved compensation.

“Kara? Can I have a word in my office?” buzzed the voice of James Olsen, her CEO at CatCo World News and close personal friend.

“Sure thing, boss,” Kara replied into the intercom at her desk.

James sat in his office, able to look out over the floor of his hard working reports from the glass walls. He had been watching one of his best friends, Kara, all morning, trying to summon the required courage to actually speak one-on-one with the leggy blonde. Only last week, this wouldn’t have been a problem to have a conversation with Kara, in fact they would frequently go to lunch just the two of them several times a week. However, that was before James and his equally kinky girlfriend Lena Luthor had successfully seduced Kara into a threesome. This was despite the fact that Kara had, and still has, a boyfriend in Mon-El, thus the awkwardness. Kara had mitigated her responisibility by only having sex with Lena, and while Kara and Lena had been to lunch on several occasions since, James and Kara had not. So needing to finally confront any potential trouble head on, James had called Supergirl to his office.

“So what’s up?” Kara said, entering the office that once belonged to her mentor, Cat Grant.

“Hey Kara, I was hoping to have a little talk with you,” James said, gesturing for the young reporter to have a seat on the sofa in the middle of the room.

“Of course,” the blonde replied, though she looked nervous. “Am in trouble, aren’t I?”

“What? Why would you think that,” James asked, shocked.

“I’ve been handing in some stories late over the past couple of weeks,” Kara admitted.

“Well yeah…”

“Which you don’t accept from other reporters,” Kara added.

“Other reports aren’t Supergirl,” James replied, lowering his voice on the last word. “They aren’t saving the city...repeatedly. They aren’t being recruited by superheroes from a different Earth to go fight their big bad.”

“Fair point, but it's still unacceptable. And sometimes I’m getting bogged down not with Supergirl duties, but with Kara Danvers drama,” the leggy blonde shared. When all she got was a raised eyebrow from her friend, she continued. “Mon-El and I have been fighting a little more than normal. Not bad, but regularly. I think...I think he’s pulling away for some reason.”

“Well he’d be an idiot if he was,” James said, placing a hand on her knee in a friendly gesture only.

With the contact on her bare leg, Kara looked up at James and the handsome man saw only friendship in her eyes. His worry of her and him having an awkward relationship because of their threesome last week seemed to not be an issue whatsoever. In fact, he and Kara talked all the way to lunchtime, at which point the pair went to go grab a meal together for the first time since they had sex with Lena. Apparently, Kara was just feeling a little isolated since her sister’s time was being monopolized by her girlfriend Maggie and work, and though she still had Lena, Kara couldn’t be 100% truthful with the billionaire. However, with James, she had a best friend back in the fold.

*   *   *

With Lena out in Gotham City doing business for at least another night, James decided to burn the midnight oil at work. He had a few pressing issues that needed to be addressed, and then even checked a few items off his to-do list for next week, when his gorgeous girlfriend returned to National City. He called it quits around 10pm when his eyes were feeling the strain and his concentration levels were simply burnt out. Knowing nothing more productive would be completed tonight, James shut down the office, packed his bag and rode the 10km to his condo on his motorcycle.

James had been home for maybe half an hour when there was a knock on the door. Fortunately for whoever was knocking at his door at 11pm on a weekday, James wasn’t quite asleep, having decided to grab a quick yoga session and shower before crawling into bed moments ago. Throwing on a pair of handy PJ pants and the closest shirt to him, James headed for the front door. When he opened it, James got a little surprise.

“Are you okay?” James asked, seeing Kara on the other side with red puffy eyes like she’d been crying. Without hesitation, James pulled her into a warm hug.

"I’m fine,” Kara said even though she didn’t look or sound fine as James led her into the condo.

“Can I get you something? Water? Something stronger?” James offered as she sat down on the couch.

“Got any Kryptonian alcohol?” Kara asked, offering a weak smile to show that it was a joke.

“Seriously, what’s wrong,” James said, sitting next to her.

“Mon-El and I had a big fight,” Kara said, wiping her eyes with her fingers.

I’m so sorry to hear that. What happened?” James asked. James had gotten to know the Daxamite well over the past year he assessed him to be a really great guy and James had to admit that he’d been rooting for them.

"It’s the same fight we’ve been having since the inception of our relationship,” Kara sighed. “He was born and raised on Daxam, and his ways are the complete antithesis of everything a follower of Rao are. He’s been trying to change, I’ve been trying to change, but the gulf is just too wide. Finally tonight, we started talking about kids and neither of us would budge in how we want to raise the hypothetical kids.”

“Come here,” James said, putting my around her shoulder and giving her a little squeeze. "I’m sure everything will work out in the end. He loves you and I’m sure he’ll come around.”

"I know,” Kara said, resting her head on his shoulder. “Sorry for bursting in and laying this all on you like this. Normally I would’ve gone to my sister or Lena about this, but Alex has been MIA with Maggie for awhile while your stunning girlfriend is away.”

“Don’t worry about it,” James told her sincerely as he held her. "I’m here whenever you need me.”

Tilting her head back to look at him, their eyes locked and before James knew it he was leaning in closer. Even when James did realize what he was doing, he either couldn’t or wouldn’t stop himself. He was worried she’d pull away, especially so soon after he freed himself of the guilt of having a threesome with her, but their faces continued to inch closer and closer, as if in slow motion, until their lips finally touched.

And as slow as it seemed to him to be moving before the kiss, it turned into a blur afterward as all thought went out the window. As if on some sort of non-verbal cue, both Supergirl and Guardian simultaneously started grabbing at clothes and blindly working buttons and zippers as they lost themselves in the moment.

Normally James would have checked in with Kara, made sure this was what she wanted, but passion had his hooks in him, and her apparently based on the way she was kissing him back. With the zipper on the back of Kara’s dress pulled down, James grabbed the sleeves and pulled them down her arms rather than try to lift it over her head and have to break the kiss. When her dress was bunched up around her taut waist, his hands went around her back to grasp the strap of her bra.

Being well practiced at undressing women, James deftly unhooking her bra before he grabbed the now loose ends of the strap and pulled them with him as James moved his hands towards her sides. As the straps slid down her arms and the cups fell away from her breasts, James broke the kiss to pull the bra the rest of the way off.

With the kiss broken, Kara seized the chance to grab his shirt and pull it up over his bald head before going for his flannel pants. Lifting up on his knees so she could tug the loose fitting pants down his powerful legs, James pulled her back in for another kiss while using his bulk and leverage to push Kara down onto her back

“Oh! Ah!” Kara moaned as James trailed a line of kisses over her cheeks and down her neck.

Knowing exactly where he wanted to go, James brought his mouth down over her collarbone to her chest as his hands went to help the leggy blonde superhero pull his shorts and boxers down to his ankles. Without dislodging the nipple from his mouth, James was able to kick the pants from his feet, rendering the handsome man completely naked and sporting a full erect cock..

With James now displaying every inch of skin, the handsome man went for Kara’s dress. When she lifted her butt off the couch, James slipped it down over her hips and worked it down her mile-long legs. In the moment he was only focused on Kara and his desire for her, but upon reflexion later he’d compare how while both Kara and Samantha Arias had exceptional long legs, Kara’s took the cake due to being more muscular due to her Supergirl activities.

To finish removing Supergirl’s dress, James had to take Kara’s small but perky boob from his mouth, albeit reluctantly but knowing it was for the greater good. With Kara’s dress joining the floor in what was an ever-growing mountain of clothes, the leggy blonde was left in a pair of socks and a navy blue pair of panties.

“So hot,” James muttered before continuing to strip one of his best friends.

Hooking his fingers in the waistband of her panties, James started to pull them down. The CatCo CEO half expected her to try to cover up a little as he slid her underwear down her legs but she just lifted her legs to pull her feet out of her panties, removed of the modesty she showed only a few weeks ago during their threesome with Lena. Now as naked as he was, James took a moment to look at Supergirl in all her glory. While he had seen Kara naked when Lena had seduced her after their night out on the turn, but this was the first time James had really gotten to look and enjoy it with his full attention.

“Beautiful, my God,” James complimented.

The muscular black man didn’t want to take too long adoring her fit body because this wasn’t about that. This fuck session was all about intensity, not love and admiration. Therefore James more or less had to commit the view of Kara’s stunning, naked body to memory. While not having the largest tits in the world, they fit Kara's body perfectly, her perky twins were a handful with her pokey nipples pressing into his palms. Her legs that went forever were renown around National City, whether as reporter Kara Danvers or Supergirl, as was her small but tight ass, and her gorgeous face framed in her golden yellow locks.

Showing off what she could do, Kara tapped into her Kryptonian powers by using speed and strength to grab James’ arm and roll him on his back with her athletic body on top of him. Grabbing the back of his head, she pulled him into a kiss as her other hand slid between them in search of his cock. As her fingers closed around the shaft, James groaned and instinctively thrust his hips slightly, fucking her hand.

Not just merely a passenger, James put his weight onto one elbow and brought the other one to Kara’s chest. Cupping his hand around her breast, James pinched the nipple between his fingers as she guided the head of my cock towards her pussy. Kara was unflinching in her pursuit to get James Olsen inside her, thus wasted no time in sliding his tip through her folds, letting it gather her Kryptonian pussy juice, which aided the thick cock in piercing inside her.

“Jesus,” James groaned as he entered Supergirl.

The moment his prick felt the moist warmth radiating out of her snatch, James pushed forward, burrowing his way into her core. Kara moaned into his mouth as her boss at CatCo worked his way into her tight cunt. Putting both elbows on the couch for leverage, James pressed his body against hers until his entire dick was bathing in her juice. Thrusting his hips skyward, James started to fuck his good friend with earnest, driving the whole ebony shaft deep inside her with every thrust.

“Holy Rao,” Kara moaned, lifting her hips to meet his thrusts.

Picking up speed James did just what she wanted. Where Lena and James had been like a well-oiled machine moving in unison which came from familiarity, Kara and James were little more than hungry bodies banging together in search of release as years of flirting and carefully controlled lust burst forth.

“Oh! Ah! Yes!” Kara grunted, a thin layer of sweat developing on her pretty face as she met each of his thrusts with a hunger James didn’t know she had. “Keep going.”

“You want me to fuck you harder?” James asked her,getting his hands on the couch in order to press himself up.

“Yeah, harder,” Kara grunted, nodding her head.

“Like this?” James asked, slamming his cock into her with enough force to shake the sofa with each thrust.

“Ahhh! Yeah, like that,” Kara hissed, her hands going to her breasts to tweak her nipples.

“You want to cum all over my cock, don’t you?” James asked, reading the desperation in her voice.

“So bad,” Kara agreed. “Please. Please make me cum.”

As James continued to pound into her with everything he had, the former photographer realized that he wasn’t nearly as far away from his own orgasm than he would’ve thought. Despite fucking Lena only 2 days ago, James was already getting dangerously close to popping. Easy answer was that the mental aspect of finally fucking Kara was getting to him, but she was also really tight whether that was to an absense of a lot of sex or a Kryptonian biology quirk, and they had been really going at it.

“Almost,” Kara moaned, her body starting to quiver as if getting ready to blow.

“Me too,” James warned, reaching down to grab her ass and lift it off the sofa to afford him more leverage.

“Oohhhh....yesssss....ugghhhhhh," she screamed at the top of her lungs, her back arching as her orgasm hit her full force like a ton of bricks.

The result of the blonde superhero cumming was that her pussy clamped down on his ebony cock tighter than imaginable. James gritted his teeth in hopes of riding it out, but even as he his thrusting up into her velvety folds, he knew it was a lost cause. Best James could hope for was a few extra seconds but James knew he’d have to pull out soon. As he felt his orgasm approaching, the handsome bald man thought about where he wanted to blow. The image of Kara's adorable face dripping with cum was too vivid in his mind to pass up on the chance.

"Getting close," James announced through gritted teeth. "Where?"

Kara's mind was still a puddle of brains at this point so she had trouble processing the question. She knew that most women didn't like strange men popping in their pussies due to the risk of unplanned pregnancy, or at least that’s what she thought since they were different species. Knowing he was waiting on an answer and it had been awhile she blurted out.

"Cum where you want," Kara encouraged.

Upon hearing those exact words for the second time in the past week, James knew exactly where he wanted his spunk to go. Last week when Lena gave him complete control, he had the gorgeous billionaire suck the cum right from his balls, knowing that Lena loved being his personal jizz crazing cum dumpster. However, with Kara and her incredibly adorable face, there was only one place he wanted to drop his load.

"Gonna cum on you," he told the leggy girl as he pulled out.

Giving her one last thrust to prolong her pleasure James pulled out. With his dick now free of her velvety pussy, Kara quickly flipped over onto her back with the help of James guiding her movement. He quickly climbed on top of the adorable blonde until hovering over her perky chest then stroked his member until he pushed himself over the edge.

Kara had just enough time to close her eyes and instinctively stuck her tongue out as the black man’s tip was aimed right at her face. Supergirl felt the first few streaks of warm jizz hit her adorable face, plastering the upper part of her forehead before streaking down obliquely across the bridge of her nose, over her right eye and finishing on her cheek. The last of his smaller squirts shot out and landed on her lips, tongue and into her mouth, at which point James pushed his cock into her open mouth for her to finish draining his balls.

"Holy Rao...that was so much," Kara commented as she wiped up my semen with her fingers.

"Sorry about cumming on your face, get carried away," he apologized.

"Oh this," she giggled, smiling as she licked her fingers. "Don't worry about it, nothing a tissue and water can't clean up."

"Let me grab you a tissue," he said, offering her the box that was on her nightstand.

“That would be great, thanks.” Kara said, using them to wipe up what she couldn’t get with her fingers. Finally thinking about something other than her carnal needs, Kara remembered her best friend. “Lena…”

"We talked. We have an understanding,” James confessed, sitting down on the couch next to her as she propped herself up on her elbows.

“An open relationship?” Kara asked, only having a vague idea in the time it had come up over lunch with Lena.

“In simple terms, yes,” James said, laying down on the couch next to her. In reality, though James had permission to sleep with women Lena had accepted, the dark-haired billionaire had no desire for men other than James. Women, on the other hand...

“How is that working?” Kara asked, rolling onto her side and cuddling up next to the muscular man.

“Pretty damn well,” James answered, his hand stroking her back.

“Lena give you permission to sleep with me then? Getting you two even after she got to be the only one who had sex with me during our threesome,” Kara guessed correctly.

“Incredibly perceptive,” James confessed. “She wanted me to know how great it was to have sex with Supergirl.”

“Definitely, no matter how great it was just a one time thing,” Kara said even though she sounded about as convinced about it as James did.

“Totally one night only,” James said, feeling a stirring in his cock at the closeness of her.

"I should probably go before you start getting ideas,” Kara said, looking down at the black man’s rapidly inflating cock.

"I think it’s too late for that,” James said, pulling her over on top of him.

“Then maybe I should fly off before I start getting matching ideas,” Kara replied, her boobs pressed against his muscular chest as she straddled his ripped abs.

“What kind of ideas would those be? And would I approve of them?” James asked with a smirk as he traced his fingers of one hand from her hips down over the curve of her ass.

“Oh, you’d definitely approve,” the leggy blonde said.

"If it involves my tongue and your Super-pussy, then I think we might just have to explore those thoughts a bit,” James said, reaching a hand over the top of her ass so he could slip it between her legs and rub her slit.

“Actually, I was thinking that since I didn’t get a chance to suck your cock earlier, I really wanted to now, but I like your idea better,” Kara answered, squirming and lifting her ass to give James and his skilled fingers a better target.

“You know, we could both have our way,” the former photographer suggested, slipping a finger into her dripping pussy.

"If only there was a way we could do both at the same time,” Supergirl joked, already starting to lift off her CatCo boss so she could spin around.

As she turned around and threw an impossibly long leg over James to straddle his chest he reached out and grabbed her thighs. When she had reversed far enough that her pussy was hovering just above his face, James tapped on her thighs as a signal to go ahead and bring the goods right on down. As the leggy superhero lowered herself down she bent forward and grasped the ebony cock that was right in front of her adorable face. Kara gave it a couple strokes, drawing a few pleased groans from her boss, before parting her lips to take the head into her mouth.

While Kara was busy working his cock into her mouth for the first time on him, James slid his hands up to her ass. Pulling her the rest of the way down James lifted his head and took a swipe at her clit with his well-practiced tongue. The reaction was almost immediate as Kara moaned around his fully erect cock between her lips. Building on the success, James flicked his tongue at her clit again, getting the exact same result, while he slid a hand down to drag a finger through the folds of her pussy. Pressing the tip of his middle against her velvety hole, the CatCo CEO eased it into her snatch and began to slowly fuck her with it.

“Ohhhh,” Kara moaned, pushing back against his finger.

Though James would have loved to have rested back and let Kara blow him with her surprisingly talented mouth, he had to agree with his girlfriend Lena in that Kara’s juices were like nothing he tasted before. Therefore, James wrapped his lips around her clit and applied a good deal of suction while using his tongue to tap on it. As he eased a second finger into Kara’s snatch, her concentration on his cock in her mouth started to lapse understandably.

With his middle and index fingers sliding in and out of Supergirl’s pussy, his ring finger rested in the crack of her ass. As James increased the speed of his finger fucking of his best friend, the finger in her crack rubbed against her asshole without realizing it until she gasped and started to squirm. Though tempted to pull it away when he realized he had brushed her crinkled hole, instead James decided to test the waters a little.

James was not only a big fan of anal sex, but he was well versed in all acts of sodomy as he found a competant backdoor fucker got the chance to get his dick in more booties. Therefore, knowing exactly what he wanted to do even if the dorky/adorable Kara Danvers was the last person he thought was into anal, James slipped his fingers out of her pussy so he could use them to rub them against her anus, paying close attention to her reaction. When the leggy blonde moaned, James gently pushed against the center with his well-lubricated digit half expecting her to pull away, however Supergirl surprised him immensely by actually pushing back against his finger until her anus started to give way. Using his vast experience, James didn’t want to go too far too soon so he eased off and went back to circling around her backdoor with his finger. After a couple laps around it, the handsome black man pushed again, this time letting the tip of his finger penetrate Supergirl’s asshole.

“Uhhh,” Kara grunted.

Though the head of her boss’ cock was still in her mouth, the blonde superhero wasn’t doing much with it at the moment as the mouth on her clit and the finger barely inserted in her ass took up her attention. Easing more of his finger into his best friend’s asshole, James got to the first knuckle before stopping. When she pushed against him again, the CatCo boss started to slowly fuck her ass with the finger, working up to the second knuckle in and out of her sphincter.

“Fuck me,” Kara hissed, uncharacteristically swearing but for a reason as her body shook from the rapid onset of an orgasm ripping through her.

Craving her orgasmic pussy juices like a drug, James shifted his mouth from lapping at her clit in order to stick his tongue deep with her mound and savor as much of the juices that flooded out of her as he could. As he tasted the Kryptonian, he could feel her asshole clamped down on his finger that James had left buried up to the second knuckle to ride out the storm.

When her orgasm finally passed, Kara went limp on top of him. Apparently Kryptonians came just as hard as humans, especially when it was their second time cumming in such a short time period. Since James was underneath her and he didn’t want to just toss her off him, the former photographer for the Daily Planet decided he may as well keep busy. Therefore, after extracting his finger from her ass, James stuck out his tongue and swirled it around her clit to stir a little life back into Supergirl.

“Mmm,” Kara moaned, her boss’ technique working as planned.

Dragging his tongue upwards, James pulled her ass cheeks apart and finished with a little flick of his tongue against her crinkled starfish. Kara’s head shot up and she let out a low moan at the touch so James gave her another. When she moaned yet again, the bald man ran his slippery muscle around the rim of her asshole in a tight circle.

“Oh Rao, lick my ass,” Kara moaned, her hand stroking his cock.

“Did your friend Eve ever tell you she let me put it in her butt?” James asked her, rubbing his thumb over her asshole. “She came like a freight train as I blew my load inside her ass.”

“Ohhhh,” Kara moaned, obviously picturing his ebony cock stuffed up busty blonde’s little butt.

While the image of the bubbly Eve Teschmacher getting her nice ass filled with James’ dick was fresh in her head, her CatCo boss pressed his thumb against Kara’s asshole. Though he would have liked to loosen her up with something more approximate to the size of his dick, his thumb would have to suffice for now. As the handsome bald man worked his thumb into her ass up to the first joint, James let his tongue go back to work on her clit.

“Fuck me,” Kara whined, pushing back against him again. “Pussy, ass, anything.”

“Kara Danvers! Such a potty mouth,” James laughed at her demanding nature.

“Shut up and just fuck me.” Supergirl pleaded.

It wasn’t every day that a girl like Kara, who was equal parts adorable, dorky and yet still so beautiful and sexy, gave you permission to fuck them wherever or however you wanted. And James really, desperately wanted to fuck Supergirl’s ass, especially since it had grown in size and firmness over the past year. Hell, even last year James would have given his left nut to sodomize the adorable blonde, but now that she had targeted her booty with extra gym sessions to make it thicker and plumper, he couldn’t pass up the chance. But the lube was in my room and James knew that if we went to my room it would give her some time to cool down and think about it and possibly chicken out.

Assuming Kryptonians were like humans, James decided that going for the lube in his room and risk Kara changing her mind was a chance he needed to take in order to have the lube around just in case. Choice made, James sat up and squirmed out from under the leggy blonde so that he could wrap his arms around her and lifted her as James stood up from the couch.

“Whoa!” Kara gave a girly shrieked as she was hoisted in the air. “Normally I’m the one carrying people like this.”

With Kara giggling and wrapping her legs around his waist, James peered over her shoulder to make sure the route to his bedroom was clear. Though he’d walked it hundreds of times before and was pretty sure he could walk it with his eyes closed but since he was given the shot at Supergirl’s ass, the last thing James wanted to do was trip and lose even the chance to fuck her pussy again. Of course he had no trouble hauling her tall frame to the bedroom in seconds, pushing open the door before James set her down carefully on the edge. Though Kara unlatched her long legs from around his muscular waist, her arms stayed locked around his neck which allowed Kara to simultaneously leaned back and pulled James on top of her as he leaned in to kiss her.

"I think he needs some attention,” Kara whispered into her boss’ ear as she felt his ebony cock bump against her thigh.

“Where did we land on this whole ‘pussy, ass, anything, just fuck me’ thing?” James asked, shifting his hips until he felt his cock poised at the opening of her pussy.

“Whatever you want,” Kara said, the nervousness audible in her voice.

“Are you sure?” James asked, keeping his eyes on her as he reached out to open the drawer of his nightstand.

“No, but your tongue felt really good back there,” Kara answered, her eyes showing some excitement. “And your fingers felt really weird, but in a good way. Actually in the best way possible.”

With the bottle in hand, James straightened up a little bit, needing to break their tonguing as a result. Squeezing a bit of lube onto his fingertips James rubbed them together a bit to warm up the cold gel before pressing his finger against her anus. After rubbing a little around the rim of her backdoor, James gently pushed his digit inside, twisting and moving the finger around as James simultaneously went to help loosen her up while also spreading more of the lube around the inside of her muscular ring.

“Ready?” James asked when he was sure both he and she were well greased.

"I think so,” Kara said, lifting her head to look at where James was lining his cock up with her asshole.

“Remember to relax. Being Kryptonian, I doubt it’ll hurt you if you tighten up but I hate to think what your sphincter will do to me,” James said, pressing the tip of his cock against the entrance to her rectum.

