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Kate Middleton Likes It Rough:
« on: December 28, 2019, 11:54:40 AM »
Note- This is entirely fiction. I made it all up.


Chapter 1.

Consider the difference a year can make.
In 2018 The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were known as 'Workshy Wills' and 'Duchess of Doolittle' and regarded as stuffy and boring.
Prince Harry and his American wife, now the Duchess of Sussex had stepped into the limelight and stolen their thunder.
How times have changed!


In contrast to the celebrity lifestyle of the newly weds Kate had reinvented herself as one of the most popular of the royals.
Over the past twelve months she and William had become devoted parents to three children as well as helping to strengthen relations with numerous nations by their globe trotting tours.
As a result the thirty seven year old Duchess had morphed into a confident and glamorous beauty who worked hard and tried to play hard.


Alas her timid and banal husband had failed to impress.
Although he was a doting and hands on father he was not given to overly familiar demonstrations of affection to his wife in public.
Indeed he had also neglected to satisfy his wife in the bedroom, to such an extent that the sex starved, red blooded Kate had taken to looking elsewhere for gratification.


Kate and her husband had decided to take the train to Scotland rather than fly with the children.
Royal protocol demanded that those in line to the throne should always try to avoid travelling together in case of accidents which might alter the lineage.
The British Royal Train consisted of nine coaches and decorated in claret livery and the couple boarded and waved to bystanders.

A team of top notch security agents accompanied the couple as well as the train staff and two part time cleaners.
The journey to the Scottish Highlands normally took five hours and Kate retreated to her personal quarters which consisted of a saloon, lounge, bedroom and bathroom.

"Oh, bother."

Kate discovered that the toilet was not functioning properly and called for assistance with a bell pull.
Momentarily a knock came on the door and Kate found herself confronted by a very tall and very black part time member of staff.
He wore a stiff white coat over grey slacks and black polished shoes.
She took a step back and drank in the hunk of man and became temporarily transfixed by his deep brown eyes.

"How may I be of assistance, ma'am?"

Kate detected an African accent, probably Nigerian, as she ushered the man inside the berth.

"Oh, it's the toilet. It simply will not flush."

Kate folded her arms and nodded at the lavatory with her head.

"No problem. I fix."

"Thanks. What is your name?"

"Wilson. Wilson Williams."

Kate smiled to herself at the irony of his name.
Another Will indeed.
She stayed back as she heard the man tinker and clatter with the cistern of the toilet and whistle happily while he worked.

Kate demurred outside the slightly open door as it soon became quiet before deciding to peer inside at the dark skinned man.
She put her hand to her mouth as she saw the man taking the opportunity to take a piss!


His trousers were drawn down to his knees and Kate's eyes widened as she looked at his enormous appendage as he pissed and pissed and pissed.
For a long minute she watched and sordid thoughts ran through her head as she imagined Wilson on top of her, her long legs wrapped around his waist as she clung to him tightly as he fucked her.
The flush of the lavatory brought her out of her reverie and she quickly withdrew.

"All fixed, ma'am."

He grinned and showed two rows of white and even teeth.

"Thank you, Wilson. May I ask, are you working at the Castle this weekend?"

"Yes. On the orders of the Prince."

Excellent news, thought Kate as she watched the man leave.


On arrival at Balmoral the Duke and Duchess rode in a black limousine to the Castle.
Once they had reunited with the children and dined together Kate took to her room alone which was adjacent to William's.
It had a green colour scheme with carpets, curtains and sofas in complementing tones which Kate found quite hideous.
The large bed had wooden furnishings and luxurious gold accents.
A log fire sat in the far wall and an antique clock sat in front of a mirror above it.

After taking a well earned bath Kate stepped into a long, flowing nightdress and relaxed on the bed to read some private messages before deciding to get some sleep.
She shut off the light and as she laid back she entertained more illicit thoughts of Wilson and his black club of a cock.


Astonishingly Kate heard a noise coming from INSIDE the oak wardrobe and sat up in bed, bemused and a little nervous.
Just down the hall were two well trained experts of the security team and she wondered how it was possible for anybody to break into her room.

Slowly the willowy brunette got out of bed, turned on the bedside lamp and sleepily looked at the clock.


She padded on bare feet to the wardrobe, straining her ears for any sound.
With her heart pounding she grasped both door knobs and then yanked them open.


To her complete surprise there in the shadows stood the figure of a naked and well hung African male with a stretch black balaclava over his head covering his features.

"What on earth! Who are you?"

Before she could react further Kate was unceremoniously pushed backwards roughly and she reeled on the balls of her feet.
As she fought for balance she gasped as two big hands rent her gown in two and discarded the remnants at her feet.
Her firm and pliant breasts jiggled on her chest and her hands went between her thighs to cover her exposed sex.
More pushes forced her back onto the bed where she spread out onto her back, entirely naked and vulnerable.

"I'm a horny son of a gun and I'm here to take whatever I want."

"What? How...how did you get in here?"

"Simple. Your husband let me in."

"The Prince? He did?" Kate felt her pussy twitch as she took in his dark and muscular body.

The man advanced menacingly toward the bed and Kate placed her hands over her mouth as he began to get an erection.
The solid log of ebony cock simply rose straight up until it poked out at her with a mushroom head that flared out at the top.
His bared chest was smooth and hairless and gleamed in the low light of the bedside lamp.
He lurched forward and placed his hands on the bed, either side of her body and stood with feet wide.

"Suck on it!" He said as he gave a pelvic thrust at her.

"Are you out of your mind? I'm not...mmmph!"

The smell of his arousal filled her nostrils as she was forced down onto his erect cock.
Her lips went around the tip and she slid down a couple of inches before gagging and rearing back for much needed air.

"It's too big!"

Kate tried again as his hand came up behind her head and she attempted to suck on the head several times.
Her mouth drooled and as she popped off again a string of her saliva stuck to his reddened glans.
She quickly wiped her mouth and looked up into the man's hidden face.

"Oh, you dirty white bitch!"

The intruder pushed her back and ran his hands casually up both of her inner thighs, his nails barely grazing her tender flesh and Kate trembled accordingly.

Something seemingly wicked and lustful in her made her surrender to this anonymous person and she parted her legs with a slight groan.
A sense of adventure and mixed with apprehension made her pussy moisten as his right hand moved to her mound.

"Oh, look at that!"

Had William really given his permission for this unfamiliar man to take her?
Although disappointed in the Prince's prowess in bed she had never discussed matters of sex with him.
Had he read her mind?

"Don't, don't stop." She muttered and surprised herself at her own words.

The man started to lick her pussy lips from the top to the very bottom, his tongue gliding up to where her clit peeked out from the little hood.

"Oh my word!"

He kept his flattened tongue on the length of her dripping slit and Kate groaned in abject pleasure.
He widened her thighs and proceeded to paint her cunt with copious amounts of spit.
Then the masked man flipped Kate onto her front, grabbed her arms and pinned them forcefully behind the small of her back.
As she grimaced he used one free hand to push his rampant hard on into her pussy.

"Oh, my goodness!"

As he applied pressure Kate was pushed flat on her stomach, completely at the mercy of the mystery man.
In a split second he was in all the way and plowing into her with deep thrusts.
Kate wriggled and struggled as he pushed her head down so that her face was buried into a soft pillow.
She groaned as the stiff cock pushed in and out of her and she marvelled at the huge thickness that filled her.
The powerful hold on her was impossible to fight and her muffled protests were ignored as she was screwed into the bed.

"Take it, take it all!"

Kate felt her head being pulled back by her hair as she was fucked like a rag doll.

"Bastard! Bastard!"

"Shut the fuck up! I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

He now smacked her raised bottom making her cheeks bounce under his flattened palm.
Back and forth he spanked her nether cheeks, left, right, and then left again.
Kate felt the tell tale tingling in her puffy cunt as she realised that she was thoroughly enjoying the whole episode!
Her animalistic need to be humiliated and treated like a common whore waa coming to fruition.

"More." She mumbled.

Smack! Smack!

"What was that, bitch?"

"M...more, damn you!"

"More what?"

"Please, fuck me. Harder! I want it rough!"

Kate was firmly in the grip of a wanton cock crazed hunger.
Moreover she felt like being used, like being treated as an object for a man's pleasure.
She felt a desire to be berated and yelled at, and she was soon rewarded.
The man huffed and reamed her pussy. Stroke after stroke, faster and faster, his stamina never wavering.
Then he rolled off, much to Kate's surprise, and she watched him lay on his back.

"Sit on this."

He held his slick pole upright and Kate sat on her haunches and studied the monster dick.
She felt between her legs and discovered her juices were running down her left thigh.
Without pause the horny Duchess straddled the masked man and fed his erection to her gaping entrance.


Guiding it slowly with a trembling hand Kate let his cock head penetrate her soaked cunt and then dropped down so that his shaft followed suit.
it didn't take her long to start to ride the impressive log and the attractive brunette began to grind to and fro along his rigid prick.
Sweat rolled off her body and rivulets ran down between her bouncing tits as she rose and fell on the ebony rod.

"Ride it, bitch!"

Kate felt him thrust up like a bucking bronco, lifting her up into the air with each thrust up.
She squealed and whipped her long tresses about as her breathing became ragged.
Then she was suddenly tossed away like a feather
and as Wilson climbed on top of her and Kate made no attempt to resist.

"Just who are you!"

Kate ripped the balaclava from the man's head and looked into the face of Wilson Williams!

"You! Oh!"

"That's right, ma'am. Wilson Williams, at your service."

As he was much taller and of a substantial build he smothered her slender frame.
He writhed atop of her and Kate welcomed the sensation of ebony flesh on her breasts and stomach.
He exhaled deeply and his warm breath gave her goose flesh as she willingly opened her legs under him.

"Fuck me, you black devil!"

Kate pressed up into his solid form as she felt him rub his huge mushroom head up and down the smooth folds of her pussy.
She looked up into his dark eyes as he sank his knob into her sodden muff.
The Duchess moved her hips as he began to fuck her with fast and short strokes.
Kate but into his shoulder as his weight slammed into her with each thrust into her softness.
She dug her toes into the bed, grabbed the sheets with her fists as she was hammered into the mattress.

"You're a black cock slut! What are you?"

Kate bit her lip and whimpered as her cunt was plundered without mercy.


Wilson gave her a series of rapid and furious strokes that saw his balls bounce against her upturned bottom and took her breath away.

"What." Smack! "Are." Smack! "You?" Smack!

"I'm a black cock slut! Damn you!"

Kate cried out as her words became just guttural groans and shrieks.
Her juices now ran out and drenched his midnight black shaft and she shuddered in pre orgasm bliss.
Wilson grunted and snorted as he fucked her like a wild animal, his cock pounding into her and shaking the bed.
He grabbed her by the throat as his hips went into over drive.

"Wills! Wills! Oh, yes, Wills!"

"Yes, darling!"

Kate managed to turn her head in the direction of her husband's voice, her damp hair matting to her left cheek.
In the shadows of the bedroom William was seated in an armchair which he looked up from with a sardonic grin.

"Having fun, my dear?"

"William. Is this your idea?"

"Naturally. Surely you don't expect the heir to the throne to be in the dark about his wife's extra marital affairs. I have the whole of the secret service at my disposal. Continue Williams."


William got the best view point to see his lecherous spouse lift her lithe legs up to give the African stud easier access to her throbbing cunt.
She and Wilson began to hump in unison, she pushing up to meet his pumping cock as he drove in and out at a furious rate.

"Fuck me! Make me cum on your cock! I'm all yours, just let me cum!"

The musky smell of sex pervaded Kate's nose and she grabbed onto his tight butt and held on tight.
The next few minutes were a blur as Kate was fucked hard and her moans grew louder as she reached the point of no return.
The friction of his thick girth inside her took her to the very edge of sexual bliss, and the Prince noted her cunt had been stretched out most obscenely

"Yes, yes, yes! Oh, I'm coming!"

Kate exploded, coming on his huge log as he slammed into her relentlessly.
As her orgasm reverberated through her shuddering frame Wilson slipped out and looked at the Prince.
He nodded and steepled his fingers as he watched Wilson spit white semen from his pulsating knob and splatter the pretty face of the Duchess.

"Thank you, Williams. That will be all."


Still dripping cum from his shrinking cock the black stud withdrew as William bent over his panting wife.

"How was it, darling?"

"Best fun I've had in ages!"

They both peered down at her wide open pussy and they both began to laugh heartily.

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Re: Kate Middleton Likes It Rough:
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2019, 07:20:57 PM »
Note- This is not a true portryal of Kate Middleton, it's just my little fantasy.


Chapter 2.

There can be no question that the Duchess of Cambridge, thirty seven year old Kate Middleton, is an eight or even nine on a scale of one to ten.
Neither curvy nor the super model type, she is nonetheless elegant and graceful with just a hint of naughtiness in that seductive smile of hers.
Her husband of eight years and father of her three young children though, Prince William, is not much higher than a three at best.
Boring, balding and banal he had not much idea of love making and had never brought Kate to orgasm.
They had never experimented with different positions and the sex was nothing to write home about and was strictly by the numbers.
They now slept in separate bedrooms in Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace on her insistence and rarely spent much time in each others company at home.
Their twenty room, four storey London residence also had five reception rooms, three main bedrooms, nursery and household staff quarters.


Before she met the Prince Kate had studied at the University of St. Andrew in Fife and had sown her wild oats with some choice Scots who had brought her penchant for a bit of roughness in the sack to the fore.
She sorely missed those free and easy days and the happy memories came flooding back one day when she was alone at the Palace.
It was during this free afternoon when the children were being looked after by Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, and his loathsome American wife Meghan Markle, when it happened.
She passed the private quarters of the staff and heard rather loud moaning and groaning.
Curious the slim brunette peered around the door which had been left ajar and her mouth gaped at the sight of her general handyman, Rogers, fucking the shit out of one of the housemaids.

"Well! This is too much. Thank heavens the chidren are away."

She and William had already fired at least four members of staff for misconduct at the Palace over a relatively short period of time and now this.
Kate attempted to move but found her shoes stuck rigidly to the floor.
She was transfixed by the fascinating sight of the man's taut buttocks clenching and unclenching as he jack hammered the shrieking female into the creaking bed.

"Fuck me, baby. Fuck my tight pussy! Give it to me hard, you devil!"

