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Teen Wolf: Proper Motivation
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Title: Proper Motivation
Show: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Lydia Martin/Jackson Whittemore
Codes: MF, Anal, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. I don't own or have anything to do with Teen Wolf, especially the characters Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Danny, Jackson Whittemore and Allison Argent

Summary: Lydia rewards Jackson for a great performance in his lacrosse game in front of the scouts.

To Allison Argent, the relatively new girl at school in Beacon Hills, today was like any other school day. However, the rest of the student body, not to mention coaches and teachers, this was much more. This was because the school’s pinnacle team, the varsity lacrosse team, was playing their cross-state rival for the right to go to the finals. This meant everyone had an edge of excitement about them today, including Allison’s best friend Lydia Martin.

Lydia was normally a perfect student. While many people only saw the gorgeous busty redhead for her negatives, Lydia was a brilliant student who was in contention for top grades in every subject. However, most only saw her as vain, way into her looks, her asshole of a boyfriend, and her reputation for being rather easy. While she was all of those things, Allison was the first to stand up and say she was also a great friend.

“You okay,” Allison asked, noting her friends inability to get comfortable in math class.

Allison wasn’t sure if anyone else noticed the way Lydia was squirming around in her chair, but to the new girl it was very obvious and a little distracting. They were trying to learn increasingly more difficult calculus and yet all Allison could think about was why her red-haired friend couldn’t sit still. At first she thought it was due to the excitement for tonight’s game since Lydia’s boyfriend was having several big college scouts coming to watch him captain the team, but this wasn’t nervous movement, it was more due to discomfort.

“The things we do for love,” was Lydia’s cryptic reply. “Now let me try to focus on this, would you.”

*   *   *

The rest of the day passed without much happening, though for everyone it felt like the time took forever to pass. By the time the final bell went, many of the students had their focuses long broken, thinking solely about the big game tonight. Foremost amongst them was Jackson Whittemore, captain of the lacrosse team and boyfriend to the hottest girl in school. Though never one to give book work much of his attention, today he had less than most days but his teachers gave him the pass since the big game was going to be in his hands.

A quick stop at his locker to discard of his books and he was off to the change room. The game wasn’t until another 45 minutes but coach wanted them changed and out on the field ASAP. Thus, Jackson strutted down the school’s hallways, receiving pats on the back from tens of people before stepping into the mostly full change room to get ready.

“Feeling loose,” Danny the goalie asked as Jackson slipped into his stall.

“More like a coiled spring,” Jackson retorted, stripping down.

“Really? I thought Lydia kept you serviced daily,” Danny joked. “Or sometimes several times a day.”

“Normally, yeah. But…”

“Get ready you little jerks and be out on the field in 5,” the coach screamed out, stepping out of his office before heading out of the change room.

Danny knew his friend and captain well enough that he needed time to get focused, thus the goalie let the other boy get dressed in silence. Within a few minutes they were stripped out of their regular clothes and were dressed in their lacrosse gear. Grabbing his stick, Jackson hustled out of the room and went to warm-up, but as he walked down the path connecting the change room to the field, he caught sight of a busty redhead in a short, low-cut dress that simultaneously showed off an ample amount of her feminine legs and deep cleavage. He could spare a minute so he deviated from his current path and walked towards his girlfriend.

“You better be ready for tonight,” Jackson warned. “Making me wait 3 days to fuck you.”

“You need every drop of oxytocin you can produce to help in this big game. Cumming drains it. Simple biology, baby,” Lydia explained in basic terms. “And don’t worry. I’m planning on draining you dry tonight.”

“Same terms?” Jackson asked as he prepared to join his teammates for warm-up.

“You win, you get a marvelous blowjob. You score, you fuck my big brain out. You win and you score 3 goals, well that’s the special sex babe,” Lydia recounted.

Reaching his hand out, Jackson caressed her cheek with his palm. However, as he moved his hand back into her long mane of flaming red hair that hung in loose waves down to the bottoms of her shoulder blades, Jackson’s fingers intertwined in her locks until he had a good grip. With a sudden tightening of his fist and a small jerk to the side, Lydia stifled her grunt of discomfort, knowing it was coming.

