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Driver (Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift)
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Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I’d love to hear some feedback as per usual. My e-Mail addresses are at: mean.blackjack(@)yahoo.co.uk If you remove the parenthesis from the @ symbol it’ll get through! You can also get me at mean.blackjack47(@)gmail.com. Again, remove the parenthesis. Also, don’t forget to thank and like the story if you do like it! Also feel free to post on the thread to voice your encouragement, lord knows my ego needs stroking!

Also, please don't post this on any other site without my explicit permission. I've had to bring the hammer down on two thieves right as of writing and don't want to bring it down again. Don't forget to add me on Discord too! My name on there is Swagatha Christie#2438.

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Rough Sex, Cheating, Videotaping, Facial
Celebrity: Selena Gomez

Looking at the screen of my phone, I idly thumbed away at the crappy little cell game that I had downloaded as a means to keep me entertained for the times where I would be stuck outside of the airport waiting for my clients to either fly in or just plain old get ready to go. Some people would have delayed flights, others would want to settle in a little bit before I would be allowed to take them home. Looking at the dashboard clock, I double checked the time on my print off sheets and quickly made my way out of the hired car and towards the arrivals area.

I knew exactly who I was looking for.

Exposing the white board sign that had been provided by my company, I stood to the side of the arrivals lounge, my baby blues roaming over the arrival of people who were flooding into the main area. Looking through the sea of people, I could spot the two people I needed to grab and the smaller woman, Selena Gomez, spotted me as well and offered me a polite, small wave. It was then her boyfriend, who had been staring at his phone seemed to bat her hand away, shaking his head while they walked forward to me.

"Hi!" The pint sized pop star said with a warm smile. Her boyfriend however, just shoved his bags into my waiting arms and walked straight out of the airport, leaving his girlfriend, and me, to follow him. "I..." Selena started but simply shook her head as we both made our way out to the waiting car, a midnight black one with matching windows and literally everything about it was to suggest that this was for celebrities and a few people were already snapping photos of the two as we made our way to it. Her boyfriend looked up at me and clicked his fingers expectantly.

"Come on, let's get this thing going."

"Hey! Don't talk to him like that."

"Babe, it's only staff. It's not like he's us!" He said with a roll of his eyes, getting into the back of the car, his eyes not leaving the screen of the phone.

"Give me fucking strength."

Selena bit down on her bottom lip again, shook her head and walked towards the back of the car with me as we slipped the luggage inside of the car's trunk. The trunk popped open and we each packed away out bags, it was then that Selena placed her hand on mine gently. "I'm really sorry, I'd say we had a long flight but sometimes he's just an asshole." She offered with a sympathetic smile, Selena looked at the back of the head of her boyfriend before shaking her head again and then coming back to join him.

Slipping into the front seat, having closed the door for Miss Gomez once she had gotten inside of the car, I quickly flicked my turn signal and the car pulled out into the steady stream of traffic that was leaving LAX. As I sat behind the wheels, my thumbs beating against the inside of the wheel in a steady, if slightly erratic pattern. My eyes flicked up to the rear view mirror to check the traffic behind us but as I did, I managed to catch sight of the two passengers speaking to one another in very hushed but also very aggressive motions. Selena seemed to be in charge of the argument, her hands both gesturing at the front of the car where I sat.

As tempting as it was to just roll the divider up and leave them to scream at each other, the controls for the divider were actually on the side of the passengers. That was another silly idea by my company's head office, it was a means to ensure that our passengers never felt like they were being neglected by the company. A clever idea I suppose but looking at it objectively, it just felt like a dumb idea. Giving the rear view one more look, Selena seemed to have hush shouted her boyfriend into submission who was now looking out of the window with a glum face on, Selena meanwhile, was still hush shouting at him. As her face turned towards me, I quickly moved back to look at the road and do my best to not think about what had just happened.

Casually checking the details of where I was taking the couple, my eyes roamed over the small screen and then flicked up to look at the road, keeping us going at a steady pace so that we were casually coasting with the rest of the traffic on the freeway. Looking around, my car was still standing out under the guise of being just a normal car with tinted windows, not one that was carrying a pair of celebrities home. Slowly hitting my thumbs against the inside of the wheel, my eyes moved from car to car in front of me, keeping me behind one of the faster moving cars, frankly wanting these two people out of my car the sooner the better. As soon as they were out of my car, the sooner I could just go home and not think about these spoiled kids and their own little drama.

The GPS that I had plugged into my car's dashboard let me know that I needed to take the next right and as such, I flicked my signal to indicate I wanted to jump off of the main freeway and towards the slightly swanky uptown part of Los Angeles. The cars soon started to thin out and we were on our way to the neat little condo that Selena owned. My car took us up the small hill and towards the large gated community, pulling up to the front, I rolled down the front window and looked over at the uniformed man who seemed just as bored as I was uninterested in what was going on in the back of my car. He looked at me, took one look inside of my car and chuckled to himself before nodding his head. Pressing a button inside of his small cubicle, without even saying a word, the man let us slip inside.

Looking over at the man, I offered him a polite smile and we were soon on our way. I could hear a cough of 'Finally!' from the boyfriend and Selena simply rolling her eyes and cursing something in Spanish at him. As my car rolled forward at a steady, slow rate, I looked at the house number I would need to drop my passengers off at and I soon saw that the house they needed to be at was the one at the very end of the street. The houses was a very nice collection of smart, well to do places that certainly looked like they wouldn't be out of place on the set of some Hollywood movie. I did silently wonder to myself just how many gardeners or other staff these people employed to keep the front yards, and presumably the backyards looking so nice and pristine.

Pulling up to Selena's house, I popped the trunk with a flick of my wrist on the dashboard and I quickly hopped out of my car, walking around the front of my car and towards the back door, I popped the passenger door open and moved to the back, lifting the suitcases out of them and passing Selena's to her with a smile on my face. I was ready to give her boyfriend's his case but he was already halfway up the path to her house, clicking his fingers at me and Selena just looked at him mortified at how he had been treating me, presumably at least anyway.

"I'm so sorry, I can get these-" Selena started but I waved it off with a gentle shake of my head.

"Don't worry about it, I'm happy to do it."

Selena could only smile at me and offered my arm a gentle squeeze before leading the way. We made our way up the pathway and inside of her house. As we walked inside, Selena stumbled and let out another curse, her pointed heels booting one of the now discarded sneakers across the room.

"God damn it! Would it kill you to fucking pick up after yourself?!" Selena cursed out to her boyfriend who was now sitting on a nice couch in the front room, his feet up on it while he had Sportscentre on blast. Looking over at Selena, he made a face as if he couldn't hear what she was saying, smirked and went back to watching the game while he tapped away at his phone. Selena simply shook her head and came back to me. "I'm sorry about that, he's just... A pig. Do I owe you any extra?" She asked, pulling open her purse and pulling out a twenty for me.

"Pay me extra?" Almost balking at the idea of being paid, I smiled politely at her and shook my head with a gentle suggestion that that wasn't necessary. "Oh no, thank you very much for the offer. If you wanted to give me any extra, you just have to give me a good review on the website. The contact details for my drive will be all over the invoice for my services." The sound of her boyfriend laughing at that idea did ring out from the front room and I could see Selena just rolling her eyes at the sound. She looked over her shoulder at him, her eyes narrowing through the main doorway to the front room and then back to me. Simply shaking her head, seeming almost defeated, Selena spoke softly to me.

"I'm really sorry again. Thank you so much, you've been great." Selena said with a smile, her hand coming up and squeezing my arm gently. She looked down at my arm and seemed kind of impressed at my muscles. Simply smiling at her, I offered her my goodbyes before stepping out of the house and making my way back up towards the limo that sat on top of the driveway.

Slipping inside the front seat, I keyed in the number to my homebase, listening to it ring for a couple of beeps before it was picked up by someone on the other end. Making contact with the main receptionist, I sat back in my chair and explained just what the situation was. Going through the motions in that I had picked up my two passengers, driven them back home and dropped them off with little to no incidents, I opted not to mention how bratty Selena's boyfriend had been and just how apologetic the young woman had been for her boyfriend's behaviour.

As I was working myself down and ready to come down to change my shift, I heard the sound of a large, powerful machine powering up and roaring. The sounds of a car coming to life came out of nowhere and as I looked up over the wheel, I saw a bright, neon green sports car roar to life and almost jump out of the garage and towards the main road. The sports car rushed towards the entrance to the small, gated community and was soon off somewhere in the main downtown area of Los Angeles. Looking towards where the car had come from, I could see Selena standing in the front of the house, the main window in the front room where her boyfriend had been sitting in. She had a finger wrapped around her jet black hair, as she chewed down on her bottom lip. Before long, she turned on her heel and disappeared back into the house somewhere.

