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Arrow: Sara's Devilish Plan
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Title: Sara's Devilish Plan Part 1 - The Proposal
Show: Arrow
Author: The Chemist
Pairing: Sara Lance/Oliver Queen
Codes: MF, Anal, Oral
Disclaimer: This is an act of fiction. I make no money from the story. I do not own or have any association with the show Arrow nor any of the characters, especially Sara Lance, Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak.

Summary: Sara and Oliver discuss having a threesome during pillow talk. Sara knows that he's had his eye on Felicity and she's a fan of the nerd too. Takes her opportunity while Felicity is high on painkillers after taking a bullet. Now Felicity wants more girl love but Sara's condition is that she joins her and Oli in bed

"Can I ask you something Oli," Sara asked, laying prone on her stomach while staring into his eyes.

"Of course," he responded earnestly.

"You have feelings for her, Felicity I mean," the blonde question.

"What? Sara I love you, I want to be with you," Oliver replied, turning onto his side to better face her.

She smiled at him warmly before continuing. "I'm very aware of that stud. I'm not going all jealous girlfriend on you Oli, I'm more curious then anything. She's a gorgeous girl, plus smart and funny. Very much your type...plus she has a big ol' ass especially for a skinny white chick."

"You're one to talk there," Oli smiled before giving her naked ass a swat, staring down at it while the cheek continued to jiggle even after his smack.

"God you are such an ass man," Sara joked.

"What can I say, you bring it out in me," he laughed.

The happy, scarred couple shared a laugh about the sexual joke, basking in their ability to be together after all those years. Sara shivered when Oliver's large hand went from lightly kneading her plump ass to working its way up her back along her spine.

"But serious, do you find her attractive? The whole naughty librarian thing she has going on," Sara pressed. "No strings attached, just answer honestly."

"Well if I have to be 100% honest then yes, I find Felicity to be a very attractive young woman," Oliver replied with his smile disappearing, wondering where Sara was going with this.

"Good, because so do I," the blonde replied. "Another question, same honesty. You won't get into any trouble stud. Would you want to have sex with her?"

"Sara, what is all this about," Oliver asked as his hand pulled away from her glowing skin.

"I asked you first," she smiled.

"Ugh, fine. If you and I weren't a thing and there were no strings attached then yes I would. But we are together and feelings would likely develop," Oliver huffed.

"Great! That's what I wanted to hear," Sara beamed as she leant in and kissed her man.

"Ok now explain Lance."

"Sure. You aren't the only one in this relationship that finds Felicity Smoak super hot. The more I get to know her and spend time around that skinny bitch, the more I want to sit on her face. I may be more into sausage now, but every now and then I get a real craving for tacos," Sara explained.

"So elegant," Oliver teased. "But..."

"So I will propose something to you. If I can guarantee no one gets hurt or new feelings develop then what do you say about a threesome? Me, you and Felicity," Sara asked hopefully.

"Sara, I love you but you're insane. I'm not going to cheat on you even if you could convince Felicity to do it. She's not like you," Oliver said before grimacing at what he just implied Sara was.

"No offence taken by your big whore of a girlfriend," Sara replied in response to the last part of his sentence. "And I wouldn't consider it cheating since we would both be participating. So I ask again, if and when I get Felicity to agree, will you be in or out?"

"Ok, if you can get her to join us in bed and it won't affect the team at all then I suppose I would be on board," he finally agreed.

Sara smiled brighter then he could ever remember her doing so. She rolled onto her side as well, her medium-sized tits swinging into view so she could cozy into Oliver and give him a kiss. Oliver was surprised by the suddenness of the action but he returned the kiss with vigor, their tongues tangling in the space created between their lips.

"Let's hit the shower," Sara told him, breaking the kiss.

"Hmm," Oliver said with a thoughtful expression on his face.

"What's up," the woman replied, walking naked towards the washroom.

"Well I'm allowing you to pursue this venture but I think I should get something else out of the deal," the Hood stated.

"You're right, you aren't getting enough already by getting to see your hot girlfriend fuck another girl plus getting to partake as well," Sara mused.

Oliver had rolled out of the bed that they shared and joined his girl who had stopped to face him in the middle of the room. As he approached, equally nude, the pair embraced in another warm hug, the much smaller Canary wrapping her arms around his powerful neck.

"I think that I deserve some super special sex," Oliver shared.

Before Sara could inquiry on what he meant by that, she felt his large hand on the small of her back begin to creep downward. His palm slid effortlessly over the sexy curve of her low back and onto her extremely thick ass, a backside plumped than most girls her size could even dream of having. His true intentions became known when his fingers were placed in her crack, and glided down until his tips softly rubbed her crinkled backdoor.

"Well...I guess I could accommodate that request," she smiled before breaking away and heading into the shower room.

* * *

Oliver's POV

I wasn't quite sure of what just happened with Sara, but I knew I liked it. In fact, I knew that I really liked it. The woman who I loved, the trained killer who learnt from the League of Assassins wanted to sleep with my adorable assistant, then they'd invite me into the fun afterwards. On top of that, I still had my pre-Island flair and had talked Sara into some anal sex, which I was about to go cash in on.

I laid in bed for another few moments until I heard the water start up in the adjoining washroom. Sara was still fiddling with the water controls, getting it to that perfect temperature before stepping her athletic body into the jets of steaming aqua. When I first spied the first wisps of steam escaping from the doorway was when I sprang to motion.

As I got to my feet I realized how sore I was. Sara and I, as well as Roy and Diggle, had been out only a few hours ago and it was a rough evening. I had given a lot better than I took, but that didn't mean I wasn't beaten up. With each step towards the blonde beauty I could feel aches, right calf, left hamstring and low back. They weren't horribly painful or limiting at all, in fact I had lived the last 5 years with similar soreness, but that didn't stop the fact that I felt them.

In an event, I found myself in the large, rather industrial looking washroom. We didn't spend a lot of time and energy decorating the basement of the club where we had our hideout located, so there was no paint on the large cinder blocks. There were several bathroom stalls off to the left, faded and chipped green paint coating the metal surfaces.

Looking to my right I saw Sara, the gorgeous crime fighter that I was in love with. The showering area was long with 5 shower heads in the space and the blonde was currently using the one in the middle. The hot water was jettisoning out over her curvy body and I simply leaned on the doorway and observed.

She was sideways to me which allowed me to look at her entire body and amazing features. She wore her blonde hair, drenched with water, cascading down to her mid back, between her shoulder blades. Given our line of work, she was obviously in peak physical fitness with well toned muscles in her arms, not large but strong and still feminine, and a stomach almost as flat as mine. Due to that same work, her body was like mine in terms that there were old cuts and burns, scarred over throughout her creamy white skin.

Then I started to observe her actually features. Her face was pretty, but what made it special was that it wasn't perfect. The girl may have only been 5'4 and 115 pounds but Sara had an amazing rack that could compete with most any other girl, easily bettering her sister, Laurel. Her tits weren't massive but were a healthy B/borderline C cup, but what made them so great were their shape and the bright pink nipple capping each one. However Sara's best feature was easily her ass, the size of which defied anatomy, as how such a slim girl could possess a booty that thick was incredible. Hell, her breasts weren't even her 2nd best feature, the first being her amazingly thick and juicy ass with the second being her meaty legs, sculpted from our extra-curricular activity at night.

"Well are you gonna stand out there all night like some creep," Sara asked, sensing my presence.

Seeing as I was already naked I stepped towards her, feeling my feet go from the hard cement flooring to the equally hard, but tiled surface of the shower. I swung wide and came up from behind Sara, wrapping my arms around her flat stomach before moving them up to feel her soft breasts.

Despite being a trained killer and crime fighter, Sara was still so feminine it was quite impressive. As I kneaded her handful-sized tits, I leaned in and kissed along her neck. Just like always, this move always got her moaning. My much stronger and taller body was pressed against hers, and she undoubtedly felt my growing erection poking against one of her insanely plump ass cheeks.

"Is this for me," Sara asked as her hand came back to stroke my manhood.

I allowed us to stay like this, her back to me as I felt up her boobs while she gave me a handjob in reverse. I tilted my body to the side to allow the side of it to stay pressed against her meaty cheek while her hand could enclose the other 3 sides of my shaft and pump. It didn't feel as good as being inside her, fucking her until we had both cum, but it was getting us both in the mood.

"It will be," I replied after a while.

I would have liked to have just started plowing into Sara's tight snatch right there and then, but we weren't in a hurry tonight. I didn't have to be in the office early and Sara had nowhere to be tomorrow so this was one of the rare times when we could take our time.

She moaned lightly as I tweaked her nipples, not too roughly but with enough force that I knew always made her respond. I moved them to her sides, dragging them over her ribs until I arrived at her thick backside. I gave each cheek a hearty squeeze before rearing my right hand back and swatting her ass, followed swiftly by doing the same thing on the other side to give her matching handprints on her snow white skin.

I allowed Sara to continue stroking my manhood for seconds longer before I slowly descended down to my knees behind her. When I got too low, her slippery hand and my wet cock broke contact, to both of our disappointments, however I had something else in mind. Kneeling directly behind the blonde stunner, I used my hands, still on her thick ass, and pulled apart her cheeks with my considerable strength.

Sara, knowing exactly what I had in mind to do, leaned forward while keeping her feet planted in the same place. I didn't need to watch as her face and upper body came closer to the tiled wall in front of her to rest while she hinged her hips back to give me a better target and access.

I stared at her amazing ass and she sensed me doing that so she made it look even more tempting by simultaneously swaying her hips side to side while dropping one knee then the other. It caused her amazing ass to both go side to side as well as up and down. With that amount of movement, her cheeks were really bouncing now, and my erection grew even larger.

She probably was expecting me to split open her pussy lips with my cock since that was what the norm as we normally needed to rush with intimacy, but I had something else in mind. She seemed to be slightly surprised when she felt my tongue licking the length of her clean shaven pussy, but the loud scream she voiced told me she accepted my change in plan.

I licked her snatch a few more times, feeling it get wetter with each pass, a combination of more of my spit, the occasional stream of shower water cascading down but mostly due to her own juices as she got hornier. On the next pass, once I reached her puffy sex, I extended my tongue as deep inside her pussy that I could and elicited a loud moan of pleasure from the sexy singer.

"Oh Oli," she screamed out.

With each passing minute of me munching her rug and appreciating her sweet jelly, I knew that I could savor in my craft for a change. Over and over I plunged back into her snatch until running out of air, content to staying down on my knees behind her perky ass for as long as I'd like. However, I could sense that Sara was already getting ancy for my fat dick to fill her up, because as good as I was with my tongue, nothing could replace a good hard fucking.

On the other hand, I ignoring her physical cues for a little while longer and crammed my tongue up into her pussy and bathed my taste buds in her juices. Although eating her out gave me no direct pleasure, there was something so sensual about licking the inside of The Canary's pussy that made my erection grow even harder.

"So tasty," I told her.

While I took a break to brief gather air in my lungs and dirty talk my girlfriend, my hands remained active. They weren't currently needed to pull her fat cheeks apart to give me access to her pink slit, so I used them to light swat her bottom or graze my fingertips over the rounded flesh, including towards her middle, getting dangerous close to her protected asshole.

"Shit you're dangerous with that tongue," Sara moaned back to me. "But just do it baby, I know what you are working towards."

"And what is that," I asked, knowing that we both knew the answer.

"Lick my asshole. You know I love it and you love doing it since you know it gets me off like nothing else," the blonde crimefighter responded.

"Your wish..."

Little did Sara know was that I wasn't going straight for her crinkled rosebud. I was quite the accomplished pussy licker if I may say so, and though Sara had considerable skill and experience in that department as well, I wasn't going to let her call the shots. I rearranged my body position slightly so that my head was directly behind her bouncy ass anymore, instead it was between her strong thighs with my face looking up at hers.

I was comfortable enough so I went back to licking her slit while using my fingers to spread her pink lips apart to give me clear access to her clit, which was standing in clear view for me. The first time my tongue flicked over the concentrated bundle of highly sensitive nerves, her feminine body went rigid from the intense sensation.

"Awwwhhh...shitttt," Sara cried out, louder than ever.

"Thought you might like that," I told her, other hand snaking up to squeeze her large right boob.

I wasn't just going to talk to her while I did my damnedest to give her the best rug munching of her life so I got right back to work. It was weird going down on a former lesbian/current bisexual since they had been in my position before and could be judging my every move. I ignored that and instead my tongue went back into her slit, licking as deep inside her twat as I physically could. She tasted as good as I could hope, sweet with a touch of acidity, which made me more than happy to linger as long as I could inside her honey pot.

I didn't forget the response I got from attaching her sensitive bean so after another minute of deep licking I withdrew. Any disappointment from me leaving was soon dispelled as my tongue was replaced with two fingers, easily sliding inside given the amount of wetness she was flooding outwards. Her moaning was increased to a high volume once again when my tongue moved north and found her clit, giving it several lingering licks before I latched my lips around them and assaulted the nub with both suction and my wet muscle.

"Oh sweet baby Jesus!"

Though she was being quite responsive to my actions, I changed my tactic and body position, straightening up and being back directly behind her beautiful rump. My fingers, which were withdrawn from her sopping wet pussy as I had moved, didn't go back into her twat, instead that honor went to my tongue. My hands were being used to hold her hips steady, and occasionally to run up along her spine, making her arch back into my mouth further.

