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Winning At All Costs (Anna Kendrick, Hailee Steinfeld (ch 5))
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Title: Winning At All Costs
Author: The Chemist
Celebs: Anna Kendrick
Codes:  MMMF, anal, DP, oral, rim
Summary:  Anna Kendrick has her game rigged so she win. As a reward for the men that helped her, she gives herself to them for the evening.

Disclaimer:  This is an act of fiction. I do not know Anna Kendrick at all and this scenario did not actually occur. I make no money from this story.

“Okay Ms. Kendrick, your rehearsal time is done,” the stage manager called out.

“Really? 3 hours went by really quick,” the upbeat and quirky Anna Kendrick replied. “No problem.”

After thanking all the dancers and her choreographer, Anna grabbed a sweat towel and left the stage. She was just finishing patting down her face when she dumped into her opponent for the lip sync battle, John.

“I’m so sorry,” Anna apologized without knowing who it was yet.

“Watch where you are going, short stuff,” he replied with levity yet a touch of cruelty.

“Didn’t see you John, my mistake,” she replied, all of a sudden withdrawing.

“That’s fine. I’m in too good of a mood. After seeing what ‘challenge’ you’ll provide me with, this will be even easier than I originally thought,” he mocked. “Just don’t forget our arrangement. And trust me, it won’t be as kind and gentle as last time.”

Anna stood in the hallway with her mouth gaping open after that exchange. For one, she thought her dance routine and song choice to be a perfect mix of entertaining and crowd pleasing. And for two, the fact that he thought their last sexual encounter was either kind or gentle.

It had happened only a month ago after the movie that John was directing her in had wrapped. Anna was drunk and horny and John was all too willing. It ended up being the longest and worst sex of her lift, her spending most of the evening bent over in a guillotine as the lanky man fucked her in all her holes, whipped and paddled her ass then had the balls to actually pee on her face.

“Ms. Kendrick, I’m going to need you on the other side of the door. These rehearsal times are suppose to be private,” a member from the show told her.

Snapping out of her thought she retreated to her change room as a cold wave of dread rolled over her. She didn’t technically make any bet with John, however, he simply stated that if he beat her, then she would spend the night with him again. She didn’t have a choice, he was a powerful man in the industry now, and though she was a common name, women tended to have very short shelf-lives in Hollywood and that was if you didn’t piss anyone off.

More resolved then ever, Anna couldn’t lose. She loved her first choice of song, and though it would have been better to actually get John’s wife to appear on-stage, her back-up plan was fairly clever. But John was right, her second song, the one meant to win it for her, wasn’t perfect. She needed help and she had an idea of where to go.

“Sid, can you come here,” Anna said after hunting down the sound controller.

“Oh Phil, there you are. Meet me in my dressing room in 5 please,” she told the choreographer.

“Just the man I was looking for, Carl,” Anna greeted her assistant while appearing on the show. “Follow me.”

With the three people she needed to find accounted for and in her dressing room, she blared some music to drown out their conversation from lurking ears. She laid out her plan and what she needed from each of the men, and also what they stood to gain from helping her win tonight.

“Wait. So if we do this…”

“Then I’m all yours. You have the evening with me. You can play rock-paper-scissors to see who wins me, or all come and take turns, whatever. But giving it up to three nice guys is wayyyyyyy better than one night with John again,” Anna explained, shuttering at that last point.

*          *          *

“Okay Kendrick. Bring it home now,” Anna said to herself, pumping up her energy.

Her first song had gone amazing, using all her feminine charm and girl-next-door attitude to mesmerize the crowd. However, the big problem was that John busted out some super funky, but hilarious dance moves that surely gave him the first round victory. Then, he upped the ante by doing a little cross-dressing, which once again played very well with the fans.

“Just remember, be bouncy,” Phil the choreographer reminded her, his eyes darting down to her big tits.

“And don’t worry, your surprise is ready to go,” Carl added.

Anna thanked them then heard her name being called. With one last big breath, the adorable, pint-sized actress headed onto the stage as her song choice blurred. As dreamt up by the dance coach, her song had lots of bouncing, which made her large breasts jiggle, especially in her low-cut and under-supported top.

As the song continued, every man in the audience would surely scream at the top of their lungs in her support come vote time. There were a few times Anna didn’t know how her C-cup boobs, made to look even larger on her super-petite frame, didn’t come flying out of her top.

“Holy crap! That’s JLo,” John said from his seat on-stage.

Phil may have selected the song choice, but it was Carl who came through and secured on of the biggest movie stars on the planet to join Anna on stage. Though Jennifer was only there for a few moments, the fact Anna sang her song about big booties, and the women that helped launch the big booty craze for the past decade was there, would surely guarantee her victory.

“Did you like that,” Anna said to John during commercial break.

“Cheap stunt, Tits Magee,” John replied, teasing her with the nickname he knew she hated. “I hope you don’t mind those puppies getting pinched by my alligator clamps later tonight.”

“Okay everybody, you know how this works. You cheer for the artist who you believe should win,” the host announced. “Okay, let’s give it up for John.”

A roar of applause sounded, making Anna instantly nervous while John’s cocky smile grew ever louder. She had to admit that his performances were amazing, but she was hoping and praying to any god that would listen that she would win. The thought of that sadist ruining her body even worse than last time gave her the cold sweats.

“Alright, alright. And if you want Anna to win then scream,” the host told the crowd.

The cheer was initially less than it had been for John, and Anna felt her stomach drop. She was going to be his sex slave again for the night. However, just as John was turning to accept the wrestling-esque belt the show had created, a wave of cheers erupted. The sound was deafening, clearly louder than what John had received but something sounded weird about it.

“And the late rally of the fans does it. Your winner this week is…Anna Kendrick!”

*          *          *

“Oh my God! You guys, all of you, really came through,” Anna told her guests.

After the announcement and the belt was cinched around her waist, John called her a cunt under his breath then stormed away. She shook hands and thanked her people before heading back to her assigned dressing room where her three helpers were waiting, just like she instructed them.

“No problem, John seemed like a dick anyway,” the dancer teacher said.

“Thanks for the routine at the last minute and hooking me up with those awesome dancers,” Anna thanked before turning to Carl. “And how did you get J-Lo on such short notice?”

“I knew she was in town and she owed me a favor,” the half-Swedish man replied.

“Well I appreciate you calling it in for me,” she said with heartfelt sincerity. “And you came to my rescue in the 11th hour Sid.”

Sid blushed and waved her thanks, glad to help out the pint-sized beauty. He had almost blown it, after all he had mis-synced the timing of the fake crowd applause. However, he had corrected the issue in time and the artificial cheers counted, letting Anna escape John’s sexual wrath.

“Okay, so like I said, I’ll be at this address tonight. Whoever is there, I’m all yours,” Anna said.

*          *          *

“Thank you,” Anna Kendrick said to the taxi driver as she paid him. “And like we agreed, be here in 3 hours again.”

Once the driver agreed, Anna stepped out of the car and looked at the rented house. After securing her win, she went online and booked the house for the evening, paying a fairly cheap rate for such a nice home as well. Wanting to look good for whoever was on the other side of the door, Anna wore a low-cut colorful blouse that displayed a good deal of cleavage, as well as a simple black skirt that was short enough to almost expose the bottom of her ass.

Approaching the door, a sign on the front of it said come in. The handle turned and she pushed open the large wooden door, stepping into the foray. As she entered, she turned right and walked into the large living room to find the trio all there, waiting for her. Sid, the most muscular of the three, Phil, the tall dark and handsome one, as well as Carl, who could have been a Swedish model.

“Well now it’s a party,” Anna said, her lip sync champion belt draped over her shoulder and across her body like a beauty pageant sash.

“We talked, and after coming to no conclusion on how to share you, we decided…”

“…to have me all at once,” Anna said, actually finding her twat getting wet.

“You’re okay with that,” Phil asked, almost in disbelief.

“It’s a tall order, but three boys and me at once sounds kinda erotic,” the movie star replied.

What surprised a lot of people once they got to know the innocent looking actress was that Anna Kendrick had a rather large sex drive, and a very open mind. The act of these three men risking their jobs in the industry they clearly wanted to be in all to help her was as big of a turn-on for the pint-sized auburn-haired girl as they came as well.

“Now how about less talk and more sex,” Anna stated.

Like sprinters reacting to the starting shot of their race, the three men descended on the much shorter girl. Sid got to her from behind first while his two fellow friends flanked Anna. The first thing that needed to go was her massive belt from winning the game.

By the time the sound controller put it on the table behind him, Anna’s colorful blouse had been pulled open. The actress knew what would be in store for tonight so didn’t bother with a bra, allowing the two other men to each start sucking on her large tits.

“God, these are massive,” Karl said in between licking her tit from underside to the top.

“So perfect,” Phil agreed before sucking on her adorable little nipple.

Seeing that she was pretty occupied by his friends, Sid went about removing the rest of her clothes. After peeling her shirt off her thin shoulders, the bulky man crouched down and his fingers darted to the zipper on the side of her skirt, undoing it. With no resistance holding it to her narrow waist, the garment descended down to the ground, crumpling around her feet leaving the actress completely nude.

The two men sucking her large tits must have sensed her nudity as they pulled back in order to drink in the sight. They were greeted to a unobstructed view of her nice ass, which may have been slender but had a great deal of thickness. Her pussy was the way that they all liked as well, shaven bare so that her bright pink lips could be seen between her thigh gap.

“Oh dear, it appears a lost my clothes,” Anna said with mock embarrassment.

Once again there hands were all over her, and Anna didn’t mind at all. One of them brought her in for a sloppy and aggressive kiss, which she was more than happy to match. Sid took his chance to reach from behind her and knead her awesome rack, the soft flesh squishing around his hands. Meanwhile, Karl the Swede used his right hand to grope her tight backside and his left hand to rub her snatch, which was already gushing wet.

“Nice tight ass too,” the Swede commented.

“Have we mentioned the flawless rack as well,” Sid commented, still not comprehending how the actress could have such perfect tits.

“You guys are so sweet,” Anna said, breaking away from the lip lock. “But tonight is for you. So let me show you how thankful I am.”

With all eyes on the naked 28-year old actress, Anna slowly and seductively lowered herself to the ground, coming to rest on her knees. It was a very common position for the auburn-haired girl to find herself in, either it be on carpet, grass or for an audition. By the time she was down, the three men had all kicked away their pants, cocks out and ready.

Anna adored Phil’s dark chocolate skin already and was impressed with his athletic physique but her eyes bulged at the sight of his 8-inch cock. After staring for a few seconds she looked next to her right, seeing the Swede, Karl, who had a taller frame with surprising definition though she wouldn’t call him muscular, however he rocked a longer cock than Phil albeit slightly skinner. Last she looked at Sid who had the smallest but fattest dick of the trio, a healthy 7 inches but with amazing girth.

“See something…or somethings you like,” one of them asked with supreme confidence.

Anna nodded her pretty head while her beautiful eyes remained fixed on their impressive packages. The Pitch Perfect star didn’t want to keep the excited boys waiting any longer. With a final lick of her lips she opened her mouth wide, leaned forward and engulfed the tip of the closest cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head a few times,apparently on Karl’s lengthy dick, working just about half his good-sized tool into her oral cavity then pulled off him altogether.

“Oh man that’s good,” the blonde groaned.

“Just the tip of the iceberg pal,” the auburn-haired beauty told him.

Anna pivoted slightly so that she was now facing the muscular Sid and repeated the same trick on him. After sucking on his lengthy pole for a minute she pulled away from him and turned nearly 180 degrees to face the remaining man, Phil. Again she opened her mouth and pushed her lips around her third cock in as many minutes, getting half his length wet with her spit.

“You’ve certainly got talent,” the choreographer commended.

“Please,” Anna said. “You haven’t seen anything yet boys.”

With the boys paying attention to her every sexy move, the girl with the big tits did a long lick over her thumb and forefinger on each hand. With their cocks now lubricated as well as her hands, Anna gripped the two dicks on the outside and began stroking them at a solid pace. This left her face to focus on the meat right in front of her, belong to the Swede, which she gladly gobbled up with her mouth.

The boys to their credit showed intelligence and the ability to share which wasn’t always easy when the hottest girl that they had ever met was blowing you as well as she was. Every minute or two Anna would pull her plump lips from one dick, only to pivot to her left and swallow the next one. The men were now shifting along with her so that she was continuously stimulating the trio.

“Yes Anna! Suck my dick,” Sid encouraged the Oscar nominee.

Phil had stepped good and close to the naked girl and was prepared to take advantage of her insanely magnificent tits. He had been following the actress’ career for close to a decade and had watched her develop into the smoking hot nerdy girl in front of him, nerdy girl with large boobs. Now, as he placed a hand on the outside of each of them, he pushed them together to form a tight pillowy hold around his cock.

“You smart bastard,” Karl observed, his own shaft being stroked by Anna’s hand. “Nice.”

“I know, right,” Phil practically shouted with excitement.

Sid was jealous of the dark-skinned man for being the first one to take advantage of her pillowy tits and thrusting his pole between them, but he knew it would be his turn sooner rather than later. While Anna was busy bobbing away on the other man’s cock with her tits preoccupied with Phil’s eager cock, the sound controller looked down to survey the action and smile with pure delight.

The muscular man let his friend and co-worker have a little bit more fun titty-fucking the attractive actress, but after another minute he sprang to action. Putting his hands under her arms, Sid lifted the girl who couldn’t have weighed more than 100 lbs and walked further into the living room until settling her down on her back atop the knee-high ottoman.

“Whoa! Thanks for the ride,” Anna giggled, flashing her mesmerizing smile.

Acting quickly before anyone else got any ideas, Sid was between her spread legs and looking down over her slender yet curvy body. Without bothering with a condom, the sound technician grabbed his thick cock, dragged his tip through her pink slit and spread his pre-cum before lining up with her wet hole.

Without further delay Sid had placed his tip against her wet hole and pushed his hips forward. He was the thickest of men, and though she was tight his meat still slid into her, though not as easy as most would have. It helped with her being as wet as she was, but he could only get halfway inside her the first time. Stopping and pulling out most of the way, he pushed in this time with more success. After a few pumps, his entire 7-inches of cock was gliding in and out of her slick folds.

“Oh yes,” Anna squealed in pleasure as he eased his whole length into her.

“Holy fuck! You’re so tight,” Sid groaned.

With his hands clutching tightly onto her slender hips while the other two men got onto either side of her, the bulky man continuously reared his hips back before shoving them forward. The result forced Anna to be rocked about on the large ottoman, her heavy tits heaving forward and back to everyone’s delight.

“Feel like multi-tasking,” Karl the Swede said from beside the gorgeous girl.

Anna laughed and nodded her head before instantly opened her mouth wide to allow him back into her experienced mouth. The adorable yet sexy actress gave him a few strokes of lengthy tool and noted how smooth he was. She took a moment to time the rhythm of Sid fucking her with her own hand massaging his cock before starting to blow him. She parted her plush red lips and brushed her long hair behind her ears then took him into her mouth and started sucking him off while her slender body was heaved back and forth.

Despite the rough ride that Sid was inflicting on her, Anna began building momentum as she bobbed her sideway head on the man’s thick pole, taking more of him inside her each time. With every one of Sid’s thrusts inside her rubbing her sensitive G-spot, the Pitch Perfect star would moan around the Swede’s cock to add extra pleasure to the horny man.

“Remember to share,” Anna said to the blonde man as she rotated her head to the other side where the third man was waiting for her.

“Move your hands out of the way,” Phil told the younger beauty.

Anna did as the black man asked, using her hands instead to stroke the blonde man’s cock, still wet in her spit, as well as rub her own clit. Without her hands obstructing his way now, Phil was able to really saw into her mouth with the speed and depth that he dictated, not the pretty girl anymore.

This time she was forced to take him inside her oral cavity once again and had him butt up against the back of her mouth, not that she minded at all. With the cock still plowing into her dripping wet pussy, not to mention her mindset in allowing them to make her their perfect slut, Anna was literally down for anything.

“I hear talented singers like her have complete control over their vocal cords…and throat,” Sid commented, his body already sweaty from the frantic fucking.

With that idea in mind, this time when Phil pushed back into her mouth with her face having over the edge of the couch. Anna knew what he intended so relaxed her throat in an action that was second nature to her. It took an extra moment but her muscles relented and she pushed forward so that now her chin was buried in his thick bush of pubic hair and her nose pressed against his full ball sack.

“Oh shit Anna…you have skills,” he proclaimed complimented, his cock still completely contained within her mouth and throat.

The girl with big tits had no room to move her head back and was utterly at this stranger’s mercy. He held his cock in her mouth for a few seconds, at which point he could see her face flush red. At that point he withdrew all the way and watched as the talented singer/actress coughed and spat large amounts of spit onto his cock, her own gorgeous face and onto the floor of the rented house.

However, rather than being upset at him for choking her with his mighty cock, she opened her mouth to take him once more into her mouth as opposed to curse at the asshole. Of course Phil didn’t delay for a millisecond as he pushed his hips forward until his cock slammed back down her throat. He watched as her eyes nearly bulged out of her face as her gag reflex was narrowly avoided being tripped, small tears forming and rolling over her model-esque cheekbones out of reflex.

“Gllugghh…uugghhh…awwkkk,” Anna muttered and gagged as the older man repeated pushed in and out of her throat.

With three guys in the room and only one girl, Sid understood that his time between Anna Kendrick’s slender thighs would be limited. It may have been his first mini-gangbang but he knew they needed to share. Knowing he had to get the most bang for his buck then he’d have a period of rest, Sid held nothing back. Over and over he pumped the willing girl with his tool, looking down and watching as her large boobs continued quaking under the contact with his pelvis.

Of course, a few minutes after the bulky man came to the realization that it was better to go all out when his co-workers asked to switch with him. Even though they were taking turns getting sucked off by a talented girl, they had been waiting patiently and wanted their turn now too. He gave a few last deep thrusts into Anna’s pinkness then pulled his juice-covered cock from her.

“Here, wanna see how you taste,” Sid asked the girl.

As she stretched her arms out to him, Sid clutched her skinny forearms and hauled her towards him. Anna stayed slumped down, wrapping her arms around his legs to hold herself in position and get her lips around his dick. She wasn’t able to deepthroat him in this limited position, but she was able to suck her juices off the first half of his cock and conform that she was as sweet-flavored as ever.

“Yum,” Anna said, smiling up at him. “I have tasted a lot of twat in my life and mine still ranks as one of my favorites.”

Karl had been extremely patient, but between watching as one co-worker shagged Anna senseless while the other face-fucked her, it was ebbing away. Seeing as Sid had just finished between her legs, the handsome Swede reacted quickly. Taking up the vacant position in the instant became available, the blonde wasted no time in slamming his lengthy tool into her inviting twat.

“You weren’t kidding about how tight she was,” he groaned, giving the busty girl a few hard thrusts.

Not overly comfortable in the position on the ottoman, Karl waited for Anna to be switching between dicks in her mouth to act. Wrapping his arms around her back, the blonde man hoisted the Pitch Perfect star easily off the furniture and turned towards the stairs. His initial idea was to walk her all the way upstairs, but he didn’t get that far before the urge to fuck her took over. Instead, he stopped at the first flat piece of wall, planted her back against it then repeatedly jackhammered into her wet cunt.

“Oh yes…hitting…all the right…spots,” Anna panted.

The talented actress had no problem being used essentially as a fuck doll for the three men, in fact she appeared to be getting off on the degradation. Karl didn’t care about what issues she must have had for that to be arousing for her, instead he thanked his lucky stars for the opportunity, even if he had to share her.

It helped that she weighed barely anything and that the wall was supporting some weight as well, but the constant squatting so that his cock was as low as he could get it before plunging upwards was tiring. She held tightly onto the back of his neck with her perfect tits bouncing against his chest as Karl clutched her tiny ass, which he found so unbelievably sexy.

“Come on, let’s take her upstairs,” one of his co-workers suggested.

“Oh…right,” the good looking man replied.

Karl had gotten lost in his own pleasure that he forgot that the other two men were essentially just standing around, stroking themselves as he fucked Anna Kendrick solo. With sweat covering his face, the Swede got a better hold of her and started up the stairs, now feeling the tiredness in them. It didn’t help that there was 12 steps, so he decided on a new plan.

As he neared the landing, the blonde man turned back around then sat down on the top step, his cock still buried in her cunt. It didn’t last long as Phil, the only guy yet to fuck the actress, acted swiftly. Pulling back on her narrow hips, Karl’s cock spilled out from her cunt as he gently settled her two steps down from the sitting Swede.

“Couldn’t wait, on the stairs will be good,” the black man commented.

Anna somehow was unfazed by the positional changes, as she was already cramming Karl’s cock back into her mouth. She had bibbed several times on his length, getting to taste her preferred pussy juices on his rod before the third man was ready for her.

Crotching behind her, Phil grabbed his 8-inch member and thick as a wrist to stroke it a few times, still slick in Anna’s spit. He didn’t bother with a condom like the other two men hadn’t, he placed his bulbous tip against the opening to her snatch and pushed forward. Given how wet she was, his dick slid into her until half his shaft was drenched in her juices, a smile spreading over his face despite the dick halfway down her throat.

“Mhmm…feels so good,” Anna cooed as she was fucked by a third man in 15 minutes.

Luckily for Sid, the staircase was a lot wider than most homes had. Sidestepping the trio as they spit-roasted the attractive movie star, he walked right beside the action, waiting his turn on the step between where his co-workers occupied. Anna had enough wits about her still to notice him there, so after pulling back so her nose and chin were no longer buried in Karl’s lap, she twisted towards him.

“Was hoping you didn’t forget about me,” the muscular man commented.

To show that she didn’t, Anna gripped him around the base then quickly twisted her head back and forth as her mouth closed around the side of his cock. Having Anna Kendrick rub her lips all over his shaft made him shudder in pleasure, but she had more in store for him.

All while taking a thick cock repeatedly into her cunt from behind, she tilted Sid’s cock higher up so that his balls actually rested in the middle of her face on top of her nose, which made the younger girl giggle. In a second she had her mouth open, head repositioned and was sucking with delight on the slightly sweaty sack.

“Mmmmm…awwhhhhh…mmhhmmmm,” Anna moaned around his balls as the man behind her thumped into her with renewed vigor.

Being able to fuck her doggystyle allowed the black man to go both fast and deep, something he took full advantage of. Even as she teabagged his friend, Phil routinely bottoming his thick cock all the way into her pink hole. Wrapped up in the occasion, the horny dance instructor brought his hand to about shoulder height then let it come whipping down, smacking her bare milk-colored cheek. The slap resonated loudly around the enclosed staircase, even drawing a murmur of surprise from the unexpected girl.

For the sake of evenness, Phil did the same thing with his left hand to her other cheek, giving her a match set of red handprints on her small yet plump ass. Satisfied with his handiwork, no pun intended, the dark-skinned man slapped both cheeks at the same time and held them there, squeezing her tight backside while he fucked her pussy raw.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Anna squealed with encouraged, her mouth free for the first time in a number of minutes.

“You heard her boss, give her what she wants,” Karl encouraged as Anna’s lips closed back around his hard cock.

Phil continued giving the horny girl what she wanted and really started to stroke into her tight twat. Even with how thick he was and the tightness of her pussy, she was loosened up by three rounds of different sized cocks and still so very wet that he could hold nothing back as he plowed into her. Anna’s velvety walls hugged him so constricting that he needed a break immediately from pounding her into oblivion or else his night was going to come to a sudden end.

“Need a break,” he said while pulling out. “She’s so fit.”

“Help me get her to the bedroom,” Sid asked of his friend.

With each of her arms looping around their necks, Sid and Phil had no trouble hoisting the tiny actress from her knees and cradling her. Another 10 steps got them to the upper floor and a lucky guess had them carrying her through the threshold of the master bedroom before settling her down on the plush mattress.

However, it was Karl who positioned himself between Anna’s legs. On his way there though, the blonde stumbled but he played if off by casually dropping down to his knees, right in front of the girl’s sex. Realizing that her cunt had been filled by two other guys, he lifted her ass off the bed and used his tongue to lick her asshole instead.

“I guess that’s what they do in Sweden,” Phil said, sharing a laugh with his buddy.

Ignoring his coworkers jeers, Karl redoubled his efforts while they flanked Anna on either side of her head. While the gifted actress took turns sucking on their lengths, the Swede used his long fingers to pull apart her cheeks while using his tongue to spear against her spread sphincter. Anna moaned around the cock currently in her mouth as Karl licked as deep as his tongue could possibly reach inside her ass.

“It’s okay, you can do it,” she told the man as he stood after licking deep in her booty. “I’m not a prude, you can make me your anal princess.”

Karl had to stop his jaw from hitting the floor as he listened to the well-known celebrity’s request. Of course he was going to do it as long as he didn’t have a heart attack from pure excitement first.

“Give her what she wants bud,” the bulky man added as he clapped Karl on the shoulder.

With that said, nothing else had to be, so the Swede watched as Anna flashed him one more of her seductive smiles before turning around to show off her wonderfully petite ass. She gave him a little show by wiggling her bubble butt as she held her legs up by her chest invitingly.

As Anna felt his bulbous tip touch her asshole and maintain contact, she did her best to relax her orifice. She momentarily stopped sucking the two cocks by her face and hoped that the ample amount of spit and her pussy juices she coated his tool with would be enough lubrication for her.

She had a moment of panic by thinking why she would beg to take such a well hung cock in her tight rectum for her first time in months, but that was quickly forgotten. That was because his tip against her backdoor, Karl sustain the pressure gently yet firmly until just the head popped into the gorgeous actress.

“Ugh,” Anna groaned, the feeling similar to a bee sting. “Give me a minute.”

“Holy crap! Can’t believe this tiny chick is being sodomized,” Phil summarized.

“I know. Seeing a cock, even only the first inch, in Anna Kendrick’s asshole is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen,” Sid agreed.

Anna succeed in relaxing herself then stayed like that as Karl, who clearly had fucked some asses in his past, made slow but smooth strokes into her bowels. Slowly she enveloped another few inches of his manhood as he repeated this course of action. He fucked her with his tool in her ass a few more times, now with over half his length before looking down her fit body at him and gave him a curt nod. The horny man took the hint that it was fine for him to start really fucking her.

Realizing that Anna was allowing him to take the training wheels off, Karl really started to stroke into the actress. Gripping tightly onto her hips, the Swede slowly moved the length of dick in and out of her asshole, being certain to not be too jerky or stab too wildly. Meanwhile, the two up by her head were happy once as Anna was now able to start stroking and bobbing on their cocks again.

“Oh…yes…mmm…awwwhhh,” Anna moaned in a tone that wasn’t tainted in pain.

“You like that? My cock in your ass,” Karl asked, picking up the pace slightly.

“Yeah…ahhhh…feeling good,” Anna told him, stroking the two cocks in her face.

The man fucking her ass was making a mistake though. Karl was getting faster and faster as he worked his whole cock in and out of her vice-like ass. It hugged him from all angles and seemed to be getting tighter around him then the opposite. However, his error was looking down and watching as he speared inside her bowels, seeing her pillowy tits bounce with each thud, listening as his balls tapped the underside of her cheeks.

Slamming his length back into her one final time, the Swede pulled himself out of her tight hole, paused slightly to watch as her gaping hole slowly sealed back tight and made her get on her knees in front of him. Anna knew exactly what he wanted so she opened her mouth in preparation with any hesitation. Sure enough, she felt his cock, which was pasted in her own juices, slap onto her tongue.

“Wow! She put it in her mouth,” Phil said in astonishment, watching the Pitch Perfect star blow the dick that was fresh from her own asshole.

“I don’t know why that is so hot…but it is,” Sid added.

Karl as well couldn’t believe that she was sucking the taste of her own asshole from his pole, but the act of degradation was really getting him off. The men would have been even more surprised to find that Anna was finding that she was actually missing the feeling of his dick filling up her rectum.

“That’s right, suck your own ass Anna,” the Swede cheered. “You’re such a good ass slut.”

At that moment Karl stopped caring about anything else happening as cum started to fill up Anna Kendrick’s mouth. She also stopped thinking about how tasty her own ass was, instead she did her best to collect all his seed without spilling any, which ended up being a tall task.

As soon as the actress felt the first stream of warm cum land on her tongue she formed a tight seal with her lips around his cock and proceeded to milk all of his warm seed. When she was sure he was done squirting his hot load into her mouth, Anna swallowing it down with another sexy smile plastered across her face.

“Oh my God,” the man cursed, slumping back into a conveniently placed reading chair.

“Glad you enjoyed yourself,” she told him, getting back to her feet.

“Oh God,” he shuddered again.

She wasn’t to be resting on her feet for very long though. Feeling hands on her lithe body again, Anna was lifted up once more that evening, this time by the strong arms of Sid. The man with the big cock didn’t have long to travel before he was laying both the talented actress and himself done on the comfortable bed.

“My turn,” Sid blurted out.

“Haha, totally right,” Anna said, swinging her face and tits back in their direction.

With the bulky man laying flat on his back, Anna climbed onto his lap. With slender legs on either side of his powerful waist, Anna reached between her thighs to grip his cock. Holding it straight, she pushed herself backwards until feeling his extremely thick manhood slice through her folds.

“Holy hell those are some fine tits,” Sid commented, as he reached out and squeezed one.

Anna smiled at the man she barely remembered the name of then got back to the task at hand, namely bouncing her petite body on his dick. Phil seized the chance to climb onto the bed with his cock right in front of the riding girl, and to her credit, the girl could multi-task as she took the black manhood into her mouth. As if she did it all the time, Anna sucked his tool at the sacrifice of her intense riding slowing down. She was still working his entire member into her velvety folds, but at a reduced pace, not that Sid had any reason to complain.

The slowing of her bouncing was actually a blessing for the muscular man. As Phil was currently experiencing, Anna was skilled with her mouth and her pussy was tight so it ebbed solidly at his restraint. As the auburn-haired beauty continued to systematically raise and fall on his tool, he noted that this own resistance was waning.

“So good,” he grunted as Anna sank onto his manhood.

“Great…mmmm…on my end too,” the actress agreed.

“That’s right…you’re gonna wanna get that dick nice and wet,” Phil told the bouncing girl.

“Why do I have a sinking suspicion that I know what you’re thinking of,” Anna commented, sitting deep on Sid’s hog and grinding back and forth.

“You really think she can handle both of us…together,” Sid asked, continuing to grope her great tits from underneath.

“Only one way to find out,” Anna replied, equally nervous and excited for the new experience.

In a last attempt to get him prepared, Anna forgot about riding the man beneath her and focused on Phil. Opening her mouth as wide as possible, the actress took his ebony cock into her mouth and didn’t stop until her adorable nose was being tickled by his pubes. Waiting until enough spit had built up, she pulled her head away and left so much thick strands of spit on his pecker that some was dripping off.

