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Christmas Cookies starring Madelaine Petsch
« on: December 04, 2019, 10:08:50 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

Christmas Cookies
Starring Madelaine Petsch
(MF, Oral, Cons, Cheat)
by MaxwellLord

All in all, Madelaine Petsch would consider herself an incredibly lucky young woman. In her career as an actor, she was on a show with a loyal and steady fanbase, which meant a similarly steady paycheck. Not a lot of young actors could say that. With her new found fame she'd also built herself a fairly strong social media presence, which also led to additional income. It wasn't purely tactical or clinical made just for the extra bucks. She actually enjoyed it all, having a little bit of a direct line to her fanbase. Besides, if she could get a few extra bucks by doing ads for skincare products in between ASMR videos and Instagram selfies, where was the harm?

Her personal life was also a bright spot for Madelaine. Riverdale had brought her some new friends, strengthened her connection with an old friend and just made her all around happier. And of course, in the realm of romance Madelaine had landed herself a wonderful man.

Madelaine though had always been a very lucky girl in the area of romance. Well...some aspects. She would never call what she had with Mark a romance.

She'd met him in acting class while she was still scrambling around on auditions in Los Angeles and hit it off with him immediately. Their chemistry was off the charts when they read together for parts they ended up not getting at an audition, so they continued to work together as actors, run lines with each other, they even started attending the same acting classes.

Of course, that wasn't all they did. The pair had fucked...a lot. And sex with Mark was like nothing Madelaine had ever experienced before. Or since. Which isn't to say her current man, Travis, was bad in bed. Far from it. Travis had a map of her body memorized and new just what paths to take to bring her to the promised land.

The thing was, Mark had a map of his own, and it was a very different route. A lot more bumpy roads and off road paths. It was exhilarating.

However, it had been a few years since Madelaine had seen Mark. They'd talked, texted and chatted but that was it. When she got Riverdale, she got busy and booty calls fell to the wayside. And when she met her man, her heart easily overpowered her libido. It didn't matter, she was happy.

That didn't mean things had ended badly with Mark. Far from it. They were friends after all. They had just fucked. A lot. Madelaine still thought on every second of those sexual escapades fondly and even kept in touch with Mark. He hadn't landed on a TV show but he had transitioned into stand-up and sketch comedy and had found steady work there.

They rarely flirted in text or via phone, but it was always bubbling under the surface. Madelaine could at least acknowledge that much. She also didn't think of it that much. She hadn't really seen Mark since she booked Riverdale. She lived between L.A. and Vancouver and their paths had never crossed since she became monogamous. At least not in person.

Of course, Christmas time tended to make the unlikely happen. And that unlikely meeting was exactly what occurred in a Starbucks during what would have been a normal day for Madelaine being back in L.A. She'd been back in town for just a few days and still had quite re-acclimated. Even after a few years it took her a little bit to get readjusted to sunny California and her caffeine intake shot way up.

It wasn't a particularly busy day at the coffee shop nor was it a particularly formal day for Madelaine. She was dressed in a simple jeans and t-shirt number with her favorite well worn jacket. It wasn't ratty by any means, just comfortable and well worn. It fit her perfectly both on her body and with her attitude.

The Starbucks itself was cozy as well, various holiday decorations of green, red and silver were all about. Tinsel and ribbons and ornament balls hung from mini trees and on big on in the corner. The pastries were done up similarly, which Madelaine found adorable. The Christmas-themed cookies especially made her smile as well as a bit eager for her own Christmas party. A small affiar, just a few friends and some pastries and cookies. She was thinking on a gingerbread house as well. A big old cheesy blowout.

She had just placed her order and was now sitting down, focused completely on killing time on her phone until she heard a very, very familiar voice call out her name, and it wasn't the barista.

"Madelaine," said Mark. That voice could belong to no one else, she knew it far too well. And sure enough, when her eyes moved from her phone to the direction of that call, it was him, just as handome as ever. His hiar was a little longer and his terminal whiskers had given way to a clean shaven face, but that was her Mark. “It IS you.”

“What gave me away, the red hair or being glued to my phone?” she asked with a smile. Madelaine got up and gave Mark a big, friendly hug, trying to pass off the spark she felt as static electricity. “It's been way too long.”

