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A Swift Getaway (Taylor Swift)
« on: December 20, 2019, 03:49:57 PM »
Please note that this story is a work of fiction, nothing that happens or is said in this story occurred in real life. Any similarities to real life events is purely coincidental. The celebrities featured act as fictional characters and their behaviours follow suit.
I like to interact with my readers so please comment on this story with any feedback you have. I can be contacted on Discord under the username RTMinotaur or you can send an e-mail to me at feedback.minotaur@gmail.com

A Swift Getaway
Starring Taylor Swift
Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Public

The plane flew low over the water as it headed towards the private resort with the few exclusive clients resting comfortably. The six-hour flight to the Caribbean had been calm but the transfer had gotten rocky, so much so the attractive blonde next to me had accidentally grabbed my hand a few times as she went for the arm rest.

Of course; I knew who she was. Taylor Swift was one of the most famous faces on the planet and the singer wouldn't need to introduce herself to anyone. However, she didn’t seem her usual confident self on the flight. Plenty of nervous fidgeting and holding the rests at the turbulence, it did seem like something was bothering her, but I wasn’t the type of person to ask. I looked out of the window and could see the small runway up ahead. At least this air travel would soon be over.

“Only a few more minutes and we’ll be back on land. No more turbulence.” I said with a smile, not expecting a response.

“Good, this flight has gone right through me. And I need this break.”

“Plenty of journalists and paparazzi bothering you?”

“Journalists, paparazzi, executives, managers; who doesn’t annoy me? Thank God this place has a private beach.”

“Just make sure you choose the right one. They serve good seafood too.” I said as I put up my tray upon the stewardess request.

“The right one? There’s two?”

“Yeah, you’ve got Cove which is the private beach with an inbuilt wave machine and there’s Eclipse. That’s more private.” I replied, not wanting to reveal too much.

“And what makes Eclipse more private than a private beach?”

“It’s for Gold plus resort members and a swimsuit is not required. Well, more frowned upon than anything.”

“That sounds like the voice of experience, doesn't it? Who are you and why have you been there before?” She asked as she turned in her seat to face me.

“Well my name is Hartley and I work for a law firm in Chicago. My firm send me here after big cases; kind of as an extra incentive for my stellar performances. And stellar results. They also like to let the fuss die down before starting me on my next case. I’m not on your level but I’m also here to get away from the press coverage.”

“So…you defend criminals?”

“I defend accused individuals. They’re only criminals if I lose.”

“That sounds like something a slimy lawyer would say.” Taylor replied as she took another sip of her whiskey, the glass almost empty.

I shrugged and grinned before looking out of the window and could see we had touched down onto the ground; the plane slowly making its way to the small air terminal. Taylor had already unbuckled her seat belt and finished her whiskey as I turned around, her hand pointing at me.

“I guess I will see you at the resort then. What colour is your band?” Taylor said as she entered the aisle.


“Guess I’ll see you on Eclipse then.” Taylor said with a wink as she left the plane.

*** Two Days Later ***

Despite the conversation we had on the plane, I hadn’t seen Taylor since we arrived. It wasn’t that surprising considering the size of the resort, but I was a little disappointed. I had a good time chatting with the blonde and hoped to see more of her during that stay. Instead I relaxed by the pool reading books on my Kindle. I considered the beaches but decided against it for the time being, they usually got full in the first few days.

As I finished the final page of one book, I felt someone slide their finger along my shoulder blades. I looked up and my breath was taken away; Taylor stood in a small polka dot bikini with a pair of MVMT shades on. Her hair was in a ponytail and a ruby red shade of lipstick complimenting her smile. I looked up and down her body to see those famous smooth legs and the cut of her bikini bottoms making it obvious she was shaved smooth.

“Stand up then.” Taylor said.

I listened to her and stood in front of her. She smiled as she checked me out, my own body covered in only a small pair of boarding shorts, so my entire upper body uncovered. She smirked with approval before walking around and settling down on the lounger next to me. I got the opportunity to check out her ass as she passed and saw the bikini bottoms cut into a thong, she must have become comfortable with the privacy of the resort to be so daring.

“I was hoping we’d see each other again.”  Taylor said as she settled down on the lounger.

“I’ve been around.” I replied, trying to keep it cool. “The beach gets busy so I thought I’d have more space here.”

“I can see” Taylor said as she looked around the near empty pool area. “I could probably suck your dick right here and no one would probably notice.”

I looked at the singer and raised an eyebrow.