Once Phil pulled away from her and stepped to the edge of the bed, Anna knew what was to come instantly. Resting all her weight down onto the muscular man, who was still finding a way to ram her with his thick cock, the movie star focused on her breathing and relaxed. Sure enough, she felt his lubricated tip rub along her already-fucked asshole before it came to rest in the center.

“Ready for the two-for-one best friend special,” the black man asked, primed and ready, only waiting for Anna’s go-ahead.

Anna Kendrick had a plethora of emotion strike her all at once. She was reminded of Sid at that time, still sitting on his lap with all 8 inches of thick manhood inside her as her tits pressed against his chest. Her cute little ass was presently perfectly back towards the crouching man behind her with her tight asshole now an easy target to penetrate, once she gave the all-clear. She felt nervous since taking two cocks in her holes at once, not having done it for years, however she was desperate to show her appreciation to these men.

“Give me both those cocks,” Anna said with confidence.

The thought of this petite, normally seeming actress being willing and able for this extreme challenge was almost unbelievable. However, Phil wasn’t about to wait for Anna to wise up and come to her senses.

With his cock already slick from both the star’s pussy juices and mouth, he still bent down and spat a wad of saliva in his hand and massaged it into the smooth skin of his penis. The slickness of his dick combined with the fact his co-worker sodomized Anna not long ago meant that when he pushed his tool harder forward, he found his good-sized cock slid in without too much difficulty.

“Mmm…ughh…eewww,” Anna grunted, more from discomfort then actual pain.

For Anna it felt fuller since there was another cock in her with only a thin barrier separating the co-workers, but it was manageable. The two men were considerate as they thought she might need a minute to adapt so Phil only resorted to fucking her slowly with the first 2 inches of his impressive cock while Sid laid still beneath her.

The black man was having to fight his animalistic instincts by not just plowing full powered ahead into her tight ass and impale Anna on his cock in one quick motion. It was a challenge but he held that side of him at bay as he careful only worked a small amount of himself into her booty, but even that felt amazing. Her asshole was snug, but not painful as it clamped around the neck of his cock.

“Can’t believe you two are double stuffing that tiny girl,” Karl said from his chair

It took less than a minute for Anna to have grown accustom to having a cock in both her ass and pussy at the same time. It was no longer causing pain, in fact she was actually growing to like the feeling of being full of dicks. Using her hands on Sid’s strong chest, she began to push back into both their meat poles and started fucking them.

“Ohhh….me….aahhhhh…neither,” she moaned loudly.

With Sid sitting on the couch fucking up into her twat and Phil standing behind her with his strokes lengthening into her asshole, Anna was somehow blissful. She felt so unbelievably tight that words couldn’t express it. The whole encounter of being wanted so badly by two men really turned her on, and the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal walls was almost driving her mad with pleasure.

“Oh God it’s so good,” she screamed again. “Just like that!”

“I really found a sex freak this time,” Karl continued his commentary as Phil and Sid wildly thrusted into their respective holes.

It had took a few minutes but eventually both men got to the point where they were impaling the girl with large tits with their entire pole. It was jerky and not the smoothest fucking as neither of the trio had any experience with this, but judging by the looks and noises being emitted by them, they were all happy to figure it out.

“Of God! Yes…shit,” Anna exclaimed at the top of her lungs when her clit grinded against Sid’s hard abs.

Anna relaxed down onto the bulky sound guy completely and let them pummel her body with their hard tools. She figured she may as well since they were doing great, only managing to squirm into a position that gave them better access to what they were doing. She lost track of time as she basked in the glory of two men taking turns going balls deep in her anus and twat, bringing her rapidly towards a strong orgasm.

“OH YYEESSS,” she swore as an orgasm ripped through her curvy body.

Anna cumming started a chain reaction for the two other men. Phil and Sid’s fucking was finally catching up with them. As the Pitch Perfect star came, her pussy reflexively clamped down even harder around Sid’s throbbing cock, trying desperately to milk him of his jizz. He gave in and groaned in delight as his jizz rocketed from the tip of his penis deep into her twat in the biggest orgasm of his life as well.

While his muscular co-worker was painting Anna Kendrick’s pussy in his spunk, Phil found himself as the last man standing. However, he knew that wasn’t going to last much longer, as he was at the point now that he needed to cum urgently. He only had seconds to weigh up his various options on where to blow his load, but one place stood out more than the others.

“Shit…need to cum.”

“You want…my tits…don’t you,” the panting girl asked, looking back over her shoulder.

Seeing the recognition in his eyes, Anna smiled at her good guess. Most men that she graced with joining her in bed always like popping on her chest and based on the way Phil fondled her tits more than the others, it was a safe hypothesis.

Now that he had the go-ahead to cream on her, his preferred destination at that, he pushed his hips harder up into her as one last time before rolling her over onto her back. He knew he wouldn’t last any longer than a few more second, especially with the knowledge that his spunk would soon be sprayed on her amazing asset.

“Gonna cum,” he warned as he crawled up her body, straddling her stomach.

Aiming his tip at his target, Phil let fly several long strands of cum that splashed with force against her glistening skin. Anna loved the feeling of the warm cum coating her sweat-covered body and the dark-skinned man was definitely providing her with plenty of liquid. With all his energy leaving his body at the same time, before rolling off the star he looked down at his handiwork. His hot, thick, sloppy load spilling over her big jugs, making them glisten in the light.

“Holy hell that was good,” Phil grunted, laying beside the lithe actress after emptying his entire load onto her large tits.

“I will never forget tonight as long as I live,” one of the men groaned.

“A…fucking…men,” Anna agreed.

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Re: Winning At All Costs (Anna Kendrick)
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Wow, that was awesome. Had never read this story before, loved it!  ^-^

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Re: Winning At All Costs (Anna Kendrick)
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Title: Winning At All Costs Part 2
Author: The Chemist
Celebrities: Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski
Codes: MF, M+F, Oral, Blackmail, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski, nor am I associated with them in any way

Summary: John finds out that Anna cheated at the lip sync battle. She agrees to three ‘wishes’ for him. The first - being the headline attraction at a gloryhole

***Warning - Some elements of this story are some hardcore themes. Everything is consensual though, even if it originally starts as blackmail. Also, there is some brief piss play/watersport towards the end, as well as some ATM which some don't like. Just wanted to warn everyone. Lastly, there is a rougher face-fuck scene at the very end, but once again it is consensual***

Thanks: This idea was inspired by fellow member fenderdiesel, so wanted to give thanks where thanks is due.

Anna Kendrick always loved movie premieres. They were a fun time for her to get dressed up, which usually meant wearing something which flaunted all of her best assets. In Anna’s case, that was her famous cleavage. Her boobs were probably only a C-cup, but because they were on such a slender, petite woman, they looked huge.

The other nice thing about walking the red carpet was that you typically bumped into Hollywood friends that you haven’t seen in awhile. This premiere was like most of the others she attended - she slid into a dress that hugged her form perfectly, but her wonderful tits on full display in a cleavage-revealing outfit, and met up with lots of fellow celebrities she hadn’t seen in quite some time. However, as she was seconds away from finding out, not all were welcomed.

“You cheated,” a male voice hissed into her ear from behind.

A shiver went up Anna’s spine. It wasn’t the fact that someone was able to get up right behind her, close enough to speak directly into her ear. It was the fact that she knew who that voice belonged to. Even more worrying were the facts that his tone was dripping with venom, white hot anger in fact, and that the petite starlet knew exactly what John Krasinski was talking about.

The event in question was a hotly contest bet between the two actors several years ago. They were performing on a show where two celebrities went head-to-head in a lip syncing competition. However, John and Anna had an additional wager on the contest - if Anna won then John would stop harassing her. Even in the MeToo era of Hollywood, John was too clever by half to be caught up in an scandal, mainly because he prayed on women that had a loose or sex positive reputation and were unlikely to make waves. If he won the bet then she would spend the night with him again. Sounds not so bad, getting to sleep with a tall, gorgeous man but he was an absolute monster who was into the hardest and roughest of sex.

“John, um, hi,” was all Anna could think to say at first.

“Smile for the cameras,” John told the petite actress, pulling her in nice and close and having their pictures taken for the gathered media.

“Everyone, the movie will begin eminently. Please come in and take your seats,” one of the pages of the theatre announced.

“Oh, so sorry John, gotta go grab my seat,” Anna quickly said before practically running off, a feat made all the more impressive given her stiletto heels.

*   *   *

Anna was thanking her lucky stars that she was saved by the proverbial bell moments ago. Though it was only a short-term fix, avoid John until she could think of a plan was the best case situation. The seats were pre-assigned, so Anna gave her invitation to the steward and was brought to her seat. However, her relief of getting away from the red carpet conversation was short-lived as none other than John Krasinski sat down beside her.

“John...the seat is…” Anna stammered.

“Once I realized we were both coming tonight, the manager had no issues accepting my request to be seated next to my former fuck buddy,” John said with a smile full of malice.

“Oh,” Anna said, feeling herself slump in resignation. “About that lip sync battle…”

“Don’t bother denying it, it’s beneath even a piss-drinking slut like yourself,” John spat, his voice projected low enough so no one else in the theatre could hear. “I knew you couldn’t beat me fair but I finally got the proof I need from that sound controller. You faked the crowd noise.”

“Fuck,” Anna swore, knowing he had her dead to rights.

“So here’s the mother fucking deal. You are at my beck and call for 3 favors. No arguing. You drop whatever you are doing when I tell you. Understand?” John stated.


“I don’t care if your mom is on her sickbed. You come. It’s 3 favors or your career is ruined. And you damn well know I can follow through on it. Remember Ashley? Most people don’t. Now she can’t even get a job entertaining at Chuck E Cheese,” John added. “So I think I’m being pretty fucking fair by only using you 3 times for the shit you pulled.”

Sadly, Anna knew that was true. On everything he was saying. Even though she had been in a bunch of hit movies, John had gathered a lot of power in Hollywood. If he decided to crush her career, he could. And she was 35 years old, so the fact she was this busy was an anomaly in her line of work unfortunately. Though she was as hot as ever, having the numbers game, as well as a powerful figure against her would cripple her. Therefore, Anna nodded her head in ascent.

“Fine. I’ll do it,” Anna agreed, defeated.

“Good girl, not like you had a choice. But if you act the sad victim during my wishes, then, well, it won’t be pleasant,” John warned before giving her his grin that was capable of dropping panties. “Besides, everyone loves Anna Kendrick for her sass!”

*   *   *

It certainly didn’t take John long to get back to her, but it wasn’t exactly what she was expecting. Their first and only time hooking up was when they were both out drinking all night then returned to his place afterwards. That’s when his inner demon came out as it was some of the hardest and roughest sex of Anna’s life. This was saying a lot since Anna was as horny and kinky of a girl as it came. Though she never stopped him, she also resolved herself to never sleeping with the married man ever again.

The text she had gotten from John listed an address and time. Throwing the address into her maps app, she discovered that the location was a sex shop. Though she had frequented a number of these establishments throughout the town, the petite actress hadn’t been to this particular store because it was located in the middle of downtown, which was notoriously a rougher area of town.

“Hi. 9th and Central,” Anna said after hailing a cab.

The petite star saw the cabbie do a double take on her before speaking. “You sure? That’s not exactly a nice area of the city.”

“Sadly I’m all too aware,” Anna agreed.

The pair chatted pleasantly for the 20 minute drive, which helped take Anna’s mind off what John had in store for her at the sex shop. However, all too soon the cab was slowing down and asking for an exact address, trying to be as nice as possible by getting her closest to her location as he could. He sounded surprised when he was told what building she was going to, but gladly accepted a large tip from the petite actress for the considerate service.

“Here’s my personal number. If you give me a little heads up I’ll make sure I get here ASAP,” the kind older man told the 35-year old.

“Thanks. I’ll probably take you up on that offer,” Anna said with a warm smile.

Anna didn’t watch the cab drive away, instead she hustled her way into the safety of the building. However, when she entered the sex shop, she was surprised by what she found. As previously stated, she was a frequent shopper at these types of places, even though mostly she would use online shopping. What was truly remarkable was that the adult store was packed, when normally 6 people inside was considered a busy night. However, inside this one, there had to be at least 2 dozen patrons.

Looking around at the faces, Anna found that many of the people were likely homeless, at least given the fact that they looked as though they hadn’t showered in a week and there clothes were dirty and ripped. Some in the crowd looked like they were there for shopping, but they were in the minority.

“Anna Kendrick, everybody,” a voice from the overhead speaker announced.

Anna’s face instantly reddened from all the attention being drawn to her while in this seedy adult store, but most of the men looked confused than excited from recognizing her as a popular actress. There were several of the men who pulled out their cell phones and snapped her picture, but even if they posted the pics, which they were likely to do, it wouldn’t hurt her reputation at all. After all, she’d outed herself for being a frequent porn watcher, & masturbating in the back of movie theatres, so being caught in a sex shop would be fairly on brand.

As Anna slowly wondered further into the store, she noted the clean-cut man behind the counter. After snapping a few selfies with 3 or 4 men, she reached the middle-aged man who was her guess as the owner, or at least the manager.

“Your master is in the back,” the manager said as she got close enough. “Center door.”

Anna understood he meant John so she picked her way through the crowd of homeless men easily enough. As she reached the back section, she noted 4 doors. One was clearly marked as theatre, and inside through the small glass window she could see maybe a dozen seats facing a large screen playing some porn. The center door had a lock on it, though she could see the bolt wasn’t latched, meanwhile the doors to its immediate left and right were open but small. Roughly the size of a changing room.

“You made it,” John said, greeting her after Anna entered and closed the door behind her.

“Why are we here,” Anna said before looking around. “Oh...I see.”

Suddenly it clicked into place for the petite actress. The adult store, the 2 dozen men just lingering in the store, and the room she was in. This room was longer than the others but just as narrow. In fact, she could stand sideways and reach wall-to-wall with elbows. John was standing at the back of the thin room, smile on his face while the main tip off to Anna of what was about to happen was the matching set of foot-long holes at roughly waist height from the floor.

Speaking into the microphone so his voice could project to the rest of the store, John announced. “Tonight’s gloryhole performer is Anna Kendrick! Can I get the first two men into the rooms.”

“What the fuck John! Announcing that it’s me…”

“What does it matter. Only a handful of them out there have phones and know who the fuck you are. And so what? No matter who they tell, no one will believe that Anna Kendrick is actually sucking them off.” John replied.

Anna was shocked into silence at the situation dawned on her. While John was right, and that only half-a-dozen men out there could tie it together that the Pitch Perfect star was about to suck them off, it was still an asshole move on his part. Then again, it was totally on brand for the pseudo-nice guy.

“So what’s the deal, John? Suck off whatever dick that pops through the gloryhole?” Anna said with anger, hand on hip.

“Perfect. So happy you get how a gloryhole whore operates.” John retorted. “And no arguing on this point. I’m recording this for personal use. I won’t release it ever since I’m in the fucking taping too, so it would be mutually assured destruction. Not good for either of us. Therefore, I want energetic, happy blowjobs. I want to see the money shot and I want to see you smile as you swallow. Understand?”

After a moment to think, the petite actress asked. “Any way to talk you out of this?”

“Nope.” John said with a victorious grin.

Anna didn’t verbalize her response. Instead, she took off the leather jacket she was wearing and threw it at John to hold. In only a tee shirt and jeans, the Pitch Perfect star went so that she was in front of one of the gloryholes and dropped to her knees. Looking through the porthole, she could see a man with clean jeans undoing them. Knowing she was moments away from showtime, the actress put on her best smile in order to make the man she cheated happy.

In truth, if it wasn’t for the blackmail, Anna would have been happy to subject herself to a gloryhole fantasy. After all, she had participated in a blowbang several times in her life, the biggest involving ten men, and loved it. While true it was a lot of work and her jaw ached for the rest of the night, getting to please so many men and swallow that many loads of cum was an unforgettable experience. Therefore, as the first of many men waddled up to the gloryhole, Anna channelled her inner sex addict mindset and let the horniness of sucking off so many unknown men wash over her, zenning her out.

“Let’s do this,” she said aloud, almost as a mantra.

The first dick was still soft as the owner stepped to the open panel. Anna thought nothing of it as she wrapped her small fist lightly around the flaccid piece of flesh. Moving her hand up and down in a fluid motion, the actress felt it start to harden under her touch. After 2 dozen mini-strokes, Anna leaned in and took the first of many into her mouth. Only 4 inches long while hard, Anna took the entire dick into her mouth, formed a seal with her lips on the smooth skin and began to bob.

Up and down, Anna’s mouth moved along his small but pleasant dick. With each time she pushed her face forward, her nose poked against his fairly flat but bushy lower abdomen. That didn’t detract the petite actress from going about her work though.

After the first ten bobs of her head, she noted only some little groans from the man in the room. Stepping up her technique, Anna extended her tongue as her nose pressed into their pubes, licking the sensitive part where shaft met the start of his nut sack. As the first man proved resilient to that trick, Anna would leave her lips pressed tight around the base of his cock, nose completely buried in his thick pubic mound, feeling it start to itch, but that didn’t distract her from sucking hard on his fully throated cock.

“Gllkk gllkkk gllkkk,” Anna gargled around his submerged dick in her gullet.

Annadidn’t dissect her thoughts further, but she was impressed that John hadn’t brought a bunch of half-cocked guys ready to pop with the lightest of stimulus. Eager for a challenge, Anna got comfortable on her knees and got to work. Shortening her bob so her mouth only worked the top two inches, her dainty fist gripped the remaining half and stroked her hand and mouth pressed tight together and working as one. 10, 20, 30 strokes and still the first guy held out. Anna broke her lip contact with him, though her mouth and his dick were still touching via a lengthy rope of spit, as Anna took a deep breath of air before going back in.

Anna gave the resistant man her variety pack as she called it. 10 bobs of each technique should do it, she thought. She used her mouth and fist in unison first, then deep throated his small offering for nearly a dozen seconds. Pulling off to capture some air, Anna beat his meat furiously for 10 strokes then went and did 10 bobs with only her mouth. As her hand and mouth went back to suck him off together, Anna heard a 3-rap knock on the wall.

“He’s about to cum,” John said, telling the petite star the arranged signal.

Anna went into her finishing posture, however the first trick of looking up and making eye contact with the guy as he blasted a wad of jizz down her throat didn’t work in a gloryhole situation. Regardless, her hand lengthened it’s stroking distance as her mouth only sucked on the tip of his cock in fast bobs, pleading for his cum. Knowing John wanted the camera to capture the money shot, once Anna felt the first streak of cum on her taste buds, she only used her hand to beat him off so his head could rest on her tongue and allow her to collect.

Proud of herself for getting the first one done with, Anna turned to the camera and showed off the full tongue of cum that she had earned. Her hand had remained lightly fondling the man’s balls as she showed off his cum load to John, noting how his cum had the taste of pennies before she closed her mouth and swallowed his load.

“How was the first?” John asked as his petite guest was already pivoting to the second window.

“Pretty good,” Anna said, reaching out and stroking the dick in the panel.

Right from the off, Anna could tell this dick belonged to one of the homeless population. His cock just felt...sticky. Not delaying to find out since it wouldn’t help anyway, Anna leaned forward and took the whole semi-hard dick into her mouth in one shot before slowly dragging her lips away. Sure enough, his cock tasted as if a shower was a rare commodity, though his flesh was slightly longer than the last.

“Looks gross. Taste it too?” John asked as Anna used only her mouth to suck off the man.

Anna was thankful for the chance to pull her lips after the gross tasting cock and confirm as much to John. As her hand beat the homeless man’s dick, she realized that the aftertaste from the residue on the older man’s member was potentially worse than when she was tasting it fresh. Therefore, Anna went back in and took him inside her mouth, using her hand and lips together.

For two straight minutes Anna didn’t pull her mouth from his cock. It was disgusting, but nothing she couldn’t handle. It also helped that at only 5 inches long and not very thick, the Pitch Perfect star could breath through her nose so she could constantly glide her tongue and lips on the man’s dick. The only time she varied her technique was to take his entire cock into her throat, but after only a few seconds she had to pull him out for fear of gagging. It wasn’t that she couldn’t handle the throat bulging depth, hell, that was something she’d been doing since she was 19. It was the stench coming from his body that was too much to take, therefore she quickly resumed the mouth-fist combo to get the homeless man off.


“Oh thank God,” Anna thought as she fiercely beat him off as her mouth waited to collect his semen.

Anna realized that this homeless man hadn’t cum in quite some time given the volume of sperm filling her mouth. In fact, the load was so large that a small bead of white goo spilled over her lips and down onto her chin. At this point, Anna decided to swallow the mammoth load of cum, adding this salty batch to the one she ate only minutes ago.

“You got some on your shirt. Toss it here so it stays clean,” John suggested.

Anna gave him a smile for his less-than-smooth way of making her get topless. However, it still was successful as Anna instantly grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. Her bra quickly followed, which John caught, leaving the petite actress topless. While Anna may have been tiny, her tits were anything but. Large, perfectly round and bouncy, Anna’s boobs were legendary in Hollywood and though John wasn’t the type to hand out compliments, he was more than happy to see those beauties once more.

As Anna turned to the next window, this time an already erect black cock waited for her. Anna eagerly attacked the dick with her mouth, seeming to be happy to have some color variety with her gloryhole blowbang. After a couple dozen strokes with hand and mouth, Anna took him all the way into her throat, holding his there for 6 seconds before pulling off. Her goal was to add some extra saliva to his dick, which worked perfectly, allowing her small fist to glide faster than every on his ebony rod.

“God, you were meant to suck cock,” John commented as Anna sucked him off without hands.

“Awhh! John! You’re gonna make me blush,” the 35-year old actress retorted while stroking him quickly with her hand.

With a thicker 6 inch cock to work with, Anna found that this blowjob was sloppier and louder than the ones previous. She didn’t do anything about the long drool string that was dropping down from her mouth, down her chin and onto the upper part of her right chest. Instead, she focused on the throaty, wet suck job she was giving to the black man. Adding a new twist to the folds, Anna switched tacts to only swirl her mouth and tongue on the head of his cock while her fist pumped along the rest of the shaft. Of course she would thread other techniques into the mix, but she would always return to this shallow suck after a dozen or so bobs of other ways.

“Not as easy as you thought?” John commented as Anna held him down her throat for nearly 10 seconds.

“Ggwwwkkk,” Anna coughed, spitting a mouthful of spit onto his cock but more falling down onto her swaying tits. “Love a challenge.”

Anna now had glistening boobs from her spit, as well as a number of drool strings hanging down over her chin. This didn’t distract her though, as her mouth and thought process were solely on the ebony cock in front of her. Up and down her lips glided along the 6 inch dick, sometimes blindingly fast, sometimes stopped altogether with her only using suction. Other times her depth would be his throat down her throat, moments later she’d only be sucking his tip.


Rather than shoot out of his slit with force, the black man’s cum dribbled out of him. It surprised Anna at first but she only lost the first big glub to a fall to the floor before she dipped her head lower to catch the rest with her tongue. She quickly showed the camera the half-full mouth of salty jizz before swallowing down, using her tongue to next like the glob that was dangling on her thumb.

“You noticed the big glob that fell, right? And how we agreed you’d drink every drop,” John reminded. “So be a good cum-guzzling jizz demon and eat it off the dirty floor.”

Anna didn’t so much as voice a complaint. Instead, the gorgeous girl tossed her long auburn locks over her shoulder, scooted back on the cement floor and bent all the way forward. It was easy to identify the fallen droplet of white cum on the all black floor. Keeping her piercing blue eyes trained on John, Anna stuck her tongue out and corralled the fallen cum until it stuck onto her taste buds and she was able to drink it down.

“That’s a good little cum slut,” John complimented before letting her get back to work.

The fourth man was waiting with an erect cock was was likely as fat and short as he was. As she got started by sucking him off without hands, Anna was surprised to feel a hand on her tit, groping lightly before playfully teasing the nipple. The boob play made her blow the other man with newed vigor. She had to stifle a laugh at the sight out of the corner of her eye of a naked arm extending out from the hole behind her and fondling her breasts.

Anna had decided that on this short, fat cock she’d only use her mouth, challenge herself a little. With her hands only being used to steady herself on the wall, Anna bobbed her lips along his shaft from tip to root, only stopping and reversing course when her nose and chin poked his large gut and balls, respectively. She could feel the spit building in her mouth and spilling over her lips, but she let it drop onto her sway tits as she focused only on delivering pleasure.


Even with the eminent ejaculation, Anna didn’t use anything but her mouth to finish the man. Shortening her bobs so her mouth only did his tip, Anna’s head was practically a blur of motion. This time Anna Kendrick didn’t spill a drop of cum, extremely thick and kinda oily cum, as it pooled in her mouth until she gulp it down all at once.

“Look at this,” Anna said, spinning around and finding the next guy waiting. “Already hard and waiting for a good suck.”

As Anna reached out and stroked him lightly in her hand, she noted that this dick was one that would make any size queen happy. He was both thick and long, likely a good 7 inches and she was unable to circle her fingers around his girth. It did have a negative and that was tasting of chlorine, as though the only time he washed was in the community pool. It wasn’t as revolting as the homeless man from several turns ago, but not by much.

And of course he wasn’t a two-pump chump. Nope, this guy was making Anna worked hard, thus taste his gross pool cock for over 5 minutes. At first the Pitch Perfect star was only using her mouth to suck his tip while her fist did the rest of the shaft, but she needed to alter her approach when it was doing little for the big dick man. So she had to use her tongue and mouth and more and more of his chlorine cock, bobbing with her lips only, deep throating and even just licking up and down his shaft for awhile. However, all men had their breaking point, especially when it came to a blowjob from the talented Anna Kendrick.


Once more Anna waited a few seconds for the entire load to be deposited onto her tongue. Another few seconds to show John and the camera then her lips pressed together, her throat opened and the cum was drank down, all with a smile on her lips.

The next 2 cocks passed by fairly quickly. Both were on the thinner and shorter side with the longest one maybe 5 inches. They both belonged to homeless men, with neither having showered or washed this century in Anna’s estimation. However, neither had overly offensive cum, maybe more salty than she was accustomed to but not terribly so.

“Why not take the pants off too?” John asked.

Anna knew the pseudo-nice guy for long enough so understood this wasn’t a suggestion. Taking it as the request it was, the petite actress undid her jeans and wiggled her slender legs out of the tight-fitting pants while on the ground. Her thong threatened to come down with them and look in John’s eye let her know it was a good idea so Anna pulled her thong off as well, rendering herself naked in the small room.

Anna went at the next cock, a soft dick but she knew he’d be long but thin. A good dick for anal she thought. With the thought of anal, one of her favorite sex acts, Anna felt more playful so as her hand took over stroking his dick, she angled him upwards so she could lean forward and take the first nut into her mouth. Both man and Anna moaned as she sucked hard on his right ball before switching over and doing the same to the left one.

“Do you like having your balls sucked or only licked?” the cock-hungry actress asked the mystery man.

John couldn’t hear the man’s answer but when Anna dipped low and once more sucked on his nuts, he had the answer. The half a minute of ball sucking had the man hard as a rock, allowing Anna to take the man fully into her mouth and bulge her throat. With ample amount of spit now decorating his thin cock and even more falling on her perfect tits. Going back into deep throating his long cock, Anna’s nose pressed firmly against the wall but that didn’t stop the petite actress from pleasure the hell out of the lucky man.

Anna was treating this man to lightning mode. She alternated with speed between three techniques in order to get him off in record time. The first was the deep throat, at which point she would stick her tongue out and simultaneously lick his balls. Next she would pull her mouth from him altogether so she could use two hands this time to stroke him off. Next was mouth and hand in unison. After only 3 minutes of this attack, the noise she was looking forward to was sounded.


Once more it was during her swift mouth-hand combo that earned her the rap on the wall, having brought her 8th man to climax. The energetic sucker gave the homeless man another 3 rapid bobs of her head then pulled back so she only beat his load right into her wide open mouth, pooling the cum there before ultimately swallowing the prize.

As Anna moved onto the next dick, she realized that she wasn’t even picturing who the dick belonged to. When she had done a blowbang at her friend’s 30th birthday party a few years back, Anna knew the guys and knew what they looked like. However, she was finding it so extremely hot to just use these faceless, mystery men for their cocks and that’s it. They weren’t people, only dicks. And she was just a mouth for them to deposit their jizz into.

Anna was in a flow now. With the eighth man done and dusted, Anna pivoted to the next dick on her chopping block. As she started in one a dick she would describe as average in every way, Anna ignored the slight ache that was developing in her jaw from the nearly 45 minutes of blowjobs, as well as the slight stomach ache she was growing from swallowing down 8 loads of not the best tasting semen. Instead, she kept her lips moist, head bobbing and hand jerking until another goo reward popped onto her tongue before it too joined the 9 other loads in her stomach. However, her greatest challenge was heading towards her face currently, and the moment it breached her mouth with her lips wrapping around the homeless man’s cock and the taste buds of her tongue contacting the underbelly of his manhood.

“Gaawwwkkk!” Anna nearly reteched, pulling her face away from the man, trying not to throw up. “Oh God!”

“What’s wrong, AK?” John inquired, wide smile on his face at the slender woman’s sudden discomfort.

Anna, being the sex fiend that she was, went back in for another suck and much like the first time nearly gagged. “EEECCCHHH! Shit! It tastes like pure shit.”

“That is probably cuz I banging my girlie friend in her shitter, like, 30 minutes ago,” the hobo explained from the other side of the wall.

The 35-year old actress took a look at the gross man’s manhood and noted several things, particularly a few different colors. For one, his dick was reddened, likely from having just fucked some woman in her vice-like grip of her asshole. And then even after Anna had done two short sucks on his dick, there was also some other discoloration, likely the homeless man’s girlfriend’s ass juices, which was more likely than not causing Anna to gag.

“Show must go on,” Anna verbalized to herself.

With her resolve and courage rallied, the petite star went about her task, which was sucking on this truly putrid cock until he sponged in her mouth for the 10th time in under an hour. Screwing her eyes closed, Anna pushed her face towards the hole in the wall and took the unhygienic man back into her mouth. Figuring speed was the best choice since he’d only just just in some woman’s asshole before wandering in to her gloryhole, the Pitch Perfect actress latched her lips around his dick and got to work sucking him off.

Initially Anna opted for the swiftest blowjob pace she could manage, which was saying something considering she’d been on her knees with 9 other cocks in her mouth for the past hour. Yet the 35 year old actress showed no lack of stamina by rocketing her lips along the first 3 inches of his horrible cock. She was able to maintain a near neck-breaking pace for a good minute before she needed to surface from his manhood and gulp down some fresh air and starve off a wave of nausea.

“Dear Lord, sir,” Anna criticized before spitting onto his midshaft so her hand had lubrication as she stroked him off.

After her complaint, Anna went right back to work though. This time her mouth and hand worked in unison and she was able to stay with her lips around his meat pole for a good two minute of her most intense sucking before she had to pull off for a quick break. After 10 seconds of beating him off, Anna went back in, tasting what could only be described as the fresh flavor of ass from the dirty man.

