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Special Christmas Bonuses (Anna Kendrick)
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Title: Special Christmas Bonuses
Author: The Chemist
Celebs: Anna Kendrick
Codes: MF, MMMMF, anal, DP, oral, WS
Summary: Anna Kendrick gives her entourage their Christmas Bonuses, and this year they are extra special and personal.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and didn’t actually occur. I do not know Anna Kendrick. Mature themes so must be older than 18. I make no money from this fictional story

WARNING: This story as some heavy watersport/golden showers scenes. One is at the beginning of the gangbang while the other is at the very end.


“And cut! Good job everyone. That’s a wrap for tonight. Get out of here and see everyone back here tomorrow at noon,” the Director shouted.

“Hey Anna, wanna grab a drink?” one of her costars asked as they walked off set.

“I normally would never turn down a drink but I actually have a meeting with my entire management team tonight,” Anna Kendrick replied.

“Ah…those can be tedious,” her friend countered, giving Anna a pat on the shoulder.

“Actually, I’m really looking forward to this one,” Anna admitted, almost at her trailer. “I’m giving out their Christmas gifts as well so really the only nervousness is if they think their presents are up to their normally lofty standards.”

“Well knowing you, I’m sure the presents are personal and very thoughtful.”

“Actually, they really are.” Anna agreed before heading into her trailer to get changed.

*          *          *

“She said to meet her here at 8, right?” the thugish Bodyguard asked, taking a seat on the chair with his name on it.

“It’s what Anna said,” the sharp-dressed Agent replied.

“You know our girl, always running late,” her dedicated Manager shared.

“And a flair for the dramatic…obviously,” her flattering Publicist added, commenting on the 4 men in her entourage all sitting in the same hotel villa awaiting their Christmas bonus.

Before the 4 men in attendance could comment any further or check their watch again, the door directly in front of them and a true vision greeted them. Anna Kendrick came sauntering through the door in an outfit that perfectly matched the Christmas decor in the spacious hotel room. As she passed by the fully decorated Christmas tree , the petite singer’s red silk lingerie gown with tinsel trimming the bottom edge of the skirt, which barely covered her rump. She wore matching red gloves up to her elbows, and high heels, making her tiny 5’1 frame seem slightly taller.

“Merry Christmas boys,” Anna cooed in her sexiest of voices.

“Hot damn,” Bodyguard groaned, feeling his cock stirring already.

“Anna…” Manager started to speak before the energetic actress cut him off. “Shhh. Just sit back and enjoy the show…for now.”

Listening to their boss and meal ticket, the 4 men sitting in comfortable chairs around the Christmas scene simply shut their mouths, opened their eyes wide and enjoyed the performance. Anna wore her long auburn hair flowing over her shoulders, coming right to the hem of her nightie, allowing her guests to get a healthy dose of her cleavage. For such a tiny girl which Anna classified as given she was just a hint over 5 feet tall and maybe 100 lbs soaking wet, she had a truly great set of tits both in terms of their size and weight, being a size 34D despite the aforementioned physical size of the actress.

Then Anna started into a song and very sexy dance, singing the iconic Jingle Bells which was a perfect choice given the festive theme. Her performance wasn’t very long, maybe only a minute, but during it the 4 sitting men had rock hard boners the entire time even with using a bell as an actual prop. The skimpy fur-lined top gave him a great view of her tits, which would bounce excessively any time Anna moved very much at all.

She continued to sing and move around in slinky, hot movements, constantly squatting down while holding a fireplace before slowly swinging her plump ass back to standing. They all had their eyes glued to the music theatre-turn-movie star during the performance, which made the normally smart girl seem like some airhead bimbo, but they could care less since they were perfectly eye level with her fantastic bust.

“Damn I love our Christmas bonuses,” Agent grunted, his erection straining against his dress pants.

Heading to the large sectional L-shaped sofa in the center of the room, Anna climbed onto it, coming to rest on her knees with her pillowy chest resting on the backrest. As she did so, her nightie rested higher up on her back, giving the 4 men a great view of her naked ass underneath with bright pink pussy, completely bald cunt and adorable little asshole on display, even giving them a little wiggle to help whet their appetites.

Each of the men had forgotten about the bell she’d used for the song, but Anna was apparently not done with it. Tilting her head to the side and looking back over her shoulder with her entourage, Anna began giving the narrow red handle of the prop a simulated blowjob, easily swallowing the meager 5 inch handle as if it was nothing. With the hard plastic good and lubricated, the talented actress placed it right against the center of her asshole before pressing it forward into her backdoor.

