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Teen Wolf: Practice Makes Perfect
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Title: Practice Makes Perfect
Show: Teen Wolf
Author: The Chemist
Pairing: Allison Argent/Scott McCall
Codes: MF, Anal, Finger, Minor, Oral, Rim
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. I don't own or have anything to do with Teen Wolf, especially the characters Allison Argent, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Jackson and Victoria Argent

Summary: Allison shows up at Lydia's house to tell her about how she dealt with Scott's anal obsession...and to seek her help for all the future sodomy that she was sure would happen.


"Jees, impatient much," Lydia Martin grumbled.

The redhead was enjoying a quiet school night in her big house all alone, which was rare. It was commonplace for her pilot father and sales rep mother to leave her alone for nights on end, but usually Jackson was there to warm her bed. However, as she rolled out of bed alone and put on a short black robe, she walked down the stairs to check who was there.

"Allison? This is...unexpected," Lydia said, finding her distraught looking best friend on the other side. "Come in sweetie."

"Sorry for coming so late but I really needed someone to talk to about this and I thought you'd be the best person," Allison Argent said as she walked into the expensive resident. "Is Jackson here?"

"Nope, just me...and now you," she said.

Lydia led her best friend into the living room where she sat the taller brunette down in an oversized leather chair as she went to her parent's liquor cabinet. The Martins would have had to have been dumb or by ignorant to not realize that Lydia was a frequent raider of their alcohol, that or they simply didn't care.

"Here, drink this," Lydia handed her a glass of clear liquid, keeping the other for herself as she sat opposite her. "Now tell me what's wrong."

"It's Scott..."

"Of course it is. Why else would a young, hot teenage girl have grief," Lydia cut in. "Sorry. Keep going."

Allison scolded the girl with a hardened look before grimacing as she choked back half the drink in one go. It burnt her throat before warming her belly and giving her a little more courage to tell her embarrassing and personal story with Lydia. But after all, wasn't this the whole point of having a best friend? Someone to dump your baggage onto and be a sounding board.

"As I was saying, it has to do with Scott and I. We've been doing great, beyond great in fact," Allison started to explain.

"So you two have been getting along and fucking like rabbits," Lydia surmised.

"For lack of more tactful words...yes," the leggy brunette agreed. "Anyway, last week he took in a slightly different direction."

"Hmm...let me guess. Tall, dark and handsome tried sticking it in your ass," the redhead guessed correctly. "The only mystery is your response. My bet is you let him, not wanting to rock the boat."

"How do you do that," Allison gasped, amazed with just how right her slutty friend was. "That's...whoa."

"So details," Lydia demanded.

"Well the first time started out innocent enough...

* * *

1 week ago

"What you doing down there on the ground," Scott asked as he entered Allison's room.

"Little spring cleaning," the tall brunette answered, loading more folded clothes into a cardboard box. "I'm a teenager, still growing and developing so some clothes no longer fit. Hence why they are getting put in a box for donation."

"How noble," the werewolf said as he walked over to the kneeling girl. "You've definitely developed."

Allison couldn't help but give his cheesy line an ironic smile before his hands cupped under both her budding breasts and gave them a firm but not painful squeeze. She could remember a time not having boobs, and they they weren't the largest now they still fit her lanky frame perfectly. Enough to fill Scott's hands, capped with a small, bright pink nipple in the dead center, her tits were now a source of pride.

"You know this isn't helping," Allison stated, eyes shut as she appreciated the attention.

"How about I actually help you...after some fun," Scott offered.

"And what did your perverted mind have in store for me?"

Allison found her forearms gripped in Scott's strong hands as he reared back, pulling her to her feet. She missed the attention to her tits but she had a strong feeling that more fun was on the horizon. She wasn't on her feet long, in fact she was only on them long enough for her to be spun about and then playfully tossed stomach down onto her bed.

"Look at you," Scott celebrated, the sight of her aqua-colored thong appearing as her loose-fitting skirt flipped up onto her back during the fall.

