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Club Fucker
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to feedback.minotaur@gmail.com

Club Fucker 1: Ariel Winter

The music reverberated around the club as Ariel danced in her own little world. The increased exposure in the limelight had had its positives; the job offers were flying in, but it also had its negatives. One of which was the strain it put on her relationship.

Laurent had been becoming increasingly jealous and possessive of her, he didn't like how she was being courted by the paparazzi and getting the attention of other men. ‘He'd hate to see me now’ Ariel thought to herself as she grinded into the latest random guy dancing behind her.

The argument earlier in the day had got very heated when she came back at him. Usually she was passive during these times but his accusation of her cheating on him had thrown her into a blind rage. He'd spent plenty of time modelling half naked with gorgeous girls and could stick it in them at anytime.

After storming off; she'd made a decision to go out, get wasted and get fucked. If Laurent thought she was an adulterer, she would be and she'd make sure he knew about it. Ariel had grouped up a few girls she knew and they went out in force to Glabas, one of the newest clubs in town.

She rubbed her arse into the guy behind her, she didn't know what he looked like and she didn't care. All she cared for was his cock that had got harder and harder as she continued to grind. Ariel leaned her head back and placed a kiss on his lips.

“That's a nice start.” she said as she turned towards him.

“And how do you want it to end it?”

“Preferably screaming with pleasure.” she replied as her hand traced his chest. “Feels hard.”

“I work out a little.”

Ariel smiled at his reply. She could sense he was cocky and he didn't seem bothered by who she was. Her eyes dropped down his body as she grabbed his t-shirt and started to lift it up.

“I wonder what's here.” Ariel said as she slid her hands up his body.

She felt the muscles of his abdomen tense up as her fingers ran along it. The smile on her face grew as she enjoyed the feel, he had a better body than Laurent.

“Why don't you use your tongue!” the guy suggested.

Ariel gave him an unsure look before she lowered herself down onto her knees. Leaning in close, Ariel stuck her tongue out and licked along his muscles. He let out a moan as Ariel closed her eyes and let herself loose on his muscles.

Her hand had drifted down to her crotch and she rubbed her pussy through her thong. Her skirt had ridden up as she had kneeled so had easy access to her moist pussy. She looked up at the guy who had a massive grin on his face.

“Why don't we find somewhere more private?” he suggested as he held her hand to her.

Ariel took it and followed him off the dance floor. They reached the side of the club and spotted a disabled toilet. The guy looked around to make sure no one was around before entering into the room, pulling Ariel in behind him. He locked the door before leaning his back against it and looking at her.

“I'm Ariel.”

“I know who you are, you're on that TV show.”

“Yeah, Modern Family. You watch it?”

“Seen it a few times but I'm not a regular watcher.” he replied as he eyed her up. “More interested in those selfies you keep putting up on social media.”

“You like them?”

“Yeah,” he said as he rubbed the outline of his enlarged penis. “been wondering what it looks like close up.”

Ariel gave a little giggle before looking down. She lowered the top of her dress down to reveal more of her cleavage before spinning around to give him a good view of her ass, stopping to shake it at him.

“What do you think?”

“That it'd look good bouncing on my cock.”

“That cock felt nice when I was rubbing against it. Show it to me!” Ariel demanded.

The guy looked at her face to see if she was serious. He nodded his head before removing his t-shirt, giving her a full look at his athletic body. She felt a tinge in her pussy as she watched him undo his shoes and socks, placing them off to the side. He undid his belt and jeans, teasing her as he slid them down to reveal his hard cock in the tight boxers.

“What's your name?” she burst out.

“Does it matter?”

She smiled at how anonymous this was going to be as he lowered his boxers to reveal the top of his stem. He stopped just short of lowering them down fully.

“Take your dress off first, leave the heels.”

Ariel bit down on her finger before moving her hand to her back and sliding down the zipper. She was proud of her ass, more so than her breasts, which she saw as a hindrance, and wanted that to be the first thing he saw. She turned around to show her back to him and finished lowering the zipper.

Ariel turned her head to look at him and winked. She knew she had him enthralled with her body, her plan was working perfectly. Ariel leaned forward to stick her ass out as lowered the dress dropped down to the floor.

Ariel shook her thong clad ass at him as she saw his reflection in the mirror, he was licking his lips as he rubbed his cock to make it harder. She reached around rubbed her ass cheeks before running her finger from her arsehole along her pussy slit. She could feel the wetness of the thong and knew she needed to get fucked.

“Enough teasing Ariel, come suck this cock!” the guy said.

Ariel stood back to her full height and walked over to him. Stopping immediately in front of him, Ariel leaned up and kissed his lips as her hands dropped to his boxers.

“As you wish.” Ariel said with a smile as she dropped to her knees.

As she hit the ground, Ariel lowered the guys boxer shorts and his dick popped out. Licking her lips, Ariel took it in her hands and started to stroke it.

“Don't be shy, you won't hurt it.” he said as he looked down on her.

She looked up at him and smiled.

“Don't worry, i don't want to hurt it. It's bigger than my boyfriend's, I want to worship it.”

“Boyfriend? And what would he say if he saw you now?”

“Who gives a shit? He accused me of cheating so in gonna get me some. And you can do anything you want!”

The guys face lit up as she said that, he had a celebrity at his cock who'd let him do anything. He gave a chuckle as Ariel took a strong hold of his cock and popped it into her mouth. She run her tongue along the head, getting it as wet as she could.

“Your mouth feels so warm.”

Ariel took the comment as a good thing as she moved her mouth forward onto the cock, taking half of it into her mouth. She sucked down on it hard, a loud squelching noise emitting from her mouth.

He looked down as Ariel took the cock out of the mouth and run her tongue along the underside. She gave out a little giggle as the cock rubbed along her chin. Suddenly, he grabbed hold of his cock and whipped it against her face. She looked at him with her eyes wide with shock.

“You did say anything.”

Ariel took a moment to think and shrugged her shoulders. She smiled at him and nodded as he reached around and allowed the cock to whip her in the face again. This time something ignited inside of her and she grabbed his cock and stuck it straight back into her mouth.

Ariel was determined to get the whole length in her mouth as she moved the cock in and out. The spittle produced enmasse in her mouth as she rubbed her tongue along the cock.

“Oh God, that feels so nice. You must love slobbering all over a cock.”

Ariel just looked up at him with the cock on her mouth as she sucked on it. She held the head of his cock in her mouth tightly as she sucked on it solely.
“Oh God.” he moaned as he lowered his hand into her head and rubbed her hair.

Ariel smiled with the cock in her mouth as the guy moaned; his hand on her head but not forcing her to take more. Her tongue wrapped around his cock as her lips pressed hard against the skin, making a point of squelching louder.

“Oh my, you gotta stop or I'm gonna cum in your mouth.”

As he finished her sentence, Ariel took the cock out if her mouth and gave it a little stroke as she held it in her hand. She looked up at him with a wanton look.

“Just stay there.” Ariel said as she got back onto her feet.

Ariel walked away from him to the other side of the room. She swung her ass from side to side, knowing he was staring, and stopped just short of the wall. She reached behind to undo her bra and threw it to the side. Ariel turned around to face him and put her back against the wall. Even though she didn't like her breasts, she knew he would and she intended on getting plenty of attention.

The guy walked forward to join her and he kissed her passionately. He run his tongue along her mouth as his hand instinctively went to her breast, grabbing her nipple. Ariel let out a little yelp as she felt him tug. She'd never been that rough with Laurent but could tell she was going to enjoy it with this guy.

He lowered his mouth down to her neck and bit lightly, eliciting a moan from Ariel. She felt the hair stand up in the back of her neck as he kissed and nibbled her. She knew her neck was very sensitive but that's not what she desired right now.

Pushing him back, Ariel turned her back to him again and pressed her breasts against the cold wall.

“My ass, eat my ass!” Ariel said

He dropped down onto his knees and he came face to face with her ass. He enjoyed looking at it earlier, big and shapely, and he leaned forward to give it a kiss. Knowing what she wanted, he grabbed her cheeks and spread them apart, holding her thong to the side. Leaning in, he run his tongue along her arsehole as Ariel pushed her ass back towards him.

“Oh yeah, just there. Ohhh, that feels good!” Ariel moaned.

Hearing the happiness in Ariel's voice, the guy decided to be a bit more adventurous. Moving his right hand, he brought his middle finger down under her ass and started to run it along her pussy slit.

“Mmmm..’ Ariel moaned.

Feeling he'd got her where he wanted, he started to rub her arsehole with his thumb. Attacking her with a triple threat by kissing her arse softly, he could feel Ariel start to buck her hips. He extended his finger up to rub her clit when he could feel her hand join his.

“Loosen me up, I need to get fucked.” Ariel said as she looked down at him. “You can guess where to put it.”

Taking the cue he took his hand away from her pussy; she could sort her clit out so he could focus on her ass. Ariel let out a moan as she ran a finger over her clit, tensing her body as she felt his finger enter her ass.

“You don't have to be gentle, I'm used to anal.” Ariel said.

The guy smiled at her as he withdrew his finger and spat on it. He rubbed the spittle onto his middle and index fingers before bringing them back down to her hole. He slowly slid his fingers into her arse and was taken aback by how quickly it loosened up.

“Wow, you must love a cock up there.”

“ Yeah...” Ariel replied between moans. “ So hurry up, I need to get fucked.”

He looked around to see her fingers working hard on her pussy. He didn't want her to orgasm before he got to fuck her so quickly added a third finger. He motioned his hand in and out of her arsehole to continue to loosen her up.

He knew the time was right when she grabbed his cock and started to lather it with her juices.

“Do it!” Ariel commanded.

He grabbed his cock and slid it into her ass, only allowing the head to go in first. Ariel gasped as she felt his cock in her; enjoying the feel of it. Placing his hand on the small of her back, he moved her body so she was bent over slightly. He started thrust his cock into her ass, allowing it to go into her inch by inch.

“How does that feel slut?” he asked as he rubbed her ass.

“So good!” Ariel moaned.

Ariel continued to rub her pussy, knowing that the combination was going to lead to her cumming shortly. He rubbed her ass a bit more before pulling back his hand and spanking it hard.

