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Halloween Roleplaying (Anna Kendrick)
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Title: Halloween Roleplaying
Author: The Chemist
Celebs: Anna Kendrick
Codes: MF, anal, oral, bound, spank
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. I do not know Anna Kendrick. Mature themes so must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story

Summary: Anna Kendrick is offered a role in a horror movie for first time. She really wants it but doesn’t know if that’s because she has a horror fetish or because she believes it’s a good career choice. So she gets a friend to role play her as a victim in a horror movie to gain clarity.

“Yeah I know, I can’t believe we have to wait another year for the final season,” Anna Kendrick moaned to her friend over lunch. “Shit, my agent’s calling. Do you mind if I take this?”

“Hey, you need to keep bringing home the bacon. Go ahead,” her friend replied, earning a smile from Anna as she answered.

“HI Anna, it’s Janice. Good news, you were offered a role in that new upcoming horror movie remake. Old school slasher flick set in a university. Anyway, the role is yours if you want it. As the lead! This could turn you into a cult figure like Jamie Lee Curtis or Neve Campbell,” Anna’s agent informed the star.

“Oh wow. That’s exciting,” Anna replied with glee. However, before accepting any role, Anna always liked doing a thorough self-examination of why she wanted to be in a certain movie or take on a certain character. “Listen, give me the weekend and I’ll get back to you.”

“Okay but let me know Monday morning at the latest. They want you bad and the studio believes this will be a massive hit. Anyway, have a good weekend and congrats.”

“I take it that was another offer,” Anna’s friend asked, already knowing the answer.

“Yeah it was,” the gorgeous actress replied, though her face didn’t appear as happy as it had been before.

“I’m surprised you didn’t take it on the spot. We all know how much you like being busy.”

Anna went on to explain her dilemma with her longtime friend. Anna had played in a variety of different movies, but she was largely niched into musicals due to her wonderful voice and stage presence, or in either chick flicks or indie films. She was extremely comfortable taking those roles as they were her wheelhouse.

A horror movie, especially an old school slasher flick, the type of film she grew up loving, was always something Anna wanted to do. However, Anna had a little bit of a sexual impulse problem. Well, not according to any of her many lovers but still, the petite actress understood she had an addiction problem. Therefore, whenever a role outside of her chosen niche in the industry became available she had to do a little soul searching to see if she wanted to role for a challenge or to expand her horizons, or if she only wanted to do the slasher flick because it was a sexual fantasy for her.

“Well shit,” her friend said, taking the last bite of food. “That’s a real pickle your in. How do you decide?”

“Normally therapy but this time I have something else in mind. My therapist suggested something that I’m eager to try; roleplaying. That way I can place myself in the sexual situation so that once I’ve gotten off, I’ll actually have clarity if I still want the role for professional reasons or if it was only for the fantasy of it,” Anna explained, feeling her pussy moistening at the mere thought of a classic horror movie legend fucking her ruthlessly.

“I repeat, well shit! I’d love to see that play out,” the blonde replied.

“Yeah? Well how about I write you in a little voyeur role in all this,” Anna answered with a wicked gleam in her eye as her mind began whirling into thought.

*          *          *

It had been a busy 24 hours but Anna was under a time crunch after all. After a few calls were made and a long day of writing and editing, she was ready to go. Though she would have preferred an actually sorority house or school library for the scenario to play itself out in, beggers couldn’t be choosers so Anna had to be happy enough with a somewhat rundown old house she rented for the weekend from some random online.

However, Anna had only been involved in the general outline of the plan so as she approached the weathered house at night time she got to marvel in its appearance. Several wooden boards had been tacked up over the windows with no light being seeing on the inside. However, her set designer had really played up the Halloween vibe by having several Jack-o-Lanterns on the porch and even a plastic mock graveyard in the front yard.

“Hello? Anyone home?” Anna called after her light knock on the door proceeded to crack it open.

When no reply came the 32-year old actress slid inside, closing the door behind her. The air inside the house was cooler than outside, making Anna slightly regret her choice of attire despite how good she looked in it. Given that LA was in the midst of some warm spring weather, the petite woman was donning minimal clothing to the tune of a pair of very short, very tight denim shorts, a low-cut tank top exposing a massive amount of her renown cleavage and a pair of heeled ankle-high boots to add some height to her modest 5 foot tall physique.

