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William David Berkowitz

The following story, like all my stories, is an erotic fancition whose events are completely invented and did not happen in real life. And it is not a true reflection of people, places, events, enter others.

Unsuitable material for viewing by minors,under the laws of the country of residence.


December 17, 2014

"Happy Birthday!"

Almost everyone was forced to say those words to me today. Even strangers who heard what it was today. Including this one.

Technically, it should mean more when family and loved ones say so. But hearing this stranger, in that context, was still the highlight of my birthday and the main thing in my recent life - at least it seemed to be at the time.

Before that, all I had to do was buy tickets for the Broadway show "Cabaret" on my 30th birthday. It was mostly an important thing, because Emma Stone - the celebrity I idolized and wrote the most in recent years - debuted at this show.

But as much as I expected to see her sing live about 90 meters away from me for over two hours, I mostly dreamed of seeing her about to stand in front of me for about 10 seconds. That would happen after the show, when I got a good seat behind the back barricade of the theater - before it went out to sign leaflets for fans like me.

None of those fans were like me, though. Maybe one or two of them had a birthday today too, but I doubted they wrote extensively about the lead actress. Or, if they did, it wasn't the erotic love stories that were consistently among my highest ratings.

That should have made me feel very weird and scary, actually. Being so close to someone I coveted and loved, and wrote about so many illusory scenarios. Scenarios of a lonely man who spontaneously sets eyes on the incredible and sensual Emma Stone, in all environments in which she has personally appeared in a casual or especially situation, and under unusual and early conditions, end in a casual and uncompromising sexual relationship. And in other stories, redheaded beauty materialized into an alternate reality, filled with opaque vapors and materially sexy, in a desire for deep sexual love with a man like me. It should have made me feel a different kind of nervousness and a different kind of star than normal.

And when I received tickets to watch "Cabaret", I got inspiration to write another erotic story with Emma. On a dark and lonely night, my alter ego William Berkowitz was disturbed and frustrated by the failures he had suffered in his relationships with humanity. And out of nowhere, blinding vapors popped out of William's bedroom door, and soon materialized into an attractive woman with short silky red hair, bright turquoise eyes, and porcelain brighter skin than the full moon at its height.

And with a sexy outfit was a black lingerie with a transparent black bodice, a modest black garter belt and attractive black pantyhose. But not as attractive as the long, delicious legs of the red-haired goddess in my room, and it took William a moment to realize that beauty was none other than Emma Stone in Sally Bowles's skin. The silence was cut off with Emma's single warm voice as he said:

"Did you like what you saw?"

Petrified by the surprise of a few moments, the man just nodded in agreement, Emma gave an honest giggle and continued:

"I bet you want to make me an honest woman, honey."

Finding his soul, William approached the burlesque beauty and looking into the eyes said:

"It's more interesting how good you are, only time will tell if I want you to make it honest."

And, placing his hands between her cheeks, William kissed Emma passionately, then the redhead deepened her kiss, dipping her tongue into the lonely man's mouth and twining their tongues in a torrid, attractive kiss that had evolved into an erotic night of love. Deep love and bubbly.


After writing this story before watching the show, this nervousness boiled inside me, but it had nothing to do with it - at least I prayed not. There was only one thing I would have time to tell her when she signed my playbill, and just one thing I wanted to say to her.

I practiced my lines by myself for days before arriving in New York. I practiced in my head once more while waiting outside after the show. And when Emma came out of the building, her red hair stuck in a bun, though shorter than usual, and in a light coat after walking in black dresses, frilly tunics and ... teasing socks on stage, my personal curtain appeared.

I said my lines right after she caught up with me and took my playbill:

"Today is my 30th birthday. Coming here and seeing you was my present, so thank you."

And as I expected, she responded with a "Happy Birthday!" with genuine warmth in her amazing voice - even after using it to sing and speak with theatrical accents in the last two hours. Between that and her signature, my birthday wish was complete.

However, in the fraction of a second I had left, I was more greedy. Despite how she had other fans waiting for autographs near me, I still asked for a picture. And yet she accepted.

I had to save my camera when Emma left, so I quickly took it out and gave it to the person by my side. I promised everyone we'd be quick as I put my back to the barricade and Emma leaned closer to me, entering the scene.

I had to stare at the camera and not Emma. After printing the photo and framing, I have a proof forever that Emma was by my side and smiled at me. But seeing it in a frame wasn't the same as the real deal.

I had to avoid being distracted anyway, and I did. I figured that would be - until Emma said she had one more song on her.

After receiving my name, she used it in the third verse of the birthday song. Everyone she said to sing along with her. When the serenade ended, my temporary cameraman took another picture of me and Emma - just as she kissed my cheek. I left my daze as soon as the applause ended and she had to go to the next very patient fan.

I left the table in time to say, "Thank you! Good luck with the show and the Oscar season!" It wasn't as rehearsed or planned as my first line, obviously. But she thanked me anyway, giving me another smile and happy glow of her piercing turquoise eyes.

My eyes finally parted ways with Emma, only to take my camera back. He then came to ask me if anyone actually recorded the song on his phone. When the second person I asked said yes, I told her to email the file to my phone.

I relieved the music and the kiss on my new phone, just as Emma made her way to the car on the sidewalk. She spoke briefly to someone before looking at us - and I could swear it was right for me. Regardless, she smiled and thanked everyone again before entering and closing the door.

I thought that was it, so I left the crowd to start walking back to my hotel. That is, even the man who talked to Emma came straight about me. And I said:

"Excuse me, Miss Stone asked you to come to that address in question, she'll be waiting for you."

He gave me an address and told me to take a cab there, and he would leave before I asked.

Eventually, I decided to do what he said and called a taxi to that address. I resisted many desires to pick up my phone and look where I really was, telling myself that I wanted to surprise me. Although curiosity is consuming me, after all, why you called me to an address I don't know about Emma, possibly because of my birthday, it's still a surprise that an actress like Emma Stone invites a person she barely knows.

The secret address was of a restaurant / club type. In my mind, ideas wandered of what this place would be like. Like a hotel or any other place where people can have secret sex with porcelain-skinned women with red hair, wearing black garters and black lingerie. This inspiration that gave rise to my last story with my impossible love tingled in my brain, wondering where I was taking this environment.

