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Instagram Hookup (Marlana Sheetz and Darla Crane)
« on: November 05, 2019, 09:20:19 AM »
Marlana was riding Justin like a pogo stick. Her slight frame made it easy for him to lift her up and slam her back down. He could feel that he was about to cum again. The first time was on the way here to the hotel in the car when she blew him.

The two of them were fucking like wild animals; they were letting every inhibition go, her moans were loud as were his, he was pulling on her nipples hard. Her breasts weren't big, but he thought they were perfect, more than a handful. Her nipples stuck out the way he likes it. Her nails were raking his chest, marks left behind. He was staring into her brown eyes and admiring her beauty. Her pretty pink lips, her long, blonde, silky hair.

Marlana was too busy enjoying the ride; her eyes were closed. He still couldn't believe that they were actually doing it. Justin was everything she expected and more. His cock was as big as it looked in the pictures that he would send her. And that curve really did hit the right spot. She felt a strong orgasm coming on. Her legs began to shake. He was thrusting upward as she was slamming back down. Harder, faster, more, more, don't stop. These thoughts rushed through her mind. Words failed to pass her lips. All that came out were the sounds of sexual satisfaction.

Her back arched, her hands planted on either side to help her support herself. Explosion; she let go of it. The orgasm surged through her body. The rush took her breath away. She stopped moving. He held her hips while still trying to pound her pussy. He knew she was cumming all over him. All he wanted to do right now was to cum deep inside her when he felt her squirting.

"Oh fuck baby! You're squirting." Justin exclaimed.

"Uuhhhh uhhhhh uhhhh fuckkkkkk, fuck, fuck, fuck meeeeeee! uuuggghhhh!" She was shivering and just collapsed into Justin.

"Baby, I'm about cum." He announced.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Marlana could only think of how good it felt; the feel of him deep inside, how he felt so right yet so wrong at the same time. She could feel his hot sperm being released with each thrust of his hips. Marlana loved the moans and groans Justin was making at that moment, such a beast. He tried to struggle out, but she wanted to be completed, to be filled with his sex.

Why would he not use a condom? Why would she allow it to happen? How did they even end up here? Well.... That is a story to tell now that I have your attention.

It all began a month ago when they met at a show her band, Milo Greene had performed then they later kept in contact on Instagram. Justin replied to one of Marlana's posts and they started to go back and forth. Next thing he was in her DM's and they started talking dirty. One thing led to another and pictures were exchanged. They sexted and had fun. It turns out that they weren't that far from each other.

Both of them were married. Satisfied enough, but definitely curious about each other. Wondering how it would be to just go at it just once. What could it hurt? Nobody would know. They could get away with it due to their jobs. The two began discussing it, planning it, not sure if it would ever actually happen until it did actually happen.

The two conspired to meet at a hotel in the middle of the distance they were apart. It was a Tuesday and since both their jobs required them to be out of their homes, as both were musicians, there wasn't anything extraordinary about them not being around. Except, today was going to be extraordinary.

The excitement was alive within each and it felt like electricity running through their veins. Every little thing seemed to stand out more than usual. Every sound and every look they received from random passersby. They decided to eat something first. So they stopped and met at a diner.

It was right around lunch time. The place was full. It felt like all eyes were watching them. They knew what they were doing was not exactly kosher.

Justin wondered how he should greet her. In their online chats he was very dominant. Should he still be that way in person? Or just in the bedroom? Could he even be that way once he met her?

Marlana wondered some of the same things, but in the opposite way. She liked how he would be dominant. She wanted to be submissive to him, but just how much when she when they first met in person? The way Justin would tell her how to play with herself was erotic. The giving of control to him felt safe, warm and even freeing. Justin knew how to push her enough to make her orgasms stronger than when she was doing it alone. She was imagining how much stronger they would be when he was fucking her brains out for real this time. Just the thought of his curved cock made turned her on. Good thing she wasn't wearing any panties with her tight, black, yoga pants because she knew they would be wet.

Justin was already sitting at a booth. He messaged her where he was sitting. He waved to her and her smile was as bright as the North Star. He stood up to greet her, it was awkward. He held out his hand and she was coming in for a hug. They both laughed and blushed and switched to do the opposite, they just ended up blushing more and sat down. Neither hugging nor shaking hands.

It was a corner table with curved bench seating. Easy to hide and easy to be together. Justin could smell Marlana's perfume with the way she was brushing up against him. He didn't know what do to or say. Her red mid-driff top was pretty and from his height he could see her toned abs. Also, he could see that her breasts were free from restraint. It made him very aroused, as in, rock hard aroused.

