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Author Topic: Forbidden Lust Part 2 (Chloe Grace Moretz)  (Read 1116 times)

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Forbidden Lust Part 2 (Chloe Grace Moretz)
« on: November 23, 2019, 09:42:44 PM »
Once again, written in the dual POV style, both characters giving their perspectives


All I want to do as I watch the video of them, is to join them. I had to record it, its not like Im going to use it against them, I just wanted it for myself. I wasnt sure if Natalie would actually go through with it, I was pretty sure that Justin would do it though. After all, what guy would say no to sex? After I asked Natalie for a favor to try Justin out for a massage and that he would give her a happy ending, which I made up as I really didnt know he would, I was really excited to see how it would play out. I mean, I know how I wanted it to go, but really, I wasnt sure that it would be anything more than a massage. It would take Natalie to initiate the act, Justin wasnt going to risk it, it wouldnt even cross his mind to do it. Im sure in his fantasy, yes, but not in reality. I wanted Natalie to have sex with Justin and what better way than during a massage, I was shocked when she finally did ask for it. I was really disappointed when the massage was over and nothing happened, but then Natalie asked for it and I couldnt have asked for a better outcome.

Speaking of coming, they both sure did and I recorded it all on camera. I hid a camera near where I figured hed set up the table. Perfect, now Im going to watch it on my phone and have some fun of my own. Again, its for my own personal collection. I downloaded the video to my phone, so this will be the first time that I get to see it.

Im outside all alone and ready to watch Justin fuck her brains out; I know he did cause I heard them going at it, he forgot that I was home. Just listening to them was hot, I even masturbated to them, her moans did it for me. I could see in my mind the things Justin was doing to her and I could almost feel it too, I could hear each thrust and I could hear the exact moments that he made her cum each time; I tried to time my own orgasms to theirs. I was lying down in the hallway when I was doing it, we were the only ones in the house and I couldnt exactly watch them without being seen.

I knew the camera would pick it all up. I really just wanted to walk down and act shocked and then join them, but I couldnt ruin the moment for them. Maybe they wouldnt want me to, besides, I would have my fun with him again soon enough.

I had my fingers deep inside me and also pulling on my nipples, I had to bite my lip to be quiet, I would speed up and slow down to keep pace with them. I felt like Justin was fucking me again; I would cum when she would, I could feel his hands doing these things to me. Justin was buried inside my mind now and I didnt want him out, he was and is my weakness and my strength. I listened to him doing all kinds of kinky things to her and I felt like it was me there instead and he was controlling my body. Justin was making me masturbate for him; he was making me pull on my nipples, he was making them sore and feel so fucking good at the same time, it was Justin making me finger myself, he was the one forcing me to cum for him over and over.

Wave after wave of orgasmic rushes would hit me. My body was his, he was in control, I wanted him to use me like he was using Natalie. The entire time I fingered myself to their moans, I could feel my entire being was his to do with as he pleased. He did everything to me that he wanted and I loved every moment. I had never fingered myself like that before, I had never lost control of myself like someone else was in control, it was amazing. Even though Im trying to explain it to you, I dont think I can do it justice, but it was unreal. When Natalie came for the last time, I was as exhausted as she was. I heard them touching and kissing and my flesh burned with desire, I couldnt take any more and at the same time I wanted to feel him touching and kissing me.

After they were finished and so was I, I went back into my room and laid there dreaming of watching the video. Now I am going to see it for the first time, Im super excited. I will do my best to describe everything I do as I do it. Are you ready?

Im wearing a red, spaghetti strap, tank top and tight, black yoga-type pants. My phone is on my chest, Im pressing play. Oh my God, its perfect; the camera is picking up everything. I can see them and hear them as well as I did the other day when it happened. My nipples are already getting hard; I can see them poking through, so hot. Im rubbing my finger over them. Oh yes, I can already feel myself getting wet. This is even better than I imagined it would be. Natalie is so fucking gorgeous, I should have joined them. Justin is now naked and his huge cock is as sexy as ever.

My fingers slip into my bottoms, my wet lips part from my index finger. Oh fuck yes; Im starting to moan as another finger penetrates my wetness. Im exploring my g spot and I can almost feel Justin doing it to me, Im trying to hold my phone with one hand and make myself cum with the other. My moans grow louder as Justin works her body, Im alone and I dont care, this is so fucking hot. Oh my god! Im cumming already, yessssss!!!!! My toes curl and my stomach clenches, as does my pussy. I can feel more wetness pouring out and running down my thigh, I need to taste it. Justin makes me suck on my fingers as I watch him spread her legs, he asks me if I taste as sweet as he does, I tell him that I want to drink his jizz, he tells me I have to wait. Justin makes me bury my fingers deep inside myself again, faster he makes me go, he is controlling me, I can almost feel his presence. They are fucking now and their moans drive me fucking wild and I moan loud enough as my orgasm rocks my very core.

