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Unravelling Evie - With Evangeline Lilly
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Unravelling Evie with Evangeline Lilly

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Evangeline Lilly carried two cups of coffee in disposable cups back from the catering tables to her seat, dodging carefully round people as everyone rushed to pour themselves a hot drink in the brief lapse in filming. She was filming Ant Man and the Wasp, in which she had a significantly bigger role than she had in the first Ant Man film. She gave pleasant smiles and small greetings to people that said hello to her until she got back to the little corner she had bagged with her favourite person on set, which was the story and character advisor. He was a guy a few years younger than her, around thirty, who was like a walking encyclopaedia of comic book information who was able to help her and all the other actors with details of their characters for filming, assisting them to capture the essence of the original writings into their modern performance. She had worked with him on the first movie in a lesser capacity, but now with her taking up the role of the Wasp she had worked much more closely with him to develop her portrayal for the big screen and they had really clicked, getting on great and just seeming to work so well together after his initial nerves at meeting her had subsided.

“Here's your coffee,” she said, standing the polystyrene cup on the small, high table in front of him and sliding onto her high stool opposite him with her own as he looked up from his tablet, which he was idly sketching things on.

“Thanks,” he said, pulling it towards him and looking up with a smile, popping the irritating plastic lid of that she always insisted on putting on lest she spill it before looking back down. She took in his smile; it was like a secret smile that he used only for her, never seeing him smile quite like that at anybody else.

“No problem,” she smiled, settling herself onto the stool. She was wearing her Wasp outfit, snug fitting one-piece bodysuit that it was, but she found it quite comfortable and easy to work with. She didn't mention it but she saw his eyes sneakily flicking up as he fiddled with his coffee, taking in her beautiful feminine curves wrapped in the tight fitting fabric, making her smile inwardly as he checked her out.

“Here,” she added, dropping some sachets of sugar down onto the table for him.

“Thanks for the sugar, sugar,” he said with a cheeky grin as he tore open one and poured it into his steaming black coffee. Evie didn't reply, simply smiling and scanning around the bustle of people rushing around on set around them. Pulling the lid off her coffee as well, she shook a packet of sugar and poured it into her own rich black coffee, stirring it with an ineffective plastic stick.

“Want something hot and black inside you huh?” he said with a little flick of his eyebrows, pulling her attention back to him.

“Oh you know it baby,” she purred in response, giving a wink and delightful little flick of her tongue. He gave a laugh and sipped his coffee, knowing she didn't normally drink black coffee.

“They were actually out of milk over there, I don't have time to wait for them,” she said with a giggle, taking a sip of her coffee and giving a slight wince at it.

“As bad as ever isn't it?” she commented, standing it down as she let the taste dissolve over her tongue.

“Burnt and over-brewed, yeah,” he said, taking another draw of his own cup.

“It's all about the company though,” he added, giving her a playful wink.

“Such a charmer,” she said with a half roll of her eyes and giggle, playing it off casually even as she let it melt her inside ever so slightly, loving the compliment. He went back to his tablet, casually sketching something, tempting her to look over at his work, craning her neck to try and see what it was he was working on.

“Yes...?” he said with a knowing glance up to her, knowing she was watching him.

“Just trying to see what you're working on, rather than enjoying my fleeting company,” she challenged, flicking her eyebrows up at him in a feisty sort of way. With a joking sigh that told her she could have anything she wanted, he turned to tablet to her to show off some brief but quite detailed concept sketches of character art, with some possible suit or armour designs. A couple were of her, The Wasp, but others were of Ant Man himself and some other characters from the original comics.

“I'm trying to just come up with some new ideas for some of these classic characters and costumes from the old comics,” he said, swiftly flicking from the sketches to a few old Ant Man comics he had open to show her what he was looking at, some classic shots of her own character and others in comic books from decades before.

“They're good so far, maybe they can fit them in somewhere,” she said, taking them in.

“Maybe for Ant Man 3,” he said with a laugh, flipping back to his sketches.

“Whoa, let's get through this one first,” she said with an equal laugh, sipping her coffee again as he switched off the screen and put the tablet down.

“I'm sure it's going to be great,” he assured her, giving her another genuine smile, and a further flick of his gaze down at her snug suit.

“I hope so, it's fun to work on, really hope it all pays off,” she said, looking around as people continued to bustle around them.

“You've got the character down well, I think you're really bringing together a great Wasp persona from the script,” he said.

“And your help,” she replied, nodding to him to gesture that he couldn't forget his own involvement.

“Well, I don't like to big myself up. You're the one on screen delivering it,” he said, looking down a little shyly.

“Hopefully they can fix it all in post,” she giggled, making him laugh and breaking the slight tension.

“They'll just make you look even better,” he said, draining the rest of his sub-par coffee. They were interrupted by a call back to set, Evie having to finish up and get back into position. Glancing down at her suit, she looked back up to him slyly.

“I'm not sure everyone could handle that,” she said with a little flick of her eyebrows, draining the last of her coffee and turning to slide off the seat and walk back into the crowds of workers getting back into place. He just stared after her for a moment, watching her lithe body moving beautifully in the close fitting suit, hugging every gorgeous curve of her body, accentuating her ass. She didn't look back at him, and he gathered up his things and dropped the cups together to take to the bin on his way as he stood up himself and headed back to resume his position on the side of the set. He was given a very privileged position, able to see all the action as they filmed and take in their performance first hand. It was so he could give any advice on the characters as and when, but they didn't really need him much. They just chatted with him between shoots or for a few minutes before or after the days shooting. It was a pretty sweet gig he thought, and he intended to enjoy it as much as possible.

The days just melted past so easily on set, taking it all in. It wasn't his first time on a movie set, but it was his first time being so closely involved with the shoot overall rather than just being essentially a writing advisor, which he was excited for. But it was the fact that he seemed to have clicked so thoroughly with Evangeline Lilly; they just seemed to get on so well, and he couldn't deny having a thing for her that had only got stronger the more time he spent around her. He'd liked her since her days on Lost and now to spend time with her one-on-one every day was a huge stroke of luck. It made going to work every day far more enjoyable.

* * *

The next day, another day on set, he was watching Evie do her thing on set in her snug costume, taking in the curves and detail of her tight body as she worked with stunt co-ordinators and directors, a few of whom got to put their hands on her fine body. It was nothing sexual, merely work, but it rankled at him a little as he wished he could get his hands on her; he knew he was just one of many though, and it was just a fantasy.

“She looks great huh?” said a female voice, and he turned to see the young costume designer behind him, drinking in Evangeline Lilly with her eyes, taking in her handiwork as the Canadian star worked on set.

“Yeah she does, you did a great job with it,” he said, wanting to genuinely share his appreciation for her fantastic work.

“Thanks. Does she look right?” she asked, looking at him quite earnestly.

“How do you mean?” he replied, looking back to Evie under the lights momentarily.

“Like to the character and the comics. Is it right, does it fit in?” she clarified, obviously concerned about the cannon of the story.

“Of course. The Wasp was red and black in some of the older comics, but it was still a similarly tight fitting costume with the same blend of colours and design to it. You've just given it a modern update, like all the characters have had in superhero movies, and it looks great,” he said with a smile. She smiled back and looked to the set again herself, taking things in once more.

“It really came out great, but it must be tough to work in up there, all those lights and that tight suit. And she has a corset on underneath, it's gotta be tough,” she lamented, appreciating the effort.

“It can be, I know some other actors have complained about the suits, but I understand she has no complaints about it and finds it pretty easy to work in,” he said, since he had heard that from her.

“Yeah?” the designer said, smiling as her mood immediately lifted again as he turned away from the set to her.

“So I hear. She seems pretty cool with it, so you've obviously done a good job,” he confirmed.

“That's good, really pleases me if people like wearing the stuff I design for them,” she said.

“It could be worse, in a lot of the old comics the heroine gets tied up and restrained a lot,”

“Like...bondage? Really?” the designed asked a little incredulously, eyes widening a little.

As their conversation developed, filming had paused and everyone was told to take five and catch a break from under the lights and they stepped off the set, taking a deep breath and luxuriating in the cool air. Evie had caught the sound of them talking, mentioning costumes but hadn't really taken any notice, when her interest was suddenly piqued by the mention of bondage. Immediately intrigued, she carefully edged a little closer to them whilst keeping her focus elsewhere, lest she be discovered so as to covertly listen in to their chat. Bondage and BDSM were actually a big part of her sex life, though nobody knew about it and she kept it completely private. But it certainly interested her for somebody else to bring it up.

“Yeah like bondage, I guess that was what a lot of the comics were going for as a background theme, but it's not painted that way directly in the pages. It's not so sexual,” he said.

“How's it done?” the costume girl asked, seeming genuinely curious about it.

“Well with a lot of classic characters, such as Wonder Woman especially, they get captured and taken captive by the main bad guy of the story, and tied up, usually with rope. It's all about restraining them, rendering them powerless until the inevitable, heroic escape to seek justice and save the day. So it wasn't done sexily, but it has that same vibe to it,” he said, giving a brief overview.

“Hmm, guess it's not so innocent nowadays,” she commented.

“I guess not. So it could be worse, she could be getting tied up and stuff to go with the costume,” he said with a smile.

“Oh I'm sure you'd really hate that,” she said slowly with a naughty smile, giving a wink and turning to walk off, leaving him with the suggestion that they saw his interest in the lead female actress of the film. Evangeline smiled to herself as she sidled away, happy she'd overheard the conversation; it had only confirmed something she'd suspected already really, that he was into her, but had also suggested that he might have more than a passing interest in something she herself was heavily invested in. She had little time to muse over it however as they were called back to set by the director, pulling her from her thoughts to walk properly back to her position and focus her mind.

Filming continued throughout the day, through a quick lunch as they pushed to keep on time until a brief afternoon break when everyone was given the chance to recharge themselves with another cup of poorly made coffee. As soon as everyone was dispersing quickly around him he caught sight of Evie, who made a matter-of-fact gesture to him to get the coffee and that she would find a place for them to sit. He smiled at how in tune they were, quickly hustling through everyone to get them two cups of coffee, adding milk to one for her and grabbing a few packets of sugar to take the edge off. He carefully manoeuvred backed through the crew to break free and find where she had gone to sit, finding her tucked away in a quiet, more secluded corner.

“Thanks,” she said as he put the coffee down, immediately getting to work with the sugar. She needed a little boost after a long afternoon filming, before the final few hours depending on how it went.

“No problem,” he said, shuffling onto the seat with his own coffee and adding a sachet to the dark nectar, stirring it up quickly and then taking a long sip.

“So, you're into bondage huh?” she asked abruptly, looking him in the eye across the table with a smirk. He gave a cough and just about refrained from choking on his coffee, looking at her with wide eyes momentarily.

“What?” he asked, caught off guard.

“I overheard you talking over there, about the bondage in comics and stuff,” she said with a laugh, putting her own cup down.

“Oh right...” he answered, managing to keep things together.

“Interesting conversation to be having,” she probed, raising an eyebrow slightly.

“She was just saying about your suit, and we got talking about the old comics,” he said, sipping his coffee again.

“Yeah?” she encouraged, simply aiming for him to keep going.

“Well she mentioned things could be seen a bit...kinky. Like all the tight leather and stuff, it's a bit bondage inspired. But as I explained to her there was a lot of that sort of stuff in the old comics,” he said, getting into his stride a little as he talked about his subject.

“Such as what?” she asked.

“Hold on, let me find you an example,” he said, flicking his tablet on and quickly scrolling through his files to find something to show her. He brought up some classic Wonder Woman comics and turned it to show her; it was the well-known heroine tied up after being captured by some villain, wrestling against her bonds. Evie surveyed it for a moment, taking in the tight ropes around the famous character.

“Very nice, but it's not done in a sexual way you say?” she asked, looking back up to him, keeping her hint of a smile from her lips.

“No. I guess the hint was there but it wasn't portrayed in the way we would see it now. It's not done to be overtly sexy, just the physical restraint for the sake of the story, but it's subtly suggestive,” he said, looking into her eyes and seeing the glint of interest.

“Everyone would think it now though,” she added.

“Oh of course, it's not done like that any more. There's no bondage for you in this movie,” he said with a cheeky kind of smile.

“Almost a shame really,” she replied with a smile of her own, the subtlest hint of naughtiness in it.

“You've still got the suit though, that's close fitting,” he said, casting an eye down over her body briefly.

“Yeah, and I've got a corset on underneath to pull my waist in,” she said, sitting up from leaning on the table and looking down over herself, running her hand over her slender body to her hip.

“Yeah?” he said, having not known for sure that she had one on underneath, “that must make it tight to move around and stuff like you do,” he said, referencing the action scenes she was filming.

