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William David Berkowitz

In the Moonlight - with Emma Stone
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The following story, like all my stories, is an erotic fancition whose events are completely invented and did not happen in real life. And it is not a true reflection of people, places, events, enter others.

Unsuitable material for viewing under 18 or 21 years of age, according to the laws of the country in which you reside.


“A supreme tiredness,

Very, very, very, very


These are the best sayings to define what I feel now.

The metallic cacophony of my 1989 Audi 200TQ produces a noise pollution that cluttered my mind, which remained disturbed by an anxiety of everyday life in which I live my life.

I work as an accounting technician because it involves a lot of practical tasks, which allows my mind to be free. No one understood my life choices, everyone said I was above average, that I could be much more than just a mediocre office tie, that I could be much more.

I just didn't want it for myself, I lived my world inside my mind, whatever I wanted in my mind. Anti hero or villain, but never a hero, my imagination is a speeding car that made the world a blank canvas that I modeled and remodeled whenever I wanted and as I wanted. The legitimate and healthy exhaust valve of a reality that is disgusting to me.

The road is surrounded by amazing flora that borders the exotic. Trees and hedges, perfectly trimmed and cared for with sophisticated botany. It is the product of hours of hard work and dedication, none of which was spent by the owner except the millions of dollars to import these spring wonders and the hard work of true botanical sculptors who attempt in vain to plagiarize nature's perfection. Endless road reaching the large parking lot at the end. Queues and rows of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Rolls Royce, Porsche and other assorted luxury cars fill the lot. I move forward, carefully driving past several people who look at me curiously. A man in a white jacket, bow tie, and black trousers greets me as I get out of the car. My engine makes a squeaky sound, further aggravating the cacophony of my old Audi. My mechanic assures me it's not a serious problem, but I have my doubts.

"You have to turn the steering wheel a little to the left when you pull the keys," I tell the gentleman in the white jacket as he gets into my car. I adjust my tie in the reflection of the back window before it goes out to park my old pet can. Car for me was to take me from place to place, buy a car that died in cash to show off as a big-shot is more stupid than a peacock with golden feathers. Even peacocks had dignity than those fragile egos around here.

As I walk down the cobbled path to the house, I can understand its actual size. It was completely of polished white stone that looked almost like marble, at least three stories high and probably almost a hundred meters long. This house could house a small village, but it is nobody's permanent residence. It's one of several houses that Josh's uncle, my longtime friend, shares with director Ruben Fleischer and a few others in Hollywood. He is a cinematographer and has worked on Fleischer's latest films. It turns out to be his fourth marriage to his third wife, and the first to which I was invited thanks to Josh.

The front door is iron and at least ten feet high and didn't even make a single creak. I imagine there must be a small team assigned just to open and close it. Most of the party is in the large dance hall, which has a huge ceiling that stretches to the ceiling and houses dozens of chandeliers, all equally magnificent as one in the lobby. Here the rich and famous are gathered and divided into small groups. I felt like a jigsaw puzzle out of place and did my best to remain invisible in the eyes of these lucky ones, yet I looked like a bull in a china shop. I walked to the bar. And because I was a teetotaler, I wasn't going to drink alcohol because it was so common; Besides, I have to drive home tonight. I order a soda with ice.

As I look around the room, I see my friend Josh, the groom's nephew. His uncle had no children, even with his marriages, and considered Josh a son to him. His short blond hair is completely spiked and he wears a perfect amount of beard on his chin. He, like me and a handful of other people in the room, wears a suit instead of a tuxedo. Unlike me, your costume is made by Giorgio Armani. It is a crisp gray set that fits your body perfectly. It only has one button on the front. He drinks a scotch or whiskey - I can't tell - while talking to a woman in a fantastic blue dress that is probably a model. She is sexy outdoors.

She is laughing and holding the hand of my alluring friend. He never had problems with women. He is arrogant, handsome and rich. He pretends to stumble and grabs her chest. She laughs and smiles. Maybe she's kidding, or maybe she's too dumb to realize he's groping and harassing her. Anyone is viable.

