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Super Fan (Anna Kendrick & Rose Leslie)
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Title: Anna Kendrick – Super Fan Part 1
Author: The Chemist
Celebs: Anna Kendrick, Rose Leslie
Codes: FF, Oral, Squirt, Toys
Summary: Rose uses her favor as a member of Game of Thrones to make Anna do some crazy sexual stuff

Disclaimer: I do not know Anna Kendrick or Rose Leslie. This is an act of fiction therefore did not occur. I make no money from this story

“Hey sis,” Wade said, walking into his sister’s living room.

“Back at you handsome,” Rose Leslie replied.

“So I have some interesting news,” he said, taking a seat right next to the sexy redhead.

“Oh? And that is,” Rose asked, looking up at him from the script she was reading.

“I was at a party last night and Anna Kendrick was there,” he started.

“Love her,” the redhead interjected.

“Anyway, she let a guy fuck her in the washroom stall all because he was an extra in Game of Thrones for a few episodes,” Wade shared. “Apparently she’s a huge fan and like, totally sexually obsessed with the show.”

“Ok. Great for that guy,” Rose said with a confused look on her face. “She’s so fucking sexy with her tiny body and big tits but why would I care about some lucky bloke getting his cock wet in her?”

“Because dearest sister, if she was willing to shag some normal looking random in a stall of a bathroom, imagine what she’ll let you do to her,” he spelled it out of his sister.

“Hmmm. Interesting,” Rose said, giving her brother her full attention. “And you are telling me this out of the kindness of your heart?”

“Not exactly little sister,” he answered, tucking a loose strand of her fire red hair behind her ear. “However, I’ll let you have first chance with her before I claim my finder’s fee.”

“Ah yes,” the redhead fained surprise. “That’s the big older brother I’ve come to love. Now I assume you have more information for me.”

“Naturally. Just little things like where she’ll be partying tonight, roughly when she’ll arrive and who’ll be with her. Little things like that,” Wade revealed. “And I’m only older by minutes, though I do feel that makes me wiser.”

“Excellent,” Rose grinned. “However those are just small details. I have to do most of the heavy lifting still, so what makes you think I should cut you a piece of the bounty?”

“Sweet foolish sister, you give me no credit,” he told her, tucking a loose strand of her red hair behind her ear. “I may have also told her dealer to slip in some ecstasy with her batch of coke for tonight. Should make the seduction a wee bit easier, little one.”

“See, there’s the brother of grown to love.”

*          *          *

With her brother having done all the reconnaissance for their mission, which of course was bedding Anna Kendrick, Rose’s job was made easier. Though it was her brother who was the mastermind behind such plans, it was the Game of Thrones star that was of equal importance. Without her, he would have been successful in getting random broads into the sack, but with her amazing looks and connections, it opened them up to a new realm of women.

They had worked as a tandem in the past to hook up with celebrities in the past, but most were small time sluts that Rose had previously worked with on her various TV shows or movies. Tonight would be different, they were going after one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, both in terms of looks and career.

Rose wasn’t exactly a lesbian, nor was she solely into men. She found the person attractive, sometimes those people had a cock while at other times they had a twat and a great pair of tits. As Rose sat on a lounge sofa in the private club, watching Anna Kendrick dance with some girlfriends, her mind raced with thoughts.

For starters, Anna was a true beauty. Her face was highly attractive but not exactly in the conventional sense; it had some personality and imperfections that Rose loved. Most importantly she had piercing eyes and auburn hair that was flowing and sexy, especially while twirling around the dance floor.

The Twilight star had donned a sultry little black dress for the night, which was meant for her to wear. The neckline plunged downward, showing off a healthy amount of cleavage made to look even more impressive due to her perky C-cups. They were her best asset and could stack up against anyone in Hollywood, especially taking into account how skinny the Oscar-nominated actress was.

“Okay, time to get her attention,” Rose decided.

The slim redhead parted companies with a few friends she had met up with and went to the bar. Though it was out of the way, it was ideal since it would fall into Anna’s line of sight. Rose sauntered over, looking over her shoulder to be sure the other actress didn’t leave the dance floor.

“Can I buy you a drink,” a man asked having seen Rose waiting at the bar, front facing towards the crowd.

“I appreciate the offer,” Rose replied, flashing him her winning smile. “But I’m here for someone.”

It was a little slip of the tongue but the music helped mask some words and it appeared the male heard the more typical excuse. It worked and after giving her a defeated smile, the unknown guy walked away, likely to go hit onto some new girl.

It didn’t happen as quickly as she had hoped, Rose was halfway done the vodka cranberry she had received minutes before. The redhead had been discreetly looking about, but her gaze was never far removed from glancing at Anna. Finally, she saw a look of recognize cross the auburn-haired beauty’s face followed by her eyes widen in surprise and excitement.

“I’m sorry to bug you but your Rose Leslie right,” Anna Kendrick asked the solo girl.

“Err…well,” Rose replied, trying to act as though she was embarrassed of her fame.

“You totally are. You are totally Ygritte the Wilding,” the excited actress nearly screamed, using Rose’s character name from the popular TV show.

“Wait, I know you too. You’re…,” Rose hesitated before leaning in close to the other woman. “Anna Kendrick.”

“Yes but shh,” Anna replied. “I’m hiding from the public. Come join me in the VIP?”

Rose’s snatch had wettened when the gorgeous actress leaned in to speak into her ear.Everything about it was sensual and arousing for the relatively new actress. Having Anna’s hot breath whispering against her skin, the slight graze of the other girl’s large breasts touching her smaller pair, not to mention how Anna was resting her hand on her curvy hip.

“Sure. Lead the way,” Rose replied.

Anna was so happy that she jumped up and down clapping, her jiggling boobs threatening to pop free of her dress. Sadly to Rose and all the other patrons of the club it did not happen. The redhead was none the less pleased when the actress grasped her hand and led her past the velvet ropes and into the restricted section of the building.

For the next few hours the pair drank and laughed, sharing stories in the process. The two were quickly becoming good friends, however Rose was making sure that there was enough skin-on-skin touching to remind the girl that it could be more then companionship. It seemed to be working as the tone of their conversations were getting flirtier and more sexual by the passing topic.

“Listen, I have to take off,” Rose said after a look at her watch indicated it was nearly last call.

“Awwh really? But I don’t know many people here in London,” Anna pouted.

“Well…I don’t live far and my apartment is pretty well stocked with drinks,” the redhead replied.

“Excellent! To your palace m’lady!”

“Like a moth to the flame,” Rose thought as they stood to leave.

*          *          *

“Come, have a seat,” Rose offered.

Though it was more an invitation, with the redhead still holding Anna’s hand there was no way she was able to back out now. Rose led her across the room and placed her down on the large black sofa. Though it could comfortably seat 6 people, the Game of Thrones star sat directly next to her guest, so close in fact that their bare thighs were pressed together.

“So tonight was fun,” Anna said, breaking the silence.

While not many words were exchanged, the chemistry in the room was palpable. Rose’s eyes hadn’t left Anna in one capacity or another, roaming the slim girl’s body. Though she spent a good amount of time looking her up and down, the redhead focused more attention on Anna’s beautiful face and of course her impressive rack.

“I agree, I had a good time,” Rose said in a low, sultry voice.

Anna’s eyes were diverted downwards when she felt the soft touch of the other girl’s fingertips tracing little lines over her bare thigh. The dress she had worn tonight was small so there was lots of canvas for Rose’s eager fingers to trace over.

Anna realized for sure now that the redheaded actress was definitely seducing her, and she liked that. She figured she may have needed to do more work to bed a girl she didn’t know the sexual orientation of, but that was not the case at all. Paying Rose back in kind, Anna did likewise using her right palm to settle on Rose’s slightly thicker thigh before running it up and down her pale skin.

“Such a great night,” Anna stammered in her normal awkwardness.

The pair locked eyes after Rose felt her date’s hand touch her bare leg and they gazed with lust into each other. Anna licked her lips in anticipation but before they moved closer to kiss, Rose rode her hand up over Anna’s flat stomach in order to grope on her her large tits. Just as she hoped, the Oscar nominated breasts were big, larger than her hand could hold, but also perky and heavy.

“Great tits,” Rose acknowledged.

Before the other girl could say anything, Rose leaned in. Anna knew it was coming, in fact she was longing for it, and started to twist her head to the side. The kiss was soft, both of them coming together slowly with their mouths opening. Their lips met, as did their tongues before they simultaneously closed their lips in a smacking noise. Rose’s hand was on her jaw now as they opened back up with more passion this time, forcing their tongues against one another with more hunger.

“You are a good kisser Yg…Rose,” Anna caught herself before calling the actress by her famous character’s name.