“We've both been busy.” Mark replied. The pair sat down, Mark taking a seat directly opposite of Madelaine. “You have a tv show, a YouTube channel, a new dog. That's a lot on your plate.”

“And you have your rising comedy career,” Madelaine added. “I keep up. You've been underselling your success. You always had a knack for it. I know you have a bidding war on your hands for your first special.”

“Well, first off, it's not just me, it's a sketch show.”

“That's you created and are writing.” replied Madelaine.

“Fine. But I still need my cast. I'm not doing a one man show.”

“You can do pretty good all on your own if I remember right.” Madelaine smiled. Mark knew exactly what that smile was for.

“Oh, I wasn't alone then. Yo'd know all about those times.” Madelaine laughed and nodded. “Which does bring me to my second point...I had a knack for a lot of other things.”

“Oh, I remember very well.” Madelaine crossed her legs. “We did have a lot of fun, no strings attached.”

“Probably because they'd be burned off.” he added.

“They would have, wouldn't they?” They could both feel it. That same heat. Even when Madelaine scaled their relationship back to friends without benefits after meeting Travis, the heat was between them. They could just not control themselves.

Now however, after so long of just being in contact through text, phone calls and computer screen, that heat didn't seem to care about any rules the two had agreed upon...and neither did Madelaine...not too much at least. Which meant it was up to Mark to either contain the flame or feed the fire.

“I told you about the theater, right?” Mark said.

“I think so.”

“Yeah, it's pretty much a residency. Just a little bit of the sunset strip, not too far from that action. Really the only steady show they have. I kind get special privileges. I have my own set of keys to he place. It's where I write best, at least for the sketches.”

“Sounds nice,” Madelaine said. She was liking where this was going. Desire had fully taken the wheel and was giving her all kinds of fun ideas.

“Would you like to see it? Grab our coffees and head on over?”

“I'd love that.”

Within minutes the pair had their coffee and were on their way. The ride over was casual. Fun. Just two friends small talking with playful sexual undertones. They both knew what they really wanted. They both knew it was going to happen. It was just a matter of when and where. And Madelaine already had some ideas about that. But first...she needed to see how much Mark wanted it.

When they arrived they entered the theater through a back entrance. The door was nothing special. Just an average back door with dents in the metal and worn paint. Inside though was a different story. The backstage area was stocked with sets of all kind. A kitchen back drop, a living room, a castle torture chamber and a mad scientists lair. Props were laid about, ready to go for rehearsals. Madelaine knew how Mark worked when it came to acting and it hadn't changed.

“All for you?” Madelaine asked.

“Pretty much. Most of the other acts are stand-ups or musicians. Not a lot of sketch. So...I get some leeway. Though the sell out crowds tend to help me get a bit of leeway.”

“I bet.” Madelaine walked past him, her body brushing against his. She walked out on to the stage. It was a fairly sizable theater. Packing a place like this was an accomplishment. “So you come here to write too?”

“Well, the stage stuff yeah. I think it helps to write where I perform. When it comes to the filmed sketches, I can do that anywhere.”

“You always been very adaptable as to where you do things” Madelaine smiled at him, walking past him and back to the backstage area. Mark shook his head chuckled, then followed her.

Madelaine had made her way to a table littered with props. She ran her fingers over them absentmindedly. Just something to do as she waited for Mark to join her. She could sense him on her before he arrived. First it was his hand on hers. Then his hands went to her hips, turning her around to face him.

“It really has been too long, hasn't it?” he asked, moving his lips closer to her.

“Very.” That word was the starter pistol and Mark and Madelaine were all over each other. Just like old times...almost. Madelaine was still attached and she knew it. Mark did too. However, Madelaine began aching for a certain touch the moment she heard that voiced and the moment his hands touch her body that ache was sated in a very small way. He still had his own maps of her body an was getting very acquainted with those old trails.

Mark was on his favorite trail, arriving at it before Madelaine could process it, though the moment she felt his fingers enter her wet cunt nothing could have felt better.

“Feels good, doesn't it Mads?” asked Mark, staring the gorgeous redhead out. “Feeling you from the inside...every inch...”

