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KLS - Kylie Goes Back to School
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KLS - Kylie Goes Back to School

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards.

Now, on with the story!

This story follows on from the story “Kylie’s Latest Squeeze, which I recommend reading prior to this.

* * * * *

After leaving Kylie’s services as an assistant, she had given him one hell of a leaving do. His fantasies had come true in incredible fashion, with Kylie giving him one hell of a night in a blisteringly hot leather corset. He wasn’t sure exactly where things were going with her overall, but they got together when they could between work at her cosy little cabin where she thoroughly rocked his world. What she saw in him he had no idea, just some fun he figured, but he wasn’t going to question her on the matter.

“I’m free this evening,” Kylie’s sexy Australian tones purred into the voice, almost making his mobile phone tremble in his hand. She had just phoned him, he was off shift and just chilling at his new place hoping she might be available, but Kylie was a busy lady so he just had to wait till she was free before he could slide between her soft, powerful thighs.

“What time you want me to come over?” he said, glancing to the clock.

“How fast can your car go?” she said, and he could hear the smile in her voice.

“And why should I go so fast huh?” he said, playing with her a little though he never pushed his luck.

“I’ve got a treat for you,” she whispered, the tension clear in her voice. His eyes lit up as she said it, and he wasn’t going to ask any more.

”I’m on my way,” he said, jumping up and searching frantically for his keys.

”Hurry, I’m sooo horny,” Kylie whined, giving a soft moan before hanging up on him. His swelling cock gave a twitch at that, and he had to try and keep himself controlled so he could walk properly.

Around half an hour of furious driving later, he pulled up outside her house with a little squeal of protest from the hot tyres as he anchored it. Hurriedly shutting the door, he flicked the door locks and jogged to her front door, hoping he wasn’t too eager. He tapped on the door, and in a moment there was a small shadow and she pulled the door open, his eyes catching sight of her wearing the same sexy long robe she had been the first time she’d given him a treat. He only had a moment to take it in before she threw herself at him, throwing her arms round his neck, legs round his waist and diving in for a steamy passionate kiss. Returning her exuberant kiss, he stepped into her cabin with her and kicked the door shut with his foot, balancing precariously with the tiny Aussie.

“Gotta be careful with me, if you break me you’ll regret it,” she said with a smirk as she broke the kiss, commenting of course on his balancing on one foot with her.

”I think you want to be broken,” he said, wiggling his tongue at her. She just gave a giggle as he carried her into the front room and dropped onto the sofa with her on his lap.

“You’re sort of right you know,” she said, squeezing him. Her robe flowed down over him, but he could feel the heat from her naked thighs against his jeans. He looked at her questioningly, in between another quick kiss.

“Right, tonight there’s no holding back, I want everything you have,” she said in a serious tone, looking him in the eyes.

”Everything I have?” he asked, still unsure where she was going.

”Yes, everything. Every little dirty thought, fantasy or desire locked inside. I know you’ve got them,” she whispered, nibbling lightly on his earlobe.

”What do you mean?” he said. It seemed obvious but he had to be sure.

”Anything you ever wanted to do to me. Like dominate me, pin me down and roughly take my ass,” she breathed, grinding herself against him slightly, “Anything like that, just let it out, give me what you’ve got,” she whispered, dragging her tongue from his ear down his jaw line back to another soft kiss.

“You want me to do anything I want, that could be a bit much,” he said, wanting to make sure he was sure she meant what she was saying.

“I’m ready for you, I want anything you can give me. Don’t hold back, got it? If you ever wanted to slap me around like a little slut, now’s the time,” she said, almost demanding his compliance.

”Ok Kylie, if that’s what you want,” he said, his hands stroking her sides slowly.

”You’ll want it, I need it,” she purred with a smirk as she slid off him onto the floor, pulling him to his feet.

”Now go and wait for me in the dining room,” she said, pointing towards the door. He smiled at her, his mind racing at the possibilities as he headed to the dining room. Walking in he noticed she had laminate flooring, the only room of the house with it as he closed the door and sat on the edge of the table to wait for her, and whatever she had planned.
Kylie smiled to herself as he left, loving the power she was able to exert over him, though she knew he was getting as much from her as she was from him. She heard the door shut at the other end of the hall, and shrugged off her robe. Turning to the mirror, she checked herself to make sure she was all how she wanted, before spending a couple of minutes to sort her hair to look the part. She stood back and smiled, knowing she would make his jaw drop when he saw her, and turned to the hall. Slowly walking down it the hall, she got herself in character as she slid the bolts across on the door and then walked to the dining room door. Extending her hand, cuff sliding down her slim arm as she did, she knocked softly on the door and heard him moving across to open it. He gasped, his mouth dropping open in surprise as he opened the door, taking in her appearance, every tiny little detail with his widened eyes.

Kylie stood before him, holding an innocent expression. Her hair was up in pigtails, her face with quite a heavy layer of make-up, wearing a thin white blouse that was tied off under her chest to show off her toned stomach and also letting him clearly see she was braless since her nipples were already a little visible. She had a tiny grey pleated skirt on, knee high white socks and black plastic schoolgirl shoes. He was totally speechless, just barely able to take in Kylie looking like a tarty little schoolgirl.

”I’ve been sent to be punished. They said I was a naughty little slut,” she said, giving him a puppy dog look. He shook himself from his trance, looking her up and down before showing her in and closing the door.

”You certainly look like a slut to me, look at the length of your skirt,” he said with a point of his nearly quivering finger.

”Yeah, I have it nice and short, means the boys can fuck me much more easily. They just have to bend me over…” she purred, her tongue flittering over her lips.

“Then I think you need a serious spanking, gonna have to punish you for being such a slut,” he said, his heart pounding in his chest.

“Oh do I have to?” she whined with a pleading, teasing face, “my ass takes such a pounding as it is, can’t I just give you a blowjob instead?” she cooed, giving an innocent face and slowly licking her lips.

“That wouldn’t be very proper would it, you’re sposed to be getting punished for being a slut, not encouraged,” he said, trying to sounds authoritative though not really succeeding.

“You’re not really saying no though,” Kylie said, running her fingers over the visible bulge in his trousers and looking up into his eyes with a sly smile. With a wiggle of her tongue, she sunk to her knees and started undoing his fly.

“Miss Minogue, that’s not really appropriate. I need to spank you, to teach your little ass a lesson,” he said, his breathing already increasing.