“It's alright, it's much like the ones I wear at home” she said, as she took a drink of her coffee. Looking at her, his eyes widening slightly as his heart race spiked as her comment washed over him; She watched his reaction carefully before leaning in a little closer, her eyes quickly checking no one else was in earshot and with a small gesture of her head indicated he should do the same.

“People like us should really wear badges or something,” she almost whispered, before taking another sip and continuing to watch his face for a reaction. It seemed to take agonising seconds for the coin to drop, making her heart flutter in fleeting doubt.
“You know, kinksters like us,” she finished as she nudged his arm with her elbow, her emerald eyes practically beaming at him.

“Oh really?” he asked as casually as he could while his mind danced with thoughts of what she might get up to in her private time.

“Yeah,” she almost teased, taking another overly casual sip of her drink, enjoying the foreplay.

“So you're, um, experienced?” he said, trying to tempt her to talk without being too pushy.

“Very” she stated quite matter of factly, finding her confidence again and deciding to play the game unfolding between them, coaxing him forward into making a move with it.

“What kind of stuff are you into?” he asked quietly, looking up at her levelly as his heart pounded in his chest and his cock stiffened in his jeans. Evie stared him in the eye, holding his gaze as she took a final drain of her coffee and stood the empty cup down.

“Corsets, both the same and much tighter than this one, and much prettier of course. And I wear tight outfits, revealing ones, of all sorts. Leather, latex, lace. Every type of lingerie you can think of,” she said, overwhelming him with one heavily loaded sentence.

“Wow,” he breathed, half in lust for her and half in impression at her boldness to tell him.

“And I like bondage. Tying my husband up is always fun,” she whispered, leaning down towards him over the table before sitting back with a smirk.

“What do you think of that?” she said, challenging him. She knew she was in pretty safe hands, as nobody would believe him if he were to tell anyone what she'd said, despite them being clear friends on set. He paused, weighing up his response.

“I think it's pretty fucking hot,” he replied simply, unable to hold back a smile before taking a final drink of his coffee. 
“Not that I sub,” he quickly added, putting the empty cup down on the table.

“Good,” she replied with a smile.
“But this private, alright?” she said in a sterner tone, giving him a look that said she was serious.

“Absolutely,” he replied quickly, not wanting to give her any doubts. A shout from the crew to call everyone back to their places disrupted things and Evie dropped her cup into his.

“Well, back to it.We'll continue this later,” she said with a sly smile and a quick wink, sliding from her seat to walk purposefully back to the set, leaving his eyes locked on the taper of her corset-trained waist until she was out of sight amongst the crowd.

They never got a chance later on that day, as filming continued to the early evening and then everything wrapped up pretty quickly, with Evie disappearing off to get out of her suit and him heading home. He couldn't help but let his mind race with thoughts of her, what she might wear or do in the bedroom, only serving to stiffen his cock immensely as thoughts of her in a tight corset overwhelmed him. He let his mind run wild with thoughts of her enjoying bondage as he stroked his cock to a huge climax that evening, barely able to wait until he could next be alone with her to find out more details of her sex life. He didn't know why she'd chosen to share it with him yet, but he didn't care.

The next day was the end of the week, Friday. Production was well on schedule and the weekend was free for them all to relax for a couple of days away from the hectic life on set. It was still a busy day though, and apart from a quick hello he wasn't able to get time with her for the whole morning. It was only at lunch that he was able to get time with her, when she came to find him after wolfing down a quick snack, seemingly eager to sit down with him as well as she found him at his table. He was casually reading something on his tablet, and not in a particularly private place.

“Hey,” she said with a smile, appearing before him.

“Oh hey, been a long morning huh?” he said, sitting him and putting his tablet down.

“Yeah, long shoot today, but if we get the weekend off,” she shrugged.

“Worth it,” he replied.

“Do you wanna find somewhere quieter so we can...talk?” she asked in a loaded manner, giving a little cock of her eyebrow to hint that it needed privacy.

“Sure, let's go,” he said, standing up as she immediately turned away to seek out a spot, knowing he wouldn't refuse her. They looked around a little until they were able to find a table tucked off to the side, not quite as secluded as might be ideal but private enough if they kept their voices down.

“Much more quiet to talk,” she said as they settled into the chairs.

“Much,” he responded simply.

“Since I'm sure there's lots you want to ask me,” she said with a smile, that same naughty smile he'd seen the day before.

“There is?” he said, not wanting to put his foot in it immediately in case she'd changed her mind somehow.

“Come on, I know there's lots you want to know about...me,” she said after a pause with a flick of her eyebrows.

“Yeah there is,” he admitted, looking into her eyes.

“So hit me,” she said, inviting him to just open up with no fuss.

“What stuff do you like wearing in the bedroom?” he asked, keeping it controlled initially, careful to keep his voice down in case anybody was too close.

“Pretty much everything, I love dressing up. I wear all sorts of corsets, much tighter than what I have here, and they're pretty overbust ones. Stockings, suspenders, all types of underwear really. I have some kinky latex stuff as well, so I can get dressed up all smooth and silky,” she beamed with a smile from her whispering.

“Very nice, you must look stunning,” he said quietly, holding her gaze and taking it in.

“I think I look alright,” she said with a slight laugh, breaking the tension a bit.

“Do you like toys?” he asked.

“I've got quite a collection, you know how they just build up! They can be great fun though as I'm sure you know,” she said, looking up and giving him a wink.

“I do, they can really add something. What have you got?” he probed.

“Oh everything really. Dildos and vibes, beads, plugs, whips. Stuff to wear like collars, rings and strap-ons,” she said, acting as though nothing stood out and easily opening up now.

“You said you like bondage?” he continued, using the easing of conversation to move onto what he wanted to really know.

“Yeah I love it, absolutely gets me going. I love the act of restraining someone, taking control and rendering them helpless. And there's all sorts of restraints; rope or handcuffs, or leather straps, tape, zip ties. And you can blindfold or gag them, helping to heighten sensations. Just so many options and it's so fun to do, because it gives you the control to do what you want,” she enthused, waving her hands more animatedly as she spoke.

“Sounds like you enjoy taking charge,” he said.

“I do, it's definitely my thing. I'm in control of things and that does it for me,” she replied.

“So you're dominant then?” he said, getting to the point.

“Yes, I'm dominant. With my husband I'm completely in charge, and he's submissive to me, which is his thing so it really works. I get to control things and he loves that. We have a great dynamic,” she gushed, evidently pleased with how things were for her at home.

“You mentioned owning strap-ons, and being dominant...are you into pegging?” he asked after a slight pause. Evie hesitated to reply as someone walked a little close to them, waiting till they passed.

“Yes, I'm into pegging,” she said with a cool, effortlessly sexy smile, as if the question were something she received all the time.
“I've been into that for years. As I say I love taking charge, and that's a big part of it. It's very enjoyable all round,” she finished.

“So I hear,” he replied, going on what he knew about it.

“Ever done it?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

“No, never have, not my thing,” he answered.

“Shame, you don't know what you're missing. Maybe you just need someone to introduce you to it,” she said with a sly smile.

“Who do you have in mind?” he asked with a smile, not really serious but wanting to goad her.

“...Somebody,” she said, not giving anything further.

“Well we'll park that for the moment,” he said, closing the subject.

“Yes, let's. Tell me, what do you like? This can't be all about me,” she said with a look that told him he needed to play along if he wanted to find out more. He took a glance around quickly and leaned in close to her again, heart pounding in his chest at the excitement of their conversation.

“I'm dominant as well, I've never been one for the submissive side of things. I love taking charge and leading things,” he said as she listened intently.

“Like being the boss huh?” she said with a smile, enjoying the conversation as he was.

“Yeah, it's what does it for me. I love it when I have a girl that loves being submissive, I get the most pleasure when I see her enjoying what we do,” he continued.

“That's good, you like being in tune with your partner,” Evie elaborated.

“Yeah definitely. It doesn't work for me if they're not completely into it. This stuff is all about trust and connection after all,” he said.

“Agreed. So what stuff do you like doing as the dominant person then?” she asked, egging him on for details.

“A bit of everything really. Like you I like bondage, the act of restraining someone is so powerful, just making them yield. And the dressing up stuff, I love seeing a girl wearing sexy corsets and stockings, leather, heels...” he said, trailing off somewhat wistfully as he contemplated it.

“Sounds good,” she said, taking it in.

“And some pain to go with the pleasure; I like using the toys and stuff, that's good certainly, but also inflicting a little pain to do with it. Using the whip or cane is good fun, or just spanking, clamps, stuff like that. Adds a wonderful blend of sensations to go with all the rest when we...” he said, keeping his voice low as someone walked by again.

“Fuck,” Evie finished for him.

“Yeah,” he said with a slight laugh, joined by her.

“Sounds like we both like the same things, a good wide view of it all,” she said, getting more serious again.

“And we both like being dominant as we do it,” he said, feeling confident to just talk with her now.

“We do, but...I'd love to have someone to submit to again,” she murmured, looking up into his eyes.

“Really? I thought you were very confidently dominant?” he said, a little taken aback since he rarely met anybody that went both ways properly.

“I am, it's very much what I'm about and have been for a long time, but sometimes I just want to be dominated myself. To give up that control and just let it happen you know?” she said, appealing to him as somebody in the same position.

“Doesn't your husband ever want to do that?” he asked.

“No, we tried that a couple of times and it just doesn't work. It's not him, or me when I'm with him really, it just doesn't really suit us. So we stick with me in charge, and that works very nicely. It's great, very exciting and I love being in control, but sometimes I just wish I could give that up for a night and be somebody's plaything,” she said with a slightly wistful smile.

“Interesting. What kind of things do you want this guy to do with you? Or is it girl, are you after a mistress?” he said with a smile, that same smile only for her. She gave a laugh and leaned in close to whisper once more.

“No I'm not after a mistress, I don't swing that way. I'd not really mind what he did with me frankly, he can do anything he wants. If he makes me submit and dominates me, he gets anything he wants,” she said, smirking with a little flick of her eyebrows.

“That's quite the invitation,” he murmured, his cock now straining against his shorts as his mind raced with thoughts of what he could do with her.

“I just need someone bold enough to take it,” she murmured in return, looking into his eyes hungrily. The suggestion was there, SHE was there for the taking it seemed, when their moment was broken by the call back to set, cutting through their conversation like a knife.

“Just think about it,” she said as he remained silent, eyes locked on hers, “I know you will,” she giggled, flicking her tongue out as she hopped from her seat and nipped back to the set, gone in an instant, leaving him with a rock hard cock and head full of ideas.

The afternoon moved past, seeming slow to him as he idly sketched on his tablet, drawing superhero outfit ideas and scenes. He'd toyed with the idea of being a comic book artist in years previous but had never felt he had the talent for it, and had ended up pursuing comics in another way. He was glad of that now, as it had led him to Evie, and things were bubbling in a way he could never had dreamed of. He quixotically sketched feminine forms with his stylus, each one taking the form of a suspiciously familiar dark haired woman; he drew them with varying outfits, from completely covered with fairly realistic proportions to the more caricatured style with curves, tiny waists and revealing outfits. Nobody needed him to support the filming and he was free to stay out the way, trying to keep his mind from racing with thoughts of Evie and what she might do. Her suggestion was anything, and that covered a lot of things.

With a break called in the afternoon on filming he was hoping to get Evie alone again, though he wasn't sure how he would progress their conversation. He was disappointed though when she was nowhere to be seen, evidently having been called away for something else. After a few minutes waiting for her, he got a coffee for himself and sat down again with his tablet, sketching away with more of his somewhat lustful ideas.

“Interesting drawings,” he heard suddenly over his shoulder, making him start and sit up in his chair, turning the tablet face down as he turned to see Evie right behind him, a smile on her face. She had snuck up on him silently, a coffee in her hand and mischievous look on her face.

“Don't hide it, they're really good, let me have a look,” she asked, moving round him to sit across the table from him. He hesitated a moment then handed her the tablet, the Canadian cutie flicking the screen back on and perusing his illustrations; she sipped at her coffee as she took them in, flicking through the few electronic pages of them that he'd done, seeing all the variations of costume and figure.

“Inspired by someone perhaps?” she teased, glancing up at him with a smile that said she knew exactly who he'd been thinking of when he drew them.

“Maybe,” he murmured, in sync with her now.

“These are really good, have you ever explored this? Like as a career?” she asked, looking through them more, as if she were able to read his mind.

“I thought about it a lot when I was younger, but I never went for it. I decided to follow a different path,” he said.

“Well maybe you should reconsider, these are great,” she said, handing the tablet back over to him.

“I'm a bit old to change to that now,” he said, figuring he'd gone too far away from it now. She gave a laugh, swallowing a mouthful of her coffee.

“Hardly. You're like 30, there's plenty of time to change, and it's not like you're doing a job totally different is it? You've got real talent, I think you should explore it,” she said, genuinely giving him advice.