I got out of the cab, paid my fare, and got in before my imagination fled again. I could have been excused for thinking so when I saw Emma appear to greet me.

She mentioned that I should have gotten her message, but her black dress, high heels and her being Emma Stone almost blocked her.

I could clearly hear that she and her castmates were here for a cast party. And with Andrew Garfield in London or at a photo shoot — the part where I deleted it — she figured there was an extra invitation I could fill out.

It really started to look absurd at this point. I almost said it was straight from my erotic stories, but fortunately I held myself back.

Instead, I just imagined to myself how she would do it all for someone I didn't know. But she figured I had time to give her more to go on before the others arrived. In fact, I got the essentials out there, and it seemed to entertain her before the rest of the cast showed up.

The next hour or two was a real blur. I remember snippets of specific conversations with non-Emma people and snippets of conversations with her as well. The dazzling overall feeling of being here with these people thanks to Emma - who I was with - dominated my specific memory. Everything was blurred into a large blur, but no alcohol.

Right in the lounge of the restaurant, Madonna's song "Vogue" began to play, and soon the guests began to dance to the rhythm of the song. I especially love to dance to Vogue, but my dance style was quite peculiar, inspired by Buster Keaton dancing with an exotic dancer with eccentric and flashy movements. So to avoid some gaffe, I headed down the hallway that connects to the hall and started dancing to Keaton's character in the silent movie of 1915 "The Cook" and as the music progressed, it danced with increasing enthusiasm. But when I wanted to give the acrobatic double kick that Keaton had given in the movie. I ended up falling on my butt to the floor and then I heard a woman laugh well known to me.

It was Emma Stone looking with a particular sparkle.

"I see you're excited, handsome". Emma helped me up.

"Sorry Emma, I can't resist when I hear Vogue and end up doing this weird dance the way I was dancing here to avoid embarrassment. I'm so sorry".

"It's okay, you're my guest of honor here, you didn't embarrass me. I want you to enjoy it a lot, after all, it's your birthday today." Said Emma with her bright smile and bright turquoise blue eyes

I ended up smiling in response, during the party I should have thought of nothing but Emma and all that. Technically, I thought it had something to do with Emma, though. Mostly, the new story I wrote about her shortly before leaving and was published today - or five minutes ago, yesterday.

At that moment, I was so dizzy, I thought I could get away with it. With everything that worked out tonight, I figured I could go to an empty booth, get on my new phone, get on the site with my story and check how it was going. If I could get out of the way now, I wouldn't be distracted for the rest of the time with her - or else I convinced myself to believe it.

So I went on the site and did my check. But as always, when I'm on the Internet, on any device, I have a tunnel vision. A second planned turned in a few minutes and blocked everything else.

Everything like Emma coming after me, seeing me enter the site and seeing on which specific site I had logged in. And seeing what my screen name was. At the time, I didn't notice her behind me. She left when I left and got up, but I didn't think of anything when I went back to the cast and she wasn't there. I figured maybe she'd left or something came up to distract her.

That something was she borrowing a Kindle and looking for my stories - and who starred in many of them.

I only found out when she came back and asked me to follow her. In fact, I only found out when she caught my eye:

"Come with me, I want to talk to you."

I followed her to a kind of hidden room in the restaurant, so the redhead held the Kindle she borrowed and showed me my last story of her, as Sally Bowles and the torrid romance with god's lonely man.

I froze, holding on so I wouldn't say "fuck" It was the most appropriate and idiotic choice of the word.

Emma dropped the Kindle and began to approach me, swinging her luxuriant hips, in her face there was a very sensual and provocative look that was going towards me like a predator that cornered her prey.

I was trying to apologize if I offended her and disrespected her in my story, which kept thinking about her, but my body didn't obey me and remained petrified in place.

And when the redhead stared at me, I opened my mouth to say. But Emma puts her finger to my lips and whispered seductively:

"Don't say anything, honey. I'm flattered by what you wrote about me in your story, and now I'll show you how much."

And then she kissed me.

She pulled me to her body and practically pinned her lips against mine. And in my reflection, I return that fiery kiss, our tongues met and fought for control. It didn't really hit me until about three seconds after she stopped. By then, she was panting and turned her seductive gaze on me.

Returning to my voice, I asked in ecstasy:

"God Emma! That was amazing, but we shouldn't do that, you're dating and I don't want anything wrong to hit you."

Only Emma silenced him again with her index finger and said:

"Stop thinking, honey. This is uncompromising sex that nobody needs to know. You're cute about worrying about me like that, but don't worry, it's your birthday and I want to make this day unforgettable for both of us."

With the firm, sensual conviction of my inspiring muse, my thoughts silenced and were enjoying this wonderful moment with another delicious, passionate kiss from the porcelain-skinned actress with silky hair.

As I ventured and leaned a little closer, Emma grabbed me and pursed our lips again. This time she supported us until pressed against the nearest wall. This time, I was able to press my body and lips back.

I was starting to really savor until Emma stopped and put her hand on my pants, and at the same time. She took my hand and placed it on the underside of her dress. Once the hand on my pants touched my zipper, my orders became clear.

I wrapped the underside of Emma's dress, reaching for her crotch and panties, then she put her hand on my fly. I tried desperately to get to the top of her panties and pull her down, but she managed to get my dick first.

With such force that I would never understand, I managed to lower her panties and brush my finger against her pussy even as she quickly put me on. Somehow, I concentrated enough to put my finger on it too, pumping it with about 70% of the intensity it used on me.

I glanced briefly at her hand stroking my cock, and at her dress covering my hand as I fucked her with my fingers. Of course, I had to search soon enough to maintain some self-control. However, looking into Emma's panting face, almost turning as red as her hair and helping her eyes to fill with lust, was no longer useful.

Listening to her was even worse. She obviously had to be quiet, as this was technically a public place. As such, her moans and purrs were low, hoarse, quietly in love, and perhaps the sexiest thing I've ever heard. Just as I wrote so many times - just exposed as inappropriate, I really was a writer.

At this rate, I was proving quite inadequate as a man in just a few seconds. Then, with that last reserve of strength, I thrust my finger completely into her pussy and took it harder, brushing my thumb too, hoping it would come close to cum before I exploded.

I moaned and laid my head on his shoulder, watching my hidden hand and his exposed hand pumping faster. But out of nowhere Emma stopped pumping my cock. And enjoying that in the hidden room was a table and a chair, the redhead was swinging her perfect hips and holding her arms on the table and tilting her firm, well-made ass, pointing at me.