They were silent at first. Marlana seemed shy to him even though she was practically on his lap. He wanted to just kiss her right there, but he wasn't sure what he should do. How forward should he be? They were just staring at one another. The silence was deafening and the sexual tension was almost palpable. Both unsure what to do; online was easy, in person was a totally different story.

Justin seemed really shy to Marlana. Her thoughts were a mess of what ifs. Maybe she wasn't hot enough for him in person. That thought made her feel bad. What if it wouldn't happen? Maybe she came on too strong with trying to hug him. Maybe she shouldn't be so close to him, but he smelled so good. His cologne turned her on. His dress shirt and tie made him look so handsome. She knew what his clothes were hiding underneath. She couldn't wait to take them off, but what if he didn't want to go through with it? She would be heartbroken, yet she would understand given their situations.

Her eyes were down cast, lost in negativity. Justin felt really awkward. What should he say or do? Staring down her top made him want to rip it off in front of everyone and just start to fuck her. Bend her right over the table.

"You look.... pretty. Ummm.... Marlana."

She looked up, her face flushed. He called her pretty. Her heart leapt; he did like her.

"Thanks. I wore it for you."

She looked down again to hide her red cheeks. Her hands were folded between her thighs.

Justin wanted his hands right there.

"No problem." No problem. What the fuck. Justin thought to himself. What do I do? His thoughts were a mess. All he really wanted to do was everything that he told her that he would do when they finally met. Those things were said online. Now it was real and reality was really different than online.

"I mean. Um. Well. I mean. I'm glad you wore it for me." He cleared his throat.

Justin knew she didn't wear a bra for him and now all he could think about was whether or not she had any panties on and what kind or color. He fidgeted with his tie; it felt really hot in there all of a sudden.

Marlana looked at how handsome he was; his light brown hair and blue eyes could take control of her if only he would do so. She wanted him to take control like he always did. That's when she noticed that his eyes were not looking into hers, but rather down her shirt. That's also when she looked down and saw just how turned on he was. His cock was hard and definitely trying to break free of its confines.

Marlana began to smile again and decided to take control and try to push him to take it back by putting her hand directly on the bulge in his pants.


She was playing with it. He immediately went stiff, his body; his cock already was. It took him by surprise. He didn't mind, he liked what she was doing, it felt so damn good.

"Do I turn you on? I saw you looking at my boobs. My nipples are getting hard for you baby. I want you so bad I can almost taste it. I want to taste it." Her deft fingers were inside his pants now. She could feel every sexy inch of his rock hard cock. "I'm not wearing any panties by the way, thought you'd like it. Do you want to feel for yourself?"

Marlana was really getting into it now. It felt good to just let it go; to let go of her inhibitions and fears, to just go for what she wanted; it was really exciting. She felt like a virgin waiting to have sex for the first time again. Everything felt new, yet somehow it felt familiar. Like this was something they did many times before. They kind of did, but only online. This was real and he was real and she was really doing this, this was really happening. They planned this all, but now that the time has come, it felt like a distant memory. Like somehow this was all a fantasy and that she would wake up in bed. Marlana didn't want to wake from this dream though. She wanted to sleep forever if that is what it took to have this.

She took his hand and slid it into her pants. His fingers brushed her wetness; her lips blossomed at his gentle touch. Marlana felt like she would cum the moment he entered her body.

Justin stroked her wet lips, it felt incredible. It was actually happening. She was holding back her moans when he penetrated her body. For Marlana, it felt like he penetrated her soul. For Justin, it felt like he finally was able to feel everything about her all at once, like they were connected.

Marlana did cum quickly. He had only just entered her, but she was incredibly aroused and it didn't take much for her to climax. Unfortunately, as she was trying to hold it all in, the waitress showed up.

She immediately turned red. Justin didn't stop either. "What can I get y'all today? Anything to drink before you order?" The waitress asked.

"I'll take pink lemonade please? What about you hun? What would you like?" Justin asked Marlana.

"Ummm... Yes, please that. I mean the lemonade; I like it pink too, please." Marlana was trying not to moan.

She was cumming, her toes curled; her thoughts were in a haze. Fucking Justin, she thought to herself. She was trying not to look at the waitress; her
head down as not to show how red her face was or what she was really trying to hold back.

"Coming right up." The waitress said.

"Darla," Justin read her name tag. "What is your special of the day? Or what do you recommend?"

Justin was being very naughty. He knew exactly what he was doing and he knew how hard Marlana was trying to hold back the orgasms. His fingers were still working her pussy. Wetter and wetter, just the way he loved it. The control, the power, it was intoxicating. Marlana put her hands on his hand to
try to stop him, but not really trying at the same time. She did enjoy it even though it was really embarrassing. She has never done anything like this ever,
it made her feel alive, maybe for the first time in her life. The excitement, knowing what was going on and trying to keep it a secret all within a very public place, it felt dirty and she loved it.