Staring up at the window, there was a part of me that wanted to know just what had happened between the two but I was far too old to be interested in younger person drama. So, I hung up and made my way out towards the main base in central Los Angeles. The main journey hadn't been so long and I was soon sitting in my own Toyota Corolla, sitting in a line outside of one of the gas stations in downtown Los Angeles. Getting out of my car to pay for the fuel, I walked out towards the inside of the kiosk when I saw that there were some bouquets of flowers that were sitting in a rather sad looking plastic box. Reaching down, I lifted one of the nicer looking bouquets out of the holder and looked them over. Deciding they were okay, I walked inside the station and quickly paid for the flowers and the gas before getting back to my car and pulling out to the main traffic again.

In a somewhat awkward position, I was sitting outside of the same gated community I had been in nearly two hours ago, I pulled up to the same small gate station and I saw the same guy there waiting for me. Looking inside, he peered down at me and shot me a smile.

"Forget something?" He asked, peering down at me with a big smile.

"Not quite, I saw the drama that happened. I figured that she could do with a cheering up." I said, bringing up the cheap bouquet of flowers and showing it off to him. He looked down at them, looked at me and rolled his eyes before hitting the button, the gate rolling backwards so that I could move forward.

Pulling up at the same house, I looked up at the door while my hands gripped the wheel. Was I really doing the right thing? Chewing down on my bottom lip, I decided that I hadn't come all this way for nothing and so, I grabbed the cheap bouquet and slipped out of the front of the car. Standing up, I made my way up the steps and knocked on the door a quick couple of times. Taking a step back, I was just about ready to leave when the door opened.


Hearing my name, I turned back around to see Selena there, she had changed into a big shirt and some comfy looking sweats. She had removed her makeup and she also had red, puffy eyes. It looked like she had been crying.

“Are they for me?” She asked, pointing to the flowers in my hands.

“Ah, they are yeah. I saw what happened with your guy, figured you might want something to cheer you up?”

It was then that I saw a genuinely bright smile be directed to me. She had her hands clasped over her heart, taking a couple of steps forward, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into a deep embrace. As she hugged me tight, I couldn't help but smile and gingerly accept the hug. Eventually, she did loosen up and was able to let me breathe. Pushing the front door back open wider, Selena walked back inside of her house.

“Come on in, let me get these in water.” She said with a smile. Leaving the door open for me to come in after her, closing the door and suddenly feeling very exposed and kind of seedy. Following her through to the front room, I spotted a broken picture frame that was face down on the table. Selena simply pushed it to the side with a brush of her hand. “Ignore that. I know he did.”

“What happened?” I asked, unsure of whether that was overstepping the boundaries of driver and passenger.

“We had a fight. I didn't like the way he had been speaking to any of the people we had met on vacation. I didn't like how he had been speaking to you either. So we fought, I threw that frame and he stormed off to Malibu.” Selena said with a shrug of her shoulders. Looking down at the flowers, Selena slapped her forehead gently and spun on her heel, quickly leaving the front room. “I’ll be right back, don't go anywhere!”

So, I was left to walk around the front room. The walls were painted with a warm, inviting beige tone, there was a thick grey rug that sat between the back wall and the long leather couch that took up almost half of the immediate room. There was an average sized dinner table complete with four match royal blue chairs and also a large mirror that ran from ceiling to laminated floor of the front room. The TV was wall mounted and there were two sets of windows, one overlooked the garden of Selena's house and the other showed the front of the house where I had parked my car. Hearing footsteps behind me, I turned so it wouldn't appear as if I were snooping and that was when my jaw dropped.

The petite Latina star was completely naked, she had applied some makeup to accentuate her dark, deep brown eyes and her lips were a hungry, electric pink shade of lipgloss. Her breasts definitely looked like a handful and her small, cent sized nipples were already hard. She was totally clean shaven and she had a wicked smile on her face.

“So, no one has ever bought me flowers before when it wasn't a part of a movie deal or whatever. Me and my boyfriend are still together but… I want to piss him off. You want to help me?”

My body seemed to react quicker than my brain was as I nodded my head dumbly. Selena smiled and soon, she was on me.

As random and weird as this day had been, I was very surprised to see where it was going. Taking a seat on the plush, black leather couch, Selena had slipped to her hands and knees and was crawling towards me. Her soft, small hands came up and pressed against the inside of my legs, pushing them apart so she could slide inside of them. Now positioned between my legs, Selena was running her hands along the insides before she reached up and placed her small right hand on my lap, her fingers offering the bulge that was starting to form there a firm squeeze. Cooing in pleasure, the Latin-American woman reached up and slowly began to tug down on my zipper. The teeth of my formal work pants were coming down and loosened as Selena went to work. Her left hand was still pressing against my legs to make sure she had enough room but frankly, I was willing to give her anything right about now. As the zipper hit the bottom of the track, the young woman reached inside of my pants and quickly worked on unbuttoning the run on my boxers.

“Almost there!” Selena teased as she looked absentmindedly over at the open door and then back to where I was sitting. The buttons were completely popped open and now, she was reaching inside of them. Her big, brown eyes remained focused on what she was doing. Her soft tight hand slipped inside of my boxers and with a gentle, yet firm, tug on them Selena had gotten my pants open and my now hard cock was out in the open. Wrapping her dainty, slim fingers around my pole, she started slowly sliding her fingers which had now turned into a fist, up and down around my hard cock. Wetting her pink coloured lips with a short run of her tongue, Selena smiled up at me warmly, our eyes making contact as she remained on her knees between my legs. “I’m going to enjoy this.” She added, her voice just above a whisper as she leaned in and offered the head of my cock a soft kiss just on the top. Making an approving sound, Selena made sure to keep the bottom of my cock still by wrapping her hand around it. Using her other hand, Selena slipped it up and under my button up shirt as she offered each side of my dick’s head a gentle kiss.

Soon though, all pretenses of teasing had gone and she was ready to deal with me. Flicking her tongue over the head of my cock, Selena wetted her lips one more time before opening her mouth up wide and pushing her face down onto my lap. Her mouth was stretched open and slowly, she was taking in more of my cock with almost relative ease. Now, I’m not the biggest guy by any stretch of the imagination but I haven't had any complaints either. Selena seemed to be almost struggling with it though as her moans soon spilled out into the room. The hot sounds spilled out from her pretty, pouty lips as she started to lift her hand up and down to stroke what she didn't have in her mouth. Her big, brown eyes flicked up to look at me as she smiled all the while my cock was obscenely penetrating her mouth. Using her hand that was under my shirt, Selena lightly scratched those pretty aqua green painted nails against my bare skin. It was my turn to moan then as the faint sting of being scratched burned against my chest.

“Mmmmm!” Selena moaned around me as my dick remained firmly planted in her mouth. Her lips started to slide up and down, though they remained firmly pressed down around my cock as she started to slip her lips up and down. Her eyes closed slowly before she opened them back up again to look up at me while she sucked on my cock. Her pink lips pressed down against my skin and almost threatened to leave a mark as she blew me in her front room. My hands were firmly planted on the top of the couch, my fingers threatening to dig into the hard material as she offered me a stellar blowjob there and then. Her lips were sucking hard on me as she moved her mouth up and down, her lips occasionally meeting the edge of the fist she had wrapped firmly around my base. As her lips came down, her fist squeezed around my base making sure to give me extra pleasure. The young Latina actress and singer had her adorably big eyes focused on my green ones as she sucked on my cock.

Lifting her mouth off of my cock’s head with an audible pop, Selena stroked the slightly wet pole and looked up at me while she casually jerked me off. “You know what would be fun?” Selena asked as she leaned in and circled her tongue around my cock’s head while she stroked me. “Record me doing stuff and we can tease the douchebag!” Selena exclaimed, squeezing firmly on my pole as she wrapped the other hand around the top and worked her two hands together. Offering the underside of my cock a firm lick, the singer beamed up at me as if she were a child on Christmas Day and she had just unwrapped what she wanted. Giving my cock a goodbye kiss, Selena got up from between my legs and hurried over to her handbag which was still laying haphazardly on the main table. As she walked away I could see her hot, toned ass and the sight was nearly enough to make me faint there and then. Walking back to me, she quickly unlocked it before bringing up the camera app and setting it to record. Keeping it pointed down, she passed it to me and made sure to keep eye contact with the camera lens as she opened her mouth wide and slipped the entirety of my cock inside of her mouth and throat.