“Oh...mmmm Mark... ,” she moaned, almost humping the hand stuffed down her pants. “Oh fuck yes...oh bay keep going...”

“Oh, I plan on it.” Mark kissed her once more as he worked his fingers a little faster in her pussy, crooking his fingers slightly, hitting that oh so special spot that made her knees jelly. She cried out in approval. It'd be enough to call attention to them if anyone else was there. Fortunately for them, they had it all to themselves.

Madelaine's fire red hair hung back as she leaned against the prop table, presenting the pale flesh of her neck. It was a taste Mark couldn't resists, his mouth tasting her skin and smelling her scent as her continued his manual ministrations inside her velvet paradise.

“Remember Madelaine?” he said, lips close to her ears. “Remember all the places we fucked? In the elevato that got stuck after that audition....how I spun you around...your tits pressed right up against that glass?”

“Mmmmyeah...” she moaned.

“Or in the car...fogging up the windows....or when we fucking inthe library...keeping so quiet....I can't think of a place we haven't fucked....”

Right when Mark had mentioned that library romp, Madelaine got an idea. A smile crossed those plump lips. It was perfect. Even better than where things were going now. So good that she had to stop it.

“What's wrong?” Mark asked as Madelaine gently pushed him off. “Second thoughts?”

“Hardly,” Madelaine said. “But a better one.” She gave Mark a reassuring kiss as he removed his hand, adding a bit of punctuation to it when she grabbed hsi hands and guided the fingers into her mouth, sucking herself clean off of the digits. “Are you doing anything next week on Thursday?”

“Not currently.”

“Well you are now. I'm having a little Christmas get together. Nothing big. Just a few friends...you included.”

“And that's going to be better than this?” Mark asked, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“Of course,” smiled Madelaine. “Trust me.”

Mark had long since learned that whenever Madelaine had said that to him in the past with that tone of voice and that look in her eyes that he was in for a treat. So he did just as Madelaine had asked and trusted her.

Once she had given him her address and the precise time to be there, Madelaine was given the complete tour of the theater by Mark, all the while a small part of her kept asking her what she was doing. She loved Travis, right? So why do this? Why cheat?”

But a much bigger part of her told her to just calm down. This wasn't about cheating on her man. It wasn't finding someone to dump her man for. This was just....a bit of nostalgic fun, a holiday treat. Madelaine had no shame in admitting she missed fucking Mark. Her heart didn't cry out for him, but her body missed the unique touch he had. And with what she had cooked up in her head...this was going to be a time to remember. A perfect little Christmas time memory.

The week passed before she knew it. Madelaine had more than enough to keep her occupied as did Mark. He had no real idea what to expect, and as each day grew closer he got more and more eager. More than a few times he was tempted to call her for a quickie hook-up. He managed to pipe that urge down. Waiting for Madelaine woul make the experience that much more sweet.

Somehow both before he knew it and an incredibly long wait the day was upon him and he was at Madelaine's door. He wasn't sure what the dress code was, so he went fairly casual with a t-shirt and pants. Nothing too formal but not laundry day attire either.

Mark knocked and waited just a few seconds before the door was answered. Not by Madelaine but another gorgeous face. He recognized her, she played Madelaine's girlfriend on Riverdale but couldn't place her name despite meeting her several times before. He tended to be bad with names, though Madelaine kind of cured him of that with her with knockout-unducng orgasms.

“HI, I'm...” he began before he was cut off but the caramel-skinned beauty before him.”

“You're Mark,” she said. “And I''m Vanessa. We've met...met enough to know you're shit with names, so no offense taken at you blanking on mine.”

“Thanks.” He relied. “So...everyone here?”

“Everyone Madelaine invited. Which includes you. So come in.” Vanessa held the door open and Mark walked in, definitely catching that knowing smile on her face. Madelaine had one just like it. The fix was definitely in, whatever it was.

“I've actually seen a lot fo your sketches,” said Vanessa as she led Mark to the living room. “Funny stuff.”

“Thanks.” replied Mark. “What exactly is going on here?”

“Christmas get together. Cookies, spiced cider, all of that. As for what Madelaine has planned for you two?  I'm not privy to all the details.” Vanessa grinned, chuckling at the shocked look on Mark's face. “We're very close, Madelaine and I.”