Holy fuck! I heard Justin say, but it wasnt on the video.

I froze as the video continued and they were moaning louder, my hand under my bottoms even stopped.

Oh fuck! Justin! What are you doing here?

Oh my God! He knows, Im busted.



I keep thinking about the other day with Natalie; I never expected her to ask for a happy ending, it was Chloes idea too. I should find her and thank her, but then what? Do we keep having sex too? I cant stop thinking about her either, this shit is crazy; first Chloe then Natalie. Nataliewow! Her mouth was like magic, she sucked the life out of me, not as good as Chloe, but nothing to complain about either. I shouldnt be thinking of Chloe, but I cant help it, shes infected my brain. I fucked Natalie in part to forget about her, it worked at the time, but now Im thinking about her again. Massaging Natalie was sexier then I imagined; her body is spectacular. Her breasts, perfection. It felt so good to slowly slip inside her pretty, tight, pink pussy, the way her lips stuck out a little, the way she felt and how sweet she tasted, and being able to unload inside her was likeI was going to say like nothing ever, but it reminded me of Chloe. So warm and inviting, so loving. Natalie just needed a good fuck and I hope I gave it to her.

Right now I need to take a swim and shake this off.

Holy fuck!

Chloe is here fingering herself to porn, not what I expected.

Wait mother fucker. Is that Natalie and me fucking I hear?

Oh fuck! Justin, what are you doing here?

What am I doing? What the fuck are you doing? Is that a tape of me and Natalie?

Yes, but dont be mad, I only did it for my own enjoyment. I mean, I did it so I could watch, Im not going to give it to anyone else to see. Im sorry, dont be mad. I had to, II I wanted it to be me and I wanted you to fuck her and IIm sorry.

Chloe looks like shes about to cry. Im pissed at her, what the fuck! But.shes masturbating to my porn.



Dont be mad okay, Im sorry?

I didnt know he was home. Shit! Im so busted, hes going to hate me.

Their porn is still playing and its making me horny. I need to finish, but I know hes mad at me now. I ruined ityet, I see him fully aroused. Hes not too mad I dont think.

Tell me that youre not at least a little turned on by it, I can see youre hard as a rock baby. Please dont be mad, let me make it up to you. I am using my puppy dog eyes that he cant resist.

Natalie is screaming in the video and its so hot and awkward at the same time.



What the absolute fuck Chloe! Are you fucking serious?

Shes right though, Im horny and mad at the same time. Listening to Natalie cum and seeing Chloes hand down her pants and her nipples hard as can be, is making me turned on when it shouldnt.

Why Chloe?

I said that I wanted to see you fuck her. I was upstairs and I was

You were what?

I was imagining you fucking me the way I could hear you fucking her, okay, you happy now?

Fucking hell, Chloe.

Im mad as hell and horny as hell at the same time and I dont know if I should leave or fuck her.



Im mad at myself for getting caught like this and mad at myself for doing it in the first place, but Im not regretting it either. Its fucking hot to watch, he knows it tooI hope.

Baby, Im sorry. Please dont be mad, let me make it up to you.

As I finished that sentence, Justin was already getting naked and his large, engorged cock is fast approaching my open mouth.

Mmmmhhhhmmmmmhhhmmmmm! I cant speak; his hands are holding my head down to swallow his cock, I dont want to resist.

Just shut up and suck my dick.



I dont know what Im even doing; one moment Im mad and now Im face fucking her. I dont even remember taking off my shorts.

Oh fuck! You dirty slut, suck that cock! Finger that pussy. Pull up that top and let me see those tits!

Chloe is doing exactly as I say.

Keep your eyes on me and hold that phone so that I can watch me fucking Natalie.



Oh my fucking God! Justin is forcing me to fuck myself and suck his cock while he makes me watch him, as he watches the video of himself fucking Natalie, I love this!

I try to speak but my words are choked by his fat cock. I dont even resist, its like I have to obey him.

You like that, you fucking whore? Thats right, youre my fucking whore, arent you?

"Yes I am God yes, I am."

All I can do is suck his cock and look into his eyes, he is thrusting his cock deep down my throat as he watches the video.

Im doing to cum down your fucking throat and then Im going to take you upstairs and fuck you over the sink and in the shower.

"Yes, yes, yes. Yes please, use me baby, Im your whore."

You like that dont you? You bitch, Im going to.. Im so mad, I dont know what. What the fuck!



I cant believe that Im even doing this; I walked in on Chloe masturbating and I was excited, but then I realized the porn she was watching was me. It pissed me off that she recorded me, but its also hot at the same time, her blow jobs are amazing. I have to admit, that watching my own porn while shes sucking my cock is the wildest thing Ive done and lately, thats saying something.