Almost as soon as she did that however it was as if she knew she had made a bad decision and those awesomely big and brown eyes of hers went wide and she let out an amazed, muffled noise. Keeping herself so that her cute, button nose was buried in my pubes, Selena held herself down until she coughed and pulled her mouth up so that she could at least breath again. Her mouth was practically salivating around me as she pushed her lips down on my cock again and the spit spilled out from her lips and down my hard pole. Her hands came down to rest on the inside of my thighs, her nails pressing against the soft fabric of my work pants. Slipping her mouth up and down in a steady blowjob pattern, Selena made sure to show that her throat had my cock in it and it wasn't going anywhere else. Slipping her mouth up and down, the young actress and singer soon had her right hand on my balls and was squeezing them while she sucked on my cock.

Selena was most definitely in her element as she slipped her pouty lips up and down, the colouring of her lipstick smearing against my prick as she slipped her mouth up and down. As she lifted her mouth up, I could see rivulets of her saliva rolling down my prick and landing on my balls while she kneaded them softly, her fingers rolling them around as she blew me. Lifting her mouth up, Selena looked at me and then into the camera lens, simply staring at it with that seductive look on her face as she sucked the top half of my cock, her brown eyes never leaving the camera as her tongue bathed my dick in her warm, wet spit. Slowly taking the cock out of her mouth, she made sure to rub her tongue over the head of my cock before spitting on it again. She was making a mess and I could not be happier. Leaning in between my legs, she opened her mouth and started to eagerly suck on my balls, her tongue bashing against my heavy ball sack.

“You know, this is the first sexual activity I’ve gotten up to on this couch?”

“Oh yeah? You haven’t fucked on here yet?”

“Not yet, but I’m going to!” Selena said with a big, wide smile. Taking each of my balls in her mouth, the young Latin star simply moaned around the flesh in her mouth as she wrapped her lips around my big, heavy balls which were already getting close to cumming. Selena wrapped a hand around my cock and started to stroke me eagerly while she hungrily sucked on my balls. Flicking on the camera, I zoomed in on Selena's lips while they remained wrapped around my left nut, simply turning the camera slightly so that the lens could pick up every little movement she made on me. My own moans started to fill the room as she sucked on me, her tongue was bouncing off of my fleshy, heavy sack while she sucked and stroked me. Her lips left my balls with an audible pop noise as she looked up at me, ignoring the camera lens for a moment.

“Ready to cum?” She asked me, her hands leaving my cock alone for a moment. When I simply nodded my head, she smirked and went right back to deep throating me. With that though, I simply couldn't hold out and started to cum. My hands ran through her hair and held her in place as I shot warm ropes inside of her mouth, painting the inside of her cheeks and her throat with my orgasm. With a final, defeated spurt, my hands slipped from her hair and I took a seat right back down on the leather couch. Feeling a tap on the inside of my thighs, I lifted my head up and looked down at her to see she had her tongue out with the pearly white remnants of my orgasm on her tongue. Then, she closed her mouth and made a very big show of swallowing my load down. Running her tongue over her lips, Selena looked over at me and grinned.

"All gone!" Selena announced with a sense of pride. Placing her hands on the inside of my thighs, she slowly pulled herself up to a standing position and then climbed onto the leather couch next to me. Taking the phone from my hands, she looked over the footage while wrapping her hand around my cock and slowly stroking it up and down. Watching the footage, Selena smirked and with a keying of her thumbs, Selena had sent the video away, no doubt rushing through the air to get to her boyfriend who was at the airport. My cock had hardened inside of her palm and Selena looked down at it and then up at me before she shot me another flirty smirk. Passing me the phone back, Selena got right up onto the couch and moved onto her hands and knees, pushing her ass up in the air and then reaching between her legs, Selena pushed her wet pussy lips open.

Lifting her head up and looking over her shoulders at me, Selena almost moaned for me.

"Come on... Come and get it!" She called out to me, prompting me to grin and hurry myself to get behind her. Gripping my cock at the base, I held it through all of the slickness from her blowjob and then slowly, I pushed my cock forward and inside of her. "Oh fuck!" Selena cried out as my cock slipped forward and kept going until my balls were pressing against her hard clit. Just keeping it there for the moment, I ran my hands over the curves of her ass before pulling my hips backwards and then pushing my hips forwards again, making the young woman purr out in pleasure as she was rocked with me. "Mmmm fuck! Give it to me slow first!" Selena cried out, looking over her shoulder at me and grinning. "I need to get used to that fucking monster inside of me!"

Smirking down at her, I took a hold of her by the hips and slowly, I started to pull my hips backwards and then pushed them forward, inching myself inside of her while making sure to angle my cock inside her, aiming towards some of the sweeter spots that I usually got with some of the other girls in my life. Lifting myself up on my knees to angle my pumping inside of her towards what you might consider the roof of her pussy, I watched the back of Selena's head carefully to see how she reacted to it. She definitely seemed to like it as she let out a low moan of pleasure before she tossed her head back and started to rock her hips back towards me.

"Fuck... Selena!" I cried out, pushing my cock all the way inside of her as she let out another cry of pleasure. Looking over her shoulder at me and bit down on her bottom lip, the young woman cooed with pleasure and started to bounce herself back towards me, her ass hitting against my stomach as she was working with me. "So hot... Such a hot pussy..." I moaned, watching her work herself back against me.

"Mmmm you like it?" She asked rhetorically, I assumed, she was definitely into it as I felt how wet and warm her pussy was around me. "Mmmm fuck Papi! I love getting fucked on this couch!"

"I... I thought I was the first one?" I asked her, still grunting and gritting my teeth as I rocked myself inside of her. The couch was starting to rock backwards and forwards as we got into it with each other, finding a rhythm and rocking myself forward as she went backwards and then she would move forwards as I went backwards, easily working together to make it the most pleasurable for the both of us. She looked over her shoulder at me and grinned, a bead of sweat starting to roll down her forehead as she worked herself on my cock.

"You are Papi you are! Fuck! But I still love it anyway!" Selena cried her pussy squeezing me while I pushed myself inside of her. Smirking, my hips started to pick up the pace, sliding my cock in and out of her with faster strokes, Selena whined in delight before looking over her shoulder at me. "Get that fucking camera recording again baby! Show him how I should be fucked!" Selena cried out in sheer delight as she was rammed hard from behind. Not one to refuse a ladies request, I kept one hand on her slim frame and the other came up to get a hold of the phone. Moving over to film, I focused the camera on her wet slit and my own hard cock as it slid in and out of her. There was no way that her moans wouldn't have been audible as she was pushing herself back to meet my hard thrusting. She lifted her head up and looked over her shoulder, moving to find the camera’s lens before blowing it a sickly sweet kiss as he face contorted into one of pure bliss. Her nails were definitely going to leave a mark in the couch as she was being rocked backwards and forwards by my hard pumping.

Pushing my cock in and out of her from behind, I made sure to keep the lens of the camera on both her entrance and then up to her face as it was twisting in pleasure. Selena looked over her shoulder at me, biting down on her bottom lip as she whined and looked up into the camera. Her eyelids fluttered and I knew she was going to cum. Her walls hugged me tightly, tighter than before, and as I railed into her, her head dropped before she threw it back and she exploded over my cock. Her slick juices ran down from her pussy and over onto my lap as I continued to rail her from behind. Reaching down to her ass cheeks, squeezing them as they were jolted back and forth from my cock stabbing inside of her, I offered one an experimental slap before reaching up with the same hand to pull her hair and yank her head up. No longer muffled by the couch’s surface, Selena’s audible panting and moaning was far clearer for me.

“Oh fuck yes! Give it to me! Give it to me!” She was almost screaming as the couch was nearly being jolted backwards and forwards from my hard, rough fucks into her. Selena's hands were threatening to break the cushion and I was sure that she had already lost a couple of nails as I continued to rough ram her. “Oh fuck! Pull my hair again Papi!” Certainly willing to oblige, I pulled back on her hair again so that her body arched up in an almost unnatural angle but it didn't seem to stop the superstar whose mouth was hanging open as she had her eyes closed and simply let me use her. The camera was becoming more and more difficult to hold while I was fucking Selena but having caught her orgasm, an explosive one at that, I figured this part of the recording was done. So I placed the phone down on the edge of the couch and continued to drill her hard from behind.

