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This story is a work of fiction and the characters are either completely fictional or are fictional versions of their real selves. The events depicted are made up and any similarity to real life events is purely coincidental. This story is meant as a work of erotic fiction only and is not to be read by anyone under the age of 18.

I am always looking for feedback about my stories, both what you liked and dislike. If you would like to, please comment in this story, message me in discord @RTMinotaur or send an email to [email protected]

Halloween War Stories
Starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alyson Hannigan and Morena Baccarin
Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Titjob, Squirt

Sarah closed the door after waving goodbye to Freddie and the kids. He was taking them to a Halloween party on the other side of LA, leaving Sarah at home for the night. Luckily; kids rarely came to their exclusive estate for trick or treat.

As she walked back into the kitchen, her mind rolled back to the past, before marriage and kids, when she could get away with being mischievous at Halloween. An idea struck her mind as she approached the kitchen island where her two friends, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alyson Hannigan, sat waiting for her. The wine was already flowing.

“You know girls, I miss the Halloweens of days gone past!” Sarah said as she sat down on the chair.

“You mean standing around bored at industry parties?”

“Standing around bored?” Alyson asked Jennifer. “Weren't you too hyped up on coke?”

Love Hewitt took a moment to think about it before nodding her head and giggling. The two clinked their glasses together and downed their remaining wine. As Sarah had been seeing Freddie and the boys off, Jennifer and Alyson were busy depleting the wine stock and were already on their third bottle.

“Obviously not talking about being bored shitless. Or Love dancing on a table to the latest Euro dance track. I meant the sex!”

“Ooooooohhhhhh.” Alyson and Love replied in unison.

“Well I don't know about you Sarah but my husband and I still have sex. I mean, we did it earlier in the shower.” Love said as she sipped her wine.

“You stayed here last night.” Sarah said to herself. “Really? You fucked in my shower?”

“Your spare shower.” Alyson helpfully pointed out.

“Did you at least clean it?”

“It's a shower; they're self cleansing. Anyway, I swallowed it all.” Love replied before swirling the wine in her mouth.

“I think we're missing the point. Sarah, continue.” Alyson interjected after composing herself.

“Thank you Alyson. What I mean is I miss dressing all sexy, going to a party and fucking some random with no consequences.”

After Sarah got to her point, all three girls clinked their drinks in agreement. When they were younger, all three had lived wild party lives and had enough anonymity that it didn't end up on the front page of TMZ.

“Go on then Gellar, tell us your favourite hook up.” Alyson said as both girls looked at Sarah.

“Well me and Freddie have been together for 18 years, so we'd have to go back to 1997..”

***Sarah’s Story - 31st October 1997***

Sarah looked over herself in the mirror. The 20 year old was delighted with what she saw, her blonde hair cascaded down to her shoulders and the ruby red lipstick shone. The fact that her athletic body was enclosed in the tightest black catsuit was just a bonus. Her Catwoman costume left little to the imagination, do much so that she couldn’t even wear a bra with it.

“Right Gellar. You look hot and, like Anthony said, you gotta get under to get over.”  Sarah muttered to herself.

She closed the make up bag and put it to the side before leaving the bathroom. When she opened the bathroom door, the hall was highly populated. It was akin to a high school house party but the house was a lot cooler and there was alcohol and class A drugs freely available. The couple who pushed passed her seemed to want to indulge judging by the bag of white powder in the guys hand.

The party was hosted by Sarah’s agency so she didn’t know too many people. Charisma was around somewhere; she made it clear she would be on her knees ‘networking’ most of the night. Sarah had a similar plan but hers would be all about pleasure instead of business. She grabbed a drink and chatted to the office admin girls who she had made friends with earlier in the evening.

That was when she spotted him; blonde hair, tanned skin and a muscly body. The guy had come dressed as Hulk Hogan and wore a tiny pair of yellow wrestling trunks. They perfectly showed off his abs and strong thighs; she just hoped he didn’t have padding down the front as she was impressed by what she saw.

“Hey, I’m Selina.” Sarah said as she saddled up to him.

The guy looked shocked for a moment before he cottoned on. Sarah was happy he had some sort of brains. He took her by the hand and kissed the soft skin.

“Hulk. But my friends call me Hogan. I hope you’re not eyeing up any jewels Selina, security is tight.”

“Only thing I’m eyeing up are these 24 inch Pythons.” Sarah said as she leaned up and squeezed his bicep.