“Wahhhooo…aahh,” Anna cooed as her bowels were penetrated, shoving the entire length into her bowels so that the brass bell was pressed against her slender cheeks.

Anna gave her tushy a shake to have the bell ring out before she used the handle of the instrument to sodomize herself. Given that it was so narrow, it was easy for Anna to repeatedly pull it in and out of her poop chute, wiggling it around often to make it ring out constantly as well. In fact it barely stretched out her sphincter, however it was still erotic for her to have something wedged into her asshole for when felt like the millionth time in her life.

“Enjoying the show, Shaun,” the actress asked her agent.

The men’s individual fetishes were somewhat in keeping with their profession in Anna’s entourage, rather intentional or ironic. Her bodyguard, the man designated to protect her, loved not only dominating but humiliating his prey, which included the ultimate act of pissing on them. Next was her publicist whose thing was watching as his conquest put on a show with the dirtier the better. Anna’s agent loved a good shag in the girl’s bottom, something not uncommon to occur on a casting couch. And finally her manager, for who Anna was use to having his undivided attention, was into orgies and group sex.

Now, that list of fetishes seems like it should be spread out over a minimum of a week, allowing the very petite actress time to recover between each tryst. However, Anna was the type to go big, which meant cramming in all that craziness into one fun and sexually trying nights of her life. She had done each and every one of those fetishes previously, not to mention had fucked each of the members of her entourage already, so why not just do it all at once? She had an extremely busy schedule, something each of the 4 men understood, so time optimization was just practical.

“I think you know what would make me even happier,” Agent replied with a grin, his hand rubbing his swollen cock through his pants, all while Anna Kendrick continued to ram her rectum with the handle of the bell.

Anna gave the man a wicked smile as she focused her smoldering gaze on the well-dressed man. Turning her body so she was now sideways to the men, Anna ever so slowly backed the bell out of her ass until it came free altogether, a slob of the spit she used to lubricate the handle spilling out of her slightly gaped hole. The singer wasn’t done with her prop as she brought it towards her face before opening her mouth and once again sucking on the handle, only this time it was coated in her filthy ass juice.

“How is someone so tiny and adorable such a dirty nymphomaniac,” Bodyguard groaned, his cock already out and stroking it.

“Mhmm,” Anna cooed, loving the taste of her own asshole, adding a long lick to make sure she sampled it all. “My mom always said great things came in small packages. Now would someone please hand me that dildo on the table.”

The Publicist was first from his seat and had the big red dildo in his mitt , which was resting on a side table closest to him. Anna gave her master a warm smile from over her shoulder before getting into a more convenient position. Rolling over playfully onto her back from her hands and knees, the long-haired girl shuffled her lithe body so her ass was still just on the edge of the sofa before sitting up so her legs dangled off the end.

“Oh boy. I hope that big boy is for little ol’ me,” Anna played up her cuteness, faking shock.

“Show us good people here how exemplary you are with that sharp-tongued mouth of yours,” the voyeur instructed. “Now be a good girl and open up wide,” he told her, bringing the dildo towards her mouth and she instinctively slid out her tongue and swirled it expertly around the life-like tip.

“AHHH,” Anna said as she stretched her mouth and relaxed her throat for what was soon to come.

With her lips parted so far apart it was easy for Publicist to push the fake penis forward. He let the tool of pleasure glide along her tongue before encountering a little resistance when the head smacked against the end of her mouth. She give him an encouraging wink and relaxed her throat further, at which point the man a decade older than her thrust the object further inside her. Most of the dildo was now lodged down he throat except for the last inch or two, which allowed Publicist to maintain a grip on the red object.

The crowd made up of the 3 other men gave a rapturous cheer upon seeing the gorgeous heavy-chested girl deep-throat the fake cock. Buoyed by their excitement, Anna cocked her head back to remove some of the dildo from her mouth before throwing her face forward. The Publicist immediately realized that Anna was trying to have the dildo face-fuck her and so wanted to help her achieve her goal. Small amounts of spit started to spill over the edge of her bottom lip and take residence on her chin as the red dildo was sawed into her receptive mouth due to their collective efforts. Everyone in attendance was able to see the bulge in her gullet due to the foot-long fake cock filling her throat, illustrating how talented at cocksucking Anna Kendrick truly was. When the Publicist did retreat the object from deep within her mouth, long strings of her spit still connected her lips and tongue with the tool.

“Get that dick in me,” Anna demanded after lubing up the fake cock.