”You’d love to spank my tight little ass, I can tell. Tell you what, if you can bring yourself to stop me sucking on your hot, hard cock, you can give me that spanking,” Kylie growled sexily as she freed his rigid erection. He couldn’t utter any complaints as her warm slender fingers slipped round the base of his cock, unable to reach all the way round as she bobbed the 8” member in front of her waiting mouth. He groaned quietly as she planted a kiss on the tip of his head with her beautifully soft, bright red lips. She pursed her lips as she dragged off his cock, then slipped his bulbous head into the hot confines of her needy mouth. She moaned hotly as she pushed down to take a couple of inches of his shaft into her mouth, his head pushing back towards her talented throat, taking in the vibrations of her mumbles and moans of pleasure.

“See, much better than spanking me wouldn’t you say?” she said, pulling off his cock for a moment. Kylie stroked him firmly before sliding back onto him, pushing half his thick 8” cock into her mouth as she took hold of his hips. Her tongue aggressively attacked the underside of his shaft, her cheeks hollowing a little as she stepped up the strength of her sucking a little more, hearing him inhale sharply. She gave a little smile round his impaling cock, her hands giving his hips a gentle but meaningful squeeze as she bobbed her head steadily on his stiff cock.

“I think you’ll still need a spanking, just for being suck, I mean such a slut,” he mumbled, his eyes closed as she worked at him.

“I think I will yes,” she murmured around him, giving a little nip just below his head with her teeth. His hips bucked and his hands clenched into fist at his sides as she sucked a little harder, pouting fully and fluttering her tongue on his cock. She reached up blindly, her eyes closed as she felated him, and fumbled for his hands. Her warm fingers slid into his clenched fists, guiding his hands to the sides of her head and onto her sexy little pigtails. Without a second thought his hands gripped her hair, and satisfiedly she slid her hands back onto his hips and continued to suck him off, steadily bobbing on around 5” of his cock now, her tongue sliding and dragging up the sides. His hands just guided her as she sucked on him, not taking any kind of lead with her and simply enjoying her fantastic oral skills.

”Mmm come on, you know I’m a slut,” she mumbled. After a moment, she pushed all the way down on him, driving his thick 8” cock deep into her throat, holding for a moment before pulling back.

”You don’t have to wait for me to do things like that, you have the power in your hands,” she said slightly muffled by her actions.

“You’d love for me to do that wouldn’t you, give you some throat action,” he said, tugging her pigtails slightly, sending a shiver of anticipation through her tiny body.

”Sure would, I love sucking cock,” she growled as she let him loose for a moment before he guided her eager mouth back onto his shaft. She sucked him for a few more bobs, nipping with her teeth as she went up and down.

”Come on, give it to me, all you want,” she said to get him going. He took a breath and tightened his grip in her soft blonde hair, then pulled her head down swiftly on him, driving his cock deeply into her throat. Kylie breathed out sharply through her nose, shuddering slightly in pleasure as he roughly took her. To keep him well on this track, she stepped up her sucking efforts, her cheeks hollowing deeply as her tongue went to work with every little trick she knew. He gave her a few thrusts into her mouth, then slowed again, leaving Kylie feeling empty and incomplete again. She slipped herself off him and looked up with her sweat glistening face.

”Come on, treat me like the slut I am. Face fuck me, come on, you’ve got my pigtails to use!” she said urgently, looking at him with a passion in her eyes. After what felt like an age, their shared gaze broke and Kylie shut her eyes and slid her soft, talented mouth back onto his rock hard cock. He took hold of her pigtails and wasted no time in forcing his cock all the way back down her throat, her nose pressing into his pubic hair. Kylie felt him hold there, and it felt like his cock belonged there in her mouth before he pulled back again. Her heart was pumping strongly and her breathing a little more ragged as he held her schoolgirl hair and thrust his large cock powerfully in and out of her wanton mouth, driving in and out of her throat.

”Harder,” the Aussie popstar mumbled lustily through his cock as he pushed in and out of her throat. His hands tightened in her hair and he picked up the pace, almost tripping her gag reflex as his cock drove down her throat suddenly. She controlled it and sucked hard, her eyes watering slightly as he bounced her head using her hair. Her lips slurped noisily at his cock as he grunted and groaned from her talents, her tongue still doing as much as it could to his cock. Kylie’s body was alive from pleasure as she was used, her head being roughly thrust back and forth on his full 8”. She felt the burn as her pigtails were wrenched a little harder and he shoved with even more vigour, his bulbous head pumping swiftly into her throat as she gasped and breathed raggedly through her nose. Kylie mumbled and pushed back against his grasp, twisting her head slightly. He let her slide off his cock and looked down as she took a large gasp of air, then looked up at him sweetly.

“I’m getting kinda outta line here don’t you think?” she said looking sexily out from under her fierce eyebrows.

“You are, but I can’t reach your tight little arse right now,” he said, smiling at her.

“I know,” she said, smiling at him and licking her full lips. He hesitated, an unsure expression on his face at crossing another line. Kylie saw his inner battle, and ran her hands up his thighs slowly.

”Mm come on. You know you’re gonna come all over my face in a minute, don’t you think it’d be nice if it was a little flushed when you did?” she purred sexily, wiggling her skilled tongue at him.

“You’re already a bit flushed,” he said with a smirk.

“That’s because I’m a little slut. I mean properly flushed, the way I know you secretly want me to be,” she said huskily, giving him a look her could feel. He released her pigtails, and Kylie settled herself comfortably on her knees, looking up expectantly to him. He took a deep breath, and then slapped her lightly across the left cheek.

”Ooh yeah, come on, do it harder, give me a proper slap for being such a slut,” she cooed, looking at him wide eyed in excitement. He brushed a hair back from her sweaty brow and then raised his hand again, before taking the plunge and slapping her across the face with his right hand, her head turning slightly as a resounding slap sound almost echoed with its importance. Kylie let out a ragged moan, her eyes squeezing shut as she shuddered.

”Oh god I nearly came from that,” she gasped, looking back up at him with a pre-orgasmic look on her face. He paused again, seeing her cheek showing a little pinker already.

”Come on, give me some more, don’t you dare stop now,” she said insistently, looking him in the eyes as her chest heaved from her breathing. He slapped her again, hearing her gasp, cutting into his mind like a knife. He slapped her cheek again, now glowing a soft pink, contrasting to her pale right cheek bar her pleasured flush. Kylie looked back up at him again, a smile on her face as she ran her tongue across her teeth. Brushing a hair back from her face again, she gave a little murmur of contentment, and giving him an opportunity. Before she could blink he backhanded her swiftly across her right cheek, knocking her head over slightly and drawing a grunt of surprise and pleasure from her.