“Oh… these? They ain’t bad I suppose.”

“Mmm,” Sarah said as she ran her hands along his chest to his other bicep. “I could use a brute like you. Any other snakes you wanna show me?”

“I’ve got one you might see but he’s a little shy.” Hulk said while looking at her body.

Sarah reached for the zip on her catsuit and lowered it down to reveal a big amount of cleavage.

“I think I know how to coax it out. Follow me.”

Sarah was surprised by her confidence as she led the guy through the house. The girls she was with earlier who all shot her looks of jealousy. She couldn’t help getting what she wanted!

Sarah reached the door of the room that she knew would be empty. After entering the bedroom, Sarah turned around and lowered the zipper down to her navel. By the time Hogan arrived, Sarah had got the zipper down to just above her thong, the middle of her chest completely exposed to him.

“Took your time?” she said as she looked at him.

“You know what sister, the more you wait for hulkamania sister, the more you want hulkamania.”

“Oh and you know what, I want it to go running wild on me!” Sarah said as she pulled Hulk into a kiss.

Sarah pushed her tongue into his mouth and kissed passionately, her hands running over his chest. She couldn’t believe how easy it had been as she felt his hands on her catsuit, the leather being slipped over her shoulders.

Hulk broke the kiss and looked down at her chest; although her breasts were small, they were very pert with quite noticeable nipples. He lifted Sarah up to bring her breasts closer to his mouth, allowing her to wrap her legs around him, and started to kiss her chest. He took each nipple into his mouth in turn and flicked his tongue over the skin, an audible moan emanating from Sarah’s lips.

He continued the breast work as Sarah rubbed her crotch into him, the horniness taking over her body. She could feel the moistness of her pussy start to soak her thong; Sarah knew she needed him inside her now.

“Fuck me, toss me onto the bed and fuck me.” she whispered in his ear.

Hulk immediately stopped sucking on her nipple and looked at her face. Sarah gave him a wink and nodded to the bed directly behind him. Hulk turned and threw Sarah onto bed, she landed on her back and bounced as she made contact with the mattress.

“That's what I like to see!” Sarah said with a giggle.

“I know what you want to see.”

Hulk stood at the end of the bed and started to slide his wrestling trunks down. Sarah gasped as she saw his cock for the first time. He wasn’t fully erect but he was almost there and it stood at 7 inches already. Sarah’s mouth was agape, it was the biggest she had seen live in her young life.

“Wow, that is a big cock! Lay down, I want to ride it.”

Hulk did as Sarah commanded and jumped onto the bed. Sarah dismounted and slid her catsuit off as she observed the man. His body was out of this world, although he was less tanned and much younger than the real thing. Sarah pulled down her thong and walked over to the bed.

Sarah let her fingers drift over his body as she straddled his lap. She was fascinated by muscles and loved the feel of them. They added to the majesty of the situation as she slid his now fully erect cock into her moist snatch. Sarah let out a little moan of pleasure as she started to move her hips at a rhythm and, although he didn’t have the girthiest cock, it stroked the pleasure sensors in her pussy lips.

“Oh, that feels nice!” Sarah said as she started to bounce on his cock.

The large penis filled her hole as she bounced on it. Sarah’s eyes were closed as she felt in control of the guy, her legs clamped to his hips as she moved rhythmically on him. She increased the speed as she got more comfortable, her moans starting to get a little louder. Hulk’s hands creeped around Sarah’s body and took hold of her ass. It was only small but was very firm due to the amount of squats she did. After the grab, he took her by surprise and slid a finger in between his cheeks. 

“Ohh God!” Sarah moaned as she felt it enter.

Sarah had never done anal before so it was a bit of a surprise when the digit went inside her for the first time. However, Hulk was being very gentle and slid the finger in and out at a very slow pace. Meanwhile Sarah hadn’t slowed down in her riding of him and felt more pleasure flow through her body.

“God, your pussy is so tight. I love the feel of you.”

“You feel so good too, filling me up so well.”

“I bet you’ll explode soon.”

“I will if you explode in me.”

“That’s a deal.” Hulk replied as he increased the speed of his fingering.

Sarah could start to feel a second finger enter her as she reached up and cupped her breasts. They usually got more attention but Hulk seemed to want her ass. Two fingers were now working inside her while his other hand kept smoothing the cheek. Sarah bounced harder on his cock as she started to massage them. Hulk licked his lips as he watched Sarah play with herself. Her moans started to get louder as she got closer to her orgasm.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!”