And in her unique sexy voice, Emma called out:

"What are you waiting for? I hope you fill generously with pleasure."

Shaken from my trip to see my ethereal beauty tilting her pale, wonderful ass to me, I thrust my cock into Emma's vagina, feeling her tight and wet but warm and soft inside.

"Oh shit ..." I heard her react as her hips thrust at me, my impossible love moaning passionately.

"My goodness is tight and soft with you Emma, a wonderful feeling". I heard myself respond to her as I pushed my cock inside Emma.

I admired her wonderful body with her eyes, just as I gently stroked her back, her hips and her perfect ass. My erotic admiration made Emma moan sensually even more, it seems like she's really enjoying our personal adventure.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck ..." Emma barely kept low enough as her pussy gently squeezed my cock. With that, any pretense of self-control was gone. Emma pushing herself harder against me, and I realize that my redheaded muse is about to cum like me too, and prepares me to get my dick out of her pussy.

I moaned and leaned over my tired body. I laid my head on his back, watching my left hand caress her back and his right hand caress her clit faster and faster. I still heard Emma gasping, however, eventually deciphering the word "Cum" repeatedly.

"Yes!" I heard myself answering her before she practically numbed.

I took my dick out of her incredibly wet pussy in time, and pointed it at the ground just as I started shooting. All my cum fell below us, away from her dress and fur Emma made it practically impossible not to scream at her steady orgasm, but it had a loud purr that some mistook as a lively cat out there at the party.

"Oh shit ..." I heard her react, her hips rising and falling, hit my abdomen - and then covered it with its own release.

With that, my eyes closed as I moaned into Emma's back, barely getting up. Eventually my hand was released between Emma's legs, with my fucking dripping finger and juices on my own fucking on the floor.

We both stayed together, catching our breath with our heads bowed. Even numb, I saw in profile the faint smile on Emma's lips, exuding postsexual satisfaction and I ended up smiling with satisfaction. Soon we began to compose ourselves back to reality.

I put my underwear and pants back on my legs and waist, and Emma put on her bra and silk panties, briefly smoothing her party dress. And surprisingly, it seems that no drop of semen splashed on our clothes. Soon she was exchanging glances with Emma's eyes once more, seeing not only the exhaustion of the carnal relationship, but a faint gleam in her eyes and face - as well as a glare. growing satisfaction and passion that are no longer suppressed. Feeling high from this feeling, I started talking.

"I know it's a cliché to repeat that compliment and I know you've lost count of how many times you've heard from your fans. But you're amazing Emma, not even my best story written about you will describe how exciting and attractive you really are."

Emma laughed tenderly at my compliment and then mentioned:

"Don't sell yourself for less. You were great too, you were patient and in love with me. You were simply the character you wrote in your story, incredibly sexy and affectionate to me."

I didn't stop blushing slightly at the compliment, a smart, hardworking, funny and sexy woman like Emma Stone, offering her sincere flattery, made me feel in the clouds, so much that my mind again rambled, that she needed Emma to get my attention again:

"Hello? This is from planet Earth, on the wiretap?" said Emma, laughing.

I came back then laughing back, bubbling inside with Emma's joy. I grabbed a sheet and tried to wipe all the liquid and sperm off the floor, seeming to do enough I waited a while not to arouse suspicion from anyone and then I left the room.

I suppose if no one else saw me after Emma took me into that room, it might look bad. So I came back to see the others and saw Emma there too - apparently saying good night to them.

Apparently, I kept acting as a guest of honor and at the same time relived my unique experience with my impossible love. And another thing I just realized is that Emma was more smiling and happier than before the playbills autographs. When she came to me and greeted her with a "Happy Birthday" once again, she hugged me with genuine and obvious joy this time and I shyly thanked her:

"Seeing you act and be yourself was truly charming to me. It will be an unforgettable day for my entire life."

Then Emma's lips approached my ear and whispered sweetly.

"Although it's your birthday, I thank you for that day. It was unforgettable for me." Emma broke up and once again had her bright smile before leaving.

I awkwardly accepted her sincere compliment, and when she walked away, I did my best to maintain my normality a few minutes ago before her departure. I stayed for another ten minutes before leaving the restaurant. I ended up taking a taxi back to the hotel where I stayed and during the taxi ride, my arrival at the hotel, my futile attempts to sleep at the hotel and during the trip back to Philadelphia. I couldn't stop reliving the erotic moments I had with my inspiring muse. I may never see her again and never have her in my arms, but this deep love we share is the best experience of my life, at least for me. I have reached my peak in my existence.

I made love with Emma Stone, my impossible love.

************************************************** **

The days passed as always in my life, burying myself in my bureaucratic work and in my home living my life as a lonely man of God, preparing me for Christmas Day. Nothing diminished my sense of euphoria and lasting satisfaction since the "Cabaret" On my birthday, that day I felt fulfilled as a human being, not just meeting my artistic muse personally and even experiencing my time of deep passion for her, a unique chance in the life of a man like me, a chance for you. Never repeat in life.

Or so I thought ...

On Christmas morning, I figured I was numb enough to start working on my writing again. I stopped writing my erotic stories, didn't even visit my erotic sites, or worked on my holiday stories. I sank into my "personal pleasure," eventually reliving the sexual relationship I had with Emma Stone, masturbating and imagining stroking her well-made body again, as well as her porcelain skin brighter than the moon, and her silky red hair without failures, I lost my accounts how many times I relived my love time in my personal pleasure.

Then there was a knock on my front door.

Then the moment came when I knew I had gone mad. Crazy enough to see a redhead in sunglasses, a long brown coat, black boots, and a big brown bag at my door. And in my natural state I ended up frozen where I was, because I thought it was my imagination to play a trick on me after days of daydreaming. But my "imagination" ended up saying:

"How long, handsome, can I come in?"

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William David Berkowitz

My impossible love with Emma - With Emma Stone: 2 of 2
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The following story, like all my stories, is an erotic fancition whose events are completely invented and did not happen in real life. And it is not a true reflection of people, places, events, enter others.

Unsuitable material for viewing by minors,under the laws of the country of residence.


Write right under crooked lines. Never has a sentence been so true as that.