“Yes harder!”

He didn't know if Ariel meant the fucking or the spanking so he made both harder.

“Oh yes! That's it! Fuck my slut ass!” Ariel moaned louder.

He enjoyed how much she seemed to love the rough stuff. He pushed his cock into her ass more, getting almost his entire length into her.

She wasn't as tight as he expected but he could feel the friction get closer. Her fingers occasionally stroked his balls as they dropped lower from stroking her pussy.

“Oh God, so good. I'm close to cumming..” Ariel moaned. “Harder… rougher…”

As she moaned, the guy grabbed her hair and yanked it back hard. She screamed out as he did and rolled her eyes back to look above and see his eyes. Ariel was full of wanton desire and was enjoying being manhandled. He pulled back his hand smacked her ass with full force, a red hand print remaining. Ariel let out a grunt as she pushed back onto his cock. She loved the feel of her arse being filled and rubbed her clit harder, wanting her orgasm to come.

He pushed his cock into her harder, he wanted to cum but didn't know where yet. He moaned out loud as he thrust into her, yanking her hair back every time.

“Take it you little slut “ he shouted at her.

Ariel rubbed harder as her pussy filled with wetness. She planted her arms onto the wall as her orgasm took over body, a scream that matured into silence filled up the room.

The shudder that her body produced reverberated down onto his cock. He knew his own was close and quickly pulled out of her. Ariel recovered from her orgasm and looked over his shoulder at him.

“What the shit?!” she shouted at him.

“I'm not cumming in your arse. Onto your knees you little celebrity slut!” he commanded.

Ariel turned around and looked directly at the guy. He licked his lips as he held his cock at her and she knew he only looked at her as a sex toy. She was surprised by how comfortable she felt by it and lowered herself onto her knees in front of him. He took a step forward and stroked his cock quickly. They'd been in the room for a while and he knew people would be wondering where they were.

He took another step so his cock was practically touching her face. Striking hard, he nodded to her to close her eyes. He lowered his other hand onto her head it into place. Closing his eyes, he leaned his and shot his cum directly onto her face.

The first streak caught her on the nose and hung down as the remaining wads landed on her forehead. He closed his eyes knowing the rest would find their target and let out a breath.

As the cum finished shooting, he pulled her head forward and forced her to take his cock in her mouth. She sucked the remaining cum off as some of it dripped down her face. Feeling happy with his pleasure, he pulled his cock out and looked at her.

“Now I don't think your boyfriend would happy with my cum rolling down your face.”

“Quite frankly I don't care what he thinks. I got mine!” Ariel replied with a giggle.

“Yeah you did. You want me to buy you a drink?”

“No, I only wanted your cock. You've done what I needed you for.”

Ariel walked over to her bra and put it back on. She was happy with how her night had turned out and she had gotten her revenge. She rubbed the remaining cum into her skin, which gave her a shiny glow, and put her bra back on. As she grabbed her dress, Ariel turned around to see he was leaving. He gave her a wink as he closed the door and Ariel quickly toddled over to lock it.

She imagined what a nightmare it would be if she was caught in her underwear just after getting fucked in a disabled toilet. She slid her dress up and looked at herself in the mirror. She lowered it down to show a bit more cleavage and pressed her lips to it.

Leaving only a lip print, she walked out of the disabled toilet and headed towards the bar. She looked for her friends when her eyes spotted Laurent in the club. He was unaware of what was going on as Bella Thorne was dancing sexily for him.

“Right, time to sort this skinny bitch out!”

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RE: Club Fucker
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to feedback.minotaur@gmail.com

Club Fucker 2 - Josephine Skriver
Codes : Cons, MF, Oral, Drugs

Thunder rumbled around Milan as the Lombardi city was struck by another storm. Milan Fashion Week had been a wash out and the shows that Josephine had been booked in had been cancelled. She knew it was a risk doing only outdoor shows but they had sold her with their spectacular plans. Spending one of the biggest weeks on fashion calendar on the side-lines was going to hit her income hard, luckily she had a Victoria Secrets show the next day to give her some exposure.

Although the rain was pelting down, Josephine needed a night out to drown her sorrows. The disastrous week had been paired with her break up the month before; she had been dating a French rugby player but had caught him cheating. She had been too busy to have a man since and knew that tonight she would find one.

The taxi pulled up outside of ‘Il Pappagallo Grigio’, one of the newest clubs to open in the Northern city. She had heard a few of the local girls rave about it and, although she was on her own, she intended on checking it out and having fun. The driver held an umbrella above her head and walked her to the entrance to ensure she didn't get soaked. As they reached the entrance, Josephine leant over and kissed the older man on the cheek, she knew he would remember it and be to her advantage if she needed a taxi later on.

Entering the club, Josephine looked around at the mass of people. It may have been new but word must have got around as it was already at capacity. The time was only 11.30 so it would be open for a few more hours and the people queuing outside would have a wait. She was greeted by two bouncers who escorted her through the club to the VIP area.

“Miss Skriver, benvenuto! Welcome to our little club. Will you be joining your fellow models?”

The VIP host pointed over to where some of the models were sat. She noticed Kendal, Gigi and Joan were sat down with a bunch of other people; most likely friends, staff and hangers on. Outwardly she smiled and nodded her head but inside she sighed. Josephine found most of the other models to be rather vacuous and egomaniacal; not the type of people she'd spend her time with.

Three hours had passed and Josephine had not seen anyone who interested her. She preferred the rough grungy type but the club was full of over-muscled posers, she'd rejected a couple of men to the surprise of Gigi and Joan. Instead she spent her time drinking prosecco and snorting the freely available cocaine. Josephine was leaning down and snorting along the next line when the music changed. Unsure if it was the powders effects or hearing the familiar scratch, Josephine popped upright and looked around the club disorientated. She put down the rolled up note and looked to the person next to her.

“Who is this?” Josephine asked pointing upward.

“Who is what?”

“The music! Who is the deejay?”

The person looked down to a sheet of paper in front of them. Their finger followed the words along to the time schedule.

“DJ Crisco.”

A smile came across Josephine's face. Jacques, DJ Crisco to everyone else, was a friend of her ex-boyfriend but had always been kind to her. During bad times in the relationship, Josephine had always thought about getting her revenge by sleeping with him but she had always backed down. She had fantasised about it but just couldn't bring herself to be that person. However nothing was stopping her now.

Josephine stood up and walked to the edge of the VIP area, tapping on the shoulder of the bouncer. He slowly turned around and looked up at the tall brunette.

“Yes ma’am?”

“How do I get to the deejay booth? He's a friend.”

“I can walk you there.” the bouncer replied.

He nodded his head to call his colleague over to take his place and undid the velvet rope that cut off the area. Josephine followed him as he drove through the crowd towards DJ Crisco. Josephine walked around the back of the booth and entered the concealed area.

“I'll wait for you here.” he shouted to her as he turned to look out to the crowd.

The latest song had just started to die down and she watched him prepare for the next song. Thinking on her feet, Josephine reached up under her dress and grabbed the sides of her panties, a lace pair of half cut French knickers. She pulled them down her legs and stepped out of them without taking her eyes off Crisco. He still hadn't turned around to see her, which was understandable due to the headphones he wore.

As the next song started, he moved to the other turntable to prepare the next song and Josephine spotted her chance. As his hands went to the vinyl disc, she launched her panties over and they landed directly in the middle of the disc. DJ Crisco span around on heels and a look of joy came over his face as he saw Josephine standing on the spot.

“Jojo, it's so good to see you!”

Crisco walked over and walked her into a big hug. He wasn't the biggest guy in the world but was of equal height to her. He also didn't have the most muscular of figures, which DJ did?, but he was rumoured to have one very big part and Josephine wanted to find out if it was true.

“It's good to see you too Jacques. As soon as I heard the scratching I knew it was you. You know its fashion week right?”

“Of course I do!” DJ Crisco replied. “Wherever beautiful ladies go, I go! And I appear to have hit the jackpot with you here.”

“You are always so nice! Let me help!”

Josephine ran forward to the turntable and stood in between it and DJ Crisco. She grabbed the vinyl disc and moved it to the packaging. Looking around for the next one, she took a disc out of DJ Crisco’s hands and put it on. She knew what to do next but wanted Crisco to stand closer to her.

“You're the Deejay Ja… Crisco. You have to help me!”

Josephine grabbed his hands and pulled him towards her; she felt his crotch bump into her arse and already felt excited. As his face appeared next to her, his hands started to set up the disc and she allowed her hands to drift over them. She smiled about standing this close to him and started to grind her arse into him.

Initially he didn't respond to her advances, probably conflicted about his friend, so Josephine increased the pace of the grinding.

“Come on Crisco, dance with me.”

“I'm not sure Josephine, you're my frie…”

Josephine turned around and put her finger to his mouth.

“No, he is Jacques’ friend and he treated me like shit! You are DJ Crisco, acclaimed deejay and playboy, and these are yours to take home. “

Josephine grabbed the panties and forced them into the pocket of his jeans. Her hand idly brushed his penis and she could feel it was starting to get hard. She could hear the song was about to end so turned around again and started the next one to play.


She turned around hearing Crisco say her name and was shocked to see him standing there topless.

“That disc is a medley; 15 minutes long. Are you sure you want this?” he asked her.
Josephine nodded her head.

“Then sit up on the bench. I want to taste you.”

Josephine sat down as instructed and looked at Crisco as he walked towards her. He had a glint in his eye that she'd never seen before and it excited her. Crisco dropped down to his knees and started to kiss up her long left leg.

“Mmm, that feels nice.” Josephine moaned.

“There's more to come Cherie!”

As he reached her thigh, he skipped over to her right leg and repeated the process. Josephine felt his hard lips on her skin as he moved his way up.

“You're so exciting!” she said before leaning back.

Josephine gave a little giggle as he softly bit her thigh and looked up at her. He smiled at her as he kissed up her thigh; getting closer to her pussy. Josephine grabbed the side of her dress and shimmied it up past her arse, exposing her wet pussy to the air. She spread her legs allowing Crisco to move up and kiss around her pussy. She felt a tingle sweep over her body as she felt him teasing her.