Anna tried to stay in the moment and fully immerse herself in the roleplaying, but at the same time she gave kudos to the man she hired to make this dream a reality. As she navigated the mostly darkened corridors and brushed aside fake webs with her hands and trash with her feet, Anna couldn’t believe the detail. And that was even before she entered the main room of this haunted house landscape.

“Holy crap,” Anna shouted in fright, surprised by the boom of the door she had just entered through slamming shut behind her. Regaining her breath though her heart rate was still spiked, the tiny actress finally looked around the well lit room. “What in the living hell.”

Anna had a large deal of the creative control of this process but she had surrendered some of the decision-making up to her fellow roleplayer as well. Entering the room, the thing that caught her eye the most was the large wooden stockade in the middle of the room. As she stepped further into the room she also noticed several hanging devices that she recognized from some BDSM-themed sex, namely several different paddles of various materials. Not being able to help herself, Anna approached the stockade, bent at the waist and tried it on for size so to speak by sticking her head and arms in the opening, which was when she noticed her friend from yesterday’s lunch sitting naked, tied up and scared with a ball-gag preventing her from screaming.

“Jesus Christ!” Anna screamed, once again scared witless. “I’m out of here.”

Anna’s natural fight or flight reflexes kicked into high gear. Knowing that she was petite without any training in combat, that meant running as fast as possible. The problem with that was as she turned on her heels, she barely made it 2 steps before colliding with a man-mountain. Looking up, the heavily tattooed bald man stood easily 6’5 and a best guess of 250 lbs of mostly muscle.

Anna’s eyes flared in panic as a scream erupted from her lips. Without realizing that the only exit to the room laid in front of her, through the largest man she’d ever encountered, she turned to flee. It was at this point that the talented actress realized that the massive man was also quick, easily seizing her from behind and wrapping her tightly up in his much bigger and stronger arms.

“Don’t scream or I’ll…well, you won’t like what I’ll do,” the scary man spoke. When a blood-curdling scream didn’t leave Anna’s mouth, he relaxed his grip around her midsection and shoulder as a reward. “Good. You can listen and obey. Excellent start.”

“Please don’t hurt me mister,” the actress replied but in a different tone than earlier. Whereas she was genuinely shocked when he appeared behind her out of nowhere, now she spoke with a very played-up tone, not very natural. “I’ll do anything you want just don’t kill me.”


Anna felt his arms shift so that one arm was still pinning her back against his strong abdominals and chest, but his other hand was now moving up along her flat stomach upwards. She stiffened slightly as his hand roamed overtop of her large breasts, giving both tits a hearty squeeze through her low-cut tank top. He waited her her to speak, to answer his physical probing and he didn’t have to wait very long for his reply.

“What are you going to do to me,” Anna asked, infusing nervousness into her staged voice.

“Have some fun, of course,” the large man replied.

With his massive size and strength advantage, the bald man easily moved Anna back towards the medieval stockade. Lifting up the upper portion he firmly pushed the actress into position so her neck and wrists were in the 3 holes before he closed the top and latched it in place.

“No offense but you’re fucking crazy,” Anna cursed

“Fucking right I am,” he replied with a crooked grin, groping Anna’s sizeable tits as he did so.

After a hearty squeeze of her boobs, Anna felt his hands leave her but they didn’t go far. Tracing her body downwards, the large man gave Anna’s small but plump ass a nice rub through her tiny denim shorts, though in truth with her bent over position and shortness of the clothing half of Anna’s ass was already exposed. His hand lifted off her but only to return in the form of a firm, open-handed slap onto her booty, causing the actress to whelp out of surprise rather than physical pain.

“Don’t hurt me, please,” Anna once again pleaded with a bit too much camp to really be believed.



“Oww! Are you…spanking me,” Anna asked, actually surprised by the turn of events.

She tried to look back and confirm her thought but she was firmly stuck in the old-school immobilization device. She had her answer in short order as this time the large studded paddle came slapping down onto her right ass cheek, causing Anna to groan and lift her leg due to the sting. Once again it didn’t hurt per se, in fact the sexually adventurous girl actually found that her maiden experience with spanking was turning pleasurable somehow. Not enough for an orgasm or anything close to that, but enough that she found her pussy had dampened her panties right through.

“Mmmhhmm yeah,” Anna cooed, unable to hide her moan of delight.

Anna had lost track of the amount of whacks she had received with the paddle but she guessed it was maybe 3 per reddened cheek. She moaned a little louder on his final slap on her sore butt, mostly because it was with his open hand once more, surprising her. Letting his massive mitt linger on her booty, he reached it around to the front and undid her button before pulling the tight fitting shorts down her short, slender legs.