“Clearly.” Mark and Vanessa entered a somewhat busy living/dining room area. There were a handful more people there, no more than five including Madelaine and her man. Madelaine was being her usual bubbly self. When she saw Mark had entered the room, she rushed to him, giving him a seemingly friendly hug.

“Mark!” she said in an effervescent cadence. “I'm so glad you could make it!” Both her tone of of voice looked nothing more than jovial and friendly, but a few select traces of her nails on the back of Mark's neck and a quick squeeze of his ass before it broke sent him all the messages he needed loud and clear.

“Well who could turn down cookies?” Mark said with a grin. “Even vegan ones.”

“Oh you know they're delicious,” Madelaine said, still turning up the cheerful attitude. She turned to her man, urging him over to make introductions. “Travis, I'd like you to meet one of my DEAREST friends, Mark Burton.”

“Good to meet you Mark,” Travis said. “Mads has been telling me a lot about you lately.”

“Nothing major, just that you were the BEST acting partner ever and I probably wouldn't have gotten Riverdale without you doing some scene work with before every audition.” Madelaine threw a wink at him with a quick little smirk that faded to her usual toothy grin. “When I bumped into him I just had to invite him tonight.”

“Happy to be here....where we're doing what exactly?”

“Well, you know Madelaine. We aren't just baking cookies, we're decorating them.”

“Yes we are, “ Madelaine said. “Because it's fun. And quick correction, I'm baking the cookies so WE can decorate them. The first set is actually in the oven now.”

“And what are we going to be working on?” Mark asked.

“Sugar cookies, gingerbread men, chocolate chips and ginger snaps.” Madelaine let that last word escape form her mouth with an extra little oomph that Travis didn't seem to catch but Mark read loud and clear. She was actually planning something to happen here. What that was, however, was still a mystery to him. Mark did love a good mystery, as long as the pay off was perfect.

From there the get together continued to get more traditional. Chit chat among friends,   Madelaine being all over her boyfriend with giggles and quick little kisses. Adorable and affectionate. However, during  all of this she kept managing to give looks to Mark. Seductive. Sultry. Never letting him forget why he was there without giving a single hint of what she had cooked up in her head. Just like old times.

And just like those old times, Madelaine didn't leave him completely in the dark. An hour before he'd even started getting ready, she had sent him a text. It simply read Phone on vibrate now. He of course, did as she asked.  A silent buzz in his back pocket wouldn't bring any immediate attention. Discretion was definitely going to be key, Mark knew that now.

The conversation got centered in the dining room where the table was done up as a little, miniature construction site for a gingerbread house. The cookie pieces, candy bits and frosting were all laid about the table, ready to be put together with some serous precision with the amount of culinary tools on display.

Mark watched as Madelaine held close to Travis, but not without flashing him a quick knowing look. “Babe, I've gotta Insta this,” she said. She kissed her man's cheek and went for her phone, miming as if she was taking a photo. She was going to, of course. But first she had to send Mark a little message. The moment he felt that buzz in his back pocket, he knew he had to look, but be  discreet.

“Hey, uh, where's the restroom?” Mark asked.

“Oh, first door on the right,” Travis said. “Right across from the office.”

“Thanks.” Mark nodded, getting a quick wink from Madelaine, which Vanessa spotted almost making her laugh. The moment he closed the door to the bathroom, he check to see what Madelaine had sent him:

almost time
follow my lead
cant wait

Mark grinned. Whatever Madelaine had planned was only moments away. She rinsed his hands and headed back out where Madelaine was taking assorted pictures of the assembled gingerbread house. Options for the future Instagram post, very serious business. When Madelaine's eyes fell on Mark, it was time to act. In a couple senses of the word.

“Well, now that the gang is all here again,” she said, the bubbly and effervescent veneer returning. Time to split up so we can get the work done.” She turned to Travis first. “Baby, you and Vanessa start with the house. Go crazy with the details. Make it look amazing. Mark and I will finish with the cookies in the the kitchen.”

“You sure you don't want me to help with that babe?” Travis asked.

