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Agents of SHIELD: Hive Mind
« on: January 05, 2020, 09:59:09 AM »
Title: Hive Mind Part 1
Show: Agents Of SHIELD
Author:  The Chemist
Pairing: Skye/Ward
Codes: MF, Oral, MC
Disclaimer: I do not have own or anything to do with the Marvel's Agents of SHIELD nor the characters, especially Daisy Johnson/Skye and Grant Ward/Hive. I make no money from this story.

Summary: ***SPOILERS: This story takes place after the big reveal during season 3 episode 17. You've been warned*** Hive/Ward intercepts Skye during the Secret Warriors rescue and infects her. With her mind controlled, he quickly learns about human sexual pleasure.

"Daisy...Giyera has control of the ship..." May's voice over the comm stopped after a thudding sound.

"That was..." Lincoln started to say.

"Yeah, May," Skye, or Daisy Johnson as she was going by now, finished his sentence. "All our teammates were on that Quinjet."

"Not all," the lightning-powered Inhuman corrected. "We have the Secret Warriors initiative in place for times like this."

Skye thought for the briefest of moments before replying. "Let's call them in."

Going to their ship's onboard computer, Skye typed in a series of commands. In Miami, Joey Gutierrez's wrist started to vibrate, just as he was finishing up an enjoyable date. Though it looked like a regular watch, the Secret Warriors emblem flashed on the display. Likewise in Colombia, Yo-Yo had her own comm let her know her Inhuman services were needed.

"Approaching Miami, Agent Johnson," Skye's pilot informed her and Lincoln.

Within the next hour, Elena and Joey were both retrieved and on the plane, headed for the HYDRA base. They still didn't know the base's layout, how they stole the Quinjet in the first place or even how many soldiers, but those were trivial details. They had her team and Skye was going to get them back.

They did, however, have a way in. Through service vents they would get within 50 feet of the base, then with Daisy's awesome tremor abilities, she would dig out the remaining distance. It was far from a perfect plan but they were her team and she was willing to take risks.

"When do we land," Joey asked, scared yet motivated.

"That's why we have those," Lincoln said, pointing over to the parachutes.

* * *

"Man, my feet are killing me," one HYDRA thug said to his patrolling team.

"Why aren't you using your orthotics," another of the trio replied.


Before the armed HYDRA gunman could reply, the wall they were walking past blow up in front of them. Massive chunks of cement flew everywhere, including into their helmets, knocking the patrol team unconcious.

"Joey and Elena, go find our team and report back. Lincoln, you and I are on solo missions," Skye organized.

While the two Spanish-speaking Inhumans went off to find Coulson and his group, Skye split with Lincoln and headed to the control room. She didn't know much about the base but she could track where servers went and knew she could glean all sorts of information there. Sure enough, she entered the large room with rows of computers in short order, and had the extra benefit of having a view out at the hanger.

"I have eyes on their Quinjet," Daisy spoke into her comm. "Entrance on the North side, sublevel 5," she relayed the information. "Converge there, I'll quarterback from here."

Being a genius level hacker would mean that Skye could crack their computers in minutes, however HYDRA hadn't been using the base long and their IT team was vastly inferior. In under 45 seconds, the SHIELD agent had disabled all the mechanical locks for her team to get to the entrance and rescue Coulson. Realizing that she could now lock HYDRA out of their own computers, she changed the passwords and went off to help her Secret Warriors.

"Shit," Skye had time to curse as she turned and saw Ward waiting for her.

It was the last of her own uninhibited thoughts she would have, as Hive, who was the Inhuman parasite controlling the dead Grant Ward, used his powers. Having strolled into the room without notice, he was able to react the quickest of the two Inhumans.

"Agghhhh," she moaned.

Millions of tiny parasites flowed from Hive's hands and shot into any orifice in Skye's face, targetting her brain. In regular people, the parasites would eat their living cells, restoring health for the host Hive controlled, but for Inhumans it was different. These same parasites controlled Inhumans, as any Inhuman infected by him became under his influence.

The process only took a few seconds as they flowed into Skye and latched onto every neuron and brain cell in her skull. When done she resumed her normal posture and looked at Hive, but everything was different for the SHIELD agent. She was still herself, but under a type of compulsion. She would do anything Hive wanted, he was her master and she lived to serve.

"I have to get back to the base," Skye said after a few panting breathes.

Hive still stood before her, unmoved other than his arms returning back to his side. His face was passive whereas the influenced girl was happy, wanting somehow to please him with any and all action.

"Not yet," the Inhuman replied.

"They have something we need," Skye replied, arguing against his command since the object would win them this war versus the evil humans.

"Go retrieve what we need...but first," he started, stepping closer to the SHIELD agent. "For months I've inhibited this body and soaked up knowledge of this world. A common theme is sexual intercourse. We meant something to my former host and now I have access to those emotions. I wish to fornicate with you...now."

Though Hive, or Alveus, was no longer man, he did have access to all the knowledge of his past hosts. Using his freshest memories, those belonging to the now deceased Grant Ward, Hive was able to put value to the curves of the woman who stood in his possession.

Skye certainly did have a lovely body according to both Grant Ward and Will Daniels. Hive scanned her from her quality set of tits that somehow were able to display a good amount of cleavage even in her battle leather bodysuit. Instructing her to spin, the gorgeous woman smiled as she did so, showcasing her best asset.

By the criteria of his two most recent hosts, Ward and will both agreed that Skye's ass was right in the sweet spot as it was almost too big, but in actuality it was perfect. Large, round and firm, it also displayed a good amount of wiggle as the Inhuman girl bounced for the HYDRA founder, a smirk now crossing his face.

"Like what you see," she asked with a cocky smile as she gave him another bounce.

"Very much. Now strip. I want first hand knowledge about this carnal act that Will and Grant think so fondly about," Alveus instructed.

"I would love to absolutely fuck your brains out and send that Inhuman mind of yours reeling, but I'll be needed any minute and my tactical suit would take too long to get on and off," Skye told him.

His face remained passive just like it had throughout their whole encounter, but disappointment had crept into his eyes. However, the SHIELD agent had already thought of a back-up plan. Stepping directly in front of the HYDRA founder, Skye's hands started to rub through his pants on his cock, which immediately started to stiffen.

"This is pleasant," he said stiffly but honestly.

"I may not have much time," she said looking into his eyes while undoing his pants. "But I have enough time to blow you."

Normally Skye would have gave one last look around to make sure that no one was around or had visual access to the room, but this new, infected Skye only cared about pleasing Hive. With a satisfied smile, the brunette dropped down to her knees, a position she found herself in commonly with Lincoln over the past 6 months.

His cock was already straining against his pants so Skye had to be careful not to get struck in the face when it was freed from his shorts. She hadn't seen Ward's impressive 9 inches in almost 2 years, before she knew he was part of HYDRA. It still remained one of her favorite cocks she ever had between her lips. His smooth shaft was decorated with some small veins, while his cut manhood with exposed pink head looked so inviting to suck on.

"God I missed this," the horny SHIELD agent cooed.

With a wicked grin on her face, Skye licked her lips before guiding his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. Alveus couldn't help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. Hive was already close to popping his load in her mouth once she started inhaling his whole cock into her mouth with each stroke, especially given the fact he hadn't had sex in centuries.

"Well...this is...very pleasing," he moaned in delight towards the dirty agent.

"Mmmmm," Skye moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

Skye parted her plush red lips and brushed her shoulder-length hair behind her ears then took him into her mouth again. Just like before, Hive moaned audibly as she started sucking him off while he was left with his head tilted back and fingertip digging into the top of her head. She enjoyed the affect she had on him, but shifted all her focus on building momentum as she bobbed her head up and down his towering pole, taking more of him inside her each time. After a good minute of the more intense blowjob, she slowed her pace back down then pulled off his spit-covered cock altogether.

"God I missed this cock," Skye said as she licked his shaft. "I'm so happy right now."

"Me too Skye," Hive agreed.

"It's actually Daisy now but that doesn't really matter," she corrected.

The half-Asian Inhuman pulled her mouth from his dick, now slick with her saliva, and used her hand to feverishly beat his meat. She did this so that she could use her tongue to help corral his heavy sack to bring it into her mouth.

Skye took turns taking each nut into her mouth and giving it proper attention before she moved back to something more solid. She moved half of his pole between her lips while stroking the other half. Using her free hand to massage his sack again, she could hear how much he appreciated what she was doing.

"I can see why Grant Ward was so fond of you," Alveus complimented.

With her lips back around his dick and no more words needing to be spoken, Skye could concentrate at the task at hand. Hive couldn't help but look down and observe the slutty brunette in what looked to be her natural environment; on her knees with a cock in her mouth.

After taking half of him in her mouth to get them both back into a normal tone for the blowjob, she planted her lips completely around him and bobbed her head back towards the tip. Her mouth felt warm and wet to him, and the way her plump lips dragged along his slick skin made his resistance to pumping her full of cum right then and there wane.

"I'm not gonna last forever Skye," Hive warned after a few more minutes.

The mind controlled girl would have been more than happy to stay on her knees for hours, drawing out the blowjob for as long as possible...however time was of the essence. If she was to become a double agent and retrieve the key piece of technology that Hive needed for his plans to work, she needed to reunite with her team quickly.

Skye increased her suction and bobbed her head back and forth. Her speed was a sight to behold while her hand stroked the second half of his cock not occupying her mouth. With mouth sucking and hand jerking him off, Skye felt his knees wobble some, while his hips hunched forward towards her skilled mouth. Taking these as telling signs, the slutty girl worked harder and faster to finish him off and get back to her Secret Warriors before anyone suspected anything.

"Cum for me baby," she pleaded, hand a blur on his cock.

The girl was too good and Hive hadn't gotten any in lifetimes which meant he was never going to last that long when faced with her skilled technique. He reached his hand out to steady himself on a row of computers as Skye got more intense by the passing second.

"Would you care for your reward now," Hive asked, orgasm seconds away.

"Mmhmm, yes please. Let me know how good a job I've done," Skye replied, waiting for his seed.

"Uggghhhhh," Hive grunted as her slutty words pushed him over the breaking point.

Skye felt the first blast of his sticky load smack the back of her mouth shortly after his loud groan. It didn't take him long to fill her mouth with his excessive amount of semen but the SHIELD agent was equal to the task. She collected every drop he offered her until he finally ran dry. In one big gulp the horny girl swallowed down his warm salty load, loving the feeling of the thick liquid as it slid down her throat.

"I really do need to go now," Skye said as she stood.

Luckily for Skye, and especially for Hive, the rest of Secret Warriors team met some resistance from the HYDRA fighters. Lincoln had his hands full with a small pack of HYDRA, however what ended up slowing him down was taking Gideon Malick prisoner. The older man was slow but didn't offer much trouble for the lightning shooter.

Standing back up, Skye clicked a few buttons on one of the consoles in front of her. Activating her wrist communicator, she spoke, "Guys, I'm coming to you."

"I'll forever know where you are. Accomplish your task and we'll meet after," Hive told his slave as she rushed out to her friends.


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Re: Agents of SHIELD: Hive Mind
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2020, 09:59:47 AM »
Title: Hive Mind Part 2
Show: Agents Of SHIELD
Author:  The Chemist
Pairing: Skye/Lincoln
Codes: MF, Oral

Summary: Skye needs to appear normal to throw her teammates off her scent, so she does what she normally does - hooks up with Lincoln.

"We lost them again," Giyera said to his Inhuman master as he picked himself off the runway. "We achieved nothing."

Together, master and slave watched as the SHIELD aircraft took off from their base and blasted out of sight. Mr. Giyera's telekinetic powers stood no chance against Yo-Yo's speed, which distracted him enough to allow Skye to get off one of her tremors at him. Even though that was only 30 seconds ago, their ship would be cloaked and headed back to SHIELD's secure base of operations.

"Not true," Hive smugly retorted. "Now I have one on the inside."

* * *

"...then the bullets came flying, like...BOOM BOOM BOOM...and Joey just melts them," Yo-Yo recapped. "Then I just zoom around and crumple them."

"You all did so well," Skye congratulated them as they changed out of their field clothes in the locker room.

Of course, Skye was possessed by the Inhuman master Hive, though none of her teammates even suspected. However, the hacker knew that her people at SHIELD were smart and would immediately think about all the negatives their operation could have, including the concept that one of them could have run into the mind controlling former Agent Ward. Knowing this, she needed to blend more than ever while throwing doubt on the other members of her Secret Warriors team.

"You okay Elena? Your leg, it has a couple gashes," she spoke to the speedster.

"Oh! I didn't even feel it," the Colombian responded. "You run fast, things happen."

"Plus we grabbed one of HYDRA's heads," Lincoln added, referring to Gideon Malick.

This was another issue for Skye. Not only did she need to sneak around the crowded compound to find the Kree artifacts she needed, she also had to silence Gideon before he could tell too much about HYDRA, and more specifically about Hive. She had no doubt that he would spill whatever he knew to Coulson, considering Hive had killed his daughter right in front of him.

"Joey, why don't you go with Elena to the med-bay while Lincoln and I go check in the objects we scored from your former Aussie friend," Skye delegated tasks.