“I’m happy I wore some classy underwear,” Anna mused as her black lace thong came into view while her shorts pooled around her ankles.

“You like getting spanked, don’t you?” the man asked, already having his answer as his fingers danced over the wet patch atop her pussy.

“Very…ohhh…much,” Anna’s answered interrupted as another medium-strength slap was delivered to her bubbly butt.

Anna felt his fingers scoop her thong out from between her ass cheeks to expose her cleanly shaved pussy and asshole for his viewing pleasure. The bald man had more than looking on his mind as Anna first heard him gather spit in his mouth before launching it with perfect aim right on top of her crinkled rosebud. The surprises kept coming as the man began to rub the spit in, making tight circles on her backdoor.

“What are you doing,” she asked.

“Shhh,” was the only reply she got back.

“Mmmmm…okay Mr. Killer,” Anna cooed, enjoying as the scary guy teased her asshole. Right as his pressure over her rosebud increased and she thought he was about to finger her butt, the man switched gears and instead dipped one large finger into her extremely wet pussy. “Oh fuck! Mmhmm! Yes!”

“Your pussy so wet,” he stated with a cocky grin, his finger probing deeper into her twat.

The big man was apparently full of surprises tonight, not to mention flawless execution. After burying his finger in her pussy and twirling it about to tap her G-spot a few times, the mystery man pulled it out and began circling her asshole once more. This time, with the combination of spit and pussy juice, his thick digit pushed past Anna’s sphincter and entered her ass, right at the same time his middle finger went back into her snatch.

“Oh my God! Mmmm,” Anna nearly screamed as his two fingers stuffed both her holes at the same time.

Anna continued moaning and cursing as she stayed trapped in the stockade and had the mystery man finger blast both her holes. No stranger to asshole play, Anna was a fan and this guy knew what he was doing. After pushing both fingers in as deep as possible in their respective hole, he started to pump them in and out of the petite actress, much to Anna’s pleasure.

Normally Anna didn’t get a rough treatment or too physically fucked because of the preconceived notion that her tiny size couldn’t handle it. However, this ‘killer’ didn’t prejudge her and her body adapted as a results. Anna’s dampening pussy allowed his rough fingers to glide easier into her sex, for which he had added a second digit into her pussy. With those fingers now pumping furiously into Anna, not to mention the index finger in her ass stretching out her sphincter, she was spewing out a stream of moans as she got more aroused now.

“Ahh! Ohhh! Shit,” Anna cooed, the pleasure continuing to build at frightening speeds.

“Gonna cum, my sex slave,” the big man spoke in a deep voice, asking a question he already knew the answer to.

“Mhmm! Yes! Don’t stop,” she pleaded.

In the brief time it took Anna to answer him, the burly man had pistoned into her cunt several more times. Deciding it was time to put the horny girl out of her misery before moving on to even more fun, the man twisted his wrist so that his middle and ring finger that were blasting Anna’s pussy were facing downward while his pointer finger remained filling her ass. With the new orientation, though only subtle, it allowed the actor playing a slasher movie villain to curl his digits downward so they could pummel her G-spot with lightning speed.

“Cum for me,” he demanded.

“I’m cumming!” Anna screamed in the next moment.

The burly man never stopped his digital onslaught until he was sure Anna was done cumming, which took a handful of seconds. Both he and Anna’s friend from lunch, who was tied up in the corner, watched as the actress experienced a hell of a climax, her body going rigid and even her one leg coiling up before kicking the ground. In truth it was a good thing she was trapped in the stockade as it offered support to her body as all the muscles suddenly went limp as wet noodles.

Anna felt like she was in a drunk stupor after her explosive orgasm, so much so that she barely recognized as the latch of her prison was popped and the lid to the stockade raised. The man helped her straighten up after being bent over for so long, but his altruism ended there as his fingers curled around the hem of her tank top to pull it up over her head. Anna had the presence of mind to shrug the straps of her bra off her shoulder once the mystery man unclasped it.

Seeing Anna’s tits made the scary man pause for a moment to appreciate seeing them in the flesh. Her dark red hair was perfect contrast to the milky-white appearance of her skin, which was smooth and inspired her to plant her lips all over. For such a small woman, Anna’s tits were impossibly large, making her look like a boy’s wet dream from a comic book. They were perfect globes that hung perfectly in front of her chest, heaving every time she took a deep breath.