"And may I add that you look lovely, if I may be so bold?" Justin was being very charming.

Marlana did finally look up at Darla. Average height, brown hair in a ponytail, blue eyes like the sky. Her pink dress showed off her round butt and v cut front showed off her cleavage. She was about 53 years old but smoking hot at that age. Was he working her too? She thought.

"Well yes you may handsome. Your girl is a lucky one." Darla bent over. She knew how to get good tips. Her breasts looked amazing still Justin thought as he smiled. She had a southern drawl that wasn't from around here.

Darla looked them both over and said, "No specials today, but I recommend the fish. Fresh caught 'n ready to be eaten'." She winked at him.

"I think we will both have that please. And thanks Darla." Justin said.

"Good choice. I'll be bringing' it up hot and fresh soon as I can." She smiled for a moment. "By the by, y'all aren’t the first to come in here and fool around. Just don't get caught 'n please keep it clean and for heaven's sake, don't leave a mess." She was pointing her pen at the both of them.

Justin turned red, he bit his lower lip. Marlana fidgeted around, his fingers stopped, but didn't pull out. "Yes ma'am." Justin said.

"Go on, take those fingers out and let the lady relax. Goodness, she looks like she's going' to pass out. Y'all about to make me a mess myself. Mmm, mmm, mmm." She shook her head and Justin did as he was told. Marlana let out a low and long gasp, the relief was visible.

Darla turned and walked away, shaking her head still. They were both embarrassed and at the same time it was exciting. Marlana was just relieved to let it out. Justin was feeling good about himself. Darla knew what they were doing, they were busted. Yet, she didn't seem to mind as long as it didn't too out of hand.

She took his fingers and sucked them. "Mmmmmm....Yummy." She said and he looked pleased with himself too. "Damn it Justin, you're so bad and so fucking good." She giggled. "That was exhilarating. Can you believe we just got caught?"

"I know right? It was hot. How do you taste by the way Marlana? I want to taste too." Justin told her.

Marlana put her fingers inside herself and pulled them out and directly into his mouth.

Justin sucked her fingers. "Mmmmm...Damn you taste sweet."

They just sat there in silence until their food arrived; just thinking about what would happen next and enjoying each other's company. It felt natural and cute and just.... perfect. It felt like they knew each other for ages. He knew everything she loved and she felt like he fit inside her like he was made for her.

Darla brought their drinks along with their meals. She knew the two needed some time to be alone. "Here y'all go." She set down their plates and drinks. "Y'all love birds enjoy it now you hear."

"Thanks. I'm sure we will." Justin said.

"Yes, thanks Darla." Marlana added.

Darla seemed to hesitate like she had something to say, like she wasn't sure if she should or not. Then she said, "I'm sure y'all got some plans for some hanky panky. Don't go doing anything I wouldn't do. I maybe older than y'all but I had more 'n my fair share a' fun. 'N I know when I see something' naughty going' on. Whatever it is y'all got going' on, have fun and don't go getting' caught. Lord knows I've been there 'n done that." She was waving her pen at them as she was talking. Darla left the check on the table.

"Yes ma'am." Justin responded.

"Yes ma'am, we won't, get caught that is. We definitely will have some fun though." Marlana was all smiles and grabbed Justin by the face and kissed him hard; just lips, no tongue. It took him by surprise and Darla laughed out loud.

"Whooooo. Y’all are getting me hotter 'n a Texas summer in the middle of August." She was fanning her face with her note pad. "I'll leave you two alone before I try going' to sneak out with y'all." Having said what she felt she had to say, Darla left.

Marlana let Justin's face go. "Wait, did she just say she wanted to join us?" Justin asked.

Marlana playfully smacked Justin on his chest. "Stop that you dirty boy, you're insatiable."

"Are you trying to tell me that you wouldn't want her too?" Justin asked.

Marlana looked at him and wondered how serious he was being right now before replying, "Well, I mean she is pretty. I guess I wouldn't mind, but I want you and nobody else."

Justin took the opportunity and planted an equally powerful kiss to her lips. He held her face in his hands, this time there were tongues. Some of the other patrons in the diner saw this and either looked away, stared or had their spouses smack them on the head. They didn't even notice any of them; it felt as if they were the only ones there.

Marlana felt her body grow weak. His lips were like fire, burning all of her walls down, consuming her entire being. She would let him make love to her right there in front of everyone and she wouldn't even care. She wanted to be bent over the table and taken hard. She wanted to be his, to feel desired and admired, it didn't matter if everyone else saw them.

Justin's hands dropped down to her shoulders and down her chest. He groped her breasts and she began to moan. Then, he just let go. "Sorry, got carried away. We do need to eat, I'm going to need my energy and so will you." He tapped her nose with his index finger.