Watching such a beautiful girl with a face of an angel do something so nasty sent a surge through John as he watched on, his own cock an iron bar in his pants. He could only stare in amazement of how Anna Kendrick could continue going down on this filthy man for what was now 10 minutes and counting. She needed to surface for air constantly, and her face was perpetually grimacing, but she dutifully stuck to her task despite the odoress cock, which John could smell the stink a good 8 feet away. Yet over and over again Anna’s auburn haired head bobbed forward and back along his length, tongue gliding along his underbelly, her lips pinched tight long the circumference of his manhood, her right hand pumping and her left fondling his nuts.


“Thank Jesus,” Anna praised without being religious in the slightest.

The man exploded right away, barely giving the Oscar nominee enough time to catch the first squirt of cum. Given the fact the gross hobo had fucked to completion not long ago, Anna was still impressed that the man could garner as much semen to nearly fill her mouth less than an hour later. With a quick look at the camera and showing of a mostly full mouthful of jizz before a quick swallow and the load joined the 9 others in her stomach.

Anna didn’t know what compelled her to do it, but using one hand to hold the gross man’s dick steady, the tiny actress began using her tongue to lick all the bits of his pole that she hadn’t sucked on initially. Once more the strong, intense ass flavor filled her taste buds and threatened to make her retch, but Anna continued on. Licking down both sides to the base in multiple passes, Anna took a moment to make sure she wouldn’t throw up from the flavor before doing likewise with her tongue to the top and bottom of the homeless man’s disgusting junk.

“God, I’m such a slut,” Anna said, mostly as a compliment to herself than as self-shame.

By the time Anna was down licking down his gross cock after sucking him off to completion, a small bead of cum had appeared in his pee slit. Since there was no cum-dodging tonight, Anna extended a tongue and slurped up the last of his load. Completely done with the filthy homeless man, Anna pivoted back to the other window where there was a semi-flaccid dick already waiting. Not wanting to disappoint, the Pitch Perfect star opened her mouth and dove right in.

Within a minute of getting the 11th man hard and sucking him off expertly, Anna felt a splash of fluid on her back. Instantly she thought that a guy must have popped his load just listening to her sucking another guy off and decided to pop on her back. She had heard of two-pump chumps, but this was a whole different beast. Regardless, Anna wanted to collect the rest of the load so she showed off the flexibility she earned from countless hours in dance training by leaning all the way back so her face was under the spewing cock. However, as a thick flow of warm golden urine splashed on her silky auburn hair, all over her face and even into her mouth before she had the presence of mind to clamp her lips closed and straighten back up.

“Dude! What the fuck,” Anna swore as more of the man’s piss splashed onto her back and down onto her bubbly tush.

“Don’t you dare move,” John instructed. “Keep sucking that dick in front of you.”

“But John, a fucking hobo is pissing on me!” Anna fumed, coming out of her self-described ‘slut mode’ for the first time since starting this gloryhole challenge.

“Oh, so that was the first time you let a random guy give you a golden shower? Or piss right in your mouth and gleefully swallow it?” John asked sarcastically, all while Anna stayed in position. “In fact, I seemed to remember you kneeling in the shower with me, taking mouthful after mouthful of my warm piss down your gullet not too long ago.”

With the fight already out of her, Anna once more accepted her fate and found her calm mindset. After all, she had chosen this and not even the feel of urine being streamed on her hair, down her back and into her ass crack would ruin it. A gloryhole was one of the few remaining sexual acts that were still on her preverted bucket list, so why should she let some gross homeless man’s piss getting blasted onto her face and even down her throat rob her of so much joy.

“Yes, you fucking pervert. Piss on me,” Anna said, snapping fully back into the moment.

In truth, Anna had lost some steam since the man who tasted of actually asshole. However, apparently being degraded so utterly like being used as a urinal like she currently was, made her come back alive. Bobbing on the man’s dick with renewed vigor, Anna was a blur as her mouth worked up and down his short but fat pole.

Lucky number 11 nearly blew his load right away when Anna Kendrick of all women started playing with his balls with her tongue as she continued to stroke his cock, but he was determined to prolong the act as long as humanly possible. Her talented tongue felt great as she took turns taking one of his large testicles in her mouth at a time.

"Holy fuck," the man behind the wall exclaimed once she moved up and took the tip in her mouth again, gladly slurping up the clear pre-cum that she milked from him.

"Trust me dude, you haven't felt anything yet," a wet-haired Anna proclaimed with a smile as she immediately shoved half his length into her mouth.

Using her mouth and hand in unison, Anna started giving the lucky man a sloppy blowjob, making sure she kept eye contact with John to her right and made loud sucking noises. Anna would routinely take the chubby dick down her gullet, bobbing him in and out of her throat. The deep throat technique caused spit to coat his cock, all while the actress kept slurping up some for later use or letting the other half fall to her pillowy large tits. The man on the other side of the wall couldn't help but tilt his head back every now and then and moan a swear word.

"Fuck, this is a good cock," Anna said as she hooked her fingers onto the bottom of the gloryhole and used her strength and pull herself forward so that she could slam his whole length into her experienced mouth and down her throat.

"Old nuns, dead kittens, serial killers," the man repeated as he tried to think of unsexy things so he could hold out as long as possible under the talented actress’ deep-throating assault.

"Your pubes tickle my nose," Anna jiggled before pulling herself forward and taking him down her throat again.


"Cum in my mouth, big fella," Anna said before just taking the tip back in her mouth and milking the shaft with her hand.

Anna was able to keep sucking on his dick for an extra 10 seconds before she felt the tell-tale quiver of his pecker. With a moan and extra thud on the wall as his head pressed against it, the 11th man blew his load into Anna’s eager mouth, completely filling her oral orifice. Once he was done, she moved his dick from her and showed John and the camera his cum before swallowing it down, smiling afterwards.

Still grinning, the 35 year old actress spun on her knees, preparing for another cock to greet her in the gloryhole but no one was there. Thinking about it, the man who had showered her hair, face and mouth must have been the homeless man with the gross cock she sucked off earlier. With a shrug of her shoulders, Anna turned back to the hole she just finished sucking lucky number 11 off but found the room was empty as she looked through.

“Let’s make it an even dozen for you,” John said.

When Anna turned to look at her former co-star, the man already had his pants down. More importantly, his cock, a veiny 8 inches of girthy flesh, was already hard and being stroked. Though she had been coerced into the gloryhole situation initially, Anna would have been damned if she didn’t thoroughly enjoy herself. And now seeing John’s massive dick again made her panties dampen even more, despite the fact she was a complete asshole to her. She just couldn’t help herself.

“Is that gorgeous piece of meat for me,” Anna asked, eyes transfixed on his pecker as she seductive crawled her naked body towards him.

“Mmhm…you must really want it bad,” John commented, bundling up her long auburn hair in his hand as she got to her knees before him. “I remember that glint in your eye the first time we hooked up. I knew then and there I needed to make you mine.”

“I’m all yours,” Anna cooed, licking her lips in anticipation.

She opened her mouth wide and took the first several inches of his penis into her moist warmth. She closed her lips and slowly dragged his cock between them, spreading her saliva all of his shaft. When she got to the tip, Anna jetted her tongue out to swipe at John’s pee slit, drawing a grown from the dominating man.

“You like that, big boy,” the kneel actress with a belly full of cum asked with a cheeky grin.

Not bothering to hear his response to her rhetorical question, Anna descended her mouth back on his dick. This time she swallowed most of his cock until it tapped the back of her throat, a skill she had developed over the years and years of practice. The Pitch Perfect star dragged him through her lips once again, repeating her tongue trick once again at the end.

Anna’s lips were rubbed raw at this point and her stomach was starting to turn sour from the dozen homeless men using her as a cum rag. This, paired with John having a look on his face that he wanted to cum ASAP meant that sucking him off was going to be on the quicker side. Not wasting time to give him her top notch blowjob with all the bells and whistles, Anna was only interested in using her mouth to get him off in as the quickest and most effective way possible.

Anna took him inside her oral cavity once again and had him butt up against the back of her mouth. This time, rather than withdraw, she relaxed her throat just like she had done earlier with some of the lucky men in the gloryhole blowbang. However, none of them had a cock so big so Anna had to really focus, therefore it took an extra moment but her muscles relented and she pushed forward so that now her chin was pressed against his full ball sac, her nose was buried in his thick bush of pubic hair and his cock was completely contained within her mouth and bulging down her throat.

“Oh shit! Forgot how fucking talented you are with that mouth of yours,” John complimented.

The rude man stood mouth a gap as this petite star, who couldn’t weigh more than 100 pounds soaking wet deepthroat his monster cock. She had done this in their first and only other hook-up, but she didn’t seem to be into then as much as this time. Currently, he held tightly onto the handful of hair in his fist and used it to make short jerking motions, making her lips glide over the last inch of his cock while the rest of his pole stayed soaking in her throat.

Anna was able to let him soak within her mouth and gullet for a few long moments before she started to run low on air. John looked down and watched as first her eyes started going glossy before she started to panic since his vice-like grip on her head didn’t relent. Finally after another heartbeat of savoring the feeling of his entire cock inside of her throat and the helplessness of the tiny hottie, John relaxed and Anna pulled off his dick altogether.

“Huuhhhhh….Puuuffff,” Anna chocked in fresh air, large ropey strings of drool still connecting her mouth to John’s thick cock.

Rather than be made at the man for practically choking her and making her nearly black out with his dick, Anna looked up at him with her piercing blue eyes and smiled! Anna steadied herself up on her knees once more, got another long pull of air back into her lungs and then when she had recovered from the oxygen debt she took him back down her throat all the way but this time bobbed her head on her own accord.

“Oh fuck yeah,” John groaned.

Anna felt that John was shifting to his right so she went with him and shift the 90 degrees with him, realizing now that the wall was directly at her back. John took a step forward and Anna pushed back until she felt a thud as her back pressed firmly against the wall. With his cock currently gliding fully in and out of her mouth, John continued to press forward with every bob until finally he had pushed the talented cocksucker all the way so the back of her auburn head was against the wall as well.

The actress with big swaying tits had no room left to move her head and was utterly at John’s mercy. He held his cock in her mouth until he could see her face flush red then begin to turn a bluish color. At that point he withdrew all the way and watched as the Anna coughed and spat large amounts of spit onto both his cock and onto the ground. Done with only using his cock to choke the gorgeous actress, John began to use her deep throating ability to plunge the depths of Anna’s mouth then pull out as soon as his pelvis thumped the 35 year old’s nose.

“Gllugghh…uugghhh…awwkkk,” Anna muttered and gagged as John repeated pushed in and out of her throat.

“Just like that,” John grunted, tightening his grip on the petite starlet hair.

John alternated between his original tactic of stroking the majority of his pole between Anna’s lips, which felt great. However, when he discovered how much better it felt to fuck her mouth with only short thrusts he kept with that technique. It felt roughly the same but it was the extra gurgling and gagging noises come from the tiny but talented Anna Kendrick that made it so much better.

“Choke on that dick,” John hissed, grinding his hips in short thrusts in Anna’s throat.

“Gaawwkkk,” was Anna’s only reply from being face fucked.

John let Anna surface for air after another dozen seconds of the dick sucking, but Anna only used the momentary freedom to spit the build-up of her spit back onto her dick and take in another gulp of air. Anna went to steer the sloppy dick back in her mouth, which John allowed but only after the towering man bat his heavy pole against her gorgeous face.

Though she was kneeling, her head and back pressed firmly against the wall behind her and her eyes tearing up, Anna couldn’t have felt more comfortable. Opening her mouth wide and relaxing her throat, taking John fully into her oral cavity was only getting easier, despite the fact it was an 8 inch long, 2 inch thick monster of a dick. However, Anna simply stuck her tongue as far out as it could go to even lick some of his sac while John completely fucked her gorgeous face.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” John swore, the need to cum grown too large.

“Cum for me,” Anna begged, going to her classic combination of mouth sucking his tip while her hand milked the rest of his large shaft.

“Let go and look up,” her former co-star demanded, taking his dick from her hand.

Anna did as the much larger man asked by sinking down further on her knees and angling her face upwards to look at him, making her face an even more inviting target. John beat his cock with a fevered rush, Anna’s copious amounts of saliva acting as a perfect lubricant. Within another handful of tugs, Anna watched as his pee slit gaped slightly before thick strands of cum came shooting out. With measured aim, John onload on the beautiful actress’ face, strands running from forehead up onto the top of her hair, several striking her nose and either running up over her eyes or down onto her cheeks. One or two stray strands went off to the sides, streaking over her ear and landing in her hair again while a final smaller few drops populated her chin and neck.

“Wow! That’s a lot on my face. Any tissues around,” Anna asked after she recovered her breath. “Or should I just scoop into my mouth?”

“Neither,” John said, pulling up his pants. “Your leaving this store and getting into the taxi with cum still all over your face and in your hair.”

“But...they have cameras. And I’ll be out in public...cum all over my very recognizable face,” Anna tried to reason as she began getting dressed.

“Sweet Anna. Have you ever known me to change my mind?” John asked, giving her tits a last squeeze before her bra and button-up shirt were slid on.

Anna once more accepted her fate, albeit with John being courteous enough to usher the men out onto the street so her pictures weren’t snapped in the sex shop. They still captured semen drenching her face and streaking her hair, but it had dried enough that it could have been confused for a lot of other things, luckily for the actress. By the time she climbed into the cab and started driving home, she wasn’t disgusted or ashamed about anything she’d done, in fact she was just plain horny and curious what the next challenge John would throw at her would be.
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A fucking legend mate!

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Re: Winning At All Costs (Anna Kendrick)
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Title: Winning At All Costs Part 3
Author: The Chemist
Celebrities: Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski
Codes: MF, M+F, Anal, DP, Oral, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Anna, William or Michael Kendrick, John Krasinski, nor am I associated with them in any way

Summary - John’s second ‘wish’ for Anna is inviting her to a masked party and instructing her to entertain a group of 8 of her cousins, uncles, brother and father. She’s reluctant at first but ultimately consents.


When Anna Kendrik heard the rapping of knuckles at her door in the pattern she had grown used to, she shot from the bed and practically ran to answer the door. Standing on the other side of her hotel room door was none other than John Krasinski, a man that she had come to known as her master in all things. However, this time the man that most people assumed was nice and mild mannered but was in fact a sexual maniac who had successfully groomed Anna into his perfect sex slut, was not alone. Following the taller man into the room were two women, carrying a dress bag as well as several other hand bags.

“What’s all this,” Anna asked as 2 others followed John into her hotel room.

John walked over to the much shorter girl, reached down to cup the back of her head and then brought her in for a hard kiss. At one time, the 35 year old actress had a firm policy of never sleeping with a married man. However, John had crushed that rule, as well as another dozen or two things Anna swore she’d never do. Hell, even now while the Kendricks were celebrating a family reunion in her home state of Maine, John was staying in the hotel as well, coming to Anna’s room at any hour of the day or night to fuck her senseless.

Anna was so used to John being around that she never really questioned the fact that he was at the same resort as her and her family. In fact, the Office star had even been chatting with some of Anna’s cousins and uncles, and her brother and father a lot. Truthfully, she chalked it up to the fact that they were all big fans of his and his projects, plus whatever her master chose to disclose to her was his business only.

“Stylists,” John replied after pulling his tongue from her mouth. “Shelia is here to fit your dress and mask while Alisha will be dying your hair.”

“Okay,” Anna said, going with whatever the man who effective owned her free will stated. “But why?”

“The reason is because I want your identity concealed, which is why the mask and the little beauty mark they’ll be putting on your chin, the change from your light brown hair to more of a fiery red, and lastly, need to change those eye colors.” John explained.

Anna went to ask more questions but her personal stylists were too busy whisking her up in their process. She still didn’t know why her identity needed to be covered up, but she hoped it was for a public fuck. The thought of being caught, or better yet, watched and recorded, was a real turn on for the Pitch Perfect star.

“What color of eyes would you like to have?” one of the stylists asked.

“I’ll go with one of my favorite sorceresses and get purple,” Anna said after a minute’s thought.

“Odd but I think you can pull it off.”

“With those tits, Anna can pull off a lot,” the other woman added, getting a laugh from all of them.

For the next hour, Anna was transformed. Her hair was now unmistakably red, a shade that was more bright than she’d ever worn it. Her eyes went from their recognizable blue to a vibrant purple that still somehow looked natural. Her makeup was done in a familiar yet somehow different way, with the addition of a beauty mark on her chin. Her slightly wavy hair was worn loose and down over her shoulder, obstructing her ears, which were another of her more characteristic features. Laslty, a mask was fixed to her face, a type that was worn to an Eyes Wide Shut, sex party type, allowing it to hide her features while still being very sexy.

“You look ready to go,” John said, appearing an hour later. “Come.”

Anna stood and followed the older actor out of her room and down the hall until they reached the elevator. Rather than taking the lift, John strode a few extra yards before popping open the door leading into the stairwell. The resort the family reunion was in only had two floors, so after a dozen steps they arrived at their destination. However, rather than exit the stairwell, John tucked out of view in the back corner and started undoing his pants.

“Suck. And be quick about it,” John ordered.

In the blink of an eye, Anna was on her knees in front of John, reaching into his pants to help free his cock. He was still flaccid but the Pitch Perfect star was determined to fix that rubbing his head along her tongue for a few quick passes before swallowing half his member in one shot. It felt weird having a soft dick in her mouth, but after a handful of bobs with a generous amount of suction, John’s enormous 8 inch cock with thickness nearly the size of her wrist was good and hard.

Anna wasted no time once he was hard and began sucking him good and fast. Though she was truly a blowjob queen, blessed with an array of top techniques, tonight for John wasn’t about using the majority of them. Tonight in the stairwell of the Maine hotel was about getting the handsome to cum in her mouth as quickly as possible. John silently concurred, pleased that his grooming of the 35 year old actress had gone so well that she could read his mind practically.

“Gwwkkk...glllkkk...gawwkk,” Anna constantly spewed.

Anna’s wet sucking noise echoes around the concrete walls of the narrow stairwell as she sucked fast. There was no tenderness or love in the blowjob, only swift efficiency, but that was what was required. She knew John was bringing her somewhere, for some nefarious purpose and the unknown was driving her mad...and more than a little horny. How she went from hating his guts to being completely wrapped around his finger, being both his personal sex slave and pimp, helping him secure other girls was still a mystery. However, as she was on her knees, his massive cock in her mouth and constantly gliding along her lips, she stopped thinking about that and only on the blowjob.

“Holy shit,” John cooed from her intense sucking.

Though it was sounding very sloppy and wet, John was pleased to find that it appeared Anna was keeping herself rather together. Her makeup didn’t appear smeared from his angle and it didn’t look as though any of her spit had dripped down onto her wonderfully large tits. Normally he needed to rest a hand on the back of a woman’s head and dictate to them the tempo he liked being sucked at, however Anna needed no prompting. In fact, as John was pushed closer and closer to a record setting orgasm, it was better to leave his hands at his side and let the petite actress continue to do what she had in mind.

Her lips, tongue and hand stimulated every inch of his fat cock, a true feat given his immense size. However, the tiny star was up to the challenge of sucking him off to completion once more. Of course he was looking down, his green eyes looked with her violet ones as her head was a constant ball of motions, pushing forwards and back, tilting in a side-to-side motion to stimulate the base of his cock as well. Not to mention her hand a tugging blur, pulling along all sides of his dick as she literally pleasured all 8 inches at one time.

“Cum for me,” Anna begged between bobs of his dick into her throat. “Give me your jizz. Want it so badly.”

“Then fucking have it!” John bellowed.

This time John did reach down and grip tightly onto her head, almost crushing her skull as a wave of pleasure shot through him. Once again he swore and grunted into the stairwell as his cum boiled in his balls before it came spewing from his tip directly into his sex slave’s mouth. Between his iron-like grip on her head and her reluctance to spill any drop, Anna’s mouth stayed with only his bulbous head between her lips, using her tongue on the underbelly of his member to coax all the jizz from him. Stream after plentiful stream of salty semen came rushing from him, depositing into her mouth, bathing her taste buds in his flavor. Finally, once his strength on the sides of her head relented and his cock stopped shooting ropes of cum into her mouth, Anna swallowed down his large offering and made her way back to her feet.

“Good girl,” John groaned, doing back up his pants. “Now let’s go.”

Anna wiped the sides of her mouth, making sure she didn’t have cum on the sides of her lips and was rewarded with finding another droplet or two. She once again nearly gagged at the putrid taste of his semen, which was normally pleasant. Based on the fact that he was training for another action movie role, all the extra protein he was consuming was making his jizz taste like utter garbage, but still Anna was left crazing for more on a constant basis.

“This is where the magic is happening,” John stated as he and Anna came to a stop.

Looking up, Anna glanced at the door number before reaching to turn the door handle. Instantly, a connection was made and her hand pulled away from the door and she shot her gaze up to John with some of the old heat she once had for him. Not the defeated glare of a submissive slave, but the spunky, combative Anna that he broke, or mostly broke.

“Why are we at my father’s room,” Anna spat with anger.

“Because you are going to go fuck him,” John said as if it was the most normal thing in the world. “Well not just him. He’s one of them, as well as a couple of your uncles, 3 cousins I believe are in there too. Oh, and your brother.”

“John, are you fucking insane! These are my family members! I’m not just going to go through that door and fuck them,” Anna screamed at him.

“If it wasn’t for the fact that they were your family, a gangbang is run of the mill stuff for you,” John started to explain. “Besides, they don’t know that you’re their little Anna. I made sure of that. You’re not going to get knocked up and give birth to some mutant, which is where this whole taboo of fucking family members comes from. Besides, you are a great fucking lay, don’t you think all those single men in there, some who haven’t had sex in a year or two, deserve to experience such a great fuck?”

“But John...my family,” Anna complained but with a lot less venom than initially.

“Anna,” John said, stroking her vibrant red hair almost tenderly. “You’ve come so far. You resisted the gloryhole at first, then you dove right in and loved it. After all, haven’t you gone and done a few more on your own volition?”

“Well, yeah,” Anna replied, a partial smile appearing on her face.

“And wasn’t it you who gleefully helped me seduce a dozen young starlets in the past couple of months? Bending, or even breaking their will until they did whatever I asked of them?” John continued.

“It was,” Anna answered, her smile growing larger as she thought back to those occasions.

“I know that sleeping with your family seems odd, but it's just another taboo for you to crush in your wake, right?” John proposed. “Plus, I’ll count this as the second of your debts to me for cheating at that competition awhile ago.”

In the past month, John had effectively crushed Anna Kendrick’s willpower. He was actually a little surprised she responded initially with such distaste to his suggestion, although the idea of fucking cousins, a couple uncles, a brother and her own father was quite the stretch. However, it only went to show how much dominion and domination John had over the 35-year old star that it only took a little extra persuasion to have her agree to the pure taboo request.

“Okay,” Anna consented.

“Then here we go,” John said, inserting the keycard into the reader.

As they stepped inside, Anna couldn’t believe the scene in front of her. The hotel room was fairly spacious, albeit all one room. To the far side of the room was the large king-sized bed, which contained her cousins Scott and Mikey, who happened to be brothers. On the bench at the end of her bed was her perverted uncle Brian, which made perfect sense for him being present for a family orgy. Beside the bed was a three-seater sofa containing her other uncle Jerry, as well as his 2 sons Steven and Daniel. Lastly, on a right angle to the sofa, was a love seat containing the last two people she’d have wanted to see; her father William and her older brother Michael.

“Oh my God, John!” her perverted uncle Brian roared. “What a hottie!”

“My brother’s not wrong,” her normally mild-mannered uncle Jerry confirmed.

“No he’s not, dad,” Daniel said, standing.

“Not sure where you found this beauty who was willing to fuck a room full of guys, but great job John!” William, Anna’s dad complimented the movie star.

“How did you get all my male family members to agree to an orgy? Some of them are married for God’s sake,” Anna whispered to her master.

“The dark side has secrets layered upon secrets,” John left it cryptic as the rest of the actress’ family got to their feet and formed a semi-circle in the middle of the room.

Of course it was her perverted uncle Brian and his large beer belly that was the first to reach Anna. Running a hand down from his niece’s neck, his fingertip traced down her throat and between her heavenly tits, large and the perfect combination of heavy yet perky despite her thin frame and 35 years. He continued his descent over her flat stomach then hooked his finger into her panties only so he could pull them away before letting them snapback against her skin.

"Mmhmm...we are going to have fun tonight," Brian told the masked woman.

While her pervy uncle continued to roughly grope her large tits, Anna’s most sinister cousin Mikey rounded behind her. He had always made her skin crawl and stories she heard about him only justified that to Anna, but she tried to block at out as she felt his hands pull her dress up over her head and toss it aside. Now with an unblocked look at her slender yet bubbly junk in her trunk, Mikey was greeted to the sight of the rounded, soft flesh in a tiny black thong. However, it was a large round object poking out from either side of the small strand of fabric that got his attention

"Well I see someone is prepared for tonight," Mikey commented.

Pulling her thong to the side so everyone could have a good look at the three inch long black base of a toy resting over her asshole. Following his father’s example, Mikey snapped the thong back into place, this time the panties smacking the butt plug rather than skin. For added measure he cocked his hand back and gave each of her adorable ass cheeks a hearty slap. What Anna lacked in bulk she more than made up for in cuteness, and surprising roundness.

To show that she was a good sport and up to the challenge from the sadistic cousin, not only did Anna not whimper from the heavy blows but she actually wiggled her ass. Mikey indulged her what she wanted to proceeded to give her 2 more spankings, much to her delight.

"I think we can remove this from the proceedings," her kinder uncle Jerry spoke, taking Brian’s spot directly in front of Anna.

Anna felt the clasp of her bra become undone before her muscular uncle slid the garment up her arms. She noted the slackening of the jaw, a common reaction when men or women saw her tits for the first time. She immediately felt her large C cup tits squeezed in his calloused hands, gently at first before his grip tightened, before giving way as he clutched both her nipples in between his thumb and finger. He increased his pressure until the pink nipples become erect but backed off before it was painful, a grin plastered on his face.

“You have some fantastic tits,” Michael told his sister, appearing right behind her uncle.

“What every sister wants to hear from her brother,” Anna thought to herself, apparently her disguise working as her brother would never say that to her.

“Holy guacamole,” her father exclaimed as she took her top off. “Clearly natural as well.”

“Come, feel,” John told the men, a sinister grin on his face as he encouraged Anna’s own dad and brother to feel her up.

Anna stared with her disguised purple eyes into her father and brother’s face as they practically drooled while reaching out for her. Though she wanted to flinch away, rip her mask off to reveal it was her and stop all this, Anna instead calmed herself and let herself be the perfect little sex slave she was groomed to be. In fact, as her brother and father’s hands cupped and groped her perfect tits, the Pitch Perfect star got a perverse thrill, her thong dampening with each squeeze from her kin.

“I don’t mean to insult your mother William, but these are the nicest pair of tits I’ve ever felt,” William commented.

“Wait until you get your dick in her mouth,” John commented, bring a rapturous cheer from the men.

“I think the Hollywood guy has a great idea,” her massive cousin Scott suggested.

“Couldn’t agree more with the giant,” Danny, another cousin, echoed.

Anna took the hint and stepped forward into the semi-circle of men. However, before she could descend to her knees, her father caught her by the arm and stopped her. She felt her dad’s fingers hook in the waistband of her thong and pulled it down, exposing her completely bare sex and the massive plug of the dildo hanging in her ass. With one hand resting on her hips, the nearly 60 year old man closed his free hand around the monstrous butt plug currently filling his daughter's colon. He looked up and saw her mouth open wide but silently as he began pulling, but the toy was large and not coming out without a fight. Finally his strength conquered the tightness of her backdoor and the toy that was over 2 inches wide at the base popped free.

"Oh we are going to have so much fun," Anna’s brother smiled while seeing her asshole stay gaping open for several seconds.

Rather than put the toy aside or place it back in his sister, Michael stood up and spun the girl to face him. Her lips were still parted and when she felt the rubber butt plug touch them she got the hint and opened wider. The tip was only an inch thick but as her brother continued to push more of the toy inside, Anna had to open to the point of unhinging her jaw.

"How does that dirty plug taste," her pervert uncle asked, a bulge already formed in his pants. "You like the taste of your asshole?"

"Trust me, she doesn,” John commented, earning another loud round of cheers.

“My ass is yum and just a bit dirty, which is hot, but I’d rather get some flesh in me,” Anna cooed seductively, albeit in a southern drawl to disguise her voice from her family members.

Anna was on her knees as soon as her male family members allowed her to be. Wasting no time, Anna grabbed the dick closest to her and took him in her mouth. It was only after she flashed her eyes upwards with half his medium-length cock in between her lips that she realized it was the nicest of her cousins, Scott. After an energetic 30 seconds, Anna turned her head 90 degrees to stare right in front of her, swallowing down her second cock which belonged to her disgusting uncle. Despite the fact that she was always grossed out by him and his long lingering hugs and inappropriate touches over the years, Anna sucked on his cock with extra vigor, giving him a full minute before another quarter turn and taking the next cock in her throat.

It was only 5 minutes in and Anna seemed on the verge of being overrun with cock. However, as John watched his promising pupil gulping down dick after dick, she was able to keep up. It took a lot of effort but the busty girl was accomplishing the task. No one had cum yet, not by a long shot as it was much too soon for that after all, but she wasn’t overwhelmed yet, something that was truly remarkable.

“So much cock,” Anna huffed before swallowing down the next one presented to her. “I love it.”

“That’s because you’re a giant slut,” one of the men said.

“You’re damn right about that,” Anna smiled at her cousin before moving onto the next cock she could find.

There were 7 cocks to go around and, amazingly, Anna was able to give each one attention. While her mouth was always bobbing on a penis, each of her hands were also on cocks, pumping their length. After a good amount of time sucking one dick she would quickly move on so that everyone had a turn.

“Ugh!” Anna groaned as her red hair was tugged back on sharply, angling her face upward.

“Your mouth must be getting dry,” her troublesome cousin Mikey stated. “This should help.”

With that said, Mikey horked up some saliva from deep in his throat and took aim, litting the long stream of spit shoot from his mouth. With perfect aim, Anna felt a massive glob of spit landed on her tongue, practically shooting to the back of her mouth, forcing her to swallow down a partial amount of his saliva. It was a gross move, but at the same time he was right in the fact that Anna’s mouth was going slightly dry.

Her two cousins that were brothers decided to team up for their benefit next. Anna was already sucking off Mikey, who had recently spat down her throat. As Anna bobbed her way down the majority of his shaft, Mikey decided that wasn’t good enough. His brother was bending down and began to rub Anna’s bald cunt, which was dripping wet at this point. As the gorgeous actress moaned in pleasure, Mikey took advantage by grabbing the back of her head and spiking his hips forward, easily getting all 6 inches of dick into her mouth and down his masked cousin’s throat.