Then I realized that my reality, is a proof of that fact, an almost nonexistent reality. Because it was almost impossible that Emma Stone, my impossible love was at my door.

Still in shock, I allowed her into my humble house, and then the redhead approached gave me a chaste and passionate kiss on my lips, and I enjoyed every wonderful moment of meeting our lips. This moment was more real than my fantasies of my personal pleasure.

Now, knowing that I was not imagining, I closed the door of my apartment and noticed that it was really Emma Stone, who was sitting on my couch. A split second later, I realized that my sanity was the least of my concerns now.

"Emma, my God, it's a wonderful surprise. But unintentionally rude, how did you find me here?"

"No rudeness from you, you got your tickets here. It didn't take long to find you," Emma explained. "But I had to wait until Christmas for a day off. Imagine that."

"I still can't believe that Emma Stone himself is in my house, if this is a dream, I really don't want to wake up."

The red-haired beauty let out her characteristic laugh, saying again:

"I guarantee you are not dreaming my dear, it is very real, it happens that I needed to come to you, but I had to wait for a break in my schedule and thus avoid the paparazzi, even the vultures are more merciful than them, so I had to wait until today."

I ended up sitting on the couch next to Emma and narrowly missed looking into turquoise eyes with exalted fascination, but then followed the course while talking to my muse:

"Well, I owe you the honor of your visit, for I really don't understand why an actress like you would come to the house of a near stranger like me. Even after our meeting, I didn't expect to see you in front of me again. It happened something with you?" I asked.

Then Emma looked seriously into my eyes.

"I'll get to the point. Since that day I couldn't really stop what we did together, when I paused at work, I ended up reading more of your stories and ended up getting excited, not just having sex with you. Every single story I read it was more vivid and romantic, as if I lived your words on my skin. You created situations with content of eroticism and pleasure for your written couple, not using filthy debauchery. I felt respected and satisfied in all the stories you wrote."

Then Emma took my hands, continuing to look into my eyes.

"What you do is not the most exploitative or sexist way to treat women like me, you develop deep feelings forming an even more inspiring and romantic nonexistent couple and their sex scenes, are well described and so erotic that lead me to more orgasm at one time, especially your story putting me on Sally Bowles, my sexual relations with William Berkowitz almost melted me with the numerous orgasms that drove me as I read every line of her story," Emma continued: "It's not what I've read many times, last week while I work it out. What I read ..." she gathered herself to finish: "I'm hot! Which led me to you. I want to relive this warmth and romanticism as we live in that room, just as the Lonely Man of God had lived with me as Sally Bowles."

Then she approached my face and said decisively:

"I want to make love to you, my writer."

Shocked and flattered by Emma Stone's statement, it was too little to say what I was feeling now. My redheaded goddess, my impossible love was wanting to make love to me once again. An ordinary guy when the actress herself could have a world of attractive men and women at her divine feet. A normal that didn't stand out in this cruel world. But I kept my body and mind on Earth, I knew that Emma still had a relationship with Andrew Garfield and I didn't want to end a love that could go beyond dating, they were a nice, firm tabloid couple, as much as I hated to admit it. And he didn't want Emma to regret and suffer the consequences of that choice.

Right after assimilating what Emma told me, I sincerely answered her:

"Emma, I really don't know what to say with that, being flattered is very little for what I'm feeling right now and I really appreciate the actress I admire and love to enjoy the work that I tried so hard for what I feel for you. a lot to me, but we can't do that, I feel it's not right, I know you're in a relationship with Andrew Garfield and I don't think it's right that you're thrown up because of uncommitted sex."

Then Emma looked at me with detection of hypocrisy and then said:

"Look, I didn't hear any complaints from you when I pulled you into that room and we have sex passionately, and now when I open my heart to what I feel, you decide to play morality spokesperson. Who do you think you are, man?" Emma raised her voice at the last comment.

I felt a little hot, but I gathered myself and soon talked directly to the angry redhead.

"I am not a spokesman for morality, I am concerned about your career, your integrity, your life. You will have much to lose if you make such an inconsequential decision, all that you have achieved with your commitment, your intelligence, your talent and your independence will be ruined if the paparazzi realize you're having an affair with a mediocre guy like me who doesn't stand out in a crowd. I don't want you to hurt and suffer, Emma."

The once furious redheaded beauty has now been touched with the sincerity of my character. I tilted my head at the overload of what I felt because nothing bad had happened to Emma Stone, then felt Emma's delicate fingers touching my chin and lifting my face to her face. The look of a sincere and independent woman.

"Indeed, the good character of your characters reveals the good character of the writer, you are living proof of that fact," said Emma, looking at me with her turquoise eyes and a frank smile on her face. I didn't stop blushing slightly with the traces of my impossible love, so Emma continued:

"I've never been attracted to a guy for his character and talent with words before. I didn't come here just for repeating our wonderful sexual performance. I met you beyond your stories, and now I realize how amazing you are. A compassionate man, loving, intelligent and handsome, just as you describe in the original characters of your stories, you have a talent for reinventing yourself in a lot of different people, but with the intact personalities reflected in your people, you're at least for me," Emma concluded.

My mind caught fire. My heart rate is high. His words echoed in my ears. I was afraid I had imagined her words; because it's something I've wanted so long in my imagination. However, the love that radiated from her eyes let me know it wasn't my imagination and she meant it ... She loves me, I thought, and suddenly her actions are making sense. But that didn't allow me to dispel my feelings of wonder and love for my red-haired beauty. He soon said:

"And your romance with Andrew? You look such a strong and handsome couple."

Emma put the window back to my lips seductively and said:

"My relationship with Andrew is another story of what is written and sold by paparazzi to tabloids and the mainstream media. We're very close to each other as good friends, but I don't even know the last time we had sex, we happen to be not attracted. each other and we're having a good time with this. So Andrew and I are having relationships with other actors and actresses, as well as with people from nine to five, outside the lens of the paparazzi and the press." Emma said.

I listened attentively, but I still didn't believe Emma and Andrew weren't together as boyfriends and found casual partners for their personal pleasures without compromise. Most impressed were Emma's words soon after:

"After the private celebration after "Cabaret," I never felt so satisfied, not only sexually but personally. I knew he was an unusual and interesting guy as soon as I laid eyes on you, but I didn't know the effects of our brief relationship. I didn't stop thinking about you, my work, my home, most of the time, I thought about meeting with you again and reliving those wonderful moments we've been through. In short, we need to take advantage of what's good," concluded Emma.

