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Author Topic: Trick or Treat! ((Scarlett Johansson and Gal Gadot))  (Read 4010 times)

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Trick or Treat! ((Scarlett Johansson and Gal Gadot))
« on: October 31, 2018, 06:31:32 AM »

Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! Iíd love to hear some feedback as per usual. My e-Mail addresses are at: mean.blackjack(@)yahoo.co.uk If you remove the parenthesis from the @ symbol itíll get through! You can also get me at mean.blackjack47(@)gmail.com. Again, remove the parenthesis. Also, donít forget to thank and like the story if you do like it! Also feel free to post on the thread to voice your encouragement, lord knows my ego needs stroking!

Also, please don't post this on any other site without my explicit permission. I've had to bring the hammer down on two thieves right as of writing and don't want to bring it down again. Don't forget to add me on Discord too! My name on there is Swagatha Christie#2438.

Author's Note: So, here comes the Halloween spectacular from me! It's kinda short but it's something! Now, onto Rey of Sunshine 3 ;)

Codes: FF, Cons, Analingus, Sex Toys

Halloween in the Hollywood hills was always an amazing affair and in the home of Scarlett Johansson, the Avengers movie star always used the holiday to throw amazing parties and tonight was no different. The halls of the fancy villa were filled with various notable faces in the Hollywood movie scene and all of them were dressed as something, or someone, from a famous horror movie. There was the occasional sheet over some random person who had clearly gotten their invitation far too late in the day but other than that, the mood of the party was definitely a good one. Drinks were being passed around the front room and while there was a selection of horror movies on one of Scarlett's fancy projectors, no one was really paying attention to them.

Scarlett walked through the halls of her home, casually bumping one of the photos that had fallen askew from the party back to the standard sort of way it should have been hanging. Carrying on, she walked through the halls and over to the kitchen inside of her home. Walking over to the breakfast bar, she grabbed a small bottle of beer and took a swig of it before turning around to inspect herself in one of the full length mirrors that hung off of the door to the kitchen. Walking over to it, she looked herself in the mirror before nodding her head. She had on the full knee length boots of the Amazonian Wonder Woman that ran along her long legs and she also had on some of the hard plastic strips that hung in front of the blue boy shorts she was wearing to protect her modesty and the whole of her upper body was encased in the red, blue and gold colouring of her Wonder Woman costume.

Taking a swig of the beer, Scarlett looked at the corner of her kitchen with her peripheral vision and saw a couple who had hidden themselves in the laundry part of the room just under the crescent arch. Turning to face them, Scarlett licked her lips and silently perved on them as their hands roamed all over the two bodies and she had a particular twang inside of her. Sighing softly, Scarlett swallowed another mouthful of the beer before she looked back around so she wasn't leering nearly as much. Scarlett casually fluffed her blonde hair underneath the jet black wig she was wearing, she then adjusted the little plastic tiara that sat in the wig and then sighed softly as she was greeted by a couple of party guests. Looking over at them, Scarlett's buzzed mind briefly forgot their names but quickly the names came back to her mind.

"Sam, Nick. Enjoying the party?" Scarlett asked, taking a sip of her beer while looking at the two people who were dressed as Lara Croft and Nathan Drake from the Uncharted video game while she leaned against the back of a chair casually. Looking them over as Sam nodded her head slowly.

"Yeah, it's been great so far!" Sam said with a smile. "You should probably hide from Gal though." She said with a smirk, looking over Scarlett's fancy dress costume.

"Gal's here?" Scarlett asked, looking past the couple and towards the main foyer where a lot of people were meeting up.

"She is." Nick said, nodding his head. "I think you two have got your costume mixed up though."

"Oh, she won't mind right?" Scarlett asked, looking down at her body before looking back up to the couple.

Sam chuckled before she shrugged her shoulders. "Why don't you two go see what she says? I'd maybe get a lawyer on the line for infringement though."

The couple passed on their thanks before moving back to mingling with the other guests. The thought of what both Nick and Sam had said though had made her wonder just what was going on though. So, Scarlett left her kitchen and her bottle of beer alone and walked out to the main part of her house. Looking around, she realised that Gal Gadot, star of the Wonder Woman movie, wasn't on the ground floor so she made her way up the stairs towards the upper lever. Slowly ascending, Scarlett tugged on the fake weapons she had bought with the costume and looked around before spotting a tall, slender woman in a skintight black catsuit with long red hair flowing down her back towards the gap between the shoulder blades.