“Gllwwkkk...glllkkk...kkllkk,” Anna coughed and gagged as she was face fucked by the short man.

After a good 15 seconds, her face now flush and her nose reddened from the constant bouncing against his firm stomach, Mikey let Anna go. The actress immediately choked down a lungful of air but that was all she had time to do before the next family member was up, dick in hand and leading it towards her mouth, which Anna gladly accepted.

Steven, the youngest and weirdest of the cousins, was up next and decided to copy his older males. A little over-eager, the red-haired boy pulled Anna’s face into his groin, making her swallow all 7 inches of slender cock, but made her go onto hands and knees. The change in position brought several men to their knees behind Anna, one of them inserting two fingers into the depths of her wet cunt while another’s finger plunged knuckle-deep into her still gaping asshole.

“Oh my God,” Anna screamed at having all of her holes filled.

Other than the initial screech of pleasure, Anna didn’t miss a beat in continuing to please the men circled around her. While her mouth and left hand worked in tandem to give sloppy blowjobs, sometimes deep throating but usually bobbing with a generous amount of speed, her more coordinated right hand would stroke on the next closest cock. It was a true testament to her skill, that even while being finger-blasted with multiple digits in both pussy and ass, Anna was able to not only handle but thrive in sucking and jerking off her other family members.

Apparently Anna’s favorite cousin Scott was feeling like Anna’s multitasking sexual exploits earned her a reward. While his uncle was still stretching out the petite masked woman’s asshole, which was already fairly loose from the huge butt plug, the massive younger man slowed his hand thrusting. Rotating his wrist and keeping the muscles in his forearm tensed, the man filling Anna’s pussy repetitive tapped his fingers against his undercover cousin’s G-spot. Going faster and faster, this technique was only needed for less than a minute before Anna had to pull her mouth from the cock she was currently sucking, which happened to be her brother Michael, so that she could let out an ear-piercing bellow.

“Jesus Christ! Fuckkkkk!” Anna swore as she came hard.

Job done, which had brought a smile not only to Scott’s face but all the other males present, the cousin removed his fingers from Anna’s cunt. At this point the digits were not just coated in Anna’s juices, but positively dripping in them. Inspiration striking, Scott waited from Anna to finish servicing her brother then timed it right so that before Anna could get her lips around the next dick in line, Scott thrust his slathered fingers into her mouth.

“Mhmmm,” Anna moaned in delight as she sucked hard on his fat digits, drinking down all of her orgasmic juices.

“That sould have loosened her up for some actual fucking,” Anna heard her perverted uncle Brian call out from behind her.

The next moment, Anna felt a tugging on her head followed by a brief flash of pain as a powerful hand from behind her, likely her uncle, pulled her upwards. The dick in her mouth fell away as Anna got up from her knees to her feet for the first time in longer than she could recall. Of course, Brian didn’t keep her fully erect for long, a hand pushing between her shoulder blades had her bending at the hips so that she could rest her hands on the arm of the sofa and her small but bubbly ass pointed back at her uncle.

“Hope no one minds if I have the first go around,” the eldest of the men spoke.

His words were met with a series of nods or shrugs, the rest of the family giving the bulbous and rather perverted man permission to go ahead and fuck his undercover niece. Already in position behind her and his dick wet from her spit from having several go-arounds getting blown, Brian and with his erect cock in hand didn't hesitate in stuffing half his length into her snatch.

"Fuck...that’s good,” Anna moaned after finally being penetrated.

After withdrawing once, Brian slammed back in but this time with his full length. As his hips slammed against her ass, her toned cheeks rippled from the blow. Loving the view of it, Brian did so repeatedly with both hands on her tapered waist so he could pull his movie-star niece back as he speared forward.

"God, man. You’re relentless," John watched in admiration.

Anna most definitely agreed with the sadistic movie star’s assessment of her least favorite uncle’s fucking style. Brian had the size and strength of a linebacker, albeit a retired overweight one, and he wasn't shy about using it to dominate his tiny disguised niece. Over and over his thick cock, which she guessed was about the size of her wrist, slammed into her at a speed that a normal man would have cum within minutes, yet he seemed undisturbed.

Brian didn't know it but his fierce fucking was pushing the horny girl to an orgasm that he didn't think was possible. Of course, Anna was no ordinary girl and she had certainly trained her body over the last 20 years to handle all types of fucking styles, including balls-out aggression. Therefore, it wasn’t too much of a surprise to the petite actress that she felt a familiar electric sensation welling up in her suddenly, pleased that the huge man could bring her to climax so fast.

"SSHHHHHIITTTT! I'm cumming," Anna screamed, her second orgasm of the evening.

The seven other members of the Kendrick family watched on as their masked female squeezed her thighs tightly around the cock in her pussy right as Brian pulled out of her. He sensed she was a squirter only a second before and the drive to see her gush fluid was too strong. The second he pulled out of her snatch it erupted as a large stream of clear fluid jetted out and splashed on the carpet beneath.

The men practically gasped in amazement and stroked themselves, getting harder watching the innocent looking girl drench the floor from squirting. Brian slapped her on the ass for her good work before letting his fingers soak in the fluid beneath. As she stood bent over at the waist, resting against on the sofa’s arm, he flicked the fluid at her, her juices landing on her masked pretty face.

"So slutty," she heard her father’s voice sneer though very aroused.

Seeing that he had gone hard with his thrusting and that he wasn’t in the best shape in the first place, Brian backed away from the lovely masked squirter. Needing his sexual reserves to become restored before taking another turn with the large breasted woman, Brian was more than happy to have a breather as his fellow horny family members had their turn.

Luckily for Anna, there were lots more men around willing and able to take up the charge. She wasn’t aware of who it was that stepped up behind her and effortlessly slide their dick into her wet snatch, but given the slender feel of his member and the way it poked deep into her womb with each thrust, she suspected it was her creepy cousin Mikey. At her other end, she knew for sure it was her brother Michael that had appeared kneeling on the couch in front of her face.

“God, you look so familiar,” Michael commented.

Anna didn’t reply, not knowing what to tell her brother. So instead, as his hand closed around her hair to help hold her steady due to the thumping her backside was receiving from her cousin, Anna answered by cramming Michael’s dick in her mouth. Instantly her brother moaned and thrust his hips forward slightly, not that Anna needed any help in getting a cock down her throat. All while maintaining eye contact with the man who was not only her kin but her best friend, Anna set out to give him the best blowjob she could, despite the fact that her pussy was being pounded at a rapid level and that her right hand was being used to stroke another cock mere inches from the side of her face.

The Kendrick men were showing that their horniess was matched only by their ability to share. A routine was settling in nicely as it seemed that each man got 2 minutes at which ever end they chose, fucking her pussy or being sucked off, before they pulled back and another took their place. Not only was it allowing each of them to receive a high amount of pleasure, it then gave them 5 minutes to cool back down from their pending climax, meaning they were fresh when it was their turn again.

“Come on down here,” offered Daniel, the only member of the family to do jail time.

Once her uncle pulled out of her sntach after another dozen thrusts, Anna took the dick out of her mouth and looked at where the talking had come from. Sure enough, her cousin was laying on his back on the floor, his healthy sized dick standing straight up and waiting for her. His hand grabbed hers as she got to her feet, walking around his muscular body until she was at his groin. Swinging a leg over his waist, Anna squatted down until she felt his bulbous head slice through her folds and took him deep in her pussy.

“Fuck, feels so good,” Anna cooed.

Anna was allowed to build up some rhythm atop her cousin’s cock, bouncing up and down before two lines started on either side. Anna knew the routine as her hands went to the nearest cocks, stroking them off and taking 30-second turns bobbing her red-haired head along their shafts before turning to suck off the other. After their turn in her mouth, the men would walk to the back of the line so that the next family member could have their turn.

“Next up,” Daniel grunted after a few minutes of being ridden, getting a little too close to popping.

Anna finished orally servicing the dick in her face before allowing the criminal’s strong hands to push her hips up, pushing her off her cousin’s dick. She didn’t have long to go because after one side-step to her right, Anna was back straddling another man, this time her favorite uncle Jerry. She didn’t realize but just like when she blew her brother on the sofa, Anna became aware that she put more effort into pleasing the family members that she liked a whole lot more than the ones she despised. She truly was fucked up, especially since she loved when the perverted uncle and asshole cousin would fuck her hard and rithlessly, treating her like a sex puppet.

Anna wasn’t able to ride him to her full ability because both her arms were in use, hands closed around multiple dicks in order to jerk them off. However, she was able to prop herself up high on her knees so that her favorite uncle could thrust up into her pussy with reckless abandon. He wasn’t the longest or thickest she’d ever taken but his dick felt great as it routinely pistoned up into her snatch, giving her hole a nice stretch while reaching into the best areas to help her moan around the cocks in her mouth.

“Don’t be greedy, dad,” Jerry’s son said.

Anna, whose mouth was full of another family member’s cock, could only divert her purple-colored eyes in the direction of the speaker. Sure enough, the youngest of her cousins was already next in line, laying down on his back only a feet and a half away. Once more, Anna finished sucking and being fucked before she got her feet back underneath her and strode the short distance to the younger man, stepped over his waist with one leg and made her descent.

“Anyone gonna put a dick in that gaping cave she calls an asshole?” John asked the room, several men hooting that they gladly would.

“Great idea, Hollywood,” Daniel said.

Though the masked woman had already descended on his cock in her pussy, Daniel went to swiftly change that. Reaching down to fist his cock in one hand, the criminal used the other hand to scoop under her small but curvy bottom with the other. The next time Anna rode to the top of his dick, Daniel helped her up even higher so that he was free of her velvety folds. With his cock held firm, Daniel angled the slender masked woman’s hips down lower before a combination of pushing her down and lifting his hips implanted his member halfway into her colon.

“Oh Jesus,” Anna cursed as her sphincter was spread wide.

Despite the fact it was the first dick in her ass this evening, the massive butt plug that John had gotten her to shove up her bowels had done wonders. While it was going to cause her asshole to be gaped for the rest of the evening, it also ensured that her backdoor would have no problem taking a stiff cock up the dirt road.

The men in the crowd were amazed by how unfazed the big breasted masked woman was. Despite the fact that Daniel was unlubricated other than her natural pussy juices, Anna was riding the dick now in her ass with the same speed and force that she had when in her pink slit. In fact, the anal penetration seemed to make her ride harder, which not only made them all the more excited when it was their turn, but it caused her large, pillowy tits to jiggle even more with each bounce along his length.

“It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it, eh Danny?” roared Michael, Anna’s own brother.

“Hopefully not too dirty,” Daniel replied with a laugh.

All while her criminal cousin sodomized her, and her own brother teased her, Anna didn’t forget that there was a crowd of people around. Thus, as her ass constantly rode the lying man, Anna was jerking 2 cocks and even given a sloppy blowjob to one of them as well. However, the Kendrick family was a clever bunch, and another of her cousins discovered that the shift to her riding the dick in her ass opened up another on of her holes.

“Think you can handle it, babe?” Scott asked, kneeling between her outstretched legs.

“Only one way to find out, sailor,” Anna retorted with a wink.

The mammoth man smiled as he inched closer until his equally large cock was within reach of the large-breasted woman’s sex. Without another moment's delay, Scott pushed his hips forward and speared Anna with a second cock. Instantly the petite starlet cried out in utter pleasure of being filled with over 18 inches of cock simultaneously. God, she loved gangbangs, especially when it led directly to being double penetrated.

Anna’s two cousins took a minute or to to iron out the kinks but they eventually found a smoothness to their fucking. As one pushed into her, Anna felt the other backing out. Not only did it allow the men to plow into their respective hole faster, deeper and just overall better, but the grinding of their cocks against the thin membrane that separated her asshole and pussy added an extra layer of pleasure to the whole double fucking.

“Think an old man can have another go, big fella,” Anna’s father asked his nephew after another minute.

“For my favorite uncle, I think I can share,” the jovial man laughed.

Before Scott got off his knees and allowed someone else a turn with the masked lady’s sweet pussy, the large man took her hips in his huge hands. The sight was almost comical but Scott had them there for a purpose, not just for the visual. Deciding that he could open the throttle since he was set for another spell on the sidelines watching, Soctt began fucking her snatch...hard. Anna, who was not only being pressed against Daniel’s chest as he thrust up into her asshole, was now on the receiving end of the giant’s ruthless fucking deep and hard into her pussy.


Scott couldn’t keep this sprint up for long so he gave it all he had for as long as he could then pulled out. The men gathered cheered, not sure if it was for Scott’s relentless pace or the fact that Anna had actually cum while being double stuffed. Due to her third climax of the night, Anna only became aware that her father was fucking her pussy after a length of time that she was uncertain about.

“Yes, daddy,” Anna cooed, loving how absolutely filthy it was to be enjoying this.

“Daddy, huh?” William said, a smile spreading across his face, making him pick up his ginger pace.

“I think this slut has daddy issues,” Daniel hissed from beneath her, another thrust going deep into her ass.

“After tonight I will,” Anna said with a laugh.

“Sorry uncle, but I need a break,” Daniel eventually said. “Her asshole may look loose as all hell but she’s hugging my dick tight.”

Her father had heeded his giant nephew’s actions from early and continued to fuck her pussy with a faster pace, though not nearly as ferious given the arthritis in the hips. Regardless, it was made easier since Daniel had stopped humping up into her rectum from beneath his masked daughter. After another 2 dozen thrusts, William pulled out of the redhead’s snatch before Daniel had to beg him a second time, at which time Anna was flung from the felon’s lap and onto the hotel room floor.

“Up onto the bed,” cousin Steven said to her.

Anna was helped to her feet by her hair, making her cry out and this time not in delight. Luckily the grip on her hair relaxed as her wiry cousin dragged her to the bed. Steven was first to the mattress, landing on his back with Anna coming down right on top of him. Looping an arm around her petite body, Anna and her wonderfully large tits were dragged back onto the middle of the bed before Steven stopped moving and slipped his cock into her slick cunt.

“Fuck. So good,” the wiry man exclaimed.

Anna let her younger cousin took the lead initially but his technique was hopeless. Given the fact that he was always a selfish and weird person, it came as no surprise that the lanky man would be useless with a woman. Despite the fact that she came three times already and had been getting fucked and blowing men non-stop for the past hour, Anna planted her arms on his chest and pressed herself up. She only made it halfway up before a strong hand on her back caused her arms to buckle and send her crashing back down on her cousin, tits pressed firmly against his bony chest.

“Don’t mind sharing with your dear old dad, do you son?” Brian spoke from above his masked niece.

“Would be a pleasure,” Steven replied to his father.

Anna felt her uncle’s hand still on his back as he shifted behind her until he was positioned kneeling behind her. She had the warning of his cock head rubbing along her ass crack until he zeroed in on his target and pushed forward. Not blessed with length, her horrible uncle Brian was still thick, making her asshole up for a challenge. Of course she was up for it, but Anna couldn’t help but grunt as her back door was thrust open in one swift thrust as she was once more double penetrated.

Her uncle was fat, unmarried and very much out of practice when it came to sex. However, he knew his limitations. Therefore, he started at a leisurely pace, not giving a shit if he hogged the gorgeous girl’s asshole. Slow and steady, Brian pushed his massive girth forward, spearing Anna on his short veiny cock deeply. She felt every inch slide in and out of her well used asshole, and hated herself all the more for the fact such a monster was allowed to have sex with her. However, she was too far deep down the well, so thoroughly under John’s spell that letting gross creatures like her uncle and cousin fuck her was worth it provided it appeased her master.

“Come on brother,” Jerry pipped up. “You are leaving the rest of us here with our dicks in our hands watching as you crush this poor woman.

“Fine, fine,” Brian said after leaving his cock to soak deep in her anal cavity for a few seconds before pulling out. “Loosened her butthole up for your twig dicks anyway.”

It was disturbing that Anna felt sad to have an unfilled opening in her holes, however it didn’t stay that way for long. Another of her uncles stepped up onto the bed and took the position, and within a few moments was sliding deep into her ass. Her uncle Jerry was a more balanced dick, not as wide as his older brother but a little longer, able to pierce deeper into her colon. As her cousin and favorite uncle found their stride working together to fuck her holes, the mattress rocked in front of her, letting her know that another of her family members was seeking pleasure from her mouth.

“Open up, big juggs,” her horrible uncle Brian ordered.

The two men she was fucking were holding Anna’s fit body tightly, enabling her head to be perfectly in line with her uncle’s crouch. From only a foot away, the gorgeous actress could smell the filth coming from her heinous uncle’s dick and as his hand reached around her head and began pulling her closer, the feeling she needed to retch only got worse. She doubted it was due to the fact he was just fresh from fucking her asshole. Sure, tasting a cock after it was right from your ass was never the most clean thing, but in her vast amount of experience with ass-to-mouth activity, it never was so bad. No, this was likely due to her uncle being a gross slob who likely had gone days or weeks without bathing. Hardening her resolve, Anna parted her lips and took his cock into her mouth, tasting the fresh flavor of her ass on him.

Watching such a beautiful girl with a face of an angel do something so nasty sent a surge through not only Brian, but all of the men watching except for the two men currently double fucking her. They watched her fiery red-haired head bob up and down in his lap, her tongue slathering his cock with saliva and cleaning him up. All while a shift change was happening behind her, her favorite uncle leaving her slender caboose and her brother taking up the large opening.

"Mmm," Anna moaned from around his dick, getting a strong taste her own ass.

“How’s that dick coming from your asshole taste?”

“Not quite foie gras but I’ve definitely tasted nastier asses,” Anna replied, marking her sluttiness by extending her tongue and running it along the side of the dick from root to tip.

It was every bit as nasty and naughty that she was hoping it would be. And it only added to her humiliation seeing the look of shock and amazement in the eyes of all her male family members in the room with her as continued blowing his dirty cock. She really getting off on being such a depraved little slut, letting her gross uncle fuck her in the ass and then sucking his cock clean.

Seeing the lust and hunger in the masked woman’s purple eyes, Brian ignored his own internal warning alarms as he held firmly onto the back of Anna’s head. Thrusting his hips he started fucking her mouth, pushing in until he felt his dirty cock brush against the back of her mouth before pulling back. When just the head of his cock was still in her mouth, the overweight man paused and let Anna suck on the head and swirl her tongue around the crown before pushing back in.

"Awhh...keep going," Brian demanded after another long minute of silence, apart from constantly groaning.

The gorgeous 35-year old actress didn't need the advice when it came to blowjobs so she merely smirked at her horny uncle. Anna pulled her mouth from his dick, now slick with her saliva with no more traces of her ass on it and used her hand to feverishly beat his meat. She did this so that she could use her tongue to help corral his heavy sack to bring it into her mouth all while her body was pitched back and forth from the relentless fucking befind her.

Anna took turns taking each nut into her mouth and giving it proper attention before she turned her oral affection back to something more solid. After all,she recognized the noises and lack of coordination in the large man’s movements, meaning that continuing with this quick and dirty blowjob would soon finish him. She moved half of his pole between her lips while stroking the other half. Using her free hand to massage his sack again, she could hear how much he appreciated what she was doing.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Here it comes,” Brian groaned, his hand tightening on her head.

Anna was thankful for the warning or else his first blast of super salty, repulsive cum could have made her gag. However, when the first spurt splashed against the roof of her mouth and dripped onto her tongue she was able to compose herself and not throw up from the horrible taste, instead swallowing it down. She did likewise with the following 4 squirts, each one less than the preceding one until her grotesque uncle was fully exhausted and moved off the bed to collapse in an armchair in the corner.

“1 down, 7 to go,” John offered his commentary.

With her uncle out of the way, the men took the chance to resume normal behavior. Luckily for Anna, both her years of copious amounts of sex and her training before coming here tonight with the massive butt plug had prepared her well. Which was good because these Kendrick men were determined to tear her anal ring apart if they had their way. Because the 7 men could take turns on her, it meant that they could go all out then take a break and back down from their pending climax, making them always be fresh.

With the constant cycling of men moving in and out of her pussy, asshole and mouth, Anna lost track of time. She lost track of a lot of things actually. For instance, she knew that she came at least once more, but it could have been 2 or 3 times. However, there was nothing quite like an urgent man’s tone and being tossed to the end of a bed to snap Anna back into reality.

“Open up,” a man urgently demanded.

Flat on her back, Anna did as she was told and parted her lips in a wide O. A dick was instantly placed on her tongue, a hand still rapidly beating the bottom several inches. Anna didn’t know what it said about her but she knew that the size, thickness and amount of small veins meant that the dick belonged to her criminal cousin Daniel. Sure enough, a quick peek up and her eyes confirmed that indeed, it was the man she presumed.

Her thoughts about her cousin’s dick in her mouth ended there as his tip started to spew the custard she had earned via her tight holes and being able to take a hard pounding despite her lithe build. His cum was saltier than her gross uncle’s, yet it lacked the slimy disgusting taste that the 60 year old man’s jizz tasted of. Therefore Anna was happy to collect his spunk in her mouth, bathing her taste buds in his thick seed before swallowing down every last drop.

“Turn,” a familiar voice instructed the large-breasted woman.

Anna didn’t question, she only acted by turning her head in the direction of the order. The masked woman’s eyes were still closed, not wanting to take a stray rope of jizz to the eye and have it burn. However, John, who was the man who had spoken, had other plans in mind. With top accuracy given the fact Anna’s open mouth was a moving target due to her own father hammering down into her pussy, John took aim and fired.

Anna was unfazed initially as a splash of warm fluid squirted into her mouth. It took her brain a second to realize that the salty, thick goo she expected was instead very watery and acidic. Opening her eyes, she was right in time to view as John’s slit on the head of his flaccid cock opened and a thin stream of pale amber fluid came flowing out in an arch, headed to her outstretched tongue and open mouth. Despite the surprise watersport, Anna was composed enough to let the tall man completely fill her mouth with his urine before she had to close her lips, taking the end of the stream onto her mouth and cheek before he stopped peeing on her.

“Swallow that down you piss guzzling whore,” John spat.

Once more, the men watched in astonishment as Anna opened her throat and swallowed the mouthful of piss without complaint. It took her 2 attempts to get it all down, but she accomplished the task the Hollywood actor gave her, even smiling in satisfaction afterwards.

“Holy fuck! He just pissed in her mouth,” Mikey commented, simply astonished.

“And she liked it,” Anna’s brother added in amazement.

“So hot. Needa cum,” Steven, the youngest of the group announced.

Having cleared a path for the slender man to get to Anna’s face, Steven stood right overtop of her as her head rested on the end of the bed. Anna only had to open her mouth and the man almost 15 years her junior did the rest. Steven was her least favorite cousin, but as his cum shot into her mouth and she eat it down just as fast as he produced it, she had to admit his cum tasted the best so far. She wasn’t sure if the fact that warm piss had been the last thing in her mouth had made the jizz taste better or not though.

If Anna thought things were going to slow down now that the cum train was in motion than she was a little premature. Instead, she was ripped up from the comfort of the mattress by her favorite cousin, Scott. Rather than being pushed back down, Anna was surprised when she was hoisted up into the air as Scott and his brother Mikey worked in tandem to lift Anna off her feet with her meat of their brother sandwich. It took her a moment to get her bearings but now she realized that her slender legs were wrapped around Scott’s muscular waist with his arms wrapped under her thighs and hands gripping her firm cheeks. Mikey was still behind her thrusting into her ass but now his hands were gripped tightly onto her womanly hips using them to both hold her suspended in the air and aid to drive inside her.

“Oh shit oh shit oh shit! I’m gonna cum,” Anna screamed as she gushed all over Scott’s dick despite cumming less than 10 minutes ago.

It was her most powerful orgasm of the night for the redhead and after she screamed loud enough to puncture both men’s eardrums her lithe body went limp. The result was that both her pussy and backdoor loosened significantly, allowing the horny men to pound into her even harder. The change in position also allowed both men to thrust inside her at the same time as they merely drop her down a foot so she took both cocks balls-deep at the same moment.

Of course, Anna wasn’t the only one deriving great pleasure from the double fucking. Having their cocks separated by only a thin barrier between the redhead’s pussy and rectum meant both men’s tools were grinding against one another. This just added to the amazing sensation of the busty girl’s holes squeezing them tightly for the past while as they fucked her at the same time. In fact both men hadn’t come since they started their tryst an hour ago and they were both well due.

“Need to fucking cum,” Mikey panted from behind the sexy woman.

“You and me both, bro,” Scott added.

They each did a few last thrusts into the skinny girl’s body before they pulled out, rolling Anna to the mattress as both their cocks flopped free of her holes. As soon as she was free of their nearly 2 feet combined of flesh, Anna promptly got off the bed, at which point she lowered herself to kneeling on the ground.

Hearing one of her cousins moaning louder than the other, Anna faced the smaller of the two brothers, Mikey. It was the right call as the large-breasted woman was just in time to see the mild-mannered Scott stroking himself. After one or two pumps with his fist, Scott took aim and shot his load towards her waiting mouth. With lips already parted and ready for his gooey reward, Anna caught every last drop of his salt load and swallowed it down gleefully. For what seemed like the umpteenth time that night, the masked actress took a cock coated thick in her ass juice back into her mouth and proceeded to enjoy the mixture of his cum and her ass on her taste buds.

“Yum,” the tiring sex pot cooed.

Unbeknown to her, the little bastard Mikey was also ready to bust a nut so he moved around to her side quickly, just in time to erupt a typhoon of cum right onto her supermodel-like face. He watched as Anna swallowed down his brother’s spunk then went to give him some post-sex head, even though his cock was straight out of her own asshole. Ready to explode, Mikey couldn’t hold out any longer and released his thick strands of cum onto her unsuspecting face. She was caught off guard as the first salty streak of semen pasted her cheek and nose before she turned to face him. Unable to direct it into her mouth, the second and third strands landed on her forehead and began running down her face with the rest of his load draining into her mouth and small dribbles onto her chin.

“I’m close too,” her brother Michael commented.

“Me as well, son,” their father William added.

“Not yet,” Anna demanded, only remembering at the last moment to disguise her voice in an accent. “I have a special place for you two.”

The two men warned the sexy masked woman to be quick about it so Anna organized them fast, getting her brother flat on his back before joining him. She turned around and sat down on his dick, yet another cock piercing her backdoor that night. Anna no longer winced as her asshole was forced open, instead launched into a dozen bounces along his shaft before settling backwards and beaconing her father forward.

“Come on boys, give it to me,” Anna purred.

“Let’s give her hell, son,” William smiled down at his son as he entered the woman’s cunt.

“Yes sir,” Michael agreed with his own grin.

Anna knew that her beloved father and brother didn’t have long to go before they came, which was why she wanted them inside her. She loved the two men and since she had already broken the taboo about fucking her family members, she figured she’d go all in and let her father fill her womb while her brother got the honors of delivering her an anl creampie.

“Harder,” Anna urged, her large tits swaying faster and faster from her father’s thrusting.

“Gonna pop if I keep going like this,” William warned his masked daughter.

“Then fill my pussy up,” Anna cooed. “You close too, aren’t you, big guy?”

“Ugh! Any second,” Michael grunted without missing a beat as his hips raised off the mattress to spear his dick up into his sister’s asshole.

“Cum for me! Give my ass and snatch your seed. Do it! Cum for me!” Anna begged, rocking her lithe body as much as her pinned position allowed.

“Awh fuck!” William howled from above the disguised actress.

“God damn! Ugh!” Michael grunted, thrusting upwards one last time.

Anna felt her families strokes grow more and more erratic until finally they pushed deep into her pussy and ass, respectively. Moments later, the talented actress felt twin streaks of cum plastering her from all angles. She didn’t know if your brother’s youthful streams fo cum painting her rectum’s walls or her father’s copious jizz strings pasting her womb felt better, so she was happy she had both simultaneously.

“Wow! Very good,” John told the disguised girl. “Ain’t that right men?”


“My thoughts exactly.”

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Re: Winning At All Costs (Anna Kendrick)
« Reply #5 on: May 22, 2020, 07:26:17 AM »
Title: Winning At All Costs Part 4
Author: The Chemist
Celebrities: Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski
Codes: MF, Anal, Oral, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski, nor am I associated with them in any way

Summary: John’s last act in charge of Anna Kendrick is gifting her to her worst nightmare - her own Uncle Brian

***1) This chapter is the raunchiest yet so be advised. There is a golden shower, watersport, dirty A2M (minor scat play)***

***2) Big thanks to FenderDiesel for his input

“Heyoo John! I take it you have my last punishment,” Anna spoke into her phone.

“How soon can you make yourself available,” John replied.

“Oh I’m doing fine, John. Thanks for asking!” the pint-sized actress quipped into the phone due to his down-to-business approach.

“Just answer the damn question. Need you for maybe 4 hours,” John retorted.

“Fine. Um...tomorrow I start shooting at sunrise, do an hour then nothing until sunset. Add in hair and make-up...I have a good 6 hours tomorrow afternoon.” Anna explained after consulting her schedule.

“Good. Text me where and when I can meet you,” John explained.

“Yes sir. But just to confirm, this is my third and final request?”

“Yes.” John answered.

“Any other hints? What can I expect?” Anna asked, somehow both excited and nervous.

“Just bring your usual pep,” he replied before hanging up.

*   *   *

Anna had to wake the next morning at an unGodly hour due to the director of her latest project. Luckily, the pint-sized actress had done a lot of her prep for John’s last assignment last night. She was freshly showered, smelling and looking great as a result. And of course she had made sure she was shaved hairless from the neck down. Given her slight frame and pretty pussy, Anna thought she looked best with a bald cunt and many of her partners agreed wholeheartedly with her. She didn’t have to worry about hair and make-up since that would be taken care of on set, so all Anna had to do was pack what she would where to see John. Oh, and go to her massive collection of sex toys, select her favorite butt plug that was both wide and comfortable, and then shoved it up her asshole.

An hour of hair, make up and wardrobe and finally Anna could start her shoot. The director loved using the natural light so these early mornings and late day shoots were the norm. Anna completed her handful of scenes and things moved smoothly. The petite star didn’t flub a single line with the thought of being free of John apparently a powerful motivator. That meant she finished her morning shoot a good 30 minutes early. Walking quickly back to her trailer, she changed out of her simple shirt and jeans she wore for her movie and slipped on the sexy little black dress she brought with her. Stepping into her matching high heels, Ana checked herself out in the mirror, confirming she looked like her amazing self, then picked up her phone to text John she was ready.

“That was fast,” Anna said through the window as John pulled up to the corner of the lot she waited on.

“Down for a good time,” he made the easy prostitute joke.

“Why else would I have skipped the panties,” Anna replied, turning around and quickly flashing the man a brief glimpse of her petite but bubbly ass.

“Adorable as ever,” John retorted before getting back to business. “Get in.”

“Sure thing, boss,” Anna said, swinging into the car before John shifted in gear and peeled off.