Hulk slipped a third finger into her ass as she bounced on him, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the pleasure. Her body heated up as her orgasm hit. Her moans turned to screams as she allowed his cock to go deep inside her, her body leaning back showing him her full athleticism.

“Oh my God, yes, fucking yes!”

Sarah continued to bounce on his cock to maximise her orgasmic pleasure before collapsing off of Hulk. She looked at him breathlessly as he smiled at her naked body.

“I take it you enjoyed that?” Hulk asked.

Sarah nodded.

“You know I haven’t cum yet?”

Sarah nodded.

“Get on all fours!” he commanded.

Sarah did as commanded and grabbed the end of the bed as she rested on her knees. Hulk got up behind her and took hold of her hips and put her in the position he wanted. Sarah prepared for him to enter her pussy as she felt Hulk grab hold of her hair. Her eyes went wide as she felt the head of his cock enter her ass.

“Oh my God!” Sarah squealed.

Hulk didn't utter a word as he kept hold of her hair and he started to thrust inside her. He took it slow at the start because, although he loosened her up a little with his fingers, she was still incredibly tight. Hulk grunted as he started to move his way in and out of her ass. Slowly, he got used to his cock inside her but it was still incredibly tight.

“Oh God, you’re so tight Selina.” Hulk moaned as he got himself into a steady motion.

Sarah stared ahead as Hulk pushed his cock further into her ass, she was a little shocked when he entered but the pain had subsided. Instead, she started to feel the pleasure that came with anal sex. Her head went flying back as Hulk yanked at her hair as he increased the pace of the fucking. The tightness was working wonders on his cock. He could see Sarah’s face as his hips thrust into her, the new angle putting more pressure on him.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum!” Hulk moaned as he came to the end of his thrusting.

He pushed a few more times before he couldn’t hold it anymore. Hulk let go of Sarah’s hair so he could grab both hips and pushed his final thrusts into her. The first spit of cum shot into her ass quickly followed by the rest as he continued to thrust into her.

Hulk fell backwards onto his haunches as Sarah remained on all fours. He took her by surprise again as he moved his mouth to her ass and sucked up the cum. Hulk flipped Sarah onto her back and dragged her to him. He then kissed Sarah and transferred the cum into her mouth as their tongues intertwining.

“That was nice, we should do it at Christmas.”

“I dunno if I’ll be here at Christmas.” Sarah said as she watched him get dressed again.

“You sluts in admin never last.” Hulk said as he walked out of the room.

***Present Day***

“Holy shit Sarah!” Jennifer said as she sipped at her wine. “I can't believe you let a guy stick it up your ass like 10 minutes after meeting him.”

“From the sounds of it, she didn't have a lot of choice.”  Alyson replied.

“Plus it was more like 15.”

All three girls giggled at Sarah’s comment before draining off their glasses. Sarah couldn’t wait until later, she was already horny from recounting her fucking to the girls.

“So who's next?” Sarah asked as she opened a new bottle of wine.

Jennifer shook her head, which disappointed Sarah. She knew that Love would share some filthy stories if she got tanked enough; she had always managed casual drinking and drug use without falling into addiction.

“Guess it’s me then.” Alyson said as she took from her new glass of wine. “I fucked a Tarzan once. And a monkey a year later. It might have been the same guy.”

“Ha ha. How could you tell?” Jennifer asked.

“Only guy who's ever wanted to cum on my neck. Specifically my neck.”

“Wow. Guys usually want to cum on my face. I know it’s good for your skin but ergh!” Sarah noted.

“I hear you sister.”

Sarah and Jennifer clinked glasses before returning their attention to Alyson.

“So… 2002, Halloween before i got married and I was given a free pass to fuck whoever I wanted.”

“Alexis let you?” Sarah asked.

“Ha, no! I allowed Alexis to fuck Charisma on the agreement I could. So 2002…”

***Alyson’s Story - 31st October 2002***

Alyson couldn’t believe her luck. Not only had she convinced Alexis that they needed a final fling before marriage, she was now surrounded by a bevvy of beautiful open minded women. Sure; she could have chosen to fuck a guy but her experience with women had been limited to threesomes or voyeuristic shows, she had never truly been one on one.