Wet, hot, lewd sounds filled the room as I grunted with each shove inside her. Selena’s jet black hair was tangled in my fingers as I rammed in and out of her. Placing my other hand on her delicious, round ass I alternated between gentle squeezes and firm spanks as I slid in and out of her. Selena's eyes were still closed tight as I pumped my hips in and out of her, my waist slapping against her ass, making it bounce as she called out for me. Offering her hair another sharp tug, her head was facing up to the ceiling as I leant over her frame and presses my lips to hers, kissing her softly as I roughly hammered myself in and out of her. Her right hand came up and gently pressed to my cheek, holding me to her as she slipped her tongue inside of my mouth. With our two tongues curling together, Selena whimpered and then her body shuddered as she started to cum again. Keeping her close to me, I just kept pumping as more of the sticky wet liquid ran out of her and down her thighs, some getting on me as I pushed my cock all the way inside her.

Slowly pulling my cock out of her, I watched the young woman twitch in delight as she suffered from coming down from cumming. Watching her slowly get her breath back, she looked over her shoulder at me and wiped away some sweat that had formed on her forehead. Giggling, Selena rolled over onto her back so that I could see her entire body looking up at me, a sheen of sweat on her soft, svelte frame and her chest coming up and down while she caught her breath.

“Oh fuck…” She said with a laugh, looking up at me and placing the back of her hand to her head. “Fuck me that was good.” Her eyes moved down my body to my cock that was slick in her juices, dripping off of me with every passing moment. She moved closer to me and placed a hand on it, feeling just how wet it was. “Shit, I covered you!” She said, almost laughing as she looked at the inside of her hand. “I guess two orgasms will do that though huh?”

“Is two not normal for you?”

“Not recently! Boy, I haven't cum that hard in a long time!” Looking up at me, she tilted her head to the side slightly. “Speaking of… You’ve only cum once right?” When I nodded my head, she shook her head and climbed up to her feet, almost instantly losing her balance and falling onto me for support. It could have appeared comical for a man with nearly a foot advantage over Selena to have been bossed around as she was doing to me but frankly, I didn't really care just how it looked as she was soon right back on my lap again and had my face in her hands as she was showering me with hot, quick kisses. My hands ran over her sides before coming down to squeeze at her ass. Cupping and kneading her soft flesh, I moaned into the kiss as Selena slipped her tongue into my mouth, wrapping hers around mine and sucking on it as she purred with how good it felt to have my hands on her ass. Spanking her ass, Selena's lips left mine and she came down to nibble against my earlobe, her hips lifting up as she reached down between her legs to guide my cock inside of her. Her slick opening continued to leak around my cock as she pushed her hips down and with a firm drop, my cock was enveloped inside of her. Selena's entire lower body was resting against my lap as her head was back in a silent moan. She slowly brought her head back up and looked at me with a look of lust on her face. Looking over her shoulder, she moaned as I wrapped my lips around her left most nipple and started to suck on it. Her hands came up and ran through my hair before she whispered in my ear. “Move to the end of the couch.”

She seemed ready to climb off of me but was pleasantly surprised when I just grabbed a hold of her, hoisted her up in the air and walked with her down towards the end of the couch. As I took a seat, it was there that I saw what she wanted from me. Directly opposite to us was a long mirror that ran from the top of the room to the bottom. Grabbing hold of the phone, I moved my hand to the side and aimed the camera at the mirror so that it could catch Selena rolling her hips up and down on me. She looked over her shoulder to look at our reflection in the mirror and then back to me, placing her lips on mine in a hot kiss, Selena pressed her forehead to mine as she started to lift her hips up and down on me. Our lips parted and she quickly licked my lips before speaking.

“Fuck Papi, this is so hot!” She moaned as she started to rise and drop on me. Selena looked over her shoulder and into the camera, offering it a wink before lifting her hips up and dropping them right back down again, her silky smooth walls were hugging me tightly as she bounced up and then flicked her hips down, rolling her hips around in a circle as she rode me. My own feet were planted firmly on the floor though my toes were curling inside of my shoes while Selena bounced up and down on me. Her soft, small hands were on my shoulders while she rode me, her tight little pussy squeezing me as she lifted herself up and down on me. Her long black hair had come down to cover the side of her face while she slipped up and down.

Selena had turned this evening into something of an artform and while the young Latina woman slipped her hips up and dropped them down again, she seemed to make sure to squeeze her pussy lips tightly around my cock as she hit the bottom of my pole and then loosening them ever so slightly as she lifted her hips up. She was working herself firmly on my lap and she was already hitting her stride with the rhythm of riding me on the couch. Looking up at her, I made sure to keep the camera going as I wrapped my lips around her hard nipple that was pointing in front of me and almost begging for my attention. Selena's fingers ran through my hair and made sure to gently tug at the strands in my hair while she slipped herself up and down on me. Taking the nipple in my mouth and gently rolling the hard nub from side to side, teasing it with my teeth as Selena seemed to adore the feeling of her nipple between my teeth.

Slapping her ass, I looked up at her and kissed her flat on the middle of her chest, just above her both bouncing breasts. Digging my fingers into her ass, I helped her bounce herself up and down on my lap as her tight body slipped all over my cock, her walls guiding me inside of her. Her pussy was already dripping over my lap while she slipped herself up and down, my eyes were focused on her face while I worked over both of her nipples, each of them were standing almost on edge with how hot it had gotten. Selena leant her body forward, her arms wrapping around my head and pulling me into her chest as she continued to pant and moan.

"Oh fuck! Fuck yes!" She cried out, my hand slapping her ass again, the sound bouncing through her room as she continued to rough ride me while I was left sitting on her couch. I could only mumble around her breasts as they continued to bounce in front of my face, my tongue flicking against her tits and teasing her nipples while she slipped up and down on my lap. "God, I love this dick!" She exclaimed, her head rocking backwards in delight as she started to squeeze her walls around me again as if it were a competition to see just how hard she could squeeze me. Keeping a hand on her sides, I let it come up from her curved ass and onto her hip, keeping her on me as she wrapped her hands behind my neck and started to throw her body back, keeping herself away at an arm's length while she worked her way up and down on me. Riding me hard and definitely putting me through my paces as she fucked herself hard on me.

Her hand came up and her nails sunk into my shoulder blade, keeping herself steady, Selena used her other hand to come down between her legs and rub against her clit while I started to help her, lifting my hips up off of the couch and ramming myself inside of her as she awkwardly fumbled with rubbing her clit as she rode me. Sliding herself up and down, Selena's thrusting started to get far more awkward and her pussy was leaking her juices almost constantly now, both of our thighs were covered in her slickness. "Fuck! Film it! Film my slutty pussy!" Selena suddenly let out, her head fully back and her body arching in an almost unnatural angle. Then, all hell broke loose and she let out a screech in pure pleasure. Her fingers were still rubbing against her clit but her pussy had fallen clean off of my cock and her pussy trembled as she squirted all over my chest and abdomen. Her pussy was still going as she pushed her pussy lips against my cock and slowly rubbed herself up and down against me.

"Mmmm fuck! I've never squirted before!" Selena giggled, still grinding her actual pussy lips up and down against my cock as she let her head roll around, her black hair swaying almost independently to her head. I had caught the whole squirting orgasm on the phone and she was still grinding herself against me but as she rolled her pussy lips upwards, it encouraged another bead of my precum to roll out of the tip and down my dick's length.

"Fuck... I'm close too Selena."

Her head came forward, sweat was sticking to her skin and she was almost glistening under the light that was still seeping into the front room. She bit down on her bottom lip, leant in and licked her tongue against my neck.

"Shit, let's do one more thing I'd never do for him."

Climbing off of me, she wobbled down to her knees and pulled me up. Wrapping her hand around the base of my cock, Selena aimed the cock directly at her face, closing her mouth and stroking her hand up and down quickly, aiming the head of my cock directly at her face. Looking into the camera lens as she jerked my cock, Selena bit down on her bottom lip and grinned.