The Publicist watched as she eased herself backwards until she was lying on the sofa with her legs up in the air, giving everyone a good view then gave his horny man a nod. He gave the toy back to her for Anna’s use, which she started by stroking the tip of the well-lubricated dildo from her exposed clitoris at the top of her pussy, through her wet folds, over her pink hole before letting it swirl over top of her crinkled rosebud.

“Fuck yourself in the ass,” the Agent blurted out.

“Like you needed to bother asking,” Anna replied.

Despite Anna’s massive amount of experience taking all manners of phallic-shaped items into her ass, this particular dildo was very thick. However, Anna was determined to give her entourage the best Christmas in recent memory so she kept pulling the dildo against her hole until her sphincter eventually relented, allowing the tip of the red tool to fit into her rectum snugly.

“Mmhmm…awhh…God that’s big,” Anna moaned in response to the welcomed anal invasion. “Fuck I missed that feeling.”

Anna allowed her backdoor a moment to adjust to the massive foreign object holding open her sphincter before she started to fuck herself with the dildo. It was slow and short strokes at first, only a few inches getting rammed into her ass, but with each passing second she’d start going faster or deeper until after a minute she was fucking herself at a healthy pace and 8 of the inches.

“Get into your outfits and get over here,” the horny Anna demanded, needing cock.

The men gave each other a confused look until one of them looked on the back of their chairs. The Manager reacted the quickest, mainly because his pants were already around his ankles so he finished removing them, followed by his shirt. When naked he stood and grabbed the Santa’s cap. Once his other professionals saw what Anna meant, they too disrobed just as fast and throw on their own hats.

“I like what I found,” Anna exclaimed with glee as she grabbed the first stiff 8-inch member.

“Suck it babe,” he told her instructed the gorgeous dirty redhead.

With a wicked grin on her face, Anna glided his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. The Manager couldn’t help but let an audible moan as her talented wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. The horny man was already close to popping his load in her mouth once she started inhaling his whole cock into her mouth with each stroke, the ability to deep-throat correlated with her impressive octave range, which gave her full mastery over the muscles of her throat.

“Mmmmm,” Anna moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

“Oh yeah suck that cock,” he groaned, holding the top of her head as she worked.

Soon Anna was sworn by the three others, forming a square around her with two men on either side of her face and the other right in front of her. Anna had been in a number of orgies in the past, but this was the most amount of men she had to take on by herself. Invigorated by the challenge, Anna poured her heart into the project, performing a handful of bobs on each cock as she took turns with each of them

For their part the men were good at sharing her, allowing the others to have their turn as they waited. Anna was proving able to handle this many cocks all at once, using her two hands to stroke a pair of swollen members while her mouth bobbed, gagged and swallowed a third. The free man would usually be behind her, taking their time on the on-deck circle to grope her naked tits once her nightie was slipped off, or shoving fingers to bang either of her two available holes.

“Such a bad girl,” the one currently finger-banging Anna told the cocksucker.

“Did you drink all that fluid I sent you earlier,” Anna asked, noting the Bodyguard’s swollen belly when normally he was all ripped muscles.

“Now,” he asked, shocked at Anna’s sudden request.

“Mmhmm,” Anna agreed, opening her mouth in front of him but keeping her face a few inches from his piss slit.

The Bodyguard was expecting to not get his chance to shower the large-breasted singer until the end of the night, not right away. Feeling an overwhelming pressure just south of his stomach, the muscular man pushed internally until a thin line of near clear urine shot straight out and into Anna’s waiting mouth.

Ms. Kendrick was far from an expert when it came to watersport, but she collected an entire mouthful but the golden fluid was still coming. She let the piss spill from her mouth and onto the floor, some new piss splashing her lips before her mouth opened back up and she continued being his urinal. When the Bodyguard had filled her mouth part of the way his stream cut out, giving Anna the chance to lock eyes with him before actually swallowing down his slightly bitter tasting pee.

“Holy fuck!” Bodyguard grunted in pure excitement and suddenly he began pissing into her mouth with an even stronger current.

Anna and her bodyguard did the the same four more times, the muscular man cutting off his stream of piss when Anna’s mouth was full in order to let her chug it down into her belly. After the fourth time, Anna was getting full so allowed the dominating man to humiliate her further by pissing onto the bottom portion of her face and huge tits. He didn’t finish with her mouth though, still letting his stream wander up to fill her mouth for Anna to collect and drink another time.