“Oh my God, that feels so nice.” she moaned.

“You have such a pretty pussy! I'm going to enjoy it eating it.” Crisco said as he licked down beside her pussy, knowing it was driving her wild.

“Then enough teasing, eat me!” Josephine commanded.

Taking her words on, Crisco leaned in and ran his tongue along her pussy slit, feeling her flower open up a little. He noticed her clit was exposed so softly blew on it. Once the warm air settled, he placed his tongue on her pussy and motioned it on a circle on her clit.

“Oh yeah, so nice…” Josephine moaned as she leaned back.

He continued with the motion on her clit as he felt her getting wetter. Crisco could feel her juices on his tongue as the she started to buck her hips. She tasted much sweeter than he had expected and he closed his eyes as he continued to run his tongue along her clit.

“Oh yes, yes, yes!” Josephine moaned louder, masked by the music.

Instinctively, Josephine started to massage her breasts through her dress as DJ Crisco licked her pussy. An overwhelming sense of pleasure took over her body as she stared at the ceiling above.

“Oh my God yes, lick me!” she moaned.

Josephine closed her eyes as she was overcome by the pleasure, bucking her hips harder into Crisco’s face. He wrapped his tongue around her clit as he could feel her getting wetter.

“Oh, I'm so close. Yes, just there!”

Josephine's moaning got louder and louder and only the two of them could hear. She grinded harder into Crisco as she could feel his tongue attack her clit and occasionally popping to her slit. She lowered her hand down to his head to keep him in place.

“Yes, there… I'm cumming! Ohhh ohhh ohhh!” Josephine screamed.

She kept Crisco’s head between her thighs as the orgasm rocked her body. It felt like an explosion as heat shot through her body. Her pussy was soaking and she could feel that his face had been covered in her juices. He'd happily lapped up her juices as she leaned back and laid down on the table.

Without missing a beat, DJ Crisco stood up and walked over to the table. Quickly flicking a switch, he played the next track as the megamix finished. He looked at Josephine and her pussy was glistening with her juices. Looking up her body, he saw that she was leaning up on her elbows looking at him.

“That was a great orgasm, thank you Dj Crisco!”

“You gave me a great tool to work with!” he replied.

“Maybe you should let me work with your tool.”

Josephine brought herself up into a seated position before jumping up onto her feet. Strutting towards him, Josephine lowered her dress down to cover her modesty.

“That sounds good, I can play the records while you keep that mouth busy!” he replied as he undid his belt.

“Yes! That's what I want! It's been months since I've had a cock in my mouth.”

“You've never sucked on one like this before.”

A smile came over Josephine’s face as she listened to his confidence. She was going to find out if the rumours she'd heard were true and all of the evidence was pointing to the positive.

“We'll see!” Josephine exclaimed as she dropped down to her knees.

Crisco whipped his belt off and chucked it onto the floor next to her. Josephine looked up at the topless deejay expectantly and he slowly undid the buttons on his jeans. Impatiently, Josephine tugged at his jeans and brought them to the floor. He chuckled to himself as he looked down at Josephine who stared at the outline of his penis.

Crisco had got very turned on by going down on her and his penis was at full length. Josephine looked astonished at its size and lowered the shorts to allow it to pop out.

“Wow… that is… “

“Big? I know. Are you sure you can handle it?” DJ Crisco asked.

Josephine looked at him and matched his stare. She knew he was challenging her to back down but she has no intention to.

“Shut up and let me suck.”

Josephine grabbed hold of the large penis and started to lick down the side. Crisco moaned with pleasure as he felt the model's tongue on his cock. Looking down; he saw her concentrating hard on giving him his pleasure. As Josephine felt his cock get wetter from her saliva, she felt a tingle inside of her. She knew she wanted him to fuck her before the night was out.

“Your tongue feels nice Jojo. You must do this often.”

“Not as often as I'd like.” she replied in between licks.

Josephine's hands dropped down to his balls and massaged them as she took the sides of his cock in her mouth. His groaning became louder as she skilfully played with his balls.


Crisco looked up for a moment to change the music, enjoying the feel of her oral skills as he played his music. After spending time licking his cock, Josephine wrapped her arm around and started to pump on it furiously. As she pumped his cock, she lowered her head down and took Crisco’s balls in her mouth.

“Oh, that feels good!”

Josephine continued to suck on his balls without breaking eye contact with the French deejay. She ran her tongue along his hairless skin as she felt her arm start to get tired from pumping his length.

“Do you want to cum in my mouth?” she asked.

“No. I want to fuck you and cum in that pretty little pussy of yours.”

DJ Crisco extended his arm and helped Josephine to her feet. She leaned in and kissed him hard, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth. His arm reached down and lifted the bottom of her dress up. Forcibly grabbing her arse, he kissed her passionately as they moved towards the mixing desk.

“Bend over like a good little slut!”

Josephine turned around to the desk and leaned forward in between the two turntables. She knew he would have to multitask to play the music and fuck her but felt confident he could do both well. She leaned at a 45 degree angle but Crisco approached her and pushed her down flat.

“A great view!” DJ Crisco said as he looked over at the Danish beauty bent over his table.

He pulled her dress up to expose her pantieless arse to him; it was small but very firm. Josephine instinctively spread her legs and he could see her pussy lips inviting him towards her.

“Come on,” she encouraged him “I want to feel it inside me.”

Listening to her command, Crisco lined his cock up with her pussy and slid the head inside of her. She let out a slight moan as she felt him; he was already feeling large despite not much of his cock being in there. Keeping the motion smooth, Crisco started to push more of him inside her.

“Oh God, you're so big!” Josephine moaned as he pushed more of himself inside her pussy.

After getting half of his length in, Crisco started to thrust into a settled motion. He could feel Josephine's tight pussy encase his cock as he pushed into her. Deciding to get a better angle, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back hard. She out a little yelp as he started to thrust into her harder.

After flicking over to the next song, they looked at each other's eyes for a moment and smiled. Crisco closed his eyes as he enjoyed the feeling of her pussy, it started to get easier to fuck her as her juices filled more of her pussy.

‘Finger… arse…cum…”

He only slightly understood her broken words between the moans. Crisco let go of her hair and she immediately dropped back down to the table to start pushing back. He took his finger and slid it into her pussy next to his cock, there wasn't a lot of room but he got enough of her juices on his finger.

Withdrawing her finger, he looked down and spat some saliva directly down to her arsehole. Slowly; he slid his finger into her tight hole.

Josephine rolled her eyes into her head as she enjoyed the feeling of getting fucked and having a cheeky finger. She'd never told anyone of her anal fetish but enjoyed the fact she could be free in her secret dalliance.

“Fuck… I'm gonna have… a second!”

Crisco could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second as her body shook. He was surprised by the effect the combination had on her but it helped her loosen up more so he could thrust harder.

The song was coming to the end so he quickly turned his attention to switching over the music. He clicked play just in time and looked down to see Josephine still pushing back as she capitalised on her orgasm.

“You enjoying yourself there?” he asked.

Josephine looked back over her shoulder at him and smiled.

“No one has given me two orgasms on a first fuck; your cock must be magical.”

He smiled at her reaction.

“Well you relax, my set is almost over and I want to cum before the next guy arrives.”

Josephine turned around to face the turntables as Crisco took a hold of her hips. Feeling the wetness from her juices, he pulled back and started to thrust into her. The pleasure was immediate for Josephine as Crisco forced himself inside her harder, her pussy gripping tightly to his cock.

He could his balls tighten as he stared at her little arsehole, considering finishing in there. He knew he didn't have enough time so place his hand on her shoulder blade and pushed down hard. The extra leverage gave him what was needed and he spurt his cum into her tight pussy. He thrust through his climax, moaning slightly as it mixed in with Josephine's own juices.

“What the fuck!” someone yelled from behind.

Instinctively, they both looked back to see a short bald man staring at them. Crisco looked at the clock before returning his gaze to the man.

“You're early Enzo!”

“Well clearly you weren't expecting me Jacques. Maybe I should give you a moment.”

The man walked around the corner as Crisco withdrew himself from Josephine's pussy, running his cock along her arse as he did. He pulled up his jeans and watched Josephine adjust her dress, hiding her shaven pussy from him.

“Well that's been my best gig for a while.”

“I know,” Josephine replied. “If I knew you were that good I would have had you before.”

“Next time we'll have more time. A hotel, a Jacuzzi, champagne and maybe some more of your holes!”

He walked forward to Josephine and kissed her directly on the lips. As they broke away, Josephine walked to the exit to go around the booth.

“What about your…”

“Yours. A memento until next time.” Josephine replied.

She crossed paths with the other deejay as she left the booth, shooting him a wink as she walked to the bouncer. He escorted her through the club and returned to the VIP area. Most of the people had left so Josephine sat down next to Kendal and grabbed herself a glass of champagne.

Kendal gave Joseph an odd look as she sat, which was nothing unusual, but Kendal leaned forward and scooped something off Josephine's thigh. She brought her finger to her mouth and sucked on it.

“Mmm, someone's been a naughty girl. Tell me all about it!”

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Love that chapter with Ariel. I may not be remembering correctly, but I thought there was a chapter with Bella Thorne in this series. Can't wait to read more.

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Re: Club Fucker
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You are correct Cade. She is in part 5 which will be up soon

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Re: Club Fucker
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to feedback.minotaur@gmail.com.

Club Fucker 3 - Olivia Holt
Codes: Cons, MF, Oral, Anal, Inter

Fresh from filming Cloak and Dagger, Olivia felt she had to party. The downside was being 18 in the US limited her options. It was easier a few months ago when she had an older boyfriend and he could buy the drinks for her. It was probably the only time she regretted dumping him.

“Come on Dove, come with me! We can drink, we can dance. Hell we can even find some guys to fuck.” she said on the phone to her friend.

It was no good though as her best friend resisted her request. She hung up the phone and sat on her bed dejected. She'd not made any friends filming the Marvel television show due to her bratty tantrums and Dove was the only friend currently still in town.

Olivia thought that having her own place would be great but she was stuck at an age where she was too old to do teenage things, too famous to hang out at the mall and too young to go to bars.