When she nodded, James pushed forward, gently but firmly. At first she did what main of women did and resisted. She knew she shouldn’t so with concentration, given away by the way her face wrinkled up, Kara soon enough relaxed and James felt her start to open up. Finally her eyes went wide as saucers as her asshole opened enough for his ebony cock to slide in just past the crown.

“Oh Rao,” Kara gasped, her ass clenching up at the sudden stretching.

“Relax,” James reminded her, moving his hands to stroke Kara’s sides to calm her down.

James was right in the terms that it didn’t hurt to have her sphincter spread wide, which made sense given that bullets could be fired at her and not cause her any pain. In fact, to Kara it felt mostly erotic and pleasurable, albeit foreign. Meanwhile for James, he had more of the sense of how a typical woman must feel when they were being sodomized as it was only he in this encounter that could be hurt. The only thing stopping him from experiencing pain at any moment was his partner, so making sure that he had smooth thrusts and keeping her relaxed was paramount. Therefore, after a few moments of waiting and caressing, Supergirl started to loosen up slightly around his invading dick. As Kara took a deep breath James slowly pushed forward another inch, but only an inch and decided to thrust in and out with only that amount of shaft.

“Play with your clit,” James told her as he wanted her to stay loose.

Kara was no stranger to masturbation given the fact that the yellow sun of Earth ramped up her sexual hormones, just like it did to grant her super powers. Reaching down Kara touched her clit with her middle finger and as she circled the little nub with her finger she moaned and James felt her body start to relax. Jamesn no time she pushed against me and James took the chance to ease a little more into her.

“Any pain?” James asked her, still giving her small strokes to get used to being ass-fucked for the first time.

“Not even for a second,” Kara answered, lifting her hips to accept his thrusts as James started to stretch out his spikes, getting more of his ebony shaft into Supergirl’s ass. "It actually feels kinda nice, and really naughty.”

“Focus on the naughtiness,” James said, hoping it would continue to take her mind off any urge to tighten up and crush his cock. “Think about how naughty it is to be getting fucked in the ass and loving it.”

“Oooh,” Kara moaned as her finger started to move faster on her clit.

“You like having my entire dick in your tight ass? Or should I take it out?” James asked as he finally got the last of his cock into her firm booty.

“Noooo,” Kara grunted, her free hand going to her tits to pinch a nipple between her fingers.

“Want me to fuck your ass?” James asked, continuing to pull in and out of her with all 7 and a half inches of hard cock.

“Yeah, fuck my ass,” Kara said, clearly enjoying the experience.

Though at the beginning he was taking an agonizingly slow pace, more to protect himself from harm than her for a change, as Kara got more into the sodomy, James was able to pick up the pace. Knowing that she was able to handle anything at this point, James began going faster and faster as he slid almost all of his shaft in and out of her Kryptonian asshole. Experimenting slightly, every couple thrusts James added a little extra power to his spears into Supergirl’s previously untouched rectum.

“Harder,” Kara grunted, hooking her legs around his waist and using them to pull her boss deeper into her asshole.

Not being one to say no to a superpowered, horny woman, James gave her what she wanted. Grabbing onto her hips, James added a little more power to his thrusts forward, the added force making her small but perky tits bounce. Wanting to be sure she could handle it and not clamp down on him, James had lowered his speed and instead focused on depth and power, but it seemed to satisfy her for the moment as she closed her eyes and moaned.

“You like having your ass fucked, don’t you?” James asked, shortening his strokes and picking up speed.

“Ahh! Yeah,” Kara responded, moving her finger from clit to dip into her pussy.

“Put two fingers in your pussy,” James said, wanting to see how much she could take.

“Ohhh, so tight,” Kara moaned, her eyes going wide as she added a second finger to the one already making squishy sounds in her dripping snatch.

James felt the added tightness that Kara mentioned almost immediately as well. Her ass had already been squeezing him delightfully but when she added the second finger it got even tighter. Luckily it wasn’t enough to hurt, only add more pressure to his slick cock. It was so tight that even after cumming on her adorable face 20 minutes ago, it was already starting to take its toll on him. Of course, the fact that James was watching Kara’s adorable face contort in pleasure from having his entire cock shoved up her ass as he went faster and faster didn’t help his staying power either.

“Oh Rao,” Kara moaned as James slammed his cock into her ass over and over.

“You want to cum again, don’t you?” James asked her, watching as the Kryptonian arched her back in pleasure.

“Yes!” Kara screamed, bringing her other hand down to rub her clit while she fucked her pussy with two fingers.

“Cum for me. Cum while being ass fucked,” James demanded. “Feel my cock in your asshole while you’re coming.”

“OHHHH,” Kara moaned, closing her eyes and trying to focus on getting just that little bit extra that would push her over the edge.

"I’m close too,” James warned, hoping she’d get there before James did. “Want me to cum in your mouth again?”

“Yeah, let me taste you,” Kara hissed as her orgasm finally struck.

James heard a deafening cry of pleasure emitted from Supergirl, apparently Kara succumbing to a third and maybe the strongest orgasm yet of the night. As her ass clamped down James tried to work through the Kryptonian’s orgasm but it was just too tight to continue to move. So James stopped but the seizures of pleasure shooting through her caused her to move just enough to push him to the brink anyway.

With nothing resembling elegance, James yanked his cock from Supergirl’s death grip of her ass before he moved onto the bed on his knees. Crawling up the bed with his lubed-up cock in hand, James stopped next to Kara’s head. As she turned her face and opened her mouth James stroked his cock to push himself over the submit to his second orgasm of the night.

“Shit! Here it comes,” he warned at the last second.

Aiming at her open mouth James let loose. The first jet squirted out and hit her upper lip with the second one following right on its heels and hitting her on the roof of the mouth. While her own orgasm from seconds ago wound down, Kara lifted her head and took the head of his ebony dick into her mouth and sucked the rest out of her good friend. With lots of suction, Kara’s cheeks hollowed as a result while she bobbed her lips up and down half his length, all while her tongue massaged the underbelly of his shaft. Continuing to suck his cock for a good minute after he was done draining his nuts into her mouth, Kara suddenly stopped and her eyes went wide as if realizing where his cock had just been. But then James caught a little twinkle in her eye as she gave his cock another tentative suck.

“You like that, don’t you?” James asked as she went back to cleaning his cock of all remaining lube and ass juices.

“What! No...well kinda. Okay, yeah,” she admitted, finally letting his spent cock slip from her mouth when she was sure she’d gotten all of it. Apparently all of Kryptonian juices tasted good, even to themselves.

It seemed that the fates were on James’ side as no sooner than minutes after they finished, Kara’s phone started to buzz. James watched as the naked Supergirl grabbed the phone before he decided to make way, leaving her in the privacy of his bedroom as she talked to whoever was on the opposite end of the line. After 10 minutes, Kara finally emerged out into the living room, fully dressed but with wet hair.

"I take it you’re not staying the night.” James assessed.

“Hope you didn’t mind but I grabbed a shower. Didn’t want to head home to Alex smelling like sex. Anal sex at that,” Kara smiled.

“Not at all. It’s great she wants to console you,” James said.

“Thanks,” Kara said, walking over to give the strapping man a hug. “She’ll probably console me without putting any of her anatomy nearly a foot deep in my booty.”

“Yeah, most likely,” he replied as the pair shared an easy laugh.

“Thanks for letting me come over tonight.” Kara said. “I know your with Lena and that this was a one time deal.”

“Hey, I’m just glad I could take your mind off the problems, even if it was only for an hour,” James replied. “And I’m happy the air is clear between us. I feel like I have my friend back.”

“Me too. I’ll see you at work tomorrow,” Kara replied, giving him one last hug before she literally flew off his balcony, at which point James picked up his phone to give Lena the good news.

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Re: Supergirl: Super-Harem Series
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Title: Super-Harem Part 4
Pairing: Killer Frost/James Olsen
Codes: MF, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. I don't own or have anything to do with Supergirl or Flash, especially the characters Kara & Alex Danvers, Lena Luthor, Winn Schott, Caitlin Snow, Killer Frost or James Olsen

Summary: Season 3 when Lena and James Olsen are dating. Caitlin comes to Earth-38 when she hears that Lena could use Haren-El to successfully split Kara. After tinkering, it works. Rather than had home right away, Killer Frost with freedom and years of pent up hormones hooks up with the first and most handsome man she finds - James.

“I think I have something here Eve,” Lena Luthor called out to her assistant.

“A cure for cancer?” Eve Teschmacher asked excitedly as she came rushing across the lab to her boss.

“Afraid not,” the stunning dark-haired woman answered. “But look at this.”

As Lena stepped back from the electron scanning microscope, Eve took her place. With a little fine tuning of the nobs, Eve was able to see what her pale skinned boss was so excited about. “The mitochondria...they’re being separated out of the rest of the muscle cell. But how?”

“I irradiated a sliver of the Haren-El and exposed the resulting concentrated serum to the heart cells. After several different experiments, I’ve realized that the mitochondria is being pulled out because it is only maternal DNA whereas the cell it lives within is completely foreign since its a combination of mom and dad DNA,” Lena explained.

“Knowing you, you’ve already set up and completed other experiments,” Eve said, drawing a nod from her boss. “Let me guess, with designer bipolar mice?”

“Yes. Then with schizophrenic mice as well. Care to guess the results?” Lena asked, a twinkle in her eye.

“Successful splitting of the personalities?” Eve threw out an answer, knowing it wouldn’t be correct given how happy this accidental finding had made Lena. “Wait. One mouse was successfully split into 2 mice - one for each personality.

Smiling wide, Lena walked back to where they kept the mice that they experimented on. Grabbing the white cloth, she pulled it away and revealed the presence of twin mice, looking identical in every way. Eve asked if they were originally the same mouse and Lena simply nodded her head, a smile plastered on her face.

“I have an off-the-books experiment scheduled on a real human subject for later today. Of course he volunteered for the treatment once I explained the results. Would you care to sit in on it?” Lena asked her assistant.

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Eve replied, loving her role in helping progress science even if with some unethical means.

“If all goes well, I think I know a certain Earth-1 girl who would really benefit from this treatment,” Lena said, thinking of a leggy scientist she had met last year.

*   *   *

Most of the talking happened between Supergirl and the Flash. Or as very few people knew them as Earth-38 Kara Danvers and Earth-1 Barry Allen. Though Lena Luthor was in the inner circle of the Team Arrow group, she was a periphery member as she had helped them during the 2 times they had crossed paths on her world. For some, the knowledge of a Multiverse would have been too big to comprehend, but for a genius of Lena’s level, it only confirmed what she already believed.

“Was she interested?” Lena asked the blue-and-red caped superhero who was standing on her balcony at L-Corp.

“Very much so, Ms. Luthor,” Supergirl responded, doing her best to gyrate at a superfast level, just like the Flash had taught her, helping to obstruct her identity. “She’s coming any minute now with Cisco Ramon and as long as the science looks good to them then Caitlin Snow will consent to the therapy.”

“Excellent,” Lena beamed, happy at the chance to prove herself to the team of superheroes with the hopes of finally becoming one of them.

No sooner had Lena replied when a breach opened up in the middle of Lena’s office. Both women rushed in from the balcony, present in time to see two individuals emerged from the portal that breached Earth-1 and Earth-38. Cisco was a long-haired, olive-skinned man in his early 30s and was one of the resident brains of Team Flash. The goddess next to him was Caitlin Snow, a woman Lena had met only twice before, and was the reason for them being here.

“I see we got here right in time,” James Olsen said as he and Winn Schott came in through the main entrance of the office. “Caitlin, Cisco, happy to see you again.”

“And this time without aliens or our Nazi dopplegangers trying to kill us,” Cisco replied as everyone in the office exchanged greetings.

“May I see the data?” Caitlin said, one Ph.D. biochemist speaking to the other biochem Ph.D.

“Of course. You can all follow me to the lab,” Lena answered.

An hour passed with Cisco and Caitlin reviewing all of Lena’s data and experiment logs. At this point, with both Earth-1 heroes agreeing the results on the cellular level, mice and even humans looked to be perfect. Lena had even done studies on bacteria to view how the long-term replication and stability would be effected, and it showed no difference to unaltered bacteria. Therefore, after one final consultation with Killer Frost, the Hyde to her Jekyll, Caitlin consented to the splitting treatment.

“Whenever your ready I’ll have you enter the sealed chamber,” Lena said.

“Okay,” Caitlin said, nervous but also very hopeful. “Let’s do this.”

“You’ll have to strip first,” the gorgeous billionaire stated before the brunette could enter. “Everyone who isn’t essential, can you please leave.”

“You too Cisco,” Caitlin replied as everyone but Lena and Eve headed to the doors, allowing Caitlin her dignity.

When all but the 3 women were left in the lab, Caitlin made short work of her dress, though Lena did offer to unzip her. The scientist from Earth-1 gladly took her offer and pulled her slightly wavy, light brown hair out of the way so Lena could wind the zipper down its metal track on the back of her dress. With the garment loosened, Caitlin was able to step out of the green dress, followed by her shoes before finishing the job by unhooking her bra and pulling down her thong.

Lena looked at the screens in front of her but of course she snuck some glances of the gorgeous scientist and liked what she saw. In truth, Caitlin reminded her a lot of Kara’s body with some obvious differences. Both were long and lean with narrow waists and hips, small but perky breasts and surprisingly thick asses given their size, not to mention possessed mile-long legs. However, Kara was in much better shape as she possessed a strong core, arms and legs while Caitlin was slender but with traditional feminine softness.

“Okay Caitlin, you’re going to see the release of the vapor now.” Lena’s voice spoke over the comms in the chamber. “The previous subjects recalled feeling some strange sensations, but nothing too painful. This should only take a minute.”

With a final deep breath to steady herself, the leggy scientist nodded her head. With that, Lena released the gas, at which time 2 things happened within 20 seconds. The first was that the view into the chamber through the transparent glass became cloudy at first before it was too thick a black cloud to see into. The next thing was a moan and finally a scream that erupted from Caitlin Snow’s mouth.

*   *   *

“Okay everyone, you can come back in,” Lena said, opening the door into her lab.

Despite one of the waiting party being Supergirl, Cisco was first off the chair and past Lena to enter her laboratory. However, upon entry he noticed an empty glass chamber where Lena would have experimented on Caitlin, with Eve Teschmacher the only other soul in the spacious, hi-tech room.

“Where is she,” Cisco asked, panic creeping into his voice.

“I’m right here, Cisco,” Caitlin replied, now fully dressed and stepping back into her high heels.

“Maybe he meant me,” a second voice replied, stepping out from around the corner.

Cisco, James and Supergirl all slacked their jaws in amazement as Killer Frost came walking up beside Caitlin. Where only moments before both women were contained in the same body, now they were two individuals. Though Killer Frost and Caitlin Snow had identical bodies, how they showed it off differed considerably. As Caitlin had opted for a tight-fitting dress and fashionable high heels that she wore almost daily, Killer Frost was in her more traditional garb as well. Having packed some clothes for her alter ego, Killer Frost was of a matching height to her twin die to the heeled boots she wore, while she showcased her impossibly long legs in form-fitting leather pants. Up top, the woman with white hair wore a corset that showed off her modest cleavage underneath a tight leather jacket.

“Oh my God,” Cisco gawked, running up and first hugging his bioengineering best friend before giving one to the white-haired ice meta, albeit with more resistance from Killer Frost.

“Is that a tone of surprise,” Eve said, almost with something like spite in her voice. As if anyone would possibly doubt the brilliance of her boss.

“Down girl,” Killer Frost spoke for the startled Cisco. “He’s just impressed. We all are.”

“I seriously can’t thank you enough,” Caitlin took over. “Though I loved having Frost in my mind, it was time she got to have her own life. To do as you want.”

“No longer my keeper,” Killer Frost joked. “Don’t worry, I’m still part of your rag-tag group. But I think I will start to take advantage of my freedom. You two still heading back to Central City?”

“Yeah, actually. Almost immediately, if that’s okay with you?” Cisco answered.

“It is after a few last tests. In fact, Eve can draw the blood and than I just need you back again next week.” Lena explained.

“Then I think I’ll stick around here for a little while. Explore a new world. “So does anyone have any free time to show a girl around National City,” Killer Frost asked.

After a round of negatives from Supergirl, Winn, Alex Danvers and Lena, James spoke up. “Actually, I do. Catco are doing a series of guest editors this week so they do 90% of the work. I just need to review the layout and give the thumbs up at the end of the day before print so, if you want a host…”

“Perfect,” Killer Frost said in a smile that was pure desire.

“Are you sure you wanna stay, Frost,” Caitlin asked as she and Cisco prepared to head back to their Earth.

“Completely,” she answered though her eyes never stopped wandering James’ body.

“Okay well I’m leaving you with the dimensional travel amulet for you to use to breach back to our world if you want to leave at end point,” Caitlin said, though her eyes kept flashing towards Supergirl and James in worry.

“Or to be used by big bad Supergirl to kick me out of her world if I get too annoying,” Killer Frost replied in a sneer for her twin.

“What? I wouldn’t…” Kara protested before James stopped her rambling with a well timed hand onto her arm.

“I’ll be a good girl. I’m sure James can keep me occupied just fine,” Frost almost purred.

“We really do need to leave, Caitlin,” Cisco reminded her as he used his Vibe ability to open a breach.

“Thanks again Lena,” Caitlin thanked one last time before addressing her twin. “Be good. Make good choices.”

*   *   *

“You know she totally wants to fuck you, right?” Lena Luthor said to her boyfriend while Killer Frost was freshening up.

“Yeah, I got that pretty obvious tell of hers,” James replied with a smirk. “Your thoughts?”

“Well she’s a completely gorgeous. Those legs! And a nice bottom for a skinny girl,” Lena observed. “Same rules we had with Kara?”

“I think I can manage that. You’re free tonight?” James asked.

“For the two of you, I’ll clear my schedule.”

*   *   *

“So what do you want to do? Go see the sights?” James asked the ice-manipulating metahuman from Earth-1.

“Maybe Caity would have but I think I need more clothes than the one outfit I was brought,” Killer Frost replied.

“I know a few places that you’d like,” James replied.

For the next few hours, James and Frost hit several places around National City until the meta had picked out several items. They mostly consisted of leather pants, different tops and an extra pair of heeled boots. And of curious, the last stop on the clothing trip was at a lingerie store so she could add to the only pair of underwear that Caitlin had packed her. Though he normally hated to go shopping, James didn’t mind the trip with Frost to pick out a number of tiny thongs and push-up bras, all of which Frost demanded on trying on and getting the former photographer’s opinion on them.

“Anything else you need?” James said after paying for the clothes since Frost had no Earth-38 money.

“No more clothes, but substance now.” Killer Frost answered.

“Sure. What are you craving? Italian, Thai, Chinese? I have great places for any option you want.” James countered.

“Cold beer. Or even just beer, I can handle the chilling part,” the meta replied, making an ice knife in her hand before letting it dissolve again.

“I can manage that. Looks a little like a dive bar but they are an underrated microbrewery with a great kitchen,” James suggested, recalling his favorite spot he loved bringing visiting company from out of town.

“Dive bars are more my speed so lead on, handsome,” Frost flirted. “As long as its not too far from your place. Would hate to make you drive too far out of the city just for frosty old me.”

Luckily James knew exactly what Frost was angling at. From the way she eyed him up earlier and Caitlin’s reaction to said glances, he knew Frost was trying to get him alone and near a bed to fuck in and if alcohol was invovled than that would make it even easier for her. James had absolutely no problem with that, especially after his brief but productive talk with his girlfriend Lena, who was very open with them sharing their bed with other females.

“Another reason why I suggested this place. It’s right around the corner from my building.”

The drive was a short one to James’ favorite eatery in the city and Killer Frost was surprisingly chatty for someone who had rightly earned reputation of being, well, frosty. However, the ice queen was happy with being her own person, full-time. She loved Caitlin and would cherish their time together forever, however, the fact that she wasn’t a kept woman, only freed when there was a fight needing her assistance or when Caitlin was asleep wasn’t really a life.

“Mr Olsen, I have a booth ready for you now if you’d care to follow,” the hostess offered as the CatCo CEO and the Earth-1 meta entered the restaurant.

“It’s just James,” he replied, following the hostess. “And when you get a chance can you bring us a couple beer flights of your recommended choices to sample. Oh, and an order of the chili-lime brussel sprouts and the baked skillet brie to start with.”

“Brussel sprouts?” Killer Frost questioned with a sideways glance.

“Don’t knock it until you try them,” James smiled, knowing they were one of the tasty things he’d ever eaten in National City. “Besides, they’re deep-fried.”

“Won’t your girlfriend mind that your sharing your prized apps with another woman?” Killer Frost asked right as there wooden platter containing 3 half-pint beer glasses were set down in front of them.

“She’s not like that at all,” James said, watching as the meta downed half her first glass before doing likewise himself. “Lena’s more of the line of thought that sharing is caring.”

“Oh? That pale goddess is your girlfriend?” Killer Frost asked before sampling one of the deep fried brussel sprouts. “God damn! These are good.”

“Started off as just...friends with benefits,” James explained, finishing his sprout before finishing his first glass of beer.

“So James Olsen is off the menu then?” Killer Frost asked, downing her half-pint as well before looking eyes with the former photographer.

“As I said, Lena’s more than up for sharing,” he replied, smiling over the rim of his glass as he started on his second.

“Whadda you say we finish these drinks and maybe grab a 6-pack to go?” Frost suggested, remembering him saying he lived close.

“Best idea I’ve heard all day.”

*   *   *

The apartment door crashed open with neither James nor Killer Frost caring about it. All they could be bothered with was their make out session, which had been going strong since roughly halfway along the short walk from restaurant to the former photographer’s condo, up the elevator and as they stumbled down the hallway to reach his door. What had started as some light rubbing of Killer Frost’s fairly thick ass in the short ride up to the top level of the building had escalated quickly to a full tongue-fueled kissing adventure.

"Are you sure...mhmmm...this isn't moving too fast," the handsome black man asked between kisses. Even though he too was suffering from the unquenchable thirst of pleasure just like Killer Frost was, his manners and respect were hardwired into his DNA.

“Don’t be such a girl,” Frost taunted before cramming her tongue back into his mouth.

Killer Frost had wanted to fuck the tall dark and handsome man since she met him a year ago, and now that she had him in her sights, she wasn’t going to turn him loose. Especially since her pussy was soaking wet from their passionate tonguing already, making her panties feel 4 times as heavy. After all, Killer Frost rarely had enough free time to go about and have sex since Caitlin was more or less the one always in charge, which meant the icy meta had a lot of fucking to make up for.

Though he'd only briefly interacted with Killer Frost for a very limited time when they teamed up to fight the world-ending threats, James knew that the ice meta was all business. In order to not overthink what was happening, he leaned down and kissed Frost’s neck, sending a plethora of shivers down her back. His hands, which until now had been moving between running through her silky white hair and along her back now slid up from the curve of her low back to her shoulders where he dragged the leather jacket down her arms until it fell to the floor.

"Mmhmm," the metahuman moaned.

Not to be the only one getting undressed, Frost's chilly fingers went to work on each of James's buttons until his shirt was wide open revealing his chest. His dark skin looked so good Frost wanted to eat it, but before she could bend down and lick his pecs she found her arms being lifted overhead to allow James to remove her corset, which soon puddled on the floor with her jacket.