The second his piss stopped the Manager stepped right up and crammed his fully erect cock into Anna’s mouth, only pausing for an instant when he slammed against the back of her mouth then pushed forward to enter her throat. After backing out and allowing her to breath he slammed forward again, feeling Anna’s adorable nose press sharply against his pubic hair and holding her there for a spell.

“Gllugghh…uugghhh…awwkkk,” Anna coughed and gagged as her Manager repeated pushed in and out of her throat.

Despite being in the middle of four men, each wielding a medium-to-large size cock and each intent to fuck her in all her holes for the entire night, plus being dosed in a bladder worth of piss, Anna didn’t let that distract her. When it came to sex Anna Kendrick had few parallels or equals and once again she was growing her reputations in all matters of fetish. Hell, it had been less than half an hour and already the petite actress had put on a masturbation show, sucked a dildo straight from her own ass, been facefucked while in the middle of a blowbang, and had about a quarter-gallon on piss showered over her including drinking over a half-dozen mouthfuls of the pee.

“Fuck! God, you’re something special,” her Agent groaned as her lips were now wrapped around his member, her nose currently pressed against his thicket of pubes.

Once again Anna rotated, having a system in place so that she always pivoted to the right, allowing a different man to always be left out, but able to give two others a handjob and the lucky man the pleasure of her mouth. That honor currently went to the Bodyguard, whose own hands were on either side of Anna’s face, holding her pretty head steady so he could repeatedly jab his dick down her throat rather roughly. Despite being built for speed and not power, luckily the talented actress was able to withstand given her near superhuman ability to swallow dick without problems.

“This is the type of ass meant to have a dick buried inside it,” the Agent commented, grabbing two firm handfuls of her fleshy bottom roughly after having rounded behind her, his dick the only one currently not being in her mouth of hands.

Not content with merely just pawing her perfect albeit tiny backside, the olive-skinned man gave each of her slender ass cheeks a hearty slap. To show that she was a good sport and up to the challenge, not only did Anna not whimper from the heavy pair of blows but she actually wiggled her rump. Her Agent indulged her once more, proceeding to give her 2 more spankings, much to her delight and his, given that he had an obsession with all things butt related. Normally he preferred a slender girl to have more of a thicker ass that jutted further out. Anna’s was far from that style, however it was a suitably nice booty that was both perfectly rounded and fun to squeeze, plus with her pale complexion it meant that his spanks left her cheeks nice and red.

Despite the stinging sensation, Anna found it to be a turn-on. It was time to shift so now the Publicist found himself behind the talented singer, and he kept the theme of manhandling her booty going, albeit with a different approach. Apparently having enjoyed the scene with the bell and dildo earlier, Anna felt not one but two fingers rest against her constricted asshole. The actress was happy she prepared herself earlier and found her anal sphincter relax without much prompting so after barely any pressure his digits popped into inside.

“Oh we are going to have so much fun,” the Bodyguard smiled, flicking his eyes back and forth between the other man cramming two meaty fingers into Anna Kendrick’s backdoor, and watching the gorgeous actress deep-throat his cock.

“And you haven’t even fucked me yet,” Anna cooed, throwing the man a wink as well as she moved her mouth to the next man, this time taking his nuts to suck on.

As Anna pivoted for what would prove the final time, she felt the man who had been rather swiftly fingerbanging her asshole stop and pull out. As the singer moved her mouth from sucking on the guy’s balls and meant to take his cock in for a quick blow, her Publicist had other plans. With her lips still parted Anna felt his large, thick fingers touch them in route to being pushed further into her mouth and slide firmly along her tongue. She got the hint that the Publicist wanted her to taste her own asshole once more by sucking her own filth from his fingers so she did just that as she closed her mouth and sucked on them like he wanted.

“Well we should do something about that,” the Manager stated, bringing a cheer from the other men in the room.

And just like that the blowbang was over and the actual fucking had begun. Anna didn’t know if she had moved herself or if she was simply moved, regardless of that she found herself on all fours right at the edge of the sofa with one of her management team behind her and two more in front. As it turned out it was her orgy-loving Manager that had the honors of fucking her snatch first while she alternated between sucking off her Bodyguard and Publicist, respectively.

The Manager was aggressive but still respectful as she used his entire 7 inches of cock to push into her tight-fitting pussy without being reckless. As his hips slammed against Anna’s ass, her slender reddened cheeks rippled from the blow. Loving the view of it, the man in charge of organizing her busy schedule sought to keep her booty shaking by repeatedly thrusting into her as both hands on her tapered waist so he could pull her back as he speared forward.

