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Harry Potter- The Adult Years
« on: January 06, 2020, 08:31:34 AM »
This is the first of my proposed series in the adult lives of the Harry Potter characters. I have nurtured the idea for a year but I am aware that Literotica refuse outright to publish any J.K. Rowling fan fan fiction, so here we are.
Also A03 tend to publish Harry in MM relationships which is not my thing.

The year is 2000 and as most reliable sources put Harry's birthday as 31/7/80 most of the cast are aged twenty or thereabouts.
I have read the books and seen the movies and only see Emma Watson as Hermione, Daniel Radcliffe as Harry, Rupert Grint and so forth.

I am not going to write a straight forward narrative from the end of the last movie to the present but plan to shift from one time to another for variety.

I have to mention J.K. Rowling who unknowingly created a modern day icon. Respect!


Chapter One, September 2000.

Hermione Granger, on the occasion of her twenty first birthday, which had been on September 13th 2000, had taken a long and reflective look at her life so far.

She had matured into a fine and attractive young woman and it was hard to believe that she was the same person as that small and bushy haired young thing that had burst onto the scene all those years ago.

Her student years had been the most remarkable years in her life as she met up with the boy wizarding genius Harry Potter and fought alongside him in the long conflict against the evil Lord Voldemort.

She had adored studying and other class related projects and always found herself serving as the voice of reason when Harry and Ron got into mischief.

She had decided to remain at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at the culmination of the Second Wizarding War to see out her final year as a student and attempt to pass her Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests.

This she had done with flying colours, and after graduating she became a leading promotor in bettering the lives of oppressed and disenfranchised House Elves and Muggle born wizards.

The immediate rebuilding of the Castle had commenced as soon as possible after the final battle as there was rubble and debris everywhere.

Many things had been blown up, destroyed and beyond repair on that terrible day in May, 1998.
Such as the glasses holding the House Point Gems, the Room of Requirement and countless statues and suits of armour.

The reconstruction by the wizards, magically of course, was instantaneous and overseen by Professor Minerva McGonagall, now Headmistress of Hogwarts.

Directly after the death of the Dark Lord, Hermione had surrendered to her innermost feelings she had nurtured for Ron Weasley and they had fallen head over heels in love.

Soon after declaring their love for each other they had given in to their carnal cravings and consummated their relationship.

Hermione had quickly embraced the grown woman inside of the teenager and discovered a love for all things sexual.

In a relatively short time however it was apparent that Ron was not going to live up to her expectations in the bedroom and when he announced that he planned to join Harry at the Ministry of Magic Hermione was secretly relieved.

She ruminated on the fact that maybe she wasn't in love with Ron after all, but had simply given in to their huge relief of the end of the six year turmoil that had consumed their lives.

Born of Muggle parents the slender brunette reasoned that her red blooded passion for sex must have been a result of her unique genes.
Her non magical human parents and her own special gifts made for a unique combination.

She had embraced her physical side with relish and enthusiasm and was now known for being Hogwarts very own sex kitten.

Not quite a nymphomaniac but as close as one could be without being labeled insatiable.

She never turned down the chance to have a good fuck, quickie or otherwise, with male or female, couple, or take part in a threesome or orgy.

When it came to having a good time in the sack Hermione Granger was your girl.

As she now stood forlornly at the ornate window in the West Wing Hermione looked at the snow that had begun to accumulate on the windowsill.

Winter had come rather earlier than she fancied and she drew the warm cloak about her shoulders with a shiver.
She was waiting for a special arrival of the Hogwarts Express.
Aboard which was a very important person.

Of course it had been him all along, hadn't it. Who else?

He had been the constant in all their lives since year one of their studies and she had been fortunate to share with him so many life changing events that she knew she had strong feelings for the man.

Fact was, Hermione Granger loved Harry Potter.

She had not seen him for two years since he had moved to a small apartment close to the Ministry of Magic in London where he trained to be an Auror. A dark wizard catcher if you will.

Choosing to stay close to the Ministry had been a deliberate decision on his part.

He had always disliked floo powder and apparating and simply walking to work every day was a joy.

Ron joined him a little later and the pair of them worked hard to transform the Auror department.

And now he was returning as a guest to the School to lecture on the subject of the 'Defence Against The Dark Arts.'

He and Ron's younger sister Ginny had cooled their relationship in recent times as well, and Hermione believed that he was young, free and available.

The lust crazed filly now had only one thing on her mind.
The same thing that had filled her dreams and fantasies every night since she had heard of his imminent visit.

On this very night she, Hermione Granger, was going to fuck Harry Potter's brains out!


Harry Potter wiped the train window of condensation with the palm of his hand for the third time in a half hour.
He was eager to see the Hogwarts Castle for the first time in ages but the snow was falling too heavily now.

He had made the decision to leave after he had vanquished Voldemort with the Elder wand in order to distance himself from the heavy load he had carried all those years.

Despite not finishing school he had been quite successful in his desire to reshape the Auror department at the Ministry.

He had also made a difficult decision to take a clean break with Ginny Weasley, his supposed soul mate, a decision not taken lightly as he still harboured strong feelings for the pretty redhead.

He had retreated to London alone, not only to leave the past behind but also to escape a possible mistake in his romantic dalliances.

As a consequence Harry's late teens had been extremely frustrating as he reached his sexual awakening.
The hero of the second wizarding war had never played on his fame but
he had managed to get a few notches on his bedpost as he sowed his wild oats in the big city.

He had not set the world on fire in the bedroom and it been pointed out to him that he was not overly blessed in size or girth.

But it was Hermione Granger who he dreamed of the most.
He had heard that she had matured into a desirable young woman, and more interesting to him were the rumours that she was an unbridled little fuck bunny.

He had stepped aside when she had declared her love for his best friend Ron, and had given them his blessing.
Secretly though he had been consumed by a jealousy that he only now owned up to.

As he neared Hogwarts he began to get excited at the thought of returning to the location of his thrilling youth, and he also felt great anticipation in reuniting with his old friend.

For on this very night he, Harry Potter, was going to fuck Hermione Granger's brains out!


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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2020, 08:36:15 AM »
Consider this a prologue if you will. I just wanted to get the ball rolling. I have a long way to go yet to finishing up a proper chapter.
I am brimming with ideas. I have written about 1000 words so far and my wife and I laughed our socks off at what I have so far.
It's a hoot!
Remember these characters are all wizards, ANYTHING can happen!
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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2020, 08:15:27 AM »
Chapter Two.


"No! It's a lie, it's categorically untrue. It's 100% nonsense, or should I say bullshit!"

"I only asked." Said a taken back Hermione Granger.

Harry Potter looked her directly in her eyes as he answered her question as to whether it was true that Ron Weasley was going steady with another.

Hermione had waited anxiously in the entrance hall of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as night fell.
She heard the beat of leathery wings as the black maned creature known as a Thestral pulled the carriage of Harry Potter ever closer.

When it finally arrived she stood tall in her evening gown, shivering slightly from the night chill, and played with a loose strand of her hair.

Harry was a dot in the distance that grew bigger and bigger until he stepped forward with a big grin.

In just a relatively short time the 'boy who lived' had matured into a tall and lean man of twenty with incredibly good hair.

"Hermione! How are you?" He greeted her with his usual chipper demeanour.

He put down his one valise and flung his arms around the lightweight filly and lifted her off her feet.

"Harry! So good to see you. It's been too long."

Once he put her down he took a long, hard look at the woman.
He was lost for words as he drank in the almost unrecognisable form of his old friend.

Her once unmanageable hair was now sleek and lustrous.
Long gone were her rather large front teeth and her smile was now radiant and hypnotising.

Her flawless porcelain complexion seemed to glow under the starry sky and her light brown eyes glittered under perfectly groomed brows.

He wasn't sure if she had purchased, made or conjured up her floor length gown but it was dramatic.

With a low neckline the dress shimmered with the embroidered sequins, beads and silk thread that combined with the layers of tulle and crepe.
A lengthy cape trailed behind her as she stepped back.

The scent of fresh flowers assailed his nostrils as they held hands and entered the Castle.

"Hermione! You're so...so..."

Say it, Harry. Please.

"You're...so different."

Oh. Slight let down, thought the attractive brunette.

He in turn looked simply yummy with his jet black hair, bottle green eyes and the unique lightning flash scar over his right brow.
His two piece suit was a loud black and white check ensemble which oddly suited him.

"Shall we?"

They took a stroll around the Castle interior and Hermione mentioned the little tweaks that had been made since the rebuilding.

"This way, Harry. Things may have changed a bit since you were here last."

"I can imagine."

The couple remained glued side by side as they climbed the grand staircase.

As they passed the old portrait of Brian Gagwilde III, the character in the painting turned with them and hailed Harry.

"Hey, hey Harry," he whispered with his hand by his mouth." Give her one from me, my son! Get up her!"

The flamboyant character in the moving painting put his left hand in the crook of his right elbow and made lewd pumping motions with his arm.

"Shut up, Brian!" Said Harry hastily.

"What was that?" Wondered Hermione.

"Oh, nothing. Let's get on."

When they reached the second floor Harry was surprised when Hermione opened the door to the office of the Defence against the Dark Arts teacher.

"This is your room?"

"Why not? There is no more need for a Dark Arts teacher so I moved in."

They entered into the room which was nicely heated by a roaring fire in a grand fireplace.
The predominant colour of the decor was naturally red and gold, the colours of the House of Gryffindor.

Typically Hermione she had hundreds of musty old books on creaky shelves and the odd tapestry.
The furniture was comfortable and plush and a round mahogany table took centre place, upon which was an antique chess board and pieces.

They made some pleasant conversation and that was when Hermione asked about Ron.

Harry insisted that the red haired fellow missed her deeply but was knee deep in Ministry work.

Harry also mentioned that he had begun to reach out to his sister Ginny, but so far she had been to busy with Quidditch fixtures.

They sat down opposite each other and smiled politely as the conversation dried up and an awkward silence fell over the room.

Harry was stunned at how the girl had matured into a fine woman.
Although he was not outright shy he was nonetheless awkward when it came to socialising with the opposite sex.
He had never played on his poster boy image, he was after all 'the boy who lived,' but his fame had gotten him laid on a fairly regular basis.

As he inhaled Hermione's heavenly scent the twenty year old imagined what it would be like to caress her soft naked body, to feel her perky tits against his chest as he ran his fingers through her fine hair.

Likewise Hermione pictured herself falling naked under the tall man on her bed as he fumbled with his rock hard cock and pushed up between her splayed legs.

During the six years she had known Harry she had never really tried to gain his affection in a romantic way.
In addition he had never made his true feelings aware, if he had any, towards her in that way.

Determined to have him finally Hermione decided to resort to magic.
A subject she knew a hell of a lot about.
One way or another they would have sex together, even if it was only for one night and without love.

"Have some Butterbeer?"


She handed over a glass of the popular beverage and watched intently as
Harry took a sip and wrinkled his nose.

"This smells like treacle tart. Ha, one would think you were giving me a love potion."

Hermione smiled weakly. Bugger, she had forgotten that the potion had a different aroma for every one who smelled it.

Amortentia was the most powerful love potion in the world.
Although not capable of making the drinker to actually fall in love it provided a overwhelming infatuation with the nearest person, normally the potioneer.

She had visited the Potions lab that morning to obtain a vial of the potent stuff.
It had been a long time since she had ventured down to the dungeons and the smell of burnt wood and the lingering scent of smoke from the final battle filled her nostrils.

Upon entering the room, dimly lit by torches on the walls, she quickly found what she wanted and withdrew.

Some missing detail nagged at the back of her head as she hurried back to her rooms with the prize.
Although the potion definitely worked it was also considered to be dangerous, with odd and unknown side effects but she decided to carry on regardless.

"Oh, the drink is going to my head already." Uttered Harry as he shook his head from side to side.

He began to breathe very slowly and deeply as the potion took hold of his faculties.
She took the glass from his hand as he gazed into her eyes, his lids half closed.
Just before she had poured his drink she had secretly added the potion into the mix.

"Hermione, I feel, feel."

"Yes, Harry?"


Sick? Romantic? Amorous? Horny!

"I feel in two minds to..."

Make that four minds as the hero of Hogwarts began to shift and morph before the eyes of the astonished female.

With a series of grunts and contortions of his body Harry's form seemed to shimmer in the glow of the fire as he transfigured into four separate entities.

Hermione stood up, in alarm and confusion, as she was confronted by four identical duplicates of Harry Potter!

"Oh my word!" Stuttered the trembling woman as she stuffed a fist in her mouth.

"Hello, Hermione." Said the first.

"Hey!" Chirped the second.

"How YOU doing?" Asked the third with a lecherous tone in his voice.

"Nice tits, babe," observed the fourth nodding in approval.

"But? What have you done? Did you take something?" Said Hermione somewhat confused.

"Tell her, One." Said Two as he began to remove his jacket.

"Just some Swelling Solution." Said Three as he dropped his strides. "I wanted to increase the size of my erection."

"It seems to have had a curious effect," said One as he stripped down to his underwear.

"This is a disaster." Cried Hermione. "Just how much did you take?"

Somehow, some crazy consequence of the combination of the Swelling Solution with the Amortentia had caused a curious side effect.

That was to make the drinker expand, not in the size of his manhood but into a complete identical copy.
Complete with a prodigious and rampant hard on.
And not only one copy but THREE others!

As they all stood side by side Hermione looked on at the line up of the four Harry's, each one sporting eight inch plus boners.

"A lot. I wanted to impress you. I'm not exactly well endowed and I was really hoping we might, you know. Sleep together."

Harry Three turned to his other selves and they held their heads high.

"Hey, look. It worked. I'm packed like a stallion!" Cried One cheerily.

"Me too!"

"And me, wow!"

"But all you had to do was use the Engorgio Spell, you twit!" Said she exasperated.

"Ah. Didn't think of that." Said a sheepish Harry One.

"But, which one of you is the real Harry?"

Hermione began to back away as four extremely naked and erect men began to encroach on her.

"Me, I'm the real Harry." Answered One.

"Don't listen to him, Hermione. I'm the original."

Harry Two moved ever closer, jerking his dick in his fist.

"Fact is, babe. We're ALL Harry Potter. Right down to the last pubic hair. And, we intend to fuck your ass off, you little strumpet!"

"Come on, let the dog see the rabbit."

Harry Four leaned in and rent the dress from Hermione who gasped as she felt the ragged remnants puddle around her shoes.

"Hey! That was my best gown!"

"And lose the knickers."

Harry Three placed his thumbs in the waistband of her undies and roughly dragged then down to her ankles.


She stepped out of them and stood stark naked, surrounded by four virile looking wizards.

"Looking pretty good, Granger." Said One with a leer.

"Good enough to eat," agreed Four.

"Fuck the ass off that!" Chimed Two and Three together.

Hermione was actually flattered as eight wide eyes checked her out.

Blessed with a slender physique her breasts were of a medium size but topped off with pencil eraser nipples.

The guys scrutinised her flat stomach and abdomen that led the eye to the sublime V of her sex.

Her neatly trimmed Mons protruded enticingly from between her upper thighs, and her bottom was just perfection.

Smooth and firm cheeks that lifted and separated behind her.

Hermione was a ten!

"Surely you not ALL intending to have me."

Hermione felt a spasm in her nether regions and just a hint of wetness in her vulva.
She had become a fully fledged and accomplished lover with a somewhat excessive desired for sexual activity.

She had never had FOUR well hung studs although she had participated in one or two threesomes in the past.

The effect of her exposed and dreamy feminine flesh ignited the guys into action.

Surrounded by the four men Hermione was pushed down onto her knees and she found herself eye level with four huge pricks.
She stared up at them with big doe eyes and gulped.

"Well, girl. You wanted it," she thought.

She took Harry One in her right hand and jerked the hot shaft up and down.
His shaft was thick, chunky in fact and her small hand barely went around it.

Her mouth slid down onto the bloated bell end and she began to suck on it, her hand pulling on the thick shaft as her lips met it.

Her cheeks hollowed out as she moved to and fro on the head alone, relishing the taste of a man.
Hermione loved the sensation of a man's knob in her mouth and she purred like a kitten as she continued.

She then fixed her light brown eyes on Three and he groaned as she relinquished One and gobbled up the next big cock.

Curiously it tasted exactly the same as the first as she bobbed rhythmically on half of his length and he was no better and no worse.
She jerked his length, sliding the white flesh along his throbbing organ.

The other two hovered over her and she decided to take control.

"Okay, guys. I want you all to sit down on that sofa, side by side. Quickly."

The four clones did as they were told and sat down with their erections in hand and pointing straight up.

"Very nice. Now, where was I?"

Hermione sighed and fluffed her hair and bent down to Harry Four.
She kissed the fat tip and then swiped her tongue up and down the underside of the impressive shaft.

"This is fun," he said to his immediate neighbour.

"Best fun I've had in ages," agreed Two.

Hermione moved to her right and began to suck on Two and her delightful bottom bobbed in tandem with her head as she sucked on him happily.

Next in line was One who reached out to paw at her body as she serviced Two.
She shunted to her right and crammed the upright pole into her dribbling mouth and proceeded to take him down her throat.

Four pairs of eyes were mesmerised as the diminutive hussy deep throated Harry One who tilted his head back in ecstasy.

Harry Three was breathing heavily as he awaited his turn and he wanked his boner hard in anticipation.

Hermione lifted her face off of a disappointed One and took in huge gulps of air as she came face to cock with Harry Three.

She could feel her pussy begin to moisten up as she sucked him into her mouth.
Her tongue was like an untamed snake as she flicked and stabbed his dick as she moved back and forth over and over.

Hermione continued to fellate the guys, moving from one to another, sucking this one and that one, never faltering in her undivided attention to give all four equal servicing.

"I must say you ARE all exactly the same."

Hermione contemplated her result of her ministrations.
Four slick and upstanding cocks in perfect sync.

"You know what they say Granger, you can't have too much of a good thing."

"Yeah, and good things always come in fours." Agreed Harry One.

"I don't think that is true, but it's a sweet thought. Well. I think it might be my turn now, don't you. And you, and you, AND you."

Hermione stood upright and barged her way inbetween Harry Two and One and sat down, legs akimbo.
Being the centre of attention really got her juices flowing and she flashed her delectable pussy under a trim set of light brown pubes.

Two and Four came up alongside her and each took a hard nipple into their mouths.
They started to their tongues in fast circles in opposite directions and Hermione sighed softly.

One and Three were both licking her inner thighs, gradually homing in on her sopping pussy.
When they reached her slit they swiped her with slippery tongues, One from side to side, Three up and down.

Eight hands groped her and the little minx giggled as she imagined she was being molested by an amorous octopus.


Two fingers probed her cunt and another two were inserted in her asshole and her hips undulated as she was vigorously frigged in both of her lower orifices.

Her nipples were now so hard and erect they could probably have cut glass as they were suckled and nipped.
Two mouths were now kissing and nibbling her little nub below and the stoked up female wizard withered in utter passion.

"H..H...Harry!" She whimpered as FOUR tongues slobbered over her dripping muff.

This way and that way they lapped at her leaving copious amounts of drool all over mound and inner thighs.

They alternated in superb timing, overlapping, doubling up and dribbling all together.
Their faces were buried in her loins as her flaps were licked, her hard clit sucked and her anus probed lewdly by wriggling tongues.

Her body finally surrendered and she shuddered as she achieved her first orgasm of the evening and her moans of pleasure turned into an unadulterated refrain.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Shit! Shit! Shit!"

Hermione Granger had just had her sexual awareness and fortitude raised to a new level.
Was she a slut, she mused?
If so then she welcomed the moniker.
She just loved sex, and the more the merrier.

"Harry, be a dear and fetch my 'First Love Vaginal Bubble Lubricant.' You'll find it on my bedside cabinet."

As Harry Four vanished into the adjoining bedroom as Hermione walked over to the west wall and thrust her bared backside out and up.

"Form a line behind me, guys."

Harry Four returned with the palm size bottle and handed it to the horny brunette.
She opened the screw top and inhaled the scent of wild hibiscus syrup.

"I love this."

She applied a liberal amount of the lotion to her nether regions and smeared it into her cunt and anus.

"I have a feeling I'm going to need this!"

Bracing herself with her hands on the wall Hermione wiggled her rump
At last Harry Potter was going to fuck her.

Well, all FOUR of him!

The first in line stepped up behind her and slowly slid inside her well oiled cunt.


"Goodness has nothing to do with it!" Said Harry One as he began to move in and out, his feet up on tiptoe.

The other three maintained a solitary line up as the lucky Harry thrust in and out of the moaning female.
As he held onto her hips he drove his rock hard cock into the trembling girl with maximum force.

"It's just how I imagined it. Like fucking a tube of hot butter."

One withdrew and let Two take his position.
Hermione flexed her thigh and calf muscles as he rammed on home and gave the slender babe all he had.

Harry Two gazed down at his huge member hammering the woman's pink pussy.
He cupped her gorgeous ass cheeks and was impressed at how firm they were.

"When you're ready, Harry." Said Three as he tapped his foot impatiently.

Two pulled out reluctantly and Hermione looked back and stole a glance at the four Harry's behind her.

"It's a dream come true."

She gasped as Harry Three gave his rigid pole a couple of warm up jerks and then slipped it into Hermione's hot box.

He started to fuck her with very slow but deep strokes as he held both her tits in his hands.

"Fuck me harder, you devil. Harder!"

"You asked for it, lover."

Three sped up his thrust and her groans of delight grew progressively louder as he picked up the pace.

Her pussy had become so slick now that audible squelches could be heard by all.
Apart from that Harry's groin smacked hard into her sweet derriere and the sound of flesh on flesh resonated around the room.

"By Merlin's beard!"

Harry Four took up the vacated and gaping slot that was Hermione's muff and entered her with one swift lunge up.
She bucked and wobbled on her dainty feet as she was fucked by the battering ram of his stiff rod.

He slammed in hard and she tried to meet his pelvic thrusts.
Then he grunted and pulled out.

Harry One took the opportunity and slid back in and impaled the screaming woman on his eight pole.
He pumped and pumped for all he was worth.

Then it stopped and Hermione took the pause to inhale deeply.
She stood upright and felt her gaping pussy and was astonished at how sodden her cunt was.

The four Harry Potter's stood in a line awaiting instruction dutifully.
How lucky am I, she thought as she probed her wet and debauched quim.

"Lift her up, Harry."

Harry Two obliged and gathered the lightweight female up and carried her to the sofa.
Beneath her Harry Three sat waiting as she was lowered onto his rampant erection.

Three held her hips as Two relinquished his hold and Hermione slid down all the way onto the rigid dick.
He pumped up into her with gentle but deeply driving lunges that forced her light body to rise up on his lap each time.

Her upper back arched and her head snapped back just as two big pricks slapped her on both cheeks.
As she rose and fell on the man under her she sucked on one offered cock and then the other.

The fourth Harry came up from behind and bent over to rub her clit with his middle digit.
Hermione made urgent muffled moans as a thousand tingling sensations assailed her excited loins.

Harry Three gave the Gryffindor Goddess several rapid thrusts and then lifted her off so that he could penetrate her asshole!

He collected some of the lube and pussy juice from her vulva and smeared her rear hole.
The he inserted his greasy pole inside her rosebud which naturally stretched to its limit to accommodate his generous girth.

This brought forth a ear piecing shriek as Hermione had her anal virginity broken.
After a few short exploratory pushes another Harry, who knew which, came in front of her and squeezed his length into her widened pussy!

The incredible fullness of being filled in both nether holes caused the petite female wizard to climax for the second time.


As the Harry in her cunt began to move Hermione felt exquisite vibrations reverberate through her body.
She still sucked on the offered up pricks in her face as the other two fucked her cunt and anus.

Her juices flowed down her crack like never before and rivulets of sweat ran down her cleavage as amazing feelings of pleasure quivered through the thin layer of flesh between the walls that separated the two pulsating erect cocks.

Hermione was suddenly lifted up so that Harry anus suspended her under her knees with her still firmly impaled on his stiff prick.
Harry pussy was embedded in her cunt up to the hilt.

"By Merlin!"

Two fat dicks stuffed up her sent Hermione to heaven and back.
She was bounced up and down with little effort on the two studs who sandwiched her between their sweaty bodies.

Totally full of cock she hung on tightly as she was wantonly used as a human sex toy.
As the one moved in so the other withdrew and vice versa.

The unique and thrilling sensation of two ball sacks resting in her ass crack was the most unusual feeling she had ever experienced.