Once they were all changed, the two Spanish speakers went off on their way, Elena now limping as the adrenaline wore off and the pain kicked in. Skye finished pulling over her red sweater before the two lovers went the opposite direction, Lincoln with a large duffel bag draped carefully over his shoulder.

"So you really think this sphere belonged to that Alveus guy," Lincoln asked her as he pulled out the Kree-made artifact. "It's so...old."

"I don't know," Skye answered, leaning against the nearby wall. "But we better check it in...along with the Terrigen crystal."

"You're still upset I took that crystal to James? I get that you are, and that I should have told you but I didn't want you to be blamed if and when Coulson found out."

"Listen...it was a good play, but tell me next time," she responded as Lincoln finished locking the crystals and sphere up.

"Promise," he honestly replied, feeling remorseful. "We should go check in with Joey. Killing Lucio, even in self-defence has him pretty shaken."

"Totally forgot about that," Skye said. Lincoln picked back up his now empty bag and started to walk out towards the exit but her hand on his chest stopped him. "But first, I think we should take advantage of the good things having your boyfriend on your team reaps."

Looking up into his blue eyes, Skye reached to take his chin in her dainty hand and lift his head. Lincoln's stubble on his face dug into her skin as she directed him so that he met her gaze and looked into her eyes. Right on cue, the lightning-wielding Inhuman moved his face closer to hers. Skye inwardly smiled as she puckered her lips as the pair met in a soft kiss.

Lincoln met her large brown eyes again then snaked his arm around her, placing his hand on her back and pulling her towards him. Her extremely perky tits she displayed in the tight red sweater became pressed against the hard muscles of his well-earned abs as his other hand was placed on her chin, turning it upwards.

"I suppose we are in a secluded location with a sturdy lock and no one needing us for a little while," Lincoln summarized with a smile.

Skye did have a timetable she needed to work within, after all she needed to silence Malick, but she also needed to pass for normal. Her first thought was turning to sex, as Hive's influence worked by flooding the Inhuman's pleasure center. It resulted in his victims needing to please him, but with the side effect of craving pleasure nearly all the time.

She felt her heart threatening to beat completely out of her chest with the sensual touching and close contact they were sharing. The second he leaned his head down and initiated another soft kiss her on the lips, it made the tech wizard practically flood between her thighs.

"Mmmm," Skye purred after he broke the kiss.

The Inhuman girl was now dripping wet as Lincoln pulled her even tighter and kissed her deeper. His tongue pushed against her lips and Skye opened wide, allowing his hungry wet muscle to invade her mouth and met her own. The softness in their embrace was being replaced with passion with each second as they hungrily made out with each other, tongues massaging one another in the space created between their lips.

Lincoln was usually the one trying to convince Skye to branch out and take advantage of all the secret nooks and crannies of the base, so hooking up in the object containment room was right up his wheelhouse. Since the normally more proper agent was very much responding to his advances, he let the hand that was on her back trail down the curve of her spine until it rested nicely on her thick and juicy ass.

"Yes," Skye moaned while her hands went to his waist and began undoing his belt.

She leaned in and kissed him again, harder this time while she pushed off the table she was resting on and stood in front of Lincoln. The Inhuman male took over unbuckling his belt so that she could rip down the zipper, working like a good team as per usual. She wasn't on her feet long however, as she stepped closer to him then dropped to her knees, taking his pants down with her.

The computer expert seduction of him had happened suddenly so Lincoln wasn't quite hard yet but Skye felt him stiffen up when her hand reached under his waistband, clutched his cock and fish it out from his boxers. The lightning-wielded discarded his shirt as Skye did likewise to his boxers, leaving them bunched around his ankles.

"Oh God Daisy...do it," he groaned as the former computer hacker gawked in amazement while lightly stroking his thick shaft.

Lincoln shut his eyes as he appreciated her delicate touch while she continuing gliding her hand along his length. The Inhuman was now fully erect in anticipation and the horny girl wasn't going to let it go to waste any longer. Diving her head towards his groin, she took his head in her mouth and used her tongue to play with his slit while her plump lips sat teasingly on his sensitive crown.

"Sweet mother of mercy," he yelped as the techie girl first move had its desired effect.

Skye gave his shaft a light stroke along it's full length and felt him harden to his full length while in her grasp. It was a turn-on for her to feel how her touch effected him but what really got her wet was seeing his incredible cock in its full glory. He stood a full 9 inches in length with the only thing that made it even more impressive was its immense girth.

The computer expert turned field agent licked her lips then made her move, tucking his rod upwards and licking the whole underside of his dick. It was soft as she ran her tongue along the thick vein running up the center, which was in stark contrast to the top of his member, which she then licked all the way down until back at his tip. Lincoln grunted his appreciation then grunted again when she captured his tip in her warm mouth and applied the gentlest of suction.

"Gllckkk...gllcckkk," Skye's mouth sounded as his cock became coated in her spit.

The talented cocksucker continued to orally service just his sensitive tip for a while to thoroughly tease the man with the huge dick. Finally to his relief she pushed her lips down his tool and took in more of his flesh into her moist heat. She allowed a little over 4 inches to slide inside before pulling back slowly along his length until the only contact her lips had with Lincoln was on his pee slit. She repeated the action but this time she did it with more speed and continued to do so until she was bobbing at a fast pace.

"Mmmphm...ammmahhm," more sounds being emitted by Skye's mouth as she noisily slobbered on his fleshy rod.

"Damn you're good," he grunted as the smoking hot dark-haired girl now licked all along his fleshy pole.

"You haven't felt anything yet," she remarked, a new idea forming in her mind. "Now be a naughty boy and fuck my face."

Skye had one hand resting on his powerful thigh while the other was stroking the portion of his cock that she wasn't able to fit inside her mouth. Lincoln reached down and grabbed her free hand by the wrist before collecting her other hand as well. Bringing them together, he had to hunch over but he was able to hold both of her small wrists in one of his large hands and keep them behind her back.

To her credit, even without hands Skye hardly let that affect her performance as she continued to stroke her lips up and down on his slick cock. Finally she felt his free hand clutch the back of her head, giving the horny man complete control over her. Once in position, he pushed his hips forward while using his arm on the back of her head to pull her towards him, forcing her to take over half his 9-inch long cock into her mouth at one time.

"Ugghhccckkk," she coughed as he caused her to choke.

Lincoln was all for the rough variety of sex, however he and Skye had yet to try it. Wanting to make sure she was okay with the rather forceful blowjob, he pulled back all the way and looked down at her, asking his wordless question.

"Your dick is the size of my forearm...but take off the kiddie wheels and let's have some fun," the sassy Inhuman told him.

"Sounds perfect. Relax your throat," Lincoln replied.

With his hands still in place, he pushed his hips forwards and dragged her face towards him again, albeit at a slower pace this time. Skye handled the first several inches without a problem until his bulbous head hit the back of her throat. She tried to take his advice but it was easier said than done, especially with this being her first attempt at deep-throating. She coughed again and this time when he pulled his member he smiled as he watched a thick strand of spit still connect his dick to her lips.

Lincoln gave the pretty girl a few seconds to let her catch her breath before making her take him back in her mouth. He tried again to get more of his member into her warm wet mouth but Skye couldn't handle anything more than 6 inches, which was still an impressive feat. Though she wasn't thus far able to take him all the way so her nose was buried in his trimmed pubes, he gave the SHIELD agent credit for her persistence. She couldn't deep-throat him, but she did her best to service him as best she could.

Skye kept bobbing along his length until she felt his hand holding her wrists together behind her back release her. She immediately stood up off the ground and began to kiss the horny man while stroking his spit-covered cock with her freed hand. Lincoln kissed the girl hard, matching her passion exactly.

"Your turn to lose some clothes," Lincoln informed her between kisses.

Skye regretted her choice of tight jeans, but any other choice of attire for her would have drawn suspicion. Luckily, Lincoln had gotten good at unclothing her even in the tight-fitting pants, as he swiftly had them and her panties pulled from her hips and down around her ankles. Kicking off her boots, Skye was completely bottomless as the Inhuman lifted her into the air before setting her down on the metallic table.

Her brain barely had time to register how cold the table was because as soon as Lincoln had sat her up there, he had pushed her long legs apart. Never to be accused of being anything less than a generous lover, he wasted no time in burying his face in her pink folds. He was surprised to find she was already gushing wet, his tongue bathed in her sweet taste with the slightest hint of lemon.

"Mmmmhhhh....ohhh," Skye moaned in appreciation.

Lincoln licked her pink lips up and down then flicked out over the clitoris causing the vibrant Inhuman to quiver atop the steel table. Not satisfied with just playing around the outside, the good looking man stuck his tongue as deep as he could inside her hole to sample her juices on the interior. The result was what he was hoping for as the taste was even sweeter than ever, not to mention he got off feeling his girlfriend squeeze his head with her inner thighs while screaming louder than before.

Lincoln stayed down on his knees for another few minutes as he continued to lick the pretty girl and get her ready to receive his huge penis. He had tried sex before with other women without having them dripping wet and the results tended to be painful for them due to his massive size.

"You ready Daisy," he asked, getting to his feet.

Skye was disappointed when his magical tongue stopped lapping her inner walls as he stood right in front of her spread legs. Instantly he pounced on her lips and she got a taste of her own tangy juices on his tongue. Lincoln was already standing between her juicy legs so as he kept making out with the pretty girl he lined his erection up with her mound and pushed into her with his tip.

"Uhhh...shit," Skye groaned. "You're so big."

Lincoln was no novice when it came to sex with women not prepared for his well-endowed manhood. He continued kissing his girlfriend to help distract her from the momentary pain while he made slow, shallow thrusts into her to get her pussy to loosen up. Her cunt relaxed quickly and in short order he was able to stroke half his length into the horny girl. Skye was no longer grunting in pain but was now moaning and begging for more.

"God you are tight," he groaned.

"Yeah...keep fucking me baby," she encouraged.

It was clear to Lincoln that this girl was now fully enjoying herself and ready to get even more of his dick. The computer expert had scooted her ass closer to the table's edge to allow the man easier access to her mound. He was on the same wavelength and began rearing his hips back further then plowing into her harder. Her moans began to mix with grunts again but the lightning-wielder tuned it out and kept up his pace. He was so focused on the pleasure of Skye's tight twat gripping his manhood that he didn't feel her scratching on his back nor her biting on his shoulder.

Once pulled out most of the way, he rammed back forward, this time getting another inch deeper. This time it was less of a gasp from Skye so he followed that up with another hard thrust. The sound of the metal desk creaking with each successive drive into her snatch made him smile, as did the fact that they could be interrupted at any second.

"Like it hard, don't you," he asked after hearing her moan more.

Skye was screaming too much as pleasure jolted through her curvy body to speak her reply. Instead, she nodded her answer while also using her legs wrapped around his waist to dig her heels into his ass, forcing him into her harder with each of his thrusts into her. By this point, Lincoln was impaling his massive 9-inch cock completely into her pussy, as their grunts and moans filled the completely sealed room.

"Fuck me," Skye begged again.

Lincoln was more then up to that request as he continued to fuck her hard, there was no two ways about it. With each thrust forward his cock head guided back into her pussy, tunneling all the way in while the back of Skye's thighs pressed harder against the desk's edge.

Realizing she was still in a shirt, the Inhuman sought to change that immediately. Pulling the red sweater over her head, Lincoln tossed it carelessly behind him, in which time Skye had unhooked her bra and did likewise to it. Now completely nude, he unconsciously slowed his thrusting so he could lower his head and capture one of her small pink nipples in his mouth and suck on it.

"Mhmmm...yes," she moaned in response before he switched tits.

Straightening back up, Lincoln found his thumping pace once more, Skye's handful-sized tits swaying from the reckless abandon he was showing her as she screamed his name repeatedly. His hands were busy, one hand simply kneading the curvy flesh and occasionally pinching her nipple teasingly. The other one was rubbing her back and occasionally using it to slap her bottom, using it to ripple and leave a red handprint.

It shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone how fit Skye was, being an agent for the most badass group of government agencies. She deserved credit for not going all crazy in this regard as well, being fit and lean was sexy while super thin or overly muscular wasn't...at least for the Inhuman currently fucking her brains out.

"I want you to come for me," he told her while staring into her eyes.

Of course Lincoln planned on helping her out in this regard. Slipping his hand down between their sweaty bodies, he located her sensitive clit with his middle finger. Rubbing the digit lightly over the nub while they kept crashing their pelvises against one another as the the blonde Inhuman provided her with dual stimulation to her most excitable nerves.

With the fast-paced tempo the couple was going at, that wouldn't be much of an issue for the brilliant hacker turned SHIELD agent. His fat cock filling her better than ever, aided in large part to the added stimulation that Hive had done to her brain's pleasure center. Not only was he driving deep inside her, he was also doing it at a relentless speed that lesser men would have invariably cum in the process.

"Gonna cum, aren't you Daisy," Lincoln asked, reading the situation perfectly. "Cum all over my big cock."