“Fuck me, that’s good,” Anna cooed, running a hand through her luscious hair before switching to the second cock by her face to suck.

Anna was finding it tough to keep a dick in her mouth with a man twice her size behind her, thrusting wildly into her snatch. It was still an above average blowjob, she wouldn’t allow herself to dip the standards of her oral work lower than that, but the Agent’s cock would routinely pop free of her mouth, smearing her own saliva onto her cheek and chin. She stopped trying altogether for a minute or so as she felt the Manager’s hands tighten on her narrow waist before he proceeded to fuck her harder and faster, albeit with onyl half his cock to make it still feel good for her part.

“Yes! Yes, fuck me!” Anna practically screamed.

“Shit I need to back off for a few,” he groaned, pulling out of her pussy in order to give himself a break, not wanting to pop his load to quickly.

“Here,” the laying Publicist beckoned. “Come see Papa.”

Anna didn’t even need to stand, instead the sexy actress simply had to crawl forward 3 feet until she was straddling the powerful man’s waist. A moment later she was sitting back on his lap, his cock easily sliding into her pinkness until her reddened ass cheeks were against the Publicist’s thighs. She didn’t rest there long, climbing back to the top so only his tip remained in her before sitting back down.

“That’s it,” another man said from her side, turning out to be her Bodyguard. “Ride that cock baby.”

Her muscular bodyguard obviously wanted her oral attention turned back on him, and who could blame him, however Anna wanted to build up a head of steam first. Holding his dick in her fist and lightly stroking it to keep him hard, she continuously bounced on her Publicist’s cock with the type of energy she was known for during her interviews. It seemed with each passing ride along his length she gained more speed and was seeming to get off on it even more, at least if the volume of her moans were any indication.

Wanting to encourage her, the Publicist placed his hands on her high and tight booty and helped her maintain a rhythm with occasionally slapping her lightly on her caboose. His feedback was well received, as in another few rides along his length Anna sank to his base and grinded backwards. After a few minutes of striding fully on his member to suddenly shift to short lifts with pushes backwards, it was a new and exciting sensation for both Anna and the Bodyguard

“Mhmmm…uhhh…don’t worry…fuck…didn’t forget about you.” Anna grunted, pivoting her head to engulf half of her Bodyguard’s cock.

After the intense fucking the pair had been engaged in, the Publicist didn’t mind slowing things down so that Anna could multitask. The petite funny actress still rode her man deeply and grinded her pussy back against him, but only at half the speed at best. It was helpful on many fronts as it allowed her to give a hell of a blowjob to the muscular Bodyguard, while helping to rein in the Publicist’s rapidly approaching orgasms while also bringing Anna closer to her own.

“Room for one more?” Agent spoke from directly behind her.

“Huh?” Anna asked, so distracted with the cock in her mouth and the one she was bouncing on to really understand.

“Bend down,” he told her, putting a hand between her shoulder blades and gently pushing until Anna got the idea and leaned forward until she was chest-to-chest with the Publicist.

“You ready to get fucked by both of us at the same time?” the laying man asked Anna as he slowed her down to a near stop, allowing his fellow gangbang participant to climb on the sofa behind the large chested girl and but his cock against Anna’s asshole.

Anna was silent for a few heartbeats, which wasn’t a very long time given that her heart was pounding in her chest. Despite her wealth of sexual experience she had never done what the men were proposing to her, which was to be fucked at the same time in both her holes. However, she came to a sudden realization as she decided it was better to try something new and a little scary than to ruin her special guys’ Christmas bonus. “Do it. Fuck my ass, Shaun.”

The Agent was already poised in position so as soon as he got the go ahead he pushed forward. Despite her ample experience with anal, Anna was really tight, but she was distracted enough by the dick grinded against her G-spot that her Agent was able to nudge the head inside with little trouble. Even after Anna gasped and tightened up around the phallic objects invading both of her holes, it didn’t take the actress long to calm herself and start to relax.

Luckily both Anna and the man currently filling her asshole with cock were experienced in all manners of anal, with the Agent having been involved in a number of double penetration celebrations. Knowing not to rush things, the Agent only kept forward pressure with coming off too strong, and it wasn’t long until Anna was pushing her sweet tight caboose back towards him, eating another few inches of hard dick into her ass.

“Feeling good, boss?” her Agent asked Anna as he slowly slid half of his cock out of her ass.

“Uhhh, yeah,” the actress groaned as he thrust back into her.