“Make sure you’re ready. I’ll find you after the game,” Jackson said with steel in his voice.

“When have I ever not been up to the task,” Lydia replied, never letting her big green eyes falter from his intense gaze.

*   *   *

As predicted, the state semifinals had been a tight and tense affair. The excitement and nerves in the crowd was palpable since the first minute, all the way to the last 30 seconds of the game. After a huge save by Danny gifted possession of the ball back to his team, Beacon Hills charged up the field into the visitor’s half. However, rather than have all her attention on the field where Allison’s boyfriend was currently playing on, the brunette found herself looking over at her best friend once more.

“Dude! What’s with the squirming. Seriously,” Alison practically snapped at her best friend.

Lydia waited a moment or two while searching the nearby crowd. Once confident that everyone’s eyes were on the field, Lydia tilted away from Alison so all her weight rested on the outside of one hip. A quick scan of the crowd still had no eyes looking her eye so the busty redhead lifted her skirt high enough so that Allison got a view of the goods beneath.

Allison immediately noted the lack of panties, which was becoming a common trend with the horny redhead who was dating the star lacrosse player. But her eyes also noted the presence of a red circle wedged between her best friend’s thick ass cheeks. Lydia, who had been watching the brunette’s face, flipped her skirt back down and re-adjusted herself into a comfortable position on the stadium bleachers after noting Allison’s eyes going as wide as saucers.

“What is that?” Allison asked in disbelief.

“Oh, just preparing for tonight,” was Lydia’s reply as she once more shifted in her seat, trying to find a comfortable spot with a butt plug widening her anal sphincter. “Now with any luck these boys will score in the next 30 seconds and stop this game from going to overtime. As much as I’ve grown used to shoving things up my once-tight ass, even I have my limits.”

“...McCall, who has been outstanding this match, with the ball as he makes a run towards the left corner. He has a Devenford Prep player lining up a hit...make that two Devenford players closing him down...he escapes the pressure somehow. McCall bearing down on net but another opponent is all over him. Surely a penalty referee!” The announcer screamed. “Only 5 seconds left. McCall looks ready to pull the trigger and shoot...but no! It’s a fake! With a clever backhand pass, the rookie passes to team captain Jackson Whittemore. Whittemore is wide open and with the open net before him he doesn’t hesitate. Jackson completes his hat trick. Beacon Hills 11, Devenford Prep 10! Beacon Hills wins! Beacon Hills wins!”

*   *   *

Lydia and Allison passed the time between the game ending and their boyfriends emerging from the change room easily enough. Between replaying certain parts of the game and Allison asking a million and one questions about anal play, it wasn’t long until first Scott then Jackson came out of the building and into the parking lot. Not being friends, and barely being hospitable to each other, Jackson and Scott didn’t exchange a word, instead they each went to their girl before heading off in opposite directions.

“You didn’t park here,” Lydia said as Jackson dragged her off the parking lot and into an unlocked shed that stored outdoor equipment for the custodians.

“I figured you kept me waiting for 3 days so you should fix my blue balls as soon as possible.” Jackson explained.

"Now? Here?" the redhead retorted, standing in the cluttered 10x15 foot shed. "The groundskeeper could be back at any minute."

"Then you better make it good and quick," Jackson shot back, reaching to undo his pants as if it was a foregone conclusion.

While Lydia may have put up some resistance, it was only to make herself hard to get, making Jackson want it even more. In truth, the busty 18 year old girl had no qualms with dropping to her knees in a dirty workshop, sucking a cock until he fed her his jizz right down her gullet. Hell, she didn’t even care if the custodian or anyone else walked in on them, in fact that excited the sexually deviant redhead.

“Latch the door,” Lydia said, stepping back from him to make a little space for herself.