“You can call me Ygritte, as long as this Wilding can have her way with her prize,” Rose replied, using terms from the popular series all while kneading Anna other large tit

“Fair deal,” Anna huffed.

That was all the confirmation Rose was looking for as she leaned back in and kissed Anna with more passion then the redhead was ready for. Rose overpowered her with her lust, though Anna quickly recovered and was soon returning the favor with the same energy. Their tongues battled for supremacy as their hands roamed each other’s body, Rose’s hand staying more to her date’s boobs while Anna was stroking the redhead’s inner thigh.

“Stand,” the redhead instructed.

Anna was a little upset to have to break her kissing with the younger woman just when it was just starting to heat up. The petite woman did as she was told and got to her high heel clad feet before looking down to see Rose once again marveling at her body and rightfully so. After all, the little black dress that Anna was wearing could only be described as being a show stopper. The straps came over her shoulders and plunged downwards to show off her massive amounts of cleavage that was surprising to find in a woman her size.

The auburn-haired actress didn’t have to wait long to find out what Rose had in store for her. She watched as the redhead sexily slunk to the ground in front of her to kneel before her hands ran up Anna’s thin legs. They didn’t stop at the bottom of her silk black dress, instead she continued up until her forearms had pushed the hem of the material up past Anna’s waist.

Rose was hoping that her pleading eyes would convey the message she had wanted and was pleased to find that it did. Looking down at her over her large tits, Anna clutched the skirt in her hands and pinned it against her narrow waist, allowing Rose to have her two hands free.

“Mmhmm…yes,” Anna moaned as she felt a finger trace down from her belly button to the top of her sex, dragging her little black thong along for the ride over her hairless pubic area.

“Completely bald. Your Wilding master approves,” Rose stayed in character, licking her lips at the site.

Anna let out another moan, albeit this time louder when Rose leaned in, extended her tongue and proceeded to plant a long lick on the upper half of her slit. Anna’s legs felt weak and likely wobbled every time her wet tongue rode higher and flick out at her sensitive clit, also causing her to scream loudly into the empty apartment.

“Oh my God Rose,” Anna screamed, using the girl’s actual name.

Rose smiled brightly before letting the band of her thong loose, the garment settling back in position to cover her wet slit and bare skin. Anna’s groans quieted, but only for a short period as the redhead got playful and used her lips to bite threw her panties to rub against her whole pussy. The moan wasn’t as loud, but it was satisfying all the same.

“Spin around for me wench,” Rose said, staying in character.

Anna did as she was told, spinning around 180 degrees so she was facing towards the sofa previously at her back. However, she didn’t want to miss watching the action so she wrenched her neck around in time to see and feel Rose knead her little but surprisingly plump backside before giving it an open-mouth kiss.

“How’s the view,” Anna asked, feeling a hand on each cheek, jiggling, squeezing and lightly swatting it.

“Adorable,” Rose said while looking up at her. “Such a cute little ass.”

This time, unlike before, when Rose hooked her finger into the waistband of her thong she pulled it away from her groin and down her slim legs. As Anna went to step out of the panties, she felt a hand press against her low back and took the hint, settling onto the couch on her knees with her chest leaning against the backrest.

“And an even cuter arsehole,” the redhead commented.

If Anna had any doubt what she meant, that was soon clarified. She felt small hands pull apart her bum cheeks enough to expose her starfish before Rose’s wet tongue placed a long, slow lick to it. She made sure to leave a good amount of spit behind, which she rubbed around with her index finger to lube up the area.

“Yup, that’s my asshole,” Anna stammered.

“Just relax baby. I claimed you so you are mine to do with as I please,” Rose said before dipping her slender digit into her backdoor.

“Ughh…yes m’lady,” the auburn-haired beauty responded.

“Firstly, I’m no high lady and secondly, you are definitely no innocent maiden back here,” Rose told her.

The fiesty and kinky redhead pulled her solo finger out from Anna’s asshole and watched the tight hole seal back up. She wasn’t done with her yet so she did another lick to her bum before working in two fingers into the talented singer’s rear.

“Awwhh…nope. Been letting high born and common men alike ride my dirt road,” Anna replied, loving the fact that they were playing.

Rose was done with talking, at least for now. She was more occupied on thrusting her slim fingers into Anna Kendrick’s asshole, which was causing her to moan in pleasure while the redhead was soaking her panties more by the second. The Twilight star was adapting well to getting finger banged even with Rose letting her digits really saw into her.

Unable to contain her passion and needing her mouth to be doing something, Rose withdrew her index and middle finger from the other girl’s arse. Anna felt empty without them but that thought was pushed aside when she felt the other girl’s tongue run through her slit.

“Umm God that’s good,” Anna groaned as Rose licked her moist pussy.

Rose took a mount to admire how wet she had made Anna from only fingering her most taboo of holes. So turned on at this point, Rose couldn’t be stopped in dipping her tongue into her new friend’s pussy and tasting her sweet nectar again.

Using her small hands to pry Anna’s legs further apart, the skinny redhead craned her neck so that her tongue had access to her folds. Without hesitation Rose did one long lick from clitoris to the entrance of her hole then paused to lap around the slightly depressed area. Once she had collected all of the Twilight star’s juices from the exterior, the bi-curious girl dived inside with her pussy and began getting acquainted with the warm, wet environment.

“Such a sweet pussy,” Rose commented.

Of course, Rose’s main focus remained on Anna’s sweet crinkled asshole. Allowing herself another few moments to eat out her sweet cunt, the redhead soon pulled her tongue out of that honey pot and aimed higher. Rather then just lick the tight opening, Rose made a point with her tongue and pressed it firmly against her arse until Anna’s sphincter relented.

“Mmhmm yes…eat my ass,” she moaned.

Rose did just that by lapping at the first two inches of her date’s smooth anal walls. The girl kept good care of herself as her anal passage was clean, tasting faintly metallic and earthy, but in a pleasant way. It took her a few minutes before she forced herself to come up for air, but that was short lived as she was back to burying her cute Scottish face in Anna’s bubble butt to lap at her bunghole soon enough.

The redhead was a machine when it came to eating out another woman, especially when they tasted as good and were as physically responsive as Anna. She switched it up again and used her fingers to loosen her backdoor once again, straightening up to watch the digits as they sliced repeatedly into Anna’s ass.

“You like my fingers in your tush,” Rose asked in her thick accent.

“Love it,” Anna said in between moans. “But now I think it’s your turn. I seem to remember Wildings love when a man or woman kisses them down there.”

Rose smiled then withdrew her fingers from Anna’s arse, but before her hole sealed up she went back in with her tongue for one more lick inside her anus. This time when she vacated Anna’s backdoor, both girls got to their feet and looked across at each other. Anna was more bold this time and was the one to initiate the kissing, though Rose was equal to the task as well.

The tongue-wrestling was short lived however, as Anna found herself on her knees like Rose was earlier. The redhead helped her out and immediately lifted her dress up to give her date access to what she wanted, which she was rewarded with a hand rubbing her snatch through her thong.

“Good start,” Rose said, eyes rolling into the back of her head.

Anna grinned wickedly again then kissed the Games of Thrones star on the inner thigh. Slowly, the auburn-haired actress edged her thong down her sex, kissing the exposed skin of Rose’s pubic area as it came into view. By the time her lips hit the redhead’s clit, Rose was gushing like a fountain and let loose a loud howl of approval.

“No need for these,” Anna said, pulling the undergarments down her muscular legs.

Rather then stay on her feet, Rose sat backwards and kicked her thongs from around her ankles. She reached over and brought the sexy actress in for another kiss before leaning back and rolling onto one shoulder so her thick ass was facing Anna. Taking the hint, Anna squirmed lower until she was face-to-face with Rose’s sex.

She took a moment to drink in the sight of Rose’s bright pink pussy, glistening in moisture already. The woman likely had just gotten waxed as there wasn’t a hair anywhere to be seen, leaving both her pussy and asshole completely bare.

Anna wasn’t a first-timer when it came to hooking up with another woman, but it had been awhile. Figuring it was best just to commit and jump right in, she extended her tongue and ran it along the length of her new friend’s slit. It brought about a loud moan and a hand was placed on the back of her head, but Anna needed no further encouragement as the taste of her friend was more than enough to keep her motivated. Cramming her tongue deep inside her hole, the horny actress lapped at Rose’s inner walls and dragged as much of her sweet nectar back into her mouth that she could savor it before gulping it down.

“Oh yes Anna…now lick my ass,” Rose practically begged.

Remembering only minutes before when it was done to her and how good it felt, Anna was committed to giving Rose the same pleasure. She used her tongue to travel over her pussy, dipping inside only slightly, then continued up until Anna actually licked her crush’s butt hole. It wasn’t the first time she had tasted ass before as she had savored her own taste after accidentally blowing a guy post-anal sex, but never had she done that to someone else.