It was as if the pair had exchanged words to coordinator their motion but in reality they both just wanted to be naked as fast as possible. While James untucked his shirt before pulling it off his arms, Frost undid her pants before beginning the chore of sliding the form-fitting leather down her incredibly long legs. By the time she had kicked them off and stood in nothing but a bra and thong, James was reduced to only boxer briefs as well.

"Bedroom," Frost commented before attacking the man with her mouth.

"This way," James managed to eek out before stuffing his tongue down her throat.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Killer Frost used his strong frame to help lift herself up so James could pull her panties down over her ass. Once they were down far enough, the former Daily Planet photographer grabbed her now bare ass cheeks and hoisted her up the rest of the way so her bra-clad tits pressed against his ebony chest while her long legs wrapped around his torso. Luckily for the pair of horny adults the walk from the doorway to the master bedroom wasn't very far. Throughout the journey, Killer Frost kept feeling his erect cock pressing against her inner thigh and stomach, however the most she could do was give it a rub overtop his cotton underwear given their positioning.

Ever the over-achiever, James effortlessly carried the leggy girl down his hallway, opened the door plus managed to unclasp her bra, thus dispelling her of the last remaining article of clothing from the metahuman’s body.

“God, those are great tits,” James commented as his hands gave the perfectly-sized boobs a gently squeeze before teasing her small pink nipples until they were hard.

Though she didn't exactly have a big pair of tits, Killer Frost, and therefore Caitlin Snow as well, did manage a fairly perky set of boobs. What they lacked in size they made up for in their perkiness, capped off with an adorably small bright pink nipple that was already erect even before the tall man leaned down and took one into his mouth. Frost moaned in response as he suckled at her breast before softly releasing his suction so he could do likewise to her matching boob.

As he settled her down onto the floor, James looked at Killer Frost with what could only be described as an evil grin, one in which she was returning back at him. Deciding on his plan of action, he placed his hands back onto her perky tits, wet in his saliva now, and eased her backwards onto his bed until her bare ass as seated on the mattress with her legs spread wide.  There were a number of things James could do to her from such a position but only one that he knew he wanted to do first.

Leaning down, James gave the pale complexion meta a quick kiss before sinking to his knees in front of her. Killer Frost moaned as James put his hands behind the backs of her knees and pulled her forward until her ass was right at the edge of the bed. Draping her legs over his shoulders, the CatCo CEO drew his eyesight onto her bare pussy with its well trimmed landing strip to his hungry gaze.

“Look good enough to eat,” James said with a wolfish smile, lightly blowing a stream of air across her pussy. Killer Frost moaned and her grabbed the top of his head in response. As she tried to pull his head closer James stiffened his neck and refused to budge as he exhaled against her pussy again.

“Please?” Killer Frost groaned, once again trying to overpower him with no avail.

“Did I just make the big bad Killer Frost beg?” James taunted.

As much fun as it was to push her buttons, James didn’t forget that he was dealing with a potentially dangerous metahuman who could literally freeze him to death with one kiss. Finally relenting, James leaned in and ever so lightly ran the tip of his tongue along the length of her slit. James doesn't think it was what she was looking for though because she let an anguished grunt at his teasing.

“Want me to lick you?” James asked, looking up at her.

“So badly,” Killer Frost hissed, using her thighs on his shoulders and her hands in his bald head to try to lift herself off the mattress and get her pussy a couple inches closer to his tongue.

“Tell me what you want,” James said, using his hands on her thighs to hold her down on the bed he fucked Lena Luthor on only just this morning.

“I want you to lick my pusssssssiiieeee,” Killer Frost moaned, her body twitching as James finally let his tongue darted out to flick at her clit.

Done teasing the ice queen, James moved a hand between her legs to spread her labia with his fingers so his tongue could bat her clit around like a Muhummad Ali with a speed bag. When she started to gasp for air, James changed tactics by moving his tongue down to slither through her folds, collecting moisture and savoring her metahuman taste, which unsurprisingly was slightly chilled.

“Oh God, fuck me,” Killer Frost swore, her grip on his bald scalp tightening as she hunched her hips against his face.

Moving back up to her clit, James wrapped his lips around her sensitive nub this time. When he gave it a suck, Killer Frost stiffened like she’d been shot, her hand on his head twitching hard enough that it felt like she could’ve dented his skull. Keeping one hand on her thigh to keep her from bucking him off, James moved the other one up to where she was trying to crush his skull, prying her fingers free of his skin so that he was able to light push her, urging her to lay back.

Though it helped that the ice-powered meta was no longer squeezing his head with her strong hands, with her back against the bed it gave her leverage to buck her hips, which made it more difficult to hang on. So rather than continue to suck on her clit, James changed again and flattened his tongue against it. Bringing his right hand down between her legs, the journalist teased her opening with his index finger. Swirling his tongue around her clit James slowly pushed his finger into Killer Frost’s tight cunt.

“Ohhhh,” Killer Frost moaned, her body jerking involuntarily as James kept her on edge.

Sensing that she was getting close, probably due to the fact that she hadn’t been this sexually stimulated in who knows how long, if ever, James went in for the kill. Holding her as still as he could, the handsome black man let his tongue flick at her clit in as rapid-fire of a motion as physically possible. Meanwhile he added a second finger to the one in her pussy and started to pump them in and out of her with more vigor than before.

“Fuck, fuck,” Killer Frost hissed, her thighs clamping tightly against his ears as her hips started to buck. "So close...need it...want it."

Knowing how close she was to such a long awaited orgasm, James focused all his attention on keeping her sensitive clit locked between his lips throughout all her gyrations. That was usually the ticket to cumming, but he didn’t stop there as he wanted to leave nothing to chance so he multitasked by curling his fingers inside her. Finding her G-spot with ease due to a lot of practice, James stroked it with his fingertips and was rewarded with a loud scream as Killer Frost’s whole body tightened up like a rope put under tension.

"Oh God! Oh my God! Yes, yes, yesssssss," Frost screamed as she came like a freight train.

As the ice queen soaked his hand with her cum James kept flicking his tongue against her clit to prolong her pleasure. But as her orgasm wore on her combination of metahuman power and crime fighting training came to the forefront with her muscular thighs gripping his head tightly and with each twitch it felt like she was going to snap his neck. Therefore, James had to think from a self-preservation angle and after a few more heartbeats of extending her orgasm he had to finally call it off by pulling his fingers from her pussy and after one last flick he pulled his tongue back. After a couple moments without stimulation Killer Frost finally started to calm down enough to unlock her legs from around his head so James could move again.

“Oh god,” Killer Frost gasped as her mental faculties started to return. Once the cobwebs were clear though, she took control. "Take off your boxers.”

The handsome man got stood up from his kneeling position at the foot of the bed, his fingers hooked in the waistband of his underwear. While straightening up he simultaneously pushed the boxers down his legs until his lengthy near 8-inch cock was full exposed, rendering him as naked as the gorgeous metahuman.

Now fully naked, when James tried to push Killer Frost down onto her back, the ice queen had other ideas. Flashing a wicked grin up at the much taller man, James didn’t know if the metahuman used some of her abilities or what, but all he knew went from standing in front of the white-haired goddess to laying in bed facing up at the ceiling. Sinking to her knees in the same spot James was in when he ate her out only moments before she reached out and ran her fingertips along the shaft of his cock from crown to sack before wrapping her hand around the base. Grinning at him with a twinkle in her icy blue eyes, Killer Frost lifted his cock until it was straight up and down, allowing for her to lean her head in, at which she blew a stream of chilled air across the shaft, obviously trying to pay James back for teasing her earlier.

“Oh fuck! Not funny,” James grunted as she smirked up at

“A little,” Killer Frost giggled before sticking out her tongue and licking the underside of his cock.

“Better,” James said, leaning back on his hands as Killer Frost swirled her talented tongue around the head of his cock. “So much better.”

As his meat pole pulsed in her hand she lowered her fist to the midpoint in his shaft before lowering her head down, licking her lips in anticipation. With his eyes closed tightly and soaking in everything through feel alone, James was suddenly aware a mouth closed over the head of his ebony cock, engulfing the first 3 inches and sucked gently. The black man couldn't help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over.

Coming back up and pulling her mouth off him altogether, Killer Frost didn’t retreat too far. Swirling her tongue around the crown of his dick, the ice queen then slowly bobbed her head, taking a little bit more of him into her mouth at a time. When she had about half his cock in her mouth she stopped, took a breath, and reversed course until only the head was still between her lips.

"Yes. Suck it baby," he moaned in delight towards the equally horny Earth-1 woman.

Ignoring his comments, or maybe even inspired by them, Killer Frost started to push her head down his shaft further. When she got to the halfway point where she’d stopped last time, Frost kept on going, seemingly as if on a mission to take as much of him into her mouth as she could. Feeling the head of his cock bump against the back of her throat, James thought that was it but instead Killer Frost kept pushing. Trying to relax her throat, it was proving successful as James could feel himself start to push even further into but when she started gagging she pulled off him completely, a thick strand of saliva running from her lips to the tip of his cock.

“Ggglllkkkk,” Killer Frost made the throaty noise as she pulled back from him.

With a big inhalation of breath, Killer Frost lowered her head and started attacking his cock in earnest once more. Reaching down, James brushed a lock of snow-colored hair out of her gorgeous face as her eyes watered. With the hair no longer a distraction, Killer Frost leaned back down to take him back into her mouth. This time when James bumped against the back of her throat she stopped and let her tongue caress the shaft as she worked her way back up.

"Mmmmm," Killer Frost moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

Though it was clear she was out of practice, it was also evident that Killer Frost was a pro when it came to sucking cock. She had a comfort level about her as she rested on her knees with dick in her mouth that couldn’t be faked. James didn’t know the last time Caitlin let this genie out of her bottle to fuck, but it appeared Killer frost was making up for lost time given the speed she was currently using her mouth and fist in unison to stimulate every inch of his lengthy cock, her blue lips becoming a blur as she bobbed them with speed on his ebony shaft.

“Very good,” James mumbled as she expertly worked his cock, wearing off her rust by the second.

She may not have been able to able to pull off the deep throat, but she sure knew what she was doing otherwise. Redoubling her efforts, Killer Frost cupped his balls and fondled his testicles as she increased the suction she was applying to his cock. Grunting, James rolled his head back on his shoulders and his hips bucked as she drove him towards the edge.

The spacious bedroom was filled with grunting noises, as well as the softer moaning as Killer Frost hummed against the cock in her mouth. James remembered looking down and making eye contact with the gorgeous girl who seemed to be in her natural environment on her knees with his ebony dick between her lips. He pressed his head back into the pillows as the pleasure his date elicited from him seemed to create this sensory overload. However, though he had lost track of how close he was getting to reaching the point of no return, his date hadn’t. With a twin motion of suddenly stopping her blowjob by pulling her mouth all the way off his dick and tapping her metahuman power to give his ball sack a little frozen squeeze, James was backed away from his orgasm. As James groaned his disapproval and lifted his head to stare daggers at her for leaving him so close she just smirked up at him.

“As tempting as drinking your jizz is, I’d much prefer you inside me when you cum,” Killer Frost said, pushing him back down onto the bed.

Thankfully Killer Frost showed some compassion and took a moment or two to let James calm down and back away from the brink before moving to straddle him. It was a good thing because if she hadn’t then Superman’s best friend probably would’ve popped within moments of entering the ice queen. Then again, it was also bad that she took a little time because it left him groaning through a minor case of blue balls, having been brought so close to the edge before being rapidly pushed back.

Throwing a slender leg over his hips Killer Frost sat down on his lap, his cock trapped between their bodies. Perched atop of James, the snow white beauty shifted her hips, dragging her pussy along the underside of his cock and causing James to grunt and twitch, seeing as how the strapping black man was still a little overheated from her blowjob. Smirking down at him due to the reaction that was so easy for her to elicit, Killer Frost finally rose up, at which point a horny James took the initiative by shooting his hand down between their separated laps, grabbing his cock and aiming it at her hole. He didn’t thrust up and impale the slender girl like part of him wanted, instead he played it smart by rubbing his tip through her folds to gather her moisture on his head, which would aid in the initial penetration. After all, he had no idea how long Killer Frost or Caitlin had gone without sex so the metahuman was potentially as tight as a virgin.

“Fuck,” Killer Frost gasped, her head leaning forward and her eyes fluttering shut at the sudden penetration.

When she had descended on his cock low enough for the first 3 inches to pierce her pussy, Killer Frost took a moment to savor both the feeling of having sex for the first time in this new body, and to help cope with a monster cock splitting her open. When she started to lift back up until only the very tip of James stayed inside her, Killer Frost started to do the smallest descends onto his ebony shaft, only lowering herself maybe an inch before coming back up by the same distance. At first James thought she was doing this to ease her pussy into taking him, but when he looked up at her face he saw the wide grin plastered on her blue lips. Glaring at her, James took hold of her hips and when she started lowering herself onto him again he pulled Frost down while lifting his hips to drive himself all the way into her in one smooth thrust.

“It’s not nice to tease,” James grunted, giving both of them a moment to get used to having his cock buried completely inside her tight pussy.

“You did it first,” Killer Frost pointed out as she raised up about halfway off his cock.

Choosing to ignore her counter-argument and focus on the much more important task at hand, James drove up into her pussy again. When she moaned and leaned forward with her hands on his chest, a position that indicated the metahuman was done playing around and was ready to seriously fuck, James lowered his hips and let her resume control. With her weight leaning forward, Killer Frost slowly lifted up about three quarters of the way before pausing. Rather than doing it to tease, James looked up and watched as the metahuman bit her lower lip, letting him know she did so from pure pleasure. Not to leave James wanting, she suddenly dropped, taking him all the way into her cunt. Moaning she immediately rose up again.

With Killer Frost determined to ride him in earnest finally, James only needed the hands on her hips to help guide her. As Frost built more speed and stroked every inch of his ebony shaft with her tight pussy, he let his eyes roam first to her pink snatch where his cock was sliding in out before moving up her tight stomach to her small, perky breasts. Even though they were on the small side, they still looked fabulous with the way they fit her slender frame and the light pink nipple capping each, thus James made sure to spend an extra moment or two memorizing every little detail before letting his eyes continue their journey.

“Take a picture, ahhh, it’ll last longer,” Killer Frost cooed, rocking her hips back and forth while riding his shaft up and down.

While Killer Frost steadily increased the pace of her bounces on top of him, James studied the way her lips quivered and curled in concentration to help divert his brain from the fact that James really wanted to blow his load inside her. Her tightness, her flirty yet take no prisoners attitude and her killer body offset his impressive stamina. Luckily focusing on her facial expression worked, at least a little, as thoughts of hosing down her chilly insides with his warm jizz got pushed towards the back of his head.

Moving his hands off her hips and onto her back, the smooth talking James pulled her down until her bouncing tits were pressed against his powerful chest. As she leaned down to kiss him, James slid his hands down to her ass and gripped a cheek in each hand. Holding her still James lifted his hips and drilled up into her with as much power as he could.

“Oh...God!” Killer Frost moaned into his mouth as James pounded into her.

With James able to control the tempo, he went all out since it was clear the white-haired meta could handle it. Over and over he spiked his hips upwards, thankful for all the time he’d spent in the gym to allow him to do hundreds of thrusts upwards before a burn started to be felt in his core muscles. After the initial surge in the couple of minutes, James slowed down and lengthened his thrusts to cool down a bit. Stroking most of his cock in and out of her snatch allowed just that, while still giving Frost a healthy dose of pleasure with each stroke. When Killer Frost moaned and leaned her head on his shoulder while clutching at the sheets, James realized that she was closer to cumming that he’d thought.

“Feeling good?” James asked rhetorically, knowing full well the answer.

Putting a hand on her lower back and planting his left heel hard against his mattress, James rolled over. With him now on top of Killer Frost, the former Metropolis native put his hands on the bed on either side of her snow-colored head and straightened his arms. As her thighs gripped his waist and her heels dug into his ass to help spur him on, James set about making the final push towards both their orgasms. With each arching of his back his cock pulled out of the tight confines of her cunt before he speared his hips forwards, burying his length completely inside the meta who once shared a body with Caitlin Snow. Before she had a chance to moan, James was pulling back again. With each sheathing and unsheathing of all 8 inches of hard cock it drew a low guttural moan from Killer Frost.

“Fuck me,” Killer Frost gasped as his cock slid in and out of the tightness of her pussy with authority.

As James drove into her, Guardian and Killer Frost locked gazes and he could see the need in those deepest of icy blue eyes to cum again. As he broke contact, he gave another scan of her body, long enough for her stunning features to push him right to the edge but James gritted his teeth and tried to hold out long enough to make sure she got there as well. It was a race that James was on the verge of conceding though, however fate intervened because right as James was reaching the point where he was going to be unable to hold on any longer, Killer Frost arched her back and grabbed hold of his shoulders. Taking the early signs of frostbite that her hands were giving him as a sign that she was close enough for his orgasm to trigger hers, James drove forward one last time.

“Here it comes,” James grunted, recalling from earlier how she wanted his seed to fill her.

“Cum for me, baby,” Killer Frost moaned, knowing him erupting inside her would push her towards her own.

Her begging for his cum was the last barrier in his mind that held out any need with withhold. Doing what the gorgeous Earth-1 woman and his own body desperately wanted, James pumped his cock twice more before leaving it buried in Killer Frost to the hilt. Instantly cum shot forth, painting the inside of Caitlin Snow’s metahuman doppelganger with this jizz. Each squirt of his warm baby batter diminished in amount until the 6th pulse of semen was his last. 

“Oh god,” Killer Frost moaned, the feel of his seed spurting inside her causing her reach her climax as well.

As her pussy clamped down even tighter on his spent cock as she reached climax, she squeezed rhythmically, trying involuntary to milk every last bit from his balls it could. Meanwhile, Killer Frost’s mouth remained open with her face scrunched up without any sound coming out, every muscle in her body tensing. Finally her wordless scream stopped, as did all the tone in her muscles and even the frostbitten touch of her skin, which coincided perfectly with James being completely drained of his cum. Dropping down to his elbows, both parties panting and gasping for air from the excursion as his cock started to shrink, at which point James rolled his hulking frame off the slender beauty.

“Wow,” Killer Frost said, her pale skin glistening both from the thin layer of sweat and the afterglow of the sex.

“Wow is right,” James sighed, having rolling off of Killer Frost to lay on his side right next to her.

“Be back in a minute,” Killer Frost said before hurrying off to the bathroom before the creampie James had just left made a huge mess.

Little did James know that his enjoyment of Killer Frost’s company was just beginning instead of winding down...

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Great stories, thank you for posting them and sharing with us. :Y:  I apologize for my inactivity lately, been dealing with a sickness but starting to feel better now.

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Re: Supergirl: Super-Harem Series
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No worries at all. Hope you start feeling better
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Re: Supergirl: Super-Harem Series
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Title: Super-Harem Part 5
Pairing: Killer Frost/Lena Luthor/James Olsen
Codes: MF, MFF, FF, Anal, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. I don't own or have anything to do with Supergirl or Flash, especially the characters Kara & Alex Danvers, Lena Luthor, Winn Schott, Caitlin Snow, Killer Frost or James Olsen

Summary: Season 3 when Lena and James Olsen are dating. Lena Luthor has succeeded in using the Haren-El to seperate Earth-1’s Caitlin Snow from Killer Frost. Frost used her new found freedom to fuck James Olsen, and now they want to bring James’ girlfriend Lena into the fold.

It had been a crazy 6 hours for James Olsen. Then again, it had been even more so for the woman he was currently laying down next to in his bed, none other than Earth-1’s Killer Frost. Earlier today, after discovering a breakthrough with her research into the Haren-El, Lena Luthor had reached out to her allies on Earth-1 about being able to split 2 beings sharing the same body. Caitlin Snow made the trip to Earth-38, reviewed the science herself, and after a private chat with her alter ego Killer Frost, they consented to Lena’s treatment.

It wasn’t an easy decision as Lena had only done a few experimental procedures, and though they all went well, it was no guarantee on a metahuman with so much dark matter in their system. However, Lena Luthor didn’t earn the title of genius by accident. Thus, the body that housed both Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost was successfully exposed to the Haren-El and out of the chambers stepped both women in their own identical bodies. More or less identical anyway, as Killer Frost had her classic snow white hair and blue tinted lips while Caitlin’s were her natural light brown locks.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes. Don’t go anywhere,” Killer Frost told the man who was the first to fuck her since her liberation.

“No risk of that happening,” Earth-38’s James Olsen replied in his deep, sexy voice.

How the two ended up in James’ bed together despite being from different Earths was rather simple. Caitlin and Killer Frost both had found the tall, dark and handsome James Olsen to be right up their alley from when they met him during an alien invasion and a failed Nazi takeover in the past 2 years. When Killer Frost got her own body, she decided to stick around Earth-38’s National City where James offered to be her tour guide. With Killer Frost wanting to make up for years of sexual repression and James being in an open relationship with Lena Luthor, the two quickly found his tour of the city ending in his bedroom.

“That’s better,” Killer Frost commented as she stepped out of the bathroom and settled on the bed beside James.

“What is? Several huge orgasms under your belt with the new body or getting cleaned up after someone spunked inside of you?” James asked,  reaching out and running a finger along the curve of her ass.

“Both, I suppose,” the white-haired metahuman replied, cooing softly as his finger traced random designs on the small of her back. “God it feels good to fuck again. I was so horny...and both Caity and I have had fantasies about you since the alien invasion.”

“Oh? Just selling out your other half like that?” James smirked, giving her slender yet bubbly ass a playful swat.

“Meh. Take it as a favor to you from me for the twin orgasms. Maybe you can leverage that info into getting in her pants as well,” Killer Frost smirked. “That would be so hot. Seeing you fuck Caity. I’d love to see that.”

“Is that one of your other fantasies? A threesome?” James asked, the gears in head clinking together and forming an idea.

“I think so, yeah. I mean, ever since I made out with one of my old bosses, Amunet Black, it made me think about what it would be like to be with another girl,” Killer Frost said while redness started to color her cheeks.

“So you’re saying you kinda want to have sex with a girl?” James asked, feeling a twitch in his groin at the idea.

“Well, yeah. I’m finally free to do whatever I want, when I want, with whoever I want,” Killer Frost explained, more so to herself then James. “And I know I want to sleep with a hot as fuck woman.”

“If you really want to, I know someone who would help in a heartbeat,” James said, thinking of Lena.

Killer Frost was about to shoo the idea away, brushing it off until she remembered their conversation from the bar earlier that night. “Would you possibly be thinking of your hot scientist girlfriend?”

“So you are interested,” James said, raising an eyebrow.

“No, I’m just curious,” Killer Frost insisted.

“Knowing how she feels about sharing and sampling, plus what she’s said about you and Caitlin in the past, if I called Lena she’d be here in a flash. Therefore, would that interest you?” James asked, not wanting to push too hard and potentially scare the metahuman off from a threeway.

“Lena Luthor as my first lesbian fuck, huh?” Killer Frost pondered aloud. Thinking of the paled, green-eyed billionaire’s perfect complexion, gorgeous face, curvy body and her ass, that big phat ass white girl booty that instantly made Frost have to stop herself from drooling. “I guess she’s hot but I don’t know...”

“So I shouldn’t go grab my phone and have her come right over so she can lick your pussy or let you lick hers?” James asked, reaching for his pants on the ground. Pulling his phone out of the pocket James held it up. “If you don’t want me to, I can put this down and we can find something else to do.”

“She’d really do it?” Killer Frost asked, goosebumps popping up on her arms.

“Only one way to find out,” James said, scrolling through the phone book until he got to Lena. When Killer Frost didn’t object James dialed.