“Fucking hell,” he grunted as his hands came up to cup and squeeze each of her perfect breasts.

Before Anna could take advantage of her new found liberty she found herself she found herself right back in the same position, trapped in the stockade. She didn’t have time to realize that the big man was being thoughtful by not simply tearing her tank top off her body and leaving her without a shirt for the drive home as there was a big distraction that was suddenly filling her.

Not bothering with a condom, the massive man stepped in close to the bound actress and was thankful the heels on her boots made their hips level despite their gulf in height. Though his cock was dry and she was undoubtedly tight given her slender physique, her pussy was more than wet enough allowing the burly man to have no trouble sliding the first half of his monster cock into her tight pussy in the first push before backing out and sheathing the whole shaft with his next thrust.

“Awwh yes! Oh fuck,” Anna cooed as she felt his dick stretch her out fully.

With his hands on her slender hips it only took the burly man several more thrusts to work himself into a solid rhythm that had him fully thrusting into her tight cunt at a decent speed. This was quite the feat given his 9-inch long cock that was as thick around as Anna’s wrist, yet the sexually experienced actress was up for the challenge. With each push into her Anna’s ass would ripple from the contact while her heavy tits swayed back and forth under her, which time nearly tapping the wooden stockade she was trapped in.

Of course it was only a matter of time before his hands left her narrow waist and reached up to make her tits home. Unfortunately it meant that his thrusting slowed but he compensated by driving in harder and as deep as physically possible into the slender actress. Anna felt his fingers grope her bouncing boobs initially before he would mix in tweaking her erect nipples every so often, all without slowing down his thrusting deep into her pinkness.

“God,” the mysterious man groaned from pleasure before slapping Anna’s petite ass. When that caused Anna to moan louder, he smiled a sinister grin before delivering a matching blow to her other cheek.

“Yes! God! Fuck me,” Anna demanded before remembering the helpless victim role she was suppose to be playing. “I mean, do whatever you want just please don’t kill me.”

“Dirty girl,” he commented. Slowing his thrusts but going much harder, the big bald man reared back and slammed his hips forward with everything he had. Anna whelped in surprise as she was fucked deep and hard, but ultimately it felt good even with her shoulders slamming the wooden stockade. She was prepared for it the next time he skewered her tiny body with his cock but it didn’t stop her from moaning loudly as a result. “Dirty girls get fucked hard. Or they die.”

“Mhmm…yes please,” Anna cooed. “Like, please don’t kill me. Oh screw it, just fuck me I’m close.”

“Again,” he thought in shock. Apparently the rumors were true about Anna Kendrick having a nearly unquenchable sexual thirst.

The actor playing a ruthless serial killer considered denying her that release but instead he did what was asked from her, slowly increasing his speed so that he was fucking her with everything he had. With a combination of lightning speed and a pounding force, the burly man repeatedly slammed his whole cock into Anna’s once tight pussy. Luckily for him it didn’t take Anna long to crest her climax and thus preserve his own sweet release so that more fun could be in store.

“AAAWHHHHH! FUCK,” Anna cussed as she came.

Though this was an epically powerful rgasm like her first one, Anna was a little bit more self-aware afterwards, albeit more exhausted. Thus she actually realized that the lid to the wooden stockade was once more unclasped and lifted, granting her freedom. Rather than run away from her potential would-be murderer, Anna simply straightened up and felt her aching back muscles thank her for the change in position.

He grabbed her hand and led the diminutive actress off to the side of the room where a short ottoman was located. Anna allowed the man twice her weight to lower her down onto her back while he knelt down and took up the position in front of her much-used sex. To present a better target for himself the bald man hoisted one of Anna’s slender legs onto his shoulder before taking his fist in his cock and placing it against the entrance to her asshole.

“Oh please sire, anything but that,” Anna begged though with a forced innocent tone.

Remembering back how easy it was to push his meaty finger into her booty earlier this night, the massive man figured that Anna was still roleplaying, so he did as well. “You said anything.”

“Oh, but…but…it’s my bum,” she protested albeit feebly.

“Here. Bite down on this,” the bald man retorted, handing her a wooden dowel from the floor for her to bite down on.

