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The Brevity Series: Seasons Greetings (Site Collab)
« on: November 14, 2019, 03:30:58 PM »

This is a thread to post Brevity stories that have a Christmas theme. You should write a story where some element of the season of goodwill plays a significant role in the plot of it. Similar to our original Brevity series, these stories are limited to 1200 words. 

Enjoy and hope all you authors contribute!
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Re: The Brevity Series: Seasons Greetings (Site Collab)
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2019, 03:50:57 PM »

Lady Gaga - Tis the Season to be Naughty

His world was spinning.

Twenty years old and Jason was invited to a Christmas party. Not just any party, either. He was standing in one of Lady Gaga’s living rooms. Who knew how many she truly had. The vibe was incredible. The music, the babes, the studs, the food and drinks; god damn, he couldn’t believe how insane it was.

So much ass and so many big titties were blowing by him and he didn’t want to admit it, but some heavy packages caught his eye and it didn’t take long for him to question things.

Picking up chicks wasn’t something he knew how to do, so he mostly laid low and jammed out when he could. No harm in that. He had no idea where his friend was and honestly, this shit was becoming too crazy for him. The giant knot in his pants would not go away.

He grabbed his bag and shuffled through the crowd and locked eyes with Mother Monster, or rather, a white-haired Mrs. Claus. She rocked a bright red suit with the traditional black stiletto boots, white cuffs and big black belt around the waist. He quickly looked away and headed towards her upstairs bathroom.

The door closed and he slid the lock. Bag unzipped and opened, the sink quickly had contents. Lube, his phone and a big fleshlight; among other things. It was wrong, but virgins do dumb shit sometimes. It was Lady Gaga and like a hundred other gorgeous women in costumes. Don’t judge! You don’t know his life right now.

He sighed and his long, fat candy cane pushed out with force and smacked the sink. All that Christmas cheer had his jingle balls swaying between his thighs with massive tension. The sound of the lube made him look towards the door and he slid deep into that chilly fluid. The fake pussy clenched on his shaft and he bottomed out with a squish. All those beautiful babes down stairs entered his mind and he slithered in and out, fully coated.

A loud bang made him flinch uncontrollably and he shuddered, his knees buckling. He turned towards the door and no one was there. With a heavy sigh, he stuck it back in and faced the mirror.

“Oh, fuck,” he shouted.

The fleshlight slid away from his now fear induced boner and made a racket in the marble. His eyes wobbled from their sockets as he stared into the eyes of Lady Gaga.

“Two entrances,” she pointed away from him. “Guess you’re not thinking clearly, huh.”

Jason shutdown and gripped the sink. “I’m so sorry, Gaga. You weren’t meant to—“

“Find you fucking inanimate objects in my bathroom?” She smiled.

He went for his pants. “Something like that.”

“Whoa. Whoa,” Gaga got louder. She motioned to him with her large cup of Eggnog and walked over to the sink, staring up into his eyes. “Continue.”

“What?” He said, stupidly.

“If you’re going to do it in my house, I should get to watch, no?” Gaga sipped her drink.

“I don’t know.” He tried to dodge her sultry, soul wrecking eyes.

“It was rhetorical,” she blurted out and grabbed the thing from the sink. “Here.”

Jason slowly took it from her and sighed, putting himself back deep into the wet slickness.

“Nice dick,” she shrugged, staring at it.

“Thanks,” he mumbled.

“You’re enjoying this,” she smiled, pushing up her thin rimmed, old lady glasses. “Why else would you still be harder than the floor we stand on?”

“No, that’s not—“

“You would lie? During Christmas?”

Jason slid his humongous dong to the hilt and lube sputtered out from the exit hole. He expanded inside and cut off air, making it squelch and gurgle around his meat. The sound started to embarrass him and he slowed down.

“Nah uh,” she spoke up. “Faster. Fuck it faster.”

He did as he was told and humped towards the counter top, hitting his knees into it. Gaga hiked a leg over his long cock and sat on it, pinning it down. He tried to live in the moment without passing out from being this close to the one and only but all he could do was stare awkwardly into her heavenly face.

“You got some big ass balls,” she looked down and up. “I meant for coming into my house and attempting this. Props, dude.”

Gaga unzipped the front of her scarlet red top. He thrusted into her thighs and found her glorious globes pushed up in a delicious white lace. The cleavage was out of this world. He wanted to bust then and there. He was almost balls deep inside Gaga. This is as close as he would ever get.

“Stop,” she ordered, quickly.

Like a steam engine at full bore down the tracks, he slowly came to a stop and held his cock to the fullest reaches of the light. It throbbed and twitched and she took him by the back of the neck.

“What’s it like to be that deep in me?” She whispered.

Jason wanted to cum. Gaga’s hips gently rolled it just enough to stimulate and he only had a couple of seconds. He fell into her gaze and tightened his toes to delay it.

“Tis the season to be...naugh...ty...” she sang, quietly. “Fa. La. La. La. La…”

He leaned closer and his hot saggy balls pushed into the chilly wood frame. He was buried into Gaga. This couldn’t be real life.

“Fill the mead cup, drain the...barr...el,” she grit her teeth towards him.

Jason passed the point of no return. Gaga pushed on his chest and the fleshlight smacked the ground. She had a hold of his gift and stuffed the bulging crown into her eggnog where he nutted instantly. They locked eyes and she smiled while his heavy sac twitched and ejected hot cream into her drink. She could hear it splurting deep into the cup, making her pull harder. He started to fall back.