Despite being pushed into it, Lydia didn’t attempt to hide the wicked grin on her face as the red-haired nympho dropped down to her knees before the horny, confident man. Jackson’s cock was already straining against his pants so Lydia had to be careful not to get struck in the face when it was freed from his pants. Already knowing his cock very intimately, Lydia still had to suck back saliva from drooling out of her mouth as his erect 8.5 member came into view. Although it was on the skinnier end of the spectrum, the experienced redhead appreciated that fact as he was able to reach all the good spots inside her without tearing her in two. His smooth shaft was decorated with some small veins, while his cut manhood with exposed pink head looked so inviting to suck on, making Lydia involuntarily licked her lips and would have dampened her panties if she was wearing any.

As Lydia’s bare knees got comfortable on the dirty wooden floor, she couldn’t help but think how good timing this was. While she guided his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips, the high school girl had wanted to get Jackson off before they fucked tonight or else he wouldn’t have last more than 10 minutes. In response to Lydia taking his throbbing cock between her plump lips, Jackson let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. After only a minute of the public blowjob, Jackson was already close to popping his load in her mouth once she started inhaling his whole cock into her mouth with each stroke.

"Yes. Suck it babe," he grunted in delight towards the experienced 18 year old redhead.

"Mmmmm," Lydia moaned in response as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

Lydia was the picture of perfection, and that was coming from Jackson who was a tough and often ruthless judge of beauty. Despite being only average height, Lydia sported legs that appeared much longer than they were, being slim in the calves but thicker yet still very feminine in the thighs. She was simultaneously able to please ass men and boob man, given the fact her booty was thick and meaty and her tits were a full C cup, plus at only 18 years old likely to get bigger. If being really picky, Jackson could identify the only physical blemish with Lydia being her mouth was slightly too large for her otherwise perfect face. However, when the fact she had a somewhat large mouth meant she was better able to suck cock, more importantly his cock, was it a fault at all then?

"That’s it. Bob on my whole cock. Keep trying to suck the jizz right from my balls," Jackson continued to dirty talk.

“Yeah? Want me to keep this big dick in my mouth," Lydia asked, pulling her mouth from his cock to lick up and down each of the 4 sides of his member before getting her lips effortlessly dragging back along the first half of his lengthy pole.

Unfortunately she had to pull her mouth off his manhood to banter back, but Jackson welcomed the break even if it only lasted a moment. The second after Lydia spoke the lips of the horny girl were wrapped back around his glistening cock, already dripping wet in her copious amounts of saliva. This was no accident, as getting his dick completely soaked in her spit was important for what she had planned later in the evening.

Lydia parted her plush red lips and brushed her long hair behind her ears then took him into her mouth again. Just like before, Jackson moaned audibly as she started sucking him off while he was left with his head tilted back and fingertip digging in to the top of her head. She enjoyed the effect she had on him, but shifted all her focus on building momentum as she bobbed her head up and down his towering pole, taking more of him inside her each time. After a good minute of the more intense blowjob, she slowed her pace back down then pulled off his spit-covered cock altogether.

"God, this is a really nice cock," Lydia said as she licked his shaft again. "Gets me so wet and horny getting this beauty in my mouth whenever I want."

"You definitely take every opportunity to get on your knees for me," Jackson agreed.

The horny redhead pulled her mouth from his dick, now slick with her saliva and used her hand to feverishly beat his meat. She did this so that she could use her tongue to help corral his heavy sack to bring it into her mouth. Taking turns on each of his nuts, Lydia gave each proper attention before she moved back to something more solid. The redhead moved half of his pole between her lips while stroking the other half while her free hand massaged his sack.

Not having forgotten their very public location, that being in a groundskeeper's shed in the middle of their small campus, Lydia realized that time was of the essence. Doing away with using her full repertoire of techniques and tricks, the horny redhead focused instead on efficiency. With her lips back around his dick, Lydia concentrated at the task at hand, namely getting Jackson to empty his first load in 3 days.

“Just like that,” the jocked groaned, both hands resting on her increasingly faster bobbing head.

After taking half of him in her mouth to get them both back into a normal tone for the blowjob, she planted her lips completely around him and bobbed her head back towards the tip. Her mouth felt warm and wet to him, and the way her plump lips dragged along his slick skin made his resistance to pumping her full of cum right then and there wane.