“She definitely likes it,” the Publicist said, watching Anna’s face to make sure she was really into it.

With that settled the man behind Anna set a very deliberate pace as he started to slide in and out of her anal cavity. Soon the Publicist beneath the piss-drinking girl caught his tempo and moved in time with the Agent’s thrusts, albeit slowly and steadily. With both men fucking her Anna began alternating between pushing her ass back against her Agent and lowering her pussy down to meet the other man’s thrusts.

“Oh fuck,” Anna moaned as her Publicist and Agent worked like a well oiled team to bring her pleasure unlike any she’d ever felt before. “Fuck me, uhh.”

“God this is amazing! I’m fucking Anna Kendrick’s ass,” her Agent practically cheered as each passing second brought the petite girl fucking them faster.

Though fucking two men at the exact same time was new for Anna, she adapted quickly. Mainly, once she got used to a thick cock sodomizing her, the rest was easy and enjoyable. In fact, as her brain tried to decipher all the signals her body was sending it, she having that many areas stimulated all at once to be toe-curling good.

Apart from her moaning and pushing backwards to meet their thrusts, the men in the room knew their boss was getting off on being double penetrated when she reached out with her hand to gripped the nearest cock to her and steer it into her mouth. As Anna filled a third hole with dick, all three men thrust their hips forward with the man behind her likely riding her the hardest despite being the one in her tightest of holes.

“So fucking hot,” Anna grunted as her body continued to be assaulted by the three of men in her employ. “Oh God it’s so good,” she screamed again. “Come on fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh yeah.”

With screams of encouragement like that, it shouldn’t have surprised any of the men that within just a few minutes Anna screamed out in an ear-piercing shriek at her upper octave range as her first orgasm hit her. Luckily the two men fucking her pussy and ass weren’t pushed over the brink to their own orgasm, though it was only by the skin of their teeth especially since they couldn’t even pull out due to how tight her orifices pinch down.

“God damn…need a break,” her Agent grunted as he slowed and shortened his thrusts until he pulled out of her tight little rump.

Seeing as the Publicist looked in need of a break, the man standing closest to her helped Anna get to her feet before clutching her around her tiny waist and lowering her to the sofa with him farthest from the two exhausted men. With her asshole loosened from the intense sodomy and her orgasm, and with his cock slick in her saliva, the Bodyguard had no trouble sliding balls deep into his piss-drinking boss’ booty.

With Anna’s bald pussy spread and facing the rest of the room, the girl who was nearly out on her feet found her second wind. With a dick lodged balls deep in her asshole, Anna pushed her hips off his lap before crashing back down. If anything now that her first orgasm was out of the way with Anna was a whole new beast, riding the muscular Bodyguard like her life depended on it.

“Oh fuck, yes!” Anna screamed now that her protector was matching her intensity by thrusting his hips upwards.

Her Manager watched on, stroking his cock as he too was ready to jump back in one the action after nearly creaming in her pussy at the start of all this. After a few more minutes of watching the tiny actress get skewered at neck breaking speed by the muscular giant, the Manager walked up between Anna’s legs which seemed to be some agreed-upon code for them to slow to a crawl and allow him to stuff his dick into Anna’s waiting pussy.

“So fucking hot,” the Bodyguard grunted as Anna’s body continued to be assaulted by the two of them working as a unit.

Anna had lost all her leverage so once more was nothing more than a sex doll, left to the whims of her two employees. This wasn’t a complaint though, as the men fucked her deeply and hard but in rhythm with one another so their pistoning cocks rubbed pleasingly against the thin membrane separating her bowels from her cunt.

Once more the Manager began feeling his orgasm approaching, and once again he didn’t want to be out of the game yet. Which was completely fine given that as soon as he pulled out and left Anna’s bald pussy vacant, it was plugged moments later by a rejuvenated Agent. Her pussy wasn’t as tight as her asshole, but it was slick in plenty of juices and still remarkably snug.

“Fuck! Fuck yes! Fuck me!” Anna swore repeatedly as the fucking resumed to its maximum once more.

Loving how the double penetration made her feel, Anna reclined back on the muscular man’s body beneath her and allowed her lithe body to be ravaged, pummeled. Horny as all hell and seeing a cock within striking distance, Anna beckoned the man closer and took him into her mouth without thought. It was only after she started bobbing her head and running her tongue along the underbelly of his cock did she realize that it had a very strong, pungent but not altogether unpleasant taste to it.

“Did this come from my bum,” Anna asked, pausing her blowjob after taking the man straight from her dirty ass to mouth.