Raising an eyebrow, Scarlett made her way over to the mystery woman and while she was ready to ask just who the person was copying her attire from the Avengers movie Age of Ultron, the Black Widow cosplayer turned around and the two women made eye contact. Scarlett's greens met Gal Gadot's browns and the two megastars seemed to share a 'moment'. It was odd for Scarlett to have received something like that, the woman had obviously been in love before and the feeling of electricity wasn't new to her but for her to get that sort of reaction from another woman? Scarlett had never really considered it before but as she looked into the Israel born movie star's eyes, there was definitely 'something' between them.

Wetting her lips gently, Gal was quick to break the silence that was starting to become awkward. The taller woman walked forward and placed her hands on Gal's shoulders and offered her a gentle squeeze.

"Scarlett, thank you for inviting me!" Gal said, looking at Scarlett with a warm smile on her face. "I've had such a wonderful time here so far. Your house is wonderful!"

"Oh... Yeah, I mean, yeah of course! I'm glad you could come too." Scarlett said, quickly finding her feet in the conversation again and almost joining right up with the other woman. "The Marvel team hasn't been giving you a hard time I hope?" She asked, subtly looking over the exotic looking and sounding woman. Her eyes slowly rolled up and down the front of Gal's costume and the movie star had to admit, Gal had definitely done her homework on the costume. She reached over and touched the bottom of one of her ecrisma sticks, making a surprised noise at it.

"Pretty cool right? I had one of the team on the next Wonder Woman set them up." Gal said, leaning against the side of the railing of Scarlett's home.

"How's that going by the way?"

"Oh, yeah, you know? I think Patty is doing her best to sort of deal with what DC wants to do we all think that no one at the top knows what they want either so... We're just doing our best right now." Gal admitted, rather honestly too. Scarlett smiled and nodded her head. "Like, we want to be different to you guys but we also want the success too you know?" Gal added, a soft laugh escaping her mouth as she playfully punched Scarlett on the shoulder.

"Well, I loved the first Wonder Woman anyway so I'm sure this one will be great too!" Scarlett said, smiling as she looked around the party slightly before she finally caught the lipstick Gal had opted for. It was an old urban legend that the colour of a lipstick would indicate just what sort of orientation the person with the lipstick was interested in and with Gal having a bright electric pink lip gloss on, Scarlett had to pause and wonder if the Israel born movie star was interested in women as well.

"Well thanks! I loved Infinity War too." Gal complimented Scarlett right back as she took her turn looking Gal up and down as well. "I also love that costume." Gal added with a giggle, looking over at the plastic breastplate that Scarlett was wearing. "Is that a..."

"Amazon exclusive. Pretty classy I know." Scarlett said with a smirk, showing off the fact that she had bought something off of the internet. "It's so weird, I was so intent on throwing a good party that I totally forgot to even pick up a decent costume." Scarlett admitted, looking around the party as a lot of background noise started to settle down and mostly come from the room with the projector in as someone started to argue the finer points of two different slasher movies.

Gal looked around, peering over the side of the railing and down towards the front of the house and where a selection of people were still hanging around. Smoothing down the front of her jet black, skin tight costume, Gal was quiet for a moment before she looked back to Scarlett.

"Oh I'm sorry Scarlett but where's the bathroom again?"

Scarlett was pretty sure that the Israeli born actress was into her and as Gal asked for the bathroom, Scarlett decided to act on it. Leaning forward slightly and placing her hand on Gal's waist, she bent over at the waist slightly to show off her chest and then she pointed down towards the master bedroom, the one room that had been off limits.

"You can use my room, I have an en suite bathroom in there."