“I haven’t been treated properly like this for a long time,” she moaned as his hands found her cute pigtails again, guiding her mouth towards his stiff cock, harder then ever. Kylie opened wide and he thrust himself deeply into her willing mouth, pushing his cock all the way into her throat. She moaned loudly, the vibrations spreading delightfully through his cock as he pulled her down till his balls rested against her chin. She felt him pull her hair harder than ever as he started thrusting as fast as he could in and out of her mouth, his tight balls hitting her chin as she breathed heavily through her nose, the warm air spreading over his groin. Her bright red lips wrapped tightly round his shaft as he buried it all the way into her, her tongue lapping and flicking at him as skilfully as she could given the situation. She felt her pussy tingling with pleasure at being used as a cheap slut, something she couldn’t deny she loved.

“Oh god Kylie, you little slut, open wide,” he gasped, suddenly releasing her pigtails and pushing her head off his cock so she rocked back on her heels. Kylie knew exactly what he was gonna do to her as she took a gasp for air. She squeezed her eyes shut and got ready for the hot, thick load to hit her face.

”Yeah come on, come all over my face,” she begged, spurring him on as she heard a slight sound as he grabbed his cock and started jerking himself rapidly to bring on his imminent climax.

“Come on, treat your little slut just like she deserves!” she moaned, waggling her tongue. Her sexy talk combined with everything else was more than enough, and he orgasmed hard with a grunt. His hot load mostly missed her mouth, shooting all over the rest of her face. Kylie gasped and breathed deeply as his cock spurted over her pretty little face, streaking her forehead, cheeks, one of her eyes, her nose and then a couple of final ones over her lips and chin. They were both breathing heavily, Kylie still knelt before him with come all over her face, looking up at him with her one open eye. A soft smile of sheer bliss was on her cute red lips as she ran her tongue over them to lap up any come that was on them. She leaned forwards and slipped her mouth over his cock, fumbling her hand onto him, sucking and milking every last drop into her hungry mouth.

”Just what I deserved,” she mumbled as she reached down. She rubbed her hot pussy through her short grey skirt, giving a ragged sigh of pleasure. Kylie rubbed herself for a couple more moments and then eased herself up, standing up and stretching, taking a few steps to walk off the burning need for an orgasm to hold it at bay for a little longer. After a couple of steps, she turned to face him, her tiny slutty skirt flying up a little and revealing her sexy little white panties. Without saying a word, she raised her hand to her come covered face and dragged her finger through it. She held her finger out in front of her, letting the come slide down her digit and threaten to drip to the floor, before leaning forwards and sticking her tongue out. Noisily, she whorishly tongued the come from her finger, slurping at it before swallowing visibly and giving a shudder of pleasure. Kylie did this till all the come had been cleaned from her face, then sucked her fingers as if she’d just eaten a delicate meal, pouting her ruby lips delightfully.

“Mm I’ve been very bad now haven’t I?” she cooed with an innocent face, a subtle smile still hinting at her intentions.

”Yes you have,” he said, a little more breathlessly than he might like.

”So naughty,” she huskily whispered as she turned, flicking her hips so he skirt again lifted and offered a glimpse of her white panties clinging tightly to her awesome arse. He eyed her gorgeous form as she looked back sexily over her shoulder at him.

“I really need that hard spanking now,” she purred.

”Don’t worry, I’m gonna punish you for being a slut, teach that tight little ass of yours a proper lesson,” he said, stepping forwards towards her.

“You’ll need to spank me properly, the kind so hard that there’s hand prints left on my tight little ass,” she murmured giving him a twitch of her sexy eyebrow. He reached out and grabbed her hair, yanking her head back and making her gasp.

”Don’t worry, your ass is gonna get the pounding it deserves,” he said with a smile. Kylie just gave him one of her smiles as he guided her over to the table, turning her to face it. He pushed her down and she bent obediently over the table, her tiny skirt retreating and pulling up so that almost her whole arse was exposed. He eyed her amazing arse clad in its tiny white panties and reached down, stroking her stunning rear before lifting her tiny skirt and folding it up over her back to give him full access to her inviting bum.

“Come on, don’t hold back,” she whispered as he raised her skirt. He smirked at her and slid his hand over her arse before grabbing her panties. Kylie gave a yelp of surprise as with a sharp jerk he ripped her cute little knickers off, her hips yanked backwards a bit by the force.  He threw them down on the table in front of her, a smile crossing her lips as her torn underwear landed on the tabletop. She felt the cool air over her hot, sensitive pussy and firm arse, and awaited the inevitable. Kylie didn’t have to wait long, gasping as a solid slap connected with her arse. He didn’t play around, giving her soft spanks as he had last time, he got straight on with it to give her the spanking he knew she wanted.

”Oh yeah, spank your naughty little schoolgirl,” she moaned as she wiggled under him, her nipples pressing hard against the cold table through her thin shirt. Another spank connected with a delightful slap to her firm rear, making her clit throb.

“Why are you getting this spanking then huh?” he asked as he held her down with his other hand on the small of her back. Kylie grunted as another decent spank hit her pert arse, the cheeks already pinking slightly from the spanks she’d so eagerly awaited.

”Because I’m a little slut,” she breathed, writhing under his strong hand.

”And why is it you’re a little slut?” he said, rubbing her bum gently.

”Because I can’t say no to a cock,” she gasped, bucking her hips as he connected with another slap, slightly harder now so a tingle crept up her spine. She clenched as he pinched her tight cheeks, a twinge of pain shooting into her tiny form from his sharp grip.

”And why is that?” he said, rubbing her before administering another sharp swat to her perfect rear, making her pussy drip.

“Because I’m a whore, I can’t help myself, I have to have it!” she gasped as he stroked the back of her bulging pussy.

“And what are you now?” he said, spanking her hard again, making her clench as the hardest spank yet connected with her famed bum.

“Your slut!” she yelped, pushing her arse up, desperately seeking another slap.

“And what will you do?” he said, dragging a teasing fingertip up the back of her slit, dipping in slightly.

“Anything, anything!” she begged hastily, so painfully close to her first orgasm.

“Good, but just in case you have any other ideas…” he said, raising his hand. Kylie inhaled, then moaned throatily as his hand once again landed on her delectable rear. Another landed swiftly behind it, breaking the barrier. She shuddered, her knees nearly buckling as she let out a squeal of ecstasy and climaxed. Her hips bucked against the edge of the table and her bright red fingernails did their best to dig into the wooden tabletop. He laid another hard spank on her now pink ass as she quivered through her strong orgasm, her pussy juices running down the insides of her perfect thighs.