He sees me, excuses the girl, and walks toward me. I watch him out of the corner of his eye as he approaches.

"Hey Willy, how are you doing?" He says, patting me on the back.

"My name is William, Josh, and I can't complain until now. Thanks for inviting me to your uncle's wedding anyway."

"Glad to see you made it, I thought that noisy junkyard could shit on you."

"Are you referring to my car?" I ask. "My mechanic assures me--"

"Yeah, he makes sure it's not a problem, I know."

"Then why would it break with me?, I like her, even round" I say confused. I like to play with him. He is not very smart.

"I'm just talking," he says, laughing and patting me on the back again. "Did you come here with anyone? A girl?"


"So why are you here? There's a room full of beautiful, single women looking for one night - fuck it and forget it."

"You know I'm not very good with women," I say. That's not true - just with most women, I had no interest in "collecting" women like Josh, it was empty and cold, a hole that engulfs all people.

"That's because you never tried. It's easy. It starts with a joke. Always talk about her, she doesn't want to hear from you. Be assertive, confident. You must be the biggest son of a bitch in the world." room and she has to feel. "

"Not now," I say. He needs to disappear.

"How long has it been since you dated someone? Or gave someone the gift that is your dick?"

Annoyed by his boldness, I answered:

"What does it matter?"

"What does it matter?" he says, repeating me. "Aren't you horny? Aren't you in the mood to pick up any of these girls and take her home tonight?"

"No, I'm not here to “fuck and forget”, just to prove something. I'm quite different from you Josh.”

"So why are you here? So you can drink tonic water all night?" I don't answer, waiting for him to leave.

"Fine, do as you please,Willy" he says, and he walks away before I corrected him of my name.

The girl he was groping before moved on to another guy, equally handsome and probably equally charming. Nick looks discouraged but circles around, looking for more prey. He sees a woman standing against the wall across the room. She is of medium height, attractive pale skin and has red hair. That's all I can distinguish from where I am. I can hear his words in my head: "Open with a joke, flatter it." He approaches her and says something. She does not laugh; I can't tell if she smiles. I decide to approach and find myself standing against the side wall, less than ten meters away.

The woman is none other than Emma Stone. with her talent she grows up as a class A actress. She is in Zombieland, Easy A and Gangster Squad the latest movie from Fleischer, in which I melted into the performance of a femme fatale and honest woman very well done of Stone, but I didn't confess it to anyone. I stand where I was, but I can't hear what they are saying. I can only see their reactions. He tells a joke, he laughs. She smile. He continues talking to her, and she listens, responding with a few nods and smiles.

The band starts playing a slow jazz song. Within a minute, most of the room is combined into a slow dance. Nick reaches out to Emma. She shakes her head and I see her lips with her mouth "I don't dance". He asks again, she still says no. He insists, but the redhead shakes her head at him and subtly annoyed, she walks away. He watches her through the swinging crowd. Leaning against the wall, Josh sighs. He leaves toward the bar. I've never seen him get rejected by a woman, either in high school or college, all women fall for their seductive conversation. But this time a girl with personality and intelligence didn't fall for Josh's sweet talk.

I watch the guests dance, one hand in the other, one hand on her shoulders, one hand on her waist or her ass. They are smiling at each other. He looks into her eyes or her blouse, and she looks into his eyes. As many men as women in a ritual of light debauchery, in order to get along well into the evening.

Emma Stone reappears, moving through the crowd as before. She is moving toward me until she is twenty feet away and I realize she is staring at me. I get up from the wall, have a drink and clear my throat. Soon Emma spoke to me, saying:

"Is he gone?"

"Who's gone?" I asked, confused.

"Don't act like you don't know, I saw you watching",continued Emma.

"Is he tall, handsome, dressed like a millionaire, arrogant like a millionaire?"

"Yes, himself",she confirms.

"He went to the bar," I replied, looking down at my glass of soda diluted by the already melting ice water. "He's my friend, although he acts like an asshole.”

