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Massage Parlor Sins; Client 5 (Chloe Grace Moretz)
« on: December 26, 2019, 05:08:31 PM »
Starring: Chloe Grace Moretz

This chapter is a bit different than the previous ones. It's setting the tone for a formal parlor along with the romance from Forbidden Lust, which is a tie-in for this series

“How’s the side business going?” Chloe Grace Moretz asked Justin, her step brother.

She was referring to his massage sessions and not his music. Music was his first love and his main focus. The massage business is his side hustle and becoming more enjoyable with each client as they need his extra services. The dark side of this side work has become all about him being paid for sex, as requested by his clients and demanding different deeds to be performed by him.

So far he’s had sex for fun and release, for revenge and also to shoot a porno. All of his clients have had their different needs fulfilled and each have had their own reasons for those needs. It was never supposed to be like this; it was supposed to be actual massages, but Chloe had convinced one of her friends that he would give a happy ending and then word spread and more clients have requested his extra services. Justin has had more than a few regular clients, but those are typical and boring.

What we are here to discuss are his special clients; the ones that can be trusted to be discrete, the ones that need his extra services for a variety of sexual desires.

This story, however, is not about one of those, but about the one that helped him start it all; Chloe, his step sister. Their parents married a few years ago and the two of them never really felt like siblings. Chloe helped eased his mind the first time they had sexual desires for each other; she helped ease his mind that it was okay and natural, that they were not blood and that it was perfectly ok for them to act on their sexual attractions. Curiosity led to dirty thoughts and then to acting them out with her guidance.

Justin was curious about his step sister, after all, she is a beautiful woman. Chloe had been curious about Justin and infatuated when she accidentally saw what he had under his jeans. She knew that she had to at least one time get him to fuck her. I said fuck, not make love or have sex; fuck, down and dirty fucking. One time was not enough, not when the two would be around each other often. How could they resist after they had a taste of the forbidden fruit?

This takes us to this moment; after months of Justin taking on new clients and Chloe enjoying watching him, knowing what he was up to with each new client as she knew them or someone that did and she always heard what happened afterwards.

“It’s going great, Chloe; it’s been keeping me very busy.”

“Busy.” She grinned.

Chloe knew what he was up to with each one so far; she knew some and heard things about others. It made her more attracted to Justin with each new client he satisfied.

“I know how “busy” you’ve been, Justin. Tell me…. Where do you see the business going in the future?”

Justin looked at her and wondered what she knew and how she knew, but he could see in her eyes that she did know most, if not all. As far as the future went, he hadn’t thought about it yet.

“You know, I haven’t given it any thought.” He said after a long pause. “Why do you ask?”

“I have an idea.”

She was close enough to him that he could smell her sweet perfume that always seemed to put him into a trance, it made his body want to take her and do things to her that were very dirty indeed. Chloe had a way with Justin that no other had and she knew it too.

“I know of a place that I can help you get, so that you can have an actual massage parlor, a place that will be yours and I already know what you’re about to say, so hush and let me finish.” Justin opened his mouth to respond and she quickly put a stop to that. “When you’re doing your music thing, I can handle the business and there will be a special room for those special clients. Also, you can still make house calls. What do you say, partner?”

Justin paused; he had to think before he answered her, this was going to be a big decision. He did enjoy the thrill of it all. On the other hand, he did want to start to focus more on his music. Yet, she did offer to take care of things when he was gone. It seemed on the surface to be a win-win situation.

“What’s in it for you, Chloe?”

That idea was what he couldn’t quite figure out. What was her angle in this?

“Oh, you know. A little bit of this and a little bit of that.”

She used her fingers to walk up his arm. Justin’s eyes were fixed on her open red shirt that exposed her dark red polka dot bra.

“I know you enjoy the benefits of the job and I can make some money and more contacts and the same for you. It’s mutually beneficial for the both of us to go into business together.”

Chloe knew how to get what she wanted and knew the buttons to press to turn him on. Her eyes watched his as his were fixed on her chest.

“You like what you see?” She grinned.

“You know I do, Chloe. Did you wear this, so that I would say yes?”

“Me? No, never.” She smiled at him as their eyes locked, Justin thought she could see right through him.

“I have a party to go to in a little bit. I want to show you the place later tonight after the party. I’ll call you when it’s done.”

Justin was stroking her arm as he looked into her eyes.

“Do you have to go right now?”