Allison raised no protest as his hands immediately went to her firm ass, which bubbled out nicely from her tapered waist. It wasn't overly wide but it had impressive thickness made more appetizing by the fact that she was so skinny yet still had a lot of meat on her in the hindquarters.

Scott rubbed the smooth surface of her ass before beginning to paw it the pale flesh. In his estimation she had the perfect firmness to a booty - the right balance of it not being to soft or squishy and yet not too hard. Her skin was soft and just that little bit cooler, and it had some bounce to it when he lightly spanked her, like he did to each cheek now.

"You know you like me rubbing your ass," Scott said, slapping her ass once more for effect.

"Maybe just a little," Allison smiled, trying to make him work for it and not let on how much she liked him worshipping her body, or at least parts of it.

The leggy girl felt his hands return to grope her firm cheeks once more, but this time they had more of a purpose in mind. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of her thong and tugged it downward. He accomplished his goal of stripping her of her panties, aided in large part to her lifting her hips from the mattress, leaving her with an exposed sex.

"God that's sexy," Scott cooed at the sight of Allison's pink pussy, made to look even brighter by the fact it was wet already.

Using one hand to help pull apart her pussy lips as the other hand ran up her arched back, the werewolf ran his tongue between her labia from top to bottom. He felt his girlfriend squirm as she experienced a world of pleasures once he clamped his lips around her exposed clitoris and repeatedly flicked it.

"Awwhhh," Allison moaned in appreciation.

Scott returned to licking along her entire slit from bottom to top but this time deeper and faster. Even though his neck was craned at an awkward angle, it was having the desired effect as now the Hunter's naked body was thrashing with the pleasure that he was giving her.

Instead of keeping with the same move, the werewolf felt it was time to move on and really turn on the pleasure for his girl. Not swiping his tongue up her slit the next time he got to the bottom, Scott dipped his tongue into her hole.

"You like that," he smirked.

Scott smiled as he felt the horny girl thrust her hips up in an attempt to get him deeper into her hole. Abiding by her wishes, the tall dark and handsome man dug further into her pussy before licking her inner walls. Eating her out always got Scott aroused, whether it was because she tasted so sweet or because it always led to sex he didn't know.

Having something else on his mind, he went about testing out the waters. After digging his wet muscle from her delicious hole he went back to swiping through her folds but let his tongue 'accidently' slip further south until he licked her crinkled asshole. The Hunter-in-training didn't say anything so he stayed around her booty and licked over her backdoor several more times.

"What are you doing," she asked, looking back over her shoulder after another minute of getting rimmed.

"What? Doesn't it feel good," Scott asked, doing another long, slow lick over the virgin hole.

Allison had to admit that the boy had a point. It didn't hit the same heights as getting her pussy eaten out but having Scott rim her asshole did actually feel pretty good. She was sure the taboo around anal sex and the butthole in general helped get her mind primed for pleasure, however having the wet muscle servicing her backdoor was a nice surprise.

"Now just relax," Scott told her after another minute of licking her asshole.

Allison was pretty relaxed...well she was until she felt his fingertip start making small, non-threatening concentric rings around her brown eye, spreading out his lubricating spit. He waited and kept making his circles until her sphincter loosened from its vice-like wink shut before he lined his pointer finger up with the center of her hole and pushed until his digit was allowed inside up to the first knuckle.

"Ugh...mhmm," Allison groaned, first in discomfort and then in something akin to pleasure.

"See. I told you it wasn't that bad," Scott said to her after a few more moments of pushing the thick digit into her rear and getting very positive groans as a result. "In fact, I knew you'd like it."

"Mmm...yeah I like it," she admitted honestly, mouth agape and moans escaping.

Scott smiled brightly, hoping that today would be the day that he got to fuck Allison Argent in her tight little ass. The idea was new to him, mainly because sex was still new to him. Him and Allison had been together for a year now, and they'd started sleeping together after 6 months. The first time was like anyone's...not perfect, a little rough around the edges and largely underwhelming. But practice made perfect, and boy did they ever practice at every opportunity.