“Fuck it, I'm hot! I'll get in on my own.” she said to herself.

Olivia stood up and immediately stripped off her clothes. She looked over her body, deciding her pert ass would need a tight fitting dress and her breasts would need a cleavage revealing top. A quick shower later and Olivia put on a baby blue dress with a matching navy bra and thong set underneath. She didn't intend on finding someone to show it off to but she had to be ready just incase.

A quick uber ride to the club and she was standing in line for the club. If she was with her friends, she would have walked to the front and demanded VIP. Instead she didn't want to deal with the humiliation of rejection on her own so stayed amongst the general public, making small talk with the guys in front of her.

Her plan worked and she was shuffled in without any ID check. The guys even bought her her first drink so she decided to have a dance with them. It was obvious that both guys wanted her, trying to out do each other with their dance moves.

Olivia didn't intend on sleeping with either but the grinding she'd done with one of them had turned her on a little, his cock felt big but she didn't find him attractive. She excused herself to visit the ladies but her main intention was the scope around and see what other guys were available.

Olivia exited the toilets but didn't look where she was going and walked into what felt like a brick wall. She looked up to be greeted by a large black man, muscles bulging from his red t-shirt and a hearing piece hanging from his ear.

“Shit!” Olivia said to herself.

“Follow me.”

She didn't want to cause any problems and the bouncer had over a foot in height over her so could just pick her up and chuck her out if he wanted.

“He could dominate me…” Olivia thought to herself and a smile came across her face.

They walked out into a back alley behind the club and we're alone. She'd taken a look at him as they walked out and his body appealed to her, his body looked toned and his butt seemed muscley.

“I'm sorry Miss Holt but you're too young to be here.”

“But I'm behaving? No one has noticed me and I'm only… wait, how do you know who I am?”

“My little sister is a fan.”

“Oh cool, do you want an autograph for her?” Olivia said as she smiled, leaning forward slightly to highlight her cleavage.

He stared at her blankly.

“Okay, look what can I do to convince you to let me stay?”

“You're what? 19?”

Olivia nodded.

“Age two years!” he said matter of factly.

She knew she wasn't getting much back but she was determined to convince him.

“Are you sure?” Olivia as she asked as she turned around so her back faced him. “Absolutely nothing?”

She grabbed the hem of her dress and started to slide it up, revealing her pert ass to him. When her entire ass was exposed, Olivia bent forward, assuming a position to show off the delight in full, wiggling it to try and entice him more. Olivia looked over her shoulder and saw the bouncer lick his lips at the view.

“And as you can see, a nice smooth hole for you to enter.” Olivia told him as she reached around and moved her thong to the side, exposing her pussy to the cool air.

“You're making this a hard decision.” the bouncer said.

Olivia turn back to face him, adjusting her dress to cover herself.

“I like making things hard. What's your name?”


“Well Brandin, you have a choice. I can go home and that hard cock of yours can go unsated. Or you can understand that I'm DTF and you let me stay.”

Olivia leaned back against the crate and watched as Brandin decided on what to do. Making sure the coast was clear, Brandin walked up to her and grabbed her hips, lifting her up onto the crate.

“If you're DTF, you're gonna do what I say little girl.”

Olivia nodded understanding the power had gone back to him.

“Show me your breasts, I want to see that milky white skin.”

Olivia smiled as she knew she was going have a nice time. She'd not been dominated by a man for a long time, her last boyfriend was always the submissive.

Olivia lowered down her strapless dress to her stomach, giving Brandin his first view of her bra. She saw his eyes focus in on her cleavage and didn't see any reason to delay. She unhooked the bra at the front and dropped it to the side, her pink nipples exposed to him. Olivia’s B cup breasts were very pert but she was always nervous about having small areolas and nipples.

However, any worries were quickly eradicated as Brandin leaned down and took her right breast in his mouth. His tongue ran around her nipple to make it harder as he sucked on her breast.

“Oh that feels nice!” Olivia said as she felt a wave of pleasure from her sensitive nipples.

Brandin quickly swapped over breasts as Olivia grabbed his head, closing her eyes to enjoy the pleasure. He ran his tongue along her nipple, growing it's size as he licked her soft skin.

“Oh yeah, so good!” Olivia moaned as she felt his tongue.

Brandin removed his head from her breast and kissed her on the lips. She pushed her tongue into her mouth eagerly, sinking into his body as he kissed her. Her breasts pushed into his chest as passion started to overtake her body.

“You're a good kisser for your age.” Brandin said to her as he broke the kiss.

“Thanks.” Olivia replied as she blushed, a shyness starting to come over.

“You ever fucked a black guy before.”

Olivia was taken aback by his question, she'd never thought about it before. When she had started rehearsing for Cloak and Dagger, she had made a move on her co-star but he rejected her as he'd had a girlfriend.

“No, you'll be my first. Am I your first…”

Brandin chuckled as Olivia broke off the question halfway through.

“My first white chick? Nah, you milky bitches love some black cock. Come take a lick.”

He took a step back and watched as Olivia’s eyes dropped down his body to his crotch. She licked her lips as he undid his trousers and whipped out his cock. At 10 inches and already hard, it was the biggest one that Olivia had seen in real life. Brandin laughed as he looked at her shocked face. Following his instructions, Olivia jumped off the crate and walked over to him with her breasts still out.

Knowing what he wanted, Olivia dropped down onto her knees and took a hold of his cock. Brandin let out a little moan as he felt Olivia start to stroke his cock. The cocky attitude had been completely dropped as she was mesmerised by the cock in her hand. The length was intimidating to her but the girth was enticing.

After a few minutes of stroking, Olivia decided to take the plunge and put the cock into her mouth. Swirling her tongue along the head, she started to time the strokes her hands were doing with her mouth moving onto the cock.

Brandin looked down at the starlet as she took his cock in her mouth. He knew he didn't have to take her offer but he thought the sight of the innocent blonde chugging on his cock would be a great view. He was just disappointed he didn't have a camera to take a picture.

Olivia was gulping as she sucked on more of the cock, taking a surprising amount into her mouth. Brandin thought she was surprisingly skilled for one so young. He looked down as she took the cock out of her mouth and stroked hard, occasionally stopping to hit it on her tongue.

“You're a good little cock sucker!”

“I'm a young actress, I've needed to suck plenty of cock to get the roles I've wanted.”

“You're a naughty girl really, aren't ya?”

“Only when I'm turned on. Do you want to cum in my mouth?“ She asked before licking up the top of the cock.

“Nah, I don't want to cum yet. Why don't you go bend over that crate.”

Olivia looked a little disappointed that she couldn't get more time with his cock but she didn't let her bratty nature take over. Slowly Olivia stood up and walked back to the crate as commanded. She bent over, pressing her bare breasts against the top,and waited for him to presumably come and fuck her.

Brandin approached the back of Olivia as he looked over her body. He dropped down to his knees and pulled her dress down leaving Olivia clad in only her thong.

“Shame there's no CCTV back here, I bet the gossip sites would love to see their little starlet in just a thong about to be fucked.”

“They would but this is all for you.”

“Damn right it Is”

Brandin pulled his hand and spanked her ass. Olivia let out a little moan to Brandin’s surprise. Her rubbed her ass cheek before giving it another hard slap.

“Looks like we found a little butt pleasure fan.” he commented as he moved her thong down to her knees.

Olivia started to move her foot to take it off but he kept her leg in place.

“No, I want you to keep it there.”

Brandin put his hands onto her ass and moved his face close, placing some kisses onto the back of her thighs. Olivia felt a tingle inside of her as he kissed her body, moving closer to her pussy.

“Mmmm.” Olivia moaned as she felt his lips on her body.

Brandin used his hands to spread Olivia’s legs a little more and ran his tongue along the slit of her pussy towards the clit. Feeling a little bit of pleasure go through her body, Olivia started to grind her hips onto his tongue. He rounded her clit with his tongue as he started to compensate for her immediate movement. There was enough silence around that it heightened Olivia’s moans as she felt Brandin’s tongue rub her.

Brandin found it surprisingly easy to reach the blonde's clit from behind. It started to peek out of her pussy more as he coaxed it with his tongue.

“Oh my! Brandin, this is so nice.” Olivia said as her fingers gripped into the wood.

Her took her moans as encouragement to try other things so he pushed his tongue into her pussy, starting to mouth fuck her quickly. Olivia was shocked by how much she enjoyed it and her moans started to turn into screams.

Brandin could feel the young girls pussy start to get wetter and got the impression that she was starting to get close. Not wanting her to orgasm from his tongue, he pulled himself out and stood back up, his cock rubbing her ass as he did so.

“Why did you stop?” Olivia asked as she looked over her shoulder.

“I want to see your face when I make you cum and judging by that pussy, you're primed.”

“I am, you're so good at this.”

“Told you, milky bitches love it. Get on your back slut!”

Olivia followed his command and moved herself around so her back was on the crate and legs in the air. Brandin licked his lips as he saw her enlarged pussy, her clit poking out to show how turned on she was. Her hand went to her breast and started to rub it and pinch her nipples.

“Come on, fuck me with that big black dick!”

Not wanting to delay, Brandin walked up to Olivia and plunged his cock directly into her pussy. She let out a loud scream as his full length went into her, he could feel a good combination of tightness and wetness. He took a moment or two to get into a rhythm of fucking her, his thrusts sliding his cock in and out of her pussy.

Olivia reacted with utter pleasure as she enjoyed the fucking he was giving her. There wasn't a lot Olivia could do except enjoy the pleasure. She gripped the crate with one hand while her other worked it's way down to her clit, rubbing it in a circular motion as Brandin’s cock worked it's way in and out of her.

“Oh God, yes yes yes.” Olivia screamed as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

Brandin could tell that she wouldn't last long with her stimulating her clit while enjoying his cock. To allow him to thrust into her with more pace, he grabbed into the crate and pushed in harder.

“Ohhh… I'm… so… Oh…”

Olivia closed her eyes tightly as the pleasure was taking over her body more, her pussy getting wetter. Brandin could feel her pussy get warmer as her orgasm started to approach.

“God! Such a nice little pussy you got.” Brandin said as he pushed in harder.