"You have a strange preference for friends," the gorgeous redhead said.

"I agree with that, but it's not terrible. His uncle paid for my college, and Josh is a good friend but likes to act like a fool over and over. And I just have to play well, and make him feel good." I really can". Then I look into Emma's turquoise blue eyes for the first time. "He has never been turned down by a woman before."

"I don't doubt, I had a lot of trouble with that," she says. Sarcasm, I hope. She takes a sip from her glass of water.

"Is that you?" The redhead asks. "Are you very refused?"

"I'm not like him, I'm not flirting much."

"Scared?" Continued Emma.

"A little maybe, but I'm more disinterested than anything." I explain.

"Uninterested? Are you gay?"

"No, I'm not gay. I'm just not very interested in ordinary people. People bore me."

"You must be fascinated by your friend then. He's a good specimen," she says. I certainly noticed a hint of sarcasm. I nod, not knowing what to say next.

Then Emma said:

"Well, I don't want to keep boring you, so I'll-"

"No, no please. I like talking to you." That's the truth. He was fascinated by his resistance to Nick.

"Oh really? So you're telling me I'm special? Above average?"

I open my mouth to speak but say nothing. All I do is shrug. She laughs with her smirking smile and turns to the dancing crowd.

""Care for a dance?" She asks, holding out her hand.

"I thought you didn't dance?"

"That's just what I say to stupid people, or the 'average people'." I wonder what Nick would think if he knew she thought him stupid. Or "average". He would probably be more offended by the "average".

"Of course, I accept your invitation, it would be an honor." I say, kneeling down and placing my drink on the floor.

I give her my hand and she leads us to an empty spot on the dance floor. She turns and throws both arms loosely around my neck, ignoring the holding hands position that everyone else is. I grab her waist and walk in a circle to the beat of the music. With her high heels, she reaches my height, which I thought was great because I could look and lose myself in her turquoise eyes.

"I'm William," I tell her.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Emma." I decide to pretend I don't know her yet.

Her silky red hair is caught in a loose bun at the back and her bangs are spread across the side of her face. She smells of roses.

"You smell like roses," I tell her.

"Thanks, it's my new perfume," she says in a wry smile. She leans over and gives me a breath. "You smell like a real man."

I was embarrassed and do not know what to do with the comment you made. I had not put any cologne or deodorant.He kept looking at his well-made face, remarkably outlined by nature.His eyes matched his skin tone and shone brighter than the moon at its height, especially at such an event, and his well-shaped, firm lips are perfect for joining in a passionate kiss.

"You have beautiful eyes, Emma."

"Well, aren't you a sweetheart?" she says rhetorically in her firm, attractive voice.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Josh watching us from across the room. Emma sees him and smiles. He watches me dance with the only girl who has ever rejected him. The same girl who closes her eyes lowers her head and gives me a soft, gentle kiss on the lips. They are warm and firm and I can taste mint in her breath as she catches our mouths. Taken by surprise, I don't do much to react and soon it's over. I see the back of Josh's head as he leaves the hallway.

And unbeknownst to us, Josh decided to play a retaliatory play against me. The band took a break, but there was a DJ who was hired to cheer up the party during the band's breaks, so Josh crept over to where the DJ was and Unbeknownst to Emma and I, he whispered something to the DJ, and out of nowhere the characteristic jazz replaced itself with the sensual salsa rhythm, was Oye Como Va, in Celia Cruz's illustrious voice.

We were taken aback for a moment by the change, but both of us already knew that Josh wanted to screw me. Soon Emma started to say:

"Surely it's your cheap seductive friend's joke, obviously has a little kid's ego."

"You have no idea. The first attractive woman who rejects him, dancing with a guy he considers a dull one is too much for him," I stated.

Then Emma decidedly said:

"So William, what are we waiting for, let's have a show with Celia Cruz on vocals."

Recomposing myself I got along:

"Sure, it's Salsa time!"

Josh was very vindictive when he wanted to, and he wanted to embarrass me in front of Emma, ​​thinking he couldn't dance salsa. But what my friend's muggle didn't know was that I took salsa lessons some time ago while I was out of town vacation in Miami, and that was my best dance song like no one else.