He kissed her neck and ran his fingers over one breast. Her nipples began to spring to life as his deft fingers worked their magic over her body. Chloe knew the power his touch had over her, she knew that she couldn’t say no, no matter how she tried act casual about it. Chloe’s head rolled back to expose more of her neck to his soft kisses. She exhaled and her eyes closed, Chloe’s skin burned with desire. His strong hand grabbed her other breast, making her moan.

“Fuck.” Chloe whispered almost imperceptibly.

The two faced each other and the sexual tension was palpable; you could almost see the heat emanating off their bodies. Justin reached around to grab her ass over her short black skirt; he could tell that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. His other hand crept down between her breasts and inched down her belly. She inhaled as her body urged him to take her. Their heads touched as they watched the foreplay that they always performed; it was a dance, a sexually charged and erotic symphony like no other.

Justin’s hand disappeared under her skirt. His fingers found what they sought; it was what her body needed. Her breathing increased its speed for his touches. Justin’s fingers spread her wet lips, her mouth opened as she moaned. Chloe needed him; to feel him penetrate her body and her mind. Justin was the only guy that was ever able to make her do things, the only one to make her let go of her control.

Chloe instinctively held his hand as if to say no, but she knew that was a fallacy. Her open mouth met his and their tongues intermingled, she could taste his moan. Her grip on his hand loosened and his fingers slipped one in and then, another further into her warm body. She was his now to do with whatever he pleased. She hated him for it and she also loved him for it at the same time.

Any other relationship she ever had, Chloe was the one in control, but not with Justin. She burned for his touch; she yearned to feel his strong hands have their way with her body. She needed to feel his manhood spread her wetness and slowly lose its way in the dark interior of her soul. He was the light she was drawn towards like a moth to a flame and she knew that she could get burned but she didn’t even care.

Justin needed her as badly as he ever had before; Chloe was his weakness, his kryptonite, he couldn’t resist her charm. She played him tonight and he willingly fell for it. She even held his hand back from taking what he needed the most before giving permission to enter her sacred temple. She knew what she was doing; the clothes, the touches, the kisses and even holding back his hand from pleasuring her. She was in control.

Each lover thought the other had the control; that their other half was dominant in this forbidden lust. They were both right and wrong at the same time, neither ever spoke their true feelings or their desires, it wasn’t necessary. They had a bond that no words need be said; just a glance, a touch, foreplay that went back and forth to gain control of a fluid situation that neither could resist nor control.

Chloe let his hand go and moaned into his mouth as his fingers gently caressed inside her. He was able to bring her to climax in mere minutes, it was magical. Chloe found her hands unbuttoning his jeans and already under his boxers before she even realized what she was doing. Justin continued his quest to make her climax for him. She stroked his hard cock as he massaged her insides until she was a dripping mess of orgasmic bliss.

“I guess I don’t have to leave quite yet.” Chloe was the first to speak during their sexual sparring after their lips broke their sealed kiss. “I can see that you need my expert care to help give you some relief," their foreheads touching and Chloe smiled.

“God, I hope not. You’re making me so fucking hard.”

“Making you? Honey, you were hard already before we met.” She giggled.

“You know that you do it to me, Chloe, like no other. I want to make you cum.” He groaned into her ear before he nibbled on her lobe and worked down her neck again.

“Fuck me, baby.” Chloe whispered. “I am fucking soaked, you already made me cum. Now, I want to give you what you desire.”

His jeans hit the floor; Justin pulled down his boxers and stepped out of his jeans before he lifted off his black t-shirt. Chloe licked her lips as she watched his muscles flex for her; Justin was stiff as a board. She knew what she needed and what he desired. They were in the kitchen, alone in the house. Her hands spread across the island counter as her body turned away from him. He knew what to do.

Her skirt was lifted to expose her bare ass and her spread legs welcomed him home; Justin grabbed her ass with both hands firmly and smacked it hard. Chloe yelped out loud and loved it all. He spread her ass apart to reveal her perfect pussy. His cock was so hard and her pussy was so wet, that she didn’t need to guide him inside. His hands held her ass and smacked it hard again as he pushed his way through fully to bury himself in as deep as he could go.

Chloe could feel his girth forcing its way into her pussy, her lips spread as much as they could, but his considerable girth spread her even more, it left her breathless. Her every sense was being bombarded with euphoric chemicals surging throughout her entire being, his hands reached around and lifted up her bra so that he could grope her breasts and pull on her nipples. She wasn’t big by any means, but she was a handful.

“OH FUCK!” Chloe yelled as he shoved himself all the way in and pulled on her nipples at the same time.