“I'll look into it,” he said, feeling buoyed by her comments. There was a silence for a moment as they both drank their coffee, taking a moment before Evangeline spoke.

“You should draw me,” she said, making him look up with a raise of his eyebrows.

“You?” he asked, clearly indicating she should elaborate.

“Yeah, me. Draw me as The Wasp. Your drawings are great, I'd love to see what you did with me,” glancing to his tablet, giving a clear suggestion. He really wasn't sure about that, as then things would be written down, and he didn't want her to take offence.

“Well, I mean I could but...” he said, unsure how far he could push things with her.

“But what?” she asked, wanting to push him a little.

“I'm not sure my drawing would be to your...taste,” he said. Even though she had told him in detail how she was into bondage, he didn't want to take too many chances.

“I'm sure it would, but tell you what; you do two drawings of me as The Wasp. Do one in the style you think I'd like to me portrayed in, whatever scene or scenario you think I'd like to see,” she said.

“And the other?” he asked, heart squeezing harder as he waited for her answer.

“Draw me in whatever way you want. Any outfit, any scenario, take some liberties with my figure if you want, just let yourself run wild,” she said with a naughty smile.

“Any way?” he asked, wanting her to be clear.

“Absolutely anything you like. I want to see what you come up with, and how you imagine me if all bets were off,” she teased.

“Ok then,” he said, unable to keep the grin from his face, “I'll do those.”

“We've got the weekend, so how about you use that and I'll see them on Monday?” she offered.

“I'll see what I can do,” he said, just as the call back to set was made again, their time hastened by her delay.

“Very good, don't let me down,” she almost purred, giving him a wink and turning to walk away, downing the last of her coffee as he watched her ass again in the snug suit. He sipped the last of his own, wincing at the cold relics as he contemplated the task and how he might draw her. Of course he had lots of ideas for how he could draw her, both in the style she wanted and especially the way he wanted to, but he felt he had to strike the right balance. He very much desired to surprise her, but also tempt her.

The day at work waned away and they were finally free to escape for the weekend; filming was going well to schedule so it had been decided they could all have the couple of days break from set, giving some people a chance to head longer distance and see their families. He didn't need to, living locally in LA, but just relished the weekend to catch up on some sleep and now get his drawings done for Evie. On the Friday evening after work he headed for a bar and got himself a couple of nice cold beers to unwind, idly sketching ideas for how he could draw her on his tablet, though he was interrupted by a couple of friends who happened to be out at the same bar. He didn't say a word about Evie of course as he enjoyed catching up with them. A couple of beers turned into quite a few beers, and by the time he got home he collapsed into bed and an easy sleep until Saturday morning.

Over the course of the weekend he worked tirelessly on his drawings of her, mind focused singly on the task to complete it to the utmost quality. It was not only his desire to impress Evie, but his meticulous nature that drove him to chase perfection in it. It took him several attempts to distil the idea for her version of The Wasp like she wanted; he wasn't sure exactly her motivations and desires for her portrayal of the character, but he figured from what he knew of the script and her personally, especially now after their revealing conversations, that she would want to be seen as strong and heroic, independent with some sexiness to her. Something that would suggest people could enjoy looking at her but anything else would be at her whim.

The other drawing was even more difficult; he most definitely had no shortage of ideas for what he could do with her, how to change her costume or body, how he could show her as helpless and bound. He struggled with how best to go at it to incorporate his desires for her and tempt her with it, but finally managed to work with a concept he felt balanced both. The weekend passed both quickly and slowly with the work and anticipation until Monday rolled around again. He kept touching and tweaking his drawings, never quite sure they were good enough, detailed enough or simply of enough quality to show her.

Monday morning on set, after a broken night of sleep, he was in good and early ready to get on with things. He saw Evie arrive promptly as usual and everyone got to work as normal, and he even got pulled in for some character advice and direction through the morning. He applied himself with his normal enthusiasm, unable to resist delving into anything to do with comics, but his mind was half distracted as he waited for a moment alone with Evie. He didn't get any time with her alone over the morning, shooting keeping her busy, missing their morning break to talk with the director over some things he wanted to change up. It was only at lunchtime that he got her again after a long, ponderous weekend.
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Re: Unravelling Evie - With Evangeline Lilly
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“Finally,” she said, sitting with a smile that had a naughty edge to it.

“Yeah it's been a busy morning back, seems to always be the penalty of a good weekend,” he said, looking around at the crew, plenty of whom were still bustling about busily.

“Yeah. I hope you had a good weekend of drawing,” she said, straight to the point today.

“I did, well...I think I did,” he said, not wanting to big himself up too much.

“Don't sell yourself short, let me see,” she said, gesturing towards his tablet where she knew he had them.

“Which one do you want to see first?” he said, picking it up and flicking the screen on.

“Show me the one of me how you think I want to be...the tame one,” she said with a giggle.

“Ok,” he said, heart beating faster as he flicked to the file on his tablet and then, with a breath, turned the screen to her and handed it over. There was a pause as she took it in, her eyes drinking in every detail of it, flitting around the screen before she spoke.

“This is awesome, absolutely fantastic,” she said, a smile spreading across her lips. The drawing was of her as The Wasp, in the costume very much like she was wearing for the film with deep blue and grey with red detailing on it, capturing the graining and perforations on her leather. Her proportions were very realistic, which she liked, and she was engaged in battle with a typical comic book street-level bad guy. She had a hint of muscle through her suit, her feminine curves captured just right and not over accentuated, suit wrapped closely to her body as she performed a high kick, in the process of knocking the perp backwards, knife in the middle of tumbling from his hand as she stared him down with a focused expression. She didn't have her mask down, and he'd done a great job of capturing her appearance, his style crisp and clean, not over complicated. The whole scene seemed to have motion and action, a life to it that seemed to give it so much more excitement.

“You really need to be a comic artist, I told you,” she said, continuing to stare at it, then flicking through the next couple of tabs of his other concepts of her for this drawing, pretty much all variations on the same concept of her tackling a thug except for one other of her diving from a rooftop, in the midst of shrinking in size as she took flight with the wings of her suit.

“I like this one as well,” she said, turning it to show him.

“Well I tried for a little variation,” he said, pleased she liked them so much.

“Absolutely brilliant, really got the spirit of me down as well as the drawings,” she said with a smile, turning to a grin as she handed the tablet back.

“I took my time, this took me hours,” he said, closing it and searching quickly for the other file.

“It shows. Now, the big one,” she teased, her smile turning to a grin. His heart started to pump harder again, much harder, as he was about to show her what he had come up with. He'd tried not to go too far with it but had to let his imagination play a little. Finding the file, he hovered on it for a moment.

“You ready?” he asked, wanting to check, buying time pointlessly because there was no way she'd refuse.

“Hit me with it,” she said, holding out her hand. He took another deep breath as he handed the tablet back to her, seeing her eyes immediately widen.

“Oh wow,” she breathed, an air of shock to her tone. His chest gripped tightly as he saw her green eyes widen, drinking it all in, taking a quick glance around her to make sure nobody was looking over her shoulder as she mentally absorbed what was before her. He saw her fingers tense and relax on the tablet as she stared at what he'd drawn of her; he'd drawn her captured by some unseen villain, restrained by her wrists, bound tightly with rope and pulled up above her head with a ballgag in her mouth and a fearful, exhausted look on her face. Her ponytail flopped down over her bare shoulder, her suit having been wrenched down to below her knees to leave her completely naked in her vulnerability.

Her breasts were firm and perky on her chest, nipples hard above her toned abs. He'd given Evie some muscles tone and she was lithe and strong, her muscles taut in her restraint and abs worked to an impressive six pack. Following down from her toned tummy led to a neat, perfectly kept triangle of dark pubic hair above her otherwise smooth lips, a little bit of a thigh gap and then her toned legs. Another rope was binding her just above her knees, pulling into her soft skin, her suit bunched up just below above her boots. To the side of the picture, a sinister hand in a black leather glove was holding a riding crop, just slapped into the unseen antagonists other gloved hand, the implication to The Wasp clear.

He'd taken some liberties with her measurements but only a little; her breasts maybe a cup size larger, waist pinched in a little tighter and some more curve to her hips, body a bit harder than what she really had, but overall it was a beautifully done drawing of. She marvelled at how good it was, how he'd captured so much energy and action into a still drawing of her, delicate and soft strokes meeting hard and definitive ones to bring her together. Evie also couldn't help but be impressed by how accurate he'd been with her labia, having captured her most intimate area almost spot on. She couldn't help but be a little turned on by it, able to sense his energy and passion for drawing this, knowing immediately how long he must have spent on it, on her.

“I don't have pubic hair like that,” she said with a wry smile, breaking the tension a little and hearing him breathe for the first time properly since she'd taken the tablet, “I have it completely shaved off.”

“And I don't have abs as good as that,” she said with a slight laugh, looking back up to him for the first time.

“Well you told me to draw you as I want you,” he said, finding his voice and smiling back again.

“I did, and it's incredible. They both are, but this one...” she trailed off, staring at it once more.

“I'm glad you like it,” he said, the relief spreading through him as he took a deep breath and let himself unwind a little.

“I love it, it's stunning,” she said, absorbing his quality artwork again. She spent another couple of minutes taking it in, and again flicking onto some other tabs within the drawing to see concepts he'd done for her. They all revolved around the same themes of dominance and bondage, her rendered helpless by some unseen villain, in various states of undress.

“They're brilliant, could you email them to me?” she asked, looking up quite sincerely.

“I...yeah of course, give me your address and I'll send them over to you,” he said, caught by the momentary change of topic.

“Great. So this is the kind of thing you'd do to me?” she asked, glancing at the drawing again, keeping it turned in case anybody else got a glance of the screen.

“Well, I could do. It's the kind of thing I'm into and I love it if the girl really enjoys it,” he said, finding his voice remarkably calm in the face of her making a bit of a move.

“Which you know I am,” she said with a quiet smile.

“Yes I do,” he said, smiling in return, heart pounding in his chest like it wanted to escape.

“So why don't you tell me what you want,” she said calmly, looking him in the eye. His voice failed him and he couldn't speak, gripped by a sudden intensity at the moment before him, where she might tell him to take a hike if he asked for too much.

“Come on, put your cards on the table,” she said, coercing him to answer. Deciding to just go for it, knowing in his heart she'd be fine with what he could throw at her, he went for it.

“I want you,” he said, taking a deep breath as coolly as possible.

“Shocker,” she said with a knowing smile.

“I think we're both into the same things, I can give you what you crave and we can just have a lot of fun together,” he finished, looking into her green eyes. The gorgeous Canadian stared back into his steely blue-grey eyes, expression giving nothing away.

“I'd agree, and that sounds pretty fucking great,” she said in an even tone, letting a smile play at the corners of her mouth. He said nothing, both of them locking eyes in silence.

“You realise I'm married, right?” she asked, in case he'd forgotten, holding his gaze. She held up her hand and wiggled her ring finger at him, currently not wearing her ring for the shoot.

“Yes,” he replied simply.

“But you don't care?” she said, testing his resolve a little and wanting to make sure they were definitely on the same page.

“No, not at all. I just want you, all of you,” he said, heart rate slowed now, speaking with a deliberate tone as he laid it out. It was up to her to say yes or no now. Their intimate moment was interrupted at the climax by the shout back to set, calling everyone to action and ruining things before Evie could answer.

“To be continued,” she said with a wink, handing his tablet back to him as she slid from the seat onto her feet and headed back to set. Suddenly taking a breath, he realised how much tension was in him, his chest tight and fists clenched, relaxing and feeling the tightness unwind, perspiration covering him. His heart fluttered as he stayed sat down to let his unnoticed hard on subside, thinking about their conversation. He looked back at the tablet and realised she'd never given him her email, so he couldn't send the drawings.

That afternoons shoot passed in a barely noticed haze; nobody asked him for any input and he just sat back and watched, trying to keep his mind focused on other things than Evie as he flicked through articles and news on his tablet. A break rolled around late in the day, but she didn't come to find him. He couldn't see her anywhere and figured she must have been caught up somewhere else, though the paranoid thought crossed his mind that she had decided to distance herself from him. He sipped on another poor quality coffee and sat by himself, much as he had done all day, until a shadow suddenly interrupted him and Evie was standing before him.

“Hey, sorry I haven't had time to get to you, here's my email so you can send me those drawings,” she said, handing him a card with her soft writing on it.

“Thanks,” he said, taking the card from her.

“And my phone number,” she said simply as he finished taking the card, chest immediately gripping as he flipped the card up in his fingers and saw her number written underneath it. He looked back up at her, managing to hold back a complete grin.

“Call me tonight, after we're done shooting,” she said, looking at him with a satisfied look showing she knew she had him round her little finger right now.

“Yeah?” he asked, immediately cursing himself silently at daring to question it.