Skye had no problems giving into that request and her boyfriend knew it too. Lincoln continued to thrust his hips into Skye and stimulate her clit with his finger but another idea came to mind. Steadying his right hand right on her sensitive nub and his left lightly pinching her erect nipple, Lincoln channeled his powers. A tiny amount of electricity zapped out of his fingers and rushed into Skye, electrifying her most sensitive of areas but having the exact effect he hoped they would.

"OOHHHHH GGOODDDDDDD! YESSSS," Skye screamed as she came.

Even though he knew it was coming, her pussy gripped so tight onto Lincoln's cock that it almost felt supernatural. He had to grit his teeth and slow his crazy high tempo down to mildly gliding his dick into her vice-like pussy as it clamped down hard. Finally though, Skye stopped screaming and though her face was frozen with a "O" for a mouth, it was clear to him that she was done.

At this point, now that Skye was coming down and loosening up again, Lincoln returned to his torrid pace. Her tight pussy squeezing his cock for the past ten minutes coupled with the fact she had great oral skills had left him with only one thought in his mind. He needed to cum so badly and he knew it wouldn't take long. After another minute of deeply thrusting into her cunt, he pulled out of her pussy, ready to explode.

"Need to cum," he warned, giving her the chance to tell him where.

Though her mind was just blown from his electrifying orgasm, Skye had her wits about her. Once he had pulled out of her sopping wet cunt and stepped back, she used the space created and got to the ground, resting on her knees right in front of his cock as he stroked it.

"Cum on my face," Skye ordered, helping him get to the finish line by closing her mouth on his tip and sucked, careful to avoid his fist as it slide along his length.

"Your face? But we have to go out right after," he countered.

"Are you really arguing when I finally give in and let you paint my face in your semen," she asked, slightly annoyed.

"Good point," Lincoln replied, discussion over. "Fuck...here it comes...Ugghhhh."

After hearing his grunt, Skye wasn't surprised when Lincoln pulled out of her mouth moments later, right at the point that his fist rope of cum landed on her upper lip, traveling over her nose and depositing on her forehead. He got a grip of his cock after that and aimed the saliva-covered tool towards her tits now, with some hitting her bottom lip and chin before ultimately half his spunk coated her twin peaks.

"You really do look good with a load covering your face," Lincoln smiled as he breathed deeply.

"Right?! And you tried arguing," Skye smiled, still resting on her knees.

Getting back to her feet, she still felt a little light-headed from her orgasm, but the topless girl was able to saunter over to the other desk in the room and grabbed a few tissues and whipped clean her face. By the time the curvy Inhuman with the perfect body had gotten cleaned up, Lincoln was already finished getting dressed. Skye did likewise, first tracking down her bra and the rest of her clothes, all while his eyes stayed glued to her breasts.

"Well now that we got that out of our system, let's go check on Joey," Skye told her boy.


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Re: Agents of SHIELD: Hive Mind
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Title: Hive Mind Part 3
Show: Agents Of SHIELD
Author:  The Chemist
Pairing: Skye/Joey
Codes: MF, Oral, MC, Anal

"Everything okay boss?"

Mack knew the acting head of SHIELD well enough to know when something was wrong. And boy, was there ever. Based off the intel he had just gotten from former HYDRA official Gideon Malick, which was then confirmed to the best of their ability by scientist team Fitz & Simmons, Hive could infect Inhumans. Brainwashing was a better word. And now, he had 4 potential HYDRA double agents in his secret and secure base.

"I need you to quietly lock down the base," Coulson told his trusted agent.

Mack simply looked at his boss in shocked disbelief. Why would they need to lock the down the base unless under an impending strike, which there would have been more warning for. Or, if someone was already inside. Going back to Yo-Yo, the tall black man made up an excuse to leave her before going to the security wing of the base and initiating Coulson's direct order.

It was only minutes later until the high-ranking human members of the SHIELD team were gathered in Coulson's office. The acting director explained the information he got from Malick, which was met by different reactions from his crew.

"Malick has no proof," Fitz protested.

"I have to take his statement very seriously none-the-less," Coulson disagreed.

"Let's get ahead of it then," the scientist reasoned. "We can...can...talk to them, scan them..."

"Fitz, we have no way of testing for this. It's like CTE at this point, only confirmed after death during autopsy," his girlfriend and fellow genius Simmons explained.

"If any of the Inhumans are sick they could be dangerous. They need to be in containment," Mack strongly suggested.

"Then what," Coulson asked, playing devil's advocate. "Simmons said it, there is no test. They can lie to us if we question them too. The only way this works is if they don't know that we know."

"Lucio's body did have some abnormal readings," Simmons mentioned. "Maybe we can design a way of testing for infection off him."

"Good, get me a way of knowing. I need a test then a cure," Coulson dictated. "Until then, we keep everyone contained to the base, and monitor them until they show their hand."

Before anyone could disagree or add any other opinions, the door to his office swung open and Agent Daisy Johnson, or Skye to those who knew her longer than a year, stood in the doorway. All eyes turned to her, and though Skye had no clue to what they were talking about, she knew it was somehow related to her based on the funny expressions they gave her.

"Sorry, I came because I saw the base was on lockdown," Skye spoke. "What's up?"

"It's a security precaution while Malick is locked up," Coulson answered calmly, not totally lying to the girl he saw as a daughter to him.

"Right," Skye nodded. "Did we get any info about zombie Ward?"

"Not yet...but I'm confident we will," the acting director explained.

"Great. If we get intel, let me know. My team would like to get another shot at him," Skye replied.

As far as she knew, Coulson would just see this as her wanting the Secret Warriors to have their moment in completing their task. However, she wanted her group of Inhumans to face off against Hive for another reason: so that they too could be infected, just like herself. Of course, she didn't know yet that her SHIELD colleagues already knew Hive could infect Inhumans, but they chose to keep that knowledge from her.

Skye left the command center to go find her team if Inhumans and let them know what was going on. Elena, or Yo-Yo as they liked calling her, didn't take to the containment well, wanting to leave if they weren't busy. Skye calmed her enough, telling her that this was procedure before she sulked off complaining about stupid bureaucrats.

"Have you talked to Joey yet," Lincoln asked his girlfriend once they were alone.

"I've tried but I can't find him anywhere," she responded seriously before a naughty smile crossed her lips. "But I have found you...in an empty med bay room with lots of privacy, no less."

"Daisy, wait," Lincoln said, stopping her as she tried undoing her pants.

"Ugh...fine. Listen, I'll go do Joey then we meet back in my room, okay," she bargained.

"Perfect," he said, kissing her. "I have more work to do with May right now anyway."

The pair went their separate ways, Lincoln to administer more painkillers to May after her beatdown at the hands of Mr. Giyera, while Skye was off to find Joey. The homosexual Inhuman was still very new to being an agent, and killing Lucio, albeit so that his whole team didn't die, was still traumatic.

Tracking down Joey was proving more difficult then she initially thought. He wasn't in his room, the firing range or any of the lounges. In fact, he wasn't anywhere that he normally was. Then it clicked for the experienced SHIELD agent as she headed off to the hangar at a brisk walk.

"Thought I may find you here," Skye said, walking on board the Quinjet they called Zephyr.

"I can't stop thinking about it. That I killed a man," Joey said, sitting on the metal staircase.

"A man who would have killed Lincoln, then the rest of us if he wasn't stopped," Skye consoled him, sitting next to him.

"I know that, it's the only thing keeping me somewhat sane. But I still killed a human being," he retorted, head in hands.

Skye knew that this conversation would go nowhere. Joey needed to mourn, and not even an epic speech from her would help. However, she could distract him from his trouble for a little while, after all, it was the least a good friend should do. Plus, after her rebuke from Lincoln minutes earlier, Skye was still very horny and Joey was attractive in a big teddy bear type of way.

"Listen, we all grieve in our own ways, and I'll respect that with you Joey. But, I hate seeing someone I care about in such turmoil," Skye explained. "When you got the Secret Warriors call, you were on a date, right?"

"I was, yeah. A great date, we had chemistry, he was kind and sexy all at the same time," Joey said, smiling as he talked about it. "In fact, I had just invited him back to my place when the watch went off. I'm pretty sure there is no recovery after cancelling a nightcap."

"We're probably right. So as leader of the Secret Warriors, let me make it up to you."

Joey looked over at her not knowing what she meant by that and was surprised beyond belief when he felt her soft lips press against him. He had been a gay male for the past 10 years, but he could admit that not only was Daisy a beautiful girl, she was also a hell of a kisser. In fact, she was so good that he went along with the embrace, smacking his own lips against hers.

Daisy leaned in and her thin body crashed against his powerful chest before Joey felt her forceful tongue invade his mouth. The homosexual didn't know whether to fight the horny girl off or give into his carnal side and return the kiss. Lost in the moment, Joey decided by placing his hand on the back of her head to pull her in tighter and play with her tongue with his own.

"I want you to fuck me," Daisy whispered in his ear.

"Daisy...you know I'm gay," Joey said with more than a hint of disappointment in his tone.

"Way ahead of you," Daisy replied, already having thought it out. "We'll only do what you like."

"You mean..."

"Let me spell it out to you Joey. We are only gonna have me blow you and you get to fuck me up the ass. Hell, you can close your eyes and picture Captain Steve Rogers while we do it," she told him pointedly.

"And you are okay..."

This time it was Daisy's tongue getting shoved in his mouth that cut him off mid-sentence. Running her hand down his strong forearm, Daisy clutched his hand and brought it around to rest on her ass. Blessed with both a pair of perky tits and an incredibly fit yet bubbly ass, she chose the latter to help seduce the somewhat wavering gay man.

Her plan worked like a charm as the second his palm rubbed along her supple ass his fingers closed around it like a claw, crushing it. Daisy felt him kiss her more deeply then as well, as his fingers from his other hand dug into her shoulder-length dark hair and pulled on it enough to feel it without hurting.

Knowing she had in enticed at this point, it still was in the back of her mind that Joey could get spooked by a straight sex encounter at any point. Keeping things moving, as Joey groped her ass, her skilled fingers went to his pants and had the jeans undone in no time at all. Digging in and fishing out his cock, Daisy felt her pussy get wet as she wrapped her hand around his thick cock.

"God I want this cock so bad right now," Daisy remarked.

Working like a well-oiled machine, Daisy slid to the ground right at the base of the stairs as Joey pulled his pants down around his ankles. Now with a good look at what he was working with, the infected Inhuman became even more excited. His cock was long, though not at the length of Lincoln, but just as importantly he was very thick, roughly the girth of her wrist.

Realizing that she was spending too much vital time on her knees simply cock worshipping, Daisy changed that immediately. Licking her lips for a final time, the sexy Inhuman leaned in and instantly engulfed the head of his cock in her mouth.

"Uhhh," the Latino man groaned in response to her wet touch.

With Hive's infection swirling inside her brain, there was nothing more Daisy wanted to be doing at this point then blowing an Inhuman. The alien's parasite worked on Inhuman's pleasure center in the brain, meaning that not only was she tethered and under Hive's influence, she also had a heightened need for sex and satisfying others.

Thus, the infected girl wasted no time in bobbing her head along half his length while her hand worked in perfect unison to stroke the remaining portion. Joey normally preferred more eye contact so he could see the cock passing in and out of their lips but currently he had his head arched back with eyes shut, picturing his date from earlier. This was for a few reason, one being that Daisy's face was pointed straight at his groin as she feverishly bobbed on his length, the other being that he didn't find women attractive sexually.

"Yes. Suck it babe," he moaned in delight towards the Inhuman agent.

"Mmmmm," Daisy moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

Already into her stride, Daisy would thrust her head towards his groin with speed. On the return trip she would stop for a moment before applying even more suction, causing her cheeks to hollow. By the tightness of his hand in her shiny brown hair and the groans emitted from his lips she figured he was enjoying himself handsomely.

Wanting to show off her full bag of tricks, Daisy pulled back one final time and swirled her talented tongue sloppily around the head of his cock. With loads of spit already supply she beat his entire length with her fist as she tilted it skyward while crouching lower. Opening her mouth she captured the first of his nuts between her lips while never missing a beat with her hand.

"Oh Lord...uuuhhhh...God that's good," Joey groaned as the younger woman put his nuts in her mouth.

Joey was mightily impressed with the younger girl, in fact, he didn't even have to picture any of the Avengers in his mind. This was especially true as she was teabagged as most people either ignored the balls altogether or lightly licked them before getting away from them as quick as possible. Not Daisy though. This kinky Inhuman took her time wrapping her plump lips around each nut as she sucked while using her skilled tongue to caress.

As much as she loved the reaction she got from fondling the balls, Daisy simply loved the feel of a dick in her mouth. Getting him back in her mouth was the goal and she accomplished it in one swoop, feeling the bulbous head poke against the back of her throat and holding him there for good effect.

"Glllcckkk," she gagged while spitting up extra saliva onto his prick.

Sucking cock was something Daisy not only thrived at, but also really enjoyed and that was even before Hive messed with her brain. She didn't understand how some girls wouldn't do it, or would only do it reluctantly yet they would love when their man went down on them. Boys loved head and they would do anything for a girl that would willingly and happily do it, especially if they were as good at it as Daisy was.

The SHIELD agent parted her plush red lips and brushed her long hair behind her ears then took him into her mouth again. Just like before, Joey moaned audibly as she started sucking him off while he was left with his head tilted back and fingertip digging into the top of her head.