"I'm not gonna last forever Lydia," Jackson warned after a couple more minutes.

"Mmhmm," Lydia agreed, having heard his ragged breathing grow much more frantic.

The pair had been dating and fucking for long enough to know that Lydia always wanted the moneyshot in her mouth, being a rare girl who craved the taste of cum. That or she just liked swallowing what she earned. Either way, Lydia had her sights on finishing him quickly, thus she increased her suction and bobbed her head back and forth. Her speed was a sight to behold while her hand stroked the second half of his cock not occupying her mouth. With mouth sucking and hand jerking him off, Lydia felt his knees wobble some, while his hips hunched forward towards her skilled mouth. Taking these as telling signs, the girl with fiery red hair worked harder and faster to finish Jackson off and get out of such an exposed position where anyone could stumble upon them.

The girl was too good and Jackson hadn't gotten any in a few days which meant he was never going to last that long when faced with her skilled technique. He reached his hand out to steady himself on the nearby workbench as Lydia got more intense by the passing second.

"Cum for me baby," she pleaded, hand a blur on his cock before quickly latching her lips back around his dick.

"Uggghhhhh," Jackson grunted as her slutty words pushed him over the breaking point.

Jackson was still tempted to pull back and cover Lydia’s gorgeous face in his copious amounts of cum. It was an act which he loved to do, plus the redhead looked so good hosed down in his jizz. However, they were in a public setting and he was far from done with the redhead yet. Therefore, with Lydia being relentless in her pursuit to get him to cum in her mouth by showing no signs of stopping until she got what she wanted, he gave in to his climax.

Lydia felt the familiar jerky pulse of his dick and was soon rewarded for a successful blowjob with a thick spurt of jizz feeling her mouth and coating her taste buds in his salty seed. Jackson could feel her pause in her bobbing as the hot semen splashed in her mouth but noticed her regain her composure quickly to swallow down the initial burst within an audible gulp and returned to sucking his member. Even after all these months and countless blowjobs, Jackson still couldn’t believe Lydia’s oral skills as she bobbed on his tool while hungrily sucking down all of his extremely full load that he had pumped into her mouth. Eventually his balls emptied completely but Lydia continued to slurp up any last remaining trace of jizz that she could find before finally letting the cock slip from her talented mouth.

"Fuck that was good," Jackson grunted as he pulled up his trousers. "Now let’s get the fuck out of here and back to my place for more."

Lydia deftly pulled out her makeup mirror from her purse and made sure none of his semen had dribbled out of her mouth and onto her face. Satisfied, Lydia got up from her knees and onto her heeled boots before following her lacrosse star boyfriend out of the dirty shed and into the parking lot. By the time they got to Jackson’s car, Lydia noticed how perked both Allison and Scott were, so the redhead went over as Jackson started his engine.

"What’s up, Allison?” Lydia asked her best friend.

“Be really careful and go straight home,” Scott cut in before his girlfriend could answer. “I think I heard an animal howl coming from over by the groundskeeper’s shed. Might have even been a wolf.

Lydia confirmed she would be careful and was able to hide the smile on her face for long enough for her to turn her back on her friends and head to Jackson’s car.

*   *   *

They had made it out of the car and onto the back porch of Jackson’s large house, but not even into the room before he started on her. Not that Lydia minded, of course. When he had informed the redhead that his parents wouldn’t be home, she slipped off her dress she’d worn to school that day and remained in only the lacy, barely-there nightgown underneath. Though it was purple, it was more or less see through, giving Jackson a perfect view of her amazingly large, pillowy tits that no 18 year old girl had any right to possess.

Before Lydia could open the outer door connecting Jackson’s room with the outside porch, Jackson had her pinned against the glass French door. His hands started down at the hem of the gown, which barely covered her naked sex, his fingers brushing over her bald pussy as he lifted the lacy garment up. Her juicy ass and flat stomach became exposed as his hands began needing Lydia’s perfect tits, causing the younger girl to moan, especially when his lips started kissing the nape of her neck. Tossing her head back and reaching her arm around her to hold his head in place, Lydia encouraged more from her boyfriend.