Brandin watched as Olivia’s breasts bounced up and down with the force of her thrusting. She looked a wonderful sight with her face contorted in pleasure, her hand eagerly massaging her clit. With the force of the pleasure, Olivia threw both hands above her head and grabbed the crate.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I'm cumming, yeah, just there.”

Olivia screamed so loud as her orgasm hit her that he would be surprised if no one could hear her. Certainly no one came around the corner to look for the noise.

He continued to thrust into Olivia through her orgasm as she settled with a smile on her face, feeling the glow of the oxytocin go through her body. Brandin pulled his still erect penis out of her shaved glistening pussy and looked over the blonde's relaxed body.

“Didn't look too much before but that body of yours is crazy hot!”

She looked up at him and smiled.

“Thanks but you don't need to be nice, I hate my breasts.”


“They're too small and my nipples are tiny. I want bigger ones like Dove. Why? Do you want to cum on then?”

“No. I want to cum in the part of your body you seem most proud of.”

Brandin pulled Olivia up with a lot of force that she flew off the crate into his arms.

“I hope you're flexible.” Brandin said as he turned her around in his arms so her front faced away from him.

Showing his strength, he carried her to the nearest wall and leaned her forward so her hands could rest against it. Licking his middle finger to wet it, he ran it along her ass cheek before reaching her hole. As her shins rested against his thighs, Brandin started to thrust his finger into her ass to get her used to the feeling.

He'd thought that she had had some experience of anal from the way she'd showed off her ass earlier and her reaction to being spanked but he was taken aback by how easily her hole had taken to his finger movements. Despite how easily her arse got used to one finger, Brandin knew he's need three in there to get her ass ready for his girth.

It wasn't going to be a quick process for her to get ready but Olivia helped by balancing with one hand and reached down with her second to grip his cock. She'd only just got over her orgasm but was already feeling some pleasure from Brandin’s finger, it soon increased when he added a second into her.

“Oh God, that ass is tight.”

“All squats, but fuck, your cock is going to feel big in there.”

Olivia started to stroke harder as he continued to finger fuck her ass. She'd already had her orgasm and thought she could have a second, all she knew was that she wanted him to cum.

Olivia loved to fuck older guys, she got a perverse pleasure from men who'd seen her on Disney and desired her. Brandin was younger than what she usually wanted but more than made up for it with his ability.

“Fuck!” Olivia exclaimed as a third finger entered her.

Brandin continued to slide his three fingers in, expanding the 19 year olds hole so she could accommodate him. He was already getting pleasure as the girl played with his cock but he wanted to fuck her ass hard. He'd wanted to from the first moment she'd lifted her dress up.

He decided it was enough time preparing the starlet and withdrew his fingers from her, grabbing his penis out of her hand. It was still slick from her earlier orgasm and he slowly slid it into Olivia.

“Oh God, that's so big!” Olivia said as she felt the cock slide in.

With his fingers free, he moved Olivia’s legs to wrap around his waist and he pushed her body further forward so that she was almost horizontal. Being much taller allowed him to move her the way he wanted and he started to move her body to allow him to thrust into her ass.

“Damn, thats such a nice tight ass! I'm gonna enjoy cumming in here.” he said as he felt pleasure go through his body.

Olivia closed her eyes as Brandin pushed into her, soaking in the combination of pain and pleasure it was giving her. The tightness was loosened a little and Brandin started to increase the speeds of his thrust, causing the friction to push him further.

“Fuck yeah, this is so nice. I'm gonna burst!”

Olivia barely heard him, her eyes closed enjoying the pleasure. She'd snuck her hand down to stimulate her clit, starting to tease out a second orgasm.

Neither seemed to ignore the other and focus on their own pleasure which had started to sneak up.

“Ohhh yeah, fucking yes. I'm so gonna cum in this ass “

“Oh God, fuck me. Fuck me.” Olivia moaned into a scream.

Her eyes closed as her orgasm started to take over her body, the warmth from her pussy radiating throughout. She let her body go and was only being held up by Brandin pounding into her.

“Oh yeah, come on! Come on!”

Brandin pushed further into her ass as his balls started to tighten. He moved forward and pressed Olivia into the wall as the force of his finish pushed him into her neck. He wrapped his arms around the girl as he pushed through, pushing all his cum into her arse.

“Oh my fuck! That was so good. I need to fuck more bouncers.” Olivia moaned as she started to recover from her orgasm.

Brandin stayed silent as he pulled his cock out of her and moved her into his arms, carrying her back to the crate.

“That was an incredibly nice pussy. Think I'll fuck that again.”

“You're welcome to!” Olivia giggled.

Brandin wiped the sweat from his brow and returned his cock into his pants,getting himself ready to go back to work. Olivia took her time, choosing to ogle Brandin instead.

He was a little bit disappointed when Olivia returned into her clothes, her tight young body encased by the baby blue dress.

“Do I still have to leave?” she asked as she followed Brandin back to the door.

“I think we can overlook it this one time, I'll take you into VIP as well so you can drink illegally in peace.”

Olivia smiled as the two entered the building and walked towards VIP. Brandin opened the curtain and let Olivia walk in, giving her a hug as she passed.

“You ever want to come in for free again, come to the front and ask for me. We can make a little arrangements to do it somewhere better.”

“No,I liked alley, made me feel really hot and dirty. Until next time big boy!”

Olivia winked at him before walking to a corner booth and grabbing a complimentary glass of wine. She took out her phone and dialled Dove’s number.

“Dovey, oh my God! You'll never guess what just happened!”

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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. If you would like to provide constructive feedback, please send an e-mail to feedback.minotaur@gmail.com.

Club Fucker 4 - Bella Thorne
Codes: MF, Cons, Drugs, Facial

The music blared around the club as Bella sat in VIP, she needed a night to chill after all of the magazine articles on her and Scott Disick recently. Sure, she’d fucked him but they were both single so who gave a fuck? She didn’t want to be caught in the Kardashian net, no one got out of that unscathed. Even Taylor Swift had fucked off for two years, though she was probably busy riding some farmhands back in the mid west.

‘Chronic’ was a shit pit, no Kardashian would ever set foot in here so she felt safe. The paparazzi wouldn’t even set foot in here, too skeezy for them despite that what happens inside would be a goldmine for them. It was only the other week that she saw Taylor Momson strip naked and ride a sybian in the VIP area, only privileged eyes got to see that show. She’d not been here since so anything could have happened in her absence, Bella hated missing out.

“What is up kid sis?” she heard from behind her.

Bella turned around to see her older sister Dani walking up to her. She looked frenzied with her eyes being bloodshot and her hair messed up. She was dressed in a dark red dress that shimmered in the light.

“Hey Dani. What’s up?”

Bella hugged her sister tightly as she saw Dani’s boyfriend following her. She took the opportunity to check the guy out, he was in his late twenties, had long blonde hair and a trimmed beard. He was also topless for some reason with his athletic body on full display, he owned an impressive six pac that she had not seen on a guy that she’d fucked for quite a while.

“I’m just heading out actually. That stupid film I did needs me to come in and do ADR. I mean seriously, who the fuck does ADR ar 1am?” Dani shouted as they broke the hug.

“Really? But I wanna hang out with my sister. We could cause total carnage in here tonight.”

“Sorry babe, I’ll leave the fuck toy to keep you company. Fuck toy!” she shouted as she turned around to her boyfriend. “Look after Bella while I’m gone, go get her some vodka and some coke.”

Brian, the boyfriend, nodded and walked off to the bar leaving the two girls alone. Dani took Bella’s hand and pulled her in close. She placed her mouth to her sister's ear and whispered.

“I’m not off to ADR, I’m off to fuck the director. I’m a bit bored of the fuck toy and need some different fun. I’ve never fucked an Asian guy before. Keep Brian buy for a few hours for me?”

Bella nodded her head before Dani walked off. She’d always covered for Dani when she was younger so today would be no different. Bella certainly couldn’t complain about someone sneaking off to fuck older guys, it was one of Bella’s biggest hobbies. She was feeling frisky though and leaving Brian with her wasn’t the best idea that her sister had ever had.

Bella sat down and waited for Brian to return, adjusting her dress slightly to show more cleavage. She’d shot a little video with her walking around in a lacy bra and pantie set with some stockings. She’d negotiated with the photographer to let her go home with them and she still wore them underneath her dress. She liked to feel sexy and felt she had enough confidence to seduce any guy here; she was sure they’d all love to see what she had close up. She was scanning the crowd when Brian joined her in the booth. He plopped himself down next to her and put the tray onto the table. He’d gone all out for Bella with a bottle of Ciroc, a Jack Hennessey whiskey, four lines of coke and a couple of tablets. Bella’s eyes lit up as she perused the tray,

“Why so much?” she asked.

“Dani told me to take care of you so I brought you a buffet. I know you Thorne girls are hard to please sometimes.”

“Only in bed.” Bella said with a wink as she took a shot of the vodka.

She was a bit nervous about overstepping the mark straight off the bat but he laughed at the comment before chucking one of the tablets in his mouth and downing it with some vodka. She watched him closely as he looked around the club. Although it was dank, it was the celebrity element that the owners wanted to bring in so the VIP area was refurbished to the max. The booths were all red velvet, the little tables were mirrored and there was enough space for people to move around. There were also more secure areas towards the back, ones that were enclosed.

Bella shot a look at them to see that the area was quiet, it would probably fill up as the VIP area got busier and she was sure it would be where Dani would have taken Brian for a ride had she not left to ride the director. She would do anything to get a slightly bigger role, something Bella herself was not too shy to do herself.

“So I can pick any one of these?” Bella asked as she returned her eyes to Brian

“Yeah, got them for both of us. Go hard or go home, am i right?”

“Is hard something you always go for?”

“Totally, do you?”

“I love it hard.” Bella replied as she put a tablet in her mouth. “I mean.. Going hard.”

“Well careful you don’t exhaust herself.” he said as she watched her down another shot of vodka.

“Oh, I can go all night.”

Bella raised herself off the bench and started to move her hips to dance around. She’d been thin all of her life due to acting and dancing but she’d always made sure her ass was toned and drew people’s eyes to it. She didn’t know if it would work exactly but she took her time to get into the motion before she shook her ass for Brian’s privilege.