“Hey, I was just about to call you,” Lena said when she picked up. “What’s the matter? Killer Frost get you all hot and bothered then leave you high and dry? Making you go to your second choice by making me your booty call? Not that I mind.”

“Funny you should ask. This is definitely a call and there is more than a chance of booty in it for you,” James told Lena, watching Killer Frost blush again. “But you’d have to be willing to share me with Frosty.”

“Frost? As in Killer Frost? You fucked Killer Frost already?” Lena asked, surprise evident in her voice. “And like the good boy you are, you’ve thought of me and want to share your prize.”

“If you’re not here in ten minutes, we’re starting again without you,” James said, grinning as he heard Lena practically growl on the other end at the thought of being left out.

“Make it five,” Killer Frost said, apparently getting really turned on by the thought.

“Killer Frost says you have five minutes,” James relayed to Lena.

“I’ll be there as soon as humanly possible, don’t start without me,” Lena hissed.

“I make no promises,” James said as Killer Frost rolled over and sat up.

“Fine, but you better not finish without me then,” Lena demanded.

“That I feel pretty safe in promising,” James said before Lena hung up.

“Can’t believe in the span of 6 hours I’ve gotten my own body, fucked Superman’s BFF and probably will have my first lesbian encounter and threesome with Lena Luthor,” Killer Frost said, her body shaking slightly. Given the fact she could wield ice powers, James was pretty sure it was due to excitement.

“You want to eat Lena’s pussy? And let her eat yours?” James asked, hoping the dirty talk would spur her on.

“Very much,” Killer Frost moaned, picturing the green-eyed, pale-complexion woman between her thighs.

“And you want to watch me fuck Lena? Or would you rather Lena watch me fuck you?” James asked, reaching out and slipping a hand around her back to pull her to him.

“Mmm, both,” Killer Frost moaned, her hand going to his cock.

With their tight proximity, flirty talk and now her hand on his dick, a kiss was inevitable. As James bent forward and planted his lips on hers, Killer Frost’s hand closed around his lengthy ebony shaft. The talk about the threesome and the dirty talk had already given the former Daily Planet photographer a partial erection but as Killer Frost stroked, it quickly grew.

James didn’t know for how long they laid on their sides, making out and lightly using their hands on the others body. While Killer Frost had more of a singular focus on her fist making slow, lengthy pulls along his dick, James was more open-minded. While one of his arms was pinned partially under his body, his more active right hand brushed along Frost’s killer body. By no means curvy in the traditional sense, Caitlin Snow and Killer Frost each possessed a very attractive frame. As James rubbed along the smooth skin of her calf and thigh, James couldn’t help but think how amazingly long they were for a woman of average height. Next his hand hit her ass, which wasn’t very wide given the narrowness of her hips, but it had a very impressive amount of lift and girth. A beautiful high, bubbly ass for a scientist turned metahuman. Lastly he arrived at her chest, her tits a perfect handful as he gently kneaded the round, soft flesh as her small erect nipple poked against the center of his palm. Once again, her assets weren’t large, no where in the ballpark of Lena’s, but they fit Caitlin and Killer Frost’s slender body to a tee, making the metahuman a very attractive proposition.

“Dammit,” James grunted when he heard the doorbell. “I’ll get it.”

Getting up off the bed James grabbed his boxers and tossed them on just in case it was someone other than Lena at the door. Though it was Lena who said she’d be at the door, only 10 minutes had elapsed since their conversation, which didn’t give the gorgeous Luthor time to arrive at his place. Of course, with the way the shorts were tenting thanks to the aborted handjob, if it wasn’t Lena then they were about to get a major surprise.

“Wow, is that for me?” Lena asked, her eyes going right to the tent in his boxers.

“How’d you get here so quickly,” James couldn’t help but ask as his girlfriend stepped inside, giving him a kiss and a rub of his cock with her hand.

“I’m the richest women in the city. I took my helicopter,” Lena replied after taking her tongue out from her boyfriend’s mouth. “Now, my prize?”

“Killer Frost’s in the master room,” James said, nodding towards where he’d come from. “And she’s already unwrapped for you.”

“Excellent,” Lena said, clapping as she dropped her purse on the small table just inside the door before beating a path to James’ bedroom.

As James followed Lena he started finding articles of clothing. First James found Lena’s jacket in the hall, then her shirt hanging from a doorknob, followed quickly by a black bra strewn across the floor. There was several items in one pile where she’d apparently started taking her pants off before realizing she’d have to remove her heels first.

“You didn’t need to leave me bread crumbs, I already knew where I was going,” James told Lena when he got to the room he’d left Killer Frost in, just in time to see Lena stepping out of her panties.

“I wanted to make sure you were motivated,” Lena said, practically pouncing on Killer Frost, the woman she liberated out of sharing the same body as her alter ego Caitlin Snow only hours ago.

“Trust me, that wasn’t going to be a problem,” James replied, taking a moment to watch Lena kiss Killer Frost before moving towards the bed.

James fought his urge to run to the bed and instantly join in. Instead, he took his time, which allowed the two women to get to know each other physically and affording the horny journalist a great view. With both women naked and pressed together, James was powerless to stop his mind from comparing their bodies. For starters, they were both insanely gorgeous, and though they share some similarities, such as their pale complexion, intense eyes and brilliant minds, they were different in many more ways. While Lena was all curves with a big thick ass and pillowy medium to large tits and jet black hair, Caitlin/Killer Frost was long and slender, sporting small but perky tits perfect for her frame, mile long legs, a bubbly but narrow caboose and of course her trademark hair the color of freshly fallen snow.

Watching the action still, James was impressed that Lena didn’t bother with any flirting or really any talking of any variety with the Earth-1 woman. Instead, the brilliant billionaire simply jumped straight into the action, leaning overtop the more slender girl with their lips pressed together and Lena winning the wrestling match of her tongue invading the ice queen’s mouth. With Lena’s ass up in the air, James could no longer help himself. Pushing his boxers down with one hand, the handsome man reached out and softly caressed the meaty cheeks of Lena’s butt with the other. As Lena moaned and pushed her ass further up in the air, James moved his hand between her legs and dragged a finger along her slit.

“Mmm, yes James. I need you to fuck me,” Lena gasped, her twat already soaked.

“Killer Frost wants you to eat her pussy,” James told Lena as James slipped a finger into her snatch. “Don’t you, Frosty?”

“Ohhhh, yeah,” Killer Frost moaned as Lena started to kiss down her body.

Lena didn’t exactly rush down to the other woman’s snatch, but she didn’t exactly draw the voyage out either. Instead, Lena left a trail of kisses down the slender metahuman’s body, starting by leaving her blue lips and kissing down her cheek and jaw, followed by her neck which really earned a moan from Frost. So too did Lena latching her lips around the Caitlin’s nipple and applying suction, instantly making the pale pink center harden. After licking sideways down one boob and up the other, Lena repeated the trick and earned the same prize. Finally she resumed her descent down Frost’s flat stomach before reaching her ultimate goal.

“Naughty boy, James. You left me a treat,” Lena cooed when she realized her boyfriend had cum inside Killer Frost. “You should’ve called me over earlier, there’s barely anything left.”

“Maybe I’ll have to leave you another one later,” James said, slowly fucking Lena with his finger.

“You better,” Lena said, pushing back against his finger before going to work on Killer Frost.

Licking her way around the outside of Killer Frost’s pussy, Lena collected as much of our combined juices that had leaked out as she could. Bringing her hand up to Killer Frost’s crotch Lena used her fingers to spread Killer Frost’s labia. Though her shower had drained most of the cum from her folds, Lena was able to find some more of the baby batter and collect it with her togue, avoring her boyfriend’s jizz before swallowing.

“Mmm,” Killer Frost moaned as Lena’s tongue dug into her pussy in search of more of his semen.

At this point the Luthor heiress was confident she had gotten all of her boyfriend’s spunk from the pussy of the other woman, but Lena was enjoying the taste of her cunt now. Lena didn’t know if it was because the white-haired woman was a metahuman, from a different Earth or because she was freshly created in a new body, that would require more testing, but Frost tasted delicious. As Lena’s tongue wagged deeply inside the meta’s pussy, the black-haired woman couldn’t help but not the sweet flavor of Killer Frost’s pussy juice.

“I wonder if your twin tastes this good,” Lena voiced her thought.

“Mhmm...ahhh...don’t know. We’ll have to find out,” Killer Frost moaned, hands digging through Lena’s silky locks.

“I bet you want me to fuck you, don’t you?” James asked Lena, pressing his crotch against the side of her ass as he continued to work a finger in and out of her.

“Yes please. Get that beautiful black cock inside of me,” Lena begged.

“Does that mean you’re willing to pay the price?” James asked her, removing his finger from her snatch and moving it up to lightly rub the area around her anus.

Lena was a Luthor, which meant she had unparalleled intelligence, thus she remembered exactly what James was referring to even without his rubbing her tight little asshole. He, of course, was referring to the deal they made a week ago, stipulating that he got to have a go at her asshole the next time they hooked up. In truth, Lena knew that James was both an ass man and was by all accounts very skilled at it. Hell, her assistant Eve Teschmacher had even sworn she came hard when he was fucking her ass then when he was in her pussy. Her girlfriend Samantha Arias couldn’t make her cum that hard most of the time either.

“Fuck me now,” Lena hissed, bowing her back and hitching her ass up in the air.

It wasn’t that Lena was a stranger to anal sex. With an ass as wonderful of hers, it attracted a ot of guys and women who were into sodomy. She had let a number of her more common lovers have a go at fucking her caboose, and though she enjoyed a good many of the encounters, with James it was different. While she trusted him completely and even Eve had said he was a perfect gentleman with taking her up the ass, it came down to the numbers, in this case meaning James had a big cock. Though she had been with bigger guys, albeit not many, none of them had gotten the chance to voyage down her dirt road.

Grinning at hearing the usually prim and proper Lena Luthor swear, James moved behind his girlfriend. He didn’t expect the billioanire to consent to anal sex right from the start, but he wanted to put the arrangement back out in the open and see what Lena did with it. As he grabbed hold of his cock with one hand before pressing it against the opening of Lena’s pussy, he noted that Lena didn’t outright reject his sodomy hopes, which buoyed him tremendously. Locking eyes with Killer Frost, James gripped Lena’s hip with his other hand and held on as he pushed his sex forward.

“Oh god,” Lena gasped into Killer Frost’s pussy as James buried his cock into her cunt in one thrust.

Knowing Lena, James didn’t bother to give her time to adjust before sliding out until only the head of his cock was still inside her. James paused for a moment before he pulled on her hips, tugging her back to meet his thrust at the same time he pushed forward. Being the overachieving multi-tasker that she was, Lena barely missed a beat in her own duties. Though her tongue movements weren’t as precise, Killer Frost couldn’t complain in the slightest. With her tongue buried fully in the white-haired woman’s pussy, Lena soaked up her juices while twisting her head back and forth. This moved worked on two levels, the first by having her tongue waggle side to side within her snatch while Lena’s nose rubbed constantly overtop Killer Frost’s sensitive clitoris

“Fuck me,” Frost cooed, tossing her head back and arching her back in pleasure.

“God, I missed your cock,” Lena grunted while surfacing for air briefly as James slammed into her from behind.

“Yes! Eat me,” Killer Frost half screamed, half pleaded.

Lena instantly felt the other woman’s hands that were already interwoven in her jet black hair tighten. With strength that Lena didn’t know the metahuman possessed, the billionaire found her face being pulled effortlessly against Frost’s cunt, not that Lena minded at all. While the billionaire had no previous knowledge of that sexual preferences the Earth-1 woman, Lena luckily had a wealth of pussy licking experiences to draw on. Assessing that Killer Frost wanted her pleasure like she enjoyed her rock and roll music, Lena went for fast and hard.

Since her head was already pressed tightly into Frost’s snatch, Lena drove her skilled tongue back deep in her honey pot. This instantly garnered a moan from the ice queen, so Lena continued with the oral assault. Getting her hands to her sex, Lena pulled apart Frost’s folds so she could use her tongue to swipe first sideways then lengthwise on Caitlin’s snatch. By the time Lena latched her lips and formed a tight seal with suction on the Earth-1 meta’s clit, Killer Frost was practically humping her face.

“That’s it. Lick her pussy,” James encouraged.

Though Lena’s attention was being spent mostly on Killer Frost, James hadn’t stopped fucking his girlfriend. If anything, having her tongue deep in another girl’s snatch seemed to make Lena’s cunt even wetter, which suited James perfectly. After already having cum once this evening, James was in no danger of peaking again anytime soon so he didn’t bother holding back with his speed or depth of thrusting. Besides, it was clear Lena needed it hard and fast and James wasn’t about to disappoint her.

“Fucking fuck, she’s good,” Killer Frost commented as she locked eyes with James again.

The bedroom was filled with the moans of the ice queen and the sounds of his pelvis bouncing off the cheeks of Lena’s ass echoed through the room. Lena was moaning as well, but they were severely muffled by Killer Frost’s pussy. Adding a new noise to the chorus, James lifted a hand and brought it down with a loud smack on Lena’s thick butt cheek. It wasn’t a super hard spanking but it was hard enough for her to feel it, which Lena most certain did.

“Ugh,” Lena gasped, as her pale complexion immediately went red in the shape of a handprint.

“Too hard?” James asked, rubbing his hand over the red spot that was already prominent on her firm, large ass.

“Do it again,” Lena demanded as she worked a finger into Killer Frost’s pussy.

“Yeah? Like this?” James asked, as he delivered a nice moderately powered spanking to her perfect ass.

“Ugh, yeah.” Lena hissed, pushing back to meet his thrusts. Lena hadn’t forgotten about her other duties, as Killer Frost was currently humping the fingers Lena had thrusted in her snatch, curling her fingers so she tapped repeatedly against the ice queen’s G spot. “Your cock feels good.”

“You better hope it feels just as good in your ass,” James said, moving his left hand over far enough that James could rub the thumb against her puckered asshole.

“Oh?” Killer Frost moaned, her eyes going wide. “Is Miss Prim and Proper billionaire scientist going to take a stiff dick up the pooper?”

“Elegant,” Lena responded while still shoving her thick ass back to meet his thrusts.

“She owes me,” James said, pressing his thumb against Lena’s anus until the tip pushed its way in.

“Holy fuck,” Lena gasped as James pushed his thumb into her butt up to the first knuckle. He watches her body language for even the faintest signs that she wanted him to exit her ass, but he read none.

“I’m going to make you cum, and then I’m going to take you in the ass for the first time,” James stated confidently to Lena while delivering another spanking with his right hand. James Olsen could multi-task just as well as his brilliant girlfriend!

“Oh god,” Lena moaned, the combination of the pain from the spankings mingling with the pleasure from his thrusts into her and the newness of the thumb in her ass to create a volatile cocktail inside her.

“And when I’m done fucking you in the ass I’m going to pull out and let you drink me down your throat,” James said, knowing that Lena was a bit of a cum slut.

“Yes! Make sure you cum in my mouth,” Lena moaned, her pussy and asshole gripping his cock and thumb tighter as she neared her climax.

“But first you make Killer Frost cum. Then you get to climax,” James bargained.

Knowing that she still had work to do in order to get Frost over the finish line, Lena didn’t bother arguing with James. Instead, the billionaire set to her task like a dog with a bone. Or in this case, like a horny woman with a pussy in her face. Since James had already fucked Frost’s pussy raw, Lena took advantage of the extra looseness that the recently created metahuman had and added a second digit into her snatch. While it was a tight fit, her fingers were slender and the metahuman was rather wet as she neared her own orgasm. Once more curling her fingers, she found Killer Frost’s G spot with practiced ease before her lips formed a vacuum seal around the meta’s clit.

“Jesus Christ,” Killer Frost swore, her eyes flaring a bright white color.

“Gonna cum,” James asked the metahuman, cock and thumb fucking each of Lena Luthor’s holes.

“Mhmm,” Killer Frost could only squeak out around her thralls of pleasure.

Like a lion coming upon a wounded gazelle, Lena went for the kill. With quick pulsating motions of her forearm, the brilliant scientist pummelled Killer Frost’s G spot in a technique that would make her arm sore if continued for long. However, in Lena’s experience, no woman could last long having her G spot simultaneously excited along with her clit getting licked and suck, which is exactly what Frosty was receiving. Sore enough, in a technique perfected with multiple partners over hundreds of fuck sessions, Lena was adding another notch to her belt, this one named Killer Frost of Earth-1.

“OH! LORD!” Killer Frost screamed as she came once more this evening, this time via Lena Luthor.

“Good girl. Now cum for me so I can get your beautiful ass ready to get fucked,” James told Lena, cranking up the speed until he was making short quick bursts in and out of her cunt.

“Make me cum, baby,” Lena panted, resting her head on Killer Frost’s lower stomach as her own orgasm threatened to erupt.

Lena had been on the brink of her own climax for several minutes, James having enough skill to keep her close to the peak without ever letting her reach the submit nor drop to far away from it. Therefore, with the pale beauty so close, James reached his right hand around and found her clit with his middle finger. As the billionaire did that he also wiggled the thumb still in her ass and then tried to hold on as she reached her long awaited orgasm in an explosion of tension. Lena’s pussy clenched down on his cock as James continued to slide in and out of her.

“Cumming,” Lena screamed, muscles tensing and body quaking as James attempted to ride out her orgasm. “Cumming all over your dick!”

If James hadn’t fucked that day to completion, there was no way he could have withstood the ferocity of Lena’s orgasm. Luckily for him, Killer Frost had drained him less than an hour ago, therefore James could contiune fucking the billionaire throughout reaching her peak, albeit at reduced speed and power than when they were mid-session. When she finally went still after a few more seconds, denoted by her muscles and pussy growing very slack, James withdrew his cock from her honey pot. If it wasn’t for her knees being underneath her she probably would’ve collapsed but as it was she merely bowed her back a little as her body went limp.

“Got any lube?” Killer Frost asked James to be helpful, quite invested in the couple’s love life now.

“Top drawer,” James replied, watching as the metahuman tried to get out from under Lena.

“Oh, wow,” Frost said, opening the drawer and finding a vibrator sitting next to a small bottle of lube.

“Lena’s been staying over quite a bit and that comes in handy,” James explained as Frost lifted the long red toy out of the drawer.

“Good for you,” Frost replied, grinning at him. “Or more like good for her.”

“If you want, you can slide underneath Lena and hold her ass open for me,” James said as he took the bottle of lube from the metahuman. “And if you really want, I’m sure Lena wouldn’t complain if you gave her pussy a little lick and helped distract her.”

Killer Frost hesitated a moment as if deciding whether she wanted to take the next stop or not, but she must have decided she did because she got onto her back and then maneuvered herself  underneath Lena. In truth, Killer Frost had mostly let Caitlin handle the wheel when they shared a body so she was after as many new experiences that she could handle. When the Earth-1 girl was in place, she reached up and took one of Lena’s thick butt cheeks in each hand and pried them apart for James.

With Killer Frost holding Lena’s ass open for him, James leaned forward. Making sure to make eye contact with Killer Frost to make it even hotter, first James stuck out his tongue and made a show of licking all around Lena’s tight little starfish. The journalist heard Killer Frost gasp in horniness but she didn’t let go so James considered that a good sign.

“Oh Lord,” Lena moaned as his tongue licked around the edges of her anus, gradually spiraling in towards the center.

Pulling back, James let his index finger take the place of his tongue. James locked eyes with Killer Frost again as he let his thick digit rub around the outside of Lena’s asshole before pushing lightly at the center. James could see the amazement in Killer Frost’s eyes as Lena’s ass started to open up and take his finger inside. It wasn’t a surprise for either James nor Lena, as the two engaged in this type of light ass play all the time, plus his thumb had been resting in her rectum as he fucked her earlier, but it was the first that the metahuman had seen.

“Lick her,” James commanded Killer Frost, nodding his head towards Lena’s pussy.

Again Killer Frost hesitated for a moment, her eyes darting between James’ eyes and the pussy staring her in her face. Just as James was about to assure her that she didn’t have to, she lifted her head and gave Lena’s bald snatch a tentative lick. James didn’t want to assume but he had surmised that based on her somewhat guarded nature that neither Killer Frost or Caitlin Snow had eaten out a pussy before. However, Frosty must have liked what she tasted because she went back for a second lick that drew a moan from Lena.

“Tastes good, doesn’t it?” James asked Killer Frost as she craned her neck to lick up some of the juices gushing out of Lena’s hole.

“Mmmhmmm,” Killer Frost responded, nodding her head as she went back to flicking Lena’s clit with her tongue.

“You should try licking her ass too,” James told Killer Frost as he slipped his finger from Lena’s ass so he could go back to rimming her tight little backdoor.

“Ohhh yeah, lick my ass,” Lena grunted, pushing back as James poked his tongue against her anal sphincter.

“Can I try?” Killer Frost asked, slightly more timid then he’d ever heard her. More like how Caitlin would have asked permission to rim someone.

“Do anything to Lena you want,” James said, pulling back so Killer Frost could get at Lena’s crinkled rosebud. “Isn’t that right, Lena?”

“Oooooh,” Lena moaned as Killer Frost’s tongue knocked at her backdoor. “Eat my asshole Frosty!”

While Killer Frost had Lena well in hand James grabbed the bottle of lube. With one eye on Killer Frost’s tongue as it got the hang of giving its first rim job, James squirted some of the slippery stuff onto his fingers. He took his time to rub a generous amount of the slippery fluid onto his ebony pole, watching as Killer Frost explored the crinkled asshole in front of her. She seemed to enjoy herself as she tested out different techniques, alternating between running her tongue in a circular pattern around the sphincter’s rim before poking her tongue against the center until it gave away. Though she did this tentatively at first, seemingly worried about how it would taste, Killer Frost must have liked what she sampled because after the initial timid poke she was now buried with the length of her tongue deep into Lena Luthor’s thick ass.

“Ready for the next step?” James asked, patting Lena on the ass to make sure she knew he was talking to her.

“Do it,” Lena hissed, her voice muffled by Killer Frost’s cunt. Apparently Lena hadn’t passed on munching on the meta’s sex that was right in front of her face.

“Feel like warming me up?” James asked Killer Frost, dangling his cock in her face.

Killer Frost didn’t need words, instead she answered by taking the head of his cock into her mouth. With Lena’s ass vacated James rubbed a lubed finger around the rim of her asshole before pushing inside. James wiggled and twisted his finger to spread the lube around a bit more before adding a second finger to help loosen her up. Finally getting the chance to fuck the sexy billionaire with the stunningly phat ass, he wasn’t going to blow it by not properly warming her up.

Though he was thoroughly enjoying the blowjob Killer Frost was giving him, it wasn’t what he was after, not even close. Therefore, after slipping his cock from Killer Frost’s mouth, James smeared what lube was left on his fingers along the shaft before aiming the head at Lena’s winking asshole. Pressing it against the billionaire’s sphincter, James slowly pushed forward, easing up when he felt Lena instinctively clench up to repel him. He knew this was coming, after all most women had this initial reaction, but he had a secret weapon tonight. Right on cue, Killer Frost took the perfect moment and licked Lena’s clit, drawing a moan from the billionaire but more importantly causing her to relax just enough for James to push the crown past the tight ring of her anal passage.

“Oh god,” Lena gasped, her body going completely rigid as even two fingers hadn’t prepared her for the size of his cock.

“Grab the vibrator,” James told Killer Frost, motioning towards the toy that was sitting next to Lena’s leg.