“Stay with me,” she laughed lightly, coaching him through the earth shattering experience.

Her hand rocked until she was satisfied, no longer feeling his extreme pulses. She let him go and stirred the drink with both hands around the cup, swirling the mixture with his defeated piece.

“Fa. La. La. La. La. La. La. Ga...Ga...”

Gaga hoisted the cup to her lips and paused. The look of horror on his face was comical and she lined the rim with her tongue. “Are you the gate keeper of doing dumb shit tonight? What’s the look for?”

Jason stumbled on his response and felt a jolt in his spine the moment she tipped back, swallowing a generous helping of baby batter-nut infused eggnog. She came away with it half empty and cocked her head with a mustache. With the cup extended, she glanced to it and back to him. Jason was dumbfounded and started to raise his arm.

“You were gonna do it,” she grinned, gulping the rest with a thick creamy slurp coming from her lips as it disappeared. “Naughty, naughty boy.”

She waved and closed the door. It opened back up.

“Still have to pee, duh,” she smiled. “Get.”
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Re: The Brevity Series: Seasons Greetings (Site Collab)
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2019, 05:47:39 PM »
Naughty indeed!  Fantastic!  What a way to kick off the holiday season!  I can't wait to see what else people come up with!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: The Brevity Series: Seasons Greetings (Site Collab)
« Reply #3 on: November 15, 2019, 10:27:05 AM »
White Christmas

Starring: Zendaya

Since the start of the month, men across Los Angeles had been stumbling upon an explicit, and somewhat ilicit, personal ad in various locations throughout the city.  Now, with Christmas approaching, it seemed to be everywhere they went; sports venues, nightclub bathrooms and outside frat houses, not to mention plastered across social media and posted on any Internet forum worth its salt.  It read as follows;

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas,
And some big, fat cocks to blow!

Pretty 23 y.o black girl seeks big white schlongs for wild festive blowbang.  Send dick pics to (213) 509-6995

Zendaya’s phone had started blowing up within minutes of posting the first ad and hadn’t let up since; the young black actress inundated with an ungodly volume of lewd pictures at all times of the day and night.  She trawled through the trove of images at regular intervals; saving those that met her stipulations and deleting the ones that didn’t. 

As she’d expected, the phalli flooding her inbox came in all manner of colours and sizes.  Some were black, some brown, some olive, some yellow.  Others were of an unusual shape or simply didn’t measure up.  Once she’d sorted the wheat from the chaff, Zendaya got to hand picking some of her faves.  Some were harder to cut than others, but after much deliberation, the ebony starlet had landed on her chosen few.  She punched out a text and sent it to the lucky winners.

Congratulations!  You’ve made the cut.  Cum to 1372 West 23rd Street, 90256 at 8pm on Christmas Eve, and bring those fat white cocks with you! ;)


Cars of every make, model and year pulled into a warehouse parking lot in downtown LA at the specified time on December 24th.  Men of varying ages, physical builds and degrees of attractiveness filed in through the open shutter and convened on the warehouse floor, swigging from beer bottles and passing around joints, exchanging thoughts and theories about their female host as they awaited her arrival. 

Then, a little after 8.30, a door opened at the far end of the warehouse, every set of eyes in the vicinity fixed on Zendaya as she marched across the factory floor.  Some knew full well who she was, while others didn’t have the first clue and couldn’t have cared less.  But regardless of their degree of recognition, the guys agreed on one thing; she looked simply incredible in her festive get up.  She wore a skimpy red dress that clung to her body like a second skin, the furry white hem barely extending past the peachy spheres of her ass, a set of thigh high white heeled boots rounding off the ensemble.  Her curly dark hair hung gracefully about her shoulder blades, her gorgeous facial features dabbed, powdered, glossed and otherwise adorned with all manner of expensive cosmetics. 

Zendaya approached her assembled studs and waded into the fray; no fewer than fifteen hung white men ringing her from all angles as they closed in around her.  She dropped to her knees as the men took out their cocks; the long, girthy poles pointing at her dark face like white flesh arrows.  One man placed a hand at the back of her head and fed his cock between her lips; plunging the lengthy wang right down to the balls.  She choked it down with consummate ease, reaching up and gripping two more and stroking them vigorously as the men in front of her fucked her mouth.

Zendaya worked her way around the circle, choking every one of the thick white prongs down to the hilt as she went.  Some of the guys gripped handfuls of her carefully styled hair as they plowed her pretty mouth, while others stood there, cocks at full mast, as they let the dark-skinned starlet do her thing.  She sucked and slurped, stroked and jerked, the black beauty treating all fifteen of the oversized dongs to the multitude of tricks her skilled mouth and hands were capable of.  She tongued at slits, encircled heads, lapped at shafts and sucked on balls; the ebony babe performing every one of the skills and techniques with the finesse and expertise of an experienced pornstar.

But she wasn’t done yet.  In fact, she had only just gotten started, and no sooner had she handled every one of the girthy white cocks individually, had she started tackling them in pairs.  At one stage, she had two grasped at the base; the horny actress shifting back and forth swiftly from one to the other, choking down one of the girthy white schlongs, before switching to the next.  At another, she had two in her mouth at once, the dark-skinned beauty slurping greedily at both the veiny shafts as she squeezed them between her lips. 