Ecstatic and overwhelmed by Emma Stone's passionate words, I practically spoke to say:

"Oh god Emma, I really don't even know what to say."

Then my inspiring muse caressed my cheek and whispered:

"Say no more, let's enjoy every moment, as if it were the last," she said with conviction.

Then we leaned on the couch and our lips met once more, plunging our intertwined tongues in the desire to live. Those kisses were not out of control with a burst passion. However, I felt the passion on Emma's soft lips and filled in other ways. That is, I could really understand how they tasted, savoring them by pressing against me and savoring Emma's body by pressing mine. In fact, I could actually hold him and feel him, even though I was still hiding under his coat.

"I want you to kiss me," I fought to say. "It's not like in New York. Just like ..." Emma didn't need any further instructions. I didn't have to either.

Now I could kiss her deep and slow enough to feel and hear her moan on my lips. I could put my hand on his face and bring him to that delicious and tempting red hair of his, finally dyed or not. She could put her hands on my face and the side of my neck, holding my head gently and navigating her lips so beautifully over mine.

When her tongue came into my mouth, I couldn't keep myself anymore. I lay on my back on the couch with Emma on top of me without losing my rhythm. However, she stopped and sat down after a few more moments.

"Maybe a coat isn't the best thing to wear, after all," said Emma."Do you care?"

I just felt it, sliding back and giving room to Emma. Instead of picking up her coat first, she went to take off her boots. When they left, I realized that their slender legs were covered by socks - very familiar.

I realized this in the split second in which Emma took off her coat - revealing the black lingerie she performed on stage. This time, I suspected it was going to be sexy and seductive on purpose, for a more private audience without singing. Not Broadway songs.

"Damn, it's still a little cold," Emma said. I almost turned my eyes, just to do something different from getting blown away and drooling. She then went into her brown purse and made me drool even more, taking out the pink bathrobe with ruffles she wrote in her opening number.

Once she wore, the contrast between her pink blouse and the sensual underside of her legs was maddening.

"You know what? I may need to climb the stairs to test this," Emma suggested. "Do you care?"

I just shook my head and jumped up, taking Emma's hand and taking her upstairs. When I got there, however, I made myself think more clearly while there was still time. When I remembered how out of control I was, and how I wanted/needed to do it differently now, I had something totally improved when we entered my room.

Speaking of full meat ...

I closed the door and then I put Emma against her, slowly sliding her hands over the robe. I took the silky fabric, imagined the fabric underneath and the soft, slender and adorable figure underneath. I then slipped my hands over her chest, thinking briefly that I could feel the nipples underneath.

My left hand came down to feel another private part down there. When she stood between her legs, he separated his robe to really feel her panties.

"That sounds familiar," observed Emma.

"Trust me, it seems..... and it's going to look like..." I suggested it. Wanting to arrive before I threw away the plan, I put my left fingers on top of her underwear while putting my right hand on her face and neck before kissing her.

My fingers began to dip into Emma's clothes, while my tongue began to plunge into her mouth. Emma opened hers and welcomed my tongue with hers, moaning against me. He vibrated even more when I slipped the tip of my left index finger against his lower lips.

Our upper lips separated when my finger deepened, causing a gentle "Fuck" of it. I started kissing, sucking and lightly biting her upper lips, while the lower ones separated and took more of my finger. Emma soon touched her head on the door, dropping a long, delicious groan as I played with another finger against her. My lips went up and down his cheek, with my right hand holding his hair and then rubbing it on my cheek. It made me bury my face around your neck, resting and sucking and listening to your encouraging noises. I could have rested there until the end, but it wasn't enough yet.

I made me take Emma's fingers off and then fall to my knees. I looked up, looking at the top half of her clothes before looking straight into the background. In front of me were the long and adorable legs I coveted for about four years, in the black and sexy socks I coveted for about a few months.

But it was the few inches of soft, creamy exposed skin on top of the left leg that I kissed and rubbed. Meanwhile, my left hand caressed and rubbed the back of his leg covered in socks, while my right hand groped the exposed thigh from his right leg.

"Oh... Oh, shit, that's new," Emma stated the obvious. I added sliding my right fingers into her panties, to pick up where my left ones stopped. It was harder to put them in the right place in that position, though. The problem was more with the panties, though.

I took my face off her leg and my hand out of her panties, needing to loosen her socks. When I did, I could start taking off your panties, leaving your cunt naked while keeping the sock. At that point, I put both hands on the top of my bare legs and put my face on her bare cunt.

"That's better," I moaned while I ate it.

"Fuck, it's..." Emma agreed, arching against me. I covered my lips against hers, then I came back kissing and biting her creamy, soft thighs. When I returned to her vagina, my hands slipped up and down on their covered legs, feeling the various silks and curves and encouraging me to eat it faster.

I made myself stop eventually, getting up with the juices and the likes of Emma fresh in my mouth. I got up and let Emma prove myself too, inserting two of my left fingers into her at the same time. When we broke up, I took my fingers off and put them to lick them.

"Go on," Emma gasped, but I didn't. Instead, now that my hands were clean, I let them go back to Emma's robe and lingerie, eventually helping her out of the robe. I whistled as I slid up and down his waist, chest and hips, managing to feel every inch of what I didn't have time to feel before. I had already lost a large part now.

My hands wrapped around her, running down her back until they reached her ass - which I now remembered being naked. Naked and perfectly full, round and sweet as a peach. "God damn it."

"You're stealing my line," Emma replied. "Instead of doing things like ..."

But I was way ahead of her, kneeling to lick her again while holding her ass. She moaned louder and shoved in my face as if I was no longer trying to get closer.

"Do you want to hear what I want?" Emma asked. "I don't want to come on the floor. Or your fingers. I want to make fun of you in your mouth this time. So, I want you to enjoy my ..."

"Jesus ..." I knocked. I also took my left hand from her ass and placed it in her pussy, touching her as I licked beside her. My right hand was on her ass, squeezing and shaking.

When my left hand stopped, I pulled my wet fingers and spread their juices on top of her bare leg, licking and licking even after that, to a good extent. In the meantime, I touched him with my right hand and then spread the juice from those fingers on the upper right leg, where I licked next.