She could practically feel Scott's excitement at getting to shove something up her little rear end and she was being truthful that it did feel good. However, she knew Scott and realized that he wouldn't stop at just a finger. Next would be two, and as she thought that she felt her asshole stretch a little further as a second digit was inserted. She waited for pain, which never came, but she had to stop him before this snowballed.

"Come up here and fuck me," Allison demanded, getting nervous about where this could end up.

* * *

"Okay so he rimmed you, testing the boundaries with some fingering too," Lydia recapped. "Sounded as though you liked it. And for good reason, having your asshole licked is one of the secret pleasures of a woman's body."

"Right, it did feel good. Even having a finger put in my butt wasn't unpleasant. Maybe a little off putting at first but I got use to it. Hell, a second finger wasn't even that bad," Allison acknowledged.

"And that was all," the redhead asked.

"Yeah...I mean he put his thumb in my ass as he rode me doggy-style but I got kinda spooked after that so I just let him screw me on my back so my bum was down," Allison admitted.

"So tell me the next installment of this Allison Argent anal adventure," the redhead asked, refilling their glasses which were both drained dry.

* * *

2 days ago

"We should play hookey from school more often if it means we get this whole beach to ourselves," Allison shouted as she splashed in and out of the water.

The beach, if you wanted to call it that, was by no means large as the sandy portion of the waterfront only ran maybe 200 yards before being engulfed by trees. However, what it lacked in real estate it made up for in privacy, which was why the local teens loved coming to it. Plus in the middle of a Tuesday when everyone else was at school meant Allison and Scott had the place to themselves.

After a few more dips under the warm lake water, Allison made her way back to the sandy shore where Scott was waiting for her. She gave him a kiss, before dropping to her knees and beginning to write a message into the sand, a simple one with the capital I overtop a heart overtop the letter U.

"Awh, you love me," he gushed.

"And you love watching me shake my ass in a tiny bikini," Allison replied as she started to rock her body up and down, making her bubbly ass giggle rhythmically.

"Well you're playful today," Scott commented with a wide grin on his face, watching his normally reserved girlfriend twerking on the beach.

With a quick look around to make sure they were still alone, Scott bent down overtop her and undid the string on the side of her bikini bottoms. They didn't fall off her until he pulled the loosened bottoms downward, and to his delight she didn't protest or even stop what she was doing, which was now swaying her hips side to side.

"Come on, let's go back to my place," Scott insisted. "We have a couple hours until my mom comes home from work."

It was less than a 5 minute walk back to Scott's house, which the happy couple passed by sharing kisses and grabbing each other's fit bodies. They both couldn't wait to get inside and tear the few pieces of clothing from the other's body before getting into bed and having their real fun. However, they had barely locked the door behind them when the phone rang and Scott went to answer it.

"You go, I need to shower and rinse the sand off," Allison insisted, already bounding up the stairs to the washroom.

Scott recognized the number on the caller display as belong to his aunt so he ignored it. He was supposed to be at school anyway so he went to the kitchen and poured himself some lemonade before getting the idea to go join his girlfriend in the shower. Using all the agility that came with being a teen wolf, Scott snuck silently into the washroom and it was only until he reached out and lightly tugged Allison's ponytail did she realize he was there.

"Hey," she said in mock outrage, hands still rubbing over her taut body. "Such a pervert coming in and spying on me."

Since he was there and she was still in a playful mood, Allison continued showering but really played it up for his benefit. She focused on rinsing off her tits at first, using her hands to work the mounds of flesh to get them soapy. Allison grinned as she saw how enticed the teenage boy was before she went to his favorite area to wash.

Turning her back to him, Allison pushed back her ass, arched her back and bent her knees, all to make her slim yet bubbly ass look even more appetizing. With soapy hands she 'rinsed' herself off, letting her fingers slid along her crack, down to her pussy and even pulling apart her firm cheeks to give Scott a good view of her sex.

"Scrub that ass," he encouraged, getting an extra wiggle from the brunette. "Show me where my cock's going."

