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Teen Wolf: Full Moon
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Title: Full Moon
Show: Teen Wolf
Author: The Chemist
Pairing: Lydia/Scott
Codes: MF, Anal, Bondage, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. I don't own or have anything to do with Teen Wolf, especially the characters Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Stiles, Jackson and Allison Argent

Summary: Takes place during season 1 episode 8. The full moon gets Scott more animalistic. Takes advantage of Lydia's feelings towards him

"Dude, please. Do me this favor," Stiles begged his best friend.

"Why do you want me to go ask Lydia Martin if she likes you? You go do it," Scott McCall replied with more than a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"A multitude for reasons Scott. For one, I can't do it. I would freeze up and start stammering. She's been the girl of my dreams since the third grade. Plus, you're closer with her. And lastly, you're a werewolf," he explained, saying the last word in a hushed whisper. "So you can use your super-hearing to know if she's lying or not."

"Ugh. Fine," Scott said.

Stiles chose to ignore the extra grouchiness from his best friend, especially since he agreed to help him with his inquiry into if Lydia liked him. He knew Scott was only acting super weird because of the pending full moon tonight, which was really playing havoc with his mind. Then there was his recent break-up with Allison, which really fucked with his head in addition to the lunar cycle.

With all of his teammates emptied out of the change room and heading to the field, Stiles followed them while Scott went the opposite direction. Lydia Martin, the most popular sophomore and hottest girl in the entire school, was standing at the end of the hall. The tall, dark and handsome lacrosse player sauntered up to the redhead, who was in conversation with a friend.

"Can I talk to you for a minute...in private," Scott asked the gorgeous girl.

She agreed, telling her friend she'd see her out at the lacrosse field to watch practice in short order. Seeing that the halls were still full of students, Scott turned back the way he came then opened up the coach's office for Lydia to go through. It would give them an area to talk without risk of the coach coming back since practice was minutes away from starting.

As they entered, Scott couldn't help but check out Lydia's body from behind. Despite being only 18 years old, the redhead really was physical perfection. Sure, he hated the fact that she hid her insane intellect so her stupid boyfriend wouldn't feel bad, but that didn't take away from his attraction to her. Her sweater ended right at her waist, showing off her hourglass figure, plump ass that was all the rage these days and long, toned legs.

"Is this about the other night," Lydia asked as Scott closed the door behind him. "Need someone to talk to?"

Before Scott replied, his eyes finished roaming her body, this time from the front. Her sweater was open and she wore a long necklace, which practically begged onlookers to stare at her very impressive cleavage that it rested in. He couldn't be certain, but if Scott had to guess he'd say Lydia had C-cup breasts, easily bigger than his ex-girlfriend's.

"Actually, I wanted to ask you something," he replied, watching as she sat her perfect ass onto the edge of the coach's desk.

Scott took a seat in the same fashion a good foot away from her, but that distance was narrowed as she leaned in towards him, hoping that he would ask her something in regards to them. She was done with Jackson, especially since the handsome boy started flirting with her best friend Allison after the break-up.

"Do you know if Allison still likes me," Scott asked, noting how the other girl's facial expression changed, almost like she was hurt.

"Of course she still likes you," Lydia admitted, taking her eyes off Scott's face and staring into the space in front of her. "As friends. Just friends."

Her eyes returned to looking at his, her cocky smirk returning to her lips right as Scott's face was the one to looked pained now. She could observe him processing her words, even mouthing them silently, trying to come to terms with the revelation from Allison's best friend. She wasn't lying either, her heart made no fluttering or changes in its beating.

"If you ask me," Lydia continued, standing to be right in front of the angry boy. "She made a big mistake. Ask me how I know that."

"How," he did as told, his anger and emotions boiling.

"Because I know you locked us in that room to protect us. Because I know when I guy risks his life for you, you should be grateful," the redhead explained.

Lydia was watching the secret werewolf the whole time she spoke, noting how his normally happy-go-lucky expression was changed. No longer the innocent look, he wore a mask of brooding, no doubt fueled with rage and raw passion after hearing her words. Looking up from the floor, he narrowed his dark eyes at her.

"Are you grateful," he asked with an air of authority.

She smiled at him before answering. "I think you'd be pleasantly surprised...just how grateful I can be."

Scott had moved off the desk, bringing the pair right in front of one another. Without delay, Lydia wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head down to hers, though he didn't need the encouragement. They shared one last look with a hunger in both their eyes before they shut and pressed their lips against one another.