And it didn’t end there.  And once she’d handled every cock at least twice, a leather armchair was wheeled into the centre of the circle.  Where it had come from nobody was quite sure, but they beckoned Zendaya up onto it all the same; the actress laying on her back across the seat, her head hanging over the edge as her band of studs formed a line before her. 

One by one they stepped up to the plate; every one of the endowed white men presenting her with a part of their intimate anatomy to pleasure with her mouth.  Some fed their dicks back between her lips and fucked her mouth once more.  Others squatted over her and dipped their balls in her mouth.  While more still, turned around and backed up towards her, presenting her with a male asshole, some waxed, some hairy, to plunge her tongue inside.  Saliva smeared across her lips and chin and trickled down her face as the guys took their turn in her mouth.  Mascara blotched around her eyes.  False lashes came loose and clung to her forehead. 

Finally, after an hour plus of rampant face-fucking, the guys were ready to cum.  Someone scooped her up from the armchair and set her down on her knees.  They guys surrounded her once more; pointing their dicks at any part of her upper body they could get to as they stroked them vigorously.

Two guys went off at nearly the exact same time; splashing either side of her face with streaks of hot seed.  And that was just the beginning.  Before long, the men were shooting loads at her from every conceivable angle.  Some hit her full in the face, splattering over her nose, lips and across her eyes.  Others aimed their goop at her hair, thick trails of the creamy, off-white seed making a mess of her wavy black locks, while more still stood behind and beat off onto the top of her head.  By the time they were done, Zendaya was bathed in jism from the shoulders up; nigh on every square inch of her dark features painted white with volumes of Causasian spunk.

“Wow!” she exclaimed, her eyes glued shut with the ropes of hot seed coating her pretty face.  “Now that’s what I call a white Christmas!”
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Re: The Brevity Series: Seasons Greetings (Site Collab)
« Reply #4 on: November 19, 2019, 11:27:25 PM »
The Lady Gaga story was excellent, nice work and cheers to all of you.
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Re: The Brevity Series: Seasons Greetings (Site Collab)
« Reply #5 on: November 24, 2019, 05:37:09 AM »

This is dedicated to my good friend Mr. Heigl and was written for him. Today is Katherine Heigl's birthday. Happy Birthday and hope you enjoy, my friend.

Katherine Heigl - A Special, Early Present

"Christmas comes early for you, John."

Katherine Heigl spoke with a grin running across her red lips as she eyed the Turkish man sitting naked before her. It had been a wish for him to be pleasured by this blonde goddess and today, John's fantasy was coming true. Her hair had already been prepared in a pony tail, not to interfere. Katherine wore a black dress, exposing her heavy cleavage of those natural, famous tits. John couldn't look at her face without glancing down, distracted by those wonderful breasts.

Before he knew it, she had knelled down before him. John had been stroking his cock, preparing the hardness for her but Katherine was quick to assert her control in silence. She moved his hands away from his growing rod, wrapping the fingers of both of her hands around it. Those big brown eyes glared up at him. An expression on her face was all he needed to know that the bitch inside her was about to come out.

Katherine wasted no time, squeezing his shaft and then forcing the head between her lips. John gasped, his jaw dropping as his dream babe was now sucking his cock. He clutched the sheets, trying not to cum early while she showed no mercy in her oral skills, devouring every inch of his pole. John let out a loud moan before she closed her eyes, moaning against his rod. The bitch enjoyed every lasting second before pulling her lips back to the head and releasing him with a popping sound. John gasped, watching her shove her dress down to expose those famous, double DD natural tits in view. Katherine didn't hesitate to grab them and squeeze his cock between them.


He didn't know what else to say at the feeling of her massive tits squeezing around his shaft. Katherine looked him in the eye as she made the first thrust.

"You like how these big fucking tits feel around your cock?"

Katherine didn't await a reply. She simply continued, pumping his shaft up and down between her tits. John moaned, smiling at her momentarily while glancing down to see his cock poke up and disappear between the folds of her skin. After a while, she slowed down to take one final thrust. Katherine leaned her head down and flicked her tongue over the head of his dick. She kissed it, then resumed pumping her tits up and down, this time at a faster pace.

"Mmmmmmmm, I know you're loving it."

"Your tits are my most favorite thing in the world, Katherine!"

When he spoke to her, all she did was shake her head with a devious grin running across her lips. Katherine refused to give him a break, still pumping her breasts up and down his meat pole.

"Tell me you love me, you mother fucker!"

"I love you, Katherine!"

Sincerity dripped from the tone of his voice. Pleased with him, Katherine stopped and let go of her tits only to wrap her right hand back around his cock. She brought it back between her lips, sucking it once more. John moaned, watching her bob her head up and down his pole. When Katherine brought her lips up to the head she would release it again and again with popping sounds. Pop. Pop. Pop. Gazing up into his eyes, she moved his cock up against her right breast and then began to smack it up against her nipple.

"You like that!?"

Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound of his shaft beating up against her nipple echoed loudly. He didn't reply while Katherine alternated his dick to her left nipple. Smack. Smack. Smack.

"God, you are driving me crazy!"

When he finally spoke, Katherine just rolled her eyes at the man.

"Yeah, tell me something I don't know."

The flare in her voice revealed a bit of her sassy attitude, but Katherine wasn't done with him yet. She let go of his cock and then moved her hands back to her glorious tits. Again, John had his cock lodged between the folds of her wonderful breasts.

"Fuck yes!"