They drove through some streets before John got on the highway heading for downtown. Anna had no idea where they were going, nor was John forthcoming with any details. Looking around, Anna saw some video equipment in his backseat, but that wasn’t a surprise at all. After all, the older man had been recording their two earlier encounters. It was a little nerve-wracking at first when he filmed her in a gloryhole blowbang with a bunch of gross homeless men. These emotions were even more stressed when he acted as cameraman while she was gangbanged by 7 members of her own family including her own brother and father, despite the fact she had a mask on with hair lightened and contact lenses changed her eye color.

“Hey! I know that bakery. Make some decent samosas,” Anna commented as they continued down the road. “Where exactly are we going?”

“You’ll see,” John replied with a smile that could only be described as sinister.

Another 2 minutes and the pair were pulling into the underground parking of an apartment complex Anna had definitely visited before. It had been a long time so the memory was only at the fringes of her mind though. She and her master exited their car and walked towards the central column where they boarded the empty elevator and rode up 10 floors. It wasn’t until they exited the lift and made their way down the hallway did the location of where they were clicked.

“This place. It’s right at the edge of my memory,” Anna said, her feminine face pinched in concentration. “Where are we. Seriously.”

“Come in and see if that helps trigger your memory,” John grinned, pushing up the door.

Anna wished she was the type that wore a fitness tracker solely so she could know how fast her heart was beating because it felt like it was about to thud right out of her chest. A mix of nerves, excitement and fear swelled in her brain as she stepped across the threshold into what could only be described as a messy apartment. To her left was a tiny kitchen complete with a stovetop decorated in stains and a sink full of dirty dishes. To her right was a bathroom with a foul odor coming from it, clearly used recently, and a closed door which could only be the lone bedroom in the place.

In the small and rather unkempt living room, John was fiddling with the TV before he had a seat. Looking over at the slightly distressed actress, he beckoned her over by patting the empty spot beside him. Anna felt like John was going to ask her to please him in this disgusting room and due to the excitement of being used by her master, she felt her pussy moisten out of reflex. With her gaze solely locked on his crouch and the dick beneath his pants, Anna was preparing to have him in her mouth ASAP, but John had other plans.

“Let’s have a stroll down memory lane, shall we?” John commented, flicking the TV on and hitting play. “Ah! Where it all began. When you cheated to win the little lip sync battle.”

“Not my finest hour,” Anna replied, cheeks flushing. “Had to sleep with three of the production staffers just to pull off the win. And you still found out.”

“Which brought us to the first of your three punishments.” John explained as he hit next and was brought to a much different scene, this taken on the camcorder he brought with him today. “The little blowbang I set up in the downtown sex shop.”

“Oh God. So much drinking of hobo cum,” Anna’s face distorted in a look of disgust, yet between her legs was a dampening pussy.

“What was it? 12 money shots down the gullet?” he asked as the pair watched the gloryhole action from that night a month ago.

“A baker’s dozen actually,” Anna corrected. “And one of those greaseballs pissed on the back of my head. Had the smell of urine in my hair for a week. Hairdresser totally knew I had a golden shower.”

“Then challenge 2. Oh how devious I can be when aggrieved,” John hissed.

“Making me...fuck members of my own family,” Anna recapped, watching as her on-screen self was getting fucked in the ass by a cousin while she took turns sucking off her dad and brother.

“They never would have done it if they knew it was you,” he commented. “Which was why the mask was key.”

“Even with the mask, hair color change, some freckles and making my eyes look a different color, I was petrified they would find out,” Anna remarked.

“Well you’re performance didn’t reflect that fear. Occupying 7 men and not once being overwhelmed is a true feat.” John complimented. “I mean, look at you getting double fucked on the bed while still smoking another family member’s pole with your mouth and jacking off two more in each hand! Breathtaking.”

“Aww, John! You really know how to make a girl blush,” the petite girl flirted with the married man.

John liked the younger woman’s spirit, but the whole point of this last encounter was to remind Anna of her place. She wasn’t his equal, she wasn’t his mistress even. She was his plaything, his cum rag when he wanted her and nothing more. Anna could sense the storm clouds coming over his mood and got a little frightened. He was never over physically with her. Sure there was ass spanking, hair pulling and some light choking, but he seemed upset now. However, a scene change on the TV made his expression lighten, as it depicted one of the numerous times Anna fucked John for no cost. In this particular time, John was holding the camera while Anna and her bouncing twins rode the tall man for all he was worth.

“Now, going back to your earlier comment, one of your family members did find out,” John commented, his dark eyes turning to gaze at the petite actress.

With those words, pieces were starting to click into place. The bakery on the corner wasn’t from recent memory, but from nearly 25 years ago when she came this way often as a teenager. John continued to talk but Anna wasn’t paying attention as she continued to scan the apartment and make partial connections. A wingback chair sat against the wall she remembered gifting to...someone for Christmas. A familiar smile underneath the room’s bad odor that reminded her of...

“Come on in,” John shouted. It was just loud enough that it broke Anna’s haze though she finally recognized where she was.

“John! No. Please,” Anna practically begged as she sat in room 1026, her least favorite person’s apartment.

“This is your final hurdle, babe. This one last act and then freedom,” John calmed her, stroking her hair as he spoke.

“God! I'll never get used to how pretty those tits look." Anna’s uncle Brian spoke as he emerged from the bedroom and gazed at the TV before looking over at his niece. “Welcome back, Anna.”

“Meet your third and final act, sweetie. I believe you two know each other,” John grinned wickedly.

“Oh God,” Anna muttered, hating her luck.

"He was very happy to find out who that pretty girl was under the mask and offered to watch over you and all these naughty videos we made.” John continued. “Brian will be making sure you don't cheat poor trusting guys like me again."

“I should have known it was you,” her uncle continued. “How many times have I looked down your top and imagined those tits! And there they were! I had them in my hands, sucking on those little nipples and didn’t realize they were yours!”

“Please John,” Anna whined, reverting back to a child.

“I’m so sorry uncle Brian. I’m just gonna have a private word with Tits McGee here and after that she should be more agreeable.” John apologized.

John rose from the sofa and clutched Anna’s upper arm before jerking her to her feet. Given the fact she had her by nearly 100 pounds, Anna practically flew to her high heeled feet before John all but dragged her into the disgusting excuse of a kitchen. Leaning down so he could practically hiss into her ear, John lowered his voice to a stern whisper. “Change your attitude right now. I get that this is probably hard for you, but what’s another bout of incest for you? I mean, have you, or have you not fucked your own father?”

“I have,” Anna practically deflated.

“So big deal that this is another family member. Hell, you’ve fucked him already, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” the actress nodded.

“Say it,” John prodded.

“I fucked my uncle,” Anna stated.


“And I fucked my cousins. And my dad. And I’m a brother fucker,” Anna shared, growing louder.

“Better. Now, I want you to summon that decent amount of acting talent, exit the apartment and come back once you are prepared,” John ordered. “And Anna...don’t fuck this up.”

John left the kitchen, leaving the petite woman behind to center herself or whatever bullshit she needed to do to get ready. As he went for his camcorder and turned it on, John couldn’t help but smile about how manipulative he could be. After all, he made this seemingly normal and grounded woman stoop to such depraved levels all in the name of what? Honesty? Her reputation? Pride? The sound of the closing door snapped him out of his thoughts as Anna left the apartment.

“What the fuck, man!” Brian complained having seen his hot niece stride from his home.

“Give it a second,” John calmed him before there was a knock on the door. “See. I think it’s for you.”

With a mighty groan, the man tipping the scales at nearly 300 pounds staggered to his feet. Luckily the apartment was rather small or else he’d have been sweating more than he already was by the time he lumbered to the front door. Curious as to what mood would greet him on the other side of the door, Brian turned the knob and pulled it open.

“Hi big boy,” Anna cooed in the most sultry tone Brian had ever heard.

“Anna?!” the rotund man stated, a mix of confusion and arousal.

Standing in his doorway with her arm up on the doorframe so she could lean her petite frame against it was his niece. Except, this version of Anna Kendrick was nothing like the one that was moping and sulking about in his apartment a minute ago. Instead, here was the movie star known for her flirty attitude, flashing her big blue eyes and positioning her body in such a way that her already stunning cleavage was even more eye-catching.

“Can I come in? I figure what you have in store for little ol me might be a little too risque to perform in a hallway,” Anna purred.

For the first time in his life her uncle Brian couldn’t find the words to speak, his tongue feeling too big for his mouth. Instead, the large man simply stepped out of the way and allowed his niece to saunter her slender yet curvy body inside. She stopped about 6 feet inside where John was waiting with the camera. Starting down at the floor, the handsome man scanned up from her black high heels, up her thin yet long legs given her petite size. Her little black dress started above her mid thigh, in fact from Brian’s position behind her, he could confirm it barely came lower than the curve of her small but bubbly caboose. John continued panning upwards over her flat stomach until reaching her top asset; her large perfect tits. Poems could have been written about their round nature, how they defied physiques with their sagless nature. Hell, even the freckle on the inside of her left breast made them even more memorable in the best way.

“You, um, look great,” Brian commented, Anna turning back to face him instead of the camera.

“And you haven’t even seen me naked,” the petite actress replied to her stunned uncle.

It seemed that the mention of Anna naked was what Brian needed to snap him out of his stupor. Following in his niece’s path, the large man came up from behind her and wrapped an arm around her narrow waist. Anna felt his girthy stomach against her back and did amazing to repress the shudder of disgust she wanted to perform. Instead, she used her dance training to skillfully twist in his grasp so she was facing him. Brain was impressed by the smooth move but wanted to remind his niece where she was and who was in charge. He brought his hand up to Anna’s throat and applied minimal pressure, not enough to threaten cutting off her air but it showed the commanding hand he had on her both literally and figuratively.

“Speaking of naked...” uncle Brian commented.

Brian used the hand that had been choking Anna and trailed it down her cleavage until he scoped out one of her tits from her low cut dress. Giving it a firm squeeze and the nipple a hearty pinch, he held it just long enough to get a yelp from his niece, though she disguised it cleverly with a smile and giggle. Transferring down from large tit to the other, Anna was worried he’d tear her favorite little black dress as he scooped out her other breast and gave to the same firm treatment.

“May I?” Anna asked, her hands down at the hem of her dress.

A grunt was her reply so Anna pulled the dress from the bottom upwards, freeing herself of the only clothing she was wearing, minus her black heels. She felt her uncle’s hand closing around her jaw and face but she controlled the situation by opening her mouth and steering his thumb inside for her to give a mock blowjob to. Swirling her tongue around the thick digit, her cheeks hollowed from the suction before she started bobbing her head. As her lips glided along the skin, Anna made eye contact with the sneering man the whole time.

“Clearly you have an oral fixation. Remind me how good you are,” Brian demanded.

Anna continued bobbing on his thumb another pass or two before using her hands on his thick gut to help lower herself to the ground. Once kneeling, Anna had to shuffle slightly to swipe away whatever garbage she had pressed her knee on top of. With her hands already on his stomach she only had to lower them a little more until she was working his belt, having it undone in mere moments. Clearly her lazy uncle wasn’t going to help her so Anna took care of his pants before using her arms to pull down his pants to his knees. As his cock came into view, her eyes were torn away from it as her uncle used the hand on her head to clutch her hair and pull it back sharply, forcing Anna to look her beautiful big blue eyes up at him, and John’s camera as it hovered over his shoulder.

“You’re gonna suck me off like the perfect little cocksucker you showed you were last month in that hotel room,” uncle Brian told her. “You remember that night, right? You sucked off me, your daddy, your wimpy little brother.”

“I remember,” Anna did her best to nod despite the hand yanking her head back. “And that night I was distracted by having to pleasure 7 other men while I blew you. Not to mention it was my first taste of incest. Imagine how good I’ll be tonight.”

Anna realized that the answer was to her uncle’s satisfaction as the tension on her hair eased and she was allowed to get with the blowjob. Breaking eye contact with him, Anna found his dick was already fully erect and of the same thick slab of meat she remembered from the family gangbang not long ago. Though not terribly long, it was still above average measuring in at 6 inches. However, it was his girth that made it impressive, while the slight upwards hook made it slightly more memorable as well.

Anna wanted to get the encounter, her last of John’s three wishes, off to a stellar start. Though her uncle’s hand was still on the top of her head with his fist balling her hair, he was allowing the kneeling woman control. Anna used that control to open her mouth wide as she moved closer to his lap. She heard a moan from her uncle as she took the first half of his dick into her mouth, her lips closing around his shaft and engulfing him in her moist heat. However, Anna had no intention of stopping, continuing her forward momentum until her lips were wrapped around the very base of his thick cock, her nose pressed in his long, greasy pubic hair and the head of his dick already in her throat.

“Oh fuck Anna,” Brian grunted at the deep throating technique his niece used from the start.

Getting control of things again, Brain used his handhold in her long auburn hair to pull his dick from his niece’s throat. Anna had already showed off her gift of being able to take his whole dick in her mouth so he had no problem with face fucking her. He would have jumped at the chance to do this with anyone, but with this particular redhead made it all the better. With her blue eyes trained up at his, Brian pulled his niece towards him until he felt her nose touch his lower portion of his abdomen. The feel of her lips gliding around the very base of his dick was beyond words and after taking a moment to marvel in the occasion he retreated her along his length until only his tip remained in her mouth.

With each successive bob along the entirety of his length, Brian’s grip in her hair lessened until after the 5th face fucking it dropped down altogether. At this point, Anna was well aware of the rapid pace her uncle was looking for in his blowjob and was more than willing to do so. Though her face was delicate and adorable, it flew along his length with little regard for the bash her nose took against his bulbous stomach with every thrust into him. Brain’s hand finally came back into play as he arrested Anna’s bobbing with his entire cock in her mouth and throat, holding her face firmly against his belly and savored the feeling.

“Gwwwkkkk….kkllluukkk,” Anna began to choke, her eyes going slightly red and misty.

Brian of course broke his grip. He didn’t want to strangle his hottest niece with his dick lodged in her throat, only to slow her down. With a talented mouth like Anna’s, her uncle was sure she milked countless men way too fast by doing exactly what she was performing on him currently. Brian was prepared though from the gangbang, so he was aware to slow things down with the beautiful actress, thus holding his dick in her gullet for a 6 count. After that he relented the grip on her head and allowed Anna to take control of her blowjob again, which meant she rocketed her mouth up and down the whole length of his curved dick. Another dozen bobs were performed, each time his cockhead entered Anna’s throat and by the 13th Brian pulled her face towards him and buried himself in her throat for a lengthy spell. After each time this series was performed, a lot of Anna’s saliva was produced, a good deal staying in stringy layers on his manhood but more than a decent amount cascaded down Anna’s chin and onto her perfect tits.

“Here. You must be running low,” Brian called down to his dick-sucking niece.

Anna had a good idea of what her depraved uncle meant by his comment and sure enough the cock hungry girl was proved correct. His hand in her hair tilted the actress’ head backwards until she was staring up at his face which was leaning down over her. Seeing his lips pucker and cheeks hollow, Anna opened her mouth wide and allowed her gross uncle to spit a wad of his tobacco-tinged saliva right onto her tongue. Anna swallowed down his spit before her head was steered back to his dripping wet dick for more of her top notch cock sucking. Of course Anna didn’t hesitate for a second, using her oral skill to bob along his entire length at a pace that could only be described as neck breaking. However, her uncle let her go for more than a dozen bobs, giving Anna the impression she may have worn him down enough for him to cum and end this. This gave her renewed energy and somehow her dick sucking got even faster as she repetitively slammed her face into his got and had his thick cock enter her throat. Alas, he had other plans.

“Balls. Don’t forget about my balls,” he sneered down at his obedient niece.

His hand transferred from resting on Anna’s head to gripping his cock, which was completely covered in her spit. Tilting the slippery shaft upwards, between this and Anna sliding her adorable ass backwards to get lower, it allowed her access to the two nuts below. Initially, Anna gave each of the balls a quick suck and tongue move but she wasn’t done with them by far. This time she latched her lips around the first nut and applied suction as her tongue skillfully glided along the bottom curve to massage it. Of course the strong flavor of sweat, both old and new, flooded her taste buds, but Anna was a professional and blocked that disgust from showing on her face. Instead, she smiled with her eyes as she maintained gazes with the standing man until his passions proved too high and he pulled her mouth from his sack so he could face fuck the 35 year old beauty once more.

“Glllkkk gllkkkk ggwwwwkkkk,” Anna coughed and sputtered as her uncle held the sides of her head and thrust his dick over and over down her throat.

This time when he pulled her lips from his cock Anna knew where to go and what to do. Lowering herself beneath his cock, she trapped the second of his balls with her mouth and gave it the same treatment she gave the other one moments ago. Once more her taste buds tingled in disgust but the actress blocked that out as she sucked on the round nut for a good half minute before unlatching her lips and finding his dick once again for more skull fucking.

“Oh! We’re going to have such fun,” Brian cooed, pushing her off his cock once again as she built him up towards his climax.

This time he reached down and massaged her round tits, smearing her spit into the skin to make them slippery and glisten in the light. Anna had used her arms to lean against, planting her palms back behind her from stopping being pushed to the ground completely. Brian used this to his advantage by stepping closer to his niece. At first he held his cock out of the way so he could grind his nut sack on her mouth and face, Anna obliged by extending her tongue and lapping at the sack as it went by. With her lips parted, Brian steered his dick back inside, using her throat for pleasure but this time with her arms out of the way having to support herself. Initially Anna thought he’d go all out with her unable to stop him, but instead her uncle went slow. Being the pro she was, Anna kept her glassy eyes that were leaking a little stuck to his gaze, maintaining eye contact as her lips would glide along his length, her throat holding his meat pole inside for a half-dozen seconds before it was slowly removed. This was followed by 3 hard, fast strokes into Anna’s mouth before he reverted back to the slow, almost romantic deep throating once more.

“Ah fuck it,” Brian rumbled from above after the countless time plunging the depths of her throat. “Need to cum.”

“Mmmm yes,” Anna practically purred her satisfaction.

“You want my cum?”

“I want your cum all over my pretty face,” the Pitch Perfect star demanded, making her point by smearing his spit-covered dick all across her cheeks, nose and forehead before returning to sucking on him.

Brian would have no trouble giving in to that request, especially after her deep throating, face fucking display. Well, it also made his choice easier knowing for a fact that John promised him Anna for as long as he wanted today, which made him thankful for pharmaceutical interventions that would allow him to pump and dump load after load for that period of time. As his famous niece bobbed on his length once more, doing her absolute best to milk him of his cum, he knew he was seconds away from cumming so he stepped back and took control of his own manhood.

“Beg your favorite uncle for his jizz,” slowing down his beating off as she waited with her mouth open and tongue out.

“Please uncle Brian…”

She was cut off as the first cum streak propelled itself from his tip and across Anna’s face, hitting her in the nose all the way up to the forehead. The second streak hit the same target then Brian decided to paint another area of her pretty face. The next one splattered into her closed left eye while the fourth jet hit the side of his niece’s head and nestled into her hair. The last remaining squirts didn’t have the same quantity as the earlier ones, but there was still enough left to coat the rest of her adorable face, including a few drops actually in her mouth.

“Well done, big man,” John commented, having caught all the action on his camera before addressing the still kneeling girl. “And you. What a Goddamn masterclass of oral sex.”

“Thanks,” Anna replied before making a move to get up. Obviously her uncle had other thoughts.

“Come,” he interrupted her thoughts. “On your knees.”

The movie star went to stand and follow where he was going, likely his bedroom since it was the only room over to that side of his apartment aside from his bathroom. Obviously he wanted to demonstrate his power over her further so Anna rolled from petite ass and onto her hands and knees. With cum still streaked all across her face and even in her hair, not to mention tainting her mouth, the one-time Oscar nominee crawled on the heels of her despicable uncle who led her by holding her hair as if it was a leash and she was his bitch.

“In here,” uncle Brian steered her towards the right.

Anna was going to question his order as her knees went from treading on the soft albeit dirty carpet and onto harder tile. If she was hoping for a cleaner surface than she was sadly mistaken as the laminate flooring was discolored with what Anna guessed was rust and old piss stains. Steering her and further until she was crawling through the glass shower door and came to rest in the shower, sitting on her bubbly booty with her facing out towards the door where her uncle’s hulking figure stood staring down at her. Though the actress hoped he brought her here for her to shower off the cum plastered on her feminine face, Anna had a feeling her uncle was thinking of a totally different type of shower for her.

“Here. Hold this,” Brian said as he passed Anna an empty glass beer mug. “I assume you can gleam what I want you to do with it.”

Anna’s eyes looked from his flaccid cock before flashing back up to his eyes where she inhaled a quick intake of breath to help steady herself for the task at hand. Feeling calm and centered, she nodded her head. Moments ago the storm in her mind was screaming to fuck this and get the hell out of dodge, but the actress truly was talented. With a smile and what could only be described as pleading portrayed in her eyes, she looked up at her uncle and practically begged him to use her as his personal urinal.

Brian smiled brightly at the sight of the strong willed woman slumping in defeat seated in shower before him. He had to fight his initial urge to get hard once again since he needed to remain flaccid in order for it to work. Feeling the pressure building deep in his bladder, the horrible man found that the tunnel was now unblocked and soon felt the familiar surge of pressure flowing up the hose. Anna had her eyes open until she saw the first small squirt of golden fluid leave his tip, at which point she promptly closed them tightly. It didn't stop her from feeling the warm splash on her flat stomach as the stream started to build up the needed pressure. Brian pushed a little harder and soon was able to produce a steady stream of thin urine that splashed onto the Oscar nominee’s fantastic chest, getting both her perky tits wet.

“Keep your mouth open,” this time it was John instructing the petite woman as he noted her reluctance for a split second.

Anna found that she snapped to his order and not only tried parting her lips further, but stuck out her tongue to act as an even bigger landing pad. She didn’t even entertain the idea anymore of fighting this from happening, especially since this wasn’t her first golden shower. Even in the last month, she’d had a man pee on her hair and back, as well as one of her family members during the gangbang pissed in her open mouth when she thought it would be a cumshot. Knowing what to expect, Anna focused only on the good. She found that the warm piss was actually a little sensual as it bathed her skin and the smell wafting up from it wasn't revolting or even that odorous, especially compared to the homeless man who drenched her during the gloryhole.

John holding the camera watched on as the hulking uncle aimed his arching stream higher. Soon the steady current stopped pouring onto Anna’s breasts, continued up her neck before he unloaded onto her face. Most of the flow was restricted to her mouth but after a few seconds he would shoot a little higher and wet the rest of her face and some of her auburn-colored hair with his piss and allow her a moment to breathe. Though there was no chance for her to catch a lot of his piss in her mouth, literally only a mouthful, the majority of the yellow stream poured either off her face or spilled out from between her lips and was collected into the rapidly filling beer mug.

"I'm very turned on right now," John said aloud at the sight of the beautiful actress covered in urine.

“Swallow what you have, sweetie,” her uncle said nicely but with a little steel.

At times Anna wished she didn’t know what pee tasted like but she had drank the yellow stuff too many times for that to be a reality. Though there was no piss that tasted good, surprisingly her uncle’s only tasted bad and not putrid. Sadly, that was a positive, especially considering how raunchy his jizz was. Banishing the flavor from her mind, Anna summoned her bravado even if it was false, and gulped down her mouthful of urine courtesy of her uncle. Is with the dozen other times she drank either her own or her partner’s piss, the warm fluid was a little gross going down, causing Anna to scrunch her adorable face before regaining composure.

“There’s a good piss guzzling whore,” uncle Brian commented, looking down at her.

She looked up at him and found his eyes glancing down to his cock, then to her, then back down. Anna got the hint, realizing the older man wanted him to suck him off after he just ended his stream of piss. Anna opened her mouth and leaned forward, getting the first half of his dick in her wet mouth once more. And that was when her devious uncle pissed directly down her throat, surprising his niece who did nicely not to gag and spit it all up over herself. Instead, Anna showed enough composure to quickly swallow the pee in her mouth before backing away and letting her uncle deliver a golden shower all over her face. The positive to having her uncle pee on her face was that it washed away his briny load of jizz which was shot onto her a few minutes before this humiliation.

“I’m all out now darling,” Brian confessed. “But I know for a fact from all our family reunions and gatherings that you can chug beers. Why don’t you do likewise with my piss in that mug.”

Anna treated the overflowing mug of piss in her hands as warm beer, which was to say it was important to get it down the hatch as fast as possible. A glass this size was too big for one long pull so Anna placed the rim against her lips then tilted it back in a steady tip. Being one of Hollywood’s foremost party girls, Anna knew to open her throat and just pour the beer, or in this case piss, down. Once about 60% of the glass was drained, Anna had to take a swallow, feeling her face scrunch back up as the full force of flavor hit her. However, she was strong willed enough to power through, especially seeing a glass well under half empty. Sucking in a quick intake of air, Anna tipped the mug back for a second and final pull, draining the yellow fluid in a few seconds before slamming the mug back down in victory.

“Jesus,” John breathed out, impressed.

“Have a quick shower. You smell like rotten piss,” her uncle Brian laughed. “Oh. And I left a little gift for you soaking in the sink. Should be ready after its last use. Don’t say I don’t ever get you anything.”

“Oh God. What fresh horror is this?” Anna wondered silently.

*   *   *

“Good shower?” John asked, camera rolling.

“Building is 100 years old with original pipes. You can probably guess,” Anna replied, looking like a goddess still with her skin glistening from the water and hair still slightly wet.

“How’s my gift fit?” Brian cut in.

Anna’s mood seemed to shift on a dime as she was all smiles and perky personality once more. Rolling onto the balls of her feet, the Oscar nominee used her grace from dance training to rotate around. With her small but bubbly ass facing the men, a small purple string could be seen dangling from her crack. Dropping down onto flat feet for stability, the energetic Anna bent over, placed both hands on her booty and proceeded to pull her cheeks apart. Now both her uncle and John with his recording camera could confirm that the purple cord was indeed coming from her asshole.

“They were large,” Anna confirmed. “Not sure if I should take that as a compliment or an insult.”

“Just seeing you with those beads in your tiny ass has me rock hard,” her uncle grunted as his hand slowly stroked his manhood.

“Oh...wow...thanks,” the adorable actress blushed.

“It’s not gonna fuck itself,” John commented from behind the camera.

Anna shot her master a nasty look before sliding back on her perky mask once more. A flash of her eyes downward revealed that her uncle was indeed sporting a fat erection. He was also still dripping wet in her saliva from her expert blowjob so Anna simply stepped within arms reach of the large man, spun around and bent over. With her knees slightly bent, Anna reached back between her legs. With his cock in her dainty hand, Anna lowered her ass a little further until his cockhead was sliding through her folds before entering her pussy.

“I missed your tight little cunt,” her uncle practically squealed in pleasure.

“Jesus. So full!” Anna cried as she started bobbing her ass up and down.

Though Anna was normally fairly tight down there, well as one could be tight for having had hundreds of partners, thousands of sexual encounters and countless masturbation sessions could be. However, her petite size was real help here. However, the big reason was down to the two massive anal beads currently wedged in her rectum. Between the feeling of fullness from both her holes being stuffed simultaneously and the frictions caused between the beads and dick on her thin member.

Anna wasn’t the only one feeling the beads wedged up her anal cavity. It may have been a muc different experience for dear ol’ uncle Brian, but the beads were well received. Not only did Anna having both holes tighten her pussy up so it was like the tightest hug he could imagine (if said hug was also extremely wet and around one’s cock). Then there was the sensation of the twin spheres rubbing the topside of his dick through her thin membrane separating his pumping cock and the stational anal beads stretching Anna’s colon.

“Jeses Christ this feels great,” the large man cooed from his seated position on his favorite chair.

“Not terrible on my end either,” Anna moaned.

Though she was having to do all the work as she moved her petite butt up and down in his lap, Anna had to admit it truly was feeling good. After what could only be described as a proper skull fucking of a blowjob session when she first got to her’s uncle’s pad, then getting pissed on and pee drinking, getting to fuck was the first thing that felt good. The tiny auburn-haired woman was thus taking advantage. Though his seated position and her having to keep her feet on the ground limited how fast she could ride her fat uncle, Anna made up for that by a combination of a grinding motion as all 6 inches of cock was inside her, combined with the middle finger she almost lazily rummaged through her floods to stimulate her clit.

“Someone’s enjoying herself,” John commented, seeing Anna’s face contorting in pleasure and moans getting louder.

“She likes being used like a 10 dollar whore,” her proud uncle stated, giving her slender ass a hearty spank.

“Just really love cock,” Anna confirmed as her orgasm grew steadily larger.

Whether he did it on purpose to deny her an orgasm, showing off his power over her, or it was just bad luck, but suddenly her uncle Brian pushed her off his lap. Now that her pleasure was halted, Anna could feel the burning sensation in her thighs and the thin sheen of sweat that was building on her body and face, letting her know she had been riding her bubbly ass on her uncle’s cock for a lot longer than she would have thought. As she went to stand straight to her full 5’2 height, Anna’s movement was halted with her uncle clutching her hips.

“I wanna see the beads pulling out of your booty,” her uncle demanded.

“Your wish is my command,” Anna replied, knowing that a protest would fall on deaf ears. Instead, she reached back behind herself to get her hands on her ass cheeks before pulling them apart to make for an easier exit. “Ready when you...ugh! So big!”

To say that the 2 spheres didn’t come out easy was an understatement. However, Brian was both strong and determined. Though initially foiled, with Anna pulling her cheeks apart, Brian pulled on the purple ring that was the only indication she had anything in her booty until he could see her tight sphincter start to expand. Wider and and wider it grew until the faintest hint of a purple ball could be seen inside her. Buoyed by the sight of the largest anal beads the sex store had to offer, Brian continued pulling and watching as his gorgeous niece’s asshole continued to expand and more purple came into view. Of course John was there cancelling all the action as Anna’s asshole stretched to new limits as she helped with the veins in the back of her hand popping but it did the trick. Her sphincter opened to its widest ever opening as a purple sphere with a generous amount of...well, ass juices came popping out from her backdoor.

“Did you use lube,” John asked, noting how discolored the first of two beads looked.

“There wasn’t any. Went in dry. Why?” Anna asked, reaching back behind her and feeling her fingers come away somewhat wet. “Oh.”

“One more,” Brian said, ignoring his niece’s obvious embarrassment.

Anna winced slightly as she asshole started to expand once more as Brain gave the string a steady hard pull. This time the ball came out faster though it was still a struggle. The loosening in the slender woman’s butt obviously helped and with a final heave the second and final ball came free of Anna’s once tight ass. However, Brian wasn’t done with the string of beads. Instead, the disturbed older man spun his niece around and stood up from his chair so he towered over the actress. Holding the string of beads well above her head, Brian clutched a handful of her long auburn hair then pulled it back sharply. With Anna’s head snapped back so her face was pointed up, Brian demanded she open her mouth as he lowered the discolored, clearly soiled beads towards her mouth.

“Please,” Anna all but begged.

“You’re so close to freedom Anna,” John reminded, his camera lens capturing all the action. “What’s one more humiliation to finally be done with all this?”