With her limbs feeling like jelly Hermione slumped in two sets of arms.
Ass Harry began to spit inside her anus with his hot cum and he convulsed for a full minute before he disengaged and let a river of the white stuff spew out of her.

Pussy Harry held Hermione in his arms as if carrying a baby in a sling.
He walked her four steps until her back was against the wall and jack hammered his entire length into her.

She buried her face in his chest and wrapped her arms and legs around him as she dangled three feet above the floor.
The steady bomp, bomp, bomp of her backside against the wall was a curiously erotic one and as he squeezed her in his arms he remained deep inside her and ejaculated with five strong hip thrusts.

"Let's finish this up in the bedroom, guys." She said between big gulps of oxygen.

Hermione was set back onto wobbly legs and she ambled to the bedroom, oblivious to the cum that ran down the insides of her legs and which spotted the carpet.

Her hair had lost most of its fluff and her adorable figure was dappled in well earned perspiration as she flopped onto her soft bed.

Harry Four swept in and flipped Hermione onto her front and pushed her legs out wide with his and started to fuck the shit out of the groaning woman.
As he hammered her into the mattress they both bounced with the momentum of his animalistic power thrusts.

"Harry! Oh, Harry!"

Four supported his weight on his elbows and hands as he smashed into her pussy repeatedly.

His knees widened her legs out further and he virtually smothered her as he took his pleasure from her.
Within two minutes he collapsed on top of her as he began to cum inside her with pump after pump after pump.

"On your back, babe."

Hermione laid back on the bed and lifted her knees wearily to display her thoroughly reamed cunt.

Harry One knelt between her legs and drove up inside her once more.
She swung her legs up in the air happily as Harry fucked her with hard, fast and deep strokes of his throbbing organ.

Hermione buried her head back in the pillow and hooked her feet over his shoulders and cooed in sheer pleasure.

"Go on, my son!"

"Give it to her good, mate."

"Show her what you're made of, Harry boy."

One was astonished at how hot and wet she was.
Streams of cum and her own fluids ran out around his shaft and down the crack of her sublime ass.

"Fuck me, fuck me!" She urged as she ran her hands up and down his broad back.

Raising her hips provocatively into his body Hermione locked her mouth to his and they kissed each other as if their lives depended on it.
His taut buttocks dimpled delightfully as he fucked her with pelvic thrusts that seemed to match the speed of the Hogwarts Express!

Harry was past the point of no return now and as he continued his energetic thrusting he emptied his balls inside the voracious woman.
She came with him, her third orgasm in an hour, and it was a fitting end to a spectacular experience.

Finally satiated they separated and lay side by side panting furiously.
Cum poured out of Hermione and puddled under her body on the bed as she attempted to control her breathing.

When she came back to reality she looked up at the sex starved four Harry's who still sported huge boners and became somewhat agitated.

"We love you, Hermione."

"We want you, lover."

"Let's fuck some more, and more, and more."

Not likely, she thought. I need a week off to recuperate!

She reached out for her wand and pointed it at one of the approaching figures and yelled out.


The vanishing spell did the trick and Harry Four promptly winked out of existence.
She repeated the spell twice more until only one Harry was left standing.


Before Harry One could say another word Hermione pointed her wand directly at the bemused wizard and cried out "Obliviate!"


An hour later when Harry awoke in one of the comfy chairs he was dressed and slightly groggy.
Opposite sat a rather demure looking Hermione sipping a cup of tea.

"Wow! That butterbeer went straight to my head. I can't remember a thing from the last hour. I hope I didn't do anything foolish."

Hermione smiled and put her cup down and rose to stoke the roaring fire.

"Not at all, Harry. Not at all. Tea?"


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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
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Chapter Three.

July, 1998.

Hermione Granger was just like everybody else when it came to remembering her first kiss. It was with Viktor Krum at the Yule Ball.

She could vividly recall the first time she and Ron had made love as well. Not brilliant but then whose first time ever is?

And Hermione remembered the first time she had experimented with lesbian sex, the occasion was indelibly burned into her memory.

How could she ever forget that night anyway?

Hermione Granger had made love to herself!!

It was the after the fifth time she and Ron had made love and for the fifth time he had not brought her even close to orgasm.

Hermione knew that most females could not achieve a climax through intercourse alone and that a clitoral orgasm was the proffered way to get off.
The pretty nineteen year old sat up naked in bed and sighed in frustration.

"I'm sorry, love. I just can't find your clit, and as for the g-spot well. Does it even exist?"

Hermione pouted and shrugged her shoulders.
She had graciously given Ron a nice ten minute blow job to begin with and she fully expected him to go down on her and reciprocate.

But, after a poor and sloppy and slobbering attempt at cunnilingus Ron had given up, complaining of an aching jaw.

He had then taken her missionary style as per usual and had grunted and groaned until he was done four minutes later.

"It's not fair. Girls like sex too, you know. Sex is a two way street."

Ron looked down at his flaccid penis and felt a little guilty.

He had thoroughly enjoyed himself once more, fucking the shit out of his girl, and thought sex was the greatest thing in the world.
Perhaps he was a mite selfish, he thought.

"Kleenex?" He asked.

He meekly handed over a box of tissues and his lover snatched one and inserted it into her cum filled pussy with a huff.

The poor girl was levelheaded, logical and somewhat insecure and was at a loss.
She padded noiselessly to the bathroom and tended to her toilet.

The new couple had taken residence in one of the teachers private sleeping quarters as they came to terms with the still fresh final battle of the Second Wizarding War.

The rebuilding of the ruined Castle had begun pretty much immediately and the fortunate survivors were hard at it repairing that which could be repaired.

The sparse stone floored rooms of the apartment were modest and far from cosy but provided some privacy and quiet.

The bed was just a single which made no difference to the two young lovebirds as they discovered that they were fond of hugging and sleeping snuggled up.

As she became lost in thought a clever idea popped into her pretty head.

She bounded back excitedly into the bedroom, tits jiggling wildly, and leapt onto the bed beside an uneasy Ron.

"Everything okay?"

"Right. Listen to me. I will teach you how to please me. Where to touch me, how hard or soft, and for how long. In no time you'll be an expert in oral sex."

"And how exactly do you propose to do that? I'm all fingers and thumbs down, you know. There."

"I have an idea. Do we still have some of that Polyjuice Potion we got from Mad-Eye Moody?"

Ron recalled the occasion when he and Hermione had infiltrated the Ministry of Magic together with Harry Potter in an attempt to find a Horcrux.
They had assumed the guise of Ministry workers by using the magic potion to change their appearance.

"Think so. Why, who do you want to imperson...Wait! You surely don't mean!"

"Exactly! I want you to assume the appearance of me! And then we'll make out."

Hermione was aware that the potion could not only transform a persons features but also their sex!

"Bloody Hell!"


The minute Hermione declared that she intended to make out with herself
Ron could not eat or sleep.
What would he feel, being female?
Would he get his dick back? He loved his dick.
Would he gain pleasure from it all? And would that make him a male lesbian?

The time came and Ron watched nervously as his girl made up the magical potion with a lock of her hair.
She mixed the muddy looking drink with a silver spoon and then handed the small glass to her lover.

"Drink up, Ron. All of it mind. I want at least two or three hours with you as me."

Hermione began to strip off and made a gesture with her index finger for him to drain the glass.

"I don't know. What if I change back in the middle of, of...whatever we happen to be in the middle of?"

"Trust me, Ron. Now."

Hermione stood with her hands on her hips, stark naked, and tapped her foot impatiently.

Ron held his nose, threw his head back, and tossed the evil smelling brew down his throat.

"That...was...disgusting. Ooh! I feel funny."

The flesh of Ron's hands began to bubble and ripple as he held them up to his face.
The hands slimmed out as did his arms, and then more alarmingly his chest started to jut out as he developed a pert pair of B cup breasts!

"Hermione! I'm scared!"

"Relax, it's all going to plan."

Ron looked down between his legs and saw his pronounced package vanish and shrink as his wedding tackle transformed into a female vagina!

His hair grew rapidly and changed colour from bright ginger to light brown.
In just two minutes he had gone from a he to a she, and not only any old female but the spitting image of Hermione Granger!

"How do you feel, Ron?"

"A little queer, pun intended.

Ron ran his hands through glossy long hair and gulped.
His voice had changed and he spoke in the honeyed light tones of his lover.

Hermione approached him and dragged his shirt, jeans and underwear off to reveal a naked and very desirable version of herself.

She was the epitome of female allure.
Flawless skin, rose tipped breasts, long and slender limbs and provocative curves.

"Hug me."

Ron slowly put his arms around his love and they embraced.
The feel of soft flesh on soft flesh felt remarkable as they looked into each others eyes and kissed passionately.

"It's like kissing my reflection. How odd. There."

Hermione thrust her right hand between them and slid a finger along the fresh slit that was Hermione/Ron's vagina!!

"Galloping Gorgons!"

"There, doesn't that feel nice?"

Hermione ran her middle finger up and down the vertical smile that was her double's pussy from clitoris to anus.

"I...I guess so. It's weird not having an erection. Instead I feel a tingling INSIDE my...you know."

Hermione looked herself up and down and wrinkled her pretty nose as she lingered on her twin tits.

"Hmm, I'm a bit lacking in the breast department when I take a different look, how disappointing."

She cupped and jiggled her opposite's boobs and kneaded the pliant flesh with a frown.

"Well, I think they are cute."

"Huh! Right, let's start. We may not have too long."

Hermione drew Hermione/Ron to the edge of the bed and they sat snuggled side by side, thigh to thigh.
They continued to snog, tongues dancing and lips smacking.

Hermione/Ron opened his/her legs and trembled as the air met the neatly trimmed vulva.
The original, so to speak, used her fingertips to caress the radiant skin of her double as they French kissed without pause.

Tracing long lines she followed the contours of the small mound of stomach, over both hips, and up to the breasts.
There she thumbed the erect nipples that jutted out like two ripe berries.

Hermione/Ron sighed and closed his eyes.
Was this what she felt when aroused?
It was certainly pleasant.

He moved his left hand to grasp his erection that no longer existed!
He felt like one of those persons who had lost an arm or leg but still felt the missing limb.

When they separated they gazed into identical sets of twinkling eyes.

"Wow! It's strange. Normally all my blood goes to my cock, but I'm feeling good in my loins, my nipples, asshole, stomach and toes."

"NOW, you're getting the message. Finally. I particularly have sensitive ears and neck."

Hermione placed her hand on his/her head and pushed.
With her lover on her back she fell atop her and began to nibble Hermione/Ron's neck and ears.

She thrust her tongue in the left ear as deep as possible and swirled it around.
As she probed one and then the other ear she widened Ron's legs with hers and gyrated her lower body on his loins.

Ron wrapped his legs around her calves and pushed up from the skinny bed.
He was hungry for physical contact as he became more and more aroused.

Hermione had moved from his neck to his pert tits and she was flicking and biting the hard nipples with tiny growls of ardour.

He experienced a wetness inside his puffy love nest and spread his legs wider.
As Hermione rocked her hips to and fro he felt the heat from her nether regions on his and he began to moan softly.

"Oh, Hermione!"

She took each nipple between her teeth in turn and bit gently before darting all around the pinkish areolas.

Ron kept on bucking his hips as his moans grew louder and his love juices flowed freely.

"Please, please, touch me there."

"In time, Ron. This is not your usual wham bam, thank you ma'am session. Patience."

"Oh, lord!"

Hermione leaned back and then rolled off of her duplicate form and scooted down to the feet.

"Ever kissed a woman's feet before?" She asked, already knowing the answer.

"No, course not."

"Well you should. Watch and learn."

Hermione thought that her dainty feet was one of her best attributes.
She lifted up the right foot of the mesmerised Ron and began to trace out the small toes and curved instep with her fingertips.

With loving tenderness she separated each toe in turn and blew cool air on them.
She did the same to the left foot and Ron threw his head back into the pillow.

"How amazing is that?"

With legs bent at the knees he felt his right foot raised up as Hermione proceeded to kiss it from the toes up to the ankle, carefully blowing air out all the way.

She then turned to the left and massaged the entire foot with her slim hands.
Then she bent low and nibbled the sensitive flesh of the instep before shifting to the harder heel.

Hermione/Ron gasped as each toe was sucked lovingly and slowly with the original little minx lapping with her darting tongue.

"I had no idea. I'm so wet!" Declared Ron as he shifted on the sheets in total abandon.

Hermione carried on regardless and took the big right toe into her mouth and sucked it in with pursed lips.
She hummed happily before letting it go with a lewd sounding pop.


She took the other foot and the big left toe vanished inside her hot mouth.
She sucked on it with relish and saliva ran out of her mouth and down the upturned sole.

Hermione grinned to herself as she ran her hands up the slender calves to the prize with occasional brushes of both inner thighs.
She gripped the upper thighs in both hands and widened them further.

She came face to face with her own wet and rather succulent muff and her eyes widened.

"My own pussy! How quaint!"

"For pity's sake lick it, Hermione! I'm desperate!"

"Hope you're getting all this, Ron. There may be a written later on."

Ron felt a different inner warmth than usual as Hermione wet the tip of her middle digit and outlined the swollen nether lips of the offered quim.
Her finger played with the sparse curls of neat pubes as she studied her own face at the same time.

As the new Ron opened his mouth in a silent scream she was amused at her reaction when her pussy was paid attention.

Hermione/Ron tensed his/her thigh muscles as Hermione inserted the teasing finger past the slightly open and moist slit.

The foxy brunette shifted on her front as she lowered her face to take a closer look at his, or rather her very own inner folds as she jiggled inside.
She was interested in noting the darker skin between her inner and outer labia.

A broad smile lit up her face as she watched the small flow of pussy juice trickle out and slowly run down the upturned ass crack.

Ron mewed through gritted teeth and bounced his bottom lightly up and down in an effort to make his girl probe deeper.

Hermione realised that this was indeed the first time she had pleasured another woman, albeit herself!
And she was thoroughly enjoying herself.
Another mental note for another time.

She flattened her left hand and smothered Ron's mound and pressed hard and held still for a few moments.

"Now I'm going to expose my, your clitoris."

"O, o, kay," whispered Ron as his heart beat like a hammer.

Licking and flicking with her dextrous tongue Hermione soon had him moaning and beating his fists on the bed as she speared his slot.

After a few exploratory jabs she lapped away like a puppy at the soft and wet flesh and a chill went up Ron's spine.

As she was extremely responsive whenever her perineum was played with Hermione homed in and swiped at the tiny area between her anus and vulva.

Then Hermione moved her hands under Ron's cute bottom and raised his pussy up to her face where she made contact with the pink nest of that elusive bud.

She moved the point of her tongue to the exact spot where the clit was still hooded and teased and teased.

Ron had an uncontrollable knee jerk as the erect little button emerged at last.
Hermione dribbled spit down her chin as she made clockwise circles around the clit until it protruded enticingly.

Now she held the clit between her lips and sucked and sucked so much that Ron thought she might actually suck it out of his body!

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Ron screamed and writhed under the persistent oral assault and he began to convulse and shake from an almighty clitoral orgasm!

"MMMMNMAAAH! I...bmmm, gagh."

Ron made inarticulate noises as he laid on his/her back and perspired freely.
Hermione crossed her arms on his belly and grinned up at him.

"Now, do you think you can do that for me?"

"Don't know," he uttered as he panted hard.

As the sublime spasms in his body began to ease he raised his head.

"You're so bloody good at it."

"i know what we can do. We'll use my vibrator."

Hermione leapt up gleefully and rummaged around in her bag.

"You have a vibrator? Since when?"

"Never mind that now. Look, here it is."

Ron looked wide eyed at the four inch lavender sex toy that she held up in her hand.

"Like it? It's a bullet pleasure vib with three speeds, seven different patterns of vibrations and a tapered end for precision stimulation."

She threw the object at Ron who fumbled the catch and scampered up onto the bed.
With her legs out wide he gazed at the familiar sight of her parted pink portals and gulped.

He looked at the controls and turned it on.
It made a low pitch hum and shook in the palm of his hand.

"It tickles," he said chuckling.

"Wait until you put it inside your pussy." She said with a knowing wink.

Ron crawled over the bed and pushed the end into her entrance and moved it in and out.
He looked into her eyes for approval and noted her lids gradually close.

He watched in fascination as he inserted the entire thing into her bubbling quim and was astounded at how easily it slid in and out.

"Faster, Ron."

Hermione looked at her own face with the dreamy eyes and groomed brows and tilted her head.

Ron did his best as he pumped her over and over until his wrist ached.

"I guess I'm not too good at this."

"Oh, for Merlin's sake. Go and fetch my wand."

Hermione/Ron left her fucking herself and padded naked over to the nighstand and brought over the ten inch vine wood wand with the dragon heartstring core.

Hermione took with a look of despair at her other half and raised the wand.

Sitting up she pointed at the idle vibrator and made the incantation.


The sex toy jiggled a few times and then jumped up and aimed itself at her gaping pussy!
Hermione wiggled her wrist and the toy hummed into and inserted itself inside the frustrated female wizard.

With a deft move she slid a pillow under her sweet buns and dug her toes into the mattress.
Her wrist rotated and snapped back and forth as she made the vibrator twist and turn and spin in her dripping pussy at the same time it glided in and out.

"Now we're cooking!"

Ron put his hand between his legs and cupped his still sodden Mons as he watched Hermione fuck herself with the sex toy.
She humped up and down on the pillow and moaned loudly as the magical vibrator moved all by itself, relentlessly and steadily in and out.
She must have used this often, thought Ron as she alternated pressure on the top of her inner walls and the bottom.

As her wand hand became a blur so the vibrator shunted to and fro faster than the Hogwarts Express!
Her free hand was not idle and she teased her berry like nipples to her hearts content.

The constant humming of the toy strangely muted as it vanished inside her only to buzz audibly as it reemerged.

"So close, so close," muttered the blushing brunette as Ron frigged his own muff.

Then he actually jumped as Hermione finally came and the vibrator left her pussy.
His mouth gaped as he watched she spat out a three inch stream of cum that made a little puddle beneath her.

Hermione Granger was a squirter!

Ron looked at how wet her inner thighs and mound were and he remained slack jawed.
When Hermione recovered she opened her eyes and propped herself up on her elbows.

She looked at Ron who had suddenly changed back to his usual self, his stiff cock in his fist.

"Amazing. I really had no idea how much pleasure you get from your body. And all I need is to get hard and cum."

"Well, I hope it was all worth it. I shall expect a lot more effort from you in the future."

As they spoke her eyes focused on his erection and she licked her lips.

"Come on then, we just have time for a quickie."

Ron dropped on top of her and slipped her legs over his shoulders.
He thrust up inside her and in a jiffy was giving her a rigorous seeing to.

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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
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Chapter Four.

August, 2001.

"Trollop!" Said the Fat Lady with a sneer.

"Whore!" Snapped Sir Cadogan.

"Way to go, my dear." Urged Brian Gagwilde III.

"She's had more pricks than a pincushion!" Continued the Fat Lady.

"They will have to bury her in a Y shaped coffin, you know." Agreed the deceased Knight of the Round Table.

"Give it some, girl!" Yelled Brian.

"Oh, shut up all of you!"

Hermione Granger had taken a lot of criticism lately about her healthy sex drive.

When she wasn't hard at work she was the first one to admit that her thoughts were mostly about sex.
If she wasn't making love she would probably be masturbating and dreaming of making love.
If she wasn't masturbating she would have her head in a book called 'Advanced Sexual Positions.'

The remarks from the moving pictures that adorned the walls of Hogwarts
were more than exaggerated, but nonetheless Hermione Granger had unleashed a hidden sexual obsession that she had embraced the first time she had slept with Ron Weasley.

Overnight she had taken a journey from a shy, virginal teen into a sex obsessed twenty something.

Since then she had certainly slept with others, male and female, and had blossomed into an experienced lover.

It was a complete accident that she stumbled in on Neville Longbottom as he was changing clothes.
The old Gryffindor member and staunch follower of Harry Potter during the Second Wizarding War had returned at the age of twenty two to become a teacher in the Herbology Department.

Hermione was happy to see him again and went along on his first day in class to wish him luck.
Unbeknownst to her the twenty one year old was still waiting for vacant rooms in the teachers quarters.

Until then he was using the Herbology classroom to bed down.
When Hermione stepped into the room Neville emerged from the small bathroom, stark bollock naked and drying his hair with a towel.

They stared at each other in silence for a good minute, during which the slim brunette could not fail to notice Neville's sizeable appendage.
Even in it's flaccid state the said organ looked to be at least eight inches long, and heaven only knew how big it grew when angry.

"Neville. I'm so sorry. I had no idea. That you were rooming here that is, not, you know."

She waved her right hand and then put it over her forehead.

"Although I certainly did not know about, about. Anyway! How are you? Settling in?"

Neville quickly retreated to the bathroom and Hermione cursed herself for being an idiot.

Exactly four days later Hermione was relaxing in her rooms, which were the refurbished office of the now defunct 'Defence Against the Dark Arts' class.

She had chosen the empty office and had changed it into a very comfortable personal abode.

The hour was ten and Hogwarts very own sex kitten had just enjoyed a luxuriant bubble bath.
She padded naked into the main room and sat beside the warming fire and opened her current favourite book to the 'standing missionary' position.

"Now that looks interesting."

As a warm glow came over her and her left hand found its way between her legs.
Lost in the moment she strummed her clit as she studied the vivid illustrations in the revealing book.

At that precise moment Neville Longbottom burst in unannounced, waving a thick and dusty tome in the air.

"Hermione! Hermione! You'll never guess what I found in the library. Oh!"

The tall and lanky wizard froze as he saw the steaming hot sight of the brunette frigging herself with her left leg flung up over the arm of her plush chair.
He had a perfect view of her recently shaven quim which glistened in the warm glow of the fire.

"I'm so sorry. I should have knocked."

"It's quite alright, Neville. Come on in."

She closed her legs and her medium sized breasts jiggled lightly on her chest as she sat upright.

"I...I just remembered a thing. See you."

Neville left just as quickly as he had arrived and Hermione chuckled at the absurdity of it all.


"So, is he really hung like a horse?"

Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley leaned in with lecherous grins.


"Why, Neville Longbottom of course." Announced Ginny, her bright brown eyes twinkling in the light of the pub.

The three old friends were enjoying a girls night out in the popular Three Broomsticks pub in Hogsmeade.
Luna and Ginny had made the rare journey north for the first time since they had graduated from Hogwarts and had sought out Hermione to hear all the latest gossip.

"What makes you think I know?" Said an innocent looking Hermione Granger.

"Oh, please. We all know you, Hermione," said Luna as she raised her eyes to the ceiling. "Who haven't you had?"

"Ron, of course. Harry, Draco Malfoy..."

"What? How did you know about Draco and me?" Cried the dismayed brunette.

"HAH! So, it IS true! We were just bluffing. You must tell all, spare no details."

"You two. Words fail me."

Hermione leaned back and took a healthy slug of her redcurrant rum.
The room was busy, veritibly overcrowded in fact, as the not so innocent brunette gathered her thoughts.

"Alright, it's true. Draco and I did do the dirty deed, but it isn't what you think. I still abhor him AND his horrid family."

"Who doesn't? Ghastly git!"

Ginny slammed her glass of gillywater on the table in an obvious statement of assent.

"It was nearly a year ago," continued Hermione. "Just after Harry came out to Hogwarts to deliver a lecture to the students.

Headmistress Minerva McGonagall received a letter from Draco who wanted to organise a visit to our library in order to search for a rare book on alchemy.
He doesn't need money, he's so filthy rich, and collects and studies old manuscripts and artefacts as a hobby."

Hermione looked into space as she recalled that fateful day she and the silver haired Malfoy had sex.

Her rapt audience waited to hear more with bated breath.

"Get another round of drinks Ginny and I'll tell you everything."


November, 2000.

I was aware of Draco's imminent arrival and had done my level best to stay out of the way.
But I hadn't banked on the Headmistress asking for my help in finding the tome that he was interested in obtaining.

She knew that the library was like my second home and that I would be the best one in locating the book.

I was horrified in having to meet this man again but I steeled myself and told myself to remain aloof and calm.

Imagine my horror when Minerva suggested he room with me as there were no other immediate spaces for guests.

It had been late afternoon when I approached the Head's office.
I knocked and entered as per usual and noted the familiar portraits of previous headmaster's, the pride of which was Dumbledore naturally.

The room had been renovated since the war but not much had changed.
A tabby cat brushed against my leg and then Minerva suddenly appeared in it's place.
She drew her black robe about her skinny shoulders and looked as expressionless as ever.