Rogers had a strong and athletic frame, typically broad shoulders and chiseled limbs.
The petite maid clung to his muscular form as she found herself pinned beneath him and pretty much used for his own pleasure as he buried his cock inside her.
Kate worried her hands together in rapt awe at the severe fucking he was dishing out to the poor woman.
The balls of her feet bounced off his tensed calves as he slammed up her to the hilt.
Then he brought her legs up over his shoulders and Kate was enthralled at how their bodies moved in an erotic sexual rhythm with undulating bodies and limbs.
The scent of sex wafted to her nose and her nostrils flared as she inhaled the heady aroma.
Then he pulled out of the groaning girl and Kate gasped at how heavily endowed he was.
A good eight inches in length and that was not being generous.

"My goodness!"

His boner bobbed in the air until the young blonde maid took the organ in her hand and began to push her mouth back and forth on the glistening shaft.
Kate backed up into the shadows and glanced around.
No one had come along the passage since she had happened by and a she turned her attention to the rampant young lovers once more.
Rogers had his hands on his hips as he sat on the edge of the bed and came in the blonde's mouth with a grunt.
The maid sucked his cum down with glee and presumably swallowed every drop as Kate saw none emerge from the guys pulsing cock.

"That was great, lover. Thanks."

Kate shook her head to clear it and hurried off in a state of excitement and confusion and immediately called her new personal assistant Rachel.
She just had to have him.

"Rachel. Could you do me a favour and send Rogers to my personal quarters later this afternoon? Splendid, about two then."

Kate checked her watch and saw that it was already one.
She entered her room and flopped onto the dark wood framed bed and looked up at the ceiling.
She had redecorated her room in a classy champagne colour scheme complete with a large chandelier.
The floorboards were stained with one luxurious rug surrounding the king sized bed.
Directly opposite was a built in fireplace which warmed the room nicely.
Kate stood up, kicked off her shoes and let her light summer dress puddle around her bare feet.
She padded naked to the en suite bathroom for a relaxing shower.
The suite was naturally lavish with a huge jacuzzi, bathtub with gold plated fixtures and a five head rainfall shower.

"This will feel good."

Kate tied her hair back into a ponytail, stepped into the unit and turned the water on really hot.
She tilted her head back and let the spray run all over the front of her body, rubbing her hands from her face down.
Then she turned around so that the strong spray shot down her backbone and splashed her pert behind.
Taking a bar of soap she made a lather and soaped up her neck and shoulders, working her way to her breasts.


Kate's body became slick and slippery and she smiled to herself as her hands glided over the toned sinew and tendons beneath her creamy skin.
She covered everywhere, arms, tits, abdomen, buttocks and thighs until her nipples were hard and stiff.
Now her imagination kicked in and Kate fantasied about Rogers beside her, naked and erect.
In her minds eye she saw their hot bodies touching, him behind her, his hands cupping her boobs as his rock hard cock jutted up and against the cleft of her ass cheeks.


As the rivulets of steamy water ran down her naked form Kate moaned softly and her knees buckled as she dreamed of Rogers slipping his rough hand past her stomach and sliding towards her pussy.
She put her own hand between her thighs and ground the flat blade of her straightened hand against her Mons and pretended is was he, not she who played with her moist sex.
Fingers found their way inside her aroused pussy as the sound of running water pounded in her ears.
Her outer labia were soft and her pubes felt downy as the Duchess pushed in and out quickly.
Her entire body tingled, pleasure rolled through her as two digits plunged deep inside, deeper and deeper, until the muscles in her arm began to ache.

"Almost, almost, almost."

Her orgasm began to build and that familiar radiation that started in her toes grew stronger and her body shuddered to a welcome climax.
Kate braced herself against the opaque wall of the shower unit as her spasms subsided and she shut the water off.
That was when she heard the door bell of her room chime.
For the first time in months Kate desired another man.
She was going to have this man fuck her brains out that very afternoon.


Kate wrapped a towel around her slender body and danced over to the door and opened it.
There was Rogers, six feet two inches tall and ruggedly good looking.
His hair was cropped short and looked to be of a fair shade as he has piercing blue eyes.
He wore a pair of plain grey slacks and a red and white striped shirt with a pair of white kid gloves on his hands.
He did a double take at the unexpected sight of the Duchess greeting him in just a white fluffy towel and made to go.

"Ah, Rogers. Yes, do come in. You're needed."


Kate stood sideways and ushered him into her private room, checking out his butt in his tight pants.
He stood to attention rather uncomfortably and stared straight taking great pains to avoid direct eye contact with the half naked woman.

"It has come to my attention that you and thing, the maid, have been fraternising on the property."

Kate paced the room, taking special care to stop now and again right in front of the nervous house help.

"You do realise that I have three small children running around, right?"

"Absolutely," answered Rogers as he now understood his predicament.

He gave himself a mental slap on the cheek as Kate pranced up and down seductively, the sway of her hips simply hypnotic.
The woman was perfect and despite being the mother of three kids was utterly slim and fit.
Kate had undone her ponytail now and her thick chestnut hair billowed about her bare shoulders.
She had recently added some honey toned highlights to her natural dark brown tresses which has taken years off her.
Her slim figure with the medium sized breasts was dominated by her gazelle like legs which gave her that towering illusion.
And her twenty four inch waist made even Nicole Kidman look dumpy in comparison.

"And in broad daylight to boot. Can't you control yourself, man? My husband and I have not tolerated any bad behaviour at the Palace as I'm sure you are well aware. Are you listening?"

Kate came nose to nose with the tall figure of a man, and although she was five nine in bare feet she had to go on tiptoe.
As she did so the precarious knot holding up her towel broke and the garment fell to the lush carpet beneath their feet.
She continued without pause, pacing the room in the buff, and Rogers crossed his gloves in front of him to cover his increasing embarrassment.

"I can have you dismissed within the hour, man. Heads have rolled in recent times, and more will follow. And for heavens sake do you plan on doing anything with this anytime soon?"

Rogers looked at his mistress wide eyed as she cupped his groin firmly and fingered his semi erection.

"You're rather boisterous in bed, aren't you?"

"Emily, that is, the maid, she...well. She likes it rough, ma'am."

"Indeed. And you are able to satisfy her needs? With THIS!"

Kate twisted his dick in her fist as she gazed directly at him.

"Well, my good man. I should like you to do to me what you did to her.
Now. Right this instant. If not, then it's the door for you."

"But, surely not! I mean, you're, you're the Duchess..."

"The Duchess of Cambridge, and she needs a good shag. Now, remove your clothing. I insist. Oh, and leave the gloves on."

"What about the Prince?"

The past year had seen the Royal couple step up their royal duties and Kate had accepted that her husband and she would have to work more and more.
William was in fact planning another foreign tour for the new year and Kate had the house to herself.

"He's out."

The tall fellow resigned himself to the inevitable and shed his shirt and trousers.
Closely scrutinised by Kate he dropped his boxers and his prodigious erection sprang up and bobbed lightly in front of him.
Rogers felt Kate arch her back into his solid wall of a chest and he sighed at the sensation of her stiff nipples rubbing against his smooth flesh.
Kate's fingers trailed over his strong biceps and forearms and looked closely at his upper body with intense concentration.

"You may touch me."

Rogers gulped as he warily slid both hands behind the Duchess and gripped her pert bottom.
Kate purred at the feel of the leather gloves on her backside and she ran her hands across his abdomen until she arrived at his heated groin.
He closed his eyes and involuntarily thrust his hips forwards and his boner slid into her clenched fist.
Then to his surprise he watched the naked female kneel before him in order to bring her face to his crotch level.

"Big boy, aren't you?" She said with a certain admiration.

Her green eyes sparkled with mischief as she slipped her tongue around his circumcised head and Rogers felt his cock throb like never before.
Kate was ecstatic as she lapped the engorged glans and just under the flared top where the skin was most sensitive.
She stroked his thick girth from the base up to about half way as she popped the head into her hot mouth.
He looked on with a gapping mouth as she held still and her saliva dribbled out and down his shaft in a slow motion trickle.
He fought the tempting urge to push down her throat and his breath came in ragged exhalations.


Kate now moved her head and took more and more of his rod inside her mouth as she grew accustomed to his size.
So much thicker and longer than the Prince, she thought.
Her fingers dug into his taught thighs as she gave him a hands free blowjob with methodical and agonising slow bobs of her head.
The tightness of her throat gave way to his length, and lewd and strangled glugging sounds emanated from the usually refined and dignified lady.


Kate deep throated him like she had been starved from food and the more energetic her sucking became the more her nails dug into the flesh of his bared legs.
On her haunches the sex starved woman rolled her lower body as her loins grew hotter and wetter.
Kate pulled off his bouncing knob after a while and she inhaled deeply with a drawn out gasp.

"My goodness, that tasted good. Come."

The winsome brunette stood and wiped her mouth on her left forearm and padded over to the wall.
She thrust her rear end up and out and wiggled her delightful derriere at the awestruck Rogers.

"What is your first name?"

"William, ma'am."

"Hah! How ironic! Come here and fuck me, William. Against the wall. Quickly now or I shall get rather cross."

Kate opened her shapely long legs wider as Rogers moved in.
He lewdly spread her soft cheeks and quickly fucked her silly.
Kate pushed her backside into his groin as her moans rose louder and louder.
Rogers used his strong hands and squeezed and caressed her tits with his gloves as he banged in and out.

"Oh, William! Yes! Do me like that. Oh, Wills, Wills! Oh, bugger!"

His grip was strong and he held her upper arms in a firm hold as he banged into her from behind.
There came a meek knocking on the door at that moment and the timid voice of Prince William from the other side.

"Kate? Kate? Did you call?"

Kate inched forwards, still impaled on Roger's prick and opened the door just a crack to see her husband outside.

"Oh, Wills. I didn't know you were home." Said she with a jiggle.

"The meeting ended early. Shall I come in?"

Kate nodded in time with the steady thrusting of Rogers behind her, them quickly shook her head.
She made sure the door could not be opened any more by her foot jamming it at the base.

"Nnn...no! I mean, oh wow! I...mmmph! Mmm, busy right now, oh!"

In, out, in, out came Roger's steady humps.

"It'll only be a minute. I need my file on..."

"You should...you...should wait downstairs and I'll fetch it. Shit!"

Rogers gave Kate an especially rapid series of earthy strokes that took Kate's breath away.

"Are you feeling alright, darling?"

"Mm, hmm! Just a stiffness in the rear, it's quite alright. Go, go!"

Kate slammed the door shut and looked back over her right shoulder.


Rogers grinned and continued to move his gloves up and down her thighs as she sighed encouragement.
He withdrew his pulsating organ and, now firmly in the moment, tossed the shrieking Duchess onto the bed.


He dove onto her and dragged her by the ankles on her butt back down to the edge of the bed rucking the Egyptian cotton sheet up the crack of her ass as he did so.
He spread her willowy legs out wide and buried his face in her trimmed muff.
He smoothed her inner thighs with the kid gloves as he pierced her delicious pussy lips and teased her inner walls.
Kate writhed on her back with her legs up in the air as the smoking hot brunette gave into the raging desire for sexual pleasure.

"Yes, lick that pussy. I need it so bad."

Rogers inhaled her scent and drank in the enticing drips of her love juices that collected in her sublime slit.

"Oh, oh, oh!"

Rogers blew air softly on her pussy and Kate cried out as tiny spasms made her grip the sheets to make big bunches in her fists.
He made loud shushing noises directly on her Mons, creating an odd friction on her softness.
Then he stuck his tongue out straight and Kate proceeded to bump her bottom up and down in degrees of three inches and literally fucked herself on his protruding tongue!
He sucked in her clit into his pursed lips and Kate very nearly lost right there and then.

"Mmm, you like that pussy? Hmm? You want to fuck this pussy? Fuck me now."

Rogers was in total agreement and glanced at the face of the half lidded Kate and positioned his aching dick at her slippery slot.
The atmosphere was charged as the pair if them surrendered to the thick anticipation.
They both braced at the same time as he pressed home.
He was genuinely surprised to find his cock slick from her fluids as he slid to and fro.
His big right hand held her upper thigh which he flung out to her left and Rogers began to hump her with lightning speed.
Kate squealed as she was mashed into the bed and she dug her fingers into the flesh of his tight rump.

"Will you...fuck me harder! Please? I won't break."

Kate felt the man react and her breath was taken from her as he fucked her with rapid strokes of his stiff log.
Her entire body shook under his heavy frame as he held her bucking body in check.
She cried out softly as she bit her lower lip to silence a scream as the sweat from Roger's chest damped her tits.
Then he pulled her up and rested her ankles on his shoulders, leaving her wide open for a deep penetration.

"Oh my gosh!"

Kate was having a ball as the man slammed into her harder and harder.
This was animal sex.
No romance nor tenderness, just brutal fucking.
Kate could feel the walls of her pussy being pushed apart as he plunged his rigid monster cock into her over and over and over.
She didn't want to be made love to, she wanted to be screwed like a savage whore.
The feel of his solid thighs against her slender legs was divine as she was effortlessly impaled on throbbing man meat, and her arms wrapped around his neck.

"Wait up."

Rogers felt the begging of a leg cramp and rolled off to the side.
Kate inhaled deeply and flung herself on top of him, and held his pecker upright.
She popped the sweating head into her mouth and sniffed in the heady aroma of his masculine scent mixed with her own cunt juices.
Rogers relaxed and recovered his composure as the delectable brunette hummed happily on his boner.
He clenched his fingers in her hair and brushed it back to get a better view as Kate ran her darting pink tongue over his big swollen glans.
She pulled up with a satisfactory smacking of the lips, his knob suitably coated with saliva and moved up to straddle his lap.

"Right, let mother take over."

Kate planted both hands on his magnificent chest as she ran her mound along his boner.
A moan escaped her lips as her clit brushed on his thick organ and she wriggled on his groin to her hearts content.
Rogers cupped her ass and she lifted up slightly and fed his cock head inside her dripping wet cunt.
Her nostrils were filled with a combination of sweat and the scent of sex as she sat up and sank down fully onto his hose.


His cock disappeared inside her until there was nothing left to take.
Kate began to grind to and fro, slowly at first, gliding up and down on the pulsing rod of the ripped man.
Her well lubricated slit accepted his fat length and Kate quickly rode him with eyes closed and mouth gaping.
Her nails raked his front as she clenched her pussy muscles and greedily fucked the man.
Rogers thumbed her hard nipples and watched intently as the muscles in her stomach flexed and undulated.
The blood thundered in her ears as she went down onto her knees and squeezed his flanks with her thighs.


Rogers chose to resume control and Kate found herself flipped onto her front and then pulled back onto her hands and knees with her rump poking his groin.
He gave her a long swipe up her spine with his tongue and she screamed as he plunged inside her with a single and vicious thrust that began in his calves and shifted up.
She whimpered and wiggled on her knees as she was humped hard and fast.

"That's it. Fuck me hard. I want to be feeling it for days."