“What should I do with it?” Killer Frost asked, picking it up and holding it out for James.

“Use it on Lena however you’d use it on yourself,” James said, pushing a little more of his cock into Lena’s ass when James felt her start to relax a little. “I assume you or Caitlin have vibrators on Earth-1?”

“We both know our way around these beauties,” the metahuman smiled before flicking the toy on.

The buzzing sound below him let James know that Killer Frost had turned on the vibrator. Then when Lena’s head shot up and she moaned loudly while bucking her hips back against him confirmed to the journalist that Frost had put the toy to good use. In fact, Knowing Lena as well as he did, James bet that the little red toy was pressed firmly against Lena’s sensitive nub.

“You like that?” James asked Lena, gripping her hips as James slowly worked more of his cock into her tight ass.

“I, ohhh, kinda,” Lena moaned, turning her head to look back at him, surprised his thick cock wasn’t tearing her in half. “Not gonna lie, thought this was gonna hurt more.”

“It only gets better,” James promised her as he pushed the last of his cock into her.

After giving Lena a moment to get used to the idea of having his each and every one of his 7 and a half inches of ebony wood up her ass as well as physically adjust to it, James slowly pulled back until half of it was outside of her vise-like dumper. Not bothering to pause, James immediately pushed forward relatively slowly and buried his dick inside her once more, only stopping when his ripped abdominals contacted her bubbly cheeks.

“Ohhh,” Lena moaned as his pelvis hit her butt cheeks, though James was sure it was more about what Killer Frost was doing to her with the vibrator than what he was doing at this point.

As she was still getting used to the penetration, James started with slow and gentle thrusts into Lena’s ass. He was more focused at this point on smooth motions that the billionaire and her booty would interrupt as non-threatening, thus have no provocation to tighten up on him. It seemed that with each smooth thrust into her booty Lena loosened up and showed signs of enjoying it, which in turn allowed James to lengthen his strokes but still kept them on the slow side.

“Oh! Mmhmm. Just like that. That’s nice,” Lena groaned, turning her head to look back at her boyfriend as James put a little extra power on a thrust into her ass.

“You like that?” James asked her, giving her another harder thrust up her butt. Nothing like the speed or power he used mere minutes ago when rithlessly fucking her pussy, but a very promising start given how nervous the pale woman initially was.

“Tell that stallion of yours what you want,” Killer Frost vocalized from under Lena’s spread thighs. “And don’t forget about the snatch in front of your face. I think the distraction will help. Only thinking of you, babe.”

“Fuck my ass,” the normally prim and proper Lena Luthor begged, before lowering her head back to Killer Frost’s cunt.

The journalist took note that the next time he sodomized a nervous woman, especially if it was their first time, he would need to bring another girl with him, as Killer Frost was an extremely good influence. James wasn’t the type to look a gift horse in the mouth, thus he began doing as Lena wanted by tightening his grip on Lena’s hips and tensing his muscles. Sliding about three quarters of his cock out of her, James didn’t even pause before pushing forward with as much power as he could manage with her poop chute squeezing him as tightly as it was.

“Oh Lord! God damn it!” Lena gasped, her head popping up as her hand slapped at the mattress.

James had waited for Lena to resume eating out Killer Frost’s snatch again, but the first hard thrust into her booty caused another interruption in Frost’s pleasure. It took James a moment to figure out what was happening but as Lena’s anus tightened up around him even more, James looked down to see Killer Frost smirking as she pushed the tip of the vibrator into Lena’s pussy.

“You told me to use it like I’d use it on myself,” Killer Frost said, slowly fucking Lena’s pussy with the vibrator.

“Is that too much?” James asked Lena, stopping his thrusting with his cock fully situated inside her until he was sure she could handle the double penetration.

“Oh my fucking god,” Lena moaned, her voice sounding like she was on the verge of being overwhelmed by the sensations.

“Just relax and focus on the pleasure,” James said, trying not to take his own advice because the vibrations coming through the membrane separating Lena’s holes felt amazing combined with the way her asshole was trying to milk him of his cum.

James could hear Lena take a deep breath and then she seemed to relax by lulling her head back down and taking a swipe of her tongue at the metahuman’s cunt. As her jet black head started to wiggle back and forth as Lena aggressively dined on Killer Frost’s pussy, James noticed that Lena started to rock back towards him as if to let her boyfriend know she was ready for him to start giving it to her anally again.

“Oh wow,” Lena gasped as James slowly pulled back until he was halfway out of her.

“So hot,” Killer Frost said as she matched the speed of his thrusts with the movements of the vibrator in Lena’s pussy.

“Fuck me,” Lena demanded, clearly getting into it even though she still seemed a little overwhelmed.

Lena was setting the tone as well, not just relying on the other two for being active. Still having her face buried in Killer Frost’s snatch, Lena whipped her tongue in and out of the ice queen, eating out the other woman at a feverish pace, which was made even more impressive since the billionaire was on the receiving end of being penetrated deeply in both her pussy and asshole. Following her lead, James picked up the pace as he started to fuck her ass with shorter, harder strokes. The bald man still wasn’t moving very fast, her ass was too tight and his dick too fat for too brisk a tempo, but James was at least able to fuck her hard enough to make her butt cheeks ripple each time he slammed into her.

Though it wasn’t with the same force he had used on her pussy earlier tonight, it was still a fair amount of power he generated. James was cognitive not to exceed what the phat ass white girl could handle, though if he had learnt anything about Lena Luthor in the last year, it was not to underestimate her. Therefore over and over James cocked his hips back before slamming his dick balls deep in her asshole, which seemed to loosen by the stroke. With the black haired woman growing more at ease with each thrust, it meant James could go a little harder, which meant Killer Frost shoved her vibrating fake cock into Lena’s snatch with more speed as well.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum,” Lena announced in a couple more minutes of her double penetration, screaming with what could only be described as a frantic voice. “I’m cumming with a monster cock in my ass.”

James quickly found out that Lena wasn’t faking the pleasure she was receiving. With those screamed words, Lena’s asshole clenched up so tightly on his cock it almost hurt. Of course, as every muscle in her body seemed to tense with pleasure with his cock at the epicenter it was a pain James was more than willing to bare, after all his dick was buried to the hilt in Lena Luthor’s thick booty.

“Lick up her cream, Frosty,” James said, still making small thrusts into Lena’s ass as he set his sights on his own release.

It took a little bit of time for James to have to wait out Lena’s typhoon of an orgasm, her sphincter holding his fat cock in a vice grip the whole time. Luckily, with the pulling of of the vibrator and being replaced in her cunt by Frost’s eager and probing tongue, Lena finally went limp. Taking advantage as Killer Frost soaked up Lena’s cum with her tongue, James made a couple final thrusts into her before he felt himself start to reach the point of no return. Pulling out James looked down just in time to see Killer Frost greedily licking Lena’s cum off the vibrator underneath his girlfriend. The sight made his cock lurch as James moved around on the bed to present his cock to Lena.

“Mmm,” Lena said dreamily as she saw his cock and opened her mouth.

Knowing how much Lena enjoyed drinking his cum, plus the fact that he promised her it, made James pull out instead of wanting to empty his swollen member into the hole he had been fucking. Easing the head of his cock into her waiting mouth, James groaned as Lena’s lips closed around it. Grabbing the back of her head, his hips started to thrust forward of their own accord as his need to cum took the lead. Closing his eyes James fucked Lena’s mouth with barely enough control to keep from shoving his cock all the way down her throat as he felt the jizz rising in his balls.

Pulling out until only the head was still in her mouth, James let the first volley of semen burst forth into Lena Luthor’s hungry mouth. A moan echoed from the dark-haired woman’s throat as spurt after spurt erupted into her hungry mouth. Though it was a smaller load then the one he had deposited into Killer Frost’s snatch an hour ago, it was still 5 volleys of jizz, for which Lena handled expertly without spilling a single drop. When he’d finally spent himself, James let his cock slip from Lena’s mouth, at which point she audibly gulped down his load with a satisfied grin appearing on his face. However, the billionaire wasn’t quite done with James yet. Grabbing hold of his cock at the root she started licking along the shaft, as if making sure to clean every inch of it.

“Think you have one more in you?” Lena said, looking up at me as she dragged her tongue along the underside of his cock. “Killer Frost looks like she could use some more attention. Plus, since you came in another woman earlier today, I feel as though you owe me a creampie now.”

“I never turn a chance to climax again,” Killer Frost said, spreading her legs even wider to show her enthusiasm.

“I think I can manage,” James answered truthfully, surprising himself though his cock already starting to respond to Lena’s oral attention. “How do you want me to fuck her? After all, you’re the one who consented to me seducing Snow White.”

“I want her to ride you” Lena said, rolling off of Killer Frost. “You want to be on top of James, don’t you Killer Frost?”

“Mmhmm,” Killer Frost answered, sitting up to make room for the black man to lay down on the bed.

“Just a minute,” Lena said, interrupting Killer Frost as she started to throw her leg over his waist.

Grabbing hold of his cock once more, Lena took the horny journalist back into her mouth. Once more the billionaire attacked his dick with zeal, working her mouth down his cock she stopped when the head of his cock bumped against the back of her throat. She paused to let her tongue swirl around the shaft before pulling all the way off. As she pulled her jet-black head away from his groin, James observed his throbbing member decorated in large strings of spit, some of the smaller ones still connecting his shaft to her lips.

“Wanted to make sure it was ready for you,” Lena said, grinning as Killer Frost straddled her boyfriend.

With Lena’s hands still on the black man’s dick, she aimed his cock for the other girl, so Killer Frost had to only slowly lower herself onto it. After a couple orgasms, a creampie, and quite a bit of Lena’s saliva, the ice queen’s snatch was flooded with all sorts of lubrication that allowed James to slide into her effortlessly, which was a far cry from where he and Frost started the evening.

“Mmmm,” Killer Frost moaned as she settled down with his cock buried entirely within her.

“Lean forward,” Lena said, pushing Killer Frost forward.

Lena didn’t know how trained Killer Frost was with sexual relations given the fact that it seemed Caitlin was more or less in control of their body for the past 30 years. And judging by how well the normally edgy metahuman was taking Lena’s suggestions, the billionaire scientist figured she had guessed correctly. Therefore, as Killer Frost leaned forward with her hands planting on James’ chest, Frost intuitively began rocking on top of him. James responded by putting his hands on her narrow hips, helping her along but for the most part James just enjoyed watching Killer Frost use his cock for her own pleasure.

Lena got lost in simply watching as well as seeing the pale beauty with hair as white as fresh snow constantly bouncing up before falling gracefully back down on her ebony skinned boyfriend to be hypnotic and even soothing. Snapping out of her trance after a few minutes of Frost riding her man, Lena decided to get back in on the threesome. Feeling the bed shift under his legs as Lena moved around behind them, James tilted his head to look around Killer Frost. James watched as Lena leaned down before he felt a tongue tickling his sack. Somehow smiling as she lightly licked each nut in turn, she did this for a minute, somehow not getting her head crushed by Frost, who had resorted to grinding her surprisingly thick booty in his lap. James lost sight of his girlfriend for a moment, but knew instantly when she changed tactics, stopping her tongue batting for using her lips to take first one of his testicles into her mouth to suck on.

“Don’t forget the other one,” James grunted, thrusting up into Killer Frost.

Mumbling an incoherent comment around his nut, Lena let it slip from her mouth before she sucked his other ball into her mouth. While she sucked on his ball she used her hand to fondle and caress the other one with the perfect amount of pressure so that it was pleasurable without ever being too rough for the sensitive structures..

The two women were working in perfect sync now, with no better illustration then when after a minute of sucking on his balls, Lena abandoned his sack for pastures new. She didn’t go far as James felt Lena’s tongue move up to his shaft, licking up some of the juices that Killer Frost was leaving behind as she lifted up. While this technique forced Frost to take short rides by only getting to use half of his shaft, she didn’t mind too much given how good it still felt for both her and James. However, Lena had more in store then only licking her boyfriend’s pussy juice covered dick, After a minute or two of that, James could no longer feel Lena’s tongue but suddenly Killer Frost stopped mid-hump and her icy blue eyes went wide in shock.

“She’s licking my ass,” Killer Frost hissed, clearly trying to decide whether she liked it or not.

“You did it to me, so I thought I’d return the favor,” Lena said before going back to work.

“Does it feel good?” James asked as he lifted his hips to drive up into Killer Frost.

James knew before she even answered what the answer would be just by reading her body language. For one, the typical forehead scrunching that he first noticed in Caitlin Snow last year and that Killer Frost also displayed soon went away and her eyes returned to their normal size. However, the greatest sign that Frosty liked Lena rimming her asshole was when the slender metahuman started to take short bobs and pushed her ass back a little bit, towards Lena’s eagerly probing tongue.

“Kinda,” Killer Frost admitted, bending down a little further to give Lena an even better target for her salad tossing.

“Feels kinda naughty, doesn’t it?” Lena asked, locking her piercing green eyes with James and instantly he knew what his girlfriend had in mind without her saying a word.

“So naughty,” Killer Frost agreed, too busy fucking his cock to notice as James grabbed the bottle of lube and handed it to Lena.

“What about this?” Lena asked, squirting lube on her fingers before pressing one of them against Killer Frost’s tight asshole.

“Ugh,” Killer Frost grunted as Lena’s finger penetrated her ass.

As Killer Frost continued to ride his cock James could feel Lena’s finger moving around in Killer Frost’s bowels. For the second time that night, his dick was getting massaged as he fucked into one of the woman’s holes as an object in the other completed her double penetration. Studying Killer Frost’s face, James could tell that she was really getting off on the anal teasing even if she wasn’t quite willing to admit it yet.

“I want to watch you fuck her ass,” Lena told her man.

At Lena’s declaration, Killer Frost turned her head as if to object but Lena had already grabbed his cock and pulled it out of the Earth-1 meta’s pussy. Driven by carnal lust and desire, Lena slathered excessive amounts of lube along her boyfriend’s shaft before pressing the head against Killer Frost’s asshole.

Wanting to comfort her in what was surely a panic-ridden time for her, James lightly stroked Killer Frost’s before holding it tenderly and getting her to look at him. To calm her down, James gave her as reassuring and told her it didn’t happen unless she wanted it, despite Lena’s insistence. When Frost nodded and started to visibly relax, James used his other hand which was still locked onto her hip and used it to pull her down onto his cock.

“Easy Frosty,” James told the ice queen, seeing her on the verge of tightening up.

When she nodded and took a deep breath in and released it, James continued to pull her down onto his lap while adding a little upward hike of his hips off the mattress. Killer Frost’s eyes went wide and her eyes flared white again, panting out an icy breath as well as the head of his cock popped past her sphincter. Not knowing that a kiss of death was a real thing with her, James pulled her down into a kiss to take her mind off any discomfort. Having to focus on not freezing him from the inside out was just the mental vacation she needed as James felt her start to relax again, allowing the black man to gently thrust upwards into her, stuffing another inch up her slender booty.

Breaking the kiss, James looked at Killer Frost as she tried a small bounce that took a little more of his cock inside her. A small grimace crossed her face but it must not have been too bad because she followed it with another small bounce that ended with about half of his cock in her ass. The metahuman decided that she could handle sodomy because she kept her momentum, using the same technique that Lena had used to grow use to a dick in your pooper by using careful, smooth and slow strokes.

“Now for this,” Lena said, picking up the vibrator.

Knowing this vibrator in particular very well for multiple uses, Lena turned the knob on the base and felt it buzz to life in her hand. Without ever taking her piercing green eyes from watching the white-haired metahuman bounce her petite ass down on her boyfriend’s ebony shaft, Lena pressed the tip of her favorite humming toy into the mass of bodies. Pressing the tip against Killer Frost’s stomach she slowly moved it down towards the slender girl’s pussy before finally letting it press against Killer Frost’s clit.

“Ohhhh,” Killer Frost moaned, the vibrations giving her the courage to sink down on the remainder of James’ cock.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Lena asked Killer Frost, rubbing Killer Frost’s clit with the vibe. “Can’t believe you took all of James into your ass the very first time.”

“Yeah,” Killer Frost cooed, amazed at herself as well before putting her hands on his stomach and lifting halfway off his cock.

“Feels good on my end as well,” James agreed, Killer Frost’s ass squeezing him even tighter than Lena’s had, if that was possible.

“Fuck that big cock, Killer Frost,” Lena whispered into Killer Frost ear as the meta with white hair worked herself up and down his cock. “Make him cum in your ass so I can eat it out of you.”

“So nasty,” Killer Frost moaned, a shudder of pleasure coursing through her body at the thought of this regal creature worth over a billion dollars slurping cum that had been shot 8 inches deep into another girl’s bowels.

“Mmm, don’t I know it,” Lena agreed before leaning down to suck on Killer Frost’s closest nipple.

“Oh yeah,” Killer Frost moaned, the combination of Lena’s mouth on her nipple and the vibrator on her clit causing her eyes to close as the pleasure hit her.

As Killer Frost bit her lip and continued to ride the fat dick in her asshole, James realized that Lena was left unattended. While she didn’t seem to mind that she was the odd girl out, and even seemed to enjoy making Killer Frost the center of attention, James didn’t feel right leaving his caring and sharing girlfriend completely unattended.

Moving one hand from Killer Frost’s hip James slid it across the bed to where Lena was kneeling next to Killer Frost. She was too busy focusing on sucking on the other girl’s tits so James startled her a little when she felt his hand brush her creamy white thighs. To her credit she recovered quickly, replacing one of Killer Frost’s nipples between her lips for the other, but when the black man’s fingers found her pussy she moaned into Killer Frost’s chest and hitched her ass higher to give James easier access. Taking advantage, James eased his finger into Lena before going right into pumping into her a couple times before pulling out and circling her clit with his fingertip. After a few moments of rubbing her sensitive nub, James pushed 2 fingers back inside her.

Not only was this including Lena and giving her pleasure so she wasn’t the only one not on the end of any, but it served as a lovely distraction for James. He somehow was getting close to cumming for a third time this evening, but he wanted to make sure he lasted long enough in case Killer Frost could orgasm. It was unlikely, even with his skill for sodomy he rarely brought first time anal fuckers to climax, but he was an optomist so would try to delay his gratification for as long as humanly possible. He also knew that the moment he came, his dick would instantly deflate and given the tightness of the two assholes he fucked tonight, would probably be too raw to do anything with for a good 24 hours.

“So close,” Killer Frost murmured.

At that announcement both Lena and James were taken aback initially. However, both of the Earth-38 people were normally perceptive and now that they were aware of Killer Frost being on the doormat of another orgasm they could see the signs. James kicked himself that he couldn’t tell by the way her thrusts down on his lap were becoming more and more ragged the closer her orgasm got.

“Gonna cum with his cock in your ass?” James asked the girl he was sodomizing.

“Yeahhhh,” Killer Frost moaned, nodding her white-haired head as she fucked his cock with her ass.

With one hand still busy alternating between finger fucking Lena and rubbing her clit, James moved the other one from Killer Frost’s hip up her body. As his fingers ran over her rib cage James reached his destination - his palm finally settled on the breast that wasn’t currently being attended to by Lena.

“Ohhhh god, I’m gonna, ohhhh fuck, I’m cummmmming,” Killer Frost squealed, finally being pushed over the edge.

As Killer Frost slammed herself all the way down, James felt yet another orgasm happen on his dick. The metahuman’s asshole clamped down on his cock, forcing James to grit his teeth in an effort to try to ride her orgasm. He didn’t know if it was an Earth-1 thing, or bacause she was a potential anal newbie or likely because she had metahuman enhanced strength, but Frost’s asshole grip was like nothing he’d felt before, and that was even after fucking Lena Luthor’s perfect booty. James remembered that Lena wanted him to cum in Killer Frost’s ass, which was fine for him because as Frost moved just enough on his cock as she shuddered through her orgasm to push him past the point of no return yet again.

“I’m gonna cum in your fucking ass,” James growled as he felt the jizz rise in his balls yet again.

“Oh yeah,” Killer Frost moaned right before she felt the big black man explode inside her.

Once more Killer Frost got an extra perverse thrill out of feeling his warm jizz splash on her insides, this time along the walls of her rectum instead of her pussy. Being the third load of the night, James didn’t have nearly the same volume as the 2 preceding orgasms, though no sex in the several days before this encounter helped muster a decent size amount of baby batter still.

When he was finished emptying his balls inside her, Killer Frost collapsed on top of me. The Earth-1 ice queen had barely hit his chest before Lena was pushing her near lifeless body off of the muscular black man. Killer Frost groaned at Lena’s treatment, but turned into a moan as Lena’s tongue went after the jizz already starting to leak out of her gaping assholes.

“Clean James up while I clean you up,” Lena suggested between licks of Killer Frost’s yawning open backdoor.

“What?” Killer Frost asked, turning her head to look at his cock with a look of revulsion.

“I want you to suck his cock,” Lena answered, pulling Killer Frost’s cheeks apart so she could reach her tongue even further, now able to eat Killer Frost’s ass with even more gusto. “Mmm, taste your ass on his cock.”

James could tell that Killer Frost wanted to say no, but instead she reached out and took hold of his softening cock. It probably helped that Killer Frost could remember Lena taking James’ dick straight from her own ass directly into her mouth only 20 minutes ago. Plus it didn’t hurt that Killer Frost was on a crusade to experience as much as possible now that she had her own body and freedom. Therefore, shifting around on the bed she brought her snow white colored head over his crotch before she paused for a moment. Taking a breath to steel her nerves, Killer Frost opened her mouth and took the head of his softening cock between her lips. She must have decided she liked it because as she swirled her tongue around the head she moaned and started to take more of it into her mouth.

“Kinky, isn’t it?” Lena asked with a raised eyebrow as Killer Frost tried to inhale his prick.

“Wow. Mmhmm,” Killer Frost moaned, making sure every inch of his cock was coated with at least three layers of saliva before finally letting it slip from her mouth.

“You two...unbelievable,” James huffed after Killer Frost was satisfied she got every trace of her asshole flavor off his deflated cock.

“Couldn’t agree more,” Killer Frost agreed, as she sat up. “I think I really like this Earth.”

“Feel free to come back anytime,” Lena offered. “You’ll always have a bed to stay in.” She added with a wink.

“Only if you let me borrow him again sometime,” Killer Frost said, turning her head to look at Lena as she lay on her stomach behind her. “And make sure your around too.”

“You can borrow him whenever you want,” Lena said, smiling with a twinkle in her eye. “Just remember to invite me to come with on occasion. And maybe even bring your sexy other half as well.”

“Do I get any kind of say in this?” James asked, looking back and forth between them.

“Please, you’d come running if Frost or Caitlin called and said she had an itch for you to scratch,” Lena said, rolling her eyes at his feigned indignation.

“Okay, but can we at least pretend like I have a little control?” James sighed.

“I’m going to take a shower,” Killer Frost said, chuckling as she got off the bed.

“I think I’m going to go home and catch a nap before the charity thing I have tonight,” Lena said. “You may want to shower AFTER Frost so you’re ready in time as well.”

“Then I guess I have time to walk you out,” James said, the thought of going a fourth round even with a woman as hot as Killer Frost a non-starter for his well used cock.

“You’re still with enough energy to come with me tonight?” Lena asked him as James grabbed his clothes. “It’s a really good cause.”

“Metahumans are a drain on the energy reserves, but you’ve been wearing me out for months to help with the endurance. I think I’ll be just fine.” James answered, pulling on his clothes as he followed after Lena while she searched for the clothes she’d hastily stripped off on her way to his bedroom in the first place.