Justin smirked, knowing how good he was pleasing her. Her warm pussy felt like home, she was tight enough and fit him like a glove. Justin loved the way she moaned for him, like she was playing it up to boost his ego. He loved her small breasts and her hard nipples, he loved to pulled on them to make her scream and beg for more. Everything about her was wrong and right; they shouldn’t be having this sexual affair as they were step siblings, but he never cared once he was one with her in love. She was perfectly wrong for him.

It didn’t last very long as Justin needed to cum for her. Chloe didn’t mind feeling him stroke her slowly; kissing the back of her neck, his hands holding her breasts and then her hips to thrust harder and harder. Each thrust took her breath away, she moaned louder and louder.

Unable to control her emotions, Chloe needed to feel him spread his seed through her body. She was his; she never cared that they were step siblings, a stupid and archaic idea. She loved who she loved, that was it and she loved him more than she should. Chloe knew that one day he would leave her; she knew that she would have to move on and also that, no matter what, if he ever needed it, she would give it to him. Even if she was with another lover, no questions asked. No words spoken, but that wasn’t now. Now she needed his lust, to feel him burning with passion.

Justin groaned and moaned as his sperm neared explosive release. She could always sense when it was about to happen and she anticipated his hot release with a yearning that seemed to consume her every thought.

“I’m about to cum.” He growled, “I’m sorry it’s too quick. Fuck! You drive me wild.”

“It’s okay love. Give it to me baby, please. Fill me with your delicious sperm.”

Justin pulled her hair and kissed her neck as her head was pulled back. He held her hip and thrust one last time and held it inside. He loved the feeling of being able to cum inside a woman without worry of pregnancy or disease. Chloe was perfect in this moment; her moans drove him to cum hard and long. His cock contracted and relaxed over and over as his load was pumped out with each contraction. His entire body felt spent, his essence seemed to enter her body and leaving him empty.

They stayed locked together; Chloe was in ecstasy; she felt herself glowing as his big, sperm load was shot deep inside her. She felt as happy as she felt she could in these moments of sexual release. She wanted to keep Justin all to herself, but she knew that it was only to be in moments of secret like this. Chloe felt his warm fluids fill her up and purred her satisfaction.

“I take that as a yes?” Chloe asked.

“What?” Justin replied quizzically.

“Yes, that you’ll take a look at the place later tonight.”

“Oh yes, sure.” Justin held his arms around her waist tightly and kissed her neck.

“Mmmm….you feel so good. I got to go now, hun.” She turned her head towards the side to face his and reached around with one arm to hold him into a kiss. “I’ll see you later, okay. I’ll text you when I’m done. You’ll love this place, I promise.”

Justin pulled himself out of her and his cock was a wet and sticky mess from their sex. Chloe bent over and held it with the palm of her hand and sucked it, she loved the taste of their combined fluids. Justin loved that she was sucking his dick, she looked up into his eyes and his hands ran through her hair.

Then, she kissed the tip and said to his cock, “I’ll see you later.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you’ll fuck some random guy tonight. Have fun Chloe.” Justin put on his boxer briefs and his jeans as Chloe watched.

“Oh, and you’re not fucking other girls? It’s kind of your job. Besides, that’s just sex; it doesn’t mean anything other than getting off.” Chloe said with her hands on her hips.

Justin found her amusing looking like this; her bra lifted over her breasts and her shirt wide open. It was hard to argue with a half naked woman, especially when she was in a skirt with no panties.

“I know, I didn’t mean it like that, Chloe.”

“Justin, are you jealous?” She grinned.

“Who me? Never.” Justin shrugged it off playfully. Truthfully, he was, more than he showed, “Why, are you?”

“Jealous of who? Your clients? I’m the one who sets you up with them in the first place.”

“That doesn’t answer the question.”

“Not at all. You can fuck whoever you’d like, whether you’re getting paid to or not.”

Truthfully, she was, more than she let on. Sure, she set them up, but she really just wanted him to herself, but she knew it couldn’t last and maybe it was her way of trying to push him away. Maybe sex with other men and women was her way of trying to make him jealous.

“Sure, Chloe, sure. Well, you be safe and have fun.”

“I will, you know me. Besides, you’ll miss this pussy.” She lifted up her skirt and cupped her hand over her private area to mimic grabbing it. “And these too.” Chloe grabbed her boobs and shook them.

Justin laughed, “Not as much as you’ll miss this.” He pulled out his semi hard cock and shook it.