Rogers grunted and grabbed both of her tits, pawing them harshly and pinching the erect nipples.
Then, taking the initiative he proceeded to smack her buttocks, one after the other, with loud resounding cracks of his open palm.
Kate whimpered in delight as he fucked and spanked her at the same time.

"How's that then? That feel good?"

Kate arched her back and gave a muffled affirmative as her pussy quivered in pleasure.

"What? What was that?"

Rogers, now in a commanding role slammed into the Duchess with a renewed vigour.
He slapped her derriere to confirm his newly found authority.

"Yes. I love it!"

She felt his balls slap against her bottom with violent thrusts as he rammed into her cunt all the way to the hilt.
Kate felt her orgasm build as Rogers raised his right hand up to her throat and squeezed hard.

"Oh, fuck! I'm coming!"

Waves of welcome passion hit Kate like an express train and Rogers withdrew his pulsing knob to let the panting female flop onto the bed.
Kate gasped in large amounts of air as she shook from her mind blowing climax.
Rogers quickly jerked his cock and aimed the tip at her face.
Crazy with lust he ejaculated with grunts of animalistic passion and splattered the pretty face of the Duchess.


Kate gagged and spluttered as her mouth and cheeks were unceremoniously covered in cum which dripped down her chin.
He collapsed on the bed beside the panting Kate, their hearts beating hard and their limbs entwined.

"Excuse me, what are you doing?" Asked Kate as she used her towel to clean up her caked face.

"Oh, what? I..."

"You may be excused, Rogers. I'm sure you have duties to attend to. And keep a closed mouth. If this gets out it's your job. Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"And if you're a good boy maybe we shall have a repeat performance another time. Now go."

Rogers collected his things, bowed and left.
Kate sat on the edge of the bed and then began chuckling to herself.

'What would an ocean be without a monster lurking in the dark? It would be like sleep without dreams.' - Werner Herzog

'Gotta head full of ideas that are driving me insane...' - Bob Dylan

'I sold a quart of blood, bought a half a pint of scotch' - Tom Waits

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Re: Kate Middleton Likes It Rough:
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Chapter 3.

Kate Middleton tottered into the dimly lit room on ridiculously high heeled shoes and shivered.
Although the basement room was fairly small, bereft of most furniture and even windows, it provided no warmth.

"Oh my, it's rather chilly in here, is it not, darling?" She said in her educated tones.

"You crazy bitch! Let us go right now!"

Kate sat on the only four legged chair in the room and sighed.
She adjusted her large rimmed eyeglasses with the clear lenses and studied her freshly painted nails.

Her look and attire made her resemble a demure school mistress with hair piled up on top of her head and dressed in mid thigh length skirt and check blouse.

She tapped her Black Christian Louboutin shoes with the four inch heels with a sixteen inch long riding crop and lifted her chin.

"Show some decorum, my dear. Really." Said Kate with a shake of her head.

"Are you fucking kidding me? I'm naked and trussed up like the Thanksgiving turkey."

Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, for it was she, was indeed stripped of all clothing and suspended four feet above the floor by thick ropes that were hung from the ceiling and wound around her waist.

A three inch in diameter wooden pole rose up from the floor and held her in place at her midriff.

As well as that leather straps were secured around her upper and lower thighs as well as her ankles, and her legs pointed straight out behind her.

"Harry, dear boy. Do tell your better half to watch her mouth. Such language, tut."

"Don't rightly blame her really, Kate. I feel rather inconvenienced myself."

Prince Harry, for it was he, spoke from his awkward position which was on his back on a long table to which he was firmly tied at the wrists and ankles.

He too was naked and Kate tilted her head as she scrutinised his bright ginger pubes.


Kate stood up, her high heels adding extra height and authority to her five feet ten inches, and peered over the top of her outrageous spectacles.

The crop in her hand a fleck one of woven nylon with a leather handle and a big braided cap.
The keeper was also leather and was two inches wide.

With a dramatic flourish she cracked the crop loudly against her right thigh which made both captives flinch.

"What on earth do you propose to do with us?" Asked the nervous Harry.

Kate and Meghan had been at the centre of a rift for months. Ever since it had emerged that she and Harry were moving to Windsor.
On top of that there had come the outbursts and remarks that led to even the two brothers falling out.

"Well." Said Kate ominously she pranced around.

Earlier that same day as Harry and Meghan visited Kensington Palace Kate had taken the opportunity to put her wicked revenge into action.

Deeply humiliated by the newly married royal couple who constantly made barbed and outright vicious comments in the national press Kate had decided enough was enough.

She had brushed aside the feeble protestations of her boring husband William and given a select and loyal team of secret service agents orders to drug Harry and Meghan on their arrival and truss them up.

After making last minute preparations the Duchess was now alone and ready to exact sweet revenge.

"I intend to teach you both some manners and respect."

With lightning speed Kate brought the crop down hard and square on the unprotected buttocks of the suspended American female.


Kate grinned. The cry of pain, the snap of crackling air as she wielded the crop, and the sound of nylon on skin pleased her greatly.

She brought herself up close to Meghan's behind and ran her fingers over the thin red stripe that appeared quickly.

'Such a pretty shade of crimson. Shame you can't see."

Kate saw Meghan's pussy quiver and clench in a sordid type of anticipation.

"Fuck off, you Cunt!"

"My, my."

Kate unleashed several cracks of the crop across both of Meghan's nether cheeks in rapid succession.








Meghan twisted and pulled on her ropes as she screamed in reaction to the hard blows.

"Really. Typical gutter language from a second rate actress. I mean, television!"

Kate proceeded to run the crop sideways between Meghan's exposed sex and noted the tip glisten with pussy juice.

The Duchess positioned herself with her legs planted out wide and dragged the crop along the wet slit.

With a flick of the wrist Kate tapped the keeper on Meghan's pussy eliciting tiny whimpers from the nervous American.

"Ever wondered what a riding crop could do to a female cunt?"

Kate made light contact with Meghan's clitoris and looked on at the dark skinned woman's thigh muscles ripple under dusky and sweat streaked skin.

Meghan's twisted form shivered and her arms, which were crossed behind her back, pulled in vain.

Her head was full of conflicting emotions and sensations and she closed her eyes tight shut.
Then Kate raised her arm and brought the crop down hard and made firm contact between Meghan's trembling thighs.


Meghan shrieked as her pussy was struck four times and the threshold of her pain mixed with sexual arousal caused her to achieve an intense orgasm!

She rocked gently to and fro from the ropes that held her up and she moaned from the sublime tingling in her vulva.

"What a whore! See that, Harry? Your other half just came from a beating.
Bear that in mind for another time, you naughty pair."

Kate adjusted her eyeglasses and meted out four more staccato strokes of the riding crop upon Meghan's rosy hued bottom.
The actress bore the punishment bravely as the pistol loud cracks rang out loudly.

A flood of wetness ran down her glistening thighs and her erect nipples betrayed her true feelings.

All of her nerve endings were on high alert as Kate used the crop to lightly roam over her body.

"Excellent. Now, who is up for some more fun and games?"

Kate laid down the crop and wriggled out of her tight skirt.
Then she slowly unbuttoned her blouse and stood naked in high heels and black stockings.

She tottered over to Harry, her heels clacking loudly on the hard floor, and her spectacular behind rolled as she walked.

The Prince looked quite adorable tied on his back and as Kate bent over him his cock stirred and began to harden.

Kate rubbed his honed thighs and he soon reached full erection.
He looked at her pert tits and gulped hard.

"Poor dear, your balls must be aching. May I suck it?"

Kate leaned over and took a deep sniff of his masculine scent.
Then she took the bloated top into her mouth and began to glide her lips over the fat knob.

"Oh, god!" Cried the Prince through gritted teeth.

Kate gobbled him up and Harry raised his midriff to her mouth as she took all of his spike.

Strings of spit hung from Kate's thin lips and joined the tip of his cock to her hot mouth.

She turned her head to Meghan as she greedily swallowed up her husband's rigid prick.

"Mmm, he's a big boy, Meghan. You lucky woman."

"Fuck you, bitch!" Came the expect reply.

"We are going to fuck. Do be quiet."

Kate climbed up on top of the helpless Harry and slid her right hand over her mound and parted her damp slot.

With her other hand she grasped his twitching cock and brushed the head along her gash.

"Look at me, Harry. Look at me. Am I little Miss Doolittle now?"

Harry poured of sweat as he watched his stiff dick vanished inside Kate's pussy.
Kate cooed like a bird as she rocked her hips and welcomed his entire length.

"I say, rather a sung fit. You're much bigger than your brother."

"Kate, please."

"What? Please fuck you? That would be splendid."

Kate was quite the aficionado in the cowgirl position as she used her long legs to lift herself off and then back down on Harry's rock hard boner.

He throbbed and swelled inside her and moaned with each assured downward thrust of his sister in law.

The grinning Duchess quickened the rate if her gyrations and every muscle in Harry's body flexed as he fought against his binds.

Kate's abdomen undulated as she began to perspire freely and she dug her nails into the well hung Prince's ginger matted chest.

"Oh, yes! Quite nice."

Their eye contact did not waiver as Kate ground her hips back and forth.

"Let's try reverse. Then you can get a good look at my bottom."

Kate expertly swivelled on Harry's cock and now faced away from him.
He lifted his head as far as was possible and looked at the woman's rear end as her hips rose and fell on his manhood.
Her nether regions gave off the most depraved squelching sounds as her sodden pussy swallowed his prick whole.

The constant slapping of her cute buns on his groin made for an exciting image, and his eyes became transfixed on the tiny starfish that was her asshole opening.
As she concentrated hard she gripped the fine thighs of the Prince, noting how much more developed they were compared to William.

Harry made two fists and strained on his binds and bucked up into his sister in law.
Kate looked back with the most lecherous look Harry had ever seen and he gulped hard.
She appeared deliciously depraved and he would have cum inside her if she hadn't hopped off at that precise moment.

"There, that wasn't so dreadful now was it?" She said as she composed herself.

"Now, back to the American whore."

As Harry's stiff cock settled on his belly he looked to his right to see the naked Duchess busy herself with a scary looking sex machine.
Was she actually humming?

"Kate, Kate. Please, whatever I've said in the past is done. Don't do this."

Meghan looked from right to left as she strained her ears.

"Oh, fiddle. You're going to have the time of your life."

Kate positioned the three feet long contraption between the splayed out legs of the suspended Meghan and began to use the vertical flywheel on the cylinder to make minor adjustments.
A connecting rod rose up to which the mounted dildo was attached.
Kate pointed the tip directly at Meghan's well lubricated cunt and pushed the machine forward so that it slid inside the entrance to her pink inners.

"Brace yourself."

Kate hit the starter and the machine whirred into life.
She clapped her hands in glee as the rod began to pull back and push forward, straight into the shrieking Meghan!

Harry looked up from his incapacitated position at this scene of complete debauchery and his cock bobbed up on his stomach as if crying out for attention.

"What fun!" Cried his sister in law.

Kate watched as the dildo shunted in and out of Meghan's dripping muff, the angle of penetration perfect to drive her insane.
The machine made loud grinding noises as the dildo plunged persistently in and out of the helpless actress.

Meghan yelped as she was given a series of indescribable mini orgasms in quick succession.
She thrashed mindlessly in her restraints as her gorgeous body dripped sweat onto the floor beneath her hanging pose.


On and on the machine churned Meghan's pussy to a soaked mush.
Her cunt foamed and frothed from the relentless fucking as Kate nodded in approval.

She decided that enough was enough as Meghan cried out from her final earth shattering climax.
Silence filled the room, permeated with sighs of relief from an exhausted Meghan.

"You know what I would like to see next? You two have hot sex."

Kate began to untie the straps about Meghan's legs and then release her arms from the small of her back.
She graciously held out her hand to lower the trembling woman from the sturdy ropes and Meghan stood on wobbly legs.

Then Kate took two brisk steps to a curious Harry who still sported a prodigious erection.

"You bitch! I'm going to break every bone on your skinny ass!"

Meghan stood tall and Kate retreated.

"Oh, Meghan? Could we maybe make out first? My cock is about to explode."

"You want to do it, right now?"


Meghan turned her head to see that Kate had sat back down on the chair.
She had flung her left pin over the left arm and was idly frigging herself.

"I'm going to go over there," said Meghan as she thumbed her horny husband.

"And when I'm done fucking him I'm gonna come over there and fuck you up real good."

Kate was rather amused and slightly mystified.
Despite her trials and tribulations of the previous half hour Meghan Markle looked quite radiant.

Her light brown skin gleamed under the electric lights and her figure looked extra slender and sleek with perky breasts that rose and fell.
Her long jet black hair hung straight down her back and her feline like eyes glared with rage.

"Just fuck him, will you?"

Meghan hissed and joined Harry who she kissed hard on the mouth.

"Let's do it, lover"

She bent over the same table he had just been tied to and placed her left knee onto the edge.
Harry came up behind her and pulled her left cheek back and shoved up inside her with one fluid movement.

Meghan grunted as her spouse immediately fucked her hard and fast.
Her tits swayed under her and the sound of his groin on her raw ass made for a steady and regular slapping.

He took her hips in both hands and drew her back onto his hot rod and fucked himself with powerful pelvic thrusts.

"That's my boy. Give it to me, baby."

Harry hammered into his wife and leaned over her back, dappling her rear end with drops of well earned sweat.
She looked back and placed her hand on his belly and pushed him away.

They separated and Meghan turned to face him.
With Meghan teetering on the edge of the table Harry looked down on the very desirable woman.

Harry moved in between her widened legs, gripped her trim waist and began to thrust in and out of the horny female.
Her tits bounced gently as he pounded away at her steaming pussy, and soft sounds escaped from her soaked cunt.

They stared at each other intensely as her breathing became heavier and she dug her nails into his forearms.

"Faster. "She urged.

Harry widened her legs further and glanced down at the V shaped tunnel of her parted thighs.

He drove in even deeper and because of his hardness he was able to split her beaver easily.

She let out a prolonged groan and Harry knew his wife had just climaxed.

"Let me suck you off, babe."

Meghan felt her husband's dick fill her mouth and she gladly sucked in her cheeks and pumped her head back and forth.
Her heart thumped in her chest as she sucked on him with her tongue sliding over his bell end like a wriggling snake.

She began to open her throat to take his entire length in as deep as she could and copious amounts of saliva ran down his upright pole.

"I'm going to cum!" He announced and held the back of her head.

Harry grunted and splattered the face of his wife and she closed her eyes in euphoric bliss.

He continued to ejaculate and her face soon became bathed in his white goo.

As he pulled away with his dick dripping the pair of spent lovers turned their attention to the Duchess of Cambridge.