“Yeah,” the man admitted, worry it would stop her from continuing.

As Anna’s massive tits were bounced up and down from the ferocity of the two men fucking her, the petite actress shrugged before licking his cock from balls to tip. With the Manager and Bodyguard cycling between fucking fast and slow, the talented singer wasn’t able to blow him up to her extremely high standards, but a distracted blowjob from Anna Kendrick was still better than all previous ones in the man’s life.

Anna didn’t know for how many times the man fucking her cunt would pull out to give himself a breather and have another one take his place. The singer could remember cumming twice more, potentially a third time as she was blacking out and yet the men were still going, unfazed it seemed. However, the first casualty was about to be claimed because through all the switching places with her pussy, the Bodyguard had Anna laying on top of her so couldn’t take a rest.

“God damn! That’s it.” the Bodyguard cursed.

Using his agility and strength, Anna’s Bodyguard half threw-half rolled out from underneath her. The sudden explosion of movement caught everyone off guard including the talented star, who went from having a dick in each of her holes to being completely empty. With Anna now flat on her back and no one else inside her, the muscular man straddled her large tits before placing his tip right between her lips and shooting his entire load right into her mouth.

“Oh wow. That time was a really strong taste,” Anna commented, tasting her anal juices despite the salty cum in her mouth as well. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m just saying I’m learning more about myself tonight then I thought I would.”

It seemed like with the first of her special guests this Christmas Eve cumming it was the breaking of the dam, giving the three other men in attendance permission, or whatever. With one of her holes being filled with cum already, the three surviving members of the gangbang decided her mouth was off limits. That worked out just fine for her Agent as he seized the opportunity to get back into his preferred destination – Anna Kendrick’s once tight but now gaping wide open asshole.

“Oh mother fucker…that’s my butt again,” Anna swore, caught surprised as wide dick was crammed back into her rectum.

Her Agent had already suppressed his orgasm a half dozen time so it didn’t take very long before the familiar feeling of his balls literally wanting to rush their baby batter out. This time he didn’t back away from it, instead he steered into the sensation until his resistance broke and he shot roughly 5 lengthy streaks of cum into Anna’s ass, coating her bowels in his jizz.

“And then there were two,” Anna commented with a smile, still tasting ass and cum on her taste buds.

That didn’t last for very long before the reminders had exhausted their loads as well. Normally Anna considered herself a progressive feminist but today she had no problems getting fucked like a dog on all fours so that the man using her as a rag doll could look down and stare deep into her wide-open asshole, watching as cum slowly leaked out of it. This was occuring as her Publicist was using her mouth to essential facefuck her, taking full advantage of Anna’s ability to swallow a dick whole.

“Shit! Gonna cum…ahhh.Uhhh!”

The Hollywood actress could feel the warm splash’s of his cum shot from him and cream inside her pussy. Once again, Anna compromised some of her standards as normally she didn’t allow random men to cum inside her snatch, but if her Manager wanted to give her cunt a creampie for his Christmas bonus then who was she to stop him?

“Come here,” the sole remaining man said, pulling out of her mouth and stepping back from the sofa.

“Yes sir,” Anna said in a seductive voice as she slinked to the floor, leaning back so her back rested against the edge of the couch. “And where…oh on my face.” Anna answered her own question.

“Ahh…yeah…that fine?” Anna’s Publicist asked though it hardly seemed a question.

Once again, Anna swallowed her pride and nodded her head. After all, when she had already allowed one of her men to piss into her mouth and drink down nearly half a liter of the pee, could she really draw a line about being demeaned a little further with her Publicist rubbing out a load of jizz onto her beautiful face?

“Yes. Cum on my face.” Anna confidently demanded.

The last man standing leaned down so his cock was no more than a few inches from Anna’s gorgeous face, beating his meat the entire time. Knowing it was only seconds away from shooting, Anna was brave and kept her mesmerising eyes open, flicking them between watching his piss slit and looking up to lock his gaze. Finally she got the sign she was watching for as his face contorted into an almost pained expression giving the actress just enough time to close her eyes, open her mouth and extend her tongue.


His first blast was a massive one, in fact it was half his load in one huge streak which shot out and stroke Anna full out on the face. It looped from the corner of her forward, some even getting in her beautiful hair before it streaked down over her left eye, nearly covered the entirety of her pointy feminine nose and ended on her upper lip. There were another few ropes of white fluid that followed it, but most of that was aimed lower, much lower in fact as he made sure to give Anna’s incredible tits the cum bath they deserved.