Apparently Anna saw the sense in his words. With her hair still being pulled back hard, Anna resigned herself to her sad and disgusting fate. With a deep breath through her nose, the Pitch Perfect star parted her lips and opened her lips wide for the humiliating act of sucking the clearly dirty toy that came straight from her asshole. Her uncle Brian obliged, lowering the beads until the first sphere entered Anna’s mouth. How the woman stopped herself from gaging or retching was impressive, though her face screwed up tightly as she was forced to taste the deepest recesses of her butthole.

Yet Anna persevered. Her uncle let her know it was time for the second bead to get cleaned as he rubbed the dirty sphere on her lips, some wetness even getting onto the tip of her nose. Before her uncle could dirty her face even more in her own filth, Anna opened her mouth once more and somehow squirreled away the last bead into her mouth, a massive ball in each side of her mouth. This time Anna did gag but only her back heaved, managing to keep both now sucked cleaned balls in her mouth without being sick.

“Wow,” was all John could say after Brian pulled the beads from Anna’s mouth and tossed them like trash to the floor.

“Oh God! That was...new,” Anna commented. “I know I've rimmed girls and tasted dicks from my own ass before but that was...next level.”

“You really are a perfect slut,” her uncle cooed. “Now I need to fuck your ass until I cum. Than I’m gonna feed you my load right from your poop chute. So you can be excited for that as I sodomy your tiny ass.”

“Yes uncle Brian,” Anna submitted. “Suppose lube is too much for a girl to ask for.”

“Trust me, baby. With how wide your backdoor is hanging open, you won’t be needing any,” John commented.

As John spoke, Anna climbed on the sofa with her arms and face resting on the backrest, her knees on the edge so her delightful ass at crotch height. Of course her horny uncle was already behind her, his hulking form dwarfing her petite frame forcing John to get a side view of the action. With cock in hand, Brian aimed it at the actress’ behind before burying it in her colon balls deep on the first thrust.

“Oh Sweet Mother!” Anna cooed as her uncle floowled the initial thrust with 2 more hot on its heels.

“No sense delaying,” John quipped while capturing the scene.

The large man was hammering his slender niece as though he had somewhere to be and assfucking the tiny woman was a formality. With the much larger man in full control of her petite body, the horny man kept his meaty hands in vice grips on Anna’s hips so that as he shove his cock forward, he was simultaneously pulling his niece backwards. With the much smaller woman being yanked backwards, it meant that he was impaling the large chested woman with as much force as possible.

“And you know that’s not that I wanted to hear.”

“Ugh. Please uncle Brian, fuck my tiny ass with your big cock,” Anna gave in.

“Like you mean it,” he urged with a thunderous spank.

“I want you to fuck my ass,” she said, this time with that slutiness she knew both men wanted. “Ruin my asshole for all others!”

Despite having every reason to be dreading every second of her vicious assfucking, the truth was Anna was finding a way to enjoy it. Sure, it wasn’t the most pleasurable experience, but it was far from torutre. She’d have received so much sodomy that her backdoor instinctively knew to loosen, plus as gross as the anal beads were, they served to prep her asshole excellently. Even now as Anna repeatedly felt his balls thudding against her slit each time he stroked into her booty, the actress felt little twinges of pleasure jolting through her body.

“You like getting your ass fucked this hard?”

“Mmhmm,” Anna grunted before answering truthfully. “Love it.”

Knowing how much she was enjoying herself, despite every reason not to be, uncle Brian continued the punishing, thumping rhythm. Clutching onto her hips tighter, the horny man lengthening his strokes into her butt after having been only using half his shaft as sort of a breather for him. It didn’t take much longer before his stomach tapping against her small but bubbly booty again as his entire pole was sheathed in her tightest of holes.

“Awwhh yes…fuck me,” Anna encouraged in her sultry tone, actually pushing back against him to make him go deeper.

“Fuck…you really are a nasty girl,” her uncle groaned, the thud of his massive stomach against her ass ringing against the walls of the small apartment.

“Who knew fucking your ass was so fun,” John commented. “Well I guess half of Hollywood did.”

With a laugh, Uncle Brian clenched Anna’s hips even tighter, his fingers leaving marks in her soft flesh as he reared back and delivered even harder thrusts. What he lost in speed, the large man more than made up for with sheer power. Despite the anti-skid pads on the bottom of the heavy sofa, his pounding was actually causing the couch to slide forward each time, drawing a grunt from the auburn-haired beauty in the process.

“Ever since the gangbang I dreamed of fucking your ass again,” Brian hissed out, his sweat beading down and landing on his niece’s lower back.

“When I told him it was you, I think he got instantly hard on the spot,” John added as Brian’s stomach made Anna’s booty ripple with each and every thrust.

“And now...ugh...you get to...ahhh...cum in me again,” Anna added between moans.

Mentioning an orgasm to a horny man who had been fucking a sexy woman was a little like running a tap around someone who needed to pee. Anna knew that her uncle must have been getting close to cumming given his labored breathing, the puddle of sweat he was leaving on her back and the way his fucking was becoming increasingly erratic. Knowing what would push him over the edge was her reaching her own climax and the ensuing anal ring spasm. Though his thrusts were getting harder, they were not painful to her, especially with her hand rubbing her clit as furiously as she was doing. Mentally willing herself, Anna was on the verge of cumming.

“Oh my God. Oh shit…so close,” Anna warned before peaking. “Ugghhh, ohhhh. YYEEESSSSSSS!”

Knowing she was on the verge of cumming, Uncle Brian ramped up his speed as he piledrived the Hollywood star while she kneeled on the sofa with her booty in the air. As he heard her launch into her volley of screams in orgasmic pleasure, he was all too aware her asshole was about to spasm tighter than anything he’d ever felt in his life. He was correct of course, as while the gorgeous ginger reached her impossible climax, her sphincter quivered a few times before gripping his dick in a stranglehold. Luckily for the older man, his last few thrusts at unbelievable speeds were enough to reach his own orgasm and it would be seconds until his jizz started flying.

“Oh fuck! OH FUCK,” Brian groaned as he buried himself in her vice-like backdoor.

“Fill me uncle! Cum all in my slutty asshole,” Anna begged, knowing her freedom from her horrible uncle and John was so close.

“Shit! Fuck! Cumming!” Uncle Brian hissed through clenched teeth.

With one last thunderous impaling of his cock in Anna’s asshole, Brian ceased fucking his attractive niece. The actress could feel his dick pulsing around her anal ring, spewing his warm jizz deep into the furthest recesses of her asshole. After a good minute, making sure that every last drop of his seed was leached from his dick and into his niece’s rectum, he slowly pulled out of Anna.

“Glass?” John offered, having known Brian’s plan.

“Mmm...thanks,” Brian replied.

Anna saw the glass exchange hands between the men before getting passed to her. Knowing what her deranged uncle wanted, Anna tipped onto her side. With one hand pulling back one of her small asscheeks and the other brought the rim of the juice glass to the edge of her well-used asshole. The incestous jizz was shot quite deep in her bowels so Anna had to push hard before feeling the wet slide out of her butthole.

Anna gave the men what they wanted and within seconds the once pure white load of cum came spewing from the deepest parts of her bowels. Though Anna tried avoiding looking into the glass, as Anna gave a cheers to the camera she noted the visible additions from the depths of her bowels. Regardless of the streaks mixed into the jizz shot, Anna pushed that from her mind as she knew she was so close to the finish line. The cum, though still containing its usual briny flavor also had the taste of her own ass which she was expecting. Less disgusted this time around having been prepped to the overpowering earthy taste of her pooper, Anna swallowed her uncle’s second cumshot of the evening, thus ending her contract with John of being his personal plaything.

“That’s it! I’m free! Fuck you and fuck you,” Anna celebrated, doing a little dance in her uncle’s living room. “All 3 wishes, fulfilled! I’m no longer a sexual genie making your perverted dreams come true.”

“Anna, Anna, Anna,” John tsked.

“No, no, no, no. You promised,” Anna whined, most of the winds in her sails deflating.

“Our deal is wrapped. But…” John said, tapping the recording camera. “You didn’t think I was recording all this high def action for just my own personal collection.”

“But…” Anna. “Fuck!”

“Butt fucking is right,” her uncle said, pawing her ass and tits simultaneously with each hand.

“It’s not so bad, Anna. But every Hollywood hotshot needs a slutty sidepiece. Things that can’t do to their wife, sleeping with people to seal deals, or just entertain me by continuing to fuck your horrible uncle whenever I want,” John illuminated Anna of her fate. “But first we need to get you back to set. Brian, we’ll be in contact.”

With those words, Anna’s head dropped between her shoulders and sulked out of the apartment. She was halfway down the hallway when she realized she was still naked.
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Re: Winning At All Costs (Anna Kendrick)
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Title: Winning at all Costs Part 5
Author: The Chemist
Characters: Anna Kendrick, Hailee Steinfeld
Codes: MF, MFF, FF, Anal, ATM, Finger, Oral, Voyeur, Watersport
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski, Hailee Steinfeld nor am I associated with them in any way

Summary: Anna Kendrick thought she was done with John once she fulfilled her 3 wishes to him. However, he had recorded everything, which gave him ample blackmail material. Wanting to land a big movie role, John assigns Anna to woo the executive producer, and also to bring a friend.

***At the end of the story is a watersport/golden shower scene. If that type of thing doesn’t float your boat then you can still enjoy the main story as it’s only an addition at the very end***

***Lastly, thanks to FenderDiesel for being a great sounding board and lending his thoughts/ideas***


Anna hadn’t been home for long. Just long enough to grab a long, well deserved shower. As she dried and stepped into some comfy clothes, she looked down and read the caller display on her phone.

“Can’t even have my first coffee in the morning before this jerk calls,” Anna spoke allowed to her empty apartment.

“There’s my favorite cum rag,” John Krasinki’s voice sounded in her ear.

“Morning to you too,” Anna replied as she poured chocolate milk into her coffee.

“Need a favor. Wait, that didn’t sound right. Doing me a favor means we’re equals or something,” John laughed.

“What do you need, Johno?” the petite actress asked, sipping on the hot beverage.

“I’m shortlisted for a role. Really big one. Multi-pictures, cut of the profits, all that good stuff,” he explained. “Want to make my resume really pop so that’s where you come in. Or rather where the executive produce will cum in...side of you. Or on you. His choice obviously.”

“So a casting couch situation,” Anna rolled her eyes. “How very Hollywood.”

“Don’t act like you haven’t been on a few rumps on the sofa yourself,” John countered. “Or you just land big roles well into your 30s without going nude by sheer dumb luck. So don’t act all high and mighty to me.”

“Fine. Whatever. But it can’t be for another day or two,” Anna gave in without much pushing.

“You’ll do it whenever I can manage a meet,” the actor replied curtly. “Why?”

“Last night was uncle Brian’s weekly poker game. He owed some debts. I worked it off,” the Pitch Perfect star explained.

“Lots of pig roasting and DPs?” John laughed over the phone, imaging the tiny star taking several cocks at a time.

“That and double anal, the sick fucks,” Anna shared before squirming in her seat. “Still can’t sit unless leaning.”

“I’ll give you some time then. Need you in tip top shape. Millions of dollars are on the line. For me, anyway,” John reminded her. “Oh, and Anna. Bring a friend.”


“Big role, important producer, millions of dollars. That equation adds up to a threesome with two Hollywood sex kittens. So, have anyone in mind?” John asked, willing to let Anna have first choice. Of course, if she couldn’t nab anyone that he would call in a favor.

“Actually…” Anna pondered instead of telling him it was impossible. “I’ll start working on her. She was really starting to explore her sexuality last time we worked together 3 years ago.”

“Did you two ever hook up?” John asked.

“No. Our shoot schedules hardly lined up and we’ve both been balls to the wall busy since. I can definitely reach out to Hailee. I’ll get her on board for this.” Anna confirmed.

“Is that excitement I hear in your voice?” John asked smugly.

“Ugh. Of course it is. That’s how fucked up I am about this whole thing. I love being used by you. Talk about Stockholm Syndrome!” Anna cursed.

“At least you’ve accepted your fate, my dear,” John comforted. “Besides, your my top mistress! That’s an honor.”

“I’ve fallen so far,” Anna hung her head.

“And your asshole has been spread so wide. Potato, potato.” John replied. “Anyway, I’ll call back with the details. You do your part. Understood?”

“Yes, master. Talk soon.”

*   *   *

“And...cut!” the director yelled. “Great job.”

“Another cut required, sir?” the assistant asked.

After a minute of watching the playback, the actors waited anxiously, the director smiled. “Perfect. Hailee, Jeremy. You’re done for the night.”

“Awesome. Thank you so much,” Hailee Steinfeld blushed from her director’s nice words. She turned to her older co-star next. “Jeremy, did you want to get a celebratory drink…”

“Ugh. Plans,” the older man said to the energetic actress and singer.

“Oh. Totally! No problem, of course,” Hailee replied. “I’ll just, um, see you after weekend Jer Bear!”

“Woof, that was hard to watch,” Anna Kendrcik piped up from offstage.

“Anna! Holy crap it is you!” Hailee practically shrieked in an octave that was just short of breaking glass. “I haven’t seen you since PP3 wrapped.”

“I know, right. I’ve been super busy. You’ve been super busy and according to the gossip rags, it sounds like some Brit has been getting all up in your guts for awhile now,” Anna shared as they hugged.

“Uhh...about that. Me and...He Who Shall Not Be Spoken About broke up a week ago.” Hailee shared, instantly deflating somewhat.

“Hey I’m so sorry to hear that,” Anna said, rubbing the younger girl’s shoulder. “I had no idea.”

Of course that was a lie. Anna had read the gossip and done some looking into Hailee through some mutual friends. Anna was well aware that Hailee was feeling broken hearted, and worse, was isolated as she filmed her latest project away from family and friends. Despite Hailee’s pep, she hadn't yet endeared herself to her cast or crew who were mostly a decade or two older than her.

“So what are you doing here?” Hailee asked after they had caught up a little while longer.

“I have a meeting tonight with an EP,” Anna admitted truthfully. “And I thought…”

“Oh my God! Are you joining the family!” Hailee excitedly shrieked.

“Well...maybe. But I’m in stiff competition,” Anna replied, smiling as her former co-star fell easily into her web.

“What can I do to help? Give advice on my interview? Put in a good word?” Hailee offered eagerly.

“Actually...I need something else from you,” Anna replied, doing a not-so-subtle job of looking the younger girl’s body up and down.

“Whoa! Are we talking, like, old-school Hollywood casting?” Hailee said with a combination of disgust and excitement.

“I am. If, you know, you’d be interested. If not, no biggie. But doing a threesome with two prominent actresses would be a huge point in my favor,” Anna confided. “Shooting would start, like, immediately. We could even rent an apartment together.”

Another lie but Hailee didn’t have to know that.

“Oh my God! Yes! I’ll totally help,” the singer/actress replied.

“Are you sure? This guy...he might be into some intense stuff.” Anna checked before mentally bitchslapping herself for potentially scaring the actress away.

“Trust me, I’m ready,” Hailee said with a bit of a haunted look behind her eyes. “Brits are into some kinky stuff. Where and when?”

“9pm at the Regis. Penthouse. Figured we could change, grab a bite together then head over?” Anna offered.

“Yes please!”

*   *   *

Ryan Lambert loved his job. It was less a job and more being the money man for big film projects. However, it came with a perk. An awfully big perk. Well, and making shit tons of money from the profits. But as an executive producer for one of, if not the biggest film studio in the game for the last decade, Ryan had sway with casting. And the benefits of such were due at his door any minute now.

He didn’t mean to become a sleazy Hollywood producer but the role was essentially thrust onto him. And by that he meant that once agents knew he had control over hirings, at least partially, they were throwing their clients at him. Some wanted no part of it, which was fine with Ryan. However, once some started hearing that it was almost exclusively the actresses who were willing to earn the roles on their backs, a lot started changing their minds. This rule only applied to actresses, but then Johnny K came to him with a proposition. A night with Anna Kendrick for the rule. When Ryan balked, only as a bluff as he was more than happy to fuck the starlet, John countered with Anna and a friend. The rest was history.

Ryan finished his drink down in the hotel bar, his third of the evening. Not enough to be drunk but his senses were definitely dulled. He found three was the perfect number of whiskeys before a good roll in the hay. Enough to numb himself downstairs without losing much pleasure. He could last longer, fuck harder hen cum like a hurricane.

Leaving the bar and approaching the front desk, he was greeted by the familiar concierge.

"Hello sir. Here's your key for room 1712. Your, um, guests have already arrived," the front desk man greeted him.

"Thank you, my good man," the 55 year old producer said, quickly snatching the card and rushing in the direction of his room.

The producer had never worked with John before so he had no idea if his promise was just bluster. However, given the front doorman’s words, Ryan grew excited. Sure, in his younger days he had participated in a handful of threesomes, but it had been too long. Even as his cock started to harden in his pants at the prospect of a threesome with Anna Kendrick, his feet kept moving in the direction of the hotel room. Before he knew it he was sliding his keycard into the lock, watching as the light turned green. Stepping inside, he was greeted to an image he wasn't expecting, not in the least.

On the bed was the woman he expected, that being Anna. She was in her glorious naked form, kneeling on the bed with her underrated long legs (given her short stature), tiny waist and extremely large tits (once again, given her petite frame) all in view. True to John’s words, the actress had brought a friend, and not just any girl. It was hard to see who it was due to the two gorgeous women kissing each other deeply, which obscured her face. It didn’t stop the producer from examining the new girl, noting an equally tapered waist, mile long legs that made Anna’s seem short in turn, and a pair of tits that were considerably smaller than Anna’s but no less enticing given how perfectly round and perky they were.

"Don't be shy, Mr Lambert," Anna said, looking back over her shoulder at her mark.

"We don't bite," the dark-haired girl added, giving the older man her best come hither look.

Though he didn’t have a say in her hiring 6 months ago, Ryan easily recognized the leggy dark=haired girl as Hailee Steinfeld. "Hailee! Oh my...I had no idea.”

"Ryan," Hailee said, raising from the bed and approaching the stunned producer completely in the nude. "I hope it's okay that I call you Ryan. I hope it’s okay that I tagged along with my bosom buddy."

"Given the way his eyes haven’t left your legs or tight ass, I doubt Ryan minds. Right?," Anna added.

"Well...um..." Ryan stuttered, once more his eyes looking onto Hailee's pink nipples. "I suppose..."

"Great! Then let's get you out of these cumbersome clothes and show you a good time," Hailee stated.

The next 10 seconds was a maelstrom of movement. Hailee helped the producer out of his pants by tackling the belt and clasp while the man more than twice her age removed his jacket and shirt. Ryan was being towed towards the bed now, kicking off his pants as he went before being guided onto his back with an actress over a decade apart in ages on either side of his surprisingly strong body.

"Wow Ryan, good for you," Hailee commented, her hand gliding slowly up and down his 7 inch cock.

"I can definitely work with that,” Anna agreed with her younger friend.

"Why don't you show Hailee how well you can share," Ryan spoke, having regained his composure after the surprise of seeing both Pitch Perfect stars in his hotel room.

The two girls knew exactly what he meant and had dropped down deep onto their knees so each of their gorgeous faces were hovering overtop his cock. Hailee allowed the older actress to have the first turn since it was her job on the line after all and Anna didn't hesitate to seize the chance. Opening her mouth wide, Anna easily inhaled the first half of Ryan' length before pulling her back up to the tip.

"A real go-getter," Hailee mused as she watched the auburn-haired woman energetically bob along his length.

Hailee waited a short time until Anna slowed then she took her chance. Lowering her pretty head down lower, Hailee licked the portion of Ryan's cock not currently filling Anna's mouth. Hailee kept moving up, catching Anna's lip from time to time until she'd forced Anna off his cock so that Hailee could get her mouth on his dick.

Ryan would have been lying if he said he hadn't always dreamt what it would be like to have Hailee Steinfeld in his bed. He sadly didn’t have any casting pull when it came to the television portion of the productions, or else he may have gotten to know her already. However, fate, or John, had intervened and things worked out. But now he was enjoying himself, the feel of her pillowy lips felt great around his cock as she looked up and stared into his eyes while she slowly declined her lips until his tip poked the back of her mouth then reversed course.

"Awhhh...I've died and gone to heaven," Ryan groaned as Hailee continued.

Out of her periphery vision, Hailee saw Anna leaning back towards her. However, rather than take the cock back for herself, Anna lowered her mouth even more so her lips could capture one of the producer's nuts. It meant that Hailee had to shorten her bobs and only suck on roughly the tip and the following inch of Ryan's dick, but it allowed for Ryan to have first his right nut, then his left nut sucked on at the same time.

"Oh my God. Every man in the world would wish to be me tonight," the producer claimed, running a hand through his hair in ecstasy while Anna reclaimed his cock.

The differences in their technique were obvious even for the most inexperienced of observers. Anna had refined her oral technique over years of trial and error until she was an efficient machine. She took her time, not going too slow or too fast, but instead that perfect speed where she used her lips and mouth to caress the lucky bastard, always being sure to use a lot of eye contact as well. Of course, the ace up her sleeve was the rare ability to deep throat, though tonight she only used that sparingly given how fucked raw her throat was from the poker game two nights back.

Conversely, Hailee was all carnal passion and youthful energy. She had learnt as a teenager that men loved blowjobs and even with much experience initially, her trick was putting as much in her mouth as possible. She had no strategy or higher thinking other than to wrap her lips around Ryan' manhood and bob her head all the way down past her gullet and into her throat, only stopping when her nose was pressed firmly against his pubic region. Her face reddened with the exertion but her eyes were screaming that she couldn't be happier pleasing her man.

"Mhmm...the way you choke down that big cock is totally impressive," Hailee complimented as Anna took all 7 inches into her mouth.

“Right back at you,” Anna replied, turning the saliva-riddled cock over to Hailee for the younger girl to swallow it fully. “God, we really should have done this earlier.”

This time as Hailee bent down and used her tongue on the lower portion of Ryan, Anna joined her. Together they each licked one side of his penis, mirroring one another until they arrived at his purple-colored head. Anna used her tongue to glide all the way to the pee slit before allowing Hailee the same chance. However, their timing was off and they got there at the same time and immediately began another passionate makeout session while their sloppy tongues occasionally spilled from their lips and slobbered on Ryan' waiting cock. Anna was quicker to break the kiss after another handful of seconds and soon had Ryan back around her lips and completely down her throat. Ryan found it a blessing when any woman could deep throat, let alone both women in the threesome.

"God! Can’t tell which of you is better at that," Ryan observed as Anna yet again successfully choked down his entire cock into her throat.

As Anna pulled back from his cock, she left a copious amount of her spit behind on his rod and offered it back to her Pitch Perfect co-star. Hailee took the prize without waiting, wrapping her lips back around Ryan and bobbing down half his length. However as she tried to pull back she found her way blocked by Anna's hand on the back of her head, encouraging her to take more manhood inside her mouth.

Hailee had always been proud of her ability to deep-throat, but she was suddenly hesitant to do so. With the skill being so rare, all men found it amazing when Hailee busted out her party trick of hugging their dicks with her tight throat. However, she was suddenly apprehensive now having seen Anna, a true master of deep throating, at work. Apparently Anna had seen her reserved attitude and sought to fix that. Hailee still doubted she would do it nearly as well as Anna, but the younger actress was always game for a challenge. Wiggling her head side-to-side, Hailee accomplished in fitting a little more of his dick inside her, holding him in her mouth until she needed air. This time Anna let her up but now Hailee had her own saliva dripping down onto her chin and perky tits.

"That's it, slobber all over the sexy man’s dick," Anna encouraged.

Hailee was doing exactly that. Pushing her head further down on his cock, she felt her gag reflex kick in, causing her core to flex out of habit. She pulled back but left another few thick strands of her spit behind, connecting his pole and her lips. Anna still had a hand on the back of her head so Hailee went back down, coughed up more spit as he hit the back of her throat then did it all over again.

"Oh my God," Hailee breathed in. "That is so much cock."

"It's really sexy watching you drool all over a big, thick cock," Anna agreed, kissing the other girl once more.

Of course, even as the two actresses locked lips once more and their tongues spilled into each other's mouths, they didn't forget about their guest. Hailee's hand reached down and already found her friend stroking his manhood, which was slick in their combined saliva. Therefore the leggy singer drifted lower and began gently rubbing Ryan's sensitive balls, rolling them in her fingers all while her make out session with Anna intensified.

"Well imagine how sexy it'll be watching me fuck her," the man twice their age spoke.

With that Hailee took the cue and straightened up so she could reach the condom on the nightstand. As Anna seized the chance for some one-on-one time with her mouth and Ryan's cock, Hailee used her teeth to rip open the condom package. She could have used her fingers to do it but in her experience men got an extra thrill out of that simple move.

"Mmm. Someone's in a hurry to get fucked," Ryan commented, drawing a giggle from the younger singer.

Anna was in no hurry to give up the cock however. Instead, the actress with big tits continued to bob up and down on his length before sinking completely down and leaving his manhood in her throat. After a handful of seconds Anna pulled back, coating his dick in further strands of spit before she rolled the condom down his impressive shaft.

"Mind if I take the honors?" Hailee asked as Anna spat a glob of extra spit onto the sheathed cock.

"Not as long as you fuck him good," Anna replied before leaning in and giving her friend another lengthy kiss.

“I know what’s on the line, sexy,” Hailee winked.

After breaking the kiss Hailee straightened up and began the short crawl up the bed until she was over the producer's lap. Of course, the action was hastened with Ryan reaching down and grabbing her petite waist and pulling her up towards his chest, stopping when she was poised over his manhood. Hailee reached under her to clutch the condom-wrapped cock and drag it through her wet folds a few times before settling it against her twat and sitting down, allowing her body weight and gravity to do the rest.

"Awwhh! Ohh!" Hailee cooed as the first few inches disappeared into her pussy.

Hailee's hand reached down to help spread her pussy apart and help ease more of his thick cock into her, but her hand was swatted away by the more sexually active Anna. "I want to see it going inside you."

"Fuck. Me too," Ryan agreed, reaching out and pulling Anna into a kiss.

Hailee was going slow, using her weight to force herself down lower before pushing up and restarting. However, it appeared that both Anna and Ryan wanted her to ride faster as soon 4 hands were clutching her hips. Using that as instructions, Hailee began to raise up and fall down on her knees with faster repetition, which caused the remaining 2 inches to be enveloped by her cunt, taking his full length.

As the leggy girl rode the older man's dick, sounds began filling the room. At first there were Hailee's groans of 'oh yeah', ah fuck’, and the like, but soon Ryan's deeper voice was adding his grunts into the chorus as well. There was also the sound of Hailee's firm, bubbly ass smacking the producer's leg, the slapping noise echoing around the small bed chamber.

"That's such a good girl," Anna encouraged, now on all fours with her face practically buried in Hailee's small but perky tits and her ass right next to Ryan's head. "It's so hot watching his big dick fuck your bald, pink pussy."

"Oh God," Hailee cooed as Anna began rubbing her clit all while she continued riding the entirety of the producer's shaft.

"Oh how I love this ass," the big-time producer commented, giving Anna a matching pair of spanks to her tiny ass. Settling his hand in the middle of her ass, Ryan did to Anna just as she was doing to her adorable younger friend as he began rubbing her clit. "And such a pretty pussy."

Hailee was feeling an orgasm building up already. This surprised her. Not because she didn’t like getting off, nor had trouble doing so on a regular basis. But she was being used as little other than a whore tonight, so she didn’t think cumming would be on the docket. But apparently a big dick, and her sexy friend Anna Kendrick helping her out with a clit rub, not to mention the visual of her big tits swaying about, was doing the trick for the younger woman.

“Mmm! Oh Yeah! Just like that,” Hailee howled.

Knowing she was close but needing a little more, Hailee shifted positions slightly by leaning further backwards. It took the leggy girl from kneeling into a more reclined seated position with her feet now against the mattress to help propel her not only up and down but with a swiveling motion as well. Of course, despite the commotion, Anna's magic fingers never left Hailee’s clit, continuing to flick her bean expertly.

Anna had grown distracted as the man John had set her up with began to finger her snatch, so she didn't notice right away how close her friend was to cumming. However, when Anna heard Hailee's normally musical voice go into a high-octave squealing sound, it made her look over at the dark-haired beauty. The True Grit star’s eyes were screwed shut, she was flush, and she was bouncing and gyrating with a new, almost frantic energy.

"You gonna cream all over his dick, Hailee?" Anna asked, already aware of the answer even before Hailee agreed. "Yeah? Do it!"

Presumably knowing the exact kick she needed, Anna allowed Hailee to shoo her hand away from her clit for her own, immediately going to town on herself. Anna consented and used her hand to rub Hailee's inner thigh before realizing a better use of her fingers was to latch on and give her leggy co-star’s nipples a hearty squeeze. The second Anna started to stimulate Hailee's underrated tits, the leggy girl began behaving differently. Hailee no longer screamed, instead she went almost deathly quiet. Not only that but she slowed her pace to a crawl after burying all 7 inches of the producer's dick into her wet pussy.

"Cum baby! I wanna fucking hear you scream!" Anna further encouraged.

"Yes...yesss...YESSSSS. I'm cumming!" Hailee shrieked, the volume of her voice at a shout.

Though nearly every muscle in Hailee's body was limp after her massive orgasm, she had just enough strength to hook her arms around Anna's neck, holding herself up so she could kiss her new sexual partner. Anna returned the kiss with vigor, easily overpowering the exhausted girl and cramming her tongue into Hailee's mouth. And it was at this point that the older, large-chested actress realized that Ryan was using his thumb on her asshole, and had been finger-fucking her backdoor for the last several minutes. Apparently the beating her anal ring took at her uncle’s poker night was still manifesting with a loosened and less sensitive asshole.

"I think someone wants to fuck my ass," Anna commented after breaking the kiss with Hailee. “And I definitely want my friend to watch me get fucked in the ass.”

"You got that right," the horny man said with an ear-to-ear grin.

As the producer attempted to set up and get to his knees, a hand on his chest stopped his progress. "Let the younger, eager actress desperate for the role take care of her man." Anna suggested.

"Those are fair terms," Ryan replied after thinking about it for half a second.

Anna had never slept with this man before, but she knew his type. He was probably some ex-frat guy who either liked going all-out with a doggy-style fuck, lasting a grand total of 3 minutes at best before spewing his load in or on his date. That, or he preferred doing less of the physical work, being able to last much longer. Thus, Anna was already in motion, turning her back to him as Ryan’s lap was straddled once again, this time the busty Anna in place of the leggy Hailee. She didn't want to call herself a pro when it came to sex since that made her sound like a prostitute, but at this point, if the shoe fits...