My motives for the change in position was so that with my tongue buried deep in her wetness, my nose was pressing directly against her asshole. Though she was expecting it to be my tongue, I was making her wait so that when it did happen she would be wanting it so much. The thing with Sara, which I had found out back before the Island adventure and then upon our new relationship back in Starling, was that she came so hard when her asshole was being licked.

As I ate deep within her snatch, my fingers took over occupying her sensitive clit, struming it softly like a guitar. The sexy blonde was on the ropes right now after being eaten out for more than 10 minutes and I figured now was as good a time to finish her off as there ever would be. Though there was no rush, I still wanted to fuck her really badly, especially since there was a promise of where I would end up.

I was a well renown archer, as well as being more than competent with several other weapons and fighting styles. With hand-to-hand combat I was able to be particularly devastating with many different body parts, from fists, kicks to headbutts. However, with eating a girl out it only required me to be good and coordinated with both hands and tongue. Moving my hands from her hips down to her pussy, Sara was responsible for keeping her ass pushed back at me so that my left hand could rub her clit while my right hand buried two fingers into her twat.

"Oh fuck....oh fuck...oh fuck," she swore.

"Getting close," I asked rhetorically.

"Mhmm," she moaned in response anyway.

I took one last deep breath, and took sight of my target; her cute-as-a-button asshole. Leaning my face in, I could feel my stubbly beard lightly scratch the bottom of her adorable ass cheeks as I stuck out my tongue and placed the tip of my tongue on her ass. I made the contact as broad as possible to only lap at her hole rather then trying to jam it into her kester, which may have caused a defensive reaction.

"Awwhh....mmhmmm...ugghhh," she moaned in response.

"Gotcha," I thought. "Cum for me baby."

I knew I had her now and she would be cumming in short order. With a triple stimulation going, not to mention her sensitive nipples rubbing against the slippery shower wall tiles, was easily going to make her orgasm, and my bet was within seconds rather than minutes.

"Keep going...almost there," she beaconed.

Then it was her turn for the surprises. While I continued to lick her crinkled rosebud, Sara snaked one of her arms backwards so that she could clutch the back of my head. This was unexpected and I was thinking she was going to push me down, back to lap at her clit or in her twat, but instead she pressed my face further into her ass.

Figuring what she wanted I made my tongue pointy, braced it with a strong jaw and did more then lick her. This time I was trying to force my tongue into her backdoor, and I had some success as I felt her sphincter give slightly, just enough to be able to lick around the very entrance to her asshole. This, apparently, was more then sufficient for the deadly assassin turned vigilante.


With a loud scream that surely everyone in the underground hideout, if not the whole club above had heard, Sara came all over the fingers I had buried deep in her pussy. Apart from feeling her gyrating body go rigid, and the added pressure in her twat, I could also feel her asshole quiver as she came, allowing me to briefly lick all the way into bowels rather than just rimming the hole, however that was short lived.

I knew my time between her thighs was over so I withdrew my mouth and fingers from her holes. I though for an instant that if I moved my hands from holding her that she may fall over, but she regained her composure quickly and was soon able to support herself, albeit with somewhat wobbly legs. However, before getting to my feet I found myself still close to her smoldering sex, I really wanted to taste her right from the source so I dipped back down and licked deep in her twat, tasting her lady cum.

"Sorry, couldn't help myself," I said with a grin.

Sara dipped her head for a few seconds until I guess she was fully recovered, at which point she flipped herself back over, giving me another long look at her amazing tits. She looked at me with a stunned expression then ran a hand through her long, wet hair, in an action I interpreted to mean that I had done a hell of a job.

"You're a world class archer but you are even better with your tongue," the blonde spoke after several long seconds.

"And yet always the tone of surprise," I said with a wink.

"Oh shut the fuck up," she grinned.

I knew Sara was devoted to me, but she always had a thing for girls, hence her wanting to bring Felicity into our bed. But just because she was with me now didn't mean she didn't have to forgo all her lesbian tendencies, illustrated when she wrapped an arm around my head and pulled me in for a deep kiss. I knew she was doing it to taste her own pussy juices but I was fine with it, just like I was fine with it when she broke the kiss, brought my fingers I had used on her up to her mouth and sucked them clean.

"Taste good to you too," I asked with a grin.

"I really do taste amazing, just didn't think you should be the only one who got to sample," Sara replied.

"That's fair," I replied, going in for another kiss.

"So you gonna get this thing in my ass or what," the blonde said after awhile.

I couldn't help but smirk at that comment of Sara trying to act all tough by demanding anal sex. However, as confident as she was, I knew taking it in the dumper was by no means her favorite act, though in recent weeks I had been successful with it enough to get her off several times, more than 50% of the times I sodomized her in fact.

Smiling wasn't the only thing I did though. Staying face-to-face, I kissed her again while I played out in my mind how I wanted to do this. It would most definitely by standing, which would make her asshole tighter as a result, but there was no way I was gonna lay on hard tile. With my left hand I groped her good-sized, natural breast before moving it further down. In the crook of her knee, I lifted it up until her ankle was up on my shoulder while her other foot remained on the ground.

"Thought I'd stretch you out while I...you know...stretched you out," I told the flexible girl.

Most girls wouldn't have been able to pull off this position, but we were no ordinary couple. Years of intense training, not to mention the blonde's background as a dancer, left her with long, lean and lithe muscles that were able to handle having her legs practically 180 degrees apart as her 5'4 body accommodated my much larger 6'2 frame.

"Well I appreciate your consideration," Sara retorted, flashing me one of her own smirks. "Speaking of considerations, what did you want to use as..."

"Body wash," I replied, answering her unasked question.

Her slight nod told me that was a suitable replacement for lubrication so my right hand made it's way around her sexy body to the rack of shower products behind her. While I fumbled through the bottles until my fingers closed on the bottle of my desire, Sara and I kissed passionately, doing our best to make up for 5 years of lost intimacy.

Without our lips ever breaking contact, I opened the body wash, poured a healthy dollop of the fragrant, blue soap into my empty palm and began rubbing it along my impressive manhood. Though I am a confident person, I wouldn't call myself cocky, however I had every right to be based on the pipe I was working with it. One ex-girlfriend had called it the perfect cock, and I was obliged to agree with her. 10 inches long, girthy but straight as an arrow, no pun intended, it was smooth and lacked any oversized veins that tended to mare a good looking dick.

As I massaged the gel into my cock, Sara was busy getting prepared as well. Reaching back behind her, the staff-wielding crime fighter moved her hand from her side and ran it through her pink folds and even dipped two fingers inside herself. With her digits lathered in her own natural juices she moved them posterior and rubbed them around her butthole and then poked one inside to coat the inner ring of muscle.

"I'll take it from here stud," she whispered in my ear.

I did my best to coat my dick in a thick layer of the suds, without working it in too much where it lost its excellent gliding properly. I simply waited as Sara went up onto her tip-toes on her one standing foot while her hand clutched my manhood. She stroked it once, apparently satisfied that it was ready to go.

She aligned my fleshy pole over her crinkled rosebud then I stepped closer to her to that we both felt my mushroom cap press against it firmly. She rubbed my lathered tip against her backdoor, exhaled and then let gravity do the rest. With the tip already against her dirt road entrance, Sara lowered down onto a flat foot enough so that my tip did more then knock at her entrance, in fact my bodywash-covered cock popped in the first several inches of her warm hole.

The sudden intrusion of his hard pecker inserting in her backdoor caused her to grimace and pause for a few seconds. This had become somewhat more commonplace for us, so Sara knew that it would initially hurt being pierced by my organ but then it would subside soon after. Once she adapted better, she bent her standing knee further so that there was only a few inches that weren't currently occupying her than paused again to allow her bowels the chance to handle the half-foot of my cock currently filling her rectum.

I remained still, though it was killing me to not just grab her wide hips and start pumping my length into her asshole. Allowing her to grow accustom to my presence in her bowels, I kissed the side of her neck while Sara used her strong thighs to propel herself back up my length until only the thick crown remained inside her anus. She repeated the same action as earlier and sank down again onto my rod, but this time descended much swifter. Each time she rose and fell on my fat dick resulted in the big booty blonde doing so faster and faster then the preceding attempt.

"Damn we fit good together," I told the bouncing girl.

"Mmhmm," she replied.

Sara kept up this strategy for a few more minutes, and I was impressed that her level never slowed despite the amount of fatigue that surely was setting in. I, of course, didn't mind the tiny blonde being in control, as after all, it was the cock going in her ass so how was I to complain.

"Go for you baby," Sara breathed in my ear after a spell longer. "You already gave me a hell of an orgasm."

That was all I needed to hear. With a devilish smile, I gave her a quick kiss then pulled away from her. As much as I love kissing my girlfriend and wanted to make up for the 5 years we spent away from each other, right now I was more interested in fucking the beautiful Sara Lance with more power.

I bent my knees more until Sara's sole standing foot was back flat on the ground. I could power squat 700lb even on an average day, so my thighs could easily handle the strain of the position. I put even more weight on as I wrapped both strong arms around her waist and hoisted Sara up, and instinctively she hopped upwards, reaching her meaty legs around my powerful waist and locking her heels together.

Despite all the squatting and lifting and moving around, my cock had remained buried in Sara's asshole. Now, as I pressed her back flat against the tiled wall, the water falling on the top part of my head and mostly spraying behind me, though some cascaded down our pressed bodies. Holding her body still, I reared my hips back until only half my length was left in her bowels then I slowly pushed back into her ass.

"So big," she moaned as I fucked her again.

For the next few minutes I had managed to get most of my thick slab of meat in Sara's tight backdoor while her legs held tightly around my waist. I didn't rush things because though going slow is never as fun, it felt amazing to inch my way inside her vice-like booty, despite the overwhelming presence of the shower gel. I let her fall down in my arms by an inch then would pull her up until finally my balls slapped her on her curvy ass as she bottomed out on me.

"Fuck...tight," I murmured as I started to bounce her with more speed.

Now with a steady pace built up, I felt comfortable to start moving my legs. I still wanted to last as long as I could, but when she told me she wouldn't be cumming again I knew I should be considerate and finish at a respectable amount of time. Over and over I did a mix of thrusting up with my hips and thighs, making her take my entire 10 inches of hard cock, while occasionally making her do all the moving as I bounced her in my arms, her bare back sliding easily on the slick wall.

5 minutes at passed now and I felt like I was finally hitting my full stride. Keeping the trained assassin on her toes by changing my style up, I planted Sara's scarred back against the wall and held her firmly there again. Using it to support some of her weight, I was better able to use my strong thighs to squat up into her rectum. Her modest moans became full out screams of pleasure as I thrust into her loosened asshole as I sodomized the beautiful woman with more vigor.

"Mhmmm...yes...fuck me," she thrashed against me.

I would have stayed like this all night and fucked her as hard and as long as I could, and physically I was more than able to cope with the demand, but after 10 more minutes of this relentless pace, my balls burning from the demand to explode. However, I wasn't done just yet and I figured another change of position and tactic would buy me a few more minutes to assfuck Sara.

With a new way to carry the athletic girl, I still used the wall to hold her up, it taking more of her weight while I rearranged my arms. No longer wrapped around her back and holding her by her thick, rounded ass, I now had them hooked under her knees then laced my fingers together by the small of her low back.

I stepped away from the wall and turned to my right so that she had nothing behind her so that I could swing her like the new position was meant for. My strong arms were more then enough to move her fit but small body away from me then they went slack so that she swung back towards me, plunging herself on my cock completely.

"So deep," she moaned as her asshole was constantly taking me balls deep.

The girl wasn't wrong in that assessment. Over and over I pushed her lower body away from me as she held her tits pressed tight against my chest with arms around my neck. Each time she would reverse course and come right back against me, taking the entire length of my dick in her ass in one shot as she made the sexiest pendulum I could imagine.

Despite the fact I butt fucked Sara on a weekly basis and that her asshole was more elastic as a result, it was still a damn tight orifice. Her muscular ring that protected her backdoor was strong and hugged my thick organ like nothing else I had ever experienced before her. It was tight to the point of pain but also elicited great pleasure due to its soft edges, making it hard for me to withstand for very long. I don't know how long we had been going strong for, but it was time to bring our tryst to end.

"Need to cum any second now," I told the girl, warning her before I shortly would do so in her bum.

Sara was a smart and perceptive girl so I assume she knew I was close without my words. My thrusts into her ass were becoming more erratic and hard so she probably knew that soon I would buried my tool in her one last time then coat her bowels with my seed. However, Sara had a surprise for me.

"Cum for me baby," she pleaded. "Right on my face."

"You sure," I asked, almost in disbelief.

In our months together, and even back when we would fuck behind Laurel's back before the Island, Sara had never taken a facial from me or any other man I imagine. I would guess she found the act degrading, though getting fucked in the ass wasn't exactly liberating, or maybe just excessively messy. My bet was now the mess theory, since in the shower with the water flowing was the cure for that.

I made her descended one last time on my pecker before stopping her arching motion and settling her with my dick completely buried in her ass. She knew time was of the essence so she freed her legs from my arms and got them underneath her before descending even lower to her knees.

"Cum for me baby," she swooned again.

I didn't need the encouragement one bit but hearing my sexy girlfriend begging for me to drop a load on her face was a welcome thing. No sooner had the words left her mouth did I do exactly what she asked for. With my dick now free of her vice-like, I stroked my member, feeling I could feel the salt brine bubble up from my balls until the first strand of white cum came bursting out.