Smiling, Gal nodded her head and made her way away from the host of the party and down the hall towards the master bedroom. Scarlett stayed where she was and watched as the taller woman walked away, her green eyes settling on the same sort of spots that most men would be staring at if she were in the costume. Gal stopped slightly and turned her head over her shoulder to look at Scarlett. Realising she had been caught, Scarlett felt her cheeks flush to red with embarrassment before Gal simply laughed and walked away towards the bathroom. With Gal now out of the way, Scarlett's mind started to work out what she was going to do. Listening down towards the bottom floor, the woman in full Wonder Woman gear decided that the party was starting to die down and no one would necessarily miss her if she was going to stay upstairs for a little bit longer.

Walking down towards the master bedroom, Scarlett closed the door behind her and then pressed down on the thumblock, keeping the door locked in place. Looking down at the doorknob, Scarlett paused for a moment before she turned on her heel and sauntered into the bedroom, moving past the door so for when Gal was going to come out, she wouldn't necessarily see the other woman. Hearing the sink in the bathroom turn off, Scarlett breathed quickly and waited for the door to swing open. The light crept into the bedroom before Gal switched it off and walked right out of the bathroom and towards the bedroom door. Not noticing that the lock had been switched on, Gal tried the door.

"What the-"

"I thought we could be alone." Scarlett replied in her hot, smoky voice. Before Gal even had a chance to respond, Scarlett had closed the gap and her hands were on Gal's sides again. Her hands slowly moved up and down her future new lover's sides, she reached up towards the neck of the Wonder Woman star and brushed some of the red wig to the side. Her breath was hot against Gal's neck before she moved up to whisper in Gal's ear. "You know, you're the most beautiful person I've ever had here."

"I'm... Scarlett... What are you saying?"

"I'm saying, I want you on my bed and I want to make you cum." Scarlett replied, giving up any sort of pretense of foreplay and letting the star of Wonder Woman know exactly what she wanted from her guest.

Scarlett's lips came down to attack Gal's neck, her teeth came down and as she sunk them into the neck of Gal, the Israeli born actress let out a low moan and her whole body seemed to react to it as she almost squirmed in the grasp of the American woman. Scarlett's hands moved from Gal's sides and one moved to the front of her frame and the other came up to the zipper in the middle of Gal's costume. Scarlett started to suck on Gal's olive skin and as she started to tug on the zipper of her black catsuit. Scarlett's breasts pressed into the flat of Gal's back and as they moved around in the middle of the master bedroom. Scarlett continued to suck on Gal's neck casually swayed together all while she toyed with the other woman in the middle of the bedroom. Tasting Gal's skin in her mouth, Scarlett silently cheered for herself having read all of the correct signs from Gal.

"Mmmm Scarlett..." Gal purred, her hand coming up to reach behind her and touch at the other woman. When the cat suit became looser around her body, Gal wriggled herself around slightly and it became a point of it almost slipping off of her frame completely. "I... Mmmm... I never thought this was going to happen." Gal admitted, feeling a damp spot start to take over her panties. Her thighs rubbed together as Scarlett continued to bite and suck on her neck, the hand that had been unzipping the catsuit moved up towards Gal's breasts and then her hand dipped inside to gently cup and squeeze at the breast closest to her. Her hand came up and cupped against it, her fingers coming up and she gently rubbed her index finger and thumb over the hard nipple.

Scarlett lifted her teeth up and out of Gal's skin she gently licked her tongue against the bite mark as her hands moved over to the front of the actual Wonder Woman. Her hands both took hold of Gal's breasts and she gently squeezed each of them, her thumbs brushed against each of Gal's hard nipples as the other, taller woman started to get more and more into it. Scarlett's lips smacked against Gal's neck and as the Israeli woman moaned and almost whined for the other woman, Scarlett could feel her own costume getting wetter as well. Scarlett pecked at Gal's neck one last time before she lifted her lips up off of the other woman and they were quickly face to face. Gal was looking at Scarlett with her Black Widow costume rolled down to around her waist and her breasts on display.

Scarlett looked down at Gal's breasts, her green eyes settling on the hard nipples with the slightly darker areolas. The actress dressed as Wonder Woman licked her lips and looked up at Gal's face. It was the turn of the foreign born actress to blush wildly as Scarlett inspected her chest. Scarlett licked her lips and then took hold of Gal by the waist before she pulled the other woman into a kiss. Gal was quick to reciprocate, her hands coming over to Scarlett's body and taking hold of her. The two women's lips were pressed together and as they swapped saliva with each other, Scarlett's hands roamed over Gal's body and then down to cup against Gal's ass, digging her fingers into the cheeks over the fabric of the catsuit. Gal moaned out lowly but still into Scarlett's mouth as the woman dressed as Black Widow started to deepen the kiss.