She enjoyed the affect she had on him, but shifted all her focus on building momentum as she bobbed her head up and down his towering pole, taking more of him inside her each time. After a good minute of the more intense blowjob, she slowed her pace back down then pulled off his spit-covered cock altogether.

"I love making your cock all wet in my spit," the horny girl spoke.

Unable to take anymore of her oral work, Joey used the natural impasse in her blowjob and helped the sexy Inhuman to her feet. It wasn't that she was bad with her mouth, quite the opposite in fact, it was that he needed to get inside her immediately.

By the time that Joey had his hands on her hips and spun her to face the back wall, Daisy had undone her tight-fitting pants. Pulling them down her juicy legs and off one foot completely, the Inhuman rose the limb and placed it on the second stair up from the ground and leant forward, presenting her best asset to the gay man.

"Do you need..." Joey started to ask about more lube before being cut off.

"No. Just fuck my ass," Daisy demanded.

As if to help make her point, Daisy reached back and pulled her cheeks apart to give him a better look at her asshole. Just like he imagined, her hole was sealed tight, looking like a crinkled rosebud. Her excellent work on her knees meant his dick was as wet as though he just covered it in lube so when he placed his tip at the entrance and pushed, it slid into her anus with little trouble. He stopped after an inch past his crown, not wanting to expose the Inhuman girl to too much too soon, especially since he didn't know how much anal experience Daisy had.

"Ughh," Daisy grunted though the discomfort soon passed.

With his considerable more wisdom from being both older and use to fucking asses exclusively, Joey took the sodomy slow and steady with his Secret Warriors leader. He figured he could have gone deeper then simply fucking her with only 3 inches of his dick, less than half his overall length, but he thought shallow and easy was best.

Daisy couldn't be 100% sure but she believed that Joey was by far the biggest thing she had ever taken in her ass before. He was stretching her out almost to her limit but he had such finesse that while only using a small portion of his length and at the perfect speed it didn't actually hurt...in fact she felt good.

It also started feeling even better when the SHIELD agent reached an arm under her body and found her pussy with her hand. Her clit was always sensitive and even while taking it in the ass was no exception. While her fingers rubbed at her exposed nub, Joey felt the curvy girl loosen up so he pushed his luck by adding more cock into her ass.

"Yes..do my faster too," Daisy begged.

"No complaints with that," Joey replied.

Using half his length and each thrust getting progressively faster, the Latino Inhuman was enjoying the performance of the slutty Secret Warriors leader. Daisy was moaning and squirming as his cock in her ass and her fingers on her clit opened up new realms of pleasure for the herself. Joey was impressed that someone who had an asshole as tight as hers could actually enjoy being reamed in the bum as much as she was.

However, Joey rode his good fortunes of the SHIELD agent finding her clit and working it so well to push his cock further up her ass. She squirmed slightly but took it like a real champion as he now had most of his thick member worked deep into her booty. His wonderings if he could go balls deep in her rectum were put to bed when Daisy used her strong legs to push back against him until her curvy cheeks slapped against his abdomen.

"How's it feel being all the way in my ass," she asked, looking back at him with a cocky grin.

"Really good," Joey replied, completely having forgot about the man he murdered hours before.

After having completed a skydive, ran through an enemy base, undergone over half a day of flying and now completing her second sexual encounter in the past 24 hours, Daisy was starting to feel the fatigue. With the lactic acid build-up in her trained legs taking it's toll, the Secret Warrior decided that getting off her feet would do her a world of good.

"Sit down Joey," Daisy instructed.

Joey was so wrapped up in the moment that he did several more long thrusts into her booty before her words hit him. Moving quickly as to not irk her, the bigger man pulled out of her ass and in the next heartbeat was seated on the stairs. Being eye level with Daisy's rump, Joey looked over and saw his handiwork. Her asshole was gaped nearly two full inches and before it recessed into blackness he could see the color shift from the creamy skin color to the purple of her ring and finally the bright red of her bowels.

"Jesus. I'm completely ruining her ass," Joey couldn't help but think to himself.

He was snapped out of that thought as Daisy wrapped her fist around his base before she leaned in but rather then devour his dick like earlier, she took her time. Her plump lips barely contacted his crown as she swirled her talented tongue around his tip, paying close attention to his piss slit. She could taste herself on his tip, directly from her own ass, but she didn't care.

"God, both my holes taste so good," she commented out loud.

As if to confirm, Daisy brought her fingers which had been diddling her pussy into her mouth to taste her sweetness before focusing on the task in hand. Keeping with the licking theme, the Inhuman agent extended her flat tongue and ran it all the way down the underbelly of his penis. After giving each nut a quick suck, she licked back up his prick, this time the top side before repeating with either side as well.

"Yes, yes. All the way down," he encouraged.

The seductress had graduated from licking his cock all over to taking him back down her throat. She was practiced enough to swallow half his length and hold him in the back of her mouth on the verge of gagging but stopping just short. It resulted in several thick strings of spit to connect her mouth to his shaft.

After doing so several more times, Joey's cock was decorated in so much saliva that she knew his dick would slide back in her ass with little issue. Daisy was proven correct seconds later as she got to her feet, turned her back to him and squatted down onto his lap. Like before, she kept her more feminine features, namely her adorable yet hot face and bouncy tits, facing away from the gay man as to not confuse him.

"Oh my God! You're so fucking big," Daisy screamed, sitting back and taking him back in her asshole.

Repeating her successful trick from earlier, Daisy reached lower then her taut stomach and found her very wet slit with her fingers. As her fingers danced over her clit, it relaxed her perfectly as she was soon bouncing on half his length and then after another minute his hips bumped against her smooth cheeks.

"Amazing...you took it all," he panted, amazed by the slutty girl once more.

Daisy had a flash of surprise cross her face before it changed to that of triumph. She had successfully taken her widest cock she'd been with in her backdoor, a feat she doubted many people could have done with Joey. She seemed to be buoyed by this fact and used her arms on the railing to ride all the way to the tip then let herself crash back down.

"Yeah...you like my tight ass bouncing on your fat dick," the infected Inhuman asked.

Joey wasn't listening to her speech, instead his attention was focused on his breathing in order to take his mind off the insane tightness of her asshole. His hands never lift her hips either, gripping onto her curvy figure tightly to further distract himself from an orgasm that was coming along swiftly. However, he soon became aware that her groans were converting to more pleasurable as his fingers kept flicking her sensitive bean.

With his pending orgasm close, Joey seemed to lose control of his passion as he was fueled by excitement. While Daisy bounced on his throbbing member, the gay man pulled her higher up then usual, making her lose his dick from her rectum. He was prepared and held himself steady and as she dropped back down she slammed her sphincter back open as he went balls deep back inside her. He guessed correctly that the constant pulling out and pushing back into her ass wasn't painful, which for many it would have been, however the copious amounts of her own spit still lining cock was helping with his forceful re-entry.

"Oh God...keep giving me that cock...just like that," the horny girl cried.

"Almost there," Joey grunted through gritted teeth, amazed with himself that he held out this long.

"Me too. Cum with me," Daisy instructed.

Even though she wasn't his type whatsoever, Joey wanted to ensure Daisy came with him. He bit his lip hard and tried to hold out for as long as he physically could while Daisy changed tactics, now pumping two fingers into her twat with her palm resting against her clit. Burying the digits deep into her pussy, she started rubbing her soaked slit so that her sensitive bean was being constantly flicked. Her latest move proved way too much for the pleasure-driven Inhuman to handle and her long-await orgasm washed over her like a tidal wave.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! I'm cummingggg," Daisy screamed, cumming for the second time that day by as many men.

"Oh Lord. Need to cum," Joey said, orgasm seconds away.

"Ugh...yes...cum in my ass," Daisy answered as their sweat covered bodies continued to slam into each other.

All Joey could do was tightly clench the younger woman's hips and quickly stroke his cock into her asshole for the last few seconds. Tossing his head back, the homosexual Inhuman buried himself in his leader for the last time before blasting several streams of thick warm cum into her rectum. He held himself still in the depths of her bowels until his dick had emptied completely.

Daisy stayed seated on Joey's lap for a few moments before she contracted her legs muscles one more time and stood up off him. Joey felt the rest of his body go limp as he slunk back against the metal stairs inside the Quinjet, fully basking in his intense orgasm. By the time he looked up Daisy, she was already fully dressed, his cum slowly leaking out of her gaping asshole and onto her thong.

"So...feel better about earlier?"

"Incredibly," the Inhuman chuckled before getting dressed as well.

"Great. Let's go meet up with the others," Daisy instructed.

"Okay," he agreed. "And don't worry, I won't tell Lincoln anything."


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Re: Agents of SHIELD: Hive Mind
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Title: Hive Mind Part 4
Show: Agents Of SHIELD
Author:  The Chemist
Pairing: Skye/Alisha/Alisha
Codes: FFF, Oral, Voyeur

Summary: Skye kills Malick, escapes SHIELD and helps Hive infect another Inhuman. As a reward, he give Skye 2 Alishas for her amusement.

"You guys feel that," Mack said, proposing the question to the group.

"Feel what," Fitz asked the large black man.

"Earthquake," Simmons answered, already grabbing her boyfriend and ducking for the nearest table.

"Not earthquake...Tremors," Mack replied, using Daisy Johnson aka Skye's nickname.


Without a seconds thought, Coulson sprinted out of his office towards the direction of the epicenter of the tremors. He knew she was using her Inhuman power, the ability to make earthquakes with her hands. However, by the time he got to the hangar doors, he found them locked from the inside.

"Don't do this Skye," Coulson yelled, looking at the girl he thought of as a daughter. "Please! We can help you!"

Of course the genius computer hacker turned field agent couldn't hear her boss. And even if she could, she wouldn't stop the destruction of the hangar, where all of SHIELD's jets were stored. With that destroyed, they wouldn't be able to follow her as she fly back to Hive, the Inhuman alien who had used his mind control powers on her, making her his instrument to use however he wanted.

As debris fell overtop Coulson, Skye climbed into the last Quinjet on the platform with still access to the outside. As her jet peeled away and she headed to meet up with her Inhuman master, a smile crossed her face knowing how much she had just pleased Hive.

* * *

Several Hours Later - SHIELD Med Bay

"Okay, let me see if I have this right," Agent Melinda May said to the group. "The Inhuman that Hive infected was Daisy, not Lincoln."

"Correct," Coulson confirmed as the doctors worked on his injured leg.

"And Daisy ruined the Quinjets and hangar so we can't chase after her," May continued.

"That's right, though my people have one jet with possibly enough clearance to go within the hour," Mack updated the group.

"And before she left she killed Malick, presumably on Hive's orders, so that he couldn't reveal any more secrets about him," the agent finished up.

"Yes. Then blew him up to cover her tracks. Giving her enough time to steal the Terrigen crystals and that Kree sphere artifact for Hive," Simmons added.

"And do we know where she'll go," May asked.

"I have a strong feeling on that matter," Lincoln, the accused traitor, spoke up as he entered Coulson's room. "To get more Inhumans. And I know for a fact she knows the whereabouts of Alisha."


"Alisha Whitley. Leggy redhead who can make multiple copies of herself," Coulson answered for Mack.

"She can clone herself? Dear Lord," the big black man groaned.

"It does seem logical. This way Hive can expand his growing Inhuman army," Fitz concluded.

"Lincoln's right. Mack, get your men working double time to get that plane ready. May, go get ready..."

"I'm coming with you. If this becomes a firefight, you'll want me," Lincoln said, more a statement then asking for permission.

"Fine, go. Wheels up ASAP people," Coulson concluded.

* * *

"Is this suicide vest really needed," Lincoln said, pulling at the collar of the C4-lined battle vest.

"It's not a suicide vest, it's a murder vest. Suicide refers to you having control of the switch. And yes, it's needed. With your offensive power, if we run into Hive and he takes control of you then we are in huge trouble. Thus, if you get infected, you go boom. And like I said, it's the only way I'd allow you to come," Coulson re-told him.

"Landing sequence starting," May called to her two teammates.

With some fancy piloting skills, May was able to squeeze the small Quinjet out of the hangar through a hole in the ceiling. It saved them time, but it still meant Skye had a 4 hour head start on them, so stealth as they approached Alisha's apartment would be paramount in case they were right and Skye led Hive here.

With the jet cloaked and parked in an empty field as close as they could get, it still took them 15 minutes for the trio to cross the mile distance to Alisha's apartment complex. Rather than using the front door, May and Lincoln went inside via the parking garage while Coulson ran surveillance. As luck would have it, they only had to wait another 10 minutes before the person of interest came walking out.

"Alisha," Lincoln announced, stepping out from his hiding spot.

"Lincoln," the tall redhead said, acting surprised at his sudden appearance. "What are you doing here?"

"There is an Inhuman threat," the hotheaded doctor answered. "A big bad, the first of our kind. Has Daisy been here?"

"The hot half-Asian chick you were shacking up with back at Afterlife," Alisha replied, a wide smile crossing her face as she remembered Lincoln's girlfriend. "Not since your SHIELD friends destroyed our home."