I looked down and saw Sara have just enough time to close her eyes as the warm fluid plastered her in the face, landing on the upper part of her forehead and streaking down obliquely across the bridge of her nose, over her right eye and finishing on her cheek. The second and third spurts were aimed at her heavenly chest as the white goo blended in well with the pale complexion of the skin of her nice tits. With a good amount of surface area covered on her chest, I was pleased with my handiwork there and directed the last few smaller gushes back at Sara's beautiful face, coating the other cheek and some of her lips as well.

Sara stayed on her news for a few seconds longer, but when no more of my semen was felt decorating her face or tits she realized I was done. She tried opening her eyes, but there was cum over the eyelids so she got to her feet and got back in the hot water, cleaning off the spunk on her skin.

"That was great babe," I said, exhausted.

"That was a shit ton of cum," Sara swore, disbelieving of the load I spilled on her face for the first time.

I smiled and nodded as she continued to allow the stream of water to flow over her pretty face and stunning body. I stepped closer to her, my semi-flaccid cock poking her lightly in the small of her back as I stepped right behind her. We showered together, getting clean before heading back to bed and getting all sweaty again...

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Re: Sara's Devilish Plan
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Title: Sara's Devilish Plan Part 2 - The Seduction
Show: Arrow
Author: The Chemist
Pairing: Sara Lance/Felicity Smoak
Codes: FF, Oral
Disclaimer: This is an act of fiction. I make no money from the story. I do not own the show Arrow nor any of the characters

Summary: Sara and Oliver discuss having a threesome during pillow talk. Sara knows that he's had his eye on Felicity and she's a fan of the nerd too. Takes her opportunity while Felicity is high on painkillers after taking a bullet. Now Felicity wants more girl love but Sara's condition is that she joins her and Oli in bed

Sara knew that she had to be patient and wait for her opportunity to seduce the lovely goofball Felicity Smoak. However, Sara wasn't going anywhere, and as long as Oliver was the Arrow to the good people of Starling City, then neither was the quirky blonde assistant. It also helped that she was the personal assistant to Oliver Queen, CEO of Queen Consolidated.

What gave Sara hope that her quest was going to overall successful, and by that she meant getting the chance to fuck Felicity's smart little brains out, were several factors. The first thing that she had going for the tryst was that it was so clear that the glasses-wearing girl was so very much in love with Oliver that it was plastered all over her pretty face.

However, the crime-fighting assassin was also aware of the way Felicity would steal glances over at her as well. The latest example came the day after she and Oli agreed to the pact, that was that Sara could fuck Felicity as long as the blonde could convince her to join him in the sack for a threesome. As what was normal around the base, Sara and the two older men, Oliver and John Diggle, were engaged in a lengthy training session, with all three fighters wearing little. In fact the girl who fought under the name The Canary was only in super form fitting stretch pants and a black sports bra.

The men were teamed against her and providing her with a good challenge, however she was trained by the League of Shadows so was handling herself just fine. She even had time to look over at Felicity, who was standing a safe distance away with her eyes glued to the action. The assistant to her boyfriend looked stunning in a short, tight dress that left little to the imagination. She had been wearing this type of clothing since Sara had first met her in what seemed to be a deliberate attempt to catch Oli's eye, and though she caught him stealing glances at her body all the time, he had yet to make a move. Today, Sara observed, the skinny beauty was wearing a navy blue dress that fit her like a wetsuit, clinging to her small but very perky tits. In fact the material was so tight that her small adorable nipples could be seen poking through given the cold condition of the basement. The dress only descended to her mid-thigh and changed into a black and white crossing pattern, which drew attention to her thick, sexy legs that were very long given her shorter stature.

Sara knew better then to spend so much time looking over at the female object of her affection and she was made to pay for it. After discarding of Diggle several times in order to have some brief one-on-one staff fighting time with Oli, the pair were back to fighting as a team. She allowed Oli to go on the offensive as John circled behind her, and right before he launched an offensive, she ducked under Arrow's shaft, blocked John's slash then swept low to knock out his knee and send the large black man to the ground.

"Ouch," Felicity gasped hearing the thud of Diggle's body colliding with the padded floor.

The noise behind her made Sara smile and look over at the surprised assistant, whose tits seemed to giggle a little more as she observed the action from the balls of her high heel-clad feet. However, Sara got sloppy, and after having several attacks blocked in the nick of time by Oliver, she turned back to face Diggle, who she was aware of just gotten to her feet. Her timing was off though, and she couldn't get her staff up in time. Instead of feeling the resonance of wood hitting wood, the massive black man felt his staff smack across the tiny blonde's forehead.

"Oh shit," Felicity gasped louder, using her tented fingers to cover her mouth in concern.

"Sara, I'm sorry," Diggle immediately apologized as the fighting stopped.

"No John I'm fine," the upset girl replied. Of course she wasn't mad at Oliver's partner, but rather herself for allowing to be so distracted.

"Here, let me see," Oliver said, going over to her. "Let me see."

Oli looked her over, but all that was left was a cut on the right part of her forehead, shallow so it didn't need any stitches. Sara lightened the mood by making a comment about not needing any more scars, since she already had her fill, at which point the three crime fighters traded stories about how they earned their favorite scars. Felicity was quiet throughout this until the gang fell silent for a moment.

"I have a scar...in my mouth," Felicity started, having all three sets of eyes fall on her. "My wisdom teeth but they needed 3 stitches, they were pretty badly impacted."

The three onlookers rolled their eyes in a playful manner at the goofy yet serious girl, but Sara couldn't help but smile extra brightly at the assistant. Though she was pretty, Felicity didn't have supermodel good looks, but between her playful spirit and personality, not to mention her killer body, Sara so badly wanted to sit on her face.

"You are so adorable," she found herself compelled to say to Felicity.

The glasses-wearing assistant visibly was deflated by Sara's words and the rest of their reactions, but that went unnoticed to the men, who promptly headed to the showers in order to get ready for a party. Sara pleaded with him to cancel the Welcome Home Party he was throwing for her, but it fell on deaf ears so she kissed him as he left.

However, as Sara spun around after kissing her man goodbye, she couldn't help but see the look of hurt on Felicity's face. She understood it was tough for the assistant to see the man she pinned over kissing someone else, and she was sure as hell going to find a way to use that lust to her advantage to bed the brainy girl.

Sara ended up going to Oli's silly little party for her homecoming, or back from the dead, or whatever spin he had put on it. She had to pretend she hadn't met any of the people she had become friends with since her return, such as Sin and Roy, not to mention had to pretend her and Oli weren't dating to spare Laurel's feelings. Not like she even bothered to show up though.

But the evening got a lot better for Sara when she left the party after an appropriate amount of time and headed for the home base beneath Oli's club. As she descended the stairs in silence, which was ingrained in her from Ra's Al Ghul himself, she caught sight of Felicity, which wasn't abnormal. What was different was seeing her out of her dress and in work out gear, namely tight yoga pants and a spandex tank as she weakly threw punches at a bag.

"Hold up a second," Sara told the girl.

Felicity almost jumped out of her skin upon hearing the close-up voice, as she hadn't heard the master assassin coming up. However, before she could reply or barely turn her head to confirm it was Canary, Sara was behind Felicity. One hand of the scarred girl went down to Felicity's thighs, pushing them apart with the aid of her foot as well while her other hand was gently yet firmly wrapped around the nerd's dainty wrist to take her through the punch.

"Set your feet," Sara said, ignoring her shock. "Stronger base, stronger punch."

Felicity didn't say anything, in regards to Sara's unasked advice or the lingering touch from the toughened assassin. In fact, she had to take a deep breath and stop herself from shuddering under the contact between her and the trained killer. It felt sensual being touched by her stronger but still womanly hands, not to mention being able to feel her full breasts against her bare back.

Felicity had the brief thought that Canary was flirting with her, giving the lingering touch and close quarters, but shook off the idea quickly. Once Sara took a step back, Felicity could feel her eyes on her so she did as the blonde killer instructed. Cocking her arm back, the brainy girl let flaw a jab that actually felt right, causing the bag to shake and stinging her wrist.

"Thanks," Felicity replied, though her expression and tone weren't exactly warm.

"Now for this next punch," Sara said as she stepped in behind Felicity and placing her hands back on her glistening skin. "You need to..."

But just as Sara was going to start making her move, starting with light contact and moving Felicity as she wanted before ultimately seducing her right there in the main portal of the home base, Oliver and Diggle joined them.

"Where are we on the skeleton key," Oliver demanded of Felicity, his eyes falling upon the two women. "And what are you wearing."

"She was just keeping fit," Sara answered for her.

Sara's chances to seduce her object of affection were few and far between for the next several days. They were all working on a case of some criminal they dubbed The Clock King, who had managed to avoid their capture and actually disable the electronics of their home base. Out of desperation, Felicity was forced out into the field to remotely foil one of his plans, as the group needed her superior intellect in all things computers and hacking.

Out of Oliver's tactical plan, he and Diggle fought the hired goons the Clock Kings bought to kill them while Sara protected Felicity as she shut down his computer operations. Of course, against such a wise opponent, things rarely went as they were planned. In the course of protecting Felicity, it was the brainy girl who actually saved Sara's life, as she was overwhelmed and as a gunman was about to slain her, Felicity tackled her to the ground but was clipped by a bullet in the arm.

However, the gang was able to take out all the bad guys and destroy what The Clock King was planning, thus saving the day. Felicity was in a lot of pain, so they carried her to the van and Diggle drove her back to the Verdant club while Sara and Oli rode their bikes alongside. The mask-wearing duo were both upset about what happened to their normally sheltered teammate, thus they steered their way back in silence.

However, a lot of the tension was relieved from the entire group when they observed the mood Felicity was in. The bullet didn't hit a vital organ, or really any muscle, it mainly just grazed her shoulder, slightly penetrating the deltoid muscle but no lasting damage. It would need stitches though, 5 in fact, the first that the nerdy girl had ever received in a malicious manner.

"Are you sure you don't want to go to the hospital," Oliver asked the injured girl.

Oliver and Diggle were standing roughly 10 feet away as the two girls were behind them. Sara was standing behind the girl who was seated on a large metal table, a basket of medical instruments beside her so she had what she needed to stitch Felicity up. The hacker was still in her blouse from earlier, however it was open wide to reveal her supportive blue bra, which did a good job showing off her modest cleavage.

"No way. You guys never go to the doctor," the girl said in a whimsical voice.

"Guess the painkillers have kicked in," Diggle commented for Oli, who nodded his head in agreement.

"Besides those aspirin are really kicking in," Felicity said, oblivious to the men's conversation while Sara still stitched behind her.

"Oxycontin," Diggle corrected out of earshot of the two ladies.

"Listen guys, we are almost finished here so why don't you head out," Sara told them.

Oliver looked back over his shoulder at his girlfriend who merely gave him a sly wink. The hooded figure had a thought of what she wanted to do so he turned back to face Diggle and shrugged his shoulders.

"Head to the car, get changed and my treat for some Big Belly Burger?"

"As long as you're treating," Diggle replied.

"You know, I wouldn't be here if you hadn't been so brave," Sara told her friend once the men had made their exit. "Thank you."

"It was nothing," Felicity replied, looking back at her teammate.

It was at this point that Felicity felt exposed, or maybe she would have under normal circumstances if it wasn't for the drugs helping to mellow her out. It was due to the way Canary was looking at her, with an almost hunger in her eyes. At least it was what Felicity thought the look was, though in her state she couldn't be 100% sure.

Sara was 100% sure though, and she desperately wanted the slightly younger girl in her bed and she knew now was the best time. Jumping into your first lesbian experience was never easy, especially when doing so with an experienced bisexual in this case, but Sara figured that with all the circumstances going on, it was the right time.

"Yeah well I've always wanted to say that I've taken a bullet for someone...and now I can say I've taken it for you," Felicity retorted, her voice sounding further distant with the painkillers fully kicked in.

Sara smiled at the other girl's irresistible cuteness that made her just want to eat her all up in one morsel. Instead, she slowly let the hook and tweezers back into the metallic dish without making any noise. She unpeeled the latex blue gloves from her hands and threw them out before placing her hands onto Felicity's bare shoulders and began rubbing her sensually.

"All done," she said in a hushed, seductive tone, causing the hacker to turn around and face her.

If Felicity had thought Sara was flirting with her earlier when showing her how to punch, her theory was proven now. The master assassin had thrown caution to the wind and leaned in to kiss the beautiful tech wizard. She pressed her lips against the fellow blonde while Felicity's mind raced due to the sudden realization she was kissing another girl, Sara Lance at that, and with all the painkillers in her system.

She didn't know if it was her own ideas that were brought to the surface by the drugs or not, but Felicity stopped thinking and acted. Rather than process all the ramification of what making out with her crush's girlfriend could cause, the hacker gave in to her carnal desires and kissed Canary back. As the girls made out, Felicity's worries seemed to dissolve and be replaced with being present in the current moment of lust.

Sara could sense the shift in body language as well, and smiled inwardly as a result. She also started to change her tactic, evolving the kissing from gently with only her lips, to more sensual by introducing her tongue into her counterpart's mouth. Felicity was receptive to this more passionate addition, parting her lips to meet Sara with her own tongue then upped the ante by leaning forward to cause their sexy yet different bodies together.

Due to the drugs and being completely lost in her first lesbian tryst, Felicity had no ideas if only minutes or hours had passed since they started kissing. She was a smart girl and knew that this was wrong for multiple reasons, amongst them being attracted to Sara's boyfriend, working together closely and oh, being into men only, though that last one had change rapidly in the last several minutes.

