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The Competition
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Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I’d love to hear some feedback as per usual. My e-Mail addresses are at: mean.blackjack(@)yahoo.co.uk If you remove the parenthesis from the @ symbol it’ll get through! You can also get me at mean.blackjack47(@)gmail.com. Again, remove the parenthesis. Also, don’t forget to thank and like the story if you do like it! Also feel free to post on the thread to voice your encouragement, lord knows my ego needs stroking!

Also, please don't post this on any other site without my explicit permission. I've had to bring the hammer down on two thieves right as of writing and don't want to bring it down again. Don't forget to add me on Discord too! My name on there is Swagatha Christie#2438.

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Swallowing, Anal Creampie

Author: Blackjack

I put my glass of beer down on the table as the words washed over me. I'm pretty sure what they had just said was English and while I was bi-lingual, English was one of those languages I spoke. Looking over the table and at the two women, I could barely believe my ears. Looking around the inside of the hotel bar, there were numerous patrons still inside and chatting with one another, not really paying us much mind. Struggling to even fully form a sentence in my mind, let alone voice one, I was able to barely squeak out a question.

“So, you want to what?”

“It’s pretty simple. You’re a smart guy.” Alexandra Daddario said, looking over to me and then to the blonde woman also in the hotel bar. “I didn’t misspeak did I Kate?” She added.

“Nope, you got it all.” Kate Upton said, shrugging her shoulders and pushing the sunglasses she had worn, seemingly to disguise herself. “You don’t have an issue with it I hope?” Kate asked, looking over to me.

“God no!” I started, looking over at the two women before another question came to mind. “So… Why me?”

“Oh, gossip spreads pretty quickly on a film set.” Kate said, brushing her thumb against her bottom lip. “We both heard all about you and the wardrobe team.”

“All of them at once!” Alex added, a smile on her face as she leaned forward slightly. Her arms moving forward and pushing her chest out and putting it on display.

“All of them at once.” Kate continued. “And, well, we know we’re both smoking hot and we’ve got a bit of a competition going on.” Kate reached into her bag and brought out a small black notebook, opened it up and then pushed it across the table to me.

"What's this?" I asked, taking the book and looking it over.

"Well, we want to know just who, out of the two of us, is the better lay." Alex said, a bright smile on her beautiful face. "So you need to take points! Rank us out of ten and then, we'll meet her on Wednesday to discuss the ratings."

"And see who won!" Kate added with a grin.

"And see who won." Alex said, the smile on her face not leaving.

"Well, this sounds like a big old practical joke so-" I said, standing up to leave. Both Alexandra and Kate stood up though and while Kate pushed her hand to my chest, Alexandra put hers on my crotch and palmed it gently.

"Is this a joke too?" Alex whispered in my ear, her breath hot against my skin and making my flesh pimple lightly. I stopped in my tracks and as my eyes focused on the two women who were both standing in front of me, I could feel my dick hardening and Alex's smile only got wider. Kate crept up to my other side and put her own lips to my ear.

"Come on, make the right decision here Nick."

"You get to fuck me first." Alex added.

"Her name's first alphabetically." Kate explained, her lips colliding with my earlobe. "That means you get me tomorrow." She added, her chest pushing into mine ever so briefly as they took a step back to give me room.

"And on Wednesday you get to go over the results with us and we know who's the baddest bitch on this set." Alex said with a giggle, her hand that had been on my length coming up and joining her other one settling on her stomach lightly.

"Baddest bitch. Really?" Kate asked with a wide grin on her face.

"Like you had any other ideas!" Alex protested, a big smile on her face as she playfully slapped Kate on the shoulder. The blonde woman recoiled in jest and the two women looked back to me.

"So, what do you say?" Kate asked, the two women looking over at me.

"I mean, yes obviously! I just... I can't quite believe this is happening." I said, putting my own hands down in front of my length to try and stop my arousal from being so obvious.

"Well, believe it." Alex said, shrugging her shoulders simply. She reached into her short jeans pocket and passed me a key card with what I could only assume was her room number. "Come on up in twenty minutes and we'll get this started." Alexandra said with a smile before the two women turned and made their way out of the hotel bar and I was left alone with a raging boner and wondering just what the hell had happened. Looking around the hotel bar and then to the backs of the women as they walked away, arm in arm, I soon had a big, wide grin on my face and I quickly hustled out of the bar and up to my own room in the hotel.