She was about to ask Rose how she was doing after her first few licks at the tight starfish, but when the hand holding the back of her head pulled her stronger towards the opening. Having her answer, Anna stuck her tongue back out and licked again…and again…and again.

The thought of tossing one’s salad wasn’t the most appealing thought to the slender woman, but her first lick didn’t taste bad, plus her previous experience of sucking a dick straight from her own ass wasn’t gross either. In fact she liked her own flavor and was now growing curious how Rose tasted.

“I think I love Wilding women. Each hole is yummier then the last,” Anna commented before returning to her task.

Though her legs had been pressed together to make her already plump ass even thicker, Rose spread her one leg high into the air so she could watch Anna eat her ass. After a minute though, she was great to the sight of Anna suck two fingers before easing one of the digits into her backdoor.

“Mhmm…awwhh,” Rose groaned. “Another.”

“Way ahead of you,” Anna said after stroking the first finger into her rear a few times fully.

With two fingers in the other girl’s asshole, Anna noted the weird sensation. Her asshole was accommodating but very snug, squeezing her slim fingers like a meaty vice. When she felt the sphincter grinding against her skin a bit more, she pulled her digits out and pushed them into her mouth. She was vaguely aware where they had just come from, not that she cared, applied more spit then drove them back into Rose’s backdoor, to the redhead’s joy.

“Open the end table behind you and grab the yellow bag,” Rose said after awhile.

“Holy crap, you keep sex toys in your living room,” Anna shouted after retrieving the items.

“Only when I know I’m bringing back a sexy girl,” she replied with a wink. “Grab the big black one.”

Anna opened the bag wider and looked around. There were a number of various items in the bag, ranging from small to large, but there could only be one thing that met the criteria the Game of Thrones star asked for. Almost too stunned to withdraw the toy, Anna steeled her nerves then pulled the dildo from the bag.

It was easily the biggest sex toy that Anna had ever seen, and she was quite well versed in the subject. The shaft of the ribbed dildo was easily a foot long, with the much thicker base, presumably that large in order for it to rest on the floor standing up, was another 6 inches. It started 2 inches thick, the thickness of a huge actual cock, but with each passing inch got wider and wider.

“It’s a behemoth,” Anna gasped, subconsciously stroking the slick toy.

“Then get that behemoth in my ass,” Rose demanded.

Anna could barely believe her ears but didn’t baulk at the request. She put the tip in her mouth to get it as wet as possible for it voyage into her friend’s backdoor, all while Rose was spitting on her fingers then rubbing it around her asshole to add more lubrication. When the time came, Anna was hesitant but that provide to be folly as Rose was an expert, relaxing her hole with easy to allow the long tip of the toy entrance.

“Holy shit,” Anna gasped in amazement, looking down and seeing the redhead’s anus expand to take a two-inch dildo inside.

“You know nothing girl,” Rose said in her trademarked accent. “Now fuck me.”

Anna was more willing to push the toy inside the girl with the thick ass, but she wasn’t being too rough. She would stroke another inch into her, watching as another of the bubbles disappeared past Rose’s anal entrance, then withdrew it so only the very thick tip remained inside.

“I think it could use more lube,” Anna suggested.

She wasn’t sure Rose heard but she pulled the large toy from her backdoor and had her eyes go wide at the sight of the massive gap that remained of her asshole. Stunned for a brief time, she remembered what she was doing and out the toy into her mouth and soaked it in her spit, tasting her new lover in the process.

“More,” Rose said impatiently.

Anna was surprised when she felt a leg land on her shoulder, then had the other girl’s calf wrap to the back of her head. The slim actress felt herself pulled forward towards Rose’s sex as the horny girl wasn’t having any of the interlude. Anna opened her mouth and aimed for the girl’s pink pussy, kissing her clit before burying her tongue in her wet opening.

“Ass,” the redhead demanded.

Anna liked being pushed around for some odd reason and did as her master told her. She sunk lower down and used her tongue to glide out of her pussy and back to her asshole, spreading more saliva around the sphincter. Pushing backwards, Anna created enough space to press the tip of the dildo back into Rose’s ass, much to her delight.

“Take it Ygritte,” Anna growled as she roughly ass-fucked her lover.

After a minute of plunging the toy into Rose’s widened asshole, Anna pulled it out completely and took advantage of the big opening. More then ever before, the Twilight star was able to cram her tongue deep inside the redhead’s arse, tasting further inside. However, once she surfaced after awhile, she found Rose’s hand around the toy, pulling it out of her possession.

Anna let the other girl guide her off the floor and onto the sofa, back where she started with her ass out and upper body resting on the backrest. The auburn-haired actress was nervous to say the least about taking such a large toy where she imagined Rose was going to put it. However, looking beside her and seeing Rose eagerly bobbing along the first 5 inches of the dildo, savoring the taste of her own asshole was a really good distraction.

“Just relax low born bitch,” Rose told her as she got in position.

The redhead helped settle her by kissing her on the back, right on the spine which caused Anna to breath a sigh of relief. However, when she felt a cool dollop of liquid land on her anus she realized that Rose was using actual lube for her backdoor passage. That wasn’t the only surprise as instead of feeling her bowels ripped apart, she felt some discomfort as a smaller toy tried to push into her anus.

Anna looked back and saw the massive black dildo resting beside her on the couch. In Rose’s hands was a another dildo, however this one was a clear double headed so that it was roughly 20 inches long with a tip on each end. it was the girth of a regular penis, which caused her to relax further. This was just what Rose needed and the next moment she had the first two inches plunged into Anna’s small ass.

“Sweet Mother of Mercy,” Anna swore.

After the initial pain, Anna was happy to find that it went away pretty quickly. Rose was clearly no novice with this stuff, plus with the lubrication spreading throughout her rectum, she found the toy gliding smoothly into her ass, or at least half a foot of the double-ended dildo was.

Anna was starting to enjoy the feeling of having her ass stretched to a normal degree, especially since she was rubbing her own pussy to give herself pleasure. After a few minutes she looked back over her shoulder to see as Rose fucked her ass with the clear toy. The redhead was waiting for her, and after their eyes lock the Game of Thrones actress wrapped her mouth around the other end and gave the plastic cock a blowjob while still pumping the other end into her bowels.

“So hot,” Anna moaned, rubbing her clit even harder. “But I think your end is destined for somewhere else.”

Rose smiled brightly down at the slightly older woman, which portrayed just how much she loved her slutty nature. Anna shuffled to the side to make room for Rose on the sofa with her, which the redhead took advantage of the space. Moving likewise onto the couch on her hands and knees, the ladies were now both set up the same way but with their asses facing each other.

The feisty redhead was still in control of the toy so she used one hand to steady the centre of the dildo while her other hand lined up her end of the tip with her crinkled rosebud. Reaching back between her legs, Anna did likewise as the hard, but well lubricated head was placed against her own asshole and slid back in without any discomfort.

“Fuck that feels good,” Rose said.

The Game of Thrones actress was using one hand to steady the toy, holding the nearly two-foot toy in the center. However, each girl had a hand running down between their own legs, feverishly flicking over their clit as the toy took turns sliding deeper into their bowels.

Holding the center of the lengthy dildo gave Rose more say where it went so she moved her arm back and forth, making them take turns which of them got a complete half of the toy shoved in their asshole while the other had only the tip and a few inches left inside her. The redhead was selfish and took the first deep penetration for herself and held it there a few seconds before returning the favor to her auburn-haired counterpart.

“You like a good hard dick in your ass, don’t you wench,” Rose asked while thrusting her hips backwards, plunging the dildo further into her ass.

“I love your cock in my bum,” she replied before doing likewise, her turn to take 8 inches of hard plastic up her booty.

The pair continued to work in unison, with one pushing backwards to take more toy into their ass while the other pulled away. They were a well-oiled machine after some time, and even though Anna was more of a novice with anal sex compared to Rose, they were eventually operating on the same level.

Given her date’s breathing pattern, jerky movements and increasing screams, Rose deduced that Anna was building towards a powerful orgasm. Without warning, the redhead pushed away from Anna and allowed the Twilight star to have the sodomizing toy all to herself.

However Rose didn’t go far away, in fact she turned around and borrowed her pretty face between the other girl’s thighs. While Anna continued to use the lengthy double-ended toy to fuck her own asshole, Rose was now using her tongue to dip into her twat and sample her tasty fluids again.

“Oh my God, this is perfection,” the Oscar nominated actress screamed loudly.