Scarlett's mouth opened up and they instantly sought out each other's tongues as they started to kiss each other with a bit more gusto. Their mouths moved from side to side as Scarlett's fingers continued to dig into the rear of Gal while Gal's hands moved up to Scarlett's front. Gal's hands laid themselves on Scarlett's chest, slightly unsure of what was happening as this was the first time Gal had ever been with another woman as well. The Israeli born woman carefully squeezed at Scarlett's breasts over the cheap plastic of the costume before she smiled around the kiss and then moved her hands up to the straps. Blindly fumbling with the costume, Gal finally found one of the buckles that kept the costume together and almost instantly slipping the plastic outer shell of the cheap costume. Peeling it off of Scarlett, Gal blindly threw the piece of plastic away from the two women where it landed on the floor with a gentle thud.

Now, Scarlett was left in a blue body suit that was barely concealing her hard nipples and Gal was still clad in the black catsuit but that was rolled down around Gal's waist. With them both suitably undressed, the two broke the kiss and looked into each others eyes. A beat passed and then Scarlett planted her hands on Gal's shoulders and she pushed the woman down to the bed. Gal slowly wriggled back up onto the bed and looked up at Scarlett as she stood up at the foot of her bed and then slipped her fingers into the shoulder strap of her suit and rolled it down off of her body. The woman reached up and threw her jet black wig away from her head, looking down at Gal with her blonde hair now on display.

Gal watched as Scarlett rolled her blue bodysuit down her sexy body, inch by delicious inch being revealed to the woman lying on the bed. Gal propped herself up on the bed and watched Scarlett strip herself out of the bodysuit. Seeing the body of one of the most desired women on the planet become a reality to the woman on the bed. Licking her lips, Gal looked Scarlett up and down before she reached forward and took hold of Scarlett, pulling the now blonde onto the bed with her. With Scarlett now on top of her and totally naked, Gal could feel the damp spot on her panties getting more and more of a big deal for her. Gal wriggled underneath Scarlett slightly before she placed her hands on Scarlett's sides and slowly raked her fingers up and down as Scarlett held herself up over the other woman.

With Scarlett on top, the blonde reached down again and pressed her lips down against Gal's lips again before she moved one of her hands up and pressed it against Gal's body, sliding down towards her perfectly flat stomach and then pushing her hand down and inside of Gal's black catsuit. The two women casually sucked on each other's tongues as Scarlett's hand ran along Gal's stomach before it moved down into the fabric of the catsuit and then down towards the panties of Gal Gadot. Scarlett's fingers ran over the material of her panties before moving down to the main strip of the panties. Rubbing her finger over the damp spot, Scarlett smiled softly before breaking the kiss slightly to stare down into Gal's face.

"This hot for it huh?" Scarlett asked, licking her lips and tasting all of Gal's lipgloss on her own lips. The blonde looked down at her and smiled as the Israeli born woman bit down on her bottom lip and nodded her head. "Well, let's see if we can fix that." Scarlett moved her hand back to the front of Gal's panties and then moved her fingers inside of them and found herself pushing the fingertips right against Gal's dripping wet folds. Pushing her fingers into Gal, the blonde smiled as Gal let out a long groan and almost arched clean up off of the bed as two of Scarlett's fingers had slipped inside of her.

As soon as Gal hard arched her back up off of the bed, Scarlett had her lips latched around Gal's left nipple. Scarlett's lips were closed down around Gal's hard nub, her tongue dancing all over the hard nub before she kissed her way over to Gal's right one. As soon as she reached the right one, Scarlett bit down on Gal's right nipple and made the woman shriek. As soon as the woman on top of her bit the nipple, she was quick to clean the wound though by generously licking all over the hard nub. Gal was groaning and biting down on her bottom lip as Scarlett feverishly fingered her hot opening, she managed to lift her head up to look down at Scarlett and as soon as she did, Gal felt her strong legs starting to kick beneath her. Her body was bucking and writhing and she knew she was already drenching her panties and as she was fingered harder and faster, Gal's strong hands left Scarlett's body and clawed at the sheets beneath her.