Walking out of the  elevator to the floor that Alex, and presumably Kate, was staying on after the twenty minutes had passed, I looked down to the key card and then up to the door. Staring at the golden numbers that had been fastened to the door, my dick was already starting to harden again and the sounds of people in the corridor behind me started to creep in. Sliding the key into the lock, I looked down at the little light by the lock and watched it flash red. Pulling the card out and then pushing it back in, it flashed red again. I pulled the card out of the slot and pushed it back in again. The exact same thing happened though and the light flashed red. Cursing, I pulled the card out and looked down the lengths of the corridor, worried about the people arriving.

"Who's that at the door?" A voice on the other side of the corridor, prompting me to spin around and look at Alexandra Daddario standing there with a smile on her face and lacy underwear strapped to her body. She looked me up and down before smiling over to me. "Aren't you going to come in?"

Looking at Alex with her body almost encased in the lacy two piece, my erection came back with a vengeance and that brought a smile to both my, and Alex's face. Her hand came up off of the door frame and she simply beckoned me by slightly curling her right index finger towards me while turning around and showing off her ass in the matching thong to the bra she was wearing. The lingerie was an interesting set, black with a sort of peach coloured pattern and while her perfect breasts were encased in the bra, her ass was almost a perfect highlight with the thong between her cheeks and rising high over towards her thighs. Her long legs also had on some stockings without a garter belt and the woman had on a pair of high heels that gave her a couple of inches to make her almost eye level with me.

Alex walked inside the room and turned around to face me as I walked in after her, closing the door behind me. I watched Alex move to face me and I was left with a very hard cock and a very eager Alexandra Daddario. She smiled over to me, her thumb coming up and rubbing against her bottom lip, the bright red of the lipstick a nice and fitting contrast to her tanned, white skin. She looked me up and down, her big, bright and intense eyes fixating on the tent in my pants before she looked back up into my eyes.

"So, you know the rules?"

"I do. We're going to do four things, I rate you out of ten for each action but I don't let you, or Kate, know the results until we meet on Wednesday."

"Correct!" Alex said, beaming. "I figure I'm already down one with the tit fucking so I need to make sure I win the other three right?" Alex asked, her arms coming together and pushing her own generously sized breasts together and making them stand out.

"I mean, they are pretty impressive as well." I said, looking down at her breasts.

"You think so?" Alex asked, walking forward and her arms coming up off of her stomach and then laying them on my shoulders. She took a couple of steps forward until they were only a fraction away from my own chest. "Touch them." Was all she said and it was enough for me to bring my hands up and under her own arms to reach between us. My hands laid down on her breasts and I offered them both a firm squeeze while looking into Alex's eyes. The squeeze was enough to prompt a moan from Alex's mouth and her impossibly bright eyes closed slightly as she had her chest cupped.

"They really are." I breathed, my dick continuing to harden inside of my pants.

"Okay... Okay..." Alex said, almost softly as she brought her own hands down to my chest, her fingers tugging on my shirt slightly. "Why don't you have a seat?" She said, taking a step back and gesturing towards the edge of the bed. I obliged the request though, walking forward and taking a seat on the edge of the bed, I watched Alex thread her fingers through her long brown hair and then drop to her knees. Her hands came up and parted my legs so she could move between them and she soon had her hands on my lap. Her fingers found the metal zipper and soon, she was undressing me. Her hands tugged my pants aside and she had quickly pulled them apart, she soon had her hands inside of my jeans and her hands picked up on my boxer shorts and had them down as well. My cock was hard and throbbing right in front of her face, Alexandra smiled and then wrapped her hands around my length, double fisting the hard cock in front of her. Her left hand came down to the bottom of my shaft and her hand gently palmed my sack while her right hand pumped my dick up and down.

Her hands worked on my cock, and while not being hard was never really an option, Alexandra seemed intent on making sure that I wasn't going to go soft. Her hands worked over me for a couple of quick pumps before she nodded her head and her hand came up off of my ball sack and she ran the hand through her long, silky brown hair. Her right hand slid up and down before she brought her finger over to the bottom of my pole and she gently teased the vein that ran along the underside of my cock.