She had chosen a tight blue dress to wear over her borrowed underwear and it showed off all of her curves. A decent amount of cleavage from her enhanced chest and her ass stuck out for all to see. As she dropped low to the ground to twerk her ass, she could see Brian’s reflection checking her out. She turned to look at him and he smiled as he wiped the remaining powder off. She returned his smile and returned to her standing position, forcibly sticking her ass out for him to look at.

“Dani teach you those moves?” he asked.

She strutted over to him and chucked another tablet into her mouth.

“Please, I’ve always been the dancer in the family. I taught her these moves.”


Bella nodded as she drunk more of the vodka, feeling the tablets start to take effect.

“Oh yeah. So when you see her dancing in the club, you can thank me. When you see her grinding her buttup against another girl, you can thank me. When she’s on your lap, rubbing into your crotch, you can thank me.”

She gave a little giggle and spun in a circle to show off her body. Brian took a large gulp as he looked over the 19 year old’s body. He felt bad about doing it but Bella didn’t seem to mind.

“Is there anything you didn’t teach her?”

Bella knew this would be her queue so put her drink down. She walked around the table to where he sat and looked down on him. Her dress was too tight to straddle him so she moved to his side and sat down on his lap. Bella put her arms around his shoulders and gave a little chuckle. Leaning in, she placed her lips to his ears and whispered.

“I didn’t teach her how to suck cock, she taught me. But I improved on it.”

She moved her head back to see his face. He had a look of disbelief on his face that was quickly replaced with a smile and a laugh.

“And what would she say if she were to find her little sister sat on my lap?”

“Why would she need to find out? She chose to go do ADR when her hot boyfriend is in the club and seemingly DTF.”

“Why do you think I’m DTF?” he asked.

“Oh, just an inkling I have.” Bella said as she reached down to grab his cock, which was getting harder by the second.

“Maybe you should shake that ass for me.”

“I will, let’s go somewhere more private.”

Bella rose to her feet and started to walk to the back rooms. Knowing what was about to happen, he used a card to lift up the coke and put it into a clear plastic bag. Placing it in his pocket, he quickly followed in Bella’s wake and caught up as she reached the bouncer that guarded the rooms. They were shown to one room and locked it after entering.

It wasn’t the biggest room but the mirrors and purple lighting had made it seem larger. Brian sat down in the centre of the bench and placed the whiskey and the coke behind him. Bella stood with her back to the wall and looked over the guy, his six pac highlighted by the lighting. Music came out of the speakers as Bella fiddled with a dial next to her while Brian waited patiently.

“I think it would be a good idea to lose the jeans.”

Brian nodded and removed his jeans, shoes and socks; sitting down in only his boxer briefs where his erect cock was very apparent. Bella licked her lips as she looked at it, knowing what she was about to do would create a massive rift. She approached Brian and ran her finger along his chest as she started to swing her hips slowly. She didn’t want to rush into his lap and enjoyed teasing the athletic man she saw in front of her.

“I hope you’re wearing something sexy underneath.”

“You had no idea! It won’t be on long anyway.”

She spun on her heel and rubbed her ass into his chest. He could feel the curve of her ass as it rubbed up and down him. He had always thought of little Bella as jailbait but she’d really grown into herself recently. He now looked at her bent over in front of him, the dress slowly being lifted up to unveil her ass. The black pantines covered most of her ass but showed enough of the toned muscle for you to know the squats were worth it. Brian reached up and gave it a cup as she lowered it down some. Bella looked over her shoulder at him and smiled as she saw his eyes were fixated on it.

Bella reached around her back and lowered the zipper on the dress, it wasn’t the longest so she was able to undo it without any help. She unhooked the shoulders straps from her arms and removed them, lowering the dress to her chest. She took another glance at Brian to see he had leaned back against the bench and the bulge in his pants was increasing in size.

“Jesus, how big are you?” Bella asked as she looked over him.

“Why don’t you take it out and have a look!” he replied with a cocky smile on his face.

Bella turned around to face him and dropped the dress down her body. She stood there in a strapless black bra, her lace panties and the black stockings. She decided to keep her heels on as it added to the sexiness. She wanted to tease him a little more before taking him inside her so leaned over him and brought her lips to his ears.

“Why don’t you take them off and enjoy the view.”

Bella turned around and strutted away from him, shaking her hips from side to side to highlight her panty clad cheeks. Brian watched with his mouth agape at Bella’s teasing and slid the boxer briefs off, his nine inch cock standing on end for her. Bella removed her strapless bra and threw it on the floor, she was going to ride his cock and she wanted him to pay enough attention to her nipples, they were extra sensitive since the surgery. Brian wolf whistled at her as she spun around to face him, exposing her large breasts to him. Her small nipples stood out, exposing how turned on she was.

Brian licked his lips as he looked over Bella’s fine body. She leaned forward and moved the panties down her legs, her clean shaven pussy lips enlarged by how turned on she was. She strutted forward dressed in only the stockings and her heels and straddled her sisters boyfriend, bringing her lips down to his and kissing him passionately. Brian’s hands made quick work in reaching around her ass and cupping her cheeks. She let out a moan as she felt him grab her while she worked over his mouth with her tongue. As she pulled her lips away from him, she dropped her hips down and took his cock into her pussy.

“Mmm, good fit.” Bella moaned as she moved down to take half his length.

“Damn you’re nice and tight. Much tighter than your sister.”

“Who isn’t?” Bella asked as she moved his head down to her chest.

Taking the hint, Brian opened his mouth and took her right breast into his mouth, sucking on her nipple. Bella moved her hands around his head, gripping onto his hair as she closed her eyes due to the pleasure. In the meantime, Brian’s hands took a strong hold of her hips and helped keep the motion of her riding steady, Bella taking more of his cock as she started to bounce. It only took a few minutes but Bella was soon bouncing on him hard and able to take his entire length into her pussy. When it was settled into a consistent motion, Brian moved his hands around to her ass and gave the cheeks a big squeeze. The girl had constantly teased him with her posterior over the years and now he got the opportunity to get his hands on it.

“That’s it, grab my ass. Spank that thang.” Bella got out in between her moans of pleasure.

Brian bit down on her nipple gently as her followed her instructions and grabbed her ass. It was hard to keep a good hold as she bounced on his cock, taking it all in her pussy. He reached his hand back and gave her ass a little slap, hearing a good patting noise. The spank elicited a louder moan from Bella as she enjoyed the rough stuff more.

“Harder.” she moaned.

He pulled his hand back and smacked her ass harder, allowing another moan to come out. He smiled as he watched how much she liked it so continued to smack her cheeks until it started to get a red hand print to mark there.

“Oh yes, such a great cock. I need to cum hard.” she moaned as she leaned her head back, changing the motion of her riding so she could keep the cock inside of her. “I know what will get me over the line.”

She grabbed Brian’s hand brought it up to her throat.

“Are you sure?” he asked as he looked up at the nineteen year old.

“Yeah. I love being choked.” Bella replied as she bounced harder on his cock.

Brian shrugged his shoulders as he felt Bella’s tight pussy clamp around his cock. He squeezed both hands, the grip on her ass tighter as he didn’t want to push her limits too much. Bella closed her eyes as she felt it harder to breath but the pleasure flowing over her body. She kept her own hands gripped onto her breasts and squeezed them as Brian leaned back.

“Oh yes, yes, yes.” Bella moaned as her voice started to get louder.

Bella dug herself into Brian as her body started to get warmer, her orgasm approaching her. Her bouncing changed to short quick bounces as she rode him more, feeling more pleasure fill her body.

“Yes, I’m cumming! Yes, yes, oh yes, fuck!”

Bella pulled Brian’s hand away from her cheek as she looked up at the ceiling, enjoying the warmth of her pleasure flowing through her body. She tried to catch her breath as Brian looked up at her.

“Holy shit, that was a good fucking. No wonder Dani keeps that cock around. A big pleasure stick you’ve kept hidden from me for years.” Bella said with a giggle.

“Thanks but I think I need to have mine.” Brian said.

Bella jumped off of his lap and stood up in front of him. Brian immediately joined her upright and grabbed her around her hips. Leaning in, he placed a kiss on her lips and she gratefully took his tongue in.

“Bend over, I've always wanted to do this.”

Bella was unsure what he meant, she didn't want to give him her asshole tonight. As she wondered what he wanted, Bella felt him pour some powder on her ass cheeks. She quickly realised what he meant.

“I know in the movies they usually mean snorting coke off a hooker’s ass but I think my girlfriends sister is a decent enough replacement.” he said as he lowered his nose and swept up the coke.

“Yeah and I've got a much nicer pussy than some hooker.”

“You damn straight.” Brian replied as he returned to a standing position and took hold of Bella’s hips.

“Now fuck me with that awesome cock.”

Brian didn't want to disappoint and plowed his cock into Bella's pussy without hesitation. She had recovered from her orgasm but it was still incredibly wet as Brian thrust himself into her.

“God this feels so nice and wet.”

“All your handy work big boy. I love how you feel.”

Bella dropped her body onto the leather material of the bench as she felt him push into her. She didn't feel any guilt with Brian, helped by the fact that she knew her sister was currently getting plowed by a director. Brian raised his hand back and smacked Bella's ass again, watching the skin ripple as he did so. She let out a little yelp as he continued to spank her money maker.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me.” Bella moaned.

“Oh God, I'm close. I cannot wait to cum.”

“I want you to fill me up!” she moaned as she felt more pleasure come over her.

“Not happening, I've got something more appropriate in mind slut “

Brian reached forward and grabbed a hold of her hair. He pushed into her as he yanked her hair back, making slight eye contact. He knew that she'd liked the rough stuff but It was sight to behold as a smile came across her face. He smacked her ass as they locked eyes and another moan came from her mouth.

“Oh yeah, I'm so close.” Brian said as he let go of her hair.

He pulled out of her pussy, much to Bella's chagrin, and walked to the centre of the room. He yanked at his cock as Bella stood up and faced him.

“Come here and get on your knees Bella.”