He almost cried in how he spoke those words. Katherine went slow this time, thrusting downward as his slobbery wet shaft glided between her firm tits. The look on his face was priceless with a full grin, flashing his teeth. Katherine had him by the balls, taking complete control of this man with his lustful appetite for her famous breasts. His eyes were locked, watching his hard shaft pump up and down between them. Katherine wanted to toy with him now.

"Look at me."

She shoved her tits downward, forcing the head of his cock to nearly poke her chin.

"I said LOOK AT ME."

Her voice crackled with authority, forcing John's attention. He looked into her big brown eyes while Katherine parted her lips and twirled her tongue around the head of his shaft. She sucked on the head before pulling off and addressing him sternly.

"Guess what? I'm gonna let you have more than just a Christmas present today. I want you to cum on my face. How about that, John? You wanna shoot that hot...sticky load, all over my fucking face?"

His jaw dropped to hear this request, as it was one of his greatest fantasies with her.

"Answer me, mother fucker!"

"Yes, yes! I would love to cum on your face, Katherine!!"

She licked her lips and let go of her tits, freeing his cock from her aggressive grasp only for a moment. Katherine used both hands to grip his cock, holding it up to her face for a perfect aim. She stroked it while dirty talking him.

"Mmmmmmm, what an early Christmas present for you, huh? A blowjob, tittyfuck AND getting to cum on my face. You are one lucky mother fucker, John. Already had two presents, now this one should be the biggest under the tree for you."

Still stroking his cock, she closed her eyes. Katherine gritted her teeth, screaming at him in a growling manor.


Just as Katherine began to yell at John, he groaned at the feeling her hands squeezing around his shaft. A thick line of cum shot from his cock, splattering above her left eye. She gasped, but didn't close her eyes. Katherine blinked and then another wad went flying over her left eye, barely missing as it drenched around her nose.

"Fuck yeah, that's it! Cum on my face!"

Two lines of cum shot from his rod, both streaking up her forehead and into her golden hair. By now she finally closed her eyes, feeling a line of his thick and warm seed over her nose. It was followed by another heavy wad that drenched her left cheek.

"Fuck, FUCK!! KATHERINE, OHHHHH MY GOD! You look so beautiful!"

John's face had curved into the biggest smile he could've possibly made while gazing down at her face covered in his cum. She opened her eyes, grinning at him as his seed trickled down her face.

"Merry Christmas, you mother fucker."
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Mr. Heigl

Re: The Brevity Series: Seasons Greetings (Site Collab)
« Reply #6 on: November 24, 2019, 06:05:25 AM »
Thank you for that, my friend. This is a great story.
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Re: The Brevity Series: Seasons Greetings (Site Collab)
« Reply #7 on: December 03, 2019, 07:12:21 AM »
Malene Espensen - Home Town Fuck

Malene was home for Xmas, back to her hometown in Denmark.  It was several years since she had been home, and the familiar sounds of her local bar were a welcome return.  It was early morning and she wasn’t sure it would be open, but she was passing and thought she would see.

“Sorry we’re closed” a voice said from behind the bar, as she came in.

“Ohh Henrik” Malene replied “Even for me?”

“Malene!” a tall blonde man said turning and smiling at her, “You’re back!”

He moved around to greet her with a big hug, then he kissed her on the cheek, his short stubble rubbing her face in a way that she remembered.

“What brings you back?” he asked.

“Visiting for Xmas” she replied.

“Bring any presents?” He said grinning.

She looked at him, this was their thing, every time she came home they hooked, up, “Lock the door” she said.

Henrik quickly walked over and pushed the bolt up, as Malene slipped off her coat.

She revealed a stunning short black dress that was barely touching her thighs, black stockings and suspenders.  Her huge breasts strained to escape through the top, as she looked at him.

“Happy Christmas” she said moving to kneel in front of him.

She dropped his trousers and his cock bounced free, already hard she grasped it tightly stroking him.  His cock was around 9 inches and pretty thick, Malene licked her lips knowing what she was in for.

“Fucckkk” he groaned as her soft lips engulfed his shaft, sucking up and down until she brought him to her throat.

Eyes wide looking up, Malene pushed down, her throat engulfing his cock, his legs shook in pleasure as she throat fucked herself.  Henrik grasped her hair and took control, balls slapping her chin hard as his hips drove forwards.  Her hands on his hip she steadied herself as he battered her oral hole.

“Ohhh shit Malene!” he groaned stepping back, his dick slick with her spit.

She looked up grinning, her dress and cleavage glistening with thick spit globules, peeling down her straps she stood up dropping it to the floor.  Her glorious breasts always too Henriks breath away, as she stood in front of him, finger coyly in the corner of her mouth.

“Want to fuck these” she teased, squeezing them together.

Standing up she lay back on the table, as he climbed over her straddling her body.  His hard cock slid easily between her breasts, and she clasped her hands tightly over the top of them, forming a nice tight cleavage for him to fuck.

“Do it Baby, fuck my huge tits” she urged as his shaft slid easily between her massive orbs.

He pumped between her tits, cock sliding back and forth as she looked up at him, eyes wide loving every second of it.  His shaft felt so good between her breasts, the throbbing member driving deep, she licked her lips and groaned.

“Ohh shit, so good Malene” he gasped.

Pumping hard for several minutes Henrik finally had to step back, “Let me have that pussy baby” he panted, dragging her to the edge of the table.