"Fuck baby, I covered him! His big dick is soaked in my cum!" She said with a big grin, no doubt trying to further antagonise her boyfriend who was far away from the house now. Stroking my cock faster and faster, Selena twisted her hand around at the base of my cock, slipping her hand up and down, she bit down on her bottom lip and watched as my cock twitched and then I shot another series of ropes of my cum. Shooting my ropes through the air, Selena continued to stroke my cock as I fired rope after rope onto her face. My ropes weren't as strong as the ones I had fired into her mouth but they were still overly white and definitely served as a firm contrast to her flushed, latin skin as she slowly moved her face around to make sure that her face had an even spread of cum. A lot of the pearly white ropes had pooled on her forehead with another running down the bridge of her nose, one more rope had been fired over her right eye, one more landing across her lip as if to paint a moustache on her pretty, sweaty skin.

With her face now positively dripping with my cum, Selena was sitting back on her folded legs, looking up at me as her sweat mixed with the pearly white ropes that were slowly dripping down her face. Licking her lips, Selena snapped another couple of selfies before looking around for something to clean her face up. She ran her finger over the top of her lip, scooping up some drops of my cum before sucking the tip clean.  She looked up at me, smiled and then climbed up to her feet, back to a wobbly position but she was more than happy to walk away.

"Just stay there. I'll get you a towel." She said casually, as she wobbled down the hallway, her legs trembling from her orgasms that she had gone through tonight. Moments passed and I could have sworn that I heard the bathroom water running and then ever so briefly, I could hear Selena spit. While she was away, I started to dress myself. Pulling my pants and boxers up to the middle of my thighs and then slipping my shirt on, I sat on the couch half dressed, still expecting Selena to come back with that promised towel.

Walking back into the room, Selena had changed herself into some boy shorts and a tight vest that hugged her frame, showing off her delicious curves. Passing me the fluffy blue towel, Selena looked down at me with a warm smile on her face as she watched me clean my cock up and then dress myself again. She had her hands on her hips as she tilted her head to the side slightly and then licked her peach coloured lips.

"So, after that performance... Do you have a card or something? I know a few girls who would love to have such a smooth ride." She added a casual wink at the end of it.

I nodded my head, slipping my hand into the pocket of my work pants and pulled out a small card that had all of my contact information on it. Selena took a look at the card and smiled before sticking the card to the corkboard messageboard that was hanging up in the hallway. Walking back in, Selena looked over at me and then over to the large clock that was hanging up off of the wall and then she cursed at the sight.

"Crap. I'm really sorry to push you out so soon but I need to head on to another thing. I really had fun though and thanks for... You know, showing my boyfriend just how to fuck me."

"Oh believe me, thank you! But, yeah. I'll get out of your hair. Thanks for taking my card too. I definitely appreciate the offer of more work."

So, we said our goodbyes, though mine was far less awkward as my second greeting to her had been and I was left to my own devices as I got into my Corolla and was then let out of her compound and I was free to do whatever I wanted. So, now I was sat in my car looking at the skyline of Los Angeles, I wondered just how my life was going to change. That change however, was already on its way when my phone buzzed with a text message. Looking at it, I could already catch a smile on my face. Reading the message out loud, it was a very good showing of my upcoming good fortunes.

"VIP pick up. LAX tomorrow..."

Well, work was calling for yet another day...

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Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, 69

Author's Note: So, it helps if you've read my other story in this series about Selena Gomez but it's not instrumental in it. I would love some feedback e-Mails on both of these stories as well!

Looking down at the small company provided phone, I double checked the details with who I was supposed to be picking up and found myself to be pretty surprised. It was only yesterday that I had been responsible for driving Selena Gomez and her boyfriend from the airport to their secluded home in the Hollywood hills and now, now I was supposed to be picking up one of her best friends if the tabloids were to be believed. Looking over the name provided, I grabbed the necessary paperwork for her to come with me and made my way out of the limo to wait by the back door.

The sort of thing this job normally required was a strong arm to keep the press back and fast movements to get the door open for the VIP to get into and then close the door behind them before they get any chance to snap any photos of the person in question. I had never really driven someone like Taylor Swift before though and going by the gathering scrum of the media outside of the front of the airport, I could only imagine that she must be getting her soon. So, I quickly double checked the door, opening it up and then flicking a switch so that the door would lock once the door was closed and only unlock when I hit the necessary switch on the inside of the cabin. Checking it over one more time as the press started to call out towards Taylor, I quickly moved back to open the door for her as I saw her make her way towards the car.

She had her long golden hair loose and draped over her shoulders as it rested over the shoulders of her navy blue jacket that matched with her skirt. She had on underneath the jacket a peach coloured button up shirt along with a pair of heels and a big shoulder bag combined with a roller suitcase that her assistant was following her with. I quickly opened the back door and Taylor almost dived into the car. As soon as she reached the inside of the limo, I closed the door behind it and it closed with an audible clicking sound. Looking over to the assistant, she offered me a warm smile before passing me the suitcase.

"I've already briefed Miss Swift. She wants to head straight home, that should have been already passed on to you from your company?" I confirmed with a nod of my head before she continued. "Don't worry about getting her there quickly, this tour has taken it out of her so she only wants to get there safely. She tends to prefer the freeways though, no scenic routes you understand?" Another nod and again she continued. "I think that's it though. Get that in the trunk and you can head on out of here. I want to go hug my cat." She admitted with a soft laugh before offering the inside of the limo a quick nod before leaving me alone. Walking to the back of the limo, I pressed down on the emergency release and the small compartment popped open with a soft hiss and slowly, it was revealed to me.

Lifting the roller case up off of the ground, I placed it down in the middle of the compartment and then closed it in front of me. Checking the trunk, I nodded my head and made my way back around the front of the limo and then slipped into the driver's side. Hitting the ignition, I pulled the limo out from the front of the airport and pulled into the traffic of Los Angeles. The vast array of cars were starting to get bad and fill the roads but with a bit of luck, we were ahead of the traffic, if there was ever such a thing, and I would have Taylor home before she knew it.

Stealing a glance up into the rearview, I had a chance to fully inspect the limo she had. I had seen one before but for someone like Taylor Swift it needed to be worlds ahead of the usual limos our company rented out for teenage proms. The limo had a three piece set of furniture the back seat, where Taylor was now seated, was a plush royal blue shade which matched with the rest of it. There was a long couch that ran along the left hand side of the limo and directly opposite it was a small mini bar which could normally be stocked with all sorts of beer or spirits but at Taylor's management's request, it was filled with bottles of water. The limo had one final piece of a couch that was seated directly behind the driver's part of the limo. All in all, it was a very fancy car and it was the sort of thing that suited someone of Taylor Swift's fame.

Looking back to the road, I watched as the traffic started to get really bad in the side mirrors that hung off of the side of the car and a small smile moved over my face as we settled in at the front of the line. As we were waiting, the small plate of glass that separated me and the star in the backseat came down and I could see Taylor sitting on the couch that was closest to me.

"Hi!" She offered with a smile, looking at me in the rearview before looking down to the hanging ID tag off of the mirror. "Nick. How's it going?"

"It's going well thank you Miss Swift-"

"Blech. Start again using my first name Nick. I'd hate to not talk to someone as cute as you."

"It's going well thank you Taylor?" I tried again as she smiled and offered me a thumbs up.

"I hate to be the sort of person that says Miss Swift is my mother but... Well, Miss Swift is my mother." She said with a smile as she reached over to the small fridge and opened it up. Looking it over, she let out a low groan before speaking to no one in particular. "No beer or booze? Seriously?"

"Your record company-"

"My record company can go screw themselves. I'm well over the legal limit, I had a song called 22  for Christs sake." She sighed before moving towards the back of the limo. "I guess I can do something to keep myself entertained."

Taylor reached into her handbag and pulled out her cellphone. Tapping her index finger against her touchscreen, she quickly moved around the surface of her phone before settling on something and moving into a more comfortable position and she started to watch a video by the sounds of things. A few seconds passed before she tugged the headphones out of the bottom of her phone and then the lewd sounds of raw sex filled the back of the car. Listening to it, I could hear the sound of skin slapping against skin combined with both masculine and feminine moaning. Looking up into the rearview, my pants tightened slightly as Taylor narrowed her eyes and focused on the screen of her phone.

Taylor’s eyes were focused on the phone as she spread her legs apart and reached under her skirt. She let out a soft sigh of pleasure as she started to touch herself and I was stuck a couple of feet away from her as she did it. Taylor's grasp on the device tightened slightly as she watched the porn on her phone. She was definitely rapt with attention as she watched the lewd activity and it wasn't until I really paid attention to the sounds that were coming from the phone that I was prompted to think back to what I had gone through with Selena Gomez yesterday. Fidgeting in my seat and trying not to think on the hot action that me and the young popstar woman went through.