Ryan's cock was drenched from Hailee's cumming on him but for good measure Anna added a glob of spit to make up for the lack of traditional lube available. Satisfied, Anna got quickly into position by swinging one of her impossibly long dancer legs over his waist with her bubbly tush facing him. Raising up high onto her knees, she corralled the slippery dick in her hand as she sank her body weight onto his member she felt her sphincter give way. Inch by inch she used her modest body weight to push into her bowels, the producer was smart and experienced enough to know that Anna was in complete control in this initial phase. Which was wise, because in her first descent she took him all the way into her anal opening as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"Awh...yeah," Anna moaned.

"God! Fits like a fucking glove," Ryan grunted as she was already slowly riding back up his pole.

"Make it great," a resurrected Hailee demanded, appearing in front of Anna and giving the auburn-haired actress a kiss for motivation.

"Always," Anna confirmed with a wink, as only his tip rested in her poop chute now.

For Ryan, the whole act of sodomy was at the height of his erotic levels. The way her slender ass slowly engulfed his cock, the feel of her muscular thick ring gripping his dick in a tight but not choking manner, and even just the carnal knowledge that it was still a taboo act with a lot of girls. He also couldn't deny that the fact it was slightly degrading for the woman was a turn-on. And seeing that it was not only an A-list celebrity, but one as cute and sexy and tiny as Anna Kendrick made it all the better.

With the initial sting long gone, Anna took a moment to reorganize herself by sitting straight up with all 7 inches buried in her colon before using the springs in the bed to build momentum. It was only causing the Broadway-trained dancer to ride a few inches off his pole, but the gyration from the bouncing was what she was going for, and obviously Ryan enjoyed the effect. His amusement doubled when she reached back with both hands to spread her cheeks apart, giving the film producer a greater view of his decent-sized manhood spearing into her particularly tiny booty.

"Yes! Let me watch as you fuck her tight little ass," Hailee encouraged, surprising both of them with her crude language.

Hailee wasn't simply sitting back on her heels and viewing her former co-star getting sodomized. She understood that anal could be a painful proposition, even though Anna was showing no ill effects, not with the way she was moaning and screaming. However, Hailee sought to help her regardless. Given that Anna was riding his dick in almost perfect erect posture with her great tits bouncing proudly out in front of her, Hailee knew just what to do. Licking her lips, Hailee bent down and sucked one of the older woman’s nipples into her mouth. A guttural moan escaped from Anna's throat and one of her hands grabbed the back of Hailee's head to keep her from pulling away. It was a needless gesture as Hailee wanted to be nowhere other than buried in the deep valley created by Anna Kendrick’s pillowy tits. Flicking the nipple with her tongue, Hailee felt it start to stiffen in her mouth. Going on instincts since she lacked a lot of experience with women, Hailee covered her teeth with her lips and used them to softly massage the skin around the nipple while sucking on it, drawing another low primal moan.

"Oh Hailee, that feels so good," Anna moaned, arching her back to press her chest against Hailee's face.

When the first nipple was thoroughly wet and stiff, Hailee switched over to the other one. Not wanting to let the original nipple feel left out, the leggy singer let her fingers tweak it while her mouth worked on getting its twin ready as well. And being the dual threat that she was, Hailee used her free right hand to reach behind Anna and rub her ass, allowing her fingers to touch the throbbing cock as it pistoned in and out of Anna’s dirt road.

"God! That feels so sexy," Hailee cooed, loving how it felt when her friend was ass-fucked.

"Is it getting a little dry back there baby?" Anna asked, looking back over her shoulder at the red-faced man. "Do we need some fresh lube?"

Ryan believed he understood the bouncing girl well enough a wolfish grin appeared on his face before he had to concentrate on not blowing his load then and there from the imagery. "Yes. Always."

"Pull out," Anna ordered. "I want Hailee to taste me on your fat cock."

"Anna! I had no idea you were this naughty," Hailee cooed, releasing her lip-lock on the girl's tit.

With Hailee having moved from being right in front of her, Anna rocked forward before pitching herself completely off Ryan's cock. His manhood rocketed from the busty actress’ asshole, making Anna instantly feel empty as the producer's cock popped free and thudded onto his lower abdomen while Anna was left with an asshole hanging wide open. It would have been an odd sensation but given all the sodomy she’d been on the end of the last few months, this was essentially becoming the default state of her tushy.

"Yes! Suck! Taste!" Ryan grunted in carnal excitement.

Surprising both of her guests with her willingness for such a degrading and dirty act, Hailee sprang to motion. The singer showed no hesitation at all in picking up the throbbing member and holding it straight up as she lowered her head. Hailee had closed her eyes, not wanting to see if anything was coloring his cock considering where it had just come from, and gave both the movie producer and her former castmate what they wanted. Hailee’s fingers formed a light fist around his base, holding him up so she could extend her tongue and lick the underbelly of his cock until reaching his tip. Despite looking and behaving as innocent as an angel, this wasn't Hailee's first time taking a cock straight from ass to her mouth. Knowing what to expect, she was prepared for the slimy texture, strong taste and dirty pleasure she got from it. Hailee opened her eyes and locked gazes with the producer as she opened wide and engulfed the first several inches in her mouth in a repeated bobbing motion.

"Fuck! Suck it! Yes!" Ryan and Anna both cheered, the older man placing a hand on the back of Hailee’s head for further encouragement.

"Slow it down. Go nice and deep," Anna added, looking over her shoulder to see the erotic and filthy scene.

Hailee hated that most of the guys she dated or hooked up with only saw her as some paradigm of virtue. They never asked her to do dirty things, expecting she wouldn’t be into it. There loss, in her opinion because Hailee was always game when it came to gaining more sexual experience. This was yet another reason she agreed so readily to Anna’s suggestion, as who better a teacher than an actress with Anna Kendrick’s lengthy reputation. Taking the advice without hesitation, Hailee continued cleaning up Ryan's truly dirty manhood with her mouth, clearly getting off with the disgraceful act. It was so nasty and naughty but that was why she was enjoying it so much, contrary to the taste in her mouth and what others would think. Remembering her other objective, Hailee began applying less suction and instead started adding more spit to his pecker, getting it ready for Anna to continue fucking him.

"Anna! Why didn’t you ever tell me that your ass tastes so yummy," Hailee moaned being sure she transferred a lot of extra spit for Anna's benefit.

"Now put it back in." Ryan stated.

Hailee and Anna worked as a team with the much taller Hailee getting the cock in position before Anna swiveled the hips and sat back, easily engulfing half his length in one shot into her booty. Once accustomed to the degrading and slightly off putting act of tasting her friend's asshole straight off the man's cock, it was becoming a commonplace event. Every dozen or so thrusts upwards into Anna, Ryan would have the petite woman prop herself higher so the dick fell from her well-used rectum with a wet plopping noise. Hailee would be on hand, ready and waiting, clutching the hard pole in her hand and devouring as much as she could fit in her mouth. For the portion that couldn't get between her plump lips, Hailee would extend her tongue and run it along the length of his cock, tasting Anna's filth all the while.

"Like tasting my ass on that big cock?" Anna asked with a smile as she threw herself downward, her cheeks rippling with the contact.

"So much," Hailee replied, having been struck by an idea and reaching towards Anna's hips. With a solid grip, Hailee used the strength she’d gained from working out for her new role and pushed downwards on Anna’s petite body.

“Has seeing and helping your friend get fucked up the ass stimulated any ideas of your own?” Ryan asked, reaching out to grab a handful of Hailee’s youthful ass.

“He’s doing just fine getting to fuck mine,” Anna said just loud enough so only her former castmate heard.

Hailee stopped heaving on Anna’s hips and instead used them to rock herself up high onto her knees. Giving the petite actress a kiss, Hailee eventually pulled her tongue from Anna’s mouth so she could look over the auburn-haired woman’s shoulder as she replied to Ryan.

“I think it’s time for Anna to stop hogging all the good sodomy and to share with me.”

“Making demands just because you have mile-long legs, a phenomenal body and that whole cute-sexy thing going on,” Anna joked as she lifted herself off the producer for a final time.

The trio moved around the bed, narrowly missing becoming a tangle of limbs and falling over one another. With disaster averted, Hailee found herself kneeling in the centre of the large bed. Anna knelt beside her, certainly making out with the younger actress as the producer saddled up behind Hailee. His dick was already rock hard, so with a hand gripping himself around the base he took aim at the brunette’s crinkled starfish.

“Let me help with unlocking this door,” Anna commented.

Stepping to Hailee’s side, Anna leaned down and reached her hands out until they were on each of the leggy girl’s ass cheeks. Larger and firmer than she initially suspected, Anna got a little wetter just feeling the muscular, underrated booty in her clutches. Pulling them apart, Hailee’s anal ring not only came into better view for the man of honor, but also gave a slight gape in the tight hole.

“Just relax into it,” Anna said as Ryan’s cock made contact with her friend’s anus.

“It’s okay Anna. May look innocent but not my first anal rodeo,” Hailee replied with a wink.

While not a lie, Hailee had far less experience than Anna. That wasn’t exactly saying much since apart from some hookers and pornstars, few could match the notches on Anna Kendrick’s belt. Hailee had exactly a dozen anal experiences, all but one coming from her last boyfriend. However, the brown-haired girl wasn’t laying when she told Anna earlier that he had some weird sex kinks, including having filmed Hailee on countless times masturbating with all sorts of toys in her ass, not limited to butt plugs, dildos and anal beads.

“Oh my God! Uhhh! He’s in my ass,” Hailee groaned.

While getting a dick or any thicker toy in the caboose always stung, it was much less so when distracted apparently. Knowing tricks to help, since Anna was pulling her ass apart and making his passage through her bowels easier, Hailee reached under herself to strum on her clit. Instantly her brain became confused and then bursts of pleasure erupted in her brain. Without realizing it, not only was anal starting to feel good but her ass was swallowing more and more cock. At the point where Hailee felt her ass couldn’t possible take any more, she felt Anna’s tongue dragging across her skin from her hip and up her ribs.

“Jesus! How’s it feel taking all my dick in your plump ass?” Ryan asked as he spiked forward.

“Holy crap, Hai! You are,” Anna gawked. “Slutting it up! Makes me proud.”

“Uhhh! Ohhh! Ahhh!” was Hailee’s only reply.

Ryan’s hands replaced Anna’s in pulling apart Hailee’s ass cheeks, which made the journey of his dick balls deep in the brunette’s colon all the easier. She was already extremely tight so the thought of the full force of Hailee’s anal sphincter clamping down on his cock sounded a little painful. With her hands free, Anna took over finger duty on the younger girl’s clut while resting her beautiful face down on Hailee’s rippling booty.

“That’s it. Fuck her good.” Anna encouraged. “Your dick feel good in her 20 year old ass?”

“So fucking good,” Ryan grunted, thrustng harder but just as deep.

“And you, baby! Taking his prick so well,” Anna addressed Hailee while slipping two slender fingers into the brunette’s pussy. “All your holes filled. Bet it feels so hot and good.”

“Mmm...ahhh...so good,” Hailee moaned, all the nerves in her body alight.

“Look how good she is. Taking all my dick,” Ryan added, continuing to drive balls deep into Hailee.

“Flick your bean while me and the silver fox fill your holes,” Anna hissed into the brunette’s ear before giving her earlobe a lengthy suckle.

Hailee didn't have to be told twice as her hand roamed back underneath her body. Her aim was a little off on account of a fairly thick and lengthy cock plunging the depths of her rectum, but her fingertips were soon sliding overtop the bare patch of skin most girls had pubic hair. With her middle finger Hailee began swirling the digit back and forth over the exposed nubbin, which combined with her holes being double penetrated, produced a sudden uptick in the volume of her moans.

“Oh God, oh God, oh God,” Hailee found that the screaming voice was coming from her mouth.

“Hailee, you naughty minx! Are you gonna cum?” Anna gasped in shock and admiration.

“Just like that,” Hailee half moaned, half begged. “Mmm yes! Right there!”

Neither Anna nor Ryan knew which of them Hailee was talking to so they both continued their assault on the hole they were fucking. Anna, having been well acquainted with her own cunt, not to mention the countless women she’d fucked senseless, kept pushing in and out of Hailee’s pussy while curling her fingers on the way out so she dragged over the sensitive G-spot. For his part, Ryan continued fully sheathing his manhood in Hailee Steinfeld’s tightest of assholes, being sure to keep his strokes smooth and even.

"Getting close?" Ryan asked, feeling his own orgasm growing more imminent.

"Almost," Hailee cooed, her own fingers a blur rubbing through her slit in order to get herself over the finish line.

For both Hailee and Ryan, the pleasure was reaching a crescendo. His hands pulling apart Hailee’s ass was helping only so much, especially now that the anal ring was quivering, giving spasms that would grip his cock like a vice. As if that wasn’t enough, the feel of Anna’s fingers rubbing the underbelly of his dick through the thin membrane that separated Hailee’s pussy and asshole was adding to his pleasure, drawing his climax nearer by each thrust.

"Oh yes! Oh God," Hailee gasped as her two lovers filled both holes simultaneously. "I'm so, so close."

While Ryan stuck to the status quo, not wanting to do anything to disrupt the one-way train Hailee was on to her orgasm, Anna was struck by inspiration. While continuing to finger-bang her cunt, the slender redhead leaned her head forward. Knowing how sensitive her own nipples were, Anna clasped her lips around one of the jiggling tits and began sucking as her tongue made lazy circles around the hardened center.

"I'm, ohhhh, I'm cumming," Hailee gasped, Anna’s fingers and mouth still working on her pussy and tits right up until she let out a strangled cry of ecstasy.

The leggy singer’s hands clutched the bed sheets until her knuckles went white as she reached her climax. That wasn’t the only bodily response Hailee had as her anus clamped down on the producer's cock like a boa constrictor trying to squeeze the life out of its prey. The added pressure was too much for the exhausted older man who let out a final grunt of pleasure as he exploded into the depths of her bowels.

"Ohhh," Hailee moaned, feeling his twitching cock spurt inside her, a sensation she loved.

Anna was suddenly struck with a truly inspirational idea. She hated the source of it, having been done to her by her uncle, but it was still sexy and nasty all at the same time and already her pussy was tingling with the thought of doing it with Miss Purity, Hailee Steinfeld. With both the leggy singer and Ryan completely spent from their simultaneous orgasms, Anna took control. Ryan's cock was already wilting, which made it even easier for it to slide right out of Hailee’s booty as Anna pushed on the leggy girl to roll her onto her back.

"I'm going to eat the cum right from your asshole, okay sweetie?" Anna asked as she lowered herself to the bed.

Since Ryan had only just left her asshole, Hailee’s normally tight sphincter was still gaping open. Anna smiled at the good fortune of seeing Hailee with her unnaturally long and thick legs were spread wide already, as if inviting the older actress to fulfill her dream. Using her hands to pull apart Hailee’s cheeks as much as possible, Anna dove forward with tongue out, burying the wet muscle a good inch inside her friend's ass.

As Anna’s tongue squirmed within Hailee’s bowels, the dirtiness of the backdoor and liquefying cum that painted her bowels made a wonderful mix as it coated her taste buds while simultaneously causing the younger actress to scream in pleasure. In his younger days Ryan would have taken advantage of Anna Kendrick’s ass hanging up in the air to fuck it again, but he was completely spent so had to settle for the consolation prize of watching as the skinny woman with big tits ate his semen from the raising starlet’s he deposited it into.

"Oh my God Anna! Your tongue feels so good inside my ass," Hailee moaned, using a hand on the back of her friend's head to help drive her deeper.

Anna didn't need the encouragement as she was very much enjoying herself. Her tongue dug deep before wagging back and forth, collecting every last drop of cum that had shot all the way up in Hailee’s bowels. The leggy girl was helping by literally pushing the thick load out of her rectum and into Anna’s waiting mouth. And even once Anna was certain she had recovered every last drop of salty baby batter, she continued wiggling her tongue back and forth over Hailee’s closing hole, much to the leggy girl's pleasure.

"Amazing. Truly, wonderfully amazing," Ryan grinned.

“Not done yet,” Anna gargled.

It was hard to perfectly understand what the large breasted woman said, but her guests understood it well enough. Crawling out from between Hailee’s phenomenal legs, Anna moved up her long body until her mouth was hovering right overtop of the brunette’s. Anna bundled her hair and held it over her shoulder as she opened her mouth and did something she rarely ever did with cum...spit. It was more like a drop as the collected sperm from deep in Hailee’s colon fell from Anna’s mouth and right into the True Grit star’s mouth, who had gleamed Anna’s intentions and parted her lips. Hailee Steinfeld caught the semen, noting what could only be described as the taste of ass with the unmistakable flavor of jizz. With a shrug, as somehow her ass made the cum taste better, Hailee gulped down the mouthful before extending her tongue for proof.

“That should help land you the role,” Hailee said with a wink up at Anna.

"I could use a shower now," Anna said after a moment of being stunned by the surprisingly dirty girl.  "Care to join Hailee?"

*   *   *

"Oh there's a party happening in here," Ryan commented, entering the bathroom 10 minutes after the girls had gone in.

Just as the hotel was fancy, so too was the bathroom. The lovely actresses were taking advantage of the luxury, utilizing both the shower and the jacuzzi tub. Having been the first to shower, Hailee was in the mostly filled bath while Anna was rinsing off in the shower. He took note of both girls before heading further into the room towards Anna.

"Naughty boy," Anna replied, finishing rinsing the suds from her curvy body. "What if we were peeing?"

"Well that's what I came in here to do," he stated, his hand wrapping onto the back of the auburn-haired girl's neck. "Kneel down."

Hailee watched from the tub the scene that was playing out in shock, but not horror. She thought Anna might protest or show some hesitancy but instead her busty castmate descended to the ground and came to rest on her knees in front of the producer's flaccid cock. Hailee continued watching as Anna's eyes never left his gaze before she leaned in so she was less than an inch from his tip and opened her mouth wide.

“Are you gonna cum again,” Hailee asked with wide-eyed wonder.

“No sweetie,” Anna said, her eyes never leaving the man’s. “He’s gonna, um, pee in my mouth.”

“Oh my God!” Hailee gawked before adding. “Do you like it? Does it taste good? Bad? Gross?”

"John asked me for a little favor. Said you really like it. You understand, Anna," the producer stated in his most serious, authoritative tone. He wasn't done there, as he turned around to face the still stunned actress in the tub. "And you, Miss Steinfeld, will watch every second because later you will be in her place. Understood?"

Hailee hoped the role was really worth it to Anna before answering. "Yes producer Lambert," the two girls both agreed at the same time.

Even if the much older man didn't tell her to observe the scene, Hailee doubted she could convince herself to look away. From the front row seat in the jacuzzi, Hailee watched as his flaccid penis came to rest on her friend's tongue while Anna looked up at him with large, expecting eyes. There were a few moments of quiet and nothing happening before suddenly Ryan's face went from strained to relaxed.

"Ahhh," Mr. Lambert sighed in relief as his bladder began to empty.

And with that mighty sigh, a thin stream of light yellow liquid shot from his purple tip. It wasn't a powerful stream, probably because Ryan still had the remains of a partial erection which obstructed a man's flow, but it was still flowing gently into Anna's mouth. After a handful of seconds the stream was cut off, allowing Anna to close her mouth, spilling some of the liquid down over her immense breasts before she actually swallowed the mouthful of piss into her belly. With a lick of her lips she parted her lips once more to receive another mouthful of urine, this time a little less as the producer decided to douse her tits in his pee while Anna once more drank the warm yellow fluid.

"Holy crap," Hailee said, mouth agape.

"It was weird at first, almost gross, but you totally get over it," Anna confessed, standing up so she could walk to the tub and climb inside with Hailee. "Now, I kinda look forward to it at the end of my evening with un...Brian."

“Wow. Brian sounds super kinky.” Hailee stated, scooting over to make room for her friend. “Maybe I should come with you next time you see this Brian fella.”

"Did you watch and make copious notes," the producer asked, slowly circling towards the tub in Anna's wake.

Hailee blushed, thinking she knew what was coming. "I hope so."

"Have something in mind for our young, gorgeous friend?" Anna asked as she rubbed Hailee's back.

"This pretty lady," Ryan said, reaching down to gently pat Hailee on her adorable nose. "Has one more lesson to learn. Okay?"

"Mmhmm," Anna nodded her head excitedly while Hailee subverted her gaze and looked conflicted.

"I want you to be like Anna here, sticking out your tongue but it is up to you if you swallow," the producer instructed, giving Hailee some wiggle room since it was her first time.

Under normal circumstances, Hailee Steinfeld never would have subjected herself to this degrading of a fate. However, her boyfriend, well ex-boyfriend, broke up with her largely because she wasn’t as adventurous sexually that he wanted. Therefore, the only logically thing to do, other than sleep with his best friends, was to become more slutty out of spite to that asshole. She trusted Anna already tonight and was rewarded with a great anal-induced orgasm, so why not take another leap of faith with the Pitch Pitch star? And after having seen Anna get peed on, it aroused her so she was extremely curious to see what it felt like. So as Ryan stood at the edge of the tub, Hailee knelt low before his flaccid cock which was already in his hand and pointed at her face.

"Come show her again how to do it," Ryan said to Anna who moved to kneel beside Hailee.

Once again Hailee watched on as her friend opened her mouth wide, extended her tongue and waited for the older man to take a piss into her mouth, only this time it was from much closer range. Hailee watched with astonishment the lack of fear or apprehension from Anna as a man literally prepared to piss inside her.

"Get together. Press your cheeks together," Ryan instructed.

Hailee sank down lower on her knees to come to the same height as the much smaller girl beside her. Anna reached an arm out to cup Hailee's adorable face by the chin and hold her in position as specified. With only one last thing to do, Hailee closed her eyes tightly, opened her mouth and extended her tongue in a pose that mirrored Anna, although the older girl seemed much more calm and confident.

"Ready. Open your eyes, both of you, and look at me," the producer demanded, at which point a pair of blue and hazel eyes stared up at him. "Fuck. Here it comes."

Hailee had her eyes open until she saw the first small squirt of golden fluid leave his tip, squirting a small stream into Anna's mouth for her to easily swallow it all down. However, when she saw him twist towards, Hailee instinctively closed her eyes tightly. It didn't stop her from feeling the warm splash on her flat stomach but that was just the start. The producer was building a stronger flow by the second and soon was able to produce a steady stream of thin urine that splashed onto the singer's chest, getting both her perky tits wet.

"Now open your mouth wide," Anna instructed, going from participant in the golden shower to a coach.

Hailee found that she snapped to his order and parted her lips. She reminded herself she wanted this, that this was payback. Plus, her first showering of his warm piss had gone well. Better than expected in any event. She found that the golden fluid was actually a little sensual as it bathed her skin and the smell wafting up from it wasn't revolting or even that odorous.

Now it was Anna's turn to be the voyeur and watch on as the older producer aimed his arching stream higher at her fellow Pitch Perfect star. Soon the steady current stopped pouring onto Hailee's breasts, continued up her neck before he unloaded onto her face. Most of the flow was restricted to her mouth but after a few seconds he shot a little higher and wet the rest of her face and some of her brown hair with his piss, which allowed Hailee a moment to breathe.

Though she ended up allowing most of the pee to dribble out from her downturned mouth, Hailee's curiosity got the better of her. With only a small amount welled in her mouth, Hailee shut her lips, steeled her nerve and actually gulped down roughly half a mouthful. To her shock, it turned out Anna was right when she said it wasn't that gross. Sure, it was a little foul but no worse than half the cumshots she drank down from college boys or even a bad smoothie with too much kale.

"Oh yes. Good girl." Anna said after seeing her swallow down a small mouthful.

Ryan had the common sense to spray his golden shower back towards Anna and cover her larger tits and face again to allow Hailee a few moments to get her composure after swallowing her first bit of piss ever. However, once she parted her lips Ryan was aiming back at his new muse, pissing onto her head and hair. Once her mouth was clear she obediently opened her jaw once more and the producer obliged her by filling it back up with more pee. They did this routine one more time until he was completely empty. At which point Hailee's mouth was filled by something else, this time it being Anna's tongue. Hailee recovered quickly and returned the deep kiss with her fellow Pitch Perfect actress, tasting the piss that was still residing on Anna's lips and mouth, just like Anna was probably tasting on the younger girl as well.

"How did you like it," the piss-soaked Anna asked the kneeling girl.

"Honestly...wasn't bad," Hailee commented as she subconsciously rubbed the yellow fluid into her skin. "Girl could get used to it I think."

"That can definitely be arranged." Ryan said with a grin. "Now I'll go get dressed and allow you lovely ladies to finish cleaning...again."

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Re: Winning At All Costs (Anna Kendrick, Hailee Steinfeld, Emily Blunt (ch 6))
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Title: Winning at all Costs Part 6
Author: The Chemist
Characters: Anna Kendrick, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski
Codes: MF, MFF, Anal, ATM (Dirty), Bondage, Fist, Oral, Toy
Disclaimer: I make no money from this work of fiction. Do not read if under 18. These events did not happen, I do not know Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt nor am I associated with them in any way

Summary: John’s mistress is discovered by his wife...who wants in

***Note - This scene has some rough sex in it, complete with some explicit description of anal play and ATM. Specifically happens at the end of the chapter. Enjoy

***Second Note - Big thanks to fenderdiesel who was a great sounding board and collaborator for this story

“Hi honey,” John practically purred into his phone after checking the caller display.

“Great to hear your voice, babe,” John’s wife Emily Blunt, replied.

“So I just got off the plane and am headed to the car to come home,” the movie star stated. “Anything new?”

“New? Well, I suppose discovering your latest whore is somewhat new,” Emily spat into the phone. “Little skinny, don’t you think?”

“But the tits honey,” John countered immediately.

“You do love the tits. Sassy too,” the Brit agreed. “Big eyes, big tits and I can only assume slutty as all hell.”

“Absolutely no limits,” John answered but paused before revealing more about his favorite sub Anna Kendrick. “Wait...I thought you hated talking about who I choose to use and abuse?”

“Well that is normally true...but this dumb one was so fucking clueless that I couldn’t help but learn,” Emily replied. “And if I’m being truthful, the girl is awfully pretty.”


“And fairly helpful around the house,” the Brit continued.

“What do you mean?” John questioned his wife as he stepped into his vehicle.

“You may enjoy her for her pussy, but I’ve tapped into the fact that she's a sub to any strong master. Therefore, for the past day she’s been cleaning every inch of our house,” Emily explained.

“You can’t be serious?” John laughed, shifting into gear and pulling out of the lot.

“Now get home quick so we can enjoy her together, okay love?”

“Jesus fucking Christ!” John exclaimed, peeling off down the street with a raging boner.

*   *   *

A myriad of thoughts went through John’s head as he raced home. Namely, how fucking stupid did Anna have to be! And also, how to properly punish the girl for breaking one of his few golden rules. But whatever he decided was largely contingent on the state of affairs in his household at the moment.

“Come on people! Fucking drive,” John leaned on the horn, wanting to be home ASAP.

John didn’t hate women. In fact, there were a good majority of women that he thought extremely high of. For one, his wife Emily. Though she was portrayed as a sweetheart, the reality was that she was a stone cold killer. John considered her a true equal. Both John and Emily both considered many people beneath them though. For example, Anna Kendrick. And luckily, they both agreed that the only purpose for lowly betas like Anna was for a good fucking. They weren’t marriage material, they were the mistress. Meant to be used, abused and discarded once you were done with them.

Now, John and his wife had a good arrangement worked out. John always came home at the end of the night. He’d be loyal and only, for lack of a better word, behave. They would have sex, lots of sex in fact, but never stray into John’s hardcore side. In return, Emily would willingly turn a blind eye to his mistresses, using them to let out his sexual domination. Anna Kendrick was his favorite mistress for the last several years, grooming and gaslighting the petite star into a perfect sex deviant, happily fucking John, his family and whoever else John wanted.

“Oh God,” John groaned, pulling into his driveway and seeing not only Anna’s car, but Emily’s as well. “What the fuck am I walking into?”

*   *   *

“Dear Lord! These people are fucking animals,” Anna cursed. “Shit everywhere!”

The shit, in this case, didn’t belong to the petite actress. Not that it was much better. Instead, Anna was in the most frequently used bedroom belonging to John and Emily, and she was scrubbing the toilet. Something she never did at her own place, not since, ever. Once she got her own place, Anna had always been successful enough to have a cleaner come due the dirty jobs. But even though Anna was far from the tidiest person, her bathrooms were never, ever this disgusting.

Not only was Anna having to clean bathrooms, but she was having to do so dressed as a complete...well, skank. But this was what Emily demanded, thus Anna was powerless but to follow through. Donning skyhigh white heels, Anna’s slender legs were made to seem even longer by the tiny pair of light blue booty shorts she wore. Calling them shorts was a disservice as they were just big enough to cover half her petite but bubbly ass. Lastly, a pink crop top that did wonders showing off her flat stomach, not to mention was cut low enough to show her mounds of natural cleavage rounded out the outfit.

“Wonder what terror is next,” Anna thought to herself after cleaning the last of the filth from the now pristine bowl.

It was as if Emily knew the moment Anna was done her chore because no soon had the last stain been polish away did the bathroom door explode open. Anna jumped in fright before getting herself calmed down. In stormed the beautiful MILF who looked like she had anger once more fueling her. Not saying a word, Emily marched right up to the Pitch Perfect star, grabbed her by a handful of Anna’s auburn hair and yanked her hard.


Anna’s distressful cry fell on deaf ears with the English MILF not caring that she was in pain. With a firm grip in her shiny hair, Emily marched the slightly younger actress out of the cleaned bathroom, down a lengthy hallway before entering a bedroom. Anna did her best to match the MILF in stride, not only because Emily had her by a good 6 inches in height, but also because Anna was wearing high heels. Once through the door, Emily practically threw Anna by the hair inside, somehow not tearing any hair from the petite girl’s head in the process.

“Jesus that hurt,” Anna cried, rubbing her sore scalp.

“Is that a complaint?” Emily hissed.

“No ma’am,” she instantly cowered.

“Better. Now put that shit in and wait for me on your knees until I return. And you best not leave me waiting,” the English MILF demanded.

“Yes ma’am.” Anna replied before recognizing one of the objects laid out for her. “Umm Em...mistress,” she caught herself before continuing. “I didn’t quite know what to expect today but with the toy you have in mind, can I get an enema from you?”

Anna was expecting several reactions, but when Emily tossed back her dyed blonde head and cackled, it came as a surprise. The Brit laughed for a few seconds before turning her steely gaze back on the petite star.

“Dirty sluts don’t get to clean up,” Emily lectured. “Now I’ll be back in moments. Don’t leave me waiting.”

*   *   *

“Is there a depraved slut in here?” Emily said, entering the room only a minute or two later.

“Yes ma’am,” Anna answered.

Sitting on her knees, Anna Kendrick was quite the sight. Still in the same outfit that she wore during cleaning, there were a few additions though. Her shiny auburn hair was still worn straight down to her mid back, but her pretty blue eyes were now covered by a blindfold. A collar was also worn around her neck, complete with a leash that Emily now held in her hand. Lastly, the other addition to her outfit only became apparent as the MILF started walking Anna out of the room on her hands and knees like a dog. Behind her swayed a long tail, with the anchor being a butt plug almost 3 inches long in Anna’s once tight ass. No stranger to ass play, this was easily the biggest toy the Pitch Perfect actress had ever fit inside her, a fact that made Emily Blunt beam in pride.