As Sara moved her lips down to the nape of Felicity's neck, it felt really good for the smart girl. She should use her brain now and tell the aggressive and sexy woman to stop, that this is wrong on so many levels and that they should just forget about this. Instead, her body was urging her to shut the fuck up and go with it, the proof of that being the fact her twat was a gushing mess currently.

Sara continued to kiss and breathe her hot breath on her crush's neck when she could feel the girl start to stir. She could tell Felicity was going to say something, she could only hope she's done enough to seduce the straight girl.

"Mhmm...oh...Sara," she moaned.

"Yes," Sara said with a knowing grin.

"Keep going," Felicity begged.

There was no need for the assassin to respond verbally, rather she did so physically. She continued to kiss her sensitive skin while her hands now became busy. Her button-up shirt was already mostly undone from doing her stitches, but Sara undid the last few and pushed the fabric off her shoulders. The blonde made short work of the blue bra Felicity wore, leaving her completely naked.

Sara wanted to squeeze her small tits hard to portray her searing passion she had for the smaller girl, but she knew she had to temper that. Doing so, Canary gently caressed the other girl's perky breasts and was greeted instantly by Felicity's little but rock hard nipples, clearly she was aroused.

"God your tits are sexy," Sara told her.

In a move she had perfected due in large part to doing it to and having it done on her by other women, Sara moved south. Not just her mouth, which went from being buried in Felicity's neck to now going between her B-cup sized tits, but also her hand. Free from kneading the soft flesh of her chest, the trained killer dragged it down the nerdy girl's stomach to the top of her dark jeans. The button and zipper were down in seconds, followed by a little yet strong hand slipping under her waistband of both the jeans and panties.

"Are you sure this is okay," Felicity questioned in a breathy tone.

"100%," was all Sara replied.

That simple answer to the question seemed to suffice for the horny if slightly uncertain girl. From the look on Felicity's face, which had her eyes closed and glasses still on, Sara could tell that she was pondering so many different factors. Spending so much time together, working in close proximity to a guy they both liked, what the other group members would think, if this would blow her shot with Oliver, not to mention the fact that she likely never licked another pussy before. Sara didn't want any of those loose thoughts to affect their tryst, so she kept the screw turning and things moving forward.

"1000% sure," Felicity asked in a quickened voice before Sara could touch her sopping wet vagina, which was radiating heat.

"Let me give you my thanks for saving my life and taking a bullet for me," Sara reminded.

Felicity's resistance seemed broken to the trained killer so Sara took her chance. Using the pads of her fingers, the blonde lightly traced her way down her friend's pubic region. She was pleased to find that Felicity took care of herself in this regard as she had a nearly bare slit except for a thin quarter-inch strip of trimmed hair.

For a brief second Sara thought about asking for her friend's permission one final time, but she swiftly slapped that idea aside. Not waiting any longer, the bisexual blonde nudged her arm further down and extended fingers. The result was her digits swiping slowly through the very wet, very warm folds of Felicity's lips.

Felicity had leaned her head downward into Sara's pushed up tits, as she was still fully clothed in her Canary leather catsuit which did wonders to make her healthy sized boobs look massive. The glasses-wearing girl bit her lip as she felt her friend rummage through her slit, thus far avoiding both her clit and hole. That was until Sara wanted them touched, which was now as she flattened her hand so her heel rubbed her sensitive nub while her middle finger dipped simultaneously into her dripping pussy.

"Oh sweet baby Jesus," the nerdy girl swore loudly.

Sara couldn't help but to smirk at her use of language but stayed focused on the task at hand. She had guessed that Felicity hadn't hooked up with man or woman lately so it wouldn't take her long to cum, but the assassin didn't want that to happen too quickly.

To help string her along, Sara used her hand not currently fingering her friend to take a handful of dyed blonde hair and pull Felicity's face upwards. Their lips found each other and Sara realized just how into the encounter the other girl was, just in case the wetness of Felicity's pussy wasn't a big enough tip off.

Felicity felt her friend's lips against hers and showed her how badly she wanted Sara. Her mouth opened nearly right away and slid her tongue with hunger into the killer's mouth. Sara was caught by surprise by this sudden action, but recovered quickly to match the intensity of the kiss with the girl, who was kissing a member of the same sex for the first time.

That's when Sara decided to change up her game plan ever so slightly since she knew the other girl was in to their tryst. She stopped finger banging the pretty secretary and went back to merely rubbing her less sensitive areas of her pussy, namely the outer lips. She could hear Felicity's pangs of displeasure, and had to hold back a grin as Felicity tried kissing her with more force in an attempt to get her fingers to return to her mound.

After what was only a minute, but felt like much longer to the horny genius, Sara spoke. "Tell me what you want."

After only the briefest of pauses Felicity finally answered, "Awhh...fuck me. Please. Fuck me."

Once hearing that command, Sara pounced like a starved panther on wounded prey or rather an assassin on their unsuspecting victim. Her hands were no longer calm and calculated, but rather hasty, almost in frenzy. She rounded the table in a blur of motion while not even breaking their make out session before the blonde targeted the other woman's pants, namely the waistband as she pulled hard.

Felicity knew what was to come next so she hoisted her curvy bottom off the flat metal table to allow the stronger woman to whip her lower body clothing off her altogether. Not only did Sara yank her pants off her rump and down her legs, but also her panties. This left the MIT graduate completely nude in the main room of their secret hideout, a first for Felicity since taking up as the Arrow's assistant.

"What did you want me to do again," Sara asked, breaking the kissing and looking over her prey.

The blonde was just toying with the object of her affection now. After dragging her clothing down her short, albeit sexy legs, the assassin traced her hands back up. Currently she was loitering on the woman's smooth calf muscle, and judging by the sheen coming from Felicity's pussy she knew the light touching was having the desired effect.

"Please Sara," Felicity pleaded. "Just do it."

"Good enough for me," she thought to herself.

As Sara slid her dainty hands further up her thighs, Felicity responded by spreading her bare legs further apart. By the time the shorter girl had reached her groin, the tutor was spread wide with her glistening pink slit opening up to greet her new lover.

"I think it's high time I have a taste," Canary said aloud.

The blonde had dropped her thick ass down towards the ground as she performed an effortless squat before kneeling in front of her prize. She leaned her head between Felicity's legs and took a good long lick of the nerdy girl's length. Just like she was hoping, the other woman tasted as good as her perfect twat looked.

"Ohhh," Felicity moaned in response.

Sara surprised her partner when Felicity felt small little kisses placed all over her sex. The blonde's lips started up at her clit, making her gyrate in her seat before traveling slowly downward until her mouth was directly over her opening. Sara puckered again and kissed right above the opening, but this time she lingered and extended her tongue out until it had dipped inside Felicity's snatch and lapped inside.

"Oh yes Sara! Lick my pussy!"

Sara took a quick second to smile before pressing her lips back against Felicity's pussy and sticking her tongue deep within her hole. The athletic girl took pride in how rapid she found her stride in pleasing another girl since she hadn't done it in over half a year, which was like an eternity for the slutty bisexual.

"Damn you taste good," the shorter girl commented.

No sooner had the words left her mouth had Sara dived right back in, drilling her tongue as deep as possible into Felicity's sweet honey pot. The blonde was keeping her lover off guard by the constant change in her strategy. Now Sara had switched from the slow and methodical approach to one of speed and power.

"Oh God," Felicity swore.

When Felicity turned up for work this evening she had no idea that it would end like this, firstly being shot and then having a girl she found attractive going down on her. However Felicity had no complaints, in fact at the present moment she had her head tossed back over the edge of the table as she had reclined into a full lying position as her mound went from being teased to being crammed full of Sara's tongue.

Sara had no intention of letting her off the hook and recover from the sudden intrusion of a powerful tongue plunging the depth of her hole. The blonde used both hands to get in tight and hooked a finger from each hand into her opening.

Felicity howled in pleasure again as her pussy was now filled with two digits rather than the tongue, but they were only used to hook right at the entrance and pull her apart as far as she could go. The girl with genius level intellect may have been approaching her 24th birthday but Felicity was still tight, but the fingers allowed Sara to drive her tongue even deeper into her sex.

"Oh my God...oh my God," Felicity screamed.

The MIT grad was on cloud nine as the girl between her legs clearly knew her way around a pussy. Over and over she made Felicity cry out in utter delight as Sara repeatedly found new ways of pleasuring her.

After a few minutes Felicity opened her eyes for the first time since they started, propped herself up on her elbows in order to look down at the blonde between her meaty thighs. The first-time bisexual gazed at a face that looked like she was enjoying herself as much as Felicity was. The trained assassin seemed to thrive working on her knees and eating out her twat, and Felicity was more than happy to reap the benefit.

Sara was indeed thoroughly enjoying herself. Not only was she one step closer to her ultimate goal of having both her and Oliver share the bed with her at the same time, but she was getting to bed one of the hottest woman she had ever met. Plus, as if that wasn't enough Felicity was tasty as all hell, plus the added incentive that made Sara wet was that the smart girl wasn't even a lesbian, just another straight woman that the beautiful bisexual was able to seduce.

The blonde continued to dive her tongue deep into Felicity and scoop out more of her essence all while her wet muscle found all the right spots inside Felicity. The glasses-wearing girl was now a constant series of moans and screams, but they fell on deaf ears as no one upstairs in the club would hear her over the thumping music.

"Shit you are really good," Felicity screamed.

Sara could feel her partner's hands running through her hair as she aimed slightly higher and darted her skilled tongue against her clit. This released another torrent of inaudible appreciation from Felicity, who had now thrown her head back over the edge of the table.

Felicity had also gripped her lover's head tightly, squeezing it passionately with her dainty fingers. It applied massive amounts of pressure against Sara's skull, more power than the blonde thought that the academic could muster. It didn't hurt her to have her pretty face crammed against the lovely folds of the girl, in fact knowing that Felicity was enjoying herself this much was an even bigger turn-on for the crime fighter.

"You like that," Sara asked, coming out mumbled.

Sara knew that the recently converted bisexual didn't need to reply as she continued to work from between her creamy white thighs. Felicity was close and she knew it, but the blonde wanted to impart as much pleasure into the lesbian tryst as she could before allowing her the orgasm she was on a one-way path towards.

The League of Assassin's trained girl focused her attention to the task at hand like never before. Her tongue licked up and down the Felicity's pretty pink pussy before she ultimately settled her lips on the clit. Screams followed but a whole louder and more urgent stream was released when she combined sucking and licking the sensitive nub with working her two fingers in and out of her tight twat.

"Oh...oh...mhmmm," Felicity screamed into the crook of her elbow, having rested the arm over her face.

Sara always beamed with pride hearing her lover's intense cries of pleasure. While still with Felicity's clit locked between her lips with suction, she inserted a third finger into her extremely wet love canal without losing any of the speed or depth. Felicity's curvy body squirmed in response as the digits pumped into her super-sensitive pussy.

"Cum for me baby. Right on my little tongue so I can lick you all up," Sara encouraged.

The Canary, still donning her leather catsuit knew her lover wasn't going to last much longer. Not wanting to miss a drop of her delicious flavor, Sara switched up her mouth and hand so that her tongue was now buried deep in her opening while her fingers diddled Felicity's engorged clitoris.

"I'm cumming," she shrieked. "Oh God YESSSSS!"

Sara waited for her just rewards after hearing the scream and feeling the hands on her head tighten. Sure enough a tide of gooey honey came like a typhoon, coating the blonde's tongue. Sara was right on hand to lap it up and devour the cum before going right back inside Felicity for more of the treat.

"Well shit you're tasty," Sara said, rocking back onto her heels.

"Wow...just...wow," Felicity puffed, propped back up on her hands to look over at the standing girl. "My turn now."

"You don't have to reciprocate," Sara told her with a sincere smile.

"I know...but I think I want to. Is that okay," she replied with lust in her eye.

Sara replied with one of her trademark smiles where one side of her lips smirked up higher than the other, then added. "Would love nothing more."

Sara would be lying to say that she expected the scholastic girl to go back down on her, but she supposed that Felicity had enjoyed herself so much she wanted to return the favor. Though she doubted that Felicity had much skill when it came to eating out another woman, she was definitely willing to give her a try out and maybe teach her a thing or two.

Felicity took another moment to collect herself after her orgasm before she lifted herself off the table. Sara had already pushed herself off her knees from the concrete flooring and had taken the flushed girl by the hand. Felicity allowed Sara to lead her not to the girl's bedroom where she expected to go, but rather to the blue, slightly outdated couch in the corner of the room by the television screen that the team used to sit and relax in.

The glass-wearing girl was placed down on the couch before swiftly being joined by the crime fighting blonde, who allowed no space to be between them. With hands clutching her shoulder, her lover pulled in the shirtless blonde for a passionate kiss. Their tongues once again met in the space formed between their lips, all while Sara felt fingers migrate down her back in search of the well concealed zipper she knew was there.

"I am tasty, aren't I," Felicity asked with wide eyes.

"The yummiest," Sara replied to the still naked woman.

As Sara was speaking she felt a familiar weight appear in the front of her body as her leather catsuit was undone and her tits became free as the garment didn't allow for a bra to be worn. She was hoping that Felicity wasn't the competitive sort because Sara's tits were larger and more miraculous then the computer hacker's breasts, though the killer thought her new hook-up's tits were nothing short of impressive. Sara's were a full C-cup and were just as perky, perfectly round and capped with a bright pink nipple that was much like a cherry on top of a delicious sundae.