"It wasn't like that and you know it," Lincoln argued, his temper bubbling to the surface.

All while the two Inhumans chatted, May stayed out of sight, hiding between cars. However, her combat training kicked in like it always did when it was needed. Though the clones footprints were light, the experienced SHIELD agent still heard her coming. Just as clone Alisha got into view for a clear kill shot, May executed a perfect back kick and sent the firearm flying out of her hand.

"Good, a challenge," the cloned redhead smiled.

Lincoln broke off his speech and got caught up in the action of watching Alisha and May circle each other. Of course, his attention was soon diverted by the version of Alisha he was talking to previously. Obviously done with speaking, the leggy redhead came sprinting directly at him, Lincoln only barely managing to roll to the side to avoid her flying knee.

Alisha was a very well trained fighter, as evident by the fact that she was still engaged with May despite the Asian's own prowess in combat.The redhead was good, more than holding her own against her, however, her clone fighting Lincoln wasn't doing as well. His electricity manipulating powers made him too formidable for her.

"Tell me where she went," Lincoln screamed. When no answer was forthcoming, he increased the wattage of his shock.

"Uugghhhhhh! I'm not telling you anything," Alisha cried.

The blonde Inhuman thought briefly of stopping the torture and taking her into SHIELD, where they could do more interrogation, but he needed to find Daisy sooner rather than later. The thought of his love with the disgusting Inhuman God made his skin crawl. Therefore, he made Alisha's whole body tingle, increasing his electrical output once more.

So wrapped up in his own world, trying to force Alisha to talk via torture, that Lincoln was unaware of May's situation. Finally having gained the upper hand, the SHIELD agent stepped back and slipped in an oil slick, going ass over tea kettle and stunning herself on the pavement. Her clone enemy didn't hesitate, withdrawing a knife from her pants and prepared to drive it into the Asian's heart.


The sound of gunshots got Lincoln's attention quickly, as he shorted out his electricity and took in the scene before him. He got his eyes around to the other Alisha to see a patch of red erupt from her chest, a second hole in the middle of her forehead as she fell backwards, knife clattering to the ground.

"Phil...thank you," May said to her boss, the man who still held his gun up.

"Lincoln, stop torturing the girl. Alisha, simmer down, you are coming with us," Coulson ordered.

"I'm not telling you a damn thing," the redhead replied.

Lincoln felt the leggy Inhuman break his hold, but between his electricity, May's fighting ability and Coulson's gun, she wasn't going anywhere. However, that was no longer her intention. Pulling out her own knife, Alisha's eyes flashed to all three SHIELD members but she already knew what she was going to do. Acting before Lincoln could stun her, the attractive redhead thrust the hunting knife deep into her own chest.


It was too late, even for a man with as much medical knowledge as Lincoln possessed. The clone delivered a killing blow, puncturing her own clone heart with the massive blade, all so she wouldn't give them any details on Hive and his plans.

"It doesn't make sense. Alisha would never sacrifice one of her selves. She loves them," Lincoln shared, anger and confusion swelling in him.

"And now we are back to square one," Coulson groaned, frustrated that his best and only lead just died in front of his eyes.

"Let's hope Mack, Fitz and Simmons are having more luck than us," May spoke before the trio headed back to the Quinjet.

* * *

One Hour Earlier

"Very smart idea Skye," Hive complimented the Inhuman. "Recruiting another Inhuman then choosing to leave behind a few clones as a kill squad for your former team."

Due to his innate Inhuman ability to know where his infected subjects were, Hive had brought Malick's jet to meet her just outside Alisha's apartment. Unlike her former SHIELD team, Daisy reached her first, where she kept her occupied until her master arrived. Using his millions of tiny parasites, Hive infected Alisha just like he had done with Daisy and Giyera, making the redhead with the cloning ability his latest Inhuman under his influence.

"Thank you," she replied with sincerity. "But it's Daisy now."

"Oh, my mistake," Hive apologized. "When...Grant Ward knew you, it was as Skye. He had no knowledge of this name change."

"It's fine, really," the brunette told him as they sat with Alisha on Malick's private jet.

Knowing that time was of the essence, the Inhuman trio left the apartment in the jet, leaving the stolen SHIELD Quinjet behind. Daisy was a tech genius but even she couldn't be sure that there wasn't a tracer on the SHIELD plane. However, she preferred it this way instead, getting to spend more time with her Inhuman master in the luxury of the expensive aircraft.

"Well Daisy, how about I make it up to you, and reward you for your stellar work in adding to our numbers," the ancient Inhuman offered. "Alisha, why don't you...and say one more, show Daisy how grateful I am for her service today."

"Gladly," the redhead said, knowing exactly what her master had in mind.

"Actually, Daisy has been a really good subject today. How about we reward her doubly," Hive corrected himself.

Curious as to what the Inhuma using her ex-boyfriend as a puppet meant, Daisy turned her attention over to the newest member of their group. Blinking her eyes in disbelief, Daisy saw a second Alisha stepped out from behind the main version of the redhead, wearing the same outfit and knowing smile.

"Well that was pretty cool to actually see," Daisy couldn't help but comment.

The two versions of Alisha gave their fellow Inhuman a half smile before they turned their attention to each other. If Daisy thought seeing the redhead divide into two was interesting, then seeing the twin images rubbing their hands through each other's hair and along their face heightened that.

Without further delay, Alisha Prime gave Daisy one last look to make sure she had her attention before she leaned in towards her copy and kissed her lightly on the mouth. Daisy's mouth slacked open, essentially at the same time both redhead's did the same, though Daisy did so out of shock well they did it to use their tongues one one another.

"Forgot how good of a kisser I am," Alisha Prime commented before kissing her clone seductively once more.

With their little teasing performance wrapped up, both copies of Alisha walked the short distance to the sofa. Daisy wasn't even aware that Hive had left her side and planted himself in a solo chair right across from the action, perfectly situated to watched the scene he had designed in his Inhuman mind.

The main and clone version of the redhead unhooked their fingers from one another so that they could each sit beside Daisy. With the former SHIELD the obvious focal point of the threesome, first the left Alisha leant in and kissed her deeply on the lips while the right side version planted soft kisses on her exposed neck.

"Mhmmm," Daisy moaned as the Alishas switched roles, her head now tilted to the right.

The brunette girl wasn't sure which version of Alisha she was currently sharing her first lesbian encounter with, but it didn't really matter. In short order, Daisy took turns with each of the clones as they were opening their mouths and slipping their tongues against each other. The other girls kissing was soft but with purpose, delicately exploring Daisy's mouth while getting across how much she desired the former SHIELD agent.

As they continued to make out in the private jet, Daisy felt hands begin to roam her tight body. Starting at her neck, she felt them run down the smooth material of her shirt and over her medium-sized yet very perky tits, giving them a firm squeeze. This seemed to bring a squeal of pleasure from the brunette so they were given another hearty squeeze before moving down to her stomach.

"Won't need this anymore," the Alisha to her left side, peeling Skye's shirt up over her head.

Of course Daisy didn't fight her undressing, instead she lifted her arms straight up to allow Alisha to disrobe her. With well-trained timing from doing this scenario more than once, the other Alisha already had her fingers on the clasp of Daisy's bra, unhooking it before peeling it away from her body to bring her perfectly sized, olive-skinned tits into view.

Both identical girls stilled themselves and soaked in the sight of the naked Daisy from the waist up. Tight stomach gave way to perfectly formed tits, neither to large or small but ideal suited to her athletic, curvy form. At the same time, both redheads descended on Daisy's boobs, cupping the tender flesh as they honed in on her erect nipple and took it into their mouths.

"Oh! Mhmm! Yes," Daisy groaned in pleasure.

Proving that one mind controlling two bodies was best, the Alishas continued sucking on each breast for another spell longer, all while their Inhuman overlord watched from the other side of the private jet. Not wanting to waste another second fantasizing about how good Daisy must taste, Alisha Prime went about investigating.

Daisy felt the lips around her left nipple break their suction before quick kisses trailed their way down her fit stomach. Busy hands had her jeans undone in no time as Alisha hooked her fingers into the waistband to drag the tight fitting pants and her underwear off in one motion. With a shaved pink pussy glistening in front of her, Alisha gave into her desire and swiped her tongue through the other girl's folds.

"Awwhh...ohhh," she cried as Alisha's mouth found her pussy.

However, after having her initial taste, Alisha Prime decided to slow things down. With each of Daisy's sculpted legs on her shoulders, the redhead kissed along the former SHIELD agent's inner thigh until reaching the pink mound between her legs. She planted a long open mouth kiss right on Daisy's wet folds, being sure to use lots of her skilled tongue before pulling away. She repeated the action again to the other leg, but really taking her time travelling along her thigh until reaching her target.

"You tease," the topless woman told her while the clone sucked on her tits.

"Don't worry, I'm worth the wait," Alisha told her.

Alisha Prime scooted her perky ass backwards to lower down even more. From his position, the Inhuman moved her head firmly between Daisy's muscular thighs so her face was buried in her pussy. With the handbrake off, Daisy tossed her head back over the headrest of the private jet's sofa and enjoyed the attention that her fellow brainwashed girl was providing her.

Alisha was more lesbian than straight, and had honed her unparalleled rug-munching skills on herself, going down on her cloned copies to perfect the craft. However, getting to showcase them on someone new was always exciting and now she was really finding her stride. Already having wiggled her tongue up and down her entire pink slit many times, making sure to focus on the exposed clit, the bi-sexual redhead changed tactics. As her clone continued taking turns swapping on nipple between her lips for the other, Alisha Prime used her hands to pull apart Daisy's pink lips, which allowed her to plunge her tongue deep into the other girl's hole.

"Yes," the former SHIELD agent screamed again, this time loudest since they began.

To her satisfaction, the redhead was correct in her assessment of Daisy tasting great as she repeated used her tongue to collect the half-Asians juices. It was sweet, with almost a taste of honey, the horny girl couldn't stop herself from burrowing her tongue as deep into brunette as possible and licking every wall she could reach. She could feel Daisy's thrashing her naked body around above her, making her happy to have such a continuing effect on her new lover.

"Holy crap you are really good at that," the brunette complimented as she thrashed in pleasure.

Alisha was pleased that her efforts were not going to waste. With her clone having moved up to kiss the fellow Inhuman, the Alisha on her knees used both hands to reach up and rub each of Daisy's sensitive nipples. Not forgetting her oral duties, Alisha Prime sank her tongue as deep into the SHIELd girl's pussy as she could and started to whip it around inside. The redhead realized that her nose was squashed against the sexy brunette's pink folds, she shook her head in short, quick movements, using her face to rub against her clit.

"So fucking great," she breathed heavily. "Gonna cum soon."

"Give me your sweet girl juices," Alisha pleaded.

"OH!! I'M CUMMING!!! UUGGHHHH," she screamed while her sweet cum gushed out onto the eager redhead's tongue.

The Inhuman happily gobbled up all of what Daisy had to offer before greedily searching inside her pussy for more of the tasty treat. Once she was satisfied that she hadn't missed a drop, the leggy redhead pushed the brunette's legs off her shoulders and and stretched her back before she was joined on the ground.

"Let me have a taste too," Alisha's identical clone begged.

The Prime version, knowing her job was successfully completed, rocked back on her heels far enough for her copy to get down between Daisy's thighs as well. However, that Alisha had a slightly different plan in mind so she used her surprisingly strong arms to roll the recently orgasmed girl over so that now Daisy's tits were resting on the back of the sofa and her ass was lifted up in the air.

Rather then leap in mouth-first, like her other self did, the cloned version started with her fingers, running them through the bare patch of skin above her slit before hitting her pussy. Confirming her suspicions, Daisy was like a swimming pool as her fingers combed through her pink folds, making the brunette moan even louder.

"Fuck me," Daisy all but begged.

Doing exactly what her new lesbian lover asked, Alisha pressed her middle and ring finger together and targeted her creamed pussy. Finding the entrance with ease, the Inhuman redhead dipped her digits into the other woman, having no problems as they slide into her wanting twat with ease.

"You seem to have things under control down here for awhile," Alisha Prime said, cum still slathered on her lips.

Leaving her clone to go to town on Daisy, the other redhead rocked back up to her feet before settling on the sofa next to the opened mouthed, moaning girl. Taking the chance to put the gaping hole to use, Alisha tilted the former SHIELD agent's face towards her and crammed her tongue deep into her mouth.

As Daisy got into the aggressive kiss, returning it with her own tongue barrage, the clone behind her didn't ease up whatsoever. In fact, she added a new tactic by using her tongue to lick Daisy's now exposed asshole, the crinkled starfish too tempting to not do something about. As soon as her tongue pressed against the tight hole, it winked in response so Alisha followed up her initial lick with several more, getting more of her taste on her buds.

"You like having your adorable ass eaten out," cloned Alisha asked between swipes of her tongue against the constricted hole.

Daisy responded by letting loose a torrent of moans and grunts into the exact replica of the girl giving her the best rimjob of her life. Completely lost in the embrace of both sexy redheads, Daisy allowed the clones to use her however they wished. Of course, the Alisha eating out her asshole was still using her skilled fingers to drive inwards to find the blonde's G-spot, knowing she hit her mark by the sharp cries of bliss. Repeated, Alisha plunged back into her pink depths, hitting the spot all while twirling her tongue in tight circles over the sealed rosebud.