"Fuck, I feel like it's coming ..." Emma warned you, but I kept my mouth on her leg and left her pussy unattended. "Come on, come on ... I'll have to do this my-"

No, she wouldn't.

I made sure of it by burying my face between her legs, just when she didn't expect it. My tongue quickly entered it, while my hands were on the way with my legs, going back to her ass exactly when my tongue went all the way.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" Emma told me for the second time in eight days, just much taller. And this time, she capped it right in my mouth, just like she wanted to.

I swallowed it dry and licked her release, listening to Emma exhale quickly while flooding her. When i finished washing my mouth, I licked my lips and then licked it too. After I looked, I just rested my face on her, slowly letting my hands come down her ass and back from her legs.

"Oh shit ... Oh man," I heard Emma exclaim. I looked up and started watching her laugh too. Perhaps the absurdity of everything has finally hit her - which could be the best or the worst.

For now, everything seemed good, as Emma went from sensual vixen to laughing with nonsense again. I couldn't help but miss a smile while I was standing. She stopped and leaned over to kiss me, feeling the taste of me again. She stopped, licked her lips and smiled brightly. "Better like that, then?" I asked.

"Well, you'd know better than I would. You have to prove it from the source this time," he said. "Now I'd like it my turn."

After I discovered this, I was still standing and waited for her ... take turns. But she didn't fall to her knees. "Oh no, you can lie down!" Emma corrected. "We won by standing and on our knees for a while."

I had no argument or reason to argue. So I went to bed and sat down, taking off my shirt before I lay on my back. There was a mirror on the other side of the room, and when Emma lay in bed.

Without saying anything, Emma put her hands in my pants and started dropping them. I lifted my hips so she could pull them down, so she lowered the front of my panties to see my dick come out. "There it is again," she reacted.

As before, she contacted my cock stroking him, though slower in this case. Unlike before, she then began to lower her mouth on her - to the point that he soon descended down her throat.

I offered it when Emma left, lying near the edge one more time. "By-product of all this voice work," Emma explained. "Good side effect, huh?"

I just shook my head, waiting and needing her to shake hers. Soon, she did, taking me inside and even buzzing on my axis. Actually, she was probably humming one of the songs. I didn't understand which one before she left again.

"Now that we're warm..." Emma joked before returning differently. She just worked on my head and tip, slowly taking me one inch at a time. She jumped on me and licked me, leaving from time to time to kiss him and slide her lips and tongue next to my shaft.

I looked in the mirror and saw Emma's perfect ass squeeze, then looked back at her face when he took my dick back inside. She was deliberate with her movements, calming me down with her and licked until suddenly deeply.

When she did this, she went out with a flourish and stroked me, then returned to gently kiss and suck me instead of pushing me. Soon I regained my breath and lay down, watching her work and then watching her eyes lift a glow.

"God, those eyes..." I praised, enjoying its mesmerizing green hue. She went out and smiled against my tips. "God, that smile..." I continued, enjoying the sensual mouth and closed on his lips and then reaching out to touch his cheek.

"That face..." I added while Emma sucked and played with my head, while I finally took my hand to her hair. "God..." that's all I had to say about it.

"You must have masturbated a lot with me in this room, huh?" Emma stopped sucking me to ask me. "To get inspiration for your work? To pack you to sleep? Any third reason?"

"Um... I can't exactly do math at the moment," I said.

"It doesn't have to be exact. I bet there was a lot of sperm spilled in this room because of me," she guessed. "And for their other stars too. But I did the math."

"You had at least two blowjob scenes like this in your people's room. AKA, your room. So if that's all that made you get to the Internet, then in your head... " She said when her mouth went to my balls.

"You've made more stories about me than anyone. So, by that logic, you shot me more shit than anyone. In this same room. Didn't you?" she asked naturally before wrapping her lips in my bag.

"Fuck! Fuck, um... mathematics does not mind." I've made up my mind.

"No, no," Emma said as she left my dance. "I won't lie either. When you masturbate with me in this room again ... I want you to think when I made you really enjoy it. I want you to like your hand and wish you were inside my mouth... "

"I always do..." I had to confess.

"But now you will know exactly what you wish it to be ..." Emma breathed on my end, then dragged her lips on her. His hot, beautiful mouth went back to work on my shaft.

"You didn't think of me while other women sucked your cock, did you?" she asked suddenly.

"I don't even remember the last woman who sucked me. You didn't get out of my head that I haven't been dating in a long time, I didn't want to hurt a woman's feelings with my admiration and love I feel for you Emma," I said with the purest sincerity. Emma opened her mouth and released my cock and in a suit said:

"I'm going to end up hyperglycemic with your sweetheart, handsome. It deserves a special pleasure."

Then Emma returned to my cock and began to suck on it in an even more sensual and erotic way, and to complete her taste, she used her beautiful silky hand and began to stroke my balls softly, in ever greater lust.

I thought I'm numb with some narcotic, I felt in heaven when my redhead goddess was pleasing me beyond the physical, a unique and passionate feeling. Our sexual intercourse in the restaurant room after "Cabaret" didn't come close to what I'm experiencing right now, I'm falling apart with the pleasure offered by the actress of my dreams.

"Damn Emma, you an angel by chance?" I said. "For this feeling is simply divine".

Emma laughed seductively with my bland compliment.

"The feeling may be divine, but I'm far from an angel, cute," said with his sensual voice while stroking my cock with his tongue.

Emma continued her felation with my cock, holding me firmly on my legs, further deepening the pleasure of both of us.

"I thought of your dick when I sucked Andrew's. Before he left town," she was saying for some reason. "I thought it would be enough to make me stop thinking about it. It wasn't. I bet the next time I swallow your sperm... I'll think of you cumming in my throat too. Of course, you have to do first..."

" Fuck, I'm trying to..." I offered.

"Well, do it. Enjoy inside me," Emma demanded. "I'm singing my lungs every night... my mouth is so open.... and if one night... I think about it closed around your dick and filled yourself with your sperm? I should know exactly what I'm thinking about... when I should focus on my work... other roosters ... another sperm..."

If Emma hadn't sucked me back, I should have and should have thought more about the direction she took. But she kept knocking me over, putting me down her throat and letting her tongue and palate calm me down.