"Wow...just wow," Felicity commented, feeling up the other woman with both hands.

This time when Felicity came back in to kiss her after she took a few moments to gawk at her boobs, Sara slowly reclined herself. It enabled the blonde to be laying on her back while on the sofa with the horny yet inexperienced hacker on top of her. If the move caught Felicity by surprise then she didn't let it show, instead she just kept on kissing her new lesbian lover.

Felicity had more planned then just kissing and wanted to act while she had all her courage so she trailed a line of kisses along Sara's jaw, down her neck, which made her coo loudly when finally arrived at the globes she sought. The glasses-wearing assistant went to the right and got her lips around one of Sara's nipples, which were bigger then her own but well proportioned with her larger boobs before she clasped on tightly and sucked while her free hand reached up and groped the other tit beside her face.

"Fuck that feels good," Sara groaned.

"Yup...you are definitely super sexy," Felicity said while switching her mouth to the other breast.

"Mmhmm...duly noted...aawwhh," she moaned, presenting more of her tits to the boob-loving woman by arching her back even more.

Felicity greedily continued to suck on the other woman's boobs as her fingers migrated further south. After undoing the catsuit, it had caused the front to sag while the back of the outfit unfolded into a large V. Finding the edges in the front of the costume, Felicity continued to pull the leather outfit downward. She had to break contact with the blonde's sensitive areola so that she could pull the tight fitting suit off her thick thighs and off her legs altogether.

"I want you to make me cum so hard," Sara demanded while noticing Felicity's eyes remained fixed on her newly revealed pink mound.

"Okay Felicity...you can do this. Make this goddess of a woman orgasm," she encouraged herself.

Felicity ignored any lingering doubts and fears and began to give Sara exactly what she asked for, and what Felicity so badly wanted to give back to her. Felicity ran her hands symmetrically over Sara's strong thighs, finding the creamy white skin of her inner thigh so soft and cool as she took inventory of the situation. With each inch she moved, Sara would let loose another moan, each one louder than the last until fingertips touched her silky panties.

Felicity was suddenly overcome with the urge to throw her underwear to one side and immediately dive in and stick two fingers into her pussy, which she was sure was dripping wet at this point. Instead, the first time lesbian kept going towards her head until her fingers could hook under the waistband of her underwear. She slowly began to pull them down her body, a feat that was aided significantly when the athletic girl helped by lifting her tight ass off the couch just enough. Felicity noted the design of the panties, however the part that really caught her eye was the extremely large damp patch consuming most of the front and bottom portions.

The sight that greeted Felicity was one of beauty. Sara was now completely nude like herself. Starting at her gorgeous face with her freckled skin, Felicity gazed down over her handful-sized tits, muscular yet flat stomach until staring at her vag. It was shaven completely smooth, fully bare whereas her own kept a thin strip of hair trimmed very short, resting atop the prettiest twat she'd ever seen.

"You are like...super gorgeous," Felicity gawked.

Sara smiled warmly at her lesbian crush before making herself more comfortable on the sofa. She reached her outside arm back behind her head so that she could grip tightly onto the headrest, while her inner arm reached down her athletic body. When she arrived between her legs, she rubbed her fingers threw her very damp crotch before sinking two fingers deep inside her gushing mound.

"Come on, it won't bite," Sara encouraged, bringing her hand back up and started sucking on the fingers that had just been inside herself. "It's totally worth it."

Felicity allowed herself one last good long glance of Sara's incredible body before moving on to the task at hand. It helped that she was so small, as it allowed her to fit fairly easily on the same couch as Sara. Now that she was settled with her stomach and small yet perky tits pressed against the sofa surface and her body twisted on an angle, she set her sights purely on the blonde's pink lips.

"Let's see what you...OH MY GOD," screamed the trained crime fighter as Felicity reached her tongue out and flicked her clitoris.

The skilled hacker was pleased with the huge reaction she got but she wanted to get an even better taste of the sexy woman now. Thinking back to when Sara had done it to her, not to mention all the times men had gone down on her, this time she craned her head further down in order to begin near her opening and licked all along her pink slit, finishing by flicking out at her clit again. She was greeted by another scream, much like when she did it again, however when she repeated the act to get another sample, much like she would do while tasting a wine to get an appreciation for the slightly older girl.

"Hmm...very light but sweet with a hint of citrus. Especially nice since not even a note of a sour hint. I wonder if all woman taste this good," she thought to herself.

Sara was still conscious that this was a hidden section under a fully crowded club, where there were breaks in music for people to hear them. To mute herself, since it appeared that Felicity would make her continuously moan in pleasure, Sara seized the pillow her head was resting on and placed it in front of her face to muffle the screams.

Felicity now had her taste and so she could really start going to work on her mouth-watering mound. She started by moving slightly outward from her tight pink hole so that she could lightly flick Sara's pussy lips with his tongue. The hacker heard the blonde's muffled screams die down as this move didn't illicit a great deal of pleasure, but she was only just getting warmed up.

Using one of her hands, Felicity pulled apart her pussy lips as the other hand ran up her torso to explore her naked body. Just as her small hand found Sara's rounded tit and gave it a firm but sensual squeeze, Felicity ran her tongue back along her inner slit. She felt the Canary squirm and heard the familiar muffled moans as she experienced new pleasures once she clamped her lips around her exposed clitoris and repeatedly flicked it.

"Unnggghhhh," she screamed out against the pillow.

Felicity returned to licking along her entire slit from bottom to top but this time deeper and faster. It was having the desired effect as now the blonde's body was thrashing with the pleasure that she was giving her. This move was really hitting its note but the first time lesbian didn't want to become predictable and boring to the more experienced woman.

Felicity didn't know where this was coming from, this apparently innate ability to munch rug. She suppose it was from being the receiving end of oral sex a time or two from her college days back when she was a lot more promiscuous with men. However, part of her thought that it was from just doing what felt right and not second guessing herself.

Rather than staying with the status quo, the recent college graduate changed her tactic to something she was sure would drive her date even more wilder. Felicity stopped swiping her tongue up Sara's slit and instead sank down to the bottom of her wet track dipped her tongue into her hole.

Though she wasn't an experience pussy-licker, Felicity could tell that she delivered great pleasure to the other girl as she felt Sara thrust her hips up in an attempt to get him deeper into her pussy. As she continued to probe her wet pink cave with her tongue, Felicity hoped that she was as good as some of Sara's other lovers, but given the screams she was sure she was on the right track.

"Holy crap you are really good at this," Sara commented before smothering her face with the pillow once again.

Listening to her body language and her words, Felicity abided by her wishes by digging further into her pussy before licking her inner walls. Her juices continued to follow onto the hacker's tongue and bathe her taste buds in Sara's sweet honey, even overflowing out onto the flawless skin around her mouth. Felicity began to emit wet slurping noises as the brainy woman lost herself in eating the Sara's pussy, edging the blonde closer to her orgasm in record time.

Felicity remembered back earlier when Sara was going down on her and how good it instantly felt having mouth and fingers working in unison. Wanting to give that same feeling to her blonde lover, the computer genius focused her tongue on licking the portion of her sex above the opening while bringing one of her fingers to her hole and gently sliding it in.

"Yeah keep going...just like that," Sara told her through loud, urgent screams.

Sara was surprised by the confidence that Felicity was showing for someone so new to eating pussy. Yet here the corporate assistant was, changing techniques and advancing her progress all without prompting or need of suggestions. It was making the blonde seem like a sexual lightweight by the swift speed the inexperienced woman was bringing her towards an orgasm.

Felicity was pretty sure that she was on the verge of giving an orgasm to a woman for the first time in her life. Thinking back to when men had gone down on her, she remembered the clustered patch of nerves that they always seem to find just inside her sex, her G-spot. Seeking that out in Sara, she added a second finger into her snatch, curled them upwards and began probing the inner walls of her smooth pussy.

"Oh God...so close," Sara wailed, clearly audible despite the covering pillow.

Knowing she was now so close, Felicity ramped up her efforts for the finishing stretch. Felicity took another chance and eased a third finger into her lover, which glided in without much trouble since she was so wet or else she doubted the three digits fingers would have fit together at the same time within her twat, such was how tight the 26-year-old was. But now that they were inside, Felicity pumped her arm to withdraw so only the tips were left inside the beautiful blonde before slamming them back into her swiftly.

With her face not currently buried in her sweet tasting snatch, Felicity was able to have a great view of watching her perky tits bounce as the she blasted Sara's hole with her fingers. Over and over she slammed inside her with her medium-sized breasts bouncing upwards towards her pretty face with every time Felicity's hand smacked against her groin.

"OH GOD YES," Sara screamed loudly.

Sensing she was right on the verge of her orgasm, Felicity upped the ante one final time. The computer hacker lowered her head so that her mouth was aligned with Sara's clit once again. Since Canary's stomach didn't have an ounce of fat on it, her flatness allowed Felicity's eyes to roam up her petite body and maintain eye contact with her bouncing twins.

Felicity leaned forward until her lips found the top of the freckled blonde's slit. She formed a tight seal around her then darted her tongue, ever so gently, down to flick on her clitoris once again. The bundle of nerves on the other side of the thin membrane sent waves of pleasure back up to Sara's brain, causing a reflexive scream to be emitted into the pillow. Felicity gave her bud another long slow lick and felt her body tremble as a spasm rocked through her.

"OHHH SSHHHHIIITTTT," Oliver's girlfriend swore as she came hard.

As if the screaming wasn't a big enough sign that she had peaked, there was easily enough body signs to tell Felicity. Immediately she felt Sara's pussy clamp down on her three pumping fingers, thereby restricting finger blasting her further. While being held in the vice grip by her snatch, the MIT grad felt a wave of fluid smack against her tips while the beautiful blonde's trembled throughout.

Felicity allowed the blonde a moment of peace before withdrawing her dripping wet fingers. She was still surprised she was able to fit three digits into the petite girl, but it provided more surface area to collect the girl's cum. Bringing it up to her mouth, the new lesbian soaked her digits clean of Sara's juices, moaning her appreciation of how tasty it was.

"Fuck," Sara swore once again before finally starting to move.

"Sara, listen," Felicity started to speak. "I..."

"Don't worry Felicity, we were so amazing just like I knew you would be. And it won't make things weird, I promise."

"No it's not that...I feel really, like, woozy right now," she replied.

"Oh right, that would be the drugs kicking in full force," the naked blonde told her. "Here, let me get you to your room."

It wasn't really Felicity's room, but rather one of the hideout's extra bedrooms that any of the crime fighting team could use when needing a place to lay down for awhile. In fact, Felicity was the member that used it the least since her apartment wasn't located too far from the club, however there was no chance of the upbeat blonde making it home this night.

Sara helped her fellow naked woman towards the closer of the two guest bedrooms, noting that she was becoming heavier with each step as Felicity was helping less and less. It was no problem for Canary though, as she didn't have that much further to go and Felicity wasn't exactly heavy.

"Sleep tight little one," Sara told the prone girl now that she was in bed. "I have more planned for you soon."

And with that Sara headed to the exit of the bedroom. She turned around to shut off the light as she went threw the opening, being sure to take one last, long, good look at Felicity's ass, which the blonde had to admire for being bigger and fuller then her own. This was a fact that few women could hold over her, but Sara didn't mind in this case. At that, she flicked the light off and clothed the door behind her.


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Re: Sara's Devilish Plan
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Title: Sara's Devilish Plan Part 3 - End Game
Show: Arrow
Author: The Chemist
Pairing: Sara Lance/Felicity Smoak/Oliver Queen
Codes: MFF, Anal, DP, Oral, Toys
Disclaimer: This is an act of fiction. I make no money from the story. I do not own the show Arrow nor any of the characters

Summary: Sara and Oliver discuss having a threesome during pillow talk. Sara knows that he's had his eye on Felicity and she's a fan of the nerd too. Takes her opportunity while Felicity is high on painkillers after taking a bullet. Now Felicity wants more girl love but Sara's condition is that she joins her and Oli in bed

"Hey Oli, got a minute," Sara said, appearing in the open doorway into her boyfriend's room.

"Of course babe," the handsome man replied, putting down the business report he was reading.

Sara, the little blonde, strode into the room that Oli had been living in ever since he was just a child in his parent's mansion. The woman, donning high boots, skin-tight dark jean pants and a leather jacket, which was her normal apparel, marched directly to her man and laid down on the bed beside him. She looked up to him while she rested on her stomach while the much larger man was seated with his bare back against the headboard.

"So this thing does more than just stop my head from hitting the wall," Sara joked, indicating the cushioned headboard.

"It has few other uses, yes," he smiled down at her.

"So I wanted to talk about our arrangement...with Felicity."

"Did you want to back out," he asked her.

Oliver was still in disbelief when a week ago, his devoted girlfriend came to him and said she wanted to bring his assistant into their bed. The deal was that Sara would do all the work in seducing the sexy blonde, which would be the tall task since to his knowledge, Felicity had shown zero interest in hooking up with another girl. The extra parts of their arrangement was that Sara got to sleep with Felicity by her lonesome beforehand while Oli got to fuck The Canary in the ass.

"Little late for that sweetie," Sara said as a grin spread across her face.

"You're shitting me," Oliver exclaimed. "You bedded her?"

"And she tasted so good," she replied.

"Well shit," The Emerald Archer swore again. "I did not think you would have such an easy time with that. Well done."