Scott had made out with Allison plenty of times, but this time was different, more intense. His werewolf emotions were being tugged by the full moon and Lydia had the highest sex drive of anyone he knew, even more than himself. Their making out was animalistic really, as though they were trying to devour each other with their mouths.

"God you are so sexy," Lydia commented, using her lips to kiss his neck while she felt him rubbing her body all over.

He ignored her comment, lost in the moment of pure passion. He found her lips once more and kissed her roughly, which she obviously liked given she was moaning into his mouth. His hands were busy and just as aggressive, rubbing down her back until finding her ass. It was as big and plump as he'd imagined, squeezing it hard into she whelped into the kiss, though still with a smile on her lips.

"So how exactly grateful are you," Scott said, stepping back to rest on the edge of the desk once more.

Lydia smiled at him once more, but instead of walking towards him she diverted to the right. She pulled the blinds of the two windows down before going to the door and locking it as well. Returning back in front of Scott, she felt his hand run down from her neck and into her cleavage, rubbing first the inner portion of that rounded boob then to its partner.

"Not as much as I can show right now, but how about I suck your cock so good you get to cum in my little slutty mouth," Lydia explained.

"Sounds perfect," he grinned wickedly.

Lydia gave one last look around to make sure that no one passing by was looking in through the mostly covered windows. Satisfied enough, the red-haired girl dropped down to her knees, a position she found herself in commonly with more than a handful of members from the lacrosse team.

His cock was already straining against his pants so Lydia had to be careful not to get struck in the face when it was freed from his shorts. An impressive 9 inches, it was just the type she liked...long, thick and smooth with his exposed pink head looking so inviting to suck on. In truth she couldn't wait to get her plump lips wrapped around its veiny surface.

With a wicked grin on her face, Lydia licked her lips before guiding his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. The dark-haired boy couldn't help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. He wasn't proud to admit but already Scott was close to popping his load in her mouth once she started inhaling his whole cock into her mouth with each stroke.

"Yes. Suck it babe," he moaned in delight towards the dirty high schooler.

"Mmmmm," Lydia moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

Sucking cock was something the horny girl really enjoyed. It was obviously something her boyfriends loved about her, especially Jackson, who had her go down on him before every game. Boys loved head and they would do anything for a girl that would willingly and happily do it, especially if they were as good at it as Lydia was.

The redhead parted her plush red lips and brushed her long hair behind her ears then took him into her mouth again. Just like before Scott moaned audibly as she started sucking him off while he was left with his head tilted back and fingertip digging into the top of her head. She enjoyed the affect she had on him, but shifted all her focus on building momentum as she bobbed her head up and down his towering pole, taking more of him inside her each time. After a good minute of the more intense blowjob, she slowed her pace back down then pulled off his spit-covered cock altogether.

"Bet you Allison doesn't suck dick half as good," Lydia said as she licked one side of his shaft.

"Awhh...keep going," Scott demanded.

The gorgeous student didn't need the advice when it came to blowjobs so she merely smirked at the horny lacrosse player. Lydia pulled her mouth from his dick, now slick with her saliva and used her hand to feverishly beat his meat. She did this so that she could use her tongue to help corral his heavy sack to bring it into her mouth.

The redhead took turns taking each nut into her mouth and giving it proper attention before she turned her oral affection back to something more solid. She moved half of his pole between her lips while stroking the other half. Using her free hand to massage his sack again, she could hear how much he appreciated what she was doing.

With her lips back around his dick and no more words needing to be spoken, Lydia could concentrate at the task at hand. McCall couldn't help but look down and observe the slutty redhead in what looked to be her natural environment; on her knees with a cock in her mouth.

After taking half of him in her mouth to get them both back into a normal tone for the blowjob, she planted her lips completely around him and bobbed her head back towards the tip. Her mouth felt warm and wet to him, and the way her plump lips dragged along his slick skin made his resistance to pumping her full of cum right then and there wane.

"Getting close," Scott warned his teammate's girlfriend.

"Gllphff...gluckll...cum in my mouth," she said in a throaty, sexy voice in between choking on his shaft.

Lydia increased her suction and bobbed her head back and forth. Her speed was a sight to behold while her hand stroked the second half of his cock not occupying her mouth. With mouth sucking and hand jerking him off, the ginger felt his knees wobble some, while his hips hunched forward towards her skilled mouth. Taking these as telling signs, the slutty girl worked harder and faster to finish him off and get out of such an exposed position where a passerby could look in or the coach could stumble upon them.