“I’m not going to suck your dick.” Taylor said as she drank from her straw. “Not yet anyway. We barely know each other.”

“Well I know who you are.”

“Knowing who the other is, is not knowing someone. I read up on you and I know who you are. Top graduation scores, big cases as a junior and now you have your own condo in Chicago with a partnership on its way. Got most of the gangsters cleared from their charges too. You sound like you run in dangerous circles.”

“It’s only dangerous if I don’t get them off.”

“I guess we’re both good at getting people off then.” She replied with a smile. “Pool?”

I watched as Taylor stood back up and walked off to the infinity pool, my eyes fixed on her toned ass as she did so. The blonde stopped at the edge and shot me a look over her shoulder before diving in, creating a small splash as she did so. Never one to waste a good opportunity, I placed my Kindle to the side and followed Taylor into the water. My jump was a lot less graceful than her dive, but it ended in the same result. I looked to see the blonde had swam underneath a small waterfall and I swam to meet her.

Taylor was sat on small ledge when I got through the wall of water, only her legs showing below the water. I noticed they were apart, so I swam towards her and put my hands on her thighs. There was no note of denial from the singer and I ran my fingers along the inside of her thigh, causing a shiver to go through her body.

“Stand up.” Taylor said.

I did as she asked, and the water fell down my body as I stood above it. The singer pressed her hands forward and ran her fingers along my muscles, focusing mostly on my abs. The contact with Taylor caused a stirring in my crotch which she noticed straight away. The singer licked her lips as she saw my cock start to harden and she took her hands away from my body.

“This looks interesting.”

Taylor pulled down the board shorts enough to allow my cock to spring out. It was still in the process of hardening when Taylor ran her fingers down the side of my body to my thighs and up again. The singer carefully avoided touching the cock as it hardened more. She leaned in and placed a kiss on my abdomen and the cock grew to its full 8 inches and she allowed the cock to run along her face as she leaned back.

“I meant what I said. I’m not sucking your cock today.” Taylor said as she stood up in front of me. “Tomorrow might be different. Meet me here at 6 tomorrow morning. We’re going to the beach.”

“Which one?” I asked as I watched Taylor swim off.

“I think you know which one. Now put your cock away.”

*** The Next Day - 6am ***

I felt 6am was a stupid time to wake up when on vacation but when Taylor Swift tells you to, you do! I had arrived ten minutes early, so I just looked a bit odd until Taylor arrived to join me. I had dressed in a pair of salmon shorts, white t-shirt and a pair of sliders. Taylor arrived at about 5 past 6 looking utterly pristine, she had curled her hair and dressed in a white and green poncho. I had no idea what she wore underneath but her lips were just as red as the day before.

“Well don’t you look like a little preppy college student.”

“Um.. thanks?” I replied as she liked arms with me.

“You are very welcome. Now shall we go to the beach?”

“Sure but why so early?” I asked as we walked towards the beaches.

“I want it to be empty when we arrive. I’ve arranged for a blanket and some breakfast to be waiting for us. Plus, I get extra horny in the morning.”

I smiled at her comment and we walked through the deserted resort towards the beach. About halfway, I could feel Taylor snake her hand around my back and give my ass a little squeeze, clearly the horniness was already starting to take hold of the blonde. She didn’t talk as we walked but she kept her eyes ahead as her hand remained on my ass. After about five minutes, we came to the crossroads for the beaches. I didn’t want to influence her, so I stood in silence waiting for Taylor to make the decision.

“So much choice, am I right?” Taylor said as she took her hand off my ass and walked to the two signs. “I mean we could go to Cove and enjoy the waves coming in while drinking in the shack.”

“That would be the popular option.”

“Ha ha, look at you being the gentleman. Well that or you’re gay but seeing how hard you got yesterday, I don’t it’s the latter.”

“It’s certainly not the latter.”

“Good.” Taylor said as she headed towards Eclipse. “I’ve been on Cove for days and now I want to experience the true appeal of this place. Plus, I want to see you with your cock out again.”

The words led to another stirring in my shorts and we headed towards Eclipse. After a few minutes, we finally arrived at the beach to see it completely empty except for a waiter and a small breakfast set up; there was a blanket on the floor with a bottle of prosecco and some fruit waiting for us. I was impressed how organised she was, but I was sure that half past six was too early for a drink.

Still dressed in her poncho, Taylor kneeled down onto the blanket and held up the empty glasses. The waiter opened the prosecco and filled both before nodding his head and walking off back towards the hotel complex. The blonde smiled and held the glass out to me, which I accepted before sitting next to her.