"Ah, Miss Granger. Still with us, I see." Her voice sounded stern and abrupt. No change there.

The Animagus, a wizard than could transform themselves into an animal and back at will, sat at the large desk and turned up the light on the lamp.
In the corner the phoenix looked up and then away as if uninterested in the pair of us.

"Just because you prefer to remain and work at Hogwarts does not give you the right to determine who and who may not visit the school."

I fidgeted on my chair and ate humble pie. She had a knack of making one feel like a thirteen year old again.

"No, headmistress."

"If I were to invite Dolores Umbridge herself I would not wish to hear a peep out of you to the contrary. Am I right?"

Her spectacles seemed to defy gravity as they perched on the end of her nose as she stared at me with watery eyes.

"Yes, headmistress."

"Yes, indeed. You may very well be twenty one but here at the school you answer to me. We shall give Draco Malfoy a warm welcome and you SHALL make room for him in your quarters. The old Defence Against Dark Arts office is large enough to accommodate the pair of you."

I protested furiously but to no avail.
I left her office with my tail between my legs and brooded the rest of the day.


"Are you staring at my bosom, Draco?" I asked him disgustedly.

"Not really, Granger. They're not much to write home about are they? I mean, don't flatter yourself, I've seen bigger tits on a pixie."

PIG! I thought.

The ex Slytherin house member had arrived three days after my meet with Minerva and I had reluctantly agreed to meet him to convey him to my rooms.

"Granger." He said as if chewing on a brick.

"Malfoy. Welcome back to Hogwarts." I retorted with a hint of bile in my throat.

The pure blood wizard was the only son of Lucius Malfoy, an aristocratic wizard and one of Lord Voldemort's notorious Death Eaters.
A particularly prejudiced and nasty type, the family had defected from the side of the Dark Lord at the last possible minute at the end of the Second Wizarding War.
The weasels had managed to avoid prison, much to every bodies dismay.

"SO nice to meet you again. It's been a while." He said with a sneer.

Not nearly long enough, I thought as we both glared and seethed at each other.

Strongly resembling his father, Draco had grown to be a tall and slender adult with the same cold grey eyes.
His sleek white-blonde hair was now back in a straight ponytail and he wore a clean cut short beard on his pointed chin.
In a certain light he looked almost handsome.

"Get a grip, girl." I told myself as I broke from my reverie. "I do not fancy Draco Malfoy," I scolded myself. "Repeat after me, I do not fancy him, I do not fancy him, I do not fancy him."

"Are you alright, Granger? You're blushing like a beetroot."

"Yes. Quite alright, thank you so much. Follow me."

We climbed the staircase to the second level and I showed him my quarters.

I had moved into the now defunct office and had settled in very nicely.
The main room was dominated by the grand fireplace and I had surrounded myself with books and other papers of interest.
After I had passed my N.E.W.T.S. I had decided to remain at Hogwarts in order to study and fulfil my dream of promoting the plight of house elves.

As I baulked at the mere mention of rooming with Malfoy I had the notion to conjure up a door and thin wall to divide the main room into two.
He would bed down on one side and myself on the other, sharing the one bathroom and shower.

I had on a pretty mini dress but had forgotten that it had an alluring and plunging neckline.
As Malfoy and I pottered around in the room I was acutely aware of his furtive staring and leering at my matured figure.

At the back of my mind I was actually flattered that he found me attractive enough to ogle, even if he was a long time rival of mine and Harry Potter.

But as I helped him settle I found that I kept making sideways glances at him.
He, in turn looked up at me with his eyelids half lowered and lips parted.

"Nice ass, Granger. For a Mudblood, that is."

"Hey! No more sardonic comments or I'll have you escorted from the premises."


He grunted and I told him that he was not to enter my half of the quarters and that we would have only the bathroom to share.

"Very well, until tomorrow then."

Our eyes met and we did not look away for what seemed like forever.
I even wondered if he was trying to mesmerise me with those beguiling grey eyes.

Damn him!


Early the next morning I accompanied him to the library, my favourite place in the whole of Hogwarts.
It was huge and the thousands of shelves buckled under the weight of tens of thousands of books.

I showed him the particular section where he might find what he was looking for and then I stayed close by to keep an eye on him.
I was under instructions from the head to make sure he did not wander into the Restricted Section for obvious reasons.

As he retrieved several books he took a seat opposite me where, without my knowledge he had a perfect view up my mini dress.
When I looked up from my book I saw him giving me the glad eye and I crossed my legs firmly shut.

One time the lecherous pervert came up behind me and openly gawked at my cleavage down the front of my dress.

"Are you looking at my bosom, Draco?" I asked him disgustedly.

"Not really, Granger. They're not much to write home about, are they? I mean, I've seen bigger tits on a pixie!"

That was IT!
I slammed my book shut and disowned the depraved git and stormed off in disgust.

I made sure that I kept busy and managed to stay out of Draco's way the entire day.
I ate a light supper of a dish of bouillabaisse and decided to go to bed early.
I slipped into my blue striped pajama set and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep.

A short while later I half opened my eyes thinking I had heard the door open, but it was the one next door.
There was a muted rustle of feet and definite giggling.


I turned over and attempted to drop off but after mere minutes I was rudely awakened by muffled sounds from the adjoining room.
I put my pillow over my head to shut out the rude sound of moaning but to no avail.

Fuming I laid there as my ears pricked up at the sound of moaning and sexy pillow talk.
A female voice cried out over and over "fuck me, Draco. Fuck me with that big cock!"

Bastard! I thought. He's brought a girl back to his room and was in the act of fucking her brains out!
And not only that but merely five feet away from where I slept!

Intrigued I got up, not bothering with the light as it was a moonlit night padded bare foot over to the adjoining wall for a better listen.

Whoever it was clearly loved the attention she was receiving and the moaning quickly turned to high pitched squealing.

She began to beg, beg for his big organ desperately and I admit that I found myself straining my ears to hear more.

"How do you do that, Draco?" Asked the unknown female.

"Magic, my dear. Just magic."

"What about her?"

"Fuck her, the filthy Mudblood."

"Git," I thought as I bit my lip in order not to react.

"Oh, yes! Do it like that! I love it! Fuck me with that big cock, you devil!"

As I listened intently her cries of passion and excessive moaning had an extraordinary effect on me.
I was starting to get turned on!
As they continued to fuck each other I wiggled my bum and dropped my pajama bottoms to my feet.

I glanced at the antique carriage clock that Harry had bought me for my twentieth birthday and saw that it was midnight.

My ear was right up against the door as the girl demanded that she be taken doggy style.
My hand found itself between my parted legs and I felt the sexual heat from my aroused pussy.

As I imagined Draco thrusting in and out of the girl who was on all fours I slipped my middle finger inside my already moist muff.
The creaking of the bed only heightened my arousal and in my minds eye I could see the girl's tits bouncing wildly as she was ravished by the Slytherin git.

My pussy was really slick as I frigged myself rapidly, and I had to lean in the door to support myself as I went up on tiptoe.

They were really going at it and their attempts to stay discreet were all but lost as they gasped and sobbed in their passionate rut.

"I'm going to cum. Where do you want it?"

"On my ass, big boy."

Big boy indeed!

My hand was a blur as I strummed my clit and I could feel my orgasm rise to the surface.
The rampant couple came to a shuddering climax next door and as they groaned in satisfaction I came at the same moment and I was overwhelmed by my clitoral orgasm.

There were more rustling sounds and the girl presumably had dressed and left.

"Thanks, lover. That was the best."

I heard the door close and I dropped onto my bed with my hand between my upper thighs and I was soon off again.


I got up the next morning in a state of confusion and bewilderment.
Had I just got myself off listening to Draco Malfoy banging a girl?

I shook my head and told myself it was just an aberration and headed to my bathroom for my morning ablutions and shower.
I stripped out of my pajamas and went to turn the handle of the door.
As I paused with my hand in the air I heard the shower already on, and in a flash I realised that Malfoy had beaten me to the bath.

Curiosity got the better of me and with the running water masking my movements I entered the room in an imprudent action to catch a glimpse of the smug wizard.

I opened the door a crack and noted the steam had risen, but I still had a clear view of Draco all lathered up and humming to himself.
He had his back to me as I huddled low in the doorway and his untied hair hung wet and matted to his back.
I looked on somewhat surprised at his taut buns with the tiny indentations that dimpled each smooth cheek.

Then he spun around and as he began to rinse off the soap on his body I learnt that he had a hard and lean frame with no hair at all.
He still had not noticed me and I had to cover my mouth as I gasped at the size of his package.

"Ohhhh!" I muttered into my palm as I became mesmerised by his amazing cock that he jerked and soaped up with his hand.

No, not amazing, read that as outstanding, as I ventured a guess that he was packing a superb eight inch plus appendage.

As he took great pleasure in his own ministrations he tilted his head back and closed his eyes under the persistent hot stream of water.
My big toe shot up and I sucked in my cheeks as I saw him stiffen in his fist and I had an uncontrollable urge to reach out and stroke it.

"Control yourself, I berated myself. It's Malfoy."

As the water ran down his firm abs to his groin I felt my pussy tighten with an unexpected excitement and I cursed myself.
I was flushed and hot and my nipples became very erect and sensitive.

For a nervous moment I feared that he had heard me as he snapped his eyes open and looked in my direction.
I shrank back but still looked on with my heart hammering in my chest and drank in his sturdy legs and his now erect cock that jutted out majestically in my direction.
His silvery white pubic hair that topped off his breathtaking boner I found mysteriously seductive.

I withdrew into my room and shut the door and locked it, utterly perplexed at my carnal impulses.



I rummaged in my bedside drawer for my vibrator and flopped onto my back on the bed, totally aroused.
I stretched out my legs as I switched it on and thrust it up inside my dripping cunt and then grabbed my wand.

"LOCOMOTOR!" I yelled and welcomed the enchanted sex toy slide in and out of my hot honey pot.

I could not match the rate of strokes that I very much desired with my hand and gladly let magic do the rest.
As the vibrator fucked me silly my thoughts were only of Draco and his magnificent nine inches of thick cock.

Wonderful sensations washed over me and my thighs quivered as the throbbing toy drove up inside me at a rate of knots.
My desperate craving for an orgasm did not take long and as I came with a doleful sigh I squirted five inches onto the bed under my ass.


I decided to take a late night shower that evening in order to avoid the morning's chain of events and I turned on the taps to let them warm up, somewhat free of tension.

I checked out my reflection in the full length mirror and was secretly proud.
A slender build with a trim waist and firm, pliant breasts had been a pleasant surprise as I hit adulthood.

My abs weren't as defined as I would have liked, but my bottom was relatively tight and nicely shaped.
I had kept my Mons neatly shaved with just a small strip of pubic hair at the top.

I really need to get laid, I thought as I stepped into the stall.

I rubbed my body with both hands and felt instantly relieved.
The hot water hit my tits and ran down my stomach and between my legs.
I reached for the coconut and musk scented soap and lathered it up in my hands.

I washed my body all over as the thin needles of water bounced off of me.
With my eyes closed I paid attention to my ass and sex and coated my loins with the heavenly fragrance.

The lather dripped down my thighs like a foam waterfall and I moved my hand to my covered labia and found my slit.
I positioned myself in such a way that the shower stream hit my pussy head on and the soap poured down to expose my obscured quim.

I worked myself up into a state of erotic excitement and I energetically rubbed my soft outer lips
And despite the steam that engulfed me I shivered as I probed my inner folds.
The relentless pounding water filled my ears and I did not hear Malfoy step into the stall behind me.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I cried as I buried a finger up inside my cunt.

"Yes, would you please pass the soap?"

"Draco! What the devil! How long have you been there?"

I tried to cover my loins and breasts but it was a pointless exercise and I recognised the fact that he and I were both naked and with only a margin of three inches between us.

"Oh, do get on, Granger. I need to clean up. I've had a long day in a dusty old library."

"I was here first, Malfoy. I suggest you wait your turn."

This was simply ridiculous, I reasoned.
I'm standing naked under a shower and conversing with an equally naked male!

"Get out this instant!" I yelled.

"Why don't you make me?"

We came nose to nose, breast to chest, and although our ears were filled with the noise of thundering water the small confines of the shower stall generated an acute sexual tension.

To break the suffocating tension I smacked him right across the right cheek!
Imagine my utter shock and anger when he unexpectedly gave me a solid clout on my left cheek in return!

"Bastard!" I huffed at him.

"Bitch!" He snorted back at me.

I tried my utmost to remain calm and my face was expressionless but my left thigh trembled all by itself.

That was when he spun me around to face the shower wall, bent me at the waist, and proceeded to spank my raised bottom with five, FIVE, hard smacks.
The hot water streamed down on our bodies as he leaned over and spoke in my ear.

"That will teach you to strike a full blood."

"Get your hands off me, you creep!"

I heard the taps turned off and when I turned back to face Draco who astounded me by sporting a very stiff and lively twitching erection.

"And do not even THINK of doing anything with THAT!"

Even as I spoke my voice cracked as I stared at his upright flagpole.
Why did he have to have such a mouth watering cock?

"Don't think too highly of yourself, Muggle spawn. I wasn't aroused by you, oh no. I always get a boner in the shower."

"You disgust me, Malfoy. I can't wait for you to leave."

"You appear to be a little confused, Granger. Are you so sure you don't want a taste of pure blood dick?"

Draco stared at me with a pompous grin and I lifted my chin and proudly displayed my dripping, naked form.

"Enlighten me, dunderhead? What makes you think I would fancy you?"

"First, I'm packed like a Unicorn on heat. Secondly, I'm a perfect fuck machine and I would leave you sore for a week after. And thirdly, your cunt is dripping down your thighs. I can smell your lust for me so much it stinks!"

I was speechless at his observation. My pussy contracted and my cunt suddenly ached for physical contact.
I fixated on his boner and my resolve began to melt away.

"I hate you!"

My heartbeat quickened as I thrust my hand between my parted legs in an attempt to stem the tide.
Shit! I was rather wet down there.
He continued to give me his contemptuous grin and I slapped his face again.

"You pompous witch! You may despise me but you desire me also. I can see that flame in your beady eyes."

"B...beady eyes? Beady eyes!"

My damp body was sending me conflicting emotions which, added to the intense sensations running through my loins, began to cause me to waiver.

"Anyway, your loss. I'm leaving."

I watched the water dripping down his broad back and down the crack that separated his firm buttocks and deep down I knew that I had to have him.

My mind was in utter turmoil, and when he announced his departure I grabbed his face in both hands and kissed him hard on the mouth.

I was up on my toes on the slippery tiles of the shower stall and I had to arch my back to place my lips to his.

Draco pulled me to him by clutching my rump and pulling me to him.
My hand slipped between us and I squeezed his massive hard on.

Our lips lingered on each others for a full minute and when we broke we gazed into each others eyes.
Arousal and ire filled me and my only thought was the burning need to have Malfoy, yes, Malfoy, fuck the shit out of me.

We kissed again and this time he took a fistful of my lank, wet hair and twisted my face to the left and bore down on me.
In a fit of anger I bit down on his lower lip hard and he growled.

"Take that!"

He slapped me across the kisser and then held me close to his smooth chest and thrust his tongue deep into my mouth.
I was sorely tempted to bite on it but we exchanged air, and saliva, and sweat in a moment of wanton lust.

I did dig my fingers into his broad chest and I grinned sadistically at the little scraps of his flesh under my nails.

With my arms wrapped around his neck I flung my right leg around his waist and put the heel of my foot into the small of his back.

Draco got the message and brought the tip of his raging stiffie directly at my entrance.
He pushed up and buried his face in my breasts as he began to savagely pump in and out of my sodden quim.

"Harder, you devil! Fuck me harder!"

"Oh, really? How about that?"

I was consumed by a carnal thirst that could not be tamed and he fucked me with an almost sadistic brutality.
He twisted my face, tangled my hair in his hands and I made two fists and hammered him on the chest as he drove in and out of my aching muff.

There was a thin line between unbridled passion and violence that I had never encountered in my life.

"Whore! Fucking Muggle bred whore!"

'Weasel! Damn your eyes, you scum!"

Draco roared and lifted me up into his arms and I dangled three feet up from the floor of the shower, still firmly impaled on his magnificent prick.

He bounced me up and down and I slid onto his entire nine inches on every down stroke.
I felt totally stuffed and I loved it!

With my lightweight body in his capable arms he pressed me against the wall if the shower and pinned my back to it.

My feet hooked into each other as I went along for the ride.
I very nearly swooned at the size of him thrusting up into me at breakneck speed and I came with a scream and a flood of pussy juice.

Draco put me down and my legs felt like jelly as he turned to the wall and slammed head against the tiles.

He entered me from behind with his hands gripping my hips and he screwed me senseless with juicy slapping sounds of his wet groin on my damp backside.

I was rocked to the core as he used brute strength to pull me back onto his cock.
He was in me up to the hilt and I threw my head back as I savoured inch of rock hard dick that he forced inside my bubbling cunt.

"Make me scream, you devil!"

"You always were a little bossy cow. You got it."

As Draco pulled back and rammed into me over and over the bastard bit the back of my neck and smacked my nether cheeks.
I spread out my hands on the wall and took the full brunt of his lightning fast strokes.
Just as I was on the cusp of another orgasm he pulled out and pushed me roughly to my knees.

"Suck on this, you cow. I know you want to."

He pulled on my hair and cock slapped my face as if it were a club.
I opened my mouth to protest only for him to jam his knob past my lips.
Detaching myself from the wicked impulse to chew into his organ I instead sucked on the slippery shaft with relish.

"Like that, Granger? My pure blood cock mixed with your Mudblood juices. Makes for a unique cocktail, no?"

"Balls!" I snorted and spat on his bloated cock head and grinned as it dripped a long string of saliva.

I DID like it, the bastard! I closed my lips firmly on his bell end and lashed at him with my darting tongue.

I gripped the base of his dick and bobbed on the tip of his cock in a steady rhythm, fearing the rest of his generous length entering my mouth any further I took things slowly.

I used my tongue to bath the underside of his shaft and encircled his massive glans every time I reached the tip.

"Call that a blowjob? Is that what they do in Muggle world?"

With that uncalled for remark Draco gripped my head firmly in his hands and began to literally face fuck me!
He hit the back of my throat again and again and I gagged and spluttered saliva down his veiny shaft.

The vibrations in my gullet were like nothing else I had encountered and my pussy ran rivers of my love juices down the crack of my ass.
I gripped his thighs and drew blood as I raked his flesh as he thrust his thick girth down my neck!

Then he unexpectedly drew back and pulled me up by my hair.

"Let's finish this off in bed."

"Hey! Not so rough!"

I was half dragged, half walked to his side of my quarters and then flung onto the bed.

"Pity you're so flat chested, I would have liked a tit job. Anyway, come here and sit on this, I know you want to."

Draco laid back and pointed his erection up to the ceiling.
I pouted at him and fluffed up my hair as he provoked ME into fucking HIM.

I hesitated for a nano second and shook my head in abject disgust.
At ME not him, as I hungered for the opportunity to ride him that gorgeous dick.

The room was filled with the heady scent of sex and sweat as I pushed him onto his back and climbed on top of him.
With my knees against his hips I sank onto his entire length with a loud moan.

I rode him hard and he tangled his fingers in my lank hair and shook my head this way and that.



This was without doubt the most aggressive and hot tempered fuck that I had ever had, and one of the most raunchiest.
I kept on grinding back and forth on that formidable cock and my aching clit rubbed on his pubic bone and sent divine shocks through my loins.

I pinched both his nipples as hard as I could and I looked him squarely in his cold grey eyes.

"And another thing, your stupid beard is atrocious."

"Bollocks! Better or worse than yours! He countered.

"Why, you!"

I made two fists and thumped him on the chest as I ricocheted off his stiff prick.
His balls smacked on my derriere like two ping pong balls and I moaned in ecstasy.

"Not bad, not bad. Take a note, Granger. Could do better, 4 out of 10."

"Oh, yeah!"

I leaned over his chest and raised my bottom up high before slamming down hard until I began to lose strength in my legs.

"Fuck me, my little mare!"

"Oh, for pity's sake!"

I slowed up and fell across his chest with the realisation that for the first time I had bitten off more than I could chew.

"Come here."

I yelped as I was thrown into the air and then smothered by the silver haired fuck machine.

He guided himself between my open legs and rested his cock against my slit.

"Please, fuck me," I begged in a humiliating mewl.

"I beg your pardon?" He said, gloating.

"I want you to fuck me," I whined.

"Sorry, didn't hear your feeble little whimpering."

I hit him on both biceps as I tried to impale myself on his cock head, which he just kept out of reach.

"You're such a tease. Just fuck me, alright!"

He bumped the entrance to my pussy and then moved a fraction lower.

"Higher, damn you, higher!"

Suddenly he slipped a pillow under my backside and I stiffened when he pressed against my puckered anus and followed through!

"No! Not there!"

Despite my protestations I was amazed at how my asshole took him in.
Once he had passed my ring my hole seemed to blossom and as he started to fuck me I opened my mouth in a silent scream.

Inch by inch he fed me more of his oh, so hard dick and his legs rubbed on the insides of my thighs.
I shut them tightly to his long shanks as he built up a nice pace.

"I always knew you were an ass lover, you scumbag."

I teased him in return as he huffed and puffed deep inside my back passage.

"I bet you used to take Vincent Crabbe up his fat behind every night, hmm!"

"Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!"

Draco's expression changed to one of extreme fury and his anal assault became more and more insistent.
His long and frenzied strokes made my tits judder up and down and I felt the oncome of another climax.

"Is this what you want? You think you can torment me, Draco Malfoy?"

I looked over his shoulder at the enthralling rise and fall of his buns as he ravished my poop chute.
He had truly awoken the animal in me and I dug my nails into his back, urging him to take me harder.

"Oh, really? Is this all you got? I thought you were a sex machine? Why, I can barely feel you."

Draco roared with rage as I moved my hand between us so that I could stuff two fingers inside my molten pussy.
My orgasm crested and I yelled out, just as Malfoy pulled out and emptied his balls on my belly.

As we collapsed on the bed side by side we basked in our mutual post orgasmic bliss.
I slowly looked over at Draco who was at the adjoining door that separated our rooms.

"And another thing. Don't go bringing any more girls back later."

"Get stuffed, Granger."

And with that he slammed the door shut.
I rolled over and sighed as I contemplated my two gaping nether holes which annoyingly would not close up.


Again at around midnight I was disturbed as I slept by the horrid Malfoy fucking a screaming female.
This time I was not going to tolerate this outrage and I got out of bed and thumped on the door.

"Keep it down in there! Show some consideration!"

"Don't stop! Don't stop, damn you!"

Came the defiant cry from the woman who was no doubt getting her brains fucked out.
I turned the handle only to find that it had been locked.
I grabbed my wand and pointed it at the door and yelled the unlocking charm.


The door swung open and I stormed in, steam pouring out of my ears.
I was greeted by the sight of Malfoy on top of a woman who had had her legs straight out and up.
His long hair fell across the female he was shagging but I could see that she had long brown hair.

Draco was banging in and out and his taut buttocks were directly in my view point, obscuring the face of his moaning lover.
It was like the moon rising and falling as he stroked up and down with his toes dug in.


"Ah, Granger. Eager to suck my cock again?"

I hitched up my pajama bottoms in a gesture which meant that I was determined not to waiver in the face of him shagging another.

"Certainly not. Kindly desist this instant."

"Really, Granger. Are you the only one around here permitted to have a love life?"

The woman beneath the sweat soaked Malfoy looked at me over his back and berated me in dulcet Scottish tones.
I looked into the face of a pretty eighteen year old brunette whose face was surprisingly familiar.

"Minerva?" I mumbled in shock.

"Correct, young lady. Now make yourself scarce while Draco and I finish up here. Off you go."

I withdrew to my side of the room, slightly shame faced and definitely embarrassed.
It took me a few moments to take in what I had seen.

Apparently Minerva McGonagall was a Metamorphagus!
A wizard who was capable of changing their physical appearance at will.
And in this instance she had chosen a much younger and more attractive version of herself!

Who would have thought it? Headmistress Minerva had a sex life!

I was not one to contradict as I loved a good seeing to as much, if not more, than the next girl.

Was there something in the Hogwarts water?


Luna and Ginny looked at each other in a haze of alcohol.
Hermione had stopped talking and had just drained her fifth redcurrant rum of the evening.
The inn had begun to thin out as the hour passed midnight.

"You're kidding!" Said an incredulous Ginny. "Not only did you shag Draco Malfoy in an extraordinary fuck, but he also knobbed an eighteen year old Minerva McGonagall?"