The pair rearranged slightly so that Rose was helping guide the plastic toy into Anna’s widened asshole since her concentration was lowered. With her tongue sticking out to plunge into her twat, while Anna still rubbed her clit furiously, their was only ever going to be one result.It took under a minute, which was Anna cumming loudly, gushing her fluids all over Rose’s tongue, which she left in her auburn-haired lover to soak up her cum.

“Oh God…I’m cumming….I’m cumming,” she screamed.

Once Anna was done cumming and came back to reality after the bliss-inducing coma, Rose took possession of the toy that they used to simultaneously sodomize themselves. Helping the Twilight star to a seated position, she lined the tip up with her lips and wrapped them around her end of the toy that was once in Anna’s ass. Her date took the hint and did likewise, bobbing her head along the length of the plastic cock that was firmly wedged in the Game of Throne asshole.

“Thanks for cleaning my end,” Rose said, licking her lips.

“And that’s not all I owe you,” Anna told her.

Rose was surprised by the quickness of the slim girl with the big tits, but it was a pleasant. Anna pushed the red-haired goddess down onto her back with her head resting on the throw pillows as she climbed between her legs. She began reaching for one of the dildos, but before doing so, the extremely large breasted girl moved back into Rose’s sex, only this time she used her tongue to dip into her widened asshole.

“Oh my God Anna,” she exclaimed. “I love when you like my asshole!”

“Then get use to it baby,” the auburn-haired beauty said with a wicked grin before returning to her work.

After Anna spoke she stuck out the wet muscle once again and placed it back in her widened hole, licking her inner anal walls. It felt like she was able to get further into her bowels after they fucked each other ruthlessly with the toys, not to mention the added pressure of Rose’s hand pushing her face down.

Anna gave one last lick inside her asshole, before she pulled her skilled tongue away. Grabbing the big thick black toy she used on her at the beginning, Anna opened her mouth wide and took the tip into her mouth, tasting the flavor of asshole on the smooth surface. She gave the toy one final suck before she guided the massive ribbed dildo back into Rose’s rectum.

“Whoa! So big,” Rose scream as she was pierced by the first girthy 5 inches.

Even though Anna wanted to desperately repay the favor, her body was failing her. Rose had been taking the ass fucking from the huge dildo for the last five minutes, and now Anna’s arms were exhausted. She was kicking herself for not working out in the gym enough, but the redhead was a sexual machine. Even leaning down and flicking the girl’s clit with her tongue only managed to make her scream louder.

“Come here,” Anna said, struck by an idea.

Rose felt the huge toy leave her bowels and felt so empty she longed to have anything back in their, the bigger the better. Rolling to her feet, she watched as her lover placed the base of the toy flat on the floor with the ribbed shaft sticking nearly two feet into the air.

“Lay down next to it,” Rose said, widening her legs as she stepped over top of it.

Anna didn’t know she commanded her to do so, but she quickly realized why. She was in the perfect position to watch as her redheaded lesbian lover squated down towards her, adjusting her hips to take the tip against her backdoor once more then piercing herself with it.

“This is so fucking sexy,” Anna commented, watching as her pussy bounced inches in front of her face.

Over and over Rose Leslie fucked herself with the massive erect dildo, getting lower and lower down on the toy due to her body weight and gravity aiding her. Anna was reaching her head up and drilling her tongue into the redhead’s twat every time it came low enough to do so as well.

“Oh shit I’m gonna cum so hard,” Rose screamed after a while, with nearly the whole foot of girthy dildo in her bowels.

Anna listened to her sexual master and pulled her tongue away from inside her cunt as she had most of the plastic cock inside her ass. It was perfect positioning for her to watch as Rose’s hand came shooting down past her thin waist with her slender finger extended to rub her clit. Anna couldn’t believe the speed and force the redhead was using to help get herself off, but Rose was loving every second of it.

“OH SHIT,” she swore as she came.

Rose had in fact came so hard that she actually squirted. She knew that it was coming, as it was a common occurrence when she came this hard. Anna, however, was unaware of what was coming. From less than a foot away, the extremely beautiful 28 year old was smacked in the face by a wave of fluid as it erupted from Rose’s twat. The auburn-haired beauty barely had time to shut her eyes as her face was drenched in the somewhat sweet tasting juices, getting her brown hair wet in the process as well.

“Holy fuck,” Anna swore. “You cum like a fucking typhoon.”

“What can I say, you bring it out in me,” Rose replied, reaching down to kiss the drenched woman.

As the pair exchanged a kiss they were unaware as the door to the apartment was turned and ultimately swung in. Standing in the doorway, Wade Leslie, Rose’s older brother took in the sight of Anna Kendrick and his younger sister kissing while in various states of undress.

“Hope I’m not interrupting…”


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Re: Super Fan (Anna Kendrick & Rose Leslie)
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Title: Anna Kendrick – Super Fan Part 2
Author: The Chemist
Celebs: Anna Kendrick, Rose Leslie
Codes: MMMMFF, M+FF, MMF, FF, Anal, DP, Oral, Toys, WS
Summary: Rose uses her favor as a member of Game of Thrones to make Anna do some crazy sexual stuff. After Rose has fun with her, she turns Anna over to her brother and his friends

Disclaimer: I do not know Anna Kendrick or Rose Leslie. This is an act of fiction therefore did not occur. I make no money from this story

PART 2: The Men Arrive

“Hope I’m not interrupting…”

“Holy fuck,” Anna screamed, her heart nearly jumping from her chest.

“Jesus bro, that’s your twin sister…and…and,” one of the other guys with Wade commented, trying to think.

“Anna Kendrick,” Rose Leslie answered before addressing the girl. “And relax, that’s just my brother and his best mate Gary.”

“And my other mates Colin and Neil,” Rose’s brother corrected. “I hope you two had fun playing with each other?”

All four men had now crammed in through the open doorway to take in the scene in front of them. Before them were two famous actresses, the sexy redhead Rose Leslie of Game of Thrones fame, as well as the auburn-haired goddess Anna Kendrick, who was a big star at the moment. Hell, she had even been nominated for an Academy Award, yet here the two were, clearly having just fucked, now in their underwear.

“We very much did enjoy yourselves,” Rose smiled widely, running a hand through her long flaming hair.

“Rose…what’s going on,” Anna asked, shocked at the latest developments.

“Well we know how much of a fangirl you are of the show, so I figured what’s better then bedding one star when you can fuck four more,” Wade explained.

“What? Seriously,” the slim girl asked, scrunching up her nose in her adorable fashion.

“Totally. Being a series regular I used my pull to get them roles as extras. Colin, the real muscular bloke with the bald head, was at the Red Wedding,” Rose explained, seeing Anna’s face light up.

“Indeed. My boy Neil here,” Wade took over, thumbing to the short yet very stocky man beside him. “We both played Northerns at the Castle of Winterfell.”

“No…fucking…way,” Anna gasped. “And you I recognize. You got stabbed in the gut and died painfully at the Battle of Blackwater Bay.”

“That is very true,” Gary, the smallest of the four men, answered.

“So what do you two say? Up for some fun,” Wade asked, appearing over by his sister, stroking the soft skin of her back.

“I’m game if you are Anna,” Rose answered.

“But he’s your brother,” the actress replied. “Won’t it be weird seeing each other fuck?”

“This coming from the girl who loves a show loaded with incest,” the male twin responded.

“Touche. Fuck it, the chance to bang 5 GoT members at once? I can’t pass that up,” Anna proudly declared.

“Excellent. Why don’t we start with you two going over to the sofa and showing us all what we have to look forward too.”

The two girls took the suggestion of the male who was clearly controlling things, walking over to Rose’s couch along the wall. They had gotten somewhat dressed since their romp between the sheets, but only so much. They were both now dressed in their bras, thongs and black stockings, Rose’s held up by a garter belt while Anna’s had a band that clung tightly around her slim thighs.

“Doesn’t she have an plump little ass for a girl so tiny,” Rose said as the pair got onto their knees and bent over so their chests were resting on the back of the furniture.

Anna felt pride over the compliment then felt a rush of hormones hit her as one of Rose’s little hands was placed on the soft flesh of her rump. IT rubbed and grabbed the nearest cheek, an action Anna found herself mirroring with Rose’s equally hot but thicker ass.

“That’s right ladies, shake each other’s asses,” Colin encouraged from his seat.

“I think I have to go in for a closer look,” Wade announced.

First he gave the honor of his attention to his sister, going up right behind her. The pair had clearly done this type of thing before given how comfortable they acted in the situation. Wade pulled the thin material out of his sister’s ass crack to give all of the men a good look at Rose’s bare, pink pussy and puckered asshole before snapping the thong back into place with a loud whipping noise.

“Ughh,” the ginger Scot groaned, though she liked it.