“Yeah, you can come to my hotel and show me what you've got,” she said with a naughty smile, blowing him a quick kiss and turning to head back to set without another word. He stared after her in her tight suit, barely believing it was on. As she moved out of view he stared back at the card, taking in her number for a moment before he scrabbled to quickly get it down on his tablet just in case, before tucking the card away in his wallet. The rest of the afternoon waned slowly for him, watching Evie and the rest of the cast on set doing their thing, dreaming of having her later. He didn't know if she was still unsure and giving him a date, but she seemed pretty on board now. Shooting ran frustratingly late that day and he was desperate for them to wrap up by the time they did, finally able to leave and think solely about what might come.

He knew she'd need some time to get sorted out after shooting so went home to get a shower and something to eat, giving her time before he called her around 7.30 that evening. Heart pumping, he took a breath and dialled her number, the buzz of the ring holding the suspense before she picked up, not knowing for sure it was him but certainly suspecting it.

“Hello?” she said, deep down knowing it was him.

“Hey, just giving you a call to arrange things as we discussed,” he said, finding a calm voice.

“Very good, I was worried you might chicken out,” she said, an evident smile to her voice.

“Not a chance,” he said, which was the truth. No way was he missing this opportunity.

“Good,” she said, and proceeded to give him her hotel details, which was somewhere he knew and could be to in a few minutes. She told him to give her a message when he got there and then left him to it.
On the drive to her place he kept himself calm and focussed on just having a relaxed time with her, and hopefully getting into her pants. The traffic was still heavy even going on towards 8 and it took him a little while to get to her. Parking the car up, he got out and locked it with a deep breath and then walked up to her hotel, quickly sending her a text message as she'd asked as he walked into the bar. He ordered himself a beer as he waited, and it was just being served to him when she appeared beside him.

“You could've waited for me,” she said with a smile, looking up at him as she stopped at the bar.

“Evie I...sorry, I didn't realise how long you'd be,” he said.

“That's ok, I've got it,” she said, turning to the guy at the bar.

“And I'll have a white wine, he's buying,” she said, looking back to him with a naughty smile. The barman nodded and turned to fix it for her as she picked up his beer with absolutely brashness and took a long sip of it.

“Ah. I'll go sit down, come get me when you're done,” she said with a little wink and walked off with his beer to find a table, heading out the door to the sunlit patio area. He looked after her, wondering what he was getting himself into as the barman finished up, then paid and went to find her. The Canadian was sitting in a nice sunlit corner of the outdoor area on the nice wooden seating, waiting with his beer. He went over and put her wine down, sliding onto the seat as she sipped her wine, murmuring in pleasure while he got settled and picked up his beer for a first, much-needed drink of it.

“Traffic bad?” she asked.

“Yeah, still busy,” he said, standing the glass back down.

“Always is. But forget that now, there's bigger things to worry about,” she said, flicking her eyebrows a little at him.

“Absolutely there is. I'm so glad you decided to...well give me a chance,” he said with a slight laugh. She giggled in response.

“Well, I've never had a guy on set that I get on with quite like you, or that has the guts to make a move either,” she said, tipping her head and taking another drink.

“Good, glad it paid off,” he said, equally taking a drink of her beer.

“It certainly could do,” she said with a sly smirk.

“Well...I hope so,” he said, feeling the nerves as he was unable to quite read her. She studied him for a moment, then sat back in her seat.

“Look, you've made it. Just be cool, you've got me,” she said with a genuine look.

“Yeah?” he asked, putting his glass down again.

“Yeah, why do you think I gave you my number? So just chill out and relax, we're gonna have fun I think,” she said, a grin spreading across her face as she sat back up and offered her glass to him. Picking his up, they toasted and took another drink, both laughing a little as the tension was broken. He eyed her up, not worrying about her noticing now; she was wearing her hair down, a simple dark blue blouse that followed her curves and black jeans with a pair of flat shoes.

“Sorry, I haven't dressed up for you,” she said with a playful role of her eyes.

“I love it, you look hot as fuck,” he said, taking a chance to be bold after a pause. Evie raised her eyebrows and gave him a look, sipping her wine before speaking.

“Well thank you, being a little bolder now. Are you sure you don't prefer me in my suit?” she teased.

“You're hot in that too of course, but not so...attainable,” he replied with a wry smile.

“Perhaps,” she replied with a knowing smile. From there their conversation flowed easily, and so did a few more drinks, chatting openly and easily about much everything as the sun went down to leave the patio area bathed in the glow of electric lighting. Their conversation about sex however had been minimal, with Evie urging him to come upstairs with her later on if he wanted to find out about that. With a breeze picking up a little it was cooler outside, making it appealing to go in, though Evie made no mention of it.

“So, what panties have you got on?” he asked, the alcohol making them both entirely comfortable.

“What? Why are you so interested?” she asked with a teasing smile, knowing full well why he'd be interested.

“You said you hadn't dressed up for me, I'm just wondering if that goes the same for everything you've got on,” he replied, smiling over his glass. Evie stared him in the eyes, the moment seeming to stretch for ages until she tipped her head back and downed the rest of her drink, about half a glass of wine before standing the empty vessel down.

“Why don't you come upstairs and find out for yourself,” she said, a statement more than any question. As she stared at him, daring him to take the bait, he lifted his glass and gulped the rest of his beer down and pointedly stood the glass down on the wooden table.

“Lead the way,” he said matter-of-factly, a smile unable to hide from his mouth. It was the smile Evie loved, the one he had only for her, and she slid out from the table to head inside as he did the same. She felt the buzz of the wine as he walked with her, knowing his eyes were on her ass and loving it as she headed through the foyer and to the lifts, pressing the button and waiting as he stopped beside her. It opened quickly and they stepped inside, Evie turning to press the button before standing back. He slid his hand casually onto her ass, giving it a squeeze as she pushed back into his hand a little.

“Mm just wait a minute and you can have as much as you like,” she murmured, not wanting to overdo it in the lift up to her floor. He left his hand there as they ascended, squeezing her firm body through the denim, cock hardening slightly in anticipation of finally having her as she stood coolly with him, in full control. They reached her floor and she slid her hand into his to lead him out towards her room, taking him through a couple of corridors before arriving at her suite. Evie produced a card and swiped it to unlock the door, pushing in and flipping the lights on to reveal a spacious bedroom, en suite bathroom and a large window looking out over the city.

“Wow very nice,” he said, looking around the rather opulent room.

“Yeah they take care of me on location,” she said, closing the door purposefully.

“Evidently,” he said, gazing out of the window at the darkening city.

“Now do you want to come and get it?” she asked straightforwardly, looking him straight in the eye as he turned back to her.

“I...yeah I do,” he said, smiling but not moving, heart pounding, nervous to make the first move on her before his legs found their motion and he stepped over to her, the Canadian cutie smiling up at him. She pushed up on her toes as he leaned down to lock lips with her, his first kiss with the beautiful actress which started slow and tentative and evolved rapidly into a hungry, energetic make-out session. Their lips pressed together harder, tongues twisting and sliding together as his hand grabbed her ass fully, giving another hard grope as his other pulled in around her back to pull her close to  him. Her dainty hands worked down swiftly to his jeans, easily dispensing with the buckle and flipping the button undone, sliding the zipper down to let her hand delve inside his trousers. Her warm hand grasped his stiffening cock through his shorts, pulling him free of the constricting denim and feeling him swell almost instantly to full hardness for her.

“Mmhm someone's very eager,” she smiled through their kisses.

“Absolutely, so someone better do something about it,” he murmured in return, finding his confidence in grasping the Marvel star, his hand moving from her back to squeeze her perky breast through her blouse. Evie just smiled and then sank down onto her knees, sliding out of his grasp as she let her hands pull his jeans down with her, settling herself on the floor as she reached up to pull his shorts down as well, releasing his rock hard cock before her as it sprung up from his underwear. It bounced up and throbbed in front of her, absolutely rock hard, making her grin as she wrapped her hand around him, making him groan deeply in pleasure at her finally taking hold of his cock.

“Very nice,” she said, stroking up and down his erection, teasing him as she let her thumb press in under the tip of his head to make him pulse, as if he could get any harder. She leaned forward to kiss at the sides of his shaft as she hand moved slowly up and down him, just working him up for a minute as she teased him with her soft lips, letting them play lightly at his bulbous head, moving with him to prevent him sliding it into her mouth as he pushed forward to her stimulations, wanting her to go for it.

“Bigger than my husband,” she murmured, feeling him surge in her hand at the ego boost, smiling to herself as she gave a last few teasing kisses around the base of his head and down his shaft. Giving just a moment more of hesitation, she slid her hand to the bottom of his cock and squeezed with a firm grip to hold his still and stiffen him to the maximum before she suddenly engulfed him with her hot mouth, taking over half his cock straight in by sliding her mouth down length so he felt every moment of the liquid heat wrapping itself around him. He groaned loudly, hips bucking at the sudden rush of sensations, pushing into her wanting more but also trying to pull back at the overwhelming feeling as she sucked hard and hollowed her cheeks so they touched the sides of his cock. Evie kept her hand at the base of his cock but flattened it more to allow her to suck deeper, her other hand going to his hips to stabilise her with his motions as his hand pulled into her hair, unable to resist holding her head though he didn't try to drive her, simply following the perfect bobs of her head. His other hand went over her other at his hip as she curled her tongue up to press it into the underside of his cock, letting it drag along the rock hard member and catch beneath his tip every time she pulled back.

“Oh fuck,” he groaned as she worked, twisting her head slightly to let him experience different sensations of her soft mouth and skilful tongue as she worked, starting to alternate her tongue between pressing intently and wrapping it more flatly around him, loving the feel of his erect cock jumping and straining in her mouth, knowing she was doing it for him. She slipped her hands down to his balls to gently squeeze and stimulate them as well as give herself space to start pushing deeper, pressing down so he touched her throat with every rock of her body. Evie didn't gag however, knowing how to give a good blowjob, still working with all her other tricks as he gasped and twisted under her ministrations. His hand was tempted to grasp at her head, she could feel it barely restrained in her long, dark hair, but he didn't have the guts just yet to go for it. She pushed down deeper, letting him feel her throat stretch as he started to push into it, pausing as she slowly eased herself onto his cock to let him really feel it, loving how she felt him shiver and his cock harden somehow more for a moment before she pulled back.

“Evie, christ,” he groaned, shuddering slightly as she drew back up his length and resumed her pace, hand tighter in her hair now. She remained silent and just kept sucking, doing her job and smiling to herself that he was so pleased with her work as she rubbed his sensitive head into the silky softness of her cheek. Giving a couple of temptingly deeper dives down on his cock, she pulled right back to suck the head of his cock, then opened her mouth wider and with an effortlessly smooth motion pushed herself right down on him, deepthroating him expertly and pressing her nose into his body, moving her hand from his balls to pull on his other hip and help herself get fully down on him. His cock strained in her throat as a guttural groan spread through him, hand finally clenching tightly in her long hair and pushing down on the back of her head to grind her down even deeper on him as he took charge now. He relished the feel of her throat contracting around him as she stayed deep until she gave a little tap to his hip, signalling her need for air and he let her up. Evie gasped wetly as she pulled off him, drooling down her chin and spitting slightly before he pulled her back in, giving her no respite now as she swallowed his throbbing cock once more, knowing she had unleashed him now.

“Just like that,” he almost growled as he worked her back and forth, slowly to start, wanting her to be used to it so he could enjoy the imminent climax. She pushed slowly from tip to balls a few times, just slowly and deliberately swallowing every inch of him as he directed her head with his dominating grip. A tingle had spread through her the second he'd taken a proper hold of her and that was only building now, feeling how wet she was, the tingles spreading through her hips in anticipation as he gave her the throat fuck she wanted. She'd wanted to be taken and dominated for a while now, achingly frustrated by her life solely as a mistress, and now he was giving her exactly what she wanted. She shivered slightly in pleasure as he again pulled her into him, feeling the soft but hard contours of him as his thick cock was squeezed into her waiting throat.

He felt her shudder, sensing her ease and willingness and took the step to finish things as he pulled her down full depth once more. He held her longer, grinding his pelvis into her face momentarily before he pulled her back and picked up the pace, not giving her as much stroke now and immediately burying her head deep onto him again, driving his cock into her. Evie steadied herself on her knees, spreading them a little to withstand his imminent energy and held tight as he rapidly built into a quick rhythm, only letting her up about half way on his cock before jamming it back down her throat. Evie took it effortlessly and continued to suck firmly, working her tongue rapidly all over and around his shaft as he fucked her throat. She wasn't giving him a blowjob now, he was fucking her face, using her throat for his pleasure with little care for her besides wanting her to make every effort to bring him maximum enjoyment. She was just his little fucktoy right now, and that was exactly what she wanted.