"Feels...mhmmm...so good...awwhh," Daisy grunted in satisfaction, in between kisses from the other Alisha.

If Daisy thought she was in bliss before then she was positively transcendent at this point with two girls working over all her most sensitive zones. With the Alisha on the sofa with her tweaking her nipples and kissing her neck, combined with the wonderful work the Alisha on the ground was doing finger-fucking her pussy and munching on her apparently-receptive asshole.

As Alisha Prime angled her head to the side for more erotic kissing, the clone had gotten right into her ass, using her tongue to wag at her entrance before using strong hands to separate her cheeks and cram inside. Daisy was going absolutely wild at the thought of how much she enjoyed the other girl cleaning her asshole, with her wet tongue gliding skillful over the smooth lining of her dirty hole.

"God...you have such an anal fetish," Alisha Prime said to her clone between kisses.

"Well I'm you, and you're me so...you also have a thing for butts," the clone responded, slapping each of Daisy's cheeks to end her statement.

"Haha, good point," the redhead responded, going back to sucking at the half-Asian's nipples.

"Don't stop! Don't ever stop," Daisy screamed her encouragement.

Both Alisha's assumed it was them and re-doubled their efforts, determined to get the former hacker off. As the Prime version continued tweaking her sensitive nipples and kissing her deeply, the one behind Daisy pressed her face even harder into her exquisite ass to drive her tongue in even deeper, the sensation of having her eye sockets filled with her ass equally arousing for Alisha.

"Sir...we will be arriving in Montana shortly," the pilot's voice crackled over the intercom.

"Finish her off swiftly Alisha," Hive instructed his female minions.

"Want me to make you cum again," Alisha said, her arm a blur as she finger-banged the girl's twat.

"So badly," she moaned.

Clone copy of Alisha smiled with glee now that it was her turn to finish off the beautiful SHIELD agent. Somehow finding the energy to use her fingers inside Daisy to work even harder, the effect was obvious with the brunette moaning even louder. With her thick ass still in front of her face, she made a point with her tongue and buried it as deep as possible into the gorgeous girl.

"Oh Goodddd.....I'm cumming," Daisy screamed.

Alisha slowed but didn't stop herself as Daisy was rocked by her second powerful orgasm in the past 30 minutes. She rode out her cumming until she was satisfied she was done, accentuated by the fact that she was so spent that she rolled over onto her side, into a naked ball of human flesh.

"Why Montana again," the delirious Daisy asked, still reeling from her back-to-back orgasms.

"Visiting this James individual you got the Kree sphere from," Hive explain, but before he could speak more, a blood-curdling scream erupted from the girl beside Daisy.

"UGGHHH," main Alisha screamed in mental pain.

"Alisha," Daisy cried in concern. Turning, she addressed Hive. "What's wrong with her?"

"Her clones, they have perished," he said in his calm tone.

"Those assholes will pay for this," Daisy sneered with rage towards her former friends.


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Re: Agents of SHIELD: Hive Mind
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Title: Hive Mind Part 5
Show: Agents Of SHIELD
Author:  The Chemist
Pairing: Skye/James/M/M/M/M
Codes: MF, MMMMF, Anal, DP, DAP, Oral, Rough

Summary: Skye is punished for not finishing her ex-SHIELD agents when she had the chance.

SHIELD may have gotten the better of HYDRA in the past decade, but the new version was certainly making up for lost time. They hadn't struck any huge victories, but they were racking up the wins, due in large part to the return of their original beast, Alveus or Hive as he was now better known as.

First he got the resources and connections of the now late Gideon Malick before he started recruiting his Inhuman army. The crowning jewel of his mind controlled mutated humans was Daisy Johnson, another former member of SHIELD. She brought with her all the knowledge of their enemy, as well as all the known Terrigen crystals and the Kree sphere.

"This is amazing," James said, making another object glow with his new fire powers before letting it extinguish. "I control fire!"

What started out as a hostile visit to see James, a former member of the Afterlife community before his exile. However, after getting the Kree artifact Hive sought, they exposed the Aussie to the Terrigen mist and after James shed his husk, he emerged with the power to make objects go on fire.

With the death of Malick, the new HYDRA inherited his considerable wealth and Hive had no reservations putting it to use. His largest purchase came by buying a small town in the middle of America and paying for new, armed security. Their new base of operations was now heavily fortified while their new expert in human biological enhancement went about his research for Hive in creating an Inhuman mass exposure with the remaining crystals.

"What do you think of Fireball," James asked Alisha and Daisy.

The trio were enjoying a little downtime as Hive mediated on the next step of his plan and the geneticist worked on his theories. The Inhumans were fine with that, getting some recovery time after their latest encounter with SHIELD. James stood behind the bar, pouring drinks for himself and the gorgeous women while they played pool.

"No, not Fireball, too on the nose, you know," he retorted, neither Inhuman indulging him in his quest to nickname himself. "Hellfire! Now that's an awesome name. I am now Hellfire."

"Well Hellfire, care to come get your ass kicked in pool," Daisy asked while Alisha went to play pinball.

Daisy already knew his answer and racked up the balls while the Aussie made his way from around the bar. She could feel his eyes on her, roaming her body, and she liked it. It certainly helped that Hive's control was based on flooding her pleasure center, making her perma-horny. As James grabbed a pool cue, his gaze never left her ass, looking juicer than ever in a pair of super-tight jeans.

Daisy broke and the pair exchanged some banter as the pool table was slowly cleared. Neither of the Inhumans were very good, but steadily they both made progress. It probably didn't help matters either that they spent more time flirting and hungrily staring at the other as they bent over for their shots.

"You didn't leave me much," she said as she sashayed forward. "I think you missed on purpose."

"What can I say, I like watching you shoot," he said as he stood behind her to look over the layout.

"You just like seeing my ass in the air," she quipped back, giving him a flirty smile.

He grinned, tucking her shoulder-length hair behind an ear. "It's a very nice ass, Daisy."

Laughing, she shied away from him. "Maybe if I bank it over there...," she said, losing herself in the physics. Stretching over the table, she tested the angle. It would be tight.

"You're a little off," James said and she felt him lean in, hanging over her to see her shot setup. "I think you need to angle it more. This might be a little too hard for you," he said, pressing his crotch into her.

"It's not how hard it is that worries me," she replied. She liked his nearness, the way she could feel his warmth against her. "It's how long it is."

"Mmmm," he grinned, inches away.

"Is this better," she asked, not looking away from him. Of course, she played into his horniness as she rubbed her plump ass against his hardening cock.

He licked his lips. "Better. Nice and smooth now, and I think it'll go right...in." This time it was James who grinded his hips against her best asset.

He was far too close for an easy play, but he was trying to make her miss, among other things, and she focused on the shot, exhaling when she tapped it and knowing before it moved a foot that it hadn't been enough. Daisy didn't really care that much, there was nothing on the line and she had been more than successful in getting the Aussie hot under the collar.

"So...we gonna do this," James asked, spinning the girl around to face him.

"Do what," she played dumb, licking her lips in anticipation.

"Acting all innocent, are you. Well I know your tight, so just tell me what you like."

"Okay. For one thing, I love big cocks, so luckily you pass the first test," Daisy smiled, remembering the feel of his cock against her juicy ass.

"A size queen, huh? Well I'm happy I measure up," he laughed. "Well I like Asians with an ass, which most of the time it's easier to find the Loch Ness Monster."

Daisy stood up and turned her back to him, showcasing her ass for him. Though she was only half-Asian, she definitely checked both of those boxes for James. She felt his hands immediately go to her phat ass, rubbing his fingertips along her rounded booty before squeezing the meaty cheeks.

"And I passed that test for you," Daisy grinned.

"Hope I'm not interrupting anything," Alveus said in the doorway, still wearing the body of Agent Grant Ward.

"Not at all, sir," Daisy replied, stepping away from the horny man. "Did the scientist figure out the problem?"

"Actually, the experiments have failed thus far, however we identified the issue. We need Kree blood...and I know exactly how to get it."

* * *

Normally, the requirement of blood from a Kree to complete an experiment would halt the project permanently. However, Alveus wasn't lying when he knew how to get it. The mysterious Kree sphere that SHIELD had apprehended before Daisy stole it was in fact a transmitter that summons Kree reapers. No ordinary aliens, these are the toughest of the Kree, known for killing.

At the same time that Hive was setting up the transmitter to lure the Kree to him, SHIELD was also coming. In their best attempt to be stealth, a team led by May infiltrated the HYDRA-owned town and had a great view as the Kree reaper ship crash landed in the location of the beacon.

"Was that a freaking spaceship," Mack asked, beyond amazed at what he just saw.

From the burning building emerged two of the biggest creators Mack and the rest of the SHIELD assault team had ever seen. Kree were normally the shape and size of humans, but these two reapers were massive, over 7 and a half feet tall and 3 feet across. Needing them alive for their blood, the HYDRA team was under orders to divide them in order to capture one if not both.

SHIELD had no such orders. While one reaper went off in search of Alveus with most of SHIELD following him, Alisha and Daisy engaged the other. Daisy's sonic powers helped greatly against the much larger foe, but she was temporarily put out of the fight, leaving Alisha and several clones. Unfortunately for the Inhuman, the Kree reaper lived up to his billing and reduced Hive's army of one of his top members.

As Hive engaged, and ended up killing the second reaper before being sought upon unsuccessfully by SHIELD, Daisy had her own hands full. She ended up resorting to murdering her Kree as well after being in a kill or be killed situation. Her role wasn't done, as she had the chance to kill Mack, in front of Hive no less, but couldn't do it. Instead she let him be taking back by SHIELD as the fell back.

"What was that Daisy," Hive screamed, the first time in memory he was angry. "Do your loyalties no longer rest with me?"

"What? No, they do," Daisy argued.

"They why is there a dead Kree on the ground and a living, breathing Human flying back to your former team?"

"He's nearly dead. I thought leaving him broken was as good a message. Now he can atest to the lack of heart he saw in my eyes," the stunning brunette explained.

"Speaking of heart...this is probably not going to help your mood," the scientist interrupted.

"What is it," Hive questioned, turning his heated gaze to the nerdy man.

The heart you ripped from the Kree wasn't enough. That is to say, I need living blood to make the Terrigenesis process work 100%."

"This, this is how I prove I'm fully committed to you," Daisy jumped in. "I have Kree blood in me from when Coulson saved me two years ago. Have it, have my blood."

"I accept," Hive agreed. "However, your gesture may have affirmed your loyalty to me, but has not quenched my thirst to see you punished for your disappointing performance against SHIELD."

"I understand," Daisy accepted, dipping her head low in a show of obedience. "Whatever you decree, I will comply."

Hive adopted a predatory smile as he looked at his submissive Inhuman before he put fingers to his mouth and made a whistling noise. Instantly 4 of his private security force that he hired with Malick's considerable funds came in from the doors off to the left of the lab. The men were still dressed in their combat wear as they came over and stood behind Alveus.

"These 4 men covered themselves in glory today. Not only did they perform well, they each killed a member of SHIELD today. For that, their reward is you," the Inhuman in Ward's body spoke. "I've come to fully grasp the power of sex, and these men find you to be very attractive, much like your former lover Grant Ward did."

"You want me...you want them...to fuck me? All together," Daisy asked, caught by surprise.

"That's great gorgeous," one of the large militia men said.

"And I'm only guessing here, but I'm pretty sure we all like to fuck real hard," another of the muscular men added, met by nods from his three friends.

Daisy did one last gulp, swallowing down her nerves as the 4 large men approached her. They were all muscular, dressed in what looked like military clothes of combat pants, boots and camo shirt while Daisy was still donning her tight-fitting jeans and a black tank-top.

The smallest of the foursome, though he still stood 6'0 tall and was pushing 200lbs, was the first to reach her, never breaking from his controlled walk. Peter ran a hand down from her neck, his fingertip traced down her throat and between her tits, which were rather large and the type that he could tell bounced all over the place. He continued his descent over her flat stomach then hooked his fingers around the bottom of her tank-top so he could pull it up over her head.

"Mmhmm...we are going to have fun tonight," Daisy heard Peter speak.

While that military man molested her bra-clad tits, the spot behind the 25-year old was filled by his comrade named Miles. The Hispanic man instantly found the half-Asian girl gorgeous, especially her ass. Having rounded behind her to get a good look at the junk in her trunk, he was greeted to the sight of the thick ass contained in her jeans, that was until he reached around, undid the pants and slid them down her juicy thighs to expose her in a tiny black thong.

"This is the type of ass meant to have a dick buried inside it," Miles commented, grabbing two firm handfuls of her fleshy bottom roughly

Not content with merely just pawing her perfect backside, the olive-skinned man gave each of her large ass cheeks a hearty slap. To show that she was a good sport and up to the challenge, not only did Daisy not whimper from the heavy blows but she actually wiggled her ass. Miles indulged her what she wanted to proceeded to give her 2 more spankings, much to her delight.

"I think we can remove this from the proceedings," a third man named Ben spoke, taking Miles' spot.