"Looks like you're ready for me to at least suck your dick right?" She asked, almost certainly hypothetically. When I just nodded my head, still in disbelief over what was happening, Alex simply smiled and opened her lips. Her mouth came down and wrapped around my dick's head, she slowly pushed her mouth forward and my length slipped inside of her mouth. Pushing her lips down my cock and swallowing some of my dick into her mouth, her hand on my balls continued to knead and roll them around as she bobbed her head up and down. Her eyes were closed as she moved her head up and down, her hand gently pressed down on my balls as she pushed her tongue up against the bottom of my length. As her lips moved down, her tongue came with her, almost scraping at my dick's underside while she blew me.

Her big eyes flashed open and we made eye contact while she moved her lips down even further on my cock and she was now deepthroating me. Her hand came off of my sack and settled it down on the inside of my thigh as if to steady herself while she pushed my cock just a little bit deeper and against her throat. A cough escaped her mouth and she slowly pulled her lips backwards, a string of spit coming with her mouth and connecting to my dick. The saliva strand broke though and it fell down, colliding with her breasts as she brought her lips up off of my cock and took in a couple of deep breaths. Her hands came up from my body and she slowly stroked my dick before lifting my shaft up towards my stomach and she leaned in to wrap her lips around my balls.

Sucking on each side of my sack, Alex continued to jerk my dick all while she moaned around the balls inside of her mouth. Soon though, she opened her lips up just a little bit wider and she pushed the other ball into her mouth. Taking both of my nuts into her warm, wet mouth, I could barely believe what was happening. Her hands stopped jerking my cock and she put them both on my thighs, keeping them spread as my dick flopped forward and the thick length beat against her face while she rubbed her tongue over my balls. With my hard dick pressing against her face and her warm mouth stretched open around my sack, I couldn't believe what was happening to me but Alex also didn't seem to want to stop doing it. So, I simply let it ride as she worked over me. Her tongue bathed both of my balls in her warm, wet spittle before she slowly pulled her mouth back off of my sack and she took in another deep gasp of air.

She barely gave me a chance to recover though, her hands dug into my thighs, her nails slightly scratching against my skin as she ran her tongue up against the bottom of my dick. Bathing the underside of my prick with her spit, Alex continued to keep sliding her tongue up and down the bottom of my cock, essentially rubbing at my skin using her tongue to do it. She moved her tongue up towards the head of my cock before opening her mouth up and pushing the cock right back inside of her mouth. Sliding my cock right back inside of her mouth to the point where she had pushed the head of my cock right back up against her throat.

Her hands moved up from my thighs and took hold of my own, lifting them up from the couch and then she placed them on her head and held on to them as she bobbed her head up and down. Looking down to face her, I looked into her big, bright eyes and started to get with the picture as to what she wanted me to do. Standing up off of the edge of the bed, moving with Alexandra as she knee walked backwards to give me some room, her hands came down to her side and she looked up to me and almost nodded her head while she slipped her head up and down. My fingers threaded through her long brown hair and held onto her head as I moved my hips back and then started to slide them forward, moving my dick into her mouth as she moaned around the shaft.

Sliding my hips backwards and forwards, I started to slowly get into the procedure of fucking her mouth open and using her face. My balls started to slap against her chin as I moved my dick inside of her warm, wet mouth. Sliding my cock forwards and backwards, her mouth was getting beaten with the head of my dick and while my balls slapped against her chin. Alex was simply moaning around my dick while I pushed my cock into her mouth, I wanted to look down into her eyes while I did it but I didn't dare. Alexandra's eyes was no doubt one of her finer points and seeing them start to water while I fucked her face could have been enough to make me cum there and then. Hissing in pleasure while I slid my dick inside of her mouth, I could feel my orgasm start to build.

Alex's hands clamped onto the back side of my thighs, holding onto me as I pumped my dick backwards and forwards. Sliding my cock into her mouth and with my balls slapping against her chin, her fingertips dug into my thighs slightly before my balls hit her chin for a resounding clapping sound. Alex's mouth got wetter and wetter and as I did manage to look down at Alex's face and saw that her big, bright eyes were starting to water and her makeup, while not too bright and distinguished, was starting to run down her cheeks. Pushing my dick back against her throat for almost the final time, I let out a hiss of a warning and Alex didn't let me change. Her hands grabbed hold of my ass and pulled me right back into her mouth as I started to cum.