“God, these tits are unreal,” Jackson groaned, corralling each heavy breast in his large hand and kneading them. “Let’s get inside.”

Slowly, still walking behind her so his erect cock could be pressed Lydia’s bare ass and so his lips could stay kissing her neck, the couple stepped inside his bedroom. The bed was within steps so it didn’t take long before Lydia was kneeling on the mattress, her boyfriend behind her and groping her large tits again. However, his hands left her chest so that he could press her down to the bed so her face and boobs were laying down with her booty still up in the air.

“Like what you see,” Lydia asked, quirking an eyebrow back at him as he pulled apart her butt cheeks.

Lydia had discarded the butt plug she wore all day mere moments before she climbed out of Jackson’s Porsche. Sometimes she left it in for him to play with, teasing her by slowly pulling it in and out of her asshole, watching it gape for him in response. Often times he’d do that for quarter hour or more, and of course making her suck it clean and taste her ass juices on the toy. Tonight though, she didn’t want him to be distracted, only focused on fucking her raw.

Come to rest behind her, Jackson pulled apart her mighty ass to better expose her asshole, which was hanging wide open for him. Of course it helped that Lydia was pushing out, controlling her sphincter to go wider, knowing it would drive him mad with lust. Sure enough it worked as the horny boy quickly pulled his shirt off before burying his tongue as deep into her rectum as he could.

“Mhmm! Yes! Eat my ass,” Lydia cooed, loving the feel of his wet muscle lapping inside her hole.

Jackson listened to his girlfriend this time, though he had to tease her as well. After tongue lashing deep in her ass as she liked, Jackson would pull out and only wag his tongue over her opening, rimming her sphincter only. As she started squirming he dive back in, making her happy once more. Not wanting her to get the only pleasure, Jackson spat a glob of spit right down her asshole before starting with two fingers to plunge entirely into her butt, such was how looser she had made her sphincter with the big butt plug.

“You like me filling your ass,” Jackson asked as his fingers smoothly pushed in and out, loosing her further.

As he continued to finger blast the 18 year old’s asshole, Jackson used his free hand to undo his pants. Though it took a light effort, the lacrosse star was able to pull the pants down his legs and off his body, all while adding a third digit to fill Lydia’s butthole. Wanting to make sure the passage stayed lubricated, Jackson pulled his soiled digits from her bowels before lobbing another mouthful of spit into the brown eye.

“Ready to pay up on our deal?” Jackson asked, climbed to his feet on top of the bed, hard cock in hand.

“Letting you fuck my ass if you score a hat trick? For sure,” Lydia answered, reaching back with both hands to spread her cheeks for him, making a better target of her teenage asshole.

“Good,” Jackson hissed, squatting down.

After rubbing a palmful of spit along his shaft, especially polishing his head, Jackson bent down until his tip hovered over Lydia’s gaping asshole. In one smooth motion he descended further, his cockhead entering her asshole with not even a murmur from the experienced redhead. Where most guys would have to do short thrusts until their girl was warmed up, Jackson didn’t need to pussy foot around sodomizing Lydia. He continued pushing more dick into her asshole, watching as inch after inch disappeared inside. Finally, with little more than an inch remaining on the outside of her sphincter, the lacrosse star squatted deeper and pushed his hips further until his entire 8.5 inch cock was buried balls deep in Lydia Martin’s ass.

“Dear Lord,” Lydia groaned, more from pleasure than discomfort.

Jackson reversed course in the same slow motion, but rather than keep his tip inside and prevent the anal sphincter from tightening back up, the lacrosse star pulled out altogether so he could evaluate his hand work. Given her extensive practice with anal sex, the butt plug from earlier and her control of her body, Jackso was able to stare right down into her backdoor, mesmorized as the pale flesh of her booty gave way to the purple 2-inch wide ring and finally into her darkness.

“Fuck. You asshole is wide open for me,” Jackson commented, pushing all the way back in before pulling out full once more.