"Now for you, you stuck up slut!"

Meghan dramatically wiped the cum from her face with a flourish and shrugged her shoulders.

"Now then, my loves. Let's talk this over like adults."

Kate shrunk back into her chair as Harry and Meghan strolled over, still bare assed, and both bent over her and moved in.
Kate felt her upper body shaken and stirred as two hands gripped her shoulders.


Cried Harry.


Snarled Meghan.


Asked Prince William.

"Wills? Where am I?"

"Home, my darling. You just took a well earned nap. Did you have a nice dream?"

Wow! Didn't I just! Thought Kate as she sat up and ran a hand through her lush hair.



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Re: Kate Middleton Likes It Rough:
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thank you for taking the time to write this fantastic story. Looking forward to the next chapter  :Y: :Y: :Y: :Y: :Y:
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Re: Kate Middleton Likes It Rough:
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Note- I do not know much of the islands of Antigua and Barbuda, except the devestation after Hurricane Irma. It's just an excuse to hang a story on. Neither do I suppose to know of Kate Middleton's personal life and views. It's all fiction.


London, January 2020.

Like most American females, Meghan Markle will have grown up dreaming of being a Princess and residing in a fairy tale castle.
So it came as something of a shock when she married Prince Harry that the reality being a modern day Princess was a lot more mundane.

Visiting civic centres and schools were not what she had imagined at all, and the English weather left a lot to be desired.

Instead of jetting off to the Bahamas or New York City to watch a game of tennis or sunbathe was not on the agenda and this fact was brought home by the other unexpected thing in her new life.
Her sister in law, Kate Middleton.


Now more than ever Kate was THE jewel in the Queen's crown and Meghan and Harry had reluctantly decided to walk away from royal duties.
Kate and husband Prince William were now in the assent and wallowed in the moment.

Besides being labeled dull, boring and negative Kate could not put a foot wrong now.
She was always professional in her dealings with the press, something Meghan had failed miserably at, and the Duchess of Cambridge had changed into a graceful and confident mother of three and quite rightly had risen to be Her Majesty's favourite.
And she intended to stay there.


Kate was aware of the island of St. Bart's as her sister Pippa and her husband had owned an hotel that had been severely damaged in 2017.
Hurricane Irma had wreaked havoc in the Caribbean as it blew through Anguilla, St. Martin and Barbuda.
Antigua and Barbuda still remain members of the British Commonwealth and Her Majesty, Elizabeth II is the country's Queen and head of state.


In their advanced roles in State duties Kate and William played hosts to delegates of the damaged islands, in particular Barbuda which remained uninhabited since the hurricane.
Their were three bones of contention in the country's government and the continuing disagreement had led to a complete deadlock.
Eager to please Her Majesty, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wanted to support the Queen in light of Harry's decision to step back and help strengthen national and international unity.


So, the Prime Minister of the islands had sent two of his parliamentarian emissaries to London to hash out the necessary steps to inhabit Barbuda again and raise the 150 million to restore it.
The royal couple had asked the Queen if they might spend a day and night with the visitors in an attempt to sway opinion.
Her Majesty had agreed heartily, especially in the light of Harry and Meghan retreating from royal duties which had occurred immediately.


Kate and her family resided in Apartment 1A in their London home of Kensington Palace.
It had twenty rooms in four storeys, and in addition, five reception rooms and bedrooms.

"Welcome to our home." Said Kate with that radiant smile of hers.

As Mister John Nelson and Mister Vivian Bailey arrived they were ushered into one of the reception rooms where they were given a warm welcome with an impressive spread.

Sandwiches, cake and fruit lined a wooden table in the room which had been decorated with Kate's approval.
It was a sophisticated cream colour scheme, with gold accents and floral prints.

"Do help yourself, gentlemen. I want to see a clear table before we're done."

Kate spread her hands and sat on one of two matching sofas.
She looked resplendent in a simple summer dress and knee high Saint Laurent black boots.
Her glossy long hair hung loose and fell about her shoulders in teased waves.

"This is all very pleasant. Thank you, ma'am." Said Bailey with a light bow.

"We're simply delighted to receive you, and we shall do our utmost to try to unify our special relationship."

William sat beside his attractive wife and accepted a cup of tea from one of the waiters.

"With respect, Sir. we must expedite matters in order to rehouse those unfortunate citizens who were forced to abandon their homes, and indeed the island of Barbuda."

Although English speaking they both had the slightest of accents.
John Nelson was at least six feet five with a receding hairline and six o'clock shadow.
He appeared to be at least forty in Kate's estimation, perhaps a little older than Vivian Bailey who had a more robust presence and thicker hair.
Both were obviously of African descent and had the darkest complexions Kate had ever seen.
They looked stiff and uncomfortable in their black suits and crisp white shirts as they helped themselves to sandwiches.

"Indeed, most unfortunate circumstances I'm sure." Said Kate in a sympathetic tone. "Why my own sister and her husband have had rotten luck on the island of St. Bart's."

"Unfortunately our parliament is split in two as many are of the view that the island of Barbuda is totally beyond repair, myself included."

The government had thrashed out a step by step recovery plan that had divided parliament. In particular the first three steps needed to progress further.

"Is there really no way you can agree on any of the three steps?" Asked William genuinely concerned.

"No, Sir. It would take a very wily fox to change my view."

Or vixen, thought Kate wistfully.
After an hour of conversation and discourse William called for a break and summoned aides to show the two men their personal rooms for the night.


"We must do everything we can to settle this dispute. It would be a huge feather in our cap in Grand Mama's eyes."

William and Kate had gone to the bedroom of the Prince and were putting their heads together as the clock ticked.

"Agreed. Now Harry and that American strumpet have left for Canada we need to impress Her Majesty at the earliest convenience."

William sighed and nodded. Relations between his younger brother and he were at an all time low and their bond had still not recovered from the moment Meghan had entered the picture.

Kate brushed her hair in front of the mirror and frowned.

"These two are certainly stubborn. I'm at a loss as to how to persuade one or the other."

Kate turned to her husband with a twinkle in her brown eyes.

"Maybe we can have them both agree at the same time, but separately."

"I don't follow, darling."

"I have an idea. I'll visit each fellow individually and negotiate on a one to one basis. Then I'll relay the updates as and when they occur and inform the other."

"You, Kate?"

"Do you not approve?"

The Duchess stood to her full height of five feet nine and showed off her waspish figure.

"Darling, I have some reservations about this," said William.

"Don't worry about a thing. What we need is the gentle touch."

She fluffed up her hair and straightened her dress.

"I think that I can persuade them."

With a wink and a grin and a wiggle of her bottom Kate left William alone.
He raised his eyes to the ceiling as if to say, here we go again.


Kate walked down to the narrow corridor where the two guest rooms were.
She greeted the security agent who stood to attention.

"Evening, Jeremy. As you were. I cannot stress how important it is that we welcome these emissaries warmly. I intend to negotiate with each in turn and I need you to make yourself scarce for an hour. Do I make myself clear? I am not to be disturbed at any time."

"Totally understood, ma'am."

The tall figure excused himself with a bow and Kate knocked on the door of Nelson's room and waited until he opened the door.

"My Lady?"

"Good evening, may I come in!"

"But of course. I was just checking my messages."

Kate made a note of the time.
Ten. She gave herself an hour to do the deed.
Nelson was still in his suit as Kate entered and she sat down in one of the plush armchairs.
The room was studious besides having a twin bed and had dark wooden furniture and drawn curtains.

"How may I be of assistance?"

"I must confess that I am lacking in the skill of diplomacy but I came here in the hope of persuading you and Mister Bailey to come to an amicable agreement."

"I don't really see how that may come to be, ma'am."

"Do you find me attractive, Mister Nelson?"

The ebony skinned man looked horrified at the forthright and unexpected question and wiped his brow.

"I don't understand."

"Oh, it's just me. i have this fascination with men of a darker complexion as it were. May I be frank?"

"Please do."

"I would very much like to suck your cock. There, I've said it. If you wish me to leave then I shall."

"You, you would do that?"

"Gladly. On one condition."


"That you give some consideration for agreeing to step number one of the proposal."

Kate got up from the seat and came over to where Nelson was seated.
As she began to unbuckle the belt of his trousers butterflies crept up his stomach.

"My, my. This is a very stuffed fly."

Nelson felt the full gamut of emotions. Panic, guilt, fear and arousal.
Kate tugged his trousers down his long shanks and fished inside his underpants for his organ.

"But the Prince! Is he aware?"

"Don't concern yourself with my husband. Are you married?"

'Yes," he gulped.

"Your wife is a very lucky woman then."

Kate tilted her head and her loose waves curled around her face.
She leaned in close as she went down onto her haunches and studied the man's erection.
The bumps and veins seemed to pulse on the dark surface as she came even closer.
Swollen and throbbing in her face the Duchess grinned in approval as she squeezed the midnight black shaft.

"Such big balls too."

The scheming brunette grazed his plum sized testicles with her pursed lips and rolled the identical balls in her hands.
Nelson grimaced in acute pleasure as her long fingernails scratched the sensitive flesh of his perineum.

"Oh, sweet lord!"

Kate chuckled as she traced a straight line up the underside of his hot shaft and then went back down the dark stretched skin to the base.
His huge bell end already leaked pre cum as he desperately wished her to suck the purple hued head.

"Please, ma'am. I am begging you."

"Hmm, are you beginning to ponder the possibility of giving step one your consent?"

"Most assuredly, most assuredly."

"Glad to hear it, Mister Nelson. Now, where was I?"

Kate lifted her head and in a trice she had the big bell end in her mouth.
Nelson shuddered in his seat as the Duchess worked on his glans with deliberately loud sucking sounds.
All the time her eyes never left his as she angled her head to let the cock head make her left cheek swell out.


Kate began to bob up and down on her shoes in her crouched position and sucked on the dick harder and faster.
Saliva dripped from her mouth and down to his balls as her oral assault made the islander whimper in delight.
Then she began to slack off and slowly she rose back off his glistening dick.
As it twitched and bobbled she gently blew cool air on the tip and stood.

"Did you enjoy that?"

"My Lady, it was wonderful. May we resume?"

"Hold that thought, Mister Nelson. I just need a moment."

Nelson bordered on the edge of madness and frustration as the royal enchantress withdrew and left him holding the baby.


Kate tottered on her high heeled boots to the next door along and rapped on the door.
So far, so good.
Vivian Bailey peered around the half open door and showed surprise at the sight of English seductress.

"I have news, Mister Bailey. May I?"

Kate marched in and stood boldly in the centre of the room, tapping her left boot.

"Now see here, Mister Bailey. I've had a nice chat with Mister Nelson and on behalf of Her Majesty and the Commonwealth I've made some headway with him on ticking off step one."

"And how exactly did you manage that, My Lady?"

Bailey raised an eyebrow and wondered what the Duchess had that others lacked.

"By means of this."

The Duchess of Cambridge crossed her arms, took the hem of her dress and drew it off over her head.
She stood in just panties and boots and lifted her chin up seductively.

"If you assent to step number one, only the first step mind, I'll let you lick my pussy for a full ten minutes."

Without waiting for the man's response Kate dropped her panties and walked over to one of the armchairs.
There she sat, leaned back and lifted her legs over the arms of the chair, displaying her bared Mons.

"The clock is ticking."

"Just step one?"

"Correct, in the name of diplomacy."

Bailey exhaled deeply and bent down in front of the fragrant Duchess and stared at her lightly covered pussy.
His big black hands slid in from the outsides of her slim thighs until he reached the exposed prize.
As he breathed in her scent his cock strained in his pants as he licked the puffy outer lips and tasted the moisture there.

"Mmm, nice."

With time of the essence he lightly slid his tongue over and around the labia and Kate shivered accordingly.
She moaned softly as he darted inside the pink interior of her quim and pressed his nose into her pubes.
Her right hand came on top of his head and she clamped her legs tightly to his face.
With his head buried in her sex he lapped greedily at her sex and his spit dampened her inner thighs.
The heels of her expensive boots dug into his shoulder blades as her legs jerked uncontrollably.

"Yes, yes, yes, oh yes!"

His fulsome lips covered her entire pussy and his tongue explored her honey pot with rapid flicks.

"Time is up, Mister Bailey."

"My Lady!" Bailey cried as he leaned back. "Before you withdraw would it be permissible for me to enter you?"

The man had gotten his boner out and was rubbing his aching member in furious arousal, desperate to plunder her cunt.

"I presume you are in agreement with step one. How about step two?"

Kate looked down between her splayed legs and noted the copious amount of spittle on her sex and thighs.

"Step two! It would be a struggle to agree to such a proposal."

"Pity, my pussy is most succulent and juicy. It would be a pity if Mister Nelson were to partake, if you will, before yourself."

Kate was wallowing in the moment. As predicted she had both men eating out of her hand, or was that her pussy?

"Very well. Just put it in the one time."

Kate held her pose on the chair and steeled herself for his prodigious knob to penetrate her.
She held onto the edge of the seat, more for reassurance than control, and bit her lower lip.
His thick girth stretched her out as he steadily drove on in and Kate gasped softly.
Although unwilling he pulled out and left her pussy lips still parted despite his withdrawal.

"Right. Entertain yourself while you think on your decision. I shall be back momentarily to hear your resolution."


Kate emerged from Bailey's room into the empty corridor and knocked on the door of Nelson once more.
As he opened it she burst in without waiting on ceremony.
The man was flabbergasted at the incredible sight of the naked Duchess.

"I've tried and tried but I cannot find a single thing to wear!"

"My Lady!"

Kate laughed at her own joke and moved nearer to the tall man.

"Truth is I've spoken to Mister Bailey and he has agreed on step one.
I think I can bend his will to accepting step two. But only if you were to comply as well."

"It may be possible."

He looked at the naked Kate who looked firm and fit with just a hint of a three time mothers tummy and salivated.
Her breasts were perfectly shaped, not too big, nor too small, and her legs seemed to never quit.
Her narrow waist was probably her best asset, he thought as he watched her idly toying her dewy pubes.

"I was hoping you might see sense."

Kate walked over to one of the chairs and placed her leg on one of the arms and thrust out her spectacular bottom back and up.

"I'll let you fuck me with that big black cock for ten minutes if you agree to step two. What do you say, oh! Cheeky!"

The rampant islander had stripped off and was right behind her in ten seconds flat.
He aligned his huge erection with Kate's wetness and pushed in.

"Oh my word, that IS big!"