Chloe smiled at him and got herself back together to leave to go to the party. She kissed him on the lips and held his hand that was holding his cock.

“You wish,” Chloe whispered in his ear, her hand still gently caressing his flesh.

He was right; he was all she could think of since they started this love affair. Maybe it was the secrecy of it that made it so hot, she wasn’t sure. Maybe it would wear off soon enough and he would get bored of it all. Whatever it was, what they had right now was more than she could want, she was afraid it would slip through her fingers, like sand through a clenched fist.

Justin held his breath as she kissed him and touched his dick. Part of him wanted to fuck her again, part of him wanted to end what they had, it shouldn’t have started in the first place. Maybe she’d get bored with him and find some other boy toy at the party. As much as he wanted it to end, the thought of it ending pained him. Chloe had him by the balls, figuratively and literally and it felt deviously good.


Chloe arrived at the party and was instantly rushed with greetings; the club music was thumping and the lights were disorienting. She already had a drink in one hand and a girlfriend in the other with a guy right behind her. She drank her shot and tasted her lips. The guy was trying to grind behind her, she forgot his name all of a sudden, some narcissistic model. The girls name didn’t matter; she was pretty and would be a welcome distraction from Justin. She knew who they were, at least while in this club. Sex was on the menu here like an all you can eat buffet, this wasn’t her first time here.

The two girls kissed and held each other’s faces and the guy was all over her ass. His hands groped her ass and she could feel his cock bumping into it. He was hot; over 6 feet tall and she could feel his huge cock wanting to get free. He could have any girl here and he was all over her, Chloe was used to that kind of attention.

This was the kind of party that sex was expected; drugs were probably running rampant and hormones were definitely high. The girl seemed touchy feely, the guy was stiff as a board. All Chloe wanted, was to forget, to get lost in lust and forget her desires.

The music was loud and her thoughts were a mess; the rhythm made it hard to concentrate, just the way she wanted it. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a couple who looked like they were having sex on the dance floor; her ass was grinding on his crotch and it looked like it was out and going in deep, nobody here cared. Another couple were making out, her breasts were in his hands. Two men had their hands down the other’s pants. Two women kissed and touched all over, one was being fingered.

Her head felt woozy; her arms were being held behind her back, the tall guy was holding her tight. She could feel his exposed cock as she grinded him, his huge arms held her in place. The dark skinned beauty in front of her was wearing a loose tiger print top; her small breasts could be seen by anyone who looked, her large nipples were hard, so dark and delicious looking. She held Chloe’s face and kissed her again, Chloe didn’t even know when he pulled it out. The dark beauty’s fingers were working her pussy, Chloe moaned. She pulled out her fingers and made Chloe taste herself, it was sweet.

This dark goddess started to finger herself and grab her own boobs. Chloe wanted to touch her, but she couldn’t move. Her fingers found their way into Chloe’s mouth and she thought this girl was like wine; intoxicating. The woman then took advantage and lifted up Chloe’s bra and bent over to kiss her boobs; her tongue twirled over her areolas, her teeth nibbled and his cock found its way between her wet lips. He was too big for her; she knew it was going to hurt later. He forced it in as deep as it could go, so thick and long that it couldn’t all fit.

Chloe moaned in pain into her mouth. She closed her eyes and wanted to forget it all; her head was pounding now, the world was tilting, her nipples were being pulled. Lights flashed and lasers blinded, the music thumped and she was lost in their lust, she had no control tonight and she didn’t know why.

The model was ramming her hard and fast, nobody could hear her screams of pain and pleasure. The girl thought she was loving it all; she pulled her nipples harder and smiled. She reached down and played with Chloe’s clit, Chloe moaned and groaned. The dark temptress played with her clit and his cock as it pushed itself in and out, stroking it and her clit and kissing Chloe, all at the same time. Any other time and this would have been hot, but something was terribly wrong. Her head was now buried between the dark skinned girl’s breasts; she licked them and sucked on a nipple as her head was held there.

Something felt wrong; her memory was slipping, what was going on?

“Stop.” She said quietly. “Stop!” Chloe said louder this time.

He heard her and stopped momentarily as the girl spoke out. “What is wrong, Chloe? Don’t you like me?”

“I thought you wanted this?” He said.

“Not tonight. Please, let me go.” Chloe whimpered; she didn’t feel well.

He pulled out and she gasped, his big arms let her go.

She looked at her friend and said, “Did you drug me? Fucking serious? I would have fucked you if you wanted. You know me, Zoe, why?” She said her name as it came to her.