“Better fuck my ass hard then,” Lydia stated confidently.

This third time Jackson sodomized his girlfriend, he didn’t pull out all the way. Nor did he go slowly. Instead, the lacrosse star began pounding into the busty redhead with moderate speed, using the hand on her hip to pull her back to him each time his cock buried itself to the hilt in her ass.

“You like that? You like it when I fuck your ass like that?” Jackson hissed, spiking down harder to make his point.

Jackson left his cock buried fully inside the curvy redhead, letting her have all nearly 9 inches of cock in her bowels at one time. Like the professional she was, Lydia simple moaned and even rocked her hips in response to her boyfriend soaking his dick in her ass juices. She knew it was coming this time and so when Jackson started pulling out of her, the redhead pushed her bowels so that as he exited her rear, the sphincter stayed hanging as wide open as ever.

“God, your amazing,” Jackson voiced his appreciation of her massive gape before adding more spit to lube the passage.

Running on instinct, Jackson thrust back inside her, delivering 10 long and somewhat slow strokes into her booty. As he descended for the 11th time, the lacrosse star started spiking in faster, causing a slight yelp to escape her lips. Getting a surprised reaction from the busty redhead was tough given the amount of time they spent fucking, so he wore it like a badge of honor. Buoyed by this, Jackson used the spring of his bed to help him fuck Lydia harder and deeper as the gorgeous girl would start to bounce up to meet his thrusts now.

“So deep,” Lydia cooed, clearly enjoying herself through the hard anal fuck.

Jackson kept up the relentless ass fucking for as long as he could. Though being only 18 years old, the lacrosse star had amassed a great deal of sexual experience. Therefore he knew that he could only go at such a neck breaking pace for a few minutes, even though he had cum about 30 minutes ago. With one final hard push, Jackson pulled out before he got too close to his climax point.

Lydia used him exiting her back door to get her arms back underneath her so she was on the bed on all fours. Though it was only a slight variation in position, it was a new sensation for both Jackson and herself as he slammed back into her rectum. However, this time his thrusting had lost all the speed and frantic pounding from moments ago. Instead, Jackson used only half his length to push into her ass then exit. It was mostly slow but each time Jackson lost himself to the pleasure and started poking in and out of her bowels with moderate speed.

“Stop teasing and fuck my ass,” Lydia begged. It wasn’t so much that she minded the constant pushing open of her bowels, but she much preferred him to stay inside and actually fuck her.

“Yeah?” Jackson questioned, going back to pounding into her with more gusto. “You want my dick tearing your ass apart?”

With one foot planted on his bed and the rest of his weight resting on his knee, Jackson used their slightly different position to thrust his hips with power and depth. Both arms were on Lydia’s hips so he could pull her backwards as his hips speared forward, making her take all 8.5 inches of cock again. With each thrust, Jackson was able to watch her thick booty ripple from contact, meanwhile Lydia could feel her heavy tits swaying uncontrollably beneath her.

“That’s better,” Lydia cooed, arching her back in pleasure.

Jackson kept the pace going for another dozen thrusts until he randomly stopped, still fucking her but with only half his previous speed. He stayed like this for 30 seconds, just long enough until Lydia started to push her hips back to get him to go faster, at which point he would spiked forward with all his strength. Using this variety to keep the redhead frustrated and himself from needing to cum, Jackson was truly enjoying himself.

“God damn,” Jackson said after pulling out of her ass once more and examining his handiwork. “Look at that asshole! You won’t shit right for a week.”

“Please don’t talk about my shit as your dick is in my ass,” Lydia replied, feeling another fresh glob of spit land deep in her rectum.

“Don’t act disgusted now,” Jackson said, rolling onto his back and pulling her on top of him. “We both know you’ve sucked my dick straight from your tight little ass. Multiple times. And fucking loved it. Now go for a ride so I can see those tits bounce.”

Lydia only replied with a shrug of her shoulders, knowing her boyfriend had a valid point. As she swung a leg over his torso in order to straddle him, Lydia reached for the hem of her nightie, which had been bunched around her flat stomach, and pulled it up and off her body. While the busty redhead reached back and lined up his cock with her well used asshole, Jackson’s hands sought her heavy tits.