“So this is Eclipse. Nice beach.” Taylor said as she looked around.

It wasn’t really a beach, but it was hard to disagree with her. It was man made around a small lake, but the sand remained yellow and fresh and they had purified the water for people to swim and cliff dive. There were usually people about to ensure the safety of the guests but were always hidden to maintain the privacy.

“So I thought this place was a bit freer. Less restrictions in regard to dress code.” Taylor said as she looked at me.

“That’s true, people can take a bit more off.”

“Then why are you still fully dressed?” Taylor asked.

I smiled as I undid the buttons of my shirt, fully aware of who was in charge of the situation. I passed her the shirt as I took it off and gave Taylor the opportunity to view my upper body. As she held my shirt, she nodded towards my lower half and it was obvious she didn’t want me to finish. I kicked off my sliders and slid my shorts down my legs, leaving me dressed in only my boxer briefs. This brought another smile to Taylor's face as she looked at my growing bulge.

“Hello big boy.”

I put my hands on the top of my boxers and started to slide them down slightly as Taylor licked her lips in anticipation. I stopped short of showing her the stem and took my hands away much to her disappointment.

“Why am I getting all the way naked when you’re still fully dressed?”

“That’s fair enough.” Taylor said as she offered me her hand.

I took it and helped Taylor back up to her feet. She was tall but was still a little shorter than me, her legs were something that brought everyone's attention to her. She looked like a goddess when she was all dressed up in heels but now that she was without any makeup, you could really see how beautiful she was. Her fine features looked very delicate, but she still exuded a lot of power.

Taylor nodded her head as she looked at me and removed the poncho is one swift movement. Her body was covered in a bikini that was even smaller than the one she wore the day before. Her breasts were barely concealed by the top, but I could see the hint of her areola peeking through. The bottoms were a thong cut with only a small patch to cover her pussy, no sign of any hair or stubble protruding at all.

"Wow, that is…"

"Daring? Stunning? Sexy?" She asked with a giggle. "I couldn't wear this on a real beach but, when I heard how private this resort was, I knew I wanted to push the boat out a little."

"And what a look it gives you." I replied as I took in the view.

Taylor did a little pose before spinning round and giving me a great view of her ass with the bikini string flossing it. As she returned from her pose, Taylor took one look at me before grabbing my hand and moving it to the hem of my boxers.

"Lose them."

Taylor looked at me with a smile as I moved the boxer shorts down, allowing my cock to pop out. This caused Taylor to clap her hands with excitement as my large cock flooded out in front of her. Unable to contain herself, Taylor reached forward and ran her fingers along the length of the cock to make it reach its full length before her.

"That's such a nice cock. I bet it tastes great." Taylor said as though she was thinking out loud.

"I've not had too many complaints." I said as I moved closer to her, so my cock hovered not far from those pursed lips. "Maybe you should slip it between your lips with it so close."

The look she gave me let me know that I said the wrong words. She lightly tapped my cock away before dropping herself back, so she was lying down on the blanket.

"Let's get a few things clear Hartley. Firstly, I'm in charge so I will decide when I suck your cock. Secondly, don't just dangle your cock in someone's face or you risk getting it bitten off. And finally…" Taylor said as she spread her legs for me to see her mound pressing against the bikini bottoms. "Make me cum and you might get your wish."

A smile came across my face as I dropped down to my knees in between the pop stars legs. They were so long; she was able to wrap them around my hips and pull my crotch towards her. I rubbed my cock against her pussy through the material causing the blonde to moan. I didn't want to tease her for too long, so I moved my hands along her thighs until I reached the side straps of her bikini bottoms. Our eyes locked onto each other as I grabbed the straps and waited for Taylor to give me a sign. The blonde nodded and I moved her bikini bottoms down her legs.

I kept my eyes on the bottoms as I moved them down her legs and I was able to toss them to the side. As they landed on the sand, I moved my eyes back to Taylor and down to her pussy. As I suspected, the blonde singer was completely shaved with no hint of stubble or rash. It was a neat pussy and she had her clit slightly protruding from between her lips, a clear sign of how turned on Taylor was.

"Liking the view?" Taylor asked as her smile dropped to be replaced with a look of horniness.