“Slut,” he said with a smile, stroking her soft lower back teasingly. Kylie looked round at him breathlessly with a sleazy half smile. She flicked her eyebrow and gave a slight nod of her head, indicating she wasn’t done yet. He gave a little smirk back and then smacked her hard on the arse again, watching the look of sadomasochistic pleasure that crossed her face as she gave a deep grunt. He was standing fully to attention again now, and looked down at her slightly reddening ass in his hand, giving it a firm squeeze. Delicious as a ripe fruit, he drew his hand back and spanked her stiffly again, making her groan deeply and squeeze her powerful thighs together.

”Sluts don’t keep their legs together,” he said firmly, pushing his foot between her ankles and pushing her feet apart. Kylie’s legs opened again, revealing her wet bulging pussy, the swollen lips begging to be fucked.

”That’s better,” he said with a smile as he spanked her hard again, hearing her give a little yelp as he struck. Her legs twitched again, so he reached down and planted a sharp little slap with his fingers on the back of her hot pussy, making her gasp sharply.

”Keep the legs open, just like you normally do you little tart,” he whispered in her ear. He heard a scraping sound as her bright red fingernails dragged on the table as he planted another hard slap on her, feeling her delightfully soft ass under his hand as he spanked her. He didn’t give her a break, and started to really give it to her. Kylie grunted loudly and throatily with each swat to her perfect arse, her body rocking as he gave her the spanking she needed. Her pussy was desperate for some proper action now, her clit rock hard again from the spanking. She yelled out as he gave her a few really hard spanks, leaving her ass fully reddened with a defined handprint on her left cheek. After a pause to let the tingle spread over her rear, he gave her one final hard slap, making her squeal in pain, which turned to a groan of pleasure.

He abruptly stopped and Kylie felt him grab her hips, his feet bumping hers. She looked up to see what he was doing, but had her question answered when she felt his rock hard cock push straight up into her dripping pussy, pushing balls deep in her. Kylie groaned deeply, her whole body shuddering as her horny cunt was stretched fully around his thick 8” cock.

”Oh you love that don’t you, love the cock don’t you, you little whore,” he growled, squeezing her hips as he pulled back and gave her a good hard thrust. Kylie grunted dirtily, then looked back at him with a sly smile.

”And you don’t mind. You love your little sluts tight pussy, don’t you?” she said, squeezing him with her muscles, her velvet soft pussy grabbing him hard.

”Yeah I do, which is why I have you over a table with your slutty little skirt up,” he said with a smile.

”Don’t let me down,” she said with a grin, running her tongue over her teeth. He just smiled back as he gripped her curvy hips firmly and started to thrust in and out of her wet snatch, pushing around half his cock in and out of her quite rapidly, putting plenty of power behind the strokes into her clasping pussy. Kylie was groaning with every stroke into her tiny body, squeezing him methodically with her well-trained muscles to give him all she could as her hips rocked back against him. He grunted sporadically as he pumped his stiff cock in and out of her delicious pussy, loving how tight she was.

“What are you?” he said, breathing heavily as he stroked in and out of her, his hands squeezing the flare of her sexy hips.

”Your slut,” Kylie gasped, her nipples feeling like they’d leave marks on the table they were so hard. He smiled, catching the glint in her eye as she glanced back at him ever so slightly. Pulling back, his bulbous head threatened to slip from her, making her swollen lips bulge out. Kylie was just starting to protest when he drove back into her, sliding his cock all the way to the hilt. The gorgeous Aussie arched her back as she took his thick 8” cock all the way into her, making her whole body alive with pleasure. She felt his grip on her hips tighten and knew he was gonna give her the fucking she wanted and needed.

”Oh yeah come on!” Kylie urged, wiggling her hips and shoving back to meet him as he started to fuck her properly. Her head dropped as she let out a ragged moan of pleasure as he pulled back again and thrust into her, the heavy table creaking as he started to pump his full length into her hot hole. Kylie heard him grunt as she gave him a squeeze with her muscles, grunting loudly herself as he picked up speed. Her nails scratched at the table as he thrust vigorously in and out of her, driving every inch he had into her. Her bum tingled, still sore from her spanking and now getting bumped by his hips with every thrust, it offered a sensation she felt so rarely.

“Oh you little tart,” he breathed, his hands sliding up to her waist.

“I thought, you were, sposed to be, punishing me,” Kylie gasped through breaths as he pumped on her, looking back at him as his fingers slipped up her warm soft sides, toying with the edge of her tied off shirt.

“Do you want another spanking?” he said, sliding his hand back to her perfect, reddened arse as he continued to fuck her hard, their bodies rocking in unison.

”I think I might need it,” she whispered after a pause, biting her bright red lip with an innocent expression. They held each others gaze for a moment, both still humping strongly without a break before Kylie let a sly smile play across her sweet lips.

”Do you think you could take it?” he whispered back, pinching her tender rear and making her jump.

”Baby I can take anything you want,” she purred, running her tongue over her full lips. He stared at her for a moment, then gave her a sharp little spank, making her clench and squeal in a mixture of pain and pleasure as he continued to fuck her.
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Re: KLS - Kylie Goes Back to School
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”Don’t tempt me,” he murmured, smirking at her. She winked sexily at him and turned away. He focussed on fucking her again, and started pumping harder, slamming into her hot little body so that the table shook with every one. Kylie inhaled sharply at the increase of speed and reached out, stretching to take hold of the far edge of the table to hold herself down to let him take her, her shirt retreating a little more and revealing her smooth back. She groaned loudly in pleasure, pushing herself back against him as much as she could to take all he could give her. Her pigtails lay down over her shoulders, shaking with her movement as they fucked, and were all too tempting to him. He released her waist and reached up for her hair, his hands close before she looked round, her face flushed and sweaty, questioning the sudden decrease in leverage he had on her hot little form.

“Eyes forwards,” he snapped. Her eyes widened and she snapped her head back round, shivering slightly in excitement. She felt him take hold of her sexy pigtails and pulled teasingly against him. Kylie instantly felt the slight sting in her head and he pulled back on her hair and used them for leverage, picking back up to even more powerful thrusts than he had been prior to letting go of her waist. She moaned sluttily as he took a solid hold, pulling her head back and pumping hard into her tight cunt, his balls bumping her every time.

“Oh god!” Kylie cried, her eyes squeezing tightly shut as her sensations overwhelmed her body, goose pimples spreading across her skin. He grit his teeth and fucked her hard, ramming his full length rapidly in and out of her, pulling back on her hair so her back arched. Kylie had a determined look on her glistening face, taking deep breaths as she was confronted with a mix of pain and pleasure. Her body was tense, her feet struggling to stay gripped to the floor in her little shiny black plastic schoolgirl shoes. Suddenly he pulled out, his thick cock yanking out of her hot wet pussy and leaving her open and gasping.