She came out with a loud breath and a buzz, then slowly descended my cock again, humming music and looking directly at me. My hands rested in their hair as my eyes turned to her reflected ass and her probable wet and reflected cunt. They went back to her face when I was lodged back in her throat, which she hummed and sucked like she wanted to relieve all the fucking me.

With a few more buzzes, she went out and left me ready to go. When she slid her lips back, I started filling her when she was halfway there.

My hands tried to hold your hair without holding it, while I threw it more and more in my mouth. Emma sucked everything, keeping her lips on my shaft and trapping my juices. She finally let me go and left, keeping her mouth open when I saw me throw the last wires at her.

I turned my eyes and lay my head down, waiting until I could move or talk again. Meanwhile, I felt Emma crawl through my body and lie on top of me. She rested her head on my chest, her hair tickling my chin and her cunt resting on my flaccid cock.

When my eyes closed, I heard Emma making noises. They weren't hot or sexy in this case. It sounded almost like silent groans. Maybe his last words before swallowing another man's sperm were quite revealing after all.

I kept my eyes closed, not feeling strong enough to look at it. I put my arms around her, to show support that way. If she still wanted my support.

It didn't look like she was crying, though. A little outdated now that everything we did seemed to sink. "I get it," was the best comfort phrase I've ever had.

"I know, " I heard her answer. "I wouldn't have done that if you were someone you didn't really like. I didn't stop thinking about you. I wish was making love to you. But I never imagined it would be as wonderful as it is now, I don't want it to end anytime soon," Emma said, adding:

"If you were different and only watched me as a sex doll, a mere sexual object, I would have kicked your ass, I would have broken up with you as a sick pervert."

"I know you would have," I assured. "I wouldn't be so crazy about you if you weren't that kind of girl. And you are, before and after that." I added, "And I would never see a woman in such a filthy and sexist way, especially a person I love from the heart as you like many others do, I assure you," I ended up concluding.

I heard a gentle giggle, encouraging me to open my eyes. When I met Emma's, there was a glow of radiant love in her gaze blending with her fiery lust. I slipped my right hand over her head, doing a little massage before I saw a smile grow more and more.

I quickly covered it with my lips, waiting for Emma to press them. When they did, our lips and tongue danced in another series of slow but passionate and sexy movements. My left hand lowered and lifted the bottom of her cornery top, feeling her lower back and ass.

Emma sat down and decided to end it all, throwing away from her and showing off her small-sized breasts, her rosy nipples, and slender figure. I leaned over and put my mouth on one of those nipples, resting my hands on her slim waist.

I sat down enough for Emma to rest on my lap. She quickly put her legs around my waist, making sure to involve them harder. In response, I put my hands behind and tried to massage her upper legs while working on her nipples and her cunt brushed my cock.

After a few more minutes of Emma rubbing my lap and dick, and my mouth rubbing her breasts, I realized I could come back sooner than I thought, her breasts were small and cheerful.

''Cool," I said, leaning over and picking one in my hand, squeezing her little nipples while kissing her on the lips.

"Oh, do you like my tits?" Emma questioned while I grabbed all her tits in my hand. - "It's usually not something boys talk about."

"You'd have to be crazy not to like it," I said kissing her on the cheek. ''They're beautiful."

I still had a few more minutes, and there was one thing I really needed to do to pass the time.

I made Emma get off my lap, then I got up by the bed. Once Emma sat on the edge, I knelt in front of her. I looked openly at her almost naked body - naked except those pesky and sexy socks.

I put both hands on the top of the legs and the top of the sock. Very slowly, I began to lower it and show more the creamy and shapely flesh of his legs. In doing so, I kissed every inch freshly exposed to her until I reached her knee, then slipped the rest of her clothes.

With all my left leg naked, I went down in the back and started kissing my way back. My hands went up her leg, massaging her and teasing her with light brushstrokes from my fingers. They reached her thigh when my lips reached her knee, but my right hand went to her vagina while my left stayed where she was. I felt like Emma was getting wet again when my lips joined my left hand on her left thigh. After stroking his center for a while and biting his inner thigh, I turned my attention to his right leg. This time, I just put my hands on her sock and rolled her down, then slipped my hands up from her released leg.

As Emma trembled, I put my head between her legs again, licking her once again. My hands stood on their thighs, rubbing and holding them and working together with my tongue. All my free digits went up and down a part of the lower part of Emma's body, finding the right speed and pressure to make her cry and curse me.

"Turn around," I said in his crack. After a quick lick and wiggle my tongue, I backed down and waited until Emma fell down face.

"Just like your first story with me..." she said, even with her face away from me.

"You read me," I confirmed. Fueled with extra fire, I pressed my face against her perfectly fat ass and ate it from behind while stroking the back of her legs - reenacting one of the first sexual positions I've ever written about her.

But that was real. This was really your ass and cunt against my face. Those were really her juices covering my tongue. That was my real dick getting hard again in the process. This was me on the verge of really fucking the celebrity of my dreams - well, the first of them at the time.

I didn't want to postpone the final gift any longer, I got up. Keeping Emma lying in the puppy position, I aligned myself and pushed myself, continuing until her ass was fine against my crotch and my dick was completely inside her.

"Finally..." Emma groaned on my mattress.

"Yes..." was the only appropriate answer. But there were more urgent things to fit into other things now.

I just wanted to stay in that position for a while. Just enough to secure the mental images of Emma's ass leaning against my crotch, and my cock pumping in and out of her vagina all the time. About two to three minutes of mental images were enough to do the job.

When the time was up, I pulled my dick out of her and inserted my fingers in her place. They kept having sex with her at the right speed for a minute until I pulled them out and make sure they were wet enough. It was enough to pass the juices collected on each of the cheeks of her ass, then rub and massage them while I put my dick back inside it.

I fucked her and rubbed her like this for a few more moments, building Emma's screams and moisture around me. Finally, I made myself go out again and make Emma turn her back.

Her legs closed when she looked at me, almost challenging me with lust and hunger in her eyes and the misretrained smile on her lips. I took that bold look, the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed heavily, the definite shapes of her waist and hips in that pose and the elegant curves of her legs, before letting my body rest on her and cover everything.

I felt her separate her legs underneath me when I settled on her.

"Is everything all right?" I asked.

"It will be," she answered. As I suspected, once I pushed myself back, she said, "Here we go..."