“Good answer. My driver will be here in an hour. I’ll take the copter home and see you then,” Lena said, hastily getting dressed before leaving.

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Re: Supergirl: Super-Harem Series
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Title: Super-Harem Part 6
Pairing: Killer Frost/Caitlin Snow
Codes: FF, Anal, Oral, Incest?
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. I don't own or have anything to do with Supergirl or Flash, especially the characters Lena Luthor, Caitlin Snow, Killer Frost or James Olsen

Summary: Season 3 when Lena and James Olsen are dating. Lena Luthor has succeeded in using the Haren-El to seperate Earth-1’s Caitlin Snow from Killer Frost. Frost returns home with the intention of recruiting Caitlin to the growing harem on Earth-38.

Caitlin Snow had been home from her work at Star Labs for the past hour. Though being a leading member of Team Flash didn’t have set hours, and sometimes being at the lab for 100 hours in a week wasn’t uncommon, lately things had been a slow. Which was both good and bad for the bioengineering scientist and resident team doctor. For one, it allowed her to rest and recover from when times got crazy, and they always got crazy.
However, after she had cleaned her apartment within Star Labs from floor to ceiling and prepped meals for the next 3 days, the negative aspect of down time was setting in. Specifically, the loss of Killer Frost, her metahuman alter ego created by her father when she was only young. Frost wasn’t died, in fact the metahuman with ice powers was more alive than ever thanks to Lena Luthor from Earth-38 and her use of something called Haren-El, which she used to successful cleave the two aspects so they each had their own bodies. This happened roughly a week ago and Caitlin was still getting used to being alone and not having to share her headspace with another entity.

“What you thinking about, hot stuff?” Looking up, Caitlin saw that it was none other than her twin in every aspect of the word standing in her (their?) doorway.

“Frost!” Caitlin said, half surprised and half excited.

“Miss me?” the white-haired metahuman asked as she came and gave her twin a hug for the first time.

“When did you get back?” the scientist inquired.

“Literally a minute ago. Said hi to Ralph in the lounge then came straight here,” Killer Frost answered. “Now tell me all about what you’ve been doing while I was hanging on Earth-38.”

Caitlin looked warmly at her exact copy of herself, noting all their similarities. Both had the same little scar on their forehead from a childhood accent, both had the same plump lips, they both smiled the same in almost lopsided but quirky fashion. Really, their only physical differences were the shade of lip color as Caity had a natural pink while Frost’s were hypothermic blue, Caity’s brown eyes versus Frost’s piercing icy blue, and the snow white hair versus Caitlin’s traditional light brown.

“Another meta emergency and you without your powers,” Killer Frost replied after hearing Caitlin’s tale from the past several days. “Most have been stressful.”

“A little. But I had Barry and Cisco...and Ralph I guess,” Caitlin answered.

“How about I run you a bath in apology for not being here. Put some salts and oils just the way you like it. You'll feel like a million dollars again," the ice queen offered her non-meta doppelganger.

“Wow Frost. That honestly sounds amazing.”

Caitlin took her up on the idea and Killer Frost ducked into the bathroom to do just that. Caitlin could hear the water running and Killer Frost walking about inside as she fetched different bottles and added them to the growing water level. Finally after a few minutes, Killer Frost re-emerged and took Caitlin by the hand and shown her into the bathroom they now shared.

"Enjoy. I'm gonna go make us some food," Killer Frost shared. “I’m feeling Italian.”

“Yum. Cisco ordered a pizza less than an hour ago so there should be lots of veggie slices left,” Caitlin informed.

Frost nodded her approval of the recommendation as she left the room and closed the door behind her. Even though it was only a residence contained within the massive Star Labs, the bedrooms were actually fairly nice and Caitlin's bathroom was no exception. The tiled floors were always at their cleanest and the white tub to her left looked brand new and fairly large.

Caitlin pulled off her grey cardigan sweater she wore open and hung it on the back of the door before fishing a hair elastic off the counter to bundle up her long strands on top of her head to not get it wet. From there it only took a second and decent shoulder range of motion to reach behind her and unzip the tight dress she wore, stepping out of it followed by her bra and undergarments.

She had been standing in front of the large mirror on the opposite wall of the tub as she undressed, her eyes scanning her naked body. While true she had seen herself naked thousands of times, if not more, she was left now assuming that Killer Frost would look identical to hers now. Roaming her gaze over her body, Caitlin went straight to her favorite feature on herself, her lean and long legs. Despite being of only average height and skinny, Caitlin could boast a narrow but pleasantly plump and bubbly ass. Her stomach didn't have an ounce of fat but she didn't have an anorexic look to her.

"Feels perfect," Caitlin thought after trying the bath her doppelganger had prepared.

After dipping her foot in and realizing that the water was hot but comfortable, Caitlin stepped in and sat. The wetness enveloped her petite frame as she reclined enough so that the tops of her shoulders were submerged. The heat of water felt amazing and rejuvenating for Caitlin and she found herself closing her eyes.

"Hey," Killer Frost said, appearing in the doorway.

"Oh hey Frost...think I drifted off in here. It's just so relaxing," Caitlin shared.

It was at this point that Caitlin opened her eyes and tracked where the voice came from. Her white-haired twin was standing with a green satin gown on, open down the middle with only a pair of black panties donning her body. Her breasts weren't visible but the material was so thin that it left little to the imagination, in fact if Caitlin looked hard enough she could make out the other girl's nickel-sized nipples beneath.

"How is it?" Killer Frost asked.

Caitlin did well to not change her facial experience though her eyes stayed glued to her doppelganger's chest as her small but perky breasts bounced with each step as Frost came closer to the tub. It was at this point that Caitlin was reminded about how attractive Killer Frost was, which sounded both like she had a massive ego and also kinda weird considering they were essentially twins. However, Frost (and herself) were blessed with a beautiful face which in Frost’s case was framed by her striking snow white flowing hair but her body was flawless. Round booty, tasty looking tits with a narrow waist and a fairly big butt given their slender hips.

"Great," Caitlin said, closing her eyes and relaxing back into the water.

"Mind if I join you?"

Everyone who had ever met Caitlin knew that she was capable of awkward speech patterns when flustered and Killer Frost wasn't surprised to hear her doppelganger stammer under her question. Her facial expression contorted and that vertical wrinkle in the middle of her forehead that only ever appeared when stumped appeared, as she tried to think of an answer that would not offend Killer Frost but that made it so she didn't need to share the bath. She loved Killer Frost, but she still wasn't comfortable with the idea of two naked twins sharing a tub.


Caitlin wondered what in the world made her say that but Killer Frost wasn't giving her a chance to rethink her words. The satin robe was pulled from her body to reveal her perky tits, which she dropped to the floor before doing likewise with her panties after sliding them down her long feminine legs. Caitlin spied a completely bare pussy as Killer Frost stepped into the water before sitting at the opposite end.

"Still a little weirded out with us being two different people," Killer Frost brought up, sitting forward to engage the other woman more.

"Yeah...sorry about that," Caitlin said, leaning back so her own small breasts were under the water.

"But now we have a legit best friend that is also flesh and blood. Now it’s not weird or self-conscious to think about how sexy our boobs are. Sure, they may not be as big or bouncy as Nora’s or Lena Luthor’s, but yours are perfect for our size. Plus we have the most adorable little nipples that look so tasty," Killer Frost said excitedly.

The comment seemed to remove some awkwardness from Caitlin, much like compliments tend to do with girls that are insecure. Killer Frost noticed that the other girl's hands seemed to drop down to her sides, no longer trying to cover up the front of her chest. The water still distorted being able to eye-fuck the other woman completely but now Killer Frost could make out Caitlin’s perky boobs that hung effortlessly in front of her slim body.

"You're just saying that to be nice," Caitlin blushed.

“Nice isn’t really my thing,” Frost replied with a knowing wink. “I’m more the say what I’m think version of us. And what I’m currently thinking is that I’ve seen your body through a mirror so often I’ve committed it to my spankbank and have totally thought about it when I need that little kick to reach an orgasm.”

"God Killer Frost, you are such a pervert," Caitlin said though couldn't hold back a laugh.

"Hey, I seem to remember you being a lot more kinky and experimental back then," Killer Frost said, getting slightly more serious.

"Maybe a little," Caitlin said, her face looking like she was thinking back to a pleasant memory.

"Well I seem to remember someone stumbling drunk one night to their female lab instructors room during college and suggesting they scissor," the ice queen told her, thinking back to their first year as a coed.

"Oh my God I remember that. I was so drunk...but didn't regret it," she smiled.

"What happened to you," Killer Frost said, pouting. "I’m not shading you as a prude or anything, but after Robby and Julian, you just kinda...stopped being who you are."

"I agree. I think after loving and losing, I’ve just kinda...lost myself for a long time. Instead of continuing to grow and experiment sexually, I’ve just become stunted." Caitlin answered her physical twin.

"Well...I'm gonna bring back the true Caitlin," Killer Frost said with certainty.

There was no other warning as Killer Frost leaned forward, moving between Caitlin's slender thighs until her chest hovered above the her brown-haired doppelganger’s chest. Caitlin had a chance to stop her if she wanted, but she desired what was to happen, even if she’d never be able to initiate. Luckily, Killer Frost had no such reservations as she took Caity’s defenceless stance as an invitation to plant her lips on Caitlin's and kiss her with as much carnal energy that both of them had.

“Mmmm,” they moaned in each other’s mouths.

The kiss with Killer Frost was everything that Caitlin remembered her kisses with Robby were like, something she hadn’t had in too long a time. The bath tub makeout session with her twin was full of passion, intimacy, and true hunger. Any thoughts of desiring a woman exactly the physical copy of herself had vanished due to the ferocity of the kiss. Already, Caitlin felt a tingling between her thighs as her pussy wet just from someone's lips on hers, something that hadn't happened for a long time.

Killer Frost's hand ran sensually along her doppelganger’s cheek as they parted their lips and she pushed inside Caitlin's mouth. Her fingertips ran along her skin until settling on her neck as the pair continued to kiss, this time with Caitlin pushing her tongue into Killer Frost's mouth just as often. The ice queen took it as a good sign, especially when she felt a small hand placed on her side and start to rub her arched back.

"Such a good kisser," Caitlin muttered in almost a dream-like state.

“Yes we are,” Caitlin replied before her mouth was filled with her twin’s tongue again.

The extra contact seemed to ignite further passion in both women as it seemed their kissing got more intense now. Their tongue lashings became more wild, spilling out of the barrier of their smacking lips to get onto each other's faces. Neither cared as they were so lost in the carnal heat. Though Killer Frost had been having sex regularly since her freeing at the hands of Lena Luthor on Earth-38, this was the first time Caitlin had anything resembling this much passion in longer than she cared to think about.

Killer Frost started rocking her body up and down, the non-existent pubes rubbing Caitlin in her neatly trimmed brown thatch of hair above her sex. Though she hadn’t been very sexually active of late, Caitlin still preferred to keep things nice and neat in all areas of hygiene. Both their hands went to the other's easiest asset to access; Killer Frost getting herself to nice handfuls of Caitlin's perky tits while the bioengineering scientist reached around and kneaded Killer Frost's thick, firm ass.

"We really do have some nice tits," Killer Frost cooed between kisses.

It didn’t take long before Killer Frost used fingers to pull at Caitlin's pink nipples, making them instantly harden while twisting them playfully, not painfully. Knowing the scientist as well as she knew herself, Killer Frost knew the nipple play always got them a little extra hot and bothered. On cue, Caitlin moaned into her twin’s mouth as she kneaded the ice queen's ass with all her grip strength in the process. Though it pained her to move a hand away from her tits, Killer Frost did so in order to run it down her flat stomach and between both their milky white thighs.

"Mmhmm...yes," Caitlin moaned as she felt fingers trace down from her bellybutton to the top of her sex.

Killer Frost smiled, thinking if this is how responsive the other girl was then she was going to make this girl scream like a banshee all night long. While she knew just how responsive Caitlin could be given how she herself always was easily turned on, the sensation was heightened for the scientist given how little sex she had lately. True enough, by the time Frost pressed two fingers against her slick folds and started rubbing through them, Caitlin cocked her head back and let out a primal yelp of pleasure.

"Awwhh...be loud for me Caitlin," her doppelganger instructed.

To her surprise, when Killer Frost pushed a single digit into the scientist’s twat, Caitlin didn't howl, instead her mouth formed a wide perfect O without any noise escaping. Killer Frost finger fucked her doppelganger several times before rearing back far enough so she could add a second finger into Caity’s pussy, this time getting the girl to moan audibly.

“Yes, Frost!”

As pleased as she was to be back inside Caitlin, the ice queen had more on her mind then simply fingering her doppelganger. Killer Frost drove into her cunt a few more times before pulling out of her, making sure to rummage through her twin’s slit in the process. Her hand didn't go far, in fact Frost took her left hand from kneading Caitlin's boobs so that she could get both palms scooped under the scientist and had her sit on them.

Caitlin was a little upset to have to break her kissing with her white-haired twin just when it was just starting to really heat up. However, the slender scientist did as she was being told by Killer Frost's physical cues and hoisted her bubbly ass up off the bottom of the tub until her pink sex had surfaced above the water.

"Oh sweet Lord," Caitlin moaned.

Caity’s scream was in direct response to the tongue that was suddenly licking its way from over her wet hole, up through her folds and ended at her clit. Caitlin looked down over her soapy breasts and watched as the ice queen swirled her tongue over her exposed nub, occasionally making a seal around it with her lips to really pepper it with her tongue while under a constant barrage of suction.

Caitlin's legs felt weak and wobbled every time her twin’s nimble tongue flicked out at her sensitive clit, also causing her to scream loudly. Though she wasn’t thinking about anything other than Frost’s tongue on her snatch, Caitlin was thankful that none of the other members of Team Flash had their rooms in this wing of the residence. Luckily, her lower limb strength never gave out despite Killer Frost's best oral work and Caitlin was able to keep her hips above water so that she could stay on the receiving end of her metahuman doppelganger’s rug munching.

"Oh my God, Frost," Caitlin screamed the other girl's name.

The ice queen smiled brightly before getting back to work, determined to use every tool in her belt to make her Caity cum. Opening her mouth wide, Frost was able to completely cover the other girl's slit from tip to hole within her lips. She started sucking, making loud smacking noises before darting her tongue into Caitlin's twat. At first she used the wet muscle to just fuck her twin’s twat, but after a handful of thrusts, Frost drove her tongue as deep as possible to lap at her inner walls.

Naturally, Caity moaned in response and thrashed about in the large tub, making the water spill over the edge. Killer Frost ignored this and focused on the job at hand, which was eliciting as much pleasure from Caity as possible. She wanted to worm her tongue deeper into Caitlin's pussy in order to taste more of her sweet nectar so she used one of her free hands to pull apart her folds and drive further inside.

"Fuckkkkk," Caitlin moaned louder than ever, even using a rare curse word.

Luckily for both of them, Killer Frost had been honing her oral skills back on Earth-38 on none other than Lena Luthor. Caity was the big benefitter here, but Killer Frost was also being satisfied because of how good her other self’s juices tasted. To the metahuman’s satisfaction, she repeatedly used her tongue to collect Caitlin's nectar from her gushing twat, noting how she was sweet, with almost a taste of honey. It made Killer Frost powerless to do anything but burrow her tongue as deep into the girl as possible and licking every wall she could reach. She could feel Caitlin's thrashing her naked body around in the tub full of water, making her happy to have such a continuing effect on her twin and new lover.

"You missed this, don't you," Killer Frost smiled up at her from between her legs.

"I did," Caitlin replied all while the other girl never stopped circling her tongue through her slit. "So much."

Killer Frost was pleased that her efforts were not going to waste. With her hands both reaching up and rubbing each of her doppelganger’s sensitive nipples, the enhanced metahuman sank her tongue as deep into Caitlin's pussy as she could once more and started to whip it around inside. The ice queen realized that her nose was squashed against the talented scientist’s pink folds and an idea came to her. Shaking her head in short, quick movements, Killer Frost was able to use her face, specifically her cute nose to rub against the Caitlin's clit.

"Oh my God, yes! Just like that," Caitlin screamed.

"Yeah? You gonna cum Caitlin? Come on, give me your sweet juices," Killer Frost all but begged.

Killer Frost knew that the girl was reaching the point of no return as her climax had all but arrived. Determined to finish Caity off in glorious style, the ice queen used her hand to rub her twin’s clit with almost inhuman speed, her fingers a mere blur given the quickness she used. Meanwhile with her free hand she plunged another two digits deep into pussy, curled her knuckles and with ease found her doppelganger’s equally sensitive G spot.

"OH!! I'M CUMMING!!! UUGGHHHH," Caitlin screamed.

Timing it just right, Killer Frost waited until her twin’s orgasm was at hand before she pulled her two fingers free and replaced the gape in her twat with her skilled tongue. No more than a second later Killer Frost got her just rewards as Caitlin's sweet cum gushed out onto her waiting tongue. The metahuman happily gobbled up all of what the slender scientist had to offer before greedily searching inside her pussy for more of the tasty treat. Once she was satisfied that she hadn't missed a drop, Killer Frost leaned forward onto her knees, hovering over her now resting doppelganger.

"I really missed you," Caitlin said between kisses.

"Me too," Killer Frost smiled back. "Let's get out of the tub."

*   *   *

The pair wasted little time getting from the tub to the bedroom, only taking a minute to towel off their perfect, and exactly the same, naked bodies. Their room was simple enough with some clothes on the floor but generally neat, though the only thing that mattered at that particular moment was getting themselves onto her bed.

"Here, let me show you something that I know for sure you’ve also missed," Killer Frost said.

Killer Frost had access to all of Caitlin’s memories and experiences up until the moment they were split apart by Lena Luthor and the Haren-El last week. Plus, she had her own sexual encounters since that time that she was pulling from, therefore the metahuman was very confident in what she was about to do with her doppelganger.

Before she knew it, Caitlin found that her twin had the towel ripped from her slender body before depositing her with her head in the pillows. In another blink of an eye, Killer Frost had joined her on the bed, grabbing Caity by one of her long athletic legs and swinging it up and over so that it pressed against the other one. Killer Frost lowered herself back down so her face was inches away from the singer's slim yet plum bottom. The ice queen told her doppelganger to clutch her cheek and pull it apart, which she did with little hesitation.

"Pull my butt cheek? Like this," she asked.

"Perfect. Now I can lick your ass," Killer Frost smiled wide.

"Wow. Bold to lick a girl’s bum on the first date," Caitlin said with a smirk.

"Oh? Should I stop then,” Frost asked after a slow, long lick from Caity’s pussy to halfway up her ass crack.

“Oh please no.”

Killer Frost replied with a matching smirk to her twin, only with blue tinged lips instead of her lively red. Not wanting to miss any of the sexy action, Caitlin wrenched her neck around in time to see and feel Killer Frost knead her little but surprisingly plump backside before giving it an open-mouth kiss. The slender girl felt a small shiver run up her spine as her plump lips smacked the curved surface of her cheek, and then felt it a second time as this time Killer Frost kissed the opposite cheek.

"How's the view," Caitlin asked, feeling a hand on each cheek, jiggling, squeezing and lightly swatting it.

"Adorable," Killer Frost said while looking up at her. "We have such a cute little ass."

Caitlin felt as Killer Frost grabbed her by the wrist so she could place Caity’s own hands to her bottom and in order to help pull apart her bum cheeks enough to expose her crinkled starfish. Caitlin watched the predatory smile and laser focus on the ice queen's face before Killer Frost leaned even closer to her then felt her wet tongue placed a long, slow lick to her crack. Frost made sure to leave a good amount of spit behind, before she repeated the move using her broad tongue to lick directly over the center of her tightest of holes.

“Mhmm, ahhh," Caitlin hummed.

Killer Frost smiled at her doppelganger's cute comment before focusing back on the task at hand. The ice queen had used her past week of freedom to become well practiced in the carnal arts and this time it was her doppelganger getting to be the benefactor. Frost made sure to give her best rimming since Caitlin was out of practice when it comes to backdoor loving and she wanted to remind her how much Caity used to love it. Therefore, channeling all her experience, Frost went about repeatedly licking over her twin’s backdoor with the odd venture down to her pussy to change things up.

"Feels good, doesn't it," Killer Frost asked with a smug voice.

"Forgot how good it could fell," Caitlin answered, nodding her head as well.

"God, we have such a pretty little butthole," the ice queen told her while her fingertip danced along the crinkled surface.

Killer Frost didn't want to push her too far too soon by introducing her finger into her ass but she did feel it was time for an invasion of another sort. Rather then just lick the tight opening, Killer Frost made a point with her tongue and pressed it firmly against her doppelganger’s anus until Caitlin's sphincter relented.

"Mmhmm yes...eat my ass," Caitlin moaned, finding that the words just spilled out of her mouth organically. “Lick my insides!”

Killer Frost did just that by lapping at the first two inches of her fellow Team Flash member’s smooth anal walls. Caity kept good care of herself as her anal passage was clean, tasting faintly metallic and earthy, but in a pleasant way. It took her a few minutes before Frost forced herself to come up for air, but that was short lived as she was back to burying her sexy face in Caitlin's bubble butt soon enough.

The ice queen was a machine when it came to eating out another woman, especially when they tasted as good and were as physically responsive as Caitlin. Killer Frost had garnered the reputation from Lena and James back on Earth-38 of being a generous lover, but with her doppelganger she was being sure to make an impression that the equally gorgeous but sexually repressed Caitlin would be sure to remember.

"Feels so good with your tongue deep in my ass," Caitlin found herself saying again, surprising herself.

"Just wait until it's a big cock in there," Killer Frost said, back to rubbing the hole with her finger.

"Oh God, I think I’m pretty out of practice for that," Caitlin laughed nervously.

“Come on, I know how much you enjoyed Robbie and Julian taking a trip through your backdoor,” Killer Frost stated, drawing a shocked look from her twin. “You know, ‘when the red river is flowing, take the dirt road’. Seriously? Anal! I’m talking about how you let those boys sodomize you.”

“What!? You were present for that,” Caitlin replied in shock.

“Of course! It was a big event in your sexual life. I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Frost comforted her. “Plus your stress hormones were going crazy, hence why I came to look in the first place. Without observing those experiences, how else do you think I could so comfortably take James Olsen’s beautiful but big dick up my own ass?”

“Big dick, huh?” Caitlin asked, quirking an eyebrow, intrigued.

“I guess, but I’m not a size queen like someone,” Frost replied to the woman she shared a body with for 30 years.

“That’s right. I’m the size queen, you’re the ice queen,” the bioengineer replied with a laugh.

“Good one, Caity,” Killer Frost laughed as well.

Killer Frost now had a new mission in mind. She loved Caitlin and wanted her to tap back into her repressed sexual energy that she exhibited before Robbie died and Julian split. Since her surface and entrance of Caitlin's asshole was so well lubricated with her spit, Killer Frost made sure to be even safer by licking her middle finger well before dipping her slender finger into her doppelganger's backdoor.

"Oh wow," Caitlin moaned.

It wasn't the first finger that had ever made it's way into Caitlin Snow’s ass but this time it help a hell of a lot more erotic. Killer Frost only pushed up until her first digit, but when she felt the other girl's sphincter relax almost immediately she continued until half her middle finger was wedged in Caitlin's bum.