Both female wizards collapsed in hysterics and Hermione just sat and shrugged.

"Nice one, babe. You almost had us there." Chuckled Luna.

"Yeah. Good one, Hermione. Do you think we're that easy?"

"I see that there's no pulling the wool over your eyes, girls." Said Hermione with a knowing wink.


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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
« Reply #5 on: January 26, 2020, 11:32:41 AM »
Chapter Five

April, 2002.


"It's a well known fact in the wizarding world that Ravenclaw members are far better in bed than any other house in Hogwarts. Always were, always will be."

Luna 'loony' Lovegood made the bold statement and slammed her sherry glass on the table to make her point.

"Balls! We all know that Gryffindor rules where that is concerned."

Hermione Granger retorted in a slightly inebriated manner.

"Yes. I can safely say that I've had an orgasm every time I've slept with a fellow from Gryffindor." Agreed Susan Bones who smacked her lips audibly as she drained her glass. "But then again I also had gratification with most members of Hufflepuff."

Luna and Susan were being entertained by their convivial hostess Hermione.
The visitors had been given a room to share but Hermione insisted that they all have fun in her quarters.

Hermione had permanent rooms now in what was once the Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher's office, now defunct.

Located on the second floor of the Castle she had decorated the main room with several vases of flowers and various paintings on all the walls.
The décor and furnishings were mainly in red and gold, the colours of the Gryffindor House, and the showcase was the grand fireplace.

After a supper of pumpkin pasties and a bottle of sherry all three young ladies were beginning to feel the warm glow of the alcohol.
They had all changed into pajama sets and were gathered around the warm glow of the fire and the candlelight.

As the conversation turned to the matters of sex, as it usually did in these very rooms, it was the usually coy Susan who elaborated on the topic.

"While I agree about Gryffindor it is my opinion that Hufflepuff males AND females are very satisfying where sex is concerned."

Hermione caught the eye of the twenty one year old half blood blonde and smiled back.
Had it really been four years ago that the young Susan had tragically lost a leg only to have it successfully reattached like new?

After the end of the Second Wizarding War Susan had found her way back to Hogwarts, as did Hermione, and the old friends had both completed their final year and exams with flying colours.

Hermione had taken what was a frail and introverted young wizard under her wing and watched her recover her self esteem and mature into an attractive and confidant woman.

They enjoyed reminiscing about the time when they would sit side by side, enthralled by the teaching of Gilderoy Lockhart, who they both madly loved.

Just as Hermione had discovered her own sexuality and desires so too did Susan, who welcomed both men and women into her bed.

And those, like Hermione, who had accepted the invitation to experiment with her lesbian tendencies, had found that Susan was a real tiger between the sheets.

"Believe me, Luna. Although I heartily agree with Susan I would still pick Gryffindor over Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw every time."

"I suppose you ARE the authority on the matter seeing how you jump anybody's bones at the school."

"Hey now, there's no need for that. And I've never slept with any student under the age of eighteen. I'm not a nymphomaniac."

Luna sniggered and then appeared distracted and uninterested and looked up at the ceiling and rubbed her toes.

Although warm and cordial friends Luna had certain opinions of the sometime narrow minded Hermione which had improved over time.

Since leaving Hogwarts the quirky and dreamy girl had travelled the world, in particular South America, in her role as a wizarding naturalist.
In a very short time she had enjoyed much success in discovering and classifying rare magical creatures hitherto unknown.

She had remained slender and light boned and her waist length blonde hair framed her pixie thin face as it always had.
Her silvery eyes were topped off by faint brows that were almost nonexistent.

As the three grew ever more tipsy the red blooded wizards began to become ever more confrontational.

Hermione, being a compassionate and sort and a perfectionist at heart felt the stirrings of a personal challenge.

"Alright, Luna. Let's see you put your money where your mouth is. I bet you twenty Galleons that I can prove Gryffindor rule the school."

"A bet? Splendid. You're on."

Both Hermione and Luna sat up straight in their seats and bumped fists.

"That's all well and good, girls. But the question is HOW exactly will you go about it?"

Susan crossed her legs and spread her hands.

Ever the practical and intelligent female wizard Hermione took but a moment to come up with an idea.

"We shall gather three young and virile stunt cocks, fuck them together and the winner is the man who bring any of us women to orgasm three times in an hour."

"Oh, please. You have an orgasm every time you mentally undress a man!"

"Not true! And even if it were, three times in an hour! Only a regular fuck bunny could bring us off in that time."

"Who do you have in mind?" Wondered Susan.

"Definitely Neville Longbottom. He's hung like a Centaur. Also I have in mind Graham from Ravenclaw and Frank from Hufflepuff. They're both good looking eighteen year olds who I have luckily had the pleasure of."

"I bet you have. Luck? Are you kidding? Whenever you're within two feet of a man you drop your knickers! Anyway, are you sure that Neville will go along with it?"

"Oh, yes! Since I took his cherry a year ago he follows me everywhere like a puppy dog. He'll do practically anything I ask."

Hermione paused in thought as she recalled the time she had unashamedly seduced the virginal Neville.

The anticipation of having him fuck her with his nine incher had her hormones raging, and her pussy had tingled every time she had fantasised about it.

Luna continued to contemplate her polished toenails as she too remembered that week back in August 2001.


It was quite remarkable to Luna that most of the young students at Hogwarts were relatively unaware of the teachers sex lives.

Because it was all that Hermione Granger and she talked about on the rare occasions the two old friends got together.
And it was all they could to get laid at the next opportunity.

Neville had turned twenty one years of age in July of 2001 and had still not had sex with a female.

When he had attended the distinguished School of Witchcraft and Wizardry he had been mostly clumsy and shy and constantly the butt of many jokes and wisecracks.

He had come of age on that fated day on May Second of 1998 when he had destroyed the seventh and final Horcrux, that being the snake Nagini, which the boy turned man had beheaded with Godric Gryffindor's sword.

After the end of the war he had briefly served as an auror before returning to Hogwarts to become Professor of Herbology on the invitation of Minerva McGonagall.

Hermione had welcomed him with open arms, literally, when she had discovered that the once short round faced boy had matured into a lean and tall adult.

He was still shy and introverted and very self conscious.
In fact he was downright ashamed of his penis. It being an unusually large appendage that he feared would scare off the average female.

Hermione had a reputation of being a man eater at the school which she had returned to in order to study and research house elves and their grievances amongst other things.

She had accidentally burst in on him during his first week when he had emerged from a shower and she had gotten an eyeful of his one eyed monster.

He in turn thought she was as pretty as a picture and incredibly sensuous.
Every night for a week he had laid naked on his bed dreaming of the adorable young woman, masturbating until he shot his load and bathed his belly with cum.

By a strange coincidence HE had stumbled in on HER while she was relaxing in her quarters in the nude.

He had felt stupid and clumsy although Hermione had dismissed it as just a silly accident and had made him feel somewhat at ease.

She decided to break the ice and invited him back to her rooms for some tea and he readily accepted.
When he arrived at the former offices of the Defence Against The Dark Arts his heart was beating fast.

When Hermione opened her door she looked striking in a short skirt and a white oversized sweater.

"Do come in. Would you care for some Darjeeling or Earl Grey perhaps?"

He looked around at the refurbished quarters which had lots of heaving bookshelves and assorted manuscripts.
A roaring fire was the centrepiece and heated the somewhat airy main room.

"Make yourself at home, why don't you?"

They made pleasant small talk and Neville discussed his students curriculum for the year with enthusiasm.

"I think it most important to be hands on and spend considerable time in the greenhouses."

He gesticulated with his large hands as he spoke and Hermione feigned interest while she focused on Neville's impressive trouser bulge.

"Hands on. Oh, yes. I quite agree."

Neville felt butterflies in his stomach as Hermione put her hand on his knee and squeezed.

"I'll be quite frank with you, Neville. I think you're very sweet and I've been thinking about you rather a lot since you arrived."

Neville could feel his cock start to get hard and he crossed his long legs.
He had a strong urge to lean over and kiss her but he froze in his seat.

"Oh?" He uttered as his throat dried up.

"Have you made many friends here since you returned? Any girlfriend perhaps?"

Neville blushed and rose to leave.

"I really should get going." He stammered nervously.

"Don't be too hasty, Neville."

Hermione also stood and barred his way to the door.

"Apart from that silly evening when you interrupted me Neville, have you ever seen a real naked woman?"

She began to raise her sweater and drag it over her head.
He gulped as he realised Hermione was going to show him. HER naked form to be precise!

"Just relax."

Hermione looked like a goddess to him as she stripped out of her top and skirt and dropped her panties.

Neville stood open mouthed as he eyed her up and down.

Barely five feet five her figure was a slender one with subtle curves, medium sized but firm breasts, a tiny waist and an impeccable ass.

His erection tightened in his slacks as he drank in her creamy pins and neat triangle of pubic hair that nestled between that heavenly V at apex of her upper thighs and Mound of Venus.

"I think you're a virgin, Neville. And I want to help you by being your first. Wouldn't you like to make love to me?"

"But, I thought? You and Ron were..."

"Oh, him! Not any more. He's not a real man. Unlike you."

Hermione pointed at his newly formed tent in his pants and then took the dumbstruck young wizard by the hand.
She led the way to her bedroom and he followed willingly.


"I'm telling you, Ginny. Hermione is jumping Neville's bones every night. I just know it."

Despite the disappointment in her voice Luna spoke in the lilting tones of an angel.

"But she out and out denies it."

Luna slumped back in her seat and folded her arms.

She and Ginny had returned to Hogwarts on a rare visit as Ginny was scouting talent for her all female Quidditch team the Holyhead Harpies.

The youngest of the Weasley clan had blossomed into a extremely pretty young woman with a long mane of flaming red hair.
Her light freckled face was illuminated by her bright brown eyes.

She listened intently to the light blonde Luna who had tagged along for the visit on a break from her naturalist studying.

From the very beginning Luna had liked Ginny and they had been in the same year at Hogwarts.

Both young women also cherished their friendship with the intelligent Hermione and all three shared their experiences and adventures since graduation.

As they grew into fine looking twenty somethings their conversation naturally turned to who was dating who and the inevitable pillow talk.

"Hermione always shares her exploits with us and yet this time she's playing things close to her chest."

"Why do you think?"

"Perhaps she wants Neville all to herself, like some toy boy.
If he is as good as I think he is it should be share and share alike.
I'll never forget the time she, Ron and I...oh, probably not a good example."

Ginny rolled her eyes and let that comment go over her head.

"Right. I mean, it's not like they are married."

"Did you see that Hermione has Mad-Eye Moody's invisibility cloak?"

Ginny recalled seeing the remarkable magic coat on the stand by the door as they had entered the rooms.

"Yes, what are you thinking?"

Luna smiled and put her index finger to her lips and winked.


Hermione had been a little put out when Luna and Ginny had declared they were to stay an extra three days at the Castle.
She had loved their company and chatting about the past but she missed having her own space and free time to fuck Neville's brains out.

It was true that she had not gotten much sleep during the first week after she and Ron had first made out and she fueled herself with caffeine in order to keep up.

It had been a necessary break in hindsight as Neville's sizeable dick had stretched her out down there more than usual.

Nevertheless she was happy to hear that the girls had made plans to spend the evening visiting Hagrid in his small wooden hut on the edge of the forbidden forest.

The red blooded minx knew that she had to make the most of it seeing how she had not gotten laid in three days and invited the ever eager Herbology teacher to her rooms as soon as he had finished his last class of the day.

When he turned up Hermione grabbed him by the hand and led him to her bedroom where she literally tore his pants off.

Neville was rock hard in five seconds flat.


Luna and Ginny, who had made up the story about going to see Hagrid, opened the locked door with the redhead's wand and both crept in on tiptoe.

"Now you'll see that I'm right." Said Luna as they eavesdropped outside the bedroom door.

The muffled sounds of two people inside could just be made out and the girls giggled into the palms if their hands.

"They're doing it!" Whispered Ginny.

"Shush! Get the cloak."

Ginny covered herself and Luna as the blonde opened the door quietly.

Using the magical cloak rendered anyone under it completely invisible.
The girls knew of only two. One they were using which had been owned by the late Defence Against The Dark Arts Teacher, and the one owned by Harry Potter.

They stood as close to the bed as they dared and looked down on Neville who was on top of the moaning Hermione and fucking her doggy style.

"Oh, Nev! Fuck me, puppy! I need your big cock SO bad!"

"Ugh!" He grunted as his pistoned in and out on her prone body.

"Ah, oh, ah! Fuck! It's so big!"

Luna and Ginny both gasped at the huge cock of Neville which he drove up inside the whimpering brunette with firm and steady strokes

Each of which pinned her to the mattress as she buried her face in a pillow and grabbed fistfuls of the sheet.
Her cute bottom bounced up and down as he hammered into her over and over.

"What a lying little cow!" Whispered an excited Ginny as she put her hand between her legs.

Neville flattened out on his front and supported his body on his elbows as he picked up the pace and gave Hermione short, rapid strokes that saw him thrust up inside her to the hilt.

"Right there, right there. Fuuuuuck!"

That was it for the jealous girls who together flung the cloak off to reveal themselves.

"Luna! Ginny!"

Hermione and Neville turned their heads to the fuming girls, he still thrusting in to her without missing a beat.

"What the fuck, Hermione!" They yelled together.

"Hi, girls. Is that my invisibility cloak?"

She pushed Neville away and slid onto her side and spread her left hand.

"You know the rules, Hermione. We're supposed to share everything."

Hermione reluctantly agreed and gave in to the inevitable.

"You're right. Why don't you both join us? Right Nev?"


The well hung young wizard looked on speechless as Luna and Ginny quickly got out of their clothes and kicked their shoes off.

"After all, there's plenty to go around."

Neville indeed did have a superlative erection that pointed up and out, rigid and as hard as steel.
His foreskin had stretched back and gave his considerable length a seemingly extra something.
The glans was bloated and purple of hue and shone under the candles, presumably from Hermione's love juices.

"Wow! Who would have guessed! Neville has a dick like a giant!"

The admiration of his new found audience made his boner twitch all by itself as he took in the naked women.
It felt like all the blood in his face had drained away and gone straight to his erection!

The flame haired Ginny had a soft and curvy body with firm and rounded hips, a small mound of a belly and well proportioned breasts.
She had a heart shaped behind and a triangle of fiery ginger pubes over plump labia.

The elfin looking Luna had more of a slender figure with a cute bottom and oh-so perky tits, topped off by bullet sized nipples.

She had a hairless pussy mound and her vulva protruded with a mouth watering succulence.

"Go for it, girls." Said Hermione who settled down to watch.

Neville retreated onto the bed beside an amused Hermione slightly anxious as two cock hungry wizards gatecrashed his loins!

"Take it easy, girls."

He had been thoroughly broken in by Hermione over the course of a fortnight but he still had reservations about his oversized dick.
The last thing he wanted was to wreck a girl's vagina.

Luna and Ginny giggled as they crept up onto the bed like two cats stalking their prey.

"Merlin's beard! He's so big!"

Luna was the first to take it in her hand and her slender fingers curled around Neville's beautifully sculpted shaft.
Ginny noted the gleam of excitement in her silvery eyes as she closed her thin lips around the meaty crown.

Surrounded by three sex crazed female wizards made his heart pound in his chest.
He glanced over at the usually demure Ginny Weasley and saw the lust burning on her wide eyes.

Luna popped off his knob and held his dick straight up in front of Ginny's face.

She lowered her head and as her long waves fell across his chest she swallowed him up with a gleeful moan.
Her head bobbed on his thick shaft as she pursed her lips and dragged them up to the big top and back down again.

Luna looked on, kicking her feet up in the air behind her as she rubbed Neville's thigh.
Ginny pulled back and Luna resumed her sucking duty with relish.
Her tongue seemed to have a mind of it's own as it licked his crown this way and that, sideways and vertically.

Not one to stand on ceremony Hermione squeezed in between her two friends so that she could have a nice suck as well.

Now all THREE were taking turns sucking on his dick and Neville tilted his head back and wallowed in the new sensation of having different lips and tongues working on his erection.

Slip, slap, slurp! They overlapped and combined and even kissed each other as they bathed his groin and upper thighs with copious amounts of spittle.

"Come on Nev, give the dogs a bone. ARF!" Urged Hermione wiping her mouth finally.

Luna leapt up and assumed a doggy style pose on the bed.

Neville gulped and dutifully knelt between the spread open thighs of Luna and gripped his hard on tightly in his sweaty fist.

He looked at her beautiful shaven vulva and inhaled her secretions deeply.
Almost shaking with fear he carefully opened her outer folds and placed the swollen tip of his knob to her entrance, closed his eyes and pushed in.

"OH! There you go!"

Neville gave her a few exploratory strokes and he was pleased to hear her appreciative moans of pleasure.
His hands went to her slight hips and he banged her with a series of rapid thrusts that saw his balls bounce off her bald cunt.

"Oh, Hermione. Feels so good. Now I know why you wanted him all to yourself."

Luna was rocked back and forth as Neville quickened the rate of his strokes and Luna was for once lost for words.

Beside the rutting couple Ginny looked on, patiently waiting her turn on her hands and knees, her juices leaking from her glistening ginger muff.
She raised her ass high in the air and fucked air as she invited Neville to partake of her heated honey pot.

Neville took the unsubtle hint and shifted over and held her hot buns and thrust up with surprising ease.
He pushed forward and slid almost completely in the quivering girl wizard.
As he moved in and out of her divine pussy he wondered if Harry had ever had the same pleasure.

He reached under her and pawed at her hanging tits as the little hussy ground her pretty ass against his groin.
She leaned up, arching her back to give him better access to her boobs.

"When you're quite ready," said Luna beside the pair of groaning lovers.

Back to Luna who had tapped her right foot impatiently on Neville's left thigh he moved back to her and stunned the slim blonde with assertive pounding that took her breath away.

"Keep going, keep...going!"

Luna fell onto her front and bit into the nearest pillow as her pussy was pummeled by a barrage of jacking thrusts that literally robbed her of any conscious thoughts!

"How do you like him, Luna? Is he getting better or not?" Asked Hermione when Neville withdrew and caught his breath.

"I'll give him credit. OH! Right on the money! Yeah, he's delving into the matter!"

Neville concentrated hard as he welcomed this unfamiliar experience.
Had the girls done this sort of thing before?

Whenever one moved off of his slick boner the other stepped up and so on.
He reveled in the moment and wondered if he had enough stamina to hold out.

Hermione slipped into the line and wiggled her rump in an attempt to attract the attention of Neville.

He saw her damp slit peeking through her creamy thighs and eagerly hopped to his right and came up behind his current lover.
He pulled her ass up by yanking her by the hips and shoved his nine inch boner deep inside the squealing wizard.

"Heavens! Now show the girls what I taught you."

Neville grunted and got down to it.
He began to fuck her fast and hard, slamming into her with gusto.
There was no tenderness, no affection, just honest to goodness hard and wanton fucking.

And Hermione loved it!

Her fingers dug into the sheet and she gasped for air as Neville yanked her lightweight frame backwards and forwards on his unyielding dick.
Her bottom rippled with the firm contact of his groin and tiny slapping sounds were heard by all.

They continued for another two more frantic minutes and then he pulled out and wiped the sweat from his brow.

"Wonderful. Now, be a good boy and lie on your back please, Neville."

He did as instructed and his solid club of a cock stood up as if standing to attention.

Hermione glanced at her two rabid friends and then settled in his groin and reached under herself to direct his dick to her molten cunt.
His cock head was quite wet and Hermione slipped down his stiff shaft until she was virtually impaled on his entire length.

"Wow, you took all of him!" Cried Luna who watched closely.

Hermione held up a hand and sighed as she welcomed nine inches of thick meat inside her stretched out pussy.

Neville gazed up at the gorgeous brunette and ogled her heaving boobs.
He slid his hands along her toned thighs and up the sublime curve of her hips.

He had learned a lot in the short space of time since Hermione had taken his virginity and he had grown to love this particular position.

Hermione began to move to and fro on his length and he looked at her dreamy half lidded eyes as he thumbed the hard points of her cute tits.

As she rode him with subtle rolls of her hips she made little high pitched gasps and squeaks as his rigid pole filled her eager pussy.

Luna and Ginny watched all this from close proximity and caressed each other in a heightened state of arousal.

"That is so hot!"

Neville held her tightly around her trim waist and shifted on his ass and pulled her upright in his arms.
He then proceeded to bounce the girl up and down on his throbbing prick and she bent her head so that she could kiss him hard on the mouth.

They both grunted with deep satisfaction as she fell into a rhythm of rocking and rolling on his cock.
Her knees came up on each side of his rib cage as she rode him like a cowgirl.

Ginny tapped Hermione on the shoulder and the brunette rose up off of Neville leaving space for her to sit on his dick.


Ginny struggled to straddle Neville's lanky frame but once she was comfortable in the reverse cowgirl position she took his massive rod and rubbed her red snapper several times with just the tip.

A shiver went through her she let two inches enter her wet opening.
She lifted her ass up and then lowered herself down again until half of his length was inside.

"So big!"

The red head worked her pussy onto him and gradually wedged his knob in her fully stretched cunt.
She looked down between her thighs to see the awesome sight of his enormous dick half in, half out of her glistening muff.

He cupped her rounded tits and started to buck his hips into her as he rolled her erect nipples between finger and thumb.

"Would you look at that, Hermione? See his big dick spreading out Ginny's ginger beaver."

"Ginny, you are SO bad!" Giggled Hermione.

The brunette minx strummed her clit as her big eyes remained glued to the erotic scene.

"Oh, oh, oh! WHAT a cock he has! I've never been so stuffed in all my life.

Ginny moaned as she leaned back against Neville's chest to let Luna lick her clit as the redhead rested whilst still impaled on his rampant pole.

"Oh my! I'm coming!"

Ginny shivered as Luna slid her tongue around the tiny nub of Ginny who was overcome with the double thrill of Neville inside her and Luna's darting tongue.

"Come here." Said Luna who laid down beside the radiant Hermione who was frigging herself stupid.

Neville helped Ginny off of his cock and laid atop of Luna.


Luna's pale frame felt surprisingly cool in the heat of the room as he pressed his lanky body to hers.
Her small but firm breasts mashed to his chest and her hard nipples rubbed on him.

She gently opened her legs and coaxed him between her thighs.
Neville supported his weight on the palms of his hands as the blonde waif like beauty raised her hips so that he could push his way inside her.

He was astonished at how Luna tightened the muscles in her cunt, gripping him hose every time he drove home.
This was something Hermione never did.

"Yes! Give me that big cock, boy."

And when her feet came up onto the backs of his calves his knob throbbed hard and he began to fuck the shit out of the screaming blonde.
Their combined efforts raised the heat up a notch and Neville's body dripped with well earned sweat.

"Don't milk it, Luna. We ALL want that fucking dick."

He hugged her slender frame firmly in his arms and ground his lower body into hers.

Hermione and Ginny were transfixed by the passionate rut and moved in closer for a better look.

The sensation of his double quick strokes proved too much for the ex Ravenclaw student and she threw her head back and moaned softly as she climaxed on his turgid cock.
Neville slowed up until he pulled out of her sodden pussy and rolled off to her side.

The exhausted Luna laid on her back panting with her head hanging off the side of the bed and her legs splayed out.

With his unleashed enthusiasm reaching near epic proportions Neville fell on top of Hermione who shrieked with delight and fingered the dripping opening of her pussy.
She gasped as he used the palm of his hand to smother her mound as he kissed her long and hard.

Then he spread her outer petals and entered her with a swivel of his hips.
He pinned her on her back as he rocketed back and forth with his rigid length.

It was hard to believe he had been a virgin just a few weeks ago as his hips mashed into Hermione Granger.

'Lovely, lovely. Fill me up with that big bone. Oh, I LOVE you slamming into my fucking pussy."

His breath came in ragged gasps as he struggled to keep pace with the insatiable girl of Gryffindor.

Did she want to fuck all night?

Neville dug his toes in and gave her his all, his butt rising and falling with swift rapidity.
Her moans of gratitude kept time with his steady thrusting and he decided that she was his favourite.

He looked down on her heavenly face with the halo of hair spread out around her head and drew her knees up.

Hermione screamed right into his ear as her body shuddered from the intensity of her orgasm.
He felt a warm flow around his cock and as he pulled out her juices squirted out and over his legs, a lot!

"Oh...my...god! Hermione is a squirter!" Cried Luna with her hands to her face.

"That was intense." Muttered Hermione who sighed in her post climactic bliss.