“Her as well,” Gary indicated, nudging his head in Anna’s direction.

Wade smiled at his sister then gave her surprisingly thick backside a hearty swat on her meaty cheek. Stepping to her other side, Anna knew what was about to happen and had no want to stop it. She felt his fingers fish the thong from her tiny crack, pulling it all the way out until the tension was unable to go further. The men whistled at the sight of her near bald pussy before the underwear came smacking down directly on her exposed asshole.

“Holy hell,” the Oscar nominee yelped.

“Oh wow, do that again,” Neil asked. “Yeah and pull your ass apart for us.”

Both Wade and Anna did as they were asked, the man pulling her thong away while the actress placed a tiny hand on each of her curvy cheeks and pulled them away from the midline. Her asshole was now very visible, but what was so noticeable was the gape in her backdoor, largely due to the thick toys Rose had been stuffing into it no more then 10 minutes prior.

“Fuck! That thing looks ready for us already,” one of the men commented.

“Rose, why don’t you be a dear and slap her ass for us,” Wade said, settling back into a chair nearby.

“Can and will,” the Scot lass replied.

Being such a small woman, Anna had never really been in to the rough stuff. She wasn’t a huge fan of being dominated, spanked having her hair pulled, but as Rose reared her hand back before crashing it against her small bum, she didn’t mind it. It was right on her threshold, but as the second and third smacks were delivered, she was finding herself loosening up to spanking.

“I think she likes it,” Rose commented after her tenth slap.

“Why don’t we see if you like it as well,” Gary said to the redhead.

Anna was more then happy to repay the debt. She hadn’t really spanked someone before but after a few swats at her bubble butt, the actress was getting the hang of it. Each slap was harder then the one before, and soon her handprint was evident as a red mark on both of her new lover’s cheeks.

“So who’s gonna be the first to take something in the ass,” Neil asked in a thick English accent.

“Me,” Rose’s hand shot up like a whip.

The whole gang laughed though Rose was busy sliding the waistband of her thong down over her hips and resting it along her thick thighs. Wade had grabbed the nearest dildo, a red and black one of medium length and thickness. Right beside it was a bottle of lube which he used to coat the toy, not wanting his sister to feel unnecessary ass pain.

Anna wanted to help out her new friend and lover as much as she could so she leaned over the redhead and used her hands to part her cheeks, much like she had done on herself. With a better target for Wade, the twin easily worked the first several inches of the thick toy into Rose’s ass, much to her series of pleasurable moans.

“I think it needs more lube,” Wade said.

Anna watched as the man pulled the colored toy from his own sister’s asshole, but rather than reaching for the bottle, he brought the dildo closer to Anna’s face. Knowing full well what he and the other men wanted, Anna opened her mouth wide and accepted the fake cock to part her lips and rest on her tongue.

“So hot,” one of the men groaned as the woman bobbed her head.

“Looks like she loves the taste of your baby sister’s asshole,” another added.

Wade withdrew the toy after half a minute and noted the strands of saliva decorating the dildo now. With the combination of synthetic lube and Anna’s spit, the horny man found that it slide much better into his twin’s asshole, in fact he was able to fit the thickest portion at the base, measuring almost 3 inches, past her anal opening to rest the toy submerged in her backdoor except for the wide handle.

“Wow. That’s impressive,” the gruff sounding Colin commented.

“You did it,” Anna cheered.

“Okay now hold her ass apart,” Wade told the actress.

Anna complied and watched as he withdrew the thick toy completely from his twin’s ass. However, her massive anal gape didn’t stay empty for long as soon Wade was using the widest portion of the toy to ass fuck Rose. To her credit, Rose was loving every second of it, moaning loudly for her audience.

When he finally stopped sheathing the toy repeatedly into her asshole and pulled it out completely, Anna had acted. No longer resting over the girl, Anna was now directly behind the red-haired actress with her tongue buried as far as possible into Rose’s once tight backdoor.

“Yes. Toss that salad whore,” Gary encouraged, an erection firmly pushing against his pants.

“Here Rose, you have a taste too,” her twin instructed.

The redhead got off her knees, pulling away from Anna’s tongue in the process, and took the toy that was just occupying her asshole into her hands. Showing no signs of apprehension, Rose opened wide and placed the dildo on her tongue, savoring her asshole’s taste and sucking the toy dry.

As Rose was busy milking the toy of her anal essence, Wade was busy laying Anna down on her back on the long, L-shaped portion of the sofa so that her feet were facing the other men. Before he could act though, Rose was pushing him aside so that she could have another go at her new lover.

“Oh shit,” Anna groaned.

It took barely more than a moment for Rose to have the slender actress’ legs pressed together and sticking up in the air, allowing her access to Anna’s sex. The redhead pulled the black thong aside and buried her tongue into the girl’s dripping wet cunt before migrating further south and repeating the action into her used arse.

When Rose pulled away just enough to lick some fingers, Anna moved like a viper and pulled her thong completely off, kicking it off from around her high heel clad feet before returning to the same position. Rose didn’t mind as it was one less barrier, for now she was rubbing several fingertips quickly around Anna’s exposed asshole.

“Finger her ass,” someone yelled.

Rose was more then happy to consent, using one of her small, wet digits to easily insert into Anna’s backdoor. The girl had taken bigger in there already tonight, so Rose’s finger slide easily into Anna, the girl moaning as Rose flicked up against her sensitive anal walls.

“Look what I found,” Wade said, passing his sister the same dildo from earlier.

Rose took it from her twin and noted the sheen on it, a new ample supply of lotion coating the toy. Anna’s hands instinctively cupped her cheeks and pulled them apart before she felt the tip placed against her anal entrance then was pushed inside.

“Fuck…so big,” Anna grunted.

Not to anyone’s surprise, but Anna was tighter then Rose, with the redhead not having any luck fitting the bulbous end of the dildo in her ass. It wasn’t for lack of trying, so Rose was content to just fuck her with the 5 inches of the toy that was able to go into Anna’s asshole.

However, Rose was stubborn and competitive so she wasn’t about to lose the competition that she crafted in her own mind. Passing the toy to her brother, Rose used her tongue to target Anna’s clit while the actress still pulled her tush apart. Wade took advantage and pressed the dildo into Anna and kept pushing, but also to no avail.

“Suck,” he told his sister.

Rose gladly took the fake cock back into her mouth and gave it her best and sloppiest blowjob. She simultaneously applied massive amounts of saliva to the toy while tasting Anna’s asshole on it’s sleek surface.

Over and over he tried but still the thickest portion of the toy wouldn’t go past Anna’s tight barrier. He’d pulled it out several times to allow his sister to lick deep into Anna’s asshole, even spitting into the blackness. Eventually the twins used Anna like a game, Wade pushing the toy deep before withdrawing completely so that Rose was able to lick as far inside her bowels as her tongue could reach.

“I think it’s time for some cock,” Colin spoke.

Both girls looked over at the men and found that while Rose was eating out Anna’s asshole, all of their guests had stepped out of their clothes. The girls headed back to their starting position on the sofa, bent over at the waist while resting on their knees. The aforementioned Colin stepped onto the sofa as well, his legs on either side of Rose’s thick bottom and easily slide his cock into her ass.

“So much better then a toy,” Rose groaned.

It took only the second stroke inside her for the bald man to push his entire 8-inch member into the girl’s rear end. Over and over Colin pumped into Rose’s loosened backdoor, his cock being hugged nicely by her anal verge. However, just as Anna felt the sofa around her dip down as a man stood behind her, she brushed them aside and dropped to her knees on the floor.

Colin saw the situation unfold and realized what the Oscar nominee wanted. Pulling his cock from Rose’s asshole, he turned to his right and offered his manhood up for Anna. The actress performed her duty and took the dick into her mouth, sucking Rose’s flavor off his tool as she bobbed her head up and down.

Colin claimed his second anal penetration of the night when he threw Anna back onto the sofa and mounted her from behind. She yelp in some discomfort at first, but as he stroked into her backdoor with each passing time, she started to moan then eventual scream for more.

“Yes…fuck me,” Rose said from beside her.

Anna looked over and saw that Rose was already being fucked by a second guy, Neil she believed his name was. The squat Englishman wasted no time in getting familiar with Rose’s asshole as he was slicing into it with the same ease and force that Colin was using on herself.

“Want another taste slut,” Neil offered to Anna.

Anna greedily nodded her head so Colin finished pushing himself balls deep into her rectum before he stood up and moved off the couch. The actress quickly got back down to her knees, opened her mouth and took him onto her tongue. Her taste buds were coated with Rose’s asshole flavor, something that Anna was gladly licking up.