"Mmmm..." Taylor purred, her legs spreading a little wider and her skirt flipping up further to show off her long, impossibly smooth legs. Her fingers rubbed against her thighs before she moved back down and slipped her index finger inside of her hot pussy. Taylor watched the phone's screen intently, her breath was getting hotter and shorter. I did my best to not pay too much attention to the rearview mirror and just look at the road in front of us both. My fingers ran against the inside of the steering wheel, my eyes focusing on the hard concrete of the road in front of us both. Then, I heard a sound of a decisively slick entrance and I realised just how hot and ready Taylor Swift was.

"Take... Take the long way home?" Taylor asked from the backseat, my eyes briefly looking into the rear view and then I was just flabbergasted. Taylor's legs were spread wide and her jacket was fully popped open, one of her hands was pawing at her breasts while her other finger was slipping in and out of her folds. The phone was now tucked in the side of the door and Taylor had turned herself to be looking directly at the phone while she continued to touch herself.

"Ah... Right away Miss Swift." I answered, flicking the indicator switch and taking the car off of the freeway and up to the long mountain roads that would bypass the freeway and get us to her Los Angeles residence in an extra hour or so. Looking up at Taylor's reflection again, she certainly didn't seem to care and as we slowly started to make our way up towards the forest part of the state. We were moving along at a steady pace and while I was doing my best to focus on the road, I could just hear the sound of Taylor's slick pussy getting worked by her finger and then the smell of her arousal hit the front of the car. My formal work trousers got significantly tighter as my senses were awash with the pure arousal that was flowing through the car. All I wanted to do was unzip and start to jerk off, well all I really wanted was to jump back there and give her a hand but I had already gotten incredibly lucky with Selena. No way I could get lucky again twice.

Driving up towards a large scenic vista, I looked over to my left, looking directly away from where Taylor was and all I could think about was the state of the backseat with Taylor Swift getting herself off to some porn. Bringing my eyes back to the open road, I concentrated on just getting her back to her home while I did my best to not think of what it must have looked like. As I was concentrating on the road, I felt a soft impact at the back of my neck and as I reached up to deal with it, I realised what I was touching. It was soft, lacy slip of material and as I brought them around to look at them, it was confirmed to me. I had in my hands a pair of bright, neon pink panties that had a significant wet spot at the bottom of them.

"I didn't just start doing this so you could ignore me Nick." Taylor breathed, the slick sounds stopping for a moment before she spoke again. "Pay attention." That last bit? An order. One I was more than willing to follow as well. We came to a long strip of asphalt, no sight of a turning in front of us, so with a great deal of pleasure, I flicked on cruise control and turned my body around to look into the back. What I saw was a sight of pure arousal. Her legs were spread wide, her navy skirt had come off entirely and was on the floor somewhere and while she was still wearing one of her heels, the other had come off and her jacket and the shirt was wide open as well. Her left hand was resting on the inside of her thigh while her other one was sliding her index finger in and out of her pussy, quicker and quicker.

Taylor closed her eyes briefly and let out a long, horny moan as she started to finger herself faster and faster. Her eyes opened again and we made eye contact, running her tongue over her lips, she looked past me and onto the road. She looked back to me and then down to her phone.

“Pull over and get back here.” She said in so many words that made my cock throb.
Taylor's legs were spread wide and as I moved towards somewhere remotely quiet for us to hide, I could hear her folds getting wetter and wetter and the sounds spilling from the back of the limo were getting lewder and lewder. Sneaking a look into the rear view mirror, I quickly realised that it was a mistake as I could see just how hot Taylor looked as her legs were spread and her body was already starting to glow while her cheeks were flushed with arousal as she pushed her fingers in and out of her pussy. Her other hand was barely holding her cell phone up as she bit down on her bottom lip and did her best to try and fight the orgasm that was taking hold of her. Her legs were shaking and I could already see that her nipples were rock hard from her earlier groping of them.

Looking back to the road ahead of me, I quickly spotted a path that seemed to be the start of a hiking trail but there was also a decent amount of cars that had been parked at the start of the trail. Moving my car over towards the side of the mountain, I moved the limo so that I was parked in one of the few spaces left. Looking down at my lap, I was already fully hard and I knew that there was a good time. I had to wonder just how I had managed to get so lucky having fucked Selena Gomez a few days ago and now I was going to fuck Taylor Swift? I was certainly living the dream. Walking out of the front of the limo, I walked around the front of the car, seeing that I was only a little bit past the main line so there was no chance that anyone would come knocking on my door to ask me to move.

Walking to the back of the limo, I reached down and opened the door and already, the smell of sex filled my nose. Ducking my head and climbing into the limo, I was greeted with the sight of Taylor sitting with her back against the opposite door. Her leg was hanging off of the car seat and she had an utterly filthy look on her face as she used her hand to summon me inside of the car. Moving inside, I closed the door behind me and when I turned to face Taylor again, her hands were on the lapels of my jacket and she pulled me in tight for a kiss. My hands moved over to her naked body, running down to her ass and firmly squeezing at her cheeks as her hands pulled me closer to her.

Taylor's tongue instantly moved into my mouth and we quickly started to French kiss each other as Taylor's hands moved down to strip me off of my jacket and then, she loosened my tie as she dumped my jacket on the floor of the limo as her hands worked on stripping me down. Her tongue quickly came back from my own mouth and she pushed me down to the backseat of the limo. Landing on it with an oomph sound, I watched Taylor creep forward and then straddle me. Her hands ran all over my chest as she sat on my lap and slowly continued to grind herself against me. She then lifted her hips up and she reached down between her legs to touch against my cock. Taylor made a soft noise in surprise as she looked down to where her hand was.

"Hmmm... Looks like Selena was right." I raised an eyebrow at that comment as she chuckled slightly. Taylor looked at my face and chuckled with a shrug of her shoulders. "What? Did you think I was just watching porn back here? Selena showed me what you two got up to." Suddenly, the tape Taylor had been watching came to mind and she simply confirmed it with a nod of her head. "Oh don't you worry Nick, I saw it all." She said, as she unzipped my pants and rolled the zipper down towards the bottom of my trousers. Her right hand slipped inside of my fancy dress pants and she quickly pulled my cock out into the air of the limo. Her hand stroked my dick and she offered a gentle coo as she squeezed on my member and stroked it up and down. Taylor nodded her head and quickly changed how she was moving in the back of the limo. Climbing onto the back seat with me, Taylor threw her legs over mine and then pressed her hands to my shoulders as she slowly lowered herself down towards my lap. She reached down between our legs and took hold of my dick, aiming it upwards towards her dripping wet entrance. She slowly lowered her body down and she was looking me deep in the eyes as she bit down on her bottom lip as her pussy swallowed my cock whole.

Taylor pushed her lips all the way down to the bottom of my cock and she soon found herself sitting on my lap with my dick buried entirely inside of her. Taylor shivered in pleasure and as her hands ran up to my shoulders, she rubbed her hands against them before she lifted her feet up and laid them up against my thighs. Now completely mounted on me, I placed my hands on Taylor's ass and squeezed on her cheeks firmly and as she started to adjust to my dick being inside of her. Rubbing my hands against her rear, I smacked her ass cheeks firmly as she let out a moan and pulled her hips up and then slammed them down again. Taylor's head rolled backwards and looked towards the ceiling of the limo as she started to get herself into an easy rhythm of sliding up and down on me inside of the car.

"Mmmm that is a good dick!" Taylor cooed, her head sliding backwards and forwards in time with her hard rises and drops on top of my lap. I bit down on my lip and watched her slide herself up and down on top of me. My hands remained holding her cheeks, squeezing them both firmly before slapping each of them and encouraging Taylor to go just a little bit faster. She let her head fall back, her long golden hair sailing backwards as she rode herself up and down on me. Her tight walls were hugging me close and I could feel just how wet she was as she rode up and down on me. Sliding my right hand up off of her cheek, I ran my hand over to her breasts as they bounced up and down in front of me. Watching her tits slap up and down, I placed my hand on her chest, squeezing on each of them all while she continued to ride me. My left hand remained on her ass, kneading her cheeks casually as she lifted herself up and dropped her hips down on my pole again.