Then she turned to the man, “Hans, why? You could have anyone, anyone.”

She smacked his chest; his was so big and strong. She put both hands on his chest and leaned into him, she was losing her balance. She looked into his piercing blue eyes with his dark blonde hair and the stubble of beard made him look so manly. Any other time and she would have done them both, but this wasn’t right. Not tonight, not like this. She didn’t know what was going on, she felt betrayed and wanted to cry.

Hans held her and kissed the top of her head, “I didn’t know. I’m sorry, Chloe. I didn’t know, I didn’t do it, I promise.”

Zoe hugged her from behind, “I didn’t know, I swear I didn’t drug you.” She cried on her shoulder, “I’m sorry. Someone just handed me the drink and I thought I’d give it to you. Shit! It was meant for me.” Zoe realized what happened.

“Fuck.” Chloe said.

Hans looked around to see if anyone was watching. “Who would want to do that to you?”

“I don’t know.” Zoe said. “Shit, I’m so sorry, Chloe. I didn’t realize. Oh my God, let’s get you home. Fuck me.”

The three of them walked out of the club and Zoe called and Uber for Chloe. She needed the fresh air and quiet to clear her head as she sat on the curb with Zoe on one side and Hans on the other, both with their arms around her. They looked at each other quizzically, neither knowing what to do or say.

The Uber arrived and took Chloe away, leaving behind what she thought were her friends; was that drink meant for Zoe? Did Hans know or care? Who would do that to Zoe? Chloe was trying to think through all of the fog.

Zoe and Hans stood up together, “Did you do something to that drink, Hans?” Zoe asked.

“Fuck no, what kind of monster do you think I am? I thought you did it.”

“Of course not, but then who?” Zoe wondered out loud.

“Now what? You still horny? I’m hard as fuck.” Hans looked at Chloe with greedy lust.

Zoe looked at Hans and said, “Fuck off, Hans!”

“What?” Hans had his hands in the air in surrender, “What do you want? I’m a horny guy.”

Zoe stormed off in a fury and stopped to turn around. Hans just stared at her.

“Are you coming or what?” Zoe said.

She was horny too after all and Hans was right and at least he was the safest option for tonight. She was still scared about all that happened tonight. Hans was following her and her fine ass. All he knew or cared about was that ass in the mini skirt, it was just another night at the club.


The parlor, Chloe remembered where she was supposed to go; she told the driver where to go. Then, she texted Justin where to meet her. Chloe wasn’t sure about what happened and she slowly drifted off in the back seat of the Uber drivers ride.

“Great,” she thought as she slowly lost consciousness, “I’ll pass out in front of a complete stranger that I’m hoping will not take advantage of me.”

Chloe woke with a gently nudging of her shoulder, “Hey, you okay? You’re here. Your friends already paid for the trip. Do you need me to take you to a hospital or something?” The driver asked her.

She could make out his blurry face and blinked a few times, she shook her head and could see the younger guy trying to get her up. Thankfully he didn’t do anything to her other than take her to her destination.

“I’m okay, thanks, really. Fuck.” She sat up and held her head in her hands, tears rolled down her face. “I’ll be okay, really. Thanks for…you know, you got me here safe. I owe you one, Justin.” She laughed out loud, his name struck her as comical.

“Here, drink this. Have another; you’ll need it to fight it off. I’ve seen it before picking up girls like you at that club. Don’t party too hard.” He handed her a water bottle and another.

He looked around and said, “You sure this is the place? It’s an empty lot.”

She looked around and said, “Yes, and thanks, really. I needed this.” She gulped the water down before speaking again. “This place will be a massage parlor soon. I’m meeting my partner here.”

She looked at this Justin and thought how similar he looked; he was a little taller and with light brown hair, very kind.

“A massage parlor, huh. Well, good luck. You sure you’ll be okay?”

“Yes, Justin. You’ve been more than kind, I appreciate that, I owe you one. Seriously, you’re a good guy. You could have…” She trailed off, lost in thought of what could have happened and what would have happened at the club.

“Oh no, miss. I would never….”

“I know, thanks again.” She kissed him on the cheek.

Justin blushed and remembered to hand her his business card. “Here; in case you ever need a ride, I’ll be there.”

She took the card and smiled. “Sure thing. Like I said, I owe you one, seriously.” Chloe was right next to him and her head was still a mess and she felt extremely aroused. She grabbed his cock through his jeans and smiled. “I can give you a tip if you’d like.”

Justin blushed and said, “Not tonight miss, it wouldn’t be right.”