The lean and well hung black man looked down at the Duchess and his eyes lingered on her alabaster body as he thrust forward and drove his iron hard cock in and out.
He ran his hands down her spine, around her hips and up to caress the sublime contours of her bouncing tits.
Kate dipped her head and her long hair fell across her pretty face.
The man was now fucking her with strong pelvic thrusts that made his groin smash into her buns which rippled from the heavy contact.

"Harder, fuck this white slut harder, damn you!"

Nelson groaned. The wife of the English Prince was a cock hungry whore!
Rising to the occasion, pun intended, he spanked her cheeks one by one, making her cry out in surprise.
Her pale buttocks were spotted with bright red as he beat out a tattoo on her derriere and banged in and out.

"Feels, feels so...good!"

As his tempo increased he realised that his rough pushes knocked her forwards on each in stroke.
Then he reached over and grabbed a healthy fistful of her hair and pulled her head back and up.

"YES! Treat me rough!"

Her whole body trembled from the persistent and deep thrusting and she was reluctant to put a stop to proceedings, but circumstances demanded her to show a strong will.


Kate extracted his cock from her steaming pussy and stood up and pouted.

"So, do you accede to step two? If so we can certainly continue our amusement."

"My Lady, you have my word."

The man's gaze never left her bewitching behind as she spoke and as she went to the door he literally drooled at the alluring sight.

"I think I have Mister Bailey up to speed. Give me ten minutes with him alone and then join us in his room."


Again Kate entered the next door bedroom and was delighted to see the very naked Bailey sat in an armchair and wanking happily.
Kate was mesmerised by the sight of his upright prick in his fist and as her avid gaze drank him in her moist pussy yearned to be ravished.
Before entering she had the foresight to take a pit stop and oil up her nether holes with a generous dollop of lubricant.

"Allow me."

Kate climbed up onto the lap of the wide eyed Bailey who leered at her bare behind as she turned her slender frame away from him.
She straddled his thighs and steered the bloated tip of his dick to her mouth watering fuck hole.
Her hips wiggled as she sank down onto his rigid black pole and her panting became ragged and shallow.

"I have on board, oh fuck! Mmm...Mister Nelson on, on steps one and two."

Bailey grunted as he impaled the elegant Duchess on his love bone.


The thick cock vanished inside her heavenly depths and her juices gushed out and bathed his shaft.
The white expanse of her flesh contrasted starkly with his coal black torso and legs.
Her head snapped back and the curtain of her long tresses brushed his stomach as she moaned sweetly and rode his monster black club reverse cowgirl.


The fullness of him inside her was intense and taken by sheer lust Kate moved back and forth rapidly.
Kate yelped as she was forced onto her right side as Bailey shifted the pair of them into a scissor position on the sofa.
She flung her left boot over his left flank and rocked her hips as he fucked her.
Her cunt throbbed with desire as he shunted to and fro, his hands pawing her luscious tits.
Perspiration beaded her brow as his cock lunged deeply into her lustfully and waves of pleasure surged through her.

"And you, Mister Bailey?"

"Certainly, most certainly. I endorse step two most heartily. Thank you, thank you!"

Just then the door opened and the six foot plus figure of the other emissary strolled in, stark bollock naked.

"Ah, Mister Nelson. Do come in and join the party."

As the other fucked her Kate took the glistening rod of Nelson into her wide open mouth.
Inch by inch she devoured him, and the harder his dick throbbed, the harder she sucked him.
She gulped and gagged as his length bumped the back of her throat and she had to relinquish his swollen organ.

"Give me five, gentlemen."

Both men stood and the panting Duchess looked on at their sweating bodies.
Their muscles rippled on their chocolate brown skin, and their erections seemed to have gotten even bigger! Both at least nine inches in length and two inches in diameter.

"Gentlemen. We have made some splendid progress this evening, and we can conclude the matter right here and now. I shall let the pair of you have me at the same time.
Fuck me, singularly or together. Have my mouth, my cunt or my ass. The choice is yours. IF you both agree to step three."

Kate already knew the answer to her question as she came inbetween both virile men.

"So, let's fuck." Said Bailey.

"Wise words indeed."

Kate flung her arms around his chunky neck and held on tight as she was hoisted up into the air.
As she flapped her boots behind his back he expertly impaled her firmly on his stiff prick.
Kate threw her head back and laughed as she was bounced up and down with surprising ease.
His balls jiggled under her rump and smacked audibly against her as he fucked her silly.
She crossed her boots and buried her face in his shoulder as he walked her around the room on his cock.
Then he tumbled onto the sofa on his back bringing the shrieking brunette with him.

"Take my ass, Mister Nelson." She said boldly.

Kate remained on Bailey's erection as she looked over her shoulder.
Nelson came and brought his hands up around her waist.
He was holding her in place on Bailey's cock as he lined up his own erection.

"Do it."

He grunted and she felt his cock head push past the puckered ring of her anus.
In a supreme effort Kate pushed back and allowed three inches of black prick to throb inside her asshole.


The Duchess of Cambridge grit her teeth as she was speared by two big cocks simultaneously!
The men moved slowly together using subtle pushes and probing with their dicks.
Sandwiched between the pair of sweat covered black men was the ultimate turn on for the usually serene and graceful Duchess.

"Go to work, gentlemen. Fuck me! You've earned the right."

Kate moaned with each fresh thrust up her lubricated backside and she found herself arching her back to grind her clit on Bailey's groin beneath her.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck this bitch, you bastards!"

Bailey responded to the woman's urging and held her firmly still as Nelson pounded her ass.
The slap, slap, slap of his thighs against her bottom was relentless and distinct.

"Oh, lord. Fuck me, smack me, spank me. Oh, shit! I'm coming!"

In a mad frenzy of lust both men shunted in and out, brushing against each other through that thin membrane inside of Kate.
Nelson smacked her nates as she rocked on Bailey who in turn mauled her tits and smacked her face.

"More, mmm...more! Kate babbled as a series of mini orgasms took hold.

"We wish to cum, My Lady."

They all disengaged and Kate sat up so that each man could spit their loads on her face.
As her own wetness ran down her left thigh as she lifted her face and poked out her tongue.
Both men came at the same time and big streams of milky white semen splattered her nose, lips and cheeks.
Bailey then had an additional surge and thick ropes of cum shot up Kate's nose and made her splutter and sneeze a mix of cum and snot!

"Apologies, ma'am. There was no intention to offend."

Kate grinned and wiped her plastered face with the back of her hand.

"None taken, gentleman. None taken."

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Re: Kate Middleton Likes It Rough:
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Great story so far and it's felt by quite a few that Kate (Duchess of Cambridge) has a secret desire for BBC so I am sure there is plenty of opportunity for this story to develop and maybe other areas including Lesbian with other females including some Celebs etc and maybe FFM with her in 3somes, but not including William. Anyhow keep up the great work and we all look forwards to Chapter 5 and many more!! ;)
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Re: Kate Middleton Likes It Rough:
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Chapter Five

January, 2020.


Sophie Helen Rhys-Jones, Countess of Wessex, at the age 50 had rivalled Kate Middleton as one of the most glamorous members of the Royal Family.
She had now been married to Prince Edward, youngest of the Queen's children, for twenty one years and was looking ever more youthful.

Blessed with a radiant smile and dimpled cheeks she showed a sleek silhouette with an age defying nipped waist and slender legs.
Her soft ash blonde hair fell in layered waves and was a far cry from the Princess Diana bob she had sported all those years ago.

She had acquired a light tan which gave her skin a happy glow and which also highlighted her cute freckles.

The naturally warm natured Countess had scheduled a whirlwind two day trip to Sierra Leone in what was the first official trip to Africa since Harry and Meghan's in 2019.

Her visit had focused on meeting community leaders across the capital, Freetown in a string of engagements.
After a final speech at a reception for UK partners at the British High Commissioner's residence she had the chance to catch her breath and enjoy the pleasant surroundings of the nine bedroom mansion.

The incomparable residence featured traditional architecture while the inside had the style of a grand English country lodge.
It was a little known fact that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, had tagged along on the trip as a behind the scene adviser to Sophie, and had kept a low profile the entire time.

The Commissioner, Mister Nicholas, had ensured that Kate would be undisturbed and given free reign to the garden and rear half of the compound.
A high fence provided isolation from the public and Kate loved the rare personal freedom.

The tropical climate, even at this time of the year, meant that it was very hot and dry with temperatures of 75F even in the night time.
In her private quarters Kate had spent the night sleeping in the raw and had spent one of the best night's sleep in ages.

After spending the day with Sophie, albeit in the background, the two ladies ate dinner at a formal function before retiring for the evening.
The staff was a small, tight knit one who kept their distance for the duration of the royal visit.

Kate had two security men assigned to her by the names of Malcolm and Johnny, two local men who were highly trained.
They remained aloof yet attentive and Kate noticed that they stood around a lot in the heat.
As she got ready for the meal she studied them from her room.

"God, they look as bored as I am," thought Kate as she looked on at a close distance.

She boldly walked up to them and addressed them directly.

"Fellers, can I get you anything, a drink perhaps?"

"That will not be necessary," replied Johnny.

The bull of a man was substantially built with strong arms and a broad chest.
He was as black as night and he smiled politely in his black suit and white shirt.

Beside him, equally as dark skinned as his colleague, Johnny was an impressive six feet three with long shanks and hard jawed.

"Surely you could take off your jackets?"

The men looked at each other and then back to the Duchess.
She was struck by their masculinity and she felt her body physically respond in the only way a woman could.

"Look, I'm only here for a couple of days. Go ahead, get comfortable. I insist."

'Thank you, ma'am."

Both men shed their jackets and Kate took an extra long look at their refined physique.

"There you go, much better gentlemen. And thank you for looking after me."

Late evening of the first day Kate had bathed in a luxuriant bubble bath to alleviate herself of the oppressive heat and had padded naked to the double doors of her rooms that led out to the garden to view the sunset.

As she did so the dry heat hit her naked form and she tied her hair back in a ponytail.
She ventured outside and leaned in the white balcony and drank in the splendour of the African twilight.

It was then that she saw Malcolm and Johnny, still on duty on the well cut lawn, staring right at her!
Kate was happy with her current figure and stood tall as she let the men get a full look at her naked glory.

She had been blessed with long willowy legs and rounded breasts and on this trip she had decided to trim back her pubic hair.
Basking in the attention of two virile looking beefcakes Kate did a twirl and let them get a look at her firm bottom.
Once she had gotten their full attention she vanished back inside and pondered events.


As the Countess went about her official visits the next day Kate feigned illness and remained alone in the mansion.
Determined to get some all over colour she prepared herself for the outdoors in the bathroom, taking a bottle of sun screen and applying it all over her body.
Then she stepped into a pair of black Jimmy Choo pumps with a four inch heel.

Convinced that only she and the two guards were on site she ventured out through the double doors onto the balcony again and welcomed the sunshine on her oiled up naked frame.
The sun lotion glistened on her breasts in the sunlight and her nipples resembled two ripe berries as she tilted her face to the sun.
The men saw her emerge from her room and then totter on her heels across the lawn to them.

"Good morning, gentlemen. What a simply splendid day! Too hot for clothes, don't you think?"

Both men were speechless as they were confronted by the very naked English Duchess.
She was pleased to note that they had decided not to wear their jackets at her behest and she admired their well defined form under their shirts.

"Now, which one of you charming men is going to rub some lotion on my back?"

Kate held up the bottle in her hand and raised a well groomed brow.
She opened her mouth and pressed her pink tongue to her lips and wetted them in an obvious gesture of enticement.
Malcolm took the bottle with a shaking hand and looked at his colleague who shrugged.
Kate turned and Malcolm held the bottle up and drizzled some of the contents down her neck so that it rolled slowly down her spine.

"Oh! It tickles!"

The line of lotion stopped at the top of her pert buttocks and Kate bent her right leg to raise the right cheek.

"Be a dear and rub it in."

Malcolm visibly gulped as he smeared the oil tentatively into the small of her back.


Balancing on her heels Kate opened her legs just as Malcolm massaged her backside.
He had closed his eyes as he did so and as the Duchess shifted her pose his fingertips brushed her vulva from behind.

"Apologies, ma'am!"

"None needed. Continue. And you, do my front please."

Johnny took the same bottle and nervously smeared some of the lotion into the palms of his hands and began to rub it into evenly her belly.
When he went to just where her navel finished she grabbed his hand and guided it to her virtually bald pubic mound.

"No, there."

Kate felt her a spasm in her stomach and then relaxed to let herself enjoy the sensuous stroking and caresses.

"Don't be stingy, fellows. More lotion."

Johnny squirted more from the bottle and smothered her lower regions liberally.
Now with two men rubbing and oiling up her most private spots the wily brunette could sense her labia swell and her clitoris throb.
As the sun rose higher her body shimmered in the light and she began to moan and sigh.
Four wandering hands touched her all over with tantalising attention to her bottom and sex.

Behind her Malcolm caressed the insides of her upper thighs and then moved over the two moons of her ass.
Johnny gave her generous bursts of his roaming fingers on her pussy, coaxing her juices from within.
The rhythmic smearing and kneading pushed her to the cusp of an orgasm as perspiration merged with the sun oil.

"Keep it up, boys."

Lubricated fingers now probed her cunt and anus together and the men moved in to sandwich the groaning Duchess between their soaked shirts.
A shudder went through her as Johnny delved deep into her soaked quim and Malcolm dug his middle digit up into her puckered rose bud.
A massive tingling sensation rocketed through her highly sensitised loins.
She opened her mouth wide as her pussy pulsed and her knees buckled as she came with a squeak in her dry throat.

"Heavens! What a perfect way to start the day."

Kate wiggled her derriere in satisfaction and then tottered back to her balcony.
She turned to the bemused guards and spoke.

"By the way. Do come to my rooms tonight. I want to give you both something special for being so sweet. Shall we say nine?"


Kate bathed and then napped away the rest of the day in the air conditioned bedroom.
She awoke a little after six when Sophie called to say hello.
They conversed for thirty minutes and then Kate fixed her hair and splashed some White Gardenia Petals Eau de Parfum on her wrists and neck.
Then she rummaged through her purse to make sure that there was plenty of vaginal lubricant.

"May need this, she said hopefully."

Promptly at the stroke of nine there came a light knocking on her door and she let the two casually dressed men inside.

"So glad you could drop by. I wanted to thank you personally."

With that Kate dropped the robe she was wearing and displayed her bare body once more.

"Now, where were we?"

"Ma'am, surely you are not serious?"

"Oh, yes. My gift to you both, is me!"

Kate helped Malcolm removed shirt and exposed his rippling muscles that had been severely restrained by his suit.
His semi hard cock protruded from the fly in his trousers and when she undid his belt and dragged them down his beautiful rigid flag pole jutted up proudly.

"Well, hello!"