“Mhmm...ahhh!” Lydia moaned as his cock was simultaneously plunged to the depths of her bowels at the same time he tweaked her nipples.

Apparently Lydia had energy to burn because she immediately rocked from her knees to her feet, resting his his entire 8.5-inch dick up her ass in a power squat position. Leaning forward and planting hands on his muscular chest, Lydia was able to raise the length of his pole before thundering her booty back down to his lap, the collision making a loud slapping noise as flesh met flesh.

“God damn,” Jackson moaned.

If he thought letting the busty redhead on top would help push his orgasm further away then Jackson was sorely mistaken. Over and over Lydia used her leg muscles, developed with years of cheerleading, to ride him to the top of his flesh pole before riding back down. It was a pace as fast if not faster than anything Jackson had set while he fucked her doggy-style, going to show how much of an anal pro Lydia Martin was.

The lacrosse knew that the torrent pace his girlfriend set was unsustainable for large periods of time. Therefore, Jackson knew he just had to ride out the storm so he may as well enjoy himself. With hands reaching back up, the horny man groped Lydia’s large chest, holding it in place and stopping the pillowy globes from bouncing all about.

“Fuck I missed this cock,” Lydia cooed, a thin sheen of sweat appearing on her face and body, making her skin glisten in the dim lighting.

Sensing that she was starting to slow, Jackson reluctantly peeled his talons off of the redhead’s perfect tits and down to her shapely hips. Timing it right, Jackson increased his strnegth until it was like a vice, holding Lydia so her anal ring was at the halfway point of his cock. Smiling broadly, the lacrosse star began thrusting his hips up and down, making the horny 18 year old take the full length of his cock before coming almost fully out of her bowels. Just like before, Jackson used the spring of his bed to help throw his momentum back upwards, therefore slamming his dick into her colon with each thrust faster and seemingly deeper than the last.

“Jesus!” Lydia screamed as her asshole was pummeled more than ever.

The two worked as a well-oiled machine that could only be obtained through practice. After a minute of the relentless ass fucking, Jackson settled his backside flat on the bed once again. Lydia, after a moment to catch her breath from the constant moaning, picked right back up, throwing her curvy body up and down his pole. It may have lacked the speed and ferosity of her boyfriend’s frantic style, but it was deep ad allowed her anal ring to glide along every inch of his lengthy cock.

Feeling her legs starting to get tired once more, Lydia switched smoothly so her knees were on the bed instead of her feet. Already some of the weariness left her thighs, but Lydia stayed in control of the encounter by riding his back back and forth, grinding on Jackson’s lap for a change of pace. The horny boy seemed to like it, given how his fingers were now digging in even harder to the fleshy caboose she possessed.

“You really know how to take a dick,” Jackson hissed through gritted teeth.

“Thanks,” Lydia cooed.

An added benefit of riding him in her ass from her knees is the new position allowed her hand to go between her milky white thighs and rub her clit. As Lydia started to derive even more pleasure out of their fuck session, Jackson took back control. Up and down his hips went, lifting well off the mattress in order to slam up into Lydia’s loosened backdoor. It seemed the faster he fucked her, the harder her fingers worked, though it required Lydia to re-lick the digits to add more lubrication after grinding off her natural juices from her frantic rubbing.

“You getting off with my big dick filling your ass,” Jackson asked, slowing to a crawl as he slid every inch of flesh into her hole.

“So much,” Lydia cooed, rocking back and forth as he soaked fully in her bowels.

Buoyed by the fact that Jackson had cum half an hour ago and because Lydia had an elastic asshole, the pair continued to fuck in this manner until they each grew sweaty and their limbs started getting heavy. It was justified given the fact that for one minute Lydia would practically sprint up and down his dick before taking an equivalent break so that Jackson could take over the unrelenting hammering of her brown eye.

“I’m close,” Lydia announced. “Need you to fuck me deep.”