“Fuck,” he groaned with a strained growl, holding her deep for a moment longer as she felt him stiffen again, for what she knew would be the last time before he exploded. She did nothing different save sucking a little harder and working her tongue more briskly as he pulled her back and started fucking her mouth the hardest he had all session, using the shortest strokes now as he thrust as deep as possible into her throat, his climax rushing up on him now, wanting to hold on to the last possible second before he erupted for the gorgeous Canadian. Evie momentarily contemplated whether he would come down her throat or pull out suddenly and cover her face, but didn't care either way. There were a few more seconds of hard, intense throat fucking before he trembled, struggling to thrust for a second before he buried himself as deeply into her as he could and exploded into her throat. Evie felt his hot load shoot into her throat as he held her deep, adding his other hand to hold her down deep, groaning loudly as he tried to grind himself every last millimetre he could into her perfect mouth.

His cock bucked in her mouth as she kept sucking lightly, working her tongue to encourage every last bit out of him as she felt him squeezing himself to make it so, emptying every last drip of his big load into the gorgeous actress before he gave a final strain and a shudder to indicate his completion, his hands immediately going loose on her head, slowly slipping from their grasp in her dark mane. Evie let him release her before slowly pulling back off him with a long, slow suck up his cock to capture everything, just sucking a little harder as she pulled over his head, making him gasp and shudder intensely at the now overwhelming sensation before she sat back on her heels and dropped her hands to her lap, looking up at him with a satisfied smile and visibly swallowing one more time. On shaky legs, he took a couple of steps back to her bed and dropped down heavily on the end of it, breathing hard and leaning on his hand with a sated smile as he looked at his perfect conquest knelt before him, before she started to stand up and stretch her legs out.

“Fuck that was good,” he breathed, sagging down to lie back on the sheets as Evie sashayed over to him, her legs against his, allowing his hand to slide behind her thighs.

“All you hoped for?” she smiled, knowing the answer already.

“Everything, and more,” he breathed.

“A good start,” she said, sinking down onto the bed beside him as his hand slid up to squeeze her ass again and then pull her down by her back pocket. He pulled his other hand over her waist and drew her close to kiss once more, their tongues entwining softly, more intimately now as he took charge of her, hands grasping her in a confident manner as he pulled up from the bed over her and pushed the Canadian star down onto the bed. He slid over her and kissed down her soft face and onto her neck, feeling her tingle beneath him as his hands pushed along her arms to pin her to the bed by her wrists, pulling them out above her head over her tangle of dark hair as she sighed deeply in arousal. She arched her back and pushed up from the bed, driving her pelvis up deliberately towards him to push into his hips, very clear what she wanted as he held her down harder and kissed her vigorously on the lips again, their tongues fighting for supremacy. His kisses trailed off down her neck again to the top of her blouse, pulling teasingly at the fabric.

“Ohh don't make me wait,” she groaned, pushing up into him with renewed energy and want. He smiled to himself that she was so turned on, at his mercy at the moment as he held her down on the bed. Taking the lead, he released her hands and dragged his fingertips back along her arms, Evie obediently keeping her hands down on the sheets as he pulled down to her blouse, his hands sliding over her ribcage to cup and then firmly squeeze her humble breasts through the thin blue cotton. She murmured in pleasure as she waited, before he suddenly slid his fingers into the top of her open collar and yanked her shirt open in one swift, dominating motion, making her gasp loudly in surprise at the sudden motion, jerking her body as he revealed her sexy black lace bra, ribbed underwires to accentuate the cups as it supported her perky body, chest heaving rapidly with her excited breaths above her toned, almost washboard stomach.

“Very nice,” he mumbled, heart pounding as he leaned down to kiss over Evie's chest, teasingly avoiding her breasts and soft bra, skirting around them and down between them as she writhed on the bed beneath him. He could feel her heart beating through the soft skin he kissed over, down her beautifully pale body as his mouth trailed across her toned tummy to the waistband of her snug black jeans. He reached up and pulled her simple shoes off, exposing her feet in fishnet weave, making him pause to take a look down at them, feeling a surge of excitement course through him. He let his hand stroke over her feet, Evie kicking a little as he tickled without meaning to and let his hands slide up the smooth, tight denim to find the button. Her hard breaths were all that cut the air for a few moments as he popped the trousers undone, easily releasing them and drawing the zipper down with a satisfying noise to loosen them. She was tantalisingly available and he didn't resist the call, kissing deeper underneath the released waist of her jeans as his hands slipped over the denim to hook into them, pulling gently and letting his strength increase.

The gorgeous Canadian obliged and lifted her ass from the bed, freeing the fabric and letting him pull the jeans down her legs with a beautifully smooth motion as they slipped over her curves and down onto her thighs, revealing her sultry black lack French panties to match her bra, giving tempting glimpses of pale skin through them. He ran his lips along the waistband as she shivered while his hands pulled the jeans down her legs to reveal her toned body, before leaning up from her to finish removing them from her, pulling them off her legs and revealing the fishnets as knee-high stockings, elastic closely wrapped around her leg just above the accentuation of her calf muscles. He discarded her jeans to one side with a toss and ran his hand over her leg, taking in the sexy fishnet hoisery, lifting her leg to kiss down the inside over the stocking then the inside of her knee, making the actress giggle as he worked his way up the inside of her thigh and towards her ultimate treasure.

“Ohh come on!” she breathed in arousal and frustration as he kissed suddenly over the front of her panties, the soft lace yielding easily under his touch and letting his lips feel the feminine contours of her beneath as his hands slid up to cradle her hips. He smiled to himself at her exasperated complaint and let his tongue press gently forward, splitting her juicy lips and giving her a pronounced cameltoe through her panties, letting him know what to expect underneath, as she'd promised.

“Hush, I'm in charge here,” he said with an authoritative tone, immediately feeling her tremble in her grasp.

“Yes,” she breathed, dropping her head back onto the bed to wait for him to give her what she desperately wanted now.

“Yes what?” he pushed, his heart thumping intently in his chest now as he took charge of the actress, wanting to make his make with her. He knew she wanted him to as well.

“Yes...sir,” she breathed with the smallest hesitation, followed by an deep, shuddering gasp, abs clenching intently to arch her up from the bed as he pulled the front of her panties down and swiftly dragged his tongue all the way up her pussy, letting his tongue curl to hook into her clit firmly and send a shockwave of sensation through her slender form. Her fingers dug into the bed as she dropped back to the covers, pushing her head back into the mattress as her hips danced and twisted beneath him while he pulled her soft panties down out the way, slipping them off her legs in an instant as he started to kiss over the inside edges of her pelvis and around her softest lips to build her up. Her pussy was completely shaved, absolutely silky smooth and perfect, making him imagine she'd shaved it prior to him meeting her. He let his eyes take in every detail of her around his kisses, letting his tongue probe and drag at her smoothness as he absorbed the perfection of her labia, the smooth full lips, the way they split apart just right to let her inner labia and clit hood protrude.

Evie gave another shuddering moan as he finally kept the suspense no longer and laid another long lick up her pussy, letting his tongue take her in from her juicy entrance all the way up under her hood and over her hard clit before letting his slippery tongue glide over her smoothly shaven skin. The actress made games of her arousal, pushing her hips up into his mouth, wanting him to continue and devour her most intimate curves, fingers still dug into the bedding, her shirt spread out wide around her where he'd ripped it open, perky breasts heaving in their sexy bra as she gasped for breaths with her eyes screwed shut. He got to work and let his tongue glide back over her to her clit, feeling her stiffen again at the burst of stimulation as he slipped over and then back up underneath her soft clit hood, easily dispatching it with his skilful tongue to get at her aching button. The gorgeous Canadian didn't interfere, just submitting to his ministrations and letting him do his thing, which was working as she groaned and gasped on the bed, screwing up the covers in her grip as he slowly but firmly circled her nub, taking his time and switching directions to make her start at the change of sensation.

He picked up his pace and started to flick his tongue across her clit rapidly side to side, then up and down before back to side to side. She writhed deeply into the bed as she gasped and grunted her pleasure in utter submission, head tipped back and lost in her long dark hair. His hands kept her pelvis pinned down to the bed, controlling her bucking and primal movements in response to his touch, only turning her on more as he kept her held down. She was so wet, his chin covered in her slick juices, pausing from her clit to dip down and let his tongue pull up her soaking pussy again, his tongue delving just a little way inside as he tasted her need for him, spreading her hot juices over her clit as he licked at it again. She whined as she was overwhelmed by his sudden intense attack on her button, tongue strongly and rapidly assaulting her delicate clit with a flurry of different motions, all with a pressure she'd not yet felt, making her pull her knees up as her body contracted with pleasure.

He let the actress draw her knees up, spreading his arms to let her pull them up between but not all the way, keeping his hands firmly in charge of her hips to keep the slender actress pinned to the bed where he wanted her. He moved his hands so his thumbs gripped underneath her thighs and onto her ass, giving a good squeeze to feel the strength and firmness of her body as she pulled her legs up, turning her pelvis further up towards him as she did. He left her clit and slipped down to her entrance again, letting his tongue flick up and take in her abundant juices, Evie absolutely drenched with how turned on she was as he delved his tongue deeply inside her, hearing her gasp in pleasure as her tight tunnel stretched welcomingly around his tongue. He loved the sensation of her stretching out around him, knowing it'd feel even more incredible when he sunk his hard cock inside her, which had recovered from her blowjob and was now stiffening to full hardness as he knelt between her legs. He worked his tongue in and out of her, making sure to push into every silky wall and fold of her vagina, driving it as deeply inside her as he could and hooking back up towards her G-spot, feeling her tense and twist, trying to work with him to push him deeper so he could more effectively get to it. Pulling back out, he thrust his tiring tongue straight back onto her clit, making her jolt with the sudden sensation and then grind into her mouth as his tongue went to work.

“Oh come on, don't tease me,” she whined, holding herself back from begging for orgasm. She was talking out of turn, but he let it go and attacked her sensitive button voraciously, making her shudder intently and grip the bed hard, legs trying to pull back even more as she gave a long, low moan of pleasure as he accelerated her towards her climax. He pulled his elbows in to capture her ankles, holding her tightly now, fingers pressing hard into her soft, supple body as he pinned her slim body to the bed, physically dominating her which only served to turn her on even more. Gasping hard, she stared at the ceiling of the hotel room before her eyes squeezed shut in another body twisting moment of ecstasy, trying to twist in his grip but finding herself powerfully held down. Her hands released the bedding and grabbed hard at her chest, squeezing her breasts intently to maximise her pleasure as his tongue continued to attack her.

“Ohh fuck,” she wailed, arching up from the bed as the tip of his tongue lashed her clitoris intently, swiping and circling her in all directions and manners, soft and hard touches, straight motions mixed with circular ones as he drove her to climax. His mouth ached, driven by sheer grit to make her come, throwing in sucks of her clit with the direct stimulation of his muscle, feeling her thrust up underneath him, her legs trembling and thighs starting to clench in on him, signalling her peak. All it took was a few more seconds of intent licking at her clit before a few short, sharp gasps gave away her climax, her lithe body tensing up like a coiled spring for moments before she burst into orgasm with an almighty shudder, the bed bouncing as her petite body shook and she let out a loud howl of ecstasy, throwing her head back even more into the covers as it took over her body. He continued licking intently as she twisted in his grasp, breaking away from his strong hold on her in her moment of orgasm, legs kicking out straight again as he struggled to hold her down, the beautiful Canadian in full flow as she trembled and ground her hips up for every last bit of stimulation to sustain her incredible orgasm, before it was suddenly all too much.

“Stop, stop!” she gasped raggedly, desperately, the stimulation to her nub absolutely overwhelming in the wake of her powerful climax. He didn't need any more persuasion and stopped, letting his aching tongue go limp, pulling back from her slippery pussy as her hard gasps broke the silence of the classy room. He half expected someone to bang on the door to check on her noise as he listened to her sated breathing, heavy and deep as she recovered, moving his tongue around a little to unwind it a little before he pushed himself up onto his feet between her legs. Evie looked up lazily as he pulled her legs up with him, bunching her back up with her knees bent, rolling her hips back once more as he leant over her, his rock hard erection standing up before him. Evie's eyes flicked down to it, seeing him absolutely ready to take her, throbbing with his heartbeat and feeling his intent hold on her leg.
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Re: Unravelling Evie - With Evangeline Lilly
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“Be gentle with me,” she breathed with a smile, almost a challenge to him as he squeezed his cock to line himself up with her sweet pussy. Grasping the base of his erection, he pressed the tip to her slick entrance, held her leg tightly and then thrust himself forward powerfully to bury every inch of himself inside her with a single stroke as she gave a loud, guttural grunt, her muscles being stretched suddenly for him despite how wet and horny she was. Her legs clenched up and her eyes squeezed shut as he ground himself into her, hips right against her as he gave her every inch.