”What the…” Kylie started, looking round. Before she could go any further, he grabbed her hips and rolled her over, sweeping her feet off the floor. She gave a squeal of surprise, smiling as he rolled her over, sliding her back up the table so her sweet arse was just resting on the edge of the table. He grabbed her luscious hips and slipped straight back into her, his cock easily going balls deep in her dripping wet pussy. Kylie groaned with a smile, looking down at his impaling cock as she started to raise her legs up. He gave her a sideways smile and started pumping her hard again, driving in and out of her sweet pussy, which he now noticed was completely bald, her sexy little arrow shaved off. The sweet Aussie pop queen gave a shudder and her legs dropped loosely from the fucking, hanging down over the edge of the table and lifting her hips a little more.

“God Kylie…” he mumbled as he thrust into her, making her smile up at him from her position lying on the table.

”Come on, fuck your little slut!” she said eagerly, egging him on.

”I wanna see those tits of yours,” he said, eyeing her humble mounds through her tight white shirt, her nipples standing to full attention. He just started to move when Kylie thrust her hips up and grabbed his hands.

”Don’t you dare let me go,” she hissed, looking him straight in the eye. He was too taken aback to tell her she was out of line, and watched as she took her soft hands from his up to her shirt. He kept pumping into her as she took hold of her thin shirt and then tore it open in a sharp motion, exposing her perky breasts, nipples tightly screwed up from her arousal. She heard him give a groan as her firm tits were revealed, moving with her heavy breathing from their hard fucking.

”Just don’t forget about them,” Kylie said with a wink and a waggle of her tongue. He smiled at her, eyeing her full red lips as she pouted at him, blowing him a kiss as they fucked.

”I thought you didn’t want me to let you go,” he said with a flick of his eyebrow and a smile.

”Well, not to open my top, to play with what’s underneath is quite a different matter,” she purred with another of her special smiles. He smiled slyly and gripped her sexy waist firmly as he pumped himself vigorously in and out of her sweet cunt, just taking a moment to let her hang before moving. He gave her a particularly hard thrust, his cock breaking through her cervix sharply and making her yelp in surprise, her body arching as he released her slim waist. His hands slid onto her firm breasts, enclosing and squeezing well as he continued to pump into her. Kylie moaned, a smile playing across her lips as she looked down to see his hands fondling her breasts. He groped and felt every inch of her pert breasts, loving how they felt in his hands, the hard nipples poking into his palms.

“Do you need any glass cut?” Kylie said with a girly giggle, giving a little twitch of her eyebrows and flutter of her eyelashes. He laughed at her joke, his fingers dragging up the mounds of her breasts to her nipples. Kylie’s eyes squeezed shut and she inhaled deeply, her hips shifting urgently under him on the edge of the table. He drew his fingers to her rock hard nipples, absolutely solid because she was so horny, and teased round her tightened aureole. Her red fingernails raked at the tabletop as she tried to hold on as she was energetically fucked, about to begin pleading with him to play with her nipples properly when he pinched them lightly, sending waves of feeling through her body and making her throbbing clit let her know it was there.

“You love this don’t you, you little tramp,” he sneered, releasing her nipples and swatting both her breasts with spanks from his fingers that made her jump. She couldn’t reply, simply letting out a long groan of pleasure as he continued and lay more light slaps on her breasts. He didn’t put much force in, and just gave lots of sharp little swats to her humble breasts, making the soft skin pinken slightly as Kylie writhed in pleasure on his cock. Without warning, he suddenly pinched her nipples hard, squeezing the little nubs tightly between his thumbs and fingers.

Kylie screamed in pain, despite the fact she was absolutely loving it, borderline delirious, it still hurt enough to make her scream. She drew breath, looking up at him in time for him to grab her throat, pumping her hard, ramming his cock in and out of her hard, his bulbous head popping in and out of her cervix. Her eyes widened in a mixture of surprise, arousal and fear as he tightened his grip, choking her as they fucked. She felt a rush go through her body, similar to the one she experienced when she had her corset tightened, the excitement of the squeeze on her body similar to the squeeze on her delicate neck. He wasn’t really choking her fully, just enough to restrict her breath a little, something she needed plenty of with the way he was fucking her.

“You slut!” he snapped, slamming into her delectable hips, her legs dangling limp and weak over the edge of the table as he sexed her up.

“Uhhh…” Kylie moaned, unable to form a coherent sentence due to the sensations overwhelming her body. Instead she raised her sweaty hands from the tabletop to her chest, her fingers seeking out the rock hard nipples. She rubbed them for a second and then squeezed them tightly and twisted, her body arching off the table, eyes squeezing shut as she gasped deeply for breath due to his grip on her neck. He gave a wry smile and loosened his grip, seeing her shudder as she took a deep breath and oxygen flooded her system again. She blinked for a moment, her body rocking with the motions of their humping, now almost secondary to the pair of them. Kylie looked up into his eyes with a kinky glint to her eyes as he released her throat, sliding his hands off her smooth skin.

The sultry Aussie’s eyes dropped to his hands, following them for a moment before she lunged forwards and playfully tried to bite him, dropping back to the table with a sexy grin as she continued to tweak and turn her stiff pink nipples. There was a pause when time seemed to stand still, both of them caught in a moment, which was abruptly ended as he slapped her stiffly across the face. Kylie gasped in surprise and pleasure, her hands dropping from her nipples to the tabletop again as she ground her hips against him. She looked back up at him lustily, a smile of anticipation on her lips as she stared him down hotly. He swatted his hand back the other way, backhanding her across her right cheek and snapping her head over to the side with another guttural grunt of pleasure from Kylie.

“You little slut, love being mistreated don’t you?” he sneered, smirking down at her gorgeous wriggling body. Kylie could only moan an attempted response, her body shaking on the brink of orgasm. He smiled wryly as he reached up and grabbed both of her stiff nipples, pinching hard and twisting them tightly, feeling her response before she could barely do so herself. Her body arched off the table tightly with a loud squeal, a mixture of pleasure and pain, and then spasmed, her powerful thighs squeezing his hips as her sweet pussy grabbed and clutched at his impaling manhood. Her squeal turned into a long low moan of pleasure as her body quivered and shook through her intense orgasm, her body flushing from satisfaction. Her pussy was practically overflowing with juices, her hot fluids running over her bald lips and his cock and down to her tight ass and the table.