"What can I say, I have game," The Canary replied, mentally patting herself on the back.

"So what does that mean about the other thing?"

"Actually that is what I came to talk to you about. Are you free this afternoon," Sara asked her man.

"I'm headed into the office in 20 minutes then I'm good some time after 4," he replied.

"Good. I'm picking up Felicity after work and we are going lingerie shopping," the blonde started.

"You two? Lingerie shopping?"

"Don't be jealous that you can't be there. Anyway, if my devilish little plan works then you should be seeing us in them...then undressing us," Sara told him.

"Maybe I'll just remove certain parts of the outfit," the crime fighter countered.

"Really? Didn't know you were into stocking and all that," she replied.

"So what's my part in this?"

"Just be here within an hour of letting Felicity off work," Sara instructed. "I'll need your room for the changing then we'll 'try them on for you'. Oh, make sure your mom and sister are away...although I could probably work up a way to get Thea involved..."

"You are out of control," Oli said sternly.

"Oh right...you probably wouldn't like me hooking up with your own flesh and blood," Sara reminded herself.


"Okay, okay. Well then I guess we will have to satisfy ourselves with Felicity. After all, I know how much you like big booties," she told him, wiggling her backside in concordance with her words.

"Mmhmm," was all he replied.

Sara scooted further up the bed as she felt Oliver's finger contact her under the chin. As if he had come mystic control over her, the little blonde dragged herself up to him and they kissed their agreement for the deal. What started as simple lip touching soon became more passionate, with their mouths opening in rhythm with each other and their tongues battling for supremacy.

"It's gonna be so hot watching you fuck her," Sara moaned into his mouth.

"It really will be," he replied before going back in for more kissing.

"I'm gonna make her suck your dick," she smiled. "Then you're going to watch as I eat her pussy."

"Yes baby," he groaned his approval.

"Is it gonna turn you on when she cums all over my face," Sara asked him as he nibbled her earlobe.

"Oh most definitely," Oli grunted.

"God it's gonna be so sexy seeing your cock between her lips," Sara said, her hand slipping under the covers to find his hardened cock.

"Yo Oli, where are you," a strong male voice rang through the house.

"Shit," Oliver swore in frustration. "Work."

"That's fine. Just a little preview to help power you through the day," Sara told him.

"Oh there you are," John Diggle said as he stood in front of the open door. "Hey Sara."

"John," she greeted. "He's all yours."

Sara gave him one last kiss on his lips, only a short one, then rolled over onto her back and was on her feet in one smooth elegant motion. She looked back over her shoulder and flashed him a wicked smile as she headed to the exit, giving Diggle a warm smile before disappearing out of view, her heavy boots making barely audible noises as she descended the wooden stairs.

The rest of the day was absolutely torture for the rich crime fighting archer. Firstly, he had to hold his tongue while he spent all day with Felicity, not letting slip that he knew that she and his girlfriend fucked last night, the pair likely cumming all over each other's face. Secondly was because of what was to come that evening, and several times he had to focus on stopping his erection from being soon. And lastly was because he was locked in business meetings all day with his partner Isabel, who was a real bitch.

But yet, time continued to tick though slower then he would have liked. Finally, Isabel broke the talks for the day and dismissed all of her employees, though wanted Oliver to stick around for a little while yet.

"Get out of here," he told Felicity, who had immediately pulled out her cell phone for texting when dismissed by the businesswoman.

"What? No it's fine," Felicity replied though not with conviction.

"Seriously it's fine. Isabel just wants to talk about the schedule for tomorrow and it shouldn't be very painful," Oliver told her. "Plus by the way you dove for that phone, I imagine you have plans."

"Well...kinda. But I can cancel if you need me," again, without the same heart she normally poured in to arguments.

"I'll be fine. I should be able to stay awake long enough to finish this," he joked, smiling at her.

"Alright fine. I do have plans with S...someone," Felicity said.

Oliver knew for a fact that those plans were with not just anyone but with Sara, his Sara. The Sara that felicity had fucked and been ficked by the night before in the hideout. The same Sara who was taking Felicity out for some lingerie shopping before bringing her to him so that they can fuck the beautiful girl with the huge ass together.

Oliver watched her leave, smirking noticeably as her large meaty ass swayed side to side, and slightly up and down as her extremely tight fitting pencil skirt left little to the imagination. He took a minute once she left to calm himself and allow his boner to go down before walking to the end of the large business table and sorting out the last few details with his co-CEO of Queen Consolidated.

* * *

"Get in there," Sara told her new friend and recent lover. "You need to see how hot you look."

Felicity squalled in playfulness as the other girl gave her a soft pinch on her mostly bare ass. Having gone and bought their lingerie, the girls had returned back to Oliver's mansion to try them on. The brainy blonde thought it was slightly odd to take the sexy wear to put on over at her boss's house, but Sara had insisted so they did what she wanted.

Now they stood in the washroom that was attached to Oliver's large bedroom and found themselves standing in front of the mirror. Since they had hooked up last night, Felicity didn't feel overly awkward standing and observing her near nude form with another woman, but since that woman had recently had her tongue in her snatch and vice versa, it made this seem rather tame.

"I don't know, seems kinda...I don't know...too tight maybe," Felicity commented.

Both girls had purchased similar looking undergarments, both deciding on black as well. They had bought slightly different top portions, however both were black with portions that were see-through and hugged their modest chests tightly, pushing up their tits to show off massive amounts of cleavage. The tops were low cut, barely reaching their black thongs that had the back string portion barely observable given how large each of their asses were, especially Felicity's. To complete the night undergarments was a garter belt and black stocking, which ended just under their plump backsides, which were even more pronounced given the matching high heels they wore.

"Too tight? Honey they were suppose to fit like that," Sara replied. "And come on, you ass looks amazing with all this."

With their new found familiarity, Sara took full advantage. As they talked and stood in front of the mirror, The Canary's hands never left Felicity's body. Whether it was hooking a finger into the tight fitting band of her thong when she mentioned the too tight comment, to actually resting her hand on her oh-so-plump ass as she told her friend how great her tush looked framed in the stockings, belt and thong.

"Haha, thanks," Felicity replied, growing to like her hands-on approach and kind words.

"And are you kidding me. This is not too tight," Sara continued.

She stepped closer to Felicity, so much so that both girls felt Sara's meaty thighs on the brainy girl's bare ass. Reaching around her sexual partner, The Canary clutched the thin straps of Felicity's tank and pulled them upwards. After raising them only an inch she let them fall, causing the assistant's tits to go bouncing down and up, at which point Sara made her point more clearly by following up and doing it a few more times.

"Okay maybe you're right," Felicity agreed.

"I had so much fun today," Sara told her, still pressed against her back.

"I had a great time too," the skinny blonde said, looking the crime fighter in the eye through the mirror.

"So I was thinking, if you are still unsure about this outfit, we could always get a guy's opinion," Sara told her.

"Yeah I guess that's something we could do," she replied.

In her mind, Felicity silently hoping that it would be Oliver who was the prospective that Sara wanted. Though she had hooked up with the athletic blonde and had their friendship strengthened beyond doubt, Felicity still lusted for Oli and wanted him to see her in the sexy clothing. Sara was right after all, she did look damn hot, and maybe this would help The Arrow see her as more than his assistant and more like a sexual being who wanted to desperately fuck him.

"Great! Oli's just downstairs if you're cool with that," the trained assassin suggested.

"I mean I'm fine with it, but are you sure. I don't want thing to be, you know, weird or anything," Felicity answered.

"Oh come on. It's totally cool. We're really open about everything so it'll be good," Sara replied, happy her plan was coming together. "Now let's go. You were the one who thought you needed a second opinion."

Felicity felt Sara's hands, who was still pressed tightly behind her, move to her shoulders and began to spin her towards the door. Apparently when she said she was cool with parading her near naked body in front of her boyfriend was final and the end of the conversation. She allowed the much stronger woman to turn her, then felt her gently lean her towards the door back to the bedroom and ultimately towards the staircase.

"Plus I really want to see that ass walk," Sara added, giving her friend's large ass a slap, causing the fleshy sound to resonant loudly around the small room.

Oliver was down in the kitchen, standing by one of the counters as he ate one of his guilty pleasures, a peanut butter and banana sandwich. He was almost done when he could hear the distinct far off clacking of heels on hardwood flooring. He ate quickly, finishing the sandwich as the noise got louder and louder until the clacking changed tone as their high heels now hit the marbled tile floor of the kitchen.

"Hey you," Sara's voice greeted him.

"Hey baby," Oli replied, turning to face her.

Oliver did his best to act cool, those years of being The Arrow had given him a very good stoic appearance. Both girls looked amazing in their lingerie, as that was only from viewing them from head on as they approached him. Sara had the larger breasts, his best guess being that they were a full cup size bigger, but both of them at youthful, perky tits that bounced in front of them with each step.

"So we need a second opinion," Sara told him as she walked hand in hand with Felicity. "I told her she looked amazing, but what do you think?"

"Hi Oliver," Felicity said as her face went red.

"Hello Felicity," the businessman with model good looks replied to his assistant. "Please spin for me."

Sara was ready for such request and had her arm up over their heads the second the words were out of his mouth. Her hand still contained Felicity's so it was dragged up as well, held like that as though the nerdy girl in sexy lingerie was a slutty ballerina. Felicity didn't delay too long and did as she was instructed, slowly spinning in a tight loop to show off the package.

"And be honest Oli," Sara reminded after 30 seconds of silence.

"Honestly Felicity...you look positively stunning."

"Right! I told you," the blonde added, her shoulder now fitted into the underarm of Oliver with his strong arm looked around her.

"So I guess I'm keeping it," Felicity stated, her arms slapping down at her sides in a gesture of finality.

"For sure you should not return that," Oliver insisted.

"And have you seen her ass in this," Sara asked before addressing Felicity. "Turn around."

Felicity was along for the ride at this point, wherever it brought her so she turned around and presented her backside to her boss. The boss that she had a crush on, the boss she kept his secret of being a crime fighting vigilante, the boss that she may actually be in love with. However, Felicity choked down any lingering reservations and nerves and found herself pushing her ass back towards Oliver while arching her back in a trademark stance every girl adopted to showcase that part of their anatomy.

Of course Felicity didn't need the help of a flattering pose to better show off her best and truly world class booty. For a white girl with a small frame, it practically defied physics how large her ass really was. The black thong she wore as part of the lingerie get-up was easily swallowed up by her buns, and it was nicely framed by stocking suspended by her garter belt.

"It is a great ass," Oliver answered. "Both of your booties are amazing though."

"Right! Sara's is amazing! Looking so tight and perfect over there," Felicity chimed in, eager to take the boaring eyes of her crush off her.

Oliver nodded his approval, especially when Sara turned to the side to show off her own booty. It was a fantastic ass and in most situations she had the best ass in the room, however that was not true this afternoon in the kitchen of the Queen's mansion. Sara was insecure about it though, as she had already tapped Felicity and would be doing so again shortly with the aid of her love.

"So...I was thinking," Sara started after a lengthy pause.

"What," Oliver prodded.

"That you know what else would be hot," the blonde continued.

"What," this time Felicity questioned.

"I always thought it would be so sexy to see you kissing my Oliver."

"Wow, really," Felicity questioned, surprised mightily by the comment.

"Come on Felicity, I know you think he's hot," Canary added to her friend. "And I know how Oli feels about you."

"How you feel...about me?"

"Well of course I find you beyond beautiful," Oliver told his assistant.

Felicity was stunned by the comment. After all, it was everything that she had hoped he would say. Well that and how madly, passionately in love he was with her but finding her attractive was a big first step.

"So how about it," Sara pressured after a few seconds silence.

Felicity was almost overawed by the stare that Oliver had fixed on her. In his gaze portrayed every emotion he felt for her, and the overwhelming one was definitely that of lust. She could almost read his mind and see every desire and longing that he wished to do to her, and Felicity knew that there was no going back from this point.

"How about I break the ice," Sara spoke again.

Felicity was so absorbed by Oliver's stare that she barely registered Sara's words, or the arm that had snaked around her shoulders. The blonde's hand grabbed gently the back of Felicity's head and steared in towards her own. Sara could see the look of recognition flash on her friend's face mere inches before their lips touched, but all she did was close her eyes and pucker her lips.

The kiss was amazing, and this time Felicity could really appreciate it where tonight she was stone cold sober and not under the influence of any narcotitcs. She had thought about last night constantly this day, and Felicity decided that she regretted nothing and likely would have slept with Sara last night either she was high or not.

Oliver watched on with intensity that was his trademark as the two gorgeous girls donning sexy lingerie made out with one another. With their heads cocked to the side like they were, he could see tongues poking out on occasion as their lips smacked with some familairity with one another. The bearded man added rubbing his hand along Sara's thick ass as he observed.

Neither Sara nor Felicity thought about where they were or who else was with them as they were wrapped up in the occasion and their kiss. Sara noted the difference in technique of the hacker's kissing now that she wasn't on painkillers while Felicity couldn't get over how erotic it all felt.

Sara realized Oliver was present again when his strong hand went under the waistband of her tiny thong and immediately began rubbing through the folds of her dripping wet slit. Her arm coiled up in a reflex to hold the side of his square jaw as she continued to to kiss her new friend.

"Mhmm...yes," Sara moaned in Felicity's mouth as a finger entered her pussy. "Now you two..."