Anna was no stranger to some backdoor loving so she forgoed the wooden slab and simply waited to feel her sphincter being parted by the massive cock. He didn’t leave the actress waiting long as he wasted no time in getting to sodomizing the gorgeous girl. His cock still shimmered in Anna’s pussy juice from moments ago but he still added a little extra lubricant in the form of his spit before placing it against her anal ring. Given the thickness of his cock and the tiny frame of the actress, he initially had little hope of getting in her booty, but after only 10 seconds of applying progressively strong force, his tip disappeared into the snug confines of Anna Kendrick’s asshole.

“Oh fuck! Shit,” Anna gasped, her ass clenching up at the sudden stretching.

“Relax,” he told her with some steel but also compassion, only making the smallest of motions to fuck her backdoor.

After a few moments of waiting and small rocking motions, the bald man felt Anna start to loosen up slightly around him. As the actress took a deep steadying breath, the ‘killer’ slowly pushed forward another inch. He timed it just right so as she started to wince from the extra widening of her rectum, he would immediately stop and reverse course to give her a little more time.

As if only now remembering despite her years and hundreds of experiences, Anna reached down to touch her clit with her middle finger. As she circled the little nub with her finger she moaned and her body started to relax further as a result. In no time the burly man found he was gliding with greater ease into her asshole, albeit with only 4 inches but it was a great start. However, given his amazing girth and Anna Kendrick’s tight asshole, it was a special feat.

“Keep going. Don’t stop fucking my ass,” Anna encouraged, hoping that the man wouldn’t break character.

It was exactly what the mystery man needed to hear as he was about to open his mouth and ask her how she was. However, the bald man took a moment to steel himself once again before starting to spike his hips a little harder into the petite actress. It was still a smooth motion which meant it wasn’t so much painful as forceful and yet he was noticing that each thrust brought more of his impressive cock into the slender woman.

“Oooh,” Anna moaned as her finger started to move faster on her clit.

Anna found that focusing on the naughtiness of the situation was the ticket to success. Despite the bald man, who she still had no idea what his name was, railing into her ass with possibly the widest dick she’d ever had it was still feeling comfortable. In fact, with each thrust into her loosening butt, it was feeling better and better.

“Beg me not to kill you by fucking your ass,” his deep voice demanded, coming out in a growl.

“Please Mr Killer. Take my anal virginity just don’t murder me,” Anna immediately pleaded, even showing off her acting skills by transforming her face into a merciful mask with her eyes seeming to double in size to help her beg.

Taking a easy slow pace, not so much because Anna was tight but more because his cock filled her backdoor so greatly, the roleplaying serial killer slid almost all of his cock out of her before pushing back in only slightly faster. Every couple thrusts though Anna felt the big man add a little extra power to his thrusts into her backdoor. Despite no traditional lube being available, Anna was horny enough that it was still feeling erotic beyond reason.

“Harder,” Anna grunted, hooking her legs around his waist as she used them to pull him into her.

With his strategy for anal sex clearly working with the slender, big-breasted actress, he gave Anna what she wanted. Since she was using her lithe legs to pull him, he matched her enthusiasm by grabbing her hips and added a little more power to his thrusts. The ‘killer’ still wasn’t moving particularly fast inside her ass since he didn’t want to give her too much all at once but it seemed to satisfy her as she closed her eyes and moaned.

“You like having your ass fucked, don’t you?” he asked, shortening his strokes and picking up speed. “Not only to save your life but actually like it.”

“Uhh, yeah,” Anna responded, moving her finger from clit to dip into her pussy. “Fucking fuck that’s good.”

The final several minutes could only be described as frantic. Having loosened her bowels up with his initially slow tempo, his thrusting became increasingly deeper. Not only that but the massive man was pumping with more speed as well. Not as fast as he did with the star’s pussy, but double the speed as when he first began sodomizing Anna Kendrick.

However things kicked up a notch when his hand migrated from holding her slender leg against his shoulder and instead was used to diddle Anna’s clit. Though Anna had been doing this earlier, this time it added a third source of pleasure since her ass and pussy were already getting filled by his dick and her fingers, respectively. All of a sudden it felt as if a dam had released as the petite actress let loose a howl of a moan.

“Yes! Fuck my ass you murderous mother fucker,” the tiny actress pleaded, replacing his hand with her own so rub even faster at the sensitive nub.

The bald man had no problem taking that request as he gripped her narrow hips and simultaneously pumped harder and faster into the tiny woman’s asshole. He still couldn’t sheath his entire lengthy tool into Anna’s once tight backdoor but he had broken into a sweat already from the vigorous fucking now.