Using her connections, she had got an invite to an exclusive party where a select amount of television personalities would be appearing. They were mostly from new shows so a collection of bright young things that would make easy meat from pervy producers in their mid 50’s. That’s why she wangled Joss Whedon’s invite out of him. And she knew who she wanted.

Her eyes were fixed on Morena Baccarin, one of the stars of Joss’s new show Firefly. Big things were expected and Joss had bigged her up to Alyson. The brazilian born actress had come dressed in a white lace dress, not tight but it was tight enough for people to know she had an excellent body underneath.

“How are you enjoying this shindig?” Alyson asked as she approached Morena.

The brunette looked at her with a smile, it was about time someone approached her without staring at her tits.

“Well it's all a bit lame. I was expecting coke, orgies, a couple fucking on the sofa. Instead I get fat 60 year olds wanting a blow job in exchange for a role as corpse 6.”

Both girls laughed at her comment as they made their way to the punch.

“I mean Joss told me about some parties you had been to and they sounded wild.” Morena said as she drank some punch.

“I mean they weren’t all wild, some were sedate like this but you at least found someone to lick your pussy.”

“What?” Morena asked in surprise. “I didn’t know you were…”

“Oh I’m not.” Alyson replied. “But when you’re single, at a party and want to get off, it’s the safest option. No chance of getting pregnant, no chance of getting raped, 100% chance of getting an orgasm.” Alyson answered.

Alyson didn’t make a move as she let her words in the air before both girls drank their punch.

“I’m single.” Morena said before taking Alyson’s hand.

‘Bingo!’ Alyson thought.

After they reached an empty room, Alyson made short work of Morena’s white dress. It fell to the floor and remained there as the taller girl walked to the bed. The dress had been paired with a white bra and silk panties combo, Alyson licked her lips as she looked over the brunette.

“I’ve never been with a girl before.” Morena confessed.

“That’s okay.” Alyson said as she took Morena’s hand. “Just lay down on the bed.”

Morena followed Alyson’s instructions and watched as the red head removed her dress. She had foregone the formality of a bra and Morena bit her lip as she surveyed Alyson’s chest. Her breasts were an average size but her nipples were very pink; and they were already erect.

“Feel your juices flowing?” Alyson asked as she stepped onto the bed.

“Oh, it’s going the right way.”

“Good, just enjoy what I am gonna do.” Alyson replied.

She took a hold of Morena’s right leg and started to kiss around the ankle. The skin was smooth and got smoother as she progressed to her calf. Alyson was originally unsure how Morena would react but she was encouraged by moans that escaped from the brunette.

“Oh, don’t stop.” Morena moaned.

Alyson was happy to oblige as she continued to kiss the Brazilian’s leg while her fingers moved to Morena’s panties. Morena let out a gasp as the material moved down her legs to expose her pussy, freshly shaven for the party.

“Very tasty.” Alyson whispered.

“It’s so wet for you.” Morena moaned as she felt Alyson's fingers move to her pussy.

“All the better.”

Alyson moved her fingers to Morena’s clit and started to move them in a circular motion. Morena moaned as she felt the pressure from Alyson’s hands on her button, pleasure starting to go through her body. As the moans started to increase in volume, she increased the speed of her fingers to bring more pleasure to Morena. She moved her head closer to Morena’s pussy and took in the musk as it hit her nostrils. Alyson moved her fingers off the clit and licked them with her tongue.

“You smell and taste nice.” Alyson said with a smile.

Morena couldn’t muster a reply, instead she grabbed Alyson's hand and moved it back to her pussy. Instead of going to the clit, Alyson slid two fingers into Morena’s pussy and listened to the squelching as she thrust them into the brunette. Morena’s moans continued as Alyson thrusted her fingers in and out of her, the thumb sliding up to the clit and rubbing it. Alyson enjoyed watching the younger girl moan at her touch. Morena squirmed the more Alyson gave her finger penetration and could feel her orgasm approaching. Suddenly, Alyson pulled back and left Morena with a disappointed look on her face.

“Turn over onto all fours!” she commanded.

Morena nodded her head and moved off of her back and onto all fours. Alyson licked her lips as she admired Morena’s rear end, her smooth pussy exposed to the firey red head. She instantly dipped her fingers back into Morena’s pussy. Wanting to take her by surprise, Alyson lowered her lips to the pert ass and started to kiss the cheeks. Another moan came from the brunette as Alyson allowed her tongue to slip out of her tongue and run along the curve of Morena’s ass cheeks. The combination attack of both Alyson’s tongue and fingers was working wonders as Morena closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

“Oh God, this feels so good.” Morena cried out as her breathing became louder. “Make me cum, make me cum!”