We walked hand in hand in the middle of the ballroom and began to dance. And as I danced I found myself perplexed by how skillful Emma Stone is at the foot of the salsa. With a smile on her face and a fine tune, my heart and mind are racing, following the red-haired beauty reeling to the rhythm of Celia Cruz's salsa.

We drew other delighted glances at our dance, both men and women, some wondering who I was and what I did to convince Emma Stone to dance with me.

But none compared to Josh, who was stunned and shocked. His plan to embarrass us in front of everyone had the opposite effect, and when the song ended, everyone present was cheering and greeting us for our ballroom show.

Feeling defeated, Josh retired to the bar, wanting to drown his sorrows with his sophisticated drinks and even being comforted by a woman who fell into his theater, while Josh retreated, Emma caught her breath, turned to me said:

"We sure have a great show for your friend and everyone."

I was collecting myself from my performance, and then I answered:

"We really do a show here, so much so that I got a few whispers from interested women and some seductive glances from other women."

Emma raised an eyebrow, and with her single sarcasm said:

"Really? So you're leaving me in the middle of the party and approaching these attractive women so I can get along with one or more of them?"

I stood right in front of the redheaded beauty and looking into her beautiful eyes, I mentioned:

"I am not interested in ordinary people, so if they are beautiful, the vast majority of them in this marriage have no personality of their own or are very superficial who do not perceive reality within their noses."

So with my raw feelings, I said still looking into his turquoise eyes:

"You're not like these women, I don't know how I know, but I feel that, you have more talent and intelligence exuding in you. Not to mention how beautiful you are, but you're certainly unique to me," he concluded. William

Emma ended up blushing slightly at the deep comment of this interesting and unique almost unknown. Then she flashed her bright smile and said:

"Is it my impression or is it getting a little too hot around here?" Emma says, breaking the silence. "Want to join me for a walk in the scenery?"

It must be almost midnight. The only light we will have is the moon.

"I'd love to walk you," I say. My reasoning and common sense are gone. I followed Emma from a cliff.

Josh was right about one thing - it's been a long time since I dated anyone. I forgot what it is to have feelings for someone else. These emotions have been dormant for years and are now resurfacing from Emma Stone's lips. Not sure what's in it. She is very attractive, but in a room full of movie stars it is not difficult to find good looks. I barely know her, so I can't comment on her personality. However, I am clearly very interested in it, which is something I do not see myself saying about most people. Maybe it's the fact that she's different from most people. She wears a slick black dress and, while elegant, is nothing like the glamorous rainbow of sparkly clothes that are worn by almost every other woman in the room. She drinks water, not because she is forced, but because she chooses. And she's the only woman I know to reject Nick and his fake façade. She not only rejected her, but threw her in his face. I've never met a girl like her before, and that must be why I'm so infatuated with her.

We walked through the crowd and found our way through the back door. The moon is almost full and illuminates the cloudless sky and the shoreline. Small, gentle hills covered with long, thin grass stretch across the landscape. They smooth to a sandy beach in the water. Emma jumps across the grass, running her hands over the blades as she walks. When she gets to the sand, she takes off her shoes and runs to the water, where she stops. I reach her and, having also discarded my shoes and socks, stand beside her in the shallow water, letting the waves hit our ankles.

Emma is standing with her arms outstretched, the wind playing with her hair. She takes a deep, long breath, and looks into space, blinking. Our mouths meet once more in a charming and tender kiss. Her lips are parted. I taste the mint in my mouth.

"I've always been happy to come to the beach since I was a little girl, and still have that same joy in me now that I'm a woman," she says longingly. I watch the reflection of the sparkling water in her eyes as she looks out to sea. For a while no one says anything.

"I hope I haven't ruined your friendship with Josh, although he's impolite, I know he's your friend," says Emma.