I nodded my head as I started to massage her thighs, this caused Taylor to bite down on her top lip. As she was starting to get turned on, she looked so sexy that any man could be turned on. A soft moan came out of the blonde’s lips as I moved my fingers along her skin, moving closer to her pussy with every second. Even though they were soft moans, you could still hear her being in tune despite the fact that I hadn’t gotten to her pussy just yet. I felt seeing her body exposed and close up was enough foreplay and I dropped my head down to her pelvis.

A quick look shot up to Taylor showed the blonde had her eyes closed as her hands moved up her hips towards her bikini top. I wanted to keep my eyes on the singer but there was a task at hand, and I returned my view to her crotch. My lips dropped to her thighs and I started to place some kisses along them making the singer shiver. This was paired by a louder moan as I moved closer to her shaven pussy.

The sweet aroma of her pussy filled my nostrils as I moved my head along her thigh, soft kisses moving up. Taylor showed she was ticklish as she squirmed under the feeling my lips on her skin, but she made no attempt to move me away. Instead, the blonde singer laid there as she felt my warm breath on her as I finally reached the top of her leg. There was a moment's hesitation in me before I leaned forward and kissed along the neat slit of her pussy lips.

I swapped my kisses for a lick along her sensitive area, a unique grunt coming from her lips. The smell of her pussy started to get stronger, it was a sweet smell as the blonde’s sexual organ opened itself up for me. The moans that came from her mouth showed an appreciation that was complemented by her body’s reaction. I placed some more kisses to the side of her pussy slit as the little button of her clitoris started to show itself from under its hood.

"Tease me more!" Taylor whispered as I kissed more of her thighs, alternating from left to right.

I looked up her body to see that Taylor had removed the bikini top and was rubbing her hands over her breasts. They weren't the biggest pair, but they were perky, and I caught glimpses of her pink nipples poking between her fingers. The view was tremendous, but I knew that there was a job at hand.

I refocused my attention to the lower half of her body and returned my lips to her thighs. As my kisses moved around her legs, her squeals of pleasure got louder as her body squirmed beneath me. Her pussy unravelled in front of me as I swapped between her legs and I moved my index finger to gently rub it. Taylor pushed her hips forward instinctively and it caused my finger to press down harder than we expected. Her eyes were open originally, but they quickly closed as she felt the pressure.

"Oh my, that feels so right." Taylor moaned as her hips continued to squirm.

As the blonde started to settle down, I removed my finger from her button and moved it along her pussy lips. There was a slick line of her juices left on my finger showing me how much Taylor was turned on. As I prepared to move my lips to her, I pierced her pussy with my finger causing her to gasp; there was only a little bit of thrusting, but the singer smiled at the feeling of something sliding into her.

"How is that?" I asked as I lowered myself down to her pussy.

"So good, just what I need." Taylor replied as she moved her hands to the side, giving me an unobstructed view of her breasts. "Now try and find out if I'm a moaner or a screamer."

I nodded my head as the blonde leaned back and spread her legs more. She hooked them over my shoulders and pulled my body down closer to her. I doubted resistance would be a good thing, so I took in the intoxicating smell of her pussy and focused my eyes on her. One of her hands tousled my hair as I dropped my tongue down onto her slit and licked up. A deep moan came from Taylors mouth as my tongue contacted her pussy lips; parting her sexual organ as I started to search out her clit. A little bit of pussy juice sneaked out as my tongue finally touched her clitoris.

“Quick to find it.” Taylor moaned as her hands continued to rub her nipples. “You’d be surprised by how bad some guys are at getting to it.”

“I can find that easy to believe.” I said before pressing my tongue down hard on her clitoris. “Now I think we can both enjoy this.”

“Mmm.” Taylor moaned as I started to gently flick my tongue against her clit.

The blonde singer started to squirm underneath me as I started to lick her clit in a circular motion, my saliva easily mixing with her juices. Her hips moved from side to side as a wave of pleasure went around her body and my nose pressed against her skin; it was surprisingly soft, and I nestled against her comfortably. I rolled my tongue over her clit to allow more pleasure course through Taylor’s body as I felt her legs start to move to encase my head.

“Oh yeah, that feels so good. Don’t stop!” Taylor moaned.

Her thigh muscles pressed against my ears as I bobbed my head, my tongue solely concentrating on her clitoris. The moans started to get louder, and I could feel Taylor’s hands tussle my head as she started to grind her pussy into my face. Her clit enlarged as she pushed it onto me, and my tongue dropped down to penetrate her slit. Taylor’s pussy was awash with juices, which tasted incredibly sweet, and I could feel how turned on she was.