Alyson smiled as she licked Morena’s arsehole, she knew what she was doing was opening a whole new world of please for the younger actress. As she added a fourth finger to the pussy, she could feel the pussy lips tighten on her digits and she knew that Morena was about to cum. It didn’t slow her down as her fingers thrust in and out with a quicker speed, timing perfectly with Morena’s moans turning into screams. The girl got louder as Alyson felt the juices coat her fingers, Morena’s ass smacking her in the face as she went through the motions of her orgasm.

Alyson was fairly sure that anyone outside would have heard the screams but she didn’t care. Morena had collapsed to the bed and Alyson crawled up to join her. The younger girl cuddled into the red head as they laid on the bed.

“That was amazing!” she whispered.

Alyson smiled  back at her.

“Stick with me kid and your pussy will never go hungry again!”

***Present Day***

“Wow, how did you manage to get her?” Sarah asked.

“Scratch that, you didn’t even cum?” Jennifer interjected.

“Well I was playing with myself the entire time and I brought myself to orgasm after she left the room. She never did call me back!”

“What a bitch!” Jennifer said out loud as she finished her wine.

“So it’s you next Love!” Sarah said with a keen eye on Jennifer.

“I had sex in your shower and today is Halloween, does that count?” Jennifer asked as she saw both of her companions shake their heads. “Fine, we have to go back four years when me and Brian went to one together.”

“Christ, this ain’t another story where you and Brian did missionary, is it?” Sarah asked with a drunken chuckle.

“Well if you stop interrupting me then you will be able to find out what happened. And who mentioned anything about me fucking Brian?”

***Jennifer's Story - 31st October 2014***

Jennifer loved working as an actress, her shows always gave her really interesting outfits to wear. The Client List was one such show. Sure, it had been years since the show had been cancelled but Jennifer had made sure she kept some of her sexier outfits.

She had arrived at the party earlier in the night with her husband, she looked amazing in her French Maid outfit. Every guy there must have checked out her tanned legs and generous cleavage and Jennifer loved the attention. It got better when she spotted the surfer.

He had a blonde top knot, an undone Hawaiian shirt and long board shorts. The exposed skin shone as his eight pac was clear in view. The thought of riding him made her a little excited that her nipples pressed against her costumes fabric, Jennifer was happy with the decision of leaving her bra at home.

As she was lost in the fantasy, she felt the erect penis of her husband press against her ass. His arms wrapped around her waist and his lips made their way to her neck.

“Hey baby, I found a room we could misbehave in.” he whispered.

“We’re not teenagers Brian. We don’t need to sneak around.” Jennifer replied with a laugh.

“We don’t need to but it might be fun, add in a little bit of naughtiness.”

Jennifer felt his hands move up her body as she kept her eyes locked on the surfer. He had noticed and started to stare back, their eyes connected across the room and it was obvious what both of them wanted, it didn’t even bother him that her drunk husband was feeling her up.

“It’s the room third door on the left, yeah?” she asked having scoped it out earlier.

“It is.” Brian answered as he took his lips off of her neck.

“I have a little surprise for you. Go in there and wait for it. When you are done, wait for me to come and collect you.”

Brian spun her around and looked at his wife, the last time Jennifer had said something like this, he’d got to fuck her friend while Jennifer watched.

“Are you serious?” he asked with a smile.

Jennifer nodded her head. Brian placed a soft kiss on her lips and skipped off like an excited child. She watched him go to ensure he had disappeared before waving over the surfer.

“Hey.” he said as he approached.

“Hey, what’s your name?”


“Listen Aaron, do you know who I am?” Jennifer asked as she leaned forward to show a generous amount of cleavage.

He nodded his head as he made no attempt the fact he was staring.

“Good, so you know what happens doesn’t leave us, yeah?”

He nodded his head again with a smile on his face.

“I want to fuck you. There is a room down that corridor, third on the right. Go there, strip naked and wait for me.” Jennifer instructed as she patted his arm.