Marlana was breathless; she knew this was going to be something she would not forget, ever, even if she lived to be a thousand years old.

Their meals finished and Justin left the money on the table with a good sized tip for Darla. They walked out holding hands.

Darla noticed them leaving and said, "Go on and get outta here y'all and come back soon you hear and tell me all about it." She winked at them.

The two of them felt all eyes on them and they just waved goodbye. Outside they kissed again, holding tight as not to let go ever. After the kiss Justin said, "Are you ready for this? Do you want to just meet me at the hotel or what?"

"I want you to take me there please." Marlana answered.

"Sure. I'm sure we can leave your car here. I'll drop you off later. After, well, you know." Justin responded.

They both knew what was about to go down. What Justin didn't know was what was about to go down in his car. As soon as he pulled out the parking lot, Marlana was pulling his cock out. She started to lick it up and down and kissing it all over; her tongue teased underneath his head and swirled all around. Her mouth opened wide and she swallowed as much of him as she could. She almost deep throated him, but not all the way down. Marlana was surprised as to how perfect it looked in person. She was finally doing what she had dreamed about for a long time. Justin was moaning while trying to focus on driving.

"Wow babe, what are you doing to me?" Justin asked her.

Marlana pulled her mouth off and said, "What does it look like I'm doing? Do you not like it? I'm sorry, I'll stop." She was pouting.

"No, no, no, no. Please, don't stop. Just let me pull into this strip mall parking lot and park away from everyone else so I don't kill us while trying to drive. Fuck. You're fucking amazing. Don't stop Marlana, please." Justin explained to her.

"Yes sir."

And with that, they parked and she was enveloping as much of his perfect cock as deep into her mouth as she could fit. She stuck out her tongue to try to lick his balls; she loved how he was shaved, so much better to blow him. Her hands were playing with his balls, squeezing them gently. This drove Justin wild, he was moaning louder and louder. She knew he was about to cum down her throat soon, she wanted to taste him, to drink every last drop. His hands were running through her hair as she worked him, bobbing her head up and down, and playing with his balls, stroking his rock hard cock.

It didn't take Justin long at all to explode, semen shot into her mouth. Marlana choked it back; Justin was holding her head down now. He was almost growling like an animal as he came; Marlana loved it, loved to feel him keeping her there, not against her will, he wouldn't do that, but just the way he did it felt right. She wanted to please him in every way imaginable and her imagination was running wild.

Justin’s jizz load kept pouring out; Marlana drank him all in, it was warm and slimy and somewhat salty, but she loved every last drop. As he was cumming she kept sucking and playing with his balls and stroking his shaft. When he finally finished, he let go and she came up for air licking her lips and grinning, swallowing his load. She kissed him, holding his face, open mouthed.

"Wow." Justin exclaimed.

"I know right." Marlana giggled. She felt incredible; it was everything she hoped for.

"I'm sorry that I came so quickly, I swear that doesn't happen. Not that I get many blow jobs, but…" Justin tried to explain.

Marlana put a finger to his lips to shush him. "It's okay baby, I'd be upset if you didn't. I wanted to do a really good job for my sir, I loved every last drop. So when we get to the room I'm sure you'll last long now that you're all emptied. You taste delicious by the way."

Justin just smiled. "I know right."

He then took his two middle fingers and pushed them into her pretty flower, her mouth opened wide as did her eyes and she gasped out loud. Justin kissed her, holding the back of her head with his other hand. Their tongues danced, his fingers pressed her g spot hard and fast.

Next, he took his hand off her head and his lips traveled down her neck. It was her kryptonite, neck kissing made her melt. He pulled up her top to expose each of her breasts; His mouth closed over her breasts, his tongue teased all around her nipples, is tongue felt every little bump, and then he sucked her nipples.

Marlana was moaning softly, her eyes closed. She was in a state of bliss, nothing else existed. Her orgasmic bliss was close; damn he knew what he was doing. Justin put his head into her pants and he pulled out his fingers. Then he started to kiss her pretty pink pussy, softly at first, then open mouthed. Sticking his tongue into her sexual temple as far as he could go, he devoured her every desire. He gently eased his wet middle finger into her ass and used his other thumb to rub her clit all while eating her out.

Marlana's eyes shocked wide open, her mouth was too and she let out a yelp of surprise. She was squirming, her body tried to rise out of the seat. Holy hell! She thought to herself. At the same time her hands were pushing his head down.

She wanted to scream and she did just that. "Awwwww. Ohhhh fuck."

She felt close to climaxing. Now her hands were franticly reaching out to hold onto anything other than his head, she was trying to brace herself for the orgasm that she suspected was going to be more than that, she felt the need to pee too which meant squirting.