“Mmmm!” Alexandra moaned, my cock twitching as I shot my load right into her mouth.

Firing my ropes into Alex's mouth, I held onto her head for as long as I could do before my hands slipped from her head and almost onto my sides before settling on my hips. Alex let me finish firing the cum into her mouth before she slowly pulled her lips up and off of my cock with her hands coming up off of my ass as well. She rubbed her hands against my cheeks before running them around to the front and using her wrist to wipe at her chin to get most of the saliva that had dropped from her mouth. She sat back on her heels and she looked up at me as I collapsed on the edge of the bed, looking down at her with a big, wide smile on my face. She leaned back on her knees before she placed her hands on the edge of the bed. Pulling herself up so she was standing, Alex looked down at me and my softening dick before she offered me a smile.

"So... What do we do next?" She wondered aloud, her hand coming up to tap her index finger against her chin as if she was thinking over what we could do next. "I mean, I could use the girls to get you nice and hard again?" She asked, her hands coming up and grabbing hold of her own breasts before tapping the same finger against her chin. "I suppose I could do something else with you as well." She said, walking forward and then slipped her fingers into the waistband of her thong. Pushing the underwear down her long legs and down towards the floor, she stepped out of the thong and revealed her pussy to me. She had a thin tuft of pubic hair in a long strip just above her lips, it wasn't as untamed as it appeared to be in True Detective but in front of me, I didn't really care. Her hands came up and she pushed on my shoulders, making me fall down flat on my back on the bed in the hotel.

She then crept up onto the bed with me and moved herself up so that her groin was hovering over mine. She reached down and gripped hold of my length, stroking it up and down before lifting it up towards her entrance. Holding it steady, Alexandra slowly pushed herself down towards her pussy and soon, my soft cock slipped between her wet folds and she was moving herself down onto me. My cock slipped between her folds and she was soon settled down right on my lap. Her hands came down to my chest as her head fell back and she took in a deep breath with even my soft cock inside of her. Slowly, she started to pull herself up and then drop herself down, working into a soft, steady rhythm.

With her riding up and down on me, my hands came up and cupped her generously sized chest, squeezing both of them while she slid up and down. I could already feel my dick coming back to life all while she bounced herself on my dick. Holding her chest, squeezing both of her breasts independently, I licked my lips as I watched her ride me. Her big, bright eyes were closed softly as she moved up and down and I could feel her chest slipping up and down as she rode me. Her own hands came up off of my shoulders and reached behind herself to work on the clasp for her bra.

“Mmmm fuck!” Alex moaned, her body moving with me as she slipped up and down on my length.

Her breasts fell into the free room, my hands coming up off of her own tits so she could free them up. Seeing them fall into the room, I licked my lips and instantly moved myself up to a sitting position on the edge of the bed so I was closer to eye level with her chest. Leaning in, I wrapped my lips around her left nipple as she got to riding on me. I could feel my own dick continue to get harder and harder to the point where I knew I was fully erect in her pussy. Gently closing my teeth down around the hard nipple in my mouth as my hands reached around and grabbed a hold of her rear, working to keep her moving up and down on me as she rearranged herself while she rode on me. Digging my hands into her ass, I reached my hands back and offered her right cheek a slap as she bounced up and down, her stocking clad thighs rubbing against mine as she bounced.

Alex leaned her head forward and she used her hands to pull my face up to hers, sliding her lips onto mine and pushing her tongue into my mouth. Much to my surprise, I couldn't even taste my orgasm on her tongue as she wrapped her tongue around mine and we slowly sucked on each others tongue. Her hands dug into my shoulders as her thighs started to smack up and down against my thighs, her entrance was significantly wet but as she rode up and down, it felt like she was getting wetter and wetter. Slipping my hand off of her breast, I reached down between her legs and started to rub against her clit, helping her along with her orgasm as she rode herself up and down on my dick. Smacking her ass again, Alex moaned into my mouth before her lips broke off of mine and her head fell forward as she bounced up and down on me.