I know Im already to cum, but I really want to punish her for doing this to me, she is going to get it alright.

Is my whore ready for my hot load?

I can feel her moaning onto my cock; her tongue is twirling like magic and watching Chloe finger herself is fucking hot! I cant hold it back any longer.



I cant believe hes acting this way, its actually a turn on, listening to him fuck Natalie while he is forcing himself down my throat and making me finger myself, is by far the hottest thing Ive done with anyone else.

My body is in bliss as Ive cum over and over already. I want to stop, but I cant. Now hes going to cum already, he really must be turned on. My nipples are so fucking hard and all I want is to have him pull on them.

His semen blasts into my mouth and I hold back from choking, Im trying to swallow it all before I spit it out. His hands are holding me in, I cant pull out, even if I want to at this point. Hes making me swallow him, I love him even more! Im trying to look up into his eyes as mine are streaming tears. My vision is blurry as I swallow his warm load and then more and more before he releases his hold. Im free to pull back and I do.



Im cumming down her throat and Im not letting her go, shes taking it all like a champ. Shes so fucking good, this feeling is incredible. I cant believe that this is even happening, Ive never been angry while fucking someone.

Suck it all down, you whore! Youre my whore.



Im trying to shake my head yes, that Im his whore. Ive never been hate fucked before, hes so forceful and its making me cum. He finally let me go and I immediately cough. Tears are running down my eyes from gagging on his delicious cock and warm jizz. I smile and look into his eyes and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand.

I am your whore.

Justin is looking down at me and he seems more relaxed now, hes smiling at me.

Im glad. Did you like it you dirty little slut?

I wipe the tears from my eyes and stand up next to him, only inches separate us. I can smell his sex when hes naked, I want to be naked with him, so I reach my hands to remove my tank top and stare into his eyes as he stares at my now exposed breasts, my nipples are so hard that they are hurting me. They are practically begging for him to pull on them.

Of course I did, do you like what you see?

His hands run down my sides, it tickles and it makes me smile. His fingers pull on my pants to free me of my bottoms.

Of course, thats better. He said to me.

Fuck me.



Chloe is so fucking hot, my mind feels free to think now. I havent even began to shrink from cumming and shes already making me horny again, its like shes got me under a spell. Shes so close that I can almost smell her pussy, in a good way. She smells like sex and I need my fix, shes my drug that Im addicted to. She has my cock in her delicate hands and shes pushing it against her wet lips.


Did I stutter? I said, fuck.me.

I love when she gets bossy. My cock is gripped between her thighs, I can feel her wetness dripping on my dick. Her hands are on my chest and her lips press against my neck, she knows my spot. Fuck me, it sends a shiver down my spine. I touch her shoulders just to feel her soft skin, her nipples are amazing and hard and are pressed to my body. I just want to get hard now and fuck her.

Upstairs, shower, now. Its like words wont form complete sentences.



God, how I love the feel of his cock between my wet lips. I wish he was hard already, I want to fuck like now. My breasts feel so good pressed against his body, it makes my hard nipples even more excited at his touch. I knew kissing his neck would do the trick, it works on me too. His fingertips caress my shoulders, shivers run down my spine and my toes curl. I cant help but touch his bare chest, to feel his strength underneath, so comforting. His commands, I must obey. I stop kissing his neck and relax my thighs to let go of his luscious cock, my pussy aches for it though.

Yes sir.

He uses his hands to guide me in front of him. I glance back with a smile and take him by the hand, Justin smacks my ass with the other.

HEY! I shout, Do it harder, I say as seductively as I can.

He let my hand go and grabs my ass and squeezes it. He is pressing his body to mine and his cock is pushed between spread cheeks. I instinctively reach up and back to hold his head. He reaches in front and squeezes my breasts and then he pulls on my nipples, all while he sucks on my neck, Im totally his.

Oh fuck Justin, fuck me. Baby, yes, pull them, squeeze them. Use me baby.

My flesh is on fire, every sexual sensation is burning with desire, I want to get fucked now.



I cant help but to grab her and squeeze her all over. Her breasts are perfect in my hands and her nipples just beg me to pull on them and her ass needs me to fill it. I can feel her giving into me as I suck on her neck, shes putty now. Im starting to get hard again.

I said, upstairs. I tell her as I stop sucking on her neck.

Shes practically pulling me along with her upstairs and into the bathroom. I shut the door and I turn on the shower as she watches me with anticipation in her gaze. I catch myself in the mirror and I have an idea, that and I see the lotion.

Turn around and face the mirror, spread your legs and put your hands against the wall.

Whatever will you do to me baby?