"Oh shit baby, I'm going to cum. Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck, I'm going to squirt. Please move."

This made Justin go even more wild. Now, not only did he have a finger in her ass, he also had one on her g spot, all while his mouth was pulling on her lips and sucking them. That thumb was still rubbing her clit, how he was doing all of this, she couldn't see, but it was intense. Too late for Justin to move as she pushed it out. Her fluids shot into his open mouth and all over his face, all of it, all until he was done drinking her all in. He was in heaven, that had never happened before for him and it was magical.

"Oh my God oh my God oh my God. Holy fuck. Ohhhh shit. Oh baby, fuck me!" She was screaming as she squirted all over him, her entire body was shaking.

Justin pulled out grinning ear to ear. Marlana was a wreck, her body unable to stop shaking. She was giggling and laughing too.

"Sorry baby. I'm sorry, I told you to move. Now I made a mess on your seat, I didn't mean to. I'm not much of a squirter. Like that only happens when you make me play with myself sometimes. Oh my God I'm so embarrassed; I really didn't mean to make a mess."

He held her face and kissed her.

Then he said, "I did though. I wanted you to do just that and I fucking loved it." He kissed her again, she melted into his kiss. All she wanted to do was to feel his cock pounding her into sweet oblivion. "They're leather seats, so no biggie to clean. Now let's get to the hotel." Justin said.

So they drove off and the ride was quiet. Sex was inevitable at this point, it still felt surreal, like a foggy dream, a haze blanketing over reality.

Marlana was still reeling from what just happened; not only did she get to give him the blowjob he deserves, but he ate her out like a porn star, he consumed her every need. This was perfect and they hadn't even had sex yet. Thoughts ran through her mind, like what if he came quickly again? How quick was too quick really? He was really perfect; he did everything right so far, even if he didn't last long, she knew he would make her cum. What if he didn't like how she did it? What if she wasn't wild enough? What if she didn't like it? How would that even be possible after all of this foreplay?

Justin put her mind at ease with his hand on her thigh. "I'm going to fuck you long and hard even if I have to get it going again over and over. I want to make today special for you. I want to give you everything you ever wanted in bed." he squeezed her thigh.

With his touch and his reassuring words, Marlana took a deep breath and relaxed.

They finally arrived at the hotel; the tension was thick in air, a hazy fog covering their eyes so that they only could see each other. Nothing else mattered. As soon they entered their room, Justin closed the door and pushed Marlana against it. He manhandled her, rough and firm, just how she wanted him to be. Kissing and touching all over, their clothes were practically ripped off.

Marlana had her leg wrapped around his body while they kissed all over and their hands roamed anywhere they dared. He started to kiss her neck, his hands lifting up her legs as she wrapped them around his torso. Justin wasn't a very big guy, but Marlana was very light. He had her pinned against the wall, like two wild animals having sex; he was pounding her as hard as he could.

Marlana was moaning loudly, Justin was almost growling, so deep and low, she loved it. He was kissing her neck and his arms were outstretched to brace himself against the wall. She had her arms wrapped around his neck while he took what he wanted. Harder and harder Justin thrust his mighty curved sword into her, the curve sent Marlana into bliss. She couldn't believe that anyone could resist him. He was powerful, his hips slamming her body over and over. It was heaven, if it ever existed on earth, then this was it. She didn't want this feeling of euphoria to end.

Justin held on to her tight and walked her to the bed and slammed her full force.

"oommfff. Oh fuck baby. Fuck me you beast, you fucking animal."

With her arms and legs wrapped around his body, constricting him so that he could not escape, she just enjoyed it all. His smell, his touch, his relentless pounding. She was completely submitted to him now. Everything about him felt perfect, even if he came inside her this soon, she would still be completed. It was her wildest fantasy come true and then some; her only desire was to never let him go. She didn't want to go back home, not to little to no sex. And definitely never this wonderful.

Justin started to bite slightly on her neck. He wanted to pound her as hard as he could, he wanted her to be sore when he finished with her, and he wanted her to know who fucks her so damn good. Then he rolled over onto his back to put her on top, he wanted her to ride him and bounce up and down, he wanted to feel her hips grinding against his.

Marlana now had to take control, she didn't want to. She wanted to just lay there and just take him, take him all and wash away into sweet nothingness. Her body felt like it belonged to Justin, she wanted to be that way, but she really wanted to do anything he asked, anything. She began by twirling her hips. She was staring into his deep ocean blue eyes, they pulled her into him. She felt her soul being held prisoner inside his gorgeous temple of a body and she thought how could his wife not give him every day? He was perfection. He was no model, but his words and the way he carried himself made him feel so sexy. She could feel it, like electricity running through her entire body. He oozed sex appeal and his fucking cock was to live for.