“Yeah. I want to see what you come up with for that house. Besides, all we're going to be doing is putting trays in the ovens and taking them out. And putting frosting on the gingerbread men and sugar cookies in between. Besides, it gives me and Mark a chance to catch up. Okay?”

“Sure.” he replied.  With that settled, Madelaine led Mark into the kitchen while Vanessa and Travis began plotting the construction of the cookie house, Vanessa and Madelaine exchanging quick glances before the game began.

Once the door was closed, Mark was ready for whatever it was Madelaine had planned. The kitchen itself was nice and cozy, but still with enough room to move around in. However, there was only one exit...which was the entrance they had just come in.

“So...what exactly are we doing?”

“Like I said, making cookies.” Madelaine gave him a sly grin before opening the oven and taking out a tray of ginger snaps and placing them to cool on the counter. “I might  have left the part out where we fuck.”

“Good to see that's still on the agenda.” Mark replied. Madelaine nodded, her face wearing a look of lustful glee. “Where though?”

“Here.” Madelaine replied. “Don't look so shocked, you're the one who gave me the idea, reminding me of time when we fucked in the library.” Madelaine lips her lips and began her short walk over to Mark, one hand lightly tapping the counter while the other began to unbutton her blouse. “It was so hot. Trying to bottle up every second of pleasure we were feeling...the thrill of maybe being caught...mmmm it was one the best orgasms I ever had.”

“Yeah, but your boyfriend is right outside...”

“And he's not coming in.” Madelaine was close to him now, her arms on either side of his body and planted on the counter, locking him their. “Vanessa is going to keep him busy...as she can. It's all part of the thrill though, isn't it?”

Madelaine's lips hovered over Mark's. She extended her tongue, giving them a quick lick. “Not gonna back out on me now, are you? I've been such a good girl all year....I think I deserve a present. And my present to myself is being a naughty girl again. Even if it's just for one moment.”

“Naughty girl, eh?” Mark asked. Her grabbed Madelaine's hands softly before squeezing them and spinning her so now it was her who was pinned against the counter. “I had a lot of fun with that naughty girl.”

“Well she's back...one night only.” Madelaine held her head high, still giving him a searing smile. She reached for one of the cookies on the cooling tray. “Want a cookie? It's a ginger snap.”

“It's better to let those cool.” Mark replied. “Besides...I think there's a another cookie I'd rather have a taste of...and wouldn't you know it, it's also ginger.”

Mark leaned forward, kissing Madelaine and officially starting the real reason he'd been invited. He sucked on her pink tongue and softly nibbled her plump lips as the kiss broke and he moved to her neck. Madelaine let out a pleasured sigh, her eyes fluttering as his mouth and hands truly got reacquainted with her tight, fit body.

Madelaine slide her top off completely, letting it hit the counter right when his hand touched her back working their way to the clasp of her bra. The bra soon followed the blouse on the counter.

“Yessss baby,” Madelaine cooed. “Mmmm kiss my tits...let me feel how much you missed them...don't be shy.”

With Madelaine's tits, Mark was never shy. They were better than he remembers. The feeel of that fanatstic flesh in his hands once more. He buried his face in her tits, savoring everything. The feel, the smell, the touch, the taste; remembering every curve of her body with a fresh new vision.

He cupped her tits in his hands as he licked and kissed every last inch of them before moving down her body, kissing the pale skin of her flat stomach until her was on his knees before her. Mark looked up at Madelaine with an eager grin as he reached under her skirt and grabbed her underwear, pulling them down to her feet, caressing her long legs as she stepped out of them.

He lifted her skirt up just enough to get a view he hadn't seen in too long of a time. Madelaine's pussy was just as he remembered it, with a triangle patch of  red hair.

“There's my ginger snap,” he said, tracing his fingers across her wet and waiting slit. Madelaine gripped the side of the counter tight, shivering a bit at that first contact.

“Yes baby,” she hissed, her voice cracking a bit.”Do it...do it please....mmm eat my pussy Mark...”

Mark took his hands and began to delicately caress her legs from thigh to ass as he gave into Madelaine's request, the sensual redhead gulping down a moan when he brought his mouth to her pussy.