She nodded her head and did as commanded. Growing up as a Disney starlet, she was used to being in this position. At least it was cock she had enjoyed rather than endured.

“Open your mouth and enjoy!”

Brian gripped his cock hard and pumped it as Bella waited. He put his spare hand on her head as he felt his balls start to tighten. The first spray came out of his cock and landed directly on her forehead. The cum continued to shoot out of his cock landing on Bella's face. She licked her lips as the cum dribbled down her face onto her mouth.

“Fuck this feels good.” Brian said.

Bella grabbed his cock as the spray started to stop and put it into her mouth. She moved her mouth up and down to swallow the remainder of Brian’s cum. After it was licked clean, Bella popped the cock out of her mouth and looked up at him.

“Not only is it a pleasure stick but it tastes great too!” she said laughing.

“Wow, hope this isn’t gonna be the only time we get to fuck.”

“Hell no! I'm gonna keep you on retainer, as long you don't mind fucking Danis sister behind her back.”

“Behind the back is the best way to fuck!” Brian said as he helped Bella to her feet.

“With an ass like mine, that’s so true. You’ll get to fuck it soon too!”

Bella leaned up and kissed him on the cheek before turning around and walking back to the bench. She leaned down to pick up his jeans, boxer briefs and shoes; ensuring to give him a great view of her toned ass. She walked back and handed them to him.

“Maybe you should put these on and get out there, we don't want Dani returning to find you in here with me naked and covered in spunk.”

He nodded his agreement and put his clothes on. Before leaving, he grabbed Bella and kissed her passionately. She returned the favour and massaged her tongue along his. As they broke off, there was a little bit of cum on his face. Bella licked it off and swallowed it down with a smile.

Brian walked out of the room and Bella quickly locked the door. She picked up her panties and walked back to the bench. Noticing some coke and the vodka has been left. Bella grabbed them and sat down on the bench to prepare a line.

“One down, Kali’s next.” Bella said with a laugh.

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Re: Club Fucker
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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18. I am always looking for feedback and conversing about my stories. If you would like to, please send an e-mail feedback.minotaur@gmail.com.

Club Fucker 5 - McKayla Maroney
Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Bukake

The music was pounding when McKayla finally walked into the club. She had been sitting in her car shivering with nerves for several minutes but had to drag herself out of the car so that she made the appointment. It would not be a good start if she turned up late. Regardless of her nerves, McKayla knew she had to go through with her plan now she was here.

The meeting with Carston Graves had been set up by her friend Ariana Grande, she credited Carston from helping her move from Disney to the mainstream. She did advise the former gymnast to be careful, he was known to have certain tastes and demands. Ariana had admitted having to go down on him several times but she could not stand it due to his size. That didn't deter McKayla.

She had dressed to impress him, red velvet mini-dress, black bra and thong and fishnet stockings. Due to her career as a gymnast, McKayla had toned legs and she loved to show them off. Her get up had been paired with a pair of 7 inch heels, helping boost her 5 foot 3 height to a more noticeable level. Being short helped in gymnastics but didn't do much in singing arena, everyone was looking for the next Taylor Swift. McKayla wasn't sure if her and Ariana put together would be taller than the blonde.

McKayla was escorted by a large black bodyguard as soon as she entered the club to ensure she got to Carston very quickly., The place was full and looked very intimidating for to the privileged girl. The tall man knocked on the door and a deep voice commanded them to enter. The bodyguard was a gentleman and he held the door open for McKayla. She couldn't help but brush up against him as she entered the room and could feel the bulge in his pants. To her surprise, he closed the door and stood in front of it. This wasn't going to be the private meeting as there was another man sat opposite Carston.

Carston Graves was a tall man, about 6 foot 3, and towered over McKayla as much as the bodyguard. His outrageous style was obvious by the purple suit he wore, a bit reminiscent of David Tennant in 'Jessica Jones'. He approached McKayla and kissed her on the cheek as he shook her hand. McKayla was motioned to sit down and he poured two glasses of scotch for them to drink.

"Oh, I didn't think we would be drinking." McKayla said

"You'll need it." Carston said before pulling something out of his desk.

McKayla felt a bit awkward at the silence in the room as Carston read his notes. She attempted to study his face but it wasn't showing anything that she could read. He eventually put the paper down and looked at the girl.

"So Arianna sent me your demo and asked me to work with you. Now I'm not going to lie to you McKayla, I've got plenty of other girls with more talent who want me to produce for them. Why should I pick you?"

"I thought it was pretty much a done deal."

"Why would you think that?" Carston asked with quizzical look on his face.

"Well... the way Arianna was talking... she..."

McKayla stopped short as Carston held his hand up. He rose from his chair and walked over to the two sided window that overlooked the club floor. He motioned for McKayla to join him and the two looked over the busy club. There were numerous people dancing, a fight that was quickly stopped and plenty of people hooking up in the VIP area.

"I took a long time to build this club up, when I took it over it was a shit hole. Shootings every week, a toilet area known as rape alley and the lights barely turned on. Fifteen years later, look at it. Much improved, don't you think?"

McKayla nodded her head.

"On that bar top, I fucked Bella Thorne and then her sister. In the DJ box I fucked Kylie Jenner. VIP area I had a very drunk Letitia Wright. And this office, I ass fucked Ariana, Victoria Justice and the blonde one, whatever the fuck her name is. I took this meeting as a favour to Ariana but if you want me to produce your drivel and turn it into a hit, you gotta prove you're as worthy as those names."

"I can do whatever you need me to. Ariana has told me some of the stuff she did and what I might have to do and I still came." McKayla said as she looked at the producer.

He gave a gruff laugh before walking back to his desk with McKayla quickly in his wake. He stopped at the front of the desk and leaned back to look at the former gymnast. He was impressed by how she was dressed, Ariana must have told her about his weakness for fishnets and heels. McKayla walked seductively across the room for Carston, she knew there were two other men staying silent and just watching but she only had eyes for him.

"If you are willing to do whatever is needed, lose the dress."

"Are they leaving us on our own?" she tried to say powerfully.

"Lose the dress." he replied solemnly.

McKayla bit her lip as she looked at Carston. She knew it was likely the dress would be lost but she had expected to be alone with the man in front of her. She cockily thought she would have more power in negotiation than she did. McKayla took a moment before sliding the dress straps over her shoulders and moving it down onto the floor. Carston looked over her lingerie clad body and smiled, McKayla had an excellent body and it was even better with it being in front of him rather than on Instagram.

He moved his hands in a circular motion gesturing for her to spin. She followed his command to allow him see the thong material settle between her toned ass cheeks. As she completed the full 360, he grabbed her, pulled her forward into him and placed a kiss on her lips. She slid her tongue into his mouth as she felt his hands move down her back, his left hand taking a big grab of her ass cheek. She moaned into it as her tongue played with his before finally pulling away.

"You really are in the mood to play, aren't ya?"

McKayla nodded as a smile came across her face.

"Good girl. Drop to your knees."

The brunette did as she was asked and expected Carston to take his cock out for her. She was taken by surprise as the large bodyguard who had escorted her to the room moved to the front of her. He unzipped his trousers and pulled out his hard cock for her. It was only about five inches in length but seemed quite girthy. She looked up to Carston who had moved to the side of the desk.

"You want my cock, you need to prove you're worthy slut. Suck his dick!"

McKayla listened to him and brought her hand to the bodyguards cock, wrapping her fingers around the thickness. She gasped as her hand was barely able to go around and started to pump it up and down. The two other men laughed as they watched the thong-clad girl play with their friends dick.

Leaning close, McKayla stuck her tongue out and licked the head of the cock. The man himself chuckled as she coated it in saliva. He moved her hair clear of her face as she opened her mouth wide and moved the cock in. She knew how to play to the audience and let out a moan as she sucked on the cock. This made the two men chuckle as the second bouncer took his cock out for her.

Before Carston could utter a word, McKayla reached over and started to jerk her hand on his cock too. The two men high fived each other as the former gymnast worked over both of them. McKayla had her eyes closed as she forcefully sucked the black man's cock, able to take the full length inside her mouth without gagging.

"Good girl, I like a slut who works a cock without command."

She shot her eyes to the producer and nodded, a smile hidden by the cock in her mouth. McKayla continued to work her lips along one cock while her hand worked on the white piece of meat next to her. The black guy was starting to grunt with pleasure so McKayla brought her other hand to his balls, massaging them softly as she sucked. He started to move his hand to her head but wasn't prepared for McKayla moving it back quickly and sliding the cock out of her mouth. She looked up to the man and gave him a wink before taking the second cock into her mouth and repeating the process.

McKayla could hear the two men laugh as she sucked along the second cock, the two bodyguards were loving what was happening that she wasn't sure if they had had this opportunity before. She tried to look toward Carston but he view was blocked by the torsos of the two men. Her hand was stroking the first bodyguards cock and she could feel the precum start to coat the head of his cock. She knew he wouldn't last and really wanted to impress Carston. She took the second bodyguards cock out of her mouth and paid all attention to man number one. She stroked his cock as hard as she could, her eyes drifting up to his to encourage him. He nodded to her to notify he was about to cum.

McKayla looked to the cock and paused a moment, unsure on what to do. Instinct took over and she lowered the cock to her chest before he spurted cum all over. She'd paid a lot for the underwear but didn't care that it was covered with the man's which liquid. She continued to jerk his cock to empty it all over her before moving her hand to her chest. She scooped up some of the cum before sticking her hand in her mouth and swallowing it down. The black bodyguard moved to the side and Carston came into sight, he had moved back to the edge of the desk and had taken his jacket and tie off.

"Come close McKayla, let me see."

McKayla rose to her feet and walked over to Carston. Shorter than the producer, she looked up to him with a pleasing smile, watching him observe her. He seemed happy with the result of her work on the bodyguard.

"Good start gym slut. Mike, go rehydrate and prepare yourself." Carston said as he threw a hand towel to the man she had just satisfied. "You, on the other hand, can lose the bra and make Steve cum."

McKayla turned around to see the second bodyguard standing in the middle of the room with his erect cock still out. He was massaging it himself while staring at her. She wiped the cum into her skin before taking the bra off and tossing it aside. She was already turned on and her nipples became erect as they met the fresh air. Her breasts weren't the largest but they were pert and she had always received compliments about them.