Rubbing against her clit while she bounced up and down on me, I leaned back ever so slightly so I could watch her big breasts bounce. Her chest slapped against her sternum slightly and as she pushed herself down all the way on my dick, Alex's hands clasped behind my neck and she slowly rolled her hips around, grinding against me as I let go of her clit and put both of my hands under her thighs. Alex's head had rolled all the way back so she was essentially staring right up against the wall all while she slipped up and down. Her pussy was already tight around me and as her pussy hit against the bottom of my pole, her mouth fell open and she let out a short but just as loud, shriek of pleasure. Her walls clamped down and she started to cum all over my dick. Alex's fingertips dug into my skin and as she rode out her orgasm, I held onto her body and started to buck my hips up and right into her hungry, wet pussy.

Alex's shriek broke out into a moan, her smoky voice was already panting while she rode out through her orgasm and I just continued to feed her silky wet walls with my dick. Slamming in and out of her, I put both of my hands on her round ass, digging right into it as her pussy dropped down onto my lap. Grabbing and kneading against her rear, I leaned in and sunk my teeth into Alex's neck, sucking and kissing against it as she panted in pleasure. I lifted her up and dropped her down again, her walls squeezing down on me as I could only listen to her panting and moaning as she was dropped up and down on me. Her fingers soon let go of their grip on my skin and she grabbed hold of me by the hair and she lightly lifted me up to look at her.

"Let me stand up... Then... Ooh... You can... Fuck... Fuck... Fuck me from behind!" She said, her body trembling all over as if she was still riding her orgasm. She lifted her right hand up from the top of my spine and threaded her hand through her long brown hair before she planted both of her hands on my shoulders and pulled herself up and almost straight up and off of my cock. She took a step backwards and she nearly lost her footing as she slowly moved around and she wobbled forward before collapsing on the nearby dresser table. Her forearms collided with the wooden desk before she took in another couple of deep breaths and she did her best to steady herself before she lifted her head up and looked over her shoulder to see me. Her big, bright eyes watched as I pulled myself up off of the bed and moved up behind her. Slapping her ass again, I could see her cheeks starting to redden but Alex was only panting for more. Hitting her other cheek, I moved up behind her and grabbed hold of my slippery dick before moving behind her and pushing my cock up towards her wet, dripping hole.

Grabbing hold of her waist as the head of my dick nudged just between her folds, I held onto her before just yanking her backwards and ramming every last inch of my dick right back inside of her. Alex let out another loud shriek and her head was rocked back, her hair being shot upwards in an almighty arc of brown hair and almost whipping against her skin as I buried myself right up to my balls inside of her. With my own sack colliding against her clit, I could hear Alex moaning with every last pump inside of her and as I started to pull my hips backwards and then jab myself forward, she started to move with me. Her own body, still sweaty, weak and trembling from the orgasm she had just been rocked through, Alex looked over her shoulder to me and licked her lips. Her impossibly big, bright blue eyes were dizzy with lust and I could see just how into the whole fuck session she was. My hands came up from her hips and I held onto her body before I reached up to her hair and grabbed hold of it. Pulling on her hair and yanking her head back, I heard Alex pant out loud before she moaned in delight. I could hear just how aroused she was and as I pumped in and out of her, she was already to the point where I thought she was going to be screaming for me.

My balls slapped against her slippery clit and while I pumped in and out of her, the steady smacking sound of my balls against her clit started to ring out inside of the hotel room. With every slap against her clit, Alex's moans started to spill into the room and with every pump inside of her, Alex's moan accompanied it. She was panting and moaning with each pump inside of her and as I kept a firm tug on her hair, I could hear her starting to get weaker and weaker as her moans just got louder. Her lips were leaking all around me and as I slammed my dick inside of her and stabbed against her g-spot making her stockings clad legs start to shake and tremble. Was she going to cum again? Her walls squeezed down tight on my length and as I pushed inside of her, I got my answer. Her walls formed an almost impossibly tight clamp and she started to cum again, my hand let go of her hair and I just held onto her sides as I fucked through her tight walls.

As I slid inside of her with one more push, Alex's head fell forward and she almost went limp as she continued to just cum over and over again over my dick. Sliding myself forwards and backwards while my balls slapped against her clit, all while she just moaned for me right up against the hard oak of the table. Sliding my cock right back inside of her, I could feel my second orgasm starting to build up inside of me and with every slap against her clit it felt like I was coming up on cumming again. Pushing my dick inside of her and holding myself inside her so I could lean forward and press my lips against her shoulders, I brushed her hair to the side so I could whisper in her ear.