Daisy felt the clasp of her bra become undone before Ben slid the garment down her arms. The former SHIELD agent threw it away to stand before her 4 suitors, the geneticist and Hive in only a microscopic thong. She had no time to think on this as the man reached out and clutched both her nipples in between his thumb and finger. He increased his pressure until the hardened nipples were painful, at which point he released them with a grin plastered on his face.

"Truly a beautiful girl," the fourth man commented, the man appearing to outrank the three others.

Cain adopted a pleasant grin on his face before his face contorted into a wolfish smile that would have terrified the girl if her pleasant center in her brain wasn't being flooded by Hive. Reaching his arm to her, he took her neck in his hands and began to tighten, cutting off her airway. Daisy had heard from Alisha that this man liked to dominate his women so was prepared, her face a mask for the 10 seconds he choked her before he released his grip.

Despite being free and more than capable of defending herself, Daisy didn't resist his manhandling and actually found it to be a turn-on. She felt Cain's hands back on her but not on her throat. With one hand resting on her hips, Daisy felt not one but two fingers rest against her constricted asshole. Cain looked down into her face and saw her mouth open wide but silently as he began pushing, her sphincter giving a fight until finally his strength conquered the tightness of her backdoor and his digits popped into inside.

"Oh we are going to have so much fun," Miles smiled while watching as his captain fingered her asshole progressively faster.

After another minute of the anal fingering, Cain pulled his hand from between her juicy cheeks and stepped to her side so his comrades had a better view. Daisy's lips were still parted and when she felt his large, thick fingers touch them she got the hint and opened wider. When she could feel his other knuckles pressing against her face she closed her mouth and sucked on them like he wanted.

"You like the taste of your dirty asshole?" Ben asked, a bulge already formed in his pants.

"Based on how fast he finger-blasted her ass and how she's still gaped open from it, I'm willing to say she's tasted and enjoys her own shitter," the commanding officer answered, bringing smiles to everyone's faces.

As the tall man was making Daisy flavor her own asshole, Peter rounded the girl currently sucking her own essence and finished removing her thong. He took a sniff and found out Daisy was indeed very aroused, which gave him an idea. As Cain removed fingers from between her lips, he took the chance and stuffed her wet panties into her mouth, making her taste that hole too.

"Yes, suck on them," another man instructed.

"I assume none of you mind if I have the first offering," the captain announced.

His words were met with 3 nods, which made the trained killer in charge produce another smile that chilled the unfortunate Inhuman to the bone. Grabbing Daisy's hips and spinning her roughly around, he bent the girl forward so her hands came to rest on the stretcher she was seated on minutes prior. With her ass pushed back to him and looking even bigger and more appetizing, Cain removed his pants in an instant and with his erect cock in hand he didn't hesitate in stuffing half his length into her snatch.

"Mmmphhff....ffmmmph," Daisy moaned against her soiled panties.

After withdrawing once, he slammed back in but this time with his full length. As his hips slammed against her ass, her mighty cheeks rippled from the blow. Loving the view of it, the hired gun did so repeatedly with both hands on her tapered waist so he could pull her back as he speared forward.

"He is relentless," Ben watched on in admiration.

Daisy most definitely agreed with the mercenary's assessment of her fuck buddy's style. Cain had the size and strength of a linebacker and he wasn't shy about using it to dominate the submissive girl. Over and over his huge cock, which she guessed stood close to a foot in length and with impressive girth slammed into her at a speed that a normal man would have cum within minutes, yet he seemed undisturbed.

Cain didn't know it but his fierce fucking was pushing the horny girl to an orgasm that he didn't think was possible. Daisy felt it well up in her suddenly, pleased that the huge man could bring her to climax so fast, no doubt aided by Hive's affect on her pleasure center. Then she released seconds before cumming that this would be no normal orgasm.

"FFUUUCCCKKKKK! I'm cumming," Daisy screamed, her thong spat from her mouth.

The three trained killers watched on as the Inhuman squeezed her thighs tightly around the cock in her pussy right as their captain pulled out of her. He sensed she was a squirter only a second before and the drive to see her gush fluid was too strong. The second he pulled out of her snatch it erupted as a large stream of clear water jetted out and splashed on the cement floor beneath.

The mercenaries practically gasped in amazement and stroked themselves, getting harder watching the innocent looking girl drench the floor from squirting. Cain slapped her on the ass for her good work before letting his fingers soak in the fluid beneath. As she stood bent over at the waist, resting against the gurney a foot in front of her, he flicked the fluid at her, her juices landing on her pretty face.

"So slutty," the bald Ben sneered though very aroused.

Seeing that the other men were all pantless with erect cocks, Cain was more than happy to have a breather as his fellow comrades had their turn. The girl was still resting after her explosive orgasm so Cain bundled her hair and gave it a hard yank to bring her back to the present. Daisy got the hint, straightened up and turned to face her master, who was pointing her over to where his three friends sat on various weapon bins.

"Good...now crawl over here," Miles insisted from 10 feet away.

Daisy turned to face her group of men here for her and soaked in the scene. Cain who had just fucked her raw was off on the side having a drink as he caught his breath while the other three men were seated in close proximity to each other. Finding the tanned, Hispanic man directly ahead of her, Daisy sank to her knees and moved on all fours until she was kneeling in front of him.

"I like what I found," Daisy said in her sultry tone as she grabbed his stiff 8-inch member. "What do you want me to do with it?"

"Suck it babe," he told the Inhuman sex slave.

With a wicked grin on her face, Daisy glided his cock towards her face before engulfing his bulbous head between her lips. Miles couldn't help but let an audible moan as her hot wet mouth worked the first half of his cock over. The horny man was lucky that he had already bought a hooker the night previous or else he'd be dangerously close to popping his load in her mouth once she started inhaling his whole cock into her mouth with each stroke.

"Mmmmm," the completely nude woman moaned as she noisily slobbered on his meat stick.

"Oh yeah suck that cock," Miles groaned, his hands tightening on the back of her head.

He pleaded with her to keep going through body language alone by applying downward pressure on the top of her head to convey his message. Daisy got the hint as she was use to Ward and then Lincoln enjoying face fucking her as well. Relaxing her throat, she opened her mouth wide and allowed her technique to go out the window so the man a few years her senior could thrust her all the way to the base of his cock.

"GGLLKKK...cllllhhhh," Daisy choked.

Seeing her face turning a few shades of red, Miles released her from his tight grip and allowed her to swallow in fresh air. In the process Daisy had spat up a lot of saliva to make his cock covered, which helped lubricate her throat as he pulled her back down.

"Well what in the world do we have here," the Aussie James asked, stepping beside his Inhuman master.

"Daisy is being punished," Hive responded in his monotone voice as they watched on.

However, rather than being upset at him for choking her with his mighty cock, she opened her mouth to take him once more into her mouth as opposed to curse at the asshole. Of course the Hispanic mercenary didn't delay for a millisecond as he pushed his hips forward until his cock slammed back down her throat. He watched as her eyes nearly bulged out of her face as her gag reflex was narrowly avoided being tripped, small tears forming and rolling over her model-esque cheekbones out of reflex. His hips were now raising off the weapons bin as he opted to actually fuck her rather than the pull and hold technique he first employed.

Not content to simply sit and watch the girl choke on a fat cock, Ben wanted action. Though his military background taught him patience, the blonde-haired man would show none of that now as his lust for the thick-bottomed girl was too great. Standing from his seat, he rounded the kneeling girl so he could squat behind her. Spitting into his hand and rubbing it around the head of his cock.

"Owwwhhh," Daisy whelped as her backdoor was thrust open by the man.

Her shriek was more from surprise than actual pain as her eyes and focus had been spent on Miles in his attempt to make her swallow his cock. She was getting good at guessing the size of manhood just from simply being inside her, so she estimated Ben was rocking a long yet skinny dick, which was perfect for anal.

"Ahh...for not putting down her old friends," James realized, watching the sexy girl he was crushing on getting it up the ass.

With the work the two meaty fingers had done to loosen up her back passage, Ben found that he was able to stroke his entire 10 inch cock into her phat ass. A crazed look was etched on his face as he held onto her wide hips to hold her steady as he squatted above her and pounded down into her booty.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," Daisy encouraged, her face flushed from being fucked in her face at the same time.

"You heard her buddy, give that bitch what she wants," Peter said.

Ben gave the horny girl what she wanted and really started to stroke into her tight ass. Even with how well-used her asshole had become in the previous weeks, the thickness of his cock and the tightness of her sphincter meant that he was not able to plow into her as fast as he would like, not yet anyway. It did however mean that her rectum hugged him so constricting that he didn't care that he couldn't pound her to oblivion as it felt better then almost any other woman he'd been with, which was saying something.

"Say boss, mind if I get in on this," James asked hopefully.

"As long as you know this is about Daisy's punishment," Hive answered without emotion.

With Hive's form of compulsion working on her, sex was essentially a drug for Daisy, in terms that she craved it and once she had a taste for it she couldn't stop. Even now, the thick-bottomed girl was just closing her eyes and letting go of herself, all the good and bad things in her life so she could just be lost in the amazing feeling of a hard cock driving deep inside her, even if it was a mass murderer in her ass.

"How's her ass," Ben heard a new voice ask, one with a thick Australian accent

"Amazing," the mercenary answered.

"Then why don't you take a break and share with the group," James said, demanding rather than asking.

James wasn't only talking to the man who was currently pulling out of his crush's asshole. Miles was also left disappointed but with a chance to regain some stamina when the Inhuman grabbed Daisy's hips and roughly pulled her back into the center of the warehouse, away from the others.

The only word that could describe how roughly James began to fuck the former SHIELD agent was savage. Tapping into his primal urges, mixed with the rage of being spurned by Daisy earlier in the day, James was a constantly impacting jackhammer into her twat. Over and over he pulled out completely from her velvety folds only to slam in with as much force as he could, leaving the girl with friction burns on her knees each time.

"Oh God...fuck...ughhhh," Daisy grunted when she could find words.

"That's right princess...Hellfire doesn't mess around," the sweat-covered Inhuman panted between vicious blows.

For this Daisy had no reply, as she simply let her head hang down between her shoulders, her tits swaying mere inches from her face. She had never been used so roughly before, however the mind-control was working enough to make her feel no pain, however the brutality also meant she got no joy from James either.

James went all out for another minute before he needed to take a break. The girl's lips gripped his tool tightly despite being the third guy in her pussy in the past hour, however he only required a few seconds break. He could feel the joy emitted from Daisy when he pulled out, thinking he was done, instead he used his shirt to rub his cock, removing all traces of her juices from his rod.

"You know why I'm patting myself off? So that when I slam it in your ass, it goes in bone dry," James told the punished girl.

"Lucky me," Daisy groaned.

She barely got her words out before she was flipped flat on her back, one leg lifted onto his shoulder as he kneeled in front of her. JAmes was aggrieved that Daisy's ass had already been plugged tonight, preferring that his dry cock was the first to real punish the Inhuman like Hive wanted. However, he didn't get hung up on that detail as he shoved the first third of his manhood inside her bowels.

"Mother of God," Daisy howled in discomfort.

"Just buckle up lovely," James talked down to her, worming more of himself inside. "It's gonna be a long, painful ride."

James stayed true to his word as Daisy felt every inch of progress he made inside her. Whenever she did anal sex, which was fairly frequently, her partner always used ample lube, even if it was just her saliva. However, taking a bone-dry dick in her ass, especially by someone as sadistic in the first place like the Aussie was nearly unbearable.

"Excellent Hellfire," Hive said with a thin smile.

As much as James wanted to brutally sodomize the lying girl, he found himself physically unable to. Though it had taken him a considerable amount of time, he was now fucking Daisy with his whole length, but at such a slow speed. The Inhuman whore was tight, and without any lube it was nearly impossible to go any faster than his current pace.

"Tell you what. You get down and blow me right now and I'll let you keep the spit. But understand this, you will taste every inch of my cock that was in your arse. Now let's hope that you enjoy the flavor of your own shite...actually, better yet, let's hope you don't," James insulted.

Daisy could have punched him in the face with her earthquake powers on full if it wasn't Hive's orders that she be punished for not killing her former SHIELD partner. Instead, she let the Aussie pull out of her asshole, which was left gaping open, and allowed him to crawl over her. With his dirty cock hovering right by her face, James reached down and grabbed her hair roughly and jerked her up.

"AWWHHH...KKKFFFLLLLL," Daisy screamed before being muffled by his shit-tainted manhood crammed in her mouth.

"That's better...your voice was starting to annoy me," he smiled in satisfaction.

Daisy's face started to turn a lovely shade of red before James dislodged his cock from blocking her windpipe. A great deal of spit spewed out from her lips, a good majority of it sticking to his cock in thick ribbons while a health amount landed on the lower portion of her face and her tits as well. She coughed once or twice and started to swear at the jerk before he used the opening of her mouth to repeat his brutality once more.

"This Aussie isn't messing around," one of the militia commented.

"Make sure you leave her in one piece Hellfire," the Inhuman master commanded.

"Awhh...that wasn't part of the original deal but I'm adaptable," he said.