Jackson had been with the fiery redhead long enough to know how she liked getting off, thus he sprang into motion. In truth, he welcomed the news that Lydia was close to orgasm since his second climax of the night was coming on strong as well. Tonight was about him so he didn’t actually care if Lydia came, though it was an added bonus and a mark of pride for him. The real positive to her climaxing was how tight her asshole would come in her bed to milk him of his jizz again.

With an explosion of movement, Jackson tensed his muscles before springing forward. The sudden motion made Lydia shriek in surprise as she went from straddling the lacrosse player’s lap to being rolled onto the bed so her shoulders and head were pressed against the soft mattress. Her legs were now on either side of her head and her ass was pointed up to the ceiling where Jackson was looming over her, standing overtop her with his cock still buried deep in her caboose.

“Very smooth,” Lydia complimented.

“Gonna fuck your ass until you cum all over your fingers,” Jackson described.

And true to his word Jackson did just that. Although the piledriver position wasn’t new to either of them, it was seldom used, however Lydia just felt like it was right. For one, she enjoyed the depth Jackson was able to reach, slamming down into her ass with his entire length. It felt like he was reaching further down her rectum than any other position yet, which was saying something. It was also doing just as she hoped, delivering her an orgasm that had been building, though her fingers which were strumming away at her clit was helping considerably as well.

“That’s it! Harder! Faster! Deeper!” Lydia begged, knowing she was so close.

“I’ll fuck you into next week,” Jackson growled, giving the busty girl everything she requested and more.

Challenging an egotist like Jackson was a sure way to get him to do something to the fullest. Lydia wasn’t above manipulation especially when it would grant her a powerful orgasm that her boyfriend had no intention of making sure she got tonight. Knowing that the clit rubbing was getting her 95% of the way to climax, Lydia changed tactics to get over the peak by taking 2 fingers and plunging them deep into her pussy as she could. It worked like a dream as tingling starting in her brain soon exploded, washing through her entire body as she came.

“Oh God! Yesssss!” Lydia shrieked.

Several things happened all within several heartbeats for Jackson. The first was Jackson feeling his girlfriend’s fingers along the shaft of his cock through the thin membrane separating her pussy and asshole. The next was that he heard Lydia scream out as her orgasm rolled through her being before he felt every muscle in her entire body go rigid, including her muscular anal sphncter. Jackson continued to hammer down into her, but his speed and power were greatly strained given the tension she exerted against him. Lastly, as her orgasm tailed off, Lydia’s muscle tone dropped away and Jackson was left pumping too hard, too fast into his girlfriend, which brought him past his limit as well.

“Fuck! Cumming,” Jackson grunted, his release eminent.

“Cum in me. Let me feel you fill me up,” Lydia cooed in a dreamy tone.

Not really needing her seal of approval but appreciated that she made the decision on where to empty for him, Jackson tightly clench the gorgeous woman's hips and quickly stroked his cock into her asshole for the last few seconds. After an impressive half dozen thrusts in a mere couple of seconds, the lacrosse star tossed his head back and felt every muscle in his body shudder at the same time. With one final action, Jackson buried himself in Lydia’s ass for the last time before blasting several streams of thick warm cum into her rectum, filling up the cavity with his seed. He held himself still in the depths of her bowels until his dick had emptied completely and he stepped back, taking his exhausted cock with him, before laying down on his bed.

“God damn,” Jackson groaned, thoroughly pleased and tired now.

“Mhmmm,” Lydia replied.

Opening his eyes due to the muffled response from his girlfriend, Jackson was able to watch as the gorgeous redhead reached her hand back towards her well used asshole. Dipping two fingers into her rear, she scooped and pulled them out, bringing a small puddle of Jackson’s semen that he had just shot 8 inches deep in her bowels. Quickly bringing it towards her face, Lydia took the digits into her mouth and proceeded to drink down every last drop of her boyfriend’s semen, tasting her own ass in the process as well.

“Yum,” she cooed.

“Jesus, you’re special,” Jackson grunted in appreciation. “Now let’s hit the shower before going to the party tonight.”
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