“Come on, bitch,” Emily stated.

Anna had to give the other domineering woman props for the double entendre of the bitch comment. A sharp jerk of the collar held tightly around her neck jostled the petite actress forward, making the blindfolded Anna scamper quickly into her crawl. The large-breasted star walked on hands and knees out of the bedroom and down a short hall until she felt the tension around her neck lessen, making Anna stop in her tracks.

“Get that tiny ass up here,” Emily’s normally refined British accent spat at her fellow actress.

Without sight, Anna had to reach out to feel what her mistress meant by that. Feeling a somewhat short but wide leather furniture. Deducing correctly that it was an ottoman, Anna crawled up onto it’s flat surface, at which point a pair of feminine hands grabbed her by Anna’s delicate face. Having a tendril of worry worm its way up her spine, Anna was relieved to only feel Emily’s plump lips press against her own before the Brit’s tongue pushed into Anna’s mouth.

“On your back,” a familiar deep male’s voice boomed behind the petite actress.

Anna knew that voice could only belong to John. Right as the actor was speaking, Anna felt his strong hands on her narrow hips. With a burst of strength, Anna felt herself literally thrown over so she landed flat on her back atop the ottoman. Anna’s mouth only had a moment’s reprieve from Emily’s invading tongue as the Brit once more kissed the slightly younger star deep and rough.

“Strip her honey,” Emily instructed her husband. “Let’s see these tits half this town are obsessed with.”

Anna felt the plunging neckline of her crop top gripped tightly by his strong hands before an explosion of muscle shredded her shirt in half. Anna shrieked in surprise rather than pain, but the moment her shirt was torn apart, Emily was unlatching the clasp on the back of the blindsided woman’s bra. Feeling the underwear of her bra relent, it was the only warning Anna had before she was rendered topless.

“Told you. Only a pathetic sub but by Lord does she have nice tits,” John spoke to his wife.

In truth, Emily Blunt already knew that the slightly younger actress had great tits, especially for her tiny frame. The Brit had attended enough award shows, parties and other functions with Anna Kendrick to know that her boobs were perfect. Hell, even today as the Pitch Perfect star cleaned her house, she had been checking them, gazing down at her pressed-together tits as she bent over, squatted, and lifted. However now Emily was seeing them in their full glory, and she was truly impressed. Perfectly shaped, firm and yet soft at the same time, they stood nice and firm while the 35 year old actress’ nipples were small, bright pink and already erect.

“Well bloody hell, John,” Emily agreed. “Glorious tits.”

Eyes not believing, Emily reached down and grabbed two handfuls of Anna’s generous endowments. Even while pregnant, the Brit wasn’t able to boast about having such a plentiful bust, and yet this twig of girl had them. Hell, the tits were probably a quarter of Anna’s total weight! Not only that, but despite the Pitch Perfect star being 35, the boobs were still firm with only a natural amount of minimal sag, making them bouncy to boot.

“Awwww,” Anna groaned as Emily’s grip went from kneading to a rough clutch.

While his wife was pawing aggressively at Anna’s perfect tits, John wasn’t simply standing about. Instead, the actor was pulling down the tiny excuse that passed for shorts down Anna’s legs, revealing her familiar bald cunt. Given her tiny frame, Anna’s cunt was small to match, and cute just like herself.

“Fuck,” Anna swore after John’s wife had reared her arm back and slapped one of her large boobs. “Jesus!”

John could only laugh at his wife’s rough treatment of his mistress. After all, better Emily take it out on the other woman than himself. And after all, that was only fair. Emily and John had this unspoken arrangement so it was Anna deserving of the punishment. As John stood and began undoing his pants, his wife had decided that it was time for more breasts to join the party.

“You like tits, Anna?” Emily asked in a tone that was none too friendly.

“Um, yes...I’m a boob girl,” the petite movie star admitted.

“Then suck on these.”

John was the first to admit that his wife, though smoking hot with a great body, didn’t have the biggest tits in the world. Sure, they were really good with good size, perfect roundness and firmness, but not bulky. However, they were a nice handful, and as Anna was finding out, they were more than enough to bury a face in. Bunching up her boobs in each hand, the mother to his children planted her mounds right in Anna’s delicate face, burying the younger woman in boobs.

“Yeah? You like being smothered in boob?” Emily sneered down at the skinny woman.

Though Anna did have dreams of being buried in boobs, it never was quite so...forceful. However, the Brit was clearly pissed at her for fucking her husband and was needing to take out the rage on her. Anna did her best to suckle at Emily’s nipples and tits, but it was too much. Emily had originally buried Anna’s face in her tits then pulled back, but after planting her left tit in Anna’s mouth, Emily didn’t pull back. In fact, Anna had to start thrashing about and tapping Emily’s sides, trying to get across to the slightly older woman that she couldn’t breathe.

“Em…” John commented after watching Anna’s legs kick about for another few moments.

“Ugh. Fine,” the refined Brit begrudgingly sighed.

Anna felt relief flood every fiber of her being as the boob that had been suffocating her gave way. The Pitch Perfect star gulped in breath after breath of sweet, sweet air, feeling her face slowly return to her natural skin tone instead of the red shade it had adopted. Meanwhile as the petite woman was sucking in oxygen, Emily was up on her feet and taking off her shorts. She still wore her knee-high leather heeled boots, but that was all. Reaching out to grab Anna’s petite shoulders, Emily forced the girl flat on her back again. Anna expected another mouthful of tit, but instead she was greeted to something wetter...and tastier.

“Eat me, bitch,” Emily demanded.

With a knee on either side of Anna’s auburn-colored head, Emily knelt lower onto her already wet snatch landed on the girl’s face. The Brit had purposefully missed planting her pussy on Anna’s mouth in order to rub her juices all over the petite girl’s face. Satisfied that she made a mess of her, Emily pivoted her hips in order to draw her mound right over Anna’s supposedly talented mouth.

“Mmmm...that’s it...use your tongue for something other than your endless quips,” Emily hissed, accentuating her comments by tweaking one of the girl’s nipples with some added zeal.

Emily Blunt essentially treated sitting on Anna Kendrick’s face like she was riding a man’s dick. With her arms extending down and holding herself up using Anna’s pillowy tits, the English MILF pivoted her hips back and forth. Luckily Anna was on her same wavelength by extending her tongue and licking along her slit, while her nose was getting in on the action by poking Emily’s backdoor every time she ground her pussy forward. In fact, Emily enjoyed her starfish rubbed so much that she tried her damndest to push on Anna’s nose hard enough for some anal penetration, but all the MILF accomplished was making Anna’s eyes water from the pressure against her delicate nose.

“She can eat a good muff,” Emily complemented with more chagrin than enthusiasm. “At least you picked a mistress who was made for sex. Right Anna?”

Anna tried to answer but that was made impossible since she still had a pussy resting hard against her mouth. Instead, the petite star responded the best and only way she could - she licked deep inside her tormentors snatch. Emily resumed swiveling her hips forwards and backwards, grinding her pink slit into Anna’s face. Not forgetting about Anna’s impressive rack, the Brit gave each large globe a hearty grope before pinching her bright nipples hard, then added a twist and pull.

“Mmphh…ahhhh,” Anna’s sharp muffled cry escaped from between her thighs.

Anna was rather limited given her positioning so was reduced to allowing the older woman to torment her body and hope it didn’t go too far. Instead, Anna focused on the things she could control, namely stiffening her tongue as strong as possible and using it to rummage through Emily’s slit as she grinded her face. Despite the waves of pleasure crashing through Emily’s brain, she was still cognitive enough to remember the supine girl still needed to breathe. Which then gave the MILF an idea. Just like she had done earlier with her tits, Emily pushed her pussy down hard over Anna’s mouth. Instantly the Pitch Perfect star burrowed her tongue into her wet slit, but this time Emily didn’t move after a few seconds. A good 20 seconds of suffocating Anna went by, once more seeing the skinny girl thrash about in panic before Emily lifted her hips completely off Anna and allowed her to breathe again.

“Fuck me,” Anna sputtered for air. Once she had recovered, she added: “What a way to go at least!”

“You made my husband hard,” Emily commented. “Get down on your knees and fucking do something about it slut!”

Anna thought she was moving in good time, but Emily thought otherwise. Reaching to grab the dangling handle of the leash, the MILF snapped the leash, and by extension the collar attached around Anna’s neck, downward hard. Anna practically flew to the ground, clattering there luckily after only a small drop from the ottoman but with enough force to cause her to groan. Recovering fast, the mistress got to her knees, using her directional sense in order to face the married man while his wife loomed over her.

“Open your slutty mouth,” Emily instructed the blindfolded woman.

Anna opened her mouth wide and took the first several inches of John’s penis into her moist warmth. She closed her lips and slowly dragged his cock between them, spreading her saliva all over his shaft. When she got to the tip she jetted her tongue out to swipe at John’s pee slit, drawing a grown from the dominating man. She didn’t need her eyes in order to deliver a fucking good blowjob!

“You like that big boy,” Anna asked with a wicked grin. She may be roughed up, but nothing could stop Anna from enjoying sex.

Not bothering to hear his response to her rhetorical question, Anna descended her mouth back on his dick. This time she swallowed most of his cock until it tapped the back of her throat, holding him there for a few seconds to show off her lack of gag reflex. She dragged him through her lips once again, repeating her tongue trick once again at the end. Though sucking off a married man in front of his pissed off wife wasn’t an ideal circumstance, Anna was still gonna be herself and give a great God damn performance.

“All the way,” John decreed, looking down into the petite girl’s blue eyes.

The pair had known each other well as they were regular fuck buddies for years now, and apparently John wanted to show his wife all of his mistress’ skills. This time she took him inside her oral cavity once again and had him butt up against the back of her mouth. This time, rather than withdraw, she relaxed her throat in an action which at one point was second nature to her. It took an extra moment but her muscles relented and she pushed forward so that now her chin was pressed against his full ball sac, her nose was buried in his thick bush of pubic hair and his cock was completely contained within her mouth and throat.

“Bloody hell baby…the slut has skills,” Emily spoke to her husband.

“You have no idea,” John replied.

The tall man was about to show what he meant, but a gesture by his wife stopped him. Pulling his tip from her mouth, John watched as his wife bent over the petite kneeling actress and tilted her head back. Anna had no idea what or who was bending her head back, but soundly she felt a glob of spit land smack dab on the middle of her tongue.

“That’s better. Just trying to help,” Emily explained.

The time John put his dick in Anna’s mouth and pushed until his tip poked the back of her mouth, watching her ignore her gag reflex, before Anna’s throat bulged from entering it. Anna went to pull back off him after a few seconds, but found her retreat blocked by an iron strong hand. Rolling with it, Anna held his dick in her mouth for 10 seconds, then 20 second before her eyes started watering. Still her gag reflex didn’t kick in but oxygen deprivation was. She went to push against John’s leg to free herself but already his grip relented, allowing Anna to breathe again.

“AWWWHHHH!” Anna breathed deeply.

“Impressive. Half a minute with a dick in your throat,” Emily summarized.

“Uhhh...thank...aaahhh...you,” Anna politely replied.

Anna could feel energized by the praise from the female alpha above her, which made all the physical abuse thus far totally worth it. Feeling the spit-covered dick butt against her lips, Anna opened her mouth and felt his vein member push all the way forward again. John allowed himself to soak within her mouth for a few long moments to savor the feeling of his entire dick inside of her throat. She then pulled him out all of the way so she could get a long pull of air back into her lungs. When she had recovered from the oxygen debt she took him back down her throat all the way but this time bobbed her head.

“Gwwwkkkk….gwwwkkk,” Anna coughed and spewed as her mouth was plunged deep then let to breathe after only a few seconds.

Anna was used to deep throating dicks, not just by John but by nearly everyone she slept with. This was a rather lengthy list as the 35 year old was very, very sexually active. However, tonight was unique. No, not just because the wife of the man she had been fucking was present and pissed. But because Anna was not used to being roughing off. Sure, some guys or even a handful of women got too excited by her great tits and mauled them a little more than normal, but not nipple twists and pulls for which Emily had been doing. Nor had any woman ridden her face so hard, not to mention the hard hair pulling, whipping her around by her leash or nearly choking her to blacking out with a cock or Emily’s boobs. She figured it was because at only 5’1 and 95 pounds, with small feminine features, everyone viewed her as breakable.

“Faster,” Emily demanded.

Anna didn’t think she was going slow by any stretch, but she listened to the alpha female and bobbed quicker. Each and every time she would begin to gobble John’s cock, his dick would thud the back of her mouth before his massive erection would slam into her throat. Rather than keep her strangling on his manhood like before, John listened to his wife and would rear his hips back the moment all of his length entered Anna’s throat.

“Gllugghh…uugghhh…awwkkk,” Anna muttered and gagged as John repeated pushed in and out of her throat.

The pair had been regular fuck buddies for long enough that they knew each other very well. While Anna was doing the majority of the work, her large tits swaying in front of her every time she threw her lithe body forward. However, John wasn’t simply standing his ground. Instead, he jerked his hips forwards and backwards to accelerate the deep throating. In fact, John would time his thrust forward just right so that as his cockhead was poking the back of her mouth, the place where most girls would retch or have to severely fight that urge, instead he would slam the hips forward to help with the face fucking.

“Now turn it up to 11 on her,” Emily instructed her husband.

John replied initially with a wolfish grin before grabbing Emily by the back of her head and bringing her in for a passionate kiss. The two alphas shared a tongue-filled embrace before they broke it off so that their focus could go back on the kneeling submissive Anna. This time as his dick entered Anna’s mouth, the MILF didn’t even try to get her saliva into her mouth. Instead, Emily just wadded up some spit in her mouth and spat it right onto Anna’s pretty face, taking her mostly on the nose.

“Have something to say?” Emily needled, noting the almost disgusted look on the petite woman’s face.

“Um...thank you for horking a wad of spit on my face,” Anna replied, knowing that defiance was useless. This earned her another large spitball to be collected on her face by Emily, at which point Anna thanked her again. “A pleasure to have you defile me, Master.”

Anna had a good idea what Emily meant when she instructed John; she wanted him to go even harder and faster. Luckily, she was more than able to handle it, especially since they had been building up to it nicely. Rather than fight or brace herself, Anna went as relaxed as possible, namely by opening her mouth wide and relaxing her throat. John did the rest by steering his spit-covered dick between her lips then more or less fucking her face savagely.

“Glllkkkk….kkaaaakkkkk….kkwwwkkkllllkk,” Anna sputtered as her throat was rapidly filled then evacuated.

With each successive bob along the entirety of his length, John’s grip in her hair lessened until after the 5th face fucking it dropped down altogether. That wasn’t to say he stopped touching her. Instead, the extremely rapid paced blowjob got even faster as his two hands cradled the back of the actress’ head, holding her steady. For Anna’s part, the lovely woman left her mouth wide open, allowing John to savagely pillage her throat. Though her face was delicate and adorable, it flew along his length with little regard for the bash her nose took against his flat stomach with every thrust into him. After what Anna could only guess at 2 dozen thumping thrusts, John arrested Anna’s bobbing with his entire cock in her mouth and throat, holding her face firmly against his belly and savored the feeling.

“Gwwwkkkk….kkllluukkk,” Anna began to choke, her eyes going slightly red and misty.

“Need to fuck my favorite little sex puppet,” John exclaimed, practically throwing Anna off his cock.

“You heard him, Anna,” Emily spat at the mistress before addressing her husband in a much softer tone. “You’ve worked all day, my love. Let the nasty whore pleasure you.”

“I bet that perfect little pussy of yours is so wet for me,” John commented to Anna as he laid down on the spacious ottoman.

“Look at this slut’s cunt shimmering! She’s drenched after you skull fucker,” Emily said, none too nicely in her elegant British accent.

“I am pretty wet,” Anna confirmed.

As Anna was speaking she was moving as well. Emily had yanked off the blindfold at this point so the petite actress was able to saunter over to the laying John, throwing one of her slender legs around his powerful waist. As she started to straddle the larger man, John’s hands clutched her hips tight and pulled her into position. Emily was at his side, hands on his massive cock, steering it into Anna’s waiting cunt. The moment the Office star felt his pecker lined up with Anna’s cunt, he shoved his hips skywards at the same moment he pulled the petite girl’s body downward.

"OHHH YESS," they both hissed at the same time, both screwing their eyes shut in pure pleasure.

Apparently John wanted to really fuck the tiny actress so he slid a little further down the furniture so that his ass was no longer on the ottoman. Both he and Anna had to plant their feet on the ground, but while Anna used hers to only steady herself, John used his fixed position to generate a good deal of power and speed. Up and down he drove his hips, skewering the petite Anna Kendrick fully on his dick each and every time, which was many given his rapid fire approach.

“Oh yeah! Come on! Take it!” Emily practically chanted.

Anna was feeling a wealth of different sensations. From her pussy, it was several. Being stretched by John’s wonderfully thick cock always felt like heaven. And then it was piercing her slick slit seemingly a mile a minute, thumping deep in her womb. More outwardly, Anna was feeling the sting of her petite but bubbly ass taking a pounding by Emily’s hand. Though not overly strong, the Brit could certainly pack a punch, or a spank to the ass in this case. And then there was the feel of John’s hands running up her hips, clutching tightly onto her bouncing large tits for only a moment then coming to rest on her neck. More specifically, around her throat...and getting ever tighter.

Being choked was rare for Anna but nothing new. However, it was the combination of John using both hands to cut off her airway and the manic look in his eyes that had her slightly worried. The Pitch Perfect star tried to play it cool, simply relaxing her body to continue taking his pussy assault and letting him choke her. With each passing second her head got lighter and her eyes had more and more trouble staying open with the idea of just closing them and having a rest sounding more and more like a good idea.

“Awwwhhhh,” Anna gasped as John released her head, allowing her face to cycle back down from blue to red to normal flesh color once more.

"You're such a bad slut. Sleeping with my man to get ahead. That deserves to be punished," Emily hissed, spanking her slender ass once more.

"Yes! Punish me," Anna screamed, giving them verbal approval for more choking in the future.

During his suffocation of the girl 150 pounds lighter than himself, John had slowed his thrusting down, but now he sought to remedy that. The tall man took back control, using his strong arms to help hold her propped up in her squat position so that he could drive his hips up into her. His cock completely left her pussy on the way down only to spread her velvety lips as his rounded head pushed back inside. They both felt his entire dick deep inside Anna’s snatch, the wetness lubricating her tight walls and driving them both mad with hormones.

"Feel that big cock stretching you pussy," John grunted as her snatch glided along his entire length.

"Yes...fill me...stretch me," Anna cooed. "Fuck me hpwever you want. I’m your fuck puppet."

“Gotta love a whore who knows her role,” Emily stated.

"Oh yes! I love that hard fucking dick in my pussy," Anna swore, her dirty mouth on full display.

At this point, Anna felt another hand close around her windpipe, but this one was smaller, less strong and smoother. Apparently Emily was aroused watching her husband choke the mistress and now the Brit wanted a turn. Anna didn’t mind, in fact she was learning to like being suffocated, especially at the same time her pussy was being absolutely wrecked by John’s intense fucking. However, right around the time Anna’s vision was swimming from a lack of oxygen, Emily released her grip on her throat while John pulled his dick completely from the Pitch Perfect star’s cunt as well.

“Move it, bitch. My turn to fuck my man,” Emily spat at Anna.

The petite star felt a force against her side as Emily literally pushed her out of the way so that she could climb aboard her husband. John was happy for the change in fucking style, not to mention the feel of their cunts. While he had employed a lightning fast assault on Anna’s tight-fitting pussy, Emily was choosing to give her husband a proper ride. With a knee on either side of his lap, Emily Blunt rode him up and down, even swiveling her hips when fully impaled in order to rock back on his dick. While the effects felt amazing, it wasn’t nearly as fast as that which he fucked Anna Kendrick, nor was his wife anywhere as tight. Though Anna had been around the block a couple hundred times, Emily had popped out 2 children. Though her pussy still felt great, it was simply biology that her cunt wasn't nearly as tight as the childless Anna.

“What are you doing just laying about you lazy bitch! Get behind me and lick my asshole,” Emily demanded.

“No rest for the wicked,” Anna thought as she crawled into position behind the fucking couple.

Anna compared learning when to dive in and attack Emily’s asshole with her tongue to knowing when to jump in during a round of double dutch. Go too soon and her head gets pounded by Emily’s surprisingly thick ass. Too early and Anna missed her target. This allowed the skinny girl to simply watch and appreciate an alpha woman like Emily ride a dick. Though Anna had performed this task thousands or tens of thousands of times, seeing the way Emily rode a cock was very different to the way Anna did. For simplicity's sake, Anna felt like Emily rode her man while Anna was basically fucked by them.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” Emily constantly moaned throughout her ride.

Raising herself back up, the Brit didn’t even leave the crown in her as she pulled a good inch off of his throbbing member altogether. She perched herself above him for just long enough to see the curiosity in John’s face before she slammed herself down on his lap, taking his entire cock to the hilt in one shot.

“Damn babe! Hell of a fucking ride,” John grunted while matching her downward drops with an upward thrust.

Taylor repeated this move a second time, then again and again until she worked herself into a frenzied pace. John was no longer able to stay latched onto her tits with his mouth but it was a concession he was okay with. Laying flat back on the bed, he watched his beautiful wife ride his dick like an expert bull rider and simply appreciated the view. Meanwhile Anna had her timing down, leaning in and able to use her tongue against the slightly older actress’ butthole. She earned several hard thuds against her beautiful face by Emily’s ass, but such was life as John’s submissive sex slave.

“Shit! Fuck! Bloody hell!” Emily swore, each one louder than the last.

“Cum for me, honey,” John told his wife, somehow snaking an arm between their bodies in order to strum her clit.

“YEESSSSSSS! I’m cumming John!”

Anna felt a hand belonging to the nearly climaxing woman reach back and pin the skinny girl’s face to her booty. Even though the Brit had been fairly mean and almost cruel to the Pitch Perfect star, there was no way Anna wasn’t going to help deliver an orgasm to a fellow fucker. Therefore as John diddled her clit while Emily grinded up, down and back on his dick, Anna used her skilled tongue to stimulate the MILF’s asshole.

“God I needed that,” Emily cooed after coming down from her orgasm.

“It had been a week since I was gone,” John reasoned, watching as his wife rose from his lap.

“Okay hubby. I think you’re all warmed up,” Emily said, taking hold of Anna’s leash.

Anna felt the now familiar tug on her neck that told her that her masters wanted her to move somewhere. Following the line of drive of the collar around her neck, Anna crawled up onto the recently vacated ottoman. Emily dropped the leash at this point, leaving the slender actress at a perfect height so that her tiny ass was lined up with her husband’s very hard cock.

“Care to pull out the plug for me, love?” John asked his wife.

“Would be my pleasure,” the MILF answered.

Anna had assumed that the butt plug wasn’t simply put in place at the beginning of the night just to have occupying her anus as her pussy was fucked. As she felt the base of the toy gripped by the English actress, Anna knew to relax her anal sphincter and allow the absolutely massive toy to have an easier time out of her. Even with as much experience as she had with anal sex, Anna still found herself biting her bottom lip as the plug was a struggle exiting her ass. Finally, after a good half-minute of a battle, the butt plug measuring more than 2 inches thick pulled free of her booty, making Anna wonder if she’d ever tighten back up.

“Look at this slut’s giant gape!” Emily proclaimed. “I bet after you ravage her, I’ll be able to fit my whole fist in her booty!”

“I wouldn’t bet against it, honey,” John said to his wife.

Once Emily was done with staring into the abyss of Anna’s brown eye, she got to her feet and allowed her husband to take up residence behind the mistress. However, she glanced down at her new butt plug and noticed it still had a good deal of flecks of what appeared to be dried shit on it. Well this certainly wouldn't do! Not with a brand new toy, and not when she had such a dedicated cleaner at her disposal.

“Any lube?” Anna asked, feeling John’s dickhead give her wide open asshole a little rim.

“Nope. He’s going dry,” Emily answered pointedly.

“You heard her,” John agreed before adding. “Now beg for it.”

“Ugh. Please John, fuck my tiny ass with your big cock,” Anna gave in.

“Like you mean it,” he urged with a thunderous spank.

“I want you to fuck my ass,” she said, this time with that slutiness he knew. “Get that dick in my asshole!”

With John in full control of her petite body, the passionate man placed his hand on her hip to have one on either side of her body then began to pull the much smaller girl backwards. The Pitch Perfect star closed her eyes, bit her lip in anticipation of slight pain and did her best to relax as her sphincter slowly started to expand until it allowed his thick cock inside her dry rectum.

Anna was no stranger to anal, however after each time she took it anally her butt always sealed up just as tight as when she was an anal virgin. In truth, given the widening the butt plug gave her sphincter after being up her colon for over an hour, it barely had the familiar sting despite the lack of lube. With each thrust she took it in the ass loosened her up, allowing him to go a little faster and deeper. In fact, in only a half dozen strokes, John was easily plundering his entire cock deep into the actress who couldn’t weigh more than 90 pounds.

Not to be forgotten, Emily walked up to the front of the ottoman where Anna’s head was resting down between her arms as Emily’s husband sodomized her. The English MILF stepped close to the skinny actress and grabbed a handful of her auburn hair and pulled it up so she could look in her face and talk to her.

"Slut, do you see what's on my favorite new toy?”

“Shit,” Anna breathed under her breath. Though she meant it as a curse, it also served as the right answer. “That’s why I wanted an enema.”

“I didn’t ask for an excuse,” Emily replied to the anally fucked actress. “I want it cleaned. Now!”

“You don’t mean…” Anna finally retorted, the shock of Emily’s demand making her forget about the 9 inches of thick cock continuing to pillage her asshole. “But it’s clearly...well...dirty.”

“So what? You’re a dirty slut, so why wouldn’t you suck off your dirty juices?” Emily rationalized. “Now, open your mouth.”

Anna didn’t know what she was going to do. While she had taken a dick or toy ass to mouth on many, many occasions, this time it was different. All those hundreds of thousands of times previously where with her ass that was clean. Never before had there been visible...crap. Yet, Emily had revealed herself to be a maniac so what choice did she actually have. With the bulbous toy held in front of her face, a resigned Anna Kendrick held Emily’s wrist steady with one hand, parted her lips, extended her tongue and ran it from the base to the tip of the toy in a long, slow lick.

“Jesus! You’re fucking filthy Anna!” Emily practically cheered, rotating the toy and allowing Anna to lick clean another side of the soiled toy.

“Tell us how your shitty ass tastes,” John this time got in on the jibes, all without slowing his sodomy.

“Kinda gross,” Anna commented as she performed a third click of the dirty toy. “A little salty.” A fourth and fifth lick now had the toy practically cleaned so she opened her mouth wide and placed the entire butt plug in her mouth to suck. “But pretty good.”

“Dear God, John! You certainly found a real sex freak this time,” the MILF told her husband about his mistress.

After putting a good spit polish onto the mammoth butt plug, Anna handed it back to her dominant mistress. This allowed the petite girl to get both arms back under her slender body and brace more appropriately from John’s pounding strokes. The moment his hips slammed against her tiny booty, the much larger man was already reversing course in order to thrust his entire 9 inches into and out of Anna Kendrick’s asshole with each thrust.

“Fuck yes! Give it to me John!” Anna cheered.

After licking the dirty toy clean, a damn seemed to break within the tiny star. Though being roughed up and humiliated like this wasn’t that typical for her, Anna seemed to be fully on board now. Seeing the change in his submissive whore, not to mention the hour long fuck session with both Anna and his wife had John past the point excitement. John needed to cum, and he needed to do it now.

“Cum deep in your slut’s ass,” Emily demanded her husband after reading his thoughts.

“Yes! Cum inside me, John,” Anna practically begged.

“Fuck me!” John howled as he gave in to his orgasm.

Unable to hold out and delay things any further, the actor slammed down one final time into the slender girl before his balls tightened up and pleasure shot through his entire body. Anna immediately felt the cum blast from his tip, painting the inside of her colon with his hot sticky load a good 10 inches deep inside of her. After feeling himself fully drained, the hulking man gave a few last mini thrusts into Anna before pulling out altogether and staggering back a few steps to collapse satisfied into a chair.

“Not so fast,” Emily spoke.

Anna was just starting to get out of the cramped position on the ottoman when one of Emily’s hands arrested her movement. The Brit wasn’t quite done with her husband’s mistress just yet. Kneeling behind Anna, the MILF stuck two fingers deep into Anna’s yawning asshole, obviously fishing for John’s cum. Not able to reach it, she pulled out and added a third, then a fourth digit to Anna’s asshole. Still unable, Emily pressed the tip of her thumb into the pads of her four other fingers then started to press them forward into Anna’s ever expanding asshole.

“Holy fuck! Are you…” John started to ask from the edge of his seat.

“Trying to get her whole God damn fist in my ass?!” Anna finished his sentence. “She certainly is.”

Anna had never been fisted before, but there was always a first time for everything. She was at least familiar with the process so she did her best to relax her body and let herself stretch - hopefully without tearing her anal ring to pieces in the process. It was slow going, especially with the only lube being a bunch of spit that Emily had spat into her brown eye, but where there was a will, there was a way. With a last push, Emily Blunt succeeded in doing something no one else had done previously - fist Anna Kendrick’s asshole!

“What a complete and utter whore,” Emily half gawked, half insulted as she felt Anna’s anal ring squeezing her wrist.

“The best butt slut around,” Anna beamed with pride as another woman’s hand rested completely in her rectum.

“Feed her my cum baby,” John instructed, watching with fascination.

On this point, husband and wife were in sync. Emily didn’t heed his advice right away, as she was simply having too much fun moving her fist in small thrusts into Anna’s ass. Slowing down, the Brit slowly retreated her hand from Anna, with the petite star giving a rather loud shriek of what sounded like pleasure as the hand was removed from her colon. Moving quickly, Emily walked around to the opposite end of the ottoman to the auburn-haired actress’ face. This time around, Anna showed none of the reluctance from earlier as she eagerly steered the fist that had been miles inside her bowels into her mouth. Once more, the striking deep earthy and pungent flavor that could only be her ass juices flooded her tongue, but this time made all the more saltier with John’s cum mixed into the equation.

“Jesus Christ! That was insane,” John commented as Anna continued to lick every inch of Emily’s fingers, hand and wrist even.

“Wow,” Anna said, her energy giving out as she collapsed fully onto the furniture.

“What the fuck are you doing? Resting in MY house?” Emily barked at the other woman. “You’re done here. You’ve done your chores, been royally fucked and now it’s time to get out. John or myself will call you when we have need for a slut to degrade.”

“You heard the woman,” John added to the mistress.
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