This time when he crawled back down her fit body, James rolled her halfway over so she was on her side, her legs pressed tightly together and drawn up towards her stomach. With one hand on his rod and the other lifting up her juicy booty, he eased his slippery manhood back into her backdoor.

Daisy immediately noticed the difference in comfort level as his dick slid in with much less pain despite her legs being pressed together made her asshole even tighter. Feeling better now, Daisy allowed herself to take some pleasure in having her bowels constantly plunged, an experience few girls enjoyed and she was lucky enough to be one of them.

"Fuck...gotta cum...but where," James thought before seeing her thong lying beside her swaying boobs and an idea hit him.

James slide his spit-covered cock a few more times into Daisy, going even harder then either of them thought humanly possible. With one last final thrust, the Aussie felt his balls boil before thick ropes of his sperm spat into her colon, but not very deep as he had moved his tip so that her anal ring was only gripping it. Once finished, he pulled out but with her asshole still left open, he shoved her thong into her backdoor and allowed his spunk to absorb into the material.

"Here...suck on this as the next steroid-injected army man fucks you raw," James said, pushing the soiled panties into her mouth.

Thankful that her punishment at the hands of the sadistic Inhuman had finally ended, she happily accepted the last of his humiliations and took her semen-soaked thong into her mouth. Much like with his cock from earlier, the gorgeous half-Asian could taste her own asshole on the undergarment, as well as the very telling flavor of spunk, both tastes that she actually liked.

"Back to business as usual," the Hispanic mercenary said after a handful of seconds.

Not one to complain, especially since James was now out of the picture, the former computer hacker rolled with the punches and got to her feet after spitting the used thong from her talented mouth. She wasn't free for long as she felt Peter close around her hourglass waist and spin her around so she was facing away from him. Knowing what he wanted, Daisy bent forward and sank into his lap, aiming his cock up with her wet pussy.

"Actually I had another hole in mind," the mercenary corrected.

Not really caring since her bowels were sufficiently loosened by the ruthless fucking first from Ben and later by the sadistic Aussie, Daisy tilted his member back slightly then squatted down. She bit her bottom lip as he first pushed open her sphincter but once that unpleasant part was done she settled into a rhythm.

Peter was in pure joy at this point. Always having a thing for fit chicks, mainly since he usually fucked girls in the same unit as himself, he was even more excited to be sodomizing an ass as fine as Daisy's. Showing off her athletic side despite being used as nothing more than a sex doll for the past hour, the thick-bottomed girl was bent over so much her hands rested on the ground as she lifted her ass up before crashing it back down on his lap.

"Here, open and swallow," the Hispanic man demanded.

Daisy thought nothing of the request and did as she was told, like was expected of their sex slave. As his dick glided along her tongue and his tip poked against the back of her throat, she kept concentration enough to continue to ride her asshole up and down Peter's thick cock. What she lost in speed, the man more than made up for by spiking his hips off the container and thrusting deep into her bowels.

"Tell me where that dick came from," Miles asked knowingly.

"My ass," Daisy answered timely, only knowing because of the faint trace of her rectum that still lingered on his skin.

"That's right. Can you taste your shitty asshole all over my cock," he further prodded, seeking to humiliate the younger girl.

"Yes," she admitted, knowing it was what he wanted to hear.

"Let her lean back," Ben piped up, getting back into the action.

Miles reluctantly pulled his slick cock from her mouth and allowed the curvy girl to indulge his comrade's whim. With Daisy now resting her back on Peter's chest, she had a harder time generating enough lift from his lap so instead she focused on taking him balls deep in her rectum and grinding on him, which apparently was working for him.

When the blonde-haired Ben stepped between Daisy's wide spread legs he knew he had surprised her from the look she gave him. Realizing what he planned on doing, the former SHIELD agent did her best to stay calm and remind herself that she could handle getting poked by two well-hung men even if she hadn't had the honor yet.

"Shit...now it's a party," Daisy groaned as Ben pushed inside her free pussy.

For her first time getting double penetrated, fucked by two cocks at the very same time, it was an exciting and surprising pleasurable time. Trying to stay relaxed as she rested on Peter as the two hired guns did all the work as they thrust into their respective hole they occupied on alternating rhythm.

Daisy felt like the night was passing by quickly but still none of the four mercenaries initially tipped to dole out her punishment had spent their seed. She had no idea how long Peter and Ben spent see-sawing into her while Cain and Miles watched on, stroking their cocks. However, it had been enough time that now the two men on the outside looking in had grown restless and wanted back in on the action.

"I believe it's my turn again," Cain, the captain of the men, commented.

As soon as Ben stepped back, freeing Daisy's snatch, the Inhuman girl was pushed off the sitting killer as well. It felt odd for Daisy to go from being stuffed with nearly a foot of cocks in both holes to being completely empty. Cain was going to change that and in a hurry as he pulled the blonde onto his lap immediately.

Daisy knew exactly what to do as she got each of her juicy legs on either side of him to straddle above his dick. Having already fucked her pussy raw earlier, Daisy assumed correctly that he'd want to sample her other hole so as she sat she angled him backwards and plunged the 4th different cock in an hour towards her asshole.

"My Lord you're huge," the former hacker groaned as she sat on his meat.

"And you are still somehow tight," the blonde man replied.

Daisy smiled at the compliment as she rode up and down and whole cock, which was the second biggest she'd taken next to one of her Secret Warrior teammates. Despite the fact that a lengthy amount of time had passed, Daisy was still rocketing her great ass up and down. She was tiring and covered in a layer of sweat that made her sunkissed skin glisten in the lighting but she refused to let it show.

"I have seen thousands of girls from all over the world and truly yours is one of the all-time greats," Miles said from behind her, palming each of her fantastic cheeks.

Cain was a powerfully built man so barely registered as Daisy's chest came to rest against his as he was still so focused on pumping his lengthy pole into the sexy woman's butt. He was unaware that it was Miles who initiated her to lean on him but he would soon learn why. For the Hispanic's plan to work, he needed to allow the girl to be loosened up as much as possible, so for the next minute he simply waited and stroked his cock while his commanding officier used his club-sized pole to batter her asshole..

Finally Miles felt like he had waited long enough for Daisy to be widened out as much as she ever would. His cock was still dripping wet in the sexy woman's saliva from when he face-fucked her not long before, which would be of paramount importance to what was to come.

"Is he about to do what I think he's going to do," Ben asked, his hand going to his cock and stroking it even harder

"Shit. I think he is," Peter grinned while doing likewise.

Miles stepped up behind her olive-skinned cheeks before exchanging a knowing glance with Cain. The hulking man did a toothy grin then slowed his thrusting down so that Daisy was laying flat on top of him, her meaty legs wide open for the standing killer. Her pussy was underneath Cain and thus unreachable but that didn't matter to him as he placed his cock's tip neared the entrance to the girl's asshole, which of course was already occupied.

"Ummm...awwhhh...guys...I don't know if you'll both fit," Daisy discouraged while still moaning.

"You don't give yourself enough credit baby. This booty will totally stretch for us," Miles commented to calm her fears.

The girl continued to impress them with her resolute attitude and willingness to experiment sexually as rather than squirm to escape the situation, Daisy decided to help her masters. The Inhuman girl did her best to relax for the eager men to accomplish their goal as they focused on causing her as little pain as possible. Her helping was found to be working right away as Daisy could feel her anus slowly expanding to let a second dickhead have access.

"Bloody hell...fuuu...shhhhh...iiitttt," Daisy swore.

Though the beautiful girl was clearly in discomfort, the hired guns had no intention of stopping their progress, especially the blonde man. Miles continued to push into her filled backdoor, determined not to stop until both he and his captain were both balls deep in her asshole. Ben and Peter watched on in amazement, stroking their lengths as the two men took turns pushing into her expanding asshole, both of them half way into her booty at this point.

After the initial pain of having two cocks fill the same hole, especially that hole being her tight ass with two lengthy poles, Daisy found herself accepting the situation. No longer feeling like her backdoor was on the verge of ripping, she was actually enjoying the sensation. Her constant crazing to push her sexually was a large driving factor as was the fact being so horny made the double anal penetration surprisingly liberating.

"Oh God...need to cum," Cain said through gritted teeth.

Miles wasn't paying attention as he finally met his goal of cramming his entire cock into Daisy's asshole at the same time as Cain. With his final goal met, the Hispanic felt his own orgasm approaching like a flash of lightning. As if they had coordinated it before hand and executed it perfectly, both men gave a final thrust before exiting her ass, Miles first before Cain lifted her off his lap.

Again, Daisy felt a rush of cool air enter her gaped asshole, looser then it had ever been and likely would never regain its firmness. However, that was pushed from her mind as the two men pushed far enough away from her to allow the gorgeous half-Asian to descend back to her knees in front of their stroking cocks.

"Fuck...ugghhhh," the man to her left grunted.

Hearing Miles start to groan in delight, she turned in his direction first. Not quick enough, his first spurt of warm jizz hit the side of her nose before she could aim the rest into her mouth, the initial streak currently dribbling into her now open jaw. She collected the rest of his cum on her tongue, tasting his essence until the last spurt leaked onto her naked tits.

Watching the Inhuman being bathed in cum pushed the experienced man over the edge. While Daisy was still facing his comrade, Cain erupted and struck her on the cheek, missing her open eye by the width of a hair. Turning her head towards his cock, his second blast arrived in him to hit the corner of her lips and leak onto her breasts below.

"Yes...take it down," Cain growled as he showered her in jizz.

Before her face could get painted with more salty goo, she captured his purple head in her lips and allowed his sack to be drained onto her tongue. Even after she was sure he was done, making him shudder as her tongue danced on his pee slit, she sucked hard an attempt to drink down every drop of his gravy as possible, only stopping when he started going soft.

The two men slumped their heads in pure exhaustion as their nearly two-hour long fuck session was over. While Miles was already sitting on a random container, Cain stepped away from the horny girl, his flaccid cock spilling from her mouth as she swallowed down the last of her goo reward.

"Don't mind if I do," Ben eagerly commented.

Wasting no time at all, the blonde mercenary eased her back onto hands and knees and instantly had his cock plunging into her pussy. Daisy moaned and cooed but not with the same vigor as before, the night's festivities of being used and abused clearly having caught up to her. Ben paid that no mind while going balls deep into her well plowed snatch, pumping his entire frame into each thrust.

"Shit...can't...hold out...any longer," Ben groaned while filling her pussy in.

"I figured you're stamina would improve with you fucking that dead redheaded Inhuman chick," Peter mused.

"Cum for me baby," Daisy told him, her fingers reaching down to caress his full balls.

Her slut words, not too mention her hand playing with his nuts, still tight pussy and 2 hours of fucking her finally added up. With one last good thrust deep inside Daisy, he pulled out rapidly instead of holding himself inside. He barely required to stroke his cock before he finally came. With a final grunt, he emptied his load into her hot wet cunt.

"UUUGGHHH," Ben grunted as his semen bubbled up from his balls and started flying out of his tip.

Always an ass man, having the chance to paint such a lovely canvas was an opportunity he was sure not to pass on. With her large, juicy ass a big enough target, 5 warm spurts of cum lept from his tip and colored her olive skin with his gooey white gravy.

"And then their was one," Peter grinned, being the last man standing.

Having watched the beautiful Inhuman for whom he had seen countless times around the privately-owned town being stuffed 8 ways from Sunday in truly the sluttiest display of depraved sexual desire, Peter was ready to burst. The hired gun, currently contracted by Hive, had always enjoyed watching others fuck and tonight was no exception.

Daisy may have been out on her feet but she still had the wherewithal to know when she saw a man on the verge of cumming. She used her toned arms to push herself away from the ground and sat back on her heels, getting to her knees no more than a foot from Peter's throbbing dick.

"Hope that's for me," she said from beneath him.

Looking down and seeing the cute yet adorable girl waiting for him to paint her face with mouth open wide and tongue sticking out, Peter did just that. With that imaged fixed in his mind, the mercenary felt his legs grow weak as his semen bubbled up from his balls and shot from his tip.

"Awww," Daisy cooed once she felt his warm fluid start to ooze out onto her pretty face.

Peter stepped closer so that he could shoot the rest of his load with more force onto the girl, coating the rest of her face. After several streams had landed on Daisy, he smirked as he enjoyed the look of her with cum splattered on her forehead, nose, cheeks and lips. Daisy actually enjoyed the feel of his warm jizz on her skin, and the smile she flashed the exhausted hired gun a wink before shoveling it between her lips showed that.

"I hope my punishment was to your standards...master," Daisy said at Hive, sitting down on her bare ass against the cement.

"Oh, it was a good start," Hive agreed with the exhausted Inhuman.

"Start? Your humans all came, hard might I add," Daisy reminded him.

"Yes, those men are done, but you aren't, not yet," he informed her.

Following his gaze as the emotionless Inhuman master turned his head, Daisy was shocked as she found another pack of 4 men waiting in the door that just opened. As if the prospect of another gangbang by another group of large men wasn't enough, Daisy spied that there was at least another pack behind them as well.

"As Will, formerly of NASA use to say, you better buckle up...it's gonna be a long night," Hive told Daisy as she was soon lost from sight within the circle the 4 large mercenaries made around her.



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