Killer Frost used her tongue back in the scientist's pussy to relax her further as she slowly yet confidently moved half her digit in and out of the Caitlin's ass. After a few moments Killer Frost felt she was ready for even more and tested that out by going past the second knuckle and surprised both of them when her hand hit Caity’s curvy cheeks with the entire digit disappeared inside the brainy girl.

"Good girl Caitlin," the ice queen said, slowly pulling back out.

"Mhmm...thanks," Caitlin moaned as the finger pushed back into her.

"I knew it would be like riding a bike for you," Killer Frost said, driving the finger into Caity’s ass with more speed now. “Didn’t I tell you how good it would feel again.”

"You did," Caitlin agreed. “And you were right.”

"So trust me when I tell you that you'll love a cock pushing into her bum, I promise."

"Maybe," the scientist replied. “Though it sounds like you know first hand about that knowledge.”

“More on that later, baby,” Frost replied with a wink, but her story would have to wait since she had an orgasm to dish out to her twin.

Killer Frost took heart in the fact that only after a few minutes of rimming and fingering the woman who hadn’t had any backdoor loving in years, that Caitlin was already softening on her original stance of taking a dick up there. Determined to help break her out of her shell and back to her sexual best, the ice queen was now going to make the slender scientist cum while her ass was being stretched.

It seemed that Caitlin was on the same wavelength, at least subconsciously as Killer Frost observed her brown-haired doppelganger snake a hand down between her thighs to start rubbing her clit. The ice queen knew a good sign when she saw one so brought about stimulation through three fronts, as she eased her finger back into Caitlin’s rear while her tongue buried itself deep in her pussy.

"Oh Lord...ughh...mmhmmmm...awwhhh," Caitlin released a torrent of moans.

The screams kept coming as Killer Frost worked her finger and tongue inside Caitlin to perfection while the new bi-sexual continued strumming her own slit. Despite the fact that Caitlin had cum no less then 10 minutes earlier while in the bathtub with her, Killer Frost was on the verge of doing it once more, and this time with the primary focus on ass play, something the old Caitlin loved.

"That's it! Cum for me Caitlin!"

Killer Frost went into overdrive with her tongue to lick deep into her snatch to hit all the right spots while still calmly pushing and pulling her finger in and out of Caitlin’s tight asshole. To her credit, Caitlin's hand was once again a blur as it moved so swiftly as it furiously stimulated her clit until Killer Frost felt both her tongue and digit squeezed by her doppelganger’s respective holes.

"I'M CUMMMINNG," the bioengineer screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Such a dirty girl," Killer Frost smiled.

"You made me cum so...hard...playing with my ass," Caitlin said, her second orgasm of the evening. “That’s been years since I’ve cum like that.”

But if Caitlin thought that she was going to lay back and rest then she had something else coming. Killer Frost kissed her plump cheeks one last time before sitting back on her knees and swinging Caitlin's leg around her, now between her thighs. She clutched Caitlin's hands and eased her up into a sitting position as she moved to take her spot in the middle of the bed.

"Now it's your turn to lick my ass," Killer Frost informed her.

"You want me to lick yours?" Caitlin said, nervous and yet excited.

"Yup," the ice queen answered, settling onto her knees and elbows. “After all, stands to reason that if you love having your salad tossed then so do I.”

Caitlin was nervous, but the bigger emotion she was feeling was lust and passion and wanting to please her new lover. She was still getting to grips with the fact that her new lover was another version of herself, her metahuman doppelganger or even potentially her twin, but she ignored that for now. Instead she focused on her arousal and sexual desires, which were feelings she hadn't experienced with such strength since Julian left. She wasn't going to let inexperience plague her into inaction so she swallowed down her nerves and got in position hovering her face over top Killer Frost's well-toned booty.

"I've never done this before," Caitlin conceded.

“I know for sure you’ve eaten out girls before. Remember that ‘phase’ you went through in college where we hooked up with a ton of girls?” Killer Frost reminded.

“No, I know that. I mean...butt stuff. I’ve only ever been on the receiving end.” Caitlin clarified.

"Trust me Caity, you’ll love it. After all, I do,” Killer Frost reasoned, drawing a nod from Caitlin. “Just rub your tongue on my asshole. It’ll make me cum so hard."

Her metahuman’s half made a solid argument about why Caitling would like it, therefore the bioengineer stopped delaying and set herself to the new challenge. After all, this wasn’t going to be so different than when she ate out a ton of other girls in college, only her tongue would be licking and lapping within a hole an inch away from her previous target. Though she had an intimate knowledge of the human body from all her studies, Caitlin ignored the massive differences between tasting a vigina versus a colon, instead she chose to focus on how good it felt when Frost tossed her salad, or when Julian would rim her, or the surprising pleasure she got when Robbie would sodomize her all those years ago.

"You have such a seriously cute asshole," Caitlin said without thought or filter.

The suddenly resolute scientist clutched her twin’s cheeks in both hands and separated them apart, just like Killer Frost had done to her. With her target in sight, Caitlin gulped down the last of her nerves, extended her tongue and used her wet muscle to lick over the rosebud before her. Caitlin didn't know what to expect but she could feel the crinkled opening on the tip of her tongue, which excited her.

"Oh...that feels so good," Killer Frost moaned. "A pleasant start, Caity."

Caitlin kept licking in her broad strokes over and over. She figured she must be doing a good job based on the fact the her anal loving metahuman twin continued to moan and squirm because of her oral skill. Finally between groans Killer Frost kept telling Caitlin to keep licking just like that, feedback the brown-haired woman was happy with and did just that.

Starting to get the hang of performing her first rimjob, Caitlin narrowed her swiping long licks down so that rather than dancing all along the crack she was now just using her tongue on her actual asshole. After another few laps she decided to do something new, licking over the hole so slowly that once she was dead center she narrowed her tongue and crammed the first portion into her doppelganger's asshole.

"Yes Caitlin," the ice queen screamed.

Though it had been awhile since she last hooked up with another woman it really was like riding a bike and Caitlin got back into a flow as though she never stopped going down on girls. The only small difference was that she was pleasuring a different hole altogether but the same principles applied. Sure, one could make the argument another difference with this lesbian encounter was that it was with her identical twin, but Caitlin chose to unpack that dilemna much later.

Caitlin found that her tongue could make a good amount of headway into Killer Frost's booty before the metahuman’s sphincter got too tight. Remembering how good it felt having a tongue wiggling inside her ass, Caitlin mirrored that action and found that Killer Frost gave an even louder moan because of it. Wanting to keep her doppelganger guessing, Caitlin pulled her tongue out of licking her anal walls and went back to broadly lapping at her crinkled entrance.

"This is so hot! I can't believe I have done this before," Caitlin stated.

"Why don't you try using your fingers to play with my tight little ass," Killer Frost instructed. "Wet your tips then rub it like a clit."

As Caitlin's teachers could back her up on this, she had always been a great student, always willing to listen and follow instructions. This time around, her teacher was her gorgeous doppelganger instructing her how to finger her asshole, but the principle remained the same. Caitlin did as she was told by releasing her grip on Killer Frost taut cheek in order to lick and transfer a good deal of spit onto her finger then brought it down to rub around her backdoor, which drew immediate moans with renewed vigor.

"Put it inside," Killer Frost told her, a smile still plastered on her pretty face. “Fuck me, Caity.”

"Would love to," Caitlin answered.

Killer Frost practically begged her to do it and Caitlin wasn't about to deny her that wish. She rubbed the center for another moment before bringing her digit back towards her mouth, sticking her fingers on her tongue and transferring more spit. The surface of Frost’s asshole was already plenty wet for her copious amount of licking so Caitlin felt confident it wouldn't hurt her twin when she pushed inside.

Caitlin was tentative at first with just the first portion of her finger going inside just to the knuckle. She hadn't done this before so she was unsure of how much and how fast to go but Killer Frost encouraged her to keep going and loosen up so she starts going quicker then finally deeper. Caitlin found that if she used the moans escaping her doppelganger's mouth as a good barometer then she couldn't go wrong. When the noises started to quiet down she would either go deeper or fast until she found that not only was her fist smacking her tight booty but it was doing so with enough force to cause her ass to jiggle.

"Oh yes, Caity. Doing great," Killer Frost told her, now rubbing her own clit. "Now add another."

"You are such a nasty girl," Caitlin giggled.

Caitlin couldn't believe how wrapped up in the moment she was, never in a million years would she have thought she'd be fingering her doppelganger's asshole yet here she was. She pulled her solo digit from Killer Frost's tight hole and bent down to lick her opening once more, getting it nice and slippery. Wanting the two fingers to go in just as easily as one, Caitlin pressed her middle and ring finger together before sucking on them both then pushing back into her ass.

"That's it, put two fingers in me baby," Killer Frost cooed with satisfaction.

Caitlin was a quick study especially when she had such a knowledged and well-versed teacher like she had with Killer Frost. With each passing finger plunge into the metahuman doppelganger’s bum, Caitlin felt more passion raising up in her like a phoenix from the flame. No longer needing the instructions, the leggy scientist was going on instinct now, dragging her slippery digits swiftly in and out, time after time.

"You weren’t joking about getting anal while on Earth-38 based on the way you ass completely devoured my fingers," Caitlin said in awe.

"Wouldn’t lie to you, Caity. James and Lena were so great and kinky,” Killer Frost admitted proudly. "You need to make a trip there. You’d love him being the one to get you back on the horse...anally speaking."

"Maybe I will," Caitlin countered, this time sounding more committed then last time. "After all, you make it look so fucking hot. And I did really like it before."

“Don’t I know it,” Frost winked back at her.

Caitlin continued with her exploration of her twin's ass all while she marveled at the tightness of her hole. She was surprised to find that it could hug her digits so thoroughly and yet how it could react and adapt to allow her fingers to go deeper. She didn't quite understand how her asshole was so accommodating and very snug, squeezing her slim fingers like a meaty vice without causing Killer Frost any pain, actually only the opposite.

The Team Flash member was running on auto-pilot at this point, letting her subconscious brain take control of her actions. Truth be told it was doing a hell of a job in its role. With her fingers plunging into Killer Frost's anal depths, Caitlin had gotten into a better position behind the ice queen so that her tongue could be used on her delightfully tasty pussy.

"Yes baby, lick my pussy," Killer Frost cooed.

Caitlin sure didn't need the prompting, in fact Killer Frost couldn't even offer the out-of-practice, rimjob newbie any suggestions as she was eating her twat like an experienced lesbian. Frost loved hearing the wet smacking noises coming from behind her as her prim and proper twin happily and greedily used her clumsy but eager tongue to please the metahuman. Caitlin didn't stop with her fingers in her ass either, which Killer Frost was happy about, but she demonstrated even more multi-tasking by looping her free arm around Frost’s leg so that she could rub the meta’s clit at the same time.

Though her technique could be refined, Killer Frost noted that her doppelganger would only need another session in the bedroom going down on her to wear off the rust. Caity was proving to be talented enough though, as the push to help finish the ice queen off by rubbing her clit while still munching her cunt was exactly what the doctor ordered.

"OH God YESS," white-haired metahuman screamed out.

Caitlin felt the heaviness in her forearms and jaw muscles for the first time since their escapades started and wondered how long they had been going at it for. Not for the first time that night she thanked the heavens that no other Team Flash residence was near to her room to hear the wild and lustful screams that both girls shrieked out.

"So...what did you think," Killer Frost asked right afterwards.

"Playing with your ass, stretching it out...it made me want to try getting mine...fucked again," Caitlin said after a pause. “You’re right, it’s something I used to enjoy so thoroughly.”

"Yeah? Taking a big cock in there," the ice queen grinned.

"Not sure about a big cock but maybe get a dick in there, for sure," Caitlin answered, still basking in her newest sexual experience. A silence passed over them for a few seconds before she added. "That was seriously amazing Frost. I needed that so much," Caitlin thanked.

"Mhmm...me too," Killer Frost replied.

The two girls were now laying beside each other, their naked forms pressed up against each other with their heads on the pillows. They were both exhausted and completely sexually relieved...at least for the time being.

“I think we should just share the master bed,” Killer Frost suggested with iron will behind it.

“But what about…”

“When people come over? I’ll set up the second room to be mine to keep appearances,” the metahuman explained. “After all, we shared the same body for all these years, why shouldn’t we seek comfort in each other still?”

“Very reasonable argument, Frost,” Caitlin nodded with approval.

“Always the tone of surprise,” Killer Frost replied, the identical women sharing a laugh.

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Re: Supergirl: Super-Harem Series
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Title: Super-Harem Part 7
Pairing: Caitlin Snow/James Olsen
Codes: MF, Anal, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. I don't own or have anything to do with Supergirl or Flash, especially the characters Lena Luthor, Caitlin Snow, Killer Frost or James Olsen

Summary: Season 3 when Lena and James Olsen are dating. Lena Luthor has succeeded in using the Haren-El to seperate Earth-1’s Caitlin Snow from Killer Frost. Frost returned back to her Earth with the intention of recruiting Caitlin to the growing harem on Earth-38, and it proved successful. Now, Caitlin has come to see if James is as talented as her doppelganger described.

Caitlin had slept in and was surprised to find that the bed she was sleeping in only occupied herself. She turned her head to the left but didn't see her alarm clock before she clued in that this wasn't her room. Reaching across to her nightstand, she fumbled for her cell phone and noted that it was already 10 am.

"Crap. I never sleep in this late," the bioengineer thought to herself.

The night before had been fantastic, though completely unpredictable. After all, who could predict that they would hook up, first in the bathtub then twice more in bed, with their doppelgangers who had only recently been split apart from each other? Better yet, Killer Frost had helped wake something she long thought dead, or at least extremely dormant; her sexuality.

They stayed up most of the night engaging in intensely passionate lesbian sex, something Caitlin (and therefore Killer Frost riding shotgun) hadn't done since early in her first years at college. It was exactly what Caitlin needed to break out of the 3 year long funk she had been in since Julan left, though even with him she was only a shell of the sexual freak she had been with Robbie, her late fiance. However, this morning the scientist woke up feeling like a million dollars. Hell, she didn't even think she needed a coffee but then again she wasn't going to pass up the java.

As Caitlin rose and stretched after getting out of bed, she noticed a dress laid out on her chair in the room. Apparently, Killer Frost was now picking out outfits for her. Luckily for the tough talking metahuman, Frost had really good taste. After a quick face wash and teeth brush, Caitlin stepped into the tight fitting white dress that, like most of Caitlin’s dresses, only covered just past her pleasantly plump backside, therefore showing lots of her gorgeous long legs. Slipping it on, Caitlin zipped it up and felt the material cling to her slender body. Stepping into the black high heels laid in front of her chair, Caitlin brushed out her slightly wavy brown hair before heading to the coffee bar just down the hallway.

“Morning, sleepy head,” Cisco greeted his best friend. Though it was only 10 am, the team’s engineer was well into his third coffee of the morning. “Not like our girl to sleep in.”

“I think Caity is full of surprises these days,” Killer Frost replied, pouring a cup for Caitlin.

“Sorry for that. Forget to set any alarms this morning. Normally I don’t sleep like that,” Caitlin explained, notoriously a rough sleeper since Robbie’s death.

“No, don’t apologize. I’m happy you got a great night’s rest. Maybe a side effect of the personality splitting?” Cisco inquired before downing the rest of his mug. “Anyway, I’m testing a new weapon at the range. It’s a light morning thus far so take your time.”

“Thanks Cisco, see you soon.” Caitlin replied, watching the shorter man head off to his workshop.

“No you won’t,” Killer Frost said once the pair were alone. Taking a small metallic disc out of her pocket, the white-haired meta flipped it towards the bioengineer. “You have a date on Earth-38.”

“What’s going on?” Caitlin asked, catching the device in her hand and realizing instantly it was a breach tool, a way for anyone to get to another Earth. “Oh! You didn’t, did you?”

“Got off to an early start this morning, doing some Earth hopping and date arranging,” Frost explained with a proud smile.


“Yup. Lena is game too if you wanted, but I warned him we’d start slow with our little Caity and just have a one-on-one for today,” Frost explained.

“I’m not sure I want to date,” Caitlin retorted, the sexy dress and high heels Killer Frost having laid out making more sense now.

“Who said anything about dating,” Frost said with a tone that made Caitlin feel a little silly for suggesting it. “I’m just talking about breaking you fully out of the funk, once and for all. After that, well, the sky's the limit, baby.”

Caitlin pondered for a moment. Booty calls or one night stands were never really her things, then again, she had absolutely no things since her last two boyfriends ended the relationship extremely abruptly and permanently. Plus, Killer Frost, who was as similar to her as it got, said the James was exactly what she needed, which Caitlin had to give credence to, especially with how well Frost began to unlock Caitlin’s sexual repression in one night alone.

“I’m in.” Caitlin said resolutely, looking at her twin’s face for signs of surprise.

“I know,” Frost replied with a cocky grin.

*   *   *

“Lena still out of town?” Kara Danvers asked, sitting on the comfortable sofa in her boss’ office.

“Only for another 2 days,” James Olsen answered, finishing the last of his lunch. “Just a 5 day trip to Argentina to seal up some deal with an old schoolgirl friend.”

“Schoolgirl, huh?” Kara asked with a raised eyebrow. “Sounds kinda hot.”

“Not as hot as my girlfriend sleeping with Supergirl,” James replied, earning a wide smile to appear on his best friend’s face.

“Um, James. Are we expecting anyone from Earth-1?” Kara asked her boss.

“Not that I’m aware of. Then again, I’m not Super Friends with Flash or Green Arrow,” James answered.

“No, you’re only friends with benefits with Lena, Supergirl, Eve, Samantha and Killer Frost,” Kara fired back.

“Touche. But why did you ask about Earth-1?” James asked.

“Caitlinuse of the breach on your balcony,” Kara replied, pointing behind him.

James looked behind him and now noticed the shimmering edges of the portal, or breach, that connected two of the infinite Earths together. The heroes known as Supergirl and Guardian on Earth-38 rose from their positions on the sofa and headed out to the balcony. No one had emerged from the breach but as James and Kara approached, Killer Frost’s face appeared within the center of the portal.

“Hey stud, skirt,” Killer Frost offered in greetings.

“Classy as always Frost,” Kara replied. “I’m assuming this is about James?”

“And here I thought Batwoman was the detective,” Frost answered.

“Always a pleasure, Frosty. I’m going to get back to work but see you Friday night for games night James,” Kara said before leaving James with the metahuman from a different Earth.

“She’s all primed and ready for you,” Killer Frost told James once Kara had left.

“You work fast. Thanks...I guess,” James replied, not knowing if a simple thank you was sufficient when someone helps you seduce their twin.

“I know you’re the guy to break her out of her sexual funk,” Frost replied. “Just remember that if you hurt her, even a little, I will kill you.”

“Trust me, I believe that.”

“Smart boy. Oh, and plan B is a go.” Frost said before she started retreating out of the portal.

“Seriously?” James asked, shocked that Frost could talk her doppelganger into anal sex with such little time.

“Don’t you know James? I’m fucking awesome!”

*   *   *

Killer Frost was a rather effective pimp or broker or whatever title she wanted to give herself. All James knew was that he had enough time to get home after calling it a day at work around 5pm to shower and change before there was a knock at his front door. Dressed in a dress shirt and pants, James figured it could only be one person since Lena Luthor was out of town and the rest of the Superfriends knew he was having company thanks to Kara.

“Hi Caitlin, come on in,” James greeted, stepping aside to allow Earth-1’s Caitlin Snow to enter.

As she walked through the doorway, James couldn’t help but look the Earth-1 girl up and down. Though he had worked with Caitlin previously, whether it was to stop alternate Earth Nazis or aliens from a different galaxy, James hadn’t seen the woman looking this sexy. Here there was no lab jacket, instead she was in a short white dress that looked like a second skin. She may not have had the biggest tits in the world, or even as large as Lena’s, but Caitlin’s bubbly firm ass was surprisingly great and her long, lean legs were top class.

“Thank you,” she replied, stepping in and looking around at the large, spacious apartment. “Oh wow James. Your place is amazing. And this view!”

“Can I get you a drink?” James asked as they stopped at the wall of windows that overlooked National City.

“That would be great. Wine if you have any. Red preferably but I’m easy,” Caitlin replied, then realized how the last line could be taken differently. “With wine choice. I’m easy with either type. God, sorry I’m rambling. Killer Frost has me a little frazzled.”

“Oh?” James asked as he uncorked a new bottle of red wine.

“Being pimped out by my recently synthesized doppelganger is a new and strange experience for me. Do you have a lot of experience with that here?” Caitlin asked with her adorable grin.

“Frost didn’t tell me how funny you were,” James replied, offering her a glass. “And it was hard to get much of your energy while fighting Nazis or aliens hellbent on killing everyone. Cheers.”

Caitlin gave a little swish of the red fluid in the glass before bringing her nose down to have a whiff of the deep floral tones of the wine. As she tilted her glass back and tasted the lovely drink, she turned her brown eyes to James and found the handsome black man watching her intently. They each finished their lengthy sip before she watched James settle his glass on the side table.

“I’m guessing Frost talked to you about…” Caitlin started to say before James but his hand to her cheek. “Mmm.”

“I’m going to kiss you now. Is that okay?” James asked, stepping up close to her.

Even in her high heels, James Olsen still towered over her, meaning that after she nodded her head without hesitation he had to bend down in order to reach her mouth. As he twisted his bald head to the side, Caitlin did likewise to the opposite side and instantly their lips were already parting seconds after first smacking against one another. His tongue was more composed then Killer Frost's was last night, not that Caitlin minded whatsoever. He still kissed her with more passion than she’d ever felt since Robbie, which made her wet knowing that such a successful and attractive man wanted her so much as he continued to cram his tongue into her mouth. After a years of passionless existence, the brown-haired scientist was grateful that someone wanted nothing more than to fuck her brains out.

They continued to kiss with raw emotion that spoke volumes of their sexual chemistry. James took her nearly full wine glass from his hands and set it down on the table without ever pulling his tongue from inside her mouth. This freed up Caitlin to be very active with her hands as she used hers to run along his bald scalp and over his ripped chest plus abs which made her wet in excitement. Better then just feeling them through clothes, Caitlin decided the shirt must go.

"Really good kisser," she stammered before using her tongue against his once again.

Meanwhile, James started low with his hands, getting a good feel of Caitlin’s long feminine legs as he rubbed the skin before grabbing two handfuls of ass. While not as thick as Lena’s, Caitlin still boasted a great amount of ass for a skinny white girl with narrow hips. Wanting to feel the flesh of her caboose, James lifted her dress up onto her low back so his strong black hands could grip her meaty cheeks.

“Mmhmm,” Caitlin moaned into his mouth. 

As the continued their standing makeout session, James was pleased to find that not only was Cait into the passionate exchange, but she was amenable to his will. This was made as he lightly clutched the back of her toned hamstring and lifted it up with the scientist hooking her bent knee at his hip. With her leg held up like this, it allowed the journalist to reach under Caitlin’s ass and rub her snatch through the matching white thong she wore.

“Awwhh! Yes,” Caitlin moaned into his mouth, muffled by his tongue.

He allowed her to moan louder by taking his lips from pressing against hers and instead using his kisses on her neck. This, combined with his fingers rubbing through her snatch, made Caitlin toss her brown-haired head back and scream in pleasure. Not to be only a passive participant, Caitlin took her leg down, at which point James realized that she was quite determined to get his dress shirt off. Sensing her intentions, he helped her undo the last few buttons before shrugging the button-up shirt off and throwing it behind him somewhere. By the time he had 100% of his focus back in front of him, Caitlin was pulling her mouth from his in order to give kisses to his chiseled pec muscles.