Touched by the sincere concern of the red-haired movie star, he replied:

"Don't worry Emma, ​​he may be angry with me, but it will come out and we'll still have fond memories of that day, but I appreciate the concern, you really are special Emma."

And with his million-volt smile that illuminates my soul, he joked:

"I'm sorry to kiss you so unexpectedly before. I promise I'll never do it again," she says.

And enjoying our conversation, I said:

"Oh, don't do that."

She turns to me with a sassy smile. Then I blink at her with a sincere smile.

We came back and sat on the beach, watching the waves. She plays in the sand, as if making a sandcastle. She picks up sand between her toes, gets up and then drops it. Suddenly she stops fiddling with the sand.

Oh my God, William, I have the best of ideas. "

I look at her curiously.

"Have you ever dived naked?"

"Swim naked, me?" I asked. She nods. "No, I've never done that before."

"Have you ever wanted to?"

"I never thought about that." I say.

"Think about it now. Do you want it?"

I do not say nothing. I am puzzled.

"I'd understand if not if you're a little shy," she says. I wonder what anyone would say if they saw us. I take a long break before deciding.

"Sure, why not," I say, shrugging and laughing.

She smiles and bites her lower lip. "I go first."

With that, she jumps to her feet. She unzips her dress hastily and pulls it over her head. It lands on the sand with a noise. Her newly exposed pale skin glows in the moonlight. I look up and see her toss the bra over her dress. I watch her jump into the water, awkwardly coming out of her panties on the way before running to the sea, naked as on the day she was born. She turns and falls into the water on her back. I catch a glimpse of her nipples before she sinks. I think she is smiling at me.

"Your turn!" She screams.

Emma Stone is sitting at a screaming distance from me, naked. There is only one way to approach her.

I take off my pants and belt and throw them in my own pile. They land with a plop. I take off my jacket and shirt, but my inexperienced fingers fidget with the buttons. I give up and put it over my head, half unbuttoned. Imitating her, I run into the water, kicking sand and out of my boxer along the way. The breeze is cold against my exposed groin. The water is freezing and soon I am in the waist in the ocean.

She drifts over to me, staying beneath the waves the whole time.

"I like the way your junk bounces when you run," she says. I have no response. A silence ensues.

We move out into deeper waters, and I stop when it gets to her shoulders. It doesn't take long. She has managed to keep her hair dry. She chews gum, I can smell spearmint. We stare at the waves for a long time.

"Hey William, guess what?" She asks, breaking the silence. She slowly saunters over to me. I can see the moon in her eyes. We both shudder when her rock hard nipple brushes over my bicep as she leans up and cups both hands around my ear. She whispers, "I'm naked."

"I know," I reply, smiling.

"No, now you have to say it, but louder."


"Just do it."

"Okay, 'I'm naked'," I say in a normal speaking voice.

"Good." She turns to the open sea. "I'm naked," she exclaims triumphantly. She looks at me out of the corner of her eye. "Your turn."

"I'm naked," I shout.

"I'm naked!" She screams.

"Okay, this is stupid..." I say.

"No, it's fun. Go."

"What is the point-"

"Just do it," she says, interrupting me. My chest heaves in a deep sigh.

"I'm naked!" I roar, nearly at the top of my lungs. I quickly turn around to see if anyone has come out to the shore to inspect the scene we were creating. I'm surprised to find myself laughing.

"No one's coming, don't worry," she says giggling and spinning me around. "Okay, we're going to do the next one together, as loud as we can. Ready, three-Oh come on! It'll be fun! Three, two, one..."

We both inhale. Emma has both hands around her mouth for maximum volume.

"I'M NAKED!" My body shakes as I propel the words out into the night. I feel as though my auditory health is jeopardized.

Quickly, the air is quiet again. In the silence I realize how loud we were screaming. Ellen starts laughing, and laughing. She stumbles over and collapses on my shoulder, still laughing. I can see her small breasts in the dip of each wave that passes us by. Eventually she starts to breathe again, and recovers from her fit. Soon she is coughing and taking deep breaths and standing under her own power. She sighs, and stares at me.