Her cunt was slick with excitement as he pushed his dick in, she gasped the familiar feeling making her even more excited.  His hands held her thighs spreading her legs wide as he began to pump in and out.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard” she gasped.

Hands holding the sides of the table she slid back and forth as he fucked her pussy, huge orbs wobbling up and down her body as he thrust faster and faster.  Head pressed back, hair sprayed out wide across the table top, she growled in pleasure.  Henrik slammed harder and harder into her, his dick hitting all the right spots.

“Fuck, fuck so close, harder baby, harder” she groaned.

Hips pumping furiously he fucked her, balls slapping on her ass as his cock pounded deep.  Her thighs tightened, body shaking as she came, waves of pleasure hitting her abdomen.  She gasped breathlessly before screaming loudly.


Henrik pumped even harder as her pussy clamped on his dick, the tight warm walls clenching over and over as she shook and bucked in orgasm.  Malene shuddered, her body flexing in orgasm, waves of pure pleasure hitting her.  Henrik never slowed, his hard deep thrusts keeping her howling in pure lust.


Calming from her orgasm, Henrik slowed, as she looked up at him a huge grin on her face, “Want your present?” she teased.  “Take my ass”

“Fuck, really?” he replied, he had wanted to fuck her ass many time before but she had always said no.

“Let me stand up by the bar” she said

Henrik eased out and Malene positioned herself standing, bent over clutching the bar rail.  He approached her from behind and spread her cheeks, rubbing his cockhead over her asshole. She gasped as he pressed in, her tight ring fighting then bursting open.

“ohhhhhhh shit!” she growled as his thick cock drove up her ass

Her knuckles whitened, clutching the rail and his fingers buried into her cheeks, dick now pumping hard.  Her huge tits shook in tense pleasure as her bum hole was battered hard and deep, by Henriks cock.

“FUCK! FUCK FUCK!” she wailed as his anal assault continued.

Henrik was getting so close to exploding, but knew what Malene wanted for her present.  Pulling his cock from her asshole, he gripped it tight wanking fast, “Sooo close Malene” he growled.

She dropped to her knees, flicking her long blonde hair back, eyes wide she opened her mouth her longue tongue snaking out.  He fisted his cock as she knelt below him, mouth wide.

“Give me that spunk baby” she teased, as he wanked furiously

Groaning his dick pulsed, a thick white jet of semen spurting up, and arching over her face, he missed some of her mouth splattering her right eye and forehead, before the second bolt splashed down her tongue.

“YESSSSSSS!” he snarled as his spunk splattered her face and filled her mouth.

Malene gasped, the thick clot burning her right eye, blurring her vision.  The warm salty cum filled her mouth as she savoured its taste, before finally Henrik was sated.

Sitting back she clawed the thick strand from her eye, dangling it over her mouth before dripping it in.  His cum cocktail swirled in her mouth as that snake like tongue moved through it.

“Ohhh fuck” she gasped swallowing it down, in one large gulp

“Happy Xmas Malene” Henrik said grinning.

“Happy Xmas babe” she replied.

“Ohh shit, that was hot” Malene said standing up, “I’m around for a few more days, if you fancy hooking up again”

“Errr let me think about it” Henrik replied laughing, teasing her “My place tomorrow night?”

“Ohh babe yeah” Malene said starting to dress before leaving.
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Re: The Brevity Series: Seasons Greetings (Site Collab)
« Reply #8 on: December 03, 2019, 07:16:18 AM »
Nice work! Loved that titfuck!

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Re: The Brevity Series: Seasons Greetings (Site Collab)
« Reply #9 on: December 06, 2019, 08:18:34 PM »
Friends of good taste and poetry, good evening.
I feel the need to apologize in advance to Lacey Chabert (I’m sure she will read this) for writing such foul things about such a wholesome actress.
Also I wanna thank John Connors cause I don’t think I ever laughed this much before while writing a story.

'Twas the night before the night before Christmas, when all through the house the Hallmark channel was blaring.

Save for the fire in the hearth nothing was stirring, the children had been sent to the grandparents with care, in hopes that, thus alone, Lacey & David could have a fuck or two before the big holiday feast.

Now the couple was nestled all snug in the couch, waiting for the special to begin. Eggnog, truffles and some lube for later, they had just settled their brains for a nice winter’s night. Its first highlight would surely be her new feature on TV: Merry Christmas in My Ass it was called, starring Lacey Chabert.

The not-so-mean girl was pretty excited. Not for the plot which had long earned its spurs…
[A big city lawyer returns to her hometown at Christmas time after a massive downsizing. There she finds her roots and falls in love with an old flame, played by Alexa Vega.]
…but for the thorough training she had to go through for her most daring role to date.

David could still hear her wife reading the script, telling him “I have a problem.” For the last scene, the big climax of this televised epic, she was supposed to please nine penises—eight black-nosed, one red-nosed—with the unique prowess of her anus. And how could she go through hours of anal shooting when by two minutes tops she was usually cumming?

This was among the good surprises when David met Lacey, as did the beauty of her breasts, the beauty of her soul, harmony in sex, harmony in life, more than enough to be as good as wedded; but add to the mix the naughtiest trait of all: a cock in her ass and she’ll be screaming and squirming, faster than you can say Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen!

This strange case of being an anal premature brought longevity to the marriage but would have cost her a job without the adequate help. As some master an accent, as others get to know kung fu, she found a teacher, stern but fair, to practice for three months straight without respite, and learn to delay the pleasures of her rogue behind. Then on the set, she could do all her stunts, without a need for a break, without her flesh being stunned.