Just like what had just transpired minutes before, after Anna was finished bobbing along his lengthy shaft, Neil picked her up and placed her back on the sofa. He shoved his cock into her asshole, noting how it was a little tighter then Rose’s backdoor but both were equally enjoyable.

Taking up Neil’s position banging Rose’s backdoor was now Gary, the shortest of the men. However, he seemed to have the most energy as he continuously reared his hips forwards and backwards, impaling the thin redhead on his spear with glee.

“Fuck…been too long since I’ve fucked…need a break,” Neil groaned, withdrawing from Anna’s asshole.

Once again, Anna found herself with no man behind her so she slunk to her knees and made Gary pull out of Rose so she could suck him off. She didn’t know what was possessing her, as until tonight she had never enjoyed even performing a simple rimjob, let alone full fledge taste testing someone’s asshole.

BEfore Gary placed Anna back onto the sofa, the actress shrugged out of her bra to leave her only in her black stocking and matching heels. The short male took full advantage by reaching out and giving each of Anna’s surprisingly massive tits a hearty squeeze. Her large breasts almost looked out of place on her thin frame, but no man would ever complain about her natural, round tits.

“I assume you don’t mind,” Wade said, mounting up behind Rose.

“When have I stopped you before,” Rose said before feeling him enter her ass, the fourth cock to do so in 10 minutes.

“Might as well make it four for four,” Wade said after sodomizing his twin for awhile.

They all knew what the incestious brother meant as he pulled his sword from his sister’s hole. The short man who was pumping into Anna was grateful for the break, as her asshole was doing it’s best to milk him prematurely. For the fourth time, the slender topless woman dropped to the ground and took another cock into her mouth straight from Rose Leslie’s backdoor.

“As tasty as the first time,” Anna said, licking all the way from his base to the tip and back again.

While her brother was busy getting a wet blowjob from Anna Kendrick, Rose stayed in place and was anal penetrated by one of the men, she didn’t know or care who. She became aware of Anna back beside her on the sofa and looked back to see Neil fucking her while her brother mounted up behind her friend.

“I’m tempted for your pussy…but…” and with that Wade shoved his entire 10-inch cock all the way inside Anna’s rectum.

It stayed like that for some time, with the girls being constantly passed between each of the 4 men. It was a perfect system as the men could fuck them senseless for awhile before pulling out and taking a break. This way their orgasm stayed far away and able to fuck them all night long.

At some point the girls found themselves both on the ground, each with two cocks in their face. Anna was an expert when it came to blowjobs, her singing ability allowing her to suppress her gag reflex and take a cock all the way into her throat. Neil and Wade had the pleasure of that service, as they took turns face fucking the naked actress, globs of saliva being spat down onto her massive, round tits in the process.

Though Rose wasn’t as refined as Anna was at oral sex, she made up for her lack of deep-throating with sheer energy. The Scottish girl took turns stroking one dick while blowing the other, her head a blur as Colin and Gary would look down and see her red hair streaking towards and away from their groins.

In fact, the 4 men had grown curious of the other girl’s skills so rather then being paired off, the men formed a circle around the two beauties. Anna’s deep-throating and Rose’s streaking bob were very popular amongst the men, each of the 4 more then happy to be serviced by either.

After 15 minutes of the circle blowjob, not only were the chests of Rose and Anna covered in their spit, but so too was the tiled floor beneath the action. Which gave Wade a particular interesting idea, one that hit him as his sister’s lips were wrapped around his member.

“Sis, I think Anna’s mouth is a little dry. Help her out.”

Rose looked up at her brother with lust in her eyes as she finished servicing his member with her tongue. Spinning around to face the other woman, Rose waited for Gary’s thick hand to leave the back of Anna’s head so that she could place her small ones on either side of her auburn hair. Anna looked over at Rose just in time for the redhead to spit into her mouth.

“What the hell,” Anna said, shocked.

“What? All you’re spit is on those great tits or the floor of the apartment I’m renting,” Rose said.

“Actually I have some extra now,” Anna replied before returning the favor, spitting into Rose’s open mouth.

“Here, share this,” Colin ordered.

Pulling back on Rose’s red mane, the bald man spit right into her mouth. Before letting her go, Gary also moved over top of her and did likewise. Taking the idea, Neil took Anna’s head in his hands, angled her up and spat into her mouth, followed lastly by Wade. With the men all cheering them one, Anna and Rose kissed each, letting the spit from the four men pass along their tongues.

“Such filthy sluts,” Gary commented.

The men took a little break from the oral action and watched on as the pair of girls passionately kissed each other. What started as a degrading act turned into lust between the two, and now they were kissing deeply. Finally Rose broke the lip lock in order to lick on the sides of Anna’s face to collect the strands of spit from either the men or Anna’s own from all the cock sucking.

“Alright, I need to fuck someone…now,” Neil’s gruff voice boomed out, echoed by the other 3 men.

“Best double up then,” Rose said with a wink.

Anna didn’t possibly think that Rose meant what she was thinking. However, she watched as Gary climbed onto the sofa and laid on his back, followed by Rose sitting down on his cock, taking him back into her ass. After riding him for a minute, she leaned back against his chest and spread her legs wide. All while the little guy thrust up into her bowels, a second gur stepped between her spread legs and drove into her pink pussy.

“That’s more like it,” Rose bellowed.

“Come on Anna, you two,” Wade told her, hand wrapping in her hair.

To avoid the pain of having it pulled, Anna allowed herself to be guided to the sofa opposite the one Rose was being double penetrated one. As she straddled Colin, the big burly bald-headed bloke, Wade allowed her to bounce on his cock for awhile, riding him deep into her twat. Her juices were now fully coating his dick when she felt a hand between her shoulderblades pushing her down so her full tits rested on the guy’s sweaty chest.

“Just relax,” he told her before his finger rubbed her clit.

As she focused on the pleasure from having her sensitive bean flicked, Wade acted and pushed into her bowels. Now both girls were being fucked by two men at the same time on opposite sides of the room, with all 4 men grunting with pleasure and exertion while the girls were in a screaming match.

Sensing it was her first time being doubled up like this, Wade and Colin didn’t push her too much. Anna was still having their combined 18 inches of cock stroked into her two holes, but not nearly at the same speed the more experienced Rose was being fucked on the other sofa.

“Yes! Give me those dicks,” Rose screamed in joy.

Anna was finally settling into the experience more and more, now able to withstand both men pushing into her. They were taking turns pushing forward while the other retreated, Anna starting to very much enjoy the feeling of their cocks rubbing the thin membrane between her anal walls and pussy.

“Wade. Come give me a taste of her sweet ass,” Rose beckoned her brother.

The twin shrugged his shoulders and pulled out of the skinny girl’s asshole and walked the short distance to his sister. Rose was at perfect height to suck his cock, not even requiring the two men fucking her senselessly to stop. However, seeing a chance to trade up, Gary pulled out of Rose’s wet snatch, crossed the room and planted his pole into Anna’s asshole.

“Fucking tight,” the little guy groaned as he sodomized the actress.

“Guess this is for me,” Wade said.

After pulling out from between Rose’s lips, Wade walked between her legs and slipped into her twat for the first time that evening. As he reared his hips back in rhythm with the bloke beneath her in her asshole, Rose moaned and screamed, only silenced when she took fingers from her brother’s hand and sucked on them.

“So is this how you get you big roles,” Colin jeered Anna.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Anna answered before kissing him.

“Hey Rose, you still like satisfying your thirst,” Neil asked from beneath the redhead.

“Definitely. Got something for me?”

“How about you share with Anna too,” Wade said, pulling out of her twat.

“I don’t know…it’s pretty hardcore. Like Ramsay Bolton hard,” Rose said, hoping her new friend would take the bait.

“Well if it would happen in Westeros, count me in,” Anna replied. “Especially if some Wilding is gonna do it.”

“Okay…but you’ve been warned,” Wade told her.

As if on cue, all four men moved away from the women, allowing Rose to take to her knees in the middle of the room. Taking Anna’s hand, the redhead helped the stocking-and-heels clad girl down to the floor beside her, but with a space between them. With them in position, Neil stepped right in front of Rose but kept his cock half-a-foot away from her open mouth.

Anna watched on with a mixture of horror and amazement as his slit opened slightly to allow a stream of light colored urine to explode out. Without being fazed, Rose caught a good amount of the stream in her mouth before the jet of warm amber fluid stopped. Looking around at the men crowded above, Rose allowed some to spill over her lips but used the amount in her mouth to gargle before spitting down onto her medium-sized tits.

“What the holy fuck,” Anna gasped. “You are crazy.”

“You know how us Wildlings are,” Rose said.

Before Anna could even hope of stopping her, Rose moved like a snake and planted her lips onto Anna’s. Remembering how Anna tends to melt with her clit rubbed, her fingers found the exposed nub and did just that. The fight left the slender girl and allowed the redhead to push her tongue into her mouth with Anna tasting the urine as a result.