Reaching up to kiss Taylor again, her fingers knitted themselves in my scalp of hair and pulled me right up to another hot kiss all while she slides herself up and down on my cock. Taylor was moaning into the kiss just as soon as we started to work together, I slid my cock up towards her as she dropped herself down on my lap. We soon found ourselves in an easy working relationship with each other as she slipped herself up and down, moving quicker and quicker. Her hips slipped all the way down and then, she placed her hands on my shoulders and slowly rolled her hips around, grinding her pussy and hard clit against the base of my cock. Taylor's legs were folded at the knee so she was almost kneeling on my thighs while she slipped up and down on me. I could feel her nails digging into my shoulders through my shirt as she rode up and down on my lap. My hands continued to knead against her breast and ass, my fingers found her hard nipple in between my index finger and thumb and I slowly started to roll them around as she bounced on my lap.

"Mmmm fuck yeah Taylor!" I groaned, holding onto her as she bounced up and down on me.

"Yeah! Fuck... You like that pussy?"

"Love it..."

"Dirty bastard, fucking me right after fucking my friend." Taylor groaned as she slid up and down on my dick.

Taylor, true to her job, was easy to find a suitable rhythm for us to fuck and with her effectively kneeling on my lap, the blonde was eager to keep riding me. My hands ran over the small of her back, coming away from her chest so I could place my lips right on the top of her breast, taking her nipple between my teeth. Gently rolling the hard nub around between my teeth, I felt a slight hiccup in Taylor's moves before she moved back to sliding herself up and down on my length. With my hands back on her pert cheeks, I squeezed them both firmly while I moved from one nipple to the other. Planting kisses over Taylor's chest, I made sure to worship each of her breasts with the same sort of care and attention as she rode me.

Taylor pushed her hips down to my lap and slowly rolled her hips around before her head fell back and she let out a low, sexy moan. I could feel her slickness against my thighs as she slid up and down on me dick. Taylor cooed in pleasure before she put her hands on my shoulders and pulled herself up off of my pole making us both moan at the sudden loss. Taylor turned herself around and moved so that her back was now to me before she bent over at the waist and reached between her legs to stroke my cock. She then moved herself down and remounted herself on my dick, sitting on my lap and letting my cock slide right back inside of her. Taylor effectively sunk down to the bottom of my cock as her head fell back and she soon moved her hands back to press against my chest as I rearranged in the back of the limo.

Sliding backwards on the chair slightly, I let Taylor put her hands on my chest as I placed mine on her hips and started to slowly lift her up and down on my cock while it remained buried inside of her. Taylor was soon bouncing up and down on my dick and while I wanted to see her tits bounce, the sight of her ass cheeks slapping against my thighs was good enough for me as well. Her bouncing soon became more erratic though and as her head fell backwards, she managed to shoot me a look as if she wanted to encourage me on what was about to happen. Taking over, I took hold of Taylor by the waist and started to lift her up and raise her down, my hips started to move with her as well, wanting to drive her right to another hard orgasm in the back of my limo.

"Oh fuck! Yes!" Taylor let out a loud squeal of pleasure before her body convulsed while she was on top of me and she quickly started to cum again. Holding onto her as she shook, shivered and came over my dick, I made sure to keep driving her up and down right up until she finished cumming over my cock and effectively drenching my lap in her hot juices. Leaning back against me, she moaned in pleasure as she weakly lifted her hips up and then dropped them back down again. Her fingers came up to my hair and she slowly ran her fingers through my hair before she pulled herself up off of my dick and wobbled forward slightly.

"Not done already?" I teased, looking at her as she moved towards the mini bar and grabbed a bottle of water. She looked over her shoulder at me and stuck her tongue out before cracking open the bottle of water and swallowing a mouthful.

"I figured you'd need a break having had some of my pussy." Taylor said, shrugging her shoulders casually as she turned back to walk towards me. She looked over the back seat before nodding her head. "Lie down."

I decided not to push this particular envelope any further and complied with what she had asked. After all, I was almost pushing my luck with talking to her like that. Taylor looked me up and down and swallowed another mouthful of water before she moved back to the backseat with me and quickly mounted herself on top of me by throwing her legs over my head and then slowly pushing her face down towards my waist. With her still dripping wet pussy in front of my face, I quickly realised what she had in mind for me and I was all too eager to join in. My hands reached up and I placed them on her ass cheeks as I pushed my tongue up to meet her entrance.

Taylor groaned at the contact and as soon as my tongue hit her pussy, Taylor had pushed my dick inside of her mouth. I could feel her mouth close down around my cock and she started to lift her head up and down, sliding her mouth along my cock and almost cleaning my dick as if she were a vacuum looking to cleanse me of her orgasm. My tongue ran over her pussy's lips before I slipped it inside of her folds and tasted her juices on my face. Sliding my tongue into her pussy, Taylor had her hands on the inside of my legs as I started to explore how she tasted. Running my tongue inside of her, lapping against her folds, I relished the taste of just how sweet she was on my face. My hands pertly squeezed against her ass cheeks as I ate away at her folds, licking inside of her entrance as Taylor sucked my dick,

Taylor's mouth was closed around my pole and as she lifted her head up and then dropped it down, sucking my cock clean. Her tongue was licking all over my pole, running along the top of my dick and running against the underside of my cock's head. Her fingers were gently scraping against the inside of my legs, adding to the sweet sensation as she blew me. Her mouth came up off of my cock and then moved her lips to the side, sliding them along my cock as she wriggled her lower half against my face. Taylor moved her tongue all over my cock, making sure to scoop as much of her arousal up off of my prick as I ate away at her pussy. Her tongue ran along the other side of my cock before she moved her tongue down and lapped at my balls. Taylor made sure to get my dick completely wet and covered in her spit as my tongue worked over her folds.

My tongue moved over her folds, my mouth opened slightly and I took her pussy lips in my mouth and gingerly sucked on them while my hands ran over her ass. Slapping them again, I moaned into Taylor's pussy as she pushed her lips down tight around my cock and applied some firm pressure to my dick. Her pearly white teeth came down and gently scraped against my shaft as she moved her mouth up and down. My tongue ran over her pussy's lips before moving down to attack her clit. Wrapping my lips around the hard little nub, I sucked on it gently, scraping my teeth against her hard nub as she moaned around my dick. Her body was writhing and I could feel her legs shaking between my head as I sucked on her clit. Pushing my tongue back inside of her pussy, Taylor groaned and rolled her hips around before she moved her lips all the way down to the bottom of my cock, deepthroating me in place.

Squeezing at her ass cheeks as I slipped my tongue in and out of her folds like I was fucking her pussy with my tongue, I rolled it all around the insides of her folds before sliding my tongue out of her folds and then pushing the wide flat bit of my tongue against her wet slit and broadly swiping my tongue down towards her clit and over to the bottom bit of her pussy. Taylor's legs closed briefly, shaking as she moved her head up off of my cock and looked over her shoulders to look at me.

"If I make you cum now, are you going to be able to fuck my ass after it?" That made my cock twitch slightly and she seemed amused by it. "That a no?"

"Most likely." I sighed, my head falling back and away from her pussy. My tongue licked against my lips, scooping up some of Taylor's cum before she wriggled herself forward and slipped down to her hands and knees in the middle of the limo. She rolled her hips from side to side before she spread her legs apart and looked over to me

"Make me cum like that again and you can take my ass as hard as you want to." Taylor said, biting down on her bottom lip as her sandy blonde hair was starting to mat to her head with the sweat her body was creating. Wiping away some of the sweat from my own forehead, I nodded my head and moved behind her body onto my own knees behind her. Grabbing the bottle of water she had been drinking from, I swallowed a mouthful before she took it from me.

Effectively refreshed, I looked at her dripping wet pussy, the same one that I had just had my tongue on, I was ready to be balls deep inside of it again. Walking over towards her, I gripped my dick at the base and then slowly pushed myself forward and all the way back inside of her.

Pushing my dick forward and sliding inside of Taylor, we both let out a loud, audible groan together as my dick quickly became accustomed to her pussy hugging on my dick. Gripping her sides, I started to slide my hips backwards and forwards. Rocking my cock inside of her, Taylor hissed in pleasure and her fingers seemed to claw at the floor of the limo as I pushed my cock inside of her. She moaned as I did so, rolling her hips around my dick as I moved inside of her, my hands had a good grip of her sides and as I moved backwards and forwards, I could almost feel Taylor's body holding me closer to her as slid my cock into her.

My hips started to pick up a decent pace in fucking her from behind and as I held onto her sides, I started to pull her back to meet my hard forward thrusts. Her body started to slap against my waist and her ass was slapping against me with each hard push into her. Taylor's pussy was already dripping wet and running down my cock and all over her thighs as I fucked her from behind in the traditional doggy style position.