“Oh yes, that’s so good, Uhhh, yeah…”

Feeling encouraged by her moans, I started to flick her clit with more urgency; wanting to see what the singer looked like post orgasm. The moans remained in tune as the pitch started to increase higher, her hips moving with more fury to try and match the speed of my tongue. As I licked her pussy, I shot a look up to her body to see Taylor had her eyes closed and her right hand still kneading her breast. Unaware that I was looking, Taylor pulled hard on her nipple with the pain causing her to moan even louder.

“I’m so close. I’m so close.” Taylor repeated as she moaned through the pleasure. “Carry on licking, I want to cum. I want to cum in your mouth!”

Taylor’s command was very strict, and I was happy to follow it. My tongue circled her clit and pressed down hard on it, the little button starting to get soaked in her pre cum juices. Her pussy had opened up for me as I ate her pussy, the one thing you could tell about Taylor was she loved to receive pleasure. Her hand moved away from my hair and thighs pressed harder against my head, it was clear her orgasm was approaching. I felt an inkling of pain coming from her legs pressing into me, it’s not surprising considering her athleticism from all of the dancing and performing.

I could hear a thud as Taylor’s arms spread out and hit the sand, her moans turned into screams as the orgasm started to take hold of her body. Her thighs remained clamped onto the side of my head as her orgasmic juices flooded out of her pussy and into my mouth. I lapped at them with my tongue as her clit started to retract back in, the strength starting to leave her legs. After 30 seconds or so, Taylor released her grip and allowed her body to relax as the ambience of her orgasm flowed through her.

I placed a final kiss next to her pussy slit, which caused a shiver to go through her body and a giggle to come from her mouth. This allowed me to get up onto my knees and I marvelled the sight that was before me; Taylor Swift now laid spread eagle with a fresh glean of orgasmic juices covering her pussy. Her legs were well spread with her feet resting in the sand, her arms the same, and her breasts resting perfectly on her chest. They rose and fell as she breathed, her body starting to get itself back in a resting state. I looked up to her face to see her eyes were wide open and it was graced with an incredibly wide smile.

“Well lawyer, that was very good.” Taylor said as her eyes moved up and down my body.

“Well I aim to please.” I said with a smile, fully aware of how cheesy it sounded.

“And look, a little audience.”

I looked to where Taylor was pointing and could see a group of about 10 people watching; a mix of women and men. They seemed to be enjoying it so much that their own clothes were gradually coming off and they were pairing up. I turned back towards Taylor who was now also upright on her knees and right next to me. The blonde singer wrapped her arms around me and pulled me into a kiss.

Despite some of her juices still being in my mouth, her tongue invaded it with a fury that I hadn't experienced in some time.  It wrapped around my own I could feel her sucking on it very lightly. Her hands creeped down to my bare ass and gave the cheeks a hard grab, my muscles tensing as I felt her nails dig in.

My cock hadn't quite softened during my experience of giving Taylor her orgasm, but the closeness to her and her naked body had returned it to full mast. The head pressed close to her pussy lips and it started to feel the moistness of her sexual organ. Taylor pulled back from the kiss and pulled my head down to her left nipple. They were small and pink, but my mouth clamped down hard on her skin as I started to suck. It was quickly covered in saliva as I sucked hard, causing a moan to come out of the singer’s lips.

Remembering how she played with them earlier, I bit down on her nipple gently and pulled slightly on it. Taylor moaned more before a yelp came out of her lips as I pulled hard. This was quickly followed by a giggle showing she enjoyed a bit of the pain, so I bit down harder and pulled on it again. Her moan was louder this time and Taylor pulled my head up off her breast and returned it to face her, a soft peck on my lips followed.

“Maybe we should give them a real show; inspire their own fucking!” Taylor said as she backed away from me.

I raised an eyebrow as the singer dropped down to her knees and looked at my cock, a horny intent in her eyes. She grabbed hold of it and stroked it a few times to see if she can get it harder before leaning in and kissing the head of the cock. Taylor looked up and our eyes for a moment before her face turned into a smile. She playfully tapped my penis away before laughing for a moment.

“I’m only kidding, I don’t suck dick!” Taylor said as started to drop to all fours and move around. “I do doggie though!”

Taylor waved her ass in my direction as I stood enraptured but it. She had always swung it about in her music videos and it looked amazing up close I didn’t want to keep her waiting, so I dropped down to my knees and positioned myself behind the singer. Taylor shot me a look over her shoulder wanting me to hurry up, so I happily obliged her. My hands gently stroked her hips before I gripped onto them hard, a purring sound coming out of her mouth. I smiled at her reaction and gently slid my cock into her waiting pussy. Her excitement was evident as my appendage was able to slip into her pussy with no problem at all.