"Women squirt?" Asked a bemused Neville.

"Ahh, sweetie. You still have much to learn.

Luna ruffled his hair as he stood up, still rock hard and aching to cum.

Now full of confidence he chose to take control of proceedings and raise the stakes.

"Right then. I want Luna on her front right there."

Neville's erection bobbed up and down as it poked up in front of him as he directed the enthusiastic trio.

"Ginny? Get on top of Luna and hold on to her tight."

Ginny hopped aboard the elfin blonde and looked back at the now very assertive stunt cock.

"Like this?"

He tilted his head left to right and back again and broke into a broad smile.

"Perfect. Now, Hermione."

He held her hand and helped her to climb up on top of Ginny thus making
a mouth watering, towering array of bottoms and ripe pussies stacked up for his pleasure.

He spat into the palm of his hand and smeared his bell end and then popped it inside the parted pussy folds of Hermione and held her steady with his hands on her buns.

After an astonishing hour of fucking Neville was desperate to unload.
He felt his balls tighten, a surge of cum curse through his thick shaft amid a tremendous tingling sensation, and ejaculated inside the brunette wizard.

He pumped and pumped like a geyser until he was spent and then pulled back to unleash a waterfall of cum that seeped out of Hermione, down her thighs and onto Ginny.

The white stream of semen continued in a straight line and trickled onto the ass crack of Luna who quivered beneath Ginny.
The trail of cum eventually stopped and pooled in the bald pussy of the silvery blonde.

Hermione had surpassed herself in inducting Neville Longbottom into the world of sexual relations and was rather proud of herself.

"Well, ladies? Happy?"

Ginny fingered her well dilated pussy and laid on her side panting hard.

"Does a Mountain Troll shit in the woods?" She said laughing.

"I think we may be persuaded to stay on a bit longer."

Agreed Luna who laid on her back with her legs still splayed out, her pussy giving her minor spasms in her post orgasmic bliss.

"Fasten your seat belts then, we may be in for a bumpy ride!"

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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
« Reply #6 on: February 05, 2020, 12:49:27 PM »
Chapter Six

April, 2002.


The day finally came when the challenge thrown down by Hermione Granger, proud member of the house of Gryffindor, was to commence.

That bold dare by the lusty minx of Hogwarts School of Wizarding and Witchcraft was to establish which men of the four houses were the most talented in giving sexual gratification to the females.

She was claiming her own naturally, while one of her best friends Luna 'loony' Lovegood insisted that it was her house, that being Ravenclaw.

In a heavy session of imbiding two bottles of sherry one evening in Hermione's living quarters the inebriated women argued their opinions and viewpoints fervently with an amused Susan Bones of Hufflepuff in attendance.

"It's a well known fact in the wizarding world that Ravenclaw members are far better in bed than any other house in Hogwarts. Always were, always will be."

Luna had made the bold statement and had thereby riled the resolute and loyal Hermione.

"Balls! We all know that Gryffindor rules where that is concerned."

Hermione Granger retorted in a slightly slurred voice and a great deal of finger pointing.

She had permanent rooms now in what was once the Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher's office, now defunct.

Located on the second floor of the Castle she had decorated the main room with several vases of flowers and various paintings on all the walls.
The décor and furnishings were mainly in red and gold, the colours of the Gryffindor House, and the showcase was the grand fireplace.

They were all enjoying a girl's only night in and they had reminisced about their student days and boys.

After a supper of pumpkin pasties and a bottle of sherry or two the three young ladies were beginning to feel the warm glow of the alcohol.
They had all changed into pajama sets and were gathered around the warm glow of the fire and the candlelight.

As they grew ever more tipsy the red blooded wizards began to become ever more confrontational.

Hermione, being a compassionate sort and a perfectionist at heart felt the stirrings of a personal challenge.

"Alright, Luna. Let's see you put your money where your mouth is. I bet you twenty Galleons that I can prove Gryffindor rule the school."

"A bet? Splendid. You're on."

Both Hermione and Luna sat up straight in their seats and bumped fists.

"That's all well and good, girls. But the question is HOW exactly will you go about it?" Susan Bones crossed her legs and spread her hands.

Ever the practical and intelligent female wizard Hermione took but a moment to come up with an idea.

"We shall gather three young and virile stunt cocks, fuck them together, and the winner is the man who can bring any of us women to orgasm three times in an hour."

"Oh, please. You have an orgasm every time you mentally undress a man!"

"Not true!" Hermione paused in thought. "And even if it were, three times in an hour! Only a regular fuck bunny could bring us off in that time."

"Who do you have in mind?" Wondered Susan.

"Definitely Neville Longbottom. He's hung like a Centaur and can keep it up all night. Also I have in mind Graham from Ravenclaw and Frank from Hufflepuff. They're both good looking eighteen year olds who I have luckily had the pleasure of."

"I bet you have. Luck? Are you kidding? Whenever you're within two feet of a man you drop your knickers! Anyway, are you sure that Neville will go along with it?"

"Oh, yes! Since I took his cherry a year ago he still follows me everywhere like a puppy dog. He'll do practically anything I ask."

"And no magic is permitted?" Suggested Susan.

"Correct, we shall hand in our wands before we start so that all will be fair. Luna?"

"What about Slytherin?"

"Fuck Slytherin! No way are they included." Said the brunette with bile in her throat.

"Agreed," said Susan. "Fuck those losers!"

Hermione looked at the somewhat distracted Luna who hiccupped and then nodded.

"Yes. It will be a meeting of pricks and pussies, and may the best pussy win." She said and promptly nodded off.


The Saturday in question was the day of the friendly Quidditch fixture against the Appelby Arrows and the entire school would be in attendance at the playing field.

A perfect state of affairs thought Hermione as she tacked the home made sign to the door of the Gryffindor Common Room.


The sign read 'Private meeting in session, from one pm until two. Do not enter.'

This setting should provide some privacy for the group whilst the game was on she reasoned.
The rooms were spacious and cosy with access to the bathroom to boot.
They arrived ahead of time and retired to the adjoining bathroom to get ready.

"Right ladies." Said the authoritative Hermione. "The rules are these. When I tip the sand hour glass over the contest starts and stops when the last grains run out.
WE fuck the guys, not they us. We shall use their cocks ourselves. We fuck each guy for ten minutes and then switch to the next."

"What about cock sucking?" Asked Luna.

"We'll make them hard in the first ten minutes before we do the business, but it's all about the sex."

"What about if one of them feel like coming?"

"Shouldn't be a problem, they are the cream of the crop. I selected these particular studs for their stamina and will power to hold out for sixty minutes."

Hermione gave a sly grin as she continued.

"Just to be on the safe side I did give them all blowjobs last night AND the night before so that their sperm levels should be low."

"Hermione, you never cease to amaze me, you little rascal!" Said Luna who gave the smug brunette a friendly shove.

"Need I point out that faking an orgasm will mean instant disqualification."

Hermione said as she made herself busy and produced three pairs of black stockings with lace tops and skimpy underwear.

"To give the guys a little titillation I've purchased some sexy stockings and thongs for us to wear. And I have a tube of lubrication for each of us. It's called Liquid Satin. It will keep us nice and slick. I've tried it and it heightens the pleasure of intercourse and intensifies orgasm."

"Where did you get all of this?" Wondered Luna as she held up the sheer hosiery to the light.

"It's a Muggle shop called Ann Summers. I shop there on the odd occasion."

Luna looked at Susan and rolled her eyes. Hermione had acquired a rather well earned reputation as Hogwarts easy lay and so this was not a surprising declaration.

On a whim Hermione had suggested they all shave their Mons so that they might look alike down below in order to avoid any favouritism from the guys.

The young witches stripped off and rolled on the sheer hold ups and stepped into the stylish underwear.
The black lace thongs had a nice floral lace design and embroidered trim.
All three looked undeniably sexy in every sense of the word as they stood up in all their topless glory.

They had spent most of the day fixing their hair and make up.
Hermione had chosen a black kohl eyeliner for a smoky and sultry effect.
The two blondes had gone with a soft blue liner that emphasised their striking eyes.

This was the first time that Hermione had seen Susan Bones in the raw and she noticed that she had grown to be very pretty with full light hair and blue eyes.

Her boobs were bigger than hers and Luna's with large areolas but smaller nipples.
Already the small nub of her clitoris peaked out from it's protective hood in avid anticipation.

A few minutes passed and they heard the three male wizards arrive next door.

"Hermione? We're here."

"Oh, wow! I'm shaking, look!" Said an incredulous Susan.

"Ladies, let's lube up and go."


Located in Gryffindor Tower the Common Room had to be accessed by giving a password to the painting of the Fat Lady.
Once granted permission the concealed round hole under the portrait was revealed.

"What's today's password?" Asked Luna.

Hermione rolled her eyes as they approached the dutiful guardian in the painting.

"Evening, ladies. Password?"

"Gang-bang." Whispered Hermione under her breath.

"Speak up, young miss. Can't rightly hear you."


As the portrait swung back the three could hear the ironic chuckling in their ears.

"Fat bitch!" Muttered the scowling brunette witch.

Now they were ready they came out of the adjoining bathroom and stood tall as they entered the round Common Room which was full of armchairs and table
As large fireplace dominated one wall under a portrait of a lion.
They saw the three stunt cocks seated on the large three seat sofa.

How many times had Hermione sat on that very same seat with Harry and Ron in their student days?

Now she saw three young men sitting comfortably side by side in loose fitting trousers and dress shirts.

"Afternoon, guys. I want to thank you all for taking part in our little entertainment.
I know the game is on but I think we can amuse ourselves in a much better way during the next hour."

All three topless witches were standing together in front of the transfixed men.
Their legs were slightly touching as they drank in the adoration.
Luna swept her long tresses back over her left ear and lifted her chin proudly.
She so wanted to win this contest over the frustratingly close minded Hermione.

Both were witches with many similarities and both were close friends of Harry Potter.
It was just that they had been placed into different houses by the sorting hat that had fired up their rivalry.

Neville gulped as he undid the first three buttons of his shirt and looked from one girl to the other.
Their thongs were pulled tight against their mounds, highlighting the bald slits of their pussies through the barely there fabric.
And the stockings were seriously erotic.

Graham sat back in awe and took in the view of the three lovely ladies, all naked except for the thongs.
He had promised to Luna that he would do his very best to win for the house of Ravenclaw.

The pale slip of a girl looked ravishing and he noted her lovely inner lips which were moist and extended out under the thong.

"Strip off, ladies."

All three slipped their thumbs onto the sides of their thongs and peeled them off slowly.
They stepped out and casually tossed them onto the carpet.
With their nether regions exposed they moved to within inches of the excited men.

Frank appeared calm and collected as he watched Hermione Granger with her knees slightly bent and thighs slightly spread.
He would have to concentrate hard on not coming when this delectable creature was sitting on his dick.

She was undeniably beautiful with nipples fully erect and with her shaven muff shimmering from the wetness of her cunt and the lube.

Frank excelled at Astronomy and Herbology but not necessarily the studious type.
With black hair and blue eyes that could flash cold fire he had several female admirers in the school.

"So, how do we begin? Asked a hesitant Susan Bones.

"Let's get them hard." Said Hermione impatiently.

Luna knelt on the floor at Graham's feet and finished opening the last buttons of his shirt.
She peeled it back to reveal his scrumptious smooth chest.

An expert flyer he represented Ravenclaw at Quidditch.
He was tall and fair and fit. Not body builder fit but rugged with muscles in all the right places. Including his big cock.

He looked on at her radiant face as she then unleashed his cock from the confines of his pants.
Graham was proud of her reaction as she got her first view of his manhood which was a good size bigger than average.

"Let me have a taste of this honey." She said in her lilting tones.

The Ravenclaw girl licked all the way up the underside of his thick shaft to the tip.
When she got to the bulbous head she turned her head to the left and slid her thin lips over it.

Hermione smiled at her favourite, Neville, and unsnapped his belt and pulled his trousers and pants down his legs and off in one smooth motion.
His huge erection sprang up in her face, looking as delicious as always.

"I think we have a winner here, she grinned."

She stroked the impressive shaft and felt her belly flutter in rapture.
Squeezing and caressing the hot brunette used her nails to scrape his flesh before popping the flared tip inside her mouth.
Neville's breath became irregular as he ruffled her hair in trembling fingers.

Frank had removed his own shirt as Susan concentrated on the fly of his trousers.
The girl from Hufflepuff cared not a jot about the contest, all she wanted was a good fuck.

He let out a long groan as he welcomed her warm hand on his length.
His eyes bulged as Susan took his generous organ inside her drooling mouth and hummed happily as she sucked.

Graham was dumbstruck as Luna deep throated him and watched his entire prick vanish into her mouth.
Lewd noises emanated from the seemingly innocent looking waif as if she were a dog worrying a bone.

All three ravenous women were now all spluttering and gagging on their
men as their boners tickled the backs of their throats.
Then Hermione was the first to gag and she spat out Neville's shiny knob and convulsed.

"En...enough, ladies. Let the contest begin."

Hermione got up and assessed the situation.
All men were very erect and very hard, and the looks on the faces of the two blonde's painted a pretty picture.
She went to the big table and turned the hourglass over.

They moved right up to the sofa and then they all spun around to display their cute bottoms to the aroused men.
They each in turn kicked out their legs and straddled the men at the same time, reverse cowgirl.
Hermione had stressed to her rivals that this position would be the best for female orgasm.

From the right, Luna sank onto Graham from Ravenclaw with a heavy sigh.
He watched her behind as she dropped all the way and all of his eight inches disappeared up inside her.

To her right Hermione reached under her and fed Neville's bloated glans to her entrance and let it pop in.
Her head snapped back as she groaned joyously as her pussy opened uo over his hose.
Despite his size she was so lubed up that he was a perfect fit and he found himself buried in her eager muff.

Beside her Susan straddled the Hufflepuff member, Frank, and opened her legs wide.
His dick looked huge and imposing between her upper thighs as she wiggled her hips and slid down on it halfway.

Hermione was shocked and taken aback as the once shy Susan Bones began to immediately bounce up and down as though riding a bucking bull.
Shit! Thought the Gryffindor witch, I'm going to be left behind at the starting post!

Indeed, to her left, Luna was a sight to behold as the blonde jerked on Graham with a series of rapid pelvic thrusts that sent her hair flying and her tits jiggling.

Hermione looked over her shoulder and saw the guys extremely excited as they were royally fucked.
She stepped up a gear and dug her toes in.

"Oh, this cock is so good," groaned Luna as she turned to her right. "Bigger than I was expecting."

Hermione looked back at her as the blonde glided back and forth on Graham's cock.
As she fucked Neville she looked to her right and marveled at Susan's perfect pussy pound Frank's prick over and over.
She stole a glance at the hourglass and saw that about ten minutes had already elapsed.

Bother! Just as Neville's beloved boner was beginning to hit the spot it was time to switch.

"Ten minutes, ladies. Hop off."

Hermione peeled her slippery quim off of Neville and shifted to her left and sat on the slick tool of Graham.

Luna tiptoed over to Frank of Hufflepuff and giggled as she fished for his bobbing dick and guided it inside her tight cunt.

That left Susan who turned her back to Neville and felt him place his sizeable knob to her fuck hole.
Significantly larger than Frank the demure blonde felt herself decidedly stretched as she had to take three attempts to slide down his member.

Hermione looked on with a pang of jealousy as Susan looked at her with half lidded eyes.
She could see her juices coating Neville's magnificent cock.

"So big!" Susan mouthed the words rather than speaking them and Hermione understood how she felt.

All three of them had leaned back and placed their feet on the strong thighs of the rampant wizards.
They all exhaled together as they gyrated enthusiastically on the men beneath them.

"Yes! Right there!" Cried Hermione as she moistened big time on Graham.

The penetration proved too much for Susan and she held her breath as she was the first to cum.

"Heavens! He made me cum!"

In a state of pure bliss she leaned over to give Hermione a big kiss.
Then she turned the other way and gave Luna a smacker full on the lips.

Luna was having a ball as Frank speared up into the pale skinned beauty.
She moaned loudly as her pussy twitched as she rode up and down.
Got to hold out until I have Graham, she thought.

Ten minutes later it was all change again and Luna practically dragged Susan off of Graham in her eagerness to ride his throbbing cock.
Hermione smiled at Frank and gave him a peck on the cheek as she hopped onto his quivering dick.
Susan shook her head as she felt her sodden quim with her fingers before taking Neville inside her again..

Hermione had not let Luna's deception go by her. By rights she should have gone with Neville next.

Right, you little slut. That's it.

"Fuck me, Graham, fuck me!" Urged the blonde Luna as she banged the shit out of the Ravenclaw stud. "Keep going, keep going, keep...OH!"

Luna sighed in anguished relief as she creamed hard on his shaft.

Balls! That's one up to Ravenclaw, albeit by Luna's cheating, thought Hermione.

Another change in partner as thirty minutes had incredibly flashed by.
Luna reluctantly went with Frank and Susan hopped onto Graham.
Straight fucking without pause had caused all three women to literally drip from their over worked pussies.

Hermione welcomed Neville inside her tingling pussy and began a dramatic grinding motion on his nine inch pole.

"Fuck! I want this cock so much!"

The friction drove her insane as the motion made him rub against her pubic bone.

"Almost, almost, almost. THERE!"

With her heart pounding in her chest Hermione felt her pussy swell and bulge out over Neville's dick as she climaxed hard.

Ravenclaw, one. Gryffindor, one.

Another ten minutes up and only twenty to go.
The witches now turned to face their studs and Susan made to seize Neville's erection.
But Hermione got there first and edged up onto his upright pole.

"Hey, no fair! It's not your turn with Neville again!"

Luna's protests fell on deaf ears as she gasped on Graham's eight incher and her concentration became momentarily distracted.

Hermione looked into Neville's eyes as she stroked steadily on his prodigious dick.
How none of the guys had ejaculated yet was a testament to their stamina and will power.

Her hips gyrated and the muscles in her thighs and calves screamed as she rode him up and down, determined to cum on him and him alone.

The torrid release of another orgasm blossomed in her nether regions and she came with a shriek and a shake.

Two strikes for Gryffindor!

Beside them Luna fumed and clamped down on Graham's knob with the muscles of her pussy.
His big dick rubbed the moist channel of her sex and the new angle gave her the impetus for her second orgasm.


Ravenclaw, two. Gryffindor, two.

The blonde slowed up and planted a thank you kiss on his chest and traced her index finger along his ripped torso.

Luna's juices dampened the thighs of an incredulous Graham who desperately waved away his own climax, and he ran his hand through his hair when the waif like witch disengaged from his lap.

"Ten minutes, ladies. Time to change up."

Susan Bones stood up with her hands on her hips as she watched the other two refuse to budge.

"No fucking way!" Cried Hermione in defiance and impaled herself on her fellow Gryffindor member.

"Right, no way." Agreed Luna Lovegood as she jumped Graham's bones once more.

"But, the rules clearly state..."

"Fuck the rules!" Luna yelled in her lilting voice which didn't really come across as anger.

Susan sighed and she and Frank huddled together to watch the two competitors fuck their way to victory.

Side by side they rode their guys, each compelling the other to go faster.
Hermione did her level best to rock back and forth with Neville deep inside her pussy.
Her grinding motion stimulated her little pleasure bud and it wasn't long before she felt her orgasm build yet again.

She leaned forward to put her hands on the perspiring Herbology teacher palms down as she increased the tempo of her stroking.

Luna aped her rival and fucked Graham in her sitting position which caused his pubic bone to rub perfectly on her clit.

Susan and Frank were enthralled at how the two matched each others movements in an identical rhythm.
As Luna quickened her pace, making Graham arch up into her, so Hermione copied her in an attempt to trigger her release.

The ladies bent to each other until their noses were only a couple of inches apart and both stared at the other as their orgasms neared.







Both pushed down on their man's stiff pricks with all their weight and both came hard, gushing their love juices over their individual studs.

"COMING!" Shrieked Hermione.

"COMING!" Shrieked Luna.

"IT'S A DRAW!" Shrieked Susan.

It took the two young witches a few moments for their orgasms to fade and for each to gain enough strength to move off their men.

It was Neville who stood to his full six feet plus height, his dick still rigid and bobbing up from his groin, and picked up the exhausted hourglass. Sixty minutes had passed.

"Well, by fair means or foul, I declare this contest a draw." He announced.

"I think it only fair that we let the guys finish off, don't you?"

Hermione pointed to three very stiff and very slick erections and Luna and Susan nodded in agreement.
Susan passed around the lube and all three witches got onto the carpet as the guys leapt up and chose their own house members to fuck.

Hermione welcomed Neville who loomed over her and put his knees between hers, forcing her legs open.
She looked him in the eyes as he entered her and gave her a few tentative strokes before building in strength and speed.

Hermione was simply stuffed with cock as he thrust into her harder and faster.
She tilted her hips and widened her thighs in a blatant invitation for the well hung stud to give it to her good.

His lanky frame smothered her slim figure as he plunged into her over and over again.

Luna was also on her back with the adorable Graham on top of her.
He fucked her slowly to begin with, thrusting up and then pulling back, thrusting up and then pulling back.

Her slim pins were obscenely splayed out as the Ravenclaw pair moaned and groaned and her long hair spread out under her head like a halo.

With their faces only inches apart Graham's strokes became wild and powerful as he drove mercilessly into her sopping honey pot.
His smooth chest was pushed out and his honed stomach muscles contracted as his cock pulsed inside her and flooded her cunt.

Susan was on all fours with Frank behind her, his hips shifting relentlessly back and forth into her gaping pussy.
A loud wet noise came from their loins as he banged the shit out of the breathless Hufflepuff witch.

Frank pulled her roughly back onto his spike and filled her to the hilt.
He made a throaty groan as he came and he palmed her ass cheeks as his semen flooded her quim.

"Fuck me, fuck me, oh, fuck me!"

Neville had raised Hermione's legs over his forearms as he shot his load deep inside her pussy and her body trembled as he gushed and gushed and gushed.

As the group snuggled up and rested before deserting the Common Room Hermione sat up.
She took her wand and pointed it in the air.


As the room became clean of any stains and spilt fluids she turned to Luna and Susan.

"So, ladies. Anyone up for a rematch?"

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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
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Chapter Seven.


"Are you quite sure about this, Luna?" Asked Hermione Granger apprehensively.

"Trust me, I know this forest like the back of my hand. This way." Answered Luna Lovegood as she removed her shoes.

It was unseasonably warm as Spring 2002 rolled in at Hogwarts Castle.
Winter had been brutal but the days and nights had passed like a blur as Hermione put the finishing touches to her work on S.P.E.W.
That is, her pet project named the 'Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare.'

"I love the feel of the leaves and shrub under my toes. Try it?"

Hermione gave the slender blonde a weak smile and slipped her shoes off.
The ground felt surprisingly warm underfoot and Luna nodded in approval.
She tossed her waist length hair over her back and her protuberant silvery eyes widened.

It was at the insistence of the Magizoologost that Hermione give the books a rest and discover the small things in life.
As they got out and about the studious brunette witch started to look outward instead of nose deep in a book.

Luna made her pay attention to the wondrous creatures of the Wizarding World that brought the quirky blonde so much joy.

The Forbidden Forest bordered on the edges of the Castle and housed many secrets in the dense foliage.
Birds, seeds and thorns, foxes, deer and of course the magical ones.

Any stress from her work was significantly lowered as she gazed up as the Spring light filtered through the trees.

"I saw him around here not three nights ago as I took a late evening stroll. He shuns the day and only comes out after dark."

Luna insisted that there were full blooded male Veelas in existence, although admittedly not that many, and that one was around this very spot.

"If they didn't exist then how is it that there are full blooded female Veelas?" She reasoned.

Hermione had first set eyes on the semi-human magical beings when they appeared at Hogwarts as mascots for the Bulgarian Quidditch team during the 1994 World Cup.

And they were ALL women. Beautiful females with white gold hair and skin as bright as a full moon.

They had immediately impressed all the male students with their hypnotic looks and dance.
As they paraded down the Great Hall under the thousands of floating candles they danced faster and faster and drove the boys wild.

Yet they had absolutely no effect on Hermione or the other girls, in a similar way that Sirens of old lured only male sailors to crash onto the rocks.

Since then Ron's brother Bill, had married Fleur Delacour, who was a quarter Veela and three quarters human.
But Hermione had never had the time to visit or converse with them.

"He was about six feet tall with long hair which looked like silver with gold threads interwoven, and it seemed to flutter as if in the wind, although there was no breeze that night. He looked sad, almost forlorn, as he hid from me when I was sighted. His deep turquoise eyes seemed almost to sparkle."