Sara didn't need to continue her sentence as the two other adults were well and truly on top of that. Sara had brought Oliver closer to herself and to Felicity as the two girls were kissing, so when she pulled away the two beautiful people were within striking distance. The blonde still pulled their heads together to help guide them but they didn't need the help.

Oliver kept fingering Sara's wet snatch while his lips contacted those of his assistant for the first time. He was being honest when he told the hacker how sexy she looked and he was prepared to show her now that he had the chance. Their lips touching set off fireworks in both of them and that was illustrated by the hunger they showed while kissing each other.

"Fuck that was hot," Sara commented, moving in to lightly kiss Felicity.

"Yeah," Felicity agreed in hushed tones.

"Now I want you to suck his cock," Sara ordered. "I know you will like it."

"Really," Felicity asked though with a large smile plastered on her face.

Sara simply nodded then leaned in and kissed the girl once again. Oliver watched his girlfriend and his assistant make out once again but this time he did so while his hands worked on getting his jeans undone and opened wide.

"That is so sexy," Sara commented, her hands holding Felicity's hair out of her face.

Oliver stood and looked down at Felicity as his tanned cock slid in and out between her lips, the hacker making a soft smacking noise as his tip left her mouth. Of course the second her lips touched she parted them enough to allow his pecker to rub along them as she took him as far into her mough as she could before he hit the back of her throat.

"How about we go to the bedroom," Oliver stated, after taking cue from Sara's face whose eyes flashed towards the stairs.

"Excellent idea," Sara replied, taking each of their hands in hers and leading the way.Oliver told her, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear and leg of her glasses. "I'm not blind or anything."

After a pause for a few seconds as Felicity seemed to be clearly basking in the glory of Oliver's kind words, Sara wanted things to progress quicker. She had no problem with another girl being so infatuated by her boyfriend as it was a testament to how great Oli was, plus how amazing she clearly had to be to land him. However, the blonde wanted to gain something from it and in this case it was a threesome with the two who were staring into each other's eyes.

"How about I get things started."

Sara had been with both other parties so she knew it would likely take her to get the festivities started. Hooking a hand along the side of Felicity's head, she leaned in to kiss her new friend while slowly pulling her forward. Felicity responded just as Sara wanted her to, namely by parting her lips so that after their lips touched the Canary's tongue could enter her mouth.

Oliver watched on no more than a foot away and watched as his busty blonde girlfriend kissed the nerdy but equally beautiful assistant that had been lusting over him for a year now. It was making him very hot, as evidence by the developing bulge occurring in his slacks. With the girls heads tilted to the side as they made out, he could see peeks of their tongues as they entered the other's mouth.

Of course Oli wasn't going to just stand there and watch the scene unfold without getting involved. He stepped closer to Sara and arched his head down so that his lips contacted the sensitive nape of her neck. She cooed into Felicity's mouth and brought her free hand to hold the side of his head as well, her palm digging in softly to the stubble of his beard. She did more then coo when Oliver stuck his hand under the waistband of her microscopic thong and rubbed a finger through her dripping wet folds.

"Mhmm...God," Sara moaned loudly. "Now I want you two..."

Sara didn't have time or need to finish the sentence as Oliver and Felicity had no problems this time around fulfilling her request. She still helped guide them together but now there lips were touching and Canary could almost hear Felicity's pussy gushing onto her new underwear. The kiss started off slow and gentle but quickly morphed into having more urgency as the two got wrapped up in passion, while Sara watched on in hunger.

"That was...wow," Felicity huffed as though the breath was gone from her lungs completely.

Her's and Oliver's bodies stayed in close vicinity with one another, so much so that they were still touching with Felicity's perky tits that were nearly bursting out from her lingerie were lightly pressed against Oliver's muscular chest. She was aware of Sara's hand rubbing the naked skin of her awesomely thick ass, but she remained looking up into Oliver's eyes.

"You know what else would be hot...seeing you suck his cock," Sara mentioned.

The initial kiss between longstanding boss and assistant seemed to have loosened things up between them and this time Felicity barely resisted, in fact she only flushed and turned away slightly before turning back to face him. When Oliver didn't see Felicity want to stop being a pawn in Sara's fiendish scheme he pulled his two fingers from in his girlfriend's snatch and used both hands to undo his pants.

Once undone Sara reached down and pulled the flap wide apart before snaking her hand into his boxers and withdrawing with her his mostly erect cock. All while she did this her eyes never left Felicity's face, whose eyes conversely never left Oliver's groin. When his 10 inch member was freed from his underwear Felicity's face beamed in a mixture of surprise, lust and being highly impressed, which was a typical response to seeing his monster dick.

"Holy fuck it is huge...and it's not even fully hard yet," Felicity gawked in her mind.

Of course her amazement escalated again when Sara placed Felicity's hand on her boyfriend's cock and had her lightly stroke his thick shaft, allowing it to harden completely. Meanwhile Oliver watched with a neutral expression on his face but was very happy with the scene unfolding, and so too was Sara based on the pleased look on her face.

Oliver's gaze at Sara was broken as he noticed Felicity start to move as his assistant bent over at the waist by shoving her ass back towards the counter behind her. Her light gliding of her hand along his length stopped as she settled her fingers around his thick base to hold him steady. The businessman was now fully erect in anticipation and the leggy girl wasn't going to let it go to waste any longer. Diving her head towards his groin, she took his head in her mouth and used her tongue to play with his slit while her plump lips sat teasingly on his sensitive crown.

"Yes Felicity," Oliver groaned as the nerdy girl first move had its desired effect.

Everyone always thought that Felicity was this little girl, a young woman who lacked sexual experience or hormones of any kind. However, this was far from the truth. During her prime in college, the slender blonde's sexual record could rival anyones, including her boss Oliver Queen back before the island.

The leggy computer expert licked her lips then made her move, tucking his rod upwards and licking the whole underside of his dick. It was soft as she ran her tongue along the thick vein running up the center, which was in stark contrast to the top of his member, which she then licked all the way down until back at his tip. Oliver grunted his appreciation then grunted again when she captured his tip in her warm mouth and applied the gentlest of suction.

The talented cocksucker continued to orally service just his sensitive tip and proceeding inch of his shaft with short, lingering bobs while Sara held her hair back out of her face. Finally to his relief she pushed her lips down his tool and took in more of his flesh into her moist heat. She allowed a little over 4 inches to slide inside before pulling back slowly along his length until the only contact her lips had with Oliver was on his pee slit. She repeated the action but this time she did it with more speed and continued to do so until she was bobbing at a fast pace.

"Mmmphm...ammmahhm," were the sounds being emitted by Felicity's mouth as she noisily slobbered on his fleshy rod.

Sara stood back a short distance but her eyes never left the action. Much like she was thinking, the act of Felicity blowing her boyfriend was every bit as hot as she envisioned. It was only after a few minutes that Sara moved, looping back behind Felicity and slowly pulling her thong from between her massive ass cheeks and down her surprisingly meaty thighs and calves.

"How about we move this somewhere more comfortable," Sara finally spoke.

The trio now found themselves situated upstairs in the room that Oliver had always used since he was a newborn. Room was a loose word for it since it was nearly the size of Felicity's whole apartment not to mention much nicer. But the only thing contained in the walls that mattered was the four poster bed in the far side, where Oliver found himself naked and laying flat on his back with his erection pointed skyward.

Felicity was on his right with her hand still around his base and her mouth bobbing along his length, just like back in the kitchen. She was still in her lingerie get-up, minus the underwear to exposed a bald mound minus a strip of neatly contained hair above. Sara was also on the bed, on Oli's other side and he could see her bending down towards his groin as well.

"You girls should share," Oliver instructed, now with arms under his head to better watch the action.

"You heard him," Sara smiled at the other girl.

Felicity had watched a fair bit of porn in her day, another aspect of her character that would surprise people given her nerdy attitude. However the process started with her serious boyfriend in college who enjoyed watching it with her then trying out things in the movie. She realized she liked it thus would use online videos to satisfy that itch when it came up now and then.

Therefore she knew what Oliver wanted and how to go about it without having to look like an inexperienced girl. However, as she pulled her lips off his cock, Sara pounced and engulfed half his length in one go, then held him in her mouth with his tip at the back of her throat for what seemed like an eternity. She was an enigma as the next moment she was feverishly bobbing her head up and down Oliver with speeds that were sure to give her whiplash.

"Here's my chance," Felicity thought when Sara slowed.

Now that the blonde was only working on the first several several inches like Felicity had done earlier, the hacker moved in. She allowed Sara to work high as she craned her neck and extended her tongue to lap at the big vein on the underside of his cock.

Oliver was loving the dual attention of both thick rumped girls and could only hope that it would continue. He didn't know how Sara made this night happen but he didn't much care for it either. He was very happy to live in the present and reap the benefits, which currently include Sara blowing him while Felicity moved down to suck on each of his nuts one at a time.

"So good," he complimented, a hand on the back of each of their heads.

For the next several minutes the girls continued to work in unison to bring great oral pleasure to the lucky man. They had shifted positions shortly after Oliver's first audible groan so that Sara and Felicity each had a nut in their mouth and sucking away while one of them stroked his manhood. This soon changed to Sara staying low and allowing Felicity the honor of wrapping her surprisingly skilled lips around his hog.

However, much to Oliver's happiness, both girls now found themselves occupying half of his shaft with their lips at the same time. They craned their necks to the side so that they were looking into each other's eyes with their noses touching as they pressed their open mouths along his dick sideways. With noses and lips now touching as well, they moved as a well drilled team to slide up and down his lengthy shaft while massaging the underbelly of his manhood with their tongues.

"We make a hell of a team," Sara finally commented.

"Agreed. Now Sara get on your back to I can fuck one of you," Oliver told them.

Once they were clear of him, Oliver moved his muscular body so that he was in a tall kneeling position with the girls on either side of him. He gave his girlfriend Sara a lengthy, tongue filled kiss before breaking that off and moving to Felicity. He started with less intensity since they didn't have a natural romantic flow yet, but the heat picked up in no time.

By the time he stopped kissing his big bottomed assistant, Sara was already on her back in front of him with legs spread wide. He knew she didn't need it but he moved his face to her crotch and licked her slit, confirming his initial thought that she was gushing. He figured in the interest of keeping both women happy that he should give his own girlfriend the honor of being fucked first, but he doubted she would care either way.

"God yes," Sara moaned as he entered her.

Felicity didn't exactly know where to be at this point in the threesome. Oliver had climbed on top of the much smaller blonde and was already pounding into her tasty snatch with raw power. Sara wasn't doing too much other than arching her neck and back while screaming loudly into what the hacker hoped was an empty house. But while the couple fucked, she wasn't sure where to be or what to do.

"Get over here," Oliver told her suddenly.

As though he had read her mind the rugged man clutched her at the back of the head and pulled Felicity to him. Their lips met with yet another explosion of passion, which coincided with her pussy getting wetter once again. He had risen up higher onto his knees to draw level height with his brilliant assistant, however this didn't mean he neglected his duty with Sara. The slight variation on missionary position still meant he could penetrate her as deeply, albeit at a loss of speed.

"Shhhhhit," Felicity groaned as one of several fingers, she couldn't tell, entered her snatch.

Felicity didn't know or care who started to finger her, all she hoped was that they didn't stop. She moaned again into Oliver's mouth but he responded by deepening the kiss while spiking his dick as far as possible into Sara's mound.

"Hmm...finger Felicity and get it harder by my boyfriend. The classic win-win situation," Sara grinded from below the kissing figures.

"Go sit on her face," Oliver instructed after another minute or two of kissing with the moaning girl.

Felicity allowed herself a little longer to stay kneeling and kissing Oliver with legs spread wide to facilitate Sara to keep pumping her pussy with two speeding fingers. HEr eyes were shut with mouth wide open, but she was snapped back to reality when Oliver bunched up her hair into a ponytail and pulled back on it sharply before repeating his words.

"So hot," Felicity thought in response.

This time she moved and hopped to her employer's instructions. She hadn't sat on someone's face before but the premise seemed pretty straight forward. After a final kiss she swung her leg over Sara's face, causing the blonde's fingers to leave her twat then descended her lap so that her pussy was right over Sara's mouth.

"Good girl," Sara complimented before using her tongue for something far more pleasing.

"Sara has a magic mouth," Oliver said to the back of Felicity's head.

"Yes...mhmmm....ohhh," was all Felicity replied.

Felicity was already well acquainted with Sara's oral skills but she wasn't going to pass up the chance to sample them a second time. Immediately Sara's tongue danced through her pink slit, expertly darting on her clit before using her lips to suck Felicity's lower lips then ultimately dipping her tongue into the dripping wet hole.

Of course Felicity's twat soon became a rather crowded opening when Oliver, who had resumed leaning in to fuck Sara harder, stuck a finger into his assistant's hole. One finger soon became two when he felt her snatch start to loosen under his repeated blasting into her.

"I think she wants something else filling her," Sara finally said after surfacing for the first time in 5 minutes. "Don't you?"

"So much," Felicity urged.

Oliver loved his girlfriend very much at that point, but he couldn't hide his excitement to finally get his dick wet inside his sexy assistant. He had watched over the long months as the girl transformed from nerdy IT wizard working in the basement of Queen Consolidated to wearing super tight and revealing dresses in a desperate attempt to get his attention. It had worked but he didn't give in and fuck her yet, but when Sara came to him with this crazy plan he would then allow it to happen.