Justin was pulling on her nipples as she worked her hips like a pro. She was moaning from it, her nails scratched his chest and at that moment all he could think about was why her husband was not enjoying this all the time. He thought she was the most sexual thing that he's ever met. She was like a goddess and he wanted to be inside her temple for worship every day.

Well...that was certainly hot. You already know how this part ends, but what you don't know is what happened after he came inside her. Are you ready? You sure? Mmmm... I want to hear you beg for more. I wonder if you've already came for me. Have you? I want to hear all about it.

Where was I? Oh yes. He came deep inside her. She didn't let him get her off of him. Why cum inside her? Why the risk?

"Oh fuck Marlana! I came inside you." Justin exclaimed.

"Oh fuck yeah you did." She purred into his ear.

"Why didn't let me pull out? I don't want to get you pregnant." Justin explained.

"Baby." She kissed his neck, knowing how he loved it. "You can't, remember? I'm on the pill. Did you forget?"

"Oh shit. Yes. Whoo. I was worried for a moment. Fuck that was.... Amazing. I love you." Justin proclaimed to her.

With her heart ready to explode she said to him, "Please don't, you know we can't. This was to be for fun, just once remember? Please don't make me feel worse. I want to say it back, but you know we can't." Tears were starting to well in her eyes.

He saw what he did wrong and he felt horrible; he never meant to hurt her. Justin wiped away her tears and kissed her. "Only the one time? We could do this more often, I want to. Please say yes?"

How could she deny him? How could she say no? Everything about this was perfect, even her tears. They were more from remorse of what they couldn't have. But they could have this.

But before she could answer, Justin blurted out, "Anal!"

"Ha ha ha. What?!?" She put her hand over her mouth, her tears now forgotten.

"I said anal. I remember you said that you wanted to try it, but I forgot the lube." Justin explained. "Damn it."

"I didn't forget. I have it in my purse."

She lifted herself off of what felt to her like the best thing she's ever had and seen the mess they made. She looked into his eyes, then back down again and she licked him cleaned. She sucked his balls and his cock all while she stared into his soul. This was something that she never would have dreamed of doing with anyone else except him. He was able to bring out her inner slut, she loved it and she wanted to be his good girl, his personal whore. She wanted to be his porn star; most of all she wanted to be anything that he desired her to be, as long as she was his. He was moaning for her again, it felt so right. Their sex tasted like the finest wine or the darkest chocolate to her, it was delectable, devilishly good.

Marlana finished cleaning up and grabbed the bottle of lube. She crawled back onto the bed and handed the bottle to her man. Yes, that is what he was now, hers, nobody else. Even when he had sex with his wife, she knew he was hers and she was his. Nobody else could share this. No amount of sex from their spouses could change this. One time was all this was supposed to be; yet, she couldn't just stop after this, no way. She wasn't sure how they could top this day, but she was willing to try. Over and over and over again until the end of the earth if she must, pleasing him was all that she ever wanted now. He was everything she ever dreamed of. This day was perfect and it was about to get better.

Marlana licked Justin from his toes all the way up his body to his lips as she handed him the bottle. All that Justin wanted was to please her. He hoped this wouldn't be the only time. How could she end this? Was it not good enough for her? What if they never did this again? He knew he would forever be broken if that happened.

Marlana mounted Justin, her pussy inches from his face. “Yes Justin."

"Yes?" He asked questioningly.

"Yes, we can do this as often as we can, but it won't be as often as I need it. Now eat my pussy raw and taste our sex you dirty boy, my dirty boy." She replied and she grabbed a handful of his hair and forced him into her love, her head tilted back as his tongue penetrated her very existence. "uuuggghhhh fuck Justin." She grinded her hips into his face. "Fuck baby, you eat me so fucking good you fucking animal."

Justin was getting his cock lubed up while he was enjoying his meal. He could taste their sex, delicious. He knew he would only ever be able to do these things with her. With lube on his hands, he decided to put them where the sun don't shine, a place only he's ever been.

"Oohhhh." She yelped. "Damn it Justin! You surprised me." Marlana giggled. "You're so bad and oh so fucking good."

He shook his face into her flower, which is what it looked like to him, a flower that would only bloom to receive his seed. Her nectar was sweeter than honey, more savory than anything he's ever eaten before. It was as close to prefect that he could ever be he thought.

Justin then slid under her and pushed her head down onto the bed from behind her. His cock was soft, but not too small yet. Marlana was head down and ass up and she was going to feel him in a place that nobody else has ever been. Marlana felt Justin's smooth cock bury itself into her ass. Then he slapped her ass hard.

"Ohhh! Baby harder." He slapped it again. "Yes baby. Again."