Luna looked directly into the eyes of an incredulous Hermione.

"He was completely naked and his body had a lustrous, almost shining complexion. He was the most handsome creature I've ever laid eyes on."

They stayed for an hour before deciding to return to the Castle.
Hermione laid in her bed stsrk naked, unable to sleep as she turned things over in her head.

When the light of the sun shone through her window she opened her eyes and realised that she must have eventually dropped off.
The pillow beneath her head was damp with perspiration and her hand was firmly clamped between her thighs.


Her sex was moist and she recalled uneasy dreams of strange ethereal cocks and bottoms.
She decided that the very next evening she would venture into the forest alone in the hope that she might catch a fleeting glimpse of the mythical being.


After an anxious day spent in the library Hermione welcomed the end of the day and the full moon that cleared the clouds in the inky blackness of night.
She waited until it was absolute quiet in the Castle and then stole out into the forest.
Dressed in a burgundy dress over which she placed her cape cloak she drifted through the foliage as strange night birds trilled in the branches above her head.

As she found the same spot Luna had marked she experienced a long period of silence as she looked this way and that.
A branch snapped close by and Hermione felt a cold hand wrap around her heart.

"Do not be afraid, little one. I shall not harm a hair on your pretty head."

The voice fluttered in her ears like music, a male voice most definitely, and somehow reassuring.

"Who's there?" She asked with a lump in her throat.

The silhouette of a man about six feet tall emerged from the shadows of the largest tree and Hermione gasped at the sight of the male Veela.
He was completely without clothing and his long hair coiled about his shoulders as if caught in a breeze.

His silky skin appeared to almost glow in the pale moonlight and Hermione studied the prominent muscles in his abdomen and torso.
She took in every contour, every aspect of his flawless body, from his chest to his captivating thighs.

His flaccid member hung down between his legs and it was as smooth as glass.
She knew he wasn't human but she felt a distinct and unnerving attraction to his magnificent form.
The pulse in her neck throbbed as he approached her.

"I knew it would be you who would return. I'm glad."

"I...I should go."

She turned to leave but she knew it would be an impossible task, as something drew her to him.
Her eyes met his and oh, what eyes they were! Her heart leapt in her mouth as she was almost hypnotised by the shifting, shimmering light from his breathtaking face.

"Is this a dream?" She asked of him as he stood before her. "Are you in my head?"

"In a way, yes. Only those of a pure heart may see me in the flesh, and when this night is done it will be as if it never happened."

"But, why?"


Hermione showed no fear as she listened to his request.
No apprehension, nor diffidence, as she removed her cloak and began to loosen the buttons on her dress.
She let her dress fall from her body without any questions and let the Veela feast on her stunning nakedness.

He nodded in approval at her curves.
The perfect roundness of her pert breasts, with the nipples hard with desire, pointing out like ripe berries was a wondrous thing to behold.

The subtle lines of her feminine hips and slight rise of her belly were pleasing to the eye.
Her limbs were slender and long and the alluring arch of her upper thighs forced the eye to drink in the delicate hint of light brown pubic hair atop of her extended mound.

"You are quite engaging, little miss."

Hermione stood proud as her gaze fell upon his manhood which had now reached full erection.
It twitched and bobbed as it jutted out from his hairless groin and when a shaft of moonlight illuminated the shaft it was as if he sported a silvery spike.

"Who are you?"

"I am nameless, born one in a hundred thousand, blessed with a beauteous image and yet cursed so wickedly that my flesh may not know the glorious light of the sun lest it burn.
Even clothing is a burden as my skin cannot bear to be covered from the air.
The female Veela shun me as an embarrassment, denying my very existence.
Only the love of one such as thee can offer me release from my sorry existence."

"I?" She enquired as he drew nearer and nearer.

"You are unique, are you not? To have the blood of the hated Wizarding World mixed with those more fortunate of the human race.
You are quite fetching to boot.
We shall make love so that my barren seed shall leave my body along with my wretched soul."

How did he know that she had been born of human parents?

"So, I won't, that is..."

"I am born sterile, such is my affliction, and cannot impregnate thee, but in that act of communion the release of my seed shall hasten my deliverance from this mortal coil. Such is the irony of love."

"How long have you been in the forest?"

"Time is irrelevant to one such as I, but as each day passes I curse my very existence. Come let us embrace."

Hermione did not know if she had been entranced or if it were her own desire to reach out to the wretched soul but she acquiesced to his request.

They hugged and she was virtually smothered by his fuller form.
She buried her face in the solid wall of his chest and his strong arms envelped her naked frame.
His powerful hold was such that she thought him capable of snapping her in two if he so wished.
Yet he was warm to the touch and she felt utterly safe in his embrace.

"What say you, young witch."

"I consent to your wish. Take me and fly."

She stood on tiptoe and their lips met in a slow and passionate kiss.
He pressed her light body to his and she felt his thick organ brush along the inside of her left thigh.

He stood back and spread his hands.

"Pray, kiss my spike so that we may embark on our journey."

She hesitated but a moment, slightly perturbed at the size of his erection, but then bent down until her face was but an inch away from his hairless groin.

Her tongue darted out and licked his entire length until she reached the prominent head which she sucked into her warm mouth.
She bobbed her head to and fro and moved her right hand across the hard muscles of his stomach.

She lifted her face as she devoured his sweet tasting cock as if seeking his approval and her long lashes fluttered on her upper cheeks.

The Veela did indeed and held the back of her head as she hummed on his bone and bathed his shaft with copious amounts of her saliva.

Lewd sounds emanated from Hermione's mouth as she tried her best to take his thick girth further down her throat.
She became consumed with a fervent urgency to pleasure him and he groaned accordingly to her delight.

'Stand up, little one. I am ready."

Hermione obeyed and stood and the Veela fondled her belly in a subtle line that travelled to the soft downy curls of pubic hair.
She moaned softly and ground her hips on his searching fingers that found her moistness.

The aroused brunette spread her legs and closed her eyes in bliss as he began to stroke in and out of her quim.
She swayed on her feet as he stroked the very slit of her sex and a rush of heat in her loins lit the fire of her lust for his cock.

Just when she thought she could bear no more Hermione was gently lowered onto the carpet of lush green moss beneath them.
In a swift motion he wasted no time and lifted her limber pins up over his forearms and speared her most private spot.

With his hands under her lightweight frame he held her just how he wanted her and proceeded to fuck her with gentle but piercing thrusts.
She stared up at the magnificent creature and held his gaze as he slid inside her, inch by inch, until he was filling her to the hilt of his glorious tail.

Hermione dug her nails into his shoulders as his hips smacked against her and drove his formidable rod deeper and deeper into her throbbing muff.
The clouds that passed across the moon played out shapes and shadows on his shuddering body as he rocked and rolled atop of her.

His long straight mane flicked across her face as he leaned in to nibble lightly on the left side of her neck and Hermione felt the frisson of a thrill leap in her loins.

Her love juices seeped out and along his length and thus provided enough lubrication for the majestic creature to hammer into her with all his might.

As the muscles in his calves tightened behind him he was able to increase the rate of his redoubtable strokes.
Hermione was pinned beneath him and her naked body made a sizeable impression in the moss under her bottom.
Her bare feet drummed restlessly on his lower back as her pleasure intensified and she made little noises at the back of her throat.

"Sit upon me, so that you might enjoy our union further."

The Veela had slowed and then pulled out of Hermione's sex leaving a gaping hole between her labia that failed to close.

Hermione straddled his superb thighs and hovered slightly above his large package.
Her breasts heaved as she swept her hair back and composed herself.
With an unwavering gaze into his hypnotic eyes Hermione lowered herself onto his upstanding pole and impaled her wet tunnel onto his erection.

Once he was fully inserted she shuddered from the amazing sensation of fullness.
She bent down and clamped her legs tightly to his and peered into his remarkable face until they were nose to nose.

she started to rise and fall with a subtle grinding of her hips.
The Veela cupped her cute bottom and guided her motion so that they both got the fullest satisfaction.

Hermione was aware of the darkening of the clouds and she felt the faint patter of raindrops on her back.

Still she gyrated on his spike and their combined perspiration wetted their groins and thighs.
The moss grew softer under them from the increasing rainfall and their bodies became dappled with widely spaced drops of rain.

The Veela thrust up as she dropped down which brought louder cries of gratification from the doe eyed beauty.
The scent of wet soil, grass and the smell of sex assailed her nostrils as every surge up into her muff brought her to the crest of orgasm.

Hermione threw her head back as rain splashed her face and she licked
her mouth as the warm water streamed down from her brow.
Her hair became plastered to her back as she dug her feet in and raced to the climax.

She found herself making love to the rhythm of the by now pounding rain and her eyes closed under the cascading waterfall.

"Ah, little one. Your exquisite beauty overwhelms me. I come, and thank you."

A cry came from deep within the soul of the Veela as he erupted inside the young witch in a tidal wave of semen.
His cock pulsated with every one of his frenzied heartbeats as Hermione remained glued to his groin in her own stirring orgasm.

As she shook her head to clear her head and face she looked down upon her lover and noted a single tear trickle out of his right eye.
Then this was followed by another, then another and another.

As Hermione looked on with disbelieving eyes the heartbroken creature burst out into a thousand, thousand water bubbles and dissolved into nothing.


Hermione slammed the sodden turf over and over in a mix of despair and anger at the needless demise of such a beguiling creature.
She rolled over onto her back, her winsome body wracked in pure, unadulterated grief.
Her hands came up to her face as she sobbed uncontrollably.


Some time after, who knew how much time had passed, the rain stopped and a large shadow blotted out the sky as Hermione opened her red raw eyes.


The imposing figure of the gentle giant loomed over the distraught and soaked naked girl and he bent to lift her up in his enormous arms.

"Come with me, my dear and we'll clean you up."

Hermione buried her face in his vast chest and shivered.

"I love him, Hagrid."

"I know, my lovely. I know."


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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
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What an epic!!! thank you so much!

I've been away so it's been great to be able to return and read the whole epic in one sitting.

Loved how you caught Hermione's updated character from the word go.

This she had done with flying colours, and after graduating she became a leading promotor in bettering the lives of oppressed and disenfranchised House Elves and Muggle born wizards.

Love that and the whole story, thank you!!!

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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
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What an epic!!! thank you so much!

I've been away so it's been great to be able to return and read the whole epic in one sitting.

Loved how you caught Hermione's updated character from the word go.

This she had done with flying colours, and after graduating she became a leading promotor in bettering the lives of oppressed and disenfranchised House Elves and Muggle born wizards.

Love that and the whole story, thank you!!!

Thanks Shane81uk. I've waited a long time to write this series so am happy it's out there. I need to get a start on uploading all my Emma Watson stories here but am so busy writing while I have all these ideas in my head.
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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
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Looking forward to reading the celebritystorysite.com versions of your Emma Watson's stories.

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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
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Chapter eight.

Wednesday April 23rd, 2003.

Six, p.m.


"Change of plan, Hermione. Ginny is coming home earlier than we thought. She'll be here in fifteen minutes."

"Balls! I was really looking forward to our time together."

It was no secret to most that Harry Potter and Hermione Granger were a couple meant to be, but circumstances had prevented their ever getting together as husband and wife.

Instead she was now engaged to be married to the ginger haired Ron Weasley, while her soul mate Harry, was to wed Ron's younger sister Ginny in the next few months.

Already she had serious doubts of her feelings for the emotionally immature Ron, and was extremely jealous of professional Quidditch player Ginny.
The twenty one year old constantly walked about like the cat who got the cream.
Which in Hermione's eyes was exactly what she had.

How many times had the thought 'what if' rolled around in her head.
Now Harry had rekindled his romantic feelings for Ginny in recent times, since she had retired from the game, he had proposed marriage which the smitten red head accepted without question.

Despite his very strong sexual attraction to Ginny, Harry had been somewhat frustrated when the young Weasley girl had told him she would not sleep with him until after the wedding.
She explained that she wished for lots of children and preferred that they were born in wedlock.

Harry Potter had not lived a life of a monk since leaving Hogwarts and had enjoyed several no strings attached, one night stands as he sowed his wild oats.
He had played on his notoriety as 'the boy who lived' and he had basked in the physical adoration it had brought him.

Now, in his physical prime he had no intention of abstaining from sex.


Thinking back to that memorable night six months ago with Harry, Hermione remembered her excitement when she and Harry had first made love for the first time since 2000.
That occasion at Hogwarts had been a very odd affair and best placed in the dustbin of embarrassing moments.

He in turn recalled the fetching young witch who simply radiated sex appeal and had since matured into a skilful lover.
They had shared an intimate dinner in which they shared many memories, some happy, some sad, and had inevitably ended up in the bedroom.

Overwhelmed with the need for bodily pleasure Harry had undressed Hermione with deft hands and had taken her quickly and selfishly.

Later on they had taken their time, learning about each others bodies, touching and kissing, he rubbing against her with his chest, arms and thighs and letting the pair of them share the sexual heat.

Hermione had never been so aroused until now, his thoughtful caresses released the most sensuous stimulations as they writhed in each others arms.
And in such a way that Ron had never done.

Harry moved on top of the lithe female and his sublime member slid up and down her well lubricated outer labia in a wicked tease.
He pushed and rolled on her mound of venus and each contact on her sensitive clit elicited tiny moans of desire.

He nibbled on her ripe nipples which grew to bullet sized nubs on her pert breasts, and she ruffled his thick dark mane.

After much pleading by her he bent her legs back to her head to access her exposed pussy and she shrieked from the incredible penetration of his thick cock as he pushed up inside her.
The limber wizard thrust up with assured strokes as Hermione dug her nails in his backside and watched her feet bump against his head.

Later still Hermione had taken control and had straddled the virile young adult and fucked him with a wanton passion, raising herself up high and then falling onto his entire length over and over.

Her hair whipped around as she threw her head back and she held his hands in hers tightly.
Fully embedded on his rock hard dick she had pumped him rapidly, her intense excitement providing her with a much needed burst of energy that brought about a supreme mutual orgasm.

They had clung together for hours in a passionate hug and gazed into each others eyes as they came to the realisation that they were indeed doomed soul mates.

Ginny had always been the one who had caught his eye with her long wavy hair and bubbly humour, but Hermione stirred some lustfulness in his loins.

Easily swayed by the attractive witch Harry had succumbed to the desirable creature and thus they embarked on a guilty relationship as Ginny worked tirelessly in the background planning her dream day.

Hermione and Harry tried to see each other whenever it was possible, very aware that these stolen moments together were undoubtedly numbered.

Now that Hermione and Ron were at the Ministry of Magic it meant that she and Harry were able to see each other more often.

Harry had begun work there quite soon after the climax of the Second Wizarding War as an Auror and had been an instant success in the transformation of the Auror Department.

In 2001 he had been joined by his best friend, Ron, who had proven a boon in the same department.

Harry had found accommodation in an apartment close by and when he and Ginny had gotten back together as a couple she had moved in with him and immediately began to plan for the Summer wedding.

Ron too had rooms close by the Ministry in Muggle Westminster in London and was joined by Hermione who had reconciled with the Weasley boy and had accepted his proposal.
She had taken up a role in the Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures and immediately set about presenting her pet project 'SPEW.'

After they had slept together that first time since the pair had unleashed an addiction for fucking.
The sex was mind blowing for both, and they would meet in secret, sometimes twice in a week, sometimes only once a fortnight.

Harry discovered that the little tiger screamed louder than any other female he had ever known.
She fucked like a nymphomaniac, sucked cock like a demon, and had unbelievable stamina.
Hermione loved it gentle, rough, dirty and for hours on end.

"If only you had been here an hour ago, I was seriously thinking of you. I had a hard on the size of Nelson's Column!"

Harry stood in the doorway of his apartment and anxiously checked the clock on the mantle.
Hermione pouted and scuffed her shoes as she reluctantly agreed to a postponement.
She had put on her new sleeveless dress on and had wanted Harry to be the first to see it.
And remove it from her lust crazed body.

If only, thought Hermione. If only. Yet she had been stuck in a boring meeting to which she had been summoned to iron out some tedious details in her work.

She turned her mind to her student years when she had used the time turner to attend extra lessons in order to catch up on much needed research.
And despite the entire stock being rendered useless during the battle of the Department of Mysteries in 1996 Hermione had kept hers as a memento.

Now, if she were to use it to go back one hour to five, she and Harry could have some quality time in bed before Ginny would turn up at six fifteen.
In a state of exhilaration she hurried off to her place and retrieved the magical device.


Five, p.m.


Harry answered the door and literally did a double take as Hermione Granger pushed by him and entered.
He looked at her in the skimpy lycra dress which was daringly cut short and hugged her body tightly.


He saw an excitement in her doe like eyes as she stroked his cheek.
The sweet fragrance of her perfume assailed his nostrils and he knew that he had to have her.

"We have an hour to play, so come here you big hunk, you."

Hermione slowly removed Harry's glasses and stroked his hair back to reveal that scar, no longer a pain to him.

She kissed him and at the same time she stroked his stiffening cock in his pants.
He groaned into her warm mouth as she quickly freed his growing member from the tight confines.
As they embraced she jerked him to full attention as they sucked each others tongues into their eager mouths.

"But how?"

"Stop talking and kiss me."

His desire for her extremely heightened, he lifted up the back of her dress and exposed her shapely bottom and found out that she was wearing nothing underneath.
With time ticking down the hour they tore each others clothes off until they both stood naked and aroused.

His body was perfect, she thought, hard yet soft, pale yet hot.
Unlike the stark white of the redheaded Ron.
She stood back to admire him and that was when he saw the special time piece around her neck.

"Hermione! Are you mad? You must not mess about with time travel. Consider the consequences!"

"Don't fuss. As long as we stay in this room no harm will come to us. Besides It's just for an hour. Now love me."

The time turner had a limit of five hours stay in the past placed on the person using it as a safety precaution.
It resembled an hourglass on a necklace and the number of times a person turned it corresponded to the number of hours one travelled back in time.

"You know I can't say no." He said resignedly.

Harry pawed at her pert breasts that jiggled now that they were freed up and thumbed her nipples that hardened involuntarily as she kissed his manly chest.

"Oh, god!"

Harry had grown into a fine figure of a man and Hermione loved to touch his pectorals and biceps.
He nibbled her left earlobe which she absolutely adored and cooed accordingly.

The smoking hot witch moved down his front, kissing his hot flesh all the way to his musky groin.
She inhaled his masculine scent and felt a mini spasm in her loins.
Licking her lips she went onto her haunches and wrapped her slender fingers around his rock hard shaft and lovingly stroked it up and down.
He looked down on his lover and watched her purse her lips and plant a big wet smacker on his cock head.

"Like a big snake, hee, hah! Watch me speak Parseltongue!"

He continued to watch in awe as the diminutive female opened her mouth to let his engorged tip pop inside.
She sucked him in hard and deliberately let her drool seep out and down the underside of his shaft.

"Oh, Hermione, you minx!"

Harry snapped his head back as her welcome throat contracted on his bell end for a matter of twenty seconds before she let him out with a big gulp for air.

"LOVE this big fat snake!" She said as she bent it this way and that in front of her face.

She repeated the same act of deep throating and then let him back up with a cough and a splutter.
Her nostrils were sensuously flared as she inhaled the smell of his member then gave it several butterfly kisses along the full length of the underside.

Standing now she sighed as Harry felt her muff and found that she was dripping wet.

They stumbled to the bed and Hermione fell back onto it with open legs.
Harry's mouth watered as he observed her light downy hair that glistened with moisture.
He licked between her inner thighs and tasted the salty/sweetness of her labia.

Hermione grabbed his thick mane of hair and closed her eyes as he teased her folds open with his pointed tongue.

"You do that so well."

She squirmed and quivered from the exquisite sensation of his lips and tongue brushing her hardened clit.

"Do the thing."

"Oh, the thing?"

"Mmm, the thing."

Harry grinned as he grabbed her bottom and pulled her cunt directly against his face.
Her clit was out and resembled a pearl as he licked it up and down, from side to side, and then up and down once more.

He began to chant over and over in nonsensical sounds that vibrated on her nub.

"Mmm, unghh, whooosh, huummmm!"

Harry tightened his grip in her buns as she rolled her hips to accentuate the fantastic vibrations he sent through her.
He made long swipes across the top of her pussy and his face became covered with her slippery juices.

He was desperate to shove his aching cock up her but continued to pleasure her by shoving two fingers inside her muff knuckle deep.
Hermione jerked in ecstasy and gripped big bunches of the sheet and lifted her back off of the bed.

"By Merlin's beard, I have to have you."

Hermione groaned aloud as Harry thrust up into her hard, filling her with his gratifying rod.
As their bodies melded into one she clawed at his broad back nd wallowed in the super sensation of his erection sliding in and out of her pussy.
She loved the way he fucked her, starting with assured strokes that plumbed her very depths, and then slow. Painfully slow so that she hugged him hard in order to urge him to speed up.

"Do it fast, you devil."

"Oh, like this?"


Harry began to piston fuck the trembling female under him and her legs turned to jelly as he fucked the strength out of her.

In his small apartment their perspiration sealed their hot bodies together as he plunged in and out of her with his steel hard length.


Five fifty five.


The telephone rang and Harry swore as he stopped and reluctantly pulled out of a pouting Hermione.
He picked up the receiver to hear the voice of his fiance telling him she would be home in about twenty minutes.

"We have to call it a day, Hermione. You, your, she, will be here soon."

"But I still haven't cum."

"But you, her, she will be knocking on the door in five minutes, you have to hide."


Six, p.m.


Harry threw on a sweater and opened the door to Hermione One.
He ran his hand through his hair and adjusted his spectacles.

"Oh, Hermione. You! Er, yes. A change of plan. Yes, that's it. Ginny is coming home earlier than expected. She will be here in fifteen minutes."

"Balls! I was really looking forward to our time together."

Hermione thought she heard giggling inside and tried to peer over his shoulder.

"Are you with someone?"

"NO, that is no. Look make yourself scarce. Ginny!"

Harry closed the door in the disappointed face of the slender witch who looked about somewhat forlorn.
He was suddenly spun around and he and Hermione Two fell to the bed where the insatiable witch trapped his lower body with her thighs.

"We still have some time."

Harry caught her hips in both hands as she lowered onto his dick and sank down all the way.
Her toes curled and she swept her hair back as she rode on him with a wanton lust.
He met her gaze and saw a fierce look in her eyes and for a split second thought that she might very well be possessed.

She pushed down hard with her hips on his throbbing dick and hurtled towards her desired orgasm.


Six ten.


The telephone rang again and Harry flung Hermione off his knob and picked up the receiver to hear his fiance telling him she would not now be back until seven.
He related the update to Hermione who clapped her hands.

"Brilliant! Come here lover."

Harry felt a definite palpable tension in the air as he looked at the perfection of the naked hussy.

"Hermione, you're shameless!"

"You said it!"

She mounted him again, tossing a long leg over his sweating body and began to screw him silly.


Six fifteen.


Another knock on the door and the pair of lovers began to panic.

"Balls! Is that Ginny?"

"Don't know, maybe. Hide!"

Again Harry Potter tugged on his sweater and glasses on and went to open the front door.

He opened it a fraction and a bubbly Hermione barged past him.

"Just heard that Ginny is delayed. Isn't that splendid? Get naked, lover!"

Before he could react Hermione had stripped off her lycra dress and was dragging Harry's top off over his head.

"But, but we can't. YOU can't. She's still here."

Hermione Two stepped out the closet, stark bollock naked, apart from the time turner around her neck.

"Hello, babe. Do I really look that thin?"

"YOU! I expected you to be long gone." Said a horrified Hermione One.

"Hermione, You," he pointed to the newcomer. "You have to leave. The time lines, I don't know."

"Look, I want some Harry love too. She might be fucking you, but I'M not getting the benefit. I need it as much as she. Now, we have a half hour. I suggest we get on with it."

"I'm with you, honey. Let's team up." Agreed Hermione Two.

Harry looked agog at the seemingly twin sisters with their identical taut bodies and his boner twitched like mad.
The only thing to tell them apart was the time turner around Two's neck.

"I have a feeling I've been set up."

The two naked and ravenous witches sidled up to him and kissed him in turn.
With Hermione One on his right and Hermione Two in his left they took his face to theirs as they stroked his hard dick.
It felt good to have four hands caress him he admitted to himself and made a smug grin.


Hermione One pulled away and laid back in the bed.
Harry was nudged forward by the other and he positioned himself between the newer pussy of his lover.
She held his cock in her right hand and slid it up and down her damp slit.
The heels of her feet dug the cheeks of his tight butt and she drew him inside her pussy.