The surfer nodded his head and then hurried off to the room opposite her husband. All she needed was a girl to gift to Brian. She spotted one quickly dressed in a red catsuit, she had clearly come as Britney Spears from the ‘Oops I did it again’ video. She explained the situation and showed her a dick pic her husband sent to her phone to impress her. After seeing his length, the girl had no issue with going to fuck Brian. She knew the outfit would do it for her husband as he made no secret of his Britney Spears crush. After the girl went in, Jennifer finished her drink and headed to the room to meet Aaron.

Jennifer was greeted with the perfect view as she entered the room; Aaron was on the bed naked with his ten inch penis stood fully to attention. Jennifer smiled as they joined eyes once again and she could tell he was about to say something so Jennifer quickly raised her finger to her lips. Jennifer reached under her dress and slid her panties down her legs, she didn’t want to go through the foreplay, she was here to fuck. Her pussy was suitable wet from anticipation and she showed him as she walked around the bed. Aaron licked his lips as he saw her shaven pussy, it was a neat slit and she knew men loved it.

As she reached the top of the bed, she ran her fingers along his muscles and felt how firm they were. She was always weak for a muscular guy. She leaned up to his ear and whispered to him.

“My husband is across the hall fucking some slut I sent to him. I want a guilt free fuck so make me cum.”

Jennifer winked at him before she hiked up the skirt again and climbed onto the bed to straddle his face. She lowered her body down and felt his tongue enter her pussy immediately, penetrating her deeply with his mouth organ. Jennifer let out a moan as she felt it start to move inside her, it had been awhile since a tongue had tried to go for her G spot. She rocked her hips on his face to help his tongue thrust inside of her and she felt his chin hit her clit every time he fully entered her pussy.

“Mmm yeah, that feels good.” Jennifer moaned at the attention her pussy was getting.

Jennifer wanted a fun experience for both of them and looked at his cock, it was still fully erect despite not getting any attention from her. She dropped her body down and took the head of the cock into her mouth. She licked around the organ and kept it awash with her saliva: Aaron groaning with pleasure was a good sign. She wanted to match the oral pleasure she was enjoying and started to move her mouth along the skin of his cock to take more in. She could feel the head move from her lips along her tongue and pulled up before it hit the middle of her throat. She has the ability to deep throat but she was unsure if she wanted to do it on this occasion.

As she considered how far to take the cock sucking, Aaron had moved his tongue to Jennifer’s clit and flicked her bean with speed. Jennifer loved the feeling of his tongue on her clit and found it hard to concentrate on the cock in hand as he ran his tongue over her clit, she loved getting head from a guy eager to please her. As she moaned around his cock, she could tell she was getting breathy and it made Aaron’s cock twitch. She decided to take the cock out and pay it attention with some quick licks around the top, concentrating on her slit. It seemed to be a licking battle between the two and Aaron was winning as Jennifer struggled to lick as she felt the pleasure go through her body.

“Fuck yeah, just there big boy.” Jennifer whispered.

Aaron bobbed his head as he pushed more pressure on Jennifer’s clit and some of her juices started to leak onto his face. Instead of just receiving, Jennifer started to grind her pussy into Aaron’s face allowing easier access for him to attack her clit. Jennifer could feel her erect nipples starting to cut into the material of her dress and she knew she wouldn’t last much longer. She abandoned Aaron’s cock completely and leaned up to enjoy the feeling of his tongue. Her hands reached up to lower the straps so she could take her large breasts out. Her fingers immediately went to her nipples and started to play with them to supplement the pleasure she was receiving.

“I’m so close.” she moaned quietly. “I’m gonna cum on you.”

Aaron enjoyed hearing that, continuing to push his tongue on her clit in between flicks and could tell how close she was as the clit started to recede. Jennifer let out a silent scream as her orgasm hit and the juices from her pussy started to shoot down onto Aaron’s face. She was rarely able to squirt nowadays but the combination of factors; clit play, nipple player, stranger sex; and she was able to do it once more. Jennifer’s fingers held onto her nipples as she enjoyed the orgasm go through it’s full progress before she fell backwards onto the bed.

She looked over to Aaron, who had a smile on his face, as his tongue started to pick up the juices from his face. She smiled and looked down to see his cock fully ready. Jennifer got onto all fours and crawled down the bed to settle in between his legs. She looked up to him with a smile and lowered her mouth down onto his cock. She took a lot of it with one swallow as her hands dropped down to his balls and ran her fingers along his smooth skin.