She dropped down onto her knees in front of Steve and decided to mix it up. She looked up at him with an innocent face and widened eyes.

"I hope you're not going to cum too soon, I want to enjoy your cock."

"Why don't you put that mouth to good use then?" he asked

Her face then dropped the innocent look with something a bit more devilish.

"I have a better idea."

She saw him smile as she bit her lower lip and grabbed hold of the cock. It was a bit hard for her due to his height but she guided his cock in between her breasts. She pushed them together started to stroke his cock with cock with them. There was a look of delight in his eyes as he watched McKayla jack his cock with her tits.

"God, you're amazing little girl."

She looked up to him with a little smile as she pushed her tits around even tighter and squeezed his cock between her. There was enough popping over that she stuck her tongue out and started to lick the head as her breasts moved up and down. There were moans coming out of his mouth and McKayla started to laugh at the noises. She was sure he wouldn't mind considering where his cock was.

"You hear that Steve?" Carston shouted from behind her. "She's laughing at you Steve! Maybe you shouldn't take that! Maybe you should slap her!"

McKayla looked around him with a confused look on her face. Ariana had said many thing but had never mentioned anything about violence. She watched Steve take his cock away from her breasts and take it in his hand. He slapped her across the cheek with his erect cock, the head making contact with her noise. She laughed again as she felt her pussy get wetter with it. He slapped her again on the other side of her face and she grabbed at his cock. Something burned inside her and she started to suck on the cock hard. The entire length was swallowed but her mouth as her nose started to hit into his stomach. He moaned a little moan as she sloshed the spittle in her mouth around his cock.

She slid tongue over the head of his cock as she felt her hair being moved out of the way. She didn't know who did, there could have been several guys in the room for all she cared, her attention was solely on the cock in her mouth and trying to make it cum.

"Excellent McKayla, just like a good little slut should, sucking a nice big cock. You close to it Steve? You going to cum down her little throat?" Carston shouted from the other side of the room.

Unsighted to McKayla, Steve stuck a thumbs up at Carston as he thrust his cock further into McKayla's mouth. It was the furthest she had taken a cock into her mouth, it was hitting the back of her throat and helping her discover a new gag reflex. She ran her tongue along the head of his cock as she pulled it outwards and she could feel the precum. She swallowed it down as she continued to cock on his cock, wanting to make him cum. To support this, her hands dropped down to his balls and massaged both to excite him more.

Steve looked down on her through strained eyes as he approached his vinegar strokes. Just by the look on his face, she knew he wouldn't be able to contain himself much longer. She had already had the first bodyguard cum on her tits and she wanted Carston to cum inside her so she was left with one option for Steve. She took the cock out of her mouth and licked along the bottom of it from top to bottom.

McKayla took one hand off his balls to jack the cock while sucking down on it. The balls on Steve started to tighten and the bit of precum fell onto her tongue. This allowed McKayla to prepare herself before the first wad of cum shot out of his cock. It landed towards the back of her mouth and allowed her time to swallow it down before the second wad landed. McKayla continued to suck through as the cum came out of his cock and was swiftly deposited down her throat. She had swallowed a lot of cum in her teens but this was one of the biggest loads she had to deal with.

The cum finally stopped and Steve stepped back, taking his cock out of her mouth. She swallowed the final bit as she watched him walk the same the first bodyguard had gone to leave her on her own. She was still on her knees as Carston approached and held out his arm to help her out.

"I bet you're a little bored of being on your knees." he said as she joined him standing.

"How can I ever be bored with all this cock to play with?" McKayla replied.

She knew it sounded slutty but she wanted to please him. The producer smiled and led her back to his desk which had been cleared. He lifted her up to so she was sat on the desk and kissed her on the lips. McKayla wrapped her arms around Carston as she sank into the kiss, their tongues intertwined with each other Her bare breasts pressed into his chest and she could feel his muscles underneath.

"Do you want to fuck me?" he asked.

McKayla nodded and Carston pushed her backward so she was lying down. The fishnet tights were over her thong but Carston wanted her to keep them on. He ripped some of the material and started to slide the thong down her legs, keeping eye contact with the former gymnast.

McKayla usually had some sort of bush down below but Arianna had tipped her off that the producer liked his women hairless. He took the thong off her legs and took a moment to look at her bald pussy, her lips slick with her excited juices. This time Carston licked his lips to see her completely nude.

"You look fantastic."

"Thank you, I work out a little." she replied with a giggle.

Carston took off his shirt and trousers in a quick motion and McKayla saw the bulge for the first time. She wanted to exclaim her surprise but kept it inside as he took his cock out for her.

"I'm sure you've heard enough about it."

McKayla nodded as he took the erect cock into his hand and took a step forward to her. She expected him to push it straight in but Carston rubbed the head of his cock along her pussy lips. A moan came from her mouth as he moved the cock to her clit and rubbed the head into it. McKayla felt a wave of pleasure go through her and he started to move her hips to add to the rubbing. Carston move his cock down and started to slide his length into her. McKayla closed her eyes to enjoy the pleasure from the cock and her hands went down to her breasts to play with her nipples.

Carston reached to her shoulder and held it as he pushed his length inside her, McKayla's moans got louder as he started to thrust his cock inside the gymnast. He kept his eyes on her face as she kept her eyes closed, enjoying the pleasure of his cock inside her and her fingers playing with her nipples.

"Oh, you feel so tight. Much tighter than you friend." Carston said in between thrusts.

"If you think that's tight, you should try my ass!" moaned as she continued to play with her nipples.

Carston thought over that for a moment before pulling out of the gymnast. He flipped her over onto her stomach and watched how she stuck her ass out to him. He could see her bite her lip as she looked at him with desire. She knew what she liked and he felt like she had played him a little. He didn't mind though as he was looking to ass fucking the little slut. He grabbed some lube and rubbed it over his cock, mixing it with her pussy juices that currently covered him.

"Play with your pussy while I do, I'd prefer it if you came."

She nodded her head as she felt his hand start to lather her ass with the lube. She hadn't had a cock in her ass for months and was feeling quite excited that he would be doing it. She heard the door open and close but as she tried to turn to see, Carston put his hand on her back and pushed her back down. Her breasts felt the cold wood press into it as Carston slid a finger into her ass. He thrusted it in and out to start loosening her up.

McKayla wanted to show Carston her willingness to listen so slid her right hand down her body and started to massage her clit. The excitement of the situation had really got to her and her pussy was already really wet. Her fingers moved over her clit in a circular motion and she moaned as she felt the pleasure of her stimulation. Her eyes were now open and looked over the partying club, she enjoyed the fact she was performing these acts so close to the public.

A yelp exited her mouth as she felt Carston push his cock inside her ass, it was a lot thicker than any other cock she'd had in it before. There was a pain as she felt him push his length inside but it was outweighed by the pleasure from her clit play. Carston increased the speed of his thrusting as he held onto her hips, careful not to move her hand as he enjoyed that she was pleasing herself.

Carston looked back to see that the two bodyguards had returned and had brought two other men with them. They looked like young guys from the club, he would enjoy watching her be covered. He signalled for them to start jerking to get themselves ready and concentrated back on McKayla.

"Are you close girl?"

"Ye...yeah.." she got out in between moans.

McKayla increased the speed of her masturbation to get her close to orgasming. She wanted to show she could do it with him pushing her to her anal limits. Her moans started to get louder and quickly turned into screams as her orgasm rocked through her body. The shaking added to the pleasure of Carston and he could feel himself close to cumming as well. He saw McKayla panting hard as she started to recover from the orgasm. He gripped her hips and thrusted his cock quicker to ensure he could finish. Carston grabbed a load of her hair and pulled back as he shot his load into McKayla's ass.

He thrusted his cock into her with speed as he attempted to finish his entire load inside of her and let go of her hair. He looked down to the gymnast who had recovered from her own orgasm and started to look over her shoulder.

"Have I proved my worth to you?" she asked

He pulled his cock out and allowed her to roll around on her back, her eyes looking up at his with a haze.

"Almost. You have just one more thing to do."

He moved aside to show her the group of men standing in a line and jerking their cocks.

"You want me to fuck all of them?" she said with a look of surprise.

Carston shook his head and walked around the desk to sit in his seat.

"All you have to do is go over there and kneel."

McKayla sat up on the desk and looked at the four. The first two men she recognised at the bodyguards she had pleasured earlier. The other two were new and have fairly average cocks. McKayla jumped off of the desk and walked to the four. She moved her hair behind her shoulders as the four men made a semi-circle around her. They continued to jerk their cock as they looked over the naked gymnast. Her body glistened with sweat and she smelt of cum and orgasms. It was a rare feeling for her to feel pleased with the amount of sex work she had done, even if she had been used for the whims of the producer.

The black bodyguard seemed to be taking the lead and nodded to the other three men. He aimed his cock at McKayla as his hand moved to her face to open her mouth. She instinctively closed her eyes and his cock shot out the cum and it landed on her forehead. The other three men joined in with cumming and their loads shot over at different places. McKayla felt cum land on her mouth, her neck, her tits and her stomach as they seemed to be told to cover her as much as they could. This lasted for a minute or two as all four men emptied their sacs all over her.

As the cumming session came to an end, McKayla opened her eyes to see the men walking away. They clearly didn't want to hang around after cumming all over the gold medalist. She turned her eyes to the side to see Carston had got dressed and was watching her. He bent his finger to call her over, she stood up so he could fully take in her naked form and approached him. He look over to see the cum dripping all over her, he had never been able to get a celebrity involved with a bukkake before.

"Excellent little show McKayla. You've done all I asked, you are very obedient slut."

"Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"I've signed the contract for you. Sign it and get yourself cleaned up. We'll make you a star soon and then I have other plans for you."

"This wasn't a one off?"

"Why do you think Ariana still comes here? I like keeping my fuck toys."

McKayla looked down at the contract as Carston stood from his desk. He spanked her ass as he walked past and headed to the exit of the office. She wasn't sure if she wanted to carry on with fucking him but she did have fun. She grabbed the pen from the desk and signed on the dotted line. At least she got her producer.


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