After I got back, I stopped and prepared mentally. I tried to remember everything about how Emma felt beneath me, how she wrapped around my waist and cock, as she looked at me and how her eyes and lips moved when I started pushing slowly.

Now the question was what else to do and how.

"Just fuck me," Emma agreed graciously. "Don't think about how, just fuck me."

"Heh... I pride myself on putting thought in that part," I tried to be light and serious.

"That's good for writing. Here I just want you to fuck me," Emma said clearly, emphasizing the next word. The serious and seductive tone left no room for doubt. Not even that part.

"You can do it as slowly or fast, hard or soft as you want. Just fuck me well," Emma continued. "If this is happening, I want you to fuck me well and make me come. Make me make him come inside me again. Fuck my brain, fuck me sleep, I don't care..." she admitted as my hips headed deeper against her.

"I just want you to fuck me now... just as you want... how did you make me want..." She said quietly and wonderfully. "Just come and fuck me now, sweetie..." she practically whistled before her lips closed and lay on mine.

Your words, voice, and lips made me go faster when we kissed. The need to contain me made me slow down and be more deliberate, while I kept kissing his face and neck.

I thought I found a balance between these speeds in no time. I kissed gently and worked on her face, neck, collarbone, ears, and hair while pumping in and out of it. When my dick slowed down, I tried to build it by kissing and biting her ear while trying to match some of her naughty words and phrases.

I didn't have time to type them and I had no talent or voice to really make it sexy. I assumed it was one of the reasons why Emma was moaning and laughing at the same time. I did my best to push deep enough to make her moan over, but I couldn't help but drop a laugh.

Emma used this opening to roll me, which I certainly didn't care about. His hips went up and down, taking me in and out inch by inch - which reminded me of a letter from the damn musical that started this.

Another laugh came out, making this historical sexual act otherwise for me. "Gee, thank you," Emma joked, as I tried to wave and keep pushing her. She let out a.... laughter was the best word and rested his head on me.

We both recommitted each other in a short time when I rested my hands on Emma's hips and she started to rock them again. As my hands held her hips and ass and her cunt squeezed on me, his eyes and face went from fun to luxuriant again.

"Well... now back to fuck me and make us cum," Emma went out, breathing and gasping at me.

"Yes..." I agreed, letting my hips rise faster and deeper, although the rest of our body remained relatively still. Emma lightly rubbed her tongue on my lips, so I did the same with hers, until she opened her mouth and let out a prolonged moan on mine.

"Oh, fuck... Yes... don't rest by that voice..." Emma screamed. "You love it, huh?"

"My work... speaks for itself..." I confirmed while trying to make my dick push speak for you, with the help of my hands on your ass and pussy now.

"All right... let me... practice..." Emma moaned, riding me faster and practically choking my dick with her inside.

"Happy..... Birthday... for you...." She tried to sing, though she seemed kind of singing, kind of panting, yet almost reached Marilyn's level, and I got the intention and callback where all this started. When I felt closer to the end, I let my hands and fingers squeeze Emma closer, even as she tried to keep singing.

"Happy... Birthday... fuck... with you..." she continued, making me laugh in the middle -- until she spun her hips and made me moan at the end.

"Happy... birthday..." she didn't even try to use my name. My hips kept going, while my nearest left fingers kept rubbing and rubbing her vagina. My right hand returned to her head, so she sat down enough for me to suck her nipple while I held her cheek and brushed my thumb over her lips.

"Fuck... Fucking... Hap... hap..." Emma gave up singing and released a series of prolonged groans. After a few more creative uses of my left fingers and biting her nipples, I took her head in both hands and pressed my lips hard on hers, like in New York.When we broke up and I felt like we were both ready to go, Emma came out: "Wait for me... wait for me for real... take your damn gift..."

And I did. An even better gift than eight days ago, and it came hard and wet all over my cock. It also made me enjoy deep and long and fill Emma to the edge. It made her scream right in my mouth, her overloaded eyes and face flooding my entire line of sight. After we exchanged our gifts, I closed my eyes and felt Emma fall apart on me. I soon felt her lift her cunt off me, so take the rest of her away from me when I started to feel sleepy. I opened my eyes long enough to see Emma pick up my alarm clock next to my bed.

I was definitely at a time, even on her day off, after all an actress of her caliber had an even greater load of obligations, so of course she wouldn't want to sleep much. "Just giving us about two hours. It leaves us an hour later to end this," I heard her say before feeling her rest against me again.

But while I was resting, my mind kept reviving the loves I changed with Emma Stone, they're still so lived even after we were exhausted, but a doubt still remained with all the history we formed until then, that I soon asked Emma:

"I will never deny how amazing and heavenly it was what we had now, but what does that mean to you and me Emma?"

Emma turned her head and looked at me and looked seriously and not losing her brilliance said:

"This will depend on you. Definitely, it won't be a normal relationship. We have everything to consider with my schedule and your day-to-day life, it's going to be hard to have a date like this that we've had now, not to mention the paparazzi and the press, until we decide to go further and reveal how I feel about you for everyone. But I'm willing to face this challenge, because men like you are worth it," Emma said.

His ability to surprise me remained powerful, I didn't even wonder the idea of a serious relationship, and then the actress I loved so much in my stories and in her impeccable performances really wants to have a loving relationship with a guy like me. It was really on cloud 9 of such happiness. I stroked his neck and gently and loo king into his eyes, I said:

"I really don't know what else to say, but I'll make every moment we spend together a special moment for both of us and be patient as much as possible with your work, I know it's hard to have free time. But I also know that I will enjoy every moment of our time together as boyfriends. And even if we're done apart, I'll always remember the sweet moments we've spent in this world. No matter what adversity overlaps us, we will face together. You're worth it a lot. I love you Emma Stone."

And then I saw tears coming out of Emma's eyes, but never losing her personality, she grabbed and pulled the cheeks of my face comically and said:

"You never miss the opportunity to make me happy, isn't it handsome? You have no way," she smiled.

I couldn't help but smile with her and joked:

"That's what I know how to do best."

Emma then threw a pillow at my head, but soon rested her head on my chest, and dreamily said:

"If this is your idea of birthday and Christmas... I can't wait for what comes on New Year's Eve for us."

In my mind, I just imagined:

"This and the beginning of a new life."


Thank you for your attention and opinions are welcome.

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