Aaron let out a groan as he felt his cock get encompassed by the warmth wet skin of Jennifer’s mouth. The brunette moved her lips up and down his cock as she slowly took more of it into her mouth. He let out another groan of pleasure as he felt Jennifer suck hard on his cock.

“Oh yeah, that’s just the spot.”

Jennifer knew he wouldn’t last much longer in her mouth and she didn’t want to finish yet. She rose her head off his cock and looked down at him. Her breasts were already out and he got a view of them in full. It was an effect she had on most men so was used to the reaction. She gave a flick of her nipples in the hope he would take note before dropped her body down. She placed his cock firmly between her breasts.

“Oh my God!” Aaron moaned.

The large breasts could barely wrap around his cock but she pressed her bust together to enclose it. Aaron could feel the tightness and his eyes practically rolled into the back of his head as she started to move them along his length. The cock hit her chin as she moved down as it was so big but she enjoyed the pleasurable noises coming out of Aaron’s mouth. Jennifer opened her mouth and moved her head down so the head of his cock would hit her mouth as it came up.

“Go on baby, fuck me tits!” Jennifer said seductively. “Fuck my big hooker tits.”

Aaron nodded his head and started to thrust his cock between her breasts to increase the speed, the friction causing more pleasure for him. His grunting carried on and Jennifer laughed to herself as she watched his enjoyment, precum starting to form on the top of his cock. She knew he was getting on the edge as his cock went between her breasts Jennifer still held on tight to ensure he got the most pleasure.

“I’m gonna cum!” he moaned as he did a final few thrusts. 

Jennifer moved quickly to remove his cock from in between her breasts and pointed it at them instead. She liked him but no guy was cumming on her face on a first meet. The cum shot out of his cock and landed on the gap between her boobs and started to leak down. She held it in place and covered her breasts with his cum, ensuring they coated her nipples and areolas. As the spurts lowered down to a dribble, she let the cock go and and moved up to meet him at the top of the bed. She ensured his eyes were on her as she lifted her right breast up and licked the cum off of her nipples. She swallowed the load down before repeating the process with her left breast. His face was completely agog with shock as she returned her view to him.

“Mmm, tasty. Nice cum from a big cock. Think you can go for round 2?” she asked with hope.

Aaron shook his head before dropping back down onto his back. He fell asleep incredibly quickly to her disappointment. Jennifer rolled her eyes as she put her breasts back into the french maids top and climbed off the bed to retrieve her panties. She made a final check in the mirror and rubbed any remaining cum into her skin.

Jennifer left Aaron alone in the room to see the girl she had unleashed on her husband limping back to the kitchen, Barry had obviously tricked her into a little bit of anal. Jennifer walked into the room to see Barry stark naked with a hard on all ready and willing for her.

“Wow, you manage to cum?”

“Course I did.” he replied as he stroked his cock. “But why would I be done when you’re wearing that.”

“Correct answer big boy,” Jennifer replied as spun her panties around on her finger before throwing it to her husband.  “Cos I wanna cum so badly!”

***Present Day***

“You naughty little minx!” Sarah screamed with a giggle. “Who’d have thought Little Miss Virtuous over here would fuck without her husband knowing.”

“Well sometimes you gotta be naughty.” Jennifer replied with a laugh.

As the three girls laughed, the doorbell rang. Alyson and Jennifer looked at Sarah who had a large smile on her face. She drained her wine before rising from her chair to go answer the door. She returned moments later with four men and two girls, all dressed similarly. The four men were dressed in a soccer shorts that were very tight and showed off their bulges. They were all very athletic with big muscles and six pac’s shining in the light, they were very impressed with the black guy who had an 8 pac. The two girls were both asian and wore very small thong bikinis, the material barely hiding their hard nipples.

“So the real reason why the boys, aren’t coming back tonight. These six are ours to play with.” Sarah said as she giggled to herself. “Let’s begin!”

The end.

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These are not my usual go to celebs, and I still enjoyed the story very much!  Great job!

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Fine work, absolutely loved JLH in this.
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Great work! I loved the jumping around in times. Was pleasantly surprised to see JLH's story happen so close to present day, was fully expecting her story to be around the time of the I know what you did last summer movies.


Great story! I like the idea of women sitting around telling sex stories. Might have to borrow that idea  ;D


Great story, Jennifer sure did work over that big boy. You were right, that was definitely my favorite part but I did like how you wrote Sarah too.


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