The show began, by tinsel-light, and the loving couple enjoyed it with wondering eyes and warming up loins. With much clatters and shouts came sapphic romps, wet titjobs and surprise spitroasts. Till the grand finale, so lively and quick, which had Lacey on the edge and David frenetic.

“I’m so proud you made it,” said the husband to his wife. His eyes—how they twinkled! His balls—how merry in his pants!

On the 4K-wide screen: Lacey by a chimney and its cheerful amber glow, engulfing nine thick pricks with nothing but gusto. One after the other, often butting in line, they were testing her newfound stamina, going soon forth into their own limits, which they all had to let flow like the down of a thistle, over her face, over her tits, over the soles of her feet, on her tummy, on her back, across her legs and in her hands. Eight loads this way she received till she was white as snow, covered like the hills, taunting for more and working for the ninth, the red-nosed one deep in her rear.

“You say you’re proud, you should wait for it!” said the wife to his beau. Her cheeks like roses, her clit like a cherry!

By the time it was said, the scene had reached a peak, the last cock had sent its gift up inside her character and with two expert hands, Lacey quite thespian had spread her puckered rim for the audience to see, lo and behold, the widest gape of her lasting career.

“I waited for it, but saw wider before!”
“You whistled too soon, so just wait some more!”

The eight black fellows, not ready for a rest, surrounded her display and filled her stocking with impromptu stuffing. A good twenty minutes was all it took, but it’s Alexa Vega who had the privilege of the last thirty seconds. Friends at home but lovers at work, she embraced Lacey and took the scene away.

Was it scripted or was it not, of this David was never answered. Alexa kissed the o’erflowing hole and feeling welcome, slid her hand in to the wrist until Lacey would come.
Her knuckles kneaded the loads like a bowlful of jelly. The girl moaned, shook and bucked, on all fours by the tree.

They hit a few marks, they said a few lines, and finally Lacey exclaimed, ere she collapsed on the ground, the loudest of all throes with a few streaks aside.

Such vision of herself orgasming on a fist got Lacey all flustered and ready for a treat.

“I didn’t know you could squirt!” said her sweet companion.
“CGI,” she replied. “Yet within reach of fruition.”

The film done the special continued. A bit of commercials then started what is called a making-of. The crux of it was of course Lacey’s big feat and the effort she put to the achievement of it. In a cozy interview she recalled her delicious curse, how anal gets her hot and in no time done. They illustrated this the only way they knew: with footage of her first training session. Lacey on all fours wearing not much but a sports bra, was taking her coach’s cock and showed no stamina. Every fifteen seconds of the steady intercourse, she was screaming herself hoarse, ass cumming with a bound.

This document rolling, David found himself bottomless. His bride was eager to have him up her chimney, discover her techniques and then inside her dash away.

They undressed with no postpone, from their heads to their feet, and he finally felt held tight, his cockhead encircled by Lacey’s rectal wreath.

She rode him so much so that, faster than you can say on, Comet! on, Cupid! on, Donder and Blitzen! to the top of her guts, to the top of her walls, he was blowing a wad the most biggest of all!

Not ready to give up on a night of merry, Lacey carried on with the ride and on her mount got the top. She kept his rod up and alive with all her expertise, and David could swear it was no anus but a sloppy mouth doing the tease.

The ring was sucking up and down, the muscles rippling rhythmically. He never ceased to be hard, she got her balls again empty.

In spite of himself his pleasure had hit twice, while she was staying on the fence, wondering if in turn she would ever get there.
Hips going fierce, she gave all that she got, but soon had to admit that cumming she was not.

She turned with a jerk, freeing three loads in spray, thence in the night before the night before Christmas, David heard her call on for help, saying: “Good Yule to you too, coach, but I have a problem!”
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Re: The Brevity Series: Seasons Greetings (Site Collab)
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I loved that! That idea should be pitched to Hallmark for a real movie!  :))

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Re: The Brevity Series: Seasons Greetings (Site Collab)
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I loved that! That idea should be pitched to Hallmark for a real movie!  :))

Oh yeah sure, it's right up their alley (pun intended)

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Re: The Brevity Series: Seasons Greetings (Site Collab)
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Season's Beatings

Starring: Emilia Clarke

Harry couldn’t believe his luck. He had only moved to London that September to attend university and already he found himself sat next to one of the most desired women on God’s green earth; gorgeous Game of Thrones star Miss Emilia Clarke.  The story of how he’d come to be in this position went like this; 18 year old Harry relocated to the nation’s capital from Nowheresville, Cornwall to attend university- step one on his way to becoming a film director.  He’d applied for a part time job at the Odeon movie theatre in Leicester Square and aced the interview, the assistant manager charmed by his good looks and passion for cinema.

He’d been working there a few months when his manager asked him if he wanted to pick up an extra shift.  The cinema was holding the world premiere of new flick Last Christmas, starring Emilia Clarke, and needed all hands on deck to ensure that the event was run smoothly.  He answered in double quick time and with more enthusiasm than the rest of his colleagues combined.  For him it was a no brainer.  He had little interest in the film- it seemed like the standard paint by numbers romcom that the studios were churning out in their dozens with every passing year (not that he was a movie snob or anything), but if Emilia Clarke was going to be there, then so was he.