"Mmm fuck! Give me that dick!" Taylor groaned, a hand coming up and running through her hair, peeling some of her long golden hair off of her forehead and letting it drop down to her side as she was rocked backwards and forwards. Pumping my dick inside of her, I gritted my teeth and did my best to not listen to what sweet words Taylor was moaning, if I heard too much I just knew it would be too much for me and I was going to explode and that would definitely mean I wouldn't get to fuck her tight ass.

"You like getting fucked in the back of... Shit... Back of a limo?" I asked, looking up at her head as she managed to look over her shoulder to look at me. Her face was flushed with arousal and her whole body was shining with sweat and she was definitely into this fuck session. She bit down on her bottom lip and as her body shook, she managed to nod her head.

"I love that fat dick inside me... Fuck! You fuck so fucking good! I know what Sel wanted it so much!" Taylor groaned, her voice almost creaking with each rock inside of her. As I pushed my cock forwards and inside of her, I hit a particular sweet spot inside of her and her whole body collapsed, her legs went wide and her arms just fell away from holding her up. So, I moved my body upwards so that I was fucking her in effectively a reverse missionary style. Rocking my cock inside of her, I looked down at her ass cheeks and watched as my long rod slid inside of her and then all the way out of her. Each pump inside her was making her groan louder and louder with each hard stroke. Taylor's hands hit against the floor of the limo as I pumped myself inside of her. Taylor's sweaty body was starting to almost run out of energy and her words were starting to fade away to just hot, meaningless grunts as I took her from behind. With one more long stroke inside of her, Taylor's body convulsed again and she started to explode all around my cock. Cumming again and hard all over my shaft, I watched as her juices almost poured out of her folds and I just knew that this thing was going to need cleaning.

Frankly, I didn't care though, I was ready to experience the wildest night I'd ever had with this job so far. I held her in place as she finished cumming, her fists were in balls as they beat against the floor of the limo. Slowly though, she came down from her high and she seemed perfectly satisfied on the floor of the limo. Eventually, she managed to move forwards and took another deep breath of air before clumsily reaching up for the bottle of water she had used earlier. Cracking the lid open again, Taylor swallowed a mouthful but most of it overflowed out of her mouth and down her breasts before the bottle was empty and she just let the plastic bottle fall from her lands to the floor. Sighing softly, Taylor looked over her shoulder to me and nodded her head.

"So... You want to cum in my asshole?"

I nodded my head and Taylor only smirked at that before she pushed her ass up and reached behind her to spread her cheeks apart and showing off her back door. Moving up and out of her slick vagina, I looked down at her asshole before I pushed my dick against her ass. She braced quickly before she patted her hands down against the limo's floor and nodded her head.

"Sorry... Go on..." She offered before moving to look at the floor. I nodded my head to myself and then pushed the fat head of my cock against her tight back door. Slowly pushing forward, my dick's head slipped inside of her and then the rest started to follow. Sliding inside her to the halfway point, I looked down at her tight asshole and damn near came there and then.

Her tight ass was squeezing down on me and as I pushed my hips forward, I bit down on my bottom lip and did my best to focus on the task at hand. Pushing my cock inside of her ass, I took hold of her by the waist and then pulled my hips back before sliding them forwards. She was incredibly tight and while I'm sure she didn't mind, I had to wonder just how this was for her. I got my answer though when she reached down between her legs and started to slowly rub against her clit. Taylor's moans started to join my own one as I pushed my dick in and out of her asshole. Slowly butt fucking her, I could only imagine how crazy of a story this would be to tell literally anyone but I also knew no one would believe me if I even thought of telling the story.

Sliding my dick out to about halfway in and out of her ass, I pushed my dick forward again and as I did, my big, heavy balls rocked forward and slapped against her dripping wet opening. I moved myself around on my knees as Taylor moved her own legs together just a little bit, making her butthole just that little bit tighter. With my legs over hers, I had a good hold of her sides as I pulled my dick backwards and then pushed them forwards, forcing my cock right back into her back door as she moaned while she rubbed against her clit. My balls were still slapping against her wet pussy and with each of the hard slap, Taylor would stop touching herself. The sound of my balls slapping against her wet opening was enough for the both of us to moan and while she panted at the touch of her fingers against her slit, the slap of my balls provided another source of stimulation for the sexy blonde.

Taylor weakly looked over her shoulders at me and offered me just the sexiest look ever as she had her ass fucked.

"Oh shit... Fuck me! Selena's going to be so fucking mad... Mmmm fuck! You never had her ass did you?" She asked, her fingers rubbing against her clit as I continued to slowly roll my dick backwards and forwards inside of her tight asshole.

"No... Fuck... Never got it..."

"Shame... She's... Ooh... She's got a nice ass."

"Mmmm yours is nice too..."

"You're only... Fuck! Only saying that because you're deep in it!" Taylor counter protested as her fingers continued to rub against her clit, now working in tandem with my balls slapping against her wet slit. Pushing my cock right back inside of her ass, I groaned at the feeling of her squeezing down on my dick as I pushed myself into her tight butt. My hands kept hold of her waist, keeping a decent grip of her body, I started to pump my dick inside her a little bit faster as my orgasm started to take hold of me. Sliding my cock inside of her with one particularly hard pump, I grit my teeth and looked at her face as she had her eyes closed while I fucked her ass. As I pushed my cock inside her again, Taylor's eyes snapped open and her pussy exploded again, drenching my balls as she came for what must have been the final time.

Sliding my cock into her one final time, I grit my teeth and started to cum. Firing my ropes into her asshole, I could only hiss in pleasure before I pulled my cock backwards and continued to shoot my ropes into her back door. Pulling my dick all the way out, I watched as some of the pearly white beads of my cum slowly dribbled from her asshole and down her pussy lips before touching the floor of the limo.

"Get... Get my phone..." Taylor breathed, opening her eyes to look at me. I moved to the backseat of the limo and grabbed her small handbag. Opening it up and finding her phone at the top, I passed her the small cellphone back before she unlocked it and opened up the camera. "Take a photo of that asshole." She breathed, lifting her head up slightly.

I did as she requested and made sure that the camera could pick up on the sight of her painted asshole. She breathed slightly as the flash filled the inside of the limo and she took her phone back from me.

"I'm going to send this to Selena. You don't mind do you Nick?"

"Send away."

"Dirty boy." Taylor said with a grin as she sent the message over to her friend. She looked over her shoulder at me as her ass remained upwards facing towards me. "Now, are you going to take me home or what?"
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Re: Driver (Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift)
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Great work, Blackjack! Excellence as always!  ;D

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Re: Driver (Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift)
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Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  Love the chapter.  I really love how sweaty Taylor gets (she looks good when sweaty) and detailed descriptions.  Great job! 

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Re: Driver (Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift)
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Re: Driver (Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift)
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After Having Read Your Erotic Sizzler ‘Driver’ Where You Virtually Drive SELENA (GOMES) Wild On Her Couch That Made Her Go ‘Ooooh Aaaah Ouch!’ And Me Ended Up Giving “SG” A Triple Messy Handsfree Tribute.
Believe Me When I Say You Have Virtually Changed The Way I Shall Look At SELENA GOMES For The Rest Of My Life Never Knew She Was Soo Talented On The Couch...Lucky YOU JACK To Get To Black Her Tunnel With Your Creamy Grease!!!
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Re: Driver (Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift)
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After Reading You Having Balled SELENA On Her Couch & TAYLOR SWIFT(ly) In The Plush Limo...I For One Shall Believe Every Single Word Of Whose Tunnel You Grease Next.
After Reading You Drive SELENA & TAYLOR Wild & Reducing Me Into A Mushy Puddle In ThighLund Half A Dozen Times (Need To Keep Nap-Kins Handy Next Time I Read You Getting Laid) Two Natural Questions Come To Mind...”When Are You Going To Invade SELENA’s BOOTy Next Just Like TAYLOR Wondered Aloud & Secondly How Many Friends Do TAYLOR & SELENA Have Between Them To Whom They Must Have Sent Their MMS Of You Drilling Their Secret Garden? Am Sure You Gonna Be A Very Busy Man On A Lot Of Horny Celebs Wish List To Drive Them Wild...Every Which Way?
So Keep Black(ing) Them Jack!!!
“Giving Pleasure (Without Any Strings Attached) Is My Business & Seeking Pleasure Is My Hobby!!!”
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