To his amazement she didn't back down from his dirtytalk. In fact, she kept her cheeks pulled apart with one hand and with the other she stuck her middle finger out and ran it from her pussy up to her asshole. Instead of moving away quickly, she lingered over the puckered entrance, first with little circles and then finally by actually dipping the suds-covered digit into her rectum.

"Mhmm...awhhh," Allison moaned as she fingered her own ass with a portion of her digit.

"Can I try again," Scott asked, his hand already resting on her arched lower back.

"Yeah," she said, pulling her finger out. "Slow...and gentle."

The second her finger was out his thumb reached down and filled the void. She cooed as her bowels were forced opened by the bigger appendage but he stayed true to her demand and gently pushed only the first inch into her virgin hole. As her moans became less vocal he started to push more in, doing a sawing motion which allowed his entire digit to makes its way into her brown eye.

"God that's so sexy," he said, pulling his thumb from her ass for the first time in awhile.

"Did I do that," Allison asked as she flipped around to face him and noticed the large tent in his swimsuit he was sporting.

As Scott was nodding that it was indeed her fault, Allison was getting to her knees and undoing his shorts. Drawstring was pulled, waistband was tugged and his cock popped free, all 7 inches bouncing directly in front of her smiling face. His healthy-sized manhood was already fully erect in anticipation and Allison had no plans on letting it go to waste. In one smooth motion her hand was pumping along his shaft a few times before she took his head in her mouth and used her tongue to play with his slit.

"Mmmm," he moaned before she actually got to work.

With eyes closed, Allison used her outstretched tongue to lick the underbelly and both sides of his smooth dick before she opened wide and swelled the first three inches past his tip. With her hand in a fist butting up against her nice dick-sucking lips, the brunette used them as one unit as she bobbed up and down his pole. She knew that such an aggressive technique was meant to finish him off rather than used for foreplay, but she knew this had to be a fast fuck or else she'd lose her nerve. Not able to deep-throat, the Hunter was still able to inhale 5 inches of his cock until it poked the back of her mouth and she withdrew.

Grabbing her by the side of the head, Scott used them to help guide Allison towards then away from his member. He didn't know what had suddenly come over his gorgeous girlfriend, as she actually seemed like she'd go along with his crazy plan of sodomizing her. Gently thrusting his hips forwards as she rode her lips and fist down his impressive 7 inch cock, Allison was easily handing most his length with her skilled mouth.

"Gllkk...kkllkkkk," she sexily gagged each time his bulbous head hit the back of her mouth.

"You gonna let me put this cock in your ass," Scott asked as she licked the side of his manhood.

"Yeah," she found herself saying without thought.

Scott was so excited that he needed to act now before she changed her mind. He never guessed that she'd agree to anal sex so fast, figuring he'd have to do a few more weeks of rimjobs and fingering her and then maybe introducing some toys into the bedroom. However, as he helped her to her feet and faced her back away the other direction, he grossly overestimated how much she enjoyed what they did a few days ago.

The teen wolf reached over and grabbed some body wash to lather his dick up with and by the time he looked at Allison she was bent over, ass back towards him and foot resting up on the ledge. Her hands were also reaching back and pulling her firm butt cheeks apart, giving him sightlines on his crinkled target. However he still sensed some tension in the leggy girl so instead he aimed his bulbous head lower and sank half his length into her pussy.

"Oh God yes," Allison cooed as Scott also praised Lord.

Regular sex with Allison was a frequent enough event that he was able to stroke his entire length into her teen pussy in no time at all. Three thrusts in and she was already loose enough for his ripped abs to be tapping against her firm ass, making a dull slapping noise heard even over the rushing water.

Scott started to thrust faster into Allison, his balls swinging up to tap the wet folds of her pussy as he drove deep into her. Just like he had done while fucking her at her place a few days ago, he wet his thumb and placed it overtop and then actually inside her asshole, stretching it out and getting it prepped for when something bigger tried going in.

"Ahhh...you're so big," the brunette cooed as he hammered inside her cunt.

"Rub your pussy," Scott instructed.