He obliged her demands. Then he pulled her hair and leaned in and kissed her as she turned to him. This was so hot she thought, it hurt only a little, but it felt oh so good. Justin then reached both hands around her body and pulled on her breasts then her nipples.

"Oh fuck me baby. Harder. Please."

He did just that, she loved her ass being pushed into like this. Justin then went lower with his hands and smacked her pussy. "Yes baby. Yes, more, I'm begging you. Fuck my ass and smack my pussy baby."

Justin kept smacking it, it hurt so good.

"Use me. Make me your whore." She yelled. She couldn't believe what she just said out loud.

Justin paused, "You're not my whore Marlana; you're too perfect for that. You're my everything, my love, my all. I couldn't have you be a whore." He stopped and pulled out.

"But I want to be. Make me your whore. I'll do anything for you baby." They laid together in bed, her fingers on his chest.

He kissed her gently. "Fine, if that is what my lady wants to be. You're my whore, only mine. I'll be your fuck toy then. Use me and let me please you, you only, forever more."

"Always my love." She said it. She didn't want to, but it had to be said. It was dying to be said. She couldn't help but fall for him, everything about today was magical, perfection, this was her everything now.

Only once they promised. It was now broken like many other promises they made. Reality had set back in and they realized they had to go for now. So they walked out together and kissed before leaving.

"I cannot wait to see you again my love." Justin said to her.

"Me neither my fuck toy. Me neither." Marlana answered him with her brightest smile, she was absolutely glowing.

With those final words the two lovers parted until next time. Each thinking of this sexcapade and just when the next time would be. She thought of how he felt so right and so wrong, he thought of her taste. He desired more. They left to go back to their reality, their boring sex lives and work. Only to dream of this time and what will happen the next time.

Yet, this story does not end here;

Justin felt like he had to stop by the diner. He entered and asked if Darla was still there, she was and as she saw him, she smiled. "Back again?" She asked.

"You said you wanted to hear about it." He bit his lip feeling unsure about what he was doing here.

Darla looked him up and down. "Doug." She shouted to the back. "I'm taking my break now." She turned to Justin and said, "Pull your car around back and I'll meet you there. You got condoms still right?"

What? Justin didn't know what was happening. "Um yeah sure." He didn't know what he was about to do. He didn't even know what he expected to do here. He just wanted to tell someone about what happened and Darla seemed to be the only one to tell.

He drove his car around the back. Darla met him there. "Get into the passenger seat honey. I need a quickie."

Justin didn't know what to do except to do as he was told. He sat down and pulled off his pants and boxer briefs. Darla sat on top of him while he put the condom on. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. Then she lifted up her skirt, Darla already had her panties off. He entered her body, up until today, he had only been with his wife, now he was fucking two different women in one day and he didn't even know this one at all.

Darla unbuttoned her top and lifted her bra above her breasts. They were big, her nipples were hard and already in Justin's mouth. Darla definitely knew what she was doing; she got him to do exactly what she wanted him to do. She was bouncing up and down on his cock and loving the ride. Justin was biting her nipples and touching her tits all over. His hands roamed to her ass, she was in really great shape. This was insane to Justin, but at the moment he didn't even care what would happen afterwards.

All Justin wanted to do now was to cum again, if he could even cum after being with Marlana twice already not too long ago. What would she think or do? Fuck it. It didn't matter at this point. Besides, he would still see her again and fuck her. They weren't married and he could do what he wanted, Justin thought to himself.

Darla was holding Justin's face now and kissing him passionately, her tongue was like a snake down his throat. Justin was smacking her bouncing ass and watching her double D breasts bounce all over. It memorized him how they moved; she had incredible boobs for being 53. He was still not believing that this was even happening.

"Oh darling'. I'm going to cum." Darla moaned. She was working her hips like a professional dancer; she slowed down as her orgasm surged throughout her body.

She moaned directly into his ear as she came. "Sweetie. I needed that. Thanks darling'. Are you going' cum for me?" Darla was moving her hips still and Justin was still hard as a rock.

"Darla, I'm not sure that I can. I was just with Marlana twice." Justin explained.

"Oh, that's her name. She's beautiful sweetie. Oh Lord, I don't even know your name stranger." Darla chuckled. "Doesn't matter much as I don't expect this again."

"It's Justin. And you never know." He told her.

"Well, Justin, nice to meet you. She shook his hand with a smile. “Where’s your girl now? I wouldn't mind doing' her too. You two turned me on something' fierce. When I saw you come back, Ooooooweeee! I knew I had to take a turn. She's one hell of a lucky lady 'n I can see what she saw in you. Well not right now. Cause you're inside me 'n all, but you know what I mean."

Her smile was infectious. She could use him anyway she wanted and he wouldn't even care, something about her charm made him do whatever she wanted.