"Scarlett... Fuck feels so good!" Gal whined, her legs trembling as she felt a strong orgasm staring to build inside of her. Scarlett continued to slide her index and middle fingers inside of Gal's hot opening, making the foreign born woman moan, kick and writhe beneath her. The blonde watched beads of sweat start to form on Gal's body and as she casually licked against some of the beads of sweat, Scarlett watched as Gal's body shook again and then the tall woman collapsed on the bed as she came all over Scarlett's hand and inside of her catsuit.

Licking her lips, Scarlett slipped her fingers out of Gal's lower suit and brought her slick fingers up to inspect them under the low light of her bedroom. Looking them over, Scarlett licked her lips and sucked them clean, completely scooping up all of Gal's slick juices from her fingers.

"You taste good Gal." Scarlett said with a smile, looking down at her before slowly moving up and off of her new conquest and laying herself down on the side of the bed. Scarlett spread her legs apart and looked over at Gal, practically inviting the darker haired woman to just take her. Gal got up on her knees on the bed and reached up to remove her own wig and she threw it to the other side of the room. She slowly rolled her black catsuit down around her long legs and pushed the suit off of her body.

Licking her lips, Scarlett slipped her fingers out of Gal's lower suit and brought her slick fingers up to inspect them under the low light of her bedroom. Looking them over, Scarlett licked her lips and sucked them clean, completely scooping up all of Gal's slick juices from her fingers.

"You taste good Gal." Scarlett said with a smile, looking down at her before slowly moving up and off of her new conquest and laying herself down on the side of the bed. Scarlett spread her legs apart and looked over at Gal, practically inviting the darker haired woman to just take her. Gal got up on her knees on the bed and reached up to remove her own wig and she threw it to the other side of the room. She slowly rolled her black catsuit down around her long legs and pushed the suit off of her body.

"So you want me to finger you too?" Gal asked, raising an eyebrow as she placed a hand on her waist as she looked over the blonde woman.

"Hmmm... No. I think you need to use something with a bit more size." Scarlett said, a sly smile on her face as she looked the now nude Gal Gadot up and down. "Bedside table, it's got the batteries in." Scarlett said with a sly smile. Rolling onto her hands and knees and effectively presenting herself for the Israeli woman.

Gal climbed off of the bed and walked over to the bed where Scarlett had suggested she check out. Pulling the drawer open, Gal raised an eyebrow and pulled the large vibrator out. Looking it over. Gal turned to look at Scarlett.

"So, Zoe Kravitz had a point huh?"

"Oh please, like I ever fucked Lenny Kravitz." Scarlett said, smirking. "Come on Gal, get over here.

Gal looked the large black vibrator over before putting it back into the drawer and turning to face her costume. Picking the pool of fabric up, Gal fingered the material carefully before picking up the two ecrisma sticks that she had brought with her. Looking over the two sticks, Gal tossed one of them over the shoulder and held the other smooth plastic baton in one hand. She looked it over before looking over to Scarlett who was still on her hands and knees. Walking up to the blonde who was still presenting herself, Gal climbed onto the bed and moved up behind Scarlett. With the plastic toy in her hand, Gal tapped the plastic stick in her hand, testing the weight of it before she lifted it up and whacked the stick against Scarlett's ass cheek. As soon as the toy hit Scarlett's ass cheek, the blonde let out a low shriek of pleasure and looked over her shoulder to the Israeli woman.

"Fuck! That feels... Good..." Scarlett moaned, biting down on her bottom lip as Gal grinned and struck the ass cheek again making the blonde yelp in pleasure again. Gal continued to strike against Scarlett's rear, making sure to hit each of her cheeks at least two more times before she looked between the blonde's legs and saw just how much her lower entrance was positively dripping with arousal. Licking her lips, Gal reached down with her free hand and split Scarlett's soaking wet lips open before sliding the toy inside of the blonde with her dominant hand. Sliding the fake ecrisma stick inside of Scarlett to the point where it was only the handhold left outside of it, Gal nodded her head and took hold of Scarlett's hair, yanking the blonde's head up and off of the bed so she could really hear just how loud Scarlett was moaning for her.