Since becoming a werewolf he had acute hearing and already he could detect the faint tone shift in her voice. She was steadily approaching an orgasm and rather than hold it off like they sometimes did so they could fuck for longer, Scott wanted her to climax. She listened right away, taking a hand from the wall so she could friction her sensitive clit and instantly her moaning became louder. Her having an orgasm would loosen her up and take away more tension so that was exactly what he wanted to happen.

"Yeah. Keep going, just like that," the leggy girl pleaded, using her one arm to shove back onto his dick.

Content to do just that, Scott brought his hips back so he could quickly plow back into her pussy, his ball sack once again crashed against the underside of her slick sex. He seemed to be thrusting deeper than ever before into Allison's hot pussy to both of their enjoyment. He looked down to watch as his lengthy cock powered inside the sexy girl, with the moment it disappeared fully causing her bubbly ass to ripple in response.

To his delight, the harder he fucked her, the more Allison seemed to respond. It was clear to him that he picked picked a real sexual deviant for a girlfriend, and he was more than happy to reap the benefits. His hearing told him her orgasm was imminent so he stayed to course and waited for her outburst.

"Shit, shit, shit," Allison swore as she felt tingling throughout her body. "Scott I'm cumming!"

Scott rode it out, slowing his thrusting down to a crawl to avoid her velvety pussy, which had become as tight as a vice, from milking him to completion as well. Despite being only 18 years old, they had gained a lot of experience over the past 6 months so Scott was able to weather the storm before preparing to make his big play.

"Imma try," Scott hissed, pulling from her snatch and working more body wash onto his shaft.

Allison didn't stop him, in fact she reached the hand that wasn't supporting herself on the wall to pull her cheek apart and make it easier for him. She felt his rounded tip push against her opening but not inside, so she took a deep breath, pushed out her anxiety and relaxed. Instantly his head popped past her sphincter and into her ass, taking away the last of her virginities.

"Holy shit," Allison screamed, a combination of discomfort akin to a bee sting and the thrill of giving more of herself to her teenage love. "Oh my God!"

Allison realized that it was a good thing that she had Scott's animalistic hands gripping her narrow hips tightly because if not she may have squirmed forward and freed her rectum from him. However, she wanted to have anal sex with the teen wolf since he clearly wanted to do so quite badly, so she bit down harder and pushed back towards him after a few moments, the sign that she was ready for more.

Scott was lost in his own world of pleasure and trying to keep his wolf self at bay during the intense experience that he didn't even realize that the sexy girl wasn't enjoying being sodomized. Allison was prepared for this and tried to relax her hole as she bit her bottom lip hard while her boyfriend made some gentle thrusts within her bowels. He wasn't giving her too much shaft as he was working in only 2 inches total, all she kept doing was a whining moan as her virgin hole was stretched.

"Fuck...awwhh...mhhm...ouuww," Allison said in a steady chorus, unable to form words as she was taken in her dirt road for the first time.

She was so tight that Scott wasn't able to get any power or depth to his thrusts. He had stopped making any progress into her rectum after only 3 inches which wasn't even half his length. However, the tradeoff was that even though he couldn't get much speed the sheer grip of her muscular ring was milking him as he would eventually learn that only an asshole could.

"This is...the tightest thing...I've ever felt," Scott grunted as he experienced new waves of pleasure.

"Agreed," Allison seconded. She felt him start to falter, likely picking up the notes of distress in her voice. "Keep going, please baby."

Soundly realizing that playing with her clit might help with this initial surge of discomfort, Allison reached an arm away from the wall and found her folds. The friction as her digit slid across the sensitive helped immediately, feeling a change occurring in her body as a burst of pleasure was spiked in her brain and the discomfort coming from her rear lessened significantly.

With each passing second that her busy finger pressed into her folds, she felt herself release a bit more. Sensing the same thing, Scott pushed forward and got another inch into her rectum until she tensed up again. Holding firm within her, he waited a minute for her to loosen up again, which she did. Driving forward, this time he was able to get another two inches into her so that she now contained far more than half of his 7-inch length in her asshole.