"She's not really my girl, she's married, so am I really. Before today I never had been with another woman besides my wife. I'm sorry, too much info, sorry about that." Justin explained the situation to Darla.

"It's all good with me honey, no need to explain to me." She leaned in and whispered into his ear. "I'm married too. He doesn’t mind that I fuck other men. Don't bother me none that you're married. In fact, he loves watching me fuck other men."

Justin didn't know what to say. The entire day has been insane, unreal. "Do you need me to help you finish love?" She asked him. "My mouth can do wonders."

She lifted off and kneeled before him. Darla took off his condom and began to suck his cock. She definitely knew what she was doing; her head bobbing up and down and her hands twisting up and down his shaft. Justin just leaned back and held her head down. Now she was playing with his balls too. She fit his cock completely into her mouth; her tongue stuck out and licked his balls. She shook her head and growled like a dog. Damn this was incredible! Justin thought this may even better than how Marlana blew him. Marlana was still a better fuck to him though. Now he was comparing the two in his head. This is insane.

What the fuck am I doing? Justin thought to himself.

Her deep throating finished him off. Not much semen for her to swallow as this was now the third time. He looked at the clock and thought they must have been going at it for nearly half an hour. He needed to get home soon. Justin moaned and groaned, Darla just kept on sucking.

When she finished and licked her lips clean, she said, "Darling' you're so sweet, but I got to go." She pulled her bra back down and buttoned her top. She then rolled down the window. "Oh hey honey. Did you like it?"

"What the fuck!" Justin saw someone watching them standing by the door.

"You know I did sweetie pie." The man said to Darla.

"Doug, this is Justin. Justin meet my husband Doug?" Darla introduced them.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Justin yelled.

"Calm down sugar'. I told you he liked to watch. It's okay, we don't mean no harm. In fact, I'll give you my number so next time you're around we can do this at my house while he sits 'n watches. It'll be fun, it's safe too, I promise. Isn't it honey?" She asked Doug the last part.

"Sure is safe sugarplum. We don't mean no harm now Justin, it's all for fun. Isn’t that right Darla? You'll have yourself a right good time. Darla will treat you really good. I won't do anything to you, I'll just watch. And if it makes you feel more comfortable, I can even be tied to the chair. No cameras or anything like that. We know you don't want to get caught and we want to have you over as often as you'd like. Darla likes you Justin, she'll be nice and submissive for you. What do you say Justin?" Doug finished what seemed like a sales pitch.

"This is fucking crazy." Justin said to the both of them.

"Is it sweetie? Is it crazier than fuckin' Marlana twice, wherever that was, who isn't even your wife? Is it crazier than coming' back here and wanting' to talk to me about it only to fuck me in your car in the back of a diner? A complete stranger. Who sucked your cock and has you by the balls?" She squeezed his balls just enough that he would feel some pain, but not too hard to cause any real damage. Darla leaned in and whispered into his ear. "I love this here cock 'n I want to make it mine. I want you to take me 'n use me in front of my husband. I want you to make me your fuckin' whore." She kissed his neck and rubbed his balls. "Mmmmm... darling' I thought that might get you attention, your whore. You like that don't you Justin? I know your type." Then she opened the door and walked away. "Give him my card Doug. He'll come back around again."

Darla grabbed Doug by his balls and kissed him while looking at Justin. She pulled Doug down onto his knees. "Make me your whore Justin. Make my small dicked husband watch a real man fuck me. I know you will." With that, Darla walked back inside as Doug got back up and handed Justin a card with her number on it.

"Here you go Justin." He looked down at Justin's naked lower half and noticed something. "Damn son, you made her squirt. No wonder she was acting' like that, she must really like you. She hasn’t ever invited anyone back to our place. Usually, I just watch back here 'n all." Doug started to walk away.

Justin stopped him. "Doug, you're okay with all of this?"

"Sure. Why not? I like to keep her satisfied. It's not like we don't have sex or anything. She just has more needs 'n I can keep up with'. It seems like you can though." Doug stated what their life was like.

Doug paused and stopped, "Let me ask you something' Justin. How's it that your wife isn’t fuckin' you 'enough? Think on that." That thought gave Justin pause to think.

"The way I sees it, you 'n I are a lot alike, except on the other side of things. At least my wife lets me see who she's fuckin'. Not that I'm saying' anything' bad about you Justin. It's all good son, it's all good. Well now, I suppose I'll be seeing' you real soon Justin. Y'all come back now, you hear." Doug walked back inside the diner, leaving Justin to contemplate what the fuck just happened.

It was one thing to sneak around with Marlana, but now this? What was he supposed to do? He could just walk away from all of this craziness.

But will he?

Would you?

We will just have to wait and see what.... cums...next.

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