Little did he know that Anna was about to take all 9 inches of extremely thick cock into her asshole in mere moments. He was surprised to see the petite actress lift her hand away from her bald cunt since rubbing her pussy was so obviously getting her off. Without breaking stride with his thrusting, the massive man watched as the big-breasted actress sat up, looped her hands around his neck and pitched herself to the side.

“Oh god damn!” Anna cursed as they tumbled to the floor, her now on top and with the bald man now completely balls deep in her asshole.

“Good luck sitting comfortably for the next week,” the man mused to himself while Anna rode out the sudden sting of pain from having her bowels forced wider than ever before.

“Fuck that stung,” Anna said, her feet under her now. Flexing her leg muscles, the tiny spinner rode to the tip of his dick before releasing the tension in her muscles and falling back down to be skewered by his cock all over again. “Awh…that’s better.”

Once more the action was hot and heavy. This time it was the petite Anna Kendrick who worked up a thin layer of sweat on her body, making her skin glisten as she had now built momentum. Riding him hard, Anna was surprising both the mystery man and herself with the speed and depth that she was sodomizing herself with. However, the beauty only did what felt good and right now her body was telling her to continue being roughly ass-fucked by the biggest cock of her sexual life.

He needed to cum but he didn’t want to do so while she fucked him. It was a small difference but the burly man enjoyed using his bulk to dominate women thus preferred to do the fucking in most cases. He slid his feet under him before moving his hands from her perfect tits, which instantly began bouncing with an insane rhythm once more so he could effortlessly grip the petite actress and get his feet under him.

Anna let loose a whelp of surprise as the massive man who was double her weight pinned her between the wall and his body, her feet a good 3 feet from the floor still. Snarling as he slammed into Anna’s backdoor again and again, the only thing on the big man’s mind was unleashing all the lust and need that had built up as he watched the actress cum thrice. Very little thought, actually none at all, went into Anna’s wants as he fucked her hard enough to make the picture frames bounce on their holder on the wall.

“Come on, stud, fuck me,” the actress hissed into his ear, helping him hurtle faster to his finishing line.

Growling with renewed purpose, the bald man tightened his grip on the bubbly little cheeks of her ass. Finally after another minute of relentless thrusting up into the suspended redhead he reached his breaking point.

“Gonna…ugghh…cum,” the bald man announced, face severely twisted.

“Cum in me! Give me that jizz big man,” Anna practically begged.

“Fuucckkk…me,” he grunted sharply as he drove as far into Anna Kendrick’s asshole as he hard and deep as he could and let loose a torrent of jizz into her welcoming bowels.

Hips bucking with each jet of cum erupting from his cock. When he was finally empty, he leaned his head against the wall, still holding Anna up, trapped between the wall and his body as his cock slowly shrunk inside her. He had an internal debate moments before spreading his seed inside her asshole about cumming on her wonderful tits instead, but the chance to splash his seed deep inside the actress was just too tempting a prospect to pass up.

Remembering the role he was suppose to be playing, the big man lowered Anna back down to the ground. As his softened cock pulled from her booty, he observed his cum leaking out of her cheeks and pooling on the floor. Struck with a fantastic idea on how to end this scene, the man gathered his clothed and began dressing before speaking.

“I’ve decided to let you live…this time. However, first you are to clean up that mess you made, at which time you can gather your shit and leave.”

“You want me to drink up the cum you shot into my ass then left to soak in there from the dirty floor,” Anna asked, shocked.

“Isn’t that just a small price to pay for me letting you leave here with your head still attached to your body?” his face and tone going much harder and darker once more.

“Yes sir.”

And with that Anna didn’t hesitate a second longer. The actress was already kneeling on the ground so she simply bent at the waist right overtop the puddle of cloudy spunk that had accumulated on the floor. With her heavy tits resting on the ground she finished lowering her gorgeous face before slurping noises could be heard as Oscar-nominated Anna Kendrick drank the jizz that had only minutes before been marinating inside her rectum. When she had cleaned it all up and sat up, she found the mystery man gone.

*          *          *

“So where did you find the guy,” the man who designed and set-up the scenario asked.

“My ass of a boyfriend was in 5 large with some stupid gambling debts. That was the man in charge. Apparently sodomizing Anna Kendrick is worth 5 thousand bucks,” Anna’s friend from lunch answered. “Thanks again for letting me slip him in as the ‘actor’. And letting me watch.”


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