The Duchess of Cambridge felt her pussy moisten at the thought of letting this well hung African fuck her tonight.
Beside him Johnny peeled off his clammy pants and Kate gasped as his cock sprang up and stood to attention.
He was about the same length as Malcolm but was definitely thicker.

"Over to the bed if you please."

Both sat side by side on the edge of Kate's bed and she scooted in between them.
She bent to her left and nipped cheekily at Malcolm's washboard belly before going down to his upright pole and taking hold of the coal black shaft.

"Gosh, it's big!"

Kate slid her tongue up the underside of the rigid dick from the tip to his enormous ball sack.
Then with an audible slurp she took him fully inside her warm mouth and rolled her tongue around and around as she drove down.

"Lovely!" She declared and swept her long hair back as she turned to her right.

Her mouth popped onto Johnny's bloated cock head and Kate purred with enormous satisfaction as it throbbed against the inside of her left cheek.
As she started to bob back and forth Malcolm dared to reach over to finger her exposed snatch.
He saw her gladly part her legs and heard her hum with delight as he nimbly frigged her wetness.


Kate raised her head off of Johnny and gulped in air as her spit ran lewdly down her chin.
Then he joined his colleague and added his fingers to the mix and the Duchess went onto her back as her pussy was pleasured by numerous probing digits.

"Mmm, I'm positively dripping!"

"I can tell!"

Sophie had entered the bedroom silently and as she stood watching the three on the bed she reached behind her neck and untied the halter neck of her red cocktail dress.
It fell to her feet and revealed her sleek naked form.

"Darling, you started without me."

"Sorry, do join in by all means."

Kate had told the Countess of her saucy antics and the jealous blonde wanted in.

"Come here tough guy," she said pointing at the bull like Malcolm. "My wet pussy needs a good tongue lashing."

Kate looked on utterly amazed as the smutty mare pushed the dumb struck black man onto his back and then straddled his chest in a sixty nine position!
She rammed her rump down onto his spluttering face and sucked on his stiff prick.
Her bottom wiggled as he tongued her hot box with surprising relish.

"And I need you inside me, now!"

Kate laid beside the busy couple to her right and kicked out her legs, showing off her bald cunt which was primed and ready for action.

"And I like it hard, young man. Do your stuff. Yo!"

Kate was impressed as the six foot plus Johnny obliged her by dragging her long frame to the end of the bed and spreading her slender pins out by the ankles.
He sniffed through flared nostrils as he pushed up into her with his divine African knob.

"Good start."

Kate looked up from her rather vulgar position and studied the man's face with the high cheekbones and wide nose.
His muscles rippled beneath taut ebony skin and her body responded by leaking juices over his formidable shaft.
He pistoned diligently in and out of her slick cunt and Kate moaned accordingly.
She turned her head to the Countess who was still on top of the other stud.

"Aaah! Mmm!"

Malcolm continued to lick Sophie's pussy as she slobbered happily on his dick which was awash with her saliva.
She clamped her lips tightly together and tugged on his boner with great enthusiasm.

"Come to me, woman."

Sophie purred as she assumed a doggy style stance and Malcolm leaned over her expectant frame and slid his thighs between hers.
She shivered in ecstasy as his prick surged up into her cunt and he followed through with eight inches of solid black flesh.

"Fuck me, you black devil!" She teased.

Malcolm roared as he began to move in and out of the arrogant English blonde.
Her breath hissed through gritted teeth as the man thrust in and out with serious intent.
She had never been fucked by such an aggressive lover as this, her husband being a limp rag in bed.

"Like this? Like this, woman?"

Sophie, unable to form words, merely groaned an affirmative as she was royally fucked silly.
Kate meanwhile was a mess of Eau de Parfum, sweat and lust as her slim figure was banged into the mattress by rhythmic hammer strokes of Johnny's prodigious dark organ.
She was in heaven as she closed her eyes and abandoned herself to the demanded debauchery.


Sophie had been unceremoniously flipped onto her back next to Kate and they rubbed thighs as they were both slam dunked missionary style without respite.
The heady scent of sex was pronounced as they all grunted and groaned with their individual pleasure.


Kate demanded more from Johnny who was already slamming into her balls deep with every lunge.
Her bottom was making a serious dent in the mattress as she was pounded over and over.
Beside her the usually elegant and serene Countess was in an indecorous heap of sweat beneath the African used his knees to spur him on.


Malcolm and Johnny suddenly called a halt to proceedings and both reclined on their backs with their rampant dicks in the air.
The pair of glowing women caught their breath and Kate lubed up her muff with the convenient tube which she then handed to the blonde.

"You'll need this."

Sophie and Kate did not wait for instructions as they both assumed the reverse cowgirl positions and sank down on twitching cocks with aching pussies.

"Oh, wow!"

The ladies had switched partners and both recognised differences in each of the guys dicks.
Kate noticed the thicker shaft of Malcolm that stretched her out more than Johnny and she gasped at the sizeable girth.
Sophie felt her guy thrust up deeper than Malcolm and each time he pushed with his hips she rose up high on his lap.

"Having fun, Kate?"

Asked Sophie between yelps and shrieks.

"You bet," answered a well fucked Kate who shuddered on the big black mamba stuffed up her. "Wish we weren't leaving tomorrow."

"We may need a month off to recover!"

Kate experimented with various motions.
She moved up and down while rising almost off the massive cock inside her and Sophie mirrored her moves on Johnny.
When Kate made wide circular motions and twisted her hips in order to accentuate the pressure on her g-spot.
Sophie mimicked this and surprised herself with the very pleasurable sensation.

"Oh my gosh!"

They both dug their heels in and began to shunt to and fro, impaled on the grunting African's cocks.
Both women felt like bucking bronco's as they rode the furious humping of the ripped men.
The friction they created was enough for a phenomenal grinding on their pubic bones to ensure both women came with a series of intense orgasmic waves.

"Come for us, guys."

Kate and Sophie laid back on the bed so that the tops of their heads met.
The men loomed over them and pumped their slick cocks in tight fists until they began to spurt cum over each of those pale white faces.
Huge strings of white erupted from the pulsating cocks and the faces of the ladies were coated with semen.

"Wonderful, gentlemen. Thank you both so much. Now, be good boys and make yourself scarce. Goodnight."


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Re: Kate Middleton Likes It Rough:
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Chapter Six.

February, 2020.


It was a sign of the new, emboldened Kate Middleton who was seen to be quietly getting on with business after all the recent royal turmoil.

Since the drama of Megxit the elegant and flawless Duchess of Cambridge had attended a grand reception for several African leaders, an affair that would normally have been hosted by the Queen or Prince Charles.

Instead, Her Majesty had been happy to let the radiant Kate and her husband William to fly the flag.

The young couple were ready for duty and were more than capable to shoulder a few prestigious events in the months to come and were eager to forget all about Harry and Meghan.

William, and especially Kate, had just the right balance of glamour and gratis, and she had impressed all those she had met.

The twenty one African heads of state and ministers had seen a united front just as Harry and Meghan were on a jet plane bound for Canada.

On this particular evening however the usually relaxed and carefree Kate was feeling somewhat stressed and irritable.

Yet again the phone rang on her office desk and she narrowed her eyes as she picked up the receiver.

"Yes, Wills. Yes, Wills. No, Wills."

She cradled the phone and looked across the desk to her new private secretary, Miss Felicity Sterling.

"Problem, ma'am?"

"It's just my husband. He's having some difficulties sending the children to bed."

Kate looked at Miss Sterling as she rubbed the back of her neck.
It had been a long day and it was now seven in the evening.
There had been more and more papers to read and sign and bureaucracy to deal with these days and Felicity had been a godsend.

The twenty year old strawberry blonde had provided outstanding credentials and the offer of the job had been a no brainer.

She was tidy, alert, intelligent and always prompt.
As she looked back at the Duchess she removed her big framed spectacles and put down her pad.

The medium built blonde had baby blue eyes and large lashes that flapped on the tops of her cheeks as she blinked.
Dressed in a short grey skirt and sheer white blouse she appeared most attractive despite the effort to be sedate.
Most obvious was her large breasts which made her look too top heavy for her size, a mere five feet five.

"Yes? Again! I don't care what she says put Charlotte to bed this instant."

Kate hung up and sighed loudly.

"Men! I am so stressed out!"

"Ma'am. I think you need to take five. Would you like me to rub your shoulders? For just a moment? I think it might help."

Kate looked at the woman who beamed back at her. Why not?

"If you think it will help, give it a try."

The Duchess pulled her long wavy hair over the front of her right shoulder as Felicity came and stood behind her.
Kate closed her eyes automatically as soft and supple fingers began to massage her neck.

"Oh my word, that IS nice. There we go."

"Thank you, ma'am. My girlfriend loves me giving her messages. You're so tight here."

"I know. It's been one thing after another lately, what with Harry leaving and everything."

"Oh, I quite agree. Men! Who really needs them?"

Twice now Kate had picked up on certain hints that the young Miss Sterling may be of a certain persuasion.

'You know," Kate said in a low voice as her tensions subsided. "When I get really tense I like to have my feet rubbed. Would you mind terribly?"

"Not at all."

The young blonde pulled up a chair and sat opposite the Duchess who kicked off her right shoe.
Felicity put the bare foot in her hitched up skirt and looked directly in the eyes of Kate.

"Trust me."

In fact the young woman had a profound crush on the Duchess of Cambridge, ever since the odious Meghan Markle had appeared on the scene.
Felicity had been so excited! Who would have thought she could ever land a job within the Royal Family?

"Oh, right."

Kate watched as Felicity held her foot up until her button nose almost touched her big toe.
Using both hands she kneaded the meat of the foot and went from heel to toe in a slow line.
She moved in to the softer sole and rubbed the arch lengthwise.

"Give me your other foot."

Kate obliged and the girl repeated the same technique making the brunette sigh in bliss.
She started abruptly when Felicity began to lick her left foot from the toes, down her sole to the heel.
Kate almost yanked her foot back but stuck to it as each of her toes were sucked and licked in turn!

"Er, okay."

Kate inhaled deeply as the big toe on her right foot was sucked in between Felicity's pursed red lips and kept there.
She squirmed on the seat of her dress and wrinkled her nose at the incredible sight of her toes dribbling saliva.

"Isn't that better? Mmm!"


Each toe, starting with the big one and going along to the smallest, were individually sucked in and warmed up by the blonde's mouth.
Even the spaces in between were flicked at by fleeting darts of the tongue and the pads of each toe were lovingly licked.

"I'll just..."

Kate was then surprised and astonished as Felicity squatted on the edge of her chair.
Because when her legs spread apart and her skirt rode up her legs it turned out the blonde was not wearing panties!

As she rubbed Kate's foot the shocked Duchess could not tear her eyes away from her secretary's exposed pussy, not only by the brazen display but by the fact that the young woman was clean shaven.

"Miss Sterling, I..."

Kate had never been attracted to a female before but the lewdness of Felicity was having a very big impact.
Her mind was a whirlwind of mixed emotions as they stared into each others eyes.

"Now then."

Felicity chose that moment to slide her hands up the lithe thighs of Kate, pushing her dress up, up, up until her underwear was in view.
Kate bit her lower lip and willingly opened her legs as a shiver of excitement raged through her.
Kate's eyes fluttered as she felt fingertips brush the insides of her upper thighs just where her tingling pussy was beginning to dampen her panties.

"Just relax. ma'am. Let the tension wash away."

Felicity's soft voice lulled Kate into a serene state as those wonderful fingers inched their way to her muff.
She lifted her bottom off the seat and allowed the woman to drag her panties off completely.
A moan escaped Kate's lips which was then muted as the girl kissed her gently for a full twenty seconds.
Without thinking Kate took the girl by the waist and pulled her closer.

"What if I were to massage this?"

Felicity began a subtle caress of Kate's abdomen before drifting down to her bared muff.
She has just trimmed her dark brown triangle of pubic hair which now had tiny dapples of her moisture.
Felicity made firm circular motions with her palm on the protruding mound and Kate rolled her hips accordingly.

"I so enjoy working for you, ma'am."

"Thank you," Kate said meekly as her left leg was lifted onto the girl's shoulder and hung down her back.

The blonde leaned in and using her tongue licked in a straight line from the knee up to that part of the skin that merged with the vaginal mound.
Kate tool a sharp intake of breath as the hot tongue made contact with the outer lips of her pussy.
More pressure was applied as Felicity slipped her tongue right into the inner folds and expertly parted the pink lips.

"Oh my god!"

Kate gripped the arms of her chair and snapped her head back as Felicity flattened her tongue and exhaled warm air on Kate's vulva.
With her legs flung out and up Kate was subjected to a flurry of licks and lashes all around her sopping cunt and she moaned long and loud.
Two fingers found their way inside her quim and as her clit was flicked at by darting stabs her pussy was frigged hard and fast.

"I never..."

Kate trembled inside in a way she had never known before.
A wave of excitement washed over her as she enjoyed this first time being touched by another female, there!

As she started to shake Kate clamped her thighs against the blonde's head and she let out a strangled cry as she climaxed.
Felicity continued to probe Kate's depths until she reached a relaxed state.

"Men! Who needs them!"

Miss Sterling replaced her spectacles on her nose and bade the Duchess a good night.
Kate was a sight as she remained seated with her dress half way up her midriff and her long legs splayed out lewdly on each arm of the chair.
Her displayed pussy was wet and parted and her bared feet sparkled with spittle.

"Well, that was different!"


Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace was quite spacious and had rooms for the family of Kate and William as well as quarters for staff.
The Duchess had paired back the help since moving in just over a year ago and only seven people were gainfully employed and in residence at this time.

Just two days after Kate had shared an intimate foot massage with her latest personal secretary she and the children had spent two days at Buckingham Palace by invitation of Her Majesty, Elizabeth II.
During the visit Kate appeared distant and distracted and her husband expressed concern at her condition.

"It's nothing, darling. Just tiredness is all."

Fact was the Duchess could think of nothing else except the way her feminine side had been awoken by young Miss Sterling.
William and her had the usual perfunctory intercourse the same night and that had left her frustrated and wanting.
Now she wanted to explore the new concept of making love to another woman.
The thirty eight year old had discovered in recent times that it was acceptable to want sex for pleasure, and not just to make babies.

"Let's leave, Wills."

As soon as Kate returned to Kensington she immediately sought out the blonde in the staff quarters and inadvertently stumbled on her and the house maid. Together.

"Miss Sterling?"

Said Kate as she opened the door on her and the maid together on the bed in a naked huddle.


The Duchess looked on with her curiousity piqued.
What better way to be introduced to lesbian sex than to watch others performing before ones very eyes?
The two disturbed lovers leapt up and searched on the carpet for their clothing.