“Come here," James stated, placing his hands under her armpits before hoisting her effortlessly up in the air.

Caitlin had no problem listening to that order especially since the muscular man had her up in the air, so all she had to do was wrap her mile-long legs around his waist. His sofa was the closest comfortable surface so James walked the 6 steps to the white leather couch before easing her down onto her back. As soon as she was reclined, James’ fingers hooked into the waistband of Caitlin’s thong before pulling the undergarments from the deep crack formed by her bubbly booty and down her perfect legs.

Knowing exactly what he was doing by sitting her down right at the edge of the sofa, it allowed for Caitlin to be laying flat on her back while James was kneeling on the floor right in front of her bald snatch. James was a little surprised that a normally reserved and sexually repressed girl like Caitlin Snow was in the hairless pussy club, but he wasn’t the type to look a gift horse in the mouth. Therefore, James hooked his hands under her knees so he could push them back up towards her head so that her pink folds were spread wide open. Like a heat seeking missile he immediately buried his tongue in her warm hole and began lapping inside her pussy.

"Oh sweet heavens," Caitlin screamed.

James couldn't help but snicker at the girl's comments as he danced his tongue along her length, finally settling at her clit. Putting his lips all around the sensitive structure, he darted his tongue wildly over her clitoris. Luckily he was strong and had a good grip as the Earth-1 scientist began thrashing around wildly on the sofa. Frost had warned him that Caity hadn’t been with someone for awhile, and given how uber-responsive Caitlin was behaving this early into him eating her out, Frost was definitely telling the truth.

The muscular journalist let Caitlin have a bit more of his tongue lashing her clit before breaking the seal he had created around the top of her folds. He likely could have had her cumming in record time, but James didn’t want to have her peak too soon so instead he moved on to pastures anew. Along his descent, he must have scrapped his scruffy facial hair on her smooth inner thigh with the result causing the attractive woman to buck her hips. Caitlin's flail made him travel down further then he intended and before he could stop he had his tongue pressing firmly against her asshole. Since the much smaller girl was clearly into their sexual tryst, James tested her resolve as he began exploring her puckered hole much like Killer Frost had done 12 hours ago.

"Mmm...awwhhh," she replied.

If James was caught off guard by the slender girl's extremely positive reaction to him rimming her back door then he didn't let on whatsoever. She was extremely responsive to his tongue, almost as much as when he was eating out her pussy. With Killer Frost’s words at the end of their conversation in mind, and the way Caitlin liked his tongue against her anus thus far, James continued to press his luck by moving on from simply licking over top of her hole to actually trying to force his tongue into her kester. He felt her sphincter give slightly but not enough to get inside so he moved his hands off of her perky, perfectly shaped tits that he had been groping overtop her dress so he could grab a handful each of her narrow bum and pull her cheeks apart. This was the key to properly rimming her hole as he caused enough of a gap in Caitlin’s backdoor to worm his tongue inside and have enough space to lick and explore the beginning of her rectum.

"Holy Jesus!" Caitlin shrieked in bliss.

Caitlin was surprised that she was a little pissed when his tongue pulled away from her backdoor but James simply dragged the wet muscle over the skin bridge so he could plug it back into her pussy. This time there was zero resistance as his tongue buried deep inside her sweet hole, licking deep and lapping up her nectar.

Though he was a different lover than Killer Frost had been last night, who had a more forceful and wild technique, she found them both to be effective in the oral department. While her icy doppelganger lacked James’ refined and well practiced movements, she more than made up for that with energy. Not that James was a slouch in that area, as his tongue seemed to be in multiple positions at once as Caitlin would feel him deep in her twat then running through her folds then finally flicking her clit all in the span of seconds.

"God, you’re so sexy,” James complimented, his hand rubbing along the length of her muscular yet feminine leg.

James pulled his mouth from her pink folds and moved back up between Caitlin's thighs. He dragged his tongue along her milky white stomach, giving the odd spot a kiss all while his hands rolled her dress up under her chin to expose her perky twins. Despite being in her early 30s, Caitlin Snow still had a youthful body more belonging to a teenager, which included her smooth, sagless tits that were topped with an adorable light pink nipple. In fact, the small pink circles looked so delicious that he leaned up over her body so he could use his mouth to cover one of her nipples and began sucking.

"Aawwhh," Caitlin moaned, this time less intense then when he was eating her out.

James smiled at her responsiveness to his mouth on her tits before he popped the nipple free and moved over to her other one and did likewise. Once again Caitlin moaned and was disappointed when his lips broke their seal around her skin. However, her mood was buoyed by the fact that it looked like he was headed back down to get more pussy.

Caitlin had other ideas as she wanted to show him her thanks for his quality oral display. While he was crawling back down her thighs she pulled her legs up to clear him then rolled off the sofa and onto her knees. James knew the international blowjob position when he saw it, as the positioning transcended the multiverse, so he got off the couch as well in order to stand directly in front of the horny bioengineer.

"Let me get these," he said, undoing his own pants.

Caitlin had her fingers hooked into the waistband so she could help him pull them down once loosened and watched as his 7-inch member came springing out. He was a very healthy size, but not monstrously thick and not freakishly long either, essentially the Goldilock-size of cocks. In fact, she knew why Killer Frost had pushed so hard for their hook-up as her doppelganger had handpicked James for a purpose that Caitlin was resolute in doing since Killer Frost had talked to her last night..

She kept her head pointed right at his cock but tilted her eyes to look up at him, holding his gaze as she wrapped her tiny hand around his shaft. He looked huge in her grip as she gave a few strokes then leaned in and licked his tip followed by a swallow bob for only half his dickhead. James took it to be some playful teasing, which it partly was, but in truth Caitlin was more getting the size of him. After all, it had been a long time, longer than she cared to think about, since she gave a blowjob so she hoped she didn’t embarrass herself with someone with James Olsen’s reputation and experience. Thinking back on the thousands of times she sucked off Robbie and Julian, this time Caitlin opened her mouth wider and engulf half his erection before sealing her lips around him and dragging them towards his tip.

"Awh...yes," James groaned, hands winding down to the top of her head.

Caitlin kept her eyes trained on him, adding an extra degree of pleasure to her skill and pushed her face towards his groin again. This time she went further, easily swallowed the first 5 inches without problem. With his tip at the back of her throat, she relaxed her muscles further and took the rest inside her gullet until her nose was buried in his thick patch of pubic hair.

"Fuck. Swallow that dick," he hissed, fingers tightening in her hair, before thinking to himself. “Who would have thought that nerdy Caitlin Snow could deep-throat.”

"Thought you'd appreciate that trick," she commented after slowly reversing course.

Caitlin repeated her deep throat move several more times and James seemed to love it each and every time, well if his groans and fist clenching where to be believed. She inhaled him one last time, holding her mouth as long as she could before oxygen was needed, then she pulled away with several spit strings still connecting her lips to his shaft. After slurping them up with an audible noise, she used her tongue to lick up the extra slobber then beat his cock with her hand once more.

"I can't believe I'm already sucking you off," Caitlin commented. "I normally never move this fast. Just don't want you to get the wrong idea about me."

"I'm not judging you whatsoever...other then your cock sucking skills. Those I'm judging and giving the highest grade," James replied, drawing a smile from the scientist stroking his member.

If there was one area of sex that Caitlin felt most comfortable in it was definitely on her knees in front of a big cock. Her ability to deep throat was a big reason why but it was also do to the fact that she had so much experience in the activity. It taught her not to rely too heavily on one skill, as great as it was, as men tended to love variety. Or at least that’s what her experience with long-time boyfriends Robbie and Julian had taught her.

With that in mind, the horny and liberated bioengineer tilted his dick upward to expose his balls to her. Crouching a little lower, Caitlin opened her mouth and took the closer nut and closed it gently around her lips and sucked. Instantly James moaned in pleasure, which was followed by a second one as she swapped one for the other.

"Feels so good being freed to do whatever I want." Caitlin cooed, loving Killer Frost even more since sexually liberating her.

"Mhmm," James moaned as she licked his balls.

"Forgot how good it was to please a man. Do whatever I want to do when I want it," Caitlin continued.

She understood that James didn't really care about what she was saying but she felt like expressing herself anyway, despite the fact she was mid-blowjob. It was just how she felt, but for the time being she'd quiet those feelings with her words and instead express them through action.

Moving her mouth away from his full sack, Caitlin tilted his rod back down so it was positioned directly in front of her once more and inhaled him. She didn't hesitate as his cock poked the back of her throat and passed down her gullet in almost one smooth move. It caught James by surprise as he grunted loudly, making Caitlin think for a moment that he was about to bust down her throat right then and there.

"Oh God, stand up," James said, his arms already hooking under her arms and hoisting her up.

"But I was enjoying that so much," Caitlin smiled.

James was busy moving the girl into position to really focus on what she had just said, though given the wry smile she had on he assumed it was one of her typical sarcastic comments. He only had a second to decide where and how to place her on the sofa to fuck her, but seeing as he wanted to watch her gorgeous and expressive face in the process he settled on missionary.

"I need to fuck you so badly right now," her horny journalist groaned.

Caitlin found herself laid down on the couch so her head was propped up on the armrest with her knees bent and legs open. James went down on her to get a last taste of her and was glad he did since her pussy tasted so delicious and sweet. He didn't want to leave but he did, pulling his tongue out of her snatch while also pulling his pants off his legs as well.

Caitlin moaned under his skilled tongue then found that he was now cramming said tongue into her mouth, tasting her own sweet nectar on her taste buds. She was very pleased with it as they continued kissing while James crawled up from between her thighs and lined up the tip of his cock with her opening. With minimal force since she was so wet from his brief job eating her out once again, the eager man easily slid into her pink hole.

"Oh shit you feel good," the journalist groaned as he worked his shaft into her.

Caitlin was loosened up from last night which meant that James was easily able to get balls deep in her pussy without any resistance. It happened so fast that by the time he was pumping his full length into her, the horny Team Flash member had only just wrapped her legs around his back to help drive him deeper.

Though Caitlin was far from a virgin, it had been several years since she had the pleasure of having sex. James, however, was more than willing and able to make up for that time with the Earth-1 scientist. The journalist was driving into Caitlin with urgency, with passion...two emotions she hadn’t felt in, well, too long.

"Yes James...mhmmm....ohhh," Caitlin moaned.

Her screams were cut short when James covered her mouth with his own and stuffed his tongue back inside. The move surprised the slender bioengineer for a moment before she regained composure and returned the sloppy but appropriate kiss with as much vigor as he was using. He ended the kiss shortly thereafter, pressing up with his arms to plank above her to allow his hips to thrust harder and deeper.

Caitlin squirmed in pleasure beneath his strong torso as James continued to pound his hard cock into her. She didn't think she was a fan of such intense fucking but apparently that was a myth as she only needed the right motivation. His member was on the slightly slimmer side, especially when compared to Robbie’s, but it was still thick enough to stretch her tiny hole and plunge deep enough, making it feel amazing as his movements were hitting all the right spots.

"Keep going..." Caitlin breathed with urgency.

"Yeah? Gonna cum," James asked with a grin.

James didn't bother listening for her reply as he knew what it would be, instead choosing to focus on plunging his entire length into Caitlin's pussy. He made sure to really grind his abs against her with each push with the thought his would rub her clit, which is exactly what was happening. The sexy Team Flash member was meeting his thrusts by raising her hips off the couch while James could also feel her heels dig against his ass to spur him deeper.

"Yes...yes...yes...OOHHHHH," Caitlin screamed as she creamed all over his throbbing cock.

James buried himself inside her cunt one last time as the slim girl reached her climax, her nails scraping the skin on his back in the process. Her pussy clamped down but he wasn't at risk of cumming yet so he easily rode out the storm until Caitlin went from a rigid screaming girl back to a satisfied, spent sack of muscles. All the while James never pulled out, he just slowed his pumping down to barely much.

"You came rather hard," he smirked, still lightly thrusting into her.

"Mmhmm," she smiled. Since her mind was flooded with dopamine, she had the confidence to ask something more of the man she was using for hot sex. "I want to try something I haven’t done in too long a time but use to really enjoy.”

"What is it," he asked, knowing from his previous conversation with Killer Frost where Caitlin was going.

"Something Killer Frost re-exposed me to last night," she started, taking a brief pause. "Well we took turns playing with each other's butts and maybe I could have you play with mine now...and maybe have you, well, sodomize me...if you want to," she asked while his dick still pushed slowly inside her pussy.

His first response was spiking his tool deep into her pink hole, followed by a strong kiss before finally answering. "I would love to do that."

When there was a few seconds silence between them, James pulled out from her pussy and saw just how wet she had made his cock with her cum. James considered himself somewhat of an ass-fucking savant, for which everyone from his girlfriend Lena Luthor to Supergirl herself would attest to, so he knew the importance of ample lubrication. Which was why James had carried a bottle of lube in his pants pocket when Caitlin had come to his door, thus it was easy to reach down, fish out the small bottle and squirt a healthy amount of the slippery gel onto his cock where it joined Caitlin’s natural juices.

He didn't know if he had said anything or if his hands did the talking for him but as he placed them on her slender yet curvy body she responded, instantly popping up onto her hands and knees. James was now half-standing, half kneeling on the sofa staring down at her narrow ass, which he decided to get wet by bending down and giving it some tongue service.

"Awwhh," Caitlin moaned, enjoying the sensation of his wet tongue against her bum.

James would have preferred to stay behind the gorgeous bioengineer with his tongue buried in her colon for a little longer by he knew time was of the essence. So instead he gave her butt a little lashing with his wet muscle to smear a good deal of spit onto her crinkled hole before actually spitting another mouthful onto her brown eye as well.

"Ready," he asked, putting his tip against her rear entrance. "Just stay relaxed."

"Just put it in really slowly. It’s been awhile."

James gave her a reassuring smile that had some measure of calming her. Being a veteran at this, the journalist clutched his slippery cock with one hand while resting the other on Caitlin's heart-shaped ass to hold her steady. He began to push now and was pleased when the slender girl actually locked her elbows and brought her ass back towards him.

The second his cock overcame her sphincter and entered her ass, James was surprised when she didn't make a noise. Caitlin was expecting searing pain but it felt more like a buildup of pressure more than anything. When the gorgeous girl didn't cry out at all, the self-described anal savant grabbed both of her hips and slowly slide the next two inches of his excessively slick cock into her dirt road.

"Owww," Caitlin groaned in more discomfort, now feeling the effect of her out-of-practice asshole being fucked.

"I'm gonna wait here as you relax. When you're calm again, push that thick ass back to me," he told her with a reassuring voice.

It took the beautiful scientist a few long moments but she finally gave James the go ahead sign he was waiting for. Instead of rocking back against him, Caitlin swayed her hips side to side before bouncing up and down. Though more of his cock didn't penetrate her lovely caboose, he was more than happy watching the girl with almost half his cock in her ass make her plump cheeks jiggle and ripple.

"I'll take that as it's good to proceed."

"Oh my God...your cock is actually in my ass," Caitlin practically cheered.

James resumed guiding his powerful tool into her slippery backdoor until he felt her hole clamp down on him with nearly half of his meat inside. He began the long and slow withdrawal from her rectum, all while palming two handfuls of her surprisingly thick ass. Her puckered hole was more accommodating of him pulling it so he retreated with ease until only his first inch remained in her bowels.

The next few times he sawed into her ass he stayed using only 50% of his cock until she was handling that like a pro. This time when he pushed in he got three-quarters of his tool deep in her brown eye before pulling back. The next time was the full thing, able to feel her plump cheeks on his muscular thighs while his pubes tickled her ass crack.

"It looks so hot from here," James said, watching as his dick slowly pushed in and out of her narrow behind.

James kept stroking his healthy-sized cock into the bioengineer at the slow, non-threatening speed that seemed to be working for both of them. Caitlin's asshole was being somewhat resistant so the pace was kept slow but he was pleased to be using all his length. However with each passing thrust into her rectum, the horny girl's constricted rosebud gradually loosened, much like Caitlin surmised it would given her previous experience.

"It's feeling better and better," Caitlin commented, surprising herself to find it true.

Though she remembered anal always being somewhat enjoyable, it usually took a lot more practice to get to that point, meanwhile James had the discomfort done and dusted within minutes, leaving room for pleasure to start rolling in. Now as he started to pick up the speed, Caitlin was still shocked how her first sodomy in such a long time period was going. It was uncomfortable at times but never painful expect for the initial penetration, meanwhile the majority of the time was exciting and arousing. It was a different type of pleasure than regular sex, but she loved how it made her feel dirty and slutty and experienced.

"Definitely one of the tighter assholes I've fucked," James commented while grunting. "Probably the tightest in fact."

"Have you fucked a lot of ass? Is that why you are so good at it," Caitlin asked, mystified how something that should have hurt a lot didn't.

For Caitlin, being stretched out and filled up in a way that she hadn’t been in too long of a time was starting to turn her on more by the pacing stroke. In fact, as James slide his cock with more freedom into her asshole, the Team Flash Member reached down between her legs and started to diddle her clit. This made her more conflicted as now the assfucking was really starting to feel good, great even.

The spacious living room that James boasted was now filled with the noises of James's grunts, Caitlin's moans and the continuous rhythmic slapping of his full ball sack on her wet folds. The slapping had been getting more frequent with each passing minute as they kept fucking faster. And it wasn't just the journalist thrusting with more speed and power, but also Caitlin throwing her hips back to take more of him.

"Now I get why Killer Frost was so determined to get me back into having anal sex," the realization dawning on Caitlin before she had an idea. “Would you mind if I went on top?”

“Would love nothing more,” James said with his toothy smile.

Taking it as a very good sign of how much Caitlin was enjoying the sodomy, James was already pulling out of the clutches of her ridiculously tight rump as soon as he spoke the words. He looked down and admired his handiwork, as her once vice-like asshole stayed wide open for him, though it soon winked closed.

Caitlin never minded doing her fair share of the work in the bedroom, though throughout her time with previous boyfriends she tended to do more than an equal role. Pushing them out of her mind and back to the man (and cock) right in front of her, the pair quickly changed positions so James was lying on his back and Caitlin was on top of him straddling his lap with her small perky tits and flawless face on display for the eager boy.

"That's it, hold your ass open for me," James suggested.

The slender scientist did as she was told by the more experienced man and pulled her cheeks apart to reveal her not-as-once-tight asshole to him. Once she felt his tip against her puckered rosebud she sat back down. Nothing happened initially so she continued to squat down until finally his tip disappeared in her ass once more. The pain returned but with less intensity and left much sooner, allowing her to eventually get back to swallowing his entire cock into her asshole after a few passes.

"Oh Lord...it's going in so easy," Caitlin shouted in surprise.

Of course it helped that her hand was back between her legs as she rubbed her clit while using the other to prop herself up on his chest. Speaking of her chest, that was exactly where James' hands immediately gravitated towards once she climbed on top of him, drawn to them like a moth to the flame.

"Feeling good?" he asked, the answer obvious. "While my dick slides in your ass...and you play with yourself."

"So...mhmm...much...awwwhhh," she moaned in response.

"Keep going,” James encouraged. “That’s it. Keep riding. Keep grinding. Keep rubbing!"

"Shhh...it. You're gonna make me cum...from anal," she screamed, following his advice to the letter.

Caitlin Snow was desperate to cum while taking it in the ass for the first time in years. Knowing that time was of the essence, she remembered back to how great it felt when she was double penetrated with Killer Frost's tongue in her backdoor and a few of her fingers in her pussy. She stopped furiously rubbing her sensitive nub so she could press three fingers together and rammed them deep inside her pussy. That alone almost made her cum, but that only started when she flattened her hand and pressed the palm of her hand against her aroused clitoris.

"Oh yes! AHHHHHHHH," Caitlin screamed out in a chorus of loud moans as she came all over her digits deep within her twat.

If her screams of unadulterated pleasure weren't a big enough tip off to James that he had made his beautiful fellow crimefighter cum while plowing her ass, the fact that her sphincter was now constricting around his cock did. So close to his own orgasm, the man knew that he couldn't stop now so he slowly still forced his dick in and out of her vice-like brown eye.

"Crap..you’re about to make me cum too," James chimed in.

The CatCo CEO waited long enough until her asshole relented in its crushing grip so that he was freely able to resume his original frantic pace. He kept up the ball slapping speed for little over a minute until he breach the point of no return. With two big handfuls of plump cheeks, James thrust deeply into Caitlin's cavernous rectum one last time.

His brief spell of going as hard and fast inside her loosened ass had come to an end and now he needed to dump his seed ASAP. He quickly lifted her hips up off him and swung out from under her onto his feet. James saw that the leggy scientist had dropped down onto her knees in front of him like some sort of primal instinct. He was seconds away from cumming as he grabbed his cock and stroked it, his balls needing little stimulus in order to release its load.

"Uhm...cum in my mouth," Caitlin blurted out as she waited.

The supremely intelligent woman realized that when she dropped to her knees that James would cum on her face. Instead of dealing with the clean-up and vaguely degrading act, she opted to take the blast on her tongue and swallow it like a good girl. Which, when she thought about it, was exactly where she wanted his load deposited anyway. She had always enjoyed the feel of a man draining their essence inside her holes, especially her mouth since she got to taste and savor his seed.

Caitlin didn't have to wait long, in fact she barely had time to open her mouth and stick her tongue out before James did a primal grunt and the first blast hit. His cum was warm and somewhat salty but not unpleasant, however there was a lot of it. Worried about it spilling off her tongue, Caitlin moved him closer and wrapped her lips around his head in order to not miss a single drop.

"Yes. Suck that dick straight from your asshole," James cooed, lost in the thralls of passion.

It was only now that it dawned on Caitlin that she was doing just that. In her haste to avoid a facial she decided that tasting her own ass from his manhood was preferable. Though the taste of cum was strong, she could detect subtle hints of her ass but it wasn't at all unpleasant. Already committed, the kneeling scientist swallowed down the last of his load then really started to suck on his tip to get any last traces.

"I can’t believe I took this all inside me," Caitlin commented between licks over his pee slit.

"You did amazing," James said panting.

Caitlin simply stayed resting on her knees for another few moments while James stepped back then sat on the sofa. The Earth-1 scientist became aware of the fact she was still naked and started looking around for her clothes which were scattered throughout the living room. The journalist followed her lead and soon both were dressed once more.

"I, um, really appreciated you letting me come over and...help me out of a lengthy slump I was in," she said.

"I had a great time. Come back anytime,” James replied before adding. “And I do mean anytime.”

“I think you’ll definitely be taking you up on the offer. Me and Killer Frost both,” Caitlin said before leaving out the front door.

* * *

“Hey Ralph, have you seen Killer Frost?” Caitlin asked her fellow Team Flash member upon her return to Star Labs of Earth-1.

"Morning Cait. Kitchen." Ralph replied before going back to his case.

After walking around the curved hallway for half a minute, Caitlin entered the shared kitchen and found her metahuman doppelganger eating a sandwich. "Hey beauty! So how was James?"

"He let me come over...then came in me," Caitlin smiled, making both girls laugh. "Well technically came in my mouth but you get what I mean."

"Amazing. He's pretty great, right," Killer Frost said, excited for her sexually liberated twin.

Caitlin nodded then went into the details of her encounter with the good looking black man. Killer Frost was captivated, hanging on her every word and drilling her with questions about the experience with anal. She was over the moon for her doppelganger when Caitlin revealed that it was a good time and she'd definitely be doing it again.

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