“I'll do whatever I want with you,” he said with an almost growling tone as he held her tight and pulled back to thrust into her again, balls deep once more in her sweet, slick pussy, gripping him so beautifully tightly. Evie gave a little tremble as he said that, the pain from being stretched fading as quickly as it'd come on but also wettening just a bit more as he was dominant with her, exactly what she'd wanted and hoped for.

“Do it,” she breathed, relaxing her muscles and opening her legs a bit more, pulling her knees back fully so he had complete access to her, spreading her arms further to stabilise herself on the bed as he thrust hard into her again, giving her every inch of his lovely cock once more as she groaned with pleasure. He immediately got into a rhythm of slow, powerful thrusts into the gorgeous brunette, holding onto her leg to keep her in place as he pulled right back so his head bulged the entrance to her lips, almost popping out before he drove it intently back into her all the way to give her every millimetre of sensation. Evie just groaned in pleasure as she was fucked slowly, being completely taken by him as she'd hoped he would, turning into the kind of evening she'd hoped for when she'd taken the chance on him.

“Fuck that's good,” he breathed, revelling in the sweet sensation of her pussy wrapped around his cock bareback, so snug around him yet supple and yielding as he pushed in, hugging him completely as he worked his cock in and out of her. He held her leg firmly as he pulled almost free before sliding effortlessly back inside her, loving the steady, satisfied groans she gave as he fucked he slowly, holding himself back from just giving her all of his energy. He ground his hips into her to feel her tighten up around him, Evie squeezing her pussy around him firmly as he drove against her hips, letting her legs sag towards him slightly before he pulled back to continue. They continued like that for a couple of minutes before she felt his cock strain inside her and he pushed deep, pausing a moment before resuming with deep, shorter strokes into her, a little faster and more intent. He wasn't going to come, but her sweet body was certainly doing the business for him, making Evie tremble as a little shiver of excitement spread through her.

“Oh god fuck me,” she murmured, feeling him pulse inside her as he pumped hard at her, going just a little faster as her body started to buzz. He'd made her come just before he fucked her, but this was a different kind of stimulation and it was really getting through; she loved being screwed deeply like this, his cock staying deep inside her as she felt his weight and strength leaning into her body, thrusting into her depth, his pelvis pushing into her clit each time to crank up her climax. He leaned over her, taking a more dominant position and pressing her into the bed, the Canadian feeling a tingle as the angle of his cock adjusted in her to an even more pleasurable position, his hand leaning on the bed now as he continued to control her with her folded leg. His hand twisted into her hair as he fucked her, the bed shaking under his efforts now as he stepped up the pace to hammer into her pussy, pulling her hair firmly to make her gasp and quake with imminent orgasm, feeling her nipples spike and clit throb intently, clenching up around him. He felt it but only went harder at her, not letting her in any way inhibit his cock as he stretched her toned body, her lips clinging to his cock with every withdrawal.

“You like that?” he said, his tone strong and level, dominant, something Evie had not heard from a man in quite a long time, which only helped to drive her excitement even further. She didn't respond, just groaning in pleasure and pushing herself down to get every last bit of him into her. Suddenly his hand yanked her hair, making her yelp and snap open her eyes to look up at him as he loomed over her.

“I asked you a question,” he said, more authoritatively now, which just made her melt.

“Yes sir,” she replied quickly, body on autopilot now, slipping back into her role as a submissive like she'd never been away, mouth knowing exactly what to say before she could think it. He smiled, then held her tighter and fucked her; really fucked her. His hips pounded strongly into her, his member buried almost completely in her sweet pussy as he pushed her buttons and just took everything he wanted from her, rolling her hips back and thrusting powerfully down into her body. With just a few more seconds of that Evie gave a series of short, hard gasps as she pulled her legs back just a fraction further to give all of herself to his cock, tensing up for just a moment before she exploded into orgasm. She pulled her hair at his restraining grasp as she tried to curl up off the bed, eyes squeezed shut in pleasure as her body spasmed and constricted, legs trying to kick out though one he held onto as he continued to fuck her, shaking deeply as she let out a long, guttural moan, pussy clamping onto his cock thick as it drove in and out of her, her muscles desperately trying to lock onto him and only sending more sensations through her wracked body.

With her climax and beautifully tight pussy squeezing down at him he was close, and shoved her roughly up the bed as he pushed his knees on and let them slide out from under him as he slid deeply inside her once more. Leaning over her, Evie immediately locked lips with him in a hungry kiss as he rested on his elbows and started pumping himself into her, using longer strokes now for his own stimulation as he held on to take every last bit of pleasure from his first fuck with the gorgeous actress. Her smooth thighs slid up his hips as she pulled her legs around him and wrapped her arms around his back to hold him in tightly, wanting him to use her body and come to his own climax exactly where he was. She groaned and mumbled through her almost ravenous kisses of him as he fucked her as hard as possible, slamming his hips down into hers to get his cock as deeply inside her as possible, just revelling on the silky feeling of her soaked pussy as she felt him stiffen immensely. Evie worked to squeeze her muscles and maximise his pleasure, and with only a few moments more he came to a deep, shuddering orgasm, holding on for as long as he could before he gave a few stuttering thrusts and jammed his cock as deep as possible inside her and exploded.

Evie gave a cry as he rammed against her cervix, a momentary twinge shooting through her before she groaned in pleasure at the feeling of his whole cock twitching inside her, the hardest he'd ever been for her in that moment as he spilled his hot load deep into her body, gasping intently over her, muscles taut and tensed as he exploded deep inside, the Canadian noticing his tone and evident strength as she milked at him with her pussy. His peak was sustained and overwhelming, his cock jumped and jerking inside her as he pushed with every ounce of himself into her for what seemed like ages, before it was suddenly over. He relaxed and let his body unwind, staying inside her with a couple of softer final pulses of his cock, resting down onto her even as he leaned over her. He gave her one softer, lingering kiss before he put his head down beside hers and just breathed deeply, catching his breath as Evie felt his heart pumping fast, recovering from spending so much to screw her. He just laid on her for a minute or so, catching up with some deep lungfuls of air mixed with her soft scent before he pushed himself back up on his arms and pulled back to slide himself out of her, rolling off to lie beside her on the bed.

“Ok?” she asked with a smile, looking over to him beside her.

“Oh yeah,” he breathed in reply, a smile on his face, just letting his mind run over the fact he'd just fucked Evangeline Lilly.

“Good,” she murmured, sliding her dainty hand into his as they lay on the bed, air cut only by their breathing, resting before their inevitable next session. They just took a few minutes to let their bodies recover, sweat glistening over both of them as they stared at the ceiling. They weren't cuddling, that wasn't what this was; he was here to fuck her, and he'd done a great job on the first go and she was pretty sure he was what she needed. If he kept it up and dominated her like he had in their first fuck, she was going to let him use her any way he pleased and take everything he wanted from her body.

“Does your husband fuck you like that?” he said with a smile, glancing to her sprawled along side him on the sheets. She gave a smile, lazily looking up to him.

“No, that's not our deal,” she said simply, before closing her eyes again.

Sitting up, he gave a stretch and put his feet down onto the floor, looking back at the gorgeous actress laid out casually naked beside him. She just eyed him as he stood up and walked over to the minibar, pulling out a can of coke and popping it open, taking the first sip with a satisfied sigh. Evie smiled as she sat up and held out her hand; he took another mouthful, making her wait before he handed it over to her to sate her own thirst. He walked to the window and looked out at the now darkened city, taking in the city still bustling beneath them, the cars and people still abundant on the streets as he stood naked at the window absorbing it. He would much rather be where he was though, that was for sure. Evie padded softly up behind him, jerking him from his thoughts by touching the cold can to his back and making him jump. She giggled as she handed the can to him and embraced him in a soft kiss.

“Lovely view isn't it,” she said, having already got accustomed to the fantastic setting of her hotel.

“Inside and out,” he said, turning to let his eyes roam down her beautiful naked body. She just smiled with a slight roll of her eyes and gave him another kiss.

“Well inside it's all yours,” she said and turned away to step to the bathroom. He reached out and planted a firm spank on her ass, giving a healthy sound and making her pert behind jiggle just a little, Evie giving a little gasp and looking back at him over her shoulder with a naughty smile as she walked to the bathroom, closing the door as he turned back to look out the window again. It was peaceful, a moment of delicious calm in proceedings. Evie came back from the bathroom, sliding onto the bed with an enticing pose, propped up on one arm with her lovely toned legs out. He looked around to take her in, seeing something so raw and fierce in her, her dark hair raggedly draped around her shoulders as she smiled hungrily at him.

“Come and get it,” she said temptingly, patting the bed before her. He gave a smile and stepped back over the bed, draining the last of the can and standing it aside on the table before sliding onto the bed, Evie pulling herself back to give him more space, eyes taking in his stiffening cock as he recovered for her.

“Ready to go I see,” she commented with a smile.

“For you, definitely. You'd better be too,” he replied, challenging her to be ready for another hard fucking.

“Show me what you've got,” she said as his arms slipped around her, pulling her close for another kiss as his hand firmly fondled her humble chest. Their tongues battled as they entwined powerfully, battling one another as they pulled into each other closely, Evie's hands sliding round him, almost urged to take the lead like she normally did but holding herself back to wait for him. She didn't have to wait long, much to her delight, as his hand slid up her smooth back and into her hair, twisting in her dark locks to yank her head back with a quiver of her vagina, kissing hungrily at her neck, his teeth grazing intently at her soft pale skin.

“Don't give me a hickey, I have to shoot tomorrow,” she breathed with a smile as she tried to pull her head back a little from him.

“I'm in charge here, I'll do what I want with you,” he said in a low, deep tone that made her just feel compelled to obey as he yanked her hair again, pulling her head back to leave her neck vulnerable. She just breathed in suspenseful, obedient silence, eyes locked on his as he dominated her before swooping in and biting her neck again, Evie growling in pain as he bit into her, feeling the real pain before he relented and sucked intently at her, making her tremble a little with arousal as he did exactly what she had asked him not to, taking her as he pleased...as he had promised. His hand kept a commanding hold in her long hair whilst his other slid over her slender body to grope firmly at her perky tits, feeling her stiff nipples pressing into his palms as he squeezed her beautiful feminine curves.

Pulling away from her neck, leaving an impressive love bite on her skin, he kissed down onto her chest to her humble breasts and let his tongue slide easily over her body. Evie moaned in pleasure as he hotly licked straight around her nipple, circling the stiffened nub and flicking his tongue across it, only helping to make her wetter and shift in anxious urgency on the bed. His hand slid down over her tight abs and smoothly onto her bald pussy, making the actress immediately shiver as his fingers stroked over her perfectly shaven skin. He loved how beautifully silky she was, her razor work done to perfection, letting his fingertips glide effortlessly over her body to her most intimate place as he sought out her clit again and started to work at it, teasing the hood back and letting him work directly at her button. Evie tensed up as she gave a shuddering gasp, almost unable to take it for a few seconds before she settled into the intense pleasure of him rubbing around her button, his touch sending little electric shocks through her as he continued to suck at her nipple. Evie let her hand gently move over to grasp his cock, feeling it jump in her hand and swell to full hardness with just a couple of strokes of her dainty hand.

In a minute or so of intimate silence she had him absolutely rock hard and ready to go again and he had her absolutely dripping wet and tingling, ready to get fucked once more. Sensing her urgency, he took charge again, having no hesitation with the famous Canadian now as he grasped her powerfully turned her onto her stomach, pushing her down into the bed as another tremble of excitement went through her. She was sure it was just because it'd been a while since she'd been treated and dominated like this, but she was absolutely loving the way he was handling her and she'd already made up her mind to let him go a lot further. Pinning the gorgeous actress down, he slid onto her thighs and held her down, leaning forward to grind his cock into her ass, letting it push down over her silky, puffy pussy lips, just splitting them perfectly with the tip of his cock.

“Push it in,” she breathed, pushing her bum up into him from the bed to entice him to simply slide his cock inside her. He responded by twisting his hand into her hair and pressing her face down into the bed, leaning heavily next to her as he controlled his hips expertly to prevent her from sliding him into her silky haven. She mumbled her frustration, trying to push back but knowing he was in charge of it, leaving her horny and waiting for his move. With her spirit broken and a smile crossing his lips, he reached down to push himself down a little bit and let his weight carry him down into her, his head separating her smooth lips effortlessly as he smoothly buried himself into her tight, squeezing pussy once again, both of them grunting as she wrapped like a second skin around him, hot and wet, her muscles squeezing in pleasure at him inside her once more.

“Like that?” he asked, teasing her as he held it full depth inside her.