"Now, that's what I'm talking about."

Harry thrust up with his hips and Hermione wrapped her legs around him to pull him in deep.

"SO fucking good!"

The pair of them ground their hips together as each drive in by Harry made Hermione shriek.
Hermione Two cupped her pussy and pumped in and out with her busy fingers as she watched intently.
Her legs visibly bucked from the overwhelming pleasure she was giving herself.
With her fingers embedded inside of her she ground down with the palm of her hand for extra pressure.

"Join in." Urged Hermione One and her twin came up behind Harry and hugged him tightly from behind.

As Harry fucked One so Two matched his thrusting pelvis with hers.
Then Harry pulled out and lifted his weight off of Hermione beneath him and sidled up her body to place his knob to her mouth.
She readily parted her lips and let his swollen head pop in.

Hermione Two was now on all fours ad Harry glanced at her enticing bottom which she lifted up and he moved in behind her.
He licked his middle finger and ran it around her pussy lips before slipping it inside her wetness.

"Ooooh, nice!"

He replaced his digit with his boner and pushed on in, relishing every inch of her tight cunt.
When he was all in his balls rested against her backside.

"I LOVE it when he's all in." She purred.

"I know EXACTLY how you feel." Agreed her identical other self.

"You two! Words fail me!"

Potter soon began to move in and out, picking up the pace and repeatedly slamming against Two's rump.
One came up close to observe and frigged herself, utterly turned on by the lewd smacking of his body on hers.

"Me now, me, me, me!"

Hermione One assumed a similar position and Harry could hardly believe his eyes as he looked down on the same ass, side by side!!
He quickly pulled out and shifted to the other and entered the exact same pussy he was just fucking.

Except that one was six inches to his right!

As he leaned in the two witches kissed each other in an almost incestual manner.
What were the odds of ever kissing yourself?

"I had no idea how good I tasted." Said One as she sucked the others tongue into her mouth."

'Me neither," agreed Two.

Then One shuddered and screamed into the mouth of her twin as she came around Harry's cock.
As he pulled out of her quivering quim he moved over to fuck Two.
He clutched her hips and roughly pulled her lightweight frame back onto his throbbing organ.


She also climaxed on his cock and fell onto her front in her orgasmic bliss.

"That was amazing."

Harry wiped his brow as the two witches hopped up on either side of him and grinned at each other.

"After you, Miss Granger." Said Two.

"Why, thank you, Miss Granger." Answered One who held up Harry's hose and engulfed it greedily.

They began sharing his dick, One sucking on it for three or four healthy slurps before handing off to Two.
The team work and erotic scenario of TWO Hermione Grangers sucking him drove the wizard nuts.

As one of them licked his dick the other wanked his shaft with both hands.
Then they switched and as one sucked him off the other massaged his tight ball sack.

"Merlin's beard!"

Harry felt that surge of tingling through his shaft and he erupted into two eager mouths that swallowed each and every torrid burst of hot cum.


Six fifty five.


Hermione Two winked out of time and presumably returned to the point where she had turned the timepiece.
That left the original Hermione who licked her sticky lips.

"Now really, come on. Ginny will be here any moment."

"Alright, lover. I'm going. Where's my dress?"


Seven, p.m.


There came a frantic rapping on the front door and Harry looked at Hermione a little distressed.


"Why is she knocking? Does she not have a key?"

"That's right. Who is this now?"

Harry opened the door a crack and Hermione Granger bustled in, still in her new skimpy lycra dress.
Around her neck was the time turner necklace from before.

"Alright, Hermione?" She asked the half dressed One.

Harry looked from one to the other and then gawped at the latest horny minx who quickly shed her clothing.

The phone rang and Harry sat on the edge of his bed somewhat perplexed.

"That will be Ginny telling you that she's been indefinitely detained. I just got the word at eight. So I used the device to come back an hour."

The pair of naked brunette's held hands and loomed in a rather menacing manner over Harry Potter who leaned back, marginally alarmed.
His cock moved imperceptibly as he eyed their desirable bodies.

"Now, where were we?" The girls said in unison.

"Bloody hell!" He uttered with a dry throat.

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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
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Chapter Nine

January, 2003

Hermione Granger had only herself to blame for reconciling the romantic relationship between Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley.
The youngest of the Weasley siblings, Ginny had come to the slightly older witch and begged her to bring 'the boy who lived' back into her life.

It had been Harry who had broken off their newly found romance just prior to him planning the demise of the Dark Lord, Voldemort.

Since that day in May, 1998 they had gone their separate ways, free to do whatever they so chose to do with whoever they chose.
She and Harry had never had sexual relations in their time together and as they reached maturity both she and he had discovered their sexual awakening and were no longer innocent virgins.

The end of the Second Wizarding War had seen Harry relocate to Muggle London to pursue a career in the Ministry Of Magic.
It was here he had run into Ginny when her Quidditch team were in town and he had been quite taken by her maturity and her blossoming good looks.

They had enjoyed a pleasant evening together and for a fleeting moment Ginny saw the real possibility of Harry and her picking up where they left off.
Now in his mid twenties he failed to recognise her rekindled infatuation with him and their meeting had left her further saddened and frustrated.

This turned into an anger and then a plot. A plot to get him back into her life once and for all.


'I think I have an idea," said Hermione as the two friends sat in the Leaky Cauldron pub in Diagon Alley.

Hermione herself still had lingering feelings and emotions where Harry Potter was concerned but had known for years Ginny had carried a torch for the bespectacled wizard.

"Ever heard of reverse revenge sex?"

"No, I haven't."

"Instead of a person cheating on their other half, so to speak, thereby making him or her jealous. We flip it over and make the OTHER person get caught in flagrante.
If we were to catch Harry on the job as it were and you were to suddenly burst in and catch him, I think he just might feel guilty enough to see what he is missing out on. You, as it were. He would feel so remorseful that he would take you back in a second."

"Him, cheating on me, is going to swing him around? Shouldn't that be me cheating on HIM?"

"No, this way is best. He will see you in a new light, vulnerable, disconsolate and heart broken. Why, even I would fall for you in that circumstance."

Gunny sipped her mug of foaming Butterbeer, lost in thought, as Hermione went to the bar for a top up.

Despite its popularity the pub was quite dingy and small, but it still remained the ideal place for the wizarding world to visit each other.
They were seated in a tiny alcove by the window which looked out at the cobblestoned shopping area for wizards and witches alike.

"But, I don't want to see Harry in bed with another."

"Quite. Just to ensure that things are risk free and with no likelihood of unwanted infidelity, I shall be the one who seduces him and then gets caught out by you."


"You got anyone else in mind? We won't go the whole nine yards. just far enough so that it appears that he and I are making out."

"Sounds dodgy. We would have to plan it to the second so that I come in before you and he, you know."

"Right. I'll invite him to my apartment and keep him busy for say, a half hour. I'll leave the door unlocked so that you can gain entrance.
You walk in and see the two of us and the shock will turn him back around.
Once he's exposed I'll leave you two alone so that you can make him feel super guilty."

Ginny still demurred. Since she had left Hogwarts and Hermione had returned to finish her exams, word had gotten around that the winsome brunette was a raving nymphomaniac.

The once private and studious Hermione had her eyes on anyone in trousers.
And not only men. Hermione was certainly bisexual and enjoyed the delights of lesbian sex.
Threesomes, two men and her, or a man and woman plus herself were a regular occurrence.

"Will you be naked?"

"I'll keep something on. Trust me, Ginny."

The striking red haired female looked at her friend with a sideways glance.

Can I? She wondered.
Over the next two days the pair of them cooked up a scenario for their plan.
Ginny had taken a room above the pub and patiently waited for her chance.


Ever since the now twenty four year old Hermione had first had sex she had become almost a different witch overnight.
She loved it.
She loved the different fantasies she had been able to fulfil.
She loved men, naked, erect and virile.

How she wished that she could fuck them all.
There was nothing better than her pussy, swollen and stuffed with a thick cock, or dripping with cum after a satisfying fuck.

She also adored the female body. That divine femininity of the curves, the succulent breasts and juicy pussy mounds.

Flesh on flesh, skin on skin, how simply erotic was the touch of another against her soft and sensitive form.

After they had gone their separate ways, Hermione told Ginny to expect a visit from her owl, who would relate the when and where of her and Harry's visit.

Ginny had inherited Pigwidgeon when her brother Ron had found him to be just too annoying.
His sister however had thought the miniature owl to be cute and had actually been the one who had named him.

Hermione had waited until her third year of studies at the School of Wizarding and Magic to have a pet when she purchased her cat Crookshanks, now sadly gone.

She would then borrow Ginny's owl to deliver a message seeing as the reluctant redhead steadfastly refused to use a fellytone, as she referred to the confusing Muggle invention.

"I'll let Pig fly off and bring you the message that we're good to go."

It would be on the Thursday then and Harry Potter had accepted the invitation to taste Hermione's home cooked supper at her modest apartment.
Once settled she would seduce him and let Ginny know when to catch them out.

It was on that very day of the proposed visit that Hermione ran into a Senior student at Hogwarts she had gotten to know the previous year.

"Oh my goodness! So nice to see you. What are you doing in Diagon Alley?"

Hermione flung her arms around the tall man and gave him a peck on the lips.

It was Frank, a Hufflepuff House member who Hermione had become friendly with, QUITE friendly with in fact, when she was busy researching in the fantastic library of Hogwarts.

Beside him was another good looking eighteen year old who caught her eye.

"Hermione, this is Terry, or Tez. He's in Hufflepuff as well."

Wow! How did I overlook HIM at Hogwarts, she thought.

"Pleased to meet you."

She took his warm hand in hers and held onto it for a very long minute.
His dark eyes smouldered as his gaze lingered on hers and she felt her pussy throb under her skirt.

"Likewise. I've heard all about you from Frank."

"Oh? All good things I hope." She answered in a sweet voice.

"Tez has been in London for a while looking after his mother, she's a Muggle born. I tagged along to get my wand repaired at Ollivanders and now we're returning to Hogwarts."

"You must both come to my place for a visit before you leave."

The rain shower got heavier and they huddled in the sheltered entrance of the Leaky Cauldron as they spoke.

"Actually this is our last day. We leave in the morning."

"Oh really? That's a shame."

Such a shame as she looked from one magnificent and handsome wizard to the other, admiring their broad chests and promising bulges in their trousers.
Both had brooding looks and thick, dark hair which was something Hermione adored about young males.

Fuck it, she decided. Tonight with Harry is off. She linked arms with the pair of them and whisked them off through the rain to her place, just off of the Ministry of Magic.


Thursday, 16th of January.

They stumbled in laughing and joking and as both men fell onto her sofa Hermione kicked her shoes off and went to fetch a drinks tray.
She brought back a bottle of Vodka and three glasses and sat down in the middle of the tall fellows.

They drank to the health of Hogwarts and they all drained their glasses.

"Have another, guys. I just need to do something quick."

She padded out to her bedroom and scribbled out two notes on parchment and tied them to each of Pig's legs.

"Now, pay attention. This message," she tugged his left foot gently. "This, is for Harry Potter. Please deliver this one first. It says tonight is off and to come over tomorrow. The other one is for Ginny Weasley. To tell her I've postponed."

The owl made a tweet and when Hermione opened the window he took off onto the by now lashing rain.

"Let's just cut to the chase, shall we?"

Hermione sat back in the middle of the two fresh faced young wizards and her luscious lithe body squirmed between them.
She looked at Frank and crossed her bare legs and smiled at him seductively.
Turning to her left Tez put his arm around her shoulder and moved in to kiss her.
She kissed him back at the same time Frank caressed her shapely right thigh.


She gave Frank a big wet kiss and parted her legs so that Tez could reach in to trace his fingers along her inner thigh.
Tez kissed her next and she tasted his hot tongue and the sharp Vodka burn.
His hand travelled up further and vanished under her short skirt where he cupped her mound.
Frank caressed her tits through the thin fabric of her top and Hermione let herself melt as her craving for their touch overwhelmed her.

"Let's make this a night to remember."

Now four busy hands wandered all over her body.
Her legs, her breasts, her arms, and her muff.
For her there was nothing more satisfying than to have her hot body stroked and touched.

"That feels so nice, guys."

As if in slow motion her top was raised up and off over her head, and her skirt lifted up to her midriff.
Hermione sighed as their fingers lingered on her delectable naked body and she shifted from one man to the other on the seat between them.

They all three stood as one and she became sandwiched by their solid masculine forms.
Frank bent and clamped his white teeth to her left nipple and from behind Tez nuzzled her neck.

She writhed from the gradual warm and radiant arousal in her sex and she swayed in anticipation of what was to come.
Frank knelt down and roughly dragged her panties to her feet in one quick motion and she stepped out of them with a dainty kick of her left leg.

She spread her legs wide for him and he drove his tongue up into her slick pussy entrance.
Tez used his fingers to trail down in a line to the small of her back and found that smooth seam of flesh that separated her buttocks.
Hermione wiggled her bottom, urging him to make contact with her trim bush.

He pushed inside her slit and probed the shining pinkness of her inner folds.
The sensation of two rampant wizards playing with her heated loins released waves of pulsating pleasure through her body.

She went up on tiptoe as Frank lapped at her slit from the front and Tez delved into the very depths of her juicy cunt behind her.

Then TWO mouths clamped to her muff and she rocked her hips as their rapid slathering brought forth her tangy juices from within.

As she spiralled onto a world of ecstasy four firm hands gripped her thighs to steady the lightweight witch.
The lewd sound of lapping tongues on her nether regions had her dripping and shrieking in response.

"Slow...slow down, boys. Let me look at you."

Both men took a step back as she reached out to the sofa and collapsed onto the welcome seat, her pussy swamped with saliva and her own fluids.

They began to unbutton their shirts and undo their belts.
Their tight underpants came next and each of their poker stiff cocks strained up and out at her.

"Heavens! Two magic wands!"

Hermione took her good time appraising each athletic looking students.
She knew that Frank played Quidditch and was obviously fit and toned, and from the look of his friend he was probably a player as well.

She herself had transformed into a very nice young filly with well shaped breasts and puffy nipples, slender pins and a well defined Mons that nestled nicely between her parted legs.

Her skin was flawless and her lustrous hair swayed as she moved.
Her upper thighs did not touch and all eyes were focused on that desirable and trimmed pussy that yearned to be licked and fucked.

Hermione edged back up on the sofa and Frank crawled up between her spread out legs and eased himself on top of her.
She welcomed in with open arms as his rock hard dick searched the furrow between her thighs for her steamy cunt.

"Yes, oh yes!"

Hermione gasped as he was up inside her with one hard push.
Their mouths met and their breath mixed as the Hufflepuff student moved in and out with strong pelvic thrusts.

Her legs came up and curled around his upper thighs as their hot bodies became entwined in a lust crazed tangle.
The young brunette could feel his pounding heart against her breasts which were crushed against his chest.
His warm and masculine scent assailed her nostrils and she gulped hard to savour every minute he fucked her.

The legs of the sofa actually moved as the robust wizard hammered the grateful witch into the seat.
She glanced at Tez whose erection had a very purple and very swollen head and crooked her finger at him.

She leaned over to her left and took his dick into her mouth.
Hermione adored the wonderful sensation of a fat and spongy knob in her mouth and hummed happily on Tez as Frank lunged up into her pussy.

Frank reared back then and his shining cock popped out of Hermione's gaping pussy.
She scooted up and got onto all fours along the three seat sofa.

Tez gripped her by the hips from behind and pushed his right leg forward.
His sizeable cock easily slid into her moist channel, freshly made slick by his colleague, and Hermione made a throaty groan as he kept on pushing in until he was fully embedded in her stretched out pussy.

"What a big boy!" She said admiringly.

Tez began a slow fuck, pushing up inside all the way, then back out until he almost slipped out.
Hermione gasped at the superb sense of total fullness and with each assured thrust up she was shunted forward a good three inches.

Frank was stroking his throbbing organ and moved in front of the blushing brunette and she eagerly held his erection to her pursed lips.
Hermione was in a state of bliss, being fucked from behind by forceful strokes from Tez, and being literally face fucked by Frank.

In and out Frank slid his cock into her mouth until the bulbous head protruded down into her throat.
Hermione took great huffs of air through her nose as Frank's balls slapped against her chin.

She felt her orgasm rising and rising and then she screamed on Frank's boner as she came on Tez's cock.
Still he rammed in and out, holding her in a tight grip and pulling her onto his generous length.

He gave her three swift strokes and then remained inside her up to the hilt.
Then more superb strokes, one, two, three, before pulling her back onto his whole shaft.

"By Merlin's beard!"

Hermione cried out as Tez came inside her, his dick spurting stream after stream and filling her with his cum.
He pulled out of the quivering witch who clamped both of her legs together convulsively.

"Whenever you're ready."

Frank had sat down on an armchair and wagged his stiff cock back and forth.
Hermione mounted the strapping young wizard and her knees touched both of his muscular thighs as she sank down onto his upstanding pole.
She started to ride on him immediately and gladly impaled herself on his divine organ.

It felt so good inside her sodden muff and she began to gyrate her hips in big semi circles in order to fully appreciate his entire length.
Her cute bottom banged down hard on his groin and his balls bounced under her urgent bucking.

Frank cupped her jiggling tits and she slowed up so that she could lean down to kiss him on the mouth.
He thumbed her erect nipples and she moaned into his open mouth.
Hermione's pussy juices ran down his left thigh as each squirm of her lower body increased her pleasure.

"Oh my gosh!"

Hermione came for the second time as Frank pushed her high up and buried his dick inside her sloppy cunt.
His hot cum gushed deep inside as she collapsed onto his chest.
When she moved off of his dribbling dick her pussy oozed a long line of white cream onto his balls.

"That was delicious."

At that moment the door opened and Ginny burst in and threw her hands up in the air.

"Oh, Harry! How could you? And with Hermione of all people. Why...oh."

Ginny calmed down at the sight of the very naked Hermione Granger in the arms of two strapping, and equally naked, eighteen year old wizards.

"Ginny! Didn't you get my note telling you not to come?"

"I got your note, yes. Here. 'Come over tonight.'"

Hermione sat up and took the rain sodden parchment from the redheaded witch and saw that some of the ink had run.

"This should have read 'Harry's visit is postponed. I have instead invited a couple of guests, so do NOT come over tonight.'"

Only the last three words were eligible and Ginny had acted on the presumed command.
As the two guys got up and began to get dressed Hermione threw on a robe and took her frustrated friend to one side.

"Ginny, we need to talk."


Friday, 17th of January.

So it was agreed that Hermione would have Harry come visit this night and instructed Ginny to remain in her room at the Leaky Cauldron.
When Hermione moved to London in order to be close to the Ministry she had taken rooms which came with a telephone.

Until now she had not made use of the Muggle invention but now decided it would be useful in communicating with Ginny.

"This room has a telephone," said Hermione and pointed at it with a stab of her index finger. "Use it. I will call you and tell you the precise time to come."

"If you insist."

"I do. Do you want Harry back in your life or not? Now, I'm off to St. Mungo's for the day and I expect Harry around six."

Hermione bade farewell to Ginny and took off to the St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and injuries on an errand.
As she stepped through the window of what seemingly appeared to be a condemned department store she actually entered the hospital through the magical gateway.

As she went up to the reception Hermione was surprised to see none other than Cho Chang.
Since she had graduated from Hogwarts the half blood Chinese girl had become a Healer at the hospital.
Cho was dressed in the standard lime green uniform and had her black hair back in a ponytail.

"Well, well. Hermione Granger."

"Cho. Long time no see. And how are you?"

"Well. How may I help?"

Hermione told of her errand of delivering some important papers from the Ministry and handed them over.

It must have been over five years now since they had spoken last and Hermione thought the already attractive young witch had become strikingly beautiful.
There had always been some coldness between the pair of them, and Ron had made things doubly worse in his usual tactless manner soon after the sad death of Cho's boyfriend Cedric.

To be fair to Hermione it was Cho who presumed incorrectly that she and Harry were in a romantic relationship, which sadly for Hermione never happened.
She and he did have a deep friendship and trust for each other but they had never taken things further, much to her disappointment.
Cho was quite jealous as at that time she was seriously attracted to the boy wizard.

After 1998 she had not stayed in touch with Harry or Hermione and had gotten on with her life quietly.

"Wow, you look amazing. Did you ever marry?"

Cho had matured into a five feet four stunner with long black hair, feline type eyes and a full figure.

"No. After Cedric I could never settle with another man. These days I prefer the company of females. And chocolate."

Hermione saw a flash of something in Cho's gorgeous almond shaped eyes and was taken aback by pulse between her legs.
Was she saying what I THINK she's saying?
Intrigued by the notion that Cho may have acquired lesbian tendencies Hermione acted on impulse.

"Look, Cho. How would you like to come to my apartment tonight? I just made a triple chocolate caramel cake with truffles and fudge. Interested?"

Cho took a long minute to consider the unexpected offer and then said she would visit.

"Great, I'll expect you to six."


Hermione had made the cake as a special treat for Harry but it would be just the thing to impress Cho.
She hurried off home and made the place tidy.
She stepped into her newly purchased black shoulder less dress and brushed her hair to the left.

Once she had changed she rushed over to Pigwidgeon and scrawled out an apology to Harry Potter.
She let the owl out through the window and then dialed the Leaky Cauldron and connected with Ginny's room.

Ginny shot a look at the ringing black object on the solitary table in her rented room and sneered at the infernal device.
She picked it up and held it about ten inches from her face.


"Ginny, it's Hermione. Put the phone closer to your ear."


"Ginny. Look, tonight is off. Don't come here, I have a guest."


"No! I have Cho here instead. Cho Chang. Put the receiver closer."

"CHANGE? INTO SOMETHING SEXY? Right. I'll be there in an hour."

Ginny cradled the phone gently and hung up.

"Not change, Chang! Ginny? Ginny! Oh, balls!"

She checked her clock and saw that it was almost six.
At that moment there came a knock on the door and Hermione welcomed Cho inside.
She would just have to shoo away Ginny when the time came.

"Please, do have a seat."

Cho sat in a chair opposite Hermione and looked at the table between them which had a mouth watering array of bowls of strawberries and grapes.
And the big round homemade cake.

Cho wore a fetching shiny gold top and matching skirt.

"Nice cake."

"Thanks. I like to bake whenever I get a chance."

Hermione cut a generous portion and handed it over to Cho on a small dish.

"So, how is Ron? I would have thought you two would be married by now."

"We're sort of on and off, you know. We see other people so we're not exclusive."

"And, Harry?"

Cho took a mouthful of chocolate cake and stared directly into Hermione's doe like eyes.
She had a certain look of attitude written on her face as she cocked her head to one side and Hermione felt a slight hesitation to proceedings.

"Sure. Quite a lot. In fact he was due to visit tonight."

Cho digested the cake, and then the information. Then all hell broke loose.

"I KNEW you and Harry were an item! I KNEW it!"

Cho flared up at the news and her eyes blazed with fury.

"I don't know what you mean."

"Yes, you do!"

"Do not."

"You're not very good at lying, you skinny bitch! Admit it, just the once. You're fucking Harry Potter!"

I wish, thought Hermione as she stood up with her chin lifted in defiance.
Cho stood too and the pair of them drew menacingly closer.

"You want to make something of it?"

The distance between them shortened still.
Not once did they break eye contact.
Cho's bosom heaved under her top and strained at the light material.

"Do you? Can't you just keep THIS away from him for a change?"

Cho pushed up against the seething brunette and gasped as a firm hand cupped her pussy.

"Maybe I will, maybe I won't."

With that Hermione curled her fingers into claws, found where Cho's top was fastened and tore it open to expose two bouncing tits.
Pearl buttons flew up as Cho growled and thrust her fingers down the front of Hermione's dress and ripped it down the right side so that her breast popped out.


Hermione was too slow to react as the other side of her dress was ripped so that she stood topless and vulnerable.
She cried out as Cho gripped her hair and forced her down onto her knees.
Cho lifted up the front of her own skirt and parted her legs and moaned into the brunette's mouth as slender fingers slipped inside her silk panties.

"Have a taste of what Harry Potter missed out on, bitch!"

Hermione ripped down the soft underwear to Cho's ankles and pressed her face into her hot mound.

"And watch those teeth, slut!"

Cho bumped her hips at Hermione's mouth and pushed her head onto her damp pussy.
Hermione groaned as she drove her tongue up into the hot muff of the Chinese witch.
She gripped Cho's thighs and began to lick and suck as Cho rolled her hips on the slathering tongue.