“God what a whore,” he said with a smile as she came hard, her legs twitching and kicking gently off the table behind him. Kylie sighed contentedly and went limp on the table, breathing deeply to catch up as he slowly pushed in and out of her, holding off his now much nearer climax. She was still on her own little cloud somewhere post-orgasm, and not doing what she should be doing in her role as a slutty schoolgirl. He leaned forwards and slapped her across the face again, not that hard but enough to give her a sting and bring her back to earth. Kylie snapped back to reality and looked around, quickly taking in her situation again, which was very much confirmed as he pushed deeply into her, his thick 8” cock popping through her tightened cervix again and making her moan softly in pleasure.

“You sure know how to punish a slut,” Kylie purred sexily, licking her lips which now contrasted with her pink face.

“You’re not done yet,” he murmured with a smile, starting to build up his rhythm again.

”I sure hope not,” she giggled, deliberately squeezing him as he plunged to full depth in her hot little body again. He grabbed her curvy hips once more and started pumping her hard, thrusting into her with renewed vigour. They both groaned and grunted as he fucked her hard, giving her everything he had to get towards his climax.

”Mmmm yeah, come on, fuck me!” Kylie urged, meeting every urgent thrust with her hips. He got till he felt his orgasm on the brink, then pulled swiftly out of her hot snatch, the hot Aussie looking down confused as he reached up. She didn’t even have time to utter a word before he seized her pigtails in his hands and pulled, turning her on the table. She squealed in pain as he dragged her round on the table by her hair, her body sliding easily over the smooth surface so he had her the opposite way round, her head hanging off the side of the table and dropping back. Kylie realised exactly what he had in mind, obediently opening her mouth and not a moment too soon. He thrust his cock into her waiting mouth, pushing all the way down her throat so his balls pressed against her nose and upper lip.

Kylie gave a muffled protest through his thick shaft as he gave a grunt and came hard, his thick come spurting straight down her throat. She groaned in pleasure as he shot his load down her throat, swallowing it fast, her muscles massaging his bulbous head in the process. His hips bucked as she sucked and swallowed, his cock shooting several more spurts down her throat as his fingers wandered to her heaving chest. He took hold of her nipples and started toying and tweaking them, gently pinching and twisting the hard points as Kylie swallowed the last of his load, her hums of gratification matching his own sighs of fulfilment.

They stayed still for a moment, then Kylie felt the need to get up and struggled against him. He gave a smirk and held her down for a moment longer, before pinching her nipples tightly, making her moan deeply even through her discomfort, before releasing her. He let her go and slid his softening cock out of her mouth, the sexy pop star automatically sucking him clean with her bright red lips as he pulled out of her talented mouth. Kylie pulled herself up on the table, looking back at him as she wiped her mouth on the back of her hand. He just smirked at her as they took a breather, both needing a couple of minutes to rest and recoup before inevitably continuing.

“I don’t think you punished me enough,” Kylie said, looking at him with a sweet smile as she sat on the edge of the table. He eyed her, sitting with her legs crossed, her cute black shoes and knee high white socks leading into her smooth, toned thighs, her hot pussy still on display as her skirt was rolled up round her stomach, and her perky breasts just hanging freely with their rock hard nipples begging for attention.

“And how’s that?” he said, stepping towards her, seeing her breathing increase in anticipation.

“Because you spanked me but you did a poor job,” she said simply. He reached out and slapped her across her right cheek with a stinging backhand, not that hard but enough that she knew he was well and truly in charge.

“All you did was get me even more horny!” she cried, snapping her head back up to look at him with a saucy smile. He slapped her swiftly again, making her gasp and squeeze her crossed thighs together.

”And that’s all you’re doing now!” she goaded, looking up and cheekily poking her tongue out through her enticing red lips as she gave a little flick of her unique eyebrow. He gave her a stiff slap, her left cheek already noticeably reddened from all his right handed slaps to her soft skin as his hand connected once again with the pop babe, making her reel with a loud grunt and support herself on her arm from the force. She looked back up at him with heavy breaths through her clenched teeth and a thirst for more. They shared a moment, then she hopped off the table, her skirt dropping back down to almost cover her pussy and tight arse, unable to fully since it’d been shoved up rather roughly during their fucking. Kylie scampered across the room with clacking from her shoes, making a beeline for something.

He looked curiously to see what it was, his eyes widening slightly as she turned back to him holding a cane. His gaze travelled as she scampered back towards him across the laminate floor, her pert tits and tiny skirt bouncing teasingly. Kylie held it out to him, her fingers idly stroking the wood before he took it, eyeing it for a moment before looking back to her. She stood waiting, a lust clear in her expression. He was lost in her eyes for a moment, then she stepped up and stretched to his face, licking softly up his cheek, dragging the tip of her tongue before pulling away.

”Give it to me hard,” she whispered huskily, giving him a sexy look that no man could deny. He held her look for a moment, then raised his hand and caught her with a surprise slap. Not that hard, but she wasn’t ready and was caught off guard, making her stagger a little. Before she could protest, he grabbed her slender form and pulled her over the end of the table again, pushing her down on the wooden top and hiking her skirt up to reveal her tender rear. Kylie mumbled something as she was taken, wiggling her hips and ass enticingly at him. She didn’t need to wait long, as the cane started being patted gently against her already spanked arse.

”Come on!” she begged, instantly realising her so called mistake. There was a light swish and the wooden cane landed across her arse with a soft thwack. Kylie gasped in pain, having only been caned a couple of times in her life and after such a spanking it was really letting her know about it.

”Begging for the cane? What does that make you?” he said, rubbing her with the cane, every ridge and contour being felt by her soon to be even redder bum. Kylie didn’t answer, merely biting her lips as she awaited the sting of her famous arse taking another strike from the cane. She almost reconsidered her decision as the cane swished through the air and connected with her delectable rear again, the wood sending a sting deeply through her firm, sore bum and making her yelp.

“I said what does that make you?” he said more firmly, threateningly rubbing her with the cane.

“A slut!” she gasped, looking back kinkily. He gave her another swat, making her clench and groan in a mix of pain and pleasure.

”Damn right, you’re even enjoying this,” he said, lowering his other hand between her thighs and rubbing over her dripping wet pussy. He whipped his hand away and laid another firm cane swat on her famed bum, not even jiggling as the cane connected. Another deep guttural groan came from Kylie, her hips shuffling a little on the edge of the table in need. He caned her again, still staying on the main cheeks of her bum, seeing the soft skin redden more as she was punished.

”Oh god!” Kylie mumbled, her pussy leaking slightly.

”You love this don’t you?” he said, stroking her with the cane before administering another blow. The Aussie sexbomb shuddering and shuffled on her feet as her body fought the combining sensations of pain and pleasure as the sting surged through her diminutive form.