"Thanks for coming out here with me,William" she says calmly.

"It's my pleasure." I should be thanking her. A breeze rolls over us. She is shivering. I am shivering too.

"Pretty cold isn't it?" she asks. I nod. She looks back to the coastline. "Hey, I've got a question... now that we're all wet, what do we do now?"

I scour the shore, and spot a gazebo or some kind of shelter, where I think there might be a pool. I point to it.

"I think there's a pool there. Maybe there are towels there too."

"Worth a shot. Hopefully I'll make it there before I freeze." She looks to me. "I'll race you."

She takes off, and starts trudging through the water. She's very slow at first, but as the water gets shallower she starts splashing wildly. I'm right behind her, and the salty spray from her frantic running splashes into my mouth. She turns around, and before I can react, trips me and sends me falling into the water. By the time I've recovered, she's on shore, laughing like a maniac, and moving her shapely legs as fast as they will take her. Her equally shapely and firm ass bounces with each stride. I blame it for distracting me and slowing me down. There is a small cabinet under the roof, and she stands before it with the door open, not moving. I finally catch up to her, and look inside. There is only one towel.

We look at each other, but say nothing. She reaches in and takes the towel, unfolding it. She slowly wraps it around my back, over my shoulders, but there still a lot left that hangs over my arms. She stands a few feet away from me. Her toes are pointed together. Her nipples look as hard as diamond. For a while we stand, staring at each other, not saying anything. Her hair blows in the wind, she tries to hide the fact that she is shivering.
I outstretch my arms, inviting her to join me in the towel. She doesn't move, and looks repeatedly from my naked body to my eyes. She takes one step, very slowly. Her arms are crossed. She takes another step, very slowly. She avoids looking me in the eyes as she gets closer. When she steps into my arms, she is facing away from me so her shoulder is in my chest. She is cold, and still very wet. She stares at the ocean while she violently shakes under the towel. Her side is pressed against my body, against my crotch.
Eventually her shaking calms down. She turns to face me and looks me in the eyes. She wraps both arms around my torso. I can feel my penis press against her belly.
"You're so warm," she says.
I rub her back with the towel, drying her off. I stop at her waist.she wraps her arms on my shoulders,kissing me on the neck and bringing her butt cheeks into my hands. I take that as an invitation, and continue to dry off her body. I avoid grabbing or any other sort of sexual behavior, and simply rub and pat down her legs. She's holding onto me the entire time.
When I finish she turns around, pushing her butt against my thighs. She pulls the towel down and brings her arms out, and places her hands over mine. We slowly caress her abdomen, and move up to her chest. Special attention is given to her breasts. She takes her hands off mine, and allows me to gently massage them dry. I can hear the wind escape her lips as she exhales.
She squirms my hands creep down her body to her legs. I specifically avoid her genitalia, and rub her thighs and calves. On my way back up, I avoid her crotch again. She immediately stops squirming and grabs both of my hands. She turns to me.
"It's okay, William." I blink at her. "I like you a lot. And you don't have to be such a gentleman all the time, you know."
She leans up and pecks me on the cheek. Her innocent smile and brilliant eyes melt my face; I can feel my blood boil beneath my skin. She closes her eyes, and I watch as the distance between our faces diminishes until our lips touch. The smell of spearmint invades my nostrils as I taste her lips and she tastes mine. We break apart, and stare at each other. I try to emulate my best 'lustful' face.