“See…not gross, right,” Rose said after stopping the kiss.

“Yeah…I guess,” Anna said, still uncertain.

“Have another taste,” Colin commented.

The girls were still finishing their kiss when Anna felt a streak of warm fluid splash across her cheek before continuing across to Rose’s face. They separated in time for Rose to collect a healthy majority of the piss in her mouth, but before long Colin steered the stream back towards Anna. Having to decide quickly what to do, the slender actress closed her eyes and opened her mouth partly.

“Uggkkk,” Anna grunted as urine flooded her mouth for the first time in her life.

It stayed in her mouth for only a second or two before she spat it out onto her shin and dribbling down onto her large boobs, which became drenched. Looking over, Anna saw piss flowing out of Rose’s mouth as Colin continued filling her up before finally stopping, though the look about him meant he had more in there.

Anna was shocked again when she saw Rose spit out probably half the load in her mouth then swallow the rest of it. Looking right at the other girl, Rose opened her mouth and showed Anna what she had just done.

“It’s so good. You try,” the redhead told her.

“I dont…”

“You also didn’t think you’d like ass-to-mouth or double penetration but turns out you did,” Wade jumped in, edging to stand right in front of the uncertain actress.

He didn’t want to push her too quickly so he waited as Gary stepped up in front of his sister. The twin watched as his friend produced a thin stream of urine for Rose, so weak that Rose had to wrap her lips around his head in order to collect. After a few moment he got going, pushing out a strong stream that splashed onto her pretty freckled face as well as into her mouth.

Going up high onto her knees, Rose closed the short distance between the two of them, pulling her wet hair over her shoulder. Like the submissive girl she had been all night, Anna sunk down lower and allowed her redheaded lover to tilt her head back. Rose waited until Anna finally opened her mouth before pursing her lips together and letting the urine she collected spill slowly down.

Anna took the second load of piss into her mouth, this time straight from Rose’s lips so it was a little diluted. It was smart of the redhead in order to take some of the bitterness from the fluid, although their urine was actually pretty good. Rose focused and spat the fluid all into Anna’s mouth before rearing back and allowing the big-chested girl to straighten up.

Anna could feel all 5 sets of eyes on her as everyone looked on to see what she would decide. Throwing caution to the wind, Anna followed her friend’s lead and swallowed down the piss in her mouth with one big gulp. She was surprised to find that it wasn’t anywhere as repugnant as she thought it would be.

“And…” Rose asked.

“You were right,” Anna conceded with a sly smile.

“Excellent. Even though you are only renting this place, I still think you two should clean up some of this mess,” Wade instructed.

“Rose smiled brightly while Anna gave a questioning look, though she had her answer when the ginger actress steered her face to the ground. Rose placed her lips right onto the wet tiled floor and slurping noises could be heard ringing out throughout the apartment as she drank piss from the floor.

“Oh come on Anna, you just drank it so commit to being a full fledge piss whore and get it over with,” Rose said, straightening up for the moment. “You liked the taste and how it made you feel edgy and dirty in the best way possible.”

“When in Rome…” Anna said before doing likewise, Rose’s words hitting the right chords.

“God you are sexy,” Rose told her after they drank a good amount of the piss from three different men from her rented apartment floor.

Rose brought Anna in for a passionate kiss, with all the men watching. For their pleasure, Anna was just as much into the making out with the redhead, clearly thankful for Rose for introducing her to all sorts of new and devious sex acts.

When they broke their lip lock, their were a cock each for them, each ready to burst with urine. Anna took the one to her right, opened her mouth and allowed Wade to squirt his piss into her mouth while Rose eagerly took more of Colin’s. Anna had a scrunched up look on her face as the yellow fluid filled her mouth, spitting out more then she drank but he was happy to have her drink some all the same.

Of course Rose didn’t know that her new lover was going to adapt so well. She had ordered the men to drink nothing but water and limit meat for a few days to have their urine as pure, and thus as mild as possible. However, as she collected one of the men;s piss in her mouth and looked over at Anna to share, she was greeted by the sight of the auburn-haired actress swallowing some of her brother’s juices.

Looking up, Rose saw that her brother Wade was also as pleased as she was by the situation. The pair exchanged a smile and held their gaze on each other as the beautiful redhead with the athletic-looking body gulped down the pee in her mouth while Wade splashed another little bit of nearly clear urine on Anna Kendrick’s sagless breasts.

“Watch out bud,” Neil told, getting in front of Wade.

Wade stopped his stream and saved it for later as he watched his friend lumber up to the pretty actress who was experiencing water sport for the first time. Anna looked at him and waited patiently with her mouth open as he drained his cock in a thin stream inside her from nearly a foot away.

With their erections hampering the flow of their piss, it meant that the men expended very little of the fluid, thus able to go for longer. However, Anna was surprised when the solidly built man had his stream cut short with no more coming from it. The Oscar nominee moved into his cock and took him into her mouth to show off her impressive oral skill, taking him all the way into her throat until her nose was pressed into his thick bush.

“Gllluucckk,” Anna gagged as Neil chose that moment to begin his jet of urine again.

“That was an asshole move Neil,” Rose said from her knees beside the surprised girl.

“Sorry, I figured since you like it when it blast in your mouth when you have me so deep, I thought she might,” he explained while Anna spat the gold fluid onto the floor.

“Rose, we don’t want to be rude to your guest. Why don’t you make it up Neil by slurping up his spilt juices,” he told his sister.

The redhead gave her twin a wicked smile then proceeded to lower her face to the floor like she had done minutes before. Drinking up right underneath Anna, Rose slurped and drank with glee. All while she was doing this, her brother had rounded her and had just entered her asshole.

Rather then fuck her though, he simply sat with only the first few inches of his massive tool in her backside. He did this for nearly half a minute, all with a contorted look etched on his face.

“Anna, you love the taste of my sister’s arse, don’t you,” Wade asked the recovered woman.

“Well…yeah. So tasty,” Anna answered honestly.

“And as long as the guy didn’t shoot the piss down your throat, you like that part too don’t you,” he continued.

“Umm…I guess I kinda, sorta do,” she replied in her awkwarded way.

“Then get over here.”

The combination of her wet stockings and the slick floor meant that when Wade placed his hand on the back of her head, avoiding her hair further down which was wet from urine, she slide nicely across the floor. Getting her face good and low, it was roughly at the height of his cock, still with his tip buried in her sister’s ass.

“Get as much as you can you little whore,” Rose said teasingly.

Her words became clear when Wade pulled out of her backdoor. There was a seconds pause before Rose pushed, releasing a torrent of her twin’s urine to come shooting from her ass. As the gush of fluid left the redhead’s asshole and smacked on Anna’s pretty face, but to her credit, Anna adjusted her height so she could catch it with her open mouth.

“Did you like that Anna,” Wade asked after seeing her swallow down a small amount.

“Pretty much,” the short woman replied.

“Good, I got more,” Colin bellowed.

The burly man took up the position behind Rose’s back, placing his cock halfway inside her asshole right away. Anna knew when he began pissing inside the redhead when Rose’s face let up and she moaned, probably from the feeling of her bowels filling to the point of pleasure.

This time Anna was ready for the power of the gushing, getting her face in front of Rose’s backdoor quickly and having her mouth at the right orientation. She was able to catch a great majority of the piss straight from Rose, and she even managed to swallow more of the slightly bitter fluid then usual.

“You…I want to taste yours now,” Rose demanded of her guest.

Anna found herself back on the sofa, not quite sure how she had gotten there. With her reclined position of the rented couch, she had only to look down to find Rose as she was on her knees. Anna didn’t know if she’d be able to pee, as there were times she’d get stage fright when a girl was in the stall next to her.

“Just block out all of us and think of all the alcohol you drank. It’s a diuretic you know. Means it makes you want to pee. So…let it happen,” Wade instructed.

Within a minute, Anna found herself doing a few things for the first time. For one, she was now peeing in public with people looking on. Hell, she wouldn’t even let boyfriends or housemates be in the shower while she went to the bathroom. And the second was actually pissing in someone’s face, but Rose was cooing and begging for more as she drank more of the amber fluid then any of the men’s she had done.

“Alright Rose, I think you’ve satisfied your thirst. How about we get back to the fucking,” Wade suggested, which was meant by a cheer.

“I think we give these studs what they want,” Anna said to the redhead with a smile.

“I see you like being treated like a whore,” Rose said, getting to her feet.

“As much as you like swallowin my pee,” Anna replied, doing likewise.