Sliding the toy in and out of Scarlett's dripping wet folds, Gal grinned as she could hear the smoky voice of the woman who she was now pleasuring. The toy started to slip in and out of the blonde into an easy rhythm and Gal could hear Scarlett already starting to get hotter and hotter. Sliding the toy inside of Scarlett, Gal looked down at the buxom blonde and slowly reached down behind the woman. Using her free hand, she pressed Scarlett's asscheeks apart and reached down to press her tongue against the tight backdoor of Scarlett Johansson. Gal watched as Scarlett threw her head back and managed to look over her shoulder to where Gal was kneeling down and doubly stimulating her.

Scarlett had never had her ass eaten before and as she watched Gal go at it, the blonde woman let out a long, low groan as she felt the tip of Gal's tongue tease against her own back door. The feeling of the fake ecrisma stick sliding in and out of her pussy and then having the added feeling of Gal's own tongue pushing up against her asshole was enough for the blonde to start to react to it. Her walls were already squeezing down tightly on toy as it moved in and out of her dripping wet entrance and with the feeling of the tongue on her back door, Scarlett bit down on her bottom lip and then reached down to grab at the pillow, biting down on it and doing her best to not scream out in pleasure. The feeling of her pussy being penetrated so strongly and then having Gal Gadot eat out her ass, the blonde was soon well on her way to a hot orgasm. Her fingernails clawed down on the sheets of her bed and she was almost certain that she had broken several of them off but she didn't care as she started to pant into the pillow.

Gal rolled her tongue all around the tight back door of Scarlett as she watched the woman writhe in her arms. Still sliding the toy in and out of the hot, dripping wet entrance, the darker haired woman made sure to keep Scarlett under control as she ate away at Scarlett's tight ass. Watching Scarlett's body clench up, her whole entire frame exploded and she orgasmed hard over the toy stick inside of her wet pussy. Despite how tight her body became, Gal continued to lick against Scarlett's ass as she watched the toy become wetter and wetter while Scarlett just came hard around the toy. Slowly, Scarlett slumped down, face first in the pillows on her bed as Gal came up and off of the blonde's asshole. Sliding the toy out of Scarlett, Gal inspected the toy as a lot of Scarlett's juices slowly rolled down the large, thick toy. Leaning in, Gal ran her tongue along the side of the toy before nodding her head.

"You taste excellent Scarlett. I think I'd want more from the source."

"Gal, you can taste me whenever you want." Scarlett said, managing to lift her head up from the pillows. "But... We stay up here much longer people are going to ask questions." Scarlett added, quite correctly too. Gal nodded her head and looked around the room before walking over to the small vanity mirror and table combination before pulling out a slim tube of lipstick. Revealing it to her, Gal nodded her head and walked back to Scarlett, rolling the blonde over onto her back and straddling Scarlett's stomach. Leaning down, the dark haired beauty pushed the tip of the lipstick to Scarlett's breasts and started to slowly write out her phone number across Scarlett's large breasts.

"You can call me." Gal said, rather flatly as she climbed off of the blonde. "And next time? You're eating my ass."

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Re: Trick or Treat! ((Scarlett Johansson and Gal Gadot))
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2018, 04:42:35 PM »
More Scarlett is definitely a treat for all.  ;)
"All that glitters is cold."

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Re: Trick or Treat! ((Scarlett Johansson and Gal Gadot))
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2018, 06:45:33 PM »
Mmm, that's super hot!  And I love the 'writing her phone number' detail.

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Re: Trick or Treat! ((Scarlett Johansson and Gal Gadot))
« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2018, 09:13:46 AM »
More Scarlett is definitely a treat for all.  ;)

Indeed! Scarlett truly is a gift from the heavens ;)

Mmm, that's super hot!  And I love the 'writing her phone number' detail.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it all!

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Re: Trick or Treat! ((Scarlett Johansson and Gal Gadot))
« Reply #4 on: November 03, 2018, 07:28:25 PM »
Keep up the great work! Love Scarlett too!


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