"I'm going to cum again."

"Ooh... Fuck... You need my tits and ass still don't you?" Alex said, lifting her head up and looking over her shoulder to look at me.

"I do." I answered.

"Come on then... Oh..." Alex whimpered, looking over to me as I slowly pulled my hips backwards and my cock just slipped from her tight, soaking wet lips. Alexandra looked over her shoulder to watch as I made my way backwards to give her room to move around. She looked over to the bed before managing to hobble back to the bed and moving up so she was laying flat on the middle of the bed. Her chest was heaving up and down and both of her breasts were looking like a target for me. Climbing up onto the bed, I reached up and took hold of her breasts, parting them slightly so I could move up on top of her. Holding her breasts and then putting them together, I closed her soft breasts together, wrapping them around my shaft and I started to move my hips backwards and forwards.

Sliding my cock between her tits, I watched as Alexandra took in a couple of breaths all while I slipped my hips backwards and forwards. Sawing my length between her big breasts, Alex took a couple more breaths while she looked up at me and then down towards my cock as the head of my dick appeared from between the valley of her chest. She lifted her head up and watched as my cock slipped in and out, her tongue came out and flicked against the head of my dick as I pushed my cock between her tits. Alex's tongue nudged against the head of my cock and I could feel like the dick was being worshipped by a sheer sexual Goddess as I held her chest around my dick and she just used her tongue to tease the head of my dick. Sliding backwards and forwards, my balls tickled against her sternum as I pumped my length inside of the valley of her breasts. Pumping myself between her breasts, my cock was already starting to twitch again and Alex knew it as well.

"Come on... Come fuck my ass." She panted, her body slick with sweat and my cock was already smearing her orgasm against the inside of the valley of her breasts. Slowly slipping myself back and off of her body, I moved back on my knees and watched as Alex moved herself around and then she looked over to me. "Want me to ride your cock in my ass?"

That was definitely enough for me. I took my place by lying down on the bed and watching her as she moved over to me. She got herself on her feet and then moved so she got herself over my lap. She then dropped herself down and placed her hands on either side of my body, steadying herself as I gripped hold of my dick and held it steady as she slipped down towards my hard dick. She slowly moved down and my dick nudged between her ass cheeks when I felt the head of my cock slip between her ass cheeks and my head soon slid between her tight ass cheeks and into her back door. Alex's hands moved up and she planted them on my chest all while she started to move herself up and down on my dick inside of her ass. My hands came up and I pawed at her chest blindly as she bounced up and down. Her tight ass was squeezing down on me and as she slid up and down, her rear was squeezing on me and my cock was threatening to shoot again.

Alex's head fell back and her hair tickled against my chest while she bounced up and down. My hands had hold of her breasts, pawing at them as she slid her ass over my cock. As she started to work into a rhythm, my hands held onto her breasts while I started to buck my hips up to meet her own movements, my hips hit against her ass cheeks all while she worked with me and we were both moving to get me off.

"Alex..." I panted out, her head still a mess of her own orgasm.

"Inside me!" She said, with enough of an effort to let me know she knew what I was going to do. I pushed my cock upwards and that was enough for me to start shooting ropes inside of her. Shooting what felt like a dozen ropes inside of her ass, I just held onto her breasts while my body was arched up off of the bed. Cumming inside of Alexandra Daddario's ass, I couldn't believe that this was what my life was at the moment. Slowly pulling myself backwards and out of her ass, my body hit the bed and just taking in a moment to recover. Alex slipped over and collapsed on the bed next to me, her body flat and with her breasts pushing into the bed, she finally lifted her head and looked to me.

"That... Was a perfect ten performance right?" She asked, a wide grin on her beautiful face.

It was hard to disagree. I could only see what the next night would hold for me.
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Re: The Competition
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That was fucking awesome, love your writing and can't wait to see Kate THE GREAT in action  :))

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Re: The Competition
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Loved it and can't wait for the next part!

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Re: The Competition
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Great story  :Y:

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Re: The Competition
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Pretty good story. IMO Kate beats her hands down, but that's just my opinion.


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