The girl was too good and Scott was receiving his first ever blowjob, which meant he was never going to last that long when faced with her skilled technique. He reached his hand out to steady himself on the coach's desk as Lydia got more intense by the passing second.

"Cum for me baby," she pleaded, hand a blur on his cock.

"Uggghhhhh," Scott grunted as her slutty words pushed him over the breaking point.

Lydia felt the first blast of his sticky load smack the back of her mouth shortly after his loud groan. It didn't take him long to fill her mouth with his excessive amount of semen but the sexy highschool girl was equal to the task. She collected every drop he offered her until he finally ran dry. In one big gulp the horny redhead swallowed down his warm salty load, loving the feeling of the thick liquid as it slid down her throat.

"Told you I could be very grateful," Lydia remarked as she stood up and fixed her long flowing hair.

"Gotta go to practice," he said, already pulling up his shorts.

"Care for me to really show my appreciation?"

"Tonight babe," Scott said over his shoulder as he left the horny redhead behind.

* * *

Scott walked onto the lacrosse field feeling like a million bucks. He may not have gotten back together with Allison, but he did exact revenge by getting sucked off by Lydia Martin. Revenge on the tall brunette for dumping him as well as doing the deed with Jackson's girlfriend. The boy had been a nightmare to Scott on and off the lacrosse field, so he smiled even bigger upon seeing the captain of the team.

"So did you talk to her," Stiles asked, throwing himself down on the bench next to Scott as he finished getting ready.

"Yeah...she's into you," he lied, but wanting to be rid of the conversation.

"Really! What did she say. Word-for-word," Stiles pressed excitedly.

"Not now man. Isn't her liking you enough? Let's just go out and practice," Scott insisted, rising from the bench and heading for the first drill.

As it turned out, it ended up being Scott's first and only drill for the afternoon. When his turn came up, he rocked a ball back into his lacrosse netting and took off at his defending teammates. It was a simple enough drill, one attacker versus two defenders but they were suppose to defend in stages. Instead, they were Jackson's friends so they didn't wait, and both initiated him at the same time, knocking Scott unceremoniously to the grass.

"Guess they didn't like you being co-captain," the coach laughed.

Rather than sulk back to the line to lick his wounds, Scott ran to pick up another ball. Stiles immediately became worried, having seen the amber appearance in Scott's eyes but it was too late. At a pace, Scott headed towards the defenders and this time it was he who sent the bigger man pounding to the grass in the most violent of fashion.


While the paramedics rushed onto the field to assess the downed players, Scott yanked off his helmet and walked his way from the practice field to the showers. Stiles chased after him, wondering what happened but they both knew. The full moon was playing havoc with his mind and that was when Stiles decided he needed to restrain his best friend tonight when the lunar effects would be most severe.

* * *

Stiles thought it would be harder to get the supplies he needed for tonight, but all he needed to do was go shopping in his dad's garage and workshop. Filling the gym bag as he went, ho loaded lengths of chain inside, as well as locks, ropes and even a pair of his dad's handcuffs, but those he kept in his pocket.

Feeling prepared, he left his house with still half an hour before nightfall, headed to his best friend's place. The duffel bag was heavy on his shoulder, but it was a pain he could live with if it meant Scott didn't murder anyone tonight. Unlocking the door with his own key, he found Ms. McCall was out so he made his way up into Scott's room.

"Looking for me," Scott asked from the darkest corner of his room.

"Holy hell Scott! You scared the crap out of me," the shave-haired boy remarked.

"What did you bring? Board games to play while you stop me from having fun tonight," he asked sarcastically.

"Not quite," he said then decided to play it straight with his best friend, hoping he would understand. Opening the zipper, Scott came close to look in before a look of anger flashed across his face.

"You want to change me! Like a dog!"

Scott was enraged beyond belief at his best friend, though he was really needing to re-evaluated that title right now. However, as the werewolf was busy thinking about how to channel his rage, Stiles acted and quickly. Springing with motion, the animated boy latched one end of his dad's handcuffs to Scott's wrist and the other to the room's secured heater.

"Scott! Scott," a soft, seductive voice called from downstairs.

"Was that...POW."

Stiles began to ask his werewolf friend if that was his biggest crush, Lydia Martin, but before he could get the words out he was knocked unconscious. Seeing as Stiles was distracted by the noise, Scott acted quickly and blindsided his best friend with a punch to the jaw, and his friend was out for the count.

Lydia heard a thud come from upstairs and so she had her next destination. No lights were on in the house but luckily the full moon illuminated the room enough so she could see where she was going. Her high heels clicked on each step until she was at the top. The first room she peered in was the bathroom, the next a large room belonging to his mother. As she stepped into the doorway of the next, she say her conquest.

"Hey you," she said in her sultry voice.

"Right back at you," Scott replied, sitting on his bed.

Lydia had eyes only for the hunky boy in the middle of his room, however out of her peripheral vision she saw the contents of his room. Posters of sports teams on the wall, some clean-looking clothes scattered about and a messy desk of school work. All in all a typical high school boy's bedroom.

Due to being a teen wolf, Scott had developed fast reflexes, which he used to good use. First was freeing himself, which was made easy by Stiles being an idiot and had the keys to the cuffs in his pocket, so Scott undid himself. Then he had to get rid of Stiles, who was chained up with duct tape in his closet, just in case he woke before Scott was done with Lydia.

"You look hot in that jacket," Scott said.

Lydia didn't know what had happened to the boy in the past day, but he was more brooding, yet more confident as well. Both traits, when combined with his muscular body and tall, dark, handsome groove he had going for himself already, made him very attractive to the redhead.

"You're right, better make myself more comfortable," Lydia replied, undoing the drawstring of the jacket and tossing it onto his desk chair.

"Holy crap," Scott couldn't help let escape before his mask of calm, nonchalance kicked in.

His exclamation brought a smile to the face of the redhead, which was the whole reason she'd done it. Her short trench coat was covering the fact she was only wearing a black bra and matching mace thong underneath. She could see Scott's pant begin tenting and for good reason, her C-cup tits looked even larger pressed in her bra while her bubbly, phat ass was good enough to eat...both literally and figuratively to him.

"What are those," Lydia asked, seeing the glint of metal beside him.

"Handcuffs," Scott said, realizing he must have forgotten about the restraints after freeing himself. "For you."

"Scott McCall...you are full of surprises," she replied with a wide, excited smile.

Lydia came to him when he beckoned and pushed both arms outstretched towards the bulked up boy. Scott gave her another dark smile that she found so very attractive before feeling the cool touch of metal as the police-issued handcuffs snapped around One wrist. Instead of cinching the other, he first twisted her arm, bring her arm with her then cuffed her second wrist, her limbs bound behind her.

"Kneel," Scott demanded. When she did, with a grin no less, he issued his next order. "Lean."

Scott stepped back so he could observe his very willing sex slave the way he positioned her. Wearing only a lacy bra, thong and black high heels, she looked an absolute vision. Her face rested on his bed, forcing her low back to curl with arms resting on it and her amazingly thick ass to be pushed backwards, made to look even more appetizing.

The teen wolf rounded behind her so he could run his hands over her practically bare bottom. He didn't get a chance to fondle her assets earlier in the coach's room, but he was going to make up for that now. Lydia's ass was only rivaled by her tits in terms of her best feature, but he was very fond of her booty. Large, round and firm, it truly was a perfect rump.

"Is this my ass," he said more in statement than question, slapping her pale flesh for emphasis.

"More than you can even imagine," Lydia smirked in response.

Scott didn't fully understand her answer until he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her thin thong and pulled it down to her bent knees. This time he ran his hands on her completely exposed ass, feeling the smooth, rounded skin under his fingertips. He did so again, this time closer to her crack and felt something hard.

"What the..."

The horny werewolf could barely comprehend what he was seeing, but luckily he'd seen enough porn to recognize a butt plug. The redhead had an inch-wide circular base sticking just outside her asshole, obviously inserted before coming to his house tonight with the purpose of keeping her dumper loose for pain-free anal sex later.

"Like what you see, big boy," she asked knowingly.

Lydia could practically feel his dark eyes on her ass as he worshipped the round mound of flesh. What she could very much feel was his hands back on her pale flesh, kneading and rubbing her perfect bottom. She gasped lately as his fingers closed around the stopper of the butt plug, which had been inside her bowels for over an hour. He didn't pull it out, merely spun it clockwise and counterclockwise before lightly testing the resistance of her sphincter by tugging on it.

"Such a slut," Scott commented, getting to his feet. "And I remember how much this slut liked sucking cock."

"Mhmm," she cooed, kneeling tall and turning to face the formerly shy boy. "I certainly do."

"Open your mouth," he barked all while pushing his pants down his leg and having his 9 inch penis come springing out.

His thick cock almost caught her square in the face, but she only came him a smile. Liking her lips, she opened her mouth wide, as asked, and tried thinking how to go about blowing him without use of her hands. She had given hundreds of blowjobs despite being only a sophomore, but never with her arms bound behind her back.

That answer came to Lydia as Scott used one hand to control his dick, which he tapped repeatedly onto her outstretched tongue, and the other to grip the back of her head. Looking down into her eyes with a stern look, he settled his tool onto her flat tongue and automatically Lydia closed her lips in a tight seal. She flowed right into bobbing her head forward and back, rocking on her knees in order to blow half his length like earlier that day.

"Fuck that's good," he groaned.

However, tonight was about him having complete control and he was going to teach Lydia that lesson right now. Tightening the grip he had on the back of her head, his other hand now held her chin, keeping her mouth wide open. His thrust his hips slowly forward, gliding along her tongue and looking down into her big green eyes as his tip poked the back of her throat.

"Ggllkkk," she noisily slobbered onto his dick.

He repeated this tactic several times, each time making her spit up more of her saliva onto his well-wet dick at this point. To her credit she was suppressing her gag reflex so that the result was a very noisy and messy blowjob as she got used to what he was doing. Which was good because he started to thrust faster now, hitting the back of her mouth much more often.

After roughly a dozen times, with her giving throaty small coughs with each thrust, Scott would bury his dick as far into her mouth as he possibly could. He looked down and watched as water welled in her eyes and her cheeks reddened before finally releasing her, allowing her take in quick lungfuls of air.

"Open your mouth," he order. When she did so, he leaned over top of her and spat directly into her mouth. "Given how much saliva you left on my cock, figured you were running low."

"Had no idea you were so naughty," Lydia commented before opening her mouth wide for him to abuse once more.

He repeated the same trick but first this time he buried his length into her mouth to really test her gag reflex, which held firm as always. As Scott began to fuck her face once more, he was truly impressed with the abuse the redhead could withstand. She truly was a sexual dynamo that he was prepared to fully explore tonight.

However, as good as her mouth was, Scott really wanted to fuck the gorgeous redhead, and not just in the face. He gave her mouth a few last hard spears as deep as he possibly could before withdrawing completely. Despite the abuse she looked gorgeous and was still smiling, in fact it widened as he picked her before tossing her down on the bed onto her stomach.

"Gonna fuck me now," Lydia asked in an excited tone.

Scott considered pulling out the butt plug now so that he could swap it with his engorged cock, but decided to leave that for a treat later. Instead, he say her bright pink pussy, glistening in the light of the full moon filling his window. It looked beyond appetizing with how wet she was very visible.

"Such a whore...wet from getting face fucked," the animalistic boy commented.

As he spoke he drew back on her hips to set her on her knees with her pillowy chest and beautiful face still resting on the bed. Lydia was really embracing her inner slut and wiggled her ass for the horny boy, who actually growled in what she felt was visceral craving. She felt his fingers close around the base of the toy wedged in her ass, but he had a change of heart and instead thrust half his spit-covered dick into her waiting pussy.

"Awwh...mmhmm," the redhead moaned as he began to fuck her.

For both of the pair, it was a highly unusual feeling. Firstly, it was the first time Scott was having sex. For all their heavy makeout session with Allison, they never amounted to anything more. So the feel of a pussy around his condom-less dick was an arousing situation in the first place. But it was amplified even more by the fact the butt plug was pushing down against the top of his shaft with every thrust.

It was a new experience for Lydia Martin as well. She had worn a butt plug in her ass for as long as an entire school day because her ex-boy Jackson got off knowing her booty was getting prepared for him. However, he always took it out before pillaging her cunt so having both holes stuff was new...and exciting. She felt more full than she ever had in her short albeit busy sexual life, and the pressure felt amazing.

"God Lydia...so tight," Scott huffed as he stroked his entire length into her.

Even though her pussy had been well used by several members of the State-winning lacrosse team at Beacon Hills, Lydia benefitted from youthfulness in this regard. It also helped the redhead that Scott hadn't fucked that virgin prude Allison or else he may have had a slightly different opinion. Regardless, the boy was thoroughly enjoying himself as he relentlessly pumped his manhood into her wet folds, rearing back his hips immediately after thumping against her firm ass.

"Yes! Just like that," Lydia wailed.

Scott barely heard the girl's words of encouragement, so wrapped up in his own lustful demands. The feel of her tight teen pussy squeezing all sides of his cock felt amazing, as did the bulbous glass butt plug softly gliding along the top of his shaft each time he pumped into the slutty girl.

He didn't know if all girls felt so good, with their velvety folds gripping him in such a tight and warm embrace, or if Lydia was special. Truthfully it was a combination of both, with the redhead being a savant both when it came to sex and mathematics of all things. Notwithstanding, the boy was more than happy to take advantage of his luck in having the redhead bent over on his bed, face down and ass up, with his cock repeatedly slamming as deep as possible into her twat.

"I like when I play with the toy in your ass," Scott asked in a cocky tone as fingers closed around the butt plug and started spinning it.

Lydia felt the toy rotating deep within her and was very much getting off on the pleasure. It had always made her hot, having a toy wedged up her perfect teen ass, but feeling the smooth glass spinning in her sensitive rectum was a new feeling that was heightening her experience. She didn't think it could get better, especially since her hands were bound on top of her back so she couldn't reach her clit, but she was wrong.

Scott changed and instead of turning the base with his fingertips, he took a better grip and started to pull back. His thought process was he wanted to see her anal sphincter start to expand and find out what size the butt plug was. But as soon as her dirtroad started to widen, he heard Lydia moan in such a roar that the alpha of his pack would have been impressed with.

"HOOLLLLYYY LORD! Keep going! So good," Lydia screamed.

Scott was caught completely off guard by the sudden outpouring of moans and screams and curses from the slutty redhead that he was stunned. He quickly regained composure and continued what he was doing, especially since he didn't know if it was everything getting her off or just playing with her backdoor.

The teen wolf resumed his pounding style of fucking the high school girl, driving as deep as possible and making her ass quake. With his fingers holding the base tightly once more, he started to pull back on the toy. It didn't come out easy like he though it would, instead he was in a tight with his wolf-enhanced arm strength versus Lydia's vice-like asshole. He was winning, albeit slowly, with more of the bulbous toy starting to emerge from her booty until the butt plug reached its widest point, holding her asshole wide open and then he stopped dead as Lydia came...hard.

"OOHHHH MMMYYY GGGOODDDDDD," the slutty 18-year-old howled as the double sensation of her asshole stretching and pussy fucked made her cum.

As Lydia screamed, her holes clamped down harder then ever. For a split second Scott thought she was going to snap his dick in half, that was how much pressure her velvety folds exerted on his throbbing member. However, he rode out her orgasm by making the smallest and slowest strokes into her insanely wet pussy until pulling out altogether.

"Ride for a ride down the dirt road," he asked, more a statement than a question.

"After your great work I think you deserve me taking the ride," Lydia countered, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm but still ready for more.

The redhead felt empty once Scott's cock was removed from her pussy, and had the feeling amplified when the teen wolf finished his earlier task and slowly withdrew the glass butt plug from her asshole. She felt wide open but was pleased she'd be feeling that up soon enough.

Scott stepped off the bed and once she felt him off the mattress Lydia rolled to her side and ultimately to her feet so her boy toy could lay down. His cock looked perfect, standing straight up and positively glistening in her juices as the moon light hit it. She wished she could have taken him in her mouth and tasted every last drop of her cum, but she wouldn't be able to hold herself up due to the handcuffs pinning her arms behind her back.

"Ready to lost your other virginity, stud," Lydia asked as she stood above the boy before squatting down over his crotch.

Scott didn't have a quippy reply for the horny girl, who seemed to have her sex drive increased from her earlier orgasm. Even though the handcuffs were firmly in place, the redhead was able to reach down and clutch his wet and stiff cock. She had no hesitation steering into her asshole, the second object that night to have filled her bowels, only stopping to rub his slick head around the crinkled orifice.

"Mhmmm," they moaned in unison as he entered her rump.

Although the butt plug had felt good in her asshole for hours at a time, nothing could beat the amazing feeling of a real, throbbing dick in her butthole. The experienced Lydia slid further down on his lap, impaling herself more and more with each stroke she did on him until she was finally gliding down all the way that the back of her thighs would touch the hair-covered skin of Scott's quads.

"Fuck Lydia...you feel good," the werewolf grunted, reaching up to squeeze her impressively-sized tits.

As good as her pussy felt, there was something to say about the feeling of her muscular ring hugging his wet cock so well. It was tighter for one, and more concentrated of a grip, unlike her pussy which was more wet and soft, but still really good. There was also the extra mental pleasure he was getting, fucking a girl in such a taboo hole and seeing her clearly liking it.

Lydia moaned even louder as she rocked her ass on his lap with his shaft completely buried in her bowels while he continued to play with her breasts. The dual stimulation was driving the young schoolgirl crazy, but she wasn't the only one who was enjoying the sex.

"Can't decide if you like my tits or ass better," Lydia mused as she kept thundering her ass down onto his lap with a fleshy clap.

From beneath the energetic girl, who had resumed bouncing up and down on his cock, Scott was in a world where only pleasure was able to be experienced. Her asshole was tight, but not too tight to the point where it squeezed his dick painfully like a hungry boa constrictor. Plus from his angle he had a perfect view of her bouncing large tits, her shaven bright pink pussy plus could watch his fleshy pole disappear every other second into Lydia's underrated rump.

"Why can't I be both," Scott commented, giving her tits a last hard squeeze before reaching down to her squatting ass and doing likewise to her fleshy booty as well.

"Such a pervert," she smiled, a definite compliment from the whore rather than an insult.

Both Scott and Lydia lost track of time as they became completely absorbed in one another and what was happening on top of his rickety childhood bed. He didn't know if his wolf side was coming out or if it was simply what happened during sex. He seemed a man - or man-wolf - possessed, humping his hips upwards, kneading her bouncing tits, grunting furiously.

Then again, Lydia hadn't received The Bite from a werewolf and yet she was just as engrossed in the sodomy as Scott was. Her own moans were blending in with his, yet still Stiles remained unconscious in Scott's closet. Scott didn't know or care where she got the energy from, but her legs simply had to be burning from the hundreds if not thousands of small squats she did while working her perfect ass on his pole.

"Almost there," he warned.

Unfortunately lengthy spell of anal fucking ex-girlfriend's best friend had worn away what was an impressive stamina. Scott knew that at this point there was little good in changing position or slowing things down as he knew an orgasm was only a matter of time.

Lydia had fucked enough guys to know when they were reaching the point of no return, and she didn't need the lacrosse star to warn her since it was written all over his chiseled face. However, the teen wolf had one more surprise for her tonight, as he moved a hand from groping her jiggling tits so that his index and middle fingers were rubbing her clit. On rare occasions she had managed to cum during getting banging in the ass, and tonight while her hands were cuffed behind her back was going to be one of those times.

"Shit...gonna cum again," Lydia moaned, eyes closed and legs burning.

Despite being so close to her second orgasm of the night, she somehow began to ride his dick harder in her asshole. She sprung to the top with all the power her toned legs could muster then allowed them to go limp so she could slam down his shaft with reckless abandon.

This was more than enough to get Scott off, pushing him past the point of no return. It also proved too much for the redhead as well, especially in combination with his frantic clitoris rubbing. She beat him to the punch as she felt warmth explode through her entire body before a wave of euphoria crushed against her mind.

"AWWHHH MMHMMM UUGGHHHH," Lydia screamed incoherently.

"Gonna...ugghh...cum," Scott announced, face severely twisted.

No sooner had the slutty redhead cum had her asshole clamped down like a vice around his already cocked and loaded shaft. As the last word escaped his lips he felt the last wall of resistance break down and the warm liquid began bubbling up from his sack. Even with experiencing her own orgasm, Lydia still felt the first squirt of hot jizz shoot deep into her bowels, coating them. The teen wolf continued to erratically thrust his hip upwards into her now still body as stream after stream of his thick fluid came flowing out, pouring into her anal canal.

Eventually the gorgeous and smart girl knew Scott was completely spent. His facial expression relaxed into one of serenity, his iron-like grip on her various curvy body parts relented and his hip thrusting stopped altogether, replaced with the mere light twitching of his sensitive dick still invested in the comfortable clamp she called a rectum.

"Well Scott...you are truly an animal in the bedroom," Lydia commented, rolling off him and feeling the emptiness fell her bowels once more.

"You have no idea," he smiled, a glint in his eyes that Lydia understood to be a man ready for round two.

She only smiled.

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