She closes the distance again, however much quicker this time. Our lips move quicker too, and I can feel her hands roam my body. She glides over my shoulders, then down to my arms. They move frantically, going from one spot to the next. She's trying to feel all of my body at once. Not to be outdone, I explore her well outlined curves and features gently. Our skin is covered in goose bumps from a combination of the cold and the sensuality. My body tingles under her touch, and my lips tingle against hers. I am in another world.
Emma backs into one of the pillars of the gazebo, which we had been slowly moving towards. We are jolted out of our embrace, and are left motionless. She swallows. I imagine the combination of our saliva travelling down her throat. She leans against the pillar, relaxingly. Her legs are slightly spread, and her vagina is wide open. All I want is to make her happy.
I kneel down on both knees, and slowly advance toward her waiting groin. As my finger touches her outer folds, she jumps back. I use my thumb to play with it, move it around, and her breathing picks up again. Moving towards the inside, I gingerly feel around the edges and probe inside with the tip of my finger. I take my thumb and start to rub in circles. Occasionally I slip in and penetrate her. Before long, I switch to my index finger and am regularly and rhythmically entering her. She starts to squirm and move around. I can feel her vagina slowly moisten as I arouse her. When she starts to whimper, I pull my finger out and move in with my tongue. I can taste the salt from the ocean on her lips. I lick her up and down, and flick her clitoris with my tongue, making her squeal.
"Holy fuck, William..." she moans.
She puts one of her legs over my shoulder, and pushes my head deeper with both hands. I reach around under each leg and pull her closer with both forearms. I hardly have room to breathe, but I never stop flicking and licking as fast as I can. Her breath shortens, her whimpers become higher pitched. Her crotch is sopping wet, but she doesn't climax. Just when I'm about to suffocate, she lets go of me. Both of us are out of breath, our chests heaving. I slowly stand up and meet her eyes.
"Where the hell did you learn to do that?" she says between breaths.
She has untied her hair, and it now hangs down past her shoulders and across her face. Her turquouse blue  eyes that once sparkled from chandeliers and moonlight are now burning with desire. She bits her bottom lip as she looks at me with a face that still remains sweet and kind.
As she regains her breath, I feel her hands roam down the side of my body. They travel all the way to my waist, where she slowly glides across my groin and gently takes a hold of my shaft. It is already rock hard. She slowly strokes it up and down with her hand, which is extremely warm despite the wind. I bend down and lightly kiss her neck and massage her shoulders. Slowly my hand makes its way back down to her vagina, and I gently rub the area as I continue to peck and nip at her neck. She continues to stroke me, and both of us moan quietly as we fondle each other. My penis seems to impossibly get stiffer, and before long I can no longer take it.
I pick her up in both arms and lift her up so we stare into each other's eyes. Catching on, she wraps her hands and legs around my body. She turns her head a spits her spearmint gum out on the ground. She pecks me on the nose before grinning at me. I give her a long stare; ensuring that this is what she wants. She nods at me. I carefully balance her in one arm before lining my penis up to her opening. I thrust in all the way, and the air rushes out of her lungs as if she's been punched in the stomach.
Placing both hands on her butt cheeks, I slowly move her back and forth. She's very tight, but also very wet. She moans harmoniously with each advance , and our hips collide with a slap. As I pick up speed, I match thrusts with her falls, burying myself as deep into her as I can. She can no longer support herself, and her head rests on my shoulders. Her hair bounces around wildly, and she is constantly moaning over the loud slapping that echoes around the gazebo. I feel as the though the whole shelter is shaking, and I put all of my effort into driving into her as deep as I can. Her legs start to slide down my waist, so I reach down and hold them there for her. I never slow down.
"I'm-gon-na-fuck-ing-cum," she cries between each thrust. She puts a death grip around my neck and whines loudly into my ear. Her whole body shakes in my arms and I feel her contract around my shaft as she screams and squeals. After moments of screaming, her grip eventually loosens, and I lower her to ground slowly. Only now do I realize the burning in my arms, and that I'm out of breath.