Unbeknownst to Anna but while she was waiting for her Publicist to decorate her face with his cum, which he did a hell of a job doing, the three men who she thought were down and out turned out not to be true. All around her the three men stood with cocks in hand, beating them furiously, hoping to stroke out more of their seed for her to have.

“Whose first,” Anna cooed, her words and cum-coated face making her look and act like the true nymphomaniac she obviously was.

The next one who was ready was the man that came first when they were taking turns fucking the hell out of Anna. She had just enough time to turn her jizz-covered face towards the hulking giant before receiving his seed. Torrents of cum erupted from him, plastering the back of her throat and surface of her tongue. Even in her tired state, the red-haired beauty swallowed down his offering of salty seed, even giving him some post-coital head on top of it.

“Jesus! How’d you make so much cum in such a short amount…”

Anna didn’t have time to finish that spoken thought before a hand snaked into her long auburn hair and pulled her in a semicircular spin. She heard her Manager’s voice crock out about opening wide before his second, much reduced offering of cum shot forth. His aim wasn’t as true with only some landing in her mouth with the rest populating her chin and dripping down onto the skinny girl’s surprisingly busty tits.

With only one man waiting and looking like she had a little bit of time, Anna realized she had a full mouthful of cum belonging to two different men on her tongue. She almost dribbled some out when she went to swallow given how much of the salty jizz was being held in her mouth, but Anna showed the type of sexually experienced girl she was and swallowed it all down into her belly.

“Fuck that was a lot of cum,” Anna cooed before using a finger to push some from her chin into her mouth, licking the finger afterwards.

And with a final half-load of cum being shot onto her face, getting some white streaks onto the right side of her forehead and cheek, the gangbang had reached its conclusion. Three of the men had found their original chair that they watched Anna fuck her ass with a bell, meanwhile her Agent was in the midst of stumbling backwards and collapsing on the sofa, his reddened cock already going flaccid.

“If you have any left Colin and want to be more of a bad boy, you can follow me into the bathroom” Anna spoke to her Bodyguard, the thin girl somehow still conscious after the intense gangbang.

“What’s the point in using the bathtub at this point,” the Agent spoke, pointing the wet spots all over the carpeted floor.

“Touche my good man,” the witty actress replied with a smile, propping herself up on her knees.

“Mind if I get in on the action,” the Publicist asked, intrigued by the idea of the degrading act. “I could be persuaded as well,” another of her guests added.

“Well considering me to be twisting your arm…” Anna began to say before being abruptly cut off.

Anna was known throughout Hollywood for her sparkling wit and dynamic voice, but when piss started raining down on her gorgeous face she stopped talking immediately. While the streams at the beginning of the day were thin and weak due to the Bodyguard being hard, this time his cock was soft meaning his flow was turned to full.

 Anna did the best she could to perform as she had earlier, by catching some of the urine stream in her mouth and swallow, but this time it proved harder. For one, the piss was rocketing at her so she did her best to catch some with her open mouth but it filled up quickly and would dribble down and onto her chest. Just as the Bodyguard’s stream was faltering and made easier to collect, Anna felt a new river of golden pee strike her on her left cheek, ear and side of the head.

“This is oddly hot,” her Agent groaned before making it three of them now pouring the bladder’s out onto the Hollywood darling.

Eventually the four men and Anna Kendrick came to an unspoken agreement. With their flows this strong, Anna knew she had no hope of swallowing anymore piss for her Bodyguard’s wish fulfillment so she stopped trying. Instead she closed her eyes and squared up the them as best she could, allowing her gorgeous face and perfect tits to be the receptacle for their golden showers. That suited her employees just fine, allowing them to piss all over her which they gladly obliged until their bladders ran empty and they sagged as if their bodies were giving out on them.

“Well gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas bonuses this year,” a piss-drenched Anna Kendrick commented, slowly getting to her feet. “Now it’s been a treat but I think I need a shower.”

That statement couldn’t have been more true. As the petite actress got to her feet, she couldn’t help but wobble slightly before righting herself and starting the trek to the bathroom. Her body, face and hair were completely drenched in 4 men’s worth of pee while both her pussy and well used asshole were dripping semen from them.

“Can we assume that this will become an annual tradition,” her Manager asked as he got dressed.

Anna was already in the washroom when she poked her head out of the doorway and confirmed what they wanted to hear. “You bet that wide dick of yours. And don’t forget you all have birthdays that I’ll need to better celebrate with you from now on out.”



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