Relax and youll soon find out, I say as I press my body against hers.



This is so fucking hot, I see him in the mirror putting the lotion on his dick, hes rubbing it over my ass now. Oh shit, hes going to..

Oh fuck! My eyes go wide as does my mouth.

His cock is being pushed into my ass, inch by long, thick, fucking inch. My legs are as spread apart as far as I can go, his hands are on my hips, he is using them to get more leverage, hes fully in me now. Justin is in full control of my body; his deft fingers play with my clit, Im going to cum already, I need to kiss him. With one hand on my clit, his other hand holds my throat and he kisses me. Thats it, our tongues twist and twirl, his fingers drive me over the edge and an orgasm surges through my body like electricity. His cock is going in and out slowly and gently, my breath is completely taken away, my thoughts are a blur and my emotions are running wild.



Her body is perfect; her ass is filled with me, it feels amazing, I have to kiss her. My fingers are soaked with her pussy juices, I can feel her about to cum for me as I push myself in and out as gently as I can. I dont want to cum, at least not yet, I need that pussy badly. Her kiss is full of passion, I didnt even realize that my hand was on her throat, I can feel her voice vibrating through her throat as shes cumming for me. Holy fuck. My hands fall and I break our lips apart, Im holding her hips and going faster as she looks into the mirror, I want to break her in half.

Do you like this, you dirty slut? My dirty slut? My filthy whore?

I dont know why Im calling her these names, it just felt..right.



Do I like it? Fuck yes! Oh my God!

His cock is destroying my ass and I love it. I cant concentrate to think, all I feel is him forcing himself in and out, harder and faster. My breaths escape in gasps, my body is weak. Im moaning and groaning with each forceful thrust, 8 inches of steel hard cock pounding my poor ass. I submit, I submit, I submit.



I have to stop before I cum, I need her pussy now. One more thrust, I hold it. Our bodies pressed together, I can feel her body tense, shes on her toes, her mouth is wide open. All shes doing to moaning for me, any more and Ill explode, so I ease myself out, slowly. I watch her face in the mirror, relief maybe?



Justin pulls himself out and I feel everything at once; every emotion; relief, pleasure, pain, excitement, happiness. I can feel my ass is stretched wide open still, Im gasping for breath. I wanted him to stop, but at the same time, I wanted him to finish.

He guides me into the now steaming shower where he starts to wash my body. No words are spoken, its like he knows what to do.

Justin uses his soapy hands to clean me from head to toe, its not even sexual, yet I cant help but feel turned on by it.

We just stand still when he finishes and the air is charged with sexual tension. I take the soap and lather my hands and stroke his cock clean, hes moaning, I can sense that hes near cumming.



Chloes hands are cleaning my dick and much longer, shell make me cum, I have to pull away. We know its just weird with no words but its like a connection.

I find myself pushing her against the wall, water streaming over our bodies, her thighs lift easily in my hands as her legs wrap themselves around my back. Under the shower head, our lips lock and our bodies melt into one. I can hear her gasp as I enter her most sacred place, she fits me perfectly, her fingers through my hair and then scratch down my back.

Im holding her tight around her waist and trying to thrust as hard as I can manage in this most slippery of situations.



I need to touch him all over, my fingers run through his hair and down his back, only to touch him back up and anywhere that I can. His cock penetrates not only my body, but my mind as well. Hes perfect inside me, right where he belongs, it takes my breath away, that first thrust. We kiss full of burning desires.

Over and over hes pounding me into sweet oblivion. His lips find my neck once more, my fingers are full of his hair as I moan and groan for him and from him. So slow and gentle and at the same time its so powerful and rough, each pounding he gives me makes me gasp and moan. I want to feel him deep inside me, I need him to fill me with his seed.



I cant hold it back any longer; her touches and her kisses and that perfect pussy drive me insane. I lift her up as far as I can once more and pile drive her as hard as I can one final time. As I moan out, I release my sperm as far into her pussy as I can, I can feel it pulsating with her love.

I grab her hands and pin them to the wall, my body is pinning hers to the shower wall to hold us up together. Our lips burn with those lustful kisses, shes cumming with me. I can hear it in between kisses as she moans and groans. I feel the need to push myself in as far as I can, my dick is pulsating with each blast of my seed. I can feel it pouring out of me, its like shes sucking the life out of me.

Her body goes limp and her legs unwrap off of my back and back onto the ground. Im still inside, I dont want to stop.



I feel like Im floating; his hot sperm is exploding inside of me, so wonderful, so warm and welcoming. My body is euphoric, everything tingles, I cant hold on any longer. My legs give out and I float back down to the ground.

What a wonderful day.

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Re: Forbidden Lust Part 2 (Chloe Grace Moretz)
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If you enjoyed this series, there will be a part three.


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