“Just like that,” she murmured with a smile on her face even as he held her down into the bedding, pressing her down. She just groaned with pleasure as he pulled it back slowly till her lips bulged, almost slipping out before easily gliding back inside her to stretch her tunnel out once more. Pulling her knees up under her a little more, she pushed her ass up to give him the perfect position to fuck her, able to get every inch of himself into her tight body, pushing firmly against her ass every time as he gave her all of his cock. She gave a shocked cry as after another deep push he suddenly pulled out, swiftly sliding back out of her pussy and leaving her gasping as she looked back over her shoulder at him as he knelt up on the bed, questioning his wants.

She looked back as he grabbed her hips and rocked her up onto her knees, back into a proper doggy style position again, hunger in his eyes as her hair fell down over her gaze and she was left to just feel what he was doing. She didn't wait long as in what felt like a heartbeat he grabbed his cock again and in a single thrust buried it inside her, using his hand on her hip and her more vulnerable position to aggressively drive his cock to the hilt in her waiting pussy as she gave a sharp cry. She was wet and so ready for it but he caught her off guard, slamming his whole cock home inside her, making her body rush with unmanageable sensation as her vagina clenched up tight and her cervix throbbed as he jammed against them. Evie tried to pull forward instinctively but he held her tightly in place, making her pussy squeeze helplessly along the full length of his thick cock as he filled her, tight as a vice before she released, followed by another instinctive clench, making her shudder deeply with a guttural groan of pure pleasure now as he held her firm ass back against his hips.

“Ohh fuck,” she muttered, unable to get a grip on herself as her arms trembled weakly and she dropped to her elbows. He just smiled at overwhelming the cool Canadian so powerfully, loving her sweet tunnel clamping down around him, pulling back and thrusting himself into her again, more steadily this time but just as deep, making sure she took all of his cock. She groaned in satisfaction, arching her back and pushing back into him, letting her thighs slide apart a bit more so he had full access to her slender body. He grunted as she massaged at him with her muscles, gripping him rhythmically as he rocked in and out of her, hands still pulling back at the flare of her hips to keep her close to him.

“Oh god fuck me,” she moaned breathlessly, absolutely bubbling at the sweet sensations of his thick cock working into her, feeling the contours and beautiful masculine shape stretching through her hugging walls, tingling her nerve endings and surging deeply within her. He paused a moment to lift his leg up and put his foot down on the bed beside her, able to get a much more stable position which he immediately used to bury himself deeply again as she grunted before pumping into her much harder, driving himself against her sweet ass and making the bed rock beneath them.

“I'm gonna,” he murmured deeply, his fingers pressing into her soft, pale skin as he cranked back against her body and thumped himself against her, fucking her properly hard now as she just dropped her head and took it, basking in the sensations for a minute or so as he worked her out. He was fucking her busily until he slipped out, slipping up over her ass as she gasped before taking control, her breaths cutting the air as he fumbled with himself and pushed again, only to push against her ass. Even though it was by accident, he pressed hard enough to stretch her, her tight hole opening around his cock as she wasn't ready to resist it, but he was more surprised as after a moments hesitation, trying to pull forwards, she pushed back towards him to help force his cock into her. It was all over before he could comprehend it however as he was on autopilot, pulling himself down and sliding straight back into her silky pussy before he could make the most of the situation.

“Ohh goddamn,” she said as another wave of arousal spread through her, flicking her hair out the way as she put her head and pushed onto her hands again. With another couple of strokes he pulled out of her, deliberately this time, and guided his rock hard manhood up to press his bulging head against her tight asshole, just gently pushing against it.

“You like anal sex?” he asked, heart pounding at the thought of nailing her ass; he'd had it on his mind anyway, but for her to be open to it would just be an instant bonus.

“Mmm yeah, sometimes,” she replied cryptically, smiling back over her shoulder as she rocked her hips back against him, his cock pressing into her tight sphincter. He rocked with her and put pressure on her, working his thick head against her most intimate hole, holding her hip still so she couldn't escape.

“Sometimes, huh?” he said with a smile back, feeling how blissfully snug she was and imagining what a treat it could be to get inside her.

“Yeah, I have to be in the mood of course,” she teased, slowly herself as she pushed back firmly onto his erection, stretching her asshole open and letting him temptingly ease into her ass before she pulled forwards again. She was being a tease, and he knew it.

“Well, I'm in the mood,” he said, giving her a little raise of his eyebrow before his grip tightened and he looked down to what he was doing once more, pressing his cock into her harder to feel her stretch and test her out. Evie gave a growl as he took charge and settled on the bed, pushing back into him as he did it. After a couple more attempts, getting a little further each time, he eased off and leaned down to spit thickly onto her ass and the tip of his cock, Evie mumbling at the unexpected feeling before he worked himself against her again. He knew it was enough as he started to slip into her, surprising her however by easing off again.

“What's the...” she started before she gave a rasping grunt of surprise and slight pain as he suddenly pushed forward straight into her, his thick cock splitting her booty perfectly and sliding inside as she momentarily stopped concentrating and started to look back to him.

“That's it, that's it,” he breathed, taking in the exquisite tightness of her asshole as her muscles twitched around him, struggling in the wake of his sudden entry. Evie didn't fight it, not pulling away, just giving hard breaths through gritted teeth as she let the twinge of pain subside from her sphincter.

“Fuck, you love taking me by surprise, don't you?” she managed, a smile pulling at the corners of her mouth as she looked back at him through her mess of dark hair. He responded by slowly pushing the rest of his cock deep into her ass with one slow stroke, not stopping until his hips pushed against her peachy rear.

“It has its advantages,” he smiled, referencing how tight it made her as she gave a strained sigh.

“Does your husband ever fuck you like this?” he asked, teasing a little at her cheating.

“No,” she murmured with a smile, “he doesn't fuck me like this. I don't let him,” she replied quite deliberately. He pulled back and slowly pushed inside her again, Evie groaning softly as his thick cock stretched her asshole out, his spit lube and her juices doing just enough to let his manhood slowly and powerfully glide into her body. The pain of his sudden entrance subsided and she started to rock back into him, settling her elbows on the bedding and moving easily with him as his hands settled at her hips. He didn't grip her hard, not needing to, simply guiding and enjoying her as they both worked to thrust him in and out of her ass. Loosening up into it, she started pushing back harder to encourage him to give her more pace, tingling with pleasure when he did, starting to work himself into her much more powerfully.

“Fuck that's it,” she mumbled quietly, dropping her head and letting the deep, different sensations of anal sex wash through her. She didn't do it very often, and in that moment she wondered why, since it felt great and she loved to be naughty.

“Oh yeah, that's tight,” he grunted, his cock jumping inside her as he worked it busily in and out, the snug clench of her ring around his shaft doing the business. It felt great physically but just knowing he was fucking Evangeline Lilly in the ass was also a huge turn on. The fact she was enjoying it was even better, feeling her squeezing onto him just right as she pushed back into him. Her lithe, petite body rocked under his thrusts as he pushed hard against her ass, making sure to get every bit of himself inside her with every pump. He let his hand slide round her hip, leaning over her more to reach underneath her hot body and play his fingertips over her smoothly shaven pussy to find her clit, desperate for attention. She let out a loud shuddering groan as he circled it easily, rubbing round it with rapid circular motions as her hips bucked and pushed at him in her urgency for it, immediately feeling her arousal bubbling up again as she had before he put it in her ass.

“Oh fuck, come on,” she whined, eyes squeezing shut as she dropped her head, letting her energy run wild, thrusting back hard into every thrust of his into her booty, grunting and groaning as he played with her button. Until he suddenly stopped, making her strain towards his fingers in her need.

“I'm in charge here, it's up to me if I let you come,” he said with a smile, giving her a few hard thrusts to knock her balance on her knees and make it harder for her to get back to where she wanted to be under his touch.

“Please, just make me, don't play with me,” she gasped, giving up any pretence of modesty as she looked back to him.

“I can do as I want with you,” he replied, pointing out his dominance of her and the situation as she continued to push back into him and bury his cock in her ass.

“I know, but please just make me come, give it to me. You can do anything you want with me, anything,” she said, spelling it out for him, flicking her hair out of her eyes she stared pleading into his to implore his movements.

“Anything?” he asked with a smile, even though they both knew that was on the table from the start.

“Anything,” she replied seriously, a pause in their fucking accompanying it, his cock pulled right back to almost pop out of her. After a pause, he grabbed her hip and buried himself into her as hard as he could, Evie letting out a cry and almost being knocked off her knees as he did so, before bracing herself to endure the physical onslaught that came after it as he started fucking her hard, really hard, driving himself into her again and again as he slammed into her toned ass. He kept his composure though and let his fingers slide over her beautifully shaven mound once more to find her clit, easily locating it and stimulating it once more, his fingers fairly dancing around and over it as she let out a deep, guttural groan of sheer pleasure. His fingers darted this way and that, circling one direction and then the other, moving over it as well as around it, alternating his pressure on her as his fingertips delicately and deliberately worked at her most intimate button beneath its thin hood. It didn't take long, only a couple of minutes of his ministrations along with the continued driving of his cock into the Canadian's ass was all it took to boil her over.

“Oh fuck, fuck, I'm...” she breathed as she gave a shudder, suddenly and rapidly shoving herself back in hard, short drives onto him as she reached climax, giving a tense and then shaking heavily, almost slipping away from his fingers as he expertly followed her bucking body. The gorgeous Canadian couldn't control herself to shove back into him and almost pulled off him, giving another cry of sensation as he drove himself back inside her as she orgasmed. Arching up beneath him, she gasped and groaned through her peak, eyes shut and head down, just taking everything her body unleashed until it was over and her sensitivity went through the roof in the wake of it, making her clumsily grab at his hand to stop him rubbing her, whilst relaxing and pushing her ass back out for him to continue pounding. She had no intention of stopping and wanted him to get every bit of pleasure he could from her.

His hand pulled back to her hip and he renewed his efforts on her, holding onto her frame tightly and pumping himself as hard as possible inside her. With her satisfied and him close, he was set on simply giving her everything now and emptying himself inside her. She could feel his urgency, as if he'd been released by her climax and was now ready to explode, fingers digging into her pale skin, holding her firmly in place and fucking her hard. Her whole body shook under his energy, bracing herself as she pushed her ass up for him to drill, squeezing and working her sphincter to provide maximum stimulation for him as he hungrily drove his cock in and out of her, staying deep as he gave her short, hard thrusts. He suddenly alternated to short, shallow strokes into her, working the bulging head of his cock through her tight asshole fast for maximum stimulation as she felt him stiffening up, his body taut and tense as his breath got fast and heavy. Evie kept working her muscle tightly, as rapidly as possible as he popped the ridge of his cock in and out of her as fast as he could for a few seconds as his breaths devolved into deep, throaty grunts before he could take no more and abruptly slammed his cock deep inside her and came.

Evie grunted loudly herself as he drove his big cock deep in her ass once more, hips shoving hard into her own and knocking her forwards as he held himself full depth inside her and exploded, his shaft iron-hard as it surged and strained inside her to empty his squeezing balls into her ass. The Canadian tried to hold him up for a moment but with his whole weight onto her, he had no intention of pulling back right now, she let her knees slide out from under her to slip down onto her tummy with a groan as he just pressed her down into the bed, grinding his hips against her as he clenched to empty every last drop of himself into her, burying his face into her hair and biting at the back of her neck to make her shudder and squeak as he bit just a little hard. With a final few squeezes he sank down on top of her, giving a sigh of pleasure and relief at relaxing on top of her, feeling the warmth of her body as he pressed against her. Evie squeezed her muscles around his softening cock, stimulating him intensely in a way he simply couldn't stand in the aftermath of his orgasm, making him shake intently and push up on his hands.

“Stop, stop!” he gasped, Evie giggling as he grasped her hands and pushed himself back down on her as she stopped, laughing through his deep breaths for air to catch up in wake of his climax. They laid together without moving for a couple of minutes before he stirred, pulling himself up and slipping out of her ass, leaving her gaping a little as he rolled off to lay beside her. The actress gave a stretch and pulled herself over him, draping an arm across his body as she rested her head on his shoulder. They just lay quietly together for a few minutes, enjoying the closeness, breathing quietly into the dark room as they contemplated things.

“I assume you're staying the night?” she asked, lifting her head and giving a stretch.

“...If there's space for me,” he replied after a pause, having not really thought beyond getting into her pants.

“Of course, and how are you gonna fuck me again in the morning if you're not here?” she commented, giving a smile and then pushing up to kiss him, a quick dab of her tongue between her soft lips before she slipped off the bed and headed for the bathroom. He gave a stretch and pulled himself up, sliding onto his feet and pulling the wrinkled sheets back ready for them. The slender Canadian helped herself to it when she came back into the room, immediately sliding into the bed under the sheets as he stepped into the bathroom. He came back a couple of minutes later and joined her, sliding in next to her as he felt the tiredness washing over him, a mixture of physical exertion helped very much by Evie and the relief of stress, his nerves at the whole situation having been released. The dark haired beauty pulled herself close and slide easily under his arm as he settled down into the pillows, letting tensions unwind.