"Oh yeah, that’s feeling snug!" Taylor said as she felt my cock makes its way in. "Now go slow to start off with."

I smiled as I looked down to the position that Taylor was in, the blonde singer's hands slid into the sand as she knelt on all fours. Her hair covered up her face so if this was a POV porno, you wouldn't have been able to see that I was currently fucking one of the most famous people in the world. Her moaning sounded very sweet as I started to thrust my cock into her with a slow but steady rhythm, ensuring she enjoyed the feeling of my stem moving between her pussy lips. With a shake of her hips, Taylor started to increase the speed of the thrusting so she could feel my cock work its way in her pussy.

I looked down at the blonde as she started to push back more; her hair starting to flow back and forth as though she was dancing in one of her music videos. Her moans matched my grunts as we started to rut at a higher rhythm, the sound of our skin slapping against each other starting to echo around the beach. Instinctively, my hand moved to her ass cheek from her hip and started to rub her pert rear. It moved closer to her asshole as I thrust harder into her, feeling her pussy getting wetter and my own balls starting to feel tighter.

“Don’t even think about it!” she yelled as she lowered her hips slightly and started to grind into my cock more.

As her body was more upright, I moved my hand around and grabbed a good hold of her right breast, pinching the nipple as I forced my cock into her harder. The singer took my hand off her breast and brought it to her mouth, sucking on the index finger as she felt my cock go deeper inside her.

“Are you close?” she whispered as a bead of sweat started to roll down her forehead.


“Hold on longer, I can come again.”

When the whisper left her lips, Taylor dropped down onto her hands and again and started to push back with a fury. My cock moved between her pussy lips with a great speed that it caused more pleasure to run through her body, her moans moving up into screams. The noise brought more attention from the people on the beach as they stopped their own coupling to watch me fuck the pop singer with all my might.

“Oh come on, Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Make me cum!” Taylor screamed.

I held onto her hips tightly as my cock moved into her pussy, the liquid becoming plentiful as her juices started to fill her up. It was obvious her orgasm was starting but the singer was stifling her screams slightly, she was trying to cock her head around to catch a look at me.

“If you’re gonna’ cum, cum on my butt cheeks.”

I nodded my head as I thrust a few more times into her pussy, enjoying the feeling of her orgasmic juices surrounding my cock. My breath started to get shorter and louder as I started to reach the edge of my own orgasm. Just before my spurt, I pulled my cock out and aimed it at her ass, the white liquid spurting over both of her ass cheeks and started to leak down to her rim. Deciding to feel cheeky, I rubbed the cum into her ass with a stray finger rubbing it into her hole. It only took a split second before she grabbed my hand and gave me a shake of her head.

“Well lawyer that was a very good fuck.”

“I do try.” I replied with a smile. “Shame I couldn’t get closer to your mouth.”

“I already told you, I don’t suck dick.” she said as she got to her feet. “Now come wash off in the sea.”

The blonde singer walked off giving me some good time to look over her body. It was still glistening from the sweat and orgasmic juices that covered her body. She looked like a goddess as she started to disappear into the water. She saw that I hadn't moved so waved for me to join. I smiled as I stood up and made way to join her.

The other people had joined the water and two girls were talking to Taylor as I reached her. The blonde paddled over to me and kissed me softly on the lips as her hand ran its way down my body.

"Thank you for relieving some of my stress. Exactly what I needed for my last morning."

"You're leaving?" I asked, an ounce of disappointment in my eyes.

"Yes, I have a tour to get ready for. Don't worry though, I will be going through Chicago. Now let's have a nice swim."

She pushed herself off my body and started to swim off. I smiled knowing that this was likely the one and only time before swimming after Taylor.
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Re: A Swift Getaway (Taylor Swift)
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Wonderful story. Loved the very flirty Taylor. Sex was hot and made even hotter by the sexy game of cat and mouse Taylor and Hartley played in the pool. Great job.
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Re: A Swift Getaway (Taylor Swift)
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I loved this!  Taylor in charge and command is something I cannot read enough of.  The hint of a blowjob and then taking it away?  Excellent choice that worked really well.  A stunning cunnilingus scene, one of the best I've read.  The whole story was a slow tease, building up to an extraordinarily hot sex scene.  The people watching were a nice bonus for me also.   

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