”Yes…” she whispered, biting her ruby lip as he stroked her with the cane again, “though you don’t know how to cane a schoolgirl,” she murmured, looking back with over her shoulder sweaty faced and a smirk. He just smirked at her, then raised the cane and let his hardest blow yet connect with her body, her thighs squeezing together as she squealed from the strike.

“Harder!” she gasped, her body shivering in pleasure. He did as she asked, laying another hard swat of the cane across her perfect bum, now sore and reddened as she bucked against the edge of the table, the sting of the cane spreading through her before subsiding.

“God you’re a tramp,” he said, stroking her from her knees to her lower back with the cane.

”I said harder!” Kylie demanded, looking back with a glare and a pout, almost stamping her foot. He looked at her for a moment, then turned slightly and slid the cane between her legs, rubbing the smooth wood over her swollen hairless pussy lips. Kylie’s eyes widened and she looked back in genuine fear as she felt the ridges teasing her protruding inner lips. As kinky as she was, she certainly wasn’t about to try having her pussy caned. Her arse was one thing, she relished a good bit of punishment on her rear now and then, but her pussy was something she wanted either attacked by mouth, one of her many toys or sliding blissfully up and down her lovers cock and nothing more. Her threateningly patted the cane against her bulging cunt, before sliding it across it so her lips split open along the smooth wood.

“If you don’t start being a good girl, I really will do it harder,” he said plainly, rubbing her dripping pussy with the cane to make his point.

“Ok sir,” she mumbled quietly, having been well and truly put in her place by him. He slid the cane away, only to have it replaced by his fingers, which deftly found her throbbing clit and gave her a quick rub, taking her closer to orgasm.

”You ok Kylie?” he asked softly, checking to make sure things were still how she wanted them.

“Yeah, keep going, give it to me,” she said huskily, looking back at him with need. He smiled at her and nodded, slipping his hand from her hot pussy and raising the cane again, giving her a hard swat to get going again. Her hips rolled and shook from it, her pleasure evident. Kylie moaned as the sensations flooded her body, so he gave her a fast series of hard strikes of the cane, laying them all over the main area of her arse. Her moans of pleasure gradually turned to squeals of pain as the blows rained down on her, her legs and bum clenching as the cane seared her cheeks. He stopped, letting her regain her senses properly and listened to her relieved sighs and murmurs as the pain dissipated.

“More,” she breathed, hanging her head down towards the table. He decided to change how she was feeling it all, and lifted the cane again. Kylie shrieked as the wood connected harshly with her lower back, leaving a visible red line on the smooth skin. She looked up in shock that he’d just hit her there, though eagerly awaiting the next blow, which came straight away. Kylie yelped as he caned her hard across the back of the legs, her powerful thighs shaking slightly from the crack as another red mark was dealt out onto her gorgeous body. He gave her another stiff blow, hitting her on the top of the arse where she was bent over, whacking her on a previously unused area of her desired rear.

”Oh god!” Kylie whimpered, her hips jerking and twitching. He raised the cane and laid three hard blows to finish her off, making her squeal in pain just as her orgasm broke onto her soul like a wave. She tensed up, then gave a spasm and a scream of ecstasy as she came, her legs shaking almost uncontrollably as her climax hit, her tight, juicy pussy squirting strongly over the edge of the table and onto the laminate flooring. He’d seen her squirt before, but it hadn’t been as hard as this and it was quite impressive, making his cock twitch. He patted her on the bum somewhat soothingly as she came down from another orgasm, her breathing ragged and short, body glistening with perspiration.

”Can I have one more?” Kylie said, looking round at him with an almost pleading tone. Her juices were still running down the insides of her thighs, having barely finished leaking from her sweet pussy. He wasn’t sure about any more of the cane, she’d taken a solid beating to be frank and he didn’t want to hurt her.

”Go on, I know you want to. Just give my tight little ass one last go,” she purred, turning on the seductive charms and fluttering her eyelids. He decided to let her have it, unable to resist her, and raised the cane a final time. Kylie smiled and turned away, looking forwards as she dug her bright red nails into the table. There was a swish and then a crack as the cane hit her tortured rear again hard, eliciting an ear-splitting scream from the Aussie goddess, a pure emotion of the pain and pleasure she craved. Her head dropped to the table as she got control of her breathing again, unable to move from the spot standing as she got herself in check. He dropped the cane down on the table next to her, making her turn her head and eye it with a smile as she saw the tool that had left her with a stinging arse.

“I’m gonna be sore for days,” Kylie said standing up, reaching back to rub her bum as she stood, feeling the burn already.

”That’s for being a slut,” he said with a smile.

”You don’t seem to mind,” she quipped, licking her lips slowly and giving him a wink.

”Hope you saved some energy, you have some cleaning up to do,” he said with a half smile. Kylie looked down to her juices on the floor, then back to him.

”How would you like me to do it?” she said, smiling sweetly at him, standing in a sexy position with one leg forwards.

“I think you already know how,” he said, waggling his tongue at her. Kylie’s eyes narrowed and she pouted, before stamping her foot.

“I’m not that much of a slut, you think I’m gonna get down there and lick that up?” Kylie said moodily, crossing her arms and unconsciously pushing her naked breasts up.

”Yeah you damn well are, you little tramp, you know you want to do it anyway,” he said, glaring back at her, their eyes fighting an unseen battle of passion.

”Won’t,” Kylie said shortly, shaking her head. There was a pause as he took a deep breath and a silent prayer, then reached out and slapped her hard across the face, the hardest he’d ever slapped her. Kylie staggered and slumped down onto her knee, her shoes clattering on the laminate flooring. She breathed hard for a moment, then looked back up at him, her lower lip split and a little drip of blood sliding down her chin. She glared at him angrily but with a definite spark in her eyes, her tongue giving the slightest flick over her lips and her eyebrow twitching just enough. After a moment, she spoke again.

“One side of my face is bright red now, the other is only pink,” she said simply, turning her head slightly to show him. After another deep breath, he stretched, leaned forwards and backhanded her sharply across her right cheek. She let out a grunt as she was knocked over onto her arm, holding herself up having been prepared, giving an almost orgasmic shudder before turning to her juices on the floor. Kylie leaned over on all fours, flicking her pigtails back out the way before leaning down and dragging her tongue through her sweet juices, rolling her tongue back into her mouth and tasting fully with a soft mumble.

“You slap like a sissy anyway,” she muttered quietly before leaning down to continue lapping her juices up.

”What did you just say?” he said sternly, demanding to know. Kylie knelt up and turned to look at him again.