The night of the premiere, Harry was manning the refreshments stand as the cast and crew were led into the lobby for hors d'oeuvres and a glass of champagne.  His eyes were fixed on Miss Clarke from minute one and who could blame him?  She looked simply stunning in her silky black dress; an expensive looking designer number that clung to her frame like a needy child.  Her glossy chestnut locks had been styled meticulously by her team of beauticians, her gorgeous face dabbed and dawbed with more costly powders than the customs at Bogotá airport.

But the attention he was giving her didn’t appear to be a one way street.  He could have been mistaken, of course, but as he looked at her from across the room, Harry could have sworn he noticed her glancing back at him as well.  Then, his suspicions were confirmed when Emilia excused herself from the crowd and approached the refreshments stand.  Harry did his best to act cool as the woman of his dreams came sauntering towards him.

“Hey there, handsome,” she said, greeting him with a sultry grin as she stopped by his stand.

Harry fought the urge to look back over his shoulder to ensure she wasn’t addressing somebody else.  He knew he was a good looking guy.  After all, he’d been told so by girls throughout school and sixth form years, but to hear it from a world famous actress nearly twice his age was something else entirely.

“Hi, Miss Clarke.  Is there something I can help you with?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact, there is.  It’s a little embarrassing but my date appears to have stood me up.”  Harry didn’t so much find this revelation embarrassing as hard to believe.  Who in their right mind would stand up Emilia Clarke?!  “Would you be interested in joining me for the screening?”

He was interested.  Very interested.  He got someone to cover for him and checked it was OK with his manager.  It was.  The management were always happy to accommodate their red carpet attendees and this time was no different.  Next thing Harry knew, he was sat front row centre, Miss Clarke at his side, as the movie’s opening title card filled the giant screen.  He was nervous but also incredibly excited.  This wasn’t exactly a normal situation he’d found himself in and who knew where it would end up taking him.  It didn’t take him long to find out. 

Emilia, grazing from a giant tub of popcorn, angled it his way as she offered him a piece.

“No, thank you, Miss Clarke,” he replied softly.

“Please, call me Emilia,” she whispered back, the actress suddenly possessing all the poise and finesse of a bull in a china shop as she ‘accidentally’ spilled half the tub’s contents into his lap. 

“Oh, God!  I’m so sorry!” she exclaimed, her fingers brushing the outline of his penis as she brushed the spilled popcorn from his crotch. 

“My, my.  You are a big boy, aren’t you?” she whispered, running her hand up and down the length of his hardon.  “Feels like he wants to come out and play.”

Before Harry could protest, Emilia had unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock; the eight inch wang rock hard as she released it from captivity.  She leaned over and spat a glob of saliva onto the head, lubing the oversized member as she stroked the girthy shaft.  Before long, her hand was roaming up and down his dong like a glass elevator; her soft, silken paw caressing every nerve and fibre along the way. 

Harry clung to the padded armrests; his fingernails nearly piercing the felt coverings as he clung to them for dear life.  By now, Emilia was beating him off like a woman possessed; her hand little more than a carefully manicured blur as she pulled his pulsing pork.  It ventured from the head to the base and back again; the actress covering every inch of his long, thick wang as she stroked him six ways from Sunday. 

By this stage, Harry’s cock was throbbing in her hand like an athlete’s ticker, his usually handsome face screwed in all kinds of unsightly ways as she jerked him off.  He did all he could to keep from blowing his wad right there in the movie theatre but resistance was futile.  Emilia’s hand was too soft, her stroke too well pressured and expertly timed. 

He held off until he could no longer; the cinema worker releasing a muffled ‘MMPF!’ as a jet of creamy, off-white spunk shot from his tip and rained down over his crotch like a monsoon.  It went everywhere; over the handrests, his pants and Emilia’s hand.  He thought a drop of it may have even landed on the jacket of the man next to him, Emilia’s co-star Henry Golding, but he couldn’t bring himself to check.

Emilia cleaned her hand with a wet wipe and Harry fed his quivering dick back into his pants.  He watched the rest of the movie in a daze, unable to concentrate as he tried to fathom what had just happened.  The end credits rolled and the audience filed out, Emilia bidding Harry adieu as he returned to his station and finished his shift.

The following evening, an envelope was laying on the counter of the refreshments stand as he arrived for work.  It was addressed to ‘cute refreshments guy’; it only just dawning on the young man that he hadn’t given the actress his name.  He tore it open and read the Christmas card inside.

Hey handsome,

Hope you enjoyed your season’s beatings.  Play your cards right and there’ll be plenty more where they came from.

Merry Christmas,
Love, Emilia

A warm smile stretched across Harry’s face as he read the message; the grin growing broader as he reached the best bit.  Her phone number was written at the bottom.
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Brevity: Merry Christmas from Secret Santa (Holly Willoughby) xxx
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Merry Christmas from secret Santa (Holly Willoughby) xxx

This is totally fictional and did not happen.