“Good start,” she murmured, pressing her lips to his cheek.

“Very,” he replied.

“You can keep definitely keep going,” she smiled, settling back into his shoulder.

“Yeah?” he said with a smile, heart fluttering at confirmation that he'd successfully bagged her.

“Absolutely. Fuck me like that and you can do anything you want,” she murmured, giving him a blank cheque for her body.

“Oh I will,” he replied with a smile and slight tone that let her know he'd definitely take her up on that offer. She just smiled as they drifted off to sleep, easily finding it in their sexual tiredness and her opulent hotel suite.

* * *

He awoke with a start to the sound of her phone alarm the next morning, breaking what had been a very deep and sound sleep. The tiredness and satisfaction of the night before had just let him completely zonk out, and judging by the mumbling, fumbling Canadian next to him she'd done the same. She clumsily turned her phone off and flopped back onto the pillows, looking over to him with a sleepy smile as she stretched, the sun streaming in the windows. The brightness clicked over in his mind and he started, pushing himself up and reaching out to grab his watch from the side, terrified they were late as he hurried to read the time.

“Relax, I set the alarm early enough that we could enjoy ourselves,” she smiled as he saw it was only going on seven in the morning, a lovely bright day outside bathing the suite in gorgeous sunlight to start the day.

“That's good,” he said, taking a breath as he slid back down under the sheets, Evie pulling herself towards him for a soft, intimate kiss. His hand immediately found its way over her slender body to squeeze her ass, pulling her closer to him as his cock immediately started to swell into an erection. Evie felt it pushing up into her hip and glanced down with a smile as they pulled apart, looking back up into his eyes.

“Someone's up,” she teased, letting her dainty hand find it and draw her fingertips over him to help it swell to full hardness.

“It's your fault,” he replied.

“Oh is it?” she said with a raise of her eyebrows, playing along.

“Absolutely, so you better do something about it,” he said, sticking his tongue out slightly towards her.

“Tell you what, I'll help you with that...after a cup of coffee,” she said, giving his manhood a squeeze and then sliding out of bed. He was frustrated that she was making him wait, but also enjoyed seeing her toned, slim body as she stepped naked from the bed, completely unashamed as she walked over to set the coffee maker going, a benefit of her opulent hotel suite. After setting it to brew, she turned back to him in the bed, a little smile on her lips as she looked over to him and watched as he took her in. She was absolutely gorgeous, more beautiful than she had been the night before when she wasn't his perhaps, standing with her deliciously slender body, perky breasts and smoothly shaved pussy before him.

“How do you take your coffee?” she asked, pushing her hair back.

“Black, with a sugar,” he said, keeping his eyes on her as she turned around to pour the coffee for them, making two cups nonchalantly as he drank her in. Taking a moment to tease, Evie glanced back slightly and let her legs slide apart slightly as she arched her back and pushed her ass out, curving her body to let her pussy peek between her thighs for him. His cock strained again as his hardon flexed, hungry for her as she turned back with a smile and brought the coffee over to the bed, handing him his as she stood her own down and slid into the bed beside him. Her soft hand immediately found his cock again, giving it a swift stroke that made him groan throatily and push up into her hand.

“Still waiting for me then,” she commented, grinning as she released him and turned to pick up her coffee.

“How could I not,” he said, complimenting her beautiful nudity.

“I like that, it's what I need,” she murmured, sipping her coffee. He glanced over at the pretty Canadian next to him, drinking his own coffee as he did, relishing the rich, aromatic beverage and giving a stretch. They just sipped their drink together in silence with one another, Evie edging closer to lean into him as they did, just quietly spending a few minutes together until their mugs were stood aside and her hand slipped back under the sheets to grasp his rock hard cock once more, gently stroking and teasing it so he was absolutely rock hard for her.

“You gonna fuck me now then?” she said simply, looking to him with a raise of her eyebrows. Without a word he pounced on her, pushing her down into the pillows as she giggled as his hunger, their lips pressing together for a deep, tongue entwining kiss as she felt his rock hard morning wood against her thigh. As they kissed she moved to let her legs open and him slide between, his aching erection pressing to her smoothly shaven pussy, making her murmur with pleasure and push up to grind against him, tingling her clit. They ground against each other for a moment, her wetness spreading up and down his shaft before he reached down and pressed it into her pussy, wasting no more time in getting down to fucking her.

The brunette actress gave a grunt and dug her nails into his shoulders for a second as he thrust powerfully inside her, not giving her a chance to accommodate him before driving home in her body, stretching her vagina and jabbing into her cervix as he plunged into her. It seemed to be his style to take her hard and fast. He pulled her back into a kiss as he held still for a moment before drawing back and driving into her soft, clinging tunnel once more, Evie much more prepared this time, sinking easily to the hilt as they both groaned, pulling back into a rhythm. Working his hips back and forwards, he pulled away and grabbed her wrists, pinning them down to the bed to hold her in place, grinning as Evie tried to break his hold on her, testing his strength and finding herself helpless. It was exactly as she wanted and she gave a shudder beneath him, her pelvic muscles squeezing on his cock as he pumped into her.

He teasingly kissed at her neck as he restrained her and worked himself into her, picking up the pace and fucking her harder, much harder now as he took control of her. Evie groaned in pleasure beneath him as she was held down to get screwed, loving his dominance of her as he took what he wanted. The tingle from her clit spread through her warmly, ratcheting slowly up with every thrust as he ground against her body, stimulating her just right as his thick cock stretched her pussy. He grunted with pleasure at the tightness of her, kissing down her neck to make her shiver before he bit her hard, digging his teeth into the soft skin, making her cry out at the sudden pain and tense up, pussy giving a clench around him as she did before he suddenly yanked back from her. She gave a gasp of surprise as she squeezed on emptiness as his hard cock sprung out of her, his hands releasing her wrists and making her surge up from the bed to see the cause of his sudden stop.

Without a word he grabbed her hips and rolled her over easily before she could comprehend or protest, not that she would have done anyway. Sliding off the bed, he stood beside it and pulled her over so her ass was at the edge, knees bent underneath her as she assumed the position on the bed, crossing her arms under her chin and looking up out the window at the bright city view. He ran his hand over her lower back to her hip and gripped himself with the other, lining himself up with her sweet pussy again before easily sliding inside her balls deep. Running both his hands up her back, he stroked over her smooth skin before gliding his hands back to her hips as she raised them from the bed so he could fuck her. Pulling back against the flare of her pelvis, he got going into a rhythm once more, quickly building up the pace so he was fucking her hard and fast, his whole cock disappearing with every stroke as her breathing increased, Evie getting into it and starting to shove her ass back into him. Her hips bounced with every thrust of his cock, rocking back powerfully into him as he pounded on her to get every millimetre of himself inside her, his thick cock driving over her G-spot as he pumped into her.

“Ohh fuck,” she groaned in pleasure as her head dropped onto her arms, overwhelmed by the sensations spreading through her body as they fucked, moving hard in unison together as his hips slapped against her ass, hands wrenching tighter into her pelvis. Both of them grunted with pleasure as they fucked, her pussy exquisitely tight and wet around his cock, head tingling as it slid in and out. Evie gave a shudder and groaned harder, her body lifting up from the bed and humble breasts shaking firmly beneath her, the energy of every thrust moving her aggressively on the bed, body braced into the sheets. He slowed to a stop, buried deep inside her as he reached up and pressed her shoulders back down, arching her back again as he pushed her into a subservient position as he wanted, but he followed it up by leaning down onto her and kissing her on the cheek as she raised her head, smiling and giving a satisfied moan of pleasure at his dominant fuck of her. His hand pulled over the side of her neck to pull her back into him as he leaned up and started fucking her intently once more, pushing more groans from her.

She couldn't speak as she let the pleasure wash through her, his hand sliding back to her hips again, pulling into her waist and squeezing her body as he held her tightly to drill her, picking the pace up now. Evie felt his cock flexing inside her, stiffening as he got closer, harder to fuck her with. As he pounded himself into her once more, slapping noisily against her bum, she felt the telltale tingles as his tip pumped over her G-spot, taking her towards a climax. He grunted throatily, telling her he was getting close too, her squeezing pussy working him just right as he worked her over in turn, slamming into her and taking all he wanted from her. It was exactly the kind of fucking she'd been needing for months and he was just the right guy to give it to her it seemed, taking total charge of her without being too rough or over the top.

“God I've needed this,” she moaned through her gasps, giving in and admitting it, not that she hadn't already but she felt his cock strain again in return as she felt her orgasm starting, tingles spreading through her, a zing up her spine as her pussy trembled, muscles winding up for the finish.

“Better than your husband fucks you,” he growled, holding her tightly as she remembered even in her moment of ecstasy to keep her back arched as he wanted. That was all it took to tip her over, the thought of essentially cheating to get what she wanted, what she needed. With a stuttering, strained cry of pleasure she orgasmed, head snapping up to shout it out to the bedroom, sunlight across her face as she shook powerfully in his hold, body quaking as the immense pleasure and satisfaction coursed through her slender body, muscles squeezing at his cock.

“Fuck yeah, that's it,” he breathed, loving seeing her come on him, not a touch to her clit needed to get her off. His hand reached up and grabbed her tangle of brown hair as her head started to dip, yanking it back and keeping her head up to the window as she gave another yell, feeling a bolt of pleasure shake her body to prolong the orgasm and squeeze her pussy just as he gave a last few hard, intense slams against her body and let go, losing control as his cock swelled harder and burst inside her, hips driven as deep against her as possible to release his load into her body. He gasped and groaned in pleasure and relief of his tight muscles relaxing, having lost himself to fucking the gorgeous actress and been unaware how intense he was holding her, the relief washing through his body as his hard cock pulsed inside her, emptying his balls into her womb where he'd jammed deeply against her cervix. Both of them moaned gutturally at the climax of their morning fuck session, him giving little thrusts to almost overwhelm himself as his sensitive head pulled through her tight muscles, Evie squeezing her pussy to milk every last drop from his balls as she gasped deeply for breath in the wake of everything.

“Fuck that was good,” he breathed, heart racing and lungs heaving as he released her hair, Evie dropping her head to gasp into her folded arms.

“Yeah, exactly what we needed,” she replied. They stayed interlocked for a couple of minutes, regaining their composure, both giving little squeezes to make the other murmur in sensation, all too much for either of them now. His hand slid back to her hip and he extracted himself from her, sliding carefully back to pop out of her with a final gasp before he turned to sit on the bed, flopping back on the sheets as the luscious Canadian sank forward and let her legs splay from the bed behind her. They relaxed for a few minutes, recovering their energy, his hand sliding onto her ass for a playful squeeze as her hand laid on his chest in return.

“Right, we need to get moving,” she said, pushing herself reluctantly up from the bed and leaning over to kiss him with a long, lingering kiss. Their tongues twisted together in an intimate embrace, a soft yet passionate kiss that endured until she pulled away and slid off the bed, away from his hand on her ass that tried to reel her back in.

“We have a whole day filming to get through remember?” she said with a smile, giving a wink as she stood up, flicking her hair out and giving him a final gaze at her perky naked body, muscular and toned.

“Yeah we do,” he conceded, pulling himself up as she grabbed a robe from the bathroom and slipped into the towelling material.

“So I'm gonna grab a shower and get ready for set, you should do the same,” she said, indicating they needed to crack on.

“Sure,” he said, grabbing his clothes and quickly getting dressed, reluctant to leave Evie but knowing they had to. He had to head home to get changed and ready for the day.

“Don't be disappointed, you'll get me again,” she purred, giving a wink as he pulled his shirt on. He just smiled as he collected his stuff, quickly checking he had everything before heading to the door.

“I'll go home and grab a shower, meet you on set,” he said as she found her way into his arms again, standing on tiptoes to kiss him again.

“Perfect. And then later you can come back to this,” she said with a smile.

“It's a date,” he said, not wanting to even joke at not taking the opportunity, giving a final squeeze to her ass.

“Come back and fuck me like you know I need it,” she murmured with a naughty smile, opening the door for him. He didn't reply, just smiling and giving her a wink as she stepped away into the hall, Evie closing the door behind him as he walked towards the lifts.

He knew exactly what she needed. 

To be continued...

Big thanks to Ghost for helping create, plan, check and edit this story.

As usual, please send me Feedback if you have any thoughts or ideas. I like reading your feedback and suggestions, so please drop me a line.
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Re: Unravelling Evie - With Evangeline Lilly
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I really enjoyed this story. It's a pleasure to read any of your work, as I believe you will always be one of the best writers out there. I am sorry I had forgotten to leave you some feedback.
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