She could only allow herself to let out the softest of sighs and whispers, her voice cracking as she desperately tried to keep a lid on her passion. “Yes...” she croaked. “Oh my god don't stop...oh baby yessss...oh my god just like that....”

Mark took hold of Madelaine's round peach and pulled her closer to his face, burying himself in her delightful cunt and breathing her scent in deep. He was riding that fine line of wanting to savor the experience of Madelaine and knowing that they could very well be on the clock. There was an indescribable intoxication to it; everything getting a bit more of an edge.

Madelaine could feel that edge. She bit down on her lower lip, holding in a cry of passion when Mark went full blast on her, sucking on her clit and attacking with his tongue. She felt like a volcano, aching to erupt and explode, her pale skin turning pink as she finally hit orgasm.

Madelaine cried out breathlessly in a silent scream as she came, Mark refusing to let up his treatment as explosions of pleasure rocked Madelaine's beautiful form. It was the kind of orgasm that would have usually wrecked her....but not this time. This time it fueled her fire.

She grabbed Mark by the head and guided him to his feet. “Fuck me right fucking now,” Madelaine said, her whisper more of a savage growl. “Fuck me and make cum again!”

Mark didn't need that delightfully erotic whisper shout, but it was certainly welcome. He dropped his pants and lifted Madelaine on the countertop.

“Ung,” she moaned as he entered her, a little louder than a whisper. Her mouth was open, the corners upturned slightly. “Mmm your cock feels even better than I remember...now fuck me.”

Mark's arms were around her, still gripped her amazing ass tight as he began to pump into her. This wasn't a tender moment, much like the library affair. It was all about getting off. Affection was for something deeper than what they had. They cared about each other for sure, but when it came to moments like this, it was all about getting off. Dirty, fast and intense was the order of the day and Mark was intent on delivering.

Madelaine arched her back, thrusting her tits out for Mark to once again bury his face in, which he happily did. She loved  the attention. Dirty and filthy. Pure desire. Every thurst of his rock hard dick, every lick of his tongue on her tits, the way his hands gripped her round ass. Everything single feeling being burned into her mind, or rather reignited.

This was not a part of her she usually let free, not even around Travis. Most people saw her as she presented herself. Cheerful, happy, carefree and never without a smile.  The kind of girl you could take home to your parents or babysit your little nieces or nephews with.

And she was that...but she was also naughty. She was a little dirty. It was a side that Madelaine wasn't ashamed of but one not a lot of people had gotten out of her, Mark being a member of the exclusive club that could get that out f her. Madelaine love tenderness and sweet nothings, but when she felt Mark's throbbing cock ravage her pussy and hit depths and spots in her that she'd forgotten about, when his hands would grasp her ass with the kind of roughness that had an instantly recognizable tenderness to it, only leaving that firm peach to run his hands over her pale, tone legs. Sometimes naughty girls to get the good presents.

She brought her forehead to his. “Don't stop,” she said in broken whisper, little moans cracking through. “Keep fucking me...everything you have...I want it...fuck me...just fuck me and make me cum again....oh shit....make me cum for you....then you cum for me...oh god yesssss...”

Madelaine began to push back against his thrusts, her eyes locked on his. Her breath was shaky, more like gasps in rhythm with every thrust into her wet velvet cavern. The only words she could say now were “fuck me”. It was almost a chant, a mantra. A phrase that only increased in intensity.

Mark's mouth went back to Madelaine's breasts, his tongue circling her pink nipples before his lips enclosed around them, sucking and nibbling on one then the other. Madelaine's eyelid's fluttered she was close. Both she and Mark had lost track of time, she knew that for a fact. That might have been in their for an hour and she'd have no clue. And the longer they were in there, the more likely Travis would walk in on the scene. And that thought somehow turned her on even more.

The thought of him putting together that gingerbread house, not knowing that she was getting fucked like she hadn't in years, that another man's cock was in her pussy..it gave Madelaine a thrill she didn't know she could have. Part of her told her she should feel guilty. The rest of her disagreed intensely. The way his cock felt inside of her and how Mark ate her pussy felt too good for guilt.