"Come here, bitch!"

Cho lifted Hermione up and her tattered dress fell to leave her in just her undies.

"Let me see what Potter loves so much."

Hermione felt a hot flash of desire in her loins as she was gently fingered.
As they teetered on their heels they frigged each other and exchanged saliva as they French kissed.

Cho managed to curl her index and middle digits to rub on Hermione's G-spot and the horny witch clamped her thighs together to increase the sublime pressure inside her quim.

Cho gasped aloud as her clitoris was heavily thumbed and she snapped her head back in pleasure.

"You're making me so wet!" Cried Cho.

"I just have to have you." Replied Hermione.

"Really? You want some of this?"

Hermione bristled with excitement as she got her first proper look at the beautiful witch from China.
She was adorable.
About the same height as her and maybe a little heavier.
Her tits were much larger with dark areolas topped off with hard nipples simply crying out to be sucked and licked.
Her belly was surprisingly flat and flattered her hips and heart shaped butt.

"Let's have some fun first."

Cho stepped over to the table and picked up the remains of the cake and
smashed the gooey chocolate into Hermione's startled face!

For a moment there was complete silence, and then Hermione took great lumps of chocolate from her face and smeared the dark mess across Cho's heaving breasts.

Hermione grinned through her sweet covered lips as the soft cake mix travelled down the valley of Cho's tits.


Cho returned to the table and took a handful of white grapes and crammed them into Hermione's snatch.
She made a big silent O with her mouth as she widened her legs.
Her inner thighs were soaked and her pussy mound was wet and sticky.

They both looked at each other and then burst out laughing.
Hermione steered Cho to her bedroom and they both fell onto the bed in a tangle of limbs and food.
Cho groaned as her left breast was lifted and a darting tongue teased the chocolate covered nipple.
She deftly opened her legs wide and two of her fingers found her damp cunt and probed deep inside.

The melted chocolate on Hermione's face smeared Cho's upper body and face as they grappled on the bed.

Then Hermione shrieked as she was easily flipped onto her back and had her legs splayed out.

Cho traced out a line with her long and pink tongue across the superb contours of Hermione's stomach until she reached her sodden pussy.
The Chinese witch worked through the mashed up grapes and began to tongue Hermione's fruity slit and the brunette felt a welcome surge rush through her.
Her toes curled as Cho settled between her legs and concentrated on her erect clit.

Hermione lost count of the number of times her back arched to stave off her uncontrollable convulsions.
Her pussy ran like a river from the salacious mix of grape juice, Cho's saliva and her own vaginal fluids.

Cho slurped loudly which only heightened Hermione's lust for more and the screeched on the floor as they both writhed in bliss.

Again Hermione was pleasantly surprised as Cho pulled her sideways and rammed her cunt to hers.
Cho held Hermione and rocked her hips back and forth, and to and fro in grinding circles.

They both settled into a lewd rhythm and moaned in time with each other.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

Hermione came first in fits of throaty screams and Cho fell on top of her and banged her hips up and down on the sweat covered witch until she too climaxed.

At that moment the door opened and Ginny burst in and threw her hands up in the air.

"Oh, Harry! How could you? And with Hermione of all people. Why...oh."

Ginny calmed down at the sight of the very naked Hermione Granger who was plastered with drying and dark chocolate.
Beside her was an equally messy Cho Chang who was busy licking the cake from Hemione's face.

"Ginny, we need to talk," said Hermione sucking her sticky fingers.


Saturday, 18th of January.

Harry Potter cleaned his eyeglasses with his lens cleaner and knocked on the apartment door of Hermione Granger.
He had finally received confirmation of her invitation to a homemade supper after two sudden cancelations.
Although he had been aware that his old and loyal friend had taken up a position in the Ministry he had deliberately stayed out of her way.

The reason?

Now he had reached the age of twenty-two he and she had become sexually active and he felt a strong desire to sleep with his fellow Gryffindor House member.

His introduction to sex had been a slow one but once he had shared beds with several female admirers he had discovered that making love made him feel good.
And not only that he had learned that he had been blessed with an above average big dick.

Rumours had filtered back to London that Hermione also enjoyed a healthy sexual appetite and took great joy in physical contact.
He had never considered Hermione to be a potential romantic partner back in their student days and he had developed feelings for Ron's younger sister.

Even so he had ended their relationship in the belief that she would be better off with another.
A decision that had always nagged at him ever since.

And what of Hermione?
She had paired off with Ron in '98, and yet were still not an exclusive couple.

The door opened and Hermione appeared with a big smile in her ravishing sleeveless dress.

"Harry! SO happy you finally made it, come in, come in."

Hermione looked at the clock on her mantle.
5.45. He's quite a bit early.


Earlier, Hermione had found a rather forlorn Ginny Weasley sitting at the window table in the Leaky Cauldron.
She pulled up a chair and joined her.

"Oh, it's you."

"Ginny, I simply must apologise for my behaviour the last couple of days. I don't know WHAT came over me."

"I do. You're a bloody nympho, is what you are."

"Am not! And even if that were true it's no excuse for letting you down.
Now. Harry is definitely coming to my place at seven tonight. Be there. I promise that it will be worth your while."

"You're going to seduce him for my benefit? Or yours?"

"For you, sweetie."

"And I won't find you stark naked and in bed with Harry?"

"Absolutely not."

"Alright. Seven then.


"It's the first time I've had pumpkin pasties since school. And cauldron cakes! You made these?"

"All done with my own fair hands. I did actually make a chocolate cake but it got ruined."


"How? Oh, it got a hair on it."

Hermione gave a smug grin and quickly changed the subject.

"How's Ron?" She asked.

"Ron is Ron, you know. Same old, same old. He asked me to say hi."

"Seen Ginny lately?"

Hermione poured Harry another cup of tea and sat back opposite him.
Six o'clock. Still another hour to keep Harry busy before Ginny arrived.
She crossed her slim pins and Harry took a lingering look at her bared thigh.

"Ginny? No. You?"

"I did bump into her. She still adores you."

"Right. We've moved on from there. I'm sure she'll find someone."

"And you, Harry? No one special?"

"No, just enjoying the single life. No intention of settling down yet."

Hermione took in a deep breath of air as she and he gazed into each others eyes.
She re crossed her legs and brushed an errant strand of hair from her right cheek.

Harry stood up and took her by the hands and drew her to him.
She blushed as he kissed her on the mouth hard and firm, and she responded in kind as her arms draped over his shoulders.

"You're a good kisser." He whispered into her mouth.

"Mmm, not too shabby yourself." She replied as she nibbled on his lower lip.

Harry let his hands wander up her backless dress and Hermione melted into his chest.
He continued to flick at her left ear and Hermione felt a dozen different emotions all at the same time.

Did she have romantic feelings for the boy who lived? And did he feel the same?
Was she jealous of Ginny?
Did she still intend on making up for lost opportunities?
Would she be able to hold back from going all the way?
I'll get back to you on that one.

Their kissing became more intense and Harry stroked her bare shoulders, easing down her dress until her exposed breasts stood out proud from her chest.

"You look breath taking."

Together they shrugged her dress down to her high heels where it gathered in an untidy heap.


The wizard put his index finger to her lips and shushed her.

"No words."

Her body was divine he thought, not too skinny but curvy where it mattered.
Her breasts were neither too big, nor too small as he thumbed the hard tips.
As she went on tiptoe and dug the toes of her heels into the carpet he could not miss her pussy moisten with her free running juices.

Harry tore off his shirt and Hermione pawed at his inviting chest.
The boy who lived had become the perfect mix of rugged manliness and a lean frame, with hair on his chest and rough stubble about his chin.

Suddenly Hermione knew that she wanted him.
Her old friend had come to her for help but deep inside it was SHE who wanted Harry Potter.

She felt her aching nipples stiffen as she eyed up his by now full arousal.
Harry shifted on his feet as his groin was cupped and pushed at her with his hips.

He felt rather than saw his trousers slide down his legs to his shoes, and his heart thumped loudly when his erection was jerked to attention.

Suddenly Harry knew that he wanted her.

Hermione noted the time. 6.20.
Just enough time for some well earned foreplay and Ginny need know nothing about it.

They hurried into her bedroom in a state of nakedness and Hermione yelped as she was unceremoniously tossed onto her bed belly down.

"Love your bottom, lover."

He announced and planted butterfly kisses on both cheeks.
She moaned and hummed as he took off his spectacles then blew a stream of cool air at her upside down pussy.
He hissed and the young witch gasped as her legs were gently opened so that Harry could get the perfect view of her wet labia.

Dewy moisture darkened her usually light brown bush and the lips were swollen in anticipation.
Then Harry pressed his face against her muff and licked up and down the entire length of her slit.


Hermione squirmed and he held the backs of her thighs down firmly as he swiped her hot box over and over.
He made a point of his tongue and began to delve into her inner folds, relishing the sweet feminine taste of her pussy.

Harry flipped her over onto her back and Hermione looked into his eyes and her belly flip flopped.
He moved his head down to her again and she grabbed handfuls of his thick locks as he circled her clit rapidly.

"That...feels...SO good!"

Hermione started to pant as Harry drove her crazy with fleeting zig zags with his tongue on her tiny nub, followed by incredible figures of eight!

"Yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes!"

She dug the heels of her shoes into the mattress and managed to make two rips in the white sheet under her.

Harry dribbled onto her inner thighs as he bobbed and weaved until Hermione screamed out and a burst of her fluids hit him on the chin.

"By Merlin! That was intense!"

Hermione shook and bucked until her orgasm subsided.
She lifted her head and saw Harry on his back with his dick in his fist.

What a cock!

His smooth shaft stood straight up like a flag pole with a flared and angry looking head above it.
The clock read 6.40.
Enough time for more fun before Ginny planned on her arranged interruption.

"Come on, then."

Hermione fluffed up her hair and laid on her front.
Still looking into his dreamy eyes she popped the big head between her pursed lips and made audible vibrations that ran down his shaft.

"Holy fuck!"

Letting him out with a pop the horny brunette proceeded to slowly lick his entire cock from top to bottom.
She tickled his scrotum as she applied more pressure to his rigid rod and used her teeth to gently scrape his flesh.

"Oh, you saucy minx!"

Her legs kicked back and up in a happy swinging motion all the while licked him.
Then she leaned up a tad and began to take half of his length inside her hot mouth.

More and more she slid back and forth, and more and more she relaxed her jaw in order to accept his stiffness in her mouth.

Her slurping and sucking noises grew louder and her moans of rapture became muffled as his cock head hit the back of her throat.

"Hermione! Her...Her...gonna cum!"

Harry's body stiffened and Hermione looked onto his eyes as he streamed cum into her mouth.
The initial spurt splashed her throat, followed by the big one which she let spill out of her lips in a torrent.
More spurts and more groaning as Hermione was bathed in the stuff.

"Oh, Harry! How could you? And with Hermione of all people. Why...oh."

A startled Harry Potter sank back into the pillows as an irate Ginny Weasley stormed into the bedroom.

"Is it seven already?" Said Hermione with semen dripping down her chin.

'Hermione! But? You, you're. AND you're naked!"

"No. Look, I still have my heels on."

"You're disgusting! And as for you!"

Ginny pointed at a mortified Harry who put his glasses back on and spread his hands in embarrassment.

"Ginny, we need to talk."


p.s. Half a year later Harry married Ginny, and Ron Weasley made an honest woman out of Hermione. Or did he?


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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
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Really enjoyed them, thank you!!!
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Re: Harry Potter- The Adult Years
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Chapter Ten.


November, 1998.

"Hermione, will you cheer the fuck up!" Yelled an exasperated Ron Weasley.

"You drive me crazy!" She yelled back in kind.

"No, you drive ME crazy!"

"No YOU, drive ME crazy!"

"You drive me crazy, times a hundred and no come backs!"

Hermione Granger threw her hair brush in the general direction of her boyfriend and lover and stormed off into the bathroom in a huff.

Ron was lying on top of their bed and was busy attempting to dry the damp patch on the sheet with a Kleenex where the pair of them had just made love.

"Oh, sod this. Scourgify!"

He waved his magic wand, the one made of willow with the unicorn hair core and the patch dried in a flash.
Hermione reappeared in her robe and flopped back onto the bed.

"Do you ever consider my feelings in these matters? Do you? I ask one little thing and you automatically have to say no."

It had been five months since the end of the Second Wizarding War which saw the ultimate demise of Voldemort, the departure of Harry Potter to the Ministry of Magic, and the coming together of Ron and her.

They had found some quarters away from the worse of the damaged sections of Hogwarts and had settled down into some semblance of a relationship.

They had made love and being eager nineteen year olds had fucked as many times as possible, making up for so much lost time.

"I mean, don't you find me attractive?"

Very much so, thought the ginger haired wizard.
Hermione was that rarest of creatures who had changed so much from that bushy haired young thing that he had first encountered all those years ago, and she had blossomed into a slender limbed stunner.
When he reached puberty he had jerked off in bed at night dreaming of her and wishing they could be lovers.

He recalled that first time and how he had been nervous all of that day.
Hermione had left him sitting on the bed anxiously as she disappeared into the bathroom.
When she emerged she was totally naked with her long hair brushed and looking squeaky clean.

She gazed longingly into his eyes as she undressed him and he thanked Merlin that his cock reached full erection in front of her.

"Touch me, Ron."

The red haired eighteen year old wizard ran his hands up her sides and arms as she showered him with kisses.
She encouraged him to caress her pert breasts and he marvelled at how firm and pliant they were.

Ron felt his head pulled to her upper body and he automatically sucked on her hard nipples, astounded at how erect they had become.

"Love me."

Hermione stared at his rigid dick and laid back with her welcome legs splayed out.
His eyes lingered on that succulent looking trim bush between her upper thighs and slowly climbed on top of her super soft body.

Ron was thrilled at how his stiff cock seemed to align itself at the entrance of her sex as if it knew where to go all by itself.
Isn't nature wonderful he mused.
it took but a moment for him to thrust up inside her and he cried out in awe at how his cock head popped into her moist opening.

Hermione helped by pushing upwards into his groin and as he followed through he was in heaven.
How warm and tight she felt around his tingling shaft, something he could never replicate by jerking off.

"Now move."

Ron shifted on his elbows and knees and started to pump in and out as she hugged him to her tightly.
After a full minute of sawing back and forth Ron grunted and exploded inside off her with powerful convulsions of his spitting dick.
He laid on top of her for who knew how long as he wallowed in her beating heart against his.

Even now, each time she looked at him with those come to bed eyes and ruby lips he got an instant erection.
She was terrific in bed as she became more accomplished in bed, and he thought himself the luckiest wizard in Hogwarts.

"It's just, you know. My thing, up there."

Ron pointed to his cock and then to her back passage.

"It's dirty."

"My bottom is NOT dirty!"

"I don't mean dirty. I mean filthy. No, take that back. Oh, you know what I mean."

Hermione had always liked to question things.
Being an inquisitive witch she loved to explore and experiment and adored the wonder of the wizarding world.

Now she had been finally introduced to her sensual side the winsome brunette had become fascinated by the physical interaction between two lovers.
Apart from her determination to attain her N.EWT.s Hermione had immersed herself into the boundless and most intimate pleasures of her own sexuality.

At first the sex had been new and wonderful, and she had hoped would get better with time.
Ron had tried his best but was far than fabulous between the sheets.
Hermione was further frustrated as she learned that her body was very sensitive and the merest attention was a sheer thrill.

Having tried his best at different positions and oral sex, Ron had gotten the idea that his lover had idle thoughts of anal sex.

And after four months with Ron in her bed Hermione did indeed respond when she received an intriguing stimulation from any close contact on her ass.
Unknown to Ron she began to think frequently about having a stiff cock up inside her anus.
After broaching the subject with Ron and getting a firm refusal she came up with a wicked idea.

He saw her screw her eyes up and curl her lip and he recognised that Hermione determined look.

"Bloody hell!"


If you wanted to know the location of Hermione Granger all you had to do was go to the library.
She could always be found with her head in some musty old book, or a dry manuscript of some sort.
Ron saw her and she waved and joined him at the door.
She took him by the arm and dragged him along the corridor.

"I've worked it all out. There's a way where we can both enjoy ourselves and all it takes is a simple, but effective charm."

Ron balked and wondered what fiendish idea she had now.
Later when all in Hogwarts was quiet the pair of them settled down in their bedroom.
Hermione had taken ages in the bathroom and a bemused Ron laid on the single bed in a state of nakedness as instructed by his lover.

When she emerged she looked utterly radiant with her skin like delicate porcelain and her lustrous hair flowing freely.
He adored her rose tipped perky boobs that he saw rise and fall steadily as she breathed, and her flat stomach which complimented her feminine hips and thighs.

His erect cock was now stiff against his belly as he noted how her moist nether regions caught the light of the candles she had lit.

"You're like an angel."

"Thank you."

He remained motionless as she stood at the foot of the bed with a twinkle in her eye.

Ron noticed that the naked witch had her vine wood wand in her right hand.

"What if I said you could have the best of both worlds?"

"What do you mean?"

"You enjoy making love to me and I fancy something more. We can double our fun with one charm."

"Oh? Which one?"

"The duplicating one."

"Have a care, lover."

Ron nervously sat up on the bed and drew his knees up as Hermione made a casual flick of her wand and yelled out.


Ron winced, stuck his tongue out and then crammed his hands to his groin.

"I...don't...believe...it!" He muttered incredulously.

Ron leaned back and looked at a smug Hermione who folded her arms in a twisted satisfaction.

Her man was sporting not one erection, but TWO!!
One bobbing and swaying above the other.
A space of about a half inch separated the two identical cocks and both were topped off with flared and tapered glans.

"What have you done?"

"Relax. You'll recover when we're all done and everything will just as it used to be. The new dick is linked to your urethra and you'll be able to ejaculate with both. You should be thanking me, Ron. You should be able to have simultaneous ejaculations, or one after the other, whatever you so choose. And now, you can fuck me in the pussy and at the same time in my asshole."

"You're off your chump! Do you know how hard it is to use just one? Let alone two!"

Ron contemplated touching his new dick, then thought twice about it and began to feel his blood course through twin erections.

"Yeah, I can see the hardness." She giggled and swooped down on the poor fellow.

Her face came up close as she examined his groin.
What a sight!
She gripped the lower of the two and it felt warm and firm in her fist.
Ron groaned as he watched her jerk the rigid shaft and his eyes widened as she reached out to wrap her other hand on his original, so to speak.

"How does it feel?"

Indescribable was the word Ron attempted to utter but the only thing that escaped his lips was a low grunt.
He squirmed on his backside as Hermione deftly ran her fingertips lightly back and forth of both of his boners.
The usual tingling in his shaft was replicated in his new dick and he savoured every second of this unique feeling.

Extremely excited Hermione alternated her subtle strokes and moved her right hand up on cock two as she jerked downwards on cock one.
The more she got into a rhythm, the more she squeezed his shafts.

Then she stopped wanking his real cock and licked at the shiny tip.
Ron loved her pursed lips on his bell end and he grabbed the sheet in his fists as she encircled it and sucked in hard.

He watched her cheeks hollow as she remained still with his glans held tightly between those oh-so-kissable lips of hers.
She let him out with a pop and a kiss on the end and then repeated the same thing to cock two.
He didn't think it possible but Ron felt the very same delight as his cock head was teased and tongued by an eager Hermione.

"Didn't I tell you it would be nice?"

She began to feverishly jerk his upper cock as she sank down onto half of the length of his lower erection.
He heard her make greedy sounds as she concentrated hard on pleasuring both of his organs.

His cocks were both divine and both felt warm and alive in her mouth as she sucked on the one and then moved to the other.
She licked one for a few strokes with her drooling mouth before moving to the other.

Hermione giggled as she pumped up and down on each in turn and pretty soon she had made both of then quite slick with her saliva.

"Are you up to it, lover? I'm all lubed up down there."

Hermione looked so enchanting as she spread out her hair across the pillows and opened her legs.
Ron reached out and cupped her mound and enjoyed the heat from within.
Hermione cooed as he inserted a finger into her wet depths and he was grateful to discover how accepting she was.


Hermione spread her ass cheeks and urged Ron to press his thumb against her anus.
Ron looked up to the ceiling as if in prayer and then settled between her soft thighs.

He placed his original cock to her wet slit and he pushed up inside her an inch.
The feel of her pussy was beyond belief as usual and he closed his eyes in bliss.
Then he felt his lover feed his other cock head between her ass cheeks and finally he pushed in and as she relaxed her sphincter muscles he slid in.
With both!

Ron stopped to understand his position.
He had his cock in her muff, AND he had his cock in her ass!

Ron laid back and Hermione eased her pussy onto his original cock and relished the sublime sensation of his knob just popping inside her.
He shifted on his elbows as she reached under her to feed cock number two to her lubed up anus.
She whimpered a little as this cock head cleared her ring and entered her tight asshole.

"Sheer heaven!"

Hermione's moans increased in volume as she concentrated all of her emotions and feeling on that small area of her slender body.

Ron did his best as he tried to adjust to having two dicks to play with.
As he fucked Hermione on her pussy his other cock occasionally almost slipped out of her ass.

"Relax, Ron. You're doing fine." Said she with encouragement.

She leaked her juices profusely as she savoured the superlative throbbing of his two dicks.
The red haired wizard leaned over her and she felt his hot breath on her neck.
As he focused on the task of fucking her in both of her holes he looked deeply into her half lidded eyes.

"How...is...it?" He whispered between heavy breaths.

"I love it. So intense. Try doing it faster, Ron."

Hermione gripped him by the biceps and lifted her legs at the knees.
The shift in angles meant further penetration and Hermione felt every muscle and fibre in her writhing body tense.

"Oh...you...feel...so...good, in...mmmee!"

Ron fucked her harder and his groin slapped against her upturned bottom with lewd sounds.
Her toes curled and she buried her face in his chest as he pounded into both her cunt and her anus.

"Let's try a different position."

Ron gulped at the naughty grin on his girl's face as she pushed back onto the bed and straddled his legs.
The horny brunette positioned herself so that his two upstanding erections pointed up at her bottom area.

"Help me, Ron."

Together they guided his two bulbous heads up to her dripping holes and Hermione surrendered herself to both of his stiff dicks at the same time.


The young witch shivered from the exhilarating thrill of being stuffed with two big cocks at the same time.
Together they started to rock and Hermione managed to sink down onto both upright cocks.

She felt a warm fluttering in her belly as she luxuriated being double impaled, and her head went forwards as she dug her toes into the carpet at her feet.

There was no stopping her now and she began to grind her hips to and fro, experiencing a friction in both of her nether holes that drove her into a state of ecstasy.

Her mouth watering tits bounced as she drove down onto the thick meat of his boners.

The two pronged motions were all she had longed for and more.
She milked the two stiff pricks and both engorged organs were perfectly positioned to rub against her g-spot.

Her back arched and the thin membrane that separated her pussy and asshole barely supressed the incredible stimulation that spurred her on to a glorious orgasm.

"It's too much!"

Hermione screamed as her orgasm hit and numerous sublime tremors coursed through her entire lightweight frame.
She stopped moving until her climax subsided and she peeled her sweat covered body from Ron's lap.

"Hermione. I feel funny."

"I think you're about to explode, Ron, Twice!"

Hermione hurried to Ron's lap and grabbed each pulsing cock in her hands.

"You've been ever so good, and now I'm going to make you cum. Twice!"

Overwhelmed and a touch frightened, he watched her skillfully wank his two aching erections, made slick by her oiled up holes.
Ron involuntarily bucked his hips in response to having both of his rock hard shafts manipulated.

"Oh my, oh my, oh my!"

Hermione giggled as cock number one erupted in her fist and sent a high arc of white cum onto her tits and neck.


As he continued to shoot, Hermione switched to cock two which splattered her face with a thick and sticky stream of sperm.
Ron screamed, his face looking up at the ceiling as his lover milked his cocks for all they were worth.

The cum dripped from her chin, down her neck and over her heaving breasts.
His original softened as it was reduced to a dribble, and the lower organ oozed onto his scrotum that twitched ominously.

"That was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen!" Laughed Hermione as she licked her fingers.

As Ron tried to still his beating heart, his cocks deflated much to his relief.

"Oh my god Ron! I just had a fantastic idea! Germinio!"

Ron hid his face in a pillow as Hermione pointed her wand between her own legs and conjured up a second, a SECOND anus! She turned away from him to show him her winking assholes, one above the other.

"Wake me up somebody, please!" Moaned Ron, sobbing softly into the pillow.




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