"I'm so sorry, ma'am. l do apologise."

"No need for that, Miss Sterling. What one does in ones free time is perfectly acceptable. Providing it be done out of view of the children."

Kate stood and looked at the petite maid.
She knew the girl as she had given her the position not three months ago.

Amirah was a twenty six year old from Hungary with waist length brown hair and gorgeous dark eyes to match.
Her teeny frame and A cup tits were in complete contrast to the more busty Miss Sterling.

"I wish to see how you make love to a woman. Show me now. Show me everything."

"Are you sure? Amirah and I?"


Kate sat herself down in an armchair and crossed her legs and nodded.
There was long moment where the two butt naked women were still not quite sure what to do.

The elegant brunette waited with bated breath as the two naked young women faced each other and then hugged, grinding their crotches on each others legs.

They kissed and Kate tilted her head for a better view.
Felicity had her right hand on Amirah's left hip and her other tangled in the shiny dark hair of her lover.

"Oh, my."

Kate was aware of the sexual energy mounting as Amirah fingered the blonde's nipples and welcomed the probing fingers on her bald pussy mound.
As they kissed and groped Kate looked on in silence, fascinated by the erotic coupling unfolding in front of her.
Amirah traced her fingertips lightly on the curved line Felicity's belly to her muff and stepped back an inch.


The pair of lesbians moaned as they dug their toes in and frigged each other.
Kate noted the contrast in the girls complexions as they did so.

Felicity was the lighter of the two, all pale skin and curvy with rounded hips and boobs.

Amirah was beautiful with olive toned flesh and of a slighter figure, but no less sensuous.
She had the most perky pair of tits and a bum to die for.

They fell into another open mouthed kiss as they teetered on the tips of their toes and Kate felt a frisson of a thrill in her stomach.

"I never knew girls could have such fun all by themselves."

It was inevitable that Kate open her legs and move her hand between her thighs.
As she shifted in the chair she pushed her fingers down the front of her panties just far enough to feel the top of her pubes.
Already there was an accumulation of moisture down below as she probed deeper down inside her underwear.

"Right there."

The women had dived down onto the lush white carpet and Felicity appeared the one in control as she buried her face in the others sex.

Amirah spread her limber pins straight out and basked in the attention and ran her hands through the hair of the blonde.
Felicity flung her arms up to caress the pointed tips of the Hungarian girl's breasts as she lapped happily at the offered shaven slit.

"I have to join in." Thought a seriously aroused Kate.

She stepped over to take a closer look and Amirah looked up at her with such a bewitching expression that Kate was captivated.
She hitched up her dress and dragged her panties down to her Jimmy Choo heels and kicked them off.

Felicity ceased her oral assault in the cute Hungarian, lifted her face and began to prod Kate's pussy with the point of her tongue.
Amirah got up onto her knees and joined in so that TWO slathering tongues bathed Kate's slit with saliva.

Kate placed her hands on top of their heads as she teetered on her heels and rocked her hips across the heavenly tonguing.
They inter mingled with such dexterity that it was impossible to ascertain whose was whose.


Having not one but two slobbering tongues exploring her most sensitive spots was indescribable.
These lesbian women knew just where to put their tongue, how much pressure to use and how fast.

"I...I must..."

Kate actually thought that she might very well pass out from the incredible sensations and thrust out a hand to reach for the bed.
She sat on the bed of Amirah and Felicity continued to lick her pussy with broad sweeps from her anus up.
Amirah knelt on the bed behind Kate and unbuttoned the dress to release her breasts.
As her boobs were kneaded and caressed Kate widened her legs and sighed from the dual treatment.

"Lovely!" Said Felicity as her licking became more heated and intense and rippling waves of ecstasy cascaded over the Duchess.

Amirah leaned over Kate's shoulder and kissed the blonde, tasting the royal Duchess on her ruby red lips.
Felicity eased Kate's shoes off and rubbed the soles of her feet which the Duchess enjoyed immensely.

Then Amirah got up and produced an eight inch pink dildo from her bathroom.
Felicity grinned at the ominous sex toy and Kate reacted with wide eyes and a slight trepidation.

"I'm not sure about this, girls."

Amirah smiled as she held up a bottle of lube and drizzled a good amount on the realistic looking dildo.

"Why ma'am, orgasms with a sex toy are just as good as the real thing. And we don't have to deal with the macho bullshit either."

Kate studied the lifelike dildo with the raised veins and swollen head and her jaw slackened a tad.
The blonde secretary parted Kate's knees and worked the big tip into her pussy.
The lubricated toy made an almost obscene slurp sound as it was pushed further inside the moaning brunette.

"It's quite big!" She groaned as a good portion of PVC vanished into her accommodating cunt.

Kate felt her muff getting wetter and wetter with every in stroke of the dildo and the warmest of tingles made her freed up toes curl.
Felicity now started to twist the toy as she eased it in inch by inch and Kate made an O with her mouth in a silent scream.

"I can see you agree with us, ma'am." Smiled Miss Sterling.

As Felicity did the business Amirah came up behind her and with both hands on her meaty bottom started to lick her pussy with great fervour.
The cute Hungarian slip of a girl dribbled a line of spit down the vertical smile of the blonde and then spat hard into the honey pot of goo.

"Oh, mmm!"

All three made pleasant sounds of satisfaction as they made out.
They broke off after some minutes and Kate got up and laid down on the carpet and welcomed Felicity who assumed a sixty nine position and planted her muff on the brunette's face.

The Duchess gazed up at the extraordinary sight of an ass and pussy hovering over her in all their full glory.
Then the upside down pussy rested on her mouth and she quickly began to lick the sweet juices from the offered slit.


She groaned into the warm muff as her own pussy was nibbled and teased by the young blonde.
It was hard to concentrate for Kate as she felt a darting tongue flick at her clitoris and then delve between her sodden labia.
Every time her hard clit was lovingly swiped her pelvis shot up slightly and all the muscles in her thighs and calves tensed.

"Love...love it!"

Amirah got onto her hands and knees in front of Felicity and wiggled her pert derriere in her face.
Amid loud moaning and gasps Felicity lifted up her head, took the PVC dildo and shoved it all the way inside Amirah's quivering cunt.

Obviously not new to the toy Amirah purred in delight as she pushed back onto the dildo which vigour.
The eight inches were fully inserted in the long haired girl and lewd pussy farts emanated from her foaming cunt.

"My favourite tune!" Said Miss Sterling with a throaty chuckle.

Amirah's tits bounced under her as she rocked to and fro.
Her giggling lover gave her hefty smacks on her rump several times and a red mark remained visible for the duration.
A warm euphoria came over the slim girl and her eyes rolled back in her head at the height of her climax.

"Done? Already?"

Felicity shifted position then and smothered the face of the Duchess whilst looking down her body to her feet.
Kate placed her hands on the soft buttocks above her head and squeezed them.
She was in full swing of things now and traced the wet labia on her mouth, tasting the pussy sweat and fluids.

Then Amirah took the slick sex toy from her pussy and started to fuck the Duchess with it.
Felicity bent across the perspiring frame of Kate and French kissed the Hungarian minx.

"Harder, harder with that. Fuck me!"

Kate bumped and humped the dildo as if it were SHE fucking IT.
She felt an overwhelming sense of utter pleasure as her cunt was completely filled with the false cock.

She felt her orgasm build in her toes and start to work it's way up the rest of her body.
The muscles in her smooth legs flexed as Felicity bent over her to finger her clit.
Then Kate's hips shot upward and gripped the dildo with her pussy as she came.
Amirah kept the toy inside her until she stopped convulsing and then yanked it back out.

"Oh, my."

Felicity looked at the dildo in Amirah's fist and opened her mouth to devour Kate's juices that covered it.
All three sat up on their knees and snuggled together.
Kate kissed the lips of the Hungarian deeply and then turned to her secretary and did the same to her.

"Heaven, sheer heaven. I'll see you in the morning, Miss Sterling. And maybe Amirah later on."

Kate's perception of her own sexuality had altered considerably in a short space of time, thanks to Miss Sterling.
The experience of girl on girl had been fantastic and had completely exceeded her expectations.
She looked forward very much to surpassing those same expectations in the days to come.

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Re: Kate Middleton Likes It Rough:
« Reply #8 on: February 03, 2020, 07:09:49 AM »
Chapter Seven.


Kate Middleton laid back in an uneasy slumber beside her snoring husband, Prince William. Dreams came and went as she turned one way, then the other. It had been two months since Prince Harry and Meghan had left for Canada and her workload had increased ten fold, along with the stress.

For the two hours before turning in she had guzzled down a half bottle of Chardonnay and had hit the sack and crashed out immediately. Now her brain reeled with images of her and the younger Prince Harry frolicking in her bed, his big cock stuffed in her wet pussy, their wanton bodies wrapped in a lust filled craze.
Her body glistened in a sheen of perspiration as she squirmed in her troubled sleep, unable to relax.


A dusky skinned and attractive woman stood at the foot of the bed in a shocking pink silky soft camisole that erred on the short side. Barely an inch decent, the sexy lace garment fit very snug around her medium sized breasts and accentuated her trim waist.

Kate opened her eyes and looked up into the harshly lit room confused.
Now quite naked and alone, she laid atop the sheets of her king size bed, aware of several people in the room with her.

Her clear eyes focused on the slim figure before her and she did a double take.

Meghan Markle stared at her with the devil in her dark blazing eyes, her long brown hair fluttered over her bare arms and shoulders and she looked decidedly provocative. Kate was speechless at the unexpected sight, wondering what on earth was going on.

"Kate fucking Middleton, you are SO not his type. You're all pale skinned, tiny boobs, and you even have skinny hair!
He told me what happened between you two and I have forgiven him. Not you though, bitch."

The Duchess of Cambridge blinked as she sat up on her elbows at a loss for words. Her long legs were crossed and her shaven pussy mound protruded enticingly at her upper thighs. On either side of the bed stood about a dozen nude young men waxing their carrots, all leering at her hot body lasciviously.

"Hey, don't blame me you slut. He came on to me." Snarled Kate in her defence.

"I've been hearing a lot about you since you stepped up and I promised myself that I would hound you. Even in your dreams. You ever heard of the term revenge sex?"

"Yes." Said Kate with chin up proudly.

"Well, this is my twist on it. These men are gonna fuck your brains out while I watch. Since you like cock so much you can have as much as you like. My treat."

Kate looked from right to left and felt a distinct thrill in her loins. All the men looked to be in their twenties, fit and broad shouldered with varying cock sizes and shapes.
Her eyes settled on the man nearest to her left, about six feet tall with short brown hair. He stroked his seven inch erection with a spiral twist of his right fist.
Beside him another dark haired hunk with a tattoo of an eagle on his shaven chest looked at her with sparkling eyes.

"Hi," he said in a husky voice."

"Oh, hi." Said Kate as if greeting an old acquaintance.

On her right a man with a shaven head leered at her bared and stood hands on hips, his six inch cock pointing to the ceiling from a hairless groin. His biceps testified to a rigorous training regime, as did his developed quads. Next to him a black stud stood with arms folded on his shining deep chocolate chest, his enormous appendage at half mast, but still impressive.

In fact all the men were athletic looking and rugged, and without a doubt the most virile looking men Kate had encountered in her life. She had never taken part in a gangbang before and her head swam at the thought of being ravished by a group of sex crazed men.

"Shall we begin?"

Meghan walked bare foot to a large leather chair at the side of the bed and watched with a wicked smile on her red lips. She gave a surreptitious nod of her head and all the studs went into motion.

"Use the lube boys."

An exquisite surge of excitement rushed through Kate at the realisation of her vulnerability. Confronted by so many erect cocks, some fat, some long, some dark, some pale made her pussy pulse with expectation.

"Go easy guys." Kate asked with a lump in her throat.

A dozen big hands mauled her flesh, kneading her tits, caressing her belly and cupping her dampening pussy. Kate moved on her back in a wonderful daze as her body was worshipped by the pack of hungry men. She loved the attention she was receiving as hands went here and there.

One hand met her smooth pussy lips and her legs widened gladly. Her face was forcefully turned to her left and a thick cock rested on her chin. She opened her mouth and let the head pop inside with muted moans. The smell of the man reached her nostrils as his groin came nearer to her face and her pussy oozed over probing fingers.

To her right the man with the shaven head and body leaned over, his cock jutting out from his smooth stomach. He roughly whipped Katy's face his way and presented his prick to her. Her moans mingled with his grunts as she scraped her teeth along the greasy length of his rock hard organ.

"Go for it, boys." Said Meghan who had raised a slim leg onto the arm of her chair and used her fingertips to strum her dark pubes.

More cocks came Kate's way who quivered restlessly, anxious for cock to be slipped past her succulent red lips. At the foot of the bed four aroused men were smearing generous amounts of K Y jelly to their erections as they geared up to fuck the blonde. A giant sized bottle of Johnsons baby oil was held above her writhing body from high up and drizzled over her stomach and boobs liberally.

Kate aided the man and smoothed the lotion over the alluring swell of her rounded breasts, warm dribbles of which slid down her cleavage. Her thumbs flicked at her hard nipples as a thick cock pushed into her welcoming mouth.

She eagerly slurped like a trooper as the lean and tanned hunk jerked his pelvis. A trail of oil trickled over her Mons pubis and over the outer labia of her aching quim, and sparks of delight sent her shuddering as a mans thumb brushed at her throbbing clitoris.

"Mmm." Moaned Meghan who had slipped her middle finger into her soft cunt.

From tits down to her upper thighs the Duchess was slippery and shiny now as she was massaged by many hands. A musky aroma of baby oil, sex and sweat permeated in the crowded bedroom, and Kate's heart beat fast in her chest. Her eyes were wide open as she swirled her tongue erotically around the swollen crown of the black man's knob.

"Yeah baby, suck that big thing." He demanded as he looked down at her.

Still flat on her back the brunette slid her fingers up and down the veiny shaft and planted hot kisses on the purple coloured glans. She made urgent whining sounds as two fingers pushed into her cunt and she wriggled on the probing digits frantically.

Her lips rolled along the underside of the deep chocolate hued stem of the black stud as she wanked off another with her left hand. Her right hand was gripped firmly and a hit cock was placed in her open palm.

Busy servicing three cocks at once Kate's lower body was lifted and she felt a pillow slide under her ass, quickly followed by the man with the eagle tattoo who settled his ripped body on her.

Her lithe legs were pushed ajar exposing the enticing pink insides of her cunt, and a stiff cock was pressed at her entrance. The wet slit opened like a flower as Kate raised up on the pillow and warmly embraced the prodigious appendage.