“Oh...mmmmfuck I'm gonna um again Mark..oh shit...shit...ohhhhhhh....”, Madelaine was going to scream, she knew it. This all felt too good to not cry out and let the world know how intense her pleasure was. But she still had some sense. She reached for Mark's face and pulled it to hers, kissing him and unleashing that moan in his mouth as she came. And Madelaine came hard, shaking and shivering in Mark's Arms as he pulled her close, his thrusts into tight and convulsing hole quicker and shallower.

Madelaine felt like the pleasure was pulling her body in every direction imaginable then putting her back together every second it coursed through her body. It was like a tidal wave in a tornado and felt amazing beyond words. Just like old times....maybe even better.

As the pleasure went from big Kahuna to a ripple in a pond, Madelaine held tight to that naughty girl. She wasn't ready to go back into hiding just yet. Mark hadn't cum yet, but he was close. She'd fucked him enough time to recognize all the signs, even after a few years without his cock inside of her.

“Cum,” Madelaine whispered with her lips in a sinful smiling snear. “Cum...give it tome...I know you want it...I can feel that hot cock of yours throbbing...just for me...every thrust...every pulse...and I want it....I want it on my face....on my tits....” Madelines hands glided from her full lips to her supple breasts, giving him a visual for every word that glided from her mouth. “Every drop...all mine...I earned it...mmm don't you dare deprive me of that.”

Madelaine had delivered a deadly combination. Those words being delivered by a voice ready to boil over with sexuality. The look on her face that was pure fire. And the centerpiece of it all, her pussy, tight,hot and wet. A velvet sheath of pleasure that finally took the last bit of stamina from Mark's body.  Witha few more pumps to savor the sensation of Madelaine's cunt he pulled out and Madelaine slid off the counter and onto her knees, waiting for his hot white goodness.

“That's it baby...all over me...give it to me...make Madelaine a very happy naughty girl...” She watched, eyes awide with desire and he pumped his cock, watching the tip of his throbbing head, waiting for that first spurt. The thought of her boyfriend coming in right when that first stream of cum splattered on her face on was intoxicating. She reached forward, batting Mark's hand away so she could jack his cock past the point of no return.

“Come on...cum...keep going...give it to me....”

“Oh shit!” Mark whispered.  He grabbed his cock from Madelaine and she presented her face to him and cupped her tits together, readying his target and hungering for his seed on her skin.

With a silenced grunt he began to cum, covering Madelaine's face and tits with cum and watching through squinted eyes as Madelaine savored every rope, watching the jizz on her face drip down to join what had landed on her tits already. All of it to the soundtrack of Madelaine sweetly and sinfully urging each pulse from his cock.

“Mmmm good boy,” she said. “So warm...mmmmm every drop just like that....I want all that cum...every drop....”

And that's exactly what Madelaine got. When he had finally spent his last shot, Mark caressed his cock against her cheek, breathing deep as he stared down at his cum-covered beuaty.

“Holy shit,” she laughed. “That was a lot of cum...wow.”

“SO...um...what do we do now?”

“Well, we should frost the cookies.” Madelaine reached for one of the ginger snaps, now cooled, and used it to scoop some of the cum up form her tits, then bit into the cookie. “Mmmmm...so good.”


“Thanks.” Madelaine finished he cookie and got to her feet. “First though, I'm going to go clean up. You should probably zip up to. While I'm doing that you could be a dear and put the sugar cookies in the oven. Set the time for twenty minutes but check in fifteen.”

“What if Travis comes in while you're gone? And how are you getting past him to the restroom?”

“Just tell him I got some frosting on my shirt,” Madelaine said, putting a butter knife in a nearby dish of green frosting and smearing it on her blouse. “Which is now true. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to the restroom. The one near the laundry room back here.”

Madelaine gave him a wink then disappeared around the corner. A few seconds later, her head peaked back around. “One more thing,” she said.

“What's that?”

“What are you doing next week? Before your show?”

“Some rehearsals but I always have a couple hours free.”

“Cool, want to meet up? Have lunch? Maybe go to the library?” Madelaine grinned and gave him a wink.

“I could be convinced.”

“Excellent. Now...take care of those cookies. 'Tis the season and all of that.”

Madelaine disappeared behind the corner and Mark zipped up, shaking his head with a smile. “'Tis the season,” he snickered.

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