Wanting badly to fuck her, Oliver didn't trust being able to suppress the animalistic sexual part of him to be gentle and considerate to Felicity. Without being cocky he was aware of how huge he was between the legs and it was a lot for most girls, so he decided it would be best for Felicity to find her pace before he just started plowing her like he normally did with Sara.

He speared inside Sara one last time causing her scream to be muffled once more by Felicity's pussy. As he reared back this time he pulled out completely and noticed how shiny his member was in her juices. It was a good thing as it would aid his passage into what was sure to be a very tight cunt in a few moments.

"Come aboard," he told the hacker.

Felicity opened her eyes and realized that Oliver was laying beside his girlfriend's supine body. The moment of finally having sex with her massive crush was upon her, so Felicity did the smartest thing she could think of and kept her mouth shut so she wouldn't say something to ruin the moment.

Oli watched as the girl with glasses, perky tits and a massively amazing ass climber over his girlfriend's pretty face smeared in girl juices, and came to rest straddling his lap. Felicity sat back and stroked his slick member for a few seconds before raising high up on her knees, getting him in position then sat down.

"Mary Jesus and Joseph," the adorable girl grunted.

"Just breathe sweetie," Sara said, appearing by her side.

Felicity listened to the advice and focused on the matter at hand and not the searing pain of having her pussy stretched further then ever before by her employer who was hung like a bull. Slowly but surely she willed herself to move, in this case being up and down as she began taking more of him inside her snatch. It took her a few minutes and some bottom lip biting but Felicity soon accomplished having all his thick 10 inches occupying her twat.

While Felicity had climbed aboard the Oliver express, Sara took a moment to watch the scene in front of her. Her boyfriend for the past several months, who she reconnected with after both thought the other to be dead, was fucking the hell out of a girl Sara had become good friends with. And what most people would consider weird and abnormal is what Sara thought was so beautiful...and made her so extremely wet.

"God you feel amazing," Felicity screamed, bouncing on Oli's cock.

"Right back at you babe," Oliver replied, smacking her ass firmly but not too hard.

Felicity squealed in delight from the swat to her meaty backside as Sara watched on with a large grin as she observed her friend's massive ass jiggle from the contact. The sight of which made an urge in the blonde so strong that she had to give in to it right away or else she would burst.

As the nerdy girl continued to ride her boyfriend's cock from tip to base while he helped matters by driving his hips upwards, Sara settled in directly behind the bouncing girl. Felicity didn't react when she felt small but strong hands touch her ass, nor did she really register when said hands pulled her thick cheeks apart to reveal her puckered asshole. She did react though, when a tongue went gliding over the surface of the tight orifice.

"Oh God!"

And just like that, Felicity came hard all over Oliver's cock. It wasn't something she had ever done before either. I mean she had cum before, and made to cum by a woman before, namely Sara just yesterday. But she had never been brought to orgasm by just one sudden stimulus before. The cock in her pussy finding all the right spots helped, but it was the addition of Sara licking her tight rosebud that made her go from enjoying sex to full out screaming in less than a second.

"Thought you'd like that you anal girl," Sara smiled.

Both Arrow and Canary were fully aware of Felicity cumming, but neither seemed to regard it in the slightest. Though the computer hacker had stopped riding his cock and was resting her small perky tits on his powerful chest, Oliver continued thrusting upwards into her even wetter snatch while Sara resumed lapping at her puckered starfish.

It only took Felicity a minute or two before she was back aware of her surroundings. The orgasm of having Oliver fucking her snatch and Sara licking her ass was intense and forced her to black out of a little while. However now she was back and more then happy to find her groove again, which was aided by the fact that she could raise and crash to the button of Oli's cock without crushing Sara's pretty face with her large ass.

That was because Sara had pulled her skilled tongue from Felicity's bowels for another part of her plan. She was planning something special for tonight and now that time was at hand. After all, Oliver got to have a threesome with two sexy girls, Felicity got to finally hook up with Oliver, so why shouldn't Canary get a little extra something as well?

While the couple on the bed continued to fuck like rabbits, Sara rolled completely off the bed and went to her bag at the foot. She quickly pulled out her toy and stepped through the harness, securing the straps so that she now wielded a pink dildo in the front of her groin. Knowing what she had planned she chose a toy that was of good length (roughly 8 inches) but slim with only a tip an inch wide that slowly tapered towards the base.

With the straps done up and everything ready, Sara made her way back onto the king-sized bed. She crawled back up between Oliver's legs and placed a gentle yet firm hand on the back of Felicity. It accomplished her goal of getting the riding girl to slow down and only grind his cock in her snatch so Sara could lean down and lap at her ass one more time, being sure to spread ample spit in the area.

"Wait," Felicity stated, though still very much into the tryst. "What are you doing?"

"Taking my reward silly," Sara replied, her tip never moving from the outer surface of Felicity's asshole.

"But...Oli's already here and I've never done that," Felicity reasoned.

"Firstly, I was really hoping you were a virgin," Sara said with a wolfish grin. "This cock isn't as big as a lot of cocks so it's the perfect first dick to get assfucked by."

"It's true...imagine mine being your first," Oliver aided.

The thought of taking Oliver's massive erection in her tightest of holes made her shudder...but also become wetter for some reason.

"And Oli fucking you will help distract and keep you loose back here," Sara continued. It's not like we are both gonna fuck your ass at the same time or anything."

"Um...well I guess if you think it's okay," Felicity replied with two sets of waiting eyes on her.

"I do," Sara replied.

And the next instant Sara pushed her hips a little bit harder and surpassed the sphincter holding her out from penetrating Felicity. The hole gave way and allowed the tip of the slender toy to enter the IT girl's asshole for the first time, all while the man of her dreams continuing fucking her other hole.

"Ugh...awwhh," she groaned in discomfort.

"It'll pass," Sara told her, now making small and slow bobs into her bum.

"It's getting better," Felicity responded a few moments later.

"See. I told you it wasn't that bad," Sara said to her after a few minutes of pushing her strapped-on dildo into her rear and getting very positive groans as a result.

"Mmm...yeah I like it," she admitted honestly with lust in her eyes as she looked back at her lesbian lover.

"How much do you like it," he asked, burying the full length all the way into her asshole.

"A lot...ahhh," she groaned.

It was an odd action for Sara to perform since she was normally the one getting thrusted into rather than doing the hip thrusts. As cool as she was playing it especially with an anal virgin like Felicity, truth was Sara rarely used a strap on but the thought of popping the nerdy girl in the glasses' cherry was too tempting of a proposition.

The size of the dildo helped matters, as too did the fact that Felicity had already cum and was being distracted by Oliver who was currently gently thrusting up into her pussy and rubbing her clit simultaneously. The burly man was also aiding Sara as well, as his hand was currently on her thick ass and pushing in to help the assassin gain a good rhythm as she assfucked her friend.

"You're my little butt slut, aren't you Felicity," Sara said to the other girl, holding her hips to gain more speed.

"Mmhmm," Felicity replied, her brain overwhelmed by the bombardment of stimulation.

"Say it! Say it so Oliver knows too. Say you're my little butt slut," Canary prodded.

"I'm your butt slut," Felicity screamed.

"And where do you think you're going stud," Sara asked, having seen him crawl out from under Felicity. "She was really loving the double penetration."

"So good," Felicity groaned subconsciously from below.

"I'm gonna fuck your ass while you fuck Felicity's ass," Oliver said.

"Oh well then get to it," she replied.

Oliver immediately brought the blonde into a powerful kiss all without Sara slowing the rate she was driving the plastic toy into Felicity's bowels. The Arrow allowed their tongues to intertwine for a minute as he pawed at Sara's bouncing tits until he finally broke the lip lock. Before taking up position behind the blonde, he gave each of their thick asses a hard slap and smiled as they reddened in the shape of his hand.

The hooded hero took up the customary position behind his kneeling girlfriend like he had done many times since they started hooking up. The only thing making this time different was that as he was about to sodomize Sara, she was sodomizing adorable young Felicity. The thought and visual made him stiffen again so it was high time to do something about it.

Placing the tip of his aching erection against's Sara's backdoor he leaned into her and immediately her sphincter opened to allow him passage into her dirtroad. After a few more seconds of just having his tip rest snugly in her now expanded hole, Sara remembered that he was waiting for their cue for him to continue penetrating her bowels. Using her arms to push against the back of Felicity's hips, the bisexual blonde took the next bit of his member into her fully gaped bum. With Oli's cock glistening in her's and Felicity's juices, she had already gotten half of his giant cock into her buns and it was getting easier and less painful by the second.

"See, it fits perfect," Oliver reminded her told her.

Sara had been so concentrated on continuing to thrust carefully into Felicity's virgin booty that she hadn't realized her ass cheeks were now touching his mane of pubic hair. Having all of his cock inside of her rectum gave her a sense of perverse pride that was of equivalent satisfaction as catching any low life in the slums of Starling City.

While the toy Sara used on Felicity's ass was slender and easy for her rectum to adapt to, the object filling her own ass was quite the opposite. For a lesser girl, especially one less practiced in the art of anal sex with a massive cock, the experience would have been unbearable. However for the Canary, she was rather getting off on having her boyfriend's dick slicing into her bowels.

This was pure bliss for Sara Lance. As she continued to fuck Felicity's formerly virgin ass with her strap-on dildo, she was mauling her tits with her hands as well, pinching her little pink nipples to get them hard before going back to knead her thick ass. The girl still in her glasses was responding favorably to this as well, arching her back to come within range of Sara to kiss her, before Sara would move down and kiss the nape of her neck to make Felicity moan even more.

It was all becoming a vicious circle for the three parties involved. As Sara fucked Felicity harder, it made Oli fucked the blonde deeper and with more power as well. The result was that they kept pushing each other to new heights, which was great for all of them, including both girls who were taking it in the ass.

Eventually the torrid pace became too much for the trio. Felicity got the ball rolling in what became a chain reaction of orgasms. With Sara's hand eventually finding her slit and using her fingers to rub her snatch, the nerdy IT hacker was soon cumming with a dildo buried in her ass. Sara was next to cum, as the athletic blonde began screaming louder than Felicity had thought possible.

"Where do you want it," Oliver asked hurriedly.

"My mouth," Sara ordered.

That was all the scarred man needed to hear. He gave Sara several last pumps into her loosened rectum at neck breaking speeds before withdrawing from her altogether. Sara felt empty inside now, the same feeling that Felicity's ass felt now as the blonde pulled out of her rump so she could kneel before her boyfriend.

It turned out to be perfect timing as no sooner was she in position that Oliver felt the warm feeling come up from his balls and start shooting out of his cock. He was only mildly disappointed that he was the one pumping his shaft to push him over the edge instead of Sara's lips, but he had nothing to complain about over what had occurred tonight.

Sara couldn't help but be excited as she felt the first splash of his warm liquid hit the back of her throat. The Canary continued to keep his pecker hovering right in front of her mouth without taking his ass-flavored dick inside as the second, third and fourth squirts also deposited on her tongue. Finally she felt his dick stop twitching and felt no more cum shot out of him for several seconds.

"Fuck," Oliver huffed as he was completely exhausted.

However, rather than swallow the mouthful of cum, Sara held it in her mouth and went over to kiss her gorgeous friend. Felicity was still sitting on the edge of the bed as she watched Oli pop in Sara's mouth and as the blonde approached she dipped her head backwards to kiss her back. The computer hacker was surprised, but in a good way, when Oliver's cum was spat into her mouth. With a flash of her large eyes to Sara, Felicity swallowed down the salty load in one big gulp.

"Good girl," Sara told the other girl. "Now clean off our cocks."

Felicity was on cloud nine for essentially the past 24 hours so she didn't even think she only did. She slid off the edge of the bed onto her knees and crawled the short distance to Oliver's softening cock. The dyed blonde opened her mouth and greedily took his meaty shaft into her mouth, then became aware of where it had just been, namely Sara's asshole.

"Yes Felicity, so hot," Oliver encouraged, having seen a look of fright flash across her face.

Tasting another girl's ass wasn't as gross as she envisioned it would be, in fact it had a somewhat pleasant flavor to it and made Felicity feel really sexy and experienced. She opened her mouth wider and moved forward to take more cock into her mouth before dragging her lips over the portion that was in her mouth.

She repeated the bobbing a few more times before pulling her lips off his cock altogether. She doesn't done though as there was still dick that had been in Sara's ass that hadn't been cleaned yet. Using her hand to clutch the tip of Oliver's member, she aimed it skyward and used her tongue to lick all four sides until she was satisfied she tasted every last bit of her friend's ass.

"Don't forget over here," Sara reminded.

Felicity didn't need the words as she was planning on visiting her friend in short order. Now that she realized taking something straight from an asshole wasn't disgusting, Felicity's scientific brain was theorizing if she'd be able to tell the difference in taste between Sara's bowels and her own.

Sara was standing by the bed and watched as Felicity crawled towards her, opened her mouth and engulfed as much of the fake cock as she possible could. The blonde wished she could feel the blowjob Felicity was giving the plastic toy as she imagined it was a very good one.

"Wasn't so bad was it," Sara asked when Felicity stopped cleaning the dildo after several minutes.

"I loved it," the nerdy girl beamed.

"Why don't you two go clean up and I'll go order us some food after we just burned a ton of energy," the hulking Oliver offered.

"You think of everything lover," Sara said as she went to him and kissed him.

"Care to help me get it off since I don't remember how you put this on me," Felicity asked her friend, trying to get out of the lingerie.

"I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship...with lots and lots of benefits," the Canary stated, eyes darting back and forth between Oli and Felicity.


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