"Fuck! That's good!"

One hard inch after another slid inside slowly until the entire seven inches was in. Immediately the mans rump began to rise up and down, delivering a steady and assured rhythm. The K Y helped his penetration and he happily fucked the woman with his youthful energy.

He stopped momentarily and he was replaced by a brawny chested man who wasted no time in fucking his heart out, the slap of his balls on her oiled up body evident of their lustful exuberance. With only a few strokes he increased his rate and buried his length in Kate's expectant pussy. He was surprised at how easily he slid in and out, no doubt due to the two stiff cocks she had accommodated in rapid succession.


Brawny chest used all of her slick channel, hammering her into total submission. Kate seemed to float on air as a rosy glow sent sublime tingles all the way to her toes. He gave her three more lusty lunges before maddeningly withdrawing his superb cock.

"Slap her with that dick!" Meghan yelled out.

Kate looked at a young man with a cherubic face and ruddy complexion who knelt on the bed and straddled her midriff. He was not as sweet as he appeared to be to Katy when he grabbed the back of her head and used his swinging prick like a club and slapped her boobs.

Her tits wobbled under the assault as she lifted her head up. The others all watched as the man alone paid her attention, smacking her on each cheek with his big cock.

"Yeah, that's right, she wants cock, let the little whore have it."

Baby face eased his meat into her mouth, then further in all the way to the back of her throat. All the men looked on as she gagged and spluttered as six inches of cock crammed in her open mouth, her eyes almost bulging.

Then he withdrew and Kate gasped for air as the man wasted no time and slithered down her oiled up torso until he was between her spread out legs.

"Fuck me, big boy," she whimpered with spit running down her chin.

Two muscled men each took a dainty foot and held her legs out as far as possible as she was taken roughly. Kate threw her head back as her cute ass was driven into the pillow with furious thrusts of the mans taut butt.

She bucked her loins back at him hungry to be consumed by his stiff meat. The muscles in his thighs and calves rippled as he fucked the blonde slut for a solid two minutes, pawing her heavy boobs as he did so.

Meghan licked her lips as she watched the erotic scene unfold, frigging her wet pussy with a feverish urgency.

"Now time for two cocks, boys."

Kate had no time to digest the order as her slippery frame was lifted by strong hands and plonked onto the upright pole of eagle chest who laid on his back.

She was held about the waist as he lined up his rod to her softness and slid up into her all the way. Her eyes were wild and open as she was pounded by strong upward thrusts that caused her lightweight figure to bounce up and down.

"Now in the ass."

From behind shaven head smeared more lube on his six inches and held his raging hard on at her delightful puckered anus. The man under her stopped his gyrating and squeezed her tits as the other pushed his cock head a tiny way inside her asshole.

Kate screamed as she was skewered in both her holes which were covered in sweat and grease. The pair of rampant men began to move together as Kate twitched and perspired, her hair in total disarray on her head.

"Oh my goodness! I'm coming!"

The men had held her tight in their bulging arms as they moved in unison, and when the cock in her asshole pushed in deep Kate shook with a shattering orgasm, Now Kate succumbed to a strong and delirious carnal lust that consumed every fibre of her body.

"Fuck that cunt, fuck that ass. Fuck the shit out of me, you bastards! I love it! Two cocks in me at the same time. Ram it in, faster, faster!"

The dark haired man came onto his knees at the edge of the bed and put his pecker in line with her face. He jerked hard near her face and grunted loudly as he unloaded suddenly.

Kate opened her mouth and took the first two spurts on her tongue. She let it dribble out and coat her chin as the next two hits flew onto her pert nose.

"That's it, cum on my face. I'm a cock hungry slut!"

Behind her Kate felt the cock vacate her stretched anus, only to be quickly replaced by another bone, no way of knowing who it was. She almost never had anal sex in her admittedly healthy sex life but a demon had possessed her.

Now she rode on the cock deep inside her soaking cunt and managed to somehow press her back into the man behind her who held her by the hips. Their movements were perfectly in sync, as one slid inside her, the other slid out. With her face dripping cum on the man beneath her, Kate whipped her head around as a second orgasm took her by surprise.

"Oh golly!"

The men were only human and mixed with her climax and the sensation of their rigid pricks barely separated by a thin membrane they released their cum at the same time.

Eagle chest was the most unfortunate of the two as when the ass fucker pulled out and Kate lifted herself off his pulsing member he was drenched in semen.

"Wonderful sport, wonderful." Enthused Meghan Markle. "Having fun, whore?"

Kate laid on the bed panting hard in a sticky mess of cum, oil, and sweat. She stole a look at her tormentor, or was that benefactor and saw her smouldering eyes stare into hers, her haughty gaze supplemented by a big pout.

"Ever fucked a black guy, Kate?"

Before she has time or breath to give an answer, her eye was drawn to the ebony skinned hunk whose hose she had attempted to suck earlier. His huge erection stood to attention at a very respectable eight inches.

In the blink of an eye Kate had her slender legs raised up onto the mans broad shoulders and her pussy speared by his massive manhood. She opened her mouth in a silent scream, her breath had been stolen by his bold entry. Her butt lifted up from the bed, Kate placed her arms out horizontally in an effort to stabilise herself.

"Oh...my...lord!" She hissed, her pussy never wetter, never slicker than now.

As he fucked the living daylights out of the moaning English woman their bodies smacked together with a resonating sound, his big ball sack hitting her up turned ass.

Sweat poured from every pore in his body and the bed resembled a river bank that had overflowed. Kate was pulled and pushed to and fro, the thick tool tunnelling in and out of her steamy cunt.

"Fuck that pussy, fuck that pussy, fuck that pussy!"

The other men began to chant in time with the merciless banging Kate was being subjected to. Her lover had his eyes closed in concentration, his mouth open as he gulped in huge glugs of air. He drove his cock in and out with blinding speed and Kate squealed with delight.

The air in the room reeked of staleness, bodies glistened and shone in the harsh ceiling light. Try as she might, Kate kept slipping and sliding on her ass as the deep, plunging prick drove on in. The man reared up letting her weakened legs flop onto the sheets and drew his cock out.

"NO!" Kate protested at the loss of his black log.

He hovered over her lower body and emptied his balls in an incredible arc that hit her neck and then proceeded to deposit a true line down her cleavage to her navel. Another stream shot out of the swollen cock head and settled in a messy pool of cum on her belly.

Meghan was ecstatic, both her legs were out wide on the arms of the chair as she pressed her thumb down hard on her hard clit. As Kate blinked to keep her eyes focused she fancied she saw a figure on his knees at the feet of the soon to be Princess. He appeared to be fingering her asshole as she stroked herself, both of them speeding her to the pinnacle of her climax.

"Don't stop, lover, don't stop." She muttered with eyes tight shut.

Kate had no time to ponder as she was elevated into the strapping arms of cherub face. He stood on the floor, feet apart, butt clenched as he pulled her up onto his chest.

Her big tits rubbed hard against him as she twisted like bait on a hook. Then she gasped as his erection jabbed at her pussy several times before her well oiled cunt slipped down his upright rod.

"Amazing!" She cooed as she was rocked back and forth on his generous length, her legs swinging mere inches above the floor.

With seemingly no effort the confident stud fucked her in short, sharp stabs of his organ, pressing her hips with his big hands. Then Kate was held still and she became aware of another behind her back.

Here we go again!

She felt a spongy knob at the entrance to her anus, pushing and exploring her ring. One hard thrust up and Kate was impaled on two large cocks.

"Heavens!" She gasped.

Completely under their control she was blatantly used and abused for their wanton pleasure, only a thin wall of flesh separating the thick pricks. Sandwiched in the middle of the muscular men her imminent orgasm grew ever closer.

Cherub face's chest on hers, and the guy behind pressed on her back, all three slithered as they stood. The men's pelvic gyrations nearly made the blonde swoon with the delicious sensation of skin on skin. In an incredible moment of euphoria all three came simultaneously and warm gushes of semen flooded both holes of the Duchess.

"Words fail me," she purred as she was lifted up and plopped back on the bed.

Kate's cunt and asshole pumped semen onto the already saturated bed, both her holes gaped, unable to close properly from the manic gangbang. No sooner had she propped her weary frame up on her elbows, three men, naked as the day they were born, approached her with fierce looking erections.

"Go ahead, make my day." She demanded with head tilted back.

The first stroked his cock with rapid twists and held it to her wide open mouth as he ejaculated. Cum spurted into Kate's mouth and on her tongue in sporadic bursts as he milked his prick until he was reduced to a dribble.

Number two stood with him shoulder to shoulder before he was done and came in four sprays that bathed her lips and chin. From her left side Kate felt her head wrenched to a hairless groin and a fat cock erupted a load of white goo that missed her expectant mouth and coated her cleavage. The stream of sperm ran down in a line to her stomach.

"Next!" Kate mumbled with a full mouth.

Yet two more slavering stunt cocks loomed over Kate and let fly a rain of cum onto her upturned face which now resembled a custard pie. She coughed and spat semen onto the bed and used a screwed up section of the sheet to wipe some of the goo that burned her eyes.

Silence fell over the room as the men vacated it and Kate looked over at Meghan Markle. In all the excitement Kate had not noticed her royal lover enter and even now the dusky skinned woman was busy blowing her husband. She had slipped out of her flimsy camisole and was totally nude as her mouth was enclosed on the stiff cock of Prince Harry.

"Oh my." Gushed Kate as she watched Harry get sucked.

Meghan was rather good, using her tongue, teeth and lips delicately but expertly to make the lucky man's eyes roll back in his head. Not only did he have a full head of ginger hair but his chest and groin were heavily matted in the course stuff. Large quantities of her spit flowed down his pole to his pubes as his entire length was swallowed up by his enthused lover.

"Suck that cock, babe." Said Kate impressed.

Meghan let her lips linger on his tip only and hollowed out her cheeks that drew a feverish hiss from Harry's mouth. Once satisfied he was as hard as he could get her head whipped back and forth, displaying a breath taking blow job that was second to none. Kate saw the woman curl her toes as she scraped her pearly white teeth across his glans, then gasped as the Prince ejaculated loudly.

"Oh, that is wonderful!" He cried.

He jerked and bucked as Meghan swallowed every drop of cum down her throat, her fingertips digging into the flesh of his thighs. Once he was spent she slowly raised her face and looked directly at Kate.

"This cock is mine, and mine alone, understand? Don't even DREAM about it."

"Totally, he deserves you, you suck cock like no other."

"That's right, bitch, now fuck off, I am going to fuck my man on your bed."

"Maybe I should change the sheets first."

Kate rose from the saturated bed and busied herself with wrenching the sheets and pillows.

"Let me do that." Said Meghan.

"Let me do that." Said the housemaid as she took Kate's hand away from the rumpled bed.

"What? Where...what time is it?"

Kate drowsily focused her eyes. The bedroom was empty apart from the maid and her. She was half in, half out of the bed, and the realisation slowly came to her that it had all been a dream.

"It's midday, my Lady, time to get up."

Kate sat on the edge of the bed and bowed her throbbing head. That's the last time I have wine on an empty stomach, she mused.

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Re: Kate Middleton Likes It Rough:
« Reply #9 on: February 07, 2020, 07:37:17 AM »
You are doing great and I enjoyed chap 7 and look forwards to more in the series. I see your comments on Literotica and probably a good idea to keep the ongoing stories 'exclusively' on this site and let others find there way to it. The "Gang Bang" dream story was good and to keep Meghan involved still was good and hope she continues to have a presence in future episode. As mentioned on Literotica there is some knowledge of Kates time at University including unconfirmed rumours of intimate relations with a Uni Professor and his wife etc and also exploits of her Mother, Carol (Who was a British Airways stewardess before she married Kate's Father) and her sister Pippa. Kate was allegedly known for her Bi-sex leanings and therefore I am sure you can develop this are with other FFM/3somes etc (not including William) including with other Royals, Celebs and non-celebs etc as well as other scenarios with further Lesbian, Bi-sex and DP experiences with BBC or not etc. The story with Sophie (Countess of Wessex) is plausible as she is also deserving of future inclusion with other Females form the Royal area and TV Celebs etc. Good luck and looking forwards to chap 8 and onwards.  :Y:
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Re: Kate Middleton Likes It Rough:
« Reply #10 on: February 07, 2020, 10:52:35 AM »
You are doing great and I enjoyed chap 7 and look forwards to more in the series. I see your comments on Literotica and probably a good idea to keep the ongoing stories 'exclusively' on this site and let others find there way to it. The "Gang Bang" dream story was good and to keep Meghan involved still was good and hope she continues to have a presence in future episode. As mentioned on Literotica there is some knowledge of Kates time at University including unconfirmed rumours of intimate relations with a Uni Professor and his wife etc and also exploits of her Mother, Carol (Who was a British Airways stewardess before she married Kate's Father) and her sister Pippa. Kate was allegedly known for her Bi-sex leanings and therefore I am sure you can develop this are with other FFM/3somes etc (not including William) including with other Royals, Celebs and non-celebs etc as well as other scenarios with further Lesbian, Bi-sex and DP experiences with BBC or not etc. The story with Sophie (Countess of Wessex) is plausible as she is also deserving of future inclusion with other Females form the Royal area and TV Celebs etc. Good luck and looking forwards to chap 8 and onwards.  :Y:

Reply- Not sure of this site being exclusive. I know it's early days for the guys here but, 700 hits for this series compared to nearly 13,000 at Lit is sorely tempting to keep BOTH options open.
I have a germ of an idea for my next chapter which will concern Kate's adventures in Uni in 2001. 123z.
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Re: Kate Middleton Likes It Rough:
« Reply #11 on: February 07, 2020, 12:25:11 PM »
Appreciate your comments on vis--vis for Lit and this site, LitE has been around longer and has a greater fan base but that's the way it is. Look forwards to the "Kate at Uni stories", a back catalogue would give you more scope for some stories from that time until now etc and she was there for several years etc! Anyhow you have seen my other comments so plenty of scope with that etc and good luck and look forwards to reading more of Kates exploits!
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Re: Kate Middleton Likes It Rough:
« Reply #12 on: February 07, 2020, 01:47:42 PM »
Appreciate your comments on vis--vis for Lit and this site, LitE has been around longer and has a greater fan base but that's the way it is. Look forwards to the "Kate at Uni stories", a back catalogue would give you more scope for some stories from that time until now etc and she was there for several years etc! Anyhow you have seen my other comments so plenty of scope with that etc and good luck and look forwards to reading more of Kates exploits!
I've been on google and have turfed up some VERY interesting titbits about Kate from 2001 to write about . I hope I don't get a call from the Palace!
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