"More...I can take it," she urged, determined to prove herself

Her competitiveness was rearing its head again for Allison and now she was determined to not only have anal sex, but to conquer it totally. It was the same attribute that would make her a great Hunter, like her dad and aunt Kate.

Delighted to hear that she was so into the anal sex, he gave the leggy girl what she wanted and plowed the rest of his shaft into her until his hips slammed against her curvy ass cheeks.

"Oh shit," she groaned in a combination of pain and pleasure as he stayed balls deep in her tiny hole..

Unhurriedly, the lacrosse star pulled most of his shaft from her bowel before slowly working it back in. His hips touched her ass cheeks at a much lower speed then the last time he fully entered her ass, much to her liking.

"Oh yes...you feel amazing," Scott grunted.

It hurt, especially the times when he would pull completely out of her rear. However, with each pass into her bowels was getting easier and easier. It was no doubt aided by the copious amounts of lube they used in the form of body wash and frequently reapplied, as well as the hand that never left her folds.

"Shit... feel too amazing...need to cum," Scott warned, his orgasm coming out of nowhere and too far along to prevent. "Ugh...ugh...here it comes...ugh."

"Mhmm...yes...cum in me," Allison answered enthusiastically, pleased the pounding her virgin rectum was taking was drawing to a close.

All Scott could do was tightly clench Allison's wide hips and quickly stroke his cock into her lubed-lined asshole for the last few seconds. Tossing his head back, the werewolf buried himself in the younger girl for the last time before blasting several streams of thick warm cum into her rectum. He held himself still in the depths of her bowels until his love gun had emptied at which point the exhausted man withdrew, leaving his sticky reward deep in her asshole.

For Allison, it was such an unusual and unique experience. Aside from the ache and burning sensation of having her ass fucked, it was also the first time she felt his cum splattering her insides. It felt special and like she was more connected to him for some reason, even as the water started to wash away the salty spunk as it slowly dribbled from her loosened backdoor.

* * *

"Wow! Anal sex in the shower! Even I haven't done that before," an astonished Lydia commented after hearing Allison's story.

"Yeah. It was...an experience," Allison agreed, downing the last of her second glass of vodka.

"So you had anal! Welcome to the club," the redhead cheered. "But why are you here? I have a feeling it for more than bragging about your sexual adventures."

"Well...Scott clearly loves...making love to my rump but it hurt like a son-of-a-bitch. I know there must be a more enjoyable way. Be my Yoda, Lydia. Teach me the art of bum sex," Allison came out with her request.

"I shall, my young apprentice," the curvy slut replied with a wicked smile, gears in her head working overtime.

* * *

For what seemed like the umpteenth time since the family had moved to Beacon Hills, Scott McCall found himself lurking in the shadows of the Argent's family house. His body seemed to know the spots on the grounds to bypass, where the best cover was and which areas gathered the most crunching leaves.

However, as he opened the window, this time it wasn't sneaking into the house to see Allison and have some sexy time with her. Instead, he had a meeting arranged with the other woman in the house. The much scarier Argent in fact. As he expected, he found her out in the garage, sharpening some knives and arrowheads like usual.

"Mrs. Argent, I'm not sure I want to keep doing this," Scott said to the family matriarch.

"Listen Scott, we have a deal. Besides, this is for Allison's own good. For her to be the best Hunter possible, she has to know pain. All bodily pain. You don't think that if a pack captures her that some won't do some despicable things to her? Is she not gorgeous and stimulate strong hormonal emotion?"

"No, she's definitely hot..."

"And is it so hard on you? You get to repeatedly ass fuck one of if not the hottest girl in Beacon Hills. A girl much better than the likes of you," Victoria pointed out.

"Because I'm a werewolf," Scott said, some steel in his voice.

"That's right. Now, honor the deal! Keep sodomizing my daughter, getting her tough. The more times she's exposed to a negative treatment the more able she'll be to deal with it when it's forced upon her by an enemy. Understand," the tough woman described to him.

"Fine. I'll keep doing that with Allison," the werewolf agreed.

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