For the next 20 minutes, the men took turns using the two gorgeous women for the carnal needs. They fucked their pussies and assholes, their mouths as well, whatever was on off. Wade enjoyed titty-fucking Anna as her large boobs and the slickness of her skin with piss meant his cock could really fly into her cleavage.

Rose preferred to be doubled up on, taking a cock in her pussy and asshole at the same time just like earlier in the night. Anna meanwhile, was more adept at being spit-roasted with a cock in her talented mouth to suck one while the other man would plunder her ass or pussy, whatever he preferred.

“Need to come,” Neil was the first to grunt.

“Good, do it in her ass,” Rose ordered.

Neil was currently plowing into Anna from behind while she moaned around one of the other’s dicks. However, seeing as how his friend was about to cum, Colin moved away to give him full access. However, Rose had a different idea so while the brown-haired man moved his dick up into Anna’s asshole for the umpteenth time that night, Rose slid under the frolicking pair.

“Oh God…uggghhh,” Neil grunted.

With Neil withdrawing his cock after spending his seed deep into the Oscar nominee’s rectum, Rose waited patiently with her mouth held open directly underneath the gaping hole. It only took a minute until Anna squeezed the cum from her bowels, letting it leak out of her bum before being caught by Rose, who promptly swallowed it down.

“More,” Rose demanded.

Anna could only toss her head back and moan into the rented apartment as the eager redhead used her skilled tongue to lap around her still open asshole. Once satisfied that she had collected all the warm spunk, made warmer by its passage in her rectum, she moved downward to lap inside her wet, pink pussy.

“Don’t be a cum hog Rose,” Anna told her after the redhead’s tongue stopped eating her out.

“I think I can help with that,” Colin eagerly announced.

The bald man didn’t even wait for the fiery redhead to get back to a more comfortable position. Instead, Colin squated down to his knees, getting right in behind Rose and entered her twat. Rose gave a loud moan of joy as the muscular man stroked inside her wetness at neck breaking speed.

“I have an idea,” Wade stated.

Colin barely paid the brother of the girl he was currently fucking any heed, and rightfully so as he had his cock pounding into Rose’s pussy, with one hand slapping her meaty ass and the other paw squeezing Anna’s big round tit. However, after a few moments he felt a tap on his shoulder and a naked Wade was passing him a martini glass.

“You good idea bro,” Rose commented.

Seeing as this wasn’t their first time participating in an orgy, Colin knew exactly what the Scottish twins had in mind. Taking the glass in one hand and his cock in the other, the burly man withdrew from Rose’s twat and thrust into her asshole all in one motion. It only took him a handful of thrusts before his face contorted in a twist look as he emptied his load deep in the redhead’s rectum.

“Should I…go underneath,” Anna offered, sitting up straight on the sofa.

“Just wait beautiful,” Rose answered, pulling her down for a passionate kiss.

When Colin finished cumming, he pulled out and swiftly placed the angled glass underneath the redhead. Sensing him withdraw from her anus, Rose tucked her backside further down so it was hovering right over top of her target. With some effort she forced the load from ass, the group watching as the cup became filled a third of the way.

Anna looked around Rose to see how she had pushed the anal creampie from her ass out, just like she had done though with her it was directly into the redhead’s mouth. Seeing it happen live, Anna realized how the consistency of the semen had changed. No longer thick and ropey, his load had been warmed in Rose’s backdoor so that it was more fluid and much greater in volume as a result.

“Watch it,” Gary, the nimble and smallest of the men said.

Going past the spent Colin and lurking Wade, the small Englishman got to Rose and immediately stuck her in her rear. Rose gave a yelp of surprise, followed by a second one when his fist tangled in her long flaming hair and tugged back hard. With her head snapped backwards and his hips powerfully pushing in and out of her rectum, Rose felt the perfect combination of pain and pleasure. It was a fine line, especially when it came to anal sex, but Gary was towing it to great affect.

“Give me that spunk,” Rose practically begged.

“Yeah? You want my cum slut,” he asked rhetorically.

The dirty talk was working and Gary felt himself being pushed closer and closer to the edge. It also helped that Rose’s great ass still was fairly tight, hugging his cock on all sides though being loose enough to allow him to stroke his entire lengthy dick into her without restriction.

“Yes. Cum for me. Squirt it deep in my slutty ass,” the Scot moaned.

“Awwhhh…ugghhh,” Gary grunted as he splashed his seed in her ass, coating the walls of her bowels.

Anna was still sitting on the edge of her seat and watching the hormone-charged action unfold. She had to give it to Rose, who was able to take such a relentless pounding. She did have a similar body composition to herself, though Rose was a little thicker in the lower body, giving the redhead a great ass for such a slim chick, not to mention strong athletic legs. Given how Anna was thinner, albeit in the chest where she had the tits of a much bigger woman, she wasn’t as big a fan as the hard fucking, though her limits had been stretched tonight in the best way possible.

Anna’s attention stopped focusing on the fucking habits that linked and distinguished herself and Rose when she heard the sound of liquid dripping into a puddle. Looking around the body in front of her, Anna saw Rose leaking more semen, this time from the shorter Gary, into the martini glass.

The combined loads of Colin and Gary now mostly filled the angled glass save for an inch at the top. Satisfied that his sister was done pushing all the cum that had been shot into her ass by his close friend, Wade pulled the glass out from underneath his sister and passed it to the surprised looking Anna.

“Bottom’s up,” he told her.

“Oh, you want me to drink all this warmed up cum, that has come directly from your sister’s bum. The same hole that you guys pissed into like 30 minutes ago and had me swallow that too,” Anna summarized.

“Yup. Any problem with that,” Wade said, still holding it up for her.

“Nope, just wanted to remind myself of the score,” the awkward thin woman revealed.

Anna felt all five set of eyes on her again, just like they had done when she was deciding if she’d allow the group to urinate in her mouth. Just like then, the actress had fully accepted to follow through on being the ultimate, nastiest whore possible so she reached her slender arm out and took the glass.

“Cheers,” Rose told her when the rim was to her lips.

Anna gave her a little smile before tilting the glass upwards. She closed her eyes as the liquidy mixture of two men’s cum poured into her mouth, coating her tongue. She pulled the cup down when she was halfway down and took a big gulping swallow before she hastily tipped it back up. The impressive big chested girl finished the contents of the martini glass, then to everyone’s joy continued to lick the inside of the glass clean, collecting every last drop of semen.

“Okay, warmed up sperm directly from an asshole with a hint of piss is where it’s at,” Anna concluded, getting a laugh from everyone. “Now can I get some of your cum too?”

“Actually, it’s reserved for Rose. Always has been,” Wade answered the actress.

“Sorry but rules are rules,” Rose told her friend before kissing her on her cum-tainted lips. “Now give it to me.”

“Not a problem,” he replied, stroking his member.

“I want it all over my little tongue,” the redhead begged, crawling right in front of him.

“Yeah? You want to swallow it down you slutty throat,” Wade asked, beating even harder.

“Yes. I want to taste you then take you in my belly,” Rose answered before using her mouth to take a nut into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it then doing likewise to the other.

“I’m gonna cum so fucking hard for you,” he told her, his fist now a blur.

“Good. Give it to me. I want it so fucking bad,” the redhead continued to beg.

“Take it then.”

And with that, Wade angled his cock to be parallel with the ground, pointed right at his sister. Rose didn’t want to miss a drop so she moved as close to his tip as she could while making sure not to be smacked by his hand, which was slowing down in it’s stroking.

Within seconds the first jet of semen streaked across the short distance between the two, landing perfectly on Rose’s outstretched tongue. Now that his orgasm was upon him, Wade stopped beating off and simply held himself steady, allowing Rose to move closer to wrap her lips around his head, ensuring not a single drop was wasted.

“Mhmm…best cum ever,” Rose said after swallowing down his load.

“Aim to please,” he replied with a mock bow.

“Alright boys, time to leave. We need some recovery sleep,” Rose announced.

“What? You’re kicking us out so late,” Neil argued.

“So we fulfill your most primal, twisted sexual fantasies and yet you wanna bite the hand that feeds,” Rose retorted. “I’ll give you another chance to pick up and leave before I cut you off for good.”

“We’re going,” Colin quickly stepped in.

The men, including her twin brother, gathered up their clothes from where they shrugged them off hours ago, though to them it felt more like ages ago. Once they were dressed, they one by one went over to give the still naked Rose a kiss on the cheeks before disappearing out the door of the apartment.

“Great time sis. Call me tomorrow if you want to do lunch,” Wade said before turning to leave. “Oh and Anna, will I be seeing you sometime in the future?”

Anna hesitated for a few moments before finally answering. “I believe you will, yes.”

“Now get out of here. We need a shower and sleep badly,” Rose said, closing the door behind him.



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