1158 words

Holly Willoughby, cons, titfuck, lingerie, high heels
Holly Willoughby was browsing the local supermarket in search of inspiration. It was the office Christmas party later and she hadn’t got her Secret Santa present yet. She had drawn Martin, the young man just out of college who worked on technical. He was into comic books and as far as Holly could work out painting little battle monster men. She had no idea what to get him. And then there was the limit of £5.
Still she was glad she had drawn him. She felt sorry for him as he hadn’t quite fitted in yet. He was surrounded by alpha males. In a way she felt he was bullied. Not that anyone made his life worse, but they just didn’t reach out.
Holly saw a travel toiletry bag that was £4. It was rubbish but she was getting desperate. Maybe Martin would like it. That’s when an idea hit her. A naughty smile came across her face. She just hoped the travel section had one thing for £1.
Later, Holly sat at the dinner table excitedly. She was watching Martin open his secret Santa present. He undid the wrapping and looked at the toiletry bag. His reaction so far was standard, maybe described as unconvinced. He inspected the outside and gave it a shake. A rattle led him to look inside.
Martin pulled out a bottle of baby oil and then a note. Holly was relieved that no one seemed to pay any attention to him. He looked quizzically as he opened a note which read.
Merry Christmas!
Meet in the Heather Suite at 9 o’clock.
Secret Santa xxx
Martin looked up sharply but by this stage Holly was engaged in a conversation with the person next to her.
The clock chimed nine in Holly’s hotel suite and right on cue the door was slowly pushed open. Martin nervously stood through the opening and met the author of the note.
Holly Willoughby was sitting in a Santa red bra and panties lingerie set with her wavy blonde hair hanging over her shoulders. She had on a pair of black platformed peep toe high heels. The presenter looked stunning, with the lingerie highlighting her busty chest and long sexy legs perfectly.
“Merry Christmas Martin,” Holly said seductively.
The young man stood still in shock. Holly wondered if he’d ever seen a woman like this in person. She tried to settle him.
“I’m your secret Santa and I thought you deserved more than a crappy wash bag…”
Martin looked very unsure.
“I’m playing by the rules!” Holly said naughtily, standing up. “See, pass me the baby oil.”
Martin fumbled his way into the bag and took out the baby oil. He chucked it at Holly but it landed short. Holly just smiled at him, remaining in complete control, as she bent over showing him her ample cleavage. She never took her eyes of his as she reached for the bottle before slowly standing back up.
Holly could see a bulge growing quickly in Martin’s trousers but it didn’t throw her from her sexy game. With a knowing smile, she looked down at her chest.
“Do you think I should lose this bra?”
Looking back at Martin, he remained motionless.
“Okay,” agreed Holly, reading Martin’s mind.
Looking down, she unhooked her bra and let it slide off her arms, revealing her big round tits which sat proudly from her chest. Holly took another moment to take in Martin’s reaction who hadn’t moved at all. This was going perfectly.
Holly brought the baby oil up to Martin’s gaze and flicked the lid open. The stunner then poured a generous volume over her chest letting it dribble over her globes. She then dispensed with the bottle by chucking it away.
“What a mess!” Holly exclaimed, taking control of the on-going silence from Martin.
The beautiful blonde then cupped the round slippery surfaces and began to slowly massage her own tits, rubbing the baby oil all over. “Mmm this feels so good.” Holly smiled at Martin. “A nice cock between my big tits would make it even better.”
Martin remained still apart from his growing  erection. Holly had to move him.
“Come here Martin, fuck my tits!”
Martin moves dumbfounded towards the presenter and her oiled up tits. As he got to Holly, she dropped to her knees and looked up at him. She quickly undid his belt and pulled down his trousers. Martin’s cock sprung free.
Holly Willoughby cupped her tits and then pushed them round Martin’s rigid cock. She then began to rub them up and down the length of the shaft.
Martin looked stunned but Holly could tell he was happy. She massage Martin’s cock a little between her cleavage, enjoying the feel of giving her big breasts a gentle rub too.
“What a big cock you have! It feels so good between my titties!”
Holly had seen bigger to be fair but she wanted to make her scrawny lover feel like a big man.
“Mmm… fuck yes!” moaned Holly erotically as she started to bounce a bit. 
For the first time Martin’s expression changed, one that Holly could instantly recognised as his orgasm face. Martin’s eyes rolled back in his head.  She knew he wouldn’t last long.
“This feels so hot!” Holly continued, pumping the cock with her tits, bouncing faster. Martin’s cock started to poke out of the top of Holly’s cleavage as she fucked with more vigour.
Martin gave the slightest of hip thrusts at Holly’s chest too which increased the pleasure further.
“That’s it Martin! Fuck my big tits!” Holly was in heaven.
Martin responded, bucking his small hips with all he could. He looked down to see Holly staring back up at him lustily. He couldn’t believe he was getting a titfuck from this glamorous woman.
Holly could feel Martin’s cock twitching in her tits. She wanted his cum.
“I bet you’ve dreamed about cumming on these tits. I want you to do it!”
With that Martin groaned and his cock exploded, shooting his first load on into Holly’s pressed tits. He then grabbed his cock and started jacking off aggressively as he looked down on the beauty.
Holly looked up expectantly as she held up her tits for Martin. She looked so innocently at him, it made him want to cover her more.
A second load hit Holly on the right tit and then another. Martin continued to masturbate over Holly’s left tit. He was plastering her.
“That’s it! Cover my wonderful big round tits that you just fucked!” Holly moaned like a pornstar. Holly got what she wanted as Martin drenched her, covering her globes in hot white cum with each splash causing her tremendous pleasure.
As Martin slowed down, just about collapsing back on to the sofa, Holly beamed “Merry Christmas!” as she began to massage her tits and play with the cum, an activity that always made her feel hot.

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Re: The Brevity Series: Seasons Greetings (Site Collab)
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Cheers Donut, that was awesome!  :))


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