Emma waddles over to the railing that faces the ocean. She puts but both hands on the railing, and sticks her read end at me. She wiggles her well done ass, and looks over her shoulder, waiting for me to join her.
I slowly saunter towards her, and grab her hips. I lean up and give her a short kiss on the lips before slowly entering her warm opening. Standing up, I hold on to her hips and rock back and forth. She stares at me the whole time, and I stare at her. Her body rocks as my pelvis smashes into hers. Her face contorts in pleasure and her moans and groans escape from her gaping mouth. I bend down and hold onto to her shoulder as I try to go faster and deeper. She turns away from me, and bows her head. I can feel her try to match my thrusts with her own. I reach around and grab both her breasts in my hands. She moans and cries loudly as I play with them. I can feel a burning in my legs, and an echoed slapping reverberating around the room. I bring my hand to her back. I can't keep going forever. I muster a few late, deep thrusts and start to slow down.
I step away from her and she turns around, her back against the railing. She throws her hand out to me, asking me to take it. I look at her, confused.
"Trust me, I've got the best of ideas," she says.
I take her hand, and she leads me back down the steps of the gazebo leading to the ocean. I remember her other 'best idea', and become skeptical of how wise this one might be. She's running, and forces me to hustle behind her, in tow. When she gets to the sand, she lets go and stops, turning to me.
"Okay, now lay down," she lightly pushes on my chest, and I collapse on to the sand. I'd do whatever she wants.
Lying on my back I look up to her, as she stands at my feet. The moon is behind her head, and I can see its glow all around her, as if she's wearing a halo. Her cute belly button protrudes from her belly, and sits below her small, ripe breasts which are topped with little round nipples. Her hair is in a wild mess, but she has done her best to keep it out of her face. Delicate eyes stare at me intently. Her face is cracked in an angelic smile. As I lay in the sand staring at Emma Stone, I have never before been held so breathless.
She slowly bends down and crawls towards my face on all fours, straddling my body. I watch her seductively creep ever closer to me. As she approaches my head, she leans to the side to get to my ear.
"Have you ever had sex on the beach, William?" she says very quietly into my ear. Some of her hair is on my face and in my mouth. It smells of roses. I watch it billow up as I exhale. I focus, and try to capture to details of these moments. I never want to forget this.
"No, but please tell me I'm about to," I say, breathing into her ear.
She chuckles, and nibbles on my earlobes. She leans up so we are face to face. Her nose touches mine, her forehead touches mine. I can feel her breath against my chin. I feel her reaching around my groin, looking for something. She grabs my penis, and before I know it I am inside of her.

She starts off slow, simply lowering herself up and down. She grabs either side of my face with both hands and kisses me gently. I feel like I might explode, overwhelmed by her lips. She gives me a full taste of them before immediately pulling away, only leaving me wanting more. She sits up now, supporting herself with her arms as she stares into my soul. Her hair hangs down from her head and bounces along with her. I grab her waist. She sits up fully, and grabs my hands and lowers them down to her butt. I give each cheek a squeeze; she giggles and continues to ride me.
She stops bouncing, and sits completely on top of my penis. She starts to rock back and forth. She leans back with one hand. Her hips revolve and gyrate on top of mine. She picks up speed, and can hardly stay balanced. She looks up to the sky, and plays with her breasts. Her breath is shortening, and she is whining.
"Fuck, I'm gonna go again," she says.
"I'm close too," I say.
She starts bouncing again, and leans into my face. She can hardly keep her eyes open. She looks to the sky again, moaning and then starts to squeal. I feel her contract onto my shaft and her body shudder as she nearly collapses onto me. Her convulsions bring me over the edge. I stare up to the stars, and can feel my semen travel through my penis and release deep inside her. The air is filled with our moans, as she slowly stops moving, and collapses onto my chest.
My chest pushes her up and down as it heaves in an attempt to regain my breath. She rolls off and lies beside me. We stare at the stars and the moon. I hear nothing save for our breathing and the wind.
"That was amazing William, I will absolutely never forget this."
"You think I will?" I say, between breaths. "You're so perfect, Emma."
"Nobody's perfect."
"Except you."
"Stop it," she says, laughing, and giving me a playful shove. She stands up and brushes the sand off her butt and back. "I'm going for a swim, care to join me?"
I look at her. "I'm right behind you."
She walked swaying her luxuriant hips and her silky red hair in the beach wind.
As I admired its classic beauty, my mind simply thought:
"Who knows where I am going, but I will enjoy every wonderful moment with Emma Stone."


Thank you for your attention and opinions are welcome



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Nice story, it's great to read about Emma. She isn't used often in stories.
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