“I said you slap like a sissy,” Kylie said firmly, looking him straight in the eyes, basically daring him to do something to her. She got exactly what she wanted, feeling the sting as he slapped her hard across the face again, knocking her to the floor and making her wince slightly. She didn’t say anything else, and simply got back onto her knees and started licking at her juices once more, reaching back and starting to rub her pussy, her slender fingers dancing over her clit and making her moan. He watched her sweet ass wiggle in front of him, her skirt just hanging down over it a fraction, then raised his foot. He pushed her tender arse sharply with his foot, making her yelp in pain and momentarily stop masturbating.

”What a slut,” he said with a smirk. Kylie looked back at him saucily as she licked her lips and blew him a kiss with a sexy wink, showing she was truly loving this. She turned away again as he knelt down behind her, flicking her tiny pleated grey skirt onto her back again and grabbing her hips. She giggled slightly at his rock hard cock bumping her rapidly fingering hand, quickly slipping her fingers up to push his cock up away from her bulging pussy before sinking three fingers back into her hot snatch with a groan. He positioned his cock against her tight arsehole, settling himself before driving forwards hard.

Kylie gave a squeal of pain as she was roughly penetrated, the force knocking her forwards into the puddle of her own juices. He wasted no time, taking a good grip on her hips and starting to thrust steadily in and out of her, giving her his full length each stroke. She moaned and grunted as he powerfully pumped on her rear, the initial pain fading away to leave the pleasurable feeling of anal sex. She groaned with a smile as she pushed back, reaching back to resume stroking her pussy, circling her throbbing clit with her fingertips.

”Oh god yes!” she gasped throatily as he gave her a harder thrust, picking up the pace into her unlubed arse.

”Love that don’t you?” he said, not expecting an answer. All he got was a grunt as she shoved back on him, gripping him with her talented sphincter as he fucked her in the ass. His hands slid round and squeezed her tender arse, feeling the firm cheeks and making her coo in slight discomfort at the groping of her thoroughly beaten rear. His grasp slid back upwards, over her hips and past her skimpy skirt, taking hold of her slim waist. She felt the pull back against the flare of her hips as he used her for leverage to start fucking her hard, not quite using his full length in his powerful strokes now, increasing the pace which tickled her in just the right way to buzz her clit.

“Harder, fuck me harder,” Kylie panted, gritting her teeth as her eyes squeezed closed, her body bouncing rhythmically back against his hips, sore bum bumping against him.

”I’ll give you harder you little bitch,” he hissed as he pumped her, releasing her waist with one hand and leaning back. Kylie only had to wonder for a moment before a stinging spank connected with her tender, bright red arse. She squealed loudly in pain, clenching on him and pulling away a little before he plunged back into her forbidden haven. He pumped her hard as she desperately rubbed her clit, pressing hard with her fingers on her hard nub.

“Oh god!” Kylie gasped as he pounded her arse, pushing as deep as he could with every thrust, his bulbous head stroking regions deep within her that was like someone indulging her soul itself. He groped her a little more as they fucked, squeezing her full cheeks before administering a couple more spanks to her on each glowing cheek, making her yelp in pain and groan as it mixed with her pleasure. Kylie had three fingers shoved right into her soaked pussy and her thumb strumming her hard clit madly, bucking and writhing as she was almost overwhelmed by sensations.

“Come on, come on!” Kylie whined hornily, desperate for her climax now from her anal pounding. He laid another series of hard spanks on her gorgeous, glowing arse around his impaling cock, making her give little screams of pain that mixed with the pleasure of the anal sex and the feverish motions of her hand. He felt her tense up and knew she was on the verge of another orgasm, much like himself who couldn’t last forever with Kylie’s hot squeezing arsehole wrapped round his cock. Her hand was almost working in a blur, giving soft wet noises as he released her to grab hold of her sweet pigtails.

“Yes, pull them!” Kylie gasped, panting heavily as he pulled her head back sharply, her swollen pussy still being massaged desperately by her skilful hand.

“You couldn’t even stop me,” he breathed as her neck curled backwards, everything he had being pumped in and out of her sweet rear. His thrusts were hard as he could give her, his hips slapping against her spanked and caned arse which sent pain through her tiny, delectable form with every thrust to mix with the pleasure of penetration and masturbation. He felt his climax and gave her the deepest, hardest thrusts he could, knocking the breath out of her just before he drove in deep, holding her pigtails fiercely as he erupted within her.

“Oh god!” Kylie squealed, shoving back on him as hard as she could, his balls hitting her juicy pussy lips and fingers as she came. He held her tight as he unloaded his hot sperm, shooting it deep within her body as she shook and trembled with orgasm. He felt the warmth as her juices squirted again, some of it hitting his leg as she came all over the floor. She let out a scream of ecstasy as she squirted, her body bucking and writhing with his, unable to keep her hand on her dripping snatch. They both slowed to a stop, sweaty and tired from their most enjoyable exertions.

“Are you ok?” he said, still catching his breath and softly stroking her slender body.

“Well I didn’t break did it?” she purred, looking back at him with a dreamy smile before reaching up to wipe the blood from her lip. He smiled back and eased his softening cock out of her arse, gently stroking her treasured bum. She gave a little giggle as he stroked her, wiggling playfully as he stood up, eyeing her sexy body down on all fours.

”I made a mess,” Kylie said, looking back at him with one of her smiles, telling him exactly what she had in mind. Despite the fact they were both sated and tired, she insisted on lapping all of her juices up from the floor. She said later that she might as well enjoy cleaning rather than make it a chore, which amused him slightly.

That evening, a couple hours after their passionate encounter, they were stretched out on Kylie’s soft leather sofa. Watching the TV, he sat up with Kylie lying along the sofa on her front, her head resting contentedly in his lap, face still lightly flushed from the slaps. Her arse was far too tender for her to be able to sit down, even on his lap, so this was the best way to relax.

”Guess I’ll have to be the cowgirl for a few days,” she quipped, suggesting the sexual position she aimed to adopt. He smiled and stroked her hair as she rested on him, not needing to reply. After a few more moments, Kylie looked up and took the remote from him, aiming it at the TV and clicking. She had all the channels you could ever want, and it only took a second for her to tap in what she wanted. A porn channel flicked up on the large screen, showing a sexy girl in a tight fitting police outfit with a male prisoner, toying with a pair of handcuffs and an eager look.

”One of my favourite channels,” Kylie murmured with a smile as she reached up, her fingers sliding onto his fly as he took in the scene. She inhaled sharply as she bumped her split lip, pouting for a moment before deftly unzipping him and reaching inside for his rapidly hardening cock…


To be continued...

Big thanks to Ghost for helping create, plan, check and edit this story.

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