“But you’re hard for me.” She practically begged.

“Yes I am but it still wouldn’t be right.” He removed himself from the situation. “Next time.” Justin half saluted her. “Be safe.” He got back into his car and left.

Chloe felt disappointed; she was just turned down. Could this night be any worse?

Justin pulled up and she pouted. He walked towards her and saw the look on her face.

“What is wrong, Chloe.”

“Nothing.” She said with her arms folded.

“It doesn’t look like nothing, something happen tonight?”

She kept silent; her head was still reeling and she wasn’t sure what to tell him. “I just got rejected.”

“You, rejected? I don’t believe it.”

She pouted and made a “humpf” sound and walked away to open the door.

“This is the parlor, ours.”

“I thought you said that we were looking it over.”

“We are. See, it’s ours.”

“Don’t tell me that you already bought it.”


“I thought it odd to look at a place in the middle of the night. Fuck.”

Justin was tired and wanted to sleep, but the thought of being with her again tonight kept him going. “Let’s go look at the place.”

She opened the door and turned on all of the lights of the bare building. He could see where the things would go in his head. Chloe just stood in the middle of the room as he looked around.

“It’s a nice place, it will work. What’s wrong?” He asked her as she stood there pouting.

He walked to her and held her close.

“Just….fuck me already.” She was a mess and still horny as hell and all she wanted was to feel safe in his arms.

“Here? Now?”

Chloe was already working his jeans and boxers to the floor, his shirt was next and she was kissing his chest.

“Just lay down, I’ll do the work. I need this more than you know.”

She wanted to forget it all once again, to forget all the troubles of the night; the drugs, the sex and the rejection. First time, she wanted to forget him, this time, she wanted to forget the rest and remember him always.

Justin lay on the bare floor. “Holy shit! It’s fucking cold.” He squirmed on the floor.

She laughed for the first time tonight and said, “Stop being a baby and relax.”

Chloe took off her shirt and her bra and skirt as she stood over him. Gently, she let herself fall onto him; his cock felt welcoming after…. She shook her head, her hands rested on his chest as she leaned in and kissed him. He felt warm and rough; unlike….she shook her head again, the world tilted and she still had the other bottle of water. She thought that at least this Justin wouldn’t reject her as she chugged it.

“Thirsty much?” He asked.

She remained silent and worked her hips against his arms, getting lost is the music that was their sex. Silence filled the air, warm and comfort in his arms. Methodically, she moved her hips with his rhythm. She came over and over like she was an orgasm machine. She held his arms down, so he couldn’t move as she worked him over like….she shook her head. She wanted to scream and cry, instead, she just grinded Justin into sexual bliss.

Justin let her take control; she was different somehow, he couldn’t figure it out. He felt the need to cum already, her loud moans and multiple orgasms tended to do that to him.

“Are you drunk or high, Chloe?” He asked.

She refused to respond; Chloe worked him harder and faster; she sensed his pending orgasm and lifted up and grabbed his cock and guided it into her ass. Chloe forced him in deep with a groan and moan of pain and pure pleasure. Justin didn’t ask anything else.

Chloe arched her back and closed her eyes; her body felt like it wasn’t hers tonight, it was like the sex was in control, and that was okay as long as it was with him, it would all be worth it. Justin couldn’t hold back any longer and he exploded inside her asshole with a growl and a long moan of ecstasy. Their first anal experience he thought was great but this one was even more intense and with no lube either. She must be high or drunk or both he thought.

Chloe felt his semen shoot inside her ass and it felt incredible.

“OH FUCK!” She screamed before she collapsed onto his chest, letting go of his arms, only for them to wrap her in a loving embrace.

Her body was pure ecstasy; she was electrified, their sex was intense, her senses were heightened. Chloe thought she saw stars as he came inside her, she could feel every drop of his semen, she could feel every inch of him spasm over and over to push out every last drop. She fell asleep on top of him with a smile and felt safer than ever.

Justin didn’t know what to do; she was asleep. That was a first, sex so good that it knocked her out. He laid there and wondered what happened in the short amount of time that she was gone. He decided that he would never understand her. His dick in her ass did feel good, but he knew that he had to move her gently.

He laid her down and dressed her and himself before lifting her up into the back seat of his car and locked the place up with one last look of wonder.

This was going to be one hell of a ride.

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Nice spinoff play to your other series, thanks for posting!  ;)
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Nice spinoff play to your other series, thanks for posting!  ;)

Forbidden Lust ties into this series, so glad you enjoyed it


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