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Teen Wolf: Moving On
« on: January 05, 2020, 09:49:35 AM »
Title: Moving On Part 1
Show: Teen Wolf
Author: The Chemist
Pairing: Lydia/Allison
Codes: FF, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. I don't own or have anything to do with Teen Wolf, especially the characters Lydia Martin, Chris and Allison Argent, Scott McHale.

Summary: Allison is hurting from the death of her mother and having to end things with Scott. Luckily, Lydia is there to help.

"Are you sure you'll be fine," Chris Argent asked his daughter.

"Dad, I'm good. Well, better anyway," Allison replied as her father cupped her head in his hands.

For a man that had spent over his half his life hunting and occasionally killing werewolves, he could be oddly tender. Her mother, God rest her soul, was as hard as steel with no bending or relenting. Her father Chris though, he was more like a willow tree - strong, supportive and able to navigate tough storms by bending enough.

"Okay well I'll only by 2 hours away. Say the word and I leave those gun nuts behind and be back to you," the arms dealer explained.

"I know. But seriously dad, it's 2 days. I'll be staying with Lydia and going to school then training," Allison explained.

"Thank your parents again from me, please Lydia," Chris spoke to the highly attractive redhead standing just behind his daughter.

"Of course Mr. Argent," the sexy ginger agreed.

"Now seriously dad, get going or you'll be late," the tall brunette argued, hoisting her father's bag off the ground and holding it out to him.

The two juniors at Beacon Hill High walked her father out of the condo and to his car where he was off to his meeting. He was getting back into the ammunition selling business after taking off last year to focus on the werewolf epidemic in Beacon Hills. However, with the death of his wife, he wanted to give Allison some normalness back in her life.

Allison and Lydia waved as they saw her dad looking back at them in the rearview mirror. Before he got too far away they could see a smile touch his face, something that was becoming too rare these days.

"You wanna stay at your house this weekend don't you," Lydia said, still waving.

"More than you know," Allison replied to her best friend.

"Well let's go make ourselves at home," the hot redhead said as she hooked her arm into Allison's and led her back indoors.

"You know you don't have to stay with me," Allison told her as she closed and locked the front door.

"I'm well aware of my options. But I love you and I don't want you being alone."

The words truly did mean a lot to the tall brunette who gave her best friend a warm hug. The death of her mother, the betrayal by her grandfather and the break-up with Scott McHale had all happened within a week of each other. Any single incident would have been heartbreaking, but all 3 was soul-crushing. There was no way in hell Lydia was going to leave her side this weekend.

"Ugh...I really appreciate it," she replied, running a hand through her silky dark hair. "The hardest part is still giving up Scott. My logical brain can accept death and greed, but not having Scott when he is literally so close is...well it sucks."

"I know sweetie. But look on the bright side. We're both single and we're gonna have a lot of fun from now on," Lydia said with a smile and a wink.

"Hmm...maybe that is what I need," Allison mused. "But I don't know. My heart literally feels like its torn."

"Who said anything about using your heart when dating. All you need is that smoking hot body and a willing pussy," the slutty redhead retorted.

"Lydia! I'm not sure I'm a naughty girl like that," the brunette shrieked.

"Listen, I'm not forcing you onto anyone's dick. I'm just saying playing the field and satisfying bodily urges without getting attached is probably your best bet right now. But first let me run you a bath. But some salts and oils and you'll feel like a million dollars again," the redhead offered.

Allison took her up on the idea and Lydia ducked into the bathroom to do just that. Allison could hear the water running and the slutty ginger added different bottles to the growing water level. Finally after a few minutes Lydia re-emerged and took Allison by the hand and showed her into the bathroom.

"Enjoy. I'm gonna go make us some food," Lydia shared.

Allison thanked her as the redhead left the room and closed the door behind her. Now alone, the slender girl pulled off her grey cardigan sweater she wore open and hung it on the back of the door before fishing a hair elastic out of her pant pocket to bundle up her long strands on top of her head to not get it wet. From there it took only a second to pull off her tanktop, skinny jeans and undergarments.

She had been standing in front of the large mirror on the opposite wall of the tub as she undressed, her eyes scanning her naked body. Despite being average height and skinny, only 5'4" and 110 pounds soaking wet, Allison had a very impressive body. Long, lean legs led up to a small albeit pleasantly plump ass. Her stomach didn't have an ounce of fat but she didn't have an anorexic look to her. Overall, her best physical attribute was the sheer tightness of her body.

"Feels perfect," Allison thought.

After dipping her foot in and realizing that the water was hot but comfortable, Allison stepped in and sat. The wetness enveloped her petite frame as she reclined enough so that the tops of her shoulders were submerged. The heat of water felt amazing and rejuvenating for Allison and she found herself closing her eyes.

"Hey," Lydia said, appearing in the doorway.

"Oh hey...think I drifted off in here. It's just so relaxing," Allison shared.

It was at this point that Allison opened her eyes and tracked where the voice came from. Her redhaired friend was standing with a white satin gown on, open down the middle with only a pair of black panties donning her body. Her breasts weren't visible but the material was so thin that it left little to the imagination, in fact if Allison looked hard enough she could make out the other girl's nickel-sized nipples which sat on her truly great tits, despite being only 18 years old.

"How is it," she asked.

Allison did well to not change her facial experience though her eyes stayed glued to her best friend's chest as her large breasts bounced with each step as she came closer to the tub. It was at this point that Allison was reminded about how attractive Lydia was. She had a beautiful face with striking red, flowing hair but her body was flawless. Round booty, perky tits with a narrow waist and wide hips.

"Great," Allison said, closing her eyes and relaxing back into the water.

"Mind if I join you?"

Everyone who had ever met Allison knew that she was capable of awkward speech patterns when flustered and Lydia wasn't surprised to hear her best friend stammer under her question. Her facial expression contorted to think of an answer that would not offend Lydia but that made it so she didn't need to share the bath. She loved Lydia, but she still wasn't comfortable with the idea of sharing the small tub with another person.

"Well...umm...I guess," she blurted out, hoping Lydia just meant staying in the room with her as she bathed.

Of course Lydia didn't mean just hanging out in the bathroom with Allison, which became apparent a moment later. The satin robe was pulled from her body to reveal her weighty breasts, which she dropped to the floor before doing likewise with her panties after sliding them down her juicy yet still feminine legs. Allison spied a thin strip of red trimmed hair above her pussy as Lydia stepped into the water before sitting at the opposite end.

"Still shy," the redhead brought up, sitting forward to engage the girl more.

"Yeah...sorry about that," Allison said, leaning back so her own smaller but equally perky boobs were under the water.

Lydia gave her friend a look that portrayed that she was being foolish. For how ditzy the redhead played herself as, not to mention her well-earned reputation for being super slutty, Lydia was actually brilliant. Her intelligence was very intimidating when she used it, and combined with her gorgeous looks it was a deadly combination. Allison now understood why any guy she set her sights were powerless to go against her will.

"You know, when you first came to my high school I was immediately torn what to do about you. Should I destroy and shame this new girl who was so beautiful and could threaten my position as head spank bank girl at the school, or do I try to be nice and see what you were about. I for sure made the right choice...like usual," Lydia shared.

Her little revelation seemed to take some of the awkwardness out of the two girls sharing a bathtub together. Lydia wasn't the most forthcoming with compliments so for the redhead to tell Allison that she wasn't just threatened by her, but found her beauty to rival her own was high praise indeed.

"You're just saying that to be nice," Allison blushed.

"Is that really my nature," Lydia replied with a knowing glare. "Now, let me guess here. It's the Scott part out of the trio of bad news that has you the most depressed."

"Good guess," the dark-haired archer answered. "My mom's death...she was a Hunter so we are prepared for this type of thing sadly. My grandfather grooming me to be a Hunter all while betraying us, that hurt. But he was a desperate, dying old man so even that is almost understandable. But having to not be with Scott, I see the sense but it hurts. And leaves me so...frustrated."

"Sexually frustrated? It's been weeks and I can almost guarantee you aren't the type to take matters into your own hands," Lydia asked.

Allison stared at her best friend in disbelief that she had just asked her that question. Finally, she spoke but not the words she though she would say. "Well...yeah."

"I figured. Scott has that whole brooding alpha vibe about him and it was obvious whenever you guys had sex. Your skin glowed more, he was more light-hearted and playful," the ginger explained. "And you were...well you getting laid and being satisfied is by far my favorite version of Allison."

Allison couldn't help but smile at her naked best friend. With those words her mind started flashing back to all the times she had spent with Scott. Late night booty calls meeting in their favorite clearing in the forest, hooking up in the back of her parent's car, sex at his place while his mother was at work in the hospital or even the rare times they did the deed at school.

Thinking of all the good times caused some of the tension to ease from her body. She felt the warmth of the tub soaking into her muscles and easing them. Slumping down a little further into the water, Allison placed one leg up on the edge of the tub and watched as soapy beads slowly slide down her long, smooth legs.

"Well...I'm gonna bring back that Allison," Lydia said.

There was no other warning as the redhead leaned forward, lifting her one leg over Allison's still submerged one, until her chest hovered above the taller girl's smaller tits. Allison was a trained werewolf Hunter so could have stopped Lydia with ease if she wanted, but she desired what was to happen. Lydia pressed the advantage, taking her defenceless stance as an invitation to plant her lips on Allison's and kiss her with as much carnal energy that both of them had.

"Mhmm," they both moaned at once.

The kiss with Lydia was everything that she had been missing about not being with Scott of late. There was passion, intimacy, despite the fact that she had never kissed or even thought about kissing a girl in the past. She felt a tingling between her thighs as her pussy wet just from someone's lips on hers, a special feat indeed.

Lydia's hand ran sensually along her friend's cheek as they parted their lips and she pushed inside Allison's mouth. Her fingertips ran along her skin until settling on her neck as the pair continued to kiss, this time with the dark-haired Hunter pushing her tongue into Lydia's mouth just as often. The redhead took it as a good sign, especially when she felt a small hand placed on her side and start to rub her arched back.

"Such a good kisser," Allison cooed in almost a dream-like state.

The extra contact seemed to ignite further passion in both woman as it seemed their kissing got more intense now. Their tongue lashings became more wild, spilling out of the barrier of their smacking lips to get onto each other faces. Neither cared as they were so lost in the carnal heat.

Lydia started rocking her body up and down, the trimmed strip of her pubes rubbing Allison in the surprising bare patch she shaved away hers. Both their hands went to the other's exceptional albeit differing bodies; the redheaded aggressor getting herself two perfectly fitted handfuls of the other girl's firm tits while Allison reached around and kneaded her slutty friend's thick, hard ass.

"Ever since we became friends I was hoping this would happen," Lydia shared between kisses.

It was a good amount of flexibility needed from Lydia to have their legs scissors together but still be able to lean all the way forward so her chest was on top of her friend. However, she accomplished the task with aplomb and was reaping the rewards of kissing and groping the beautiful taller girl with the added benefit of their sexes so close together.

It didn't take long before Lydia used fingers to pull at Allison's pink nipples, making them instantly harden while twisting them playfully, not painfully. The skinny girl moans into her mouth as she gripped the redhead's ass with all her grip strength in the process. The redheaded beauty smiled while they continued to kiss as she felt hands leave her curvy ass to travel up before passionately gripping her pillowy breasts.

"Oh! Ah! Yes," Allison cooed as Lydia grinded her hips lower this time, contacting the slender girl's clitoris.

The surprise move gave the eager redhead an inspired idea. Tucking her hips lower down, she knew she had dropped enough when she felt a tingle in her own body as her pussy now laid overtop her best friend's. A tilt frontwards and backwards caused her sex to rub arousingly against Allison's own twat, spurring the slender girl to lightly bite down on Lydia's extremely plump lower lip.

Water began spilling over the edge of the porcelain as the two women began thrashing about in the tub with more energy. What started out as simply pressing their lips together soon morphed into them wiggling their hips until it reached the feverish pitch they were now at. While their sexes were squeezed against one another, they grinded with grunting effort, using their hips to tilt and hinge to constantly reach new levels of pleasure.

"Jesus...so good," Lydia huffed, her large chest heaving with the effort.

Allison was just as into the encounter as the more experienced redhead. That became apparent when Lydia was forced backwards into a more seated position with Allison mirroring her stance, the pair more equal rather than Allison resting back and being more passive. It served both better as it allowed their pussies a better chance to fit together, their lips pressed firmer and heightening their pleasure.

Their scissoring all happened while they never stopped kissing, that was until Allison broke it so she could run her lips down Lydia's neck. The redhead moaned with greater urgency as the necking combining with the twat grinding sparked new delight throughout her body. However,her hunger demanded her own mouth to be busy she she risked losing her balance to free a hand so she could tilt Allison's head back up towards her's.

"Lydia...I'm so close," Allison warned, eyes shut tight as she allowed her body to be awash in carnal delight.

"I know honey...me too," the horny genius replied.

From there it took little time until both girls were left satisfied. All they had to do was maintain the frantic pace and smooth rhythm, which was no trouble. More water splashed over the edge, soaking the floor beneath them as they continued their thrashing inside the tub. They couldn't recall who had came first, though it didn't matter as they both reached their screaming climaxes in such short and pleasing order.

"I think I really needed that," Allison cooed as the pair finally relented and relaxed, untangling their legs from around each other.

"Oh, you really did," Lydia retorted knowingly. "Now, let's get out of the bath and into your bedroom."

* * *

The pair wasted little time getting from the tub to the bedroom, simply only taking a minute to towel off their perfect naked bodies. Allison and her father had just moved into the new apartment so her room was sparsely decorated but generally neat, though the only thing that mattered at that particular moment was getting themselves onto her bed.

"Here, let me show you something new," Lydia said.

Before she knew it Allison found that her friend had the towel ripped from her slender body before depositing her with her head in the pillows. In another blink of an eye Lydia had joined her on the bed, pulling apart her long athletic legs as she settled onto her knees and elbows with her thick ass pushed high into the air.

"This isn't new," she explained, licking her lips in anticipation. "Scott's done this to me a bunch of times."

"Maybe he's licked your cute little pussy before," Lydia replied, kissing her on her milky white inner thigh. "But trust me sweetie, he's never done it this good or mind blowing."

As another volley of kisses landed on her thigh, Allison found that they were getting closer to her extremely wet pussy, which was still hungry for more pleasure despite cumming minutes prior. As Lydia's lips got closer to her sex, Allison became aware that for the first time since her breakup with Scott that she didn't feel heart sick when she mentioned his name. However, that was forgotten a moment later as her friend finally reached her core.

"Oh crap," Allison moaned.

Her scream was in direct response to the tongue that was suddenly licking over her wet hole, up through her folds and ended at her clit. Allison looked down over her freshly cleaned small breasts and watched as the redhead swirled her tongue over her exposed nub, occasionally making a seal around it with her lips to really pepper it with her tongue.

True to her word, this felt miles different from Scott would go down on her. As the werewolf was unrefined, more so fumbling with his approach albeit eagerly, Lydia was the opposite. She had no idea how many girl-on-girl encounters Lydia had been part of but it was enough for her to know exactly what she was doing between a pair of thighs.

Allison's legs felt weak and wobbled every time Lydia's nimble tongue flicked out at her sensitive clit, also causing her to scream loudly, thankful that her apartment was empty. Luckily, she didn't need to use any strength as she flopped and thrashed in the bed under Lydia's best oral workt.

"Oh my God Lydia," the slender Hunter screamed the other girl's name.

The redhead smiled brightly before getting back to work, determined to use every tool in her belt to make her friend cum again. Opening her mouth wide she was able to completely cover the other girl's slit from tip to hole within her lips. She started sucking, making loud smacking noises before darting her tongue into Allison's twat.

Naturally the girl moaned in response and thrashed about in the spacious bed, but the experienced slut was able to ride out Allison's body spasms and stay to task. She wanted to worm her tongue deeper into the archer's pussy in order to taste more of her sweet nectar so she used one of her free hands to pull apart her folds and drive further inside.

"Fuckkkkk," Allison moaned louder then ever.

If Allison's cum tasted as good as her wet pussy did, then Lydia was in for one tasty and very rewarding treat, and she was happy to confirm that as soon as possible. To her satisfaction she repeatedly used her tongue to collect Allison's nectar from her gushing twat, noting how she was sweet, with almost a taste of honey. It made Lydia powerless to do anything but burrow her tongue as deep into the girl as possible and licking every wall she could reach. She could feel Allison's thrashing her naked body around the bed, making her happy to have such a continuing effect on her new lover.

"You need this, don't you," Lydia smiled up at her from between her legs.

"I do," Allison replied all while the other girl never stopped circling her tongue through her slit. "So much."

Lydia was pleased that her efforts were not going to waste. With her hands both reaching up and rubbing each of her friend's sensitive nipples, the fit genius sank her tongue as deep into Allison's pussy as she could once more and started to whip it around inside. The redhead realized that her nose was squashed against the deadly archer's pink folds and an idea came to her. Shaking her head in short, quick movements, she was able to use her face, specifically her cute button nose to rub against the Allison's clit.

"Oh my God yes. Just like that," Allison screamed.

"Yeah? You gonna cum Allison? Come on, give me your sweet juices," Lydia all but begged.

Lydia knew that the girl was reaching the point of no return as her climax had all but arrived. Determined to finish her off in glorious style, the redhead used her hand to rub her clit with almost inhuman speed, her fingers a mere blur given the quickness she used. Meanwhile with her free hand she plunged another two digits deep into pussy, curl her knuckles and finds her equally sensitive G spot.

"OH!! I'M CUMMING!!! UUGGHHHH," she screamed.

Timing it just right, Lydia waited until her orgasm was at hand before she pulled her two fingers free and replaced the gape in her twat with her skilled tongue. No more then a second later Lydia got her just rewards as Allison's sweet cum gushed out onto her waiting tongue. She happily gobbled up all of what the slender Hunter had to offer before greedily searching inside her pussy for more of the tasty treat. Once she was satisfied that she hadn't missed a drop, Lydia pushed herself into a seated position.

"Wow...you are one delicious treat," Lydia mused before using her tongue for one more, albeit theatrical long lick over Allison's sensitive pussy.

"I can't believe you made me cum twice," Allison commented while blushing.

"It's what I do. I'm like an orgasm creating machine," the redhead said, laying her naked body right down next to her equal bare best friend.

"Thank you for helping Lydia," Allison told her, shifting onto her side so she could rest her head on Lydia's shoulder, just above her pillowy chest.

"Oh we aren't done yet," Lydia exclaimed. "This was simply phase 1. Next is getting you back on the horse, so to speak."

Allison was rendered speechless. It had been less than 2 weeks since her heart-breaking split from her high school crush and already Lydia wanted her spreading her legs for someone else. Scott had been her first and she was truly naive enough to believe that such young love would be her only.

"Don't worry sweetie, I'll be right with you to help."

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Re: Teen Wolf: Moving On
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Title: Moving On Part 2
Show: Teen Wolf
Author: The Chemist
Pairing: Lydia/Allison/Stiles
Codes: MFF, Anal, Oral
Disclaimer: I make no money from this. I don't own or have anything to do with Teen Wolf, especially the characters Lydia Martin, Allison Argent, Stiles and Scott McHale.

Summary: Lydia is determined to help best friend Allison out of her funk following her breakup from Scott. First she seduced her into lesbian sex. Next is getting her back in the sack with a man, but Lydia will be there for help.

Allison was exhausted, but in the best way possible. In the span of 20 minutes she had been brought to orgasm twice by her best friend Lydia Martin. She'd forgotten all about the death of her Werewolf Hunter mother, the evils committed by her idol grandfather and the breakup with Scott McHale.

However, rather than allowed to fade into a well-deserved sleep, it was Lydia's last words that roused her from her exhaustion.

"Oh we aren't done yet," Lydia exclaimed. "This was simply phase 1. Next is getting you back on the horse, so to speak."

Allison was rendered speechless. It had been less than 2 weeks since her heart-breaking split from her high school crush and already Lydia wanted her spreading her legs for someone else. Scott had been her first and she was truly naive enough to believe that such young love would be her only.

"Don't worry sweetie, I'll be right with you to help."

"Lydia, keep explaining," Allison demanded, a little steel in her tone.

"Oh was that too vague? Okay, I'll spell it out for you. To get over a boy, you have to get under another. Or on top of, or thrust into by. Whatever your preference is," the redhead explained. "Besides, women should be proud of their sexuality, just like men are. We need to have confidence, build ourselves up. Not hide and feel restricted."

Allison understood that basic principle as it was hardly the first time she'd heard it. Hell, there were dozens of movies about that very concept. It was the second part of Lydia's statement that had her perplexed and doubting.

"Ah, me helping. I'll be there to help your nerves and aid you in your first sexual encounter sans Scott," Lydia continued.

"And if I was to give you the go-ahead with this, I assume you already have a guy picked out," Allison commented.

"Of course Allison. I'm the smart one after all. Stilinski."

"Stiles! Are you serious," Allison gasped in shock.

"What? Is he not handsome in that goofy, quirky way," Lydia countered.

"Well yes he's kinda good looking but..."

"And since freshman year he's added like 15 pounds of muscle to his chest and arms," the redhead added.

"Fair point but there is the whole thing of being Scott's best friend," Allison explained.

"So what? You two are done. It's not like he's going to stop being a werewolf plus, it didn't stop him from sleeping with me. Which I am still sorry about. And if you think about, the only other guys as candidates are either werewolves or gay," Lydia pointed out.

Allison hated to admit it but the redheaded slut had a point. Stiles was one of the few guys at Beacon Hills High that wasn't a supernatural being nor was guy. Plus if you factor in guys that were assholes then the list got even shorter. They weren't a college town so the next generation up were parents, and Allison didn't want to make such a leap. So apparently Stiles it was.

"Great! I'll sort everything out. You just make sure you're at my beckon call," Lydia detailed. "I'll make you into a sexually liberated whore in no time!"

* * *

For Stiles it was like any other day. He woke, he stretched, dressed then made his breakfast. It didn't exactly take gourmet skills to pour cereal into a bowl and drown it in milk, however it was filling enough and tasty as all hell. Within 25 minutes, his bag was packed and he was out the door for another day at Beacon Hills High.

Luckily no one had filled his parking spot, something that was happening less and less now that he was a contributing member of the National winning lacrosse team. It hadn't gotten him the girl he had always pined over, however given that both he and Lydia were both wrapped up in the supernatural he got to spend a lot of time with the attractive redhead.

"Just the man I was looking for," a sweet voice piped in his ear.

"I've always wanted to hear those words from you," the erratic student replied to Lydia.

"Cute. But I need more than boyish charm tonight," Lydia retorted.

The slutty redhead dragged the startled-looking boy down the hall and into her favorite hooking up spot within the school walls. Stiles wasn't under any illusion that he would be the next notch on Lydia's ever expanding belt as she had never looked at him like that, unlike with Scott. His best friend and his childhood crush had gotten together once, back when Scott was high on werewolf adrenalin and not himself at all.

However, he received better news than he could have ever imagined. As Lydia explained to him what she needed, she couldn't help but smile at his hilarious reaction. Upon hearing that she required him to have sex with both her and Allison Argent, his jaw nearly smacked the ground, his pants started to tent and he was rendered speechless.

"So...are you the man for the job?"

"Ummm...yeah. No, definitely. I can...well I hope," Stiles started to stammer. "But what about Allison and Scott?"

"Did he have any reservation about sleeping with me? Knowing exactly how you felt about me? No, I didn't think so," Lydia rationalized. "Plus they are broken up and never getting back together. Not with him being all alpha werewolf and her being a sworn defender against his kind."

"True. Listen Lydia, I really, really want to do this but I'm not sure I'm the right choice. After all...you are two experienced girls and I'm, well, still yet to open my account," Stiles admitted.

"Oh I figured you were a virgin but I've planned for that. After all, I'm the brains...and the beauty."

Lydia spent the next 5 minutes detailing exactly what Stiles was to do to prepare for the long evening of pleasuring two women. His mind spun as she listed things, making it seem to him that this was definitely not the first time that she had been a party to this type of fun.

* * *

"We are all set for tonight," Lydia said as she appeared at her friend's locker.

"Tonight! So soon," Allison exclaimed, drawing the attention of a pack of underclassmen as they passed.

"Be cool," the redhead calmed her. "God, I'm working with children. Trust me, the only way to get over Scott is getting under another. Or on top of, or..."

"Yes, yes, I remember this lovely talk from last night," the Hunter cut her off. "Fine. My place again I'm guessing."

"Yup! Now, getting through the rest of the day will be tough. You're pussy is going to be wet at the merest thought of this evening so focus will be almost non-existent. So, take one of these anti-anxiety meds and keep your head down," she explained, slipping two pills into the taller girl's hand.

* * *

"Hey Stiles, haven't seen you at all today," Scott McCall commented as he finally tracked down his best friend.

"That's weird, been here all day," the nervous boy replied.

In truth, Stiles had been avoiding his Teen Wolf best friend all day on purpose. After all, he was going to sleep with his ex-girlfriend in a few hours and he didn't trust himself to not do or say anything suspicious. It had actually been part of Lydia's ideas, but it was a good one so he did it up until now.

"Going to lacrosse practice today?"

"Nah, not today," Stiles replied, seeing his best friend with his athletic bag draped over his shoulder. "I got a text from my dad asking if I was free to go to dinner tonight. Maybe he's dating and going to introduce me to my new mom."

"Oh...well I doubt he'd make you call her mom," the kind-hearted albeit naive Scott replied.

"I was just joking. Not about missing practice or dinner with my dad though. Definitely won't be available to hang out or play or have sex," he nervous ranted.

"Sex? You're not really my type Stiles," Scott laughed. "God you can be so goofy sometimes. Don't worry, you'll meet the right girl and lose that V card sooner or later."

"Yeah or maybe I'll do it in grand style and lose my virginity in a threesome with two insanely hot highschool girls," Stiles joked awkwardly.

"Maybe just stick to bedding one at a time stud," the werewolf advised, slapping him on the shoulder. "Have fun at dinner with your dad though. And maybe lay-off the coffee, you seem jittery...I mean more jittery than normal anyway."

Stiles was more than grateful to see the back of his best friend as he walked towards the change room to get ready for lacrosse. He had survived the conversation, just barely, but on the bright side there was nothing stopping him from his encounter with destiny. Throwing his backpack into the backseat of his Jeep, Stiles jumped in the front seat and peeled out of the parking lot.

As per Lydia's other instructions, he had been drinking coffee with an extra shot of espresso in it all day long. That, combined with the energy drink that he normally reserved for consuming on game day or after a hard workout, meant that he was well energized for what would be an unforgettable night.

"Next stop, Allison Argent's apartment. My best friend's ex-girlfriend's place. To have sex with her. And with Lydia, my earliest and longest crush," Stiles thought to himself as he navigated his way to the building.

The journey there was pretty fast, after all it was a small town. He found an empty parking spot and pulled in, locking the emergency brake and hopping out. He took a couple of deep breathes to steel himself to what was a surreal situation that he was about to walk into. Going over the mental checklist he was given, Stiles reached into his pant's pocket and removed the little blue pill that Lydia told him to take before coming upstairs.

"No looking back now," Stiles said as he swallowed back the pill that would make him rock hard for at least an hour.

As much preparation as he had done throughout the day could not get him ready for what was waiting for him. Stiles found the front door unlocked so he stepped inside and slid the deadbolt into place afterwards. He called out to announce his presence but was not answered. Feeling a tingling in his crotch as the pill started to work, he wandered further inside and saw three doors in the hallway.

The first door was a bathroom, which was empty. The next door on the right was a large master bedroom with simple furnishing and men's clothes spread throughout, clearly belong to Chris Argent. The man was a scary guy, made more terrifying by the fact he willing hunted werewolves, but he couldn't worry about that now. Arriving at the last door, he rapped his knuckles on the white painted wood.

"Come in."

When Stiles opened the door he couldn't believe what he was looking at. While it was true to he had known the girls sitting on the bed for a while, 2 years for Allison and almost his whole life in Lydia's case, he had never seen them like this. They were both seated on the leggy girl's bed, but once again his jaw slackened open.

"Hi Stiles," Allison greeted with a wide smile on her plump lips.

"Don't worry about her, she's still feeling loose from the anti-anxiety meds," Lydia commented as she loving ran her hand through Allison's silky hair.

Both girls were wearing similar looking undergarments, both deciding on black as well. They had bought slightly different top portions, however both were black with parts that were see-through and hugged their very different chests tightly. Tits were corralled nicely, pushing up their tits to show off massive amounts of cleavage, more so for Lydia.

"Wow," Stiles said, before biting down on his fist after the girls got to their feet.

They both had on black thongs that had the back string portion barely observable given how surprisingly meaty each of their asses were; Lydia's wider and thicker but Allison's slender bottom still had a nice bubbly look. To complete the night undergarments was a garter belt and black stocking, which ended just under their plump backsides, which were even more pronounced given the matching high heels they wore.

"You like it," Allison asked. "It's not too tight?"

With their new found familiarity, Lydia took full advantage. As they talked and stood in front of the bewildered boy, the redhead's hands never left Allison's petite yet curvy body. Whether it was hooking a finger into the tight fitting band of her thong when she mentioned the too tight comment, to actually resting her hand on her plump ass as she told her friend how great her tush and breasts looked framed in the stockings, belt and thong.

"No, not at all too tight," Stiles reassured her.

"Too tight? Honey they were supposed to fit like that," the redhead added. "And come on, your tits and ass looks amazing with all this."

"Haha, thanks," the taller girl replied, growing to like her hands-on approach and kind words.

Lydia took her friend by the hand and they slowly sauntered around the bed to stand before the flabbergasted boy. Boy was a harsh term mainly because over the past summer Stiles had grown, standing over 6 feet with a more than decent frame covered in muscle. His hair had grown out but still looked a little wild, which fit his frantic energetic self.

"Why don't we make yourselves more comfortable," Lydia offered, taking his hand in hers.

The eager redhead knew that she was the lynchpin of this operation and thus she accepted the responsibility that came with the role. She would have to organize and direct this threesome, Allison's continuing sexual awakening and it was something she was more than happy to do.

The trio sat with Stiles in the middle and each of the beautiful high school students on either side of him. He and Allison were still obviously nervous and not knowing what should be done. Lydia could tell they were both happy to be there, they just needed prompting.

"Stiles, would you like to see Allison and I kiss," the ginger asked with her classic half-grin.

"Yes...umm...yes very much," Stiles said, the first yes coming out squeaky before he coughed and collected himself.

Lydia was leaning across her boy toy the next instance to wrap an arm around Allison's slender shoulder. Grabbing the back of her head, the more experienced girl steered Allison in towards her own. Lydia could see her best friend lick her lips in horny anticipation mere inches before their lips touched, closing her eyes and puckering her lips.

Just like all their previous kisses, this one was equally amazing, similar to the charger emotion from several nights ago when the first got together after her break-up from Scott. Her lips were soft and her tongue gentle as they wrestled, but their was an aggression and passion to the lip lock.

Stiles watched on with intensity as the two gorgeous girls donning sexy lingerie made out with one another. With their heads cocked to the side like they were, he could see tongues poking out on occasion as their lips smacked with some familiarity with one another. Letting his body respond naturally to the show, he subconsciously added rubbing his hand along Lydia's thick ass as he watched.

"Your turn," Lydia said to the goofy boy after breaking away from Allison.

The redhead had been directing Stiles's face closer to herself and to Allison as the two girls were kissing, so when she pulled away the two beautiful people were within striking distance. Though they were very close, Lydia still pulled their heads together to help guide them but they didn't need the help.

Stiles was still rubbing Lydia's thick ass while his lips contacted those of Allison's for the first time. He was shocked that there was no awkwardness in kissing his best friend's ex-girlfriend, but his passion and libido was super-charged and left no room for that. Their lips touching set off fireworks in both of them and that was illustrated by the hunger they showed while kissing each other.

"That was really hot," Allison breathed after they pulled away from each other after a minute-long make-out session.

"Yeah," Stiles agreed, also out of breath.

"My turn."

Lydia twisted the boy's head back over his other shoulder so she too could share a lip lock with the boy. Understandably there was even more passion and urgency in the kiss they shared, brought about by over a decade of Stiles pining over the slutty redhead. His kiss was less precise than with Allison, his tongue oftentimes sliding out of her mouth and licking her lips or even onto her face.

"Now Allison, why don't you get Stiles started and go down on him," Lydia suggested, drawing a whelp in anticipation from the excited boy.

"Actually I was hoping I could repay you...for last night. You...ate me out," she said after an initial moment of embarrassment to admit in the presence of someone else. "I'd like to try doing that to you."

"Perfect," the redhead smiled. "And that means I'll get his engine revving."

"Not going to be an issue," Stiles commented, his eyes flashing down to his raging erection.

Lydia scooted her perfect ass a little further back on the bed so that her knees were right at the edge of the mattress before she leaned all the way backwards. Luckily both other parties in the bedroom got her hint and sprang into motion. Allison wanted to munch on Lydia's carpet so she sunk to her knees between the girl's juicy thighs while Stiles undressed quicker than anyone in history before sitting down next to her face.

"Stiles," Lydia cooed as she reached out and began stroking his member lightly. "You've been holding out on us."

Lydia's words got Allison's attention, right as she was finishing pulling the redhead's panties down her legs. Looking over her curvy friend's body, the brunette looked at Stiles. Well, looked at the erection poking out from his lap which was now being jerked off with tenderness by Lydia. He had impressive thickness, though lacked the girth of Scott, but he bested his friend in the length department, wielding a pork sword well over 8 inches.

"Good for you Stiles," Allison commented before lowering her head and prepared to eat her first pussy.

Though she had never done it before, Allison had the benefit of being gone down on many times, mostly by Scott but most recently by Lydia herself. Able to interpret what they did to her, she had a basic idea of how she would pleasure her best friend. Leaning down further she stuck out her tongue and did a long, slow lick from her wet hole and through her slit.

"Mhmm...good start love," Lydia moaned from above her.

Having produced a moan so early in her oral experiment gave Allison confidence. She performed the same trick once, twice, thrice more before introducing a new move as she focused her tongue lashings at Lydia's exposed clit. That succeeded in making the redhead quake and squeeze Allison's head between her thighs.

The brunette soon found herself enjoying being on her knees between Lydia's juicy thighs. The same thing happened to her when she first started going down on Scott - nervous at first until she found that she was actually quite skilled. Being good at something gave her new confidence and eagerness, which her tongue portrayed by the way it darted deep in Lydia's pussy, then would lick from tip to bottom before sucking at her pink lips.

"Don't worry lover boy, I didn't forget about you," the redhead said, looking up into his eyes.

While Allison continued to get more accustomed to munching on another's rug, Lydia got to work on her own oral pleasuring. She twisted her back so that her ass remained firmly on the bed while she was now facing Stiles and his surprisingly healthy-sized cock. His shaft was smooth as her hand rubbed him, already having elicited a small amount of precum from his piss slit.

Not wasting any more time, the slutty redhead leaned down and engulfed just his purplish head between her lips. Immediately she licked up his early offering and noted its salty yet enjoyable taste. From there she fell into her perfected rhythm of bobbing her head down his cock until it poked the back of her throat then reversed course. Right before his cock was to slid out of her mouth she stopped her momentum, gave his tip a swirl of her tongue and pushed back down his length.

"Hhhhhgggg...Lord," Stiles shuddered in the most intense pleasure of his life.

"You taste so good Lydia," Allison complemented at the same time.

The brunette on her knees between her legs was a quick study and soon Lydia found herself moaning against the cock pressed against her tongue. Allison had quickly figured out what moves were good, which ones not doing much and which ones really got her going. The redhead even found that her best friend was getting right into it, reaching her arm up Lydia's body in order to knead one of her C-cup tits.

All while swallowing 2/3rds of Stiles' manhood with each ride closer to his lap, Lydia reached behind her body and freed her tits from the prison of the lace bra. While Allison went from squeezing her friend's pillowy chest above the material to right on the skin, Lydia grabbed one of Stiles' hand and placed it on her free breast to allow him the same chance.

"Oh God Lydia...I'm gonna...uuugghghhhhh," Stiles began warning but it was too late.

The redhead already knew what was coming based on his frantic warning and crazed tone. Stiles was as virgin as you could be so it was no great surprise that he was already cumming. And that was precisely why she had given him the erection pill to take so that he could go for over an hour and cum as often as he needed.

The girl was too good and Stiles was only ever use to his hand touching his cock, not the unpredictably and wetness of another's mouth. They both knew he was never going to last that long when faced with her skilled technique. He reached his hand out to steady himself on Allison's bed as Lydia got more intense by the passing second.

"Cum for me baby," she pleaded, her head a red streak as she went even faster.

"Uggghhhhh," he grunted as her slutty words pushed him over the breaking point.

Lydia felt the first blast of his sticky load smack the back of her mouth shortly after his load groan. It didn't take him long to fill her mouth with his excessive amount of semen but the sluttiest girl at Beacon Hills High was equal to the task. She collected every drop he offered her until he finally ran dry. In one big gulp the horny coed swallowed down his warm salty load, loving the feeling of the thick liquid as it slid down her throat.

"That was...I thought I'd last longer," Stiles said, slumping to rest against Allison's headboard.

"Don't worry sweetie...that was why you took the erection pill. You'll be able to play and cum as much as you want for the next hour at least," Lydia explained, her hand resting on the top of Allison's head as she continued to eat her out. "Now why don't you get comfortable and watch Allison lick me until I cum. Then I think you'll be ready for more."

The boy hastily nodded his head in agreement, happy that the girls didn't think less of him for blowing his load so soon. In fact he doubted if Allison even noted that he busted once already given how enthusiastically she was eating out her best friend. From his vantage point he couldn't see the exact way she was operating, but given the way her head was shaking and rubbing combined with the way Lydia was starting to scream like a banshee, he knew things were going well.

"Oh my God Allison...that's actually really good," Lydia cooed.

"Holy crap," Allison thought. "I'm gonna make the sluttiest girl in Beacon Hills cum eating her out for my very first time."

Lydia was a fountain of encouragement with both words and actions. When she wasn't continuously screaming out Allison's name then she was using her hand on the back of the brunette's head to help drive her tongue further into her pussy. The leggy girl eating pussy for the first time soon felt Lydia start bucking her hips, causing her nose to get wet as it rubbed constantly against the redhead's clit all while her tongue dug deep in her folds.

"Shit! Fuck! Yes," Lydia screamed. "I'm cumming Allison! I'm cumming."

Stiles became lost in watching the scene in front of him that before he knew it he was hard again. His second erection of the night didn't go unnoticed either, as the recently climaxed redhead soon stretched out a hand and began lightly stroking his length in her fist like before. This time would be different though and Stiles was determined to last a hell of a lot longer.

"Caught your second wind," Lydia asked, eyeing his cock lovingly.

"Yup," he said with a pleased smile.

"Then get up on the bed Allison. Come and lay on your back so I can watch how you take his big cock," the redhead said like a true slut.

Once again Lydia organized their little party just the way she wanted. Allison had her arm pulled up on so that she was dragged onto her bed then rolled over with her ass just barely on the bed. If she thought she was done munching on rug for the rest of the evening then she was sorely mistaken as her best friend swung one leg over her head then proceed to sit on her face.

"Damn that's hot," Stiles commented with the sight of his long-time crushes naked body sitting right overtop of Allison's head.

Remembering what Lydia had directed him to do seconds before, Stiles peeled his eyes from the redhead's perfect naked tits and got to his feet. He still felt weird that he was about to have sex with his best friend's ex-girlfriend, but he quickly forgot about Scott as he laid eyes on the pussy-licking brunette. Her tits were small but fit her frame perfectly, her stomach was taut and her legs seemed to go on forever. Plus there was the added benefit that she spread her thighs waiting for him to step between them and fuck her.

Lydia was sensing that her boy toy was probably having some split feelings about fucking Allison, despite how lucky he truly was for the opportunity. However loyalty made people do irrational things, which was why the redhead was there to help. Leaning down so that she was now hovering her gorgeous face over Allison's wet twat, she reached out and took Stiles cock and rubbed it through her friend's ready slit.

"Do it Stiles. Allison wants you," she encouraged.

"God yes," Allison moaned as he entered her.

Stiles had understood that sex felt amazing, which made sense given the lengths that people would go to get some. However, as his condomless cock slid into the leggy archer, he truly came to grip with why everyone made such a big deal about it. Allison was tight and wet, the perfect combination as it hugged the skin of his dick with firm grip but let him glide in frictionlessly.

"Feels...so...good," Stiles commented as he began sawing into the pretty girl, slow at first but building speed with each time.

Lydia had the best seat in the house as she watched her best friend get fucked by the man who just lost his virginity. While it was unfortunate that Allison lost her concentration and was moaning delight in having Stiles thrust inside her instead of eating her pussy, she allowed her that. The goofy boy must have been enjoying himself greatly as he was like a machine, consistently rearing back and slamming into the much smaller high schooler.

No doubt he was benefitting from having cum earlier in the evening, allowing him greater freedom to fuck the leggy girl with such speed and power and not blow his load in under a minute. And though it was his first time he was still making the brunette scream in constant bursts, eliciting pleasure with each thrust of his lengthy cock into her cunt.

"It's so Goddamn sexy watching his thick cock slid into your tight teen pussy," Lydia cooed while starting to grind her pussy on Allison's face.

Even though she was in all new realms of pleasure, the heights she hadn't experienced since she last fucked Scott weeks ago, Lydia was making sure that she wasn't getting neglectful of her other duties. Allison stuck out her tongue and used it to wiggle through the redhead's slit before burying it once more in her twat, though this time she was rewarded by tasting the ultra-sweet girl cum from when she made Lydia cum earlier.

"Mhmm...yes...ahhh," Allison cooed between licks. "How about you put your own mouth to good use."

The lanky boy slowed down just enough so that Lydia was able to reach her head down low along Allison's flat stomach, rest on her neatly trimmed bush so she could stretch her tongue out and flick her friend's bean. Immediately Allison lost track of eating out the redhead's pussy as her whole body shuddered from the intense sensation of having her clit licked at the same time her pussy was getting fucked so deeply.

"I brought you such a good cock didn't I baby," Lydia moaned as continued her oral assault on Allison.

Stiles couldn't believe the situation that he now found himself in. At the beginning of the day if someone would have told him that not only would he lose his virginity but that it would be in a threesome with two of the hottest girls at the school he would have laughed at them. However now he found himself balls deep inside the beautiful Allison Argent while not long ago he came into Lydia's Martin's skilled and eager mouth.

However, the brisk pace he had taken up was proving to have one downside. Though he had cum not too long ago, he could feel the same bubbling happening deep in his loins. He willed himself to slow down or change position, but he was too far engrossed in the action to do anything but chase after his orgasm, his second of the night.

"Keep going...both of you...getting so close," Allison moaned her warning.

The beautiful girl's words locked Stiles into his current course of action even more. He wished he could have slowed his thrusts down but it was quite clear that Allison wanted him to keep stroking his entire length into her tight teen pussy at the same neck-breaking speed as always.

As Lydia laid on her best friend's athletic frame, she looked down and watched as Stiles' cock was a flesh-colored blur as it sawed into her pink folds, stretching the Hunter out nicely. She was still repeatedly lapping at Allison's sensitive clit, helping to drag her screaming and moaning to her own orgasm but she noted the slightly erratic thrusting Stiles was starting to do, indicating he was moments away from his own climax.

"Cum...both of you...cum now," Lydia ordered.

The two high schoolers had no trouble giving into the strict orders of the vastly experienced girl. They didn't know who came first, hell it could have been at the same time for all they knew. Allison's pussy clamped down tightly onto Stiles' cock which suddenly had speared deep into her inviting cunt and was painting her womb with his second load of the evening.

"Oh my God," they both cooed at the same time, basking in their own orgasms.

"Here. Let me taste both of your cum," Lydia demanded eagerly, licking her lips in anticipation.

Moving quickly to make sure she captured every drop of Stiles' semen and Allison's delicious girl cum, Lydia swung off her friend's lithe form and knelt on the ground. She gripped the base of Stiles' cock and guided him out of Allison's cunt slowly and deposited it directly into her waiting mouth.

"Sweet Lord," he moaned as his sensitive tip was immediately sucked on.

Lydia could taste streaks of his semen that were smeared on his shaft, salty especially compared to Allison's sweeter cum that most of his shaft was bathed in. It was the perfect combination of salty and sweet, which was why she licked every surface of his dick, tasting all of their juices before swallowing them down.

However that was just the appetizer. Lydia turned her body around and went straight to Allison's pussy, sticking her tongue as deep into her hole as possible. Within seconds Stiles' load started oozing out onto her tongue, soaking it in his essence before it was greedily swallowed along with as much of Allison's heavenly nectar that she could find.

"Now Stiles, I want to give you the whole experience tonight. So while I eat out Allison's delicious twat, you are going to fuck me in the ass," the slutty redhead told, smiling as his jaw slackened in disbelief. "Understand?"

"Ye...yes," Stiles said, picking his chin back off the floor.

This time Allison didn't wait for her friend to direct her into position, instead she scooted her lithe form higher up the bed. With head resting on the pillows and her legs spread wide and invitingly, Lydia joined her on the mattress with her mouth seeking out her friend's cunt once more.

Looking at Lydia resting on her knees with her big beautiful ass up in the air while she ate out her best friend, it didn't take a seasoned pornstar to realize how she wanted him to fuck her. Lydia felt the shifting of the bed as the third member of the orgy climb up behind her before feeling his legs against hers.

"Start slow but then my ass will be your wonderland," she offered, wiggling her bubbly ass to help entice him further.

Stiles didn't know what lucky horseshoe he found but he wasn't going to blow his opportunity to sodomize the gorgeous girl thinking about it. With his cock gripped firmly in his right hand he guided it until his tip was butted up against her purple-colored backdoor. It proved much tougher to push inside than Allison's wet pussy, but the combination of his own perseverance and Lydia using her arms to push back onto his spear caused his head to pop past her sphincter.

"Mmm...stings every time," Lydia grimaced ever so slightly before distracting herself with the tasty pussy in front of her.

"It'll pass," Allison comforted, a statement that made both Lydia and Stiles to look up at her in pure shock.

Although Allison frequently came off as pure and innocent, her and Scott had gotten into quite a few dirty sexual habits. It all started with them wanting to be each other's first for everything. First handjob and fingering, first blowjob and eating out, first fuck and first anal partners as well.

"It's much better now," the redhead responded, still surprised by the revelation from her best friend.

It may have been his first time fucking a girl in the ass, but Stiles was proving a quick study. Before she had loosened up, he didn't push the pace too much, instead he made slow steady thrusts into her butt with no more than a few inches of his rock hard dick being pushed in at a time.

Just like in her past experienced with anal sex, Lydia found herself relaxing more and more with each thrust into her ass. For having such a massive cock it wasn't tearing her apart like she always initially feared, likely because of the fact she had honed her assfucking for years.

"Lord. You're so small," he groaned, feeling the squeeze of her opening around his shaft.

Even though his thick rod was being hugged tightly on all sides it was still loose enough for him to push and pull inside her. With each thrust Stiles made more headway into her brown eye, stretching her out for his pleasure while not ramming in without thought and causing her pain. It took many pumps but he finally accomplished his goal in getting his entire 8 inches into the curvy redhead's adorable tushy.

"You feel so big inside my ass," Lydia cooed truthfully.

Now that his first mission was realized in getting his entire shaft in his longtime crush's ass, his life felt complete. However, neither he nor Lydia were done just yet and now the redhead wanted him to actually start fucking her in the ass. She told him as much while taking a little break from orally pleasing Allison in order to use her arms to push back onto Stiles cock to give him even more of a hint.

He really was a quick study as Stiles was now stroking into her ass going from tip to base, and yet Lydia felt every wide inch of his tool push into her backdoor without any pain. She felt pressure and the sensation of being completely filled up, truth be told it felt kinda good. Her own hand rubbing furiously at her clit and the distraction of licking her best friend probably helped that as well.

"Oh my God Lydia," Allison moaned loudly. "Your mouth is so fucking good!"

What made Lydia such an amazing lover was her sheer enthusiasm as she really did love what she was doing. It was made all the more enjoyable by the fact that she was eating out her best friend who just so happened to be a knockout in her own respect. Not even the rhythmic thumping of Stiles' hips smacking against her thick ass causing her body to jerk forward every second could deter her finely honed oral skills.

"Gotta love what you do," Lydia replied, looking up and giving Allison a wink before going back to devouring her teen twat.

It was like heaven what the redhead was currently experiencing. Stiles was turning out to be a surprisingly good lay, her fingers were also working overtime on her clit and she was more than happy eating out Allison. With all that stimulus Lydia was burning bright as she couldn't even equate how much pleasure she was currently experiencing.

She had spent most of the night thus far being the facilitator or middle man for Allison and Stiles. Walking through the virgin on how to be a better lover while holding Allison's hand to get her over her Scott-sized heart break. However, now it was her time for pleasure and the sensation was finally proving too much for the slutty redhead after such a sensual night already.

"Yes! I'm cumming," Lydia thundered, catching all three participants by surprise at its suddenness.

Given it was his first time sodomizing a girl, Stiles had no idea the amount of squeeze her asshole would compress his cock with. He hadn't slowed his thrusting at all so was now pushing into her rectum which went from hugging his dick tightly to something completely different. What made matters even better was after a handful of heartbeats when her tight backdoor quivered sensually against his manhood.

"Oh God. It's coming again," Stiles warned, his face already contorting as another climax neared.

"I want to feel you cum inside me," Lydia urged, using her arms to push back on his lengthy tool.

Lydia first felt him shudder before the goofy boy began to spew his third and final load into her well-used bowels. The burst of warm jizz felt erotic as they splashed her inner walls, not near enough for her liking but it had been a long evening for the former virgin.

"Oh...wow...just came in Lydia Martin's butt," Stiles huffed before tipping over and laying on the bed, completely spent.

Knowing that Allison could try some, Lydia crawled her way up Allison's supine body before spinning around and hovering her plump bubble booty over her best friend's face. It was odd but the brunette went with the situation, opening her mouth wide with tongue stretched out. She didn't wait long as soon a small amount of jizz came pouring out of the redhead's recently sodomized ass.

However, before she could swallow it down Lydia moved fast as ever, spinning around so that she could bring the leggy brunette into an open-mouthed kiss. Allison was just starting to appreciate the taste of Stiles' spunk when Lydia came in and slurped some up, causing the Hunter to swallow down her own half before that too was stolen.

"That was one of the hottest things I've ever seen," the exhausted boy commented.

Unhappy that she had to share what turned out to be Stiles rather tasty cum, Allison was determined to get more. Finding Stiles had flopped onto his back with his pecker pointed straight out from his body, the leggy brunette leaned down and without thought engulfed the first several inches of his manhood into her mouth.

"Oh...awwhhh," Stiles moaned as his extremely sensitive cock was sucked on by the horny girl.

Allison sucked up as much cum from his tip that he had to offer, which only ended up being a few drops but it was worth it. However she lingered with her plump lips wrapped around her ex's best friend's manhood, bobbing her head up and down a few times slowly, dragging her tongue along the underside and finding his manhood to have a different taste than at the start of the night.

"Wow...and now the apprentice has become the master," Lydia chirped up, propping herself up on her elbows to watch Allison blow the exhausted boy.

"What do you mean," her best friend replied.

"You are sucking a dick that came straight from my asshole like 5 seconds ago," the redhead retorted, the taste in her mouth now making sense.

Allison was equal parts shocked and grossed out. However, as she thought about it she didn't know why she felt that way. After all she liked the way a dick felt in her asshole and didn't find it disgusting when Lydia or Scott had rimmed her own backdoor. With new found confidence, the brunette leaned back down and ran her tongue up one side of Stiles' pole before doing likewise to the other side.

"Ladies...I think I'm done," Stiles announced.

"That's okay sweetie, you